The Grave (1996) Movie Script

- I done told you once.
A 100 times.
Every man has got a price.
- Not every man they don't.
- Hah, you want to know mine?
- Hell no.
- Well it is a hell of a lot cheaper
than it should be I can tell you that.
- Hah, no one to blame but yourself.
- I ain't making excuses.
You know, if the if's and buts were candy
and nuts we'd all have a
merry Christmas, right?
And if I hand it over, I'd probably
wouldn't change nothing, truth be known.
See a man can want bad.
You ever hear the one about the grave?
- The grave?
- Yeah, about that
old grave up in Hoke county.
- No, never heard of that one.
- Hell man, that's
the first one they tell.
It's guaranteed to chill your shit.
I don't care if you're John D. Rockefeller
or Jed fucking Clampett,
it ain't never enough.
Now I don't know about them big cities
but down here, where nobody got nothing,
you get your ass whooped
over a fistful of dirt.
Now this here is the
story of a bunch of folks.
Starts off with two youngins,
no-count upbringing.
One of 'ems name was King and
the other they called Tyn.
- Hmm.
- And these boys, they
had ripped off some old goat
and caught him joyriding
in his fancy Cadillac.
A buddy of theirs squeaked on
'em and before you know it,
they was busted and
sitting in the hot seat
in front of the judge.
Damn if both of them didn't get
maxed out, 20 years a piece.
Which they would've
done if they hadn't been
approached one morning with
a business proposition.
- Wex.
- This is the real deal, you know.
- I'm listening, go on and say it.
- Alright, I can give you a tip
on the crime of the century.
- Crime of the century?
- That's right bitch,
crime of the century.
- What's that, bumping off Quick E Stops?
- Look, you want to hear or not man,
I mean, you know.
- Fuck no.
- Yeah well I do.
- Alright, you know that
old bastard Matheson Hoke?
- What about him?
- That old coot buried
himself with the key
to the family jewels man, all
of it, took it all with him.
- He buried it?
- Honest to God Almighty
man, millions, billions,
maybe more man, there ain't no way
of tellin' for certain man.
- Shit.
- Yeah I mean this is the
chance of a goddamn lifetime,
it's a fucking lottery in
the goddamn ground, you know.
Matheson didn't have no heirs,
didn't leave a will, man
and to this day nobody knows
what he did with all that stash man.
- Except you right?
- Except me man.
Alright Wex what's the catch?
- Don't cost all I want done
is to take care of Limonjillo.
Goddamn rump ranger.
I'm telling you man the guy is
on my ass all day, every day.
He's fucking everywhere man.
I piss, he's in the fucking
yard right next to me man.
- Sounds to me like the
boy has got a crush on you.
- Yeah sounds like puppy love to me.
- Shit I don't care what it is man,
I can't take it much more man.
I don't get no sleep!
I ain't telling you what I dream about,
you know what I'm saying?
- Hey Wex, you like apples?
- What's that got to do with anything?
- Well maybe old Limonjillo will
come over tonight and fuck you up the ass.
How do you like them apples?
- Ah shit man, that ain't funny man.
You know I hate that shit.
Fucking assholes, dicks.
- Cool up, cool up, cool
up, Cole's watching.
- No man fuck that silly little bitch,
now look, this tip is cash money man,
I mean, if you don't want it
I got others to deal you know.
I mean I'll take my
business elsewhere man.
- So where is it?
- Big shit we got a deal.
- Hey you ought to get back to work boy!
- Fuck that man.
- So how much you say is in that vault?
- Buttloads man, take your
wildest and multiply it by 10.
- Crime of the century, huh?
- You're the dumbass of the century.
- Now a lot of folks might cast
a cold eye on wild ass
stories of buried treasure.
But King wasn't one of them.
It's easy to get bit by the gold bug
when the only distraction you
got is counting ceiling tiles.
And King, he got swallowed whole.
Gullible, shit ought
to be stamped on your forehead.
- Don't cost nothing to
talk about it, do it?
- Wait, wait, wait, hold on a minute.
I remember that one, yeah, it's usually
what you say about 30
minutes before I end up flat
on my ass with a blue light in my face,
legs spread, licking pavement, right?
- What are you going to live
on when you get out huh?
Food stamps?
- Cool down dick boy.
Step at a time.
- Hey wipe-ass
this ain't no disco,
get back to work!
- Yeah well how you ever
got laid is a mystery to me.
- Not a mystery, right, it's why
I listen to your shit in the first place.
And I'll be giving your
ass the walking papers.
- Well let me tell you something boy.
We're going to make it.
We got it all worked out,
I even took care of old Limonjillo.
- What the fuck kind
of name is that anyway?
- Boy's mama love jelly.
Got a sister named Oranjillo.
- And you got him to back down?
- Uh-huh.
Told him old Wex had dick rot.
- How did he take it?
- Cried like a baby.
So what do you say?
- Well.
I'll hold off on them walking papers.
- Yeah!
- Just don't go get to
shooting off about that grave.
- Now you might as
well tell a dog not to bark.
See King is young, full
of piss and vinegar.
So of course he ran his mouth,
bragging to his friends.
- Stashed in the grave somewhere.
- But he kept prepping to bust out.
'Cause him and Tyn both knew there ain't
nothing you can't get in the joint,
long as you got the patience and the cash.
- Come on now, come on
little baby, come on.
Oh yeah.
- So he took out a little
insurance policy for the trip ahead.
- Thank you.
- And next he'd
done the obvious thing.
Like I told you, every
man has got a price.
Only question is, in what currency?
- Come on.
Get the scripts?
- Yeah.
But uh, these here you
don't get 'till after.
- There might not be an after.
- Oh there's going to
be an after, a happily ever.
- Well when you hit that
yard, you're on your own.
Guards will be shooting to kill.
- Yeah, just as long as you ain't.
- I ain't decide yet.
- Well I know they're 10 for one.
But I will appreciate you holding off.
- Well.
Hold your hand out.
- Why?
- You want out or not?
- Son of a bitch, what the hell you doing?
What the hell is this for?
- Rabbit's foot, it's for luck.
Well in that new Jerusalem
In that new Jerusalem God knows
In that new Jerusalem won't
that be one happy time
My God now in that new Jerusalem
Oh my Lord in that new Jerusalem
Well when the moon drips away
When the moon drips
away in blood my god
Now when the moon drips away in blood
Won't that be one terrible time my God
Now won't that be one terrible time
My Lord in that new Jerusalem
Oh when the saints
When the saints go marching
When the saints go
marching home my Lord
Now when the saints go marching home
Won't that be a happy time God knows
Now won't that be one
happy time my Lord
In that new Jerusalem
We're gonna walk them golden stairs
We're gonna walk until we
can't my Lord we're gonna walk
Them golden stairs
We're gonna walk in two by two my Lord
Now here we go
- Been a long time since
I've been out in the open like this.
- What are you talking about,
we work these fields everyday.
- What?
Now it ain't the same though is it?
- No, you're right, bigger.
- You're damn right it is.
Hell I wonder what old
Travis is going to think.
- I couldn't give a rats.
- Ain't going to
like it, us out, is he?
- Would you?
Knowing what he done.
Probably thinks we're
going to lynch his ass.
They say no one ever escaped
from Rutledge before.
- Yeah is that what they say?
- Yeah.
- Now them boys
knew, that when things
got going too good, the smart
money was on the blowup.
Tyn in particular was tighter
than a hawk's ass in a nosedive.
Fortunately King still
had an ace in the hole.
- Got two coming our way dammit.
- There's no way to run boy!
- Look if I go down
it's going to be standing up.
- You better stop running!
Because I'm going to beat the living shit
out of you for dragging my ass out here.
Hey look man you can do it man,
I'm the fucking King right, I'm the King.
Oh gad damn, where in the
hell did you get that?
- Shit.
- Give me that thing.
- So King's little surprise
got them out of a jam and into the swamp.
Even a blind hog can find
an acorn every now and then.
- You ever run?
Thought about running?
- Ain't nobody not thought about it.
- No I suppose not.
- Problem with running
is, you don't ever stop.
Once you get up in the ears of it,
you realize you don't
have anywhere to run to.
- Which way you
think we ought to head?
- South, Mexico.
- Mexico, ain't no
one go to Mexico no more.
- What they close
Mexico or something?
- Atlanta maybe?
- Count of two seconds there.
- Well what the hell are
we going to do in Mexico?
- What they always do in Mexico.
- Drink beer and tequila.
- Yup.
- Speak any Spanish?
- Not a word.
- Well I guess we could learn.
- Yep.
- Learned English.
- Damned if we didn't.
- Man, I mean shit.
- What?
- Goddamn jailbreak.
- It was pretty good wasn't it?
- You son of a bitch.
- What?
- How the hell did you get that?
- Don't you worry about it.
- Well give me a bite.
- What you didn't bring your own vittles?
Okay, okay.
Here you go.
- You greedy bastard.
There you go.
- So what are you going to do with yours?
- You know what?
We ain't even out the swamp yet.
You know you ought to
spend some time thinking
about that instead of
spending money you ain't got.
- What in the hell crawled up your butt?
- Not a goddamn thing.
- I think you'd be a little more pleasant
since you got your ass rescued.
- All I'm saying peckerhead,
is that I ain't going go
around blowing sunshine
when I got two days
swamp in every direction.
Plus being wanted.
So don't be getting satisfied on me.
Because life will drop a rock
on your head when you ain't looking.
- You want to know what I'd do with mine?
- Car, piece of land maybe.
- Piece of land?
- You heard me.
- What about a piece of ass?
- Now you know, I ain't never
been a shit talker like you.
- A shit talker?
- Uh-uh.
- What just because I appreciate
the finer things, the romance life?
- King, shut up.
- Come on!
- You want to hear something funny?
- Mhmm.
- It's about Jordan.
- Please, girl is about as
funny as a cavity search.
- You know her and I, we
used to go at it some.
Damned if every time we done it,
she didn't hoist her legs
up over my shoulders.
Her feet would be about
six or seven inches
from my face every time we had done it.
And I would just turn my head a little bit
and her toes would be
staring me right in the face.
And I could always tell when I hit
her sweet spot, 'cause her
toes would kind of crinkle up
and double over one another
and shit, you know, like, like,
she just couldn't stand it?
- You're obsessing a girl's toes.
- You believe that one?
- Why don't you just stick
your little dick in a
fire and call it even huh?
- One of these days, you're
going to figure it out
that a good woman, she ain't easy to find.
And when you find 'em, you keep 'em.
- You know what my idea
of a good woman is?
- What?
- Be about three feet tall,
toothless with a six inch tongue.
Flat head to put beer on.
- Yeah I can see why
that might draw you in.
Oh Tyn.
- I've seen her.
- Hell we must've
been away a long time
because that sure do look good to me.
- Damn straight.
They got all the fucking women's clothes.
- No I see some unisex.
Come on.
- Hey King, check it out.
- Lord have mercy.
- Hey, you remember Steph Dean Maybank?
- Oh yeah she was a lot of woman.
She was kind of sweet on you, wasn't she?
- I never understood that.
Woman like her.
- Well she was rode hard and put up wet.
No wonder she liked you.
- Fuck I've been shot!
- You are one stupid motherfucker man.
You should've had your balls blown off.
- Yeah well thinking never
was my strong suit, was it?
Is it bad?
- Don't freak out on me man,
that shit makes me laugh.
- I ain't freaking out.
- It hurts to laugh man.
- Alright man I ain't
going to make you laugh.
- How does it look?
- Looks like you've been shot.
- Fuck man, don't make it with me man!
- Come on, just don't be a butt
hole, it's going to be fine.
- Now when Tyn woke up that morning,
there's no way he could've figured
he'd be out three pints of blood by lunch.
Sure he might have had a premonition,
dreamed himself naked
and singing the Star Spangled Banner
at the Elk's Lodge fish fry.
I doubt it, like most of
these in this world, both good
and bad, he came from nowhere
and went back the same way.
- So I picked her damn
yap dog up off of floor,
cause I figured she wouldn't shoot me
if I was holding her shih tzu.
But the goddamn dog can
tell I'm scared to shit,
because I mean this girl was certifiable.
And I knew it wouldn't take
much for her to squeeze one off.
So I said Marlene, ain't no sense in this!
And she says you put
down my Licky, she says.
I said I'll put down your Licky
if you put down that goddamn gun.
But the dog is going crazy, yapping,
tinkling all down my leg.
And the phone rings.
Ring, ring, and the dog
starts barking louder.
So the bitch shoots the phone.
Across the room hits the thing
like dead center on the five.
So I take the dog and I hold him
over my crotch, which was a mistake.
I think I got the damn thing aroused.
So now I'm getting nervous, so I say
alright Marlene, somebody
is going to get hurt here,
I'm walking, you'll
thank me for this later!
So I got to put the dog down real nice,
you know, and Licky starts to hump my leg.
I ain't kidding man,
the dog is going nuts.
- Jesus.
- So there I am, heading for the door,
this thing flapping off my trousers,
you know I'm kind of high-stepping it
because I figure that's the only way
it will let it go, you know.
Well about three steps from my door,
my foot comes down right on Licky's head.
Cracked his skull like a damn pecan.
- Fuck me.
- And bang, that's when she shoots me.
Hit me in the hip,
shattered the goddamn bone.
I got a plate in there
the size of your head.
I can't pass a metal detector for shit.
So don't let getting
shot get you down kid.
You'll be alright.
At least you didn't kill no dog.
- Yeah, yeah I'm back here
counting my blessings.
- Ain't that a funny thing,
everybody thinks they got it the hardest.
- I ain't said that.
- You didn't have to, it's
written all over your damn face.
You boys got to play the
hand that was dealt to you.
Now those cops might
get you, they might not.
You just got to resist that temptation
to get back on the wrong side.
Now I didn't learn that
until it was too late
but you all got plenty of time.
Now I'm sad and lonely,
yes in sad and lonely
For that little white church in del
Oh that little white church in the del
- You alright?
- Alright you boys take my car.
- You got to be kidding me?
- Go ahead you need it more than I do.
The insurance will pay out so don't
think I'm doing you no
big favor or nothing.
I'll wait a couple of days
before I report it to give
you boys some lead time.
- Well I don't know
what in the hell to say.
- Ain't nothing to say, just,
help a fugitive if you ever
get the chance, alright?
- We uh, we ain't never
going to forget this.
- Alright.
Son of Licky.
- Cass, you better get
your ass in this house,
them fish sticks are
going to be cold as ice.
- Hang on Marlene, I'll be there directly.
Something about a woman
who shoots to kill,
I can't just seem to quit her.
You all drive careful.
Get on.
- Now you might wonder where King
could take an escaped con
for medical attention.
Well, truth is, they didn't have
any doctors in their
personal acquaintance.
They didn't know anyone who
could tend to a living, breathing person.
They did know someone however,
who could tend to a dead one.
- Alright ladies, five card gut.
Deuces are suicide, kings are wild.
- Boo, Boo you ain't ante.
- I didn't get me cards yet.
- You hear about Boo,
the fucking Arab aerial terrorist man?
You know that my uncle is a crop duster?
- The one from Henners?
- Yeah the Para Quad Express.
- Uh-huh.
- He took us up one afternoon man
and me and Boo were just
fucking hanging out the doors,
brought my 12 gauge, you know,
and we were just looking for movement.
Took us right over the trees,
like 200 feet up tops man.
So we come over this clearing
and I see a fucking bunch of whitetails,
you know, about six or
seven three-point bucks.
You know what I thought,
I had fucking died and gone to heaven man.
- Hey!
- Am I telling a fucking story or what?
Fucking terrorist.
So I fucking dive on
them all crosshaired man.
The buck went off clean.
Looking at Boo I scoot over and let him,
give him the 12 gauge and I'm like,
okay man I'll give him a shot right?
So he gets it ready to go, he's ready
to squeeze one off and we
hit this fucking turbulence.
Fucking, just as like as he fires,
like the plane goes like that.
So I'm looking down on the ground
for like a wounded deer
or something like that
and I notice the fucking tire underneath
the plane man, Boo shut
fucking landing craft.
- He had shot out the tire,
I didn't shoot out the tire.
I fucking hit the deer man.
- What the hell?
- I didn't hit the fucking tire.
- Boo get that.
- I didn't hit the fucking tire.
This fucking Polack ass dick
motherfucking tire shooter.
Alright let's see 'em.
- We got three of a kind.
- Ah, full.
- Where?
- I said one eyes are wild son.
- That's a goddamn bold face
Travis, you said suicide.
- Easy now, easy.
- Well, if it ain't the Bobbsey Twins.
Fresh from the joint.
- Yeah, well, got us into a
little scrape as you can see.
Tyn here took one.
- What the hell you want from me?
You know where the hospital is at.
- Yeah but the hospitals
don't exactly roll out
the welcome mat for folks
like us now do they Travis?
- Well King y'all is wanted.
And I can't be violating probation
to be harboring no fugitives.
- Let me tell you something, my boy here,
he done time for you and so did I.
- Look King I got legit business here,
this ain't no rest stop
for petty criminals.
- Now you listen here faggot.
Now I already got a low opinion
of your ass, don't make me act on it.
- Well it wasn't a hollow-point
I'll tell you that much,
because you would be dead son.
Lot of people don't know that,
look at the entry wound,
not a lot of blood.
Hollowpoint blood comes
from the exit wound.
- Don't touch the damn thing,
you'll get him infected.
- Well goddamn he's bleeding
on the velvet Deluxe.
Bring him in here.
- Come on I got you.
- Lot of people don't know that.
- The hollow-point.
- They were looking for you, on the news.
Said y'all might be heading
south, Mexico maybe.
- You see that, we made the TV.
- They have pictures and everything,
said you guys were dangerous,
armed and dangerous.
- Shit, King couldn't hit
the ground laying down.
- Cops were around the other day.
Thought that y'all might
be heading back up here.
Shit son you got lit up.
- Now don't just stand there,
you stitch him up or whatever.
- Well I think we should
stop the bleeding,
if he got one of the vitals,
we're shit out of luck.
I ain't a fucking surgeon.
- Well ain't you got nothing for the pain?
- Goddammit!
- Here you go boy.
Hows that?
- Oh boy, I'm going to need
the bottle, give me the bottle.
- Now just slow down, slow down son.
One step at a time like
you always tell me.
- Take it easy kid,
just let the pain flow.
- Get the hell out of here with that.
- Excuse me.
- The police man, they're
going to come back here.
And Travis might be able to
hold them off for a while but,
it don't make no sense for
them to get both of us.
- Now don't you worry
about the police okay?
We're going to be just fine,
long as we ain't got us no rats in here.
- We need to tell them
about the hit for God sakes.
- Well you just shush okay?
You're talking to pain.
- Now you listen to me goddammit.
I always watched your back,
even when I knew you were being an idiot.
This ain't got nothing
to do with hanging in.
So I ain't asking, I ain't
suggesting, I'm telling.
You get in that goddamn car
and you get the hell out of here.
- Come on, I want to take care of
that little piece of
business we talked about.
I'm going to set us both up
and then I'm going to come
back here with ill-gotten.
You can bank on that okay?
You boys you take good
care of him you hear?
I'm going to be back in about two days
and it'll be in your benefit
to keep him breathing.
- I'll do my best, but
this ain't Marcus Welby.
- Yeah this ain't Marcus
Welby, he ain't Marcus Welby .
- Hey King.
- Adios.
- He shouldn't have split.
- You'd a done the same I guarantee.
- When chips go down,
you don't leave your man.
- Ain't but one
reason to leave your man.
That's for a woman.
- Hi.
Did you miss me?
- Like a cramp.
- You ain't see me in three years
and here I am in the black of night.
- What do you want me to say?
- Well, how about uh,
hello you handsome devil.
That'd be just fine.
- It's over King, a while back.
- Tyn got shot.
- Is he dead?
- No, I don't think so.
- This ain't none of my business.
- Jordan, I got nowhere else to go.
I know you still got it for me somewhere.
Don't you?
Don't you?
I'm a dog without a home.
- Tell me something.
- About what?
- Well say something for God's sakes.
Tell me about your job.
- Ain't nothing to it much.
You just drain the blood.
- You drain it?
- Just stick a big old metal
thing in a carotid artery
and just like a keg pump, out it comes.
- Ain't you uh, ain't you feel weird?
Messing with dead folks all the time.
- Ah, it's like anything Tyn.
You get used to it.
It's interesting, I
take pictures sometimes.
- Of dead folks?
- Yeah.
- You're a sick bastard.
- Ain't nobody to say
what's sick and what ain't.
- Why would you want to photograph
all them people you embalm?
Now that shit's goddamn degrading.
- You know you could tell a lot
about someone from the way they died.
- Like what?
- Like what
kind of folks they was.
- Well what kind of folks was he?
- That's a tricky one.
He does look a little flushed.
Neck end ain't right.
- Boy got his chain yanked.
- Jumped into the shower and
broke his neck and drowned.
- I'll be damned.
- Well the kid was careless.
Wasn't that way it would've been another.
- You're a keeper, you know that?
- Don't even try King.
This show is one night only.
- Well, you are.
I ain't saying I've been
all that good to you but.
- Good, because you'd be lying.
- I don't know why I did
all them things I did.
But then with Tyn getting
shot and seeing you again,
see now I realize what
a shit head I've been.
I do.
- Keep on, I ain't stopping you.
- I'm going to make it up to you.
Because I got me a plan that's
going to change everything.
Tomorrow at this time, I'm
going to come back here
and I'm going to put us on easy street.
- You going to rob a bank?
- Well you wouldn't
believe me if I told you.
But I'm headed for the
bigger and the better
and I'm taking you along.
That's a promise.
- I ain't never got
what I've been promised.
- You get me fixed up,
I'm gone at first light.
- You need a hospital Tyn.
You ain't got long.
- I ain't going back.
- Well you're going to die.
- Travis man, give me something else.
- Tyn what was King
saying about that money?
Tell me.
- Travis, please man.
Come on man, I'm sobering up man.
- Well, you lost a lot of blood.
- Don't, don't leave me man.
- Ain't much I can do.
- Man I shouldn't go alone, you know.
- Yeah well you come in alone,
I reckon that's how you're going out.
- Wait.
- For what?
- The grave.
- What grave?
- Matheson Hoke.
Supposed to be some, some
loot buried in his grave.
I just, I just ain't ready to leave yet.
That's all, I ain't ready to leave yet.
I wish you could see what it's like.
- What's like?
- Man you call this easy money,
I ain't used to no menial labor.
- Cletus you lazy son of a bitch.
- Well I don't see you
on nobody's payroll.
- Just shut the hell up.
Y'all be thanking me when you sip
on one of them liquor drinks on one
of them islands you seen on the cable.
- I ain't thanking
you for shit if we get caught.
- We ain't going to get caught.
- Yeah that's easy for you
to say, you ain't still on probation.
- Who ain't?
- Boo.
- That's because
Boo didn't get caught
lighting a joint at a damn Stuckey's.
- Man how the fuck was
I supposed to know that dick was a cop?
- Just shut the hell up.
- That was a sheriff.
- Same diff.
Good friend for Jesus sake forbear,
to dig the dust enclosed here.
Blessed be the man that
spares these stones,
and cursed be him that moves my bones.
William Shakespeare.
- Shakespeare?
- Hey, check it out, how come
Ophelia got a smaller one?
- That's what they
do when there wasn't no body.
Boo you're on guard duty.
- I don't know man I
got the heebie-jeebies.
- Well it's just meat.
- It ain't just meat.
- It is too Clete.
- That's Matheson damn Hoke man,
he owned the whole fucking town,
he is a crazy son of a
bitch, wasn't just meat.
- Well it don't matter what you was.
- It do matter what you was.
- Yeah well dead is dead is dead.
- That's the stupidest
fucking thing I've ever heard.
- Well don't go getting
mental on me now Clete, okay?
Now he may have been
something when he was living,
now just tell that to the maggots
that's lapping up his innards, okay?
Them worms eating his eyes.
- You're going to make me sick.
- Okay when you eat a burger Clete,
you thinking about the cattle, huh?
Hell no right, you're
thinking about dinner.
In a similar fashion that's how we
gotta think about our
friend, Matheson Hoke.
Dinner, okay?
So save yourself a heap of guilt
and get on the right of
mind perspective son, okay?
- I swear you're going to make
me barf if you keep talking like that.
- Yeah well it's just meat
and bone Clete, like you.
- Burger.
I got to quit smoking man.
Hey Trav, that curse on the gravestone
about the dude who moves his bones?
You think that stuff is serious man?
I mean you think that baby Jesus
is looking down on us and judging?
I mean Hoke was a sinner right?
I mean it's alright.
- Come on now Clete,
come here on down here,
won't be long now boy.
- Forgive us Lord we
know naught what we do.
Crowbar, crowbar.
- Hey careful man don't wreck it.
- Who gives a duke?
I want the truth son.
Thar she blows.
- Jesus Christ.
- I don't see no goddamn gold.
The fuck are you doing?
I don't see no jewelry neither.
- Check the pockets.
- That's a weekend
at Myrtle Beach right there.
- We got damn company,
Cletus, get down here quick.
Come on.
Damn what the fuck was Boo doing up there?
- We got to fucking make a run
for it man, wait for my mark.
- Shhh.
- Boo.
- Cletus!
- That boy is smarter than he looks.
- What?
- He smacked that boy
upside his head, come on.
Oh shit.
Oh shit, it is King.
- Oh no man!
- Oh holy Jesus.
What the hell did you hit
him so damn hard for Boo?
- Thought he was a cop.
- A cop?
Tell that to the hanging judge.
- How the hell was I supposed
to know that he was a.
- Oh shut up Boo, you idiot.
- Hey look feel if he
has a pulse, come on.
- Oh nothing.
- Man you ain't doing it right.
- Well you do it.
- Look you got to slap his
face around a little bit okay?
Put some pressure on his
head, stop the bleeding.
- Oh shit, hell of an idea Travis.
And good job Boo.
Goddamn grave robbing fuck.
- Hey I don't force y'all to do nothing.
- Travis you said nothing
funny was going to.
You know.
- Oh Jesus Christ
man, he's bleeding pretty bad.
I'm going go get the car.
- Hey, what the hell for?
- Take him to the hospital.
- Hospital?
- Yeah man you can't just
leave him lying like that.
- The car is two miles from here.
- Two miles you hear that?
- Well do something to him man!
Bang on him and plug his
nose up or something!
- Well if you
know so goddamn much
why the hell don't you do it?
- Well I don't know how to do it neither
but I know that's how
you're supposed to do it.
- Well he ain't got no pulse man.
Check his neck!
Nothing, like a lolly.
- He ain't got no pulse, you sure?
- Yeah I'm sure, I'm sure
Boo fucking killed him.
- I beat my dog harder than I beat him.
I didn't kill him!
- Goddamn this Travis, this
ain't no yodelayheehoo.
- Just pipe down, okay?
Now look this ain't the end of the world.
- What the fuck you talking about Travis?
Man, we are fucked!
We're going up the river!
We don't have a snowball's chance in hell!
We're going to fry like bananas.
- Cletus shut the fuck up.
Okay, you ain't helping
nothing for Christ's sake.
Now listen we got a jam here.
It ain't a little jam, okay.
It's a major fucking pickle, right?
And we got to think through this thing.
We can't get excited, right?
That's how people always fuck up.
They get excited and then they
do something stupid, right?
Now here's the facts, A, King is dead.
Two, we're fucked to shit.
And C, we got to get out of here
before someone else comes, right?
- Goddamn man I knew I shouldn't have come
because I ain't never
getting off probation.
- Cletus stop crying okay?
Now we got to take the
body, there ain't no choice.
- Where you going to take
him, it's almost dawn,
you're going to drag a body for two miles?
- No Boo I ain't, okay.
But no body, there's no crime.
Alright homeslice.
So what's the idea man,
because I just don't see it.
- Look someone finds a body Clete,
you, me and Boo are gone for good.
We got to put him somewhere.
- Wait a minute man, Travis, nah-ah.
No, no chance man, nah-ah.
- Look, look Clete, we
didn't do nothing wrong okay?
It's just goddamn bad luck, right?
You want to get put
away for this shit, huh?
Be my fucking guest.
Now where's the last place anybody
would look for a dead body, huh?
A fucking grave, right?
- You're a cracker.
- Goddammit, Jesus.
Son of a bitch, teefed some wheels.
- You're going to take King's wheels?
- You damn right.
- Fuck fuck fuck me!
Be gentle, be gentle man.
- He's dead Clete.
- Whatever you do, just hurry up.
- Look Trav man, I'm not
sure if this shit is me.
- Yeah Travis I'm not sure
this shit is me either.
- Don't give me that
cold feet bullshit okay?
Now y'all dropped the tab,
y'all gonna to take the trip.
- You should stomp on that.
- Oh really Boo, come on down here.
- Wait wait wait, hold on a second man.
Wait, hey, shouldn't
someone say something?
- Let's just get it done.
- You reckon he was solo?
- Can't take any chances.
- Who the hell is going
to know him up here.
- Oh you're going to risk it?
- This ain't happening,
this ain't happening!
- Shut up!
Boo, take the keys.
Lose the car and no
BS, no screwing around.
I don't want you stopping
for a corn fritter
and a milkshake, you hear me?
- I ain't hungry.
- Where are we going to meet?
- You know my old lady's land?
- Yeah.
- A Barn, southwest corner, get back
there as soon as you can.
- Mind you Boo, don't mess
up like you always do.
- Hey that ain't his nature.
You need to be more
supportive of that boy.
I don't wanna see
the dark cloud rising
I don't wanna hear the
wild, wild wind blow
I don't want to see you leaving
No I don't wanna but it seems
I always get what I don't want
- What the hell could be keeping him?
- I had me a great uncle once, shot a man.
- Maybe he's lost, had
a girlfriend, got drunk.
That boy could fuck up a wet dream.
- He went a running, back into the swamp.
Didn't think anyone would come after him
because it's hard to track
in the bogs, but they did.
They come after him and they got him too.
Spent the rest of his life in jail.
They always get you,
don't they Trav always?
- No they don't, not always.
Didn't get Jesse James.
- He wasn't real, because if
he was, they'd gotten him too.
- Now Clete was
an expert at worrying.
Boy could out-worry a cat in
room full of rocking chairs.
But for once he was justified.
They had a man bearing down on them
that was meaner than
a redheaded stepchild.
- No one is past saving.
- This one went past saving
and went straight to hopeless.
Because there is devil dogs born,
and devil dogs bred and when they die,
they'll be devil dogs dead.
- You are a tough cookie, you are.
Get in there you, now.
Okay, alley-oop, alley-oop here.
Here ya go.
Ooh, stand up there now.
Yea, how are you doing?
You alright?
Lean up on that just for a second here.
There we go.
Come here.
Listen, thick noggin, you know that?
- As long as we hide the spoils,
we'll be in the short rows.
- Don't you feel even a pang
of guilt after all
you've done to that boy?
- Guilt is for little people Clete.
I ain't done it, Boo is
the one that whacked him.
- Yeah, but you crossed him.
Him and Tyn, it's like I'm meant to go do
time at the joint and you
stole that goddamn car.
- I can't change that.
They had my papers.
You'd a told him too.
- Damn, you cut the finger off?
- Hell yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, take it easy kid.
Now, choice number one.
You hold on to what you
got, you keep lying.
Upside is, you don't betray anyone.
They'll remember you fondly.
Downside is, it's a quick tide.
They say drowning is a
particularly cruel way to die.
At first you can hold your
breath, it's a glimmer of hope.
But it starts to hurt,
your CO2 is backing up
the pipes, so you wait
and you wait, eventually
those lungs they hit
that panic button and start sucking
wind regardless of air quality.
It's the water in the lungs
that sets off the terror.
Look at me.
And this makes for a final
desperate attempt to reach the surface.
Which of course you realize
is going to be useless.
- It's just a finger Clete.
- Ain't nothing past you Trev.
Let me see.
Damn it's old.
It's got some of that code writing.
- Give me it, give me that thing.
- Man, just wanted to look at it faggot.
- It's foreign.
- Well it ain't English
because I would've done recognized that.
- Choice number two.
You roll.
Lose a few friends.
But you live.
Mixed reviews on that one.
And now the third choice,
that's a tough one.
But there's no death, no
dishonor, just to live.
You know a wolf caught in a trap,
he don't think twice about
chewing off his foot.
You know that?
Wolf wants to live.
You lob it off, I'll let you go.
Some things I'm going to pay to see!
Here you go!
- What guarantee I got?
- Well you're to die if you
don't, I guarantee that.
- I ain't telling you nothing.
- Well it is your choice.
It's the critical moments
that make the man.
Here you go.
Smarts I reckon, huh?
- Nothing, not a word.
Just the police doing
their usual bullshit.
- They ain't on to us.
- How the hell you know that?
- 'Cause Boo is loyal, he ain't no rat,
he never ratted out in all
the years we've known him.
- It was Cletus, Cletus, Cletus!
They was the ones that got broke
out of jail to, get that gold.
- Ah shit, my knife.
- Yeah well Boo got
the hang-tit on that one.
Back at the farm, Travis and Clete waited
long enough to get discussing it.
Then figured Boo went on a bender.
But the truth is, they was more interested
in what was on that ring that wondering
if Boo would show up at the
trailer park in a day or three.
- What were you
doing getting this Travis?
- I found it
in my old man's closet.
- Ain't no need to lie sugar.
- Or to pester.
- Well its liable
to have been stolen?
- As liable as it plopped
out a monkey's ass,
but I don't reckon it matters does it?
- Nothing against you Travis,
I just don't want whoever owns
it to come looking for it and blame me.
- Is it valuable?
- Yeah.
It's an engagement ring,
see the stone settings?
There's a monogram.
There's a Hoke monogram.
- Is that right?
- Killed his wife.
Wife turned to itty bitty
pieces, didn't find 'em neither.
Think she was like a second
cousin or something like that.
- Ophelia was just a gold digger.
She married Matheson at
16, with him being over 70.
- So she couldn't satisfy
her youthful urges huh?
- The old man was firing blanks huh?
- No that ain't it.
Story goes that Matheson
demanded that she give him
an heir, or he's going to
cut her out of the will.
Ophelia found out was she was barren,
couldn't have a child, so she bought one.
- Wow, she bought one?
- Pretty much anything for sale.
- And Matheson never
knew the kid wasn't his?
- Kept it a secret, wouldn't
see him until she came to term.
Rumor is he found out.
- Son of a bitch iced her.
- Goddamn.
- Nobody knows for sure.
Now these rings, they
usually come in pairs.
- Oh that's right yeah,
they usually come in pairs.
- Yeah we
ain't got the other one.
- Oh not even in your old man's closet?
- I could check but uh.
- Well, by itself, it ain't worth so much.
Not with just one.
Now with two then you'd have something.
- Yeah we did seen that.
Do you speak foreign?
- I was figuring, it's Spanish, maybe.
- It's Latin, but I can't read it.
Not with just one.
- Well what's the fee
for translating, I mean,
if I was, you know, to get the other one.
- Life ain't all about money, sugar.
Can you get them both?
- Man I thought
we fleeced old Hoke.
- I must've missed the other
ring in all the excitement.
- Come on Trav
it's shark week man.
Let's forget them rings.
- Them rings, brainiac,
is the key to Matheson's stash.
You watchin'?
- Ain't nobody up here but us.
- This is going to be
it Clete, the big one.
- Bet you he is rotten.
- Probably.
- If he's half gone, I don't
believe I can stomach it.
- Well dead is dead, we've been over this.
Black gold.
- It's his teeth.
Do you hear that?
That sound, that damn sound.
The damn scratching sound.
It's impossible, been
there more than a day.
- Oh Jesus Christ, Lord have mercy.
What the fuck Travis?
- Shut up Clete, I got
to think for a minute.
- But it's a fucking miracle man!
- It ain't a miracle!
Boo just didn't kill him.
- We can't just let
him die, are you crazy?
- Do I look crazy?
Now take a second to buy a vowel!
- Man you ain't in your right mind.
Oh God King come here man.
- Anybody got any aspirins?
- Just take a few deep breaths,
that's it buddy, you're alright.
Come on buddy, you just
throw up your hands.
You got swelled up big like melon.
- Water, can somebody give me some water?
- You hear that, the
poor bastard is thirsty
and needs some fucking water man.
- He needs more than water.
Boy cashed his last check.
- He ain't cash nothing.
- Wouldn't know his ass
from a hole in the ground.
- Travis what in the hell happened?
- Oh, King, we was
wondering the same thing.
- Well I feel like I've been mule kicked.
All I remember is, I was
walking along and then bang!
Stars went out.
- Uh-huh, that is bushwacked.
- Bushwacked?
- Uh-huh.
- By who?
- Well, that is a good question,
that's a damn good question.
- Well what are you boys doing out here?
- Well Tyn had a hunch that something
was up and when you didn't show.
- Oh Tyn, is he alright?
- Oh yeah, yeah, well I guess
you could say he's in a stable condition.
- Yeah boys, he's tough as a goat, Tyn.
- Two go to Tyn's!
- Look man why don't we just tell him?
- What that by accident we shoveled
six feet of dirt on his ass?
- Man it's going to be
worse if he figures.
- Hey where, why ain't we headed
back to the funeral parlor?
- Uh the fuzz son, we got more
cops up here than a damn gun show.
- Mmm-hmm.
- We're going to see Tyn?
- Yeah, yeah, just sit tight Weevo.
- Yeah just sit tight Weevo,
that's a very good doggy.
- Ain't just a, oh!
- Now look, look here.
Best case scenario he
doesn't figure shit okay,
he thinks we saved him and
his proud to share the booty.
- Man he ain't going to buy that.
- Look Clete, just imagine you spent
36 hours in six square feet of room okay?
You ain't going to pop
out whistling Dixie.
And he ain't going to look too kindly
on the sick motherfuckers
that done it to him.
And I know King, he will
kill whoever done it.
So just go on and plait your long hair.
Or meditate, whatever
the hell you got to do.
- Man it ain't going to work.
- Look Clete if you tell him you might
as well blow your own damn nuts off okay?
But I'll tell you one damn thing,
I ain't in the nut-blowing business.
- Woah, woah, woah, woah, Trav.
You ain't going to whack him right?
- Well we killed him one time.
It'd be a cinch next time.
Bring my baby back
- Now I respect a man that's willing
to finish what he starts,
whether it's a killing
or Sunday crosswords.
With bloodletting you got to
strike while the iron is hot.
- In the heat of the moment?
- Yeah, if the man stands
on the end of a diving board too long
he's going to lose the will to jump.
Can't let the sound of your
own wheels drive you crazy.
You get a man to start thinking,
most likely he'll back off.
But when it come to Travis and Clete,
thinking in general was
a risky proposition.
- So let me get one thing straight.
Now Tyn told you all that
I might need some backup?
- Yep.
- So y'all went out to the grave,
and you didn't find me so
by process of elimination
you just figured I was in with old Hoke?
- Yeah well, some folks might
put that in the miracle category.
- Yeah we're just glad
to see you back, brother.
- Yeah I bet you are.
What if I was to tell you boys,
I thought were a couple
of lying sons of bitches?
- I'd say prove it you damn ingrate.
We didn't have to pull your
ass up out of that shit.
- Ooh, look at you getting all squirrelly.
- Nah I just don't like
them to bite the hand that feeds.
Well I just got a feeling that you wasn't
out there out of kindness
for your fellow man.
- Well I just got a feeling you ought
to stick your head stone up your ass.
- Yeah you wouldn't piss on your own momma
was she on fire, and
the only reason you ever
let go of any nickel was
to get a better grip.
You was after the loot, wasn't you?
- Yeah fuck you bitch.
- Then why don't you just track
down the truth for a change?
What happened to Tyn?
- Tyn?
- You heard me.
- That's a negative.
That son of a bitch took a dirt nap.
- Hey, hey!
Now you guys just stop that right now!
- Son of a bitch!
- Oh, oh, oh, oh King Jesus fuck!
Man I done told you we
should've told him the truth.
- You killed him didn't you?
- We didn't kill nothing.
Wasn't even us who whomped
you, it was fucking Boo, Boo.
Boo done it.
- Boo wouldn't even whack
a spider off his own dick.
- I swear to you, he didn't
mean to, it was an accident.
- Oh shit.
You know Boo can get a little
squeawompish about things.
- Oh and he put me in the ground?
- Okay, alright well not exactly.
I guess we all done that but, you know man
Boo whacked you pretty good.
At that point we pretty
much figured you was G O N.
- You didn't have no pulse.
- Jesus man we'd never
put you in the ground
if we thought you wasn't already dead.
Goddammit brother I swear.
If the situation was reversed,
I'd hope you'd do the same for me.
Hell I'm just glad everything worked out.
- Ain't shit worked out.
I ought to kill you motherfuckers.
- Oh motherfuckers huh?
You're the one that
brought Tyn to us, okay?
Shot and half dead.
It ain't our fault he kicked it okay?
Fuck listening to you
is what killed his ass.
- Yeah it's true King.
I mean that boy was bad off.
Wasn't much we could do.
- And then he
told you about the grave?
- Yup.
- So where is it?
- Don't know, we're on the hunt though.
- We?
I don't see no we.
- Yeah maybe you should have
your fucking vision checked.
- There ain't no need to get yourself
on the water, it wasn't all the late.
- I don't want to hear it.
- Look, I got a good excuse okay?
- Well I'm sure you do,
from the looks of y'all.
- No shit Jordan I mean
it's a pretty fucking good one.
- Honey I told that I was
going to come back here
and I was going to buy you your
own corner lot in
Margaritaville, didn't I?
Well here I am.
- Back off King, I need to finish this.
- Oh y'all can keep the
lovers quarrels to yourselves
if you don't mind, we got business to do.
- Yeah well something you
boys need to understand,
being businessman and
all, supply and demand.
Now you all got the demand
to know what's on these rings
and I got the supply
to give you the answer.
So then your question is price.
- Why don't you give us
an invoice or something?
- Yeah we ain't exactly
liquid at the moment.
- I don't give credit.
- Look honey, I got you covered okay?
- You got me covered?
- Oh chill miss Dow fucking Jones okay?
Now your boy here is trying
to give you a kickback.
Why don't you try trust for a change?
- I'm just going to keep these
rings until you get back.
- Only if you got something to tell us.
You want to back it up in here padre, huh?
- As thy dinst love, but only covet,
all the gold to thee, my beloved.
- Shit brain teaser.
- Think again, it's plain as day.
Looks like Ophelia should've
been more careful about
what she wished for.
- You wish on a star long enough
you're bound to feel the world
owes you a few twinkles for the trouble.
Just like old Ophelia.
Them boys thought they
had something coming.
I'll be damned if they weren't right.
- You don't think
she's yanking us on this one?
- Well I don't know,
it makes perfect sense to me.
- I say we get the booty
and give her the shaft.
- I say you better shut up
before I beat your ass again.
- Hey, hey, hey, here
you got the crowbars,
you got burlaps, I got the
lantern, we ready to go?
- We're locked and loaded man.
- Then nothing to it but to do it.
- Home again, home again.
Let's pop the hood.
- All right.
On three let's put a hurting on it.
One, two, three!
- Come on you bitch, come on, come on.
- Damnation!
- Holy shit, there's stairs.
- Yea!
I'd like Travis to go first.
- Shit it's dark as fuck.
- Like the inside of a dog
give me that damn thing.
Move out of the way pussies,
only one way to find out.
- Only one way to find out.
- Shit.
- You look a little spooked.
- You don't look too good neither.
- Neither of y'all are going
to win any beauty contest.
- Hey!
- What?
- Remember that story about
that psycho with the hook for a hand?
- You mean the one that
gigged folks in the eyeball?
- Yeah, yeah remember
there was this young couple
out smooching in the woods one night.
And the girl heard a scratching sound
and she was like what's that?
And the guy is like don't worry about it,
went back to smooching on her.
And then she heard the
scratching sound again.
And then they went home, next
morning when they woke up,
there was a hook caught in their car door.
- Cletus?
- Yeah?
- Shut up.
- True story man.
Oh shit looks deep.
- Yeah was this in the message?
Cletus why you crowding to me
like a goddamn dingle berry back there?
- You two ought to get
married you know that?
- What damn good is gold
and whatnot doing for anybody down here?
If it is here.
- Well if ain't it's missing
one hell of a chance.
- Well all I know is there better
be a damn stack of Ben
Franklins as high as my ass.
- Easy man.
Let's see.
Holy Shit, wooo!
Hold these.
- Open her up, open her up.
- Oh it's show time boys.
That was easy.
- Well open her, up open her up.
- Come on man!
- Okay listen no bullshit okay.
The past is the past, right?
From here on in, we're on the level.
- All for it.
- All right?
Got a deal?
- Deal!
Stake home!
- You hippies.
Okay, let's get it, boys.
Can't see a damn thing.
- Holy shit.
- Holy shit.
- Killed his wife.
- Chopped her up
into itty bitty pieces.
- Easy.
- Is it real?
- Real as oatmeal.
We're rich as bitches.
Shit boys, haul in the
dogs and piss on the fire.
- Woo, Mardi Gras!
- We're rich!
We got more money than you
could spend in a lifetime.
- More than 50 lifetimes!
- I knew it, I fucking knew it!
- Damn thing is locked.
Son of a bitch!
- We're trapped, we're trapped
like rats in a death cage.
- Cletus, get the fuck out of my way.
- Back off man!
Help, help!
Help, help, help!
Help us, somebody!
- As thy dinst
love, but only covet,
all the gold to thee, my beloved.
I never got what I've been promised.
Ophelia found out was she was barren,
couldn't have a child, so she bought one.
The daughter, the daughter.
- Hi Jordan.
Those will kill you, you know.
- Got to die of something.
- That's true.
Sounded like, quite a soire down there?
- I don't hear nothing.
- Really?
Sounded like your boy King.
- He ain't my boy.
- Oh that's too bad.
I thought y'all cut such
a fine figure together.
- I take it you aim to grave digging.
- Yeah.
I want to give it to you this way sugar.
This is the real skinny.
You're circling the drain.
Fixing to meet your reward.
I hate to tell you I told
you so, but I told you so.
No no no no, don't try to talk.
This is where the road forks.
Me to live and you to die.
Only time will tell though who got
the goldmine and who got the shaft.
- Fuck you.
- Last cigarette.
- It's almost dawn.
- Dawn already?
- Yes.
- Well, we're getting towards done.
Like it says, good friend
for Jesus sake forbear,
to dig the dust enclosed here.
Blessed be the man that
spares these stones,
and cursed be he that moves my bones.
And old Travis, Cletus and King,
hell, nobody ever found them.
That's how they went out,
buried alive in gold.
Just missing persons like
old Ophelia Hoke, a mystery.
Of course they found her and
Cole laid out by the grave.
He was already gone her lying
there with the gun in her hand.
All the jury see was a dead cop
and didn't nobody give a flying
fuck that he was crooked.
Jury deliberated 22
minutes, that's all it took.
Now I'm going to give you
a little pearl of wisdom.
Don't matter how you squirm or fight,
spend yourself trying to get upstream.
At the end of the day every
man gets what he deserves.
Me, you, every man.
- I have one question, the child.
What happened to Matheson
and Ophelia's child?
- Their daughter?
Ain't no telling.
- I will pray for you.
- Don't wait up.
Well run Mary run
Jesus suffered and died
Run Mary run Lord I
heard the angels singing
Well I won't die no more,
well I won't die no more
I won't die no more
I heard the angels singing
Oh my Lord told me what to do
Said if you take one
step well I'll take two
I heard the angels singing
Yes my God spoke and he spoke to me
I heard the angels singing
Said if you take two
steps well I'll take three
I heard the angels singing
Saying run Mary, run
Jesus suffered and died
Run Mary run Lord I
heard the angels singing
Well I won't die no more,
well I won't die no more
I won't die no more
I heard the angels singing
Well my God spoke and
and his voice did roar
I heard the angels singing
Said if you take three
steps well I'll take four
I heard the angels singing
Said is he want to
get to pay more kind
I heard the angels singing
Said you take four
steps and I'll take five
I heard the angels singing
Saying run Mary, run
Jesus suffered and died, run Mary, run
Lord I heard the angels singing
Well I won't die no more,
well I won't die no more
I won't die no more, Lord
I heard the angels singing