The Grizzlies (2018) Movie Script

Come here.
Go! Go!
There's no trees!
Not one.
That's weird, eh?
You're from here, right?
You lived up here a long time?
6,000 years.
Just the necessities, eh?
Oh, yeah.
Sorry to say it's not mine.
Mike Johnston.
Math Department.
Oh, hi.
Russ Sheppard. History.
- Oh, I got it. I got it.
- Oh, thanks.
to the edge of the world.
Or the end of the world,
depending on how long
you've been here.
So you got this job
like 20 minutes ago, eh?
Yeah, well, considering I had 48
hours to decide when I graduated,
you're going to have
to give me the lay of the land.
You like it up here?
The money's good
and I put a lot of miles
between me and the ex.
How come you're scraping
the bottom of the barrel?
I owe the government.
I'm in that
Work-For-School program.
I'm stoked for this, though.
I'll spend the year up north
and then I'm short-listed
for a great prep school
so when I'm done here,
I'm golden.
Over here on the left,
that's the community freezer.
That's where everyone
stores their kills.
Seal, caribou, polar bear.
Over here on the right,
that's the Cop Shop.
Both nice guys.
And right over here,
that's the rink.
Oh, cool.
They got hockey and stuff?
No, the refrigerator coil's
fried out,
so now they just use it for
like, community meetings,
dances, stuff like that.
Whoa-whoa-whoa! Look out.
Oh, my God.
I have anxiety issues.
And there's
your group of scholars.
You have 21 students
in your class,
but attendance will vary
greatly from day to day,
season by season.
- Is there a truancy policy?
Students often have
other priorities.
We like to accommodate
their circumstances.
Don't worry,
I'll whip 'em into shape.
They all speak English, right?
The government made
sure of that.
This me?
Alrighty. Janace,
thank you so much for
this terrific opportunity, and...
Save it.
You're not a novelty, Russ.
We use teachers
from Work-For-School
because we can't get
anyone else.
You don't need
to suck up to me.
Just do your job.
Hi, everybody.
Uh, my name is Russ Sheppard,
but you can call me Russ.
Uh, please don't call me
Mr. Sheppard, 'cause...
that's my dad's name.
Wouldn't call you Mister
Mister is a white man's word.
Alrighty. Attendance.
Let's give this a shot.
How'd I do?
You can tell me
if I got it wrong.
Was it that bad?
I'm Spring
and you said it right.
In Inuit custom, raising
the eyebrows means yes.
Good to know.
Kyle Aviak.
Kyle. Present?
Uh, Shani Ikniq...
Ikniqpalagaq. Sorry.
No? Uh...
Kathy Itigaiqpaituk.
Uh, Adam Kikpak.
Adam doesn't do school
any more.
Well, he's listed here.
His elders say no.
He gets to be out
on the land now.
That's a new one.
And you are?
Roger. Roger Saata.
Roger. Got it.
Zach Tuluguq.
Zach, okay?
Jason Mitivik.
No Jason Mitivik?
- He's not coming back.
- Drop it.
Everybody knows that this is
the first day of school, right?
Hey, Russ!
How bad did you mess up?
- Beg your pardon?
- Must've lost a bet.
Owed money, skipped town.
They won't find you here, man.
Let's get something straight.
In my class,
respect will be demanded.
Okay? And you'll receive it
when you've earned it.
What did you just say?
Please speak English here.
Are you saying I can't speak
my own tongue?
No, no-no.
I am not, I just...
I have a right to speak
my native language.
Yes, but you don't have
a right to disrupt this class.
I said...
Okay. Here we go.
Day one. Detention.
Not now. After school.
- I'm done now.
- I'm not,
so you can take your seat.
I'll see you later, Russ.
I'm sorry, but you're going
to have to go through me
to get out that door.
Trial by fire, buddy boy.
Janace said she's not going to suspend him.
What the hell's up with that?
Because to him
and the rest of these kids,
being told that they can't go
to school
isn't exactly a punishment.
No one gives a shit.
Look, you don't need algebra
when you hunt and live off the
land, and that's how they roll,
so they figure:
what's the point?
Don't they want
an education,
so they can get the hell
out of here?
Spoken like a true Qabliunaaq.
What's that? Asshole?
White guy.
Same thing.
$327 and 65 cents.
I'm sorry, what?
I got like, twelve things.
Why do you think
they kill their own food?
I owe you 16 bucks.
Second kid this month.
Blew his brains out.
They warn you about a lot of
stuff when you take this job,
but never that.
- Jesus.
Is it like, a copycat thing?
No, it's like
an epidemic type thing.
It's a bad scene for a lot
of the kids up here, eh.
What's being done?
Or, nothing that works.
How do you handle it up here?
Man, I do the same thing
everyone else does: I drink.
Did you steal my booze?
Come on!
Answer me.
Come on.
I know you steal from me!
You let him steal from me?
Hey, leave her alone!
What are you gonna do, huh?
You gonna run away?
You know he's lying.
- Tell me where it is!
- Kyle!
- I don't take shit!
From nobody!
What the hell?
Okay, I know
what you're thinking:
history's a bore, right?
Names and dates but, guys,
history is a story.
A true story.
Yes, Zach?
Or, sorry,
do you prefer Mike Tyson?
What's your question.
- Can I go to the washroom?
- Knock yourself out.
Okay, listen up...
I want three pages,
on the history
of anything you want.
Person, place or thing.
I'm gonna write about Spring.
She's my sun,
my moon and my stars.
Very poetic. Maybe save that
for English class.
Okay, guys. Three pages.
One hour. Go.
What's up, man?
You should get a load
of this white guy, man.
That's right, Russ Sheppard.
Yes, I just want to confirm that
I'm still on the short-list?
Uh-huh, great. That's great.
Yeah, just let me know
if there's anything else
that you need from me to
ensure that I'm a front-runner.
No, St. Andrew's Academy,
it would be a perfect fit
for me, sir.
Trusting myself
and this path that I'm on
Look around for sanity,
can't find it at all
I fly in the sky
and I drown in my thoughts
My friends are fuckin' crazy
but I'm down for 'em all
Yeah, trusting myself
and this path that I'm on
Look around for sanity,
can't find it at all
Hey, guys.
Russ! I love this girl!
She's my sun, my moon,
my stars!
I remember.
You okay, Spring?
You sure?
What's up with this guy?
You guys are all up
pretty late.
What're you gonna do, huh?
Call the RCMP?
Make a citizen's arrest?
Gonna go get some shut-eye,
otherwise you guys won't be
the only ones
sleeping through my class.
Open the door!
Open the door!
He's gonna kill me!
- Spring, who...
- He's coming!
- Who did this to you?
- Please!
- Spring!
- Get inside. Get inside.
- Spring! Spring!
Hey, what the hell, Roger?
You hit her?! Hey!
- I wanna see Spring.
- Roger, stop it. Back up, now.
I gotta see her.
I love her.
You're not gonna see
her right now.
You're drunk
and she's bleeding.
Now go home!
- I can't live...
Go home, Roger, you hear me?
Get the hell out of here! Now!
Roger's gone.
Let's get you home.
I hope you feel like shit
and not just because
you're hung-over.
Hey, you cannot hit.
I don't care how mad you get,
you cannot hit.
You understand me?
- She won't talk to me.
I fucked up.
Wish I could take it back.
Look, we all screw up, okay?
She's all I got.
What do I do now?
You'll figure it out.
Hey, buddy.
You got a problem?
I hope not.
You in a hurry,
do you need a ride?
Oh, no thanks,
I'm just running.
From what?
No, I mean I'm jogging.
Just jogging.
One paper.
Thank you, Miranda.
Excellent work. I'm impressed.
Guys, you need to hand in
the assignments
or you will fail this class.
Do you want to fail?
Look, it's...
It's no skin off my nose, okay.
It's less work for me, but...
You know what it means?
He asked me what to do.
He asked me and I let him down.
there was nothing you could do.
Does anybody want to talk?
About Roger or anything?
What's the point?
Get out!
Oh, geez!
You scared the crap out of me.
What the hell?
Hey, were you sleeping
in there?
Hey, Kyle!
Just knock and enter here,
No one actually waits
at the door in Kug,
otherwise you'll be out here
all day.
Who would they play?
The nearest school is
hundreds of miles away.
It would be a house league.
They'll play each other.
These kids,
they are starving for something.
They need an outlet, to get
involved in something besides
this damn 'Night Culture'
or whatever you call it.
There's more important needs
for the kids.
Well, whatever
you're doing now isn't working.
Who the hell are you
to say what we need?
You've been here
all of five minutes.
That's plenty of time to see
that these kids are in trouble.
Jesus, they're...
Let me try this.
It's worth a shot, isn't it?
what have you got to lose?
Whatever's left.
$300 left in the P.E. budget,
but don't expect...
That's great!
That's perfect.
Thank you, Janace.
They're going to love it.
The kids are going to love it.
I promise you. But um...
Outside. Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
Pushy, eh?
Arrogant and pushy.
No, Dave, it's gonna have
to be used.
I've only got 300 bucks.
Helmets, sticks, gloves,
you know, whatever I can get.
Kugluktuk. North as north gets.
Come on, guys.
Just give it a try.
We're going to have our first
practice this Wednesday.
We've got equipment all sorted
out, so you don't have to...
Kyle! You want to play?
- It's not for me.
- Why not?
- It's just not for me.
Hey, bud, you want to check out
lacrosse Wednesday after school?
I'll see you there.
Hey, Miranda!
Wanna try it?
Hey, guys.
You guys like sports, huh?
I don't like to run.
I don't want
to give up my smokes.
I'm kind of busy.
Just, uh,
treat her right, okay?
That's all I ask.
Hold on! Hold on!
Hey! Easy on the throttle!
Gee whiz.
Hey, hey. That's me.
Both of them.
Alright, thanks, man.
- You're welcome.
Kug. Kugluktuk.
If you want guys
for the league,
you gotta get Zach and Adam.
You get them
and the rest will come.
Wait, wait, wait!
Who's Adam?
He's not in school.
He's a crazy good hunter.
Popular. Like Zach.
Flyers won't work.
You gotta show respect, eh?
You gotta go to them.
Hey, Miranda!
Hi, Adam?
I'm Russ Sheppard.
You were supposed
to be in my class this year.
- I don't go there anymore.
Actually, I just wanted to talk to
you about joining a sports program.
I never really played
any sports.
Well, this is
a really cool game.
I gotta go.
I hear you're a hunter.
I bet you'd be a natural.
Hi, is this Zach's house?
Yep. Mine too. I'm Johnny.
You don't have to knock.
Didn't anyone tell you that?
Right. They did.
What are you doing here?
How do you know I'll like it
if I've never played it before?
Because it's a contact sport.
Time to wash up, little man.
You smell like dead walrus.
- See ya.
Not interested. See ya.
I'll pay you 20 bucks.
To try it.
But you gotta bring Adam,
and a bunch of other guys.
At least a dozen
or you get nothing.
Just one time.
This was my stick in college.
With it...
I slew giants.
Or at least the pituitary
freaks at McGill.
You, with the cigarette.
Tanner, what's the national
sport of Canada?
- Hockey...
- Wrong!
The national sport
of Canada is not hockey.
The national sport of Canada
is lacrosse.
Can anyone tell me
why it's called lacrosse?
Because the name hockey
was already taken?
Look, guys,
lacrosse is way older
than hockey.
Can anyone tell me
who invented the game?
The First Nations.
12th-century tribes played
the game to resolve conflict.
Are we gonna learn
about lacrosse
or are we gonna play lacrosse?
Grab a stick, pair up.
Alright, you want to push
with your top hand,
pull with your bottom hand.
Push, pull.
Push, pull. Go.
There you go. Good.
Good, Adam.
No, no raking! Raking bad!
Scooping good!
You wanna scoop through it,
It's alright.
Quick, light, easy.
You wanna keep your stick
by your ear.
It's alright, Vinny.
Nice try.
Go ahead, Zach.
Good job, Zach.
Back of the line. Bring it in.
Great practice. You guys are
looking really good out there.
Hey, coach, can we do this
again tomorrow?
Yeah, we can.
That was alright.
Can I get my 20 bucks?
You coming back tomorrow?
What are you doing awake?
You hungry?
Hide these.
Buy lunch at school.
Now go to sleep.
I'm not sleepy.
I say you are.
Head down. Do it.
- Will you sing me a song?
- No.
Hey, I know you...
Welcome to paradise.
can you stay for a sec?
I need help coordinating
Like administration.
You interested?
Why ask me?
Are you kidding?
You're the smartest,
most responsible kid in the whole school.
You're the reason we have
a team in the first place.
I know that one!
That's a yes!
If we're gonna form a league,
you guys are gonna have
to get in the best shape
of your lives,
so you're gonna race
the best athlete here.
I'll toss the ball
and one at a time,
we'll see if anyone
can beat her to it. Vinny!
Come hold Maggie until I give
the signal. Adam, you're up.
- Serious?
- Serious.
have you been drinking?
Are you gonna throw the ball?
Three, two, one, let her go!
You almost got it!
Good girl.
You feel like shit?
Yeah, big surprise.
Might wanna drink Gatorade
instead. Tanner, you're up.
Three, two, one,
let her go.
Three, two, one, let her go!
Three, two, one, let her go!
Three, two, one, let her go!
Come on!
Can no one beat this dog?
Three, two, one, let her go.
Shake it off.
This is retarded.
Hey, hey.
Maggie! Maggie!
Maggie, no!
Maggie! Maggie! No! Stop!
Maggie, stop!
- Kyle!
- Maggie!
Go, go, go, go!
- That was fucked up.
- Whatever.
Hey, you okay?
Please tell me you'll play.
Good, Kyle.
Take the turn.
Outside hand, Braden.
Let's pick it up.
Come on, Tanner.
Come on, Vinny, run!
- I told you. I don't run.
There's a polar bear
after you!
He can have me.
Out of my way,
fucking fat-ass.
- Don't be a dick.
- Fuck you.
Hey! Hey! Knock it off!
Knock it off!
- Hey, come on, get off him.
Couple of dopes!
You're supposed
to be having fun for once!
Hey, lacrosse is not
a free-for-all for punks!
You play by the rules
or not at all!
We don't know the damn rules!
Years ago, games would be
played from sunup to sundown
between hundreds of men.
Everything short of murder
was allowed.
Now, however, we do have rules.
Coach, could you come up?
Like I said before,
lacrosse is a contact sport.
You are allowed to hit
but only like this.
And you have to keep your hands
together on your stick.
If your hands are apart...
- Hey!
You're gonna get called
for cross-checking.
Now, you can also use
your stick to knock the ball
out of your opponent's stick,
but you have
to aim for the stick.
Hitting the gloves is okay.
But if you get the arms...
- Ow.
- Or if you hit in the back...
- Stop it!
You're going to get called
for slashing.
You will definitely get called
if you hit him in the head.
I'm not gonna do it.
Any questions?
Alright. Let's divide into teams
and try a game! Gear up!
Miranda, please keep score.
Hey. What the hell?
All set.
Get after it, guys.
What a chicken, man.
Kyle! It's a contact sport!
Up and at 'em!
Guys, let's reset and go again!
Get after it, guys.
Hustle, Adam, get up.
Ball down, guys.
- What do I do?!
Pass or run! Scoop through it!
You can do it.
Shoot! Shoot!
What was that?
Ignore the peanut gallery.
Look, it doesn't matter
how bad you mess up, alright?
I can teach you how to shoot.
That's easy, alright.
But the way you just ran?
You can't teach that.
Alright? Let's go again.
You run like a caribou.
What are we doing?
Another night
out in the cold
Keep running, guys, let's go.
Come on, guys! Let's turn down
the suck and turn up the good.
Vinny! Vinny!
Pick it up, guys. Pick it up.
Vinny! Vinny!
Don't step in it.
Don't step in it.
Imagine this is a clock face,
So this is 12, 3, 9,
so when you're loading up
for a shot,
you're not holding your stick
down, you're pulling it out.
- Right.
- Alright? You understand?
- This is bullshit!
- Come on!
His little stick
and his little white friend.
You piece of shit!
- Hey, Harry!
Let's go. Come on.
- Just hold on!
He came home.
Move. Watch your head.
You're hurting me,
you motherfuckers.
Get me out of here.
I didn't do anything!
You alright?
My dad...
Listen, I've got some stew
going in my crock pot.
You, uh...
You should come join us.
You mean you
and your inside dog.
Yeah, Maggie's the only girl
who'll put up with me.
- She belonged to my cousin.
Oh, why didn't you say
Shit, I gotta give her back.
he killed himself last month.
Oh, God, Kyle...
Your mom has a broken arm
and a concussion.
They said they'd release her
in the morning.
I should've been home.
Listen, it's not your fault.
I know it's not me.
It's my dad.
He's a Residential School
He was, like...
abused and stuff.
And I just feel bad for him.
It's like,
I wish I could help him, right,
but I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry. I'm busy at school.
I know, I'm sorry.
You knew I left a casserole
in the fridge. Why didn't you...
You heard him.
You should be home helping out.
Don't think you could leave it
all to me, Fat and Lazy.
Hey, hey.
Bring it in, guys. Gather up!
I have to ask you all
a very important question:
How many of you have
Come on. Don't be shy.
How many have girlfriends?
Okay, as of right now,
you all do.
Your stick.
This is Suzy.
In college,
this was my girlfriend.
It's the best girlfriend
I ever had.
Every chance you get,
I want you to practice
your stick skills.
So everywhere you go, I want
your stick to go with you.
Eat dinner next to it,
you sleep with it.
You treat her right, Zach.
Listen up: Breaking news.
Lacrosse is not just fun
and games anymore.
I made some calls to ask if
I could bring a late entry team
to the High School Lacrosse
Nationals in Toronto,
and they just said yes.
Now, the Nationals are
at the end of July.
That's only five months away!
So we are starting
the house league now
with three teams
and at the end of the season,
we're going to the Nationals!
You with me?
Anybody? Does this...
- Uh, what's Toronto?
- It's a big city in the south.
Now are you with me?
Party! Party!
Party! Party!
No! No! No partying!
Yeah, uh...
that's right, people. Okay?
No partying. No way. Don't...
You cannot win with that crap
in your system.
We got to start
making better choices
than booze and drugs, guys.
It's time to get serious.
Let's get to work.
Russ, moving a little fast,
don't you think?
I mean, uh...
the Nationals?
- You've got a plan, eh?
About raising money?
Yeah, my plan is, you know,
to make a plan.
Who's gonna go, guys?
You? You? You? Sticks up, guys,
sticks up, sticks up.
Toronto, on three.
- One, two, three.
I've been dealing
with irate parents all day.
Why didn't you
come to me first?
Sorry, how is this anything
but good news?
Even if the parents agreed,
do you have any idea
how much this would cost?
Airfare alone costs
$2,000 per child.
No one can afford that.
- We're going to fund-raise.
We'll figure it out, I promise.
Broken promises
are dangerous here.
You know what happens
when these kids are hurt
and disappointed?
- I'm not gonna let that happen.
And the worst part is
they're already so excited.
Most of them have
never gone further
than you can go
on a snowmobile.
You should have discussed this
with me
before you went and raised
their hopes...
That's the whole point,
It's to raise their damn hopes!
- No! It's unrealistic.
You don't want them
reaching for something
that they care about?
- There's a cost for reaching.
They're alive! They are
working crazy hard...
Not at school, not at home.
They're not even in class!
I'm shutting you down today.
Don't worry,
you can blame it on me.
No-no-no! Just, please,
wait a second. Let me think!
Your sports program is doing
more harm than good.
Please don't shut us down, Janace.
These kids are motivated
for the first time
since I've been here.
They're happy.
Would you please
give us this chance?
I urge you to not add
to the long list of promises
made to the Inuit
that will never be kept.
What about local businesses?
You think anyone
would sponsor us?
I heard that the airline
sometimes offers sponsorships.
I could call Sam at First Air
and see.
Great! Do it!
I was also thinking that we
could charge for the games?
- I was just gonna suggest that.
- And sell pop and pizza
to raise money?
- There we go, that's... smart.
No, that's good thinking.
I like that.
But if we play
for the community,
aren't we gonna need jerseys
to tell the teams apart?
- Yeah, totally. That's a thing.
- Right. Yes.
How do we pay for those?
Yeah, okay.
Here we go.
Maybe we could ask Spring
to design them?
She's a really good artist.
Well, she hasn't been here
since, uh...
I know.
I'll go see her.
Hey, Spring.
Now, we're not looking
for straight A's.
If teachers tell us
you're here, trying hard,
you get to play.
You'll also have to meet all
your obligations at home.
But so long as you come to
school at least 80% of the time,
just four days a week,
then you'll play.
No, no, no!
This is not a sucker punch.
Lacrosse is a school program.
It's a fair deal.
See you in class.
Adam. Hey-hey-hey-hey.
Can you do it?
They don't even know
I'm playing.
They don't want me going
to a white man's school.
'Cause that's
what fucked up my parents.
I'm a couple of years behind.
I can tutor you.
Yeah, I'll get you caught up.
ask your grandparents,
maybe tell 'em
how it's important to you.
we'd hate to lose you.
Johnny, come here.
Spring, these are fantastic.
I love the warrior.
Roger would've been
totally into it, too.
Is there any chance you're
ready to come back to school?
I've been thinking
I wanna ask you something.
Guys, listen up.
Hey, Spring?!
What are you doing here?
Same as you.
A girl? No way.
Move the ball?
Find each other, guys,
let's go.
Move that ball, Adam, let's go?
Stop! Stop.
Stop right where you are!
Shut your eyes.
Okay, without looking,
who's got the ball?
- Adam.
Point at where he is.
Come on, guys.
You've played with him.
You know
which hand he favors.
Where's Zach?
Guys, does Zach
like to go to the outside
or does he like
to go up the middle,
knock defenders on their asses?
Where's Kyle?
You don't know where he is
because he's always moving,
he's looking for the clear.
But Adam knows where he is,
don't you, Adam?
I want you to remember
this moment.
You can't be individuals
on the field.
You need to work together
as one.
'Cause when you guys
work together,
when you connect as a team,
I mean, that is
when you will truly be great.
Let's play on.
Alright, everyone have
their assignments for me?
Quarterfinals next week!
next week!
Quarterfinals next week!
- Miranda?
- Here.
Where is Kyle?
Hustle back, guys, hustle back.
Who's got Thomas?
Good, Brady, good grab.
Let's go.
Let's go, Zach.
Let's go!
Bring it in, guys.
Zach, move your ass!
What the hell was that
all about?
It's the last game
before the quarterfinals,
and you look like
my grandmother out there.
- Whatever.
- No, incorrect response.
- Whatever.
- Really?
That's how we're
gonna play this?
Okay, everybody listen up.
Since Zach here
needs to light a fire
and learn
how to be a team player,
we are going to practice every day.
- You trying to kill us?
A team is only as strong
as its weakest player.
There's no room in lacrosse
for little whiney babies.
Turn off the fucking light.
Let's go!
Let's go, guys.
Damn it...
- Zach's team is falling apart.
- Pass it!
He made his choice.
We Inuit love this land
because we can see for miles.
We notice every little thing.
But you?
You only see right here.
Right in front of your face.
All of us have made sacrifices
to be here.
All of us.
You really don't think Zach
doesn't want to play?
You've been to his house.
Did you not see?
His family is starving.
He has to hunt.
Get a clue.
Quit playing with that.
Hey. Hi.
I owe you an apology.
I'm sorry.
I'm dense sometimes.
We're just eating.
Do you want to join us?
No. I'm good, thanks.
Gonna get going.
No room in lacrosse
for whiney babies, eh?
See you tomorrow.
- You know it.
I was, uh, I was hoping
we could talk.
You're not very popular.
You just scared away
all the seal.
- Oh, sorry, I thought...
- If you even move your toe,
the seal can hear it
and they leave.
We've been waiting here
for hours.
My bad! I'm sorry!
You never told them
you were playing?
Did they know that
you were coming to school?
I'm not asking him
to forget the old ways.
He loves the sport
and he excels at it.
He's an asset to the team.
I understand hunting
and culture is important,
but if he attends school,
he can play lacrosse.
Lacrosse helped me find my way
when I thought nothing
would ever go right.
I want you to have her.
Sam, Lena,
thank you for your time.
Long ago,
Sedna was dissatisfied
with the man found for her
by her father,
so she marries a dog.
Her father is so angry
he throws her into the sea
and chops off her fingers.
Her fingers become
the first seals.
When a Shaman is sent out
to dry her tears,
she releases the seals
to the hunters.
That's the end.
There's a few versions,
but she gets her fingers
chopped off in all of them.
Elders often answer a question
with a story.
It's kind of a pain in the ass
Any idea
what the take-away is?
You're supposed
to figure it out.
Thank you.
I hope you can come back.
Anybody seen Adam?
I made it.
I made the finals.
I don't want
to hear that shit.
You'd rather be
with that Qablunaaq, Russ,
than with your own family?
Is that it?
How could you?
You burned my books?
I can't believe you did that.
I told you over and over.
Family comes first.
Not school, not some fucking
white man's game.
If you ever touch me like
that again, I'll call the cops.
Just try it!
You don't know the first thing
about being a family.
you're going to war.
Now those guys
in the other room, by day,
they may be your friends
and your classmates,
but tonight...
they're your enemy.
Will you fight?
Will you win?
- Yeah!
- Who are you?
- Wolfpack!
- Who are you?
- Warriors!
Let's go get 'em!
Kyle, you alright?
Answer me!
I'm not gonna fight you,
And I'm not gonna run away
I want us to be a family.
Yeah! Whoo!
One, two, three, Wolfpack!
Guys, what are you doing?
Get yourselves in here.
We wanted to get you
But we needed a new team name
so we all came up with one
and Spring did the painting.
Oh, wow.
You painted these?
What do you think?
- Who are we?
- Grizzlies!
I'll be sending lots of luck.
What, from the sidelines?
Mir, we're not going without
you. You're part of the team.
You did good this season,
Thank you.
We got a bit of a problem.
Um, one of our big sponsors
bailed and we're a little short.
By how much?
Twenty grand.
When do you want to tell
the kids they can't go?
Do you not get it?
I can't disappoint them.
- What's going on?
- He's just... he's a little upset.
I told him about the money
Mail came today.
I wrote a letter
a few months ago.
We've been allowed to present
our case to the Town Council
at the Heritage Fund meeting.
I'm sorry, the who and the
what now? What are we...?
Every year the diamond mine
gives the town some money
to keep the peace.
The Town Council decides
where to allocate the funds.
They're meeting next week.
- So they can help us?
- We'll have to petition,
and everyone will have
to agree.
Yeah, we're boned.
Well, do you think
we have a chance?
I think it's our only chance.
Class attendance
has never been higher...
And so are our grades.
This grant would reward
the kids
for all of their efforts and,
even more importantly,
to inspire them to continue
striving and working hard
at their goals and dreams
for the future.
Thank you.
Mir-an-da! Mir-an-da!
Thank you, Miranda Atatahak.
The community needs
long-term help,
not some fancy vacation.
- Not all of us love sports.
- Fixing the roads
is more important
than a quick trip to the South.
- Yeah!
- If I may...
I have a problem
with this request.
Of course,
I believe the money should go
to children of Kugluktuk,
but we have many children
who do not attend school
or play on your small team.
Why should they be excluded?
I'm sorry, shouldn't we reward
the kids who do go to school
instead of the kids who don't?
We don't need to defend
our way of life to a Southerner!
All I'm saying is that
these kids are excelling!
Isn't that a good thing?
We nourish everyone in the
community. We're inclusive.
These kids are playing
as a community!
And traveling to Toronto,
it'll give them a chance
to see something more
than just a few square miles
out in the middle of nowhere!
No, no, no, please, everyone,
I didn't phrase that well.
These children don't need to go
south to get an education...
Okay, ask the kids. Ask them what they want!
They've earned this!
Thank you, Russ Sheppard.
We will take this to a vote.
The request for funds for
the lacrosse team to travel...
has been denied.
It doesn't seem to be
in the greater interest
of the whole community.
What did she say?
She doesn't like
the white man's world.
It has brought nothing
but sorrow to her people.
She didn't like it when she
found her grandson playing
a strange white man's game.
Then again,
she wasn't keen on snowmobiles
the first time she seen one.
Yes, tradition is important
and one of our most valuable
lessons Inuit have learned
is that we must adapt
or we will die.
We must learn how to live
with the world beyond
our borders.
The lacrosse kids at the school
carry their heads held high
and with smiles on their faces.
We are proud,
full of hope.
Instead of drinking
or fighting
or killing ourselves,
we play.
What is a child
who has forgotten to play?
How to laugh?
How to have hope
for better things.
If the town council cannot
support their young people
in this, then they have
truly lost their way.
- We're going to Toronto!
- Lena!
Did she get it?
You said your bathtub
is full of seals.
Oh, crap. Just...
tell her thank you.
She knows.
And tell her that I understand
Sam's story now.
When you affect a change,
there are consequences.
I'll respect that.
You're a slow learner.
Toronto! Toronto! Toronto!
Johnny's going crazy, eh?
He's so excited about Toronto.
He's proud of his big brother,
He's gonna love it there.
Yeah, he can be like,
our mascot.
Oh, Zach, I'm sorry,
we can't bring Johnny with us.
But I gotta bring him.
You saw.
It's team only. I'm sorry.
What if I can get the money?
I could buy the ticket myself.
He could come then, right?
I can get it.
We can only take the players
and the coaches.
We can't make any exceptions,
it wouldn't be fair.
- He won't be any trouble.
- I'm sorry, I really am,
but you have to understand
there's just no way
we can take him.
How about I ask Vinny's folks
to look after him?
I bet they'd be happy to.
That's alright.
I'll figure it out.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Catch you later.
Remember how I told you
they got buildings there
that touch the sky?
- And lots of people.
Tons of people.
Plenty of jobs, too.
I'm gonna get me
on a lacrosse team,
be a professional.
We're going to get our own
place, just you and me.
- You and me.
- But it's our secret, okay?
You can't tell anybody.
Shh. Zip.
We're just gonna get on a plane
and fly away.
Alright, little man. Done.
Are you ready?
- Yeah.
Yeah, just like that.
Just go down with it
a little bit.
Tell me what I can do.
Got two priors.
It's over.
Gonna get sent down to Juvie
this time.
I told him
I could take him with me.
I thought we could get out.
Now I can't even
take care of him.
I screwed everything up.
Listen to me, Zach.
We are going to find
a way through this.
Okay? I am right here.
You are not in this alone.
I will do whatever it takes.
Time's up.
Lo, how the dream tree is
sighing and shaking
Pretty dreams fall down
on thee
Oh, how my poor heart
is crying and aching
Longing for the one
who is longing for me
I'll sit at home
with a light in the window
Back to the fire
and eyes to the sea
I'll sit at home
with my hand on the cradle
Rocking the love
he has given to me
Long are the hours
and long is the waiting
Back to the fire
and eyes to the sea
I'll sit at home
with my hand on the cradle
Rocking the love
he has given to me
- You're going?
- Yeah.
And why is that?
You're really asking me that?
What you should be asking is
why the hell would I stay?
So I can screw things up
more than I already have?
Haven't you figured out yet
that I don't know
what the hell I'm doing?
So you get our hopes up,
change things,
and then you walk away?
- It's not that simple.
- Looks pretty simple to me!
We've been dealing
with this stuff for years
and we're still here.
You get knocked down one time
and you're gonna run away?
You came here,
told us how we should be.
No matter what,
keep on trying,
keep hoping for better things!
This is not about you.
You might not believe
what you said,
but we do.
Come with me.
Sometimes I think
those thoughts.
That maybe...
I don't want to stick around.
that bad feeling inside,
it just gets too big...
Who here has lost someone
in their family?
More than one?
Yeah, me too.
Each of us has had it tough.
Real tough.
But we're a family now.
Our team.
We made our own family.
How we got each other
no matter what.
I say we stay strong.
We do
what we came together to do.
What we trained for.
We play.
We'll be looking after Johnny,
okay? Thanks.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thanks, guys.
Thank you.
Alright, guys, let's load up.
It's time.
- Bye!
- Let's go.
There's no assigned seats,
Just sit down somewhere.
Is that everyone?
Adam, hurry up.
Look at how high
those buildings are!
I didn't want to freak you out
before your first game,
but that team you just played,
yeah, they're ranked number one
in the nation.
That's the toughest competition
you're going to face here.
Okay, the rest of these teams?
Set it up, Spring!
Oh, geez.
Spring, you alright?
Come on.
It's alright,
we'll get it back.
Let's reset.
This is the last thing
they need.
Guys, bring it in.
Let's take a knee, guys.
Listen, guys,
I try to come off
like I know everything.
I don't know jack.
There is one thing I do know
for sure, though.
You're my family, alright?
My sweaty, punk-ass,
dysfunctional family
and I love you guys.
To have come this far, to have
even gotten on that plane
and tried so hard
in spite of how you feel,
that is your victory.
You may not have won
in terms of goals,
but you played your hearts out
and you stood together,
and that's what counts.
I couldn't be more proud
of who you are.
This is our last game.
It's not about goals.
Go out there,
try your best,
and have fun, guys,
have fun as a team.
That is truly all that matters.
- Screw that.
Let's get one goal
for our brother, Zach!
Who's with me?
One, two, three, Grizzlies!
Whoo! Come on, guys.
We can do this.
These kids, uh...
They're, uh, so great...
- Come on, guys. We got this.
- Set.
Good eat, Vinny.
What is he doing?
- I don't know.
Vinny, where are you going?
Guys, give him space!
That's it, Vinny, that's it!
Let's go!
Go! Go! Go!
Oh, my God!
Shoot, Vinny! Vinny, shoot!
That was really weird, Vinny!
Good job.
That's the half.
Grab a drink, guys.
One goal,
we can do this.
We can totally do this, guys.
Time out. Time out.
Time out, Grizzlies.
Did you tell Kyle
to call that?
- Bring it in, bring it in!
- What's he doing?
I don't know.
Guys, what's...
Okay, when the ref blows
the whistle,
we're going to huddle back
when I yell caribou
then we'll break and pretend
Adam has the ball.
Let's go, Grizzlies!
Bring it in, bring it in...
What the hell's a caribou?
Get on nine!
Nine! Nine!
19! 19!
- Oh, my God.
- Trap! Trap!
19, 19, 19, 19!
Spring! Spring!
Shoot! Shoot! Come on!
- Shoot! Shoot, Adam!
- Shoot!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
My God!
You guys! You guys!
What lies behind us
and what lies before us
are tiny compared
to what lies within us.
Our team taught me that.
In fact,
they were the real teachers.
Not me.
Sometimes get asked
what we tryin' to do
I don't mind, I don't mind
Just singing these songs
in Inuktituk
I don't mind, I don't mind
Well, I'm sure I get laughed
at almost every single day
I don't mind, I don't mind
And I wouldn't have it
wouldn't have it any other way
I don't mind, I don't mind
'Cause every time
when I try to speak
My sentences ain't right and
my grammar's kind of weak
And every time
I look into her eyes
I know it in my heart that
I just have to keep on trying
Keep your chin up
It's still a good life
The sun is shining for today
It's shining,
a perfect time to say
I would do anything
I would do anything for you
For you, for you
Yeah, I'm doing it all
for you
For you, for you
I'm doing it all for you
Even when I'm far away
In my heart you will stay
No matter
what you say or do
In the end I'm with you
Remember it's all
For you, for you
Yeah, I'm doing it
all for you
For you, for you
I'm doing it all for you
I'm doing it all for you
I'm doing it for you
I'm doing it for you