The Grim Sleeper (2014) Movie Script

DeJemal. Let me inside.
Let me inside.
Let me inside.
Five deaths in the news today. Please, tell
me you have a sixth, that isn't a news yet.
Please tell me you did not steal
my file on Los Van de Kamp?
Seriously, Morales?
Me? Thief?
I still don't know why this Van de Kamp
murder does it do it for you.
Because the bastard.
Where is diet soda? I thought
Carly stuck this up for you.
We broke up. Hence the
new sleeping quarters.
I'm so sorry. That sucks.
Being dumped is terrible.
I hate to ruin your fine preconception
of me, but I was not the dumpee,
You broke up with Carly?
Why? - Come on,
you're the one that's always telling me
how relationship turns into a trouble.
Yeah. I almost
done with the list.
You said 40,
I have 38.
Should I call the Winters?
Yep, tomorrow. No problem.
What kind of list?
The kind of list that is
none of your business.
The secret list from
the Coroners office.
Common, 38 what?
Suspicious deaths?
Don't get mad at me because
my reporter instincts are kicking in.
You're not a reporter. You're fact
checker. - You're actually right.
All the more reason for you to just
show the content of this list to me.
OK, fine. There were a couple body
dumps in past few years...
in South Central L. A.
Homicides that not be solved.
And the Coroner's office
would like us to look into it...
and see if we can
find any connections.
Why you and not the LAPD? - Because
they don't play well with others.
Can I see this list of yours?
- No! - OK.
So, my source from the Coroner's
Office says... - Who's this?
A deputy medical
examiner. He says...
that they are putting together a list of 38
unsolved murders from south L. A.,
that they want to invest. - And what is so
especially in these murders?
So... they are unsolved.
- So, you have no idea.
I know that bodies are dumped,
and it's the secret list.
Secret? Right. There is no such
thing as a secret murder list.
Anybody can look upon unsolved
cases and put together a list.
He's got a point. If you want to pitch me
a story, this has to be exclusive...
information and have an angle.
- Which she might actually know,
if she studied journalism.
- Do you have some research she can do?
Yes. Why don't you scare me up the minutes
from yesterday's city council meeting.
And while you're at it, please,
some more coffee. In my mug.
Hi, Daddy. Got home
as soon as I could.
Where is she?
I knew Daddy wouldn't stick with me.
He's upset. You were
gone for days.
He doesn't understand why you keep running
off. - He keeps trying make me go to school.
You have to go to school, Zarina.
I hate that uniform, it's stupid.
You have no idea how lucky you are.
You get to go to the "St. Carment".
There's no one there
like me. - I know.
And I know you've been hurting since
mama died. - Your mama, not mine.
But if you keep running off, they
will not let you stay here.
They're gonna put you in another foster
home... - Not if they can't find me.
You don't know what you're saying. You can't
even remember being anywhere but here.
You think I don't remember?
Come here.
I helped mama change your
bandages, when they brought to us.
We had to change them
every day for a week.
And you never cried.
Jus a three-year old little baby,
and you never cried.
Don't you know God saved you from
that hell you were born in to a reason?
Don't you want to find out
what that reason is?
How you can be so ungrateful for
everything this family has done for you,
I don't know. But God
gives, and He can take away.
Just like that. So you best stop taking
what you have here for granted,
before you end up somewhere,
where you get nothing but misery.
Do you understand me, Zarina!?
Harper Wellman, two years ago
off on the Imperial. Is he on the list?
OK. What about Monica Dender?
Last year behind a store on Western.
OK, that is a 'yes'. Three now, 35 to go.
You have terrible poker face, Morales.
Will you keep playing this game,
or you can just give me the list?
You know, I'm gonna figure it
out anyway. I am a researcher.
You think you're gonna
wearing me down? You will not.
Fine. Lavey Jackson. Last year,
Normandy and 71st.
Four down.
For crying out loud,
just take it and go.
Thank you very much.
I got a list!
A list of cases being investigated
by the Coroner's office.
And by the way, I have
a great angle for this.
How bodies, dumped in the alleys in South
L. A. can go days without been discovered.
OK, that's morbidly
interesting angle.
But... - No buts. You told me that you
publish the story, if it was good.
I know, but I just came from
a meeting with Stewart and board.
We lost 20 % of our advertising.
Should I be concerned
I'm going to lose my job?
Yes, you should be. So you should do
the job, that you are hired to do,
so I can justify keeping you.
- And if I work on my lunch hour?
What you do on your own
time is your business.
OK. Western and Central.
You sure that's where police said
they found her last time?
No, I'm here. I just hope that I would
find Zarina, so I can bring her home.
I will be careful, Daddy.
It's not that bad here.
Well, OK, you keep on praying,
and I'm gonna keep on looking.
Love you to. Bye.
Excuse me, gentlemen, have
any of you seen this girl?
No. - She's been missing for a while,
and I know she's sometimes in this area.
What about a trash baggage?
You have a brand on that?
Really? Did you know a body found on
Western was in found the same kind of bag?
Yes, the same caliber bullet,
shot in the chest.
No, that's fine, call me back
when you got a chance. Thanks.
Detective Bill Sims, please.
Sims. - Det. Sims,
Christine Pelisek, LA Weekly/i .
I'm doing research on unsolved murder.
- Who are you? - Christine Pelisek,
LA Weekly/i . - I never heard of you.
- I haven't heard of you either. Until today.
You're in charge in Monica Dender case,
right? - Why are you looking in that case,
it's a year old?
- I've been looking into...
a bunch of cases. And there are
similarities between the Dender case...
and an unsolved case from two years
ago, Donna Edwards. Have you heard of her?
Where you getting these names? - The
Coroner's Office. - Then you should talk...
to the Coroner. - Right now I'm talking to
you and hoping to get some information.
I don't discuss ongoing investigations
with the press. Have a nice day!
Can you give me Inglewood PD
on the phone? - Shure.
Zarina! Thank God, I've been
looking everywhere for you.
I found you!
What are you doing here? And why are
you wearing your confirmation dress?
You know what, it doesn't even matter. Let's
just get you in the car and get you home.
Zarina! You're coming home with me,
don't even think about arguing!
Daddy is worried sick.
- He ain't my daddy.
Excuse me!? - He ain't my real daddy
and you ain't my real sister.
I'm not your sister? - No, and
you can't tell me what to do.
If I'm not your sister, then
what am I doing out here,
driving around like a crazy person,
looking for your skinny behind?
Fine. If you don't want a sister,
you don't have a sister!
Fine! - You can find
your own way home.
And I won't tell daddy what you said,
because it would break his heart.
You have nice legs.
You want a ride?
I like how you
wear that little skirt.
If you let brother to look at your legs and
forget himself, I'll give you the money.
If you ain't give me money,
you can just let me out.
Now I want to change your mind.
Keep your legs tight together.
I thought you said we were going to a motel.
Why did you turn down up here?
Why do you bitches
always questioning me?
I said look, bitch!
Yes, that's right,
you got a real heart.
Oh, God. a dumpster discovered a body.
Police say a 15-year-old Zarina Jefferson
was a runaway what apparently turned...
in prostitution. She was found naked
inside of a garbage bag, shot in the chest.
Hey. - What are you doing here?
You were working last night. Do you know
about a 15-year-old gunshot victim?
A young, black girl. - Zarina Jefferson.
- Tell me everything you know.
Pretty please, just
tell me everything.
Asking nicely, that's
a new tactic for you.
Hi, Debra, it's Christine. I don't think I'm
gonna be able to come in today,
I'm feeling pretty under the weather
today. Thank you, bye.
Ma'am, do you have an appointment?
- Yes, with Detective Sims.
Det. Sims, hello, Christine Pelisek,
LA Weekly. We spoke on the phone.
How did you get back here?
I'm resourceful. - If you wanna talk to me,
you need to call and make appointment.
I did call, and you blew me off.
And now we have another murder,
just like Monica Dender. - I don't
discuss ongoing investigation.
I wonder if you think that could be
a serial killer running around L. A.?
There are a lot of similarities
in these cases.
It's alright, I'll handle it.
- Oh, you think you gonna 'handle me'?
Let's see how you handle my lawyer,
when I sue you for slandering my sister.
You told the media that she was a
prostitute and she was not such thing!
She was just a kid. - You wanna come to my
office and we will discuss this privately?
Oh, we gonna discuss it.
Get her out of here and don't
let her come back here. - Yes, sir.
First, my condolences
for your loss.
What I want is a damn apology
and official retraction.
What, you think because the girl is black
and in the bad neighborhood, she must...
be turn a tricks? We live in Encino, for
God's sake! My father is a fashion designer,
my mother was a doctor and Zarina was a
sophomore in a high school, not a prostitute!
Your sister's phone was
found with her body.
And the most frequently called number on
that phone turned up to belong to a man,
who is well known to us as a pimp.
And he confirmed that Zarina has been one
of his girls on and off for weeks now.
Hey, are you Zarina's sister?
She was three, when a
social worker brought her to us.
They said it was the worst case of
abuse, they've ever seen.
She couldn't speak a word,
she could barely walk.
Her real father kept her
tied up from the time she was a baby.
He did awful things to her.
So I don't understand
how she could've been...
Doing what they
say she was doing.
I found her last night.
And I didn't like
what she had to say.
So I left.
I left her...
God, I feel like I'm burning...
Like I'm already in hell.
And I am burning, like my
body is gonna burn up.
I know. - No, you don't know!
You have no idea!
I had a sister.
She was like a sister to me,
she was my best friend.
Her name was Mollie McMann.
You think 'cause you know somebody
that died, you know how I feel?
It was right before college
and we're gonna be roommates.
She wanted to go
to this party,
and I didn't want to go. I wanna go
to the movies with my boyfriend.
I borrowed her
her car and drove her off.
I told her that I
will pick her up at midnight.
I fell asleep at my boyfriend's.
When I didn't pick her up, she took a ride
home with a guy that she met that night.
They found her body in the
woods a week later.
So, you do know.
Does it ever getting any better?
Anything new?
- Not yet.
Let's get the whole thing to the lab.
Give me a rush on DNA and ballistics.
I don't want any more damn reporters
get a step ahead of me.
Anthony, you brushed your teeth
long enough. Time to bed.
You're crazy. If you break that bed, where you
gonna sleep? - Why are you all...
dressed up? - I'm gonna go see
Loretta. - Don't go meet Loretta.
It's okay,
your uncle is here.
Don't go.
Look, I promise you...
- Don't go.
Okay. I won't go.
Miss Pelisek, I hope
you get payed overtime.
I can't believe it. I just found
another murders.
The same details, probably the same guy.
And this one happened in the 90's.
I mean, this guy's been
killing for almost 20 years.
Looks to me
that's 1986.
Oh my gosh, you're right.
I must be wrong. I mean,
this guy can't be going...
on a killing spree for this long and
no one know about him. Right?
A courier from the DNA
lab just drooped this for you.
Sweet Jesus!
Captain is still here?
- Yeah, in her office.
OK, now Tanya Hartnett the 1986.
- You know it's almost midnight, right?
What's the autopsy number? - Do not
touch my computer, I'll have you arrested.
You're so melodramatic when you're tired.
What's the autopsy number?
Pretty please?
You know that I am expecting steak dinner
out of this? - Multiple gunshot wounds,
found on Denker. Isn't
that a block away from Western?
These were all happening
right around Western.
Okay, so what caliber? - You didn't
realized that was me asking you out?
.25 caliber, it's the
same as the others!
OKay, now Margette Lincoln, in 1987.
- Did you not hear what I just said?
Yes, you will get a steak dinner.
Margette Lincoln, 1987.
There's only hospital file.
Shot in the chest,.25 caliber bullet,
lingering in a coma,
not expected to live.
Maybe she pulled through.
You think that he left a surviver?
Like this color. I'm coming back
on Tuesday. The same color. Alright.
Excuse me, Margette Lincoln?
Your son told me
I can find you here.
My son? You've been in my house?
Yes, I could not find your phone
number. I work for the LA Weekly/i ,
I'm doing research for crimes that
happened in the '80s and I came...
across the story of how you were attacked.
- I don't know who you think you are,
but you need to
get off of my business. OK?
Margette, I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to offend you.
I'll kick your ass if I
see you next Tuesday.
I don't think it's me you want to take down,
I think it's the man who assaulted you.
Assault, you make it sound so polite.
He tried to kill me cold!
Can you tell me anything about
him? - I don't give a man two thoughts.
But if our God is good, and I know He is,
then the bastard is burning in hell by now.
I don't think he is in hell.
I think he's still out there and he is still
attacking and killing other women.
I use it as my peaceful spot.
I used to bring my kids up here...
and think about how lucky
I am to have those babies.
It was after I was shot.
Still don't know why I did it.
To honor it, I guess.
- Maybe he finally met his match.
You think you'll see something like
that coming, get a bad vibe.
but I didn't feel
nothing like that.
I was waiting on the bus stop, I was going
to my friend's house to get my hair fix up,
and going to this party.
But I hated the bus.
So that car pools off, orange car,
it looked like a toy car.
There's a nice looking
black man, in his nice black shirt.
He looked like he had just
get off of his nice paying job.
And he said,
"I'll be happy to give you a ride. "
Talked very polite.
So I thought, "good,
I don't have to catch the bus. "
He was driving and teasing me about my
shoes, how could I wear my shoes.
Then he talked about he is coming to the
party, and I said "Oh, no, you ain't".
Then he said he gotta stop at
house and take some money.
So he makes the turn, I don't know
the street. He pull off to this house,
and I waited in the car till he gets back.
Later he was talking nasty, driving
and talking all this trash,
and I said
"You best show me some respect".
He said this is how I
respect women and shot me.
I ain't even see no gun, but the bullet
rip right through me and knocked me out.
Then I came to, and he's helping
himself to my body, like he had a right.
A I woke up a little later,
and he was taking my picture.
He took a picture of you?
Some kind of remembrance. Then he pushed me
out of car, drove off, I managed to...
start walking and my friend found
me on the porch half bled to death.
The police start coming around and took
me down on the line-offs,
and then they stopped calling,
I stop looking.
I don't know...
I just
stopped looking.
That's all.
Did they ever tell you if they
thought he shot anyone else?
If they thought he shot the other women,
I think they would mention it to me.
You think so?
Wait till you see what I found.
Seven murders, same killer.
I'm almost positive, same
MO and everything.
Three of them were
happened in the '80s.
That guy has been around a long time.
- I just had to let six people go.
Really good people. I'm feeling
like the worst person in the world.
Am I...? - Your position
is still in the budget.
I made the argument that, with fewer
reporters, there's a greater need for...
someone devoted
fact check and research.
Oh, Christ.
You can't
ban me from the parking lot.
I know you try to do your job, but your
showing up here distracts me in doing mine.
So get a rest.
I hope that your job includes
finding man who killed Monica Dender.
And Zarina Jefferson. And Lisa Johnson
in 1985. and Tanya Harkin in 1986.
And also, there's a Margette Lincoln,
who I've actually met with.
I know that there is an
African-American serial killer,
Who's been working South Central
L. A. for the past 20 years,
targeting African-American women.
- Who is giving you this information?
I want a name! - I figured it out.
- You figured it out.
So it's true?
We have DNA confirmation that the man
we knew in the late '80s as...
".25 caliber killer", is going after
girls again. He took a 13 years break,
and now he is back.
Why aren't you warning people,
why aren't you try to make this public?
I don't want this public. Got it?
Don't put that in your little papers.
Why wouldn't you want
people to know?
I'm sure you'd make iz public,
if your victims were white!
Please, get off of your high horse!
This guy targets prostitutes and drug users,
not a kind of women who read newspapers.
And even if they did, do you think
that would keep them off the streets?
No. The only person who's likely to pay
attention is a killer, and I don't want...
him disappearing for another 13 years.
I'd like to catch sick son of a bitch!
So what, the woman of
South L. A. are your bait?
I will say this one more time.
I'm not going public with this and I don't
care if you agree with my reasons or not.
I know you don't want me to bringing this
up again, but this time it's not hunch.
I've just had a confirm by an LAPD detective
that they know there's a serial killer...
that's been murdering women in L. A. for
25 years and they plan to tell no-one.
It doesn't seem possible. - I know.
This is outrageous. And I looked it up,
25 years makes him the longest operating
serial killer in Californian history.
Debra, we absolutely have to tell
this story. - Okay, I'll put Bob on it.
Not Bob. I'm the one who's been working
my ass upon this on my own time.
If anyone should write
this story, it's me.
Fine, then. Well, you have your
story. 72 hours in my inbox.
Thank you so much for inviting me over
to your house. - Thank you for coming.
We appreciate it.
- It was a beautiful memorial.
It's good of you to come.
There's something I have to tell you
about the person who killed Zarina.
20 years since my baby was took from me,
and not once they think to tell me about...
that. How can that be?
- I don't understand it, either.
I understand it fine.
Cause we are the wrong color!
Is it true?
Yes. We believe your sister
was the victim of a serial killer.
Why didn't you tell us? Why do
we have to find out from reporter?
You mean Christine Pelisek? She had no
right to do it. She crossed the line.
You mean, she treated me like a human being,
which doesn't seem to occur to you!
Look, I understand... - You don't
understand, or you'd have taken five...
minutes to pick up the phone.
Victims advocate will be happy to answer
your questions and assist you in any ways...
in this difficult time. - I don't wanna ken
speech, I want some respect! - So do I!
You have no idea what we dealing with,
trying to get ahold this thing.
I'm trying to put together a task force,
trying to track down 20 years old information,
not to mention the witnesses that are
either dead or scattered across the country.
You're not hearing me.
That's what the victims advocate
is for. To listen to you.
Christine said there were 10 other women
killed by the man that killed Zarina.
Ten! - That were verified by DNA, yes.
And, were their families told that they
lost their daughter to a serial killer?
I don't see why would matter to them
how many women this guy killed?
1, 5, 10? Knowing is not going
to bring their daughters back.
And it's not going
to bring your sister back.
Really, has knowing helped
you? Knowing that...
your sister was prostituting herself and
this guy picked her up helped you? No.
Looks to me, everything you know
is only making this harder on you.
You think she deserved what she got,
is that what you are saying?
No. - You think that all these women
got what they deserved, don't you?
Of course not! - You have no idea how
hard the world has to be to a girl,
to put her out on the street.
You, the white man with a
badge, you don't know...
a damn thing about what
it's like to grow up...
with feet plant into your throat
from the day you were born.
I don't know why God takes
a girl, who's down so low,
and let a monster steal her life, but
I do know that you don't get to say...
that life isn't valuable.
Those girls had lives that matters.
And how they died, matters
to the people who loved them.
Are you hearing me?
These girls were loved!
So, this is the mother of the
victim accusing us of racism.
Captain, I'm little tired
for stories about racists cop.
You know as well as I
do that this department...
has the 'mother' of all race issues today.
- And you know that it cuts both ways.
Their community won't talk
to us about a weather,
and now they're screaming that
we don't talk with them enough?
No matter what we do, we can't
work it out. I'm not like that.
How about you stop complaining and
tell me how you're going to stop...
this bloody reporter?
You spent an hour convincing me and Brad
why we shouldn't go public with this guy.
Maybe you should spend some
time convincing her. - Forget it.
She's just a noise. - You have
luxury of ignoring noise, I don't.
Don't let her get to noisy.
Hey, little man.
Little man!
You know you have a fork in
front of that plate, right? - Yes, sir.
I'm going to hang out
with Loretta tonight.
What? Is it so bad for me if
I go kick with some friends?
Those friends of yours,
they're no kind of friends.
Have not I done everything I was supposed to
lately? I'm clean as clean gets.
Don't I deserve the trust?
I trust you, mama.
- Thank you, baby.
It's good. Very good.
Very disturbing.
Are you gonna run it?
- I'm gonna put it on the cover.
That's really great.
The LAPD is not gonna be happy.
You're very critical of them.
They deserved it.
Now you have to come up with catchy
name for the killer.
It's okay, I'll be here when
you wake up. I promise.
Why don't we just call him like
the cops called him in the '80s?
".25 caliber killer. " - No, it's stale.
It needs to be something original, sharp.
Come on, think.
Most of the bodies were found on the
Western. "The Western Avenue Killer"? - No.
"Western Avenue Slayer"? - No.
Hey, pretty lady, need a ride?
- No, thanks. I'm good.
What is different about this killer?
- He likes to put his bodies in dumpsters.
He took a 13 year break.
- Like Rip Van Winkle?
Rip Van Slayer? - No.
I'll look in the mirror. Surely I must look
like a dog, if you think I'm going to bite.
At least you don't have
tongue hanging out.
So you're not a dog person.
You're cat person?
It's all just fun. Don't need
nobody drive me to no place.
Nine victims. Jesus!
Like the Grim Reaper himself.
Took a long break.
I know how to call him.
Oh, yeah, I'm stoned. I'll give the
you grass. We will be fun.
Are you crazy?
How do you know I don't bite?
I guess I like to live dangerously.
And you don't. - I guess
you don't know.
I guess I won't if you don't get in this
car and try a pipe I got in my pocket.
Sims. - Det. Sims, guess how many
news vans are parked outside my window.
I don't know, I can't see them
out of my bathroom window. - Five.
I said I didn't want any noise. Do you
have any idea how much noise...
five news vans can generate?
What's this about, Captain? - Get a copy of
LA Weekly/i and get down to my office.
I've got reporters peeking into windows,
I've got city Council furious because...
they want brief. A Brass upstairs
threaten to replace me.
They won't do that.
- See, Bill, that's your problem.
You think you know what's
gonna happen, but you don't.
I still say that I was right
to try to keep ".25 Calibre"...
off the radar. - Trying and
doing are two different things.
Not now, Claymar. - It's gonna have to
be now. Looks like we have another victim.
Out of our jurisdiction.
- The Grim Sleeper victim?
I would say 'yes', but Sims gets touchy
when I call him The Grim Sleeper.
If it's true, another victim, and I was
wrong, she could have been warned.
Well, if it is another victim, why don't
we break the news instead of letting...
LA Weekly do it for us?
Morales, there you are! Did you see my story?
You wanna got me promoted to reporter?
Yeah, it was really good. - Thanks,
I could not have done it without you.
What's wrong?
They just brought in a woman, gunshot
victim. She was black.
They found her a half of a mile
from Western, in a trash bag.
We really appreciate you
come in here, Mr. King.
We're very sorry for
the loss of your sister.
She's got a son, man.
How am I suppose to tell him?
You're still here.
I can't get it out of my head.
The look on that man's face.
- Yes, that's the worst part of my job.
I thought that by
writing this article...
That it will make him stop,
that no more women will die.
I don't know what to do now.
You're gonna figure it out.
You 're the most stubborn, pain in the
but buldog reporter I've ever met.
It's the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.
You think it was
a compliment.
Come on, I'll buy you lunch.
No, I have to go and track
down Detective Sims.
I appreciate everything
that you've done for me, Jasper.
You're an amazing friend.
A friend, so.
Come here.
We will issue a statement when
DNA results come back.
From initial review, it is possible that
Ebony King was killed by the same person.
We put together a six men task force,
devoted solely to apprehend the person.
The Grim Sleeper task force?
We call it "800 task force".
- Why "800"?
That's... a room number where
we set up in this building.
We'll issue a release at the end of the
day, a list of steps taken thus far,
and the number for
our new tip line.
We want the community to
know how seriously we take...
this threat to the safety of our citizens.
How seriously we've always taken it.
In the meantime, media inquiries can be
direct to me or Det. Claymar here.
In fact, I'll let him
answer your questions.
Is this good for you
and your little ego?
This crap storm that you created?
- My story was not crap, every word...
was true. - Not one thing you said
about this department was accurate.
And how was I suppose to known
that? You refused to talk to me!
Or to anyone. You acted like a murderer
on a loose was your secret to keep,
and now someone else is dead.
Do you see Det. Sims examining the
evidence or going after the killer?
No, he is here, managing
a media crises!
Do not worry, I'm on it.
What is that suppose to mean? Do you
have a lead we don't know about yet?
Are you saying that you would like to
work together on this? - Work on what?!
This is not your story, this
the case! My case!
Not deaths of actual people, but the
case! With the little label on it...
that says "Property of Bill Sims".
Have you once reached out
to the families of the victims?
No, you haven't. Do you know how I
know that? Because I've talked to them.
I understand that
this is about people.
So, are we going to work together
to help these people or not?
Get out of my building.
Techs tipped the line yet?
We have to release the number
by 4, If we want a news to make.
I want a list of phone numbers of
the families of the "Sleeper" victims.
I thought you don't wanna call him
The Grim Sleeper.
Just give me the list.
Have you been to your multicultural
sensitivity training this year?
Thanks for coming
with me, Margette.
I was watching the news and
LAPD were talking about catching him.
If they didn't catch him all these
time, I don't expect they will now.
That's the stop, right there, that's
the bus stop where bastard picked me up.
Turn right there.
- Up here?
What you are waiting for?
- I'm turning.
You drive like an old lady.
- And you are bossy like an old lady.
Why do you think that he stopped killing
for 13 years, you think he was in prison?
He was not in prison. You think I
would get into the car with a criminal?
He was a working man, family man.
Maybe that's why he took a break,
he could not get away from the kids.
My stomach is growling.
I need some food.
Some fried cat fish. That'd be good.
- I could go for a salad.
A salad?
- What's wrong with a salad?
You eat like an old lady.
Hello? - Hey, it's Melayna.
Something interesting has come up.
Now I know why you're so
hot to have me come with.
You think 'cause I'm black,
I can protect you...
from whatever this folks
are ready ti dish out.
Alright, here we go.
- Not 'we'. You are the one...
who kept it a secret, you
have to answer them.
I'm not going in there.
- If I remember correctly,
you asked to be
on this task force.
You know why I asked? 'cause I
have nieces live in this city.
And two of them live close to
Western. You're on your own, man.
I'd wish you come. You have a lot
in common with those families.
They haven't been raped by nobody. I
I belong with those he killed.
Maybe we'll have us a
meeting one day.
Thank you for coming, Detective.
Please, have a seat.
This is the Inquisition?
- You already know hoe I feel.
But these other families have some opinions
they'd like to express as well. Have a seat.
I didn't think he'd show.
I'm surprised he had a nerve to
show after the way he done us.
No, this meeting is
for the victims' families only.
Without press. You have to
leave. - I invited her here.
Well, you're not the only one here. I'm sure
this other families don't want a reporter...
We are happy for her to stay. - At least
we know we can trust her to be straight.
We don't need to be treated like
children, we got our own minds, you know?
That's right! - We have the right to know
why you've kept this secret for so long!
You were listening?
- I'll buy you a beer.
You sure can take a beating.
Two hours you let them yell
at you. - It was eye-opening.
They have any right to be
frustrated. - Yes, they do.
Thank you for reminding them that
I had nothing to do with the way...
how department ran things back in the '80s.
Is it true that the city
council voted and they...
are gonna offer a reward
and put the billboards?
They had emergency
meeting this morning.
So, my article did some good then.
I like that you said
you want to work with them.
It is important for them to
be a part of this.
Maybe all this 'hand holding'
makes you feel...
warm and fuzzy, but it
complicates it for me.
Finding the killer, that's the most important
thing. - Then we're all on the same side.
Not the most likable man I met.
I don't know, he's growing on
me. I think he's trying his best.
I won't hold my breath.
If there is a connection between the victims,
I'll coordinate us all to comparing notes.
You have any new angle,
cover potential?
Maybe. The City Council is about to offer
the biggest reward in L. A. history...
for info on the "Sleeper".
There's gonna be... six billboards...
"You should have stayed
out of it, bitch". Lovely.
Where was sent from?
He sent a picture of his jiggly-wiggly, too.
Somebody call the police!
Do you think that's the "Sleeper"? - I'll
test for fingerprints and DNA, we'll see.
Do you have security here? - Just Kevin
in the lobby and parking attendant.
I'll talk with him.
I'm not worried about him showing up here,
but more showing up in her apartment.
I'm not listed,
he won't find me.
Still, can you provide her
some protection?
Not unless we confirm that
is actual killer.
But you might wanna stay close to
home, when you're not working.
As in, stay away of South L. A.
You would love it, wouldn't you?
For me stay away from your case.
What are my chances of that?
If this is Margette Lincoln's description
back in '87., we got to age it up...
before we release it. Can
you find who can do that?
Have you finished cross referencing
those penal registration with names of...
every black male, who ended up in
the prison system in the late '80s?
I'm working on a list of something
that is a waste of time.
No, that 13 year gap is key.
I mean the Pinto. Witnesses saw
something in shapes of all kinds of cars.
Green Sedan, Plymouth, ten Datsun.
Yes, and three said orange Pinto.
Stay with the Pinto.
Bill, I'm not done here. Why would he
drive his own car to do his dirty work?
Smart killer, the kind that doesn't
get caught for decades,
is not going take targets
in his own car.
When you finish working this
list, put together another.
Of all black male, accused
of grand theft auto.
Now you see the light.
We got the results back.
I can't tell you is...
the threat you got in
mail from him or not.
There is no DNA, no prints.
- Just another random nut job.
Every rock I turn over
has got a sicko under.
Just not the sicko I'm looking for.
I can not find one clear evidence.
Maybe these billboards will
help with some new leads.
Listen everyone!
It's on now! the case of The Grim Sleeper.
Mr. councilman.
Today in South Central we're
putting a billboard announcing the reward.
Victims photos are on display.
- Why is the billboard there?
Most of the murders happened in
South Central. We need more witnesses.
This shows that the city will do
what ever it takes, to get this guy.
You do care.
- That's your imagination.
This is great.
This is really something.
James and I agree,
we need to do more.
Yes, we would like to
pass on some flyers.
I can design the flyers, but we have to
figure out how to pay for zillion copies.
Det. Sims will let you use
his coper in the office.
That grunt means 'yes'.
Thank you.
We looked and didn't find any
connection between the girls.
It wasn't likely. Those first murders
happened before your sister was even born.
Why is he babysitting us? Does
he afraid we'll break this machine?
No, he thinks that Pelisek would sniff
around and put her nose...
where it doesn't belong.
- Det. Sims, I'm offended.
Bill, wanna come and listening something?
Maybe something came out. Maybe
those billboards are working.
...and so I walked on Western,
and a car approached and
the guy offered me a ride.
offered me the weed. But I saw
those boards, and I thought it might be...
"The Grim Sleeper". When I came
home, I tell my friend, and she says:
guy in a red car tried to
pick her up two months ago,
and now I'm telling you about that.
No name, no phone number? - Maybe
it's time to set a decoy out there.
Get back in the copy room, Pelisek. - What's
going on, did some promising tip come in?
If you have to throw you
out of the building again, I will.
I thought we're working
together on this.
Fine, I've got my own investigation going on.
And I don't have to tell you anything, either.
You said he took your picture. Do you
know what kind of camera he had?
One of those that
spits out picture.
I still remember this
sound... and then the picture comes out.
- Yes.
What if he still uses
that kind of camera?
We should check the neighborhood
for camera shops and ask them.
You think they got camera
shops in this neighborhood?
Wait, turn right there.
Here we are, back on Western.
This looks so familiar. - Because
we've been up and down six times.
I don't want to waste you any more precious
time. Take me home. - No, it's fine,
I'm just saying that we need to
try... - Turn right there!
Don't pass it.
- Didn't, we got it.
My God, this is the street.
That's it.
This is the street. Keep going.
- I know this street.
This is Rona Willisons street.
That's the house!
He pull up in front of that
house and then he told me...
he'll be right back and
he got out of the car.
One of the victims lived in this street.
It can not be a coincidence, right?
It is not a coincidence. - The killer
can be in the house right now.
Margette, stop! No!
Let me go!
- We'll call the police!
I'm calling right now.
They are here. - You should have let me get
my hands on him. You think they'll let me?
That's the house. There lives
the man who shot me.
Go get him right now.
- All right, let's come down.
Margette, is it? I'm Detective Sims.
I don't care what your name is. You got
your badge, go get him right now.
We think that The Grim Sleeper
could be in that house right now.
I'm sorry, he's not. The man who lived
in that house when you were attacked,
died 15 years ago. - It can't be
coincidence that one of his victims...
lived right there. And Margette saw
him going inside that house that night.
I'm sure the attacker knew the guy who lived
in that house. - Back in '87. we conducted...
a stakeout on that house and entire block.
- I did not know where he live back then.
No, but you describe an orange Pinto,
and a car like that was seen parked here.
And one victim lived down the street.
- An old drug addict named Omar...
lived there. We tapped his house
for months. And nothing.
No orange Pinto has ever seen, no
other evidence pointed to him.
Have you asked him about the car?
According to the case files,
they questioned him repeatedly.
They did him updown, sideways,
didn't know anything about it.
Now, that this house is officially
connected to your attacker,
we can go back, start asking questions,
maybe there's a trail that leads to Omar.
You just said he was dead. - We will try to
locate people who were here when he was alive.
It's too late!
It's 20 years too damn late!
Margette, where are you going?
- I'm going to catch the damn bus!
I don't remember no orange Pinto been parked
on the street. - It was a long time ago.
Yes. But what I want to know is why
they didn't tell me about this stakeout?
It was my daughter killed and I had right
to know what was happening under my nose.
Look at that, flat tire.
You parked on a nail.
That's is Lonnie. He always helps
folks who get car troubles.
Lonnie, come on overhere!
What do you know, Lonnie Franklin.
My Goodness, haven't seen you for ages!
I am gonna check on Margette,
see if she is okay.
It's all she had. I didn't
like bursting the bubble.
Just my bubbles you like
to burst, right?
Sorry. I'm just frustrated,
everything feels like a dead end.
That does leave a bruise.
But you got to keep trying.
I'd like to think that if we missed
something, you might catch it.
Oh Lord, did I just
say it out loud? - You did.
This guy used to be a
mechanic for the LAPD.
- Lonnie Franklin Jr.
Look at her. The captain
shouldn't choose her.
What? Guy likes pretty girls.
For example, that Nadine.
The girl is hot! I mean, if this
does not work, we don't have a plan 'B'.
It's not about looks,
it's about vulnerability.
Look at her. She is vulnerable.
Yeah, sure... vulnerability.
I'm shopping for coverage.
What's going on with the "Sleeper"?
The victims families are
having public awareness...
campaign and they're
passing out flyers.
That's not a cover! Not even page 20.
- They're having a press conference.
Talking about the cover? What
about my story with the mayor...
and his battle with the school board? - I'm
pretty sure that article about raising...
awareness of The Grim Sleeper is
more important than a story of the mayor.
I don't need a lecture from you on
what is important. - Kids!
Bob, show me the article
about your story.
I can get you a "Sleeper" cover!
Are you there, Margette?
- Who is this?
I want to write a story on you.
About all you've been through
and how you've bounced back.
I'm not for any of this anymore.
That doesn't sound like you.
I have nightmares about
how he will come and find me.
He is not gonna find you.
We are gonna find him.
You can't give up hope, Margette.
- Maybe I have to just be me again.
Thank you for letting me stay. Are
you sure your dad doesn't mind?
Yeah, he is staying with his sister.
He won't be back till Monday.
I did not know where else to go.
I have not a lot friends in L. A.
because I just moved
here and I work a lot.
So, no friends.
Yet. - And no man?
I don't really do romance. - You mean,
you don't think you deserve romance.
'Cause of that friend of yours?
What is this article,
catching up on DNA facts?
Christine, you deserve to
have love in your life.
What is a "familial DNA "?
I have not heard of it.
Something they started doing in England.
Looking for partially DNA matches...
with family members, if they
can't find complete match.
You're saying that if The Grim Sleeper
had a sibling or child in a DNA data bank,
they could at least match it to the family.
- I was gonna mention that to det. Sims,
but it is not legal in the U. S.
Maybe not yet.
Claymar. Red car.
It is him, a red car. - Doesn't look red
to me, more maroon.
It's pretty red.
Red car, take him down!
Don't think you're rushing?
And you don't think
you need to prepare a firearm?
LAPD! Let me see your hands!
LAPD! Get your hands up!
Let me see your hands!
You're white!
We need to talk. - Now is not the good
time. The Captain is waiting for me.
Just a minute. It's
about DNA. I know you've...
been checking exact matches
in the prison system.
What about family members DNA?
- I barked up that tree dozen times.
The prosecutor does not want to hear.
Familial DNA is not an option
open to law enforcement.
Not yet, but if you work for it,
really actually fight for it...
My only fight today is the one I'm
about to have with chief Braden.
They're talking about shutting down
the task force. - What? But why?
Because after months of work
and thousands of men hours,
we don't have a single solid suspect.
Not even close.
- I know, but...
And because The Grim Sleeper
is becoming old news.
Come on, hell it is!
- Their words, not mine.
They will shut down this task
force over my dead body.
We want action!
We will not give up!
Here's my ride.
I have to go. - Thanks Rona.
Detective Sims. - You hope to achieve
something, scolding with your own sign?
I knew that you'd be ready to
scold me, because I wrote the truth.
Actually I'm calling to
thank you. They can't...
pull the plug on the
task force while you...
keep the case under the public eye.
- The irony of you saying that to me!
Sorry, I did not hear you.
Must be bad connection.
Just tell them you
still pushing for the...
familial DNA match in
the prison population.
Of course I'm pushing. But, they
keep telling me same thing,
violation of privacy laws.
They need to re-wright case just
to consider prosecuting.
I guess that's my new article.
The attorney general isn't using all
that is on disposal to catch...
The Grim Sleeper. - You pissed
everybody in L. A., you might as well...
go for the whole state.
- Might as well. - See you, Pelisek.
I have to go see the chief. You and
Claymar be in my office when I get back.
Your dad said
I'd find you here.
He also said that it
was Zarina's birthday today.
She would've been 16.
Now I understand why you did not
came to the demonstration.
I wasn't there, because it does not
matter how much noise we make.
You can not make people care. - I care.
And I'm working really hard
on this, Melayna.
Because it's your job.
You care about the headline.
Is that really what you think?
I'm so tired of people telling
me they are working on this,
working on that, and
coming up with nothing.
I don't longer believe to
anybody, anywhere. Not anymore
I even don't believe in God,
and you expect me to believe you?
I'm so sorry.
Sorry. - It's okay, you don't need
to apologize. I see.
I am sorry. I have a feeling
I'm doing everything that I can...
I know. - I want to find him,
more than anything and...
I'm ready to star going door-to- door.
Really? On whose door
are you going to?
What is it?
Why can't we talk in your office?
- Because Brass don't trust that we...
can keep information
away of "LA Weekly",
and I told him that we
take every precaution.
The chief and the DA are on the twist.
State attorney has approved a familial...
DNA search for The Grim Sleeper.
- I never thought they would go for it.
The DA is sure it's gonna be a challenge
on a privacy issue and this case...
will be a legal nightmare for all of us.
This has never happened in this country.
When will the gonna run it?
- They already did. And they got a hit.
A kid was arrested on a weapon
charge few months ago.
He is the son of a man whose
DNA you've been chasing.
Months of police work. - And it
pops out of a computer just like that?
Not just like that.
They got a special team tracking him
and they get his DNA of pizza crust.
This is the name of the man you need
to arrest. I the signed warrant.
Lonnie Franklin Jr.
Why does that name sounds familiar?
- Oh, my God!
Thanks for the ride, Lonnie.
It's nice to see that
people are trying so hard.
They will find that son of a bitch
who took your sweet girl.
She was sweet, wasn't she?
She was very sweet.
I used to have smoke breaks
with Franklin, I thought he was fun.
Come on, let's go!
Hi, Christine Palisek,
LA Weekly.
I have a question about someone
who used to lived here.
He worked for us!
LAP damn D!
No sirens. I don't
want to scare this guy.
Family man.
Come on, let me
I see your face. Look at me.
Put your hands up!
Keep your hands up!
No sudden movements!
On the ground!
You know why we arrested you,
don't you, Lonnie? - No, sir.
I think you do.
If you were in my garage and see those
things, I don't know anything about it.
You're a mechanic. You work on
cars for people from neighborhood.
Trying to help.
Have you worked on
an orange Pinto?
But you don't just work on cars.
You like to take pictures,
don't you, Lonnie?
We found a lot of pictures in your den.
Did you take this picture?
Looks like Ebony King.
The "Sleeper's" last victim.
Did you take this picture, Lonnie?
I already know you are.
You wanna know how I know?
Because it's your god damn DNA in
a saliva we found all over her body.
Who is this girl?
She didn't even look alive.
What about her?
What's her name?
We found dozens of pictures
of women in your den. Hundreds!
Dozens were unconscious. Even dead!
I think there never was a break.
There was never any gap at all, was there?
How many daughters did you steal, Lonnie!?
How many sisters did you take, Lonnie!?
How many of them ended
up in the city dumb?
I don't know what you
you are talking about.
I can promise you this:
there won't be any more.
Translation by hearing