The Halliday Brand (1957) Movie Script

That's far enough, Sheriff.
Get off your horse.
Keep walking.
Right up to the fire.
Daniel, it's me. Clay.
How did you find me?
After six months, that's
all you got to say?
Six months, six hours ..
What difference does it make?
Maybe some.
Pa's dying. He wants to see you.
Death never made any
difference to Pa before.
This time it's him that's dying.
He's not a sheriff anymore.
He's just an old man facing death.
He wants to see you Daniel.
He wants to forgive you.
He'll die easier if he doesn't.
It'll all just start again. He can't let
it rest any more than I can.
I told him I'd bring you back.
You coming?
Well, it'll have to be this
way then. Get your bed-roll.
You pulled a gun on me once before.
You know better than that.
This time it's different.
I'm not going back empty-handed Daniel.
I gave up a lot to come here after you.
I could be at my own wedding right now.
- Yes. Me and Aleta.
Pa gave his word to it?
I told you he wanted to square things.
Put up your gun.
- Huh?
If Pa changed his mind about that ..
A lot has happened in six months.
You'll come?
Brush out the fire. I'll saddle up.
Is it Pa or Aleta you're
going back to see?
It's Pa who's dying.
See if it's them, will you?
It's Aleta and Manuel.
Pa, you're too sick to get riled.
Clay will bring him back. Give him time.
It best be soon.
Your Pa is awake .. come here.
I know we ain't been father
and daughter for a long time.
We've been living under
the same roof, but ..
Not like a family.
You know ..
You and Dan ..
Are a lot alike .. except.
You didn't leave.
You got to .. understand.
What I did.
I did for your own good.
Gracie, Manuel.
- Seorita.
We rode to the pass.
Manuel climbed the lookout.
We saw no riders and no dust trails.
He heard your voices.
He thought it was them.
How is he?
Oh, the only thing that's keeping
him alive is waiting for Daniel.
It seems that's what we're all doing.
I'm waiting for Clay.
Is that why you rode out?
Let me take your tray.
Did ..
Aleta see anything from the pass?
No Pa, it's too soon. Maybe tomorrow.
- I want to know.
Day or night, I want to know.
Pa, you told me before.
Make sure .. you wake me. Be sure.
I've got to be .. ready .. for my son.
Well, that's one thing
that never changes.
Thirty years ago, your father
buried that tomahawk.
Made peace with the Indians and
made our town possible.
That's why we owe big Dan a
right to see you before he dies.
Now, if you want to ride in,
you hand them over.
And the rifle.
When he passes on, you
head back over this pass.
You stand a good chance
of winding up the same way.
Goodbye, Clay.
Mr Jivaro. Seor Daniel.
- Hello Manuel.
Hello Dan.
Heard about your wedding plans.
Can't take your eyes off him, can you.
Can you?
- Oh, Dan.
It's good to have you back.
It's good to see you.
I wish it didn't have to be this way.
It's the only way it can be. How is he?
The thought of you coming
seems to .. keep him alive.
I know you're .. out there.
He's never too sick to bellow.
Dan, don't fight with him now, please.
Leave the past alone.
Can he?
Please Dan, he wants to forgive you,
to go back to the way it was.
The way it was?
The way it was.
It seems a hundred years ago.
What's keeping you Daniel?
That's the way he sounded then.
I'm coming Pa.
- Dan!
Good to see you, boy.
I rode from the north range as
soon as I heard you were back.
Say, how'd the branding go, son?
Just finished. Three thousand head.
Hey, you must have been working
your hide off.
I've got something for you over here.
I would like to have you try them on.
I brought these back from
Council Springs with me.
Take a look at them.
Silver plated. Just like mine.
Feel that balance. You can't beat
a Colt Frontier.
Come on, try them on will you.
See how they fit.
Had them holsters made special for you.
Pretty fancy for the range.
Well, I kind of hoped you'd ..
Have some use for them.
I know how you feel about
me not riding with you.
But running the spread
fits me a lot better ..
Than wearing a badge.
Well, it was you I gave
my name to, Daniel.
Not Clay.
I guess I always figured it
would be you riding with me.
Did your ..
Did your posse have any luck?
Yeah, we caught up with
them about three days out.
It was them alright. They owned
up to it. Here, have a cigar.
Thank you.
You whack them over a little?
Well son, you don't get confessions
by just asking questions.
That's one way of handling it.
You know, Daniel.
You've got a soft spot in your
heart just like your mother.
She could always see some good in
people no matter what they'd done.
But outside of that, you've
got the Halliday brand.
I knew it even before you was
as high as my belt buckle.
Hey, I'll never forget the first
time I ever put you on a horse.
That colt butted you off three times
running and you got right back on it.
Pa, that only proves I was
too dumb to stay off it.
Oh, just fool stubborn like
your old man I guess.
You know Daniel.
On the way back I heard some talk
about our top ringer.
- Yeah.
Seems like he's been keeping a woman
out at the range hut.
Pa, that doesn't figure.
He's one of our best men.
Hell, he's still half Indian.
Them breeds, they can't ever keep
business and pleasure apart.
I don't care what Jivaro or the others
do when they're off the range but ..
You know, once a thing like that
gets started, it can be catching.
One of these days, every one
of our wranglers ..
Will have a woman
hidden in his bed-roll.
That'll take an awful lot of squaws Pa.
Yeah .. also will cut down on the work.
What do you say, you and
I take a ride out there.
And see who Jivaro's got
keeping house for him, huh?
You sure do give that badge a workout.
Ah .. Manuel!
We're going to get our horses.
We're leaving.
The little one is hurt. There is salve
in the cupboard.
When you're old and tough as your mother
the cactus will feel like feathers.
Such a big thorn for such a small one.
You are very brave.
Like a true warrior.
Go. Run to your mother.
Yes, even out here we have
to .. close the door.
I know what you think.
Here we are alone.
This is our world. We are safe as long
as we are not seen.
Listen to me.
Our love is right .. we will marry.
Your father will see that it is
good between us.
Oh Jivaro, I wish I could believe that.
It is wrong for you to come and go
with fear in your heart.
What did I have before?
Taking care of the ranch, and Pa
and my brothers.
Doing things for them .. that I should
be doing for you.
We belong together, without fear.
We are together. Here.
It is not enough, for you or for me.
Oh it's enough for now, please Jivaro,
please, don't talk.
Alright, my bride-to-be.
We will pretend.
The vows have been made,
the banns posted.
We are together.
Listen. Can you hear the music?
It is our wedding dance.
You have had a lot to drink tonight
my husband.
There is a time for a man to drink
and to be happy.
And to love ..
And to love.
Jivaro .. I can't pretend.
I told you .. it is not enough.
I will talk to your father.
- No, Jivaro, no. I'm afraid.
We will talk of it no more today.
- Today is almost over.
Yes .. you must go.
But first.
I want you to wear this.
No. Pa will see it.
Oh Jivaro.
When the time comes.
I'll wear it proudly.
Get out.
Get your things, and get out.
It is not what you think.
I've got every right to kill you.
- No Pa, listen.
We would have come to you,
but I knew how you felt.
Be quiet.
I said get out.
- No, Pa. Listen to me.
Ever since I can remember, ever since
Ma died, you've taken me for granted.
I've been your housekeeper,
not a daughter.
Oh Pa, look at me.
Pa, take a good look. I'm not a girl.
I'm a woman.
- You're a Halliday.
No Pa, this is my life. You've
got to let me live it my way.
Jivaro, you'd better go.
This is no time for talking.
Please Pa.
If you'd only listen to her.
The way she talks about him.
I know you'd understand.
He's her whole life.
I did not raise my daughter to
keep house for a breed.
You've made peace with the Indians.
Had them work for you, even
helped them get land to settle on.
They've got as much right to live
as anybody else.
When it comes to mixing blood
with them, that's going too far.
Pa ..
Blood already has been mixed.
Jivaro's father is as white as you are.
No Halliday blood's been mixed.
A couple of years from now
Martha will thank me for this.
When she doesn't have to explain to her
kids why they're called dirty breeds.
It's wrong if you stand
between them, Pa.
Real wrong.
- Daniel, don't you see that ..
The north corral's gate is busted.
Someone's run the stock.
Hey Pa!
They rustled some of my spread too.
I tried to stop them.
One is lying over there.
Got trampled by the herd.
Get him into town .. and lock him up.
And get Kincaid to a Doctor.
- He's dead.
Are you sure you've
nothing else to tell me?
Daniel, I have said many times.
I was on the way back to Martha.
I tried to turn back the herd.
It is another guilt your father
places on me.
Loving Martha.
And in this, he is right.
I am proud of the love between
your sister and me.
Listen Pa. Jivaro keeps telling the
same story over and over again.
I think he's speaking the truth.
Won't you talk to him?
I don't need to talk to him.
He was only coming back to say goodbye
to Martha. Talk to him Pa.
I don't have to talk to him.
He was out there helping run off
that herd just get even with me.
He swears he never saw any of
those men before.
When Kincaid spotted him, he was
trying to turn back the herd.
That's how he got trampled.
Daniel .. you're letting that soft
spot of yours run you again.
I ain't taking any chances.
He stays put until I get back.
"We don't want him around."
"Get rid of him .. now."
You think he'll be here
when you get back?
I'll take care of things. My job is to
round up the rest of that bunch.
Leave some deputies .. Pa!
Leave some deputies.
- Can't spare any deputies.
The search is going to take
every man I got.
Are you going to stay here?
- Somebody had better stay here.
Cut him loose, Clay. If we get him
out the back he still has a chance.
Pa said, keep him here.
Turn him loose. You're talking
his life away.
Pa is Sheriff, and I'm his deputy.
I'm carrying out his orders.
No you don't!
- Put away the gun.
For once, I'm in charge Daniel.
You had your chance to ride
with Pa, but you didn't want to.
I'm giving the orders and
you're taking them.
Now, will you turn him loose?
"He's done no wrong. He's innocent."
Nothing could have stopped them, Pa.
I did exactly as you told me.
The others you caught. They tied him in
with them, didn't they?
They would have hung him, wouldn't they?
He was guilty wasn't he?
Was he guilty Pa? Or was it just
my "soft-spot" running me?
Was he? .. Go on, tell us!
You got to understand Martha.
My place was with the Posse.
You wanted him dead!
Jivaro never hurt anyone.
He was gentle and kind.
And you wanted him dead.
You killed him as sure as if you'd
held the rope. You did it. Not them.
- Was that it?
Wait a minute!
You both claim Jivaro is innocent.
I don't believe it.
But I'll tell you something.
I raised this town right
out of the wilderness.
I did it with my own hard, hand.
I used the same hard hand as Sheriff.
That's the only way I know how.
Maybe a few innocent men did get killed.
But I got things done!
Once in a while.
This kind of thing happens.
A man gets himself killed before he
gets a chance to have a fair trial.
But you got to weigh
these things, Daniel.
You got to weigh them against the good
that's done for the whole country.
Maybe that's why I never rode with you.
On the spread, I could
turn my back on it.
Your kind of "law and order".
Daniel .. you got to weigh these things.
Don't pin it all on last night.
- I wasn't.
I was remembering Wes Parker.
You almost got him too, didn't you?
But the jury found out he confessed
because he was scared to death.
You pistol-whip the innocent,
same as the guilty.
How many more Wes Parkers were there?
How do we to weigh them?
Against the results.
You got results alright, there's enough
of them right in front of your eyes.
He's no Wes Parker, no stranger.
You must think of what Pa's done
for us in spite of everything.
I realize now what it meant to me.
Just a place to hide.
Just a place to hide?
Is that all it is?
In all the hungry years that your
mother and me spent building ..
This house, this spread, everything!
Your mother helping me
every foot of the way.
Working herself day and night.
Working herself to death!
So, is that all it means to you?
Now you listen to me.
We didn't go through all that, just
so some half-breed cowpoke ..
Could shatter everything we ..
- Oh that's it!
That talk back there. Just words.
You wanted him out of the way.
You were too smart to do it yourself.
You knew they'd do it.
What happened is for Martha's own good.
Maybe you can live ..
With that reason.
Where are you going?
Like you said, the spread
is yours, the town is yours.
I'm going somewhere they never
heard the name .. Halliday.
You can't walk out.
- No?
I can stay here and be like Pa.
And you.
I'm sorry for my part in it, Daniel.
I want you to ..
To give this to Jivaro's father.
He wanted you to keep it.
It will help .. when you tell
his family what happened.
You can come with me.
My place is at home, with Pa.
That's where I'll always be.
So long Jivaro.
You're still my son Daniel.
You can't leave .. your place is here.
Daniel .. you can't flee this.
You can't come back! You hear me Daniel?
You can't leave here.
It was a lynch mob.
It's all over .. finished.
Before they found out the truth.
They even left it on the sign outside.
Chad Burris's son.
He never really liked keeping store.
Only horses.
But, I figured that some
day he'd come back.
How could my brother die this way?
Your father is the Sheriff.
Yeah, that's right. Where was he?
He .. he was away.
He could do nothing about it.
I should have been there.
- I told you.
He was away on posse.
It was out of his hands.
He should have been there.
I .. I apologize for our bitterness.
It sits heave on their grandmother.
She raised them after my wife died.
I do not apologize for my bitterness.
You can stay the night if you like.
Thank you.
- There's a room upstairs.
There is more to Jivaro's
death than you've told.
I've told you what I know.
I know he loved your sister.
How did you know?
- He came to visit us only a month ago.
We were very close.
He told me things that he didn't
tell my father.
How Mr Halliday felt.
How bitter his feelings are against
such a man as Jivaro.
Even if all that's true,
it doesn't change things.
It does .. if your father
found out about them.
You've got .. too much imagination.
When we asked you .. where your
father was.
You were hiding something.
Did I imagine that?
I told you.
I told you he was away.
On purpose.
Now you're putting words in my mouth.
There's no need for words.
It's in your eyes and in your face.
Your father caused my brother's death.
I'm not here to defend my father.
When you get home,
you tell your father this.
Jivaro's death will never be forgiven.
As long as I live.
- Maybe you'd better tell him yourself.
I'm not going back.
- Then it is true?
And I felt this truth.
That's why I left.
It's my way of cutting
it out of my life.
You'll have to find your own way.
I don't want to intrude.
I'll go if you like.
No, don't go.
You were his friend.
This is to his memory.
Jivaro and I used to come here
often as children.
That is why I build my fire to him here.
It is like in your church.
Where you light a candle.
These sticks are my brother's house.
And when they fall, his
spirit will be released.
Jivaro's spirit will be released.
What about you?
You don't lose your own
feelings by building a fire.
It is enough that I do this.
To lose my own bitterness.
That is something else.
Living with it isn't easy.
Your burden is heavier than mine.
He is your father.
At least Jivaro's in peace.
I'll be leaving in the
morning about sun-up.
Then ..
We shall not see each other again?
I don't know.
Where will you go?
Find some land .. build a spread.
Jivaro told me of the Halliday ranch.
You are giving up a lot.
- I'm giving up nothing.
But what I build now will be my own.
My own cattle.
My own house .. my own brand.
There is a saying among
my mother's people.
A man must walk out of his father's
shadow to find the light.
That is good.
It seems .. that we have known each
other for a long time.
Trouble brings people together.
Aleta .. one thing we must decide.
My father being responsible.
For Jivaro's death. If your
father ever learned the truth ..
Yes. You are right.
It is between us.
- There's been enough trouble.
Goodnight Aleta.
Goodnight Daniel.
I didn't want you to leave
without someone saying goodbye.
Will you be coming back?
I'll be coming back Aleta.
No. No, Mr Chad. You must not go.
He killed my son.
You must forget what you heard.
I've got to face it.
If you go, you will fight.
He has many men.
You will have no chance.
No Mr Chad, you must not go.
I have to go.
- No.
Mr Chad.
What is it?
It's him.
I don't want any trouble.
I came here to find my son.
He's not here .. now clear out.
I'm as sorry as anybody about
what happened.
It wasn't the way you think.
- Save your breath.
I don't know how long I can
keep from pulling this trigger.
Pa, maybe we'd better get out of here.
- Keep out of this.
I came a long way Mr Burris.
I ain't leaving until
I find out where he is.
Get back on that horse.
You're trespassing on my property.
Pa, let's go.
- Shut up!
Listen, Mr Burris.
Nobody talks to me that way.
I'm giving you more of a
chance than you gave my son.
Put that gun down.
I told you Sheriff .. get out!
Put it down.
- Don't force me.
For the last time .. put that gun down.
We grieve at his untimely departure.
Our sympathy goes out today
to the bereaved family.
Who may be comforted
that the higher wisdom ..
Has a higher place for
this faithful servant.
It is not ours to question.
Simply let our tears
fall in thanksgiving.
That the human vessel has come
home to the immortal court.
And so we consign Chad Burris
to his final rest .. Amen.
I told you what happened .. everything.
You haven't spoken a word to me, not
a single word since you came back.
If you weren't my father I'd kill you.
But there are other ways to
reach you. To make you crawl.
Don't threaten me Daniel.
That .. badge .. of yours.
Before I'm through, they'll
tear it off your shirt.
Alright Daniel.
Go ahead.
Beat your head against
a rock if you want to.
When you've stopped
acting like a lunatic.
The ranch will still be
there and so will I.
When you do come back.
Maybe I'll give you a job.
As a hired hand.
If it's the last thing I do, I ..
Daniel .. don't go.
Aleta, try to understand.
I've got to square things with Pa.
If you care for me at all,
please don't leave me.
There is nothing inside me but hate.
Until I get rid of it,
there's room for nothing else.
I'll be back.
I'll be back as soon as it is all over.
Once you have gone.
I have nothing more to live for.
- I'll be back, Aleta.
Please Dan ..
- Wait for me.
You will be too late, Dan.
Hello. Is anybody here?
I'm Martha Hallowed, Daniel's sister.
You want?
I want to see Aleta.
Please, I know .. how much she has lost.
Let me see her.
She has a fever. Three days now ..
Have you had the doctor?
- No. Never would.
She turns her spirit away from life.
Since your brother left.
No-one can help. She will die.
No, she must not die.
We will take her with us.
This is her home. She should die here.
There's been enough death.
She will live.
Get blankets. Prepare for the journey.
[ Spanish ]
Si Seora, pronto.
Yes? What is it you want?
I've been here for five weeks now. This
is the first time we've seen each other.
I didn't come to see you because
there is nothing to say.
There has to be.
He is your eldest son.
Nothing can change that.
He changed it.
If he comes back, he'll
be treated the way I said.
And go to work as a hired hand.
I did not want your care or shelter.
My father was killed by your gun.
When the fever left,
I had only one thought left.
To leave this house.
But lying there.
I have had time to think.
To know that.
There is no life .. for any of us.
Unless this hate is forgotten.
Nothing is forgotten.
Understand that, nothing.
And it's not your place
to tell me what to do.
You are right.
Nobody can tell you what to do.
Best get back to your room.
Aleta, you shouldn't be out of bed.
She's alright Clay.
Martha can take care of her.
What's she doing here, Pa?
Jawing about a lot of things
that are none of her business.
You and Dan?
That girl's here to
get well. That's all.
You must allow for all that's happened.
- None of that could have been helped.
But you can't treat her like any ..
- Like any other squaw?
No, I could treat her like you do.
Like a country belle.
I didn't say that.
- You don't have to.
I see you carrying flowers
to her room every day.
Snivelling around her every
time you get a chance.
What's wrong with treating
her like a human-being?
A human-being? Come on, Clay.
Every time I want to look
for you for something ..
I have to send Manuel
to her room to get you.
Sure Pa, I like her, but I think
you're making too much of it.
Well, don't you make too
much of it. Listen here.
As long as this girl is sick
she can stay under my roof.
That don't change my feelings a bit.
About anyone like her
becoming part of this family.
I brought her here, Pa.
Taking care of her
has meant a lot to me.
Whether she's sick or well.
I want her to stay.
Martha .. the Halliday brand
stands for certain things.
It always has, it always will.
As long as you and Clay
are part of this ranch.
You will respect those things.
You heard what I just told Clay.
Nobody like her has
any part in our lives.
What's got to happen to change you?
You heard what I got
to say on the subject.
That settles it. That's the end of it.
I hope Dan does come back.
I pray to God he makes
you twist and crawl.
It might not do any good.
But I want to see it.
Well, Martha.
I am well enough to travel now.
I must.
Will you look for Daniel?
But what could I tell him, now?
No. I'm going home where I belong.
Aleta, I'll come with you.
I would love to see Jivaro's home again.
I wish you'd let me drive you back.
You've been very kind, Clay.
But, it is best this way.
Where's Big Dan?
What is it, Gentry?
This. I found it the first
thing this morning.
Knowing how things are,
I thought I'd better bring it out.
Where did you find it?
Stuck in front of the jail.
Maybe some kid is pulling a stunt.
This is no kid's work.
Sounds like thunder.
That's no thunder.
Stampede. Manuel!
He's come back, Martha.
Look. It's our brand again.
Must be three thousand
head busted loose.
Your son must be loco.
What you going to do?
That will be between
your brother and me.
I lost the track.
Form a posse.
He's no outlaw.
He's deified me. I'm the law.
To send a posse after him,
making it known to everybody ..
I don't care who knows.
He means nothing to me anymore.
Absolutely nothing.
Well, you're my deputy.
Go on, get started.
This is the fourth time
he's back-tracked.
He's got more tricks
than a wounded bear.
Alright, here's where he
broke off again. Let's go.
Look Pa!
A fire at the winter-wheat.
He can't protect his own property.
How's he going to protect yours?
Get a new Sheriff or you're next.
You think he means it?
Where you been all afternoon?
- I just built a new barn.
We all got winter wheat.
We're wasting time.
You have to think of someone
else besides yourself, Pa.
Yeah .. I am thinking .. thinking hard.
I've done something for every man here.
Protecting his livestock .. his farm.
Even his life.
For 20 years every single one of you has
looked to me when you're in trouble.
Now, he's out there somewhere.
We're going to get him.
Even if we have to sleep in the saddle
and eat in the saddle, we'll get him.
Speak, my name again.
It's so long since I heard you say it.
I miss your voice. It hasn't changed.
But your eyes.
They have changed.
Nothing has changed.
- You have changed.
Oh Daniel, it is wrong
what you are doing.
Your hate poisons
everything and everyone.
I'll stop.
As soon as he gives up.
He will never give up.
He can't go on alone.
Before I'm through with him ..
They'll all quit him.
Even alone, he will never quit.
He must.
He's only human.
- And you?
Aren't you human, too?
Will you ever quit?
You have become like
the man you despise.
That's not a posse out there anymore.
It's Pa's personal goal,
dragging them along after him.
Over mesquite hardbacks.
Places where no sane man would go.
He's lost the trail but
he won't admit it.
He'll even go on without me.
Thank God you found your reason.
What good is reason? That won't
stop anything. Nothing will stop him.
Until they destroy each other.
Dan came here last night.
He has become just like your father.
Dan, here?
- It's over. There is no hope.
Then let me help you. I want to.
- No, Clay.
But I've always felt ..
- I knew how you felt for a long time.
Let me say it.
- No. It wouldn't be fair to you.
I could never give you the
kind of love that you deserve.
I'll settle for anything you give me.
Daniel Halliday.
I'll hang him for this.
Look within yourself, Daniel.
Are you upholding law and order ..
Or your own family pride?
We just can't keep riding.
We've got tanneries, things to do, Dan.
This is out of our hands now.
He's taken our money Dan.
It isn't just between you and him.
Not anymore. It hits all of us.
That's why you've got
to step aside, Dan.
Give us your badge, Daniel.
It will be best for all of us.
No greenhorn outlaw is going
to force me to step aside.
Even if he's got you so scared your
guts are churning inside of you.
I'm wearing this badge
as long as he's out there.
I'll still be wearing
it when I drag him in.
He's got you thinking crazy, Dan.
You don't know what you are doing.
Then stay away from me!
All of you!
Think, Daniel.
They that live by the sword
shall perish by the sword.
I can spout from the
bible too, Reverend.
"He who is not with me ..
"Is against me."
You could give them the money back.
You're all through, Pa.
Get off your horse.
Drop your gun belt.
Don't you understand, Pa?
Nobody wants you.
Now you're going to hand over the badge.
That'll be after you use that gun.
Hand over the badge, Pa.
You'll have to kill me first.
Let's have the badge.
Why don't you come down and get it?
Pa, you need help.
- Let go of me.
I need no help from you.
Go on, finish your .. job.
Why didn't you ..
Why didn't you give up?
Why didn't you turn in this badge?
How does it .. how does it feel to win?
No Pa.
- 0h, yes.
You see, I win .. I win.
I win. Even like this I win.
Now you're an outlaw.
As long as I live, you'll be wanted.
You got .. no .. place .. to go.
Clay is coming.
He'll take you back, Pa.
Please Daniel, he wants to forgive you.
To go back to the way it was.
The way it was.
What's keeping you, Daniel?
Hello, Pa.
I knew .. I knew you'd come.
I knew it.
I'm glad you sent Clay for me.
I couldn't send a stranger.
Pa, you surprise me.
Changing our mind about Aleta
marrying into the family.
I didn't.
You didn't?
I knew .. it would bring you back.
That's why I had him tell you that.
Then you'll die alone.
No, I won't.
I spawned you, Daniel.
I watched you grow.
Watched you turn against me.
That's why it's up to me.
And me alone.
To take you with me.
I've been as good as
dead for six months.
Go ahead. What'll it gain you?
- Respect?
Respect for the Halliday name.
The Halliday name.
You've lied with it, cheated
with it, murdered with it.
Go ahead. Do this with it.
Put it down, Pa.
I've got a right.
I've got every right to do this.
I've got a right.
You got no right.
The only right you have is to ..
Ask Daniel to forgive you.
He didn't have to come back.
He didn't have to give up his
guns and ride in here unarmed.
But he thought you had changed, Pa.
And so had I.
- That's enough.
You told me I could marry Aleta.
You even lied about that.
You don't have to get
Pa's permission now.
Not for anything.
He helped me fool myself.
He told me I could have it.
You going .. going to let ..
You going to let him get
away with .. everything?
Even .. her?
It won't work Pa.
You can't play Daniel off of me.
All they lying, scheming
and hating is over, Pa.
For all of us.
You can spew your poison on yourself.
You're going to die alone.
Don't you understand, Pa?
It's not just you and me now.
We're all leaving you.
No .. you ain't.
I'm sick and I'm old.
But you .. ain't .. leaving.
I'm sorry Pa.
It didn't have to be this way.
Goodbye Pa.
I am sorry for you, Mr Halliday.
You'll .. pay for this .. Daniel.
You'll .. pay.
You ain't taking them away from me.
Here, I still give the orders.
You ain't taking anybody any place.
Alright Pa.
If this is the way you want it.
Go ahead.
You're too much like me, Daniel.
It would be like .. shooting myself.
I knew you couldn't do it.