The Great Indian Suicide (2023) Movie Script

See... This brown colour...
-This colour means...
-It's charred.
It's well cooked.
-This aroma!
Hey, put it down.
Go on.
Keep chicken away from him. And...
4 to 5 minutes for salad.
2 minuted for sandwich.
Ok, sir.
Remember, we need ten items.
Minimum ten items.
Sir, all the other items are ready.
What about cookies?
They'll be here.
They should have started off by now.
We are cooking our own chicken!
Why to buy cookies from other vendors?
I can learn how to make
cookies from YouTube.
-Do you think we don't have a mobile?
Or data on it? Or the YouTube app?
Those cookies are really special.
Why are those cookies
so special to you, sir?
They are really soft.
But crispy.
Crunchy from outside, but...
Sensitive and deep inside.
-Hello, Hemanth!
-Hello, Chaitra.
This time, I got a new variety
instead of black current.
Spicy chocolate.
-Spicy and chocolate?
Try it.
Too good! Tastes great.
Excuse me...
-Let me.
-For you too, Joseph brother.
Very nice!
Hemanth, what about the special
filter coffee you make for me?
In a minute.
How's the business?
With all the mojito and irish coffee
sales, it's growing.
This bests them all.
Why don't you add this to the menu?
Who drinks filter coffee these days?
Give it a new and stylish name.
Why don't you suggest one?
Hemanth mocha, like cafe mocha?
Hemanth-ccino, like cappuccino?
-Hemanth-iato, like macchiato.
Are you making fun of me?
I can't make this coffee for everyone.
It's just for you.
Or else, like your name...
Let's call cappuccino as Chaitrino.
-What do you say?
-Chaitra says 'No'.
I'll be here with new
cookies next week.
Think of a name that will
have both our names in it.
Sure... I'll do that.
-Here is your bag.
-Thank you.
- Bye!
- Bye!
Sure? Is that what you say?
-Will 'Definitely' do? Just a minute...
-Hey... Idiot!
You should go hug her.
She asked you to put both
your names together, right?
She said that as a co-entrepreneur.
Not as my would-be bride.
I don't think so. She likes you, right?
Even I know that.
But there's a difference
between like and love, right?
Then how will you know what it is?
But remember this...
She will never take the first step.
You have to do it.
-Do you think so?
-Of course!
Next week, I'll do it. For sure!
Sir owns this shop.
She's just a girl who brings us cookies.
Sir falling for her is a big
thing to start with, right?
Falling? She's not just
his crush or love...
He worships her.
He don't want her beauty or money...
He got attracted to the way she thinks.
The way she thinks? What!
Basically, we all are orphans.
We grew up in the same home.
We don't have only two things in life.
Money and love.
We started this coffee
shop to earn money.
Our bank balance got strong.
But looking at humans these
days and their affairs...
We lost our confidence on love!
-Thank you.
-And... yours.
Anything else, brother?
A little privacy, brother... Please!
What happened?
What got you so angry?
Just a few days back,
she's here with someone else.
And he had another
girl until last month.
They changed their lovers and the order.
They are not even lovers.
Urban ! Damn them! Why to
call it love if all they want is sex?
They should have gone directly
to some hotel room, right?
Why are you getting so angry?
We started this coffee shop for money.
Who cares who our customers are?
Dude, even animals
mate to express love.
But we humans are using
love in the name of dating.
Hello! Excuse me. Hello!
Thank you, ma'am. Anything else?
Your cookies don't taste good.
We know that.
That's why we don't eat them.
This is what we have.
If these work for you,
I'll deliver you these.
Me and my sister prepare them.
Homemade with quality ingredients.
I'll taste them.
Good! Tastes good.
But our customers keep sipping
the same coffee for hours.
They won't buy posh items like these.
This is a special one.
Couples special. Very costly.
If they are serious in their
relation, they'll afford this taste.
Timepass people won't come here in the
fear of having to buy them. Try it out.
Enough staring. Eat this.
Keep sharing.
Thank you.
-Maybe he wants one more.
-How much, sir.
-500 each.
-Hello! Yeah, I'm coming. Let's go.
-What happened?
-I have some urgent work.
Even the existing customers are leaving!
How much will she charge them!
This is a mistake.
-Cookies are very nice.
They taste great.
-Two for take-away please.
But they are costly, right?
-It's ok, dear. For you, right?
-For us.
-Thank you!
-Thanks. Bye.
Forget timepass lovers.
Take care of family customers.
People who just want to spend
time will look at the rate.
People who want to be together
will consider the quality.
Because, first comes love...
and then comes money.
What did you say?
First comes love... Then comes money.
Well said! Welcome...
To you and your cookies.
Nice, right?
Excuse me... Can you give
me birthday candles please.
We never had birthdays
in our orphanage.
The day we get admitted
is our birthday to us.
Sir shouldn't miss a girl like her.
I tried telling him that.
You give it a try.
Me? Ok... for sure.
Hemanth! What's with you?
Why did you do that?
I love you, Chaitra.
What's this?
Will you marry me?
Sorry! I seems like
you misunderstood me.
I never had such
feelings towards you.
Hemanth, listen to me...
You are a great guy.
I wish you meet some other nice girl.
Not me.
I'm a great guy. But not good for love.
Can you give me one
reason for not liking me?
Not one reason. One person.
There is someone else.
I have someone else in my life.
Can you introduce him to me?
Let it be.
After this, it's not correct for
us to travel together anymore. Bye.
We don't have the habit, but alcohol
might help in situations like this.
-Why don't we try that?
-It didn't work, but...
I love her purely.
Why to make it impure now?
I'll forget about her slowly.
Play some movie.
Other than love stories
and love scenes...
Do this... Play a movie
without any female lead in it.
Should I go get some sleeping
pills from the medical shop?
No need.
Rather than getting new bad habits...
It's better to better the existing life.
-What do you mean?
-Let's move.
If I see her with
someone else some day...
I can't get out of that.
So, no...
-It's better we move away from here.
As if we have a family here.
Let's move!
-Let's move.
-Dude, don't cry.
Set everything in five minutes.
The cafe should be open. Go!
-You guys go.
-Ok, ma'am.
Will you spoil your life
for after all a girl?
After all a girl!
As you are an orphan, I tried to help with
your loneliness and you took it for love!
As I'm an orphan.
Are you this immature?
Stupid! Dumb!
Immature person... Stupid! Dumb!
It's a person who gives
your life its meaning.
Understanding that is real maturity.
Ok... Go get married to him.
And be happy.
Chaitra, where are you taking me?
Hemanth, I'm not with anyone else.
Thank god!
Also, I like you.
Maybe... I...
-I love you too.
-Still a maybe?
-But we can't get married right now.
-But why?
Hey, whatever is the reason.
Just tell me.
It's ok, tell me.
Because I'm going to die in a few days.
Hey, how can you say that?
What happened?
Health issue? Cancer?
No... Nothing like that.
I'm going to kill myself. Suicide.
Have you gone mad?
Let me talk to your parents.
They are in it with me.
Our whole family is
going to commit suicide.
This might be odd to hear,
but that won't kill us.
We'll go see death and come back alive.
Whole family is committing suicide?
Still being alive.
I don't understand.
My dad died when I was little.
Single mother. Helpless...
Normal house-wife.
We are almost onto the streets.
Our uncle Neelakantam
saved us then.
-But he too died after that.
Last year,
in a freaking ghastly accident.
His car suddenly caught on fire and...
The whole body got burnt.
Not even a piece of flesh is found.
-Such a death!
Chaitra, please calm down.
-It's ok, Chaitra. Calm down.
-He's a man who built temples.
-We couldn't take what happened to him.
-It's ok.
It's ok.
Thinking of why can't
we change destiny...
We approached a lot of
sages and saints for him.
We researched all the
mythological books.
Unexpected death is not even
mentioned in his horoscope.
We are searching for reasons
for his death, and suddenly...
We found a way to
bring him back to life.
If people who love him give their lives
away for him with all their heart...
There is a chance for
him to get back to life.
It did happen.
Even in Ramayana, Mother Sita came
out of the burning fire, alive.
-Just like that.
We have to sacrifice ourselves for him.
It means...
We are committing group suicide.
Sensing our will, death will give back
our uncle's life, along with our lives.
What are you even talking
about, Chaitra?
You won't believe me, right?
Will you?
But I believed in you.
Wait for me, if you want to be with me.
I'll go as this Chaitra,
and will come back as your Chaitra.
This is madness.
I'll come talk to your family members.
Let's consult a good psychiatrist.
Don't make me regret telling you
this, Hemanth.
Did you love me just physically?
Or psychologically and emotionally too?
What kind of a question is that, Chaitra?
I fell in love with your character.
This is my character.
This is my life. And this is my death.
Accept or not... Your wish!
Wait for me to come back from hell.
Otherwise go to hell.
Chaitra... Chaitra!
After hearing you out...
I understood this.
A girl is planning to commit
mass suicide with her family.
Yes, sir. To bring her dead uncle back.
And even they'll come back from death.
-What kind of logic is this, sir?
-Forget about logic.
The way they are thinking
is so much away from logic.
-Are they all mad, sir?
Abnormal character.
Psychologically deviant.
Mentally affected.
Sounds huge!
People we think are mad,
might not be mad in reality.
They just have their own world.
No one should think of death
when they face a problem in life.
Whatever the reasons...
A human killing himself is suicide.
If a few do it together,
that's mass suicide.
If a philosophy adds onto it...
It's called a cult suicide.
See this.
1997, California.
A cult called Heaven's gate.
They used to believe in the same thing.
Which their head preached them.
He said that this world got spoilt.
And there is a heaven
for people like them.
By just believing in him...
39 people killed themselves.
1978, Jones town, San francisco.
Believing in a spokesman
called Jim Jones...
909 people drank cyanide and killed
themselves believing in just one man.
As if it's a cricket warmup
match, they even practiced it.
Just two years ago,
a normal family in Delhi...
A family committed mass suicide.
The reason behind it
is still a mystery.
You might have heard about the
Madanapalle ritual last year.
Their methods of committing
suicide is different.
But all of them have one common point.
What's that, sir?
Someone injected the concept of
mass suicide into their minds.
An abnormal idea that spread into
many minds from a single mind.
What if we bring that one
person into counseling?
How can you find
that 'one' among them?
We ask them, sir.
Not so easy.
They don't trust new
people or outsiders.
They'll only open up to the
people they know really well.
To know them,
you have to be their acquaintance.
All the best!
Forget about my love and
proposal for a while.
As a friend who admires you...
And as a partner who respects your
mindset, I'm telling you this...
You can believe in gods
and mythologies. But...
How can a dead man come back to life?
That's superstitious!
Do you believe in god?
-You are a Malayali, right?
-Why do you celebrate Onum?
King Bali, who got stepped on and
buried in the Earth by Vamana...
He surfaces every year, right?
The festival recognized and
celebrated by the whole country.
What's Easter?
It's when God raised Jesus on the
third day after his crucifixion.
And what does it mean?
Easter celebrates the defeat of death...
...and the hope of salvation.
A new birth into a living hope...
Through the resurrection
of Jesus Christ for the death.
Vinayaka Chavithi?
I get you... But they are gods!
Every mythology says that
every god is once human, right?
What we like is truth.
And what we don't is superstition.
It won't work that way.
The truth you don't
dig won't become a lie.
-Tell me.
I thought a lot about what you said.
This is about my family.
There's no need for you to think about it.
Hear me out, Chaitra...
Don't waste your time on
something that's already decided.
-Leave if you can't wait for me.
-Can I meet you once?
-What for?
I want to see you.
I won't ask you for it again.
But I have to wait until
you come back, right?
I want to see you for
one last time until then.
Will you come in a saree?
Do you have a specific colour too?
-I don't have a purple saree.
-It's ok.
You coming is enough.
-Excuse me!
-Nothing... Please come.
Let's go.
Wait... Stop!
Go on!
Now, even I'm a part of your family.
-I wanted to live with you.
How can I let you die alone?
Yes. Hemanth.
Hello! What's your name...
Hemanth, right?
Yeah, madam. Ah... aunty.
Aunty? Say 'Aunt'.
Go on, it's ok.
-Introduce everyone.
-Ok, aunt.
Hi. Myself Venkatesh.
Son-in-law of Neelakantam.
You would have known about him.
-I heard he's a great man.
-Really great!
There's not enough time to
explain about his greatness.
I'm really lucky that I got
to marry his elder daughter.
She's my wife... Deepthi.
He's their brother.
Official heir to Neelakantam.
He won't be talking for a few days.
He'll tell us the reason
when he finally talks.
-My son... Anirudh.
-Stop it!
Son... Say 'Hi' to uncle.
She's Sirisha. Siri. Their sister.
She's happily divorced.
-And Chaitra's mother...
-That's enough!
Everyone, get inside.
-Venkatesh, you too.
-Ok, aunt.
Look, Hemanth...
If everything had gone well...
There's a lot of ritualistic respect
we would pay you as her husband.
Starting with a grand welcome.
But you do know our condition, right?
I do, aunty. Sorry... Aunt.
You don't worry.
I'll act according to your wish.
I'll do whatever you ask for.
Just don't bring in any new changes.
That's the one and only
request, and rule.
You are here in the last minute.
Just be the audience.
Specially to our...
Group suicide.
You both can't be together
until the group suicide happens.
Because she's the most important one.
As a virgin... You know it, right?
-I get it.
-Thanks for understanding.
Chaitra, show Hemanth to your room.
You can stay in your mom's room.
Happy a happy and long life.
-This way.
-Where's your mom? This way?
She stays in a seperate room.
She needs hourly care.
May god bless you.
Live a long life.
What happened?
This is my uncle's room.
Why is it locked?
It's locked since the day he died.
He'll open it once he's back.
What if kids like me mess with
really important documents?
Kids? Is he really strict?
He's so disciplined and
also fun to hang with.
We used to play chess in this room.
I miss him so much.
Before going to bed every night...
He used to play songs on low volume,
but I could hear them, like a lullaby.
Classical songs are his favorite.
There's lot more to say. Come on.
I'm his favorite among all the kids.
No one has the kind of freedom I have.
This used to be my room once.
Now it's yours.
Once your uncle is back, he'll gift
me a lot of money and a new house.
Hey, what happened?
I used to doubt if
you think we are mad.
You trust us so much. Thank you!
I love you!
This is how I spoiled my life.
-Leave your coffee back at your shop.
This is what we drink here.
You are there to find
out about a secret.
Don't get too much involved.
Or else, you'll die too.
Only when you become one among
them, you can find out 'the one'.
Too strong!
Might have mixed something in it.
Do you like him, aunty?
Do you really want love at
this point of our lives?
It's you who asked me
to call him here, right?
Can we let him stay out there,
with our family secret in the open?
We wanted to do this for dad,
and now he got added to our family.
He came in like the right sacrifice.
I'll do what needs to be done.
-Hold her... Tight!
-Stop it!
-Take her in and tie her up.
You and your lover...
We'll take care of him.
Son... People usually die for love.
But I think you fell in love only to die.
Please, aunt!
What's with this sound?
Chaitra... Call Hemanth for dinner.
You too come along.
Mummy, you too.
Until what we aim for comes
true, we should eat lite food.
Please understand, Hemanth.
It's ok. I ate a lot worse
during my time in the orphanage.
Food is greater than hunger.
We should be lucky to get food on time.
Thank you, sir.
- Say 'Uncle'.
- Ok.
If you don't mind,
can I ask you a doubt?
-Go on.
-About this process.
Who taught you about this sacrifice?
They've already written down
everything a human need.
Life, death, salvation, rebirth...
Secret tests, spirit books...
-Spiritual books!
-Sorry... The spiritual books...
We have a lot starting from the palm
leaf manuscripts to Geology theories.
Theology theories!
-Sorry! I mean the same.
-Did you read all of them?
Aunty explains them to us.
If she too has some doubts, Swamy...
-Do you know Sanskrit?
-Of course.
'You are pure, enlightened and spotless.'
'Leave the illusion of the world.'
'This slumber of delusion
cast by worldly wants...'
'Wake up slowly out of it.'
Uncle used to sing this
to us like a lullaby.
Can you explain the meaning, bro?
I don't know Sanskrit that deep.
Just some basic chants.
Like some prayers and
Hanuman Chalisa kinds.
Use mouth only to eat!
I want some sugar.
Not until grandpa comes.
Even grandpa liked it.
We used to eat together, right?
You can eat with him once he's back.
God! When will he be back?
I don't like this.
Aunt, uncle comes on to only him, right?
Why don't we give him normal food?
The body he comes onto
should be more pure than us.
He comes onto him?
We need a spokesman to
explain us everything, right?
To explain what kind of ritual should
be done in what way to get him back...
To tell us that,
uncle uses Anirudh as a medium at times.
He's the choosen one.
So this kid asked you
to commit mass suicide!
It's just his tongue. The words are his.
Chaitra, this is crazy.
You brought a great man in.
Hello, Einstein!
Even Einstein need to know
how a bulb looks to invent it.
Correct... Correct, brother.
Just a minute. Tell me.
Aunt, I'm staying calm just because
of you. Do you want me to leave?
Brother... Sorry! Sorry!
Sit. Please sit.
Thank you, Hemanth.
Prominent politician Bellari
Neelakantaiah is stuck in the car.
As you are seeing, the firefighters
are trying to douse the flames.
Witnesses claim that there
has been a blast in the car...
...and there is no chance of survivors.
Did this happen because of a technical
glitch, a murden plan or anything else?
Witensses claim that the flames started
from almost half a kilometer from the spot
and before they were noticed,
they grew beyond control
Grandpa, these people are
not giving me any sugar.
Thank you, grandpa.
Ah! Milk again!
Milk again! Argh!
-Good morning, Hemanth.
-Good morning, brother.
-Did you sleep well last night?
-Yeah... I did.
Go get ready then.
Let's have some breakfast.
I'll be there. Let's do it.
Maybe there!
We used to play chess in this room.
I miss him so much.
Oh, that's why it's titled 'Here
comes the son-in-law'. Creative!
Oh! I think he is Shouri.
So he's like this even from the start!
Hey, that's Chaitra! With two braids.
Did you get the keys?
Are you still alive?
Without you tensing me out...
I'll be ok.
-Hey, just a minute.
-Ok, I'll wait.
Who is this man? Looks odd.
Dude, I'm sending you some photos.
Research about them.
Uncle is coming.
Good morning, grandpa.
Good morning!
Are all of you doing well?
We are good!
Daddy, how are you doing?
Sadness... Pain...
I want to come back... Right away...
To see you guys.
To be with you again.
I want to have more of it.
Who's this new guy?
He's your...
younger son-in-law, uncle.
Chaitra got married
to him without notice.
Marriage and at this point of time?
He looks good though.
Take care.
I'll bless them once I'm back.
-Get me back! I want to be back!
Can see into a room.
Which means,
the next one is my room maybe?
Guessed it right.
Did he get it constructed beforehand?
What's with your mid-night games!
-Go to sleep.
-Daddy, don't switch off the light!
Always into some nonsense.
There is a floor beneath too.
Wonder where else this leads to!
You'll be dead, fool!
Don't know how I'll deal with her!
Why does she look like a new bride!
Did she see me? God!
Take this. Let's bury it together.
Do you want a leg or a hand next?
-What are you guys doing?
-Burying the teddy bears.
I'll cut this too.
-Where to?
-Just come with me.
-Tell me where.
-Where are we going?
-I'll tell you.
Do what you did yesterday.
But not with a copper mug.
Do it with a steel glass.
A ceramic cup.
Or a plastic glass.
Why so, Hemanth?
Is a soul comfortable
only with a copper mug?
Stop being sarcastic and answer us.
You go on, Anirudh.
Not working? There are a lot of options.
Try this.
No luck? Let's try this.
Yeah, go on.
Brother, it's just some science.
That mug is a copper substance.
Electrically connective...
Like our electric wires.
We keep a lot of food
items on the table.
Just a drop of vinegar is enough.
We we all keeps our
hands on the table...
The salt that comes out of the
sweat we secrete while tensed.
The vinegar drop, the mug,
the heat from the lamp...
The feeling of movement
is their reaction.
We push it further
with some extra fear.
So do you think it's us
who pushed it so far?
What about Anirudh seeing him
and he coming onto Anirudh?
That's the problem.
If you don't mind...
Let's take him to a
pediatric psychiatrist.
Are you saying that my son is mad?
I don't mean that.
Maybe he's disturbed due to shock.
He's at an age where he would
believe in all kinds of stories.
I'll agree on that, Hemanth.
But you too heard
Neelakantam's voice, right?
-What about that?
I still have to decode that one.
Ok, wait.
Aunt, you might have seen
this during your college days.
Kamal Haasan's 'Idhi Katha Kaadhu'.
Ventriloquism. A talent where you
can talk without moving your lips.
Whenever the mug moved...
Someone among you guys...
...are talking without moving their lips.
In uncle's voice.
What's with that tattoo on your neck?
Why here? And why don't you talk?
We can't doubt ourselves, right?
If you fear for your life...
And think that all this is unnecessary...
You can just leave.
Aunt, I'm your family now.
I'll be with you...
Not 'You'... It's 'We'.
We will do what we planned to do.
But only a life given without
any doubt will bring uncle back.
Think about it.
What are you doing here?
-Shouldn't I be here?
-Not even Chaitra is allowed.
-How can you?
Hey Siri, can you get me coffee?
-Hey, Siri!
-Siri, what happened to you?
-Come, sit here.
Siri, what happened to you?
Do you want to get thrilled
by just secretly watching me?
Don't you want it to be direct?
Don't you like me?
I already like Chaitra.
We can purely keep this physical.
-I don't like that.
Siri, let go of me... Hey!
Waste fellow!
Just for you it seems.
Chaitra, it's her who...
It's ok.
No need to explain. I can understand.
I know you... And also her.
Does she have nymphomania?
None of your business.
No no, I mean is she psychologically...
Just for two minutes,
talk nothing and come hug me, will you?
You call me 'Dear', right?
You are the third person to do that.
First one is my dad.
Then Neelakantam,
who's also like a dad to me.
I know, dear.
You know, I was so little when I came
to this house. Just a little girl.
After my dad died, when I came into
this house... I was just six back then.
That is when I saw Neelakantam
for the first time.
He seemed like a king
from the fairy tales.
He's my uncle...
And he loved me more than a dad.
His love is like the
coolest of mountains.
Elders usually punish kids
for their mistakes, right?
But he used to calm me down
and become a kid along with me.
He played veena like a god.
He's the greatest teacher of all time.
He was not just a father figure...
Every girl's best friend.
Hemanth... I believe in God,
ghost, and everything else...
Why will we even meet without
some force making us to?
I agreed to our marriage only
because it happened in a temple.
If you find out something
and stop all this...
I will accept that too.
But don't poke into our beliefs.
The hands that brought me up.
The man who took care of me.
Those eyes that gave me strength.
Everything got burnt!
-His dead body...
-Chaitra, what's happening?
Chaitra, just relax. Don't get tensed.
Chaitra, look into my eyes.
Chaitra, just relax! Nothing will
happen to you. I'm here for you.
-Promise, Hemanth?
-Promise, Chaitra.
Will you help me and my
family without anymore doubt?
-Our family.
If we never got married...
My aunt, Padma...
What will she be to you?
-Anirudh and Venkatesh.
-Nothing to me.
That is why you don't
understand the emotion.
Think from their side too.
Without my uncle,
my aunt don't have a husband.
We don't have a dad. And Anirudh...
Enough. Go to sleep.
If I sleep here,
people will think otherwise.
Silly you!
Kiss me goodnight.
-Can I go now?
-Cover me with a blanket and go.
-Where to, sir?
What's this, so early in the morning.
Early? We are at the
ritual even before that.
-You are late to it.
We are performing rituals
everyday, until the main event.
Today uncle comes onto us.
How exciting! Let's go.
Then come watch.
Hey, why are you all so excited?
You asked me to read and I did. That's it.
Even the glass is still here.
See. It truely doesn't work.
Hey, where are my glasses?
Aunt, why did you sit there, all dull?
Who did this?
-Come, sit.
-Venkatesh, clean the chair.
What's with your clothes?
Why don't you wear a nice saree?
You should have told her, Chaitra.
Where is the boy you got married to?
I can't see him anywhere.
-I'll go get him dad.
-So he's not here.
Yes, uncle.
You do remember, right?
Coming SUBHAKRUTHA year..
In the month of VAISHAKA
During Lunar eclipse
Only then I can come back.
You should get me back.
Tell me that you will.
We'll definitely do it!
- Give you your word.
- We give you our word.
You too.
-Come close.
-Promise, grandpa.
Good boy!
Come, Padma.
-Come on...
-No no, it's ok.
Why did you get so thin, Padma?
Is no one taking care of you?
I really missed you, Padma.
Everyone is here.
Are you... Are you feeling shy?
Look at her!
Look at your grandma feel so shy.
My dear Padma... Paddu.
Come here, Paddu.
Enough, daddy.
This is that boy's body.
It won't look good.
Please, aunt... Let's go.
Have fun.
I'm trying to prove them
wrong, but got possesed!
I won't go back there.
As per our previous plan, let's leave.
What about Chaitra?
What about Chaitra then!
Why did you go out without telling me?
Tell you?
You are not my complete wife.
I understood your problem.
You never loved me.
All you want is this.
A family that is about to die.
Emotionally vulnerable.
So you created a marriage
drama, as it will be more easy.
Because of aunt's rule, you can't get me.
And you don't want to die either.
Do can't run away too.
So you want to extend time
by changing everyone's minds.
Why all this nuisance.
You can just have me and leave.
Of course, I don't want to die so soon.
I want to live my entire life...
with you.
And yes I want to have you...
Everyday... Through out life!
Until we die of old age after
having a lot of kids and grandkids.
I want to do it with you.
Is that wrong in any way?
You came from a family that
knows how to die together.
It don't seem like you
know how to live together.
Just get lost. Fool!
Watch your words while
you talk to your wife.
If you ever call me a fool again... I'll
have to forget that you are my husband.
3 feet. Did you note that?
Move it forward.
God! Don't push it like that.
That sound irritates me.
Sorry! I'm working here.
Not having fun or something.
-You too, Siri?
-Look at him!
-Still angry with me!
My height is 6 feet.
Half feet from ceiling to the rope end.
Half feet around the neck.
So four feet rope will be enough.
-What about our heights.
-I want a larger stool, dad!
Shall I get stools of different heights?
Or use one over the other?
We can have stools of same height
and change the rope length, brother.
Correct! I didn't think of that.
Masters degree is finally paying off.
You next. Push!
God! Don't push it like that.
That sound irritates me.
Brother, enough staring.
Come help me with this.
Everything is set, aunt.
Will get stools and
ropes by Saturday night.
Don't waste time.
Let's not get tensed in the last minute.
-Go get them tomorrow.
-Ok, aunt.
-Chay, sorry! Talk to me.
-Get lost!
You don't get tensed, aunt.
Everything will happen on time.
Hemanth, I need a bigger
rope size to suit my neck.
-Where are the kids?
-They are somewhere, playing.
-Playing what?
Some time counting game.
What ha...
-Uncle, don't disturb.
He asked me to wait
for 40 more seconds.
Siri, hold...
-Careful, brother. Here.
Hold tight! Careful...
- Careful, Hemanth!
- Sourya!
-What happened to him?
-Nothing... He's still breathing.
-No, the police will get involved.
So should we let him die?
He should get oxygen in
less than ten minutes.
I'm taking him... Come along if you
want to. Or else, it won't look good.
I won't spare you just
because you are my family.
-Let's go!
Hemanth, wait for me.
Tell me the truth. Are you here to
commit suicide along with Chaitra?
Or to save her?
Can you save me too?
My mom, sister, Anirudh...
Please save all of us.
I'll get some coffee...
-Sir, what are you doing here?
-Hi! On my work...
-Siri, just a minute.
-Yeah, sure.
-Is that her?
-No no.
She's her sister. My sister-in-law.
-You got married to her!
-It's you who told me, right sir?
That they won't trust in outsiders.
So I married her and
became a family member.
You took a huge risk.
Anyway, how is it going?
Nothing going, sir...
I don't understand anything.
Something is happening there
beyond science and logic.
Like watching a family and
a horror movie together.
I still don't know who's
influencing them all.
Not getting the answer means you might
not be reading the question right.
What do you mean?
You are thinking who's
controlling their minds, right?
Why are they even doing this?
Who has to get benefited
from their mass suicide?
Did you think of that for at least once?
-Benefited? Who?
For about the who.
What can that benefit be?
Vengeance? Money?
Or about some property?
Just think of all the possibilities.
I should have met you earlier.
Everything will happen
as it has to happen.
All the best.
Damn it!
Who's that? Hey... Who's that?
Ok doggy... Relax!
Aunty, when was this house built?
-Are you married by then, brother?
No. Uncle explained
every inch of it to me.
So I think you should
own the house now.
What do you mean?
Or else, the little
heir, Anirudh gets it.
-Why to discuss property now?
-I don't mean that...
We are committing ritual suicide, right?
What if... by mistake our plan fails?
-Why will we fail?
-Why not?
Even a lot of geniuses failed.
What do you mean?
Suppose if we fail...
All this property shouldn't go waste.
It's better we write a will stating that
it should go to an orphanage or temple.
If we really die,
why do we care about the properties?
At least while committing suicide...
We should think of the
less fortunate, right?
Very beautiful... Very strange...
We see beauty in the sun that sets.
Because we know he rises
again tomorrow, aunt.
Why do you think that the soul won't
come back after leaving the body?
You don't like philosophy, right?
Let me talk science.
Sun rise and sun set,
both are optical illusions.
Magic of our eyes.
Actually sun isn't going anywhere.
We, being on the Earth...
We know this science back
from our elementary school.
But we still think like we do.
Humans don't need full facts.
They only want facts that they like.
I would have planned something else,
if I knew you are this knowledgeable.
I thought convincing you can
help convince everyone else.
Now I get it. I can convince everyone...
But not you.
But I'm convinced.
After him,
I'm the heir of the entire property.
After me, equally distributed
among kids and grandkids.
If we fail to come back
to life as you said...
You decide to whom these
properties should go to.
How can I do that?
I'm giving you those
powers as my son-in-law.
Aunt, I didn't mean this.
You did all the good deeds until today...
Why to involve me now?
More than good deeds,
my hands did a lot of bad ones.
Let this be so.
-Bad deeds?
-As my son-in-law...
You have few duties.
See if you can fulfill any of them.
You'll know it right.
I already saw this, right?
Titled 'Great family'
What? What is Siri doing with him?
This is not there in the last reel!
So you are still on
with your investigation.
It's just you.
Is me seeing this more wrong?
Or you not telling me about it?
Family secrets should
stay in the family...
Now this is about my family too.
Learn from your aunt at least.
She supported your uncle
in all his bad deeds.
And you suspect me
even if I do good.
What is this, dear?
-Tell me, what should I support you with?
-Come with me.
You got me to a cemetery in the
name of scientific investigation.
What will you do now?
Sometimes we have to dig up
dead bodies to know the truth.
Ok, come.
Just a single hair follicle
is enough for the DNA test.
One condition...
You have to bury it back the same way.
Let's plan a rose plant too on the top.
Hold this.
Careful... He have to come
back with the same body.
You didn't even remove stones from
the soil. That's how careful you are.
Can you bring some other
shovel from the main gate?
Do it yourself.
-Let's both go.
-I'm not scared. I'll wait here.
My uncle will be here with me.
God! Ok...
Who's that?
Who's there?
Who's that?
God! Who's that!
Stop! Hey... Stop it!
Please come!
Do whatever test you want to...
I'm sure this is my uncle.
What is this? Aunt said no to this.
-She just said so.
-Is it?
You can do what you want.
What if it disturbs the ritual?
Disturb it!
Can you die for me?
-Do you doubt it?
Ask my heart... It will say
that it will die along with you.
According to them...
it's honour killing.
Why did they let you be?
They got me married to someone
else and killed me mentally, right?
Why did he divorce you?
He's the student of Nishkal Maharaj.
He can only worship, but not have fun.
Dad scared me and the priest
requested me into that marriage.
I wrote a letter that I can't
be with him and ran away.
Fools! Can't do anything.
No guts or bravery!
-But call themselves men.
-Siri, it's ok.
-Not everyone is like you.
-Listen, I can totally understand.
-Hemanth, why did you open this room?
Who gave you the key?
Siri, what are you doing here?
-How did this tape get out?
-Hey, chill!
Mom gave them to Hemanth to watch.
Should I just watch
you all become one?
Aunt has no right over it.
This is uncle's room.
Out... Get out!
Brother, you are supposed
to be on the footpath.
But you are here as
you are her son-in-law.
You can boss around your wife.
-But not your sister-in-law.
-As I wish...
Without uncle, even your wife
would have been an orphan like you.
I won't hit you.
I don't like manhandling.
Siri, what's your group in B.Tech?
No! To impress uncle...
What I did is wrong.
Sorry, Siri. Forgive me.
Sorry? That's not good enough.
I'm truely sorry.
No matter how much you torture me,
we can't help what has to happen, Siri.
Brother, you tell her.
Won't your ego get hurt if a girl in
your family spends with a servant?
Won't you react violently?
Ok... Agreed.
I do agree...
You didn't like her being
in love with a servant.
Then you have to get her
married to a better man.
But why him?
That's Nishkal Maharaj's nasty idea.
Aunt gave you all the properties now.
But according to the old will...
All this has to go to
Swamiji and his trust.
I don't understand.
If none of us have kids...
after a generation...
All the properties will go to
Nishkal Maharaj's establishment.
Nishkal Maharaj!
Don't think he's just a man.
He's an entire force himself.
Kind of a god too.
God? You said he's a
Swamiji , right?
That's what he say.
But his followers call him a god.
He preaches the truth
and ways for inner peace.
-How good should humans be...
-All these are basics, right!
They taught us the same in orphanage.
Parents teach this to their kids anyway.
Should someone preach
us even at this age?
And people are so free to attend.
They even pay for that.
Look around!
All the cars and the people. Come on.
Hari Om!
-Hari Om!
Hari Om!
-Want to have some holy food?
-Of course, sir.
Hail Lord Brahma!
May he consume these through us.
Go on...
Hemanth... every temple in this country
will have a gift collection box.
The visitors donate what they see fit.
No one will ask them to.
And it's ok not to.
Out of respect and love towards me...
Neelakantam wrote a will that will
transfer his properties to me.
This is a brand new information for me.
That will is made four years ago.
According to what you said,
the properties still belong to your aunt.
That's why she's able
to transfer them to you.
Four years ago,
you are more to him than his own family.
What changed suddenly?
They don't even take your name anymore.
A man who visits Lord
Shiva on every Monday...
He visits Lord
Venkateshwara on Saturdays.
As per his mood, the God he prays
to and searches for changes.
It's true that Neelakantam is
disappointed with me before he died.
Maybe that's why he changed the will.
Why the disappointment?
-I can't tell you that.
-Even I'm a member of that family.
People talk to me about what they
can't talk with their family.
I can save that family
if I know the truth.
That's what you think.
It's better we have a limited
knowledge of few things.
No violence. No anger.
The dates are right too.
Why did they hide this? No title too!
Siri's wedding video, right?
Is it a duplicate copy?
So the one who made this video is
not present in the earlier tapes.
Who can he be!
Who is this person?
She couldn't sleep with
all these tensions.
She's getting up in the middle
of the night all the time.
So I increased the dose by just 5%.
-I killed her!
-Chaitra, please.
We've arranged everything for the
auspicious time. But now this...
Maybe the time is not right.
Shall I take another look at it?
No need. In a way, this is good.
To our travel to death and back...
Maybe her health might
not have cooperated.
That's why fate did this.
-What about the last rites?
-What for?
We'll come back anyway, right?
We can take care of it then.
Hemanth, take care of Chaitra.
Chaitra, calm down. It's ok, dear.
-See what happened, Hemanth!
-Take care.
My god!
Hemanth, DNA results of
the dead body are here.
That's Neelakantam's body for sure.
What will you do now?
I failed to find
anything before deadline.
Now I have to search for it in death.
What the hell!
Are you going to die along with them?
I'll call you if I come back alive.
Or else...
Perform my final rites
along with my family.
-Love you, dude.
-Hemanth, have you gone mad?
This is fire of life.
It will show our way towards him.
By the time it goes off...
Our lives should go off too.
With the presence of his
soul, we and this light...
...will take rebirth.
No matter how brave we are...
Our body tries to escape out of fear.
So it's best to tie your hands tight.
What happened? Why didn't we die?
Forgive me, Chaitra.
What did you do?
-I was able to save just you.
I tied my rope in a different way.
Without you noticing,
I did the same to yours.
Why did you do this!
You made me cheat my whole family.
-Chaitra, don't panic.
-I killed them all! God!
You did all this to help your
uncle come back to life, right?
Where is he?
If this ritual is true, where is he?
Where is he? He have to come back to
life, right? Where is he?
So you came to know about it!
You know!
You know!
-Chaitra, we can understand. Calm down.
-Let go of me.
-Chaitra, stop!
-Listen to us, Chaitra.
-Calm down, dear!
-Yes... I did all this.
Of course... They deserve this.
It's your own family... How can you?
My own family? Damn them!
Do they even know what family means?
Scoundrels... Perverts...
Low lives...
I was 6 when I came
here after dad's death.
That's when I saw Neelakantam
for the first time.
He seemed like a king
from the fairy tales.
He's my uncle...
And he loved me more than a dad.
But that's not how a dad kisses.
His love used to sting
like a cold blade.
Elders usually punish kids
for their mistakes, right?
But he used to calm me down
and do wrong things with me.
He played veena like a god.
He's the evilest teacher of all time.
He was not just a father figure...
Every girl's worst nightmare.
What does we even know at that age?
Friend. Enemy. Good. Bad.
Black and white... That's it, right?
Bad and ugliness that seem like
good is the grey in the black.
I failed to see it!
Before I could even
understand my own body...
My bastard uncle...
I felt agony in the age
where we know only pain...
Do you know how it is to a child?
You knew it, right?
You always knew it.
She knew everything.
What's this, sister?
I'll take care of it.
Will you do this to your daughter?
Damn you! Such evil you are.
Shut the hell up.
I thought no one will ever come
to help me and right then...
He happened to me.
Dear, what are you doing here?
-That's not a lullaby.
It's very painful.
Uncle plays that song and...
He used to...
See... Even if you eat a
chocolate or something bitter.
Next day, everything
leaves your stomach, right?
Your mind works the same way.
Store the good and
flush the bad away.
Come on, dear. Come.
I was scared of even a man's voice.
But his voice is like music to my ears.
Touch of any kind...
It got me shivering.
But he's like a mother
who calmed me down.
So? How can you kill your
own family for just him?
Family means everyone living
together in happiness.
Family is not something that takes
care of one and gives pain to another.
The whole country fights for a
girl who got molested on the road.
But no one even talks for the kids who
gets the same inside a family's walls.
Why? Is it not to taint the image
of the great Indian family values?
We have all these great traditions,
but we can't save our own kids.
A family that is made of
valueless waste fellows...
Who cares if it lives or dies!
They all died, didn't they?
Now all I have is him.
You took me in knowing that I'll
do something like this, right?
They abused me. I just used you.
Blind followers, lovers, mad people...
They all are the same.
They won't use their
intelligence, but only emotions.
'Even animals mate to
express love. But humans?'
A lover like you will suit
both our madness and mad values.
You got more involved than I've imagined.
But you got late.
I really loved you, Chaitra.
But I'm sorry. Sorry to disappoint you.
Hemanth, thanks!
-You cheat...
-Chaitra, this is crazy. Let's go.
-Swamy, stop!
You are not a real god to go
invisible whenever you want to.
If you try to escape,
I can make this video go viral.
Speak out! Speak out about
what you did to this family.
We already dug that out, right?
How can he speak that out in
front of all these people?
I'll talk... You just nod 'Yes' for it.
-That will do.
-Come here, you... Go on!
One thing that you forgot as a family is
that... Kids don't remain kids forever.
They grow up.
Even their anger will grow.
The same thing happened to her...
And you brought him into her life.
That's his work as a Swamiji.
Identify people with problems
and give them mental peace.
For doctors, it's science.
For people like him, it's business.
Even if it's a good thing,
their ways won't be good.
He throws cocaine powder
in the name of worship.
-Trance dance.
Unprofessional hypnosis sessions.
High intensity meditation
techniques on immature minds.
He's in a ritual.
She does what he told her.
She believed in what he said.
Even after she saw his real side.
-Chaitra, dear...
-You too are the same!
I'm also a human. A man.
But not with you. Only with other girls.
That's just sexual.
We are spiritual.
A girl who came from
such a troubled family...
A man who spoke the truth
really seemed like a god.
He will never abuse her physically.
Sex is wrong.
Without consent it's a sin.
A man who don't do that is her hero.
Right, dear?
You are the reason for
her being the way she is.
You should explain her good and bad.
But you hid the bad deep.
So she went looking for
good in crappy places.
Neelakantam, the plan looks great.
No man would have ever
seen such a temple.
The plan looks great on paper.
But how to develop it?
An officer... Money... Liqour...
Ladies... He adjusts for nothing.
Sorry, Swamy...
I couldn't help your plan.
-See if there's another way.
-What way, Swamy!
-I can't do anything.
-Think of it, Neelakantam.
She was unable to forgive her
uncle, but...
She got ready to do wrong for
the Swamy who wrongs others.
-File fully signed.
I slept with him.
-For me, dear?
-For you, it's ok.
What magic did you do, Swamy?
The file came to us.
-The magic went to him.
-What do you mean?
You serve mom at home.
Here you serve Swamy.
Look at you... Enough.
You come back home.
Swamy, at least you tell her.
She's of age now.
Swamy is my everything.
Even my husband.
-What are you talking about!
-Don't panic, Neelakantayya.
Love arises in devotion and
confusion arises in love...
These are common between
God and his devotees.
It's just out of worship. That's it.
Swamy... Means priest. Not god.
You are playing with her innocent mind.
I'm just playing with her mind.
You forgive your followers... Right?
Nishkal become Nishkal Maharaj
after Chaitra joined him.
She learned all his tricks and magic.
Life until then is great. And then
Siri fell in love with a servant.
As he's of lower caste, they killed him
and got her married to someone else.
Before she forgot what you did to
her, the same happened to her sister.
Even Swamy said nothing about
it and it got her angry.
Stay with me. Stay with each other.
-Come with me.
-The sweet please.
Come on... Swamy...
She's just a kid who did a mistake.
Say that you are sorry. Go on.
Neelakantam... It's clear.
We did a mistake getting
her married forcefully.
Let's undo it.
You are here just to bless the couple.
Don't do anything more than that.
I relaxed government rules and
helped you build this temple.
If I want to end something...
I'm calm just because he's your uncle.
Or else...
You teach everyone to cut off
their relations, right?
Let's liberate him.
Hey... Help me
Oh god... Help me
Help me
-Will you do anything for me, Swamy?
-Of course.
-Then why do you need all this?
-Just us is enough, right?
-What do you mean?
I mean, why to live among
corrupt humans and values?
Let's buy an island and
create a world of our own.
Hari Om!
But new place, new temple,
and my image building...
We need a lot of money for that.
All they have is money, right?
It will be mine if they die.
And all that's mine is yours.
Let's kill them all?
We won't get their property if
we kill them. They have to die.
He fed your superstition.
She made you trip over it.
With paranormal happenings...
Growing poison mushrooms...
Feading poison in diet...
-Anirudh and Venkatesh...
-Nothing to me...
Hypnotizing if we look into her eyes.
She even hypnotized me.
Making us not being able to think
with insects all over the place.
Making Anirudh think he saw his grandpa.
Commanding using ventriloquism.
We are good. How are you?
I want to come back.
Who's this new guy?
The illusion at the graveyard
is so believable, even to me.
And I almost did.
A criminal who had 100
plans with hatred...
Leaves one loophole because of love.
Chaitra did the same.
She wanted to save her mother somehow.
That's what made me catch you.
You gave her drug loaded
cookie and kept her in a coma.
-After all this is done...
You planned that she
will come back to normal.
I told them last night...
-All this is Chaitra's plan. Trust me.
Do as I say. This is the hook.
Chaitra did it from inside the house,
as the Maharaj did it from outside.
The masked one outside the house...
The one who chased me
at the graveyard...
It's this fake Neelakantam.
You handled everything well.
But you should have called an ambulance.
How did you drink the holy water
even after knowing about me?
Dumb heads!
Aunt... Siri...
It's the same story.
But instead of hanging to death...
Let's say they all had poison and died.
You wanted a family, right?
Come, have this one.
Chaitra, if the entire family is dead...
You being the trustee will
get the property, right?
Yes, Swamy.
What if you too die?
This is the poison you gave
everyone, right?
You... You are not like everyone else.
I thought so!
Chaitra... I will miss you.
But don't you worry.
I'll find new Chaitra.
Why to sit seperately?
Come, be with your family.
It's ok, sister.
-Answer us, Swamy.
-No comments.
She's our younger daughter.
She has nothing to do with this.
Hi! You did good, Hemanth.
You successfully saved her.
Thank you.
I still don't get something, doctor.
Neelakantam is a great man for
the society. But a pedophile at home.
That too with a girl
who's like his daughter.
Nishkal Maharaj cheats foreign
girls in the name of worship.
But a father figure for Chaitra!
She's in pain and he
took advantage of it.
They shouldn't lose their respect.
And she wants her vengeance.
And he wants the properties.
Silly humans.
How when why will they
react in what way...
That's how humans are, Hemanth.
You are their acquaintance only
upto your knowledge of them.
Post that... No one knows what
goes on inside others' heads.
There she is.
Why this, doctor?
And how many more days?
To forget all that have happened...
A few drugs... hypnotic sessions...
They will help her
become normal again.
But we can't say by when.
Here. Submit this in the court.
The court will grant you divorce
for her being mentally imbalanced.
Start a new life.
I loved the Chaitra I knew.
I'll take care of this Chaitra I don't.
If Chaitra had told me all about it...
I would have got her treated.
Girls won't.
Adults stick bandage on outer wounds.
Kids do it to their hearts.
I get it.
Hemanth, I'll go give
these cookies to Chaitra.
-Just 2 minutes, ok?
-It's painful here.
-For me, it's here.
Don't worry.
If these work for you,
I'll deliver you these.
Me and my sister prepare them.
Homemade with quality ingredients.