The Gun and the Pulpit (1974) Movie Script

journey part
having been found guilty by a jury of your peers
I didn't see any jury although it was around
anyway what difference does it make you've gone down Wendy Jones
he was one of our most beloved respect said
I really was the town drunk well now that he's dead
he's one of our most beloved and respected citizens
I don't care who it was I didn't kill him you've got the right
here a few words from a preacher unfortunately are preachers outta town
but luckily
we got funny my lard here he's a feed grain salesman
he owns a Bible no thanks now what does that mean
I don't want anything grain have been praying over me I want anyone praying
over me
I don't believe in that stuff your inbox but you got
one more inalienable right to speak a few last words and I mean
a few for we know one 1 a.m.
things where the cam takes off with the Declaration of Independence
her with all I just like to say that this is that allowed the a style that
I've ever been in
well about a better class spoken to them Francisco p.m. power
drunken pool Obama be considered too high tone for these parts
that for your system adjusters well backed up
tsunami he would just one breath away from a declaration
alright packs I
he can't when you're drunk a bottle call about a pregnant Indian squaw
had claimed twenty with the father that he was acting at the avenging angel
was gonna be tough father are some that would add death are on
on time given his gun
now that our way out of town Sun
take it keep on going and don't you never come back
you heard her I'm not guilty even so we don't want no fast guns in this town
fast on trade alongside lepers in this law but
community all right back down long enough to get some food
that's the way out son don't press your luck thanks
but I'm going Hughes don't have to I'll be back
where whatever you do don't leave town wat never give up hope
in back
put up by now you've got act like that on never would live for
I love you would have never all what I don't care I thought he was cute
during a man around here at have the gift
they took a bath every so often to stop by back a
the the
people off
the the
event Frank climate place tonight
Frank de Ravin everybody in Castle walk is really excited about you coming here
Wayne had a preacher he ran over three years
but I last left in such a hurry he didn't even say goodbye
he was a pious man but he had a yellow straight down his back
for all looking forward to meeting you for the first time
all looking forward to meeting you for the first time
her I don't know how long you'll be willing to stay above
you be welcome every minute up
get a break your heart go
but see what she'd up L
Frank if ever I catch the guy who did %um how take care
for you meantime I'm gonna need your clothes and your horse
I got a party after me for something I didn't do
I'm on hmm I'm
no do
a temper Frank coming for me greatest love be more often
the new
dole out preacher
per se sorry about that their person but to
will too far off get that their caller is there anything we can do for your
any voice heard in a town called castle walk why yeltsin Arizona
tree much of a town of how far is it from here
all about 150 miles it so we can in that direction your church attendance then
they have buoyed
you Boise that branch over there
yes sir go have thus far below it but he loves you but he hates your profession
hey I can see I work
I want you boys to go and sin no more we surely will parson
as soon as we can afford not to up pressure
10 minutes ago to God in all of how come you didn't just kill us is right now
cuz you boys showed that the Lord just much as I am lower
I ski
pop their end
so are as good as didn't have the time to do it
old neighbor well I just got to just put it on the ground
you know I
without even if you're Martin sign up but no word
that we could have a ferrier rawson
end up about no word
for but that was the question many Canterbury like a wild dog
we stand up to throw out that this one your millionaire after the ferry
we gotta stay here in love with alright let's be adult
ok where map
at one time it's rough metal
look like a preacher only do it now die roten
Marco not to come
thank god you're here at
gunmen abduct him alive math
there is almost unique gonna have to but not
without make up a word be infected but not to kill him forever print for me
that's right I wrote a letter telling them not to come
know all you wrote me a letter welcoming made a couple of I wrote to that letter
picked up with things change first mister of that it was alright first I
have a preacher and Ben mister of changes by
gentleman what the hell is going on here retirement
does the word that came straight from the boba folks
all I know is we've got a heartbroken little would appear
you did say you were the wood Nathan my children
child she taking from she certainly is
I'm from well personal or business dot
needed to get workman with me ground thank you
Ohio I don't know what
five minutes and I'm already expected that the mister all
go out with our heads ok have a 50 every week
a lot probably do it myself but who you can borrow mine forever
cease was probably a simple man so I'll just say a few simple words well not
bother to dip into the battle that
a red
you all know it fascist ashes and dust to dust
may not sound like the best deal in the world but the only deal you ever gonna
get so you might as well learn to live with I didn't know the late
summer the works he left behind a not impressed
what you need I'll shot the back
made a fall rather the large ball or people mentioned other people in the
back at the rotten simple way to make a living
they met a man
can't thank you enough revenue I'd like to pay more but
dropped only gave it happen now to get outta town after the furore
you're leaving town you take her with you
but throughout that we all had to go who is this mister ross
submarine miserable murdering thing for me runs everybody in this part of the
kinda solar beset have a single solitary
happy day 60 doing here trickle he'd go to hear every word
the Q say it yeah he'll probably kill me early stock up for Facebook rupture to
be impaired before it got
was he running this woman out it out have been famine the only man in the
park to stand up to mister of
so we had them killed he let it take one wagon loaded by
thing we better get started man the only place you're going to back to your ranch
I'm sure with the help of all these bonds benefit that we can make mister
rossi the air
his way reverent Hill don't understand the federal action around here
mister ross is a powerful powerful men he's got money and then fled
they've got 20 top gunfighters work and Farrah
well I tell you people what I really think the I'm gonna tell you something
gunfighters a roster that have 20 top gun but his work in part because they're
a 20 top gun fighters in the whole US today
how to draw probably does have is about 15 Cowboys that where guns for ornament
they do just bonded shooting up a solo now making some cat five do dance a
little J
brought it probably got about three men were pretty good at getting their guns
out of their holsters the no good hitting anything once they do
which leaves about two or three men that but honestly be called gunfighters
not top gun but more like second or third graders
see if a you folks have been let yourself be arrested around but budget
Tobit yellows
our communal summer too broad gunfire Trevor
large work takes one to many places in many clubs
Matthew 31 same help rescue
31 well to be what do I want you and your family to get a leg up on the drive
you're gonna sit next to me I don't know or at hand
but don't look like the kinda woman that would back away from a little fight
where's your funny I
papers good shape rap if you're willing to take the risk
several weeks get the way kid from the Rev undergo 10
the Lord
loose ball will build wherever
couple mi amor camp in their particular
that was our first staged
you ride my horse okay that
and I am do
I up
go have some fun
remember that killed have I was just doing the Cowboys man who
are you people think you're going
well as the place to ross would least like us to go
I say her around well at exactly where we're going where a master of hearing
about this
mister ross is a skunk doubtful parentage
mister ross is so low he could walk under a rattle snakes belly where a
hothead that's what I think mister off without ever having met the man that
wasn't a thought the couple left
got a very easily cost you your on important life go was gonna definitely
been your ears plan of your head good
well at a terrible way pop Richard A
got someone to move in a month in a row on
do fun held back
I don't talk about how to send a man
we're all set
about to be Hey
I could
don't want to be like in on them
I want to give them a little in the morn arm
don't mind how are your kids on a little demand I
you can do anything you want new bredren
reverent yes ma'am
a permanent home the back gate code lookup oh no
that be my guest map
you yeah mami out the back and not knowing
I was carrying that coat over my %ah shooting took place
well tobacco's love the Lord works too
now get my things and fix it coat keeping mister roughness manteca to come
down and get
tonight no not tonight honey %uh to match that something church be when he
makes his first play
IQ scared at all I'm scared all rights LA
not the kinda scare that make the knuckle under to the like to that ross
that XP events were mall
right lost all track of time in the last few weeks
when you get down to preach about
I just kept in a crowded now that's not bad
that you coming at them favorite pet is from the battlefield great poet ought do
several as a matter fact what's your favorite passage from the Bible
illustrate that point
he would be loose where 550 think I have come to give
p down there came to catch fire
on their what it were already kindled says that the Bible
tell him 12 all
looped well yeah that look you really know how to turn a phrase didn't
think it comes up services but appreciate that you don't have enough
around I
yeah seemed to a misplaced my pleasant
you to that spot look at your mother's talking about right here
up you know where
lack a 7 you're right
I know what got into me
well now I
Boca I ranging from up
Matthew chapter 10 first 34
although look that pretty much the same thing and has 12 think not that I have
come to send peace on earth
I cannot percent pace but I saw
I don't know what that means to you but I know what it means to me
baby that while gotta love pace when the occasion arises
fifth of reluctant to use the saw that affect when the occasion calls for
have not become downright irritated if you don't hear the saw
the cup the row no one ever spent
hey folks about across the Bering it lately and its name is Ralph
they say that people get back %ah
they deserve and I guess they do but when men won't fight for their white
women and children whether when I will make them fight for what's right
these people don't deserve any kind of love that all
at six pack a what you've got
good I'm
get it done
never done it
think you could possibly realize what an awful thing it is to kill a man
I don't know crop but be mad at the most
had member what do you think live at the altar some can harm dictator
maybe perhaps through this pain at the house
you have people haven't crack people up but even got stuck
have got the hot pretty much church today that's all
I wanna hang
Ross complex man around time
i cant
bring that body outside
I am
you had a couple of Monday's here preacher well I tell you
us your name must master of name was mister ross
you hear me good Ross he does to mend open their guns
I'm gonna go for you purchased think I could take a mister us
don't think get a chance boys in a holding any grudges against him draw a
man of California
we go together we can get him
before or after it killed me
you know the call that fast to me shut up up
friend of yours Ross
alright preacher you pull yourself up a nice little grandstand play
ok I want you out of town ok Ill Feb
mother would you wanna be your man I want to find out if I have to take a
whole bunch you to pieces
with the word I'm sure I can beat him ok want back to the ranch I'll be there in
a minute
you sure how up
actually I like man to man
that make the first player to you
just changed my mind I want you outta town I want you right here
get you and it cannot service next Sunday at ten o'clock
there's a 4-bit bondra family I
you wouldn't shoot me in the back with your project
like that
and it evokes thank you preach you don't deserve a drink after the event that
bottom well we just don't believe in the same got that's all
you boys go anywhere you
little strange at the brink your preacher on Sunday Mon
how come you know that him
twelve years ago out there clip Shyanne come across is
altercation between fifteen-year-old Kim
on the up gunslingers that car the trip to get
time this kid needed more ballpark fight but
this gun he was drunk you can bet finally keep it cool breeze good either
give blaze spread hearings cracked it was
wounded how skippers
best thing ever seen coughed afghani
plant by this date before God got
names I'm choir RAM
for am at this kids name was Ernie parse gurney
what do you do that here castle wall christa
that preach to sarong guesstimate
you know what you've seen that top plant handling sale
got back yet never forget ballooned
doesn't matter
no I mean just like I did you catch me cue
Franklin horse came across as both an email
and he was already dead I was estar ok last go so I
to disclose an arse payment
up all right back to rest a little like it's goodbye
and I'll by me
you've answered our prayers me no I'm not telling dollar disco school year
got moves steering just went to school
of them stories
have been what I'd like to know if I do stick around here
how much help cannot count on from it top ten people
almost done almost a
just got moved his mysterious way to get me killed
dog will by the
couple walk justice early it takes
both the first thing well
for the time with it
and when you hear applause Rovers applause
be not afraid but this but first take place they should
as well right to get special came up
again thank them %uh head out here
hair yet okay I quote
look chapter 21 first
chapter 21 first 23 but they're
be great distress in the lab crap
up of people apart
too much
I did not preach practice well
see that a lot collections of her
oh that's that's a real bad joke just open the method hmm
your mother know you can about hello I don't know
wanna other you're very attractive young girl
almost to Young's matter fact most the girls around here married by the time it
I'll have to look into that why had Lucky One
here if they don't get to Phoenix at a bit at the press a badge around here
trip to Phoenix
no but it sure doesn't hurt book I have to keep on calling you reverent
oh no call me ernie ernie battlements
Frank Ernest Fleming all my good friends a call here in there anything in your
face against marriage
no thought might be
looks elia to
this conversation isn't gonna executive direction output
I mean you know marriage is just fun I was really glad that my parents pleaded
up to well as other things too
to know what I'm talking about me
I want you talking about
from her always these clothes and its college
just I'm not going to get anywhere dressed like this
humpty make much difference he would if you dress like a nun
it's just the wrong up it to what I had in mind
I heartfelt hi
the trailer park up
you're going patterning checkpoint yeah no other
he should pay my blessings on
can work on parole really good
yeah the best im taking kinky
you sure he's working for ross
yet need to look for you we don't know who you really are
at the SMA her death
where she at now just have to print swim when I left them
you're gonna have to write back to the ranch alone
thank you very much accomplished today did we
can usually ice breaking all around us
up land
okay well he laughed and cried all around here
forget about the whole
can I don't know why I believe it I just can't
table you know pay sorry spotted okay
cake out
scrap go for you go old
the run and Ernie Parsons anymore up
out now reiner
Park anti-mining fight at all ever
hope you have now
gonna church
and I up
I heard your past mark
I never heard that about you
that we really don't have to go through this
I have thousand dollars in my pocket growing
farm in Boulder City tonight got up you let your you can beat me
you know I'm not sure I can thing I hated
stupid census but all
I R male
may get in position but God plant in the ground we'll plug on the right alright
Monday the
gonna die and it's not gonna
your day approve which one of us is a full columns %uh by gunfire
well mmm
more strength
are you here
your message from this distance before never
on try again now
I think some racetrack tell us up
pritchard gone away
I get on my horse and get out
hi pete you know that ok oh oh no you didn't you know dang well you did Jake
gonna give ross thousand dollars back only
correct date
got Coke Studio
market thank you didn't work ever just plain
whole cock
stupid alleged g'night now
but beseech go were sick 2000 explanations
just because a buncha rummaged condom see with the bullets hit
thomason got America castle
have told Mashable little town thank the gods on their side
okay compared
are ok
car deeply Beach campaign she said point out
Cup thank you like one well range
your backyard back down there about bank baby
rack last-minute in ride to scale same should make
she had been told about a little bit alright when you're out there
brush possums change and almost certainly come across this year
preachers body
5 newsletter that brings you right here this here k exposed to lead him
here cuba's wonder why I don't appear right here
rare needed more many bodies ever been mean before all the spank you won't stop
think just move upon no I don't want to talk about
ok up
you should listen to me when I told you to get out of town
should be back down from the other morning he'd told pounds and have the
idea that you're just a little less than 10 got you pretend
be scale one what really happened between you and take my car I
change that bomb attack and he's not going to give you a thousand dollars
back either
said to tell you that's the price you charge for shaken hands
scum like you and my
crime and Rep you school
profit I
UK him now to down bad no Richard hmm
podcast farm/ranch
about can't I can patch
I'm when you come home last night have to look for you
strip me down Ranchero
brothers don't make a big thing at use
at noon my last be strong enough to get up and get dressed and get out here
spatter when I am and I've gotta do
turn it back said i'm not the best thank you collapsed in your camp sure why not
I'm not gone far Hao
well your body drop never stopped all that caught you
and this is the first place to look
I watching the kids to got a great but some kind of marker on it with my name
to rush fuck buddy in Beverly Hills
have now she were
I want anyone tell them live I wanted to come
harmful shocked stacking problem ways he never dreamed
I'm 2020 from one
seven ish get everything in Maine while you go
on a
Hills army miss how the country
congresswoman come here for the man to make an honest woman
I'm sure that's true in every part of the country I left to the next a while
perhaps stop
mmm mad which
look at the way I look month of companies
don't like to wear your dress to live the way law
can I get onto the porch outlaws upgrade up these hills
probably scared old shit now early after death what the well
walk Phoenix acting up okay
you don't want nobody there at all you
what do you mean dragon of preachers who that packed
damn people don't have to stay kidnaps a walk to school
your brown
talking about preachers going to rot to heels
should there were also realistic to think
Mikey prepared the whole few salad and you cannot believe
he told me not to tell you on building up sorry
sure good to see your lap or issue
for you down here and has been a long time 27 safe anywhere
late get worse is in tomorrow Sunday
sharia is doing i watch invited to town and tell everyone that we're having
church services tomorrow morning at 10
how to crack me up Alito Jr plan map
objections now Manama
has it occurred to you that themselves level them to
money on this witness in these parts I remember
only forty and she's been a one to two years besides merry merry
no graced or the only been married a week and a half when her husband felt
outta my
check you now Chi Sally a
to take a look attack
excuse us map hmm
reason brought you out here is
well one of the reasons
we're gonna be husband-wife
and you've got a right to be in on a decision bones
up if I stay here find out ross's them chances are very good
up on the other hand we could leave here tonight
had married the very first time we come to go someplace we both like
settle down just have a wonderful life for ourselves
it's all up to you styling you just say the word
while mom won't fit name throw yourself between a man and why can't it gotta do
I wanted to sell
a little disappointed that answer 0
noted it's alright I got strange
9 have been appointed street or the shootout over since the day I was born
wasn't a thing in the world I could do about villages
got moving
curious way me well I just don't know
even religious selling white men have to talk and talk
cubic why get out what you just post speaking of
Cox I'm here today as you a preacher and it's God's representative
as you're pretty rough stood up to your enemies for you
dollar got me so far the lot of bruises on a budget kak
spot now I understand no I love you thought I was dead
and that my ghost raging to the hell is breaking my engines are often as men
I wanna ask you something what were your feelings
why he scared she might have an angry ghost
raging on your heels how are you ashamed because not a single one
you cannot see about the latter I it somehow
I'm warning you people
while you're sitting around waiting for God me to do your work for you
got just might have some planned it is I'll maybe he's not angry
of India you
I'm not our
Billy go outside take a look around
I camel thought
I just first time in almost 40 came to an end
we got a new country to build here gotta be get mom Donovan dog
skilling I won't deny that you for
shebek several my man and killed or wounded
several more runoff because you're scared him after
I didn't know I was doing that well what de la crosse
true a chance to get on with our lives
ross if you were sitting on a stack of Bibles 10 feet high I'd bet money that
you are lying and I
win no just a minute for you
mister ross is sincere I believe you
milspec just moment we've been waiting for
letter how could you blame that I don't blame menotti
you and I believe this man after all he's done to you
Tokyo back rapper anybody can make a mistake
karach man enough to come here you come here
play I didn't mean to create it century monks
Richard block you've all heard what I have to say
thank you know
I think we ought to accept the proposition
I have enough to make miss sally Underwood not going to be married
tomorrow morning at eleven your own but
I don't know back at the ceremony is over
my wife and I'll be leaving this godforsaken top for good
ceremony will take place here to charge it will be at the main saloon
say what you want about those people at the event they know while you're there
they do something about
selleck shotgun grant
want can't take all day with thanks sure
rushmore 1 I'm available I'm never wrong I should get on this plane
played up
Palmer K daughter she goes the app
call him beautiful guard
a good field
I'm sup mission here I'm who's gonna perform a sermon
your preacher around here I don't know that a law that says I can't delegate my
other will depart
you mad believed
no all all over my highly doubt it
spared Cup hale's now
I can excel in to be my wedded wife you go on from there
well very beloved
we can't live here too baby and I this couple do govern you are right
rockman bypass the town a certain around to come in that way
always let us down to get all about holding up make
on the net I count up to 40 including ross how long before they get here
not more than five minutes of play time
go on I can't tell you how to get ready ferocity was I won't stand a chance
let's finish this thing like alright folks this is it
now you see how much is work means Rajinder
men are coming into town for just one reason to get me
batino to be killed me there won't be enough
fight left in the rest you to all of us just like always
state worked her way now I'm get ross first
that is many more have any way to qualify so all they know something new
to keep his bed panned out
well i take care of
but the women and the children you don't even have to come out in the open
cap on the window on the ropes mmm
you don't even have to head to the bank just how bad my god I'm not but Kate
men came down
for yeah I me a couple rifles
we think we didn't need anything just make a lot now I
and take a chance with you doing top billing
going to keep the hardware store buckshot I don't hate you people I guess
you just can't help the way you are
okay wow I
not okay I'm ernie their site male secure
know about I've told you sooner but well I didn't
forward I Khairpur or bang
here pack where
over my place hopefully by six year monarch
ago park plan to flee sure anyhow
told people I care what fracture bring him to a how'd he find
all him and posse come across print plants body
remove abortion Frank the big church which claims with if you want to be just
gonna have to get in line behind ross knows other 13 and
take about shot
tiny when this things over with so you gotta get outta town
tolerance Billy what the hell makes you think we're gonna live through this
or or
cool 0
what right October on
grout got but up
it okay go
with temperatures go go
go okay
it it
from you're right
Bali bhayera
that got that file
free okay %uh gold
go here
will be down here to find out what this is all about I know
delegate my or something out back %uh
over the main saloon tests out to be back at the ranch
will take off from there talk you gonna do it thank him for going along with
this thing as far as I have me
Google for you talking about hang on let you run away with that kid
her not knowing who you are what you are
what kind of alive she's let yourself be in for you think I told her everything
she still wouldn't run away with me
well idk or she would bernie call she's in your first love well that's good enough for me
aren't watch 5:30 left town
useful to me just don't give up I can take care of him
and terminal one hand are you take your salary with the other
something goes wrong Mike should just stand around with your baby learns
what you had you got it is right up without telling her why
I'll Taylor yeah then what happens to it
all should be tore up for a while but
which each young should get over a month or two
yeah but I won't give over a month to how cute York
I'll give myself
scaffold you a whole lot many
gold sack
can't make any promises
alright he's
doctor European up
home him
you're right hmm
up called
%uh blessings on lower
thank you ernie but no you no I don't think so
up got you know me cuz I know every picture in this part of the country
and you're not one of them and I've been hearing about a gunfighter name
ernie partial some interesting goings on in a town called castle
walk lol believe everything you hear ever to hide on
that's why I'm on my way to Casa walk right now to investigate these wonderful
maybe you should get the real preacher now they seem very happy with the one
they had
had a gun but not a preacher got moves in mysterious ways
Buscher do have a weight that praised Oct I got a catwalk
I sure am when you get there
get these to a girl im selling Underwood tailor their
just been on my religion certain girls have a trip to Phoenix
even if they don't get back alright
bernie did you ever think that
the things that happen to you when possible walk might be your call
to the kind of work you them destined to do revonda
I didn't solve the problems capital of back pain away
that way oh got you ever hear the call come that way
but you left at a better place than it was when you arrive
and I've got them into no thanks
I'll be saying your name