The Great War (2019) Movie Script

[dramatic music playing]
[panting, trembling]
[screaming echoes]
[birds chirping]
[screams, pants]
[bombs exploding in distance]
Body of Christ.
In the name of the Father,
and of the son
and of the Holy Spirit.
-Make sure he gets there.
-Yes, Sir.
-You stay here with me.
-Yes, Sir.
Uh, Captain Roberts,
we've been looking for you,
Corporal, can you run ahead
and get Sergeant Richardson
for me, please.
Yes, Sir.
Well, you got any good news
for me?
I'm afraid not,
you are headed
into the thick of it.
-All right what are the numbers?
-Forty or 50 fighters.
What kind of support
do they have?
There's three machine guns
interspaced with interlocking
fields of fire,
mortars in the middle
for support.
[sighs] All right, sounds like
we got some trouble.
But if you hit the trenches
with grenades,
keep on going down the line,
the Germans are spread thin.
It'll confuse them.
Ammo, check for the platoon,
make sure everyone has enough.
Yes, Sir.
-Now wait a minute...
-[bomb explodes]
...are you sending the 365th
to be our flank?
-The buffalo soldiers?
-Yeah, with them on the left,
we'll press through German lines
and secure the objective.
Wait, wait, wait,
do they have combat training?
Does that matter?
Is this a problem?
Well, if they don't have
combat training,
yeah, Allen,
I mean, they're-- they're green.
Look, I know that we don't share
the same belief
on the black soldiers,
but these boys can fight.
-They're ready.
-[bomb explodes]
All right.
-You okay?
-Yeah. [sighs]
Just a little shaky.
-What am I about to drink?
-That's brandy my friend.
You and your goddamn brandy.
[sighs] Oh,
and you were not lying.
Hey, happy hunting.
-[bomb exploding]
You okay, Will?
A little shaky.
It'll pass.
The men are ready.
Shall we?
Yeah, let's get it over with.
[bombs exploding]
Keep your heads down, lads.
The steel rain will soon pass.
Don't give the Hun bastards
an easy one.
This is it.
The time you've trained for.
The moment we prepared for.
You are all ready!
-It's okay.
Let it out, let it out.
Let it out.
Okay. Good.
When Johnny comes
Marching home again
[all singing] Hurrah, Hurrah
We will give him
A hearty welcome then
Hurrah, Hurrah
The men will cheer
And the boys will shout
The ladies
They will all turn out
And we'll all feel gay
When Johnny comes
Marching home
-Fix bayonets.
-[Richardson] Fix bayonets!
[soldiers] Fix bayonets!
[dramatic music playing]
This is it, lads.
I'll see you on the other side.
Good luck, Sir.
-[whistles blows]
[speaking German]
[soldiers screaming]
[soldier grunts]
[soldier grunts]
[soldier screams]
-[bombs exploding]
[pants, grunts]
[soldier groans]
[soldier groans]
[grunts, pants]
[Rivers continues grunting]
[soldiers screaming]
[soldier screams]
[trembles, sobs]
[soldier] Sir!
-Are you hit, Sir.
-No, no, no, I can't do this.
-I can't do it!
-I can't do it!
-[screams] No, no! No!
-I can't-- Let me go! I can't--
-Snap out of it!
[birds chirping]
[bomb exploding]
[muffled explosion]
Will! Will, over here.
-Keep moving!
[indistinct chatter]
You fellas stay on my ass
and don't stop.
[soldier] Keep moving forward!
-[soldier 1] My leg! [grunts]
-[soldier 2 grunts]
-Someone help.
-No, you stay there.
-[soldier groans]
[speaking in German]
[soldier pants, screams]
-Who's your platoon leader?
-You are now, Sir.
[grunts] Oh, Lord I'm alive.
Thank you, Jesus.
-Thank you, Jesus.
-Good to see you, Sergeant.
-Just out for a stroll.
-Do you know where we are?
Not any place
I want to stay very long.
-[soldiers scream]
-They're tearing us to shreds.
So I guess it will have to
be a hell of a plan.
[speaking in German]
Did you see anyone else?
Everyone else is pinned down
or dead.
Got a field radio?
We got a field radio.
[soldier] Didn't make it.
Get me a runner. Runner! Runner!
-Get down, get down.
-[bomb explodes]
we've reached the other side.
[pants] Guns are not destroyed.
Objective in question.
Stay low. Go.
-Shit! I need another runner.
-No. No, no.
it's getting pretty hot here.
-They have our position, Sir.
-We need to move.
-Okay. Uh-- All right.
Get grenades.
Get your grenades out.
-[soldier 1] Grenades!
-[soldier 2] Grenades!
[Rivers] Wait for
a barrel change,
toss grenades and then go.
On my signal.
-[bombs explode]
-[soldier] Move! Go, go, go!
[soldiers screaming]
-[indistinct chatter]
You good?
Yeah. But man,
my feet are killing me, though.
-Quit talking.
-[soldier] Oh, shit!
Oh, shit. [pants]
[Cardinni] Where you been?
This bitch weighs a ton.
Let's go, guys. Come on.
Come on. Through the back.
[soldiers screaming]
[bombs exploding in distance]
[speaking in German]
[footsteps approaching]
We got a machine gun
and support crews.
We gotta take out those guns.
Kirby, Pincelli, grenades.
Quinn, Cardinni...
you follow me after the blast.
We'll leapfrog
to the end of the trench.
Where do you want me, Sir?
-[Will] Just watching our backs.
-[O'Malley] Right.
[Rivers] Kirby, Pinchelli.
You're up.
Watch it. Watch it.
[speaking in German]
[speaking in German]
[soldier groans]
[indistinct screaming]
[soldier grunts]
-[soldiers screaming]
-[soldier] Here they come!
-[indistinct screaming]
-[soldiers grunting]
[soldier grunts]
[bomb explodes]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, Mick, you want in on this?
-I don't strip the dead.
-All fools the Irish.
[O'Malley] Just leave me alone.
[soldier] You all right,
[indistinct chatter]
Holy shit!
Card, get a load of that.
[indistinct chatter]
How come you're always getting
the good stuff?
Just lucky, I guess.
[dramatic music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
For Christ sake,
who did he kill for that?
Hey, nothing's sacred anymore.
[bomb explodes]
-Snap out of it!
-[dramatic music playing]
[Kirby] Sir?
Trench is secure, Sir.
Thank you, Corporal. Um...
you send a runner?
[Kirby] Yes, Sir.
[Rivers] Okay. Any other news?
The Huns are licked.
[clears throat] Regiment's
pouring in from all over.
-We own this ground.
-Thank you, Corporal. Thank you.
There's something else?
-[bomb exploding in distance]
I mean, no, Sir.
-[stutters] It's been a long day
Corporal, why don't see
if we can find some real food.
-Sergeant Corporal.
[dramatic music playing]
[Rivers inhales, exhales]
[dramatic music continues]
[Captain Stevens] Colonel,
there's something I think
you should know about.
What is it?
We've broken through
the German lines at Argonne.
-Has this been confirmed?
-Yes, twice.
"D company of the 365th regiment
has pushed six miles east
of the last known German
front line. Last reported 0700
have not had further contact."
What is this?
The 365th is a colored unit.
Reports assume the company
has been cut off or lost.
-They're trapped?
-Seems like it, Sir.
Sir, they are on the flanks
of the 77th liberty division.
Widdle C's division?
[Captain Stevens] Yes, Sir.
-Has this hit the papers?
-[pants] Not yet, Sir.
I've got to tell the General.
Come with me.
Has there been any contact?
None so far, Sir.
We wanted to bring it to you
right away.
My second army
has been making major advances
in the Argonne
and these boys have done it.
Permission to speak freely, Sir.
Please speak freely, Colonel.
When the cease fire commences...
the last German position
held by the allies
will become the new
French occupied country.
What are you asking of me?
it's kind of complicated, Sir.
You see on the one hand
those boys could be heroes.
Now, would sure boost morale
back home
with the coloreds,
but on the other...
Germans are going to want
that hill back.
[Colonel Morrison] Yes,
they will, Sir.
That could be
a publicity nightmare...
if they all get killed.
Any update on their status?
Do we know
if they're alive or dead?
None so far, Sir.
[General Pershing] Hmm.
[clears throat]
I'd like to read you something.
[clears throat]
like other people,
act upon motives.
Why should they do anything
for us
if we will not do anything
for them?
If they stake their life for us,
they must be prompted
by the strongest motive...
even the promise of freedom.
And the promise, being made,
is a promise that must be kept.
One day peace will come.
And then there will be
some black men
who can remember that,
with silent tongue,
and clenched teeth,
and steady eye,
and well-poised bayonet,
they have helped mankind
on to this great consummation.
While, I fear,
there may be some white men...
unable to forget...
that with malignant heart
and deceitful speech...
they strove to hinder it.
Yours very truly, A. Lincoln."
[clears throat]
Alive or dead these boys have...
they've done a lot in this war.
What we're going to do
is we're going to find them...
and we're going
to get them down off that hill.
[soldier] Well, is that it?
Is that all they could muster?
They are off time, man.
And the target.
[Major Reddick]
They have nothing to add to it.
I want results,
not excuses.
If you don't have them boys
from the 369th
get that artillery to the front.
There will be hell to pay!
Okay we have had
too many casualties,
now make it happen.
That's an order!
[sighs] Artillery was supposed
to get us a walking path
into this sector,
but they haven't been able
to hit a thing.
Can you believe that?
They haven't hit a target
in this goddamn war.
How did you manage?
[Rivers] Well, we, uh,
we cleared out
sector three here, Sir.
Actually that's where we ran
into those colored soldiers
from the 365th, that platoon,
nobody seems to know
where those guys are.
Also, um, the-- the boys
from the 40th, they...
they don't have
enough training, Sir.
Some of them
didn't even have rifles.
Yeah, there are machine guns
that we had to get by.
I mean, they were spread out
evenly throughout
and we had to dig in
and work the trenches
one by one.
I used the whole
goddamn platoon.
Yes, Sir.
[Major Reddick sighs]
It was a tough assignment, Will.
Yes. It was, Sir.
It's good to be back.
Will, I have another assignment
for you.
That platoon from the coloreds
is cut off behind enemy lines.
Division wants a search party
to head out, find them,
and bring them back.
Uh, I don't know, Sir.
Some of my men don't get
along well with the coloreds.
that's straight from the top.
Yes, Sir.
Give me that other map.
They want us to do what?
You and I'll take a patrol
over to section 32.
A patrol? Like four or five men?
Yeah there's a platoon
from the 365th
that needs a little help
getting back to friendly lines.
-Those colored boys again?
-[Rivers] Yeah.
This isn't going to be easy,
The Germans are still out there.
So it seems, Thomas.
They do know that the war
is almost over, right?
-Yeah. Last time I checked.
you know how most
of the men feel
about the colored troops.
It's Captain Roberts men.
And Captain Roberts is dead.
[inhales, exhales]
All right. Who are we taking?
Kirby, Pincelli, O'Malley,
Quinn and Cardinni, okay?
-The regulars then?
-I guess so.
Have them squared away
and ready to go in 30.
Where are you going?
-I'm going to find our runner.
-A runner?
Yes, Sir.
-Can I help you, Captain?
-I'm looking for a Private Cain.
Jenkins, get your lazy ass up.
Go and see if you can find Cain.
Yes, Sir.
I don't know what good
he'll do you.
Nigger don't know
a goddamn thing.
[stutters] I beg your pardon,
Are you looking
for that Roberts platoon?
[laughs] No shit.
I think they should
just let them French bastards
figure those niggers out.
[stutters] I, uh,
I wouldn't know, Captain.
You never had a nigger
under your command?
Troublesome bunch, them niggers
they ain't as smart
as you and me.
Again, I wouldn't know.
Uncle Sam dresses 'em up,
gives them a uniform.
Calls them soldiers.
It's all just a damn show.
Let me give you some advice,
Don't find them niggers.
They deserve
what's coming to 'em.
You don't want this.
You get stuck commanding
these dumb apes,
that's my burden.
Well, are you just going
to stand there boy or what?
Private John A. Cain,
reporting as ordered, Sir.
A nigger can have
some manners... right?
You have been reassigned
to this Captain.
I understand, Sir.
You talking back to me boy?
Private, uh, gear and rifle?
-No, Sir.
-We'll get you some.
Captain, thank you.
I'll take it from here.
remember what I said.
You don't want to end up
like me.
Just grab a rifle and any gear
you need right here.
[Cain] Thank you.
Now when you, uh,
left your platoon
who was, uh, commanding officer?
[Cain] Sergeant Perry, Sir.
I'm not sure about him now.
I guess he still is,
old man won't die.
Just grab as much ammo
as you can.
Thank you, Sir.
For what?
For sticking up for me
back there.
Let's get something straight.
We're not friends.
I have orders
to help find your platoon.
That's all there is between us,
do you understand that?
Yes, Sir.
[bomb explodes]
[dramatic music playing]
Why is he out front?
What's the matter?
I don't like it.
Ol' Rivers must trust him
or he wouldn't be here.
Yeah. No one asked
for your advice, bumpkin.
Rescue some dumb louts that got
lost behind enemy lines.
Great way to end the war.
Yeah. If you ask me,
this whole mission is nuts.
Yeah. I didn't join the army
to go on some spook
rescue mission.
You shouldn't call them that.
Why? That is what they are.
Oh, you think they like
being called that?
No, Sir. No.
They're just like you and me.
-[bomb explodes in distance]
They ain't like me.
-Nobody's like you.
-[Cardinni] Yeah,
coming from the hay seed,
that don't mean much.
-Yeah. Where are you from again?
What did you call me?
Missoula, Montana.
The hell you guys do
in Missoula Montana?
I don't know. This mostly.
Sounds great 'cause I ain't
never going to visit.
It's actually a pretty
nice place, you know, the--
Oh, shut it, will you?
[Quinn] I think you guys
would really like it.
No. No one cares
'cause there ain't nothing
-like 41st Street back home.
-That's right.
You're awfully quiet
over there, Mick?
Well, I'm carrying
this heavy bastard
and I'm tired of your shit.
Yeah. Well,
you ain't much better than me.
The lot of you,
a bunch of smoked Irish
if you ask me.
-I could go for a smoke.
-Yeah. And a pint.
-Yeah. Me too.
-[soldier] Me too.
Have you guys noticed
anything weird
about Captain?
I don't know he just seems off.
Man, the Captain's just fine.
Yeah. Pincelli is probably
getting your guard down
-to steal all your stuff.
-Cool it, Card.
-No one is touching me.
-Cut it out, will ya?
[leaves rustling]
Sergeant, do you want me
to shut the men up, Sir?
No, no. They're okay.
How is everything
going up here, Captain?
Fine as can be.
How is he doing?
Well, if he was lost
we wouldn't know it.
He does know
where he's going, though?
We're heading
to their last known location.
Do you think those men
are still out there?
They're US soldiers.
[bomb exploding]
Yeah. But alive?
I don't know.
It's hard to say.
Well, the war could be over
before we find them.
[chuckles] Yeah, it could be.
But when have we ever been
that lucky?
First time for everything, Sir.
[indistinct chatter]
-[Rivers] Sergeant?
-[Richardson] Yes, Sir.
-[Rivers] What is this?
-[Richardson] Pain station, Sir.
-[soldier coughs]
-[soldiers groan]
-...what's going on here?
The Red Cross Field Hospital.
-You're a long way from home?
-Miss Clairborne.
Miss Clairborne,
uh, who are all these people?
[Mary] We've been
collecting them from all over.
Gassed. We do what we can
for them here
and then we send them off
for treatment.
[Rivers] Am I looking
at Germans?
Yes. Them too.
Every man is equal
in the eyes of the Red Cross.
You're not safe here, miss.
Is anyone safe anywhere
in this war?
Well, no. I'm just saying that--
-You're-- That I'm a woman?
-[stutters] No, It's not that--
Look, Captain,
I appreciate your concern,
but this is what
I signed up for.
This is my war.
-Are you here to help?
Uh, we would love to but, uh,
we're actually trying
to make contact with a platoon
that was lost
behind enemy lines.
Do you know where they are?
We had a few come in
this morning.
Uh, hold on, uh, Private Cain?
Uh, can you take us to them
right away?
-Uh, follow me.
-They're right over here.
-[chuckles, pants]
-I said I'd come back, didn't I?
You going to be all right?
-For now, yes.
What about the others?
Ask about the others?
Hey, Joseph,
I brought some help.
Where's the rest of the platoon?
They hit us hard, John,
but we held.
We did hold.
-Where are the others?
They're held up on the hill.
All dug in.
How far?
-I don't know.
think. It's important.
It's a large hill.
We could see it for a distance,
five or six miles.
-[Joseph pants]
-That's good.
Good job.
Is it true?
Is the war almost over?
You bet it is.
We've almost got
those Huns licked.
I want to see my family.
You'll see 'em.
You'll see 'em soon.
-[Joseph coughing]
-Mary, more are coming in. Gas.
We're going to get really busy
and you two can't be here.
Uh, nurse.
-Thank you.
-Mary? My name is Mary.
Be safe.
-[Rivers] Private.
-[Joseph coughs]
-Be safe.
-Thanks, brother.
[Cardinni] Oh, you want another?
[Rivers] Move the cards,
[Richardson] Anything new?
[Rivers] Move the friggin cards.
Let's go.
All right, listen.
The Germans know that the war
is basically over.
Any ground that's kept
by the allies
is going to be part
of the French countryside.
French would love to hear that.
Joseph said they were
dug in on hill,
can see the countryside
for miles.
Now, take a look. We're here
and Hill 473
is on the Market River
just northwest of here.
Now that's the tallest hill
in the sector.
They could be there.
Do we even know
if they're still alive?
Hey. If Joseph said
they're there,
-then they're there.
-Yeah. Who's asking you?
-Shut it.
-Listen, dead or alive,
we are following these orders.
Do you understand?
All right?
Are there any questions?
I'm asking you a question.
Are there any questions?
-[soldiers] No, Sir.
-[Rivers] Okay form up.
-Sergeant on me
-[Richardson] Yes, Sir.
[Rivers] Gear up, boys.
Still trying to find
some lost nigs.
What kind of world is this?
We should let the Germans
finish them--
-[soldier] Hey, hey, hey--
-[Pincelli] Save it! Save it.
-Calm down.
What are you on his side?
-What are you on his side?
-Hey, come on, let him go.
[Kirby] Cardinni, Cool off.
[Pincelli] What are you two
crying about?
[Kirby] Pack up.
Shut your mouth.
[dramatic music playing]
-[wind blowing]
-[leaves rustling]
[Kirby] What do you think?
Yeah, I don't know.
It's hard to tell.
Maybe they got something to eat.
Maybe nobody's home.
Mick, I can't see a damn thing.
It looks empty to me.
That doesn't mean it is.
All right, tactical movement.
Two on two off. Who's up?
Who's up?
I'll go.
[Kirby] I'll go.
All right on my mark.
-That's where I'd be.
-Get that Chauchat on them.
[Rivers] Quinn, Pincelli,
you're up.
Quinn, Pincelli, Go. You're up.
Go, go, go.
[Rivers] Go!
[O'Malley] I'm out. Reloading.
That MG is tearing us up.
They have my position.
Get down.
[Rivers] Go, go, go, go!
You're up! Go!
You said you'd never
do that again.
-I lied.
-[Cardinni] Huns!
-[indistinct chatter]
This is a tight spot, Will.
You got anymore tricks
up your sleeve?
-Nope. That's it.
All right, we're up.
Go, go.
What the hell was that?
[soldier] Clear!
-[Simmons] Sir?
You boys okay?
Hell of a firefight.
Yeah, Lieutenant.
[pants] What outfit you with?
General Russel Simmons, Sir.
Captain Will Rivers, 432nd.
Germans pushed right up
our center. Cut us in two.
Couldn't find these guys
until you and your boys
got them talking.
We've been
looking for them all day.
Been wreaking havoc
on our patrols.
You're here to tell us
the war is over?
No. I'm afraid not.
We're trying to make contact
with a platoon
from the 365th.
They have been cut off.
The buffalo soldiers?
You know where they are?
You've got to come with me, Sir.
The Germans have been
reinforcing this area all day.
Maybe they're pulling back.
End of the war,
you'd think everybody
would be ready
to stop the fighting.
Nobody wants
to give up their territory.
The French press us to attack,
Germans defend.
There's a lot of that happening.
Now, if you're looking
for the 92nd,
I can't say I envy you.
Hill 473.
With three German battalions
between us and them.
How can you be sure
they're up there?
Germans have been laying
a thick blanket of artillery,
concentrating on that hill.
If they are anywhere,
they are there.
You think we'll able to get
through the German line?
[Simmons] It might be possible.
Still got a lot
of open field out there.
Germans send out patrols
and shoot at our Patrols.
You got artillery positions
here and here.
With a little, uh,
mix of machine guns
-guarding the flanks.
-That's a lot of area to cover.
[Simmons] The Germans
are laid in for a siege.
Whoever is on that hill
is gonna get hit hard.
And you're sure
this isn't your guys?
No. My platoons
are all accounted for.
And you're gonna have
a hell of a time finding them
if they're not on that hill.
Can I have this?
[Simmons] Yeah.
If it were me, Sir,
I would leave those colored boys
out there.
The war is almost up.
There's no reason
to go risking yourself for it.
Thanks for the map.
Anything else I can do for you?
Yeah. A nice warm place
for my men to sleep?
We got a warm beer cellar.
-I like warm beer.
-I like warm beer.
Captain I don't know what
you're doing, but good luck.
Thank you, Lieutenant,
to the cellar.
Let's go.
-[knocks on door]
-[General Pershing] Come in.
Am I disturbing you, Sir?
Not at all. Come on in.
I just thought you should know.
The Germans have signed
the ceasefire.
It just came over the wire.
What did they finally agree to?
Summed up...
a cessation
of hostilities,
the withdrawal of German forces
to behind the Rhine.
Allied occupation
of the Rhine land
and bridge heads further east,
preservation of infrastructure.
The surrender of aircraft,
warships and military material.
The complete release
of allied prisoners of war,
in turn, civilians
and eventual reparation.
No release
of German prisoners and...
no relaxation of the naval
blockade of Germany.
-The war is over.
-The war is over, Sir.
"Terms will come into effect
11:00 a.m. November, the 11th."
November the 11th.
Does the president know?
We got word
from his chief of staff
-and came right to you.
And they agree?
President Wilson
couldn't be happier.
Gonna make the announcement
to Congress
and then the country.
-There's something else?
-[Colonel Morrison] Yes, Sir.
French high command
have requested
that we continue
to press the Germans
'til the last minute.
So the French are looking
for more territory?
It would appear that way, Sir.
Sometimes I wonder
the price of being an ally.
A lot of good boys
are gonna die.
A lot of good boys already have.
All right.
tell the commanders
there will be no let up
on the orders.
They are to follow
the same orders till 11:00 a.m.
We will hunt those Hun bastards
until the very end.
-11:00 a.m., Colonel.
-It will be done, Sir.
-Hey, Jack?
-Yes, Sir?
Has there been any word
about those negros?
None that I know of, Sir.
We still don't have
their location.
No, Sir, we-- we don't.
May I ask you a question, Sir?
Why those negros?
You do know my nickname,
don't you?
I was the leader
of the tenth cavalry
when it was a black unit.
We ran up San Juana Hill
Best goddamn soldiers.
Best fighting force
I've ever had the pleasure
to command.
[bomb exploding]
I'll put the word
down the wire, Sir.
Let me know
if you hear anything.
[Colonel Morrison] Yes, Sir.
The war is over.
[Rivers sighs]
Sir, are you okay?
-You okay?
I-- Yeah. I'm just tired.
-Yeah. I bet.
-I'm good.
Oh, yeah. Please.
Good. That's enough.
[bombs exploding]
You want me to tell the others
to get some rest?
No, no. Let them--
let them do what they're doing.
You know the war could come
to an end before daylight.
-Yeah, maybe. [chuckles]
-[Richardson laughing]
It's funny though...
that they would send us out
so close to the end.
Well, maybe it's important.
It's just a lot of trouble
to go rescue
a bunch of lost black boys.
Do you remember
when we hit the French coast?
[chuckles] My boots got soaked
with saltwater.
I'd walk around
and they would squish for days.
Well, when we were marching up
to the front that's, uh--
that's the first time
I ever saw a black soldier.
-French, right?
They were marching back
from the front.
And they wore these,
what I suppose was
ears and fingers
around their necks
like on a string.
Do you remember that?
No. I don't remember that.
-No. Mm-mm.
I just-- I remember
thinking how strange that was,
I mean, to wear that around.
And then I found out later
that these blacks were--
were straight
from the French-African
And in their tribes,
they would wear the ears
and the fingers of their--
of their enemies.
You know it would show,
like, the true warrior spirit.
You know like-- like bravery
in combat like, uh--
-like trophies...
-[Richardson] Hmm.
...something like that.
-Like the Indians?
-Yeah. Just like the Indians.
Now that would be
a sight to see.
Or barbarians, huh?
We could ask some Indians.
We could ask some Indians.
Find me an Indian.
[Richardson laughs]
Can I have a refill?
Good, good. Thank you.
[grunts, clears throat]
You know, um,
Roberts and I joined the army
at the same time.
-Yeah, we came up as officers
at the same time too.
-No shit.
So how did he come to be
in command
of them colored fellas?
Well, he always said
that the color of a man's skin
did not make the man.
I suppose it doesn't.
A lot of good it did him,
he's dead.
We move out at dawn.
-Right, Sir.
-Oh, if, uh--
if the war ends
-while I'm sleeping...
-...let me sleep.
-[Richardson] Yeah. [chuckles]
-Night, Sir.
Hey, bumpkin, what are
you sewing on that old rag?
I'm fixing it.
Yeah. Aren't you supposed
to retire an old flag?
Well, yeah. But she got
a lot of life left in her.
Yeah, a lot of life.
Drop it Cardinni, all right?
Leave him be.
Can we just play the game,
stop bending my damn cards.
[chuckles] I guess not.
You think he wants to lose
some money?
Everyone knows niggers
love to gamble. [chuckles]
I told you
to stop calling him that.
Every man deserves respect,
'til he don't.
Some of your pa's
country wisdom?
-[Cardinni laughs]
Where do you think you're going?
Away from you.
Yeah. Have fun.
You want some coffee?
Thank you.
So you want to come join us?
No. Not really.
Yeah. I don't blame you.
[clears throat] You know,
they really are good guys.
I'm sure they are.
Is that a letter to back home?
I write my mom
as often as I can.
Well, I'm sure she likes that.
My mom, uh, she can't read.
You know, the thing
is I know she can't read, but...
each letter back home
is proof I'm still alive.
So, I write.
So where are you from?
-[Kirby] Ah.
-Born and raised.
You like it there?
Too cold in the winter
too hot in the summer
Oh, wait a minute
you're describing Virginia...
-...that's what I'm thinking.
My mom, man,
she'll sit on the porch all day
waiting for one
of these letters.
When this whole mess
of a war started,
I was down
at the recruiter's office
the next day.
My mom, she begged me not to go.
Didn't want me dying
in some white man's war.
So why did you go then?
I figured if you white folks
saw us colors
fighting for your freedom...
you'd see it right
to give us our freedom.
Yes, Sir.
Baptist myself.
Oh, all right.
You know, back in the forest,
I saw you praying
over the wounded,
all professional like.
Uh, back home I was studying
to be a priest.
And you're okay with killing?
[sighs] Back at the church
I studied at...
every now and then
a group of kids
would come in on a field trip.
The priest would ask them
what they all wanted to be
when they grew up.
And they each said
something different, you know,
-policeman, fireman, cowboy.
I believe I will pay
for my sins.
We all will.
But I was willing
to sacrifice my soul...
so that they wouldn't have to.
I guess we're both fighting
for what we believe in, huh?
Yeah, I guess we are.
If you're praying,
do mind putting
in a good word for me?
-Of course.
-Thank you.
[bomb exploding]
What do you think happened here?
It's got the Corporal spooked.
Sir, why have we stopped?
We should really keep moving.
[Rivers] Private?
Did you see something?
I don't know, Sir.
Something doesn't feel right.
A lot of dead bodies,
no sign of a fight.
Something's wrong, Sir.
Maybe they got something
good on them.
Maybe they've got some food.
Yeah you got
any requests for me?
Hey, hey you shouldn't
disrespect the dead.
-[bomb explodes]
-[Pincelli panting]
[retches, coughs]
-[Cardinni] Pinch!
-[groans, sobs]
[Richardson] Son of a bitch,
what happened?
I was just looking
for souvenirs. Honest.
[Kirby] German grenade, Sir,
-booby trap.
-Is it bad? How bad is it?
It's not bad,
it's not bad, it's not bad,
-it's not bad, it's not bad.
-[Pincelli groans]
You'll be fine,
you're going to be fine.
-You're going to be fine.
-Put some whiskey on it.
I feel cold, I feel cold.
[Richardson] You're going to be
fine, Pincelli. Hold on.
[Rivers] Put some whiskey
on the wound.
-I don't want to die.
-You're not going to die.
I don't want to die here.
-I don't want to die here.
-You're not going to die.
-[Rivers] Give him some whiskey.
-I don't want to die, Sir.
[Richardson sighs] Oh, Jesus.
Oh, Jesus.
Come on.
Help me put pressure on it.
-I gotta get back--
-You're going back home.
You're going back home.
You're going back
to 41st Street.
-We're going back home.
-Here. Give it to my brother.
-[Cardinni] You give it
to him yourself. You're going
to give it to him yourself.
You're going to give it
to him yourself.
No, no, no, we're going home.
We're going home.
God, I don't want
to die here, Card.
[coughing, panting]
[Cardinni] No, no.
[retches, pants]
Eternal rest
be granted on him, oh Lord.
Son of a bitch!
It's your fault.
It's your fucking fault.
[soldiers grunt]
[Richardson] Come on, come on.
Get off, get off.
-Let me get him!
-[Rivers] Cardinni!
-[Cain] I didn't want that!
-[Rivers] Cardinni, please!
-[Cain] I didn't want that!
-[Rivers] Cardinni, relax!
Get off of me.
-[Cardinni screams]
-[Richardson] Hey, hey!
Listen, you're out of line.
You need to get your head
on straight.
I get it.
Do you get me?
Do you get me?
[Cardinni] Great idea, Sir.
We lost two
of our guys doing it.
Why are we out here?
We're getting killed
for a bunch of niggers!
Guys, uh...
-[bomb exploding is distance]
-...a couple of things.
-I, uh...
-[bomb explodes]
I suffer from, um...
from shell shock.
And I don't understand it.
I don't know what it is.
I, uh-- I'm not a coward.
I don't-- I don't think I am.
But when we took
that German line...
and your buddies
were getting cut up...
instead of being a leader,
I, uh...
I disintegrated. I, uh...
I wanted to run,
I wanted to leave the war.
I jumped up into the line
of fire and, uh,
a black fella stopped me
and pulled me back into safety.
And, uh...
here I am.
Now these, uh-- these men
that we're looking for...
black or white,
it doesn't matter!
Now when you go home, sure,
you can do what you want,
think what you want.
You can treat black people
any way you like.
When you meet your maker,
he'll make decisions
about the choices
that you've conjured.
But here, today...
those men are soldiers
in the United States Army,
I don't care what the color
of their skin is.
We have orders to assist
in their evacuation.
If you want to leave, leave.
Now's your chance.
I understand.
I'm staying.
I'm staying.
Bury your buddies before you go.
[dramatic music playing]
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[airplane engines whirring]
Here's your warfare
right there.
-I would say it is, Sir.
[General Pershing]
Too late for this one.
Something I can do for you,
We received word
from the 77th, Sir,
about the lost unit.
They may still be alive, Sir.
Holed up on Hill 174.
The Germans seem to think so.
Let's go get them.
Bring them home.
Yes, Sir.
[dramatic music playing]
-[bomb explodes]
[speaking German]
-[soldiers screaming]
Who the heck
is doing the shooting?
Hell if I know.
Watch the trees.
[Johnson] We're coming out.
[dramatic music playing]
-[Cain] Johnson? [laughs]
-[Johnson] I'll be damned, Cain!
[Cain] Man,
am I glad to see you.
[Johnson laughs]
-Sorry, Sir.
-Uh, Corporal Johnson,
recon element of 365th.
We were expecting a patrol.
Didn't know
they'd be on horses.
William Rivers, Captain,
I company.
Uh, you with the Buffalo
Yes, Sir.
-Well, let's go find them.
-Yes, Sir. This way.
Looks like you guys
got hit pretty hard.
Yes, Sir. They came
and they, uh, they hit us hard.
How long you fellas
been up here?
Only a couple days, uh.
Hell it's hard
to keep track of sometimes.
No reinforcements?
You are the first soldiers
we've seen.
Who and where
is your commanding officer?
Oh, Sergeant Perry, he--
he's in there.
All right.
Uh, Sergeant, position the men
and wait here.
-Yes, Sir.
-Where do you want me, sir?
-Come with me.
-[Richardson] All right, boys.
Let's find some spots here
and up the road.
Split up.
-[Perry] Son of a bitch.
-[Cain laughing]
Awe, man we didn't know
if you made it.
Ah, you know me, Sarge.
-William Rivers.
You brought our man back.
Thank you.
-Are you here to reinforce us?
-No, Sergeant.
Well, how many men
did you bring?
There's five of us left.
Well, that's not much
of a relief for us.
[Rivers] Well, I have orders
to bring you and your boys
back to friendly lines.
Those orders come directly
from the command staff
in Washington D.C. The war
is almost finished, Sergeant.
It's time to evacuate this hill.
Yeah, we've heard.
The Germans been dropping
those on us.
And so why do you stay?
Well, with all due respect, Sir,
we will not be surrendering
to the enemy.
Well, with all due respect,
I lost two good men
getting here.
[Perry] Private,
would you step outside,
I'd like to speak with Rivers.
Yes, Sergeant.
I am sorry you lost your men.
Do you have any news
on Captain Roberts?
Captain Roberts is dead.
He was your friend?
He was a good man.
Do you know how many men
I've lost taking this hill?
No, Sergeant.
Brave men. All of them.
I'm sure they were.
We landed in France this summer.
Trained to fight,
expecting to fight.
They gave us shovels
instead of guns.
We dug ditches, carried ammo...
hauled supplies.
Captain Roberts begged
and pleaded
for a real assignment.
A chance to get in the fight.
They told us
that we were unfit to fight,
not ready for war.
It must have been difficult
to listen to them.
One day a real assignment came,
a real fight.
We will hold this hill
until reinforcements arrive,
or this war ends.
You see, Captain,
these are our friendly lines,
and we will not
be abandoning them.
Are, uh, you aware...
that after the war,
any land that's held by allies
will, uh, be lost
to the Germans?
[Rivers] This hill
that you've captured, Sergeant,
is deep behind enemy lines.
Several miles.
They are going to want it back.
Hell, they are going
to need it back.
They're going to fight
like dogs.
Doesn't change anything,
We will hold this hill.
I understand
why you're here, Sir.
We're choosing this fight.
You don't have to.
Well, what if I ordered you to?
This is not your fight,
Captain Rivers.
You and your men
still have plenty of time
to get back to friendly lines
and your... white friends.
You let me know what you decide.
[dramatic music playing]
What did he say?
This is your company, John.
You don't have
to follow me anymore.
if it's all the same to you,
I think I'll finish this ride
with you.
So when do we leave?
We don't.
Our orders are to bring
these men home.
Stay and defend this hill.
That's right.
And then we'll bring them home.
Sir, may I have a moment please?
Germans are going to surround
this place any moment,
-how do we hold--
-We're going to stay and fight.
-We are going to stay and fight.
Can I say something?
Back home, the color of our skin
divides us.
But out here...
we're all one.
You are all my brothers.
And I will never forget
the bond we share...
or the blood we spilled.
Thank you.
Hell, I couldn't make it back
alone anyway,
probably get lost.
[dramatic music playing]
[Johnson] We have
been scrounging what we can.
Couple of B.A.R.s,
rifles, grenades,
enough ammunition to last.
Couple of French Cha-Cha's,
but they don't work a damn.
Uh, and these captured
German machine guns
All right.
All right look,
we-- we are here, all right?
The Germans are going
to want to hit us
at our weakest point,
where is that?
Oh, there. The south side.
It also bumps up
along those trees
and it'll be hard to see
if enemy is approaching.
Okay. Now, if we position
our machine guns
at the top of the apex,
Germans are going to want
to take those out for sure,
so we don't.
We put our machine guns
on the north side
just below the crest.
That will only work
if the Germans take the hill.
Right, that's why
we bait the Germans.
We put men at the base
of the south side down here.
When the Germans attack,
we feint a retreat
up and over the hill.
The Germans will follow.
-A trap.
-Yeah, that's correct.
It could work...
but what if they follow,
then we've lost our position?
No, no. This.
This little round top
we hold it at all costs.
Or Custer's last stand.
I hope you boys know how to dig.
-Let's get to work.
-Yes, Sir.
[dramatic music playing]
[Cain] Sir.
Thank you.
Soldier, thanks.
You know how to work
that thing, Cardinni?
-You sure?
-Simple enough?
The men are dug
in as best they can be.
Machine guns, grenades,
mortar rounds,
-and enough ammunition to last.
-What about our flanks?
-Men on both sides.
I guess all we can do
now is wait.
[Rivers chuckling]
Thank you.
[dramatic music playing]
-Guess I'll go check on the men.
-Yeah okay.
I want you to have this, Sir.
[bomb explodes]
[Cain] Sir?
[Cain sighs]
The war's almost over huh, Sir?
Yeah it is.
Do you think we can hold out
until then?
Well, we'll see in the morning.
[scoffs] Amazing isn't it?
What's that?
Same sky as back home...
-...just worlds apart.
[Rivers sighs]
How does it feel to slap
a superior officer in the face?
What are you talking about, Sir?
I know it was you.
I know you saved me.
-I didn't save anyone.
-No, why did you do it?
You didn't owe me anything.
[Cain] Everyone gets scared,
Sometimes all you need
is just a little encouragement
to get through it.
-[Richardson] Sir?
German officer came in
under a white flag.
What does he want?
He wants to talk to you, Sir.
I have told you, Corporal.
your men are a bit jumpy.
-He's clean, Sir.
May I put my hands down?
By all means.
Would any of you gentlemen
have a smoke?
[bombs exploding]
You cannot beat
Southern American tobacco.
You came under a white flag,
Captain, what do you want?
Always to the point, Americans.
I am here for your surrender.
By now you have heard the war
is over tomorrow.
Eleven in the morning.
Clearly you can see
your position here is pointless.
And there is no need
for more bloodshed.
I, uh...
I think we're gonna stay.
These colored boys here
have fought bravely.
I admire it.
But it is foolishness
to continue.
I have two regiments
of troops and artillery
moving on this hill as we speak.
You are surrounded.
There's no hope
to survive when we attack.
Clearly you don't want
all your men to die.
Do you, Captain?
Corporal, Private,
would you please escort
this Captain
back to our lines safely.
-Yes, Sir.
-Yes, Sir.
I will give you until dawn
to change your mind.
But then I start the guns.
-Hmm? Yeah.
Still no sign of the enemy.
Well, I trust the German
to keep his word.
Artillery is going
to be tough tomorrow, Sir.
Yeah. Well,
I have an idea about that.
[speaking German]
How many?
Looks like three.
It's going to be hard
to get those guns, Sir.
Well, we just need to buy time
we don't need the guns.
We've got to get at
and destroy that ammo.
Bite the head off the snake.
No ammo, no steal rain.
Then they'll have to attack
our positions, force us out.
Sir, I'd like to lead
the men in.
Give them Huns some hell.
You sure about that, Sergeant?
Yes, Sir.
All right, listen to me,
you get in there
and you hit them, and you
get out as fast as you can.
This is your hill, Sergeant.
I want you back here.
Yes, Sir.
[speaking German]
All right men, this is it.
Light, fast,
that's what you don't need.
Conserve your weapons
and your ammo.
If it ain't black, kill it.
[upbeat music playing]
[bombs exploding]
-[speaking in German]
[bomb explodes]
[soldiers screaming]
[dramatic music playing]
-[soldiers grunting]
[Perry panting]
[Perry] You gotta
get the fuck out of here
I'm gonna blow this thing.
Come on.
[speaking in German]
-[grenade pin clicks]
[bombs explode]
Let's go! Let's go!
Get ready you know what to do.
[whistle blowing]
-[soldiers screaming]
-Here they come.
-[soldiers screaming]
-[Rivers] I'm out.
-[Cain] Me too.
-[Richardson] Reload.
-[speaking in German]
[soldiers grunting]
-They're trying to flank us.
-Not much we can do about it.
You can't let them
get behind us.
You guys go,
I'll hold them back.
Come on.
You sure?
Just go, just go.
-[bomb explodes]
-[speaks German]
[sighs] You guys
keep them entertained,
I'll make a break on them. Okay?
-[bomb explodes]
Sniper, sniper!
[Johnson grunts, groans]
[Johnson grunts]
-I'm hit.
-Shit! What do we do?
Stay there, stay there.
[pants, gasps]
-I don't see him.
-[Cardinni] Shit.
-[Rivers groans]
[speaking German]
[soldier gasps]
[soldier groans]
-[soldier grunts]
-[speaking German]
[bomb explodes]
[soldiers screaming]
[speaking in German]
Sir, I think
we should fall back.
[Rivers] You're right fall back.
Fall back! Fall back!
[soldiers screaming]
[gasps, groans]
Thomas, what happened?
Where were you going?
We're gonna fall back.
We're gonna do this together.
You and me,
we're doing this together.
It's been a pleasure.
Sir, we've got to go.
You hold on to that, all right.
Take care of yourself.
Fall back, fall back!
[pants] I'm finished.
You two, go, leave me.
I'll get him.
We won't leave you.
Go now, go now.
Before it's too late.
[bombs exploding]
All right, on three.
-[Johnson groans]
I got you.
[soldier grunts]
[soldiers screaming]
[speaking in German]
[Kirby] Quinn, come on.
Quinn, no.
Quinn, come on, keep on going.
Quinn, we have to keep going.
-[Cardinni] Let's go. Come on.
[soldier grunts]
[dramatic music playing]
[Colonel Morrison]
Sir, all the commanders
are pressing forward
attacking the Germans
all along their lines.
Germans are putting up a fight.
They refuse to believe
they're beaten.
Bring the boys home.
You tell those commanders
to keep pressing forward...
-till 11:00 a.m.
-[Colonel Morrison] Sir.
Yes, Sir?
What do you think?
About what, Sir?
The Germans, can we beat 'em?
I believe
it is not the last time
we will see the Germans
in field, Sir.
This'll have to be done
all over again.
I'll send the message
down the line.
[dramatic music playing]
[Cardinni] Captain?
I'm okay, Private.
[dramatic music playing]
Sir, do you mind?
Now they'll know
who holds this hill.
[pants] Half the men are gone
Most of the rest are wounded.
What about ammunition?
Not much,
some men are only down
to a few rounds left.
[whistle blowing]
[Cain] Here they come.
All right, we can't retreat.
And God, if we stay here...
Affix bayonets,
we affix bayonets.
You take the left flank,
you go center,
I take the right flank
and we sweep down the hill.
-You mean charge.
-Yeah, we charge on them
while the Germans
are coming up the hill.
-Do you understand?
-Yes, Sir. Yeah.
Okay, move out.
Fix bayonets, let's go.
-[Kirby] Fix bayonets!
-[all] Fix bayonets!
[dramatic music playing]
[clock ticking]
Private Cain.
[dramatic music playing]
[inaudible dialog]
[dramatic music playing]
[birds chirping]
-You are hit!
-It's okay, it's okay.
Medic! Medic!
11:03, the war is over.
I never had a chance
to thank you.
You don't have to.
Listen, war does not determine
who's right.
Only who's left.
But what we did here,
what we did here...
this is right.
This is our greatest victory.
[dramatic music playing]
[groans, pants]
Read it. Read it, please.
"My dearest William,
since we were children, I knew
you'd always be there for me.
You have been in my life
since its beginning,
and you're still here
even at its end.
I know you're optimistic,
but I fear I will not survive
this illness.
If that is the case,
I will go peacefully
having experienced a life
well lived by your side.
The coming months will be hard
but I want you to be strong.
Live life to the fullest,
and never give up.
Go to all the places
we talked about visiting,
I will be with you
every step of the way.
As long as you live, my spirit
will live on with you.
Eternally yours, Harriet."
[music continues]
[dramatic music playing]