The Guilty (2018) Movie Script

Emergency services.
Emergency services.
Help me...
What is your current address?
Help me.
I need your address.
Is your name Nikolaj Jensen?
Yes, yes.
Are you at your home address?
26 Mgevej?
Nikolaj, are you at 26 Mgevej?
No, no.
Where are you?
It's dark. I can't breathe.
Tell me where you are, Nikolaj.
The map shows
that you're in Naestved.
No, no, no!
What did you take?
What did you take, Nikolaj?
Did you take drugs, Nikolaj?
Yes, yes.
You shouldn't do that.
What did you take?
Did you shoot up or snort it?
Take a deep breath
and tell me...
I can't breathe, man!
I'm so fucking scared.
I understand,
but it's your own fault,
isn't it?
Just send a fucking ambulance!
If you give me your address,
I'll send both,
an ambulance and the police.
This is Asger.
Asger Holm?
Do you have time to answer
some questions about tomorrow?
Who is this?
Tanja Brix.
I have some questions.
I asked who's calling.
Tanja Brix, I said.
Is this a bad time?
Are you a journalist?
Yes. For Berlingske.
Shouldn't you introduce yourself
properly before you...
Yes, you're right. I'm sorry.
How did you get this number?
Listen, Asger.
I'm writing about the case
and want to give you
a chance to...
No comment.
How about meeting tomorrow?
As I said...
Or I Can call back later?
No comment. Goodbye.
No telephone conversations.
I already told you.
I see.
I thought that was the job.
Emergency services.
This is Soren Amstrup-Riis.
I've just been mugged.
Are you at your home address?
My home address?
No, I'm in my car.
Come quick.
Are you in Vesterbro?
Doesn't your computer show that?
No, only the nearest cell tower.
I need the police!
And I need an address.
Get out of the car
and read a street sign.
I just told you
that I was mugged.
I'm not leaving my car.
What happened?
A woman pulled a knife and
took my wallet and computer
which contains work I need.
Did this just happen?
On the street'? No,
as I said, in my car!
How did she get in your car?
Well, she...
She just jumped in.
Jumped in?
Are you close
to the Packing District?
Why do you ask?
Can you see a bar
called Hoker Caf?
You're in the Red Light
Give me
your license plate number.
AN 62206. It's a blue BMW.
ASSAUL What did she look like?
She was young. Dark hair.
No, more...
Eastern European?
Hold the line.
Copenhagen Dispatch.
This is Asger
from Emergency East.
I have a mugging on...
You're kidding. This is Bo!
What are you doing at dispatch?
Hell, if I know.
There's a management
rotation scheme this week.
Big time!
This phone duty is shit.
Do you think so?
I think it's fantastic.
Some do it voluntarily.
But after tomorrow
you'll luckily be back
on the street.
I can't wait.
We'd better get on with it.
What have you got?
Soren Amstrup-Riis was mugged
by a whore
in the Red Light District.
Plate number Alpha November,
62206. AN 62206.
Copy that.
I'll send a patrol ASAP.
Let him sit and stew in it
for a bit.
You bet.
I heard you confiscated
90 kilos last week?
Yes, it was wild.
Was it the AK's stash?
Yes, we got them. It was great.
I thought so.
Did you bring the heavy hitters?
Damn straight. We rushed them.
So it went berserk.
Is everything okay with Rashid?
Why shouldn't it be?
No reason...
Right. Talk to you later, Asger.
I'm back.
A patrol car is on its way.
It's ringing. Jesus!
Emergency services.
Emergency services.
Is this Iben?
Hi, sweetie.
Excuse me.
You called Emergency Services.
Do you need help?
Don't be afraid.
Have you been drinking, Iben?
No, I haven't.
Why did you call
Emergency Services?
Do I have to tell you?
Then forget it.
I'm hanging up. Bye.
I'm just out for a drive.
All right, sweetie?
Who is with you?
Yes, I understand.
Does the person with you
know you called us?
Who does he think you called?
Yes, sweetie.
Your child?
Okay. I'll ask you
yes or no questions. Okay, Iben?
Yes. Thank you.
Do you know the person
you're with?
Does he have a weapon?
does the person have a weapon?
I don't know.
It sounds like you're in a car.
Have you been abducted?
Now we have to figure out
where you are.
I see you're north
of Copenhagen.
Try to stay calm, Iben.
Pretend you're talking
to your child.
Talk as if I were your child.
Mommy will be home soon.
Are you on a motorway?
South towards Copenhagen?
Hang up now.
Stay on the phone, Iben.
Say your child is upset.
She's upset.
I have to put you on hold.
I have to.
Hold the line, Iben.
Act like you're
comforting your child, okay?
Come on, Iben.
Don't be upset.
I'll be home soon.
Good, Iben. I'll be right back.
Pick up.
North Zealand Dispatch.
I have a kidnapped woman.
Between exits six and nine
on the Hillerod motorway.
Do you have a car nearby?
I'll check.
Find one?
Mm. Yes...
I have a car nearby.
Then send it north.
Do you have the plate number?
No, but the woman
will give me a signal.
Iben? I'm back.
A patrol car is coming.
When it passes you, tell me,
and it'll pull you over, okay?
Let's wait, Iben.
It'll be there soon.
Iben, act like you're talking
to your child.
Tell her to go to bed.
Come on now, Iben.
It's bedtime, sweetie.
Good, Iben.
Keep it up. We're on our way.
Just leave the light on.
Let me talk to her.
She only wants to talk to you,
Tell him that.
She only wants to talk to me.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I have to hang up.
Iben. I need the color
of the car.
When I say the right one,
say "It's fine". Okay?
Yes. It's fine.
Okay. It's white.
Is it a passenger car?
A van.
What was that?
Just answer yes or no, Iben.
If you have to hang up,
call me back.
You'll always reach me.
I'm Asger.
North Zealand Dispatch.
Asger here.
Is the patrol on its way?
Yes, we're waiting
for your signal.
The call was disconnected.
I see.
Can you patch me through
to them?
I can, but why?
Just do it please.
Hello! Patching you through.
Asger, Emergency East.
We're waiting for your signal.
Which exit are you at?
Exit eight is next.
Exit eight?
Then you should be close.
What's your speed?
About 140.
But how do we recognize...
It's a white van.
We're looking for a white van.
Did you pass any?
There's a van just ahead.
I can't see yet.
It's pissing down.
Pull up next to it.
Up next to it.
He's turning off the motorway.
He must have seen us.
It must be him, right?
Pull up next to him.
We can't. He took the exit.
What do we do?
Follow him.
He's pulling over.
Is it white?
Is he armed?
Don't know. It's possible.
Roger that.
Keep this line open.
Police. Let me see your hands.
Keep them on the wheel.
What's happening?
Wrong van. No woman.
Are you sure?
But it was white?
White or silver. It's dark out.
North Zealand Dispatch.
Me again.
Your car left the motorway.
They pulled over the wrong car.
I'll inform all patrols.
What are we looking for?
A white van.
That's not enough.
I have six patrol
cars up here...
You need a plate number.
I know.
She doesn't have a car.
I only have her home phone
and address.
Call her home number.
I'll inform the officers.
I'll get back to you.
No, this is Asger Holm. Police.
Are any grown-ups at home?
Okay. What's your name?
How old are you, Mathilde?
Six years and nine months.
Six years and nine months.
My brother is home too.
Good. Can I talk to him?
No, he's just a baby.
Okay. What's your mother's name,
Is it Iben?
They left.
Who did?
Mom and dad.
Did they say
where they were going?
Didn't they tell you where?
They just left.
Okay. Does your father
have a white van?
He doesn't live here anymore.
But does he have
a big white car?
What's your father's name?
what's your father's name?
What else? What's his last name?
Is it Ostergard,
just like your mother?
I don't know.
Are he and your mother married?
Not anymore.
Do you remember
the name of the street
where Michael lives?
I'm not allowed to visit him.
Do you have a phone...
Could you say that again?
Well remembered.
Dad helped me remember it.
I'm not allowed
to write it down.
Here we go.
Michael Berg.
And his plate number. Perfect.
You know what, Mathilde?
You've been very clever,
haven't you?
Haven't you?
Mathilde, don't cry.
Mathilde, don't cry.
It'll be all right.
Dad came over and yelled
at mom and she was upset.
Then he went into Oliver's
room and screamed.
I think he was
screaming at Oliver.
And then he grabbed
Mom by the hair.
Is Oliver your little brother?
Then Mom screamed.
And he took the
knife, and they left.
Don't let anything
happen to Mom.
Right, but...
I don't want him to kill Mom.
No one is going
to kill your mom. Okay?
Do you promise?
I promise.
Mathilde, I'm with the police.
Do you know who the police are?
Yes, I think so.
Right. We're protectors.
We protect people who need help.
All right?
I'll find your mother
and bring her back
to you and your brother. Okay?
And in the meantime,
I'll send some officers
to look after you and Oliver.
Would you like me to do that?
I'll do that.
Don't let anything
happen to Mom.
Nothing is going
to happen to your mother.
Someone will be with you soon.
If you need any help
then call 1-1-2.
That's right. 1-1-2.
Can you remember that?
Good girl, Mathilde.
I have to go now.
I'm afraid of being alone.
You know what I do
when I feel lonely?
I turn on the TV.
Then I have company.
Why don't you do that?
It's broken.
Why don't you sit
with your brother?
Dad said I wasn't allowed to.
Forget what your dad said.
Go in there.
What if I wake him up?
You won't if you're very quiet.
Just go in very quietly
and stay until the police come.
Can you do that?
Are you sure?
I'm positive.
Go be with your brother.
Okay. I'm going in there now.
What's going on?
Has anyone got a call
from Iben Ostergard?
You haven't either?
North Zealand Dispatch.
It's Asger.
The plate number is Zulu Tango,
55803. ZT 55803.
ZT 55803.
Roger. I'll pass it on.
Her ex took her. Michael Berg.
He has a knife.
I'll pass it on.
He's convicted of assault.
I'll relay the plate number.
They're not going
to his place...
I have to relay it now.
But what's your plan?
To wait until they find the van.
Yes, but...
The quicker they get
the plate number,
the faster we'll
find them, right?
Thanks for the plate number.
Listen. I was thinking that...
No, you listen.
Wait for her to call back.
Do your job and I'!
I do mine, okay?
Good. Bye.
By the way...
North Zealand Dispatch.
Send a patrol to her kids.
Thirteen Toftegardsvej in Farum.
Got it'?
Thirteen Toftegardsvej
in Farum.
I'd like to apologize
for my behavior.
Not just today,
but on the whole.
I know I've been...
Will you accept my apology?
You bet.
Can I ask you
a technical question?
Of course.
If I log out
and change computers,
will I still get calls
from previous callers?
They follow your lug-in
and not the computer,
so the system...
Where are you going?
To the other room.
Why? We're off in 15 minutes.
I know.
Copenhagen Dispatch.
Hi, Bo. It's Asger.
Christ! You again?
Aren't you ever off duty?
Am I interrupting something?
Everything all right?
It's more boring
than taking a crap.
I know.
Time passes slowly.
I'll say.
So you aren't busy?
It's calmed down. You?
Same here.
Could you do me a favor?
Send a car to 12 Strandlodsvej
on Amager. It's urgent.
A Michael Berg lives there.
A convicted felon,
who kidnapped his wife.
Are they there?
No, they're in North Zealand.
Then talk to North Zealand.
I did.
I don't understand.
North Zealand is looking
for the car.
But his home
is in your district.
There might be clues
to where he's going.
Is there anyone at the address?
He lives alone. I don't know.
But otherwise, break in.
What was that?
Break in.
What was that, Asger?
I talked to a six-year-old
and promised her
that her mother would come home.
This isn't your job.
I know that.
Yes, you certainly do.
Does this have anything
to do with tomorrow?
I'm fine. I'm just trying
to do my job. I'm trying to...
Would you like to talk
to a new psychologist?
I know you didn't like
the last one...
No, I'm fine.
When are you off?
In ten minutes. Good.
Go to court tomorrow.
Afterwards, you're
back on the street
and off the damn phone.
Because that's what
you want, isn't it?
Isn't it, Asger?
Send my love to Patricia.
She isn't here.
No, but when you get home.
Talk to you later.
But she...
She moved out.
This is Iben Ostergard.
I can't come to the
phone right now
so... stop it! Leave a message,
call later or send a text. Bye.
North Zealand Dispatch.
It's Asger.
Did you find the van?
Not yet.
Any news?
Why are you calling?
No. Later.
Barracuda now!
A doorman attacked us.
Get the police here now.
Where are you?
At fucking Barracuda, I said!
Do you have an address?
What? Are you an idiot?
No. But I need an address.
Hey! Get away from him!
Are you in Odense?
Fuck this. We'll manage.
You must let the police...
Fuck you!
Excuse me'?
Hello, is this Michael?
Who is this?
Asger Holm. Copenhagen Police.
Sorry to call you so late,
but your daughter and son
are alone at home.
Do you know where Iben is?
Could you go and check
on Mathilde and Oliver?
I... can't do that right now.
You're busy?
I know Iben is with you.
Where are you going?
Stay out of it.
Out of what?
Did you do time in Vestre?
I know you've done time.
Do you want to do more?
This is Michael.
Leave a message.
What's up, partner?
Is everything all right?
Yeah. Is something wrong?
No. Do me a favor.
Sure. What is it?
Where are you'?
At the station.
I just got off duty.
Is your car there?
I need you to go to Amager.
I'll explain it
when you get there.
Do you copy?
You're not at the station,
are you?
Yes, I am.
It doesn't sound like it.
You sound strange.
I'm not strange.
Have you been drinking?
You haven't been drinking,
have you, Rashid?
You don't drink, Rashid.
You don't drink.
I know.
You're my witness tomorrow.
I know, I know.
You can't come
to court hung over.
No, of course not.
It's just that...
What's going on?
I'm fucking afraid
we won't pull it off!
Do you understand?
I'm afraid I might
say something...
that doesn't match
our statement.
I know. But listen, Rashid...
after tomorrow,
it'll be all over with.
Then it'll be you and me again,
won't it?
Won't it?
I'm tired of this.
I'm just looking forward
to riding with you again.
Me too. And we will.
And we'll stick to the plan?
Yeah, of course.
Of course, Asger. I'm sorry.
How much did you drink?
Just one or two.
You can still drive.
Get going. It's important.
It's more, like four or five.
Then drive carefully.
What do I do?
I'll tell you
when you get there.
Someone needs us.
I'll tell you later.
Then give me the address.
Twelve Strandlodsvej on Amager.
A Michael Berg lives there.
Twelve Strandlodsvej. Got it?
Got it.
Call me when you're there.
Drive safely and hurry.
I'll hurry.
Can't I talk
on the phone here either?
You have a call.
A little girl.
She won't tell me her name.
Should I put her through?
Obviously! Shut the door.
Sorry. Thanks.
There's someone outside.
It's the police. Let them in.
Mathilde, let them in.
All right?
Will Mom ever come home again?
Yes, she will.
Let the officers in
and hand the phone
to one of them. All right?
Hi. My name is Tim.
This is Janne. We're police.
Is that for me?
Hello? Officer Tim Andersen.
Asger Holm. Emergency East.
We're checking on two kids?
Yes. Mathilde and her brother.
I have to keep the line open.
Her mother might call.
I think...
What's that, Mathilde?
Did you hurt yourself?
It's not mine.
What's going on?
Okay, Mathilde,
wait here with Janne.
What happened to Mathilde?
I don't know, but she has blood
on her hands and blouse.
Check on Oliver.
Her little brother.
Check on him.
Of course.
Did you find him?
This place is a wreck.
Find Oliver!
Where is he?
I don't know. Look around!
Here's the kitchen.
And here's a bedroom.
This must be it.
Did you find him?
Hello, Tim, are you there?
The baby is dead.
I'm leaving the room.
How do you know he's dead?
I could tell.
Go back in there.
Check if he's breathing.
Did you check?
Did you check?
Tim, check if he's breathing.
I'm telling you he's dead!
He cut him up.
He's been cut open.
I'll have to...
No, no!
Don't let her in here!
Our shift is over.
The night shift is here.
We're off duty.
I'll stick around for a while.
Is everything okay?
Well, good luck tomorrow.
Don't call me.
I know what you did to Oliver.
What's your plan?
For Iben to die too?
Is that it?
Don't call me.
Mathilde saw...
what you did to Oliver.
I told her not to go in there.
What were you thinking?
You left her alone.
That she'd sit
and stare into space?
She shouldn't have
gone in there.
She's covered in his blood.
Michael? This stops here.
Right now.
Stop the car
and tell me where you are.
I'll send a patrol car.
I can't do that.
You have to.
If I do...
...what will happen?
To you?
You'll go to prison.
That can't happen.
It can't happen?
Do you want me to say
I feel sorry for you?
That you're a victim?
You're not a victim, Michael.
Oliver is a victim.
Mathilde is a victim.
Iben is a victim. You're not.
You should be fucking executed!
This is Michael.
Leave a message.
I'm at 12 Strandlodsvej.
A brown house. It looks
like nobody is home.
The lights are out.
There's no car.
Break in.
Just do as I say.
At least tell me why I'm here.
I will when you're out
of the car.
Are you listening?
The man who lives there
killed his son.
Then he kidnapped his ex.
They're heading north.
We need his destination.
Did emergency services
assign you this?
No, I assigned it to myself.
Of course you did.
Hello? Police.
Hello? This is the police.
What's going on?
What's going on, Rashid?
The door was open.
He must have been in a hurry.
What do you see?
Not much.
The place is practically empty.
A mattress.
Some toys.
Here's something.
A stack of letters on the floor.
Anything about North Zealand.
An address book.
Bills for a summer cottage.
Come on! I can't, Asger.
There's a hell of a lot.
Just do as I say.
It'll take me hours!
Do you realize how many
letters and papers there are?
She will be dead
by the time I'm done.
What are you suggesting?
Nothing. I'm just saying that
time is against us, okay?
I know. So get going.
Do you copy?
Yes. Copy...
Iben, listen carefully.
Is it Mathilde?
Are you there?
Hi, sweetie.
I need to talk to her.
Are you wearing a seat belt?
Is Michael?
Put yours on.
Is it on?
Pull the handbrake hard.
Pull it.
What are you doing?
This is Iben Ostergard.
I can't...
I crashed my bike
and hurt my knee...
I don't have time right now.
I crashed my
bike and hit my knee.
Please call back later.
You again?
When you call us,
you get the same dispatcher.
I can't talk now.
What the fuck?
Send an ambulance.
For your knee?
Take a taxi. And don't bike
when you're drunk.
I did what you said. It didn't work.
I can't get out.
Where are you?
I can't see anything.
Are you in the back of the van?
You're heading towards Elsinore.
Do you know where?
I don't want to be locked up.
No, but where are you going?
We'll get you out cf the van.
I don't want to be locked up.
I'm going to die.
Nobody is going to die.
Help me get home to my kids.
I have to put you on hold.
Not again!
I must if I'm going to help you.
Hold the line.
I'll be right back.
Copenhagen Dispatch.
Asger, Emergency East.
Are you still at work?
I meant to call North Zealand.
Didn't I tell you to go home?
I can't.
What the fuck...?
North Zealand Dispatch.
Asger, Emergency East.
Hi. Any news?
I have Iben on the line.
She's in the back of the van.
Do you have a location?
The cell tower is near Elsinore.
South by southwest of Elsinore.
I need a precise location.
I'll get it.
Just send the patrol car.
How will you get it?
I'll get her out of the van.
Iben, are you there?
I'm back.
Don't hang up again.
I won't.
I want to go home to my kids.
They shouldn't be alone.
No. Now listen.
I don't know
why he's doing this.
Iben? Iben! Now listen to me.
Find something
to use as a weapon.
Help is coming, but we
need a plan B, okay?
I'm going to die.
No, you're not. Listen to me.
Help is on the way,
but if he stops,
you need to defend yourself.
Do you understand?
Why does Michael have a van?
He's a bricklayer.
Then he must have some tools.
I don't know.
Look around.
I can't see anything.
Feel your way.
Did you find something?
A cardboard box. It's heavy.
What's inside it?
Rocks, I think.
Bricks. That's good.
Can you pick one up?
Iben, pick one up.
I've got one.
Good. Now listen carefully.
If he stops the van
and opens the door,
you hit him as hard as you can.
I can't do that!
Yes, you can.
Then take his knife.
Then tell me... Easy now.
Tell me where you are,
and I'll send a car.
I can't!
Yes, you can, Iben.
Breathe. Take a deep breath.
Come on now.
Just like this. Iben?
I don't know why
he's doing this.
I'm going to die.
You're not.
Iben, breathe with me.
Breathe, Iben.
Iben, what's your favorite food?
What's your favorite food?
Pork sausage.
Pork sausage? Do you like that?
Yes. Don't you?
I don't eat pork. What else?
Are you a Muslim?
No. What do you do
in your free time?
I like to be with
Thilde and Oliver.
But Michael...
What do you do with your kids?
What's a nice thing to do?
We like The Blue Planet.
The aquarium on Amager?
Haven't you been there?
No, unfortunately.
Tell me about The Blue Planet.
Is it nice?
Thilde likes the turtles.
She doesn't even
look at the sharks.
What do you like best?
The sharks?
I like all of them.
I usually walk behind Thilde
with Oliver in the
baby carriage.
Then I just look and feel.
Feel what?
It seems so peaceful.
What does?
Under the water.
Like... quiet.
No distractions.
Just water flowing
slowly around you.
Very quiet.
Just a big, blue silence.
I don't know your name.
My name is Asger.
I like you, Asger.
I like you too, Iben.
Would you like to come?
To The Blue Planet.
I'd love to.
He's stopping.
Do you have the brick?
Take it easy, Iben.
I'm here for you. All right?
Put your phone away.
When he opens the door,
hit him as hard as you can.
He deserves it.
He deserves it.
That's right. Put your phone
in your pocket and...
He doesn't understand me.
I know. Put the phone away.
When he opens the door...
Oliver is fine.
He isn't crying now.
What do you mean?
The snakes.
What snakes?
He was in so much pain.
In his stomach.
He kept crying
because he had snakes
in his stomach.
I just took them out.
Was it you?
He's much better now.
He isn't crying anymore.
He's fine, isn't he?
Asger, tell me he's fine.
Please tell me.
Okay, Iben.
Take it easy.
Go away! Go away!
Are you there, Asger?
I think there's something
wrong with my phone. Hang on.
Can you hear me?
I think I found something.
They went to court over custody.
Michael has a lot of letters
from a lawyer in Copenhagen.
He lost his visitation rights.
It's about his criminal record
and his sentences for assault.
It's no fucking wonder.
Yes'. Yes.
Sorry. I'll get to the point.
The only thing about
North Zealand...
is a psychiatric center.
She was in the North Zealand
Psychiatric Center in Elsinore.
In Elsinore?
The North Zealand
Psychiatric Center?
Is that of any use?
Locked up.
What was that?
She doesn't want
to be locked up.
You lost me there.
Where are you?
Are you at the North Zealand
Psychiatric Center?
Who is this?
Asger from the police.
Are you at the
Psychiatric Center in Elsinore?
Where's Iben?
I don't know.
I think she hit me.
I'll send the police.
Do you need an ambulance?
No police.
I have to.
I haven't fucking done anything!
I know. I know.
Why didn't you tell me?
You should have called
the police
and let us take care of Iben.
So you could help her or what?
Yes. That's our job.
Nobody is of any help.
I tried.
Doctors, lawyers,
the municipality.
None of them will help.
I'm trying to help.
Fuck you! Fuck all of you!
My son is dead!
When... when I saw Oliver...
I knew I had to deal
with it myself.
I just wanted to close that door
and take care of it all.
I just wanted to
help Iben, but...
What are you doing?
I'm going home to Mathilde.
I should never have left.
The police are with her.
I told her not to go in there.
I'm leaving now.
What about Iben?
I don't know where she is.
Do you think
she could harm herself?
Now listen to me.
She has no idea what she's done.
She thinks...
she thinks she helped Oliver.
I didn't have the
heart to tell her.
This is Iben Ostergard.
I can't come
to the phone right now
so... stop it! Leave a message,
call later or send a text. Bye.
Hi, Rashid.
Did you find them?
That's good.
Are you at home?
I'm in my car.
I thought you might
need me again.
Go home.
What was he doing with her...
Just go home, Rashid.
Thanks for your help, partner.
No problem. Anytime.
Then I'll see you tomorrow.
All right?
Don't lie if you don't want to.
In court tomorrow.
Don't lie for my sake, you know?
We'll stick to our story, Asger.
That was the deal.
I am the one on trial.
I fired the shot.
You're just a witness.
I lied! For you!
I can't just change
my statement.
Can I?
I'm going home.
You should go home too.
Go home to Patricia
and get some sleep.
See you tomorrow.
We have a caller
who wants to talk to you.
She says you've talked before.
Her name is Iben.
Does it ring a bell?
What happened here?
I'll take it in there.
One moment please.
Is that you, Asger?
I'm here.
I killed Oliver, didn't I?
Where are you, men?
Don't lie to me.
Just tell me where you are.
Don't lie.
I killed him, didn't I?
You didn't mean to.
Tell me where you are,
so I can send someone
to help you.
Iben, where are you?
I have blood on my hands.
I didn't know. I see it now.
I have blood on my hands.
What else can you see?
I hear cars nearby.
Is that right?
Are there cars nearby?
Way down below.
The cars are?
Are you on a bridge?
Iben, are you on a bridge?
I'm going to jump now.
No, don't, Iben.
Just relax.
Call North Zealand Dispatch now.
Now listen, Iben.
Tell them that I didn't mean to.
I know.
Tell Thilde and Michael that.
I know.
I didn't...
Iben is on the bridge by exit 19
near the hospital
and about to jump.
Will you tell them?
Tell them what?
That I didn't mean to.
They know.
Michael knows.
He just wanted to help you.
He was trying to help you.
We all just want to help you.
But you said he...
I was wrong. I was wrong.
Okay? It's all my fault.
It's my fault
you're on the bridge.
Now don't do anything stupid,
you hear?
Iben, talk to me.
I killed a man.
Do you hear?
I killed a man.
His name was Josef.
A young man.
Practically a boy.
Nineteen years old.
Because I could.
He did something very wrong,
I shouldn't have done it.
I claimed it was self-defense,
but it wasn't.
So I've lied and I've killed.
I did it because I'd had enough
and I wanted
to remove something.
I don't know.
Something bad.
Was it snakes?
Yes, it was snakes.
But, Iben,
I knew what I was doing.
But you didn't, did you?
No. It was an accident.
And, Iben...
you have a daughter
who loves you
and wants to see her mother.
I promised her
that she would see you again
and that you'd come home.
She loves you, Iben.
And so does Michael.
You still have people
who love you in your life.
' Asger?
. Yes?
They're here now.
Go over to the officers.
You're a good man.
This is Iben...
This is Iben...
This is Iben Ostergard.
I can't come to the
phone right now...
North Zealand Dispatch.
It's Asger.
I talked to Iben...
but she hung up.
We have her.
She came down.
You have her?
Yes, we have her.
Good job, Asger.
Karen Margrete Wiin