The Great Father (2017) Movie Script

l'm still helping you out.
Atired opponent,
can kill all the
fun of the game.
Sam, do you know?
How good this feels?
You've seen flowers, right?
Beautiful flowers?
The thrill is when you pluck
them out & make them yours,
not when you wait for
them to wither away!
Bloody b@#@$@d!
l like this spirit of yours!
He is travelling.
The signals are moving
from the city to the east.
Get out of my way!
That wimpy Vishwan,
is going to propose to
that 'Bragger' Sara.
Attracting girls, is an art.
Can you do that?
l can & l will
make her fall for me.
Are you prepared?
What's your plan?
Just wait & watch!
He will mess it up!
She is very gutsy!
lf something happens, these
guys will be there for you.
Bus No.3 is here!
Dude, go!
Those scoundrels are watching us!
Don't embarrass us!
Are you happy now that you've
gotten him into trouble?
'Oh dear Sara!'
You & your Sara!
Sara, the flirt is coming.
He will mess up!
l'm sure!
This is a rare coin! You have
a coin collection, right?
Notjust a coin collection,
l have a stamp
collection as well.
But if you're planning to
woo me with all this,
you'll be taught a lesson!
- This is his usual trick.
All the fools are here!
Hey Jimbru,
you look handsome!
Did you have a bath today?
- You fatso!
- Dude, stop! Don't hit her!
- Get lost!
Awesome, Meenu!
- l will kill hertoday!
- Listen to me!
Calm down!
We're lucky!
Aren't you narrating the story?
lt's not a story!
They are real incidents!
l know that!
Say it!
Back then, Mumbai was
known as Bombay.
Say it like your daddy!
Where the pouring rains,
and the caressing breeze
had the scent of blood - Bombay!
Back then, Mumbai was
known as Bombay!
An age where the stories of the
bleeding streets were narrated by guns!
When the underworld was ruled by Kareem
Lala, Chota Shakeel & Dawood lbrahim.
There, my Papa!
David Ninan.
My dad!
Papa's Company wanted to start
an apartment project in Andheri.
The goons of those
underworld dons,
Except them!
Even after the Police & Collector
initiated a clear-off, they didn't agree.
And then?
His John Lobb shoes are shown!
He wears his sunglasses!
Papa took out his gun and held
their leader at point blank.
And thus, he made them vacate
Andheri, within an hour!
Ya right! Even Mohanlal took one whole
night to make them vacate Dharavi.
That was Mohanlal!
This is my Papa!
So much bragging!
She would even say that Burj
Khalifa was made by her Papa.
Don't believe anything!
Like Spiderman or Superman..
All are fake stories!
Ya! That's true!
- She & her Papa!
-And so many bogus stories!
So funny!
'Bragger Sara'
- Bragger Sara!
Sara, can you give me
a couple of bombs?
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
A gun?
Bragger Sara brought a gun!
Get out of my way!
What did you think?
That this is California,
Pennsylvania or Texas?
A child holding a gun?
l have to report this!
lf any of the kids
had been shot..
What's the point in reporting to
the police afterthey're killed?
What do you say, Chairman Joby?
What Maithreyan Sir said is right.
Notjust a gun. There
were six bullets as well!
l don't know how
Sara got hold of it.
That's her grandpa's.
He is an ex-military man.
And he has a license.
- So?
Grandpa has the license;
not Sara, right?
Was her dad a goon in
Mumbai in the past?
Sara is narrating violent
stories to other kids.
So, let her daddy come here.
He is responsible forthis,
And he has to come!
Let that underworld
don come here!
David is out of town.
No! l will have to take an action!
David had spoken to me about donating a
good amount forthe school's new block.
Oh! Did David say so?
Nothing happened, right?
She's a kid, right?
lt's just a gun!
lt wasn't even fired!
Don't make it an issue!
You can go.
Mummy doesn't like violence.
After he married Mummy, Papa stopped all
his risky businesses and came here.
That's when l was born.
- Dude, check out the bike!
Check it out!
- So fast!
Notjust bikes.
My Papa does stunts with cars too!
She has been doing
this for a while now!
As if there's nothing
that her Papa cannot do!
He is apparently more
glamourous than Dulquer Salmaan!
She came to scare us with
her grandpa's old gun!
When her Papa is called,
her Mummy comes to school.
He is even scared to meet the Principal.
And he's supposed to be a superhero?
Bose, awesome!
Good one, Bose!
Didn't you say that you'll
bring the Black Beast?
That's an off-roader, right?
There was a slight issue with
the workers at the site.
Their arms & legs are
like body-builders!
Was there a fight?
There was no fight; but there
was a fire-brand scene!
Will you narrate it to me?
- Oh! Sure!
l felt so ashamed in
front of Maithreyan Sir.
She is narrating all those fake stories
that you tell her, to the kids!
You're jealous, Mummy!
You should buy a new
Louis Vuitton jacket.
Wear it when you come next time.
Very nice!
Who wears all that in Kerala?
ls it Papa's fault if others can't
pull off jackets & sunglasses?
My Sara should be happy.
For that, l will wearjackets, sunglasses
or whatever she wants me to wear!
Are you part of the land mafia?
Who? Me?
Those are just rumours
made by jealous people!
You can start a mafia
if you want to!
l like all that!
You are the one who
made her like this!
You should remember
that you are a girl!
What's wrong if she's a girl?
Continue telling her stories.
You tell her some moral
science stories.
l can only narrate such stories.
lt's true that two women
can't be in the same house!
What's the name of the drama?
Shakespeare's 'Cymbeline'.
The princess lmogen is
attacked by evil forces;
and herjourney to
escape from them.
lt is my own version.
So in short, no one would
understand anything, right?
your approach towards
art isn't right.
You people are always like this.
You'll pick something
from English literature and..
Make noises like these;
and present it in a way
that no one understands!
And there are some idiots
who applaud even that!
Those who don't applaud
are tasteless fools!
Wait & watch!
l'm going to do 'Kathakali' this time!
As if that's very simple!
Why? You don't know Kathakali?
You don't know?
So sad!
What about others?
-All are there.
Mimicry, 'Koodiyattam',
Mono-act and so on.
l'm doing 2 items.
- We'll keep it at the end.
There won't be people then!
lf we start with it, you won't be there!
People will kill you!
l have actually learned
So you should give
me some extra time.
l was a state champion!
Notjust that, 'Koodiyattam'
has been approved by UNESCO.
But l haven't approved it.
l have to go.
Mohanlal's film has released.
James, come to my cabin
with Prime file.
Didn't l tell you earlier?.
Today is her birthday.
l had promised a
dinner & movie to her.
Man is a social animal.
He realizes that only when he's
on the platform of marriage.
'Dear Sara,
'l'm writing a letterfor
the first time in my life.'
'lt's my heart that's in here'
'When l reach school, l see if you
have reached, before anything else!'
'lf lravazhanjippuzha
is meant for the Arabian Sea;
when you confess your love, l
will be able to tell you;
that Sara is meant forAshwin!'
'With love,
What is it, Mummy?
What is this?
Love letter!
Love letter?
ls it so trivial?
Are we sending you to school
to study or to romance?
That's not my love letter.
Ashwin gave it to me.
Why do you accept letters
from random boys?
And did you tell us about it?
Did you complain to the teacher?
- lt's one-way!
And Daddy has told me that,
l can romance whoever l want to!
So you both are in this together?
l'm not going to romance anyone.
Only if l find someone like
Daddy, l will romance him.
- What's the matter?.
Papa, it's about that love letter.
Oh! That's all?
Did you hear what she said?
She will romance someone
like you, it seems!
Am l so bad or what?
How come you're doing
some extra make-up?
There's a reason!
'Hey little chicken, come and give us
a song like your cock-a-doodle-doo'
'Hey milkweed, come flying
silently and give us company'
'Dressed up handsomely, drenched
in a rain of smiles, come on Papa'
'Smiling with your white teeth,
shaking your head, come this way'
'Hey little chicken, come and give us
a song like your cock-a-doodle-doo'
'Hey milkweed, come flying
silently and give us company'
'Like Cinderella, l want
to fly high in the skies'
'Twinkle Twinkle
little starry Sara'
'While l am waiting in excitement'
'Come, Papa'
'To fly high, come with me'
'As we flew high, the yellow dove
& the gentle breeze sang along'
'Hey little chicken, come and give us
a song like your cock-a-doodle-doo'
'Hey milkweed, come flying
silently and give us company'
'Dressed up handsomely, drenched
in a rain of smiles, come on Papa'
'Smiling with your white teeth,
shaking your head, come this way'
Greetings to all of you.
The name of my story is,
David, l'll miss it.
There's an urgent board meeting.
lt's okay. Nothing much
is happening here.
Everybody is drunk!
What about Sara?
lt'sjust a 5 minute
drive, right?
Pick her up.
l'm the only sober person here.
l have to be here.
She has the key, right?
She will wait there.
The board meeting has been
postponed to tomorrow.
What happened?
What happened?
- Hello!
Control Room.
Where's Sara?
Where is Sara?
Who did this to my child?
David, we have to take
her to the hospital!
Why to the hospital?
You're notjust a mother,
but a doctor too!
Take care of her.
l want her back!
We have to take her to
the hospital, David!
No, Michelle.
We shouldn't!
l don't want herto be celebrated
as a victim by the media & public.
No one has to light
a candle for her.
How would my child face her
friends and relatives?
Take care of my child!
Take care of her!
Do what l say!
There are monsters all around who want
to see disasters happening to others.
She is raped brutally!
We have to take her to the
hospital immediately!
My child has been torn apart!
l know!
l know, David!
Trust me!
l will take care of her.
We have to take her, David!
l'm her mother, David!
lt must be that Narayanan,
the Security guard.
What's the matter?.
A robbery happened in the
flat right above yours.
Anything here?
- No!
Nothing is missing from here.
Sir, cigarettes for you.
Until you sent Narayanan
to buy cigarettes,
the CCTV camera was connected.
Now, there's no connection &
even the hard disk is missing!
David Sir,
l forgot to tell you.
lt was Johnny Sir's
apartment which was robbed.
You sent me to buy
cigarettes, right?
Until then, there
wasn't any problem!
The camera connection is
just forthe sake of it.
Nothing gets recorded.
lt has been faulty for
the past 3 months.
You can leave now.
l'll come there.
You can also leave, Sir.
you don't look like
someone who smokes.
Since the construction isn't complete,
only 3 floors are occupied.
Downstairs, there's
an advocate & family.
They are on tour for
the past 2 weeks, Sir.
Then, that builder and wife.
His wife is a doctor, Sir.
They reach only around 6-7 PM.
You are from the Police?
He is such a freak!
Even freaks can
become policemen.
For that, the Government has
created a CBClD set-up.
Are you showing off, breaking
into a boys' hostel at midnight?
What kind of a
policeman are you?
That's what l'm saying.
From the past few
years in our state,
minor children are
being subjected to rape,
and murdered.
To ensure that POCSO act
is enforced severely,
An undercover movement.
l am a part of it.
- What do you want now?
But there are no cases charged
or arrests made for that.
But, watching child porn is..
Not just illegal,
it's a mental disorder as well.
We track people who
watch it regularly,
and give them counselling.
Such people,
if not advised properly,
can cause trouble for our
department in future.
So you want to catch the one who watches
child porn regularly amongst us, right?
Just to advise him.
Not going to happen, Sir!
There a three vans full
of policemen, outside.
There are 150 boys in this hostel.
Just a whistle; and even we can't guarantee
in what condition you'll be going back.
l haven't spoken even to my
mom so decently, you @#@$!$!!
Mummy is here.
Move away!
Who is it?
lt's me, Jose.
your lady officer
is quite a chick.
Was she appointed
without any training?
She hasn't withered at all!
- What?
Even with the scorching hot sun,
nothing has withered.
And, how is your new boss?
He is an expert at expletives!
His tongue is filthy,
and fists are deadly!
Who is this Arnold?
This is my new boss.
l'll be right back.
- l'm coming, too.
Just because you're undercover, you
think you can do anything you want?
A dead body is a good omen!
When did you come?
Within half an hour after
the crime was reported.
Didn't you have breakfast?
- Yes, Sir.
Doesn't look like it.
Be a little more energetic!
Has any missing case been
reported in the past 2 days?
No Sir.
Who said so?
l'm telling you that
a case was reported.
As far as l know..
- l didn't ask what you know.
l asked you whether any
case was reported or not!
Why are you confirming
things that you don't know?
She is quite fair & plump.
Must be from a rich family.
There will be a case.
Madam, just a minute.
Get lost.
What is this, man?
Was raped, right?
Well, that girl..
She was raped, right?
This is the 5th or 6th one, madam!
Did you find any lead?
- You screwed it all up!
Get me the memory
card of his camera.
No need, madam!
He is a douche-bag!
Even though he works
for a national daily,
he is a yellow
journalist at heart!
His main job is writing soft
porn for a fortnightly.
We don't have to mess with him.
Samuel Sir was
investigating these cases.
And now he's a gone case, right?
His car was deliberately hit by
another vehicle and pushed down.
He was drunk, right?
lf you drink & drive,
such things can happen!
According to circumstantial
evidences, it's an executed one!
What circumstance?
He is a dangerous psychopath.
Only children under 15 years..
He is a killer who rapes & murders them!
l know!
What else?
Notjust that,
he used to call Samuel
Sir on his phone.
He used to behave & talk like a
sadist trying to torture
a gentleman police officer like Samuel
Sir, who had a great track record.
And that man wanted to
defeat Samuel Sirtoo!
During the last phone call, he
had really provoked Samuel Sir.
Samuel Sir must have
identified that killer.
But what to do!
He drank & drove
and dropped dead!
l have some assumptions
about the latest murder.
Okay. Tell me.
The murder didn't
happen at that place.
So he would've used a vehicle
to take the body there, right?
lf we are able to find that vehicle,
we can nab the killer easily!
These days, when there are
CCTV cameras at every street,
it's not such a difficult task!
Very good!
Sit down.
l examined all the CCTV cameras
of that part of the city.
Around 1518 vehicles
could've carried the body.
From an auto-rickshaw to a lorry!
- Which one among them?
l don't know that, Sir.
We have to find out.
Are you really an idiot,
orjust acting like one?
No, Sir.
l'm not acting, Sir.
Definitely not!
l said all these with a perfect
understanding of the situation.
You didn't wish me.
'Was the dreamy laughter
of my little child'
'Kindling flames in
yourfather's heart'
'Far away'
'As a twilight of
pain disappears'
Salma reaches the apartment
around 4 PM daily.
Both of us are working.
We reach home only
around 6 or 7 PM.
We thought that she would be here.
But she didn't board the
school bus that day.
She went missing just
before boarding the bus.
Did she have any unwanted friendship,
or phone conversations?
Nothing that we know of.
lf she went missing before
she boarded the school bus,
the bus driver should
inform you, right?
From 4 PM,
they had been calling us.
We couldn't attend the calls.
lf you find something unusual,
You know how much Papa &
Mummy love you, right?
We have only you in this world.
Didn't l tell you that you
shouldn't be like this?
Nothing happened
to you, my dear.
We want you to get
back to your old self.
Your Papa will always be
with you hereafter, Sara.
Who was it?
That day..
Over there..
Who was it?
'O' dreamy cloud, waving
your hands and moving forward'
'Why are you hiding far away?'
'O' tender breeze, waving your
hands and moving forward'
'Won't you come back ever again?'
lf you are always depressed, how
will your Papa & Mummy feel?
Your Mummy is one of
the best doctors here.
Since she thinks that you're unwell, she
is not even paying attention to her work.
Do you understand
what l'm saying?
You are a smart girl!
We see so many dreams, right?
But after some time,
don't we forget them?
Like that, you should forget this too.
And, make your Papa & Mummy happy!
Have you thought about your Papa?
You can see his love for you, right?
l know,
that Papa & Mummy are really sad.
Papa is my best friend.
l love both of them so much!
l am scared!
Scared of everyone!
He hurt me a lot!
l tried to run away!
He covered my mouth.
And hurt me a lot.
He tore my uniform apart.
He broke my rosary.
l got really scared.
Papa tells me that
nothing has happened to me.
l am still scared.
When Papa isn't around,
if it happens again..
Papa & Mummy have to
go for work, right?
l saw Papa crying.
He is crying because l
am not feeling well.
No Aunty!
l won't cry hereafter.
l won't make Papa & Mummy cry.
Papa should be with me.
Or else,
at least until my fear is gone.
lf something happens to me,
Papa says that a superhero
would come & save me.
But nobody came to save me.
Neither Papa nor Jesus.
Jesus will punish the
man who hurt me.
l'm sure!
We have to take a decision on the
Mountain Valley project immediately.
Ravi, l'm not in a mood right now.
Shall we talk later?
l never imagined that this
world would be like this.
l used to read & hear about
incidents happening around me.
But when l was away for a moment,
my child...
l have never hurt her even by
holding her hand tight so far.
l just want my child's
face to be pleasant.
l just want her to forget it!
Everything will be all right.
l just want my child to smile!
We are living and
earning for that, right?
All of us!
When her face turns
dull, our hearts ache!
My wife gets all worked up
if the school bus is late.
She cries when l'm not looking.
She would be scared that
l may be crushed.
No, Susan.
l'm all right.
ln this world,
no God came to the
rescue of my child.
l cannot be with her
all the time, right?
She escaped because
of sheer luck.
That b@$@$d could've killed her.
She was in a lot of pain.
'Your silences burn like lava'
'Will you hum like a bird in my ears?'
'With a shower of tears,
l will turn you into a
glowing moon-fly again'
'l will come running to you
whenever you think of me'
'l will always keep
guarding you, my dear'
'Do not hesitate'
'Do not fear'
'Smile, my baby'
He was a Joker.
He said that he will kill
3 children this month,
in his last call
to Samuel, right?
One is fine.
There are 2 more chances.
Just because Sam is dead,
will he back out from
achieving his target?
Or has he already killed
2 of them somewhere?
lf he has done it, he
will let us know.
We shall wait, right?
There are many more
days in this month.
Anyway, he is a good poet.
He kills each one of
them by singing a song.
He would be..
You don't have to go
looking for him.
lf you are talented,
he will come looking for you.
Did you get the report on those gloves?
- No Sir.
l haven't received any
update from forensics, Sir.
All the files related to the case
history should be on my table, now!
Whichever department it may be from!
He has talked overthe phone
with Sir around 15 times.
The investigations focusing on the
lDs used to get the sim cards,
reached people who have
nothing to do with the case.
The first couple of murders happened
in ldukki district.
And the third one was in Ernakulam.
Samuel Sir was the one who realized the
presence of a serial killer behind this.
The DNA reports are
not consistent.
Body hair, bite marks; all are
different at different places.
Unlike other serial killers,
he doesn't follow a particular
modus operandi in his murders.
The murders are committed by injecting
drugs or suffocating them.
Some children were
tortured for days!
That means,
he must have a hide-out.
And someone who is hiding, would
definitely be a psuedo-gentleman.
He ties a band
around their mouths,
and fits nose-caps
on their noses,
and displays their
bodies like clowns!
What is this?
What is all this?
lt was God who saved our
child's life, Michelle!
Notjust her..
Did you see all these?
'Sexual violence against children.
945 cases in 6 months'
'Student molested.
Security guard arrested'
'Tied up & raped.
Search is on for 3 accused'
When we are not around,
it shouldn't happen again..
No one should..
l'm not able to
face my daughter.
lt's easy to live
for our wishes.
But to live for our children's
wishes, is a blessing!
She is not saying
anything now, Michelle.
She is not telling me
any of her wishes.
Who did this to our daughter?
l have to find out.
Whoever it is, l will find him!
Kill him!
lf cancer spreads,
it should be burnt or severed.
Even if it's inside a body,
or in the society!
Kill him!
Hi David!
How come you're
late today, Johnny?
l went to the police station. They
said they're still investigating.
But they haven't found anything.
The thief entered our house when that
fraud security guard Narayanan stepped out.
Someone who knows that my dad & mom
are alone there, has done this!
Where were you then?
l came here only after
knowing about it.
When l reached here,
mom's gold chain and
Rs.25,000 were missing.
Only that much was there
in that apartment.
Your sister's children
don't come here now?
Why are you questioning
me like a policeman?
Those guys are in Bangalore!
Annie says that they
have become better.
lt's been long since
they came here.
Well, why do you seem
like you have a doubt?
Where were you when it happened?
There you go again!
From the way you're asking,
it seems like l robbed
my own apartment.
l will tell you where l was on that
day, when it is the right time.
l said what l know.
For 10 minutes, l stepped
out to have tea.
But Sir,
was something stolen from here?
l don't want to know what
you told the police.
For quite some time now, you bosses have
some grudge against security guards!
l don't have the medicine forthat, Sir.
Prakash is my brother-in-law, Sir.
He came to visit
this place one day.
When he heard that the camera
wasn't working here, he planned it.
Don't hit me again, Sir.
lt's my elder daughter's
wedding in February.
l made a mistake!
l got Rs.25,000 and that
grandma's gold chain.
l will return all of it, Sir.
While l was running out of Johnny Sir's
apartment with whatever l got,
l saw a man with a mask.
Ajoker's mask.
He was doing something
in the lift.
He looked at me suddenly.
When l saw him looking at
me, l ran away from there!
That's all l know, Sir.
Nothing else.
Oh my God!
Ooh! So muscular!
Sir, these are the accused and ex-convicts
in child molestation cases in this city.
First one is Franco.
He was a tuition teacher.
He served time in jail for molesting
3 children who were in his class.
He is in town now.
l tried to reform myself.
But when l think about it,
l don't feel any
of that was wrong.
Even otherwise,
can we humans decide
what's right or wrong?
lt's not because my parents
didn't raise me well.
l was a topper in studies.
Even in teaching.
What do you do now?
The tuition centre is shut!
What you're talking about;
l haven't done it.
l'm getting what l want in plenty!
So you haven't reformed!
l was always okay, Sir.
And ya,
the problem is with
your point of view.
lt was said that l had unnatural
sex and l was jailed for 2 years!
l have a special interest
towards children.
Dogs, humans and wolves were
formed from the same atom.
So there is nothing
unnatural in this, Sir.
l have learnt a lot about this.
Pedophiles get attracted to
the skin texture of children,
and their smell.
l don't feel anything like that.
Just some pleasure for myself.
That's all!
what are you guys
going to do to me?
That bloody Paulo!
people are scared to send
their kids to school!
He gets drunk and
pops out of nowhere.
Notjust children,
women here can't even dry
their undergarments outside.
lf he sees it, he will
take it with him.
Women are afraid to step outside.
Such a pervert!
lf you take him, make sure
that he never comes back.
Don't let him know what
l said about him.
lf you tell him,
he might try to come
on to me at midnight.
Didn't you check
that whole area?
Yes Sir.
We couldn't find him.
Don't stutter when Sir asks you.
He will be there!
At Solomon's house.
Solomon's wife is
his mistress now.
Go ahead, Sir!
Go & show the power of police.
He is not here, Sir.
We searched every nook & corner.
l think he's absconding.
l just saw him overthere.
l don't know if it's because three of
us come together; we always screw up!
Who's that eagle who snatched him?
Who is driving a car like
this through this slum?
lt won't be erect hereafter!
That's how you have kicked him!
lt was a little too cruel.
What's so cruel?
He deserves much more!
He'll say that he fell down somewhere.
ls this a season for this or what?
They're also saying
that they fell down.
Someone with precise knowledge about
nerves and muscles has thulped them.
Just like you did.
these are the second & third
guys we were looking for.
So someone is on the
job, much ahead of us!
Look at his attire!
Who does he think he is?
James Bond?
How do these guys even wear such
clothes when it's so hot outside?
AC, man, AC!
Car has AC,
home has AC, office has AC.
These guys never feel the heat!
ls Anto here?
What's the matter?
l want to take Anto with me,
and ask him some questions.
Anto, someone has come
here to take you with him.
What's the matter, Sir?
ls it to beat up someone
or get beaten up?
Anto, let's talk privately.
Can you come with me?
l want certain details
about someone.
Someone with a
criminal background.
l want to know if there is such a person in
your gang or any other gang that you know.
l'll tell you the rest later.
So that's the matter!
You've approached a criminal
to find another criminal?
A police method.
This Anto will not
betray his kind!
Even if the police asks
me, l don't say anything.
That's because policemen don't
ask the way l would ask you!
Just because of your attire,
l will call you 'Sir' forthe last time.
Get into your car, Sir.
Clear off!
Do you know how to drive, Anto?
Stop the car!
You don't know me!
Did you think that you will
mess with me and get away?
There are 24 cases in my name, and
they're not for stealing bananas!
You don't know me well enough!
Masks & disguises,
and people who get turned
on when they see children,
are not part of our gang.
There was an Aziz in Kacheripady.
A sicko who lifts his clothes to show
his private parts to schoolkids.
He got convicted
in some rape case,
and has been in jail
for a year now.
This is the first time,
that someone has
thulped me so badly.
l won't forget it , Sir.
May your memory protect you.
My fists can bring good fortune!
You'll get used to this!
You better find out;
How this Anto is,
and how l operate;
everyone knows it!
But even l don't know
how l am right now!
l have heard that girls tend to
be more fond of their father.
My child was scared of me.
She never told me
what she wanted.
Only after we lost
her, my wife told me;
that my daughter wanted to
tell me about so many things!
Do you suspect anyone?
Why are you asking such questions?
What do you have to
do with all this?
Didn't l tell you?
l'm a writer as well.
l want to do a feature on these children
who're confined only to newspapers.
'The world will not be destroyed
by those who do evil,
but by those who watch them
without doing anything';
l have read this somewhere.
What are you trying to say?
Aren't you a builder?
Who is he?
What is he asking?
Why are you telling
him everything?
Let me send him out.
This city's sunrise and sunset
happens on David's land.
The CCTV's hard disk went missing when he
sent the guard outside to buy cigarettes.
And he doesn't smoke!
Until you sent Narayanan
to buy cigarettes,
the CCTV camera was connected.
Now there's no connection,
and no hard disk as well!
He behaved very rudely to me
when l went to his apartment.
He had called the control room on that day.
He must've tried to report
something related to the robbery;
and then he must have changed
his mind for some reason.
And ya, l had seen him in the
DCP's office recently.
- He was at the writer's cabin.
Why did he come?
He has collected details about POCSO
cases & the murder of Samuel Sir,
using the right to
information act.
He has a beautiful
daughter, right?
Who is it?
From the police.
What's on your face, Narayanan?
l fell down, Sir.
Looks like someone punched you!
What actually happened?
l'm asking you!
l am Andrews.
From the police!
l was just asking
some questions to Sara.
Go to your room.
Sara will not go anywhere!
She will sit there!
You should leave from here!
Did you see him, Sara?
if you don't tell me, l will
have to take you to the station.
Sara will leave only after
answering my question.
What is this?
Andrews Eapen.
Crime Branch.
Go inside.
Come, dear.
How dare you barge into our
house & do such nonsense?
See Mister..
- Colonel Ninan Francis.
l have to interrogate Sara.
Ask your son to come to my office
with her, tomorrow morning.
lf you're good to me,
l'll also be good to you.
lt was okay if you
came tomorrow.
l'm used to being early.
lf you could've reached
early everywhere,
certain unfortunates things
wouldn't have happened.
She hasn't come.
She won't come.
There's a law and
the police here.
My daughter has herfather.
The tea is really hot.
But after some time,
it will go cold.
Don'tjudge me by my looks.
l'm a cop!
A cop, indeed.
Who gave you the license to
attack all the perverts in town?
do you think that you're the King
David from the old testament,
who saved the people from the
attacks of bears & lions?
Even if it's a bear or a lion;
the nature has its own law.
And there are many animals who've taken the
form of humans without understanding that.
To enforce the law here,
to enforce justice here,
if this David has to assume a king's role,
considerthat l am entitled to it.
You can call me,
She is the only child who
survived this series of killings.
lf we have to go forward,
we have to get her statement.
l won't give you a court order.
You want to interrogate a child who
is in shock & create more problems?
The law provides a protective
Armour to children.
Probably, more than what's
given to legislative members.
Don't ask me to join
you on your ego trip!
lf you do that,
l'll get you out of
yourjob, Andrews!
l just thought that if it happens
in a straight way, let it happen!
l know how to reach the kid
without losing my job.
So Sir,
my salute to you!
l'm from the
maintenance section.
l thought you left, Sir.
Everyone else has left.
The routes you're taking to
find me, are thrilling me!
What's your name?
We are here to help you.
The sorrows, troubles and secrets which
you can't even tell your parents;
you can say all that to us.
You can say anything
to us, openly!
Has anyone misbehaved
with you, Sara?
You don't have to fear anyone.
Whatever it is, tell us openly.
The government has appointed us
forthe protection of children.
Didn't you understand
what l asked you?
Look at me!
Don't worry!
Tell me.
When there was no one at home,
did someone..
l mean..
did someone touch or
hold your private parts?
Don't cry unnecessarily!
Nothing happened to me.
What did he do to you?
Nothing happened to me.
Your dad must have taught
you to say all this, right?
You have reached the age where
you can understand all that. Tell me!
What did he do to you?
What all did he do?
- Stop this nonsense!
What's going on?
This is counselling.
l won't allow anyone to
trouble my students!
lf l see you even near
the shadow of my child,
l will slice you into pieces.
Ya! l'm bringing it.
These are the CCTV visuals of
that night, from 12 AM to 2 AM.
Pause it.
That sticker on that vehicle.
Zoom in on that.
lt can't be zoomed, Sir.
And l have cut this portion
into a separate clip.
Another Sir came earlier
& took it from me.
l still have a copy of
that on the system.
You can take it and try it in some
other software, if you want to.
When did that Sir come?
That was really early.
That's true.
That Sir is never late.
Look, it's him!
l want to meet Dr.Susan.
She is on the first floor.
Under the 'Protection of Children
from Sexual Offense act;
what you're doing is a crime that can send
you to jail without bail for 5 years.
Are you threatening me?
lf you think so!
You're avoiding the justice
that a child deserves.
A bigger cruelty
than what she lost.
What did she lose?
All of you have this assumption,
that a woman is a being with something
precious to lose between her belly & thighs.
lf something happens to a woman, you
don't even consider her as a human.
Sympathy, disdain, denial.
And a farce called
Everything is celebrated!
So you're not willing
to co-operate?
Definitely not!
Loss, it seems!
lf your interrogation
is over, please leave.
l have work to do.
'Foreign Liquor Store'
What are you doing?
- We're also here to buy this stuff.
Go stand at the back!
- No!
How is that fair?
Go back!
Get lost!
lf you have a
problem, file a case!
You're trying to show off?
No! l'm planning to show much more!
What will you do?
Hey fatso! You don't know me!
Get out of here!
Get lost!
This isn't fair, Sir.
Didn't l ask you to file a case?
You're lucky that l don't
have my tools with me.
After the bars shut down, these
noblemen have shifted here.
Notjust losers. They're..
- They won't stand in the queue.
'Even l don't know
how l am right now'
That has many meanings.
That's his name.
He is beating up all
the perverts in town.
That's how you also got
beaten, Anto Chettan.
He is on a rampage,
in a black car.
When he is with his
daughter in a white car,
he is normal.
His daughter is coming.
Should we do this in
front of school-kids?
Anto Chettan,
he got down.
Chikku, Shoby, get down!
Show him who Anto is!
Come fast!
- Hurry up!
Get the knife!
Don't push.
Get down fast!
- Dude, he has a gun!
- A gun!
He has a gun even when he's
in the white car! Let's escape!
Our people have seen guns only
in Amal Neerad's films, right?
Leave it, Anto.
Let's go!
He has a gun even now?
Hey! Ask your mom to
make some tea for me.
Which loser is this?
Your prey!
The prey who's a hunter!
l knew you'd call me, you @@$@$!
Then tell me, Andrews.
Why have l called you?
Hold on.
Where's my tea?
Ya! Tell me, dear.
You tell me.
You're going to
kill another child.
You want to inform that to me,
and tease me as well.
Get lost, man!
Why should l listen to you?
l heard all the nonsense
you spoke to Sam.
Where are the targets
of your challenge?
Hang up, you loser!
After he called you,
he changed the sim card
& made 2 more calls.
Even though he changed the sim,
he used the same mobile set.
He made those 2 calls from
the same lMEl number.
One was to that builder, David.
When we tracked the lMEl,
those three calls had three
different numbers.
But the handset was the same.
His first mistake.
The third call was to this guy -
Why should the killer call him?
Now, there's a market
for child abuse.
He needs that.
And the killer,
wants some publicity as well!
Police, right?
l know.
Why is he calling you,
lf you want me to say it officially
with latitude & longitude,
7 days back, on Monday.
ln front of your
regular liquor store.
The call that came
at 3.05 PM sharp!
Whose was it?
You're quite good, man!
You found it out!
But l'm not going to tell you!
Consider it as the
arrogance of ajournalist.
with your over-confidence
of being an undercover cop,
and these solid muscles,
if you're trying to
scare this Sathyanathan,
l'll try to be scared when l step
out to take a leak in the night.
So carry on, Sir.
Got it, you kiddo?
Don't play in the swamp,
you will be soiled!
Assign the surveillance
of this place to someone.
He has to be beaten up in the dark
without using the department's name.
You nutcase,
what do you want?
Tell me!
Mine isn't any ordinary daily
that prints 1000-2000 copies.
Tell me, you scoundrel!
What do you want?
Why have you tied me up?
No questions.
Just tell me.
You've been going
on for a while now!
You rascal, l will
destroy yourfamily!
l'm warning you!
Untie me!
You will face the consequences,
l'm telling you!
You will cry, man!
You will cry for your dear ones!
lf not, l'll make you cry!
l'm not bluffing!
As long as l can hold
a pen in my hand,
with my 'S's and 'F's,
l will finish your family!
Then you'll know who l am!
You're messing with..
Oh God!
Oh my God!
What is this?
What are you doing?
Are you going to kill me?
Oh my God!
l wasn't serious!
l was bluffing!
Don't hurt me!
Oh God!
Let me go.
Untie me!
l'll tell you.
- l'll tell you.
- Then tell me.
l swear!
l don't know who he is!
He called me to say that l
should write about him.
He doesn't give any detail
that can help me identify him.
He told me that l
should write about him,
and that the police are
hiding everything.
He wants everyone
to talk about him.
Everyone should be scared of him.
Those were his needs.
lnitially, l didn't believe any of it.
But one day, he gave me the details
of his next murder in advance.
l believed him, only
after it happened.
Since it was beneficial
for me as well,
l followed it up.
He called me and
gave me information.
That's how l got the
details of your daughter.
He was ashamed of the fact
that your child survived.
He said that he will kill her.
To know who he is,
l followed the child.
l knew that he would come looking
for the kid some day orthe other.
one day the police came here,
tracking his call.
Why does he call
you, Sathyanath?
Since there were chances of
being caught after that,
l told him not to talk
to me over the phone.
One day,
lt was a pen drive.
His voice was recorded in that.
He had recorded the facts that
were necessary for my story.
There were details of his
rapes & murders in it.
But there was nothing in it
which could identify him.
He wants to be presented to
the society as an anti-hero.
That was his demand.
Why you?
Why did he choose you?
He said,
that he wanted the
filthiest journalist.
That pen drive is over there.
Don't hurt me!
l told you everything!
Oh God!
Untie me!
Whatever l said is true!
The market is for rape news now.
Especially, that of children.
That.. That's why l...
Oh God!
Don't do anything to me!
You shouldn't write, ever again!
You shouldn't even
think about writing.
Oh God!
Don't do it!
- Don't go!
Sir, David just left from here.
l heard some noise from
upstairs, as well.
And ya,
unlike what l said,
he smokes stylishly!
What the hell were you looking at?
Go see if he's alive!
What happened?
A small bomb exploded!
Take me to the hospital quickly!
l come home early these days.
l thought l'll be a little more
responsible about my parents.
ls it a pen drive?
lt's an antique piece!
You would've used
it a lot, right?
Why don't you throw
away such old stuff?.
4 GB.
lt can't even store 2 films!
Buy a new hard disk!
l'll throw this away.
lf you don't give it
back, l'll kill you!
Give it.
lt was when that fraud
guard Narayanan went out,
that our apartment was robbed.
Prakash is my brother-in-law, Sir.
While l was running out of Johnny
Sir's flat with whatever l got,
l saw a man with a mask.
Ajoker's mask.
Ajoker's mask!
He wants to be presented before
the society as an anti-hero.
That was his demand.
William is in the US.
Who took this
connection in his name?
Even the police told me that prank calls
were being made from this number.
Have you given any identity cards
or photos to anyone recently?
Didn't l tell you already?
That's a new apartment that
William is going to buy.
From Venture Builders in Kochi.
l had given some
documents to them.
For the purpose of loans
and otherformalities.
This is to inform you that
you have been terminated
from this firm.
For negligence and misuse
of company properties.
Henceforth, the management has decided
to terminate you with immediate effect.
You are requested to return all the
company assets in your possession.
Before leaving.
A few days back,
someone who introduced
himself as a joker,
spoke to me on the phone.
When l investigated in the
curiosity to find out who he is,
William Chacko.
He is a client of our Green
Cliff Villa Project.
When l checked his file,
many documents that he had submitted
to the company are missing.
The number that called me was
bought using those documents.
Upon further investigation,
l found that many of our
clients' documents are missing.
Those documents might be talking
to many people right now.
Since you are the ones
who had handled those files,
l have summoned you here.
lf that's the case,
it needs to be
considered seriously.
The facilities of our
office are being misused.
We have to find him, whoever it is.
We have to find him!
We must find him!
l am scrutinizing everything
and everyone now.
These gloves are the kind which are
used by workers in construction sites.
There were particles of
cement and sand on this.
The sticker on the vehicle which was
captured by the jewellery's CCTV, is a logo.
The logo of that builder
David's Venture Builders.
both of us are looking for
someone who's right here.
Poor you!
Someone who's working for you
did this to your child..
Now you can take rest.
Within some time,
we will catch him.
l told you.
l won't let you
get to him first.
After l take him into custody,
l'll come with him;
to meet your dear daughter.
To get her statement.
l want to see how you're
going to protect her then.
Get out!
l told you decently,
lf you're good to me,
l'll be good to you.
You & your parallel
Even after you tortured
my child so much,
do you know why
l'm neglecting you?
lf l start taking you
into consideration,
it means that it's the
end of your life!
He is here.
lt's him, Sir.
We got this from his bag.
Photos of school kids,
and the gloves of the killer.
Tell me!
What's that in your hand?
An uncle gave this to me.
Near the gate.
This table is all dusty.
She was drawing
something over here.
This is the dust
from the eraser.
Let me see yourface, please.
l have seen many serials.
But l'm seeing a serial
killer for the first time!
You haven't let him go yet?
Without even using a feather,
l made him admit to
everything, Sir.
Send him away!
You & your feather!
The body we found from
David's office lift,
is that of 12 year old Jancy Joseph who
went missing from Thrisshur a week back.
According to reports, another
child is still in his custody.
The peon from David's office
gave me a package to give you.
lf you're smart enough,
let it be of use to you.
lt belongs to you as well.
What's going to be enforced,
is not the law of the
country or of God,
it is a father's law!
Some girl is tied on to a chair.
A digital photo is also a file.
lt precisely records when
and where it was clicked.
On handsets that
have camera GPS,
the latitude & longitude of the place
where it was clicked are also recorded.
So we can find the place where a
photo was clicked, very easily.
You took so much time, even
though it was so easy?
Sam, who was investigating
the murders in the city;
was murdered at the high range.
Sam had identified
his hiding place.
David is also taking
the route Sam took.
Shahul, a friend of mine; David Ninan,
he is coming to your circle.
Until l cross him, he
shouldn't go up the hill.
That's because..
Hey David!
l heard you're doing
the Police's job now?
That's not needed!
lt's not like earlier,
there are young
boys in the police.
So, you better go
back to your family!
And don't try to run into the
trap of that murderous psycho!
We'll take care of him!
'Notjust bikes.
My Papa does stunts with cars too!'
Start the cars!
Block him!
Seeing him go, l don't think
we can catch up with him, Sir.
You have failed!
You were my best opponent!
lt is during his last moments, that a man
proves whether he is brave or cowardly!
Forthat, this is better!
David, don't you want to know
who l am?
No, David!
l want to win!
l must win!
When you're narrating
your bravado before me,
you have failed!
That cancer you told me about,
l destroyed it yesterday.
Someone dear to us
didn't reach home yesterday.
Who was it?
Only one amongst us had the ability
to transform into another person.
l don't want to see you, James!
l don't want to see you!
You will know who it is, gradually.
People like him don't
have a face or a form.
Wearing masks of caring and protection
for the family and society,
they would still be around us.
We should always have a
watchful eye over our children.
Only if you are
sure about winning,
come to my house with handcuffs.
You're the one who should win.
Nothing has happened to
our child or us.
Even l came here making
up my mind to finish him.
Or else, he'll bloat up in jail,
and smile at us!
When she is matured enough,
let her decide.
Whether she wants to tell the
world what happened, or not.
Even in my house,
there is a girl child
like all of them.
'Like shining stars in the sky'
'A golden star which glows on the earth'
'Today, my world is beside you'
'You are my own, my very own'
'You are like my shadow'
'With your undying love'
'You are my shade always'
'You are my life'