The Grift (2008) Movie Script

The Grift
Why not? Life
he turns to day.
How soon can
pass something so unexpected,
and a person's life
can change forever.
Perhaps it was decided
in the sky for some time ...
because I think there are people who
naci? under the shadow of the devil ...
and bad things will pass without
matter the way they choose.
All families have their secrets,
whispered stories behind
closed doors.
My mother hopes? That age I had
enough to tell us.
He had been a bad year in the village,
the river that spring growth? both ...
the people almost flot?
Then came the drought ...
the summer and warmer
we all remember.
After the flood,
and heat desperate ...
The dried came too.
and was in that summer, moved.
Hello? Anybody?
I am a customer ...
?Qu? Can you bring?
How about ... a coca cola.
Cold ... please.
Thank you, ma'am.
- Is it hot, no?
- Too.
?Qu? Sell?
Jewelry, kitchen, glasses ...
pens, perfumes ...
You say, the most
Chances are you have it.
- Really?
- If it is a fact ...
I come from a large sale of
state get? some good things.
Here is something that may interest you.
Zafiros genuine
Pearl of Madagascar
21 mounted in gold. Lindo ?no?
- Here?
- Yes.
- Do you like?
- Combine with your eyes, lady.
I do not like boasting, but
People say I have a good eye.
- Where is it going?
- I'm way to Chicago.
- To your house?
- No, sir ...
... that old road is my home.
- No family?
- No, no.
I always thought "that would not be correct,
with all the traveling I do ...
Should feel alone.
Begins to darken.
Do you have a fourth free?
Because ... might pass the night here?
?Why? No? ?Why? No?
Come on darling, come and sit with me.
Want me to sit ... ah?
Yes, yes ...
Come on honey, do not provoke me, come
and sit with me. No har? Nothing.
- You mean ... here?
- Yes.
Come on, do not provoke me, sit down here?
?Qu? Est? Happening?
This is not what it seems.
- Do you think funny, qu? Did you do?
- No, he did nothing ...
- Tell him.
- It is a lie.
- Qu?
- I promised? If I had some jewelry.
- Not true, say it is not true.
- Shut up. Your call to the police.
- Qu? You gonna do?
- More.
It made me put
all this and forced me?
I did that.
- Qu? Kind of devil are you?
- Look, I swear that no pas? Nothing, nothing.
Raped me?
No, no ...
Do you know what the punishment
for rape in this state?
- Do not raped?
- Qu? Think we are?
Stop, qu? Est? Doing?
My God.
What mat? mat? my pap?
It was not on purpose.
Le dir? That the Sheriff
raped me? and mat? my pap?
What mat? the mat?
So ... Where is?
Sali? Flying tremendous
must have taken fright.
Stay away from sweets and wash my face.
?Qu? We here?
Let me see them.
- Qu? Do with them?
- Give it to me.
Look what I found?
- Bingo.
- How much?
- Close to 400.
- Give it to me.
- I find it?
- Yes, but I rob? Suitcase.
Then you can keep the bag.
Listen bitch, I was ...
I told him he should not
take it without you.
- I did, he did not.
- Yes I did.
- Get ready, kid. - No
I did. - Yes I did.
I did nothing, I did not ...
She is? Lying
est? hidden.
- Qu? Have in your hand?
- It's not my fault.
I do not want me
lie. You hear me?
- Qu? We here?
- It seems our pianist private.
What is? Our little today?
- It has been well since the afternoon.
- That's good.
Well, better I go.
- Better lights.
- Yes?
- Are you coming to the table tonight?
- I think it s?
Gracy ... we will complete this
home babies. You hear me?
- Promise.
- Did you see I have disappointed you?
Good morning, madam.
- Kate.
- Hello.
?Why? Lunch you're not going to
your mother work?
- I find? This later.
- Agreed.
- Good morning.
- Morning, Gracy.
- Here we are.
- Yes, I am not very big ...
Some lights better than I have ever seen.
- Good morning, Kate.
- Good morning.
Bring? These.
Think you get there that rain
we were promised?
I hope so.
- It would be nice, huh?
- Yes, I would.
It is very hot.
No, no ... Jackson will help with that.
Jackson ...
He has been very dry ...
Dry and warm.
It would be good to pass
soon ... this afternoon, maybe.
Thank you.
Hopefully you have
reason ... on this afternoon.
Choose one.
That no.
Watch ... I do not see it and let
put it back in the pack
barjelas ...
now ...
- Was it?
- No.
- Is this another?
- No
- It must be this.
- No, sorry.
Sometimes it does not work.
- Can I?
- Yeah, sure.
And sometimes s? Works.
It is this, that's the letter.
- How did he do it?
- They are late.
- How much we owe?
- Well, let me see ...
As five.
Look what you did.
Ruining the dress the lady.
- I am sure it is clean?
- Sorry.
It was an accident.
Accident or not, will not
to pay for this meal.
- Not to be? Necessary.
- It's the least we can do.
- I insist.
- If you insist ...
- I suppose it is goodbye then.
- Guess who s?
?Why? Delay
both? Pretty much ruined.
I had to wait to return.
- Where were you?
- In the cemetery.
Well ... if you lose late.
- Take things out of the car.
- Yes, sir. Now.
A seven, a seven ...
Seven ...
Thanks to you, you and you ...
Thanks, guys.
Hey ... What craps?
Got money? It makes no sense
Enter Here if you do not have money.
- I have money.
- Agreed.
To what? Waiting for?
?Qu? Supposed to do with that?
- Are you new?
- Yes.
We ... cost you? another dollar.
Watch this guy.
Come on in here? Come on.
?Qu? Hell? Are you
as ladybug or something?
- You must be a fag.
- No, I am not.
If you are a fag ...
Shut up, you fucking bitch. If you do not
shut up I swear you cut? face
You understand? You know?
That's good.
I will remove my hand.
You're going to keep quiet.
I am what you said before,
I'm a fucking fag.
If you tell someone ...
- No le dir? Anyone.
- Okay.
I love the place.
If you imagine? I would say that.
That was good.
- Dessert?
- Dress myself.
- Do you mind?
- No.
What goes where?
A New Orleans. My father be? Furious.
?Why? Is that?
To begin ... empty?
my bank account.
I would be ah? To view
expression on his face when he discovers.
Not? Happy.
No. Your problem is that
est ever? tied.
It must be your
form or in any way.
If s? Like.
- What is your dessert?
- Geneva, will you?
Because of you.
Damn, we have a dead soldier.
Wait a second.
My brother John ...
Do you two handle this place?
Could say that.
Aqu? Take this.
- Qu? Hell is this?
- It's bright moon.
You must see this.
Let me see that.
This from here? Has good boobs.
?Qu? You know that?
Usually take things.
- A dance?
- Yes, ma'am.
- What is your name?
- Kate.
Hello, Kate. I'm Buster.
Just ignore him.
Give me the bottle.
Give me the bottle.
No need for that.
I're slowing, if made
you lose this down.
Est ?? Something happening?
?Qu? Est? Happening here?
Nothing, only becomes a
little crazy when drunk.
Can you stop?
For, stupid.
Anybody can tell me that
diablos est? happening here?
If I pay more attention to me. No
you're the only thing that John can not avoid.
He can not keep anything in place.
Except for the letters of women.
These letters are as close
to be of any woman.
Right, little Johnny?
- I warn you.
- I'm scared.
- I warn you.
- Now what?
We warn you.
?Why? Do that?
- Est? Dead?
- I think.
Crazy bastard ...
- John the mat?
- It was your fault.
My fault? Stupid motherfucker ...
Now ...
?Qu? Diablos pas? Here?
- Ask.
- No, I'm talking to you.
We were playing and the next thing
s "is being thrown on the floor.
Idiot. How many times do I have to
not sure what to tell you to drink?
Tell him. He was the one who brought the bottle.
But you took too.
I warn the two ... shut up.
At least listen to his
story? Was he alone?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Somebody saw it coming?
- No, I do not think so.
Do not you think?
She does not cree.
You better be right. I have to
find ways to get rid of the body.
Well, you two ... empaqutenlo.
Go ahead, empaqutenlo.
That is, this is John.
This is? Good. I bring?
This is the rock.
Are not you too young to be gambling?
Can I bring a drink?
It seems you got lucky.
Luck has nothing to do.
Do you think the best?
I am always win.
- You tell your secret?
- No har? That.
They do not know how to play well.
- Are you police or something?
- No.
I just like you, I have
a bit of pocket money.
Barman ...
- How do you know where he is?
- I've seen it many times.
I will play in a minute
you show? how good I am.
Even they know not?
Perhaps I have an idea
you might be interested.
Perhaps the two can come together.
- Qu?
- Yes.
If you're as good as you say,
I am willing to put money.
So if you win ...
If I win? I told him ...
Try it.
- No.
- I thought?
- Qu?
- Forget it, son.
My mistake.
How much are we talking about?
200, for starters.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- How do you divide?
- 60/40. You are 40.
?Qu? You say?
I guess.
Who has eyes
faster than my hands?
$ 200 I can say.
This Ah?
That is? Well.
Bet you can not do it again.
?Double or nothing?
- This.
- Are you here for?
Are you sure?
- Qu? Pas?
- No s?
Bastard, you said you would be safe.
S what? that is not pas? deb? wrong.
Missed, with my money.
I said I was sorry.
I do not understand.
Honey, We gave a tremendous blow today.
- We? I dress everything.
- Bullshit.
- I do not want to meddle in anything.
- No, we are here?
Kate, would you mind
bring two drinks?
So ... How was everything today?
Gan? Lot.
It was great, pap? Great.
You were not so bad, kid.
Are you always so easy?
These blocks are only
timadas be praying for.
Here is? Yours.
- And my slice?
- Qu?
- My slice.
- Is your slice?
If I put something like that. If the
gets a slice, do what? I do not?
Well ...
Here is? Yours.
Takes your money.
?Qu? Offer if you tell me?
- For the apples.
- For the apples.
For apples.
You can not dishonorable.
Not to do it again ...
I'm going to kill.
Luch? This time. Really.
S what?
Came close, in qu? Were you thinking?
- Calm down, you two.
- Shut up.
If you are working on the inside
best to complete the work.
I dej? Myself.
- Let me see it.
- Get lost.
Get lost.
I think he knew he was being scammed.
It seemed it was going to relax ...
then melted? as
butter in the July 4.
- Good shot.
- Yes.
You should do it more often.
- Qu?
- Smile.
Wasting your time.
- Do not fall very well, right?
- Not much.
Est? Well, you do not have to be
careful with my feelings or anything.
- I do not understand.
- Qu?
?Why? You have to be rude?
Only pens? We could be friends.
Friends? That is? Well.
You think that because we do a couple of scams
together, perhaps I can do one to me?
I think much.
Look, you go, you're inside ...
Search? How to deal with that,
but that is as far from likely.
Has your work and I har? Mine.
Still I like your smile.
Not have to go, right?
Not yet.
Where are you supposed to?
- Ever wondered where to go?
- Do not speak of it, remember?
Do not you wish we could stay as?
- Or go somewhere nice?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Sure.
- Qu? Doing?
- I saw.
You are playing with me, right?
- You know how it is?
- Sure.
Do not think I would
that things were different?
For now, things have
to be as? OK?
Go, go ...
- Where have you been?
- On the River.
It was hot, I could not sleep.
- Can you sleep now?
- I think.
I've been
feeling a bit tired.
- Do you want me warm milk?
- Will you do that for me?
You know that.
Let me olerte.
I like the way you smell, honey.
?Qu? You say? A little?
Grace ...
Do you think we have been so horrible?
You and me ... To punish us as?
Do not talk as?
- So, why what?
- No s?
That picnic ... that was the
first time I kissed.
I got home ...
Your pap? Told me that if
I do not start to kill me.
I told him that I marry
you in any way.
And as? Have 10 kids ...
chubby ... and gorditas.
- Is it my fault?
- No, Jackson.
Do not you deserve, it is true ...
but if I love you, Grace.
Although we do not have
No Child ... te amar?
Where did you learn this trick?
In Miami.
- Yes, have you been ah?
- No, I never ido.
The place is? So many places
desperate to play for you.
Someone comes ... seems to go alone.
Let's go.
Now I'm going.
- We could use a cup of caf?
- Yes, a caf? Be great.
Thank you.
We have chicken, beef and I think
we have a piece of lemon cake.
Take? Lemon cake.
- Has a lot on the road?
- A couple of days ...
... a couple of days.
- S? What you mean.
- I diversion? Somewhere ...
- Where to go?
- Little Rock.
If you are distracted? Somewhere.
I can teach in a map if you wish.
Great, thanks.
Now it serves.
What is?
- Qu? Is this? Is yours?
- No.
Find? It on the floor ...
- That's a lot of money.
- No identification.
Because a client? Quit,
was an hour ago.
- Qu? Do with this?
- I should give it to her.
?Why? The mine is so
money as theirs, or yours.
Whoever finds it is.
If anyone finds it is.
We can split it.
?Qu? You say? I do not think they come back.
It is my? Well.
We can wait until ... midnight.
I guess it would be fair.
Who is it then?
Well ... I find it?
No deal.
?Why? Not you care?
Wait ... do not know.
Do not take offense but not the
you know, either.
Well ... Where to go anyway?
- One second, I have an idea.
- I bet it is.
I have $ 100 here?
we can all put 100.
- That's a lot of money.
- It's just to make sure.
- I do not understand.
- Do I have to explain?
I think that means that if we all have
an interest ... we all have an interest.
If ... WHAT? Is the worst that could happen?
The back and retrieve my $ 100.
Yes, but if he does not return ... everyone
are $ 100 richer.
Perhaps it was not so bad
diversion after all.
Put here? What will?
up for all to see.
No one touches it until midnight.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Wake up, went with the money.
I went up and when
regras? was ido.
- It was my savings.
- I knew it was not trustworthy.
- Qu? Har? Now?
- Where she was told.
To the west, I guess to Kansas City.
Maybe I can reach it, can not be
so far only have a couple of minutes.
If you reached, I promise you
mandar? every penny of your money.
- S? It har? I trust you.
- I promise.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
- I told you never camest.
- I did not.
?Qu? Do you think I am
a comemierda or ...?
S? S and what you did? With
who were. Now listen to me.
- Did you lose your virginity?
- No.
- No?
- No, oh no,
were only a couple of kisses.
Oh, a couple of kisses.
You give? All you want.
Now, sit down.
You went t? Who went to see?
Have you been with him behind my back?
Gosh, it's over and over again.
- Do you mamaste cock?
- Qu?
I said if you mamaste cock.
I noticed that.
Oh, s? Y. .. How is that?
Tell me how that works?
How does that?
Well, first no dej? That
too close. Hell, that s what I?
Good for m?
Why what? Is that?
Because ...
- Why?
- Because when you get too close to a boy ...
... there comes a time
you do not know what to do.
And you can lose your virginity,
and that can finish everything.
As? Is.
There is one more thing.
If ever ...
... ever again do ...
s not? what har? my wrist.
That was clear?
Now get out of here?
look like shit.
Can I come in?
Come, come.
?Hard Day?
You can secure it.
?Qu? Te pas? In the eye?
I found a door.
If we are going to start lying you can do
stories of all kinds, qu? think?
Thank you.
How long have you been off?
Since I was 13.
Did you at any time?
S? ?T?
Why what? What would you do?
I have to qu? Live, remember?
Who are you working for?
No way.
No te lo dir?
Think I am some sort of silly.
Do you?
Good argument.
Why? Not serve me
another and perhaps tell you.
He had a companion
did a couple of plays together
could not with that head.
Is that a smile?
We had a crazy game in Texas.
It was a bit risky
someone was very respectable.
And the girls were very pretty.
We used to do was to
followed the rodeo in town,
when I saw the cowboy love drinking,
spend their earnings more in girls than in anything else.
As? It was an easy job.
We found one,
form the strategy.
He was sent "in a corner with a guitar,
and said that the strings were bad.
Does your partner?
One night in particular,
wine boasting a cowboy,
was wasting the money everywhere
and I could see the finished work ...
... because the type was very bad.
Then my companion intent?
make contact with him y. ..
... swear to God that virtually
we were handed.
And then what?
then what?
The time to complete? continue
to a rodeo wrong.
Our cowboy era ...
... a Texas Ranger.
That hurts.
Imagine how hurt
10 months in prison.
All the time behind bars.
?Qu? Me tell your partner?
That, well, ah follow?
I follow? Doing it again.
Have you thought about leaving?
Sure, I did.
Me too.
As did my mam?
- Does she know?
- S?
One day, she dej? Around and left.
- S?
- A long time ago.
Do not remember.
I can not remember his face.
Just remember ...
I remember the dress I had,
have some flowers around,
and I remember her perfume
No blame.
And then, qu? About you?
- Why? ... No?
- Will I?
Well, firstly,
money is too good.
Have you ever tried the long way?
No, no, that's not for me?
That sounds too
m risky and I like ...
... move a little.
Why what? Still here?
Are you gonna ask me that?
you do not want to mix with me.
- There are things that happen ...
- Lo s?
- Do not know anything.
- Is that the doors do not have cuffs.
- Gurdatelo, I do not cry.
- S? s? do.
Oh, I think that
m going to dramatize?
If I leave, s?
But I've heard this
conversation before.
No m?
?Qu? Makes you so different?
Sweet talk and promises.
S? Involved
this whole conversation.
but s? not har? reality.
Do not cry.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Johnny.
- Hello.
- Listen, about last night.
- Forget about last night.
- What qu? Is this?
- Last night was a mistake.
An error.
Is that what it was for you?
Well, it was not for me?
Well, that's your problem.
?Qu? Tell me of our
conversation, Kate?
When you do not joderas
the time was suitable.
Were they just words?
What were they? Were they just words, Kate?
people say many things.
when I go ...
... not to be? with t as a con artist?
T? And I have no future.
You hear me?
S? I did.
No, no, do not do it.
I said you did.
?Why? Ruin it
everything? Stupid bitch.
I hate you.
- Why?
- We need to talk.
Okay, I hear you.
You said once that you want
we could be together forever.
S? I do not remember when.
I said.
?Qu? Say ...
... if we forget about everything
this and we 're out of here?
- What qu? Talking about?
- To go from here?
What I want to ask ...
... is ...
- ... Do you would go with me?
- Are you gonna let get away with it?
- I'm afraid.
- Are you going to do that?
I can not believe.
- If I gave you that impression, sorry.
- Printing?
I mean, I did not want to hurt her.
but m? s?
She is my wife.
And what am I?
- Come on.
- I can say.
You knew when we started.
- T? Only ...
- Whenever people have used me
- For one thing or another.
- Well, that's not fair.
You feel good too.
This time board? That would be different.
It was.
Things change.
Some things.
No. ..
Are you sure that you do not mind?
Oh, of course not.
Looks better on you and
m? me is longer.
Oh, Grace, I am so happy for you.
I feel good about this.
Really it s?
And me too.
It seems that there is a
storm, it is better that I go.
- Take care, bye.
- Bye.
Oh, Jackson.
Oh, Jackson.
Hello, Jackson.
?Qu? Doing?
?Qu? Happens?
Oh, we were alone.
- You know, to visit.
- Qu?
you know, the normal tour.
Because I imagine that your wife
wonder where you are.
Of what? Est? Talking about him?
Est? Well ... Of what? Talking about?
I think you should know.
Jackson, qu? Happening here?
Is over?
Has been completed.
That is listening?
?Why? Doing this?
Is that I upset? When I enter?
Where were you?
Okay, just?
Get out of here?
Not har?
S? you will.
Maybe your wife wants to listen
my version of history.
Jackson, please
Do what? Is this?
Leave now, is it? Expecting a baby?
Oh, that's so sweet.
We are waiting.
Oh, God.
If not say so, I har?
I've been in one place.
You've been in one place.
With someone.
Have you been in a place with someone?
Tell with whom.
I have been with Kate.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
There was no need for this.
S? good pens? s that? needed.
I understand your pathetic scene,
I am not for this.
Come on, John.
No, no, no, no please.
Let her calm.
I want ...
S not? Find where the nerves
to show your face on here?
I've done this, Gracy.
We know what you did.
Things that made my
sister and her husband separated.
It was cruel what he did your father.
And anyone who ever urban?
anyone in his entire life.
I hope you are satisfied.
?Qu? Is what's wrong?
I think it is not me
I like to spy.
A m? Not like I lie.
I told you I was over.
S? Indeed,
but only two of you
go through a long cold
as? I believe that
final, you're smart.
I did not have to do that.
pens? he deserved it.
- Revolver water.
- No, t? Did.
I told you away
him, was not it as?
Te advert?
I noticed.
It could have been ...
... only a couple of kisses.
Perhaps t .. you fell in love.
Then it was a cow.
Everybody hates me now.
Oh, I break your heart.
With your big event, go,
he never cares?
what others think.
And since when t? Have heart?
Would be wise if we put
Considering that this is good for you.
?Why? Never talk about it?
Why what? What would you do?
I have a right to know.
All you need to know ...
... is it you dej?
End of story.
But that is not the end
of history, is not it as?
?Qu? You mean?
Were never able to let go.
Say what you did.
I think you should.
I did nothing.
And then what? As you have?
I'm not as?
Is it because the double cross is?
choking in your throat like nothing?
?Qu? Is what happens you lately?
I'm just curious to
my mother, that's all.
Why what? Is that?
She was a bitch.
Never you mind? A
fuck any of us.
Is that what you wanted to hear, baby?
Because that is what pas?
Not talk about that change? Nothing.
No change? Nothing.
I think this needs our help.
Need a hand?
S? thanks.
What seems to be the problem?
S not? just me dej? here?
Do you mind if my son
you take a look?
No, not at all, go ahead.
S not?
I think it could be the starter.
?Qu? Said if we give it a ride?
And then I can bring the truck
up here? to collect the car.
We thank?
Hugh Babcock.
Holy shit,
William, William Bender.
And this is my son John.
- Hi John.
- Hello.
Pleased to meet you.
Let me get my suitcase. If I could
phone call, Mr Bender,
in my business,
- ... timeliness is critical.
- Qu? Business is that?
Capital. Have you ever been
in the market, Mr. Bender?
Oh, thanks.
I assure you, Mr. Addams, who just found a
Excellent gain with another customer for the same investment.
S? sir.
Everything is "in its place.
S? but I must remind you that the success of
the adventure lies in our actions.
Well, really need
to commit itself today.
But that is why we already
I gave a week to think.
S? est? good guess ...
... you give? up
tomorrow morning.
I do not move? sir, do not try to stop ...
50 thousand dollars ...
I go out of their hands.
S? sir.
Okay, so
tomorrow morning.
?Qu? Tell me something for dinner?
Do not go amiss.
I was very lucky
meet with you.
Did you make your call right?
S? sir, but what was
saying, business plans ...
The words are tangled.
What I mean is ...
... sometimes the plans
we are going overboard,
and believe that everything
lost, and then,
turn around, and a better plan
falls right in front of us.
That's why I am here?
S? Not seem to be much,
but this is not the whole story.
Oh, he does not want to hear that.
Oh, sure s?
Well, when I was young
me one? to the army.
Right in front of the battlefield.
Now, once that was ah?
knows? with a soldier
the name of Tom McGrew.
Well, we used to talk about our plans,
things we would do after the war,
and told him "of my dream.
That some day come.
Well, Tom had a lot of money.
His family was rich, but I was
part of some farmers in Mississippi.
And one night, there was an ambush
and Tom
was wounded.
It hurt a lot.
I can assure.
I could not leave ah? To die.
He was a friend of the Army.
But I did what everyone would do and what cargu? Through
the crossfire of the Regiment to the other side.
And Tom, muri? Fair ah? In my arms.
He would have done the same for m?
Either way,
after the war, came back? home and
one days appeared? a man
on my doorstep with a letter.
- And in it was the right ...
- This?
.. Here, 15 acres, with
a check with 50 thousand dollars.
Tom's family.
As? Is
charity is appreciated.
How do you feel?
Think you have a dream? I
I feel like in a dream, Mr. Babcock?
S? sir.
Sounds good.
Now, please, call me Hugh.
Hugh ??
So is your friend? Sick.
Dying is better.
He owns 5000 shares
International oil.
Is that much?
Substantially enough.
Est? About to return,
tomorrow afternoon, all buyers
smart buying block for anything.
That does not sound legal.
Well, it does all the time.
This Addam, which
talking on the phone is ...
He is.
Not that I do not care,
but the man is "in his bed
Death has no relatives.
Look, I'm crazy to take advantage of
a dying person, but I am not a bad man.
I'm as good as
next to it, honestly.
But hell, this is gold.
I like to see an animal, William.
But WHAT? do in this situation?
Well, I think it's time for
let this thought animal.
S? insurance have many customers.
This is not the time.
I see him tomorrow.
- It's not the end of the world.
- But it is.
I probably will not tell you this.
But the fact is
that dej? one
my clients agree.
S? Not deb? Do,
would return the money.
Honestly I was gonna do.
Est? Well.
- Sorry.
- No, est? Well.
What I would ...
Not unless you want to buy.
How much?
Well, after so many years,
I have saved enough.
I think it is time
I get to work.
Are you serious.
S not? To say.
Well, hell, I have to
know this man first.
Perhaps a farmer
I am not a fool.
No problem, we can fix.
Wait, let me warn you, this
type est? sick, does not smell good.
Toast to the future.
Okay, for our future.
Sorry, sir ...
What did you say your name was?
William Bender.
Is Mr. Bender.
Remember? It is the man?
interested in buying its oil.
As? Is.
What do you consider a fair price?
Mr. Bender finds
offer $ 550.
Not much.
Well, no, sir, is not.
But it is more than you have now.
Well, I can not bear with me.
I never had much luck with the market,
really hope it does better.
These fingers have arthritis,
if you could guide my hand.
S? sir.
Help me.
Henry Addams.
- With two D.
- Two D?
Thank you.
Is that the ah?
Started to fall in any
time from now.
Are you sure about this?
S? just look.
This is? Full of speculators.
All? Go.
Sell when it reaches 6.
Time to sell.
This type is "in the scams.
- You are crazy.
- Am I?
S? pap? I know.
S? maybe.
Or maybe it is? Trying
to tell your employer.
Find out what? Ago.
So tell me, when was the
last job? without us?
- No s?
- Never.
So now he makes the play,
is a large one.
Get your record.
T? And I received nothing.
We do not see anything.
If you ask me, te dir? That sucks.
- S? it is? rare.
- Exactly.
Only that you will not receive anything.
Neither I nor.
We will not do anything
and also that he knows it.
We let a couple,
That is what we are.
It's a bastard.
S just maybe? Should
do something about it.
Perhaps it is time to protect
our interests for a change.
- How?
- No s?
but I must know.
I know now
same if you're me.
S? s?
You have to rely on m?
He can not know.
So, are you with me?
S? s told you?
As? Is
But does not work? Yesterday?
- S? but ...
- This is not much difference.
A piece and put it back.
Look, if I'd helped yesterday
were trickster.
I want to do this for you, William.
Hey, for ah? Comes Kate, why
qu? not you ask her?
- Qu? Occurs here?
- Okay, just listen to him.
There is another offer, it is our
opportunity to make lots of money.
Your father and was close to that,
and I am not wrong, because s? that money
is easier than it is on this day.
But this is great.
agree, what I propose
is that together our resources
and go for it.
It is an opportunity where we can
make a couple of hundred thousand.
?Qu? I'm going to get?
She has a tendency
forget what matters.
As I said, he has his own mind.
I heard everything you said,
I have thought about that.
Opportunities like this do not
knock on your door every day.
How right you have.
- You gotta say it was good.
- S? was.
Then I, I thought it is? Well.
Okay, now we are talking about.
- Hey, it's a deal.
- Agreed.
- It's a deal.
- Agreed.
Are not you gonna join?
He is a scammer.
I think he even
is known that "in a scam.
So how can we do?
Like everyone, baby?
As to all.
Are you ready to make you rich?
Pens? Already was.
Hell, this was not anything that I say
after today you'll live much better.
We before 2
climb the Empire building
State, things will go up.
Wait until
say so, as we do.
All? Go.
Hey, come on.
Come on.
Hey, what? Wrong? Come on.
Sguete moving, come on.
I swear by God that he knew nothing of it.
- I think it s?
- Qu?
Shut up, Kate.
Should be looking for.
I think that's it.
Oh, my God.
Take this.
Stay with her now.
- Are you going somewhere?
- John, well, what is? William?
- Get the car, asshole.
- Qu?
?Qu? Happens?
I heard.
Come on, asshole.
- You are screwing.
- No, I do not Move.
It is time to implement the plan.
You're not kidding.
Wait a minute.
You can not do this.
Oh, s? Who says?
Is it the money?
Listen to me, is why?
Is that, right? Money.
because if the money is what you want,
you can stay, take everything.
Come on, Kate.
Come on.
We do not have to do this, I
can stay around, please do not shoot.
Come on.
Told us we were.
So what? Do?
Come to the cemetery,
I expect huh?
- Qu? That was not the plan ...
- It is now.
- Look, wait a minute.
- I told you, you have to rely on m?
S? that's good.
Okay, you stay t?
with the suitcase, qu? such that?
Sounds good.
Expected to return.
Where is?
S not?
He huy?
He dispar? And corrected? In the woods.
That shit.
Where does it go?
How do I know?
The cemetery.
That bitch.
Stupid bitch.
Where is? Whore?
Where is?
Just jodernos.
- Shit.
- Where is?
- Get in the car, t? Drive.
- Agreed.
Come on.
?Qu? You delay? Both?
?Qu? Kind of game are you playing?
It's called the truth game.
You're the gun, you deserve to know.
- I cheated.
- Did what?
Oh, t? Shut.
Can you believe it, baby?
It is not difficult and I'm not your baby?
S? good,
I could not let go
that, you know how it is, baby?
I'm beginning to know.
As? To me,
Am I?
My daughter, no.
T?'re It.
Who was she?
Only the best operator I have ever known.
She came to m? A scam, right?
It was assumed that I believe
she had a market
and was supposed to work under it.
But then she
love? of a man.
So what? I was supposed to do?
As? That tom? What she loved most,
to you, baby?
He was my father?
S? I think so.
?Why? Me that not only
suitcase and you forget all this?
As is? Simple, right?
?Why? Not told that
body left, Johnny?
- S? did you contact?
- Shut up.
Leave this shit and give me the money.
- No.
- You can say that.
Looking for this?
- S?
- Tried to leave me lying, right?
Oh, come on, Johnny, was the only
shape. Look, we gotta go ...
No, now listen to me, bitch.
Because I have the cards.
For once, I do not need
your opinion at all.
You know?
You're right.
S what?
You must be well-maintained.
You bet.
Unless there is more.
S? I am sure you know.
There are 3 times more.
I think they would be so
fool to leave everything ah? Huh?
Were working
with a real class Z.
The real money is?
in a credit account.
That s what?
Why what? Should trust you?
- T yourself? It.
- No, wait, you said 3 times.
I did it again
and I think we go alone.
Not only .. expected.
Where is?
Tell me where it is?
Est? In the glove compartment of the car.
Come on.
Oh, baby? You know what happens
when an animal is cornering?
Fight to the death.
Oh, s? You're here?
They found the body
William the next day.
Everyone in the
surroundings were concerned.
I recognize that the fire was dying
a just end to a life so bad.
He had no more than they deserved.
John was accused of killing Buster.
And he said they would not
again see the light of day.
Aunt Grace pardon? Uncle Jack.
They did not come to talk
what happened? this summer.
And not long after that, Aunt
Grace was the baby? Had expected.
Mam? Said that child was not
more than a miracle from heaven.
And as for Kate, no one knew
with certainty that it was made,
Most grateful
had been ido.
Perhaps she was a bit like mam?
Could never be really
like the rest of us.
But I,
I like to believe is
she was always
she wanted to do.
And maybe, well, just maybe ...
reflects that
moon arrives broken.
Maybe you do to smile.
At the end.