The Group (2022) Movie Script

I'm not sure you should be--
I'm fine. Much better.
Okay, but--
Do you have somewhere you can go?
Hi, I'm here for the meeting.
Come on, come on. Hand them over.
Dave, so glad you could make it. Good to
Well it's not like I have much of a fuck
Come on Henry, you know the rules.
Okay, speak to you later.
Henry, do we have to do this every week?
I dunno, do we?
This is a surprise.
Hey Ellen.
Been a while.
After last time I honestly didn't think
Didn't think I'd be welcome.
You planning on causing trouble?
It's been a rough night.
More than that, I'd say.
I just wanted somewhere to come get my h
If you don't want me here then, whatever
Grab yourself a coffee, find somewhere t
And hey...
Don't make me regret this.
Takes nothing to fall off the wagon, and
Figure anyone with that much courage is
This shit.
Every week this fucking shit.
You done?
Eddy, I said "Are you done?"
Eddy, I'm fucking talking to you--
- I--I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--
- It's alright.
It's just a spilt drink.
It happens.
Fucking junkies.
Waste of my time.
Heard a commotion. Figured it might be y
Sobriety suits you.
Who the fuck is that guy?
Yeah, don't mind him.
Used to be police.
Maybe still is.
He's probably busted everyone in the roo
Yeah, I remember him.
What did he get you on?
And assaulting a police officer.
- Jesus.
- I know.
Well now here he is sitting opposite you
Addiction. The great equaliser, right?
What about you Eddy? Thought you cleaned
I have, I've just not been feeling too w
- Think I'm coming down with something.
- Yeah, whatever man...
Listen, if Ellen catches you, you're gon
Get straightened out. I'll cover for you
We've all been there.
Trying your hardest but the only time pe
He'll get there.
Helps with the aches.
So, how long you been on the script?
Couple of weeks.
How much they got you on?
Not enough.
Sounds about right.
Look, it's tough but try and get by with
So, what's going on Kay?
It's six months, no-one hears from you a
You been using?
Just a wash. Nothing serious.
Just hospital serious, right?
Yeah, you don't use when you're on the s
- You of all people should know that.
- Yeah, okay...
Okay, I fucked up.
I thought I could handle it and I couldn
Lesson learnt.
What's the difference this time?
This time?
I want it.
I need it.
Come on.
Better get back inside, yeah?
Hey, Seth?
Do you ever think about...
Hasn't done you any good.
See you're back already hanging off Seth
It's not like that.
Yeah, whatever.
He's been working really hard.
He's doing his steps.
The last thing he needs is a distraction
I guess you're the expert.
How long have you been clean now?
Red for ninety days.
Blur for six months, right?
What's black for?
Two years.
Any advice?
Don't get ahead of yourself.
I doubt you'll even be here next week.
Okay, let's get started.
Is everybody--?
Goddammit Eddy.
You know, some of us actually have place
Alright everyone. Up on your feet. Let's
Come on.
(EVERYONE) Grant me serenity to accept t
The courage to change the things I can.
And the wisdom to know the difference.
We've all done things we are not proud o
Those who have them, get out your lists.
Go on.
Hold them up in the air.
This is it.
All the people we've hurt.
People we knew.
People who cared for us.
People we'll never see again.
Knowing that is not enough.
You need to be ready to take the next st
Tough, right?
Probably the toughest thing you've done.
But not the toughest thing you're going
We're going to have to make good on it.
But don't worry, we're not there yet.
This is the past.
And recovery isn't just about the past.
Alright, tag meeting.
We're gonna go around the group.
I don't wanna hear the bad, I wanna hear
I wann hear one thing.
One good thing you've all done recently.
Hey, come on!
It's two hundred steps across that parki
Two hundred.
These twelve should be a piece of cake.
Come on. Who's up?
I've been helping out my sister quite a
She's got a kid and the Dad's long gone,
So I've been taking him on evenings.
Playing football with him and that.
It's not much.
It doesn't pay the bills or anything but
It's something, I guess.
So, yeah.
Okay, erm, last week I had my first unsu
He's been living with his Grandma.
I hadn't seen him for two months
Her for about three years
So I was nervous about going.
As soon as I got to the path, she was th
The door's open. Arms wide.
And for a split second I thought it was
And then I realised it was that she didn
I guess there are some things you can't
Anyway, positive.
My son.
It's going well.
It's good.
Henry, tag?
Yeah, I'm not doing this.
Listen, I'll sit in this circle and I'll
What's your problem?
No cross-talk please.
Same as everyone else.
I got caught.
You think you're different?
Tag fucking tag
- What have you done this week?
That's it. Keep pushing sunshine.
Is that a threat? Did you just fucking t
Alright, okay. Let's cut this off now.
Kara, why don't you go next?
Y'know what? I'm...
I'm not really feeling this whole--
We're not here to sit in judgement.
You've nothing to be afraid of.
Maybe I deserve to be judged.
You ever thought about that?
Maybe there's no coming back from what I
Yeah, this was a terrible idea. I should
Please. Don't. Stay.
Alright, knock it off Charley. Come on..
- Please--
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
Somethings you can't make right, so why
JACK: Interrupting something?
We're fine.
Can I help you?
This AAT, right?
Name's Jack.
Hello Jack.
EVERYONE: Hello Jack.
I'm late.
Wasn't sure I was gonna be coming to be
So how's this work then? We all sit in a
It's called taking inventory mate.
It's a lot of hard work.
Appreciate if you took it seriously.
Yeah, I heard that commotion from up the
He pisses you off...
You wanna kill him...
She wants to leave...
Sounds like moaning if you ask me.
Don't think we did.
It is moaning...
Whatever you wanna call it.
From the outside, maybe that's all it lo
Maybe that's hard to hear but
Accepting ourselves means accepting we a
Speak for yourself.
When you accept that, you accept you can
And what if you're a monster?
You just supposed to accept that?
That's not self acceptance, that's self
We don't do that here.
I wasn't talking about me.
Cool. Right, so I'm gonna to go...
Not that this hasn't been weird and extr
You're not going anywhere.
- Jack, you don't wanna do this--
- Shut up.
Turn around.
Look at me.
I haven't seen your face.
You could just walk out of here and I wo
Look. At. Me.
So you're the funny guy, eh?
Always telling jokes. Never taking it se
Not so funny anymore, is it?
Jack, you need to calm down.
Whatever it is that you want
This isn't the way to go about it.
No, I'd say it's exactly the way to go a
Well let's talk about that.
Let's talk about what you want.
I want you to take this seriously.
You come in here. Sit in your circle.
Talking about fucking higher powers
Thinking that's enough.
You've no idea what real recovery is.
What it takes.
How much it fuckling hurts.
And not just you...
Sit the fuck down.
Sit the fuck down.
Take these. Tie them up.
It's okay...
It's gonna be okay...
Just gotta keep the pressure on....just
Just gotta keep the pressure on.
JACK: Get in the circle.
JACK: Get in the circle.
KARA: The erm...
JACK: Get in the circle.
If I move, she'll bleed to death.
JACK: Get in the circle.
There's probably a first aid kit in the
Do you want something?
For the pain?
Well, I'm sure someone here's got someth
Ask them.
You're dying.
No-one would judge you.
Ask them.
Ask them.
Is someone else here?
Yes? No?
What am I going to find if I go out thro
What was that?
We'll see about that.
Probably wondering why I'm here.
Who I am.
Believe it or not, I'm here to help you.
You come here every week, looking for ch
Something to make a difference.
Well, here it is
Your "higher power".
Why are you doing this?
We haven't done anything wrong.
You sure about that?
JACK: Here's what we're gonna do
We're gonna go around the circle
Talk about what's in here
What you've done.
And I want each of you to tell me
Show me
Why you deserve to walk out that door.
Why I should let you.
Don't look at them. They can't help you.
Do you want to tell them who this is for
I think you do.
I think you want to tell us
I think you want to get it off your ches
Get it out in the open.
My son. It's for my son.
Your son?
He live with you?
With my mother.
With your mother?
Why is he with your mother?
Why does he live with your mother?
I was a mess.
I needed to get high so I left him in th
You left him in the house?
It wasn't going to be for long.
I thought he'd be okay.
I just lost track of time and when I got
He was so brave.
He didn't cry for the first few hours.
The neighbours heard and...
He's my son.
He belongs with his mother.
What would you say to him?
If he was here right now?
It's difficult, I know, bringing all thi
Okay, okay.
We're gonna try something.
You're gonna talk to me as if I was your
Well, it's an exercise.
He isn't here.
This way you can talk to him.
Get everything off your chest.
I don't know...
She doesn't have to do this.
Yes she does.
I want you to apologise.
To me
your son
right now.
I'm sorry Liam I--
Why are you sorry?
I'm sorry for leaving you alone.
- You had a choice.
- No, I didn't.
Yes you did, yes you did
you had a choice to be a mother...
You had a choice to be a mother or smack
- and you chose drugs over me, isn't tha
- No...
It's's not...
Why do you hate me?
I don't.
Yes you do.
- I don't. I love you. Please, don't say
- Ever since you found out you were knoc
You've hated me.
Ever since I was born.
Why do you hate me?
Please don't say that.
- Why do you hate me? Why do you hate me
- I'd do anything for you. I don't hate
Because you make me realise what a fucki
I didn't...I didn't mean...I didn't mean
I didn't...
(CHARLEY) Don't judge me.
Don't you dare judge me.
You don't have the fucking right. None o
The things you've done.
No-one's judging you.
Fuck you man, she's right.
None of you has the right to judge anyon
Henry, what are you doing?
(DAVE) Leave it.
Won't do you any good listening to him.
He's scared.
Talking shit.
Aren't you Henry?
No, I'm talking complete fucking sense.
I'm not dying for you, you piece of shit
This is your mess.
That's what this is about right?
They've done something to you?
Fucked you over?
I get it.
You're pissed off.
Really, really pissed off.
But I'm not the guy you want.
Is that so?
Henry, stop talking now.
Maybe the plastic cop got a bit too big
Arrested somebody he shouldn't have?
Wouldn't be the first time would it Dave
You've got some fucking balls son.
And this bitch. "Some things you can't m
Her own fucking words.
And this guy, oh you'll love this one.
Henry, you need to calm the fuck down ma
Steals a fuck ton of drugs from his deal
- and let's his buddy take the rap for i
- You need to stop this now.
How many bin bags was it they found him
You prick. You fucking prick.
It's caught up with you man.
I'm not like these junkies.
These fucking liars.
All this talking...
It's just hot air isn't it?
A whole lot of nothing.
Oh god...oh god...
You can't talk your way out of this one
not with me Henry.
She didn't tell me she was married
I swear to you, I swear.
I tired to break it off
I tried you know
but she said she'd...
I didn't think she'd actually do it
otherwise I would've...
It wasn't my fault.
She wasn't my wife.
She wasn't?
But she was somebody's.
You're just like the rest of them, Henry
You're a piece of shit.
Say it Henry, say: "I'm a piece of shit"
I'm a piece of shit.
You're a piece of shit.
I feel like we're making progress, don't
Right, who's next?
Fuck it.
And fuck you too.
When I first came here
I couldn't help but feel that you were a
labouring under the misapprehension
that you somehow didn't deserve this.
That you were decent people.
Well, I'm glad we've managed to come to
on that front.
Well, some of you at least.
You've got a daughter.
It's not a question, it's an observation
See, men with daughters have this 'look'
They wanna protect them so they see ever
pretty much as a threat.
Isn't that right Dave?
You'll hurt yourself.
Or someone else.
You know, you can frighten this lot
throwing chairs around
pointing that pop-gun at people...
But me?
I've got your number mate.
I really don't think you have.
I tell you what
why don't I make a start
just join in when you feel up to it, oka
"To Jenny"
"my daughter"
"I've respected your wishes and kept my
"It hasn't always been easy."
"You are and always have been the deares
"I wish you could say the same about me.
"In the past I failed myself"
"I failed you."
"I was worthless"
"Not fit to be your father."
This is really good stuff, Dave.
Really riveting.
You should channel this into poetry or s
"I don't remember the things you said I
"I want to believe that it wasn't me who
"That I couldn't do that to my own daugh
"but I know that's not true."
What did you do, David?
What did you do, Dave?
It was the drink.
Not me.
I didn't know what I was doing...
I didn't know what I was--
She was your daughter, you sick bastard!
Do it.
Just do it.
(KARA): I thought this was about what's
Now I know it's just about you getting y
If you'd have read what was in here
you'd know he deserved that.
Somethings you can't make right.
Makes you wonder...
You think you've got something?
Call a cop.
(SETH): This is her first night here.
She doesn't have a letter
She doesn't know anything.
She came in here.
She sat in that chair.
Figure she's got something to get off he
Something she wants to tell us all?
You stole something?
Hurt someone?
Fucked someone?
Do that to yourself?
Well whatever it is, you must really hat
I came here for the free coffee.
You came here because you've got nowhere
Do you want to take something from me?
Self respect?
I have nothing left for you to take.
You think you've hit rock bottom?
Well guess what?
I brought a fucking shovel.
- Hey, woah, woah...
- What are you doing?
(SETH): What the fuck?
Jack, what are you doing?
Where are you taking me man?
Jack...Jack, you're talking to me, not h
Oh fuck...
(JACK): Nothing left for me to take
that's what you said.
So, I guess I'll take it from him.
(SETH): Oh shit...oh shit...
(KARA): No, no don't do this. Please!
I...erm...I don't know what you want.
I wanna know why you're here.
What you did that was so terrible.
I stole things.
What things?
What things? Erm...
- (JACK): Try Harder.
- Okay, okay.
Try harder.
Okay, okay...Just...just...just let me t
I swear to Christ, I will burn his fucki
What do you want?
I want to know why you're here.
What did you do?
What did you do that was so fucking bad?
(KARA): It was my fault.
What was your fault?
If anything happens whilst I'm gone, any
I won't hesitate to shoot every last one
Do you understand?
Oh Christ!
What the fuck are you doing?
You heard what he said.
Great, the cavalry's arrived.
I managed to distract him
I don't know for how long.
We gotta go.
We gotta go now.
(JOE): You need a hand there buddy?
No. Everything's fine here, I've got it
- Fuck, fuck, FUCK! He's fucking locked
Jesus. They really did a number on her.
Like I said. Everything's fine--
Bunch of fucking animals around here.
Didn't always used to be like this, let
Do you want me to call the police?
Oh that won't be necessary...
It's good to see you man.
He can't be here.
You can't be here!
If he finds you, he'll kill us.
He'll kill us all!
He'll fucking kill us anyway.
I can't...They won't...
The phones...
The lockbox...the lockbox on the table.
Uh, the keys?
Where are the fucking keys?
I don't know.
Come on, come!
He's got them!
Don't do this to me!
(SETH): It's in the cupboard.
There's a phone in the cupboard.
To the left of the door.
Come on, Eddy.
- That's a fucking shame...
- You really don't have to...
See, the insurance companies man
they'll screw you without a police repor
You've done enough already.
Where is it?
Where is it?!
Do you see it?
(CHARLEY): How do we even know it's ther
It's there. Trust me.
I got it.
I got it!
Why can't you get any fucking signal dow
It's time for you to take your phone.
To go home...'s fine...I don't
What? You don't want your phone?
Or you don't want to go home?
I just...I don't...
You 'just' what?
You 'don't' what?
I don't want any trouble.
(SETH): Eddy...
The window!
It's the only place where you can get an
Come on!
Please work...please work...
It's a joke.
(JACK): Yeah.
Take it.
Get yourself off home.
Please work...please work...
What was that?
It was nothing.
Everything's fine.
I should probably be--
No, no, no...
What's happening?
He's...he's killed him.
You need to get back to the roof.
I can't...there's no time...
Then you need to make the call.
You need to make the call now.
We're fucked. We're completely fucked.
Well, we're not getting out of this on o
If he comes back and realises we've call
you think he's going to wait for the pol
He's gonna put a bullet in each of our f
We need to rethink this.
Don't listen to him Eddy.
There's no time, you're gonna get us all
Eddy, you need to keep it together.
I'm not putting my life in this fuck up'
Back off Henry.
Don't listen to them Eddy, listen to me.
You can do this.
This is suicide.
Make the bleeding call.
It's 999.
How on earth are you fucking this up?
Do it!
Fuck, fuck fuck...
Yes, YES!
(JACK): Here?
That's a lot of gear.
So you're like what?
A drug dealer now?
So, how does that work then?
You keep close to the ones who look like
Offer to help them out?
And all this time I was blaming myself.
I never gave anyone anything they didn't
Do you really believe that?
Or is it just something you say to make
It's funny, when I first came here I act
Like for once, somebody actually had my
Guess I know the truth now though.
What's that?
We're just a bunch of people, sat in a c
waiting for our turn to talk.
Not exactly unexpected but still
I found this
in the bathroom.
In the bathroom!
Just can't help yourself, can you?
You get this from him?
Does that sound like something a friend
Someone trying to help you?
You're in luck Eddy.
Because I am your friend.
And I am here to help you.
When I was about twelve
I was a real shit.
Broken windows.
One day, my Dad catches me smoking.
Usual teenage bullshit, right?
No problem, right?
he'd watched his Mum
my Grandmother
die of lung cancer.
And he'd be damned if he'd have the same
he takes the packet
and tells me to smoke the entire thing.
I was sick as a dog, but
I tell you
I never smoked another cigarette.
You think your boy over there can tell u
About an ounce.
About an ounce.
Didn't need scales or anything.
Are you serious?
Even half that would kill him.
Every day he's killing himself. Every da
(JACK): Anything worth doing
(EDDY): Please...
Comes with a certain level of risk, that
You get through this
I guarantee you'll never touch this shit
Don't listen to him Ed, he's just trying
Oh, you think they're looking out for yo
Alright, alright.
Okay, okay.
Why don't you help him out?
All this will boil his fucking brains, l
a fifth of it...
You might all just get through that.
Course, that mean going back to square o
All those months...
of recovery, just...
But I'm sure he's totally worth it.
(EDDY): Guys?
Please don't let him kill me.
Don't let him kill me.
(SETH): Twenty eight grams.
An ounce is about twenty eight grams.
That's five point six each.
Had a mate do three once.
His heart was pounding like you wouldn't
his temperature went through the roof
his muscles seized up.
Didn't even yell for help.
He couldn't.
Maybe...maybe we have more of a toleranc
Yeah? Maybe it's cut with baking soda or
- I don't know--
- Maybe? How can you not know what's in
Look, i just sell it, alright? I don't k
So I could end up with a nostril full of
You really have no way of knowing what's
If we don't do this, we might as well be
Okay, you go first then.
Or him, or her
I owe him shit.
You're a fucking coward Henry.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
We're a support group, right?
It's good.
Carries on like this, you just might be
So what? What? We gonna do this?
Bit more...bit more.
(LAUGHING) Yes, God.
(LAUGHING) This guy, this guy...
Two years.
That's what black means right? Two years
I doubt they've got more than two years
That's why it's so easy for them to thro
You have a future
A son.
Don't listen to him Charley, he's just t
You have to ask yourself
Is he worth throwing it all away for?
I can't.
I can't do this.
What? No.
Look, where are you going? She doesn't m
Tell him you don't mean it. Tell him you
I'm so sorry.
I promised my son I wouldn't let him dow
I promised.
Well sure looks like you two have got yo
You bastard.
I didn't do this.
Every decision, every choice - choices h
No, that's not true. He's trying to get
You think he's going to have some epipha
He's gonna stop?
Turn it all around?
He's not.
If he doesn't die tonight, he's dead in
Are we gonna do this or what?
Go on then.
What are you waiting for?
We're not finished yet.
Hey Jack, can't you see that she's had e
Yeah, I can hear her fucking heart pound
Kara, you're not gonna save him. Not lik
For fuck's sake, you're gonna kill yours
What do I look like? Some kind of light
What is driving that engine of yours?
Aw Jesus.
I think you've had enough for tonight sw
No...stop. Stop.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Do you think she'd be saying that if she
Do you know
I was hurting for so long
but this
this gave me freedom.
Gave me a reason to keep breathing.
You sent me this letter.
You helped me.
All this
was you.
It can't be. It can't be.
Yes it can.
A going away present.
You earned it.
Hey, hey Jack! You ain't gotta do this.
Yeah...I-I-I can do some more...
Okay? W-W-We can all do some more if som
(HENRY): I'm done man and you are too.
If you don't do this
they all die.
One by one, they all die.
Sorry, it's my fault I--
I didn't--
I'm sorry.
You keep saying that.
Sorry for what?
Leave her alone, she's had enough.
No she hasn't.
You know for someone who's lost everythi
I've never known anyone cling on as much
What's your secret?
Oh it looks like we're having a breakthr
Is that what it's come to? Mother?
Why can you not appreciate what it is I'
- You killed Ellen...Dave...Eddy...
- Oh no, no, no. Don't you dare...Don't brought this on yourselves.
These...these lives you live. The things
Fuck. You fucking know it.
You fucking know.
Get off me! Get off me!
What would someone have to do to deserve
One. Two. Three.
I mean, they'd really have to hate thems
Four. Five. Six.
So imagine you have a daughter.
A little girl.
And she meant everything to you.
Imagine the people that were supposed to
(ELLEN): As you can see we have a new fa
My name's Beck.
(THE GROUP): Hello Beck.
take advantage of her
(KARA): Spread your toes. You don't want
(JACK): drag her down to their level.
And they leave her there to die.
- Beck? We were just there...we were jus
- Kara, Kara, look at me...
Kara look at me. Look at me Kara.
We need to get the fuck out of here righ
What do you think they'd deserve?
One cut?
How much to make that right?
Oh my god...
Oh my god it's him.
What the fuck is this? What's going on?
What did you fucking do?
That's who we are talking about right?
Y'know, she always said her dad was nuts
Oh, is that right?
She'd fallen off the program. She needed
So she came to you?
Yeah, cause she was scared of you.
Afraid of what you'd do, in case you fou
Charley spoke to me, I spoke to some peo
What she needed...
We were trying to help her through withd
Couple of days, that's all it was.
We'd take turns watching her. She didn't
Spread your toes. You don't want to leav
Please don't go.
(KARA): And I wasn't strong enough.
(SETH): Beck? Beck? Hey, hey Beck?
Kara, Kara get the fuck up.
What the fuck is going on?
Beck, look at me. Open your eyes.
Kara? Kara, call a fucking ambulance!
What the fuck did you do? What the fuck
Kara call a fucking ambulance!
I didn't know she was still on the scrip
You should never use when you're still o
You left her in some fucking shit hole!
My little girl.
It wasn't her fault.
Oh I keep hearing that.
It's not my fault...I didn't do this...I
It was my idea to dry her out.
My idea to leave her there. I--
I sold it to her.
I thought that was the person that I wan
And it was a fucking shit way to find ou
If anyone deserves this, it's me. No-one
Well, they didn't stop you, they didn't
Didn't speak up.
(CHARLEY): It wasn't like that.
If they'd of found out what we'd done
They would never have let me see my son
I couldn't risk that happening, I couldn
Yes, you could!
But you didn't.
You had a choice.
Just like him, like her...
And look how it worked out for them.
(HENRY): Mate, mate this has got--
--Shut up!
When I came here, I said one thing above
Prove to me you deserve to walk out that
The only thing you've proven, is that yo
Monsters, one and all.
(KARA): It's not true. It's not.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't
Seth takes his nephew out and plays foot
Every weekend.
And Charley loves her son. She loves him
And Henry might be a prick but he hasn't
He didn't even know she existed.
Go on. Get the fuck out of here.
He's going nowhere.
- Come on, come on. Think about your boy
- What about Seth? What about Seth?
You missed someone.
Or maybe you didn't.
A life for a life.
Whose fault is it?
Or you?
(SETH): Jack, Jack we both know it's me.
No Seth, it's not. It's my fault.
I'm everything he says I am.
It's my fault.
Jack, it's my fault. It's me.
- No, Seth. No-one else needs to die bec
- Kara. Kara, it's fine really.
- No, please, please
- Kara. Kara!
It's okay.
What do I do?
Just live.
It's not just enough to know what you've
You have to do it.
Do you feel any fucking better now?
No. No I don't.