The Grand Duke of Corsica (2021) Movie Script

ALFRED: By what motion do atoms come
together to create various things,
and then dissipate?
By what force
are they compelled?
What freedom of motion allows them
to meander through the vast void?
Nothing returns to nothing, but all things
return dissolved into their elements.
My name is Alfred Rott.
Just pay close attention.
I shall explain.
My brothers, before we arrive
in the next village,
let me remind you of something
important that is easily forgotten.
The hunter lays a snare
for his prey,
but is the destiny of the weak
it's been slaved.
However, there is no enslavement
where a man's soul is free.
Words are merely determined shaping
of a man's mouth to assert his will.
Freedom of the body
is not our imperative.
If our soul remains free,
then we are free.
For our soul is the receptacle
where the mass of our body resides.
The more our body suffers,
the more joyous our souls will be.
As its freedom
will be glorified tenfold.
What is it, Brother Leo?
Brother Giovanni,
I drink much water today.
I need to visit a shrub.
Then go.
You're never entirely
free of the body, it seems.
ALFRED: Oh, fuck!
Ah, Mr. Rott. Welcome.
We thought you might have
missed our appointment.
Here we go. Come on this way.
Excuse me.
Jesus Christ!
Fuck... Simon.
Always the same faces
and then the feces.
If you'd, uh,
like to take a seat.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, help yourself.
Help yourself.
Spread 'em out.
Yeah, yeah, you can have those.
Yeah, I've got other ones.
Those are shit.
Alfred, I realize these
are only sketches, but...
I think your plans for our new
concert hall are impressive.
We're very excited
by the prospect
of having you design what will
be the most inclusive, yet
outward looking
concert hall in Europe.
The... The... concert hall will change
the way people not only enjoy the arts,
but also perceive its place
in modern life.
Toilets on every level.
On every level.
Toilets, shitters, crappers, john.
It's important.
Of course.
Are they included in your sketches?
I'm not a plumber.
Mr. Rott,
your famous sense of humor.
Well, if we could keep these, I would
like to meet you again in a few days,
once we've had a chance to with
the local planning authority.
- Pest control.
- Sorry?
Rats. Vermin. No cockroaches.
Bats. Weevils.
No, no.
Local council authorities.
See, the saxophone player is playing
the same chords as the piano player.
WOMAN: I don't think they
are, Frank.
This is free jazz, baby.
They play chords.
It's all chords.
People like John Coltrane.
He played chords.
Thelonious Monk, too.
- Played free jazz.
- No, he didn't.
Now, this is drumming.
Just like Art Blakey.
Played free jazz, too.
Hey, what's your problem, man?
Don't know what you're
talking about, pal.
I've got 1,000 records.
Have you? Have you ever
listened to any of them?
- What do you think?
- Of course you haven't.
- Yeah, watch it, mate.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Fuck off.
Baby, he's right. Monk didn't
play free jazz. That was later.
It's okay, Katie.
I know... I know jazz.
Your boyfriend's a bit of a blow
hard, isn't he, sweetheart?
Come to my hotel later.
Meet you in the lobby, all above board.
The Phoenicia.
Are you kidding me?
You're like 70 years old, man.
Alfred Rott, room 173.
You don't know shit, pal.
Listen to your girlfriend.
You might learn something.
REPORTER: GPs has reported an increase in
cases of malaria in the last few months,
advising those most at risk to
warrant anti-malaria medication.
This follows the death earlier this
year of American actor, Leos Kaminski.
who'd just completed
shooting a film in Malta.
The Ministry of Health has
ordered additional supplies
and will continue
to monitor the situation.
A Malta man recalled in court on
Wednesday how his 87 year old neighbor
put a double barrel gun against
his forehead for passing
the spot which he considered as
his own private parking spot.
Come on.
Can I help you?
You sad old bastard.
Adds up perfectly.
It's not a matter of sums
that's concerning us.
- The figures are good.
- And your remuneration is reasonable.
We can handle it.
- Uh-huh.
- The problem is, well...
Alfred, it's the sexual
The problem with your second draft
sketches, Alfred, is that, um,
you have to remember
this is a concert hall
that's funded by the fourth
wealthiest family in Europe.
And although
they are very liberal people,
we feel your sketches
will be too much for them.
Too much, Alfred.
I thought
the Europeans like sex.
It's not about that.
There's an architectural
erection on every street corner.
It's not a matter
of liberalism either.
It's a question
of their family name, Alfred.
They would never in a million
years put their name
to a concert hall
that resembled a woman's vagina.
How did you know
it's a woman's pussy?
It's not a vagina,
a pudendum, a mons pubis.
Look again.
Go, look.
Look again.
It's the southernmost tip
of western Australia,
a natural rock formation,
oblong in shape
with a feather-like pattern, a foam,
and sea anemone clinging to it.
Are you calling me
a fucking fool?
- Alfred, no one is calling you...
- A cunt?
- Okay, that's enough now, please.
- No, I'm sorry.
You're, you're quite right.
I do apologize. I...
I slept very badly last night,
you see.
Well, it's the toilet
in my hotel room.
The turd,
it keeps coming back up.
I flush it, it goes
away, comes back up.
Flush, come back up...
It actually puts me
in mind of you, actually.
Are you related in any way?
We'll call you later today,
Mr. Rott.
Anything happen about those, uh,
concert tickets you promised me?
Sir, this is
a private residence.
ALFRED: Black, round, and beige.
Sir, this is
the Belgian consulate.
You're obviously
at the wrong address.
Harlem Airshaft.
MAN: May I see your
invitation, Sir?
Welcome, Mr. Rott.
Miss Monika will
look after you.
Good evening, Mr. Rott.
My name is Monika.
We're pleased you could join us
this evening.
Monika. Is that
your moniker, Monika?
Your phone please, sir.
Good evening, sir.
May I offer you a drink?
- I'll have a whiskey.
- Of course, sir.
Would you like
a Cohiba Behike, sir?
One of the world's
finest cigars.
No, thank you.
- Enjoy your evening, sir.
- Sure.
- You called me Miss Monika.
- Yes.
- Give me your hand.
- Pardon?
Give me your hand.
- You must try harder.
My Lord,
today I have been reborn
in the first delights
of a new life.
And would that my size
convince you that reborn
I languish and die for you.
And that dying or living,
ever I adore you.
What's your name?
You'll know me by Poppea.
Come with me, my friend.
I'll make clear to you
my woeful plight.
Be it the same
as your fancy.
So Venus is teasing with images.
And lovers can't satisfy
the flesh.
However, they devour
each other with the eye.
So, who are you?
I, a most noble lady,
mistress of Nero.
Would you like
to fuck my pussy,
or do you prefer me
to suck your cock?
Uh, hang on a minute.
Just give me a moment here,
will you, sweetheart?
Come on.
Can we go somewhere else?
Of course.
There are other rooms.
No, I mean...
I mean, away from this house,
somewhere else.
I can't leave the premises.
Why not?
I'm here to pleasure you
in any way you desire.
We can be joined by
another lady if you like.
No, it's all right.
Forget it.
- I'm not gonna...
I need to get some fresh air.
Excuse me.
Do you want to join me?
Of course, Mr. Rott.
So, you can cut all that out now.
Give yourself a break.
I'm fine.
I hope you don't mind
me asking,
but are you an architect?
I am,
but I've been called worse.
And did you design the
psychiatric hospital in Leipzig?
- You know that?
- Of course.
Not a single right angle.
Well, nobody likes
being boxed in, do they?
Especially the insane.
You also designed
the new EU Parliament
after the old one
got burnt down.
Yeah, that one I regret.
And it's what
got me here tonight.
Why do you suppose the old
EU Parliament got burnt down?
[SNICKERS] Symbolic.
In a way, I agree.
Bringing back borders.
Empires have got a bad rap
over the years.
But isn't the EU an Empire?
I don't think people should be turned
away when they're in need of help.
Sometimes it's
the best thing for 'em.
Too much sympathy is bad
for brotherhood.
We don't really care.
We care about ourselves
caring for those who suffer.
Otherwise, we'd all have refugees sleeping
on our living room floors, wouldn't we?
But if we don't help them,
who will?
Red Cross.
[GRUNTS] It's the Agricultural
Revolution that fucked everything up.
I think we were better off
when we were hunter-gatherers.
- Come.
- Where?
Wait. I forgot to give you
this invitation.
It's from
a very special friend of mine.
He would be honored
if you were to accept.
Now take the right,
then left, and go.
- Thank you, Poppea.
JEROME: Mr. Rott,
I see you've found us.
The Grand Duke is waiting.
DUKE: Mr. Rott.
I'm so glad you accepted
my invitation.
Now, isn't that a beautiful...
and quite unique artefact,
don't you think?
You see, compared to other material,
porcelain was far superior.
Even on the coldest day
of winter,
you had no problem
warming it up.
Just place it in your armpit
for half a minute,
then, voila, it's ready.
What, the Ming dynasty?
Nah, actually earlier.
Song dynasty.
I think it's their only lasting
contribution to world peace.
We, at "r-a-r-bee-gee", admit that
we're a bunch of shameless sobtietell thiewes.
You don't mind...
There are some drawings.
Hang on.
Hang on a minute.
Let's get
something straight here,
right at the outset.
I'm an architect,
not a builder.
Of course not.
You're a visionary, Mr. Rott.
This project needs someone
to elevate it
into a whole new dimension.
if there's an element of a job
that I'm not comfortable with,
I'm going to tell you.
Yeah, I'm counting on it.
'Cause I hear
you're very blunt.
Oh, you've met Francesca.
Francesca. At the party.
Oh, you mean Poppea. Mm.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Poppea was beaten
and kicked to death
by her beloved husband, Nero.
No, no, no, no. Francesca is, uh...
Yeah, she's more a Nero than a Poppea,
I must say.
She spoke very highly
of your friendship.
They all do, but this girl,
she's clever.
She's ruthless.
She might even inherit my title
one day.
Who knows?
This island is
full of surprises, Mr. Rott.
Full of surprises.
This is Alfred Rott.
Hi, Alfred. It's Lucy
from the Arts Council.
Just a follow up
on my earlier message
about interviewing you
for my book.
Let's catch up soon. Bye.
LUCY: Hi, Alfred. It's Lucy
from the Arts Council.
Just a follow up
on my earlier message
about interviewing you
for my book.
Let's catch up soon. Bye.
ST. FRANCIS: Dear Lord,
I ask view something naive,
so that in your goodness
and wisdom,
you may grant me a wish
so selfish
as my desire
to meet a leper.
A leper, so I may kiss him
on his lips...
His fettered, rotten lips
pressed against mine.
And with this,
I might learn to love
the most pitiful creature
in existence.
No matter how hard I try to love
every living creature,
I somehow cannot
bring myself to
look at a leper's
disgusting condition.
Indeed. God made us all
from the same elements,
but with
a different composition.
So it is only the composition
that separates us.
May you grant me with the
presence of a leper, Dear Lord.
May his composition be
the most repulsive imaginable.
I shall repay
your kindness tenfold.
There are design flaws,
all sorts of different manner
of problems,
but... [EXHALES]
Look, I'm intrigued.
Tell me. Look,
I may be mistaken,
but are you asking me to
design for you a mausoleum?
You're right, Mr. Rott.
I'm asking you to design
a mausoleum.
Well, that would be a first.
Look, you do realize,
don't you,
that a stonemason
could design
and build this whole thing for
you for a fraction of the cost?
I need no craftsman,
all right?
I need a visionary
like yourself, Mr. Rott.
Yeah, but I don't do domestic.
I don't go anywhere near it.
I don't touch it.
Right, right.
But there's something about
your invitation
that intrigued me enough to
come here and meet you.
It's not the proposed fee,
is it?
- No. No.
- No.
All right.
You're afraid that no one
will ever see your masterpiece.
- Quite the contrary, perhaps.
- Hmm.
Look, this is obviously
a very personal thing to you,
assuming that it's
your mausoleum.
You're right again, Mr. Rott.
It is my mausoleum.
All right. But I'm gonna
need more time then.
What's the fuckin' matter
with m? I don't...
Look, I'm breaking my
own golden rule here.
Look, I think I should
get to know you better.
That sounds like a
wonderful idea, Mr. Rott.
- Right.
So, stay a few more days here
on the island and then decide.
- Yes, sounds reasonable.
- Shall we meet again,
let's say three days
from now, Tuesday?
Yeah, Tuesday's fine.
TV REPORTER: The World Health
Organization has expressed concern
that the new strain of malaria
currently sweeping the Mediterranean
could be resistant to
most medication.
Would you like a glass of water?
No. I'm all right, thanks.
[in English] You know,
little mosquito.
- They are everywhere.
- Right.
Alright, come on then.
What you got?
Do you create buildings to
challenge people's perceptions?
Well, that depends.
Sometimes. And others, you just
wanna make sure the lighting works
and the corners are efficient.
What do you mean?
I do what you want me to do.
You can make that happen?
Well, I try to make
that happen. Yeah.
And what if you don't
make that happen?
Well, then you see the trying,
and not the doing.
The trying,
and not the doing.
Did you get that?
Yeah. I get that.
You do,
because everybody does.
And sometimes,
situation arises where none
of that shit applies,
then you have to challenge your own perceptions,
and that's a bit unsettling actually.
Particularly, when you're an
intractable arsehole like I am.
I don't think
you're intractable.
- Oh, right. Oh, right.
ALFRED: As I was drawn deeper
into the grand Duke's world,
I had the uncomfortable feeling
of looking into a mirror,
and wondering who, or what,
was looking back at me.
DUKE: Mr. Rott!
Eksploseeve-skaal was here.
What happens to our shadows
when the sun sets? Do you know?
No. Most don't even give it
a second thought. Do they?
No. Shadows, they disappear
to reappear in the morning perhaps.
But, you know what?
Shadows don't disappear when the sun sets.
They hide inside of us,
waiting for the right moment,
to take us hostage.
Or to drag us in,
to an abyss of darkness.
Dolly! No, Dino!
Now, Mr. Rott,
have a look.
Which one of us is real?
Which one of us is cloned?
Can you tell which one?
Well, I'm assuming
it's not you.
You see, Mr. Rott.
I thought that Deter
would be perfect,
like an inspiration
while you're, you know,
considering the design of my mausoleum.
All right, thank you.
I'll bear it in mind.
DUKE: What a coincidence.
The same year malaria
was discovered,
a sewage system that could
separate human feces
from drinking water
was invented
by some regular guy,
in Omaha, Nebraska. Huh?
That doesn't sound right to me.
Well, I saw it on the
History Channel, Mr. Rott.
What about music?
Do you like music, Mr. Rott?
I like music. Yeah.
You see, I would like
to take you to my theater.
There's a beautiful performance
that I think you would enjoy.
You can leave any time you like.
No offense taken.
I'm not trying
to impress you.
No, I didn't think
you were doing that.
So, my mausoleum...
I assume you're interested?
Well. You know...
Weather's agreeable,
isn't it?
I've always liked
a challenge.
Anyway, I've already started.
You have?
That's fantastic
news, Mr. Rott.
Everybody raise your glasses.
Good. And I would like
to propose a toast
to the greatest architect
that has ever walked this earth,
Mr. Alfred Rott. Cheers!
Can we turn the music up?
Put the music up.
You mind?
- What? What? Oh... No.
- A little dance.
- Just to two bars.
- No, no, please...
Hey. Close your eyes.
Close your eyes, everybody.
One of your favorite songs.
Get in here.
Just one, please.
Dear Lord, you have
delivered me my wish.
Dear sister,
your heart accuses you,
but God is greater
than your heart.
What do you know of it?
You have no idea
how I suffer.
God grants you peace, sister.
My body is a repulsive
river of pus and blood.
I have no peace.
There is time for
this to happen,
for peace to come to you.
I have no time, nor patience.
I am bereft of both.
God has all the patience
in the world, sister.
He waits for you
with open arms.
We are made of the
same stuff, you and I.
Only our composition differs.
What do you mean?
Our composition only
masks who we really are.
I see who you really are.
I see your eternal suffering
and your patience.
God sees it, too,
and he loves you for it.
I am so angry. I cannot
see love anywhere.
My heart is an
iron cage with no key.
God loves you, sister,
as I love you.
All of you.
I've seen her for
who she truly is.
Come on.
That's it.
Oh, fuck!
Listen, trust me on this.
I'm your director, okay?
What you're doing
is wonderful. It is.
I can see it, and
so will the audience.
Can you see
that I'm fat as well?
Oh, Leons, you're not fat.
You've got this robe on.
Saint Francis was poor.
How could he be fat?
Listen. We're doing, er,
an interpretation of his life.
This is not some
sort of religious doctrine.
Yeah. Look, I understand,
but, I don't know.
The scene with the female leper,
It just felt wrong doing it.
Our movie is very respectful,
and your performance is great.
I was gonna do head
space from the start, but...
I don't know.
Fucking mosquito bites!
They're all over me.
So I'm reading
this new scene.
The one I was telling
you about.
In the scene,
Saint Francis is...
He's concealed behind
this screen, okay?
- So the audience can't see him. Right?
- Sure. Right.
- He does his sermon to the birds. Saint Clara.
- Sure.
We see him, right.
But he's obscured.
This translucent cloth, it doesn't exist.
It's history.
So, are you behind the screen,
or are you in front of the screen?
No, no, no, no.
It doesn't matter.
It's not about the image.
It's about challenging
It's only the words
of a truth.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
What do you think?
- It's good! It's very good.
It's perfect.
- Should we do it?
- Yeah, absolutely. We should do it.
I'll have to
check the schedule,
but it's perfect.
No, really. Wow.
Because we're making
a movie, right?
- Oh, yeah. We are, absolutely.
- Yeah. Making a movie?
Oh, absolutely.
We're making a movie.
DIRECTOR: Set. And...
I cannot count on both hands
the number of birds
in this tree,
and yet, they sing as one.
Dear creatures,
God has blessed you
with the ability to sing
the most beautiful song in the
world, and yet you cannot speak.
You cannot
sow or reap, and yet
God has provided the worm
for you to feed upon.
For this, you are
forever beholding to him.
Forget not the sin...
Forget not the sin
of the ingratitude,
and forever sing
the praises of God.
Forget not the sin
of the ingratitude,
and forever sing
the praises of God.
Forget not the sin
of ingratitude.
Forget not the sin
of ingratitude
and forever sing
the praises of God.
DIRECTOR: Cut there.
Are you okay?
I need a fresh towel.
Something cold, I'm burning!
You need to see a doctor.
No, you know what I have.
It's not gonna be cured
by a visit from a doctor.
You were in a terrible state.
Look at you.
What I need is a visit
from Dr. Crippen.
Who can tear the flesh
from my body,
my sickly body.
Now, what you need
is some antibiotics.
That should sort you out.
Unless, of course,
you've got a serious illness.
I'm ill, but never serious.
In fact, I've got around
90 more days to live.
Ninety days?
Yeah, give or take.
Well, look, obviously,
I'm deeply sorry about that,
but, I can't possibly do
this job in that amount of time.
You're worthless.
Get the hell outta here.
How much time do you need,
Mr. Rott?
Well, it's just impossible
to say.
I've just know for a fact
that I cannot design and build
from scratch, a mausoleum
in 90 days!
Right, right.
So, I can abstain from alcohol,
I can abstain from tobacco,
red meats.
That would add three,
four more weeks
to my life expectancy.
If that would help you.
Look, I have no idea.
What's your condition,
Look, obviously, I'm not a
doctor, but I'm pretty certain
that malaria is curable
these days.
There's no reason why you
should be suffering like this.
This is
a new type of malaria.
This is like a deadly virus
from Africa.
The experts have never
seen anything like it before.
It's like a hybrid
of the virus.
It's a killer.
Right, right.
Listen, okay
- Right, I'll finish what I've started.
On one proviso,
you see a doctor.
- And maybe get a second...
- That's very good news, Mr. Rott.
Can we agree, then,
to finish the job in 90 days?
Well, I don't know.
Look, I can't
perform miracles.
ALFRED: Anyway, they don't
turn out that well.
DUKE: All right.
Well, at least you can
create my sarcophagus and
then you can always
build around it, right?
ALFRED: Well, let's see
DUKE: Shut up!
DUKE: Do you hear...
DUKE: There...
ALFRED: Ah, shit!
DUKE: It's a mosquito!
Who are you, stranger?
Are you lost?
How is this possible?
This is the work of Satan.
No, Mother, it was the work
of a man.
You blaspheme.
No, Mother, it's true.
It's true. I promise you.
A man performed a miracle
and cured me of leprosy.
I do not lie.
It was the work of a man,
as plain as day.
Lord, God, cast this woman
out of this place.
She speaks the language
of Satan.
There's only one Lord,
Jesus Christ, and none
shall be his pretender.
- Please.
- Out!
- Please, Mother.
- Get out!
You are not my daughter.
Get out!
Dear God,
you've sent me today a man
who cured me of my bodily ills.
And, yet, now,
I suffer only more.
Why have you
disavowed me so?
Well, how do we proceed,
Mr. Ross?
It depends.
All right. On what?
On what is required.
What's necessary.
And who decides
what's necessary?
The work tells you.
Pastor Klein and I
have to understand each other.
Now, you asked me
about how I work.
Just, turn the page
All right.
Yeah, another one.
Another one.
My masterpiece, apparently.
I can't comment on that,
but that's what people say.
Well, what I do know is that
the birth rate in Beaumont,
Texas, increased by 12%
in the two years following
its completion.
DUKE: Hmm.
ALFRED: I gave them what they
needed, not what they wanted.
The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
was completely destroyed
by an earthquake in Turkey
in the 15th century.
And many buildings like these
that could suffer the same fate
without making the faintest
difference to humanity.
As long as
my mausoleum stands,
I'm happy, Mr. Rott.
Well, gods have a way of
reminding us who's in charge.
You know, I was once made
an extremely lucrative offer
for my plan for
the new Colossus of Rhodes.
Oh, yeah.
What happened?
Well, I accepted their
down payment with gratitude.
I never heard
from them again.
Why not?
Well, my plans involved
complex mechanics,
whereby the Colossus would
straddle both sides of the harbor.
Doesn't sound too complex.
No, that it wasn't.
When boats would go
under the Colossus,
it would either shit,
or not shit.
Poor man's fishing vessel?
It would not shit,
Oligarch's superyachts?
It would shit.
Oh, it was a joke.
But did they get it?
Of course, not.
Are you all right?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Good, good.
This is 5000 years
and it's still here.
Did you know, I first came to
these temples when I was 19.
Still trying to come to
terms with it.
The line,
so perfect.
It's intimidating, huh?
And inspiring.
LUCY: Are you struggling
to find its purpose,
this mausoleum?
I am.
He's fucking crazy.
Are you mad, too?
Can't ask a mad person
if they're mad.
Sobtietells are stowlen from
Op3nSobtietells dot o-ar-gee.
You're not crazy.
Yeah, well, we'll see.
Are you all right?
I'll get you some water.
Here, have some water, here.
All right?
I'm good, thanks.
I hope you're not
getting ill.
We need to finish your book,
don't we,
before I leave?
Do you think we'll ever
do this again?
I... I don't know...
I think, you're a
very generous lover.
That's the nicest thing anybody
has said to me for a long time.
I don't believe that.
You don't...
mind about the
age difference thing, then?
You don't?
Ah, fuck, shit!
Fucking shit!
Ah, crap.
You're making it worse.
No, no, that's just, ugh...
No, not in the bin.
LUCY: I knew this was
a bad idea.
Look, sorry.
It's... it's all right.
I think I should go,
It's caused by a parasite
spread by the female mosquito.
Do I get medicine?
I'll write out a prescription
for you for malaria tablets.
It's, uh, quite an
aggressive strain,
but, we're ordering
extra supplies from the UK.
You look familiar.
Yeah, we shot a movie here
a few weeks ago.
Patron Saint Francis of Assisi.
You can button up your shirt.
How are you feeling today?
TAILOR: If this is going to be your
last suit, sir, let's make it special.
Quinine concentrate.
That's it.
Thank you, sir.
Good day.
See you later.
My feet's sticking out!
Master, he is
taking advantage of you.
He's robbing you blind.
He's created a monstrosity.
It's not fit.
The Grand Duke,
please, Master.
Shut up. Shut up.
Looks like a public toilet,
your mausoleum.
He's one of the greatest!
It's not too late
to change your mind.
You haven't even signed
a contract with him.
Jerome, I'm not much longer
for this Earth.
So, please get out.
[SHOUTING] Piss off!
DUKE: What's the name
of your mother, Alfred?
What's the name
of Gladys' mother?
Do you know the name
of Nancy's mother?
I don't know.
Yeah. Yeah.
Two generations from now,
no one will know our names.
You know, it's like early morning
and he's standing by a door.
The sun's reflecting something,
bounces off the floor.
Seems to last forever.
It penetrates your eye.
It's just a particle,
you know, in an orbit.
It's a universal sigh.
You know that your life
will never be the same again.
No, never again
your life will be same.
DUKE: Okay.
This is a so exciting, Alfred.
ALFRED: Careful. Careful.
DUKE: Yeah, right.
- ALFRED: Okay.
- Can I look?
No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Just still. All right.
ALFRED: Okay, now.
- DUKE: Yeah?
- Yeah, go on.
Your mausoleum
is constructed entirely
from local limestone.
is made in lead, from an organic
membrane in which you'll be placed.
The sarcophagus
is also slightly perforated,
so your decomposing body will fertilize
the specimen that you selected.
Restricted sunlight combined
with a nutrient rich soil
that your decomposing body
will provide,
should result in an exceptionally
healthy, peach tree.
Here. Alfred?
Are you telling me you're going
to turn me into a tree?
Well... [SCOFFS]
I tried to give you
a useful death.
- [SOBS]
- Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
I saw the doctor a few weeks
ago, but I'm getting worse.
Anyway, I just hope our movie
makes a difference to someone.
Okay, bye.
Freedom of the body
is not our imperative.
If our soul remains free,
then we are free,
for our soul is the receptacle
where the mass of our body resides.
The more of our body suffers,
the more joyous
our souls will be.
As this freedom
will be glorified tenfold.
You're never entirely free
of the body, it seems.
Here. Here.
- ALFRED: Okay?
- Yeah. I'm sorry.
- No, no.
- Please, continue.
A young boy entered
a large empty house one day,
by the only door available.
It closed behind him,
making escape impossible.
Ahead of him is
a long, narrow corridor
and, eventually,
he came to a point
where the boy found himself
in a limitless room
without ceilings or walls.
You run free there.
Surrounded by puzzles,
distractions, romances.
Boy became a man,
man became a thinker.
The thinker,
both brilliant and selfish,
commenced to ruin his
physical being
in a way unimaginable to most.
The boy was taken by force
into a tiny cell,
and allowed to make the
acquaintance of his own conscience,
which was
an uncomfortable bed fellow
for the next 40 days
and 40 nights.
wallowing in his own shite...
the man eventually emerged.
His spirit was cleansed.
His mission was clear.
The walls no longer
caused harm or fear.
You know...
I'm not really a duke.
Yeah, I figured that.
[CHUCKLES] You know
it's my nom de coeur.
Suits you.
All these people
working for me,
I don't know
if they exist or not.
I've been living in a dream.
What can I say?
You don't have to
say anything.
I hope you've enjoyed your
time here with me, Alfred.
I'll let you know
when it's over.
By the way,
your money's over there,
underneath the dildo.
a public service announcement.
A state of emergency has been declared
in response to the malaria epidemic.
Residents are urged to leave Malta
using any available transport.
MAN: One hundred euro.
Gas masks!
One hundred euro.
Gas masks!
Gas masks! Madam, gas masks.
For your daughter.
For the child!
ALFRED: This was
the obscure death
of the man who called himself
The Grand Duke of Corsica.
He lived and died on an island
of his own fantasy,
as infinite
as his mind could imagine.
What part I played in this
story I cannot tell you.
Only time will reveal how my
pillars of salt and marble,
my temples of imagination
are remembered.