The Great Lover (1931) Movie Script

You know, we got to get an interview and
a lot of pictures for the front page.
Ah .. his master's voice.
Ah, Mr Finny. We didn't
expect to see you, sir.
Have I ever failed you, Lenny?
And how is Paurel, my favorite baritone?
Oh, we are tip-top, thank you.
Our voice is in splendid form.
We remained in bed throughout
the entire voyage .. resting.
No ladies?
No ladies to speak of, sir.
Well, I won't speak of them.
You know, now I have the press here
for pictures and interviews and things.
You'd better snap it up because
we land in twenty minutes.
Very good. I'll tell Monsieur Paurel.
Say, I wonder if he has any
g-g-girlfriends or women with him.
No, no. Traveling lonesome.
"Your kisses are divine".
Ah, so he's by himself .. alone, huh?
"Your kisses are divine".
You have a most embarrassing
memory, Countess.
Your kisses are divine.
Your kisses ..
Yes, sir?
Who said that?
Why it was ..
It was the red-haired lady who
swooned when we kissed her, sir.
Ah, yes.
She swooned.
Yes, sir. She swooned.
That's the one, sir.
Permit me.
By the way, sir.
Mr Finny of the Opera ..
Has come aboard with some
reporters and photographers, sir.
The reporters, they annoy me.
But the photographers, they amuse me.
[ Door knocks ]
Your husband?
Busy with the stewards.
You are the first woman I ever
met who simply makes me crazy.
Tomorrow, lunch?
One o'clock.
The Ritz.
Well ..
[ Singing ]
Alright, sir?
[ Singing ]
[ Female opera singing ]
[ Opera singing ]
[ Opera singing ]
What a voice.
What a beautiful voice.
It has a certain promising quality.
She must be exquisite.
I can almost see her.
Exciting eyes.
Lips like twin cherries.
Well, he doesn't know it.
But I've sung with the great Paurel.
See you later, dear.
Go and find out who she is.
Very good, sir.
I'm so sorry, Madam.
Come in.
Oh I .. I beg your pardon.
That size, sir.
Too bad.
Why is it Potter, that every woman
who can sing .. must be like ..?
I'm sure I can't say, sir.
But when you find out
you will let me know.
I am ready now to
smile for the front page.
Very good, sir .. very good.
I beg your pardon, sir.
Ready, gentlemen. Ready.
Come on boys, get your
pictures. Here he comes.
Finny, Finny.
What a pleasure to see you.
I hope none of you boys
are photographing this.
My favorite press agent.
Oh, Paurel, you look marvelous.
Thank you.
Tell these innocent bystanders,
are you glad to be back?
My friends, I ..
Mr Paurel says that America is his home
and there is nothing sweeter than home.
Now tell them what opera are you
going to open this evening with.
Ah, the first opera is ..
Paurel says that his first
opera will be Don Giovanni.
And he will play his famous
role Don Juan the great lover.
And if I might add a word myself.
Who could play the great lover any
better than our own .. Jean Paurel?
Pardon me.
But ask him what he
thinks about .. the ladies.
Well, I'll tell you ..
No, no, no.
That is a question that
I will answer myself.
I think that the American women
are the most beautiful ..
The most ..
The most ..
The most promising in the world.
Ah, just a minute, Monsieur.
Some more pictures, boys. Come on.
Now, how about the profile?
The profile is exquisite.
Mr Paurel, would you sign
my autograph book?
And mine, too.
Nothing would give me more pleasure.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, he pecked my cheek.
I hope it leaves a mark.
We heard you sing in London.
We always go to the opera
when you sing .. goodbye.
Hmm .. just a minute.
Riverside 74321.
You know, I love this America.
Yes. It's not a bad place.
No smoking.
I beg your pardon.
I was trying to remember
where it was we first met.
Well that would take a remarkable
memory. We've never met.
But of course I know who you are.
[ Italian ]
You are American, no?
You can tell by the way I speak Italian?
No. You speak Italian like a native.
A native of Ohio.
Did you declare this?
What is this?
It's an opera costume.
This opera should be very popular.
I'm afraid if you stay around here there
will be nothing left to your imagination.
My imagination is already
ahead of the inspector.
It is an enchanting way to make
the acquaintance of a lady.
Do you sing in opera?
I've been studying in Italy
for the past two years.
I just came over here to try and
get an audition at the Opera House.
Let me arrange it for you.
Oh, really? You mean it?
Tomorrow at the Opera House,
at one o'clock.
Then we have some lunch.
But you have not told me your name.
Diana Page.
May I ask "Miss" or ..
Glad to see you.
And am I glad to see you.
Are you finished?
Okay, madam.
Tomorrow .. at one.
She's married, sir.
Oh, how l love this America.
[ Italian language ]
[ Italian language ]
[ Italian language ]
Please .. please. Not all together.
Tell your troubles to Mr Finny.
Now wait a moment, wait a moment.
What is your trouble?
Mr Finny, they promised to put a couch
in my dressing-room. Yeah?
How do they expect me to take my
massage before I sing? On the floor?
Well, that's up to you, honey. But I'll
see that the couch gets in there today.
And .. maybe I'll give
you a massage myself.
Oh .. you are so cute!
Close that door! It's driving me mad.
[ Italian language ]
[ Italian language ]
I'll send a plumber up right away.
I'll have that fixed for you.
Oh, Really?
When is Jean Paurel coming?
His valet telephoned.
He'll be here in ten minutes.
Yeah, well that means he'll be
here any time before midnight.
Hello. How's the rehearsal going?
Trs mal.
These rehearsals. They go very bad.
Well, what's the trouble, Maestro?
The orchestra is not playing together.
Madam Savarova.
Savarova. I don't want to see her.
Mister Stapleton.
Delighted to see you, Madame.
I'm very glad to see you too.
Here, sir.
Ah, my dear Finny.
I'm glad to see you, too.
Well, I've been kissed
in every language.
Every time she kisses me,
I know there's trouble coming.
Monsieur Stapleton.
Maestro Cilliali.
Maestro Cilliali.
Bella Signora.
I am thrilled to see you, Maestro.
I am beside myself with joy to see you.
Madame Savarova.
I get away from here quick.
Don't go without me.
You look out for her.
Don't leave me alone with that baby.
Madame .. you will excuse me.
But the Maestro insists
that I watch this rehearsal.
Mr Finny will look after you.
Bella Signora.
Come, Maestro.
I hate that man.
He thinks that he and his
miserable orchestra ..
Are more important than the star.
I want to know what I am going
to sing for my season debut.
Well, you open as Donna
Elvira on Don Giovanni.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
But my dear, we ..
I open as Aida.
I am the great Aida.
I am the only Aida.
I just sing it in South America.
A sensation! They
shouted in the streets.
Bravo Savarova, bravo Savarova.
Bravo Savarova!
Oh, here ..
Here are my clippings.
I've read them twice.
You see, we want you to make your
second appearance in Aida ..
On what we call, Gala Nights
Savarova .. in Aida .. Gala night!
Gala night.
Oh, that's alright.
And who sings Don Giovanni?
Jean Paurel.
Jean Paurel?
I won't sing with him.
But he's our greatest star.
You say that to me? Savarova.
You .. you fish.
I'm going to see Mr Stapleton.
I won't do business with
a dumb Press Agent.
Oh, horse trousers.
[ German language ]
What's the matter with her?
I fixed that alright.
[ German language ]
Say, can you tell me what's
eating you in English?
In English?
Frau Von Bombach.
She come every day to the
rehearsal with her Spitz dog.
Well, are you afraid of dogs?
But I'm going to kill her.
Who? Madame?
Nein. Her Spitz dog.
When I sing Wagner, she barks at me.
Who, Madame?
No, her Spitz dog.
Well, maybe the dog don't like Wagner.
Excuse me.
My Wagner to be insulted by a Spitz?
Anyhow, is this an opera
rehearsal or an animal act?
Well, you got me there.
They gave me this.
It makes me look fat.
Why Madam, really you look thin.
Then why my dog, he not know me?
He look at me and bark.
Your Spitz barks at every old thing.
Old thing? You mean me, Losseck?
No, no. He means the
dog don't like Wagner.
My do doesn't like the
way he sings Wagner.
That's effrontery, that's an outrage!
I will not sing in the opera with
you unless you apologise to me.
Now don't get excited. Say ..
Couldn't you come back in a half hour?
Not me.
I have ordered at my
home for one o'clock.
Sweet and sour goose .. with pilsner.
Sweet and sour goose.
With pilsner.
Can you take me with you?
Yah .. but not your Spitz.
Well, if it is goose and pilsner.
The dog stays home.
Reunited by a goose.
Ah Mike, I am glad to see you.
Mr Paurel, I'm glad
to see you back, sir.
And your wife?
And the six bambinos?
There are seven babies now, sir.
Of course. I have been away six months.
[ Male opera singing ]
Who is that?
That is Mr Jonino, sir.
How stupid of me. I should recognize
the voice of an understudy.
Well, well. Carlo Jonino
How is our young American baritone?
Getting along alright, I guess.
I'd like to ask you something.
If you're asking about the reputation of
a lady, it's a secret I will never tell.
Well, I don't think we have
the same ideas about women.
No, it's about Mister Stapleton.
Did you ask him to engage
another understudy?
Dear oh dear, what makes you think that?
Because he's been rather
vague about my new contract.
And you believe it is my fault?
Well, of course I realize that
our work is somewhat similar.
My dear, dear boy.
You are not yet Jean Paurel.
There is only one Paurel.
Well, there is only one Carlo Jonino.
Yes .. but you are just started.
You have not yet drawn the
world to an opera house.
Then, you don't object
to my continuing here?
But why would I object?
I can talk to Mr Stapleton then,
about the new contract?
To show you how wrong you are ..
I go now myself to Stapleton
and talk to him about you.
Oh, thank you very much, sir.
And my voice? It was .. never better.
And now .. who will sing with me
on my opening performance?
No, no. I will not sing with her.
She takes the light off me
and she sings off the key.
And she eats .. onions!
Oh, come now.
Just because that unfortunate
love affair of years ago ..
I will not appear on the
same stage with her.
And she says she won't sing with you.
She says she will not sing with me?
Oh .. will not sing with Paurel?
Bring her here. I show you
that she will sing with me.
My secretary has gone to bring her back.
Yeah. You know, I was just
giving her a little soft soap.
When I knew her she
needed plenty of soap.
Here she is.
Ah, Mr Stapleton. You sent for me?
Yes, I .. uh ..
Darling girl.
What a delightful surprise.
You are looking positively exquisite.
Oh, this is the kind of
talk you fooled me with.
Sixteen years ago.
How can you remember so long?
You were just a baby
then and so beautiful.
But not so beautiful as now.
I remember so well.
Your golden voice.
But what a calamity.
Mr Stapleton insists that Matucci sings
Donna Elvira on the opening night.
Matucci? That old cow?
Mr Stapleton, why I do not sing Elvira?
Finny said you didn't want
to sing Donna Elvira.
He say ..?
I knew he would make trouble. The fish.
But Madam ..
I open this season with Paurel.
Well, is that alright?
Alright? It is perfect.
Pardon me, Mr Paurel. There is a
lady asking for you at the stage door.
Do you not see that I am busy?
And I suppose you are from Buffalo-ino?
You certainly have all
the earmarks of a singer.
Well I guess I got those in Milan.
Oh yes. I almost forgot.
We weren't on speaking terms over there.
Yes. And whose fault was it?
It was not. It was yours.
Carl. After two years are we
going to be that way again?
Oh Diana, I've missed you terribly.
I have.
And I've missed you.
Why did we have to quarrel?
And say some things we didn't mean.
Well, there are so many things
to say that we do mean.
For instance?
Just how much I really love you.
Two years is a long time to
wait to hear you say that.
Oh, I know that I was an idiot
to have come to America.
Without waiting to
even say goodbye, but ..
Well, you know that temper of mine.
Well, anyway .. we're together again.
And nothing is going to
separate us .. nothing.
Nothing should, Carl.
And now, how about a little matrimony?
Well, here we are.
The same old quarrel.
Right back where we started.
Oh, but now listen.
Oh but Diana, this opera
game is a tough one to crash.
Well, I'm going to crash it.
And I'm going to be a success, too.
Well, anyway .. I'm glad
you came to see me.
Oh, but I didn't. I have
an appointment here.
With who?
Monsieur Paurel.
Jean Paurel?
He's going to help me get an audition.
Don't you know his reputation?
I know he's very charming.
Why, any woman that Paurel helps ..
Oh don't be ridiculous, Carl.
Why, it's a well-known fact
that she has to .. Please!
Where did you meet him? How'd you get to
know him so that he wants to help you?
Do I get a whiff of the
Jonino Italian temper?
Mr Paurel is sorry, Miss.
He can't see you.
Oh, but ..
There. You see ..
It isn't a lady's career that
interests this charming man.
Oh .. come on. Let me take you to lunch.
I'm afraid I haven't much appetite.
Well, that's swell. Come on.
I am happy. Very, very happy.
You are the only woman I ever met.
Who completely upsets me.
I see.
[ Opera singing ]
[ Opera singing ]
You .. so it was you on the phone.
I thought you had
forgotten our appointment.
Well, I thought you had forgotten.
But I never forget an appointment.
Darling, forgive me. I forgot this
appointment. Tomorrow, yes?
Yes, tomorrow .. we go now.
Goodbye, Carl. I'll get in
touch with you later.
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
It isn't fair.
Not fair? What do you mean?
Well, it isn't fair to the other ..
Please ..
[ Whistle ]
[ Whistle ]
Hi. Hello Di. I'm coming right up.
"Don't. I'm coming right down."
Hello, Carl.
Well, where were you going?
Oh .. just out to a little dinner.
Well. You must have been going out to
a little dinner every night this week.
I called you four times.
Oh, well you know how it is.
First week back in town. Everyone ..
Well now Di, tell me .. who is it?
An old friend of the family?
No, he isn't old,
and he isn't a family man.
Well, don't think that
I don't know who it is.
If you wouldn't fly into such
tempers, you'd know a lot more.
I know enough.
I suppose you've heard that he can
help you get into the opera here?
But you never stop to think
that everybody he helps ..
Has to pay the price.
Well, dear.
Maybe I'm not the type that
worries about what things cost.
Oh, cut out the kidding.
Oh, Carl.
I'm no fool.
I'm just going over to sing for him.
I can take care of myself alright.
What you got there?
Oh, some flowers.
Thanks, Carl.
You're the sweetest boy
in the whole world.
Meet me in the park tomorrow?
We'll do our breathing exercises, huh?
I don't want to breathe.
Oh, but you have to.
Well ..
I'm to hurry.
I hear that meter climbing up.
I thought you were the type that
didn't worry about what things cost.
Let me go along with you,
will you? I'll pay the bill.
No sirree ..
You would talk me into
turning back, you would.
I'll see you tomorrow, alright.
I'll let you know how I
made out .. nighty-night.
I hope you have a flat tyre.
Oh .. ha ha.
[ Opera singing ]
[ Opera singing ]
You are making a big
mistake about all this.
You are not singing a hymn.
Well .. I was only trying to
keep a little artistic restraint.
Ah, that it the biggest
word in your vocabulary.
Well, why not?
Restraint is only good when
you have something to restrain.
But why try to restrain at all?
Well I have something
to restrain .. my temper.
Bravo! She has a temper.
At least that is something.
And I am going.
By all means.
I did not invite you here to sing.
I know you didn't.
I know what you think of me. That
if you scratch me I bleed ice-water.
I've heard all that before.
All what? Oh ..
"Little girl, you must
first learn to live."
"Come up to my place
and see my etchings."
You should have gone.
To be a great singer, you need
more than vocal chords.
Teeth, tongue and ..
Tonsil? Exactly.
Then ..?
You are not interested in me?
Oh, but I am interested in you.
Do you think I have possibilities?
Distinct possibilities.
As a singer, I mean.
Many people have possibilities.
And the get just so far mechanically.
Now, if that is all you want ..
Why not buy yourself a
phonograph or a saxophone.
Oh, please.
May I sing for you again?
Certainly. That is all you came for.
Try this.
[ Opera singing ]
[ Opera singing ]
That is much better .. lovely.
Eh, Potter?
Worthy of our attention, sir.
Potter is a good judge.
Then .. you think I have
a chance for a career?
A career can mean so
many things to a woman.
Oh, if you say a husband, and
home and children, I'll scream.
When you meet a man
that you like very much.
You will be glad that .. that ..
That I didn't go to
look at the etchings?
I'm sorry if I've missed anything in my
life that would make me a better artist.
Oh, I know I need training,
and help, and advice.
Why, there is nothing I wouldn't do.
Nothing? Nothing!
I would forget the little
cocktail before you go.
Before I go?
Why, I thought you liked me?
I do like you. That is why I
am sending you away.
Sending me away?
I beg your pardon, sir.
There is a person to see you.
Am I in the way?
Perhaps you would like to
powder your little nose.
Just one moment. Long enough
for me to throw him out.
Madam Savarova, sir
Mio, mio
I'm afraid she'll take a
deal of throwing out, sir.
Why do you keep me waiting?
What's the matter?
You look like an owl.
I am delighted.
And agitated and very much troubled.
All at once?
Yes .. I am due at the Lotus Club.
My hat, Potter.
Very good, sir.
The Lotus?
Yes .. I have spaghetti with Delucci.
You should have telephoned me.
I am very embarrassed.
You say come and dine.
Now I am very hurt.
Ah, but you have the wrong day.
Come .. I drop you.
Call up Delucci.
Tell him.
You've changed your mind.
Oh, but ..
Potter .. have we any food?
Not even a crumb, sir.
Is there a delicatessen .. near?
A delicatessen, Madam?
Oh dear, no.
Not for miles .. and miles .. and miles.
And miles.
Oh, darling girl.
Now be a nice girl.
Why, it's so late.
You invite me.
You shall feed me.
Darling, you go out or
I will carry you out.
Once you have your arms around me.
You will forget everything
You will forget your spaghetti.
You will forget the
Lotus Club. Everything.
My first .. great .. love.
I'm so sorry.
What gave you this Delucci?
Madame misunderstands.
Miss Page came here to ..
To go over some songs with me.
In costume?
Well, she had a very bad accident.
Yes. I spilled a cocktail
all over my dress.
Oh, that's a very good accident.
Madam doesn't seem to believe me.
Do you think I am a fool?
Well I don't know, I'm sure.
I've never thought about it.
She took off her dress
to make it dry, you see.
I see.
Take my advice, my dear.
Hang your dress ..
Where the morning sun can find it.
But you are wrong, Savarova. Very wrong.
You are very fortunate, my dear.
He's a great teacher.
Now that is enough, Savarova. No more.
Why did you do this?
I came here for one purpose.
Do you think I was going
to let her defeat it? Ha.
And I tried to be so fair with you.
You ought to be ashamed.
A girl like you.
Women are the sweetest things on earth.
We want to think so.
But you won't have it.
We like to be fools about you.
You like to make us bigger fools.
You lose both ways.
For us .. and for you.
I should not have come in.
But I am in.
I have no notion that you
shall go now. Not in the least.
Here is your stocking.
You don't want me here.
We are precisely the
same as when you came.
I invited you for my reasons.
You came for your own.
Do you also pretend the tears?
This is all very new to me.
I'm going.
No .. now you stay.
I shall arrange an audition for you.
If you fail, that will be your bad luck.
And I will fail, won't I?
Oh, I know. You'll say to Stapleton:
"Hear this girl. She's marvelous".
You'd wink at him and he'd
listen to me, just to oblige you.
To discharge your obligation to me.
No thanks.
What I wanted was a
chance to work with you.
To study three or four hours a day.
I'd give my soul for that.
To learn a little of what
makes you great.
But now .. after what you
said in there, I know ..
How cheap.
How pitifully cheap I must be.
My poor fille petite.
You must think me an utter idiot.
I think you are utterly .. adorable.
How quickly can you get out?
Where I cannot touch you.
Where I cannot see you.
Never in the world was
anything done so fast.
I'm so ashamed of myself.
Something terrible has happened.
What is it, sir?
You would never believe it.
I am in love.
Oh ..
What do you mean, "oh"?
We've often been in love, sir.
But not like this.
That is what we always say, sir.
Ah, but this time I mean it.
Yes, sir. We always mean it.
Only you and I know .. how old I am.
Yes, sir. Let me see ..
Twenty-nine, sir.
Thank you, Potter. That does not
include the Sundays and holidays.
I want to marry her.
Marry her?
I am tired of all this philandering.
I want to settle down and have a home.
I want a whole house
full of little Paurels.
Little Paurels, sir?
Oh, sir. Children are bad for the voice.
Ah, this time it is serious.
Yes, sir. It is serious.
So you did come, huh?
Well, after the way you talked to
me on the phone, I shouldn't have.
You didn't think I'd be pleased
that you went to his rooms did you?
Oh Carl, I came here to do
breathing exercises, now.
Not to quarrel with you.
Come on.
Hold it until we get to that
tree down there, huh? Ready?
One, two, three.
What I want to know is - what happened?
Did he make love to you?
Carl, really ..
Does a career mean more
to you than self-respect?
Oh come on now, hold in.
Ready? One two three.
Come on now. Tell me,
what else happened?
He threw me out.
He threw you out, huh?
Well, that's great .. why?
Well, I don't know. He told me that ..
Oh, let's forget all about it.
I suppose he told you
how much he loved you?
Well, isn't it possible he could?
Yes, if you care for stale,
shop-worn emotions.
The leftovers of a life of love affairs.
Oh, you're jealous.
Yes, I am. And I'm miserable.
Oh Diana, give the
whole thing up, will you?
I'll make a career for both of us.
You've got a lot of nerve, you have.
Trying to sing for both of us.
Why, I've studied just as long
and as hard as you have.
Oh, cut it.
Gee, I'm so crazy about you.
I lose my head whenever I ..
Oh, come on. Lets breathe.
One .. two .. three.
I don't want to breathe.
You've got to if you want to sing.
Sing? Huh ..
I suppose I'll never see the
inside of an opera house again.
Will you go to dinner with me tonight?
I know a place where they
serve great Chianti.
And you like spaghetti too, don't you?
Oh, yes.
Well, that's great.
We'll go to a show, huh? We'll get
dressed up and do things right.
Yeah, I feel like breathing again.
Why, that's great. Come on then.
Hold in now: one, two, three.
So, he threw you out, did he?
Ha ha ha ..
Hello Marietta.
Hello, Mr Jonino.
Any room upstairs?
No, sir. It is reserved for a party.
Oh, that's too bad.
Do you mind eating downstairs, darling?
No. I love it.
Good. Two.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, Marietta.
Monsieur Paurel.
The only lipstick cheeks in America.
Nah, nah, nah.
I have been thinking only of you.
Mr Jonino, please sit down.
I have been looking for you all day.
Why did not leave me your address?
Well, I ..
Monsieur, I ..
One minute.
In my box tonight, are
Mr Stapleton and Maestro Cilliali.
You must come and meet them.
Miss Page has decided
to give the whole thing up.
But Carl, I didn't mean that I ..
This is a wonderful opportunity
for you to sing for them.
Much better than at the opera house.
Come on, Carl.
I'd rather not
Oh, you're not going to act that way.
You can see Mr Jonino any time.
I'm not going .. excuse me.
Where is Paurel? If he doesn't hurry,
there won't be anything left.
Maybe he met some dame downstairs.
You think so?
Oh, here he is now.
My friends.
May I present Mademoiselle Diana Page.
A young lady with a charming voice.
Who will sing for us.
Well, we'll have a little concert, eh?
Losseck will sing a German song.
And then we will hear from Miss Page.
Bravo, bravo.
Well, what will it be, Losseck?
Nein, nein, nein.
You will have to excuse me.
I am a little indisposed.
Frau Von Bombach. The piano.
Danke schn.
[ Opera singing ]
[ Opera singing ]
Your Spitz barks at me.
I won't sing anymore.
Nein, nein, nein.
You can't blame her.
She knows you sing Wagner.
Oh come now, sing.
Nein. Nein.
Well .. will Miss Page sing now?
What will you sing?
Perhaps I can play it?
The wall song. Romeo and Juliet?
E natural.
[ Opera singing ]
[ Opera singing ]
Beautiful. Beautiful.
Oh, it would be a crime not to
give this lovely voice to the world.
Thank you.
[ French language ]
Thank you, Monsieur.
Now tell me.
Have you ever sung an opera?
Well I sang Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni
In a small opera house in Torino.
Well Jean, with your help, perhaps
next season she can sing it here.
Oh ..
Excuse me.
My head feels so dizzy.
I must go home and lie down.
I will get you a taxi-cab.
No, no. Use my car.
Oh, I'll save money.
A lovely young voice.
Always makes her sick.
And what a charming
Donna Elvira she would make.
Stapleton .. I want her to sing
with me on the opening night.
But Jean .. she isn't ready yet.
But I will make her ready.
We will work day and night.
It is impossible.
But it is possible. I made
Dolores sing Juliet in one week.
I will make her the
greatest Donna Elvira.
Monsieur Paurel .. if ..
If Mr Stapleton doesn't think I'm ready.
I will not sing with Savarova.
No, I will not!
Well .. we'll see during rehearsal, eh?
I lost thirty pounds learning
Isolde in one week.
You should learn it
over again once more.
But I think Paurel is too right.
She has a nice voice.
Yah, yah.
Fraulein, anyhow.
We drink to your success.
Thank you, Madame.
[ German singing ]
It is enough .. I go home!
Hello, Martin.
Congratulations on your engagement.
And I wish you all the
happiness in the world.
Thank you, Mike. Thank you.
Ah, Jean .. never better.
Never better.
Never worse, you charming liar.
I am in very bad voice.
Well, you shouldn't be singing tonight.
You know, the doctor warned you.
Oh. That doctor.
We could have changed the program.
No. We could not disappoint Miss Page on
her debut. The big moment of her life.
And Stapleton, was she not magnificent?
Potter, bring her here. I want to
tell her how superbly she sang.
Take it easy in the next act.
The next act is my big act.
Ah Jean, you are lucky
to have your technique.
The public never noticed it.
Yes. But I noticed it.
You were wonderful, Miss Page.
Oh my darling, the triumph was
yours tonight, and not Paurel's.
Oh, Jean.
I .. I just can't talk.
Well, anything I can do for you?
Yes. Tell Carlo Jonino, the understudy,
not to stand in the wings.
He looks as if he wants me to
drop dead so that he can go on.
I'll tell him.
You only sang tonight
to give me my chance.
How can I ever thank you?
Well, just love me .. a little.
Go to the Sommelier and
pour some champagne.
But sir, Doctor Marioche said not one
drink until after the performance.
To the devil with Marioche.
I want some champagne.
Quick, quick. Please.
I sent him out because I
wanted to smoke a cigarette.
The doctor, he says no.
Oh Jean, you've been wonderful to me.
Never before have I been in love.
All the others have just been what
you know: comme si, comme a.
But when for the first time
I ask a girl to marry me.
Well ..
It must be because I like her very much.
The next stop for you is the big one.
To wish you good luck.
I want you to wear this
little pendant charm.
It was a present to me from
Tamaniou, the great tenor.
When I first sang at La Scala.
Never have I been without it.
What's in it?
The claw of an owl.
A viper's fang.
A lock of hair from a suicide.
A shred from a beggar's coat.
And a little bit of a rabbit's tail.
Oh but .. you shouldn't give it to me.
Tonight, I want success for you.
More than for myself.
Excuse me, sir.
It's time to dress for the second act.
That means, ladies outside.
It will be so long
until I see you again.
On the stage in five minutes.
That will be for me, a lifetime.
Oh please, sir.
No cigarette.
Please, Monsieur Paurel.
We must not smoke, sir.
No, please don't. I beg of you.
Our throat is not well enough
for us to ignore doctor's orders.
Allow me, sir .. thank you.
Oh Potter, you are
worse than any doctor.
Here is your wine, sir.
Now sir, you really must change.
Our lucky charm, sir.
Where is it?
I gave it to Mademoiselle Diana.
Oh ..
Now, now, now Potter.
Do not say a word about it.
Give me my mirror. I want to
look at the back of this crazy wig.
Accident! What have you done?
Seven years of bad luck.
Why I keep you, I do not know.
I wish you had died
before you were born.
No, no. Don't touch it!
I do not want to know if it is broken.
It is okay.
Mister Potter.
You have always admired this little
pin given to me by the Queen of Italy.
Mister Potter.
Permit me to make you a present of it.
Oh, thank you very much, sir.
Thank you.
Now we are good friends again, eh?
Thank you, sir.
Now I look at the back
of this crazy wig.
Oh, the mirror ..
I just wanted to tell you that
you were great, Diana.
I also wanted to congratulate
you on your engagement.
I hope you'll be very happy.
Thank you, Carl.
What's the matter?
Why are you crying?
You have success, haven't you?
That's what you wanted.
You have fame.
By tomorrow morning, your
name will be all over New York.
You'll have the man you love.
Oh, excuse me.
[ Door knocks ]
Ah, darling.
You cannot possibly be
as happy as you look.
But I am, Jean.
Your little fianc is superb.
I just came to say
good luck to you both.
I love Diana.
I taught her so. So you see
we can all be friends.
I am sure that Diana will love you.
As much as I do.
Oh .. I was in her
dressing-room a while ago.
And Carlo was there.
Oh, I forget. You must change.
Carlo in her dressing-room?
He just came for a little kiss.
But after all, what is a kiss?
They are old friends.
Why do you come here to tell
me this lie, as if it were nothing?
It is nothing.
You say the girl I love and will marry
kisses another man and it is nothing?
Admit that it is a lie!
This is not a lie.
You devil! You want me to believe
that Diana does not love me.
That she fools me
for the help I give her.
It is true.
It is not true. You know
it is not! She loves me.
She loves Carlo.
Liar .. liar!
That's what you are!
Because you cannot have love yourself,
you envy all the lovers in the world.
So you lie and trick
and cheat to kill it.
But love is one thing you cannot kill!
No, you cannot!
You liar .. you cheat.
You fraud .. get out!
Get out .. get out!
Oh Potter, I ..
What is it, sir?
Tell me what has happened.
Monsieur Paurel, are you ready?
Monsieur Paurel is very ill.
I'll get a doctor, sir.
Can I do anything, Monsieur?
Why are you holding up the curtain?
Monsieur Paurel is ill.
Stapleton .. my voice.
I cannot sing.
Oh, I was afraid.
Quick. Get Jonino.
We can't hold the curtain.
I'm sorry, Jean.
I'll make the announcement.
The doctor will be here
in a moment, sir.
Tell me .. tell me.
But there is something.
You do love me?
Yes, of course I love you, but ..
[ Concert music ]
The curtain. You must go quickly.
Hurry, you must not keep them waiting.
Oh, sir.
If we'd only kept our little charm.
[ Diana singing ]
I love you.
"This American girl has the
quality of a young Melba."
But you, sir. They say
you've lost your voice.
"Her youth and beauty fascinated
last night's audience."
Oh .. the papers are idiots, sir.
"Triumph for Diana Page."
What time did she go home, Potter?
She didn't go, sir.
She stayed, putting compresses
on your throat .. for hours.
You fell asleep sir, holding her hand.
And you let her watch me
sleep, knowing how I snore?
Oh, it ..
It doesn't matter if she loves you, sir.
It is only after marriage
that snores do not matter.
At 7 o'clock I made her
lie down in there, sir.
I am happy Potter. Very happy.
Then you haven't lost your voice, sir?
I have had it quite a while, Potter.
Blow the nose, Potter.
Blow the nose.
Oh thank you, sir.
I was only .. thinking
about your public, sir.
I must see her, Potter.
Very good, sir.
Is she not beautiful, asleep?
Be careful what you
say, Jean. I'm awake.
My darling.
Has the doctor been here?
He just left.
What did he say?
The singing voice, Diana.
It is gone forever.
No. No, Jean.
Your voice, your beautiful voice?
Jean Paurel, the singer.
He is finished.
But Jean Paurel the man,
he is just beginning.
And oh, he like you very much.
And I like you, Jean. So much.
I will spend the rest of my life
to make you happy. I am rich.
And everything, I put into
your beautiful little hands.
Only .. keep on loving me, Diana.
I will, Jean .. I will.
If it were not for your great success
here .. we would go away tomorrow.
Because I want so much to get away..
Then, we'll go.
One season of success in New York,
and you are made for the world.
I'm going.
What does my success mean?
Compared with what I owe you.
Then we got to Italy and
I work with you there.
My art will live again in your voice.
I'd better go now.
If we leave tomorrow,
I have so much to do.
I beg your pardon, sir.
There's someone to see you.
Potter. I sent over some of my
things this morning at seven.
Yes, Miss. I put them in the guest room.
Who is it, Potter?
Monsieur Jonino, sir.
He called to inquire.
Show him in.
Very good, sir.
Ah, the great new Don Giovanni.
Your notices were magnificent.
My compliments, Jonino.
Well then, you are very charitable.
It was a difficult task
and you did it so well.
I ran a poor second.
Paurel was in their minds.
You were in front of them. I just
happened to be there. That's all.
You are too modest.
And Diana, was she not wonderful?
Oh, magnificent.
And Stapleton is full of plans for her.
She is to sing Gilda next week.
We rehearse today.
Not so fast. Not so fast.
You and your Stapleton.
Next week, she is going to Italy.
We will be married and go away together.
I will teach her. And when she
returns, she will be really great.
But look here, you can't
do that. I won't let her go.
You won't let her?
And what, my friend,
have you to do with it?
I love her.
I can understand that.
But unluckily for you, she loves me.
She doesn't.
If she did, I'd gladly step aside.
But she doesn't. She can't.
And why not?
Many women have loved Jean Paurel.
Too many.
What have you got left to give her?
Are you utterly selfish?
I tell you she loves me.
She's been blinded by the
glamor of your position.
You, the great Paurel.
Now that I am no longer
great .. she still loves me.
You mistake gratitude for love.
Can't you see it's that
and nothing else?
Why, she is young and you are old.
Why, you could be her father.
You are insolent!
She loves me.
That is not so.
And you shall hear it from her own lips.
There is a friend here. He wants
to see you before he goes.
Just a moment.
Now you shall see.
My dear, I have been telling
our young friend the news.
I was going to call
you up .. and tell you.
Tell me what?
That you are going away.
With the man you love.
That I am .. to be married.
And go away.
What news do you think Carlo brings?
That you are to sing Gilda next week.
I ..?
We will be away.
It is an opportunity.
To your Rigoletto?
After all, we three .. owe
Stapleton a great deal.
Then you mean, we won't
be going right away?
One must not be .. utterly selfish.
Now run along .. and set
Stapleton's mind at rest.
Every day .. you add to what I owe you.
That was the most admirable kiss ..
You have ever given me.
Now, run along now. Hurry.
[ Telephone ]
Excuse me, sir.
Oh just a moment Madam, please.
Mrs Loring on the wire, sir.
I do not know Mrs Loring.
Don't you remember the
lovely little brunette, sir?
No, Potter. Say that I am out.
Oh sir .. with the big, flashing eyes?
No. No Potter, I am not in the mood.
Oh excuse me, sir. You ..
You must remember the luscious
little one we met on the boat, sir?
Ah .. you mean the married
one in the next cabin?
Yes, sir. That's the one.
Why, certainly I remember. The petite
brunette with the flashing eyes.
Let me speak with her.
Very good, sir.
Bonjour, Madame.
This is a charming surprise.
What are you doing this afternoon?
Let us do it together.
How about some lunch?
The Ritz at one?
You are the only woman I've ever
met who completely thrilled me.