The Guard of Auschwitz (2018) Movie Script

Only he who owns the youth, to achieve the future. /Adolf Hitler
What are you doing up there?
Auschwitz Birkenau, the nazi's first concentration camp, from 1942 to 1945.
There deported more than a million people most of them died in the gas chambers.
Eight months before the release of
Do you want to be with us?
The Fhrer says that we're as fast as greyhounds-
tough as leather and hard as krupp's steel.
You are germany's future. A thousand years of the kingdom depends on you.
I promise-
always fulfill my obligations of the Hitler youth.
Love and loyalty-
the fhrer, the flag and the motherland.
Heil Hitler.
Don't be afraid. Hitler is our friend.
I have for several weeks seen you sitting here.
You get a chance to be somebody, to have access to some fancy.
The fuhrer cares about us.
Come to the meeting. New boy comes every week as you've seen.
This. Next week.
Unless you want to get back in uniform.
I'm sure you look stunning in it.
I'm sorry you didn't come today.
- No need to apologize.
Fuhrer's work is important. You can't interrupt the work of designs.
Architecture? A great achievement. I'm proud of you.
And I like you. You are an inspiration.
Everybody loves the fhrer, although I don't always agree with him.
Your mom told me you get job offers.
- It is a good opportunity.
Make sure the benefits of it. Hans, you are a very talented young man.
Easy choice.
Look at it typically the old point of view.
Dad, the Hitler youth meeting will be more than 900 000 people.
Should not cry, but the emotion, the enthusiasm. It was difficult to restrain himself.
We are in a fortunate position. A thousand years of the kingdom must be born.
I would give my life on behalf of fuhrer.
- I understand the importance of the matter-
but all in good time. Its time is not now.
We're celebrating your achievement, Hans.
Let us thank the fhrer for his goodness, but let us remember-
what we have to celebrate as a family.
I am very proud of you, Hans. Well done.
Without the fhrer's help we would not have been able to afford to train you.
So now we wish you the finest of the future, Hans.
Hans, an architect of toast!
Heil Hitler.
Do you remember your mom's chicken soup? I'm trying to remember now.
One day we will be evacuated out of here to a better place.
A lot of food and a warm fire.
- I hope.
Do you trust them?
Can we start a new life, start a family.
Trust? I can't trust nazis when I think of our treatment.
But I can always hope.
Maybe we'll have to stay here. Why wait to start a family?
All in good time, my love.
Family now does not seem the right thing to do.
Would you like to grow up here? I don't.
We are not victims, Helena. We have taken all except our souls.
I can't stop listening to Verdi, enjoying the sun.
When we wake up in the dark to screaming, the guards ' laughter, dogs barking ...
I know that you're afraid of. I feel your heart and see your tears.
One morning we will be pick up.
They take us to the cemetery-
and there's a place that is outside of these walls.
But I'll hold your hand, Helena.
And I'll protect you.
And I love you to my last breath.
Eat now.
Now you can build us a new home.
The bigger the garden and the playhouse Greta.
I'm starting to work right away.
Heil Hitler!
You will receive your goods soon.
We take you now to the accommodation. You can rest there and eat.
Men and women of different buildings.
Do as you're told, so you will be treated well.
Follow the elevator boy. He will arrange for you comfortable conditions.
Fast! Movement!
So, this is the architect you told me about.
Like an idiot-looking. Is he sure to help us?
In the tower he is of no use. He is Hans, very talented. Show him.
Very good. Impressive.
You're right, Francis. Not his place, not in the crow's nest.
Although, maybe too good for these leeches.
But better too much than not enough.
Now drink.
Do you refuse to drink with me?
- I don't. I...
Calm down. I won't hurt you if you are not a jew.
You're not a jew?
I don't have.
You like working in the tower?
I like? I like it, what chance do the father's land is-
and the fuhrer's vision, but... I Feel that I have more to give.
I'm going to apply for a transfer to the front.
No. I have a task for you. It is important, straight from the top.
Improved waste management.
- Cheers.
Now look at them. All the same.
The same eyes, the nose, the shape of the skull.
The motherland of parasites. It separates us from each other.
That smell never get used to.
What should I plan here?
Here comes more people. Day and night.
We need a facility, which enhances our work.
You get to build a cathedral. So simple.
The destruction of the factory.
Are you up for it?
Yes, it is.
You get everything you need.
One piece of advice. Take obese workers.
is just make some tea and be sitting ducks.
Your superiors trust you. He thinks high of you.
Don't disappoint me.
I have a list of assistants. Come.
Who of you parasites stole this?
You look guilty.
- Sir.
What do you do?
It's mine. It probably fell from me.
Mom has made it for me.
What do you usually do here?
Mistakes happen. You have so many that it is difficult to choose.
I apologize to post on behalf of his brother.
If you're hungry-
eat. If they are here yet tomorrow-
this pigsty smells even worse.
Wash it.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Here there are no losers.
- Isn't it?
I won the other day and Hans the day before.
Juutalaissiat those losers are.
Tomorrow played their timanteistaan.
He crapped them out. Pick they own his crap.
I took them before he could swallow them again.
How can you eat your own shit? I guess you've washed your hands?
Heil Hitler.
- Heil Hitler!
Do you have a new friend?
He can be very angry.
You'll be fine. He lose weight now. Only 20 a day.
- Jews.
He killed a lot more. Someone probably paid him.
Now when he build a new gas chamber-
he can stop dieting.
They can be a hundred a day. Very, very impressive.
They come... Is it big enough?
Very good. I'm impressed.
Thank you. Still need help?
- Of course.
See that it is built correctly. You need labor.
I understand.
- A choice is much.
You need a number and professional. They're crooked.
If the peasants said he was the electrician and ticks, kill him immediately.
I choose them carefully.
- Let it take time.
The selected isolate and then kill it when the work is finished.
Men and women?
What do you need woman?
It is tykysymys.
If there is to be a woman, he must not be a man among men.
They multiply like rabbits.
Although I am a SS man, I treated you as best I can.
I have to obey my superiors and to achieve them about your product-
regardless of anyone's opinions.
Cleaning of the room, where the prisoners are cleaned of lice and disease.
So, Helena?
- I'm a seamstress.
What am I doing here?
Why have I been chosen?
Do I have to sew some?
You all have skills. Is plumbers-
construction and electricians. Other acting assistant.
You can get help with material procurement and paper work-
when I focus on the construction of the building engineer Ruben.
I'm not a construction engineer again.
It's hard to work when being bullied. You said you'd do my best.
What's the problem now?
Animals. Get some water.
What have we here now? Here, we don't tolerate slacking.
He has been injured.
Or so.
Was she important to you? He's a valuable engineer.
But not any more.
You. Out.
I hope you don't get too attached to the labour force.
Have you forgotten why we're here?
We have to get rid of the weak and invalideista.
If you betray us, I'll kick myself the chair.
Is that clear?
- Is.
I am concerned about your workforce to choose from.
You. Come here.
Shoot him.
Shoot, or I'll hang you.
Shoot him.
Good. Now go and get-
someone stronger. Someone new.
Going to be sunny.
Hans, what are you doing here? We need to win the diamonds.
No teeth tonight.
I will come soon. Get some fresh air.
Air? It smells from the jews, my friend.
Come inside.
What to look for?
I don't anything.
Have you ever feel fear?
- Fear?
I don't know whether it's the fear of feeling...
Maybe I'm just worried about what I feel now.
I'm happy.
I'm afraid that it will change. That it will end.
My dear son. You're a little-
searched for light in the darkness. You brought home a homeless dog ...
and a nest of fallen birds.
Some people live happily forever.
Others are looking for more.
Of course there will be problems, but...
We are in safe hands.
Your future becomes what you're hoping for, and much nicer.
Very good. You are very talented.
- Thank you.
Is it a bank?
- What then?
The place where the nazis still live.
A place where thought, to spend pension.
Think? All of this?
A place where you find out why all this has happened.
Why are you here instead of to raise a family somewhere.
I wanted to fight for my country. Serve the fhrer in the war.
But my father... to Preserve me from death-
he persuaded me to come here.
Here here...
I didn't think the question was uniform, but now I am questioning.
Don't you ask yourself why are you here?
- Why am I here?
That's why I'm a jew. Therefore, that jews lead the world.
We have deprived the germans of life, the money and the jewels.
I guess it's true? How all this could otherwise be legal?
Every jew killing. Men, women-
and children. Innocent all, if not taken into account religion.
Or that we are different.
- Dissent is one thing.
But the work of my country's belief against would be treason.
It carries the death penalty.
Please, don't get me wrong.
I care about you and your future, my future.
I don't think I can do it any other way.
This is not easy for me.
- Ai is easy?
I have lost everything.
I don't know if my husband Samuel or is he dead.
I always fell asleep in despair. I wake up the same feeling in power.
Do you see this? I eat it, I use it for washing myself-
and when I do, my needs. I'm sorry I am.
I don't see how this can be difficult for you.
Your father did the right thing. His choice was yours to protect.
But at some point you have to take responsibility for your actions.
- You can get food and water.
No one threatens you with a gun and undermine mental health.
You're not in mortal danger.
- Do you know what this is?
Cyanide. I had to take it yesterday. Death is to me closer than you think.
I'd rather threaten myself with a gun than feel what I now feel.
You is our property, the power to impose killed.
You have everything.
We don't have anything, and we can't deprive our lives there.
No one has the right to determine who lives and who dies.
We have to fight for your life.
And so must you.
Why would you say that the SS-man?
You probably want all of us to experience the pain of death.
It's the difference between us.
If I wanted you to suffer, I was like you.
Similar to the SS.
I don't want to hope for a stranger to hurt.
I just want the right to live. I want to see more green meadows.
Breathe air that is not filled with thousands of screaming souls.
You have to cope with this, so you'll always remember the choices you make.
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean...
I'm sorry, too.
I'm not like the others.
I'm just an architect who wants to draw buildings.
Not cleaning mode.
- Cleaning mode?
That should I believe? You believe in it yourself.
Gas chambers, torture rooms, the finish of the shooting exercises.
Everyone knows what are being built here.
If Germany has so few soldiers so why are you here?
So, I can choose but I want to serve my country.
I don't know the rest. Pretty young I just didn't know this.
I don't know anymore what is right.
Had one day cleaning mode. Is it right?
It seems that you care about me. I care.
How many jews have you killed? Be honest.
How many?
I've killed. I'm a soldier and I do as I'm told.
Otherwise, they would kill me.
But don't think that I don't care.
Prove it to me.
- What should I prove?
That you care about. To save someone. Unless the SS:from such pain.
- Helena, wait. Don't do anything stupid.
One. To save only one.
Now look, not that man can be saved.
He might as well be dead already.
- Would you rather be dead?
Would you like to die that way? He is human just like you.
Motherland. Do you see how people are suffering?
We see it every day. And we are forced to help.
Every day.
- I've chosen this.
Go back to work.
Look at this.
One of them came some days ago to me and said:
"Why do we? Why do you let us starve, why are you torturing us?"
Well, what did you say?
I don't anything. I shot him in the head.
How many gold teeth you have?
Not a single one.
- I don't either.
They've stolen from us, and we're just taking back what is ours.
Simple math.
Natural selection.
Be careful, they can bite.
Where is that man?
- Hanging on a jew?
I saved him from suffering, but the spirit couldn't save.
You saved? I wouldn't use that word, but now he is free.
Thank you.
I wish I could save someone so that he could live.
But it is not possible.
The gas chambers and the crematoria has more than one hundred jews.
Sonderkommando help four SS men the execution.
If I tried to save someone, save the beat would be me.
You make it sound like that the sonderkommando to help SS.
They are forced to kill their own. To burn and bury.
Sometimes they have to do that to her own family members.
Just in the hope that they will be spared and saved.
Is it terrible.
If you can't save anyone, maybe you can at least protect.
Believe it or not, I already tried.
Search for your name from the list when you select the workers.
I felt something in my soul when I saw you.
It arrest the aggression of my. The aggression of which my country wants me to be-
and which me is the SS-soldiers trained.
The training was to teach dealing with emotions.
Something in me said how wrong this is.
I have quarreled with my father for years and did not agree with Hitler.
My father is a good man, but he's still the fhrer's servant.
Unlike the other SS-soldiers, and your eyes are good.
Half a year ago I lived in the ghetto. Life wasn't happy anymore-
free jewish life. Prisoner of the ghetto walls.
We survived the evacuation but poverty...
My husband's family took me in their showing love every day.
The conditions were terrible.
Our first kid. I didn't know that you have children.
I don't have.
- But...
What the hell? Was it a SS-man?
When I came here, it was not noticed even though I was naked.
I've been covering it ever since.
But my stomach growing bigger. No one knows about it.
And now I'll tell you about the SS-man!
I can't hide it much longer without help.
Can you help me? Can you help us?
Construction will be completed after some time and you've given birth by then.
Life must be given a chance. Have to at least try.
Maybe the war will end by then.
How's the work progressing?
- Heil Hitler!
The work must move forward faster.
- I need more people.
Those who have not been here too long.
I have said already.
So you want a stronger people.
Do I have permission to look at vankil to?
- And you can take as many as you need.
You can take anyone.
But no more women.
Come. Come on!
We need him. He entertains the jewish pigs.
It is a proven tactics.
He doesn't get to be here among men.
They would increase.
He must be here to keep an eye on your subordinates.
And no humping, okay?
I know what you are.
One after the other.
Dirty vermin.
Least of all here are more rats are needed.
You made it sound very natural.
He believed in you. I think I believe you.
What's your husband full name?
3 months later, This is probably-
you the pride of the moment.
Shower, but no water, in the barracks, but no fresh air.
Why did you bring me here?
- This has been talked about already.
They are my people.
- You expect guests.
Dear Helena...
How have you been hiding this? You could have been killed.
Hans said he was gonna take care of you.
There is little time. You have to know something.
- The Prisoner Compartment 14 B.
The gas chamber tomorrow. It has already make a mark.
Trying to say that we need him here, but it may arouse suspicion.
You can't die.
14 B is for those who refuse to go to the sonderkommando.
Why did you refuse?
I don't help them to kill my own people.
He has good luck.
- Luck? In this hell?!
He could have been hanged or shot. Objectors was too much.
They killed seven.
Now the gas chamber is considered to be the most effective means of
It's not true... You can't...
You don't get...
I love you.
I'll take care of both.
We gotta get you back before your absence is noticed.
You get a few minutes of time. Don't dawdle.
I've loved you since I first laid eyes on since.
Samuel, you are my heart and my soul.
To my last breath, Helena. Until my last dying breath.
Thank you.
Quickly get out!
I wonder what they think?
Soon it will come. Call me when your water breaks. Well it will go.
Bring towels and water.
How I'm gonna feed the children?
You have to breastfeed.
That beetroot juissi. You have to stay strong.
The child was born to fight in this world.
Now try to rest.
And it can be deployed within 10 days?
You've done such a good job, that you should try it first.
Let's do so.
- Get up!
What are you laughing at?
- I hit him. Sweep, a jew!
The Fhrer will be proud of you.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
Lie down.
I will come soon. I try to be really quiet so I went to get help.
Hurry up.
Quietly, Helena.
You got a beautiful son.
- Samuel.
Your father loves you more than you might think.
I have to go now. Breast-feeding children. You'll know when.
Will you stay here?
- I have to go.
Keep the baby as quiet as possible.
What does this mean?
Dad, I can't kill them without remorse.
My son, I understand.
But this?
The baby is kept warm.
Thank you, father.
- I didn't want this.
What am I doing here?
- You're an architect, you're a murderer.
Nothing makes you change your mind. Hitler jugend was your life.
I couldn't let you go to the front as chess piece.
It was you the obsession. Nothing else mattered.
I didn't wish you this.
My duty is to serve Hitler and the nation.
But you have a lot more to give.
You are an architect, a very talented boy.
Continue the war after the uranium, but now my country needs me as an SS officer.
You have to understand it.
- I don't see anything other than hate-
and human manipulation. A man who lives in ignorance of the fear and anger.
You're in danger.
But I don't want to put you in it.
I can arrange for you to drive in the same place where I am.
To serve, we were still in the fatherland.
- It would be fun to work with.
I'll arrange it, but it's best that we keep our relationship a secret.
The fact that you're my son, can mean trouble for both of us-
and difficult to protect.
I don't need to be protected. Yes, I know it.
Wait. Fish gets tired.
Sometimes have to wait patiently for what we want.
Wait a little bit longer.
- Try again, dad.
The momentum is increased. We open the new crematorium and the gas chamber.
No evidence was allowed to stay. Hans will get the privilege of see-
great work result. We can expose to the gas a hundred people in an hour-
when the body has been taken away. We get rid of all evidence in six weeks.
The wagons are filled with today.
We have to get rid of as many as possible.
Otherwise, all this-
it is a waste of time.
We don't have six weeks time.
- It's me, you idiot!
The lord commander. Where have you been, Hans?
Have yet to check the gas chambers.
- You have a special delivery.
The lord commander?
- You are privileged-
to take care of the gassing. Camp must be cleaned quickly.
I do this just for fun when I walk the jewish past.
The little pig, may I come in?
It is a joke.
Don't drop them. We need every particle.
What is it?
Frantz here. Open the door.
The russians are approaching, and Klaus has ordered more marches.
What is it?
Cyklon B.
Gas is out?
- The time has come.
Hans, what happened to my son?
We can hide him.
- How long?
When he take her, drowned and fed to the dogs?
Protect you, you can be together. We can arrange it.
Thus, an innocent light in the darkness.
Why do you have gas? Why?
Don't you as a dad can help him?
- I can't do anything.
The russians are coming. Hitler's requirements are still oikukkaampia.
All the way. Prisoners, and all who are in their way.
Why do you have gas? He can not do anything, Helena.
Why? I made the executioner.
I'm sorry.
Trying to help me and for that I am grateful.
I went into the darkness with my son.
He came to life for me and she goes about life with me.
I need something from you.
- Cyanide.
Give cyanide to me.
Not for me but for you.
You have to go, but remember these walls and this horror.
The choices you make.
It is our destiny.
We did what we could.
Your father would have loved you more than you might think.
Release date 27. January 1945
The day we have feared.
- This abomination could not continue.
I only regret one thing.
We didn't do the job to the end.
You will be hanged.
- So, we're gonna be hanged.
What do you do?
Sometimes have to wait patiently for it ...
what you want.
The eyes, the nose, the shape of the skull...
The motherland of the parasite.
I just want to live my life. To see green fields again...
Your father would have loved you more than you might think.
I eat it, I use it to wash dishes, I'll do it my needs.
I'm sorry, but I don't understand why it would be difficult for you.
I'm worried about the feelings that I feel now.
I'm happy with my life.
I'm afraid that it will change. That it will end.
Cleaning of the room, where the prisoners are cleaned of lice and diseases.
Good. You are very talented.
You need to live, to remember choices you make the rest of your life.
Cleaning mode? If you want me to believe it, you have to believe in it.
The gas chamber, torture chamber, a target you...
We know what are being built here...
I have been chosen executioner.
It is for you.
You must live, you must never forget these walls.
This is terrible.
You have made choices.
Shoot him.
Shoot, or you will be hanged.
Shoot him.
You're an architect, you're a murderer. Could not make you change your mind.
Hitler jugend was your life.
Is it a bank?
No. Then what is it?
The place where the nazis one day live.
A place where think.
And spend your pension. I think. You mean this?
A place where learning to understand why this is happening.
Who doesn't remember the past, you have to experience it again. /G. Santayana
English Translation: Kai Wood Ordiovision.
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