The Grief Tourist (2012) Movie Script

(Distant siren sounding)
(Siren continuing)
(Muffled chattering)
(Exhaling deeply)
(Sirens sounding)
(Muffled chattering)
(Horn blaring)
Everything gets better
at night...
...even yonkers.
There's no traffic,
no aggravation.
I've been relieving Sanchez
for the last five years,
ever since she got back
from Iraq.
She's more of a man than all
the other guys
on the four-to-twelve
put together.
She's like a friend.
We share a vice.
August 10th.
Did you go?
Check it out.
Is that ever neat!
Self portrait.
Oh, you've got to
email me this.
Put it on my MySpace.
Hey, when you leaving?
In the morning.
You crazy?
Man, you should have
took a sick day,
come over to my place.
Me and Tina are going
to watch a&e.
They've got a son of Sam
documentary on,
being it's the anniversary
of when they caught him.
Nah. You're name's on the
schedule, you show up.
Hate it when the guard relieving
me is a no show.
Ain't right.
Screw that.
If I was going on my
vacation the next day,
I'd tell them all
to blow me.
Thought that's what
Tina was for.
So, what you hitting?
Definitely his boyhood
The juvie facility
they had him in.
Still there?
Yeah. Closed it in 2000,
but it's still there.
Definitely want to
see that.
What about the
Yeah. Church
and the shed,
up in the hills.
Wow, Carl marznap.
You're really doing it.
Now, one of these years
I'm going to go with you.
No. My trips are my own.
You know that.
Big Jim's going
to cali.
Hey, if you see
Jessica alba,
bang her for me.
it's for faggots.
Going about 150 Miles
north of that shit hole.
Take plenty of pictures.
Go fuck yourself.
Jim: I've been at post
one 15 years almost.
I got job security.
Mostly because no one
wants my shift.
Most guards hate it
down here.
Down here you're
A couple guards been robbed,
been two drive-by shootings.
And they all say it's
too lonely.
They go nuts after
a few weeks.
But not me.
I never get lonely.
I love it down here.
I had this doctor,
this little Jew fucker
the court made me see
after I got out of the
said it wasn't no good
me being alone too much.
Said it was unhealthy.
I thought he was full
of shit.
I mean, the world's all
fucked up
because nobody ever gets a
chance to be alone anymore.
You got your emails,
answering machines,
personal computers,
you always got someone
up your ass.
Makes people crazy.
You have none of that shit
down at post one.
It's why I like it
down here.
It's quiet.
Gives you plenty of
think time.
(Car passing)
(Car passing)
(Plane engine roaring)
The morning rush...
A long line of people
going to their deaths.
Morning, sunshine.
I know they hate their lives.
We're all caught in
the same trap.
You. Hey, hey, hey.
God, you got to get your window
fixed. Come on.
People aren't going to think
you have a job.
Get out of here.
They're all sluts,
drug addicts,
child molesters.
I know they hate me.
They hate all
the guards.
Grumpy. Come on, grumpy.
Get up here.
Come on!
I've been at this way too long
not to know that.
All right, have
a great day.
You see, they don't
trust us.
Look at you.
You're the sunshine
in my day.
They think we're going
through their desks
and offices at night
when they go home and
they're right. We are.
We are worse than what they're
paying us to keep out.
So, for thirty seconds
each day,
we all pretend we're
(Horns honking)
This new cook?
Jim: Every day this
week, too many onions.
When's petey getting back
from Atlantic city?
Be back Friday,
degenerate gambler
that he is.
Packed yet?
You know me, ma.
I've been packed for
two weeks.
California, right?
Yeah, little town called
It's in, like,
farm country.
Farm country.
This guy was a, uh,
mass murderer arsonist.
Oh, lovely.
Fucking awesome.
Oh, great,
Carl marznap.
Burned down a church
in '68,
killed a bunch of
What the hell's
wrong with people?
Well, this guy was
gang raped as a kid.
That'll fuck you up,
I don't get what you do.
You know? It's...
It's very macabre to me. Yeah?
Yeah, macabre.
What about those people that
go to the grassy knoll?
What about 'em?
To see where Kennedy's
head exploded.
He was the president.
And somehow, that's
not weird.
But what I do is.
I don't know.
Maybe you're right.
I mean, I went
to Graceland.
Same thing.
Same thing.
He died on the shitter.
He died on the shitter?
Did they take
I don't understand that.
Is that Jean Nate?
You always smell
so good.
Thank you,
Just take care
of yourself.
Make sure that wherever
you're staying,
you go down by the pool,
What do you want me
to bring you back?
I'll trust you.
I'm going to get that
sundae going for you.
Just be careful.
Thank you.
Yes, please.
Jim: You never took me to ballgames,
only cemeteries.
You said they were peaceful.
We hardly ever spoke.
I didn't care. I just
liked being with you.
You put something in
my blood, pop.
You made me a
grief tourist.
(Jet engine roaring)
Proudly swept
the rain clouds by
the cliffs
as on, it glided
through the trees
still following
with glee, the liko
the a hihi lehua
of the valley
aloha oe
aloha oe
clerk with accent: Mr. Tanner,
the room is $49 a day, very clean.
My sister-in-law Olga
cleans herself.
I hope you got
air conditioning.
It's hot as hell
out there.
Yes. Yes, yes, cool.
Nice place at night.
Good to hide.
I'm on vacation.
How long you stay?
Four nights.
(Dog yapping)
Got something by
the pool?
Here is your key. Room 21.
We have no pool,
but it's good to look
at the beautiful,
pretty girls anyway.
(Loud engine purring,
people chattering)
(Kids shouting)
The place is a dump.
But I like it.
It's cheap.
There's better ways to spend
your money on vacation
than on a room you're
hardly ever in.
(Air conditioner humming)
"Born in the rural community of
hatticomb, California in 1918,
Carl marznap began
a lifelong odyssey
of arson and murder while
still only a child.
Embittered by years of torture
and sexual abuse
at the hands of his
alcoholic father,
marznap evolved from a quiet
and violent boy,
into a vicious killer.
He murdered and burned his
way across ventura county,
on mission of destruction
unlike anything
law enforcement had ever
seen before. "
"Age of thirteen,
after numerous acts of arson,
marznap was remanded to the
infamous grimes reformatory.
A facility known for its...
Draconian punishments
and ability to turn
wayward boys
into hardened criminals
overnight. "
Locked down dormitories.
This is where they kept you.
(Camera clicking)
When you came to grimes,
you were full of rage
for your parents.
By the time you left,
you were full of rage for the
whole goddamn world.
When you got here, some older
boys pulled you screaming
into the bathroom and
knocked your teeth out,
so you couldn't bite them when
they made you blow them.
They almost beat you
to death.
You're just a little kid and
nobody fucking helped you.
(Boys screams echoing)
Okay, here's your lovely
Chicken and a burger.
Looks great,
thank you.
I guess you must have
really liked that.
You sure polished that
off in a hurry.
Uh, yeah. My father,
he always said "life's short,
so eat quick. "
He died of indigestion.
Can I get you some
I think there was
The ventura volcano?
Sounds like suicide
by dessert.
It is. I hope you
got room for it.
Well, I always got room.
I am a bottomless void.
Oh, you know what?
That guy was one of our
more notorious citizens.
You want some more
Uh, sure.
Okay. I'll be back.
Um, une volcano.
Por favor.
Waitress #2: Can I get a
whiskey down with fries?
Jim: I was in the bookstore
up the street and I saw this.
I never heard of him.
I figured I'm here,
I might as well...
Seems interesting.
Oh, yeah. He was
interesting all right.
You know, we get a lot of
people coming through here,
going to the places where
he killed people.
And also, the teenagers
like to go to that shack,
where he killed himself.
You know,
I don't get it why people
like to go to those places.
I mean, what kind of
sick thrill
do they get by doing that,
you know?
I don't know about
those things.
I do know that people like
to go to ground zero.
Yeah, I know. I think
that's really sick too.
Hey, you should come back
for breakfast,
'cause it's much better
than our dinners. Okay?
I'm going to go get
your sundae.
Woman: Call me when you get
to walnut and erbes, all right?
No, no.
Walnut and erbes.
...b-e-s. "
No. "E-r-b-e-s. "
Go in, baby.
I'll be right there.
Hold on.
Go in. I'll be right there.
Just let me finish this.
That's my door.
Oh. This is
I thought you were
someone else.
Well, sorry.
All right. Call me
when you get there, papi
and then I'll give you
my address. Later.
You section eight?
Excuse me?
Are you section eight
or are you, like,
Uh, visiting.
Oh, okay.
This place is teaming
with them.
(Music playing on radio,
TV audio muted)
I love these preachers.
Carl's father was one
of these born agains.
Tomorrow I go to the ranch,
to see where this man of God
tortured his son.
The spot where Carl killed
for the first time.
His most intimate place...
Tomorrow, the tables turn...
(Laughing and chattering
in opposite room)
...and I haunt you, Carl.
Jim: "It was at the modest
family home in hatticomb,
where Carl's father would tie
him to a bed
and beat him viciously
with a razor strap,
sometimes burning his genitals
with lit candles
and cigars as punishment for
minor behavioural offences.
Marznap began his
murderous spree
at the family home, on a warm
September night in 1932.
At the age of fourteen,
he would bludgeon
his parents to death with a
hammer while they slept.
He doused the bodies
with gasoline
and set the structure ablaze.
He called the night he
murdered his parents,
'the most thrilling event
in his life. '
he had been so excited by the
sight of his parents burning
that he... ejaculated for the
first time. "
Carl, Carl, Carl...
(Camera clicking)
You had no remorse for
what you did, did you Carl?
Of course you didn't.
You used to say you didn't even
know what remorse felt like.
How could you...
After what they did
to you?
(Voices whispering)
(Laughter echoing)
Jim: What the fuck
happened to me out there?
Fuck up. I hope the shit
hasn't started up again.
Not fucking now,
not here.
Why is it always like this
when I split town?
God, what is it about a man
being alone in a hotel room
that makes him want to just do
the most depraved shit?
(Muffled electronic music
(Muffled laughing)
(Muffled electronic music
(Muffled laughing)
This fucking whore working
out of the room next door...
The devil is just
tempting me.
(Muffled laughing)
It's one of them itches,
the more you scratch it,
the more it fucking itches.
(Muffled laughing, electronic
music playing)
I love it. Do it.
You're a naughty boy,
aren't you?
(Moaning, electronic music
Ooh, fuck!
Ooh, ooh!
(Moaning, electronic
music playing)
Oh, my fucking God!
"In 1961, after a five-year
spree of arson and murder,
marznap goes into an extended
cooling off period.
In 1964, he begins
setting fires again,
but said it did little to get
rid of the rage
he felt towards the church. "
"It and its congregation
would have to be punished. "
(Metallic clattering)
(Loud moaning)
Yeah! Harder!
Yes! Yes!
Oh! Don't stop!
(Screaming echoing)
You fucking whore.
(Screaming echoing)
(Screaming continuing)
(Train whistle blowing)
Maybe I should change rooms.
I don't...
I don't like being next
to that filthiness.
It's not good for me.
So, you took my advice and you
came back for breakfast?
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah. Um...
My sister...
She's only 28 and she was
just diagnosed with cancer.
They've given her
three months, tops.
Oh, lord.
I'm so sorry.
I lost my husband about
a few years ago
and, um...
I thought it was going
to kill me.
But it gets better.
I'm sorry for
your loss.
Thank you.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Um, I'll be right there,
God damn.
Can I get you anything?
(Exhaling deeply)
I'm a, uh, friend of
bill w's.
I saw your necklace.
Do you know where there might
be a meeting tonight?
Yeah, there's one at the
community church
at eight o'clock.
That's on Polly street.
Uh... I'm Carl.
Hi, Carl.
I'm Betsy.
Okay. I'm going to
get you some coffee, okay?
Jim: Seems like a nice person.
Shouldn't have lied to her.
But the truth has never
gotten me anywhere.
So what if I don't
have a sister?
That's not important.
The bottom line is
i got pain.
I got pain and she's
got pain.
The important thing is
our grief touched.
April 14th 1968,
your masterpiece.
I can feel you.
Where are you?
There was only three doors,
you know?
There was that one there.
There was these two here.
Took me two minutes
to lock them all
in here.
I had it fully burning
in eight.
Most of them they...
they trampled each others
in the panic.
My old man...
He was one of the
church elders.
Everybody knew
what he was doing
to me.
Oh, but nobody helped me
a shit.
I taught all these
phony sons of bitches
what being a victim
felt like.
I think it's time...
That you taught someone
that sermon.
(Flames crackling)
Woman: There was a man and he was
sprawled out on the bed, naked.
We had had sex.
I was still so drunk,
I called my husband.
I gave him the address.
He came and got me.
That was my bottom.
I cried for about three weeks
after he left.
He took my kids with him.
But somehow I found a room,
August 5th, 1998.
I'm one of the lucky ones.
We're all lucky.
We've all found rooms.
...and he was on the couch
and he had been watching
a ballgame.
Arrhythmogenic right
ventricular dysplasia.
The first symptom of that
is sudden death.
He was a vegetarian.
He was a runner.
He was in perfect health.
And he was dead at 45,
just like that.
And it's been four years.
I don't know.
It feels like it
was yesterday.
And I think I'm actually
more distraught now
than I was then.
I mean, at least then
I was in shock.
You know?
And now the pain...
Just never goes away.
So, I know what you're
going through, Carl.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm glad you came...
(Chuckling) the meeting.
I needed, uh...
I don't know.
Lately, I can't...
I don't know what's
going on.
I just...
I don't even know
what's real.
I know.
I feel like that too.
Sometimes I don't know
whether I'm coming or I'm going.
But I fight through it
and I go to a meeting.
Because in the end, Carl,
the only thing that's real
is right now.
This, you know?
Connecting with people.
I thank God for my job.
I thank God
for these meetings.
Because without them,
I'm not sure
what I would do.
Hmm, anyway.
I haven't even asked you
where you're from.
Where are you from,
(Clearing throat)
I'm from yonkers.
It's in New York.
Is it nice?
It's not nice.
It's yonkers.
So are you...
Here on business,
or are you
just passing through?
I mean, I say that because
hatticomb is the kind of place
that you just go through,
not to.
You know?
You smell good.
Are you hungry?
So, what do you do?
I'm a security guard.
What else?
What do you want
to know?
Well, what songs
do you like?
Polka music.
You laugh a lot.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?
You're beautiful,
you know that?
Thank you.
Suzanne takes you down
to her place
near the river
you can hear
the boats go by
and you can spend the night
beside her
and you know
that she's half crazy
but that's why
you want to be there
and she feeds you
tea and oranges
hmm, w. T.?
I thought you were
One vice at a time.
Your turn.
It's very strong.
You like it?
No? Oh. I do.
And you want
to travel with her
and you want
to travel blind
and you know
that she will trust you
for you've touched
her perfect body
with your mind
Thank you.
When he walked upon
the water
and he spent
a long time watching
from his lonely
wooden tower
and when he knew
for certain
only drowning men
could see him
he said "all men
will be sailors then
until the sea
shall free them"
but he himself
was broken
long before
the sky would open
forsaken, almost human
he sank beneath
your wisdom
Oh, yeah.
And you want
to travel with him
here. Kiss me.
And you want
to travel blind
and you think maybe
you'll trust him
stop. Just don't kiss me, okay?
Because I'm not
your boyfriend.
All right?
I don't like
all that mushy shit.
I just want to fuck.
Okay, wait a minute.
Hey, hey.
Carl, goddamn it.
Come on.
Don't be so rough.
Don't call me that.
Jesus Christ.
What is wrong
with you, Carl...?
Fucking don't call me that!
You don't fucking know me!
Fucking little bitch.
Jesus Christ.
Real women don't get
your nut off anymore.
I know the feeling.
There's poison
in you there.
Its sex all backed up.
Got to come out.
But you always lettin' it
build up.
No good.
Go ahead, boy.
Get it out.
Knock on that door there.
Get in there,
damn it.
(Door opening)
You know what I am?
You know, you're supposed
to make an appointment first.
But since we're neighbours,
I can squeeze you in.
(Mellow music playing)
(Door closing)
Kiss me.
I... I don't...
You a cop,
Then give me a kiss
or get out.
On my neck,
not the mouth.
Cops ain't allowed
to touch.
What's that?
It's a donation.
What's your name?
I'm iris.
You don't want
to suck 'em?
You can.
Go ahead.
Suck 'em.
Make me.
What the fuck is that, hmm?
I said suck 'em.
You want me to make you?
You want me to make you, hmm?
I said suck 'em.
That's right.
Fucking suck 'em.
(Breathing heavily)
Are you sure
you want this?
Then take your clothes off
and lay down.
I want to get a rubber.
(Both grunting softly)
Does that feel good, Carl?
Boy 1:
Drag him over here.
(Children screaming)
Get him!
Boy 2: Hold him down!
Boy 1:
Make sure no one's coming.
(Grunting and blows landing)
Young Jim:
Get off me!
(Boys grunting)
Let me go!
Boy 1:
Get his pants off.
Ow! Ow!
Boy 1:
Now stick it in there.
Shove it up his ass.
Ow! Ow!
(Iris groaning)
Boy 1:
You like that, you fag?
I know you like that, Carl.
(Young Jim screaming)
(Door latch sliding)
(Young Jim screaming)
They ruined me.
Those fucking kids
broke everything.
I know, Jimmy.
I know.
They broke me too.
Why didn't they
fix me?
They could've fixed me.
I was just a kid.
How could they not
even try?
Now it's too fucking late.
I know, Jimmy.
There ain't a soul alive
on this miserable planet
that don't know how
to break this shit up,
pound it into powder
like they did
to you and me.
We closer than kin
that way.
(Voices speaking
Woman 1:
What are you doing?
Man 1:
Nice place to hide.
Man 2:
What are you doing in my house?
Woman 2: Yeah, you know, I
think that's really sick too.
Man 3: It's time that
you taught that sermon.
Woman 3:
Go down by the pool...
Man 3:
There's poison in there.
Woman 4:
He is such a pig.
(Voices continue speaking
(Echoes/voices reverberating)
growing louder)
(Thunder rumbling)
(Rain pattering)
Um, I know that we were both
a little high.
And sometimes
people get weird.
You know,
I just wanted to say
that if I make you
feel uncomfortable,
or if I came on
too strong...
I'm sorry.
I guess I...
I know that my sense
of hospitality
just get away from me.
But it's just because
I really like you.
You're disgusting.
Betsy, are you okay?
(Liquid pouring)
Hey, sweetie. It's aunt vee.
I just wanted
to be the first person
to wish you
a Happy Birthday.
Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't
be there today,
but I'm coming up to visit you
this weekend.
And we can go to six flags,
I love you, cookie.
Have a great day.
Love you.
Man, over record: Lord of
our far-flung battle line.
Beneath whose awful hand
we hold dominion
over palm and pine.
Lord, God of hosts,
be with us yet
lest we forget,
lest we forget.
The tumult
and the shouting dies.
The captains and the kings...
Is it cold enough
in here, sweetie,
or you want me to turn it down
some more?
Damn Santa Ana's
got so hot today, huh?
No, this is fine.
I guess we don't want it
too cool, do we?
No, we don't.
Why don't you
turn over for me, baby.
Back massage
on my clients' backs first.
You got a nice one.
You work out.
Yeah, a little.
Yeah? Does that feel good?
Oh, yes.
Yeah, relax.
(Groaning and sighing)
That's really nice.
Oh, my God!
Get out!
You're a fag! You're a fag!
You think I'm a fag?
Huh? You think I fucking
like that shit?
You disgust me!
Fucking whore!
I fucking hate it!
Fucking whore!
Fucking bitch!
Fuck you!
You think it was
an accident? Huh?
Me ending up
being roomed next door to you?
It's no accident.
That's him.
That's God
fucking with me again!
I didn't ask
for this shit!
You made those kids
do that to me.
Fuck you!
(Crickets softly chirring)
(Gasping weakly)
This is what it's like
to be a victim.
(Faintly exhaling)
You preached the sermon.
What'd it feel like?
You only got about 40 seconds
once you cut it.
I just close my eyes.
Ain't got to do nothing
but be there.
Jim: I felt like an engine
with a million Miles on it.
That's how it is, Jim.
That is the true telling
of a thing like this.
Female newscaster:
We are getting breaking news
from our affiliate
in California.
We're going to correspondent
Rachel marden
in ventura county.
Law enforcement have worked
at bringing to justice
a killer
who has been preying on
and murdering
six transsexual
Police have begun a state-wide
manhunt for this man:
James tahna.
Police have searched
the man's room,
and they think they have
the name of someone
they are now calling
a person of interest.
Male newscaster:
Police say they have witnesses
who say they saw a man
badly beat a prostitute
at a nearby hotel and put her
in the trunk of his...
Female newscaster:
The grief tourist's moniker
comes from the fact that
the killer had left the bodies
at the murder sites
of other serial killers,
even leaving behind a picture
of the other killers
as sort of a signature.
Well, the grief tourist
seems to have struck again.
Male reporter: This spot,
the church behind me,
is significant because it was
the site of what locals call
the seventh-day adventist
church massacre,
which refers to a church
which was burnt down
by infamous mass murderer
Carl marznap in 1968.
Carl: People, they...
they come here to see this.
Now people's gonna
come here to see it,
the spot where you...
Come here to see me.
Carl: They going to
come to the hotel room.
My hotel room.
Carl: The spot where you killed her.
Jim: The spot where I killed the whore.
And then they'll go
to the spot where I worked.
And they're going to want
to know everything about me.
(Crow cawing)
(Door hinge creaking)
All the bullshit's
almost over, Jimmy.
You had no say about the way
you was born.
But you got all the say
about the way it's going to end.
And when they think
of Jim tahna,
they goin' to fear him.
Hey? They're not gonna think
of the victim he was.
They're gonna think
of the victims he made.
That's it, Jim.
(Wheezing softly)
That's it, Jim.
It's all over now.
(Flies softly buzzing)
(Birds chirping)
Announcer, over radio:
Time, weather and...
(Radio dial turning)
Talk show host: We're talking
this morning about this tahna guy
they found out there
in California.
Man 1: I'm from
yonkers. I got kids here.
I got my family out here.
And I just wish I could have
grabbed my...
Woman 1:
He was abused as a child.
Man 2:
I think it's very clear
that tahna and marznap
were both victims of abuse.
And this is what's possible
when victims of abuse
do not receive...
Man 3: Some people are looking
at this as a hate crime.
Man 1:
Obviously it's a hate crime.
You know, he's hating somebody.
I mean, he's killing somebody.
If it's a hate crime,
you know, whatever...
It's very, very freaky
being here.
It's like you can
feel him.
His energy.
It's wild.
My hair's standing up.
I love it.
(Traffic ambience)
(Car horn honking)
(Police siren blaring)
(Instrumental "aloha oe" playing)