The Green Slime (1968) Movie Script

'This is space station gamma 3
'calling cape Kennedy
tracking unit 32.'
'this is
cape Kennedy, go ahead.'
central from gamma 3.'
'routine video weather report.'
'ready to transmit
on channel 5-6.'
'solar magnetic influence
at minus 03.62.'
'request position reports
on Venus probe satellites 1 and 4"
'this is tracking units 6-4.'
'position reports
for Venus probes'
'not ready for 30 minutes.'
'this is space center, Roger.'
'will stand by on channel 422."
Here are the latest reports.
'Patrol cruiser 44..'
uh, same old garbage.
Nothing exciting ever
happens around here.
'Prepare for
takeover of automatic reentry.'
what's wrong with
board number four?
I'm getting a lot of
abnormal interference.
'What the devil is that?'
increase it to 20
magnification and project it.
'Yes, sir.'
that's an asteroid.
Check it out, quick.
Freeze it on the video.
Have you got that
course figured yet?
Here it is, sir.
A collision course with earth.
general, here's
the final answer.
Now, this confirms
my first guess.
The only answer's to blast
that thing out of the sky.
We'll never make it, chief.
It's coming too fast.
We'll just have to move faster.
- General?
- Yes.
Commander rankin is here, sir.
Send him into
my private office.
- What's rankin doing here?
- I sent for him.
But he's tendered
his resignation.
You can't send
him on a mission
where chances of survival
are zero, and you know it.
He's still the top
officer of my command.
I'd have absolute
confidence in him
no matter what
we're faced with.
And I'll be go to hell if
i know what we are faced with.
How are you, chief?
It's been a while.
Not bad, still putti"
on little weight.
So I see.
Rankin and Elliott..
Best space team we ever had.
Yeah, Vince and i
did pretty well for a while
till I ruined it.
No one's ever
accused you of that
except yourself.
No, not officially.
But what's on your mind?
You didn't ask me over here
to discuss my personal problems.
That's right.
Take a look.
This is the asteroid flora.
We sighted it moving towards
earth less than two hours ago.
- How did it get out of orbit?
- We don't know.
At this juncture,
i don't care.
'Now, here's flora.'
'and here we are, the earth.'
flora, that's a
class two asteroid.
Right, close to six
million tons of rock.
And at 7 o'clock
tomorrow morning..'ll collide with earth.
That's less than ten hours.
That's right.
Ten hours.
Well, can't it be diverted?
Set up a force shield?
We've run her through
comp analysis.
There's only
one solution.
I think you know
what it is.
That means blast it.
Three trimegaton units
placed on that thing...
and there'll be
nothing left but dust.
Who's in command
of the mission?
To my mind, there's only one man
with the necessary experience.
But under the circumstances,
he would..
...have to volunteer.
I take it
I'm the volunteer?
Here are the
operating orders
and there's a flight
waiting at lowry field.
Your operating base
will be gamma 3.
Everything you need will
be assembled up there.
You don't have
time to waste.
And if I don't make it?
Then don't come
back down.
Because there won't be
anything to come back down to.
Jack, you know what your chances
are about running that blast.
Yeah, I know.
You'll be in full operational
charge of gamma 3
and the mission
until it's completed.
Presently, gamma 3 is
commanded by Vince Elliott.
Elliott, huh?
I guess today
is my lucky day.
Good luck.
- Good luck.
- I'll do my best.
I'll see what I can do
about the promotion.
Commander, we just passed
through zero gravity.
Right. What's our eta?
'We're due to dock
in 30 minutes and 11 seconds.'
commander Elliott, the cruiser
is in the approach beam.
Thank you very much.
That's all.
Martin, I want that ship brought
in like a crate of eggs.
Right. Commander, the talk is
that Jack rankin's coming up.
That's right,
he's on that ship.
Does that mean
that he takes over?
That's exactly
what it means.
Now since that's
the way it is
let's be sure that's
the way it is, huh?
Yes, sir.
- I've heard.
- You heard what?
They're sending
Jack rankin up.
Why, it's your command.
I guess chief figures he's
the best man for it, that's all.
I don't believe it. There
must be another reason.
Oh, he'll get the
job done, alright
with no ifs, ands, or buts.
In spite of anything.
Or anybody.
You won't be going
with him, will you?
That's up to him.
Vince, don't let
anything start up again.
That's up to him, too.
Try to remember that once
you were the best of friends.
Alright, Lisa, I'll try
to remember, alright?
And listen, darling.
You don't have the slightest
reason to be jealous of him.
He doesn't mean
anything to me anymore.
You sure?
Would you like to join
the welcoming community, hmm?
I told him I never wanted to
see him again. I still mean it.
good to see you again,
Vince. It's been a while.
Welcome aboard, sir. You're
right on schedule. So are we.
Think you can get me loaded
and off in 20 minutes?
No sweat.
I'm hans halvorsen, commander.
- Station's space consultant.
- Good evening.
This is Michaels, my assistant.
We'll be going with you.
I'm sorry, doctor, you're not
included in my orders
and I can't be held up.
Excuse me, sir, but your orders
were modified a short while ago.
In that case, we leave
in 20 minutes.
- I won't be in the way.
- I hope not.
With your permission, sir,
I'd like to go along.
But your place is here,
Vince, and you know it.
Captain Martin is capable
of taking over, sir.
One hundred percent.
I'm glad you feel that way.
Consider yourself in.
What the hell are
they waiting for?
They've only been
there five minutes.
They damn well better
get a move on.
Launching area, all clear.
Guidance system
checkout, stand by.
'Standing by.'
gyro regulator?
Gyro regulator running.
Iron drive?
Iron drive on standby.
launch area.'
'zero pressure.'
'open main hatch.'
here's where the number
one unit will operate.
That'll be you,
sergeant Scott, and myself.
Yes, sir.
Takes us to the number two
position, will you.
Number two unit, that'll
be your party, Vince.
Work here.
Lt. Morris, you'll be
in charge of third group
working at the landing area
directly from the ship.
Are there any
questions, gentlemen?
Take her in.
Everybody reading
me loud and clear?
'It's 1:53.'
'deadline for rendezvous
with the ship is 2:45.'
'any question?'
no, commander.
Let's move.
Come on, lads.
Little faster.
Little faster.
This place looks
as good as any.
That does it,
let's go.
'It won't start.'
- what is it?
- I don't know.
Let's go, sergeant. We'll
have to abandon the equipment.
Where's Elliott?
- He isn't back yet.
- Oh, that's great.
Look, here he comes now.
'Space central
to commander rankin.'
'space central to
commander rankin.'
this is rankin, go ahead.
Jack, that damn thing
you're on is accelerating.
- Do you hear me?
- I read you.
Detonation time has to be
moved up to 3 o'clock.
It's 2:40 now. We can't
possibly outrun the blast.
There's no alternative.
Do you realize what
you're asking?
I realize what
I'm asking.
'3 o'clock.'
3 o'clock.
Detonation hour has
been changed to 3 o'clock.
- That's impossible.
- That's what I said.
Change the device and
get everybody on board.
Where the hell is halvorsen?
I don't know.
Get everybody on board.
You're gonna give him
a few minutes?
- There isn't time...
- you can't leave him here!
You made this mistake
once before.
commander rankin.
Look, it's pulsating.
It's alive.
Get rid of it.
But this is
a major discovery.
'You can't
bring it with you.'
now everybody,
get on board.
They finally got off.
But they'll never
outrun that blast.
They got away alright, but
they've only got three minutes
to outrun that blast.
Pour it on, Morris. Give
it everything she's got.
She'll break up!
We're over ten g's now.
We can't take much more.
I said increase the speed.
Activate the force shield.
They got through!
They got through!
They made it!
You better notify
the news media.
Fireworks over the city
will need some explaining.
Congratulations, sir.
You really gave us
a hell of a scare.
Thanks Martin, and
thanks to all of you
for the welcoming committee,
but the job isn't over yet.
Lizzie, you
shouldn't be here.
We haven't been
through decontamination.
I'm holding you responsible
for the decontamination
of material and personnel
used on the mission.
I'm familiar
with the regulations...
I didn't say you weren't,
I'd like them run three times.
Just a minute, doctor.
Three times? Can't spare
the equipment that long.
'I've gotta
run this station.'
'i said three times, doctor.'
the crew have got more
important things to do.
The command reverts to
you when the mission
is completed, and I leave.
That's the way the orders read.
I suggest you bone up
on your regulations.
You should have
one of the doctors
look at that arm, commander.
Yeah, that's my next stop.
Oh, Morris.
When you file the report,
file it in my name
and commander Elliot's, okay?
Oh, I understand, sir.
Oh, commander!
I'll get a doctor
right away.
Don't bother.
'Please be seated, commander.'
Take it easy, doctor.
I'm so sorry, commander.
You look as
though you're sorry.
It's not half of what
you deserve, Jack.
You're very kind.
You drop me, get engaged
to my best friend
and you still think
i deserve more.
I saw your display just now.
Do you have to be
so tough on everybody?
So sorry.
Nothing to do with being tough.
I get an order, I carry it out.
I give one, I expect the
same, right down the line.
That's your trouble.
There's no margin to let
other people be wrong.
To fail sometimes.
Yeah, I think that's right.
That's why every time
we met, we quarreled.
Be careful, we'll start again.
No, I have no reason
to quarrel with you.
It's finished. It's all
finished between us.
I wonder.
You have an incredible ego.
Lisa, it's got nothing
to do with ego.
Look, Jack, Vince
and I have..
Just don't upset things
between us, alright?
'Uh, excuse me, commander?'
your circuit to
space central, it's ready.
And thanks for taking
care of me, doctor.
May I have your
attention, everybody?
Here's to flora.
And to your safe return
to earth, commander.
Sit this one out.
Jack, how is jb?
Oh, he's about as
bad-tempered as ever.
Oh, that's not true.
You know there is
nobody in this world
who cares more about you.
I guess you're right.
By the way, Vince
the old man sends
his very best regards
in his own inimitable way.
Thank you.
He will be glad
to hear Lisa and I
are gonna to be
married next week.
You can tell him personally.
I'll tell him.
Lisa, I wish you
every happiness.
Commander, may I...Dance
with your fiancee?
Please do.
I got it.
Try to remember
I'm engaged.
Why can't you and Vince
forget what happened?
He's the one carrying the
grudge. I've done all I could.
Well, you didn't have to report
him so he had to face enquiry.
Yeah, but we both know
the report was true.
He's a nice guy, Lisa.
The problem is
he's too nice to be
a commanding officer.
Was it a mistake not to
sacrifice one of his own men.
You would have done
exactly the same.
I doubt it. And if I had,
i wouldn't bitch about it.
After all, he sacrificed
10 men to save one.
That's a pretty
stupid mistake.
And don't think it hasn't
almost destroyed him.
It's killing him.
And you haven't helped any.
You're making
a big mistake, Lisa.
You don't love Vince,
you pity him.
I'm very happy with him.
You're lying.
You love me.
I told you you had an incredible
ego, but it's more than that.
It's-it's unbelievable.
Excuse me.
Oh, my god.
There's trouble, sir.
What kind of trouble?
I think you'd better come, sir.
Alright, follow me. Rest of you,
stay here. We'll handle it.
This way, sir.
Over there.
He's dead.
He put up a hell of a fight.
He's been electrocuted.
Then why is that room torn up?
Look at this.
It looks like the same substance
we found on the asteroid
but it isn't moving.
Well, what's it doing
here, doctor?
I don't know.
It's your responsibility,
Set up a search detail,
see what you turn up.
'Unit 6, continue
search in a block.'
'unit 6, Roger.'
'this is unit 8.'
'command room to search unit 3"
'command room to unit 8, Roger"
command room to search unit 4.
Report your position.
'Unit 4 in area 75.'
'car 44, report to
lieutenant dreger at j-22 in d-block.'
- what's wrong with your screen?
- I don't know, sir.
Command room to
electronic maintenance.
Run a check on the power
line terminal in c block.
Ah, ah, ah!
Ah, a-a-ah!
Commander Elliot,
come to c block power terminal, now.
In there, sir.
We found him here, sir.
He's been electrocuted.
Just like Michaels.
call to commander Elliot'
'come to the main
power room at once.'
we found something
strange up there, sir.
You think that's what
killed Michaels?
I don't know.
Let me have that laser.
Don't kill it.
Try to save it.
It's a magnificent discovery.
We must do everything
to capture it.
- I think we ought to try.
- It's already killed two men.
Get rid of it.
And as commander of this
station, I say we ought to try.
I'll take full
responsibility for it.
Alright, Vince,
let's do it your way.
Thank you very much. Now,
what do you suggest, doctor?
Well, let's try to paralyze it.
Get a gas gun and a net.
- Lieutenant Curtis.
- 'Sir?'
take some men around
the other side.
'Yes, sir.'
- lieutenant Morris.
- 'Yes,'
I want a gas gun and a net.
ready with the gas gun, sir.
Right, ready aim.
Alright, stand by
with the net guns.
Ah, a-a-ah!
Is there another way
out of this corridor?
No, sir. It's a dead end. Only
ventilation shaft's down there.
Suppose we try it
my way now, Vince.
Now on, I'm in
command, Martin.
The order is fire at will. Use
discretion, double the guards.
Yes, sir.
You better get down
to the infirmary.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, commander.
You were lucky.
You think so, huh?
Are you blaming
yourself again?
How's the shoulder?
It's going to be
alright, thanks.
I've decided to hang
around until we find out
what we're really up against.
I appreciate that,
but I can handle it.
I didn't say you couldn't.
I'll feel better if i
know everything's alright.
This is my command, I'll manage
it. Your orders...
I know what the
orders read, Vince.
What do you want me to do?
Pull rank on you, forget it.
Wait. Why should I?
You're saying I always
screw up, right?
Admit it, you're saying,
what happened this morning
it's my fault, right?
Alright, you want it straight.
You make too many mistakes.
You're not right
for command. Satisfied?
Jack, do you realize this is
the first time anything living
has been found
anywhere in space.
Do you know how terribly
important that is?
Tell that to the wives of
the men in the morgue.
This is monitor 2.
C block all clear.
- Area is all secure.
- Right.
Command room, launching
area, all clear.
'This is monitor
6, d block is all clear.'
how's everything going on
outside, captain Martin?
The men are just getting ready
to got out there now, sir.
Command room.
It's doctor halverson. He's
got something in the lab.
He says it very important.
- We better see what he's up to.
- He'll be right there.
Commander, this is the fluid
sample I found in power room.
Despite it's color,
it's obviously blood.
I want you to see
this for yourselves.
These cells duplicate
faster than anything know to man.
Their growth rate
is incredible.
In fact, it's frightening.
You realize what this implies?
Do you remember the ripped up
wires in the transmission room?
Come here, I want to
show you something else.
Now, I have a theory as to
why the creature was there
and what it was seeking.
Now, I'm going to send
a controlled charge
to the isolated cells.
The blood cells look like
they're getting larger, doctor.
Now, I'll increase
the power slightly.
But it proves out.
The animal feeds on energy.
And discharges energy.
That explains its ability
to electrocute Michaels.
One cell, one microscopic
speck left on a spacesuit.
And it would absorb all
the energy it could get.
Wait a minute.
This stuff reproduced inside
the decontamination chamber?
And then as we...As we stepped
up the current, it just.. just grew?
These creature can be developing
on any part of the station.
Or a drop of this substance
can reach any form of energy.
The power room.
If he's right
those things are
gonna be all over.
I want you to set up a clean-up
detail under captain Martin.
Re-alert the station, see that
every precaution is taken.
But this order is
revoked, commander.
Under no circumstances will
the men use their weapons.
Let's check him
with the analyzer.
It's very strange.
Get everybody out,
don't ask any questions.
Get the patients out, hurry.
It's the infirmary.
First squad, come with me.
Come on.
Get back!
Get back, get back, everybody.
We've got it now.
Keep firing.
Fire! Fire!
Martin, hold your fire.
Hold your fire, men.
Alright, explain it, doctor.
Blood cells of this
creature is like a seed.
It can spawn new creatures
from its own blood.
Watch it.
Maybe, we can trap
it in the ward.
How long will it hold?
We can only guess. Get a man on
the monitor and keep it posted.
Look, more of the
same substance.
Incredible how fast
it's growing.
Alright, let's clear
out of here, men.
'Bring up that
monitor car, quick.'
get the door, Vince.
Get me the isolation ward.
What's it doing?
My god, it can heal itself.
You're saying we can't
kill it, doctor?
I don't know.
Can you give me a better look
at this side of the room.
It's spreading like wildfire.
It'll soon be all over the
station. Switch to infirmary.
It's almost impossible
to believe.
So fast.
This is commander Elliot
I want all power in
the infirmary cut off
right now!
Smart move, Vince.
If we can at least keep it
from spreading, we got a chance.
I hope you're right.
Assemble the officers in the
command room in 10 minutes.
Quarantine? Who the hell
does he think he is?
Bring the full report
to my office.
Yes, sir.
Get me an open
circuit to gamma 3.
Nurse. Two cc of andrine.
How's the hand?
Are we really
in quarantine?
- Are we really in quarantine?
- That's the order.
But what about my patients?
They can't get treatment here.
They should be sent down.
It's absolutely out
of the question.
Lisa, don't you realize if one
drop of the creatures blood
got to the earth, that
would be the end of us all.
Jack, I understand, but it
might be their only chance.
It might be, but nothing
leaves this station.
What is it?
I'm not sure.
I'll find out.
But whatever happens,
keep things under control.
- It's alright, don't worry.
- I'm scared.
Alright, gentlemen. May i
have your attention please?
Commander rankin and I've doped
out a plan we hope will work.
He's on the line with
headquarters right now.
Now, here's what we figured out.
Till now, all our troubles
seemed to be here in c-block.
We've gotta get
everyone out of there.
That'll be rough on the injured.
We got to do it. Get everyone
out of c-block and seal it off.
'And then what?'
then we confine it even further.
Right down to the storage room.
But...How do we get
those things in there?
By energy. We're
banking on the fact
that Dr. halvorsen's
theory is correct.
That these things as you
call them need energy.
Any energy to grow on.
How do we get energy
into the storage room?
Cut off all power
and light in c-block.
We're gonna then run
a power beam search car
down the corridor
stopping at this room.
In the room, we'll set up
a portable generator.
The light beam will
lure them into the room?
We hope right
to the generator.
Well, at least we'll have this
mess contained in one area..
...if it works.
Oh, it's got to work.
Because if these things spread
if they get back to
that main power room..
We've had it.
Set up the generator
in 10 minutes.
Yes, sir, right away.
'This is commander rankin.'
'all personnel will be
evacuated from c-block.'
'in 10 minutes, all lights
throughout the entire station'
'will be extinguished.'
'there will be
no alarms, no signals.'
'prepare all sick and wounded
for immediate removal'
'and stand by.'
will everything
be alright?
Yes, yes.
Hold up, driver.
This is commander rankin.
Are you men set
with the generator?
Yes, commander.
We're all set here.
Turn on the remote control.
I'm activating the
switch as off...Now.
It's working, sir.
We're clearing out right now.
It's almost time.
Let's have a look
behind us, Martin.
Yes, sir.
Here we go, men.
Don't move.
- You ready, driver?
- 'Yes, sir.'
easy, men, easy.
Let's go.
Easy, men.
It's working.
Kill the lights, men.
Give me that.
- Move it back.
- Yes, sir.
Lisa, these things
are gonna follow me.
When they do, I want
you to get out of here.
Lisa! Now!
Come on, let's
get out of here.
Come on, hurry.
'L'm behind you!'
now, douse your lamp.
Let them come to me.
Martin, get ready
with the lights.
Elliott, stand clear.
Come on!
Move the car, driver.
Cut the lights.
- Let's be 100% sure, Martin.
- Yes, sir.
Send the car
to c-block again.
Switch on the lights
and turn the car around.
The one in the isolation ward.
Monitor car.
Get the infirmary.
That door won't hold it.
We can brace the
door with the car.
That won't help much, captain.
But the airlock panel might.
We can isolate him in c-block.
I don't know if the
section can handle it.
This place is
stronger than that.
Now, wait a minute.
There must be another way.
When you think
of it, let me know.
This is commander
rankin speaking.
Prepare we evacuate
c-block immediately
and make ready to
drop the airlock panel.
Alright, come on. Let's go.
- Move this thing.
- Commander, wait.
Didn't you hear the order?
What are you doing down here?
It's my files.
I have to get them out.
- There isn't time.
- Commander!
There isn't time.
Martin! Get that
idiot out of here.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
Hurry up!
Douse the light!
Come on, move.
Move. Move.
Come on, halvorsen. Hurry up!
- Everybody get out alright?
- Are you alright?
Yeah, but I just made it.
Commander, Dr. halvorsen
is still inside c-block.
Help! Help!
No, no, no.
A-ah, ah!
Help! Help! Help!
Only one way
to get him out.
We'll have to drop
the other airlock.
Can't. The light car's
jammed under it. Won't move.
Come on, men, see
if we can free this car.
Listen, there's only one way
to get him out of there.
We're gonna have to raise
the first airlock panel.
You'll risk the whole station.
That's a risk we're
gonna have to take.
Not as long as
I'm in command.
Vince! Get away
from that panel.
That's an order, Vince.
It's your move, commander.
You're not supposed
to shoot them, Jack.
Get her out of here.
- Martin, get the panel.
- Yes, sir.
There's been an
explosion on gamma 3.
- What happened?
- A section just blew out.
- Put me on radio.
- Right.
Space center to gamma 3.
Space center to gamma 3.
Space center to gamma 3.
Scanner still
working on c-block?
Yes, sir.
Looks like some of
them have been killed.
Yeah, but look
how they're burnt.
Must been tremendous heat
generated by the explosion.
There are only three or four.
What happened to others?
Get me an outside scanner.
Jack, look. A sun.
It's healing them.
And look at the way
they're growing.
Main power room. Shut down
the solar generators now.
Lisa, get all the
injured in b-block.
Keep them together and be ready
to move in a moment's notice.
The circuit to
headquarters through yet?
- In just a few seconds, sir.
- Oh, hurry it up.
Here we are, sir.
Rankin on gamma 3. Do you
read me loud and clear, over.
'Loud and clear, sir.'
urgent priority on this message
to the chief of staff.
One, necessary to abandon
gamma 3 immediately.
Prepare to receive evacuees,
many of whom are wounded.
Absolutely mandatory to
have complete quarantine
and thorough examination
of all personnel
and equipment on arrival.
Two, request permission
to destroy gamma 3.
To destroy this station?
Situation here beyond control.
Further efforts futile.
Any unnecessary delay can prove
disastrous to entire company.
You can evacuate this station.
You're not gonna destroy it.
It's our only way, Vince.
What do you mean,
"it's our only way"?
I mean that I want this
place cleared out
lock, stock, and barrel in 30
minutes. Ls that clear enough?
- Put me on the loudspeakers.
- 'Yes, sir.'
this is commander rankin.
Now, hear this.
Now, hear this. This is a
general quarters alert.
Our personnel will prepare to
evacuate the station at once.
All support cruisers will be
ready for immediate departure.
Target deadline
will be in 40..
Now, I'm going to tell you
something for the last time.
Lam in command
of this station.
And when my chief gives me
an order to destroy gamma 3
I'll take that order from him,
but I won't take it from you.
Lieutenant Morris, I want you
to escort commander Elliott
to the evacuation area.
Put him on a cruiser.
If he offers any
resistance of any kind
consider him under arrest.
- Commander! Take it easy!
- Alright, alright!
Lieutenant Morris,
you have your orders.
Yes, sir.
Captain Martin, you'll be
in charge of the evacuation.
Yes, sir.
Stand by. We've got
them now, sir.
This is general Thompson.
Can you get everyone off?
Yes, sir. We'll be clearing
as soon as possible.
Jack, don't take any
unnecessary chances.
- We'll handle it from here.
- It's your party.
Connect me to the
evacuation room.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Lisa, are all your
patients ready to go?
All patients are
ready for evacuation.
Doctor, I'm never going
to make it down, am I?
Of course, you will. Everything
is going to be alright.
- Captain. We're all set to go.
- Fine, Morris.
- Open the escape hatch.
- Right, standby.
Standing by.
Escape hatch opening.
- What's wrong?
- It won't open.
Close it, quick.
Command room,
this is control.
They are outside the escape
hatch. We can't get it open.
'Can you hear me? We can't
open the escape hatch.'
- give me an outside camera.
- Yes, sir.
They're after the power
circuits on the solar generator.
They sure are.
Martin, send four men up there
and blast those things.
'Roger. Right away, sir.'
alright, captain. I'll be
handling this myself.
Make sure everyone is set
to leave the station.
- But, sir, commander rankin...
- that is an order, captain.
You do know what
an order is?
- Yes, sir.
- Vince.
Vince, don't go out there.
Don't tell me what to do. I'm
tired of being told what to do.
I'm tired of taking orders.
This is my station.
Now, go up there and
tell your gi boy scout
what I just said.
- Mine?
- You're damn right.
It's never been over
between you two, has it?
Vince, you got it
all wrong. Believe me.
Sure. Sure, I do.
'Captain Martin,
what's keeping you? Get moving.'
see, the great man's
getting impatient.
Excuse me.
We're all set, sir.
Good luck, sir.
Thank you.
Don't worry about me.
You get your patients, your
staff on the cruisers. Hmm?
Quick! Get them
aboard the cruiser.
Is commander Elliott
outside yet?
Commander Elliott?
Alright. Let's go.
That's commander Elliott.
I think the solar power supply
can be used as a diversion.
- Activate it, Curtis.
- Right.
Get them ready to go.
- Stand by.
- Standing by.
Hatches open.
Get ready to launch number one.
Hit the blue.
'Number one, off and clear.'
- ready, number two.
- 'Ready.'
hit it!
Turn off the gyro-computer.
'Martin, how's it going?'
the last group is
leaving now, sir.
There's only the
security detail left.
Good work, Martin.
We'll be right there.
Alright, everybody. Get down
to the evacuation area.
We'll pick up Elliott and
others in the atmosphere.
This is gamma 3
calling space central.
Gamma 3 calling space central.
Guidance control is set.
We are clearing out.
We are clearing out.
This is space central.
We're taking over now.
Get ready to test the remote
guidance system for gamma 3.
Yes, sir.
Jack! Behind you!
Where are the others?
They're on the cruiser
waiting for you.
- Come on.
- Commander!
- More trouble.
- What is it?
Space central reports
our power's dropped so low
they can't activate
guidance by remote control.
What does that mean?
It means we do it ourselves.
That means going back.
Oh, no.
Get on that cruiser
and get outta here.
It's impossible
to go back in there.
It's useless to
even try, commander.
There are too many of them.
We'd never make
it to the controls.
We've gotta make it, Martin.
It's as simple as that.
Yes, sir. I'll
round up a detail.
Captain. I'm the one
that's going back.
Take that last cruiser and get
out of here as quick as you can.
Circle the station.
I'll, eh, I'll drift up
and meet you later.
Yes, sir.
- Jack, why can't...
- will you stop arguing?
Please. Don't go.
I'll be back.
- Ready for launch.
- 'Ready.'
easy now. I'll take it.
Where's rankin, Lisa?
He went back inside.
Vince, where are you going?
I'm gonna go help him.
You never could take orders.
Everybody's got
his weakness, right?
That's it. Let's go.
Ah! A-a-a-ah!
Pull in close.
Take them aboard.
Stand by. The circuit's
ready, sir.
This is rankin reporting.
As the result of action above
and beyond the call of duty
by commander Vince Elliott
'evacuation successful
with minimum of casualties.'
'destruction of gamma 3
completed as planned.'
mission completed.
I recommend the highest
citation for commander Elliott..
Alright, lieutenant.
Take her down.