The Guardian (1990) Movie Script

Hi, Lia.
You want me to
read you a story?
Once upon a time on the
edge of a great forest,
there lived a woodcutter
and his wife.
They were poor and had
barely enough to live on,
but they loved each
other and they loved
their two children,
Hansel and Gretel.
It was a time of
famine in the forest,
and the woodcutter
and his wife could
hardly find food to
fill their own bellies.
Let alone their two children.
They didn't know what to do.
In the end
the woodcutter said,
"We'll have to take the
children into the woods,
"and leave them to
fend for themselves."
While his wife was still
sleeping the next morning,
he took the children out with
him when he went to chop wood.
He said, "Sit and sleep under
this tree while I get to work.
"I'll wake you when
it's time to go home."
But when they
awoke it was dark,
and there was no
sign of their father.
They were alone in the big,
dark forest, all alone.
Now Hansel and Gretel
were very scared.
They ran through the
woods, but everywhere
they'd see the wild
animals were waking.
Then they saw ahead of
them a wonderful house
that looked like a giant tree,
but inside there lived
a wicked witch who killed
children and ate them.
And when the children came
closer the tree began to move.
Scotty, you better
practice that Nintendo,
because when I get
home I'm gonna win.
- No way!
- Yeah!
I'll beat you,
no way, no no no!
Hello, little beauty,
you little beauty!
Bye, baby!
Bye, Diana.
We'll see you Sunday night.
Honey, you're gonna love this.
I forgot my glasses.
The blood of the
child is pure now.
In death it gives you life.
The cycle is complete.
Begin another.
George, call on
Line 27 please, George.
- You expecting snow?
- Oh!
- Phil Sterling, right?
- Yeah.
- Ralph Hess.
- Good to meet you.
Welcome to the
belly of the beast.
Call Mr. Zeller when
you can, Pamela, Mr. zeller.
I'll look at those lists
this afternoon, okay?
Line 17, Vince.
Gail, say hello
to Phil Sterling.
- How was the flight?
- Terrific.
- First time in LA?
- Yeah.
This is terrific.
Great face.
Nancy Roman,
you have a call on Line 18.
These are all good.
It's unusual to see a
public service campaign
with a sense of humor
and irreverence.
Thank you.
We're doin' a lot
of public service,
and there's no reason
why it shouldn't look
just as good as the rest
of our stuff, you know?
I understand.
Well, at the
agency in Chicago,
it was a hands-on
thing for you.
It's a little
different out here.
We have media planners,
marketing consultants,
creative directors.
Is that gonna be a problem?
I'm happy where I am.
I built a reputation in Chicago,
and we love living there.
Do you want the job?
I can fix that.
Can we afford this?
We can rent it
for six months.
'Til we find something.
It has potential.
We're comin'
from a two bedroom
apartment on the
west side of Chicago.
It's a Ned Runcie
house, did you know that?
- Runcie?
- Yeah, the architect.
You know that room
up there by the kitchen?
It's gonna make
a beautiful den.
You don't just wanna
have a guest bedroom?
I don't want any guests.
Who do we know anyway?
What, do we think people are
gonna pop in from Chicago?
Oh, I don't know,
you never know,
somebody might
arrive unexpectedly.
One of your relatives?
Yeah, a relative,
you could say.
Only not to visit,
maybe permanently.
Your mother?
No, not my mother.
Smaller than my mother, smaller.
Oh, God, smaller
than your mother.
A rat.
A mouse,
an ant, a germ.
That's close.
Try sperm and you're warm.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm just tryin' to
fix your door here.
I really meant to do this
before you moved in, but...
I'm Ned Runcie.
Honey, come meet the man
who designed this house!
Hi, Ned Runcie.
How you doin'?
Hi, yeah.
You've built, what,
20 houses in the canyon?
Eh. 25.
Who's countin'?
- God, that's amazing.
- Can I get you some coffee?
No, no thanks.
I'm gonna have some.
Look what they did to my floor.
Look at this!
Yeah, I was
wondering about that.
What'd they do, have bike
races in here or something?
God, you know, look,
I can have somebody
come in here
and polish this up,
and sand it up
for you, okay?
No, that's okay,
you don't have to--
No, really,
come on. I wanna--
I cannot tell you how
happy I am to meet you.
I'm an interior designer myself.
Oh yeah?
Do you know his
homes have been
in Architectural Digest, Phil?
This one.
This one was in
Architectural Digest.
- Really?
- Really?
Yes, before
they started having
bike races in the dining room.
Anyway, I just came
by to say hello.
I'm not gonna bother you.
I live right up the street
if you need anything.
I'm on Astral Drive,
it's kind of
a funny house with
a big chimney--
Oh, I think I
know that house.
Skylights, yeah.
Yeah, that, yeah.
What the hell?
I think we just had a five.
Hey, look at this.
Not a crack.
I'm never gonna be human
looking again, you know?
I love you.
Roseanne Barr.
Harder now, harder,
Kate, give it all you got!
Come on, come on,
here comes the head!
Okay! Just breathe,
just breathe!
Okay, push. Come on!
Push, push, push!
Okay, the head is out!
It's a boy!
It's a boy! He looks great!
He looks real good!
He's beautiful.
I'll let you see
him in just a minute.
Okay, he looks real good,
we just gotta suction
him out here, okay?
Hi there.
Honey, he's so pretty.
Think we can
just about make it.
With both of us working, huh?
Yeah, why?
You havin' second thoughts?
No, I want to
work, I just want
to do what's right for Jake.
Your folks worked.
Mine did. It's normal.
It's good for him to grow
up knowin' he's gotta work.
Isn't that right, Jake?
I agree, guzzle toes.
And I want to keep my
decorator's license, you know?
But I'm just having such
a good time doing this,
I just don't wanna
miss out on anything.
Well, do this for two years.
Then we'll be solid enough,
you can do what you want.
Well, I've looked up
some child care agencies.
I think we oughta try
this one, Guardian Angel.
It's in Santa Monica.
It's your turn.
It was my turn last time.
No, you slept
through my turn.
Let's both sleep
through my turn.
You know sleep deprivation
is a well-known
form of torture?
Hey, Jakey.
Hey, buddy.
Open up, come on.
I work Mrs. Honez,
Herman Oaks,
three years.
I work Mr. and Mrs. Hansen,
four years in Longa Bee.
- Longa Bee?
- Longa Bee.
- Oh, Long Beach!
- Ah, si, si!
I suppose you'll want to
breastfeed, don't you, Kate?
For the first six months.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
Six months?
Dr. Klein said that four
months would be plenty.
Well, of course there are
differing opinions these days.
Well, actually,
I've been having
some difficulty, it's
too watery or something.
You like television,
Mrs. Horniman?
Oh yes, I love the comedies.
Family Ties,
The Golden Girls.
And the good,
heartwarming stuff.
See, I've only
looked after one baby,
you know, it's not the
kinda thing that I wanna do
for the rest of my
life or anything.
Well, actually,
Ms. Russell, we were
really only thinking about
the next four or five years.
Ms. Russell?
Please, call me Arlene.
You see, what I wanna do
is I wanna teach Phys Ed.
I'm taking evening classes
over at Claremont College,
so we would definitely have to
work out some kind of schedule.
We can do that.
I just can't get over
a baby learning to swim
at one month, put this
little thing in water?
Yeah, that's the
time you start 'em.
See, kids are natural
swimmers, they haven't
learned to be frightened
of things like water yet.
I mean, the world's
moving so fast, and...
Well, I think children
need interaction
with other children, don't you?
Yeah, I do, actually.
Um, do you have a
steady boyfriend?
Nobody I've met
so far quite makes the grade.
These references?
Oh, yes.
Is there anything you'd
like to ask us, Miss...?
Yes, how old is your son?
He'll be two
weeks this Thursday.
- Oh, October's child!
- Yep.
- Libra.
- Right.
Is it possible to see him?
You awake? There's
somebody here to see you.
Yeah, you have a visitor.
He's beautiful.
What's his name?
Hello, Jake.
Such a dear boy.
Is he breastfeeding?
No, I tried him in the first
few days
but he didn't like it.
My colostrum was too watery.
He seems happier on the formula.
The milk comes
from deep inside you,
it's supposed to be watery.
Water's what he needs most.
Especially in the first month.
And you know,
there are antibodies
in a mother's milk that
no formula can duplicate.
So you think I
should try again?
It's really important.
Did you know that
after four weeks,
their little blood cells change?
After four weeks they're
not baby cells anymore.
They're just like ours.
She's very attractive.
Not bad.
Some might say
too attractive.
Do I detect a
note of jealousy?
No, just a note of concern.
You tell me first.
No, you go first.
Write it down.
Wait, wait, wait!
Hello, Mrs. Sterling.
You can call me Kate.
Oh, thank you!
Come in,
Ms. Grandier.
Call me Camilla.
Hello, Jake.
I brought some
friends to meet you.
This is Holt.
And this is Jamara.
And this...
Is Pyewacket.
They're your friends, Jake.
They're your bestest friends.
National Public Radio
for southern California,
I'm Dierdre O'Donohugh,
and while everybody else
is off dreaming I think
I'll play something for us
by an excellent
group from Australia
who call themselves
The Triffids.
This is David
McComb and his band
from Perth with
Wide Open Road.
Did you feel that, too?
I don't think that
was the big one,
but it was big enough
to really rattle
things around here at KCRW.
The CD player lost its grip.
There's cassettes and disks
all over the floor here.
Oh, I think my heart's
down there, too!
I do not like it when the
Earth does things like that.
I'll tell you what.
While I check on where
that one came from,
and find out
how big it was,
and pick up
all the mess here,
let me play something
for us by Roger Eno.
I think that should
sort out our nerves.
This'll be from his most
recent album called...
It's raining, Jake!
It's raining!
Hello, Mr. Sterling.
- Excuse me.
- It's all right.
You feel that?
Yeah, it was just another
earthquake, wasn't it?
I was,
I couldn't sleep,
and I came up to the
baby's room and--
It's okay.
I ran the bath and
guess who woke
up and decided
it was playtime?
You are so
cheeky, aren't you?
You are.
I think we're
so lucky sometimes.
Jake's the lucky one.
Aren't you?
To have a father like you.
I never knew my father.
And my mother died when I was...
not much bigger than Jake.
I'm sorry.
Do you want to
put him down now?
I think he's about ready.
Good night, buddy.
Sweet dreams.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
I love you.
I've got some
news on the earthquake for you.
Not too bad as far
as these things go,
considering that
we're crazy enough to
keep living on top of it all.
A 3.9 is the report
I've got, and centered
about 10 miles off the coast.
No major damages or
injuries, just lots of jars
off shelves and
jangled nerves.
The usual for
southern California.
If I hear anything
else I'll let you know;
otherwise, let's just
keep slidin' through
the night together
on KCRW with a piece
by the Sydney-based group,
Not Drowning Waving,
from their album Claim.
Soon, Jake, soon.
It will be time to go
to the sacred forest.
You'll have mother's milk today.
You missed it,
didn't you?
Hey, sweetheart.
What's happenin'?
Is that your
purse over there?
What's your name,
little guy?
What's the matter?
Cat got your tongue?
Hey, is that
little guy yours?
You know you shouldn't
be out here so late.
It gets weird out here.
Would you like
us to walk you home?
- No, thank you.
- Why not?
Keep away.
I warn you.
You warn me?
You don't fuckin' warn me.
Hey, where you goin'?
Come on back!
Where the fuck did she go?
I need a fuckin' beer.
Oh, shit.
Fuckin' bitch.
I think she came this way.
What do you think?
You ever been
out here before?
The fuck?
We're gonna have some fun!
Aren't we?
You and me.
Well, how you doin'
there, big boy?
You wanna come out and play?
Leave him alone!
Look at this.
See, see this?
You like this?
Cut the bitch!
What's this?
Mmm, oh!
What the hell is that?
Look out!
Hi, I'm Gail.
- Good to see you.
- It's a great place, man.
Do come in.
Anyway, they've bought us
on this 75 second commercial,
and we said, "Look, we're
telling a story in this ad."
It's the most
successful campaign.
You can't believe
the product now.
That is...
It was good.
But getting back to
the one we did...
Tell the story, it's funny,
it has a beginning,
middle, and end.
Sex, violence.
So that's your
best commercial,
what's your second
best commercial?
I'm not saying it's the best!
When I was a little kid,
I'm like 13 years old, right?
And my parents made the
mistake of leaving me
in the house all
alone for a weekend.
That was a big mistake.
When they came back,
I had completely,
totally, rebuilt
the living room.
I did!
I put in skylights,
this is the truth,
and a little bathroom
with terracotta tiles--
You were 13?
I took a day and a half.
Where'd you get the money?
What'd they say?
They loved it, they
hired me to do the garage.
Why didn't you just
ask their permission?
Would you let a 13-year-old
rebuild your house?
What is the story
with that woman?
I mean, she cooks,
she cleans,
she takes care of the baby.
What else does she do?
It's unbelievable.
Where's she from?
She's from England.
She used to work at Orman Street
Hospital for sick children.
Hey, how'd you guys find her?
Well, that's the
really strange thing,
we had originally liked
this other girl better.
She wasn't your first choice?
I wanna see the first choice,
I want her phone number.
I'm serious!
You okay?
Somethin' wrong?
No, nothing.
I'm fine.
It was an accident.
- Let me see that.
- No, please.
- Do you have a doctor?
- Yes.
Who you seein'?
Oh, I have an
appointment tomorrow.
In Westwood.
How you gonna get down there?
Oh, uh--
You know, I could
take you, if you...
Oh, no, thanks.
Really, it's all right.
- You sure?
- You're very kind.
Yes, thank you.
Look what I got!
Oh God,
look at that!
Aw, look at him!
- Aw, he's so--
- Unbelievable!
You guys did this?
- He's great, isn't he?
- Can I hold him?
Yeah, sure.
Looks like Winston Churchill.
He doesn't smoke cigars yet.
What a sweetie!
What, did you want to
hold him, Ralph? Huh?
They ever give you a night
off around here?
Yes, every Tuesday.
- Tomorrow?
- Mm-hm.
Hey, I've got a house
goin' up around the corner.
On Sultari.
It's pretty interesting, really.
It's a lot different
from this one.
You could come by,
check it out.
Uh, no, I don't
think so, thank you.
Well, maybe when
you're feelin' better.
- Okay.
- Okay, great.
- I'll see you.
- Thank you.
Okay, bye!
Great meeting you!
And you have a beautiful baby!
- Thank you!
- You're so lucky!
- Thank you!
- Bye!
Come on, sweetheart.
Go to sleep for Daddy,
come on.
Come on, Jakey.
Go to sleep, baby,
come on.
Yeah, go to sleep for Daddy.
What is it, honey?
How's Jake?
Slept like a log.
How 'bout you?
Would you like some breakfast?
Just a coffee.
Aw, hey, don't work
too hard today, okay?
Have a good day, Jake.
Have a nice day,
Mr. Sterling.
Can you feel it, Jake?
In a few days your
blood is pure.
All right,
let's go see Camilla, okay?
You look good.
Thank you.
I started
breastfeeding today.
How'd it go?
It went well.
He loved it and it felt great.
Will you zip me up?
What's with the bandage?
Oh, it's just that cyst
I was telling you about.
- Yeah?
- Thanks.
So where you going?
Down to Melrose,
to look at some shops.
Meeting someone?
No, just me.
I'm jealous.
I miss girls' night out.
There were a bunch of crazy
art school girls in Chicago.
That's how I met Phil, actually.
In a pizza parlor.
They dared me to ask
him if he was a virgin.
Was he?
Actually, he's never
said to this day.
So how're you gonna get there?
I'm gonna walk.
Oh, don't walk, let
me give you a ride,
you realize how far that is?
Yeah, it's okay,
I love walking.
Anyway, it'll do me good.
So now remember,
burp him after
each breast,
and if it gets sore,
his formula's on the
kitchen table, okay?
- You be good.
- He'll miss you.
Aw, I'll miss him.
- Ned!
- Hi, Kate.
- Hi!
- How you doin'?
- Fine. Come on in.
- Thanks.
Oh, dropped the duck.
my favorite kid?
He's fine,
he's sleeping in
the living room,
you wanna see him?
Actually, is Camilla around?
No, she's not, was
she expecting you?
No, well, we didn't
have formal plans,
but I heard about
this band at work,
and I thought maybe she'd
want to go check 'em out.
I was gonna take her
down to her doctor first.
The doctor?
Yeah, she had somethin'
wrong with her side.
Uh, she never said
anything about the doctor.
Actually, she said she was
gonna go window shopping.
She just left.
You could probably--
- No.
- ...catch her.
Here, why don't
you take these?
No, come on, she just left!
You could probably catch her
Forget it,
I'm a little late--
Ned, come on.
Late for what?
Late for Camilla,
go after her!
Okay, um,
my name is Runcie.
I'm at 1201 Astral Drive.
I want to report a--
Yes, R-U-N-C...
Look, just listen to me, please.
Okay, um...
There's coyotes in my yard.
No, no, no,
I'm sure.
No, don't tell me
it's impossible.
Look, they're right outside
my fuckin' house, okay?
Okay, they don't come
down until they're hungry,
that's fine, they're
hungry, all right!?
They're hungry,
they're here, all right!?
No, no, listen, please.
Send somebody, okay?
Hi, we're not home right
now, so leave a message
after the tone and
we'll call you back.
Phil, listen to me.
I saw something tonight.
I can't believe what I just saw.
You gotta believe me!
Don't let that woman
back in your house!
Don't let that woman back in--
You shouldn't
have followed me.
You come down here,
I'll blow you away.
Mr. Sterling,
we don't know each other,
but my name is Molly Sheridan.
I got your number from
the Guardian Angel agency.
I hope I'm not
inconveniencing you but...
I need to talk to you.
It's very important.
Will you please call me?
My number's 805-295-8170.
Phil, listen to me.
I saw something tonight.
Mr. Sterling?
Would you come
and look at Jake?
Something wrong?
I'm not sure.
What is it?
Well, I think he looks
a bit pale, don't you?
Oh, yeah.
How you doin', Jakey?
How you feelin'?
I got worried about him
when I came in this morning.
He's usually awake,
and he wasn't.
I don't know,
what do you think?
Maybe he just
needs some fresh air.
Do me a favor,
call Dr. Klein.
Oh, I don't think it's
that serious, really.
Let's not guess.
Call Dr. Klein.
Mrs. Sheridan?
I'm Phil Sterling.
Please come in.
This is my son Scott.
Hello, Scott.
Do you know a woman
called Diana Julian?
I'm sorry, I don't.
It's not her name anyway;
she always uses different names.
But it is possible you know her.
Why do you think so?
You know the
Guardian Angel agency?
The person that takes care
of your child is from there?
That's right.
The person that
took care of Lia.
Diana Julian,
she called herself,
was recommended by Guardian
Angel, or so we thought.
She worked for us
just under a month.
We loved her.
We trusted her,
and she took Lia away.
Now the police can't find her.
All her references, fake.
All the addresses
she left us, fake.
We didn't find out
'til it was too late.
I wanna help you,
Mrs. Sheridan, but I'm not--
Don't you see,
the police are doing
everything they can but
they think Lia is dead.
If I thought that,
I couldn't go on.
So I'm doing whatever I can.
I hired a private
detective who got
the client list
from Guardian Angel.
I thought maybe somebody else
had this woman in their house.
I see.
I called everyone on
the list I could find.
People have been
very cooperative.
Apparently it's happened before.
I am sure it's her.
You have a young
child, don't you?
A little boy?
Yes, but...
This is all too hard for
me to accept, I can't--
Who takes care of it?
I understand
how you feel, but--
No, you don't.
I hope you never do.
I hope you never
have to wake up
and find out your worst
nightmare is real.
Do you have a
picture of Ms. Julian?
What does she look like?
She's about 27.
My height, thin, grey eyes,
fair skin, attractive.
She has an accent.
What kind of accent?
I'm not sure.
European, I think,
maybe English.
What color hair?
Dark brown,
almost red.
The girl who works for
us has light-colored hair.
She's been--
She has something
on her stomach.
Like a mark or something.
Here, on her stomach.
You know her,
don't you?
It's not possible.
Is it Diana?
It can't be.
Will you let me see her?
She could've changed
her appearance, but...
I'll have to talk to her first.
No, no, it's not Camilla.
Why won't you let me see her?
I will, but you're
gonna have to--
Do you know where Lia is?
No, Scott.
I don't.
What's this?
Diana gave it to me.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to arrange
for me to see her,
without her knowing it.
If it is her, she'll panic,
and she's dangerous.
I don't believe it's Camilla.
Our baby's fine.
She takes wonderful care of him,
as though he were hers.
That's how we felt.
How old is your son?
Four weeks.
That was Lia's age.
Last time I saw her.
Oh, shit.
Listen to me.
I saw something tonight.
I can't believe what I just saw.
You gotta believe me!
Listen to me.
I saw something tonight.
I can't believe what I just saw.
You gotta believe me!
Don't let that woman
back in your house!
You know you left
your door wide open?
It's time, Jake.
Don't be afraid.
Where the hell have you been?
Mr. Sterling.
Where have you been?
We spent the
morning at the zoo,
and then we had
to wait for a bus.
Did Dr. Klein see him?
No, I didn't think
it was necessary.
I told you I wanted
Dr. Klein to see him!
He's perfectly fine.
He had a lovely time,
Sure he had a lovely time,
babies always have
a lovely time, he has a
lovely time lyin' on the rug!
Will you please
stop shouting?
What's going on here?
I told Kate I didn't
think he needed a doctor.
That's right, she did.
What's the matter?
Phil, listen to me.
I saw something tonight.
I can't believe what I just saw.
What does that mean?
You gotta believe me!
What's he talking about?
I don't know.
Listen to his voice.
He's scared to death.
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
I want you out of my house.
I have to see to Jake.
What's going on?
Take your hands off my son!
Don't touch him like that!
Just take him to bed.
You know who I saw
today, Camilla?
Molly Sheridan.
You know Molly
Sheridan, don't you?
You took care of the
Sheridan children, didn't you?
You took care of Lia
Sheridan, didn't you?
Phil, what is this?
She took the Sheridan baby--
How dare you!
I made some calls today.
Calls I should've
made a long time ago,
but thank God
I made 'em today!
The first was to
a Harold Freeman,
of Madison, Wisconsin.
How is Mr. Freeman?
I don't know how he is!
But he's not in
Madison, Wisconsin!
People at this number
never heard of Harold Freeman!
I remember getting a
letter from Mrs. Freeman.
They moved.
To Oak Park, Michigan.
To be nearer Mrs.
Freeman's mother.
Oh, you've got the letter?
Yes, I may have!
What about Dr.
Miller in Athens, Ohio?
The number doesn't exist!
Well, Dr. Miller must have
changed his telephone system.
The operator said this
number never existed!
But every single number I
call, nobody's heard of you!
I talked to the employment
agency, Guardian Angel.
They said yes, they
have a Camilla Grandier
registered with them,
but no, she wasn't
recommended for this job!
Why are you doing this?
Let her do the talking!
What do you say, Camilla?
Or is it Diana?
Diana Julian?
It's true, I wasn't
recommended by the agency.
Who are you?
Name me one person who
can confirm who you are!
Besides Molly Sheridan!
I heard about the job through
a very dear, close
friend of mine.
She persuaded
me to come along,
she got my resume to you!
Give me her name!
Give me her number!
She's a very
good friend of mine,
she was very kind to me!
What was her name?
Arlene Russell.
That's a lie like
everything else you told us!
Hey, I want you to come
to Molly Sheridan's house.
I most certainly will not!
Oh, no,
of course you won't!
I'm not staying in this
house a minute longer.
Good, 'cause I
don't want you here!
Stop it!
Diana Julian,
or whatever the
hell your name is,
you're fired!
Get out of my house.
Get rid of all this stuff!
Something's wrong with him.
Phil, something's wrong.
How long has
he been like this?
About three hours.
He hasn't opened
his eyes at all.
Is his breathing normal?
- Oh yes, fine.
- Oh, thank God.
Has he eaten anything?
I think he last ate around
lunchtime today or something.
Why won't he wake up?
Several possibilities.
One would be meningitis.
What's that?
Inflammation of the
lining of the brain.
Which could be why he's
not responding to stimuli.
How long can
he stay like this?
Oh, not longer than
24 hours, but that's...
That's what?
But then what?
After 24 hours, what?
Have you started
him on the new formula?
I started
breastfeeding him again.
I see.
You didn't tell me.
You don't think
that that's what--
No, no.
We could run some tests with
Kate, but that's so remote.
I'm gonna check
his glucose level.
Just to rule out hypoglycemia.
Then we can start looking into
neurological possibilities.
Oh, God.
Please hear me.
Just make my baby better.
Please help me.
He's okay.
I'll find Dr. Klein.
Oh, thank you, God.
Camilla, what are
you doing here?
I couldn't leave
without little Jake.
He needs me.
And I need him.
Don't be afraid.
He's not going to--
He doesn't need you,
just stay away from him!
He's not--
The doctor's coming, Camilla!
He'll have eternal
life through me.
Isn't that beautiful?
Just leave him
alone, stop it!
Camilla, don't!
What are you doing,
don't move him? Phil!
You take your
hands off my baby.
Oh God,
hang on!
Take him.
Do you have him?
Oh my God.
Get behind the fence!
Get behind the fence!
Let's go!
Let's go!
It's the baby,
they just want the baby!
I'll meet you at the
entrance to the woods!
Phil, Phil!
Oh, honey!
Look out!
Damn you!
You able to get some sleep?
No, not much.
Sorry, the spare office is
the only one with the couch.
It was fine.
How's the little guy?
He's better,
he had some breakfast.
I have a son.
Two years old.
Okay, let's start
at the beginning.
The Guardian Angel agency
had a woman named Grandier,
but they never sent her to you.
She moved back to New
Orleans a few months ago.
We knew that.
You say your
lady was British?
Well, that's what she said.
We have no record
of her at immigration.
I told you,
her ID was fake.
Her references were fake.
We went back to the
woods behind your house.
I had it photographed
from top to bottom.
You saw the tree?
- Mmm-hm.
- The babies?
You mean the carvings?
They're not carvings, that's,
that's where she
took the babies!
She takes them--
Mr. Sterling, we
didn't find her body.
Jeep tracks everywhere,
like you said, but--
Of course there
were Jeep tracks!
I hit her with the
Jeep, I ran her over,
I hit her full force, I mean...
The Jeep must have been
going 50 miles an hour!
I know, that's--
I killed her!
She was dead!
I saw her.
She's dead.
Did you feel her pulse?
No, I didn't feel her
pulse, I'm telling you--
I know what you're
telling me, Mr. Sterling,
you also told me she was flying
at you through the trees.
- I know how that sounds.
- You do?
It's the truth.
You seem like decent people.
But what you're
saying makes no sense.
I know you've had a
terrible experience,
not sure just what,
but it's obvious--
We're not making this up.
I don't know what
I can do to help.
There is no body, no crime.
Your son is okay, thank God.
But there's no evidence that the
woman you describe ever existed.
I suggest you go to a hotel.
I can send a man with you.
Get some rest, and
then, if you want,
you can talk to
the psychologist.
That's all right.
Thank you.
You've been really helpful.
What are your plans?
Go back to the house,
pack our things.
Get the hell out of here.
Then what?
Daddy'll be home soon, honey.
Then we're going.
Really, is that so?
You're kidding!
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I need the child.
- No!
Before the blood changes!
It's okay, honey.
You're safe now.