The Great & The Small (2016) Movie Script

- You sure this ain't my baby?
He thinks I'm dad,
I see now, look.
This fucker's mine,
he has my eyes.
- His name is Mickey
and you know that.
You didn't want yours, can't
be fucking your plan up.
That's a quote, and
them eyes ain't yours.
- People lie.
You know that, right, like,
how do I know you didn't,
tell me you gave
him away and lied,
like and then you kept him.
- 'Cause, I don't know.
He'd be like two
or three years old.
Wanna put my baby in the
room and come fuck me?
- I ain't touching that baby.
Do I look like a dad to you?
- You don't even
look like a man.
Take my baby to the other room.
And come fuck me.
- Hell dude.
He can't even talk.
He can't eat, he can't feed
himself, he can't wash himself.
That baby can't even
give himself his shower.
He don't know nothing.
So come on.
I ain't touching that
other dude's baby.
- You fucked it up.
- What, no.
No, no.
- These rich fuckas.
They always, always go on
vacation during their move.
They don't wanna lift a finger,
they don't want to move as
much as a spoon by 'emselves,
so, presentation is
key, simple and classic.
Rent your car in a one-off site.
Couple of buttons
undone on the shirt.
It's very important she
has to turn the hubby on,
but she's also got to appear
non-threatening to the wife.
It's a very delicate balance.
Now that she's kissed some
ass, and given the husband
a good eye fucking, we
get down to business.
Proper walk through the house,
special notes and attention
to all the antiques,
the artwork,
the high dollar
items, what have ya.
And this becomes our
list, so if they say,
oh be careful with this,
that means we are takin' it.
Do you know any other
gig where the mark points
out to you what to take?
I don't think so.
Trust established,
fake referrals,
and our sweet little sales
rep gets in her Mercedes,
and drives off back down
rich white people boulevard.
But leave no loose ends.
Culpable deniability
I like to call it.
Burn it all, move on.
After the car's returned,
the phony contract
with the personal information
plus the inventory list
is mailed to a p.O box,
and the girl disappears.
Different girl every time.
So, when the marker's
left we schedule the move.
Right, now, I am a business man.
This is a business transaction.
You've been vouched
for and I know
that you do what you're told.
But, the last thing we need
is for your ass
to end up in jail,
so you stay out of trouble,
I'll stay out of trouble.
That's what life's all about,
right, stayin' out of trouble.
Agree to the gig.
We'll both sign this
probation completion form.
There you go.
Big head's gonna see
that you've fulfilled
your obligation to
this great state.
There's the bonus, 'cause,
cut of the take comes
to you, the other cut
comes to yours truly,
and let's just say,
it's gonna be enough
to start that troubled
life of yours all over.
- You can take this contract
and shove it up
your ass, Richie.
Then you can take this pen
and shove it up your urethra.
I'll finish my
hours and move on.
The fuck are you doing?
You were supposed to report
to the office half hour ago.
What the fuck?
Jury at work young man.
You fail to show up I
will call your counselor.
You do your work
and we'll be good.
Thing is, we don't have
much work around here,
but you guys are
cheap labor, so,
if there's no work,
you're gonna move shit
from one place to another.
No forklift, no
machinery, just sweat,
and you put yourself in
this particular predicament,
so don't come crying to me.
You do not talk to
these people, ever.
This is a series of
interconnected buildings.
This is where they make things.
There are pants,
one shirt, one
pair of size 10's.
I used some new stuff on you.
It's sophisticated
humor young man.
I'm sorry if it
went over your head.
Oh those lazy fucks.
Your work course is
incomplete, fucking typical.
Sit down.
Go on.
Now it says here name,
the asshole just puts Scott.
- Yeah, it's my last name.
Don't gimme shit
about it either.
- Have I done something to you?
Then don't give me attitude.
Think you dumb little shit.
I think I've been fairly
fuckin' fluffy with you
if you ask my honest assessment.
Alright, full name.
- It's Nicholas Scott, n-i-c-h...
- Yes, I can spell, Nicholas.
- Good for you.
- Well here's a
fucking first Nicholas.
Your address reads as follows,
go east six blocks of the
abandoned warehouse with
the sign that says Eastwick,
go north across the street.
You can't make this shit up.
It's the little house
with tons of steps
up the steep hill and
post gripped rusty door.
- Couldn't remember the address.
- Right, obviously.
Let me be clear.
We have rules.
It's what you might call
a zero tolerance policy,
meaning zero tardies,
zero problems.
You're on probation.
This isn't a summer caddy
job at some country club.
- Roger.
- Then do your little
drawings in there,
and not on the fucking walls.
You can thank me later.
Now fuck off, you
silly little shit.
- God you're so loud.
- That's it.
- You like it, you're so loud.
- Come with me okay?
Come with me.
Come with me, okay.
Say it, say it.
- Yeah.
- Say it.
- Yes.
- Say what, yes what?
- I'm gonna come with you,
- Oh yeah, you're so loud.
- Stop saying that.
- Well I like it.
- Stop.
- Well just keep going.
- You got me all in my head,
I'm all self conscious now.
- Well okay, okay,
but just keep going.
Come on, come on.
- I'm done.
I'm done fucking.
- What, you came?
What, you came?
Fuck Nessa, now help me come.
Well you said you
wanted to come together.
- I'm done fuckin'.
It's all about you.
- Well help me, please.
- No.
- What, a blowjob?
- Gross.
- What, gross?
I go down on you.
- I'mma be late.
Come on, gotta drop my baby off.
Eat it.
- I don't want it.
- Come on, I know you're hungry.
Look I'm not mad at you.
Just eat it.
For a sec?
- Hell no.
- Please just hold him,
I gotta get my jacket on.
There you go.
If you watch Mickey while
I'm at work I'll get you off.
How's that?
Come on, childcare's
so fucking expensive.
It's a good deal.
I'll even go down on you and
you know I hate that shit.
And no swallowing.
- No.
- You suck.
There are gonna be rules.
You can't sleep in my bed.
I ain't your girlfriend.
- We do all that stuff and
I can't sleep in your bed?
- It's called sex.
And we need boundaries.
Really, you're gonna run
up in here asking for help,
and you're gonna argue with me?
- I get it.
Got it.
- Can you pay rent?
- Oh come on, you
know I got nothing.
- Well then you watch
Mickey when I'm at work!
- No!
- Well get out then.
I promise I won't
be missing you.
- I can't.
I can't, I can't do it.
I mean it, I don't wanna
live like that anymore.
Help me out.
- Okay, well just take
it or leave it, alright?
You know I work at night, right?
Come on baby.
If you're here,
if you are here, when I wake up,
then we have a deal.
If not, just get out of my life,
and don't say a thing.
- I didn't.
- You wanted to.
- Margaret,
it's principal Hargrove.
I understand what you've been,
actually, I can't put
myself in your position.
And everyone here at school,
we know it's hard
for you right now.
It's just that it's
been a long time now,
and we need to hear
from you, soon.
At some point we have to
get you back full time,
or unfortunately think about
replacing you permanently.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah, so it's broken,
it doesn't work anymore.
But I started the garden
that we always talked about.
So, yeah.
The garden is looking pretty
sad and can you just help me?
- To replay
your recording, press one.
To erase...
- This is will argent Stokes.
Leave a message after the beep.
- So anyway, I don't have
a way to till this garden.
I mean it sounds
easy enough, but
apparently it's not 'cause
I keep screwing it up.
Umm, you know,
you're the only person to
teach 4th graders how...
- To replay
your recording, press one.
To erase and
re-record, press two.
- This is will argent Stokes.
Leave a message after the beep.
- Dammit will, can you change
your voicemail message?
How is this supposed to work?
- To replay
your recording, press one.
To erase and
re-record, press two.
- Change your goddamn voicemail!
- What?!
- How's it feel?
How's it feel to be
standin' there soaking wet?
Tell me.
- Not, not good.
- That's how he feels.
- He was crying and I was just
looking at him in the crib,
and he was crying and I,
I dunno, I didn't
know what to do.
- So, you did nothing,
you didn't feed him, you
didn't get his diaper changed?
Did you hold him?
Come here baby.
You couldn't even hold
him, couldn't even do that?
- I don't know the first
thing about holding a baby.
- Well it ain't an excuse.
We all are fucked up.
All of us.
We all fucked up, everyone.
There is no perfect.
My uncle,
he did some shit to me, every
night for years, for years,
and I didn't say shit to
anyone, I just took it,
'cause we didn't have shit,
so we were living with him.
And so, it was take it from him,
or put my little sisters
and my mom and my daddy
out in the streets, and
I was not gonna be blamed
for my family not having
a roof over our heads.
That little girl, so I'm
fucked up, I'm fucked up,
just like everybody, you know,
just like you dude.
And you know,
when I have some
guy's dick inside me
I feel loved,
and that's the only time.
- Is it like a
Harley or something?
- Fuck off.
Bunch of pussy lawyer
wannabes ride Harleys.
I'm a lot of things, but
I'm not some fucking lawyer
pretending to be a
bad ass on Saturdays.
You know, growing some
handlebar mustache
for one triumphant week at
the hills of south Dakota.
It's not me.
- Is it like, it's good?
But you know, is it
like a, a nice bike or...
- oh, yeah, it's
pretty top notch.
Maybe one day I'll
let you ride it.
Listen kid, I wanna
say something,
and uh, I say this with
love because I like you,
you remind me of myself
when I was young.
A lot like myself, but
next time somebody does
something nice for you,
let's say you know, for example,
hypothetically speaking,
if someone felt a
little bit sorry for you
and gave you one
of his sandwiches,
I would say a proper thank
you would be in order.
I would say that would be a
good time to be considerate.
Don't say it now,
because in this case
better late than
never does not apply.
- Here, you want this shit?
Oh, okay, you like
that shit, huh?
I'm sorry I won't say it.
I won't say shit anymore.
Yeah you got it.
- My feet are big and wide,
but the city is tiny inside.
My legs are lanky and tall,
but the city is
little and small.
My body is enormous and
the country is mini.
My steps stretch forever
and the land is so short.
My days are long and
my friends are none.
Lying under the stars one
night, a wee little bitty
tiny fella sat in a
tree and called to me.
Why the huge frown?
Everything I do is big,
just look at me, I said.
I'm too small, said the wee
little bitty tiny fella.
- Well people look at
me with gigantic eyes
and wide mouths, and those
look pretty big to me,
even though they
are tiny, I said.
People don't look
at me much at all,
and that's when the wee
little bitty tiny fella
told me, but if you were
small, you'd be just like
everyone else in a see of
smallies, just like me.
Your feet wouldn't be big,
your legs wouldn't be lanky,
and your body
wouldn't be enormous.
He climbed down a
tree limb or two,
shimmied onto a branch
in front of my ear,
and whispered, but you can
be great no matter your size.
You can be great and tall and
you can be great and small.
Then the little fella
shimmied down the tree
as quick as can be, and
ran away with his tiny legs
all a blur until he was too
tiny for my big eyes to see.
I thought long and hard about
what the little fella said,
and then it hit me.
What you see is not
what you have to be.
There's plenty of room for us
all in the whole wide world,
great and the small.
The end.
- Now we see stuff
that will get your rocks off.
Basketball courts
and indoor pools,
home theaters.
All the artwork, all the
memorabilia, all the furniture,
all the stuff that's money,
just load it onto the truck.
We move fast, we
move calculated.
It's what I like to
call being on point.
Truck's loaded up,
driven out of the city
to a secure location where
the drop off takes place.
Whole truck, axles and
all, nice and clean.
And then we get paid.
- And that's it?
You get away with that shit?
- Oh, fuck you talkin' about,
I haven't been caught yet.
You question too much, that's
your motherfuckin' problem.
Bulletproof, this plan is.
- I don't usually draw stuff
like this, so, don't judge me.
- Please step aside, go on.
Bloody hell.
- What?
Man that's what you asked for.
What, you hate it?
- No, I love it.
Yeah, I love it.
That shit deserves
to be in the Louvre.
It's a famous museum.
See, here we go again,
I'm paying you a compliment,
you say thank you.
- Thanks man.
- What part of thank
you do you not get?
- Thank you.
- Hey, better!
Deal's a deal, I'm a
man of me word, come on.
You know, you're special
if I'm even lettin' you sit
on this, and I don't want
you to be one of those little
fuckin' sponges you
wash the dishes with.
I need you to be a big
fucking fluffy sponge
you wash the car with, alright?
- Clutch starter.
- Yep.
- Gear shift.
No fucking lies.
- Front break lever
controls front breaks.
Rear brake pedal
controls rear brakes.
The throttle there, what
do you think that does?
- It's the speed?
- Speed, yeah,
alright, to simplify,
left side of the bike
controls the gears,
right side of the bike controls
acceleration, and braking.
Riding her,
like riding a woman, or
like riding a bicycle.
Fuckin' babies ride
bicycles, right?
Have you ever ridden a bicycle?
No, get the fuck off my bike.
Go on.
- Do you have a bike?
Bicycle, do you have one?
Do you?
- You gonna ride that
bike Scott, or is it gonna
walk you around the
block five more times?
- Okay.
I'll ride it this time.
- You can do it, you
can do it, just pedal,
just keep pedaling okay?
Pedal, pedal, pedal,
pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal!
You can do it!
No, don't hit the car!
You're talented.
I'm turned on.
Not like corny turned on you
know, just impressed turned on.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I thought it was my hair
you liked all these years.
- Mmm.
This is funny, right?
- Sure.
- I'll never forget
being a little kid.
In fourth grade, in Mrs.
Slauder's class, remember?
You started late, like
months after we all started.
And you were so sad after
your mom dropped you off,
and you came and
you sat next to me.
Big crush on you.
I wanted you to be happy then.
Am I a dumbass for hoping
for your happiness?
Do you remember that?
- I don't even remember her.
- Mrs. Slauder?
- My mom.
How's that, better?
- Yeah.
It's a lot better.
Come here.
You know I uh,
I saw the baby.
I wasn't going to.
I told them to take it
away, take him away but,
but then I heard him crying.
And it was like, it was
like this scream crying,
and I never heard that before.
it was as if I knew, only a
mommy holding it would fix it,
so, so I demanded
to see that baby.
And then,
and then I was holding our,
you know, I was
holding him and uh,
I just want you to know
that you woulda loved him.
- I'm sorry.
- For what?
- For doing that.
Making you give him away.
- Well he went to a
great home, I promise.
The social worker, this
lady, she went and took me
to meet, to meet the lady
before he was born
'cause I wanted
to be sure that
he'd be okay, so,
I went and I met
her, and I saw her.
She lived in Brookstone
near some park.
She kept talkin' 'bout
how it would be so great
'cause he'd be able to go
around the corner to this park.
Her and her husband
talked for forever,
I didn't.
I only remember that
part about the park.
I didn't hear any more of it.
- What's her name?
- Margaret.
I'm never gonna forget that.
Get in here.
- I wish I could meet him,
my kid.
- You can't.
- What are you doing?
What in the heck are you doing?
I'm sorry but, but,
but what are you doing?
- Lady, calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down.
Don't you tell me to calm down.
Do not get to tell
me to calm down!
Because you don't know me,
and you don't get to
tell me to calm down,
so don't tell me to calm down!
- Okay.
- I spilled my tea on you.
- You threw it at me.
you okay?
- I don't want you
to call me lady.
I just wanna know
what you're doing.
- Um,
I um,
I'm looking for a friend.
I think he lives around here.
- He doesn't live here.
- Margaret?
It's me.
We just met.
- Go away.
- We need to talk.
We need to talk.
- Get out.
Get out of here.
I'm calling the police,
I'm calling right now!
- Don't, don't, stop calling,
don't call the police.
- Get out of my house!
- I, I, I need to talk to you!
- No, you don't!
- It's about the baby.
- So, this girl, um,
are you living with her,
or you're just, you're
staying with her?
- Yeah, I'm just staying.
- Okay.
- But we're,
we're just friends now.
- Hmm.
- She uh,
well, she,
she won't really let me play
around with her anymore.
- Oh, but,
play around with her,
you mean, she won't,
she won't let you have
sex with her anymore?
- Yeah.
I guess that's what I mean.
- So,
if you're not staying with
her then where do you stay?
- Just
- Do you mean with friends?
- Just around.
- Do you like tea?
- Um, where's the baby?
- Um, I think you're
not gonna know
if, if you like your
tea if you don't try it.
- No, I don't want any tea.
Where is he?
I came here, I just wanna
know something about him.
So if you could just tell
me anything it would be...
- well I think our
time here is, is done
Scott, so.
- That's it?
- That's it.
That's it.
That's his name, it's Levi.
- I like it.
It's a good name.
- The woman was so friendly,
and she seemed very,
very legitimate.
The whole thing seemed kind of
odd, actually, looking back.
We've moved so many
times over the years,
and I've always had
the best experiences,
but I've never had anyone
follow me through the house
asking me what was
important over and over.
You know?
Looking back I think she was
definitely making a list,
and I have made you a very
extensive list of all the things
that are missing that
I would like returned.
Yeah, all of the
artwork is missing,
and just between you and me,
expressionism gives
me a headache,
and cubism gives
me night terrors,
but I didn't let my
ex-husband keep his art,
so I will be damned if
some little criminal
is gonna get to keep
it and enjoy it.
No way.
So what do you think?
It's like over a million
dollars, just in art.
So that's basically it.
Don't you think a full
investigation is needed?
I mean I've been robbed blind.
Blind, this is a scam,
it's a total scam,
and it needs to stop, and
I need my things back.
I need my prized possessions
retrieved immediately.
- Yeah, I hear you sweetie.
The sun don't shine on an
ass's mule during a full moon.
And I would like to offer
you my great apologies
Ms. Caldwell, and I'd like
to promise you, that I,
detective Dupre will do
my utter best to bring
this investigation to
its full conclusion.
Now as to your things,
your prized possessions
which you would like to
have returned to you,
it greatly pains me to tell
you that I cannot do that.
What a pleasure it
was to meet you.
This is a beautiful home,
a gorgeous home really.
You are lovely, lovely people.
- Hey, lovely people my ass,
aren't you going to take
pictures or fingerprints,
or do something?
- Oh that is very wise,
what you just said.
Actually, that's
already been done.
I don't do that kind of
gathering of material.
No, what I tend to do
is I study it, you see,
I interpret it or
analyze it if you will.
Okay, I'mma check one
thing first before I go.
I see here, where
do I have that?
Oh here we go.
So you went on your
vacation October five,
and then you scheduled
your move for October 7th.
That correct?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Oh wow.
May I, do you mind?
- Pow.
- yeah.
- Well, they do live like kings.
- Oh yeah.
It's just fucking
money though, ain't it?
You see that, right there?
- They're home?
- Yeah, it's part of
the plan, come on.
Just grow a pair of fucking
balls and come on walk.
Hold the Bible up,
hold the Bible up.
- What?
- Hope the fucking
Bible up and smile.
- Ah, sorry we got lost.
But the good lord has once
again guided us to safety.
Do you have time for Jesus?
- No.
- You going on vacation?
- Moving.
Good luck.
- You going to Europe?
- Belize.
Spent enough time in Europe.
- Where's Belize?
- Fuck do I know?
- I love Belize.
- Fuck.
- What?
So walking through the house,
we first assess the house.
Bottom floor first and
from there we head up.
Oh and that includes
the basement.
- If?
- If they have a basement.
If in the case of a lower
level or what some might refer
to as a basement, that
is our starting point.
- Very nice.
Sounding a lot like you
know what you're doing.
You sound like Richie rich.
I like how I sound.
- Yeah, it's a visual
and verbal assessment
of what we will be taking.
Once the top floor
assessment is complete,
we fill the truck with the
heavy items where two men,
meaning you and I, are required,
always working now top
floor to bottom floor
for deficient purposes.
- For efficient reasons,
for fuck's sake.
- Efficient reasons.
- You'll get it.
- Efficient reasons,
you're right.
Right, we then go solo
on the smaller items
and work our way back up.
At that point I'll do a
once over the property,
not with a fine tooth
comb, but just a swipe.
- Swiffer sweeper like.
- Right, swiffer
sweep of the house.
You'll be securing the vehicle
and activating the
security system.
- Yeah.
You got it.
I'm proud of you son.
Now at two P.M.
You'll pull the truck
over where I tell ya,
I'll get out the truck,
we'll go around a building,
down an alley, get on me bike,
arrive back at the
warehouse at 2:15 P.M.
You'll reach the
predetermined drop-off point,
address the follow later, and
by the time the transaction
takes place, big head's
monthly scheduled
three P.M. drop-by will
have already occurred.
I'll have you signed
off on the books,
time served, probation over.
And thanks to me
you'll have 15,000
tax free dollars in your pocket,
not that you know
anything about taxes.
Now, this is important.
You will be picked up at
predetermined rendezvous boy,
you will be given a
ride into the city,
you will be given your cut,
and then you and I cut ties.
- I don't even have
to talk to 'em.
You know, they just
give me like a case,
or like a briefcase or a gym
bag, you know what I mean?
And at that point
all I gotta do is
like walk about five miles.
He said I gotta be
quick about it, but
that should be no problem, I
can run if I have to, you know.
Well whatever, that
ain't important.
The important part.
Nessa I get $15,000.
Can you believe that shit?
- I gotta get ready for work.
- Well, what do you think?
- I think it's a
dumb, stupid idea.
What do you want me to do?
You want me to jump for glory
'cause you make another
stupid decision in your life,
'cause I'll do that.
Good job Scott, yay,
I'm so proud of you!
Good job!
Money, money, do it, do it.
You're the best
dipshit criminal ever.
We don't need you Scott.
We don't need you or the money.
- I ain't giving you the money.
I'm giving the
money to Margaret.
The lady that adopted the baby,
I want her to have it.
- You went and saw her?
You talked to that lady?
- Yeah, that's why so,
I wanted to meet her.
What's the deal?
- You wanted to see your kid?
You're never gonna
fuckin' get it dude.
You ain't ever gonna get it.
That was our baby.
That was supposed
to be our baby.
But you didn't want it.
You didn't want it, or
me, you wanted to fuck me,
but you didn't
wanna love me, huh?
Wow, I'm a dumb bitch, I
am a dumb bitch, aren't I?
You know I started
thinking that,
I started thinking
that this baby,
and me and you, that
we were gonna be like,
I don't even know
how to say it like,
it felt like it
was gonna be like,
how it was supposed
to be, like a family.
- I'm trying to help someone.
So I'm sorry.
- Please leave.
- Don't.
- You ain't ever gonna get it.
- Get the fuck up.
- Well, where did
you sleep last night?
- Outside.
- Well, you have nowhere to go.
You have nowhere to go?
Well I think I can help you.
I'm sorry this is like, not
the greatest guest room.
- Trust me it's a,
it's an upgrade.
- It's an upgrade?
- Yeah, I ain't, I
ain't trespassing.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- You sure it's
okay that I stay?
You don't think it's all
like strange and shit?
- Strange because, why?
- Just,
why help me?
- What do you think
is going on here?
I mean, look at me.
Do I look okay?
Do things seem right?
- No you don't.
- He was, he was really
sick for a long time,
the baby was sick.
Then my husband left me, and,
well the baby died.
What did you think
was going to happen
when you showed up here?
Did you think you could
just come in and be his dad?
- No, what, what
is it you think?!
Huh, why are you
being nice to me?
You're hoping that
I'm gonna replace him?
Is that it?
Trust me, I don't know shit,
I'm just some dumb fucking kid,
but you ain't the only one
who been through some shit.
Lady, you're so fucked up
you can't even tell
how fucked up you are.
- I told you not
to call me lady.
Um, Scott?
Well you were right.
I am, I am all messed up.
- You can say fucked up, huh?
I won't tell anyone.
- Okay, I'm, I am all fucked up.
- Was he uh, was he
tall, like for his age?
- Yeah he was pretty tall.
He was pretty tall.
I guess kind of average.
Average to tall, we used
to say that he was tall
to him.
- And people liked him?
- Yeah he was really funny.
He would just,
he thought it was
completely okay to just
ask questions to strangers.
And I guess it was
pretty charming.
You know.
It was embarrassing at times.
I forgot about his
weird little walk.
He learned to walk when
he was eight months old
which is crazy,
he was just,
and, it's not a good idea
for them to walk at that age.
It's like driving a car
blindfolded or something.
He's just like, like he's
just like drunk or something,
wandering, and too small.
Look his hair is so
thick for a baby.
So beautiful.
Let me feel.
That's so strange, I
guess he had your hair.
- Levi, Levi
baby, how old are you today?
- Four.
- Oh come on, how old are you?
- Three.
- That's right,
and what happens on
your birthday sweetie?
- Cake?
- Cake.
So, sweetie, Dr.
Clarkson and the nurses
have another surprise for you.
It's a very, very special
friend of Dr. Clarkson's.
You're gonna cover your eyes.
- Yes, I'm covering my eyes.
- Okay, but don't
look, don't look yet, okay?
- Now?
- No, not yet honey.
- Nicholas.
Oh, you're up?
- It's Scott.
- No.
You see I made a
choice last night,
I refuse to call you Scott.
If I have to stop
running from my problems,
then I think you should stop
running from your own name.
- Yeah, that's,
that's really deep.
- Clean start.
- Yeah, clean start.
- Margaret.
- Scott.
- Nicholas.
- Yeah fine, Nicholas.
- Nicholas.
- This is for me?
- Yeah.
Put a little ah, put a
little butter on top.
You're gonna want
more than that.
Just take a whole
big piece of it.
Yeah, that's it.
Okay now, just
spread it all over.
Add a little to each layer,
like on each pancake going down.
Pour it back and forth.
Let it drip down the sides.
- They look good.
Thank you.
- Yeah, I mean it's been a
while since I cooked for anyone.
You're more than welcome.
- Oh, I see, okay,
I'm using the knife I
guess, so it's okay.
Oh geez.
- Mmm.
- Yeah.
- I don't like these calls,
I really don't.
Squatting they call it.
You know, findin'
abandoned homes,
homes for sale, foreclosures.
This is detective Dupre,
making the rent...
Living where there
ain't nobody living.
The economy, I would
say is the problem,
it's the issue, not the people.
A complete social breakdown,
bullshit is what I call it.
See, I come from the dirt,
and that's a way of life.
Something I have
a big heart for.
I watched him run
from the house.
I did not give chase.
To be real with you, I was
very happy that he ran.
One, I do not run,
and two, I hate the
fucking paperwork.
Anyway, here he
was running through
the snake infested woods.
Oh my goodness, you know, like
that, that famous fairy tale,
to somebody's house
he goes, you know,
over the mountain, through
the snake infested woods.
Eat up.
- Happy?
- Happy?
Did I upset you by
sharing my meal with you?
- No, you haven't upset
me, it's just I've got
a lot of work to do, and
um, to be honest, officer.
- Oh no, no, sorry, detective.
I ain't never loved
that title you know.
It's got too much dick in it,
do you know what I'm saying?
- Yeah, detective.
Um, like you I've got a boss
breathing down my neck, and...
- oh I understand.
- Well you've been
sitting there,
you've eaten half your
lunch and you're telling
me some story about some
boy who lives in a house.
- Yeah, Nicholas Scott.
- What about him?
- What's the hurry now?
Such a pushy little shit
you turned out to be.
Can you not see I am looking
for information here?
I know what I wrote.
Beginning to wonder
in my little head.
- Ain't little.
- Oh, You know
what my daddy called it?
He called it a high forehead.
You better mind your mouth
or I'm gonna have
to mind it for you.
Nicholas Scott.
- He did some service here.
- Oh.
- We get a lot of people.
- Well, where do he be?
Oh I didn't say that line
from the great fairy tale
for shits and giggles, about
going through the woods
to somebody's house.
Why'd you take so
long to tell me?
Eat the carrots.
Not gonna give you the mouth
orgasm that maybe a French fry
would but it could give you
something to gnaw on, you know.
- Yup, that's lovely.
- Yeah, I know.
Who bullshittin' who here, huh?
Oh here it is, here it be.
Court order to
finish work release.
Oh no sorry, probation,
and the finish date is
January six, the fuck?
I don't see no Nicholas.
And blind I am not.
- He finished early.
Hard workin' type,
they do exist you know.
- I found this
where Nicholas
used to be staying.
- Yeah, never seen it,
but, yeah, they
look like drawings.
- These are wonderful drawings.
But you ain't never seen this?
- Never seen said notebook.
See, I can talk as well
detective, and I ain't special.
- Of course, he
could've just took it.
You know maybe,
he's not exactly
an angel, is he?
But then again who is?
- What are you saying?
- What am I saying?
I ain't saying nothing.
How do it be though?
I, I know for a fact
that Nicholas was working
here when he lost his home,
or dwelling,
let's call it dwelling,
but you don't know
nothing about that?
- Oh, hang on.
Here look.
He wrote his address
down on the contract.
- Ah.
Oh my goodness,
well this is new.
I sure as shit ain't gonna be
able to learn this address.
That motorcycle
outside, that's yours?
- Yup that's my bike.
- A Harley?
- No.
- No shit.
Can I mount it?
Can I feel it between my legs?
- No.
- Well you cannot
fault me for trying.
I'mma say that.
- You got a minute for
me Mr. Nicholas Scott?
- Yeah, that's me.
- Oh I ain't asking.
I'm detective Candice Dupre.
Nice to finally
meet you in person.
I feel like I already
done maybe met you.
I can tell you that
I'm very interested
in having a little
chat with you.
And I can further tell you
and promise you young man,
that your coming
with me right now
is in your very best interest.
This right here is me
making it easy for you.
I have a very strong
feeling you know
what I wanna talk to you about.
Why don't you get
in that car with me.
The hell is that, hey.
- what is this?
- What is what?
You mean what we're doing?
Well what'd you think it is?
I think that you have some idea
of what brought me to you.
I think you have
some stories for me.
So I'm thinking
why don't we just
go get you a cone at blue bell,
find a beautiful park bench,
we just gon' sit down,
we gon' talk a minute.
- I ran back through
the house as planned.
You know, double checking and,
and I stayed in this
bathroom for a while
just staring at this tub.
It was so big and empty.
Like it had never been used.
I thought like my life.
I start remember thinking,
and the alarm was
being set so I,
I walked back downstairs
and got in the truck,
and I didn't even
say a word to him.
And then
at that point I didn't know
what the fuck I was doing.
- Take a bite of that ice cream.
For your hands.
Go ahead.
- Oh uh, yeah,
I did everything he told me.
After I dropped him off I
drove the truck out of a town
in the middle of nowhere,
and it was just like he
said, there were two dudes,
and no words spoken,
the bag handed over,
and I opened it in front
of him, you know, to count,
and truth is I didn't
count that shit.
It's more money than I ever saw.
I guess I just, I
looked over it and,
you know, like I
knew what I was doing
and shit or something,
and then I walked,
and walked.
I walked like five
fucking miles through
these shit ass fields
and over tracks and,
and there he was
waiting for me,
right there on his bike.
And, you know I'll never forget,
I'm walking up to him and
I'm getting on the bike
and I can't help but,
you know, kinda
crack a smile 'cause,
yeah I knew I'd done
something wrong but
I was about to do
something really right.
And you know, we drove off.
- I miss ice cream
so much, you know.
- I didn't take the money.
That's um, that's
the right thing,
the right thing I did.
- Is this the house?
- Hmm.
- Yes or no?
- Yes.
- You didn't take the money?
- Didn't want that shit.
- That is a very
sweet thing to hear.
- Yeah.
- One time when I was up in
high school my girlfriend,
that is girl who was my
friend, I only had one,
one too many, and
she done lied to me,
and almost took me down.
Hurt my feelings,
uh, so bad.
So finally my daddy sat
down and had a talk with me.
He was good at that,
you know, he was deep,
and he understood,
and he was clear.
He said to me you knew when
you made her your friend
that she was a liar.
That's deep.
Think on it.
I did.
Take it in your hands.
That's real.
That is real.