The Handler (2021) Movie Script

[cork pop with bubbles]
[glass clink]
[calm music]
One, two. Bam bam.
One, two. Bam bam.
One, two. Bam bam bam.
[calm music continues]
[gun loading]
[waves crashing]
[gun cocks]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[waves crashing]
[birds singing]
[music continues]
Good kick.
How many kicks are you...
[woman laughs]
[woman yells]
Hey hey, hey hey. Okay
wrap it up, guys. Wrap it up.
Get out of here.
Separate, separate. Let's go.
All right, cool. You good?
[birds singing]
[dramatic music]
[grunting continues]
[man panting]
[man panting]
[breathing hard]
Oh yes.
Yes, yes, yes...
[gun loads]
Harris, what the fuck
are you still doing here?
Man, you gotta go.
Hey man.
You try to set up an
arsenal with a gimp leg,
and ten minutes to
spare, you bitch.
You're already hit?
Yeah. Don't worry
about it, okay.
You have to get
outta here now, man.
All right, man.
Check the cabinet for
bandages, all right.
All right.
[gun cocks]
You need anything,
you let me know.
- I will. Yeah.
- Understood?
Come here.
- Good seeing you.
- Be safe, brother.
I will, brother.
Thank you.
Jesse will call you.
Hey. Call me if
you need anything.
All right. Thank you.
Oh, fuck.
[groaning in pain]
[door opens]
[suspenseful music]
[man panting]
[dramatic music]
[Gunman] Check right.
[gun firing]
[suspenseful music]
- Fuck you.
- Don't fucking move.
Drop the gun, Ryker.
Get up slow. Don't do
anything stupid, Ryker.
Walk over there.
Walk over there.
Put your hands up. Put
your fucking hands up!
They're up.
Where's the bag?
- I'm turning around.
- Where's the fucking bag?
You're not getting the bag.
Holy fuck, I am. Come on.
Where's the fucking bag?
Huh? I swear to God.
I see you're upset.
- [man laughs]
- I'm not upset.
It's in there, okay.
[dramatic music]
[man yells]
[groaning in pain]
[punches landing]
[dramatic music continues]
[man yells]
[gun fires]
[gun fires twice]
[music stops]
[breathes heavily]
[traffic humming]
Ryker, listen.
You do this tonight,
and you're not coming back.
We are not coming back.
He sent a bunch of people
over here last night.
You know that don't you?
This isn't a fucking
game anymore.
He wants you to have
nothing to do with us.
We need to just leave. All of
us, just just pack up and go.
We have the money
to get through.
Stop bringing the
war home with you.
It's over.
You don't need this.
[traffic humming]
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[Voice Mail] Hey,
baby. It's me.
I'm running a little late,
but I should see you soon.
I love you.
Hey, baby. It's me.
I'm running a little late,
but I should see you soon.
I love you.
I love you.
[somber music continues]
[cell phone chimes]
[tense music]
[auto mechanic working]
[loud buzzing noise]
Hey, shut the fuck up!
Next door neighbor, a
fucking mechanic shop.
All fucking day, za za
za. The mother fuckers.
You know what I mean?
One of these days I'm
gonna fuck up one of these guys.
How you doing? You good?
You wanted to see me, right?
[Vinnie] For you.
You called me in for that?
Why not just handle it
like you always have?
What's the matter? You
don't want to see me?
You don't want to say
hi? What the fuck?
What are we doing,
huh? Why else?
I want to have a conversation.
Your beautiful wife.
I told her there's more
where that came from.
You talked to Jane?
Sure I did.
And what did you say?
Work relationship shit.
Goddamn it, Vinnie!
That shit's to stay between us.
She doesn't need to know
what's going on here.
Now when I get home,
you know what kind of
shit you got me into, huh?
You better not-
- I better?
I fucking better?
Who the fuck you think
you're talking to?
Calm the fuck down.
You fucking wise guy, in
my fucking office. Huh?
[auto mechanic working]
That's fine.
It doesn't matter anyways.
We already talked about
this, right Vinnie?
That was my last job.
And then I'm gone, right?
The last job? You
talking about a last job?
That's fucking good.
That's good fucking
strong shit there.
So Jane.
She went back to teaching
elementary school
from high school, with
those little kids.
She gonna be doing good things.
Jane told you that?
No, she didn't tell me that.
Then how do you know?
And Harris. How's his
limp? Is he taking his meds?
And Jesse.
With the whole relapse
thing, coming in, coming out.
It's gotta be
fucking tough, right?
Especially after his mom died.
When was it? Last Thursday?
And your beautiful kid,
your beautiful fucking kid.
How can we forget
about your kid?
His birthday's
coming up, isn't it?
In two weeks, or
some shit like that?
Yeah, he wanted a
blue fire truck.
He don't want a red one.
He don't like the color red.
I don't fucking
like the color red.
But you wouldn't
know that, would you?
Mr. Fucking Ryker.
I know things, a whole
bunch of fucking things.
More things about your
people than they do.
Just like that, I get
information. You know why?
'Cause I'm the fucking boss.
I'm the fucking thing.
I'm the real fucking deal.
Take this fucking money, and
get the fuck out of my office.
Get the fuck outta here.
[hawks and spits]
How's that for an answer?
Keep your fucking money, Vinnie.
[contemplative music]
What the fuck you got
me up here for, buddy?
This better be good.
I'm out.
[Harris] You're out?
I'm done, over.
What do you mean, man?
What are you talking about?
What the fuck are
you talking about?
He's got eyes everywhere.
He knows about Jane,
and Jessie, and you.
Me? What the fuck do
I have to do with this?
You know me? And
that's all you did.
And that's why I don't give
a fuck about that scumbag.
Listen, man. I thought you
said you couldn't get out.
I don't care.
When he starts talking
personal about my people.
And that's it. I
don't give a fuck.
Oh God.
Do you have any idea
what he's capable of?
Does he know who
he's fucking with?
God. Look, Ryker.
What you need to do is
go back and apologize.
Look at me.
You need to go
back and apologize,
and hope this blows over, okay?
Please trust me. Trust me.
We're in it now, brother.
What's done is already done.
No. It's not, Ryker.
It's not done, man. I
didn't sign up for this.
You know I'm out
of this life, okay?
You know I can't
kill again, man.
You know I can't be
a part of this life.
You hear me?
Don't do this.
I'm asking you not
to do this, please.
But he hit first.
I need to hit back now, nuclear.
Fuck him.
All right.
All right.
All right, all right.
Semper Fi, man. I got
your back, all right.
[Harris] You're
my boy. I got you.
All right. Anything
you need, let me know.
[horns honking]
So I don't hear from
you in six months.
And the first thing
you say to me is,
I think someone's
trying to kill me.
What the fuck have
you been doing?
[Linn] I can see that.
You still have
the guns, right?
So that's why
you called me, huh?
You still have them?
Don't ask questions you
already know the the answers to.
Good. Because I need them.
How many?
All of them.
What are you planning to do?
Just for protection.
It's never just about
protection with you, Ryker.
You get off on this shit.
[Ryker] And what shit is that?
Destruction, chaos. All
of that kind of shit.
No, how are you, or
how have you been
with your own goddamn sister.
It's just, I think
I'm in trouble.
I need to borrow
your fucking guns.
Do you see how that could
piss me the fuck off?
Linn. I don't have
time for any of that.
I wouldn't even be
here if it wasn't a
- fucking emergency
- An emergency.
Yeah, yeah. I know. It's
always like that with you.
You thrive on conflict, Ryker.
Always have, always will.
If you weren't blood,
I would probably be using
some of those on you.
[man chuckles]
I believe it.
Thank you.
Do me another favor?
Can you get me another beer?
Shut the fuck up.
Been working on those kicks?
[Linn] Yeah.
All right, let's see. Come on.
All right, come on.
- I'm getting better, huh?
- Yeah.
- Oh, come on. Let's go.
- Alright.
Nice, another.
[woman grunting]
So why is Jane
calling me, huh?
I don't know. Why
is Jane calling you?
[Linn] What have
you been up to?
[Linn] Come on, Ryker.
Are you gonna tell me?
Every time you ask me a
dumb ass question, we switch.
I'm doing what I need to do
for my family. And that's it.
It's safe. It's
what I'm good at.
What else is there?
Whoo. Getting a little
angry, I can see. All right.
Nice. Okay.
Heard you went out with Lukas.
Been working on those hands?
Fucking with Lukas,
you're gonna need them.
There you go. All right.
There you go.
Boom, boom. There
you go, come on.
Good. Another one.
Yeah, you getting soft?
You getting soft on me?
Oh. How'd the date go?
I'm not gonna
fucking tell you.
How'd the date go?
I'm not gonna fucking.
You seeing him again?
None of your fucking business.
One two, hook. Come on.
Oh, okay.
Touchy subject?
Okay. All right.
You don't want to talk to
me about your dating life?
There you go.
- Too high.
- You can do it.
There you go. Other knee.
- Fuck you.
- There you go.
[tense music]
[suspenseful music]
[bag crinkles]
[dramatic music]
You like that?
It was a good shot.
What's in the bag?
You'll never find
out what's in that bag.
You should have put
a bullet in my head,
like Vinnie would
have wanted you to.
I'm gonna,
right after I fuck you up.
You won't.
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
That hurt.
[Ryker] Shit.
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
No, no, no.
Fuck! Shit!
Do me a favor.
Say hi to your wife.
[punches landing]
[loud thud]
[dramatic music]
[gun firing]
[breathes heavily]
Whoa, mother fucker.
[loud clicking]
[gun firing]
[dramatic music]
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
No, no. No. No. No. No.
[Ryker] Come on, get up.
[screaming in frustration]
[suspenseful music]
[gasping for breath]
[Vinnie] How you doing, Miss?
- Hi.
- Hi. How are you doing?
I'm good, thanks.
[Vinnie] I think
you dropped this.
Oh. No, that's not mine.
[Vinnie] You sure?
I'm sure.
My mistake.
Not a problem. [giggles]
Yeah. What is it?
[Vinnie] I think you
should take it anyway.
There's more where
this came from.
And I think your husband,
Ryker, would tell you the same.
Who are you?
How do you know my husband?
Ryker? He fucking
works for me, okay?
And I try to help him out when
money's tight a little bit.
And I know I don't
have to tell you this.
Because we both
know how hard it is
coming back from
the VA, don't we?
What does he do for you?
What does he do for me?
That's so much like
Ryker, though, isn't it?
I mean, I don't
know him super well.
But I get a sense of feeling
he likes to take
care of his wife.
What about him working for
you, would make me happy?
I'm just speaking
in generality.
I'm just saying.
Look, I am not getting
any answers from you.
So I'm just gonna go now.
Just make sure he
stays out of trouble.
It's funny you say
that, because I was gonna
tell you to tell him
the same fucking thing.
[Jane] What?
Look at me.
Listen to me very carefully.
This Ryker fucking guy
has been late a few times,
and I don't allow it.
We, we don't allow that.
You tell him I said that.
Look at me.
You fucking tell
him I said that.
Just tell me what he does.
I'm a little
disappointed in Ryker.
[Jane] Okay. Why?
For the fact that
he hasn't taught you
not to talk to strangers.
[ominous music]
You have a nice day.
[ominous music continues]
[suspenseful music]
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
[bones cracking]
[gun fires]
[floorboards creaking]
[kicks landing]
[dramatic music]
[both grunting]
You know, you
hit like your wife?
Actually, no.
The bitch hit harder.
[kicks landing hard]
[gun cocks]
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
[bone cracks]
[screaming in pain]
[gun firing]
[yells indistinctly]
[phone ringing]
I would've thought
after the first 15 times
you tried to call me,
and I didn't answer,
you would've known I don't
want to talk to you, man.
[Jesse] Ryker, listen.
They're coming for me.
[Jesse] I might
not have that voodoo
sixth sense power that you do,
but a few have been following me
ever since you started
with your shit.
What are they doing?
[Jesse] Watching me.
They're in the shed now, Ryker.
I got home.
I'm not leaving, if that's
what you're implying, Jesse.
[Jesse] I love you man.
But you're one dumb
mother fucker sometimes.
You think Jane would
want this shit? Nah.
You'd be doing the same
thing, if you were me.
And I'm kind of at
peace with it now.
[Jesse] And tell
me how this ends.
Vinnie dying, or me.
I don't see it any
other way, okay.
[Jesse] You actually
think he'd come?
Yeah. He'll come.
Hey, Jesse.
[Jesse] Yeah?
Can you give
Harris a call for me?
[Jesse] Okay.
Stay safe, brother.
[Jesse] Yeah.
[tense music]
[flames crackling]
[knocking on door]
Okay, not bad.
How'd you move all
this in here so fast?
Oh, I hired an
interior designer.
Can you tell?
Come on, have a seat.
No, but actually the
guy who owned this house
had a heart attack or something
and left all his shit here.
The place was full of
mold, and asbestos,
all kinds of stuff.
So, I got a good deal on it.
Asbestos, huh?
Okay, yeah. Might as well
make ourselves at home.
I don't plan on
staying here too long.
This is a last
resort type of place.
Jane says your here a lot now.
So this is all
you brought me, huh?
Don't be such a needy dick.
Okay, more is coming,
I just. I need time.
I don't know how
much I got left.
I'm gonna stay here
with you for a bit.
Whatever you have planned,
I'm sure I'll be game for.
I just don't want anything
else to happen to you.
You know I gotta
do this myself.
And you know if something
happened to you,
because of me, it would
really fuck me up.
I appreciate everything
you've done so far, Linn.
But this is where it stops.
It's funny.
[contemplative music]
Even growing up, I remember
when we would get in trouble.
Like, really bad trouble,
where we thought it
could be the end.
We would tell each
other, go Zen.
Calm everything down, and
just be at peace with it.
And it's going to be okay.
[contemplative music continues]
Remember that?
Yeah, I do.
Just hope it doesn't
come down to that.
[birds singing]
[suspenseful music]
All right, listen up.
Vinnie's not fucking around.
We need to take this guy out
now. No more fucking games.
Here's the plan, so listen good.
You two, you're gonna
go straight on up.
[Gunman] Roger.
You two, you're gonna
go right and flank him.
And I want him dead.
[dog barks]
I'm gonna take the six.
All right, squad up and
move the fuck out now.
Move out.
[suspenseful music]
- [Gunman #1] Clear.
- [Gunman #2] We're going in.
[suspenseful music continues]
[gun fires]
[Ryker] Fuck.
[guns firing]
[yelling indistinctly]
They need our help.
I'm gonna fucking help them.
Do you not hear that?
They need our fucking help.
Do you want them to die?
[gun firing]
Hey, fuck.
You mother fucker. Fuck!
Mother fucker. Fuck you, Ryker.
[gun fires]
[suspenseful music]
Put it down.
How many more are with you?
How many did Vinnie
bring with you?
Don't worry about Vinie.
- You worry about me right now.
- Okay.
[gun clicks]
[groaning in pain]
[dramatic music]
[punches landing]
[dramatic music continues]
[back breaking]
[music stops]
Go to sleep, mother fucker.
[suspenseful music]
[gun fires]
[suspenseful music continues]
Drop it!
I dropped it.
Aw fuck.
[punch lands]
Oh shit.
[dramatic music]
No, no.
No, no.
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
[yells indistinctly]
[man choking]
[Jesse] Yeah, I talked to
him like an hour ago.
He's losing his fucking shit.
[Harris] Yeah, he
basically just kicked me out.
He's way in over his head. I
have no idea what he's doing.
[Harris] Yeah, you
getting followed too?
Yeah, they're coming to me too.
What a fucking mess.
What a fucking mess.
[Harris] Yeah, he's
not listening to me, man.
He's not listening to anyone.
I think that's the point
where you need to draw
the line somewhere.
You're getting your
friends involved
that have nothing to
fucking do with it.
You know me. I'm out
of the fucking game.
I want nothing to
do with this shit.
[Harris] Yeah.
Yeah. You pay him a visit since?
No, I have not, but.
I guess I have to, right?
[Harris] Look,
man. I'm telling you.
He's not gonna stop
until he's dead,
or he tries to
wipe out everybody.
That includes Vinnie.
Yeah, that's. I can't
see that going well.
[Harris] Stay safe.
I'll stay safe.
[Harris] All right, brother.
I'll talk to you soon, man.
Yeah. See ya.
[footsteps approaching]
[groaning in pain]
Vinnie's getting pretty
desperate now, huh?
I'm gonna chop your
fucking balls off.
[dramatic music]
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
[woman groans]
Oh shit. Oh fuck.
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
Die, bitch.
[neck cracks]
[breathing heavily]
[birds singing]
Look, I know I.
I don't usually stick my
neck in your business.
I know you gotta get yours, but.
I got a bad feeling about this.
I feel like you're
way in over your head.
It's not Hanoi anymore.
You can't just grab
your fucking M16,
and fire all your problems away.
Those days are gone.
And I really think you
need to listen to Jane,
and get the fuck outta here.
If it's money that you need,
I could get you five hundred dollars.
I'll see what I have
left, but you can have it.
But you have to run.
I wouldn't worry about me.
But I feel like,
at a certain point,
you're gonna have no
one left to turn to.
And then you'll be fucked.
So take it from a friend,
while you still have a chance.
I love you to death, but
you're fucking stupid.
Take this. I know you
wanted me to have it, but.
I think you need to remember
where you came from.
[Jesse] Fucking dumb ass,
but I love you.
[breathing heavily]
- Man to man.
- Man to man, huh?
- As always.
- Yep.
How do you say it?
- Lion's fight.
- Lion's fight.
All right, Lukas. Let's go.
So this guy, your friend.
What's his name, Vinnie?
My employer.
He's not a friend.
Remember that.
[Lukas] He must
pay you a lot, huh?
This house.
Yeah. I do it mostly for Jane.
How much?
Why? Are you interested?
Well, maybe. I need a job.
So I would like you to introduce
me to him, if you want.
I don't know,
man. He's a snake.
He makes you do shit
you don't want to do.
This is nightmare shit.
I wake up at night thinking
about the shit he makes me do.
How about for a while,
not kind of always.
See, that's not how it works.
Come on.
That's not how it works.
Once you're in with
Vinnie, you don't get out.
It's not like a part time job.
See, he doesn't let you
out once you're in. Okay?
That's what I'm saying.
Well, maybe I would enjoy
it. No? Just like this.
Yeah, I guess you would.
Well, who needs to get out,
if you can afford
a house like this?
It's not about
just the money, man.
See? Always about the
money with you, huh?
You know what's gonna happen?
[grunting continues]
Nice. Nice.
And I thought we were friends.
[Lukas] That was good, man.
[Ryker] Yeah, thanks
for whooping my ass.
You getting better, though.
You gave me two good
shots. I'm impressed.
So this house. It
is yours now, huh?
[Ryker] Thank you.
But it's not my house.
I'm just staying here.
For how long?
Just a few months.
That's it?
[Lukas] It is
beautiful. I love it.
So, yeah. Did you think
about what I asked?
[Ryker] I did. And I'll
introduce you to Vinnie.
And whatever happens after
that, it's up to you.
[Lukas] I'll take it.
I need money. And I
need a house like this.
[Ryker] Vinnie didn't
pay for this house, man.
[Lukas] Well, someone did.
And I'm sure it's not IRS.
Ryker! Get your hands up!
I ain't got time
for this shit today!
Don't you fucking eyeball me,
Now I know you killed
all them people!
What's your problem, huh?
Momma didn't give
you enough attention?
I can't fucking believe it.
You sitting up there
eating a fucking can of soup
out of all them people
you done killed.
Yeah, I know what
you're thinking!
I know what you're thinking!
You thinking you quicker
than this bullet, huh?
You think you quicker
than this bullet?
Give me a reason to put a
bullet through your pee brain.
Go for it. Go for it. I
double dare you. I double-
[gun fires]
[footsteps approaching]
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
[knife slices]
[man groans]
[calm music]
[tense music]
Welcome home, Ryker.
[punches landing]
Want to fight just man to man?
Like we used to.
Figured Vinnie would send your
Lets go, friend.
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
So you would do
anything for money.
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
Get up, Lukas! Get up!
[dramatic music]
[calm music]
What? Are you
getting comfortable?
You feel better?
[punches landing]
[dramatic music]
[Ryker coughing]
Doesn't seem like a
day in the park, huh?
[kicks landing]
It's all right now.
You know what, Ryker?
I don't want the bag anymore.
I like it this way.
I thought you had some guts.
I have never been so
wrong in my life, yeah?
We're gonna play a game now.
When I say now, you're
gonna hold your breath.
[water gurgling]
Not bad, not bad.
Now, soldier!
[water gurgling]
[water gurgling]
[suspenseful music]
Good bye, my friend.
[gun fires]
We having fucking
fun yet, huh?
[Vinnie] What the fuck
did you do to this guy?
[Torturer] He fucking moved.
He fucking moved?
Certain things we gotta do
to make moves, you hear me?
You know who the
fuck I am, don't you?
Look at me when I'm
fucking talking to you.
Look at me when I'm
fucking talking to you.
I said, do you know
who the fuck I am?
He asked you a
fucking question.
I know who the fuck you are.
Fucking let go of me.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Good. Good fucking
thing. This is good.
So tell me, you fucking wanker.
What the fuck am
I doing here, huh?
This fucking place?
What the fuck am I doing here?
How am I supposed to know
what the fuck you're doing here?
You could be a, maybe
you're trying to-
- Tick tock, tick fucking
tock. Time is money.
Let me fill in the
fucking blanks for you.
I know you know Ryker.
And I know you know what
he's doing to my fucking men.
And between me and you,
I don't fucking like it.
Matter of fact, it's getting
a little fucking irritating.
Don't you think so?
Good? Good? [laughing]
This kids got some
fucking balls. I like it.
Let me ask you a
fucking question.
You know what I did to his
wife and kid, don't you?
Mother fucker.
Sit the fuck down.
Mother fucker. Fuck you.
You fucking scumbag, fuck you.
I like it. He's
got fucking fire.
Look at him. Look at him.
He's a fucking bombshell.
Now let me tell you something.
I would have used
them if I could,
but the problem is they're
not fucking here. [chuckling]
Look around you.
Nobody's fucking here.
'Cause I want that piece
of shit, fucking Ryker
to come out of his
fucking bunker.
But here's the
good fucking news.
You're gonna help me
talk him the fuck down.
You're here. You're
the fucking guy.
You're his guy, his confinery,
his best friend, his
fucking butt buddy,
wherever the fuck you are.
But I need you to talk him down.
'Cause if you don't
fucking talk him down,
I'm gonna make it rain napalm
all over that fucking place.
You fucking here me?
He's not gonna
tell you anything.
He's not gonna tell
me anything either.
He better fucking does.
You better make sure
he fucking talks.
Calm him the fuck down.
Because if you don't,
I'm gonna make your life
a living fucking hell.
Fuck yourself!
He's not gonna say anything!
Do whatever the
fuck you gotta do.
I'm tired of losing
all these fucking men.
I got nobody left, except
for this fucking guy.
And if he fucking talks?
Calm him the fuck down.
Where are you
gonna go from there?
Don't worry about what
I'm gonna fucking do.
Fuck you.
Don't fucking worry about it.
You should show some respect.
Fuck you.
Hey, hey hey. Talk him down.
[Jesse] Fuck yourself.
Stop fucking moving. You're
like a dead fucking fish.
Calm the fuck down, and ask
me the fucking question.
[Jesse] Fuck you.
Talk him down. That's all
you got to fucking worry about.
Don't be a fucking wiseguy,
here me? Talk him down!
Fucking cock sucker.
Let him go.
Fuck you.
What's going on?
Oh, so he calls you here.
What, for some drinks?
You know he doesn't
do that anymore.
I just came to see him.
I think it's gonna have to be
a boy's night in
for the two of you.
I'm out of here.
Don't don't do this.
What the hell is going on?
Ryker is never
gonna listen to me.
He spends more time here
than he does anywhere else.
It's like he's waiting for
something to go nuclear.
And all I want to do is leave.
You don't get it.
Ryker is always gonna fight
any battle that comes to him.
He doesn't want to be
running his whole life.
And you know he's never
been good at hiding.
Okay. I want you to be
honest with me, Jesse.
What is he doing
this time, really?
What has he gotten himself into?
I really don't know this time.
No, no no.
Don't bull shit me.
I know that he tells you things
that he would never tell me,
and definitely not his kid.
Why is he doing this?
I'm gonna go up
there and talk to them.
But just know
that even over me,
he's never gonna let
anything bad happen to you,
or your kid.
Even when we were babies,
he was always looking out
what's best for you, always.
You're really all he's got.
I remember that time
in Junior High when
I said I might've
had a crush on you.
He said.
He said, your my
best friend, but
she's the girl I'm gonna marry.
I think everything's
gonna be okay, but just
let me go up there
and talk to him.
Okay. Just call me.
Yeah. Sure.
It's gonna be fine.
[hands clapping]
Bravo, Mr. Fucking Ryker.
You really did a fucking
number. You fucked things up.
What are you gonna do, shoot me?
[gun clicks]
Yeah, that's right.
You don't have any
more fucking bullets,
'cause you used it
on my fucking men.
Now tell me this.
Where the fuck are
the bodies, huh?
They're in the back. But
I left a space for you.
For me?
You fucking wise guy.
I brought somebody for you.
You're gonna fucking love this.
[fingers snapping]
Come here.
No. Don't you touch him.
Would you fucking
look at this?
A fucking reunion!
Don't tell him anything.
[Torturer] Shut the fuck up!
What do you want?
What do I want? What
do I fucking want?
I was waiting for you to fucking
ask me that fucking question.
I'll tell you what I want.
How about you hand
over that fucking bag?
Why? It doesn't
mean anything to you.
It doesn't mean
anything to me.
But it means something to you.
Now I got your fucking boy.
You're acting like
a little bitch.
To prove to you that
I can take fucking
take anything from you
in a fucking second.
Hand over the fucking bag.
I'm sorry, Jesse.
I can't.
You really are a
stupid fuck, aren't you?
What the fuck you
got in there, huh?
Your hopes and fucking dreams?
Huh? Is that what you're doing?
You holding onto some
fucking shit in there.
Give me the fucking bag.
I'm not gonna fucking
ask you again.
I can't.
You can't?
I understand.
Vinnie, don't.
We've had fucking
dinners together.
You fucking moron.
You're forcing my fucking hand.
I don't want to fucking do this.
But I gotta fucking do this.
This isn't on me.
This is on you!
[gun fires]
[Ryker screams]
[guns firing]
[dramatic music]
Fuck you, mother fucker.
You just shot my fucking man!
You want to fucking play?
I'll fucking play, Ryker!
Fucking piece of shit.
All right, fucking
say something.
All right, mother
fucker. You want to play?
I'm gonna fucking play with you.
Hey. Where the
fuck are you guys?
Yeah, who the fuck we got left?
Bring them up, everybody.
Yeah fucking now.
Bring everybody up.
In about ten fucking seconds,
I'm gonna have all my
fucking men in here.
And they're gonna fucking
rain on your fucking
parade, fucking Ryker.
And until then, I'm gonna
fucking enjoy me a fucking cigar.
Because you
have caused me a
fucking headache today.
[suspenseful music]
This is fucking good, yeah.
[Gunman] You get down there.
You ready to fucking play?
I'm gonna fucking enjoy this.
Make it rain, boys.
[guns firing]
[dramatic music]
Fucking loud.
Don't you hit that chair. That's
my favorite fucking chair.
Yeah, that's fucking right.
Do your job, all on
this mother fucker.
Yeah, take that fucking
Ryker. Take it, fuck you.
[dramatic music]
You're not Lord of
this fucking game.
[guns continue firing]
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[Ryker] Hey, man.
What's up, bro?
Looks like you're letting
yourself slide a little bit.
Still chasing that
modeling career?
[Friend] No.
I am the new model.
[Ryker] Then why are you here?
Because I want you to come
back home now. It's time.
[dramatic music]