The Great Battle (2018) Movie Script

a SOOJAK FILM and STUDIO&NEW production
in association with MOTIVE LAB
Tang Dynasty's Emperor Taizong
was called the 'god of war'.
He led 200,000 soldiers
to invade Goguryeo.
Many fortresses along the border
fell instantly to Taizong.
Goguryeo General Yeon
dispatched 150,000 men
to face Taizong at Mt. Jupil.
Goguryeo's fate depended on it.
Cadets! Do not fall behind!
Field of Mt. Jupil
Goguryeo cavalry unit's morale is high.
What did I tell you?
Our gods will not abandon us!
Emperor, at this rate, our
army will be annihilated.
No, they will hold their ground.
Hold your ground!
Hold your ground!
Kill them!
Enemies from the rear!
It's a trap!
Taizong hid his men!
Full assault!
Drag him down!
Do not disperse!
Maintain formation!
You okay?
We'll be wiped out, we must retreat!
This is exactly what Holy
King Jumong showed me
Samul! Samul!
The retreat flag is raised,
we have to leave at once!
No, please!
It's okay, you'll be fine...
The majority of our 150,000
men died during battle,
and less than 10,000 have survived.
Almost there, just hold on.
General Yeon...
Drop him.
It's okay, I'll carry him back.
He's dead.
Who is this woman?
She is the Goguryeo medium we captured.
She is said to see the visions of the gods.
Don't touch!
This is Goguryeo's holy relic!
These were used by Jumong,
the founder of Goguryeo Kingdom.
She brought these to the
battle as a symbol of victory.
It's made of obsidian.
Lighter than iron, these will fly far.
Your Majesty, it is said that
no one can wield this bow.
Anymore roadblocks to the capital?
Just Ansi Fortress, Emperor.
Ansi Fortress?
We may be able to seize
it without bloodshed.
How so?
There's a rumor that Yeon despises
the Ansi Commander, Yang.
When General Yeon overthrew the king
and called for all the commanders,
he did not respond.
He dares to defy General Yeon?
According to a captured
Goguryeo officer,
this woman has special ties to Yang.
Before she became a medium,
they were engaged.
Is that so?
It's a good sign!
Nothing will stop us now!
Take over Ansi Fortress
and march to the capital!
Yes, Emperor!
Have you met Yang Manchun?
We're both from Ansi,
but when I was a child, he was
already fighting in wars,
and when he came back,
I was in the capital, so
we've never crossed paths.
Even so,
you know him by reputation, don't you?
He was once known as a warrior
who won many battles.
But he's now called a traitor.
So many of my men died
on the battlefield.
And where was Yang?
As if defying me wasn't enough,
he cowered away from this battle.
What say you?
It is unforgivable!
I called you here for this reason.
Despite your origin in Ansi,
I made you the head of the cadet unit,
because you're loyal,
unlike Yang Manchun.
Absolutely, General!
Samul, go to Ansi.
You mean...
Penetrate Ansi Fortress and kill Yang.
But the Tang army is headed for Ansi.
Ansi Fortress is no match
for the Tang army.
Larger fortresses have
already fallen to Taizong.
We will abandon Ansi.
But the Ansi people...
As long as they follow Yang,
they are also traitors.
We'll reach the capital.
I'll gather my remaining men
and face the Tang army there.
Kill traitor Yang and
rejoin us in the capital.
Can you do it?
I swear on my life
to accomplish your mission.
Who are you?
Sheath your sword,
we're Goguryeo soldiers.
So you're going to Ansi?
Let us come with you.
The Tang army is headed that way.
Even if we run and stay alive,
we'll be labeled cowards.
We'll fight again, please take us.
Easy, easy.
That's the Ansi Fortress.
We'll get there around the hill.
- Pull harder.
- I am.
Hey there!
Over here!
Give us a hand!
Oh jeez...
Come on, buddy.
Put your back into it!
Can't you see that I am?
Just gonna stand there?
That did it.
Thank you.
Are you from Ansi?
I'd like to greet the commander.
Will you guide us to him?
No need for that.
I am the commander.
I'm Yang Manchun.
Why are you so surprised?
Is it because the commander
is standing before you,
or because you're spies?
Check their horses.
Something's fishy.
In the time of war, our soldiers
put baked beans under the saddle,
as emergency ration.
But these are completely empty.
I heard Taizong dispatched spies
who can speak our tongue.
They must be it.
Chu! Take one alive...
Forget it.
Got one alive.
I'm not a spy!
I'm the eldest son of the Eulbul clan.
I joined the war as a cadet
and was pursued by the enemy.
Eulbul clan?
Didn't that clan perish
not too long ago?
No, there are people who know my family.
He may not be a Tang agent,
but something's off.
Should I kill him?
Let's bring him back.
We can investigate him.
If something happens,
it ain't my fault.
He's still a kid.
Way too big for a kid...
It's Commander Yang!
Open the gate!
Commander, my brother
finally mounted a horse.
You'll join our cavalry
unit in no time.
Yeah? I really can?
Just keep at it,
I'll talk to the captain
and leave a spot for you.
Why are you always
roaming around?
I've looked everywhere...
We found her during our patrol,
she was safe and sound.
Thank you, Commander. Let's go.
Lock him up.
I'll interrogate him myself.
Yes, sir! Let's go.
Commander! Commander!
You're needed at the market.
What is it?
The two lieutenants...
They're at it again?
Enough already!
Break it off!
You swordsmen are
worthless weaklings!
Useless idiots!
This bastard's head is made of rock!
Doesn't hurt at all, asshole!
Come back here!
Just gonna watch?
They're too worked up
to be talked down.
- Let go of me.
- No way in hell.
Close order formation!
Close order formation!
What was this about?
We... Uh...
Did you forget why you fought?
- Why were we fighting again?
- The food, sir.
Hwalbo and his men
cut the meal line to
eat before others,
and when I objected,
they took their shirts off
and began throwing punches.
What a load of shit.
We're on a tight schedule,
fortifying the walls,
did that bother you so much,
you heartless bastard?
When your men start eating,
you leave nothing for others.
You guys are more like hogs.
I should smack some sense into you!
Stop it!
Yes, sir.
When you get angry, count to 10.
Count to 10!
Yes, sir.
always stay 5 paces away from Poong.
Yes, sir.
Ask the ladies to cook again,
and distribute meals fairly.
Hwalbo's men, finish
fortifying the walls!
Still a cadet?
Vicious rumors are rampant
in the academy, how is it?
I don't know what you mean.
I'm asking if you were harassed
for being an Ansi man.
Why would you think that?
Yeon's men call me a traitor.
You have a bright future and
yet instead of the capital,
you're back here in a
traitor's fortress.
I was pursued here by the enemy,
but whether I like it or
not, Ansi is my home.
With the Tang army on the
way, I can't sit back.
I want to share the fate with Ansi.
Share the fate? No matter what?
That's right.
You're home!
He's the last remaining
member of the Eulbul clan.
They're like brothers with my clan,
but everyone died in battle,
and only he and I remain.
These men are my brothers-in-arms.
This is my right hand
man, Chu, you met him.
Chu, go on.
Treat him with respect.
You said he's still a kid.
He's still an officer,
he'll lead you in time.
I'm Chu, pardon me for earlier.
I'm Poong, I lead the swordsmen.
I'm axe unit's Hwalbo.
I demolish my enemies in half.
Everything gets
demolished in his mouth.
I've had it with you.
Another smack in the head
will set you straight.
I ordered you to stay
5 paces away.
Yes, sir.
Samul, do you really wish
to share the fate with Ansi?
Yes, Commander.
Then grab my flag and stand by my side.
The flag, sir?
Fight alongside with us
as a citizen of Ansi.
The flag notifies my position
during battle at all times.
Samul, thank him at once!
Thank you, Commander.
Commander! Please, this way, sir.
What is all this? You brought
us precious alcohol.
Even meat.
I don't know how to thank you
for coming to our shabby home.
A baby was born in Ansi,
how could I not come?
Have you given him a name yet?
What? Nothing yet?
We have a name.
I tried to change his mind,
but he said it had to be
the one he chose.
Alright, what's the name?
It's Neut-bom.
Will you allow us to use that name?
In Chinese characters,
- that's my name, no?
- Yes, sir.
One, two!
One, two!
One, two!
What are you looking at?
What kind of a man is the commander?
Commander Yang?
What does he mean to the Ansi people?
Enough! Stop!
We all think of him as
Ansi Fortress itself.
Ansi without him isn't Ansi.
Good, you're up.
Why isn't Paso around?
He must still be sleeping after
returning from late patrol.
Damn it.
Morning, sir.
Looking for something?
Come out.
There's no one...
- How did Beckha get here...?
- Brother...
Commander, what are you...
Wait, please! Stop!
Please! Wait a minute!
He really shot me!
Sir, please calm down!
It's me the cavalry unit captain,
will you really kill me?
You think I can't?
Come on!
Chu, please calm him down.
He doesn't listen to me lately.
- Jeez...
- Chu, help!
Don't even lay a finger on him.
Move aside, I'll just
put some arrows in him.
Shoot me first, I came to him.
I told you to wait
until end of the war.
What if one of you dies?
What will you do then?
That's for us to worry about.
Good job, Beckha.
So you're Samul?
I'm also from the academy.
I don't see any other men.
It's a recon unit.
They came to scout the fortress.
If they're here, Taizong isn't too far.
He arrived quicker than I thought.
He's in a rush to take the capital.
Get ready!
The Tang Emperor will arrive soon!
Yes, sir!
- Stand closer!
- Yes, sir!
Don't let anyone crawl up these walls!
- Got that?!
- Yes, sir!
- Kill them at once!
- Yes, sir!
Samul, show me your dagger.
It's a good one.
Trim my beard with it.
A man's beard must be
trimmed before the war.
Go on, trim it.
Now is not the time.
You'll have plenty of chances.
But not right now.
We're ready, Commander.
He's holding a dagger, are you okay?
It's fine.
Didn't I tell you he felt fishy?
Yeon sent him, right?
He must be eliminated.
What if he backstabs us during battle?
He's still an Ansi man.
We'll find out soon.
I'll kill him at the first sight
of something weird.
Main army?
I believe so.
Take the flag!
Yes, sir.
They sure brought a big army
to a small fortress.
How many men do you think that is?
You were briefed, it's
200,000, get with it.
We got 5,000 men,
it'll be a lopsided battle.
I anticipated this, but
to see it first hand,
it's overwhelming.
Will you really fight?
When people heard about the
Tang army heading here,
they all asked me,
"What will you do?"
I told them I'd fight.
What can I do?
I never learned to retreat.
I never learned to kneel!
And I never learned to surrender!
I learned
that you must fight when you have to!
When someone attempts to
destroy something you cherish,
you must risk your life!
Now is that moment!
Look behind you!
The people of Ansi!
They are the ones we cherish!
Let's fight to protect them!
To battle!
To battle!
To battle!
To battle!
Is he the commander of Ansi Fortress?
Yes, Your Majesty.
He has heart.
But it's futile.
Indeed, Your Majesty.
No fortress has stood still
once you laid your eyes on it.
I grant pillaging of Ansi Fortress!
Everything inside is yours to take!
Take their properties!
Make their children your slaves!
And rape every woman in sight!
Siege the fortress!
This is insanity...
Fire at will!
Quite intense.
Take cover!
The rock's huge!
It's so big!
That'll kill you!
Get down!
Look out!
Very good!
Why won't the walls fall?
The walls seem to be filled with dirt.
Structural integrity remains because of it.
Then climb the walls.
Battle station!
- Fire!
- Fire!
Shields up!
Archers! Fire!
Kill anyone who retreats!
Go! Climb the walls!
Climb the walls!
Keep going!
Repel them!
Don't stop!
Deploy Wolf Teeth Striker!
And Malevolent Wood!
Wolf Teeth Striker!
Malevolent Wood!
Paso, shouldn't we help them?
We wait for the commander's order.
Lady Beckha, what do we do?
Don't worry, trust the commander.
Maintain your position!
It went in too deep.
I came within 5 paces.
That idiot's too barbaric.
Break down the gate!
Asanasi, take the left flank!
Kill them all!
Forward! Kill them!
Keep going!
Royal guards take the right flank!
Pull the rope!
- Beckha!
- Beckha!
Let's go!
- Paso!
- Paso!
Your majesty, the gate will fall soon!
Kill them all!
We have been breached.
They won't get inside.
Close order formation!
Close order formation!
Close order formation!
Close order formation!
Close order formation!
Ballista! Deploy!
Order our retreat.
Get some rest.
You must be tired too.
You knew I'd harm you,
why did you let me be?
What's the point of killing you?
He'll send another.
Some battle scars, but
many are from his spies.
Do you really think you'll win?
Tang's assault won't end here.
They'll attack with even more might,
will you continue to fight?
Do you only fight winnable battles?
Eat plenty and regain your strength.
Eat slowly, you barbarian.
Stay back, asshole.
Look at that!
What the hell is that?
Eat up. You'll need the strength.
Did you eat?
You traitor! Are you going to defy me?!
They continue to hide behind smoke.
What are they planning?
Why did you defy General Yeon?
He killed our king.
The king was under Taizong's influence
and released Tang prisoners.
Taizong was able to invade
thanks to those men.
That's why Yeon killed the king!
It also gave Taizong
a reason to go to war.
This war should not have happened.
But it did.
And you...
you refused Yeon's order
to send reinforcement,
and let our men die on the battlefield.
You saw what happened
on that field.
Fighting the Tang army
in an open field is suicide.
Had I sent reinforcement,
they'd all have perished!
And this fortress would
have been in ashes.
You sound like a coward
who hid from a battle!
Yang Manchun, you traitor,
Ansi and you will fall.
Tell me you'll obey General Yeon!
Answer me, now!
Following someone's
order isn't important.
As the commander,
I must protect this fortress.
What the hell?
How dare you?!
I won't let this slide!
Taizong comes first.
Hurry, put it out!
Keep advancing!
Did the God of Goguryeo show you that?
Look closely.
Yang and Ansi will fall tonight.
Do not fall back!
Push them back! Fight!
The siege towers...
We're finished at this rate.
We must destroy those towers!
- Gather oil pouches!
- Yes, sir!
Ready the oil pouches!
Oil pouches are ready, sir!
- Commander!
- How are you feeling, brother?
The Commander is awake!
How long was I out?
4 days, sir.
The Tang army?
Taizong retreated to the rear.
He won't attack recklessly.
So you saved me.
Yes, sir.
You could've died
if it wasn't for Samul.
I've conquered this vast land,
thousands of kilometres
in all directions,
but why I can't destroy a tiny fortress?
I'll make sure they don't
look down on my army.
Your Majesty, what will you do?
Bring me the Goguryeo medium.
No! You cannot do this!
You've foreseen Ansi's doom!
Who's there? Stop at once!
It's Holy King Jumong's bow.
How did you get here?
Emperor Taizong sent me.
He's giving you an option
before his final move.
Final move?
He'll build a dirt mound
higher than Ansi and attack.
A dirt mound?
He said you won't be
able to defend his attack.
Hurry up! Keep shoveling!
They really are building a mountain.
Crazy bastards, that's no joke.
What do we do now?
They will go all out.
This battle brought us together again.
I came here to save you.
Taizong made me see
the vision of Ansi's future.
Ansi will ultimately fall.
His men will attack from a higher
ground with arrows like rain,
and bodies of your men
will create a new mountain.
I've heard enough.
You must surrender.
The emperor promised me,
if you surrender, he'll
offer you anything.
Once the dirt mound
is complete, it's all over.
What I want is...
to defend Ansi just
as we have thus far.
Status report.
The progress is faster than anticipated.
We're projected to finish in 2 months.
Complete it before the winter arrives.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Move faster! Hurry!
We must request reinforcement
from the capital.
Reinforcement? Yeon
thinks we're traitors.
He won't send any.
Just saying you're from Ansi
will get your throat cut.
We're left without options.
If you allow me, I shall go, Commander.
I feel you, but Yeon has
never changed his mind.
There is one last option.
Strike Taizong directly.
We can strike while they're
focused on the construction.
Their security is shabby at best.
His golden tent is
distinguishable even at night.
Who'd do that?
The fastest unit here, my cavalry.
I can't send you to a death trap.
Sir, I've consulted my
men for a long time.
I'll get this done.
When the mound is done, so are we.
You also know that this
is the last option.
Give me the order.
Walking into Tang's HQ is suicide!
Whether he succeeds or
not, he won't return.
I know that. I don't want this either.
But I can't deny that
this is the only way.
Were you going to leave
without saying goodbye?
I will return.
Promise me that you will.
Yes, I'll be back
before sunrise, Beckha.
I won't go to sleep until you do so.
Who's there?
We're surrounded...
It's a trap, the ambush was detected.
We have a mole.
Take cover!
Did we fail?
Commander, it's Paso!
Paso! Paso!
It was... a trap...
Mole, there's a mole...
Paso! Snap out of it! Stay awake!
Listen to me!
Please... tell Beckha...
Tell her... not to wait up...
Paso! No!
Holy medium...
Paso's soul must still be nearby.
Please, please make his
soul return to his body!
Please save Paso...
I can't save him...
Because I'm the one
who led to his death!
I alerted them.
I sent them a message on
an arrow about the ambush!
But why?
I'm sorry, Beckha...
I just wanted to save this fortress...
We won't even get a chance
to surrender later.
Paso, sweetheart...
Sir, the medium killed Paso.
We cannot forgive her.
We have to kill her.
Did you really do this?
Our gods have abandoned
us, they cannot save us.
Come with me to the emperor.
Then we can all live!
Stop it.
Defeat is inevitable,
that's the god's will!
If you can deny me, kill me now.
Please, do not lead us to our deaths!
Ansi will not fall.
Have you truly forsaken us?
We have a situation!
It's Lady Beckha, she's
headed for Taizong!
Stop her!
Take her down!
Stop her!
Just one girl?
Is it bravery or stupidity?
Protect the emperor!
Return her body.
Do not bury them like the others,
float them down the river.
They'll meet again in the west sea.
He's a Goguryeo soldier! Seize him!
Get him!
The fortress will be
under my feet soon.
What's the progress on
the dirt mound?
It'll be completed in
about 10 days or so.
I saw my dead men in my dream.
Paso and Beckha were there as well.
And Samul, too...
Could he be dead?
Do not think of the dead and
look at those who are alive!
They're all depending on you!
They got here by trusting you!
You cannot show them your weak side.
The Capital
Send reinforcement to Ansi?
Yes, General.
Ansi commander and his men
are fighting with their lives.
They have fought valiantly!
But once the mound is complete,
Ansi will be in danger.
Reinforce the traitor?
Maybe this is for the better.
He'll vanish with the mound.
He's not a traitor!
Then what is he?
I asked you a question.
He's just another Goguryeo man.
You call the traitor a Goguryeo man?
Will you also defy me?
Of course not, I simply...
I didn't send you to Ansi
to hear these words!
He may not follow your orders,
but he's risking his life
to fight the Tang army.
Why do you think he fights?
Because he is a citizen
of this country!
Despite being labeled a traitor,
people of Ansi fight with him.
They fight because they
all belong to Goguryeo!
How could you shun them?!
Please help Ansi.
Please save them...
They are all Goguryeo people!
You put the dirt under
the sand, like this.
If you put your hand like
this, it makes a tunnel.
Oh no, it collapsed.
Topple the mound?
The soil in this area
has a lot of pebbles.
It doesn't mix well with other types,
and is susceptible to shock.
So if we dig under the
mound, it can be toppled?
Right, since it's incredibly heavy,
it'll fall easily if we build a cave,
and knock over all columns at once.
But digging a cave won't be easy.
Can you do it in time?
Ansi region has a lot of iron.
That's why there are
so many miners here.
There's another problem.
The mound's steep side
is pointing at us,
so it'll tip over towards us,
which will make them easier
to breach our walls.
We must take over
the mound at the right time.
I trust you, Woo-dae.
It will be done.
Keep it up! We're almost done!
Come on! Hurry!
What a magnificent view.
Prepare a feast for our men.
Ansi will fall by tomorrow!
Yes, Your Majesty!
- How it goes?
- Well...
We're almost done.
Can we really topple it?
We have to leave the rest to god.
You heard that crazy woman.
Our gods have abandoned us, you idiot.
Don't jinx it, asshole.
No matter what happens
tomorrow, don't die before me.
If you plan on dying, count
to 10 before you do.
You fool...
Even if you reach the afterlife,
arrive 5 paces after me, asshole.
It'll fill up with water
before we can knock it down.
Burn the columns!
- Apply plenty of oil!
- Yes, sir!
Commander! Commander!
The columns are too wet to be burned.
What do we do now?
We can chop them down with our axes.
But you won't be able to escape.
If the mound is not toppled,
we're all dead anyway.
We dug it up, we'll finish it.
Woo-dae, step aside.
Chopping is my specialty,
my men and I will do it.
You all have to fight the Tang army.
This is our work.
So we'll take...
Mother! Why are you here?
Mother, don't ever take the cart
outside the fortress alone, okay?
And don't skip your meals.
Please take care of my mother.
And defend this fortress at all costs.
Let's go!
Lower the bridge.
Lower the bridge!
We have to hurry.
They'll be here soon.
Let's move.
Almost there! Chop harder!
Good work everyone...
The mound is falling!
Look out!
It's falling!
Fall back!
Fall back!
The dirt mound...
What is happening?
Now! Take over the mound!
Let's go!
We lost the dirt mound.
Defense formation.
Yes, sir!
Defense formation!
Yes, Your Majesty.
What were you doing while
they took the mound?
Your Majesty...
Emperor, we must turn
the army around.
It's been 3 months since
we arrived in Goguryeo.
If their reinforcement arrives from the
capital, we'll be left with little options.
I will not turn back like this.
Even if I can't have Goguryeo,
I want Yang's head on a plate!
Take back the mound.
I will not stop until it's ours again!
Continue to assault nonstop.
This is our final moment.
Everything will be decided here.
Ansi's fate depends on
how we hold our ground.
Give all you've got for Ansi.
Assault! Go!
Take over the mound!
Light it!
Keep attacking!
Don't stop! Roll!
Continue advancing!
We're almost out of arrows!
Keep going! Continue attacking!
- Soldier, bring me the holy bow.
- The bow?
Go to my barrack, you'll see a large bow.
Yes, Commander!
No more arrows?
Your Majesty.
They've stopped attacking
with wheels and arrows!
Good, they've run out of ammo!
Royal guards, get to the frontline!
There's no way to defend it.
We've done all we can.
- Commander.
- Sir.
I've brought the holy bow.
What will you do with it?
I'll get the emperor.
But he's out of range.
This is a long-range bow.
But no one can wield this bow.
Only Holy King Jumong
was able to use it.
If he hasn't forsaken us,
Jumong will pull the bow with me.
Protect our Commander,
fight till the end!
We will never surrender.
He's right, it's not
over until it's over.
Go! Attack!
Take back the mound!
Gods of Goguryeo, help us.
With your help,
we will end this war...
Fly this arrow...
Your Majesty!
It's the Goguryeo army!
Their reinforcement!
Your Majesty!
Fall back...
I've... I've lost...
Our reinforcement is here!
It's Samul!
3 years after returning home,
Emperor Taizong succumbed
to his battle wounds and died.
He told others to never
invade Goguryeo again.
Going back to the capital?
I haven't finished my training.
Thank you.
For protecting Ansi.
And for protecting this country.
We did it together.
Come back any time.
The flag will still be here.
ZO In-sung