The Great Escaper (2023) Movie Script

(waves crashing)
(cyclist) Two cappuccinos,
two bacon sarnies, Mick.
Keep the change.
Funny, eh? Don't think I've ever
seen you with cash in your hand.
-There he is!
-Oi, oi!
What time do you call this?
What are you boys orderin'? Whoa!
-(loud dance music playing)
-Three. Three of everything, Mick!
You didn't wait for me
coming up the dyke, did ya?
Cheers, mate.
(cyclists chatting indistinctly)
Cup of tea and four sugars, please.
You've gained a bit of weight, Harold?
-(Harold scoffs)
-(Bernie chuckles)
All right, dear?
How you doin'?
There you are.
Where did you think I'd be?
I hadn't seen you for days.
(Edith) What?
I thought you were dead.
Morning, Bernie. Nice walk?
(Bernie panting)
(singing) Hey, did you happen to see...
(Rene) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold your horses.
-What's wrong?
Only I haven't got my face on.
-I've seen it without.
It's not happening again.
(Bernie) He's only gone
and gotten a big bar.
-(Rene) Ooh.
-(Bernie) He had a load of new gear in.
Black Forest gteau, he's got.
We can't have that,
of course, because it's German.
Oh, Bernie!
Well, if you wanna flog chocolate bars,
don't start a bloody world war.
Okay, it's safe. You can come in.
(water boiling)
(kettle clicks)
Right. Soon as we've had some grub,
I'll take you for a spin along the front.
When we get back,
we'll play a bit of whist,
and I think they've got
a male stripper for you.
I made that last bit up.
You all right?
No, I'm not.
I'm bloomin' old.
-Here you go.
-Oh! Thank you.
Bernie, what's that?
(Bernie) Oh, you've seen it?
It's Torremolinos.
Well, I know that.
What's it doing there?
It was a happy holiday.
Do you remember the donkey?
His name was Pedro.
And he took a real shine to you.
His name was Manuel, the donkey.
Pedro was the owner.
And he it was who took a shine to me.
(knocking on door)
Come in, unless you're bailiffs.
Did they put something in your tea
in that caff this morning?
(door opening)
Hey, Rene. How you doin'?
Oh, very well, thank you, Judith.
Well, it's good timing.
I've just made some tea. You want a cup?
Oh, I'd love one, Bernie,
but we got an inspection.
You can't say I didn't make you an offer.
(Judith chuckles)
Now, what can we do you for?
I rang them straightaway.
I'm really sorry, Bernie.
We left it too late.
Left what? What are you on about?
The trip to the beaches. D-Day.
(Bernie) Well, I...
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
I should've got more organized.
They do a very good show here.
I'll go there instead, eh?
Thank you for tryin'.
-(Rene) Yes, thank you, Judith.
-No probs.
-(Rene) Bye.
-See you later.
(door closing)
Then beach, eh?
We're lucky to get a sunny day.
(Bernie and Rene
continue chatting indistinctly)
(door opening)
-Hello, love.
-You all right?
I... I didn't disturb you, did I?
Oh, no, no.
-I was awake.
Takin' me pills.
Oh, now what are you
grabbing out of there?
No, I... I'm putting it back.
I'll do the rest in the morning.
Can't seem to, uh... settle.
I should have had a run.
Just go.
To France?
Why not?
Well, you can't.
They make it up into one big trip.
That's the way they set it all up.
You can't do it on your own.
But you would.
I couldn't leave all on your own.
But I'm not on my own.
-I've got nurses around me all day--
-That... that's not the point.
Your health has not been great lately.
And now is no time for me to go
charging off for an adventure.
Unless you have to.
(nurse) That's okay.
(chatting indistinctly)
-(Adele) Thank you.
Early walk this morning?
See you later.
Yeah. See ya later. Mmm...
(vehicle approaching)
(alarm beeping)
Shut up.
(switches alarm off)
(man on PA) This is the final call
for the 8:15 sailing to Ouistreham.
All passengers, please,
the 8:15. This is your final call.
(PA chimes)
(man on PA) P&O Ferries
would like to extend a warm welcome
to all veterans
and their families traveling to--
Are you lost, sir? Would you like a ride?
Oh, don't mind if I do.
I'm a veteran myself, actually,
helping out for the weekend.
-Keeps me out of mischief.
-(Bernie chuckles) Yeah.
So it is all right
if I have a little look at your ticket?
Here you are.
So, wait,
so you're standing the whole way?
-You don't have a seat?
I couldn't get a seat.
Well, in that case, I suggest
you get hammered at the bar.
(both chuckle)
(Bernie) That's a good idea.
-(Scott) Yeah, get legless, like me!
-(Bernie) Oh?
Yeah, I trod on a mine
in Helmand five years ago.
-What? You trod on a mine?
-I've only had the new peg six months.
-Who were you with, by the way?
Royal Navy. Leading Seaman.
-Sparks. Bernard Jordan.
-(Martin) Jam?
Do you fancy a bit of jam?
Ooh, yes, please!
How are you gettin' on?
With both of you being in here?
-You got enough space?
-(Rene) Well, I have.
But then, I'm tidy.
Just look at the mess
he's left down there.
Oh, thank you.
I still think he shouldn't have done it.
I have to be here because of the nursing,
but... he could've stayed
in the house for a little bit longer.
He misses ya!
-Well, he told me.
Where is he, anyway?
(chuckles) He's out.
Ooh, my! How delicious. Mmm.
Okay, that's you done.
-You've got your dosette box for later.
I... am out of here.
(Rene) Okey-dokey.
-(Martin) See you later, Rene.
-Bye for now.
(door closing)
-You all right there?
This way. Yes, thank you.
(female group singing 1940s songs)
The ceremony is tomorrow and...
(singing) We're gonna hang out
The washing on the Siegfried Line
If the Siegfried Line's still there
Mother dear, I'm writing you
From somewhere in France
Hoping this finds you well
Sergeant says I'm doing fine
A soldier and a half
Here's a song that we'll all sing
It'll make laugh
Pa-ra-ra, pa-ra-ra
Pa-ra-ra, pa-pa, pa-pa
We're gonna hang out
The washing on the Siegfried Line
Have you any dirty washing
Mother dear?
(host) As we've nothing more to say,
let's have one more round of applause
for Lizzy Lou, Annie Daisy
and Lady Jane, The Candy Girls.
(man screaming)
You all right?
I... I'm sorry, I didn't mean...
Man should be able to do...
Well, certain things in... in peace.
I... I was worried.
You... you seemed in a spot of bother.
No, no, I'm... I'm okay.
I ain't got me sea legs yet.
And I'm ex-Navy!
Sure. Arthur. Arthur Howard-Johnson.
It's a bit of a mouthful, I know.
Bernie. Bernie Jordan. Pleased to meet ya.
Would you like another?
I was just going to the bar.
Unless you want to get out
onto the deck, do you? With the rest?
Uh... no, no. No, thanks.
But okay.
(both chuckle)
Not you... Definitely not you.
(chuckles) Fifi.
Oh, my word. Look at you!
Hang on.
Fifi, you've help me find it.
Oh, you are a wonder and a wiz.
Here we go.
(swing music playing)
(swing music continues)
Oh! Oh!
Come on! On the double!
It's like a graveyard in here, Mr. Slow.
Too slow? Too slow? You cheeky bugger!
Come on, boys!
Come on!
(song ends)
-I wanna take you somewhere.
-Oh, yeah?
I mean, only if you wanna.
-It was just this place--
-You know, uh...
I'd go anywhere with you.
Anywhere at all.
(slower music playing)
(knocking on door)
(music continues playing)
(knocking continues)
Hold on.
(turns music off)
Come in.
Bloody hell. You been burgled?
All this stuff everywhere,
which is a trip hazard, actually.
You should really clear that all away.
Somebody got out of bed
on the wrong side this morning.
If she was in bed at all. (chuckling)
You've got very dark circles
under your eyes.
(sighs) Tea downstairs
tonight, or up here?
-Up here.
-Same for Bernie?
Well, now... Mmm, I don't know
because he's not back yet.
Well, tell him to ring down,
will ya? Once he's decided.
Will do, will do.
Well, then, Rene,
I've got to get round to the rest.
(Rene groaning)
-You all right, Rene?
Oh, it's... nothing. Just a twinge. Oof!
Sit down, you shouldn't be standin'.
I'm all right.
I've got pills and more pills.
The doctor, he...
He's on his rounds. I... I'll go get him.
Adele, you're panicking!
Thank you.
So, who have you come with,
Bernie? An association or...
No, no. I'm on me own.
It was, uh... a bit late.
I told you I was Navy.
You never said a word.
Oh, RAF. Bomber Command.
I was in Halifax,
towing the gliders over, poor buggers.
And then straight back
to the day job of bombing Caen.
I came across four times
in the end, and flattened it.
I could never have gone that high.
I get giddy in the top of a bus.
Well, up there was a damn sight
safer than down where you were.
What about afterwards?
What did you do then?
I was a schoolmaster at one
of England's finest public schools.
-Can you believe?
-Oh, I can believe you.
With your accent, you could cut glass.
How many times have you been to France?
No, this is... this is
my first go, as a matter of fact.
Actually, if you'll excuse me?
I think I need to indulge
in another of the indignities of old age.
(both chuckle)
(doctor) It's fine.
It's angina.
-(Rene) Oh.
-We know you get that.
The pain's all gone. I feel like a fraud.
Rene, I'm gonna prescribe you
some glycerin pills.
If you get any more discomfort,
slip one under your tongue
and let it dissolve, okay?
If you're worried, get someone to call me.
You mustn't overdo it, Rene.
With respect, Doctor,
a couple of weeks ago
you were telling me
to make the most of my time.
That was you, wasn't it?
-Of course.
I understand.
Thank you.
I tried the caf on the front,
the... the shop on Lansdowne.
The Red Lion. Nobody's seen him.
So where is he?
He's almost 90. He can't have gone far.
-You talkin' about Bernie?
He's gonna wanna be with her
if she's not feeling well.
But he's disappeared
off the face of the Earth.
He's in Brighton.
-That's where he was headed.
Out of Hove and... when I bumped into him.
You bumped into him?
-At what time?
Quarter to 6:00, about.
Quarter to 6:00? And you didn't
think to say anything until now?
I didn't know you was lookin'
for him until now, did I?
Oh! How is she doing, Doctor?
Is everything okay?
Yeah. She's resting.
And she ought to take it easy
for the next couple of days.
-(swing music resumes)
-(both scoff)
-Keep an eye on that, will you?
Good. In which case
I better get back to the others.
Martin... Bernie, no mention, okay?
The last thing Rene needs now
is any extra stress.
Oh, and you, come with me.
-Where we goin'?
-To follow protocol.
(Adele sighs)
(Judith) Come on.
(indistinct shouting)
(commander) Jordan!
(PA chimes)
(man on PA speaking French)
(ferry horn blasts)
We've reached Calais.
(speaking French)
(in English) I'm joking, I'm joking.
Come on.
We'll fight 'em on the beaches.
There you are!
-Oh, sorry, Arthur--
-No, no, it's fine. Honestly.
I've just been hanging onto this.
It's all your worldly.
Listen, do you have
anywhere to stay over here?
-No, no, it's fine. Honestly.
That's why I'm asking.
You could tag along with us.
That's my lot over there.
It would be no bother at all.
That's very kind of you, but cash-wise--
We've got loads of room on the coach
and I'm on a twin that's already paid for,
so you wouldn't have to spend a penny.
And any case, I think
I wouldn't mind a bit of company, Bernie,
if I'm... if I'm honest.
If... if that's all right with you?
Thank you very much.
Come on, let's get out of here.
I'm sure he's okay. It's just after
nine hours, we have to... You know.
No, no, no. You done the right thing.
I'll... I'll get these details circulated
and... we'll issue a tweet as well.
They can... they can be very effective.
We've got the photo, that's the key thing.
I'll get this out to the patrols.
Perhaps I'll give the hospital a call?
You know, just so they're in the loop.
You know, just in case.
-(Adele gasps)
Where were ya?
Under the bed looking
for something and I found it. Pressing.
It's a flowerhead, I've pressed it.
You're supposed to be
taking it easy, not rummaging around.
Give over, I'm fine.
I'm just tryin' to keep
my eye on the ball at all times.
Very good.
Very, very good.
-In any case, I bought you something.
Fish and chips.
Oh, Adele!
(chuckles) That's so lovely.
Where's Bernie's?
Will Martin bring his up later?
Oh, your face, lovely. Your face!
I'm pulling your leg.
Bernie! Oh...
He's gone AWOL.
Well, everybody knows,
but nobody's talking about it,
'cause they're afraid
it will finish me off.
I haven't said anything about it either
because I want to make sure
he has enough time to get there.
To get where? Where is he?
He's in France.
Well, what the bloody hell
is he doing there?
He is attending the D-Day commemorations.
But that was full,
there was no room on the trip.
Ah, but he made his own way.
-At 90?
All the way across the Channel?
Well, he has done it before.
Only then, of course,
they were shooting at him.
I do not believe this.
I've been feeling so guilty
that I didn't check in the morning that...
I even bought you a large fish, Rene.
That's how bad I was feeling.
(walkie-talkie beeps)
Yeah, go ahead, Vicky.
He's okay, he's safe.
The station's just been on,
he's in France.
He's in France.
He's a D-Day veteran, apparently.
Couldn't get himself on the trip, so he
just legged it over there on his own.
Except he never bothered telling anyone.
Good lad.
Life in the old dog yet, eh?
Oh, Sarge wants me to tweet
a stand down. What shall I put?
Well, that. He's a war hero,
wanted to do the right thing,
only he couldn't,
so he did a runner instead
from his old folks' home.
Hashtag, "The Great Escaper."
(war time song playing)
(Arthur humming)
That's me done.
There's an organized trip
going off from here
to a, uh, museum
or some exhibition, if you fancy that.
No, I'm taking a walk on the beach.
-To Sword, right?
I'll let you know.
(Arthur) Great. See you later, then.
I'll see you then.
(man screaming)
(airplane engine whirring)
Hey, mate, we can't land in this, can we?
What the bloody hell
are you asking me for, huh?
Well, 'cause you've
been here before, ain't ya?
(commander) Move it! Move, move!
You know, with the first lot.
How's it gone?
Piece of piss.
-We went off like clockwork.
-(commander) Incoming!
-They do plan these things, you know?
Move, move!
(commander) Move it!
(woman) Monsieur.
Uh? What?
Merci, Monsieur. Merci.
All right. Merci.
(Arthur) Bernie! Bernie!
Over here!
Come on in.
-a va bien, Monsieur?
So how did you get on? Okay?
Of course.
Well, you're here now.
Have a drink.
Oh, uh... our American friend,
Marshall... rather fitting,
has kindly offered to provide the whole
table with wine for the entire evening.
I'm very tired.
Well, stay. It'll do you good, old man.
Gentlemen, this is my friend Bernie.
-Royal Navy.
-(others cheer)
The world is always more palatable
when seen through a glass, Bernie.
The point is that in the end
everything turned out for the best.
Oh, yeah. Once someone's
tracked Bernie down in France
and made sure he's all right.
(Rene) Bernie is a very resourceful man.
Oh, and by the way, Adele,
that fish was lovely.
Bernie will be very upset
not to have had it.
Mind you, I can just picture him now
tucking into a plate full of snails.
Eh, Judith?
-(door closing)
-What a wind up, you are.
-(Rene) Oh, come on.
She's much too serious.
She needs to relax,
otherwise she'll make herself poorly.
Let's get you changed.
I've got your bed ready.
Mmm... What's that on your arms?
Don't you like 'em?
Well, if you're going to work
in a fair ground, yes.
But what does your mother think
about them? What does she say?
I don't think she's even noticed.
So Richard said,
"I'm terribly sorry, Vicar,
you're referring
to the airplane, that Fokker."
(all laugh)
I thought he meant
something else entirely.
Here, have another olive.
It will soak up the booze.
Nine o'clock!
Who goes to bed at nine o'clock?
Only the randy and the infirm, that's who.
Your lot didn't invent it, you know.
Ooh... Ow!
-What are you doing?
-Oh, my knee exercises.
Bernie helps me with them,
but of course... he's not here.
Do you want me to have a go?
Oh, Adele, would you?
That would be wonderful.
Just pull the knee up a bit...
and then pull it down.
-Like this?
-Oh, perfect.
In the war, if I was going to a dance,
I'd shave me legs,
and then I'd get a load
of damp tea leaves,
wrap them in muslin,
and then dab all that over the legs.
Gave them extra color.
Like a self-tan.
Only you had to be careful
because if you got hot
and started sweating,
then you'd find yourself
jiving in a pool of PG Tips.
(both chuckle)
Oh, thank you. That's enough.
Oh, Adele, Adele, Adele.
You are a really good girl.
Well, I'm just glad
the day's ended like it has.
Everything all right, like you said.
Yeah. Thank you.
Right, well... See you tomorrow.
Listen, when you go home,
get a teaspoon, put it in the ice box,
then use it to press out
those bags under your eyes.
They'll disappear, and nobody will ever
know you've been on the lash all night.
-What a load of...
-(Rene chuckles)
Come on. Do you think I popped out
of the womb 150 years ago?
(both chuckle)
Gentlemen, we're going off
to do some drill.
-And thank you so much.
-(Marshall) Pleasure!
-We'll see you all tomorrow.
-(Marshall) You take care now.
-(glass shattering)
-(bar owner) Time to go!
I don't know why
you're making such a fuss.
(bar owner) It's time to go, Monsieur.
Non, Monsieur. Non...
Hey! Hey, Bernie!
(Arthur) What's the problem?
Nothin', nothin'.
I just want another drink.
Non, Monsieur. It's closed now.
Miserable bastard.
-It's fine.
-Vous sortez.
It's all right, he's one of us.
We'll handle it, don't worry.
(Arthur) Why don't you just sit down?
-What are you looking at?
-They're doing nothing.
Why don't you go back to your hotel?
'Cause I'm not a bloody baby!
God, I... I just...
I just... I just want a drink.
That's all I want.
I'm not hurting anyone.
You're gonna get yourself into trouble.
Yeah, all right.
Now, look... I... I know where it is,
it's just around the corner.
That's why it's hard, ain't it?
When you come home.
It doesn't go, does it?
Them things in there.
Like you never leave a man behind.
Even if he's been a twat, you sweep him up
and you take him out of danger.
Yeah... I've missed that.
British... British soldier, eh?
All for one.
And one for all.
I think that was
a French soldier, actually...
-Oh, there we go!
-Watch out for that!
(Bernie) You done?
-All right, back on the boat.
We started earlier than you.
Like the Second World War.
(Marshall) Don't bring that
up again! It was a pleasure.
You know, you should get
a glass of water next to ya.
Oh, I will.
Yeah, that's... that's a good idea.
Actually, I... I feel all right now.
Well... nothing left to puke up,
so it's the same thing.
Oh, I... I've got you
a ticket, by the way.
It's the official thing.
In the arena, starts at 11:00.
How did you manage that?
I told you, the Americans.
It's unbelievable.
You're sitting just behind the Queen
and President Obama.
Of course I am.
Anyway... Night, Bernie.
-(Bernie) Good night.
-(Arthur) And thanks for looking after me.
And Scott.
I hope I didn't put a damper on your day.
Don't be silly.
Happy to help.
(Arthur breathes deeply)
-Good night.
-(mumbles) Bye...
(waves crashing)
(commander) Stand clear! Stand down!
Oi! Have you got a smoke?
No, not for me. For you. You.
-(commander) Incoming!
What's your name?
-Douglas Bennett.
-Well, I'm Bernie.
Where are you from, Douglas?
I'm from Nottingham.
Sherwood Rangers.
Same as these... Players.
(hesitates) And me girlfriend,
she works for the factory.
-(commander) Stand by!
(both panting)
Yeah, yeah, that's her.
She's what they call
a... a Player's Angel.
-Bloody hell.
Yeah, she's a cracker, ain't she?
(waves crashing)
What's that?
That's me letter... if I cop it.
Get them ready, Jordan! Going in!
Hey, you're not gonna
need that letter, Douglas...
You're like me, you're a survivor. Hmm?
(Arthur) Bernie?
What's going on?
It's okay. Here...
Just... just come back to bed.
It's okay.
Was I saying anything?
No, I just heard a noise
and I looked over and...
-And there you were.
Does it happen often?
Well, yeah, yeah,
but only from time to time.
My brother used to sleepwalk.
Started at prep school, horrible place.
That's what did it.
Do you do it?
No! Out like a light.
Well, you should get back to it.
Crisis averted.
No... It's all right.
I mean, I... I'm happy
to just sit up for a bit.
I'm... I might have
an aspirin, as a matter of fact.
I shouldn't drink at all, you know.
Oh? Are you on medication?
I rattle.
No, I...
I'm an alcoholic.
I'm sorry, that's a bit...
That's a bit... ta-da!
But there you have it,
it's the reason I'm here.
My... my liver is shot, so I won't be
able to do the 75th anniversary,
that's for sure, so it was now or never.
I had no idea.
-Well, you... you wouldn't.
I'm... I'm good at hiding it.
Some of the time.
Do you know Charles Causley?
He's a war poet.
No, you... you know
I don't know Charles Causley.
He served, he was Navy, like you,
so he knew what he was talking about.
Anyway, he wrote this verse called
"At the British War Cemetery, Bayeux."
It's all about the graveyard
just up the road, Bayeux.
You must know that place.
I've heard of it.
There are almost 5,000 dead in there.
All British.
Nearly all of them killed
during the D-Day landings,
including my brother.
The irony is
that he wasn't lost in combat, no.
He was RAF, same as me,
and he was shot down over Essen
a couple of months before,
and I... I assumed he was dead.
But he'd bailed out
and he linked up with the Resistance.
He was... He was on his way home.
To England.
And he was holed up in Caen when I...
I nipped across and flattened it.
Killed about 3,000 in all.
Civilians, those on the ground...
I often wondered if it was
one of mine that did for Clive.
Anyway, the reason
I'm telling you this, Bernie, is that I...
I've never been to his grave.
I wasn't able to, for whatever
reason, but that was the plan.
This afternoon, I was finally gonna
go and... and pay my respects.
But I didn't.
I stayed in town and I got pissed instead.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I... I shouldn't
burden you with my tawdry tales.
It's just that I'm...
It's just...
Every now and again, I meet someone
and they make me think
that maybe, maybe I could be different.
Maybe I could wrestle
my demons too, except...
You have to be brave to do that.
(alarm beeping)
(switches alarm off)
(young Bernie)
We're nearly there, I promise.
No peekin'. I said, no peekin'.
(young Rene) I'm not.
(young Bernie) Be careful.
Right. Now you can look.
Yeah, it's called the holy hour.
The light is just, like, different...
to any other time of day.
Normally, you just sleep right through it.
It's the most beautiful
thing I've ever seen.
It's a dog rose.
I love 'em, they're gorgeous.
Oh, yeah?
It's limited, isn't it?
Your knowledge of the natural world?
All right, all right, all right!
Well, you gotta appreciate I've never seen
a haystack before I got posted down here.
But I'm learnin'.
Like that.
I'll never forget it now.
Specially as a rose is my favorite flower.
'Cause is dead English.
-Yeah, and my favorite animal--
-Let me guess.
It's... a dog?
-I love 'em.
-So do I.
Which do you like best?
I couldn't tell you.
You'll only think it's dead poncy.
It's a poodle.
You like poodles.
I mean, they're ever so clever.
My auntie had one that could count.
And... Well, they don't get
any hairs on the settee,
plus if you're going on the bus,
they're the perfect size so you can--
(Martin) Morning, Rene.
Your breakfast is ready.
I'm coming.
Ooh, my Lord! I'm in Piccadilly Circus.
(Martin) Good morning to you too.
Oh, you haven't seen
what I have just seen.
You should put some money
aside, Adele, for plastic surgery.
That's my advice, generally.
(Adele chuckles)
Your tea is there as well.
Thank you.
Oh... (hesitates) What's this?
(Martin) Oh, sorry,
it was on earlier. It's a special program.
All the beaches.
That one, that's the one Bernie's at.
-That's the main one, that.
-(Rene) Never.
(Martin) Hey, you might
spot him on the telly, Rene.
There he is! Still got it!
(march playing)
(Rene) I knew it would be big,
it is the 70th, but not this big.
(Adele) Course it is.
People love the war, looking back.
(Martin) And the Queen's there. There's
always an interest wherever she goes.
(Rene) Well, of course there is.
-I'll get you a top-up.
(Martin) Is that...
...turn it up.
...some form of official recognition,
after it emerged that the D-Day veteran
was so determined to honor--
Have you seen it? Turn on the telly!
It is on, we've got it.
...into his own hands, and had
mounted what has now been dubbed
"The Great Escape."
(male presenter) Well done, Bernie Jordan.
What can you tell us, Jo?
Hi, Laura. Well, just that
having been informed
that he couldn't go on an organized trip,
yesterday morning,
while most his fellow residents here
at the Pines care home in Hove...
-(Martin) We're on the telly.
-...were still fast asleep...
Shush, shush.
We're on the telly.
Me mum's gonna love this.
...and made a break for the coast.
And then relying on taxi ferry--
He's a hero, Rene. An actual hero!
Rene, have you seen this?
-...arrived in France...
-He's not bothering the French now.
Oh, bugger off.
(others laugh)
A salutary lesson
to the rest of us, I think.
There are 90-year-olds
re-storming the beaches of Normandy.
(female presenter) Jo?
Exactly where he is, Laura,
nobody's quite sure.
But what everyone is certain of
is that in Bernard Jordan,
the world has discovered one old soldier
who will never fail
to answer the call of duty.
-(female presenter) What a great story.
-(male presenter) Absolutely.
Sorry, I've got a prostate
the size of a bloody space hopper.
We can't do this, Arthur.
We have to go... to Bayeux.
No, no. I've said I can't,
even if you're with me.
I have to.
I don't understand.
I have to go,
and you have to come with me.
(woman on PA) Ladies and gentlemen,
the ceremony will begin in 15 minutes.
-Please make your way--
-They'll all be in the arena, I bet.
Right. Come on.
Merci, Antoine. Superbe.
Ouais, c'est a. Ciao.
-He will be delighted to drive you.
-And will be here shortly.
-Did he say how much?
Oh, non, non, non. His pleasure.
Oh! Merci. Merci mille fois!
-Et voil.
-Thank you.
(Marshall) Hey, Maurice. You got
that other round set up for me?
And don't let these guys
pay this time, huh?
Of course, Monsieur.
I'll bring them over to you.
Hello? Who are these people?
They're Germans.
What are they doing here?
Ah, same as you guys, I guess.
To honor their fallen comrades.
Where they on a beach on D-Day?
Heinrich was.
Uh... Gnther was on Juno, same as Jens.
The other three defended Omaha.
You think I could talk to them?
They... they won't think
I'm rude, will they?
-Arthur, Bernard.
(in German) They were involved
in the landings. They wanted to say hello.
(in English) How do you do?
It's good to meet you.
(speaking German)
He wants to know what you both did.
Ah... um...
Me, Royal Navy. He's Royal Air Force.
And it was you who was here, Heinrich.
This was your beach.
Me too.
Can you tell him
I want him to have this ticket?
You should go and sit in there.
Tell him he should do that.
(translates into German)
(Bernie) Have you got yours, Arthur?
We've only got two,
but... they are
the best seats in the house.
(Arthur mumbling)
-"I walked... I walked..."
"I... I walked where in..."
-(reporter 1) Rene!
-(reporter 2) Rene, a couple of words?
-(knocking on door)
-Are you okay?
I've been worryin'. All the fuss and that.
Fuss? Is that what you think this is?
Nobody actually knows
if he's all right, or where he is even.
-It was between me and him.
That's how it's always been
where the war is concerned.
It's our business.
Now that's letting everybody in.
And that's just asking for trouble.
You have to keep your head down,
your eyes straight ahead...
or bad things happen.
(machines whirring)
Hi, Rene.
(woman crying)
(airplane engines whirring)
I waved him off.
Let him go.
When what I should have said was...
"You are not getting
on that ship, Bernard Jordan.
You are not."
And then I did it again.
(Arthur) "I walk... I walked,
I walked where in their...
Their talking graves
and shirts of earth 5,000 lay
When history... when history...
When history with ten feasts of fire
Had eaten...
Had eaten... the red air away"
(waves crashing)
Here, Bernie!
Bernie, mate, I need a favor!
What are you doin'?
I've had a thought...
What if I drown?
I could drown
and then I'm stuffed, aren't I?
And that's if they find me.
I could get washed out to sea--
-(commander) Bennett!
-Just get back in the bloody tank!
Take it, will ya? Just in case.
Bernie, please.
Just take it.
The address is on the top
of the letter. And her name is Vera.
And, Bernie, if you do have to,
you know, send the letter--
Get him ready, Jordan!
I told you you're coming back.
Tell Vera I... I said she was... she was--
-I told you--
-She was fuckin' spectacular.
Hello, Douglas.
I'm so sorry.
What a waste!
What a waste.
(Arthur) What is it, Bernie?
What's wrong?
Nothing, uh... I'm fine.
Mission accomplished.
Do you... want to get some lunch?
What do you want to do now?
I wanna go home.
And see my girl.
(speaking French)
What does that mean?
I don't suppose
we'll see each other again.
What about... the other side?
That's absolute
bollocks, Bernie. You know that!
It's been an honor.
An absolute honor.
Bernie. Bernie.
-I'd given up finding you.
-What you doin'?
-I've got something I want you to have.
-What is it?
-It's a croissant.
-A what?
A croissant.
They're like the national dish of France.
They looked a lot better earlier.
I wanted to apologize
for how I behaved last night.
Honest, I don't know what came over me.
Oh, really... (hesitates) You're young.
Forget it.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you, Bernie.
'Cause, listen,
you're an inspiration to me.
Everything you've done,
the way you conduct yourself.
It's people like you that make me feel
properly proud and honored to be part--
Stop it!
All right?
Stop saying stuff like that.
Just get some help.
'Cause I know
what you're going through, Scott.
And I don't want
nothing bad to happen to you.
But right now, you're a fucking mess.
There she is, that window.
Rene! What will you say
to Bernie when he gets back?
(reporter) Rene!
Oh, God...
(alarm beeping)
I'm okay. I just couldn't find me pills.
-Do you need the doctor?
-No, no!
It's going.
I mean, the pills are very good.
I... just couldn't find them.
You gotta stop having these turns, Rene.
Or at least have 'em
when someone else is around, eh?
Oh, well, thank you so much. I will.
How long have you got?
You're much too clever
to be working here, you know?
Seriously, Rene, just... just tell me.
What have they said?
"Don't start reading long books."
Stop joking about it.
It ain't funny. Why do you keep joking--
Come on, I've had a very good life.
-Well, yeah, but--
-No buts.
At your age, Adele,
you cling to every second.
And every second is worth clinging to.
But at my age, oh...
You're basically buggered.
But you!
You're like a piece of ripe fruit.
I don't care.
I knew it.
I knew as soon as
you started gettin' all that stuff out,
I knew there was somethin'--
Oh, come on! Everyone does tidying up.
What does Bernie say?
He doesn't know, and I'm not telling him.
And you're not telling him either.
But it's Bernie, you can't not tell him.
Why not?
There's nothing he can do,
he'd be heartbroken to know
I was going before him.
I am not telling Bernie.
(Adele sobbing)
I found him.
Hi. Excuse me, are you Bernard Jordan?
Yes. Why? Is there a problem?
No, no, not at all.
I'm... I'm pleased to meet you.
I'm Sandy, I'm the
Chief Press Officer for P&O Ferries.
Oh, hello, Sandy.
-We've been searching--
-Bloody hell!
What's this?
-(camera shutters clicking)
-Please, no photos.
What's goin' on?
Voil, Monsieur, un saucisson.
Oh, a sausage! Thank you.
Et voil, Monsieur.
-Bon apptit.
-Thank you.
A bottle of rum. Blimey!
Rene. Rene, they found him.
-He's on a ferry back from France.
-Thank you!
-(Adele) Come on!
Bernie, Bernie,
what are you gonna say to your wife?
"Give me a kiss or I'll go away again."
(all laugh)
(woman singing)
Under stars chilled by the winter
Under an August moon
Burning above...
(Sandy) Oh, it's supersized.
Now, where else can we go?
(woman singing) You'd be so nice
You'd be paradise
To come home to
I wanna come home to you
You'd be so nice, so nice
So nice to come home to
And love
Fuck it.
(overlapping shouting
and camera shutters clicking)
How does it feel to be back?
How was it to be in France
for the commemorative...
A note, please, next time. A note.
Hey, mate. You did it.
-I'll kill ya if you do it again.
-Welcome back, Bernie.
She's waiting for ya.
(Bernie panting)
What is it? What's the matter?
Oh, I'm... I'm sorry, Rene.
I rolled over. I rolled over, really.
It's like Fifi, you know?
Then I... I went on me back...
and then help yourself.
You know? I've been in the papers,
I've been on TV, the cheeky chappie.
-The Great Escaper.
-Yes, I have seen it all.
A 90-year-old coffin dodger
honors the glorious dead.
-Bernie, what is it?
-The truth!
Telling the truth!
Because people don't.
All they want is a happy ending.
Look at us, here.
Grabbing a grip
and pulling the bloody cord.
All those poor old buggers outside...
That's the truth.
That's what old age looks like.
And there's no escape.
Not for anyone.
What happened to you in France?
Tell me.
I went to see this lad.
Where he is buried.
Douglas Bennett.
(commander) Jordan!
(airplane engines whirring)
Unloading cargo!
Get 'em ready! Stand by!
Go on.
Go on, you daft bugger.
That's the truth.
He trusted me.
I said he'd be all right.
He got killed...
because I made him get off the boat.
When you came home, Bernie...
you were wound so tight.
You had something inside you,
I thought you'd tell me what it was.
But you never did.
And I wasn't going to ask.
I thought, "If I even touch him,
he'll shatter
and that'll be the end of us."
A life, without you?
I couldn't even consider that.
You've loved me for 70 years,
you've spent every ounce of your good luck
building a marriage with me.
And that's what it was, Bernie.
It was your good luck
that got you through the war.
And Douglas's bad luck not to.
It wasn't your fault
he was killed on the beach.
It wasn't then, and it isn't now.
And that, that is the truth.
And I tell you this,
we have never wasted
one second of our time together.
All right, we've only done
normal, little, everyday things.
But, by God, we did them well.
-And we still do.
-(bicycle bell dinging)
-(cyclists shouting)
-(Bernie) The speed these bikes go.
-(Rene) Honestly.
-(Bernie) These cyclists are dangerous.
-(Rene) The cyclists--
Oh, look, oh, look! Here you go!
-(Rene laughing)
-(dog barking)
Oh! Oh, hello, beautiful.
(dog barking)
(continue chatting indistinctly)
(Rene) Brings back memories, doesn't it?
(Bernie) Yeah. We're too old
to get another dog, aren't we?
(Rene) We are certainly too old.
We can't get a poodle anymore.
(Bernie) No, well,
they poo all over the place.
-(Rene) Will you please?
-Why they're called bleedin' poodles.
(both laughing)
(Rene) Why do I encourage you?
-Five, four, three, two, one!
-(loud dance music playing)
-We should get back.
Do you want an ice cream?
No, I got chocolate up in the room.
-And it's supersized.
But I got you a sausage.
Oh, lucky, lucky me.
(Rene) Hey-ho.
Here we go.
Ooh, look who's waiting.
-(Adele) All right?
(Rene) Bless your heart.
(bell tolling)
Are you coming to bed?
-Yours or mine?
(alarm beeping)
(beeping continues)
If you ever, ever, go away again...
I'm coming with you.