The Handmaiden (2016) Movie Script

Get lost.
These damn....
I should be the one going.
It should be me who's going to that Japanese household.
Don't miss the train.
Go, hurry.
You should rest a bit.
We're not there yet.
I am Ok Ju.
This property has three buildings.
The main house is an English style building, and the rest are Japanese style building that make up the living quarters.
The Japanese architecture can't compare with the grandiose style of the English.
The Mistress likes both Japanese and English architecture, that's why it's built this way.
Besides this, there is another wing.
The Mistress made a library there.
Following, is the third building, servants' quarters.
Since you are her personal maid, you will not be sleeping with the rest of the servants.
You may eat the Mistress' leftover food.
But the leftover tea must be brought to the kitchen.
Left over oil and soap should be brought to the housekeeper.
If you are caught stealing, you will be kicked out immediately.
But, I believe you're not that kind of person Tamako.
You will be called Tamako from now on.
Leaning on Ok Ju
I am Sasaki.
The Miss' daily routine is simple.
A walk in the backyard.
Reciting poetry with the Master.
Our Miss loves to read books the most compared to most rich people.
And the richest among those who like to read.
Even government officials come here.
Bringing light to the name.
You must be respectful.
Occasionally, there are power outages but don't be afraid
I'll be sleeping in here?
Miss Hideko is very ill and is easily awakened.
The Mistress' room is over there?
Miss. Are you all right?
Sun Ja. Is it you Sun Ja?
Sun Ja got fired. I am the new maid.
You were having a nightmare?
See that cherry blossom tree over there?
My Aunt went mad and hung herself on it.
Occasionally, on dark nights
her spirit can be seen.
Just hanging there...
Here. Drink this.
My Aunt
Gave a bit of alcohol to babies that woke up in the middle of the night
Is this the scent of clothes?
You think my actual name is Tamako...
But my real name is Nam Sook Hee.
Once I was born, I was given away to the silversmith shop of my father.
ah, no, my mother's
When I was 5, I could already tell the difference between fake and real money.
Afterwards, I learned how to make fake signature stamps.
and even picked up the art of stealing as well.
But these children are not to learn any of these skills.
They were abandoned right after birth.
We wash, feed, then sell them off to Japan.
If we hadn't taken them in they would've died of starvation,
the best we can do is give them a chance to be a Miss or Count in a rich household.
Gguet Dan hates feeding the children her breastmilk.
If it were me, it'd be different.
If only I had breastmilk,
I'd feed each and every one of them till they're full.
Today, I'll talk about this translator.
There's a person in Japan who purposely became a translator for government officials.
And of course, the pay was high.
Enough to even buy a mine.
But now he wants to be a Japanese
After getting Japanese citizenship.
He married the daughter of a disgraced aristocrat.
He even adopted his wife's surname, Kouzuki.
That... bastard...
That bastard built a house
After that, created a library filled with books and ancient artifacts.
Many collectors gather there.
And after holding the poetry recital,
the book is auctioned off.
This man considers books and art to be as valuable as his life.
But only few are sold.
Even if he doesn't want to but has to sell them...
he sells fakes.
He's looking for someone to create counterfeits for him
Not the sort that he has.
Not only a real Japanese, but a aristocrat none the less.
A Count.
And that Count will be I, Fujiwara.
And who will this be?
A woman. A Japanese woman.
Who killed his wife?
Is she pretty?
Kouzuki's wife died before giving birth to any children.
And the woman is his niece, the daughter of his dead wife's sister.
The one that reads books...
Is she pretty?
She is an orphan.
An extremely wealthy orphan.
I will make her fall in love with me and we'll escape to Japan.
There, we will get married, and once she receives her inheritance
I'll say that my wife has gone mad and have her locked in an insane asylum.
Got it.
-I want Sook Hee to be her maid. -What?
Every night to listen in on Hideko.
and afterwards, relay everything to me.
Follow her every move all day
and convince her to fall in love with me.
A con-man still knows how to love?
And the money?
Is she definitely rich?
Every night before sleeping, I remember the amount money.
1,500,000 in cash, 300,000 in bonds.
He's an uncle merely by title
The inheritance all belongs to Hideko
Which is why Kouzuki plans to marry Hideko.
To marry his own niece? What a...
And how much will we get?
I will give you people 50,000.
Sook Hee can also take Hideko's jewelry and clothes as well.
Let me do it! Let me do it!
I know Japanese and am experienced in being a maid.
Fine, 50,000 accepted.
Besides the jewelry and clothes, I want 10,000 on top of that.
Is she crazy?
Who's saying I'm crazy?
It's not like that.
I want to make a big catch then leave Korea.
I have to bear with these country maids.
Ah, damn it.
This is Tamako.
I am at your service.
He should've told me she was so pretty.
She's got me completely flustered.
This is a reference letter
from Lady Minami, my last mistress.
This is Lady Minami's reference letter. Listen carefully.
Dear Miss Izumi Hideko,
Count Fujiwara has informed me
you are in need of a new maid.
A maid is like a pair of chopsticks.
When its' presence is there it's ignored, but when its not really there you feel something missing.
Do you like this place?
This place is somber, there's barely any sunlight.
because Uncle won't permit it.
Sunlight causes books to fade.
You probably wouldn't like a dark and somber place like this.
Do you not have any formality?
I'll take my leave.
I always get headaches when it's time for me to read.
Help me read this.
My goodness, thank you
Lady Minami
has praised me so well.
Is that so?
Miss you are Japanese.
But why aren't you speaking Japanese?
It's a bother.
All the books Uncle makes me read are in Japanese.
So help read it for me.
Dear Miss Izumi Hideko,
Count Fujiwara has informed me
you are in need of a new maid.
Maids are like spoons... an I mean...
like chopsticks....
Or is it spoons?
I don't know how to read, Miss.
At all?
What about the Korean alphabet?
This is your name.
Don't know your name either?
You can learn the alphabet.
You can even curse at me or steal things from me.
But please don't lie to me.
Yes, Mistress.
It's my mother.
What a very beautiful lady!
What about me?
Am I also beautiful?
Everyone tells me I'm not as beautiful as my mother.
I heard from Count Fujiwara...
You've met him before?
No, I haven't.
But my aunt...
She's the one who told me.
My Aunt was his nanny.
What has he said about me?
He says that he can't help but think of your beautiful face before sleeping.
Why does he think about it before sleeping?
What happened to your feet?
I don't have anywhere to go.
When I moved to Korean when I was 5, I never left.
But if you wear new shoes, the steps you take are all the same.
These shoes seem to fit you.
It's time for me to go practice.
I'll go alone.
It's still raining.
At noon, come knock on the door.
See you late-
What are these?
This is....
The former Mistress' house is so big. Why would she?
Maybe the house was too big so she went insane?
My new maid.
Snake... Snake.
Don't take another step.
You need to remember.
The snake is the limit.
A snake.
The Count?
So that's why you told me to go bathe.
My aunt said when you hear that guests will come, drop everything and go bathe the children.
The guests like the smell of a clean baby.
Miss, you are my baby.
My aunt also said, give the babies candy when they bathe.
To teach them that bath time is sweet.
What's wrong?
One of my teeth is sharp.
It keeps cutting me.
So this was the scent.
It's smooth now.
Hurry. Hurry.
Inviting me to the living room immediately as I arrive
this is really too cordial
Due to traveling
I dressed comfortably.
But don't worry,
during our painting lessons,
I will dress properly.
Are you Tamako?
Yes Count, please take good care of me.
It'll be hard for me to deal with you if you disservice me.
For a Korean
you don't look so bad.
Will you fulfill your duty?
Count Fujiwara
calls for your maid Tamako
to help him do something.
He asks you if it is alright?
You were looking for me, Count?
Come in.
People back home miss you a lot.
Saying Sook-Hee will become a better conman than her mother.
Who'd believe words from a lying conman like you?
It seems you and I have gotten closer, so whenever I make a move
come meet me separately
The Mistress is so naive, if someone were to pull her nipple she wouldn't even know it.
Which is why you're at her side to help.
You need to remind that this is for me.
"Ever since the Count's arrival
your toenails have grown long so fast."
Talk and use those sorts of methods ok?
Here. A gift.
Oh my, how pretty.
After all, once you get sent to the asylum,
all these shall be mine.
Looking at you like this makes me feel uncomfortable
Have you ever seen such blue sapphires?
Let's see
This is not sapphire... but spinel.
It's alright though, Miss. Spinel is quite expensive too.
How do you know it's spinel...
My Aunt... I mean... Lady Minami taught me
But it's alright.
You shouldn't feel embarrassed.
Jewelers would get confused between both too.
Is that so?
Of all the clothes I've washed and help her worn
is there any prettier than this?
How nice would it be to let the rest have a look.
I really want everyone to see. I wonder what they'll say?
They'll probably say...
So attractive.
Too... too wonderful.
Simply magnificent.
Shameless bastard.
I... I... I don"t know what to do.
I will even stutter like this.
and blush.
Only then will those rich fools believe.
Prepare to put your heart into it.
Do you understand?
Let's try
One. Two. Three.
Its all the Count's fault, he kept pouring wine and telling me to drink.
How do you feel?
It's very tight.
Miss, how did you survive wearing this?
You think this feels tight?
Miss. I'm gonna die!
Looking like this,
you could pass as a Lady.
The Count said something...
which I think I understand now.
Your face....
Every time before I sleep, I always remember.
Mistress. You really....
She's like a porcelain doll.
So many buttons
is to let me elated about taking this off?
Unbutton it, pull the string...
You'll see something
so sweet and supple.
If I were a thief
I would've already be reaching to caress it.
Miss, must you really marry your Uncle?
He raised me for this reason.
He knew sooner or later one day will need my inheritance.
There's a famous collector from France
who says he plans to auction off his library in a few days
If successful,
the income from his gold mines are far from enough
If it was me.
I would sell all the books and buy gold, not sell gold and buy books.
Right now, the Miss...
doesn't want to recite poetry in front of the bastard trying to get her inheritance.
The Count is making counterfeits
The Miss is waiting till 2 to begin her art lessons.
She waits and waits.
What a pity...
To think a fake Count like him can steal her heart
I'm very sorry.
It's alright.
This peach....
should I redraw it and make it look more realistic?
Only if you stop looking at it as a plain object
Meaning perspective must be considered
For example, the peach is very juicy
Right in front of you, you're afraid
seeing the deeper meaning penetrate your inner most thoughts
Let's stop here for today.
Seems its ripe.
That fast?
Do you know?
That ever since the Count's arrival, you've began to blush more often?
How did your mother pass away?
Not long after giving birth to me.
She went and hun-
Ah no...
Hung herself? Like my aunt.
Yes, that's right.
But before she passed away, she must've often hugged you.
My mother passed away shortly after giving birth to me.
That's why it's no different than me killing her.
It would've been better if I wasn't born.
It's not a child's fault for being born
If she was still here
your mother would say
"I'm so lucky to have given birth to you before I died"
"I'm not burdened at all"
Did my mother cry before getting hanged?
Your mother.
has stolen a thousand times and only got caught once.
And because of that, died.
You ask if she cried?
No, she laughed.
Said she was very lucky to have been able to give birth to you before dying.
I wasn't burdened at all.
Please sit here for a bit.
I will go and pick mushrooms.
I'll make you hotpot tonight.
You don't like hotpot?
Let me come too.
I'll be back soon.
Before the rain.
Well done.
Oh, what a coincidence.
May I sit?
The Miss is sitting so shyly.
This conman is taking advantage of her.
The servants leave
to give the two privacy
The plan is going well, Sook-Hee.
Everyone is playing their part.
You know, servants can't go in and out as they please!
It would've been better if I hadn't come here.
I shouldn't have come here.
Are Hideko's paints ready?
Of course Count.
The watercolor and everything is...
Go change it to oil paint instead.
The weather today is suitable for oil painting.
There's a power outage, bring the lamps here.
Yes. Right away.
I need to remind myself
that I want to be rich.
and then travel somewhere far
eat foreign foods,
buy bright shiny things and...
most importantly
Forget about Hideko.
You didn't even notice or care to check up on me?
It was late so I went to sleep.
I'm sorry Mistress.
Did you know reciting takes a lot of energy and effort?
The makeup, changing clothes, all done by myself
I think I might have a nightmare. Sleep here by my side.
He proposed to me.
He said the 15th of this month...
when Uncle will be away
We'll run away to Japan.
How did you reply?
I said I don't know.
Because I'm afraid.
Afraid that your uncle will be angry?
Afraid of the Count.
What is there to be afraid of? He's so kind.
I don't even know, I just feel that...
When he caresses my cheek, my face becomes really warm.
What does a man really want?
What I mean is... The wedding night...
How would I know?
I grew up without a mother to teach me.
I have no idea about any of this.
Probably kissing first?
Let's try to put her to sleep
So adorable
In a foreign country and without a mother
Alone in this giant mansion
Reading useless books
And learning nothing of value.
Why did the taste change?
Sour and bitter.
Within the bitterness changes to sweetness.
Sweet with a nice scent.
How do you know?
Have you done this before?
Nope not at all, my friend showed me this.
Showed you? By describing?
Yes, by describing.
So this is the feeling.
This is what the Count wants.
The Count...
Would it be like being with a corpse?
You know, my hands and legs cold?
Is that so?
Do you want to feel it?
I just feel relieved.
Do it to me, I want to personally know if it's relieving.
The Count will want to do this too.
And also...
So cute
If the Count see's this...
Will he be as gentle as you?
Of course, the Count will also...
Continue. Just like that, as if the Count was doing it.
After that, he would say...
"How soft and warm."
So wet...
Your beauty leaves me breathless.
Ok Ju.
A model should not move.
Ok Ju.
- Hideko. - Wait....
Please stop it.
Dont you dare touch her you filthy conman.
I can't paint anymore.
Come over here, Tamako.
How about you find something to do somewhere else?
I think you understand.
I don't need to go anywhere else
My duty is to look after the Mistress.
Do you not know when to stop?
It's all because of you.
I'm all hot and bothered.
It'll all be over when it's the 15th.
Do you know, how much I thirst for her?
Because I want to change my life,
I've put so much effort in.
You think I'll just stand here and watch you turn it all to waste?
You bitch.
Do you want me to tell the Miss everything?
To let her know that you're really a thief?
and just faking to be her friend?
Fine. Then why don't you expose yourself too
You're not at all an aristocrat
But a peasant from Jeju.
Think of your people.
Looking after the children, growing older by the day.
If you fail, they'll be extremely disappointed.
Do you want to be like your mother?
Don't you have to find money to take care of them?
From here on, don't you dare touch Hideko.
She doesn't know anything that goes on between man and woman.
If she get's scared, you'll never get your chance.
And also,
stop shoving things...
so small like that...
into my hands.
Ever since the Count came,
your toenails have grown fast.
It must be because you're very excited.
Miss, would you like to know something?
On the sea, boats pass by each other all the time
Coming and going.
Someone to meet you, someone to give money.
Where's the furthest place you've been to?
Is it behind the mountain?
I think if this were to continue, it would be amazing.
Being by your side.
You're very lucky Miss.
Not only do men like you,
But also have the ability to protect you.
These kinds of things are rare.
I don't know if I really love him.
You do love him.
How do you know that?
You look out the window.
You shift and sigh when you sleep.
And your toenails...
Even though I don't consider that as love...
I love someone else, not him...
You've never felt that someone as dependent as me....
would marry him and be happy?
You'll definitely fall in love with him.
Hideko finally accepted the proposal but with a request...
that I will accompany her to Japan as well.
The Count's expression looked troubled
but agreed nevertheless.
The day Uncle left,
Count also made a ruse, pretending to go back to Japan.
But in reality, hid somewhere near.
You have a week of freedom.
But you must remember the thing in the cellar.
We are very honored to have you
pick our boat.
We should arrive around...
7:30 pm.
At last have reach home.
It's been 3 years, I miss it so much.
You may not steal.
You may not steal.
No sex before marriage.
You may not commit adultery.
Were you able to sleep?
Please wait a sec.
I'm sorry.
The Count bribed the temple owner to keep an eye on us.
Afraid that we'll run away.
Why are you dressing up?
Theres nothing to do anyways.
Everything's going so slowly.
I'm afraid that Hideko will go mad, what should I do?
Maybe we'll play dress up again
I haven't seen the Count at all.
Unless he went to make the marriage official, and collect the inheritance...
Why does he need to do so much?
What took you so long?
You can't just half-ass the job.
What do you want me to do?
You've got the main part done, why don't we throw her into an asylum?
We've stayed here for one week.
At last...
Over here.
Who is that person?
She is Count Fujiwara's wife.
Before marriage, she was Miss Hideko.
Then who are you?
I am her maid.
So Tamako
do you think she needs treatment?
Don't let anyone harm the Miss.
I think it's best to let her stay somewhere where no one will harm her
It's the only way.
They'll only do a couple tests
We'll eat lambchops tonight at the Peace Hotel
We're almost done, you have worked hard.
Don't be afraid.
Hello Miss.
Do you still remember me?
What are you people doing?
We aren't harming you Miss.
But taking care of you.
You've got the wrong person.
That is Count Fujiwara's wife.
Count, say something!
You think you're the maid?
After all, she was raised by someone like the maid.
Son of a bitch.
You bastard. Damn you all.
You can't say those things here.
My poor Miss..
has gone absolutely mad.
I'm not sure if it may help,
but this is her mother's
most treasured possession
when she was sane.
This maid is quite thoughtful.
At the start I thought Hideko was naive.
Pftt. Naive?
Miss Hideko...
from the beginning, she was...
a bad woman.
I'm not a bad girl. I'm not a bad girl.
No. Don't. No.
Put on inside the mouth Hideko.
Put your hand out.
If you still want to talk back,
think of the taste of these bells!
From today onwards, you shall sleep here.
Help me light the lamp.
We have to conserve oil.
What an annoying brat.
Speak Japanese!
In there, is a demon...
what he hates the most...
are obnoxious brats.
If you continue to pester, he will come out.
And what will happen after that?
Use his huge body to press on you Miss.
You won't be able to speak another word...
You only know how to scare kids
And I?
Very pretty. I am also very pretty.
Look carefully...
Everyone says I...
am not as pretty as my sister.
The eyes.
Belly button.
The eyes.
Belly Button.
You thought that if you spoke Korean I wouldn't understand?
At that moment, a drop of insanity, could cause one to go completely mad.
If I could drive Sasaki mad as well...
then life would've been more fun.
I understand you're losing sanity.
After all, your mother was the same.
And that's why I will train you
to be normal again.
If not, I will return you to Japan.
And into an insane asylum.
An asylum created by a German.
It is said that their treatments are very good.
They will dig a hole in the ground and shove lunatics in there.
And cover it up.
If the patients are not that bad,
they will restrain you to the bed.
Let patients crawl like a dog.
After that, the cherry blossom tree was brought over with me
had blossomed twice.
Eventually Kim Yeon took off her clothing.
Ximen Qing carefully watches her nether regions.
There is not one strand of hair, so beautiful like a jewel.
Read it clearly.
Read it the same way you would lick a dish.
Listen to how your aunt reads it.
Eventually, Kim Yeon
Takes off her clothes.
Ximen Qing.
Carefully watching her nether regions.
There is not one
single strand of hair
and not only that
it was as smooth
as jade
and as tight as a drum.
and as soft as silk
Only with a single touch
did she climax.
The cum exudes out wine fragrance.
condenses as a dew drop
Even if in between is a deep black.
Is sometimes like something you must bear
Touch me there. Touch me there.
The tremble?
Everyone said we should've chopped the tree.
But Uncle absolutely didn't want to.
He said this came from Mt. Fuji
that took my aunt's last breath.
No one thought this was a big deal and only felt bad for the tree branch.
Although, this is only words
but I saw my Uncle stand.
Ever since then, Cherry blossoms so blossom has caused people to be moved.
The longer the blossom, the more I found out.
Just say it Juliet,
This hasty the young knight.
Will save you?
Slowly shakes her head.
I feel like that is a ill fate.
The brave knight
ah, a new guest.
The brave knight
Look at these old wounds
And the fresh ones
What do you think?
It is pitiful.
I really want lick it.
and stroke it.
If that is so...
Why don't you have a feel...
of her whipping you.
The duchess with a whip in her hand
from high she swings down.
Another one continues.
My penis,
is swollen from the pain.
Ten minutes.
If I gave her to you for 10 minutes
what would you give me in exchange?
Whatever you want
the sky is the limit.
The shackles holding the duke became loose.
I sat down on a chair, holding her.
And insert my penis into her.
Oh. Juliet. Juliet.
When the duke came from behind,
I felt a rope on my neck.
Very slowly, the rope got tighter.
I felt like a person drowning, trying to grab a hold of whatever I could.
I pulled on her hair
After that, the duke said...
It's been 10 minutes, end it.
Slow down, Husband.
I still haven't came yet...
That pain.
We will not stop.
Let me die
Kill me before the pain does.
That was Sal Deok?
It's Sal Deok style.
The same authour as "Lizard Tongue"
It is a Japanese person.
I bought this from a Japanese library.
Let this be tired in this world all over the place wandering the fellow.
A traveler that always had people by his side.
You get what I mean right?
I love
books such as this
The final page is very amazing
But as you all see
it's a real pity
If the last page was intact it would've been splendid.
If it were so, I would've gone all out for it.
Just relying on words...
is very difficult to truly depict the story.
That's why illustrations were included in the first place.
we will have a live demonstration before the auction starts...
So beautiful.
Please come again.
Thank you.
Today was outstanding.
Thank you.
Especially the endscene
With such aristocrats...
Is it possible to imitate other's paintings?
I believe in my craftsmanship.
I'm very good at these types of things.
Often pouring wine for women around me.
To create a happy vibe.
Even an expert wouldn't be able to tell.
The Mistress of this house...
can she get near you, Count?
I am able to look into a woman's eyes.
Only her eyes.
And she will try to dodge my glare.
But will immediately turn back and look.
If it were tonight.
I'd sneak into their blanket...
The Miss here would scold and reject me...
only one.
Even Sasaki?
Wasn't that your ex-wife?
You left her just to marry a Japanese woman.
The servants told me.
I also heard that you two still sleep in the same bed.
Why would you leave a wife like that?
To become a Japanese?
Because Koreans are very ugly.
But Japanese are very beautiful.
Koreans are different.
It's the other way around; the Japanese are ugly, and Koreans are pretty.
Simplicity has its own beauty.
Because Koreans are weak, stupid...
So it's not possible.
That goes for Sasaki as well.
I only need to talk about suitable things
And she will not wear undergarments
as she knocks on my bedroom door.
We think very much alike.
And who is that?
That very same person will reject you.
I hear you have much equipment,
and a grand collection of sorts.
But I've see nothing.
The one person will reject you...
Who is it?
There was one time,
where Hideko and I locked eyes
and she did not look away from me
will she appear in your dreams?
Even if she did show up in my dreams,
I feel that for us it is not meant to be.
Because she is as cold as ice.
It is the result of a long strenuous training
I heard that you want to marry her.
As I see it,
this relationship is right
I do not see that desire in her eyes.
Then it's no different than a soulless person.
You have to find a suitable method.
If you don't want to make love with someone dead on the inside.
This is my method of making things become beautiful.
Has Miss Hideko learned the fine arts yet?
She has only immersed in the literary arts, reading & reciting poetry.
When I studied in the UK
they made girls learn painting and such...
Whether they were aristocrats or not.
You have a call.
Why are there people calling so late at night.
It's about the Yanshu and the book.
Is that so?
Excuse me.
You must like... or....
Like what?
ever since the men said when they want to touch the breasts of a woman.
That Western style of speech...
I do know a bit.
After all, I do read books.
No matter how how beautiful the words are
its still like playing with fire.
That's how I feel.
What fire?
I'm a cold-hearted Mistress, Count.
He's going to come back soon.
Yanshu calling...
is because I wanted to talk to you alone about something.
I want to talk about your future.
I will be waiting at the lamppost at midnight.
Yanshu is a fool.
There's a maid sleeping behind you.
I don't want you to be tied in a scandal.
I saw Keiko carrying pillows and leaving already.
You don't think about the face you have as an aristocrat?
I am not an aristocrat.
I'm not even Japanese.
What do you think I came here for?
I have heard many rumors about you within my 15 years of living in Japan.
After that, I spent 3 years preparing,
learning about poetry and linguistics.
And even picked up ways to replicate paintings.
All just to meet you.
Persuading you to marry me.
To appropriate your father's assets.
After that, abandon you.
But after I have met you, I know
not just anyone can seduce you.
That's why I have a proposal for you.
Although the wedding binds us,
this is all of choice, its up to you.
I will save you from this place.
To a place no one knows.
And of course, the money will be split.
That's impossible.
A lady marrying some old man...
Do you think that's possible?
I won't marry anyone.
If you think like that?
Then it's wrong.
Not beautiful.
Miss, if you commit suicide who will inherit the assets?
Is that what you want?
To give your assets away to that old pervert?
Then he'll find a young beautiful girl
and hide her away, and train her to read.
Uncle will find out about us.
If we get caught, he'll drag us down into the cellar.
It's written in here that if someone is hung
they will stick there tongue out and defecate themselves.
But that day, why was aunt's lips shut.
And she was very clean.
Come with me somewhere.
is where I did things with your aunt.
I will tell you.
And you will not want to leave.
Do you understand?
That day, only look at. Listen.
and I never want to go down there for a second time.
This is a high concentration of opium.
If you drink 3 drops, you will sleep all night.
5 will make you completely pass out.
If you want to die within 5 minutes
then drink this entire vile.
As long as you have this, your Uncle will not be able to take you down to the cellar.
At least then you will be able to die quickly.
If you except my marriage proposal, you can think of this as a wedding gift.
This is more expensive than a diamond.
Find me a maid.
One where if she was to disappear no one would notice or care.
A bit stupid as well could be good.
One to be locked in the insane asylum
under my name and cannot escape.
If I were to find you this type of maid,
what would you do with Keiko?
I'm prettier than Miss Hideko?
Are you serious?
Of course.
Hideko is pretty, but you, Keiko, are even prettier
You can even speak Korean?
I learned Korean
Just so I can talk with you.
I really wanted to say this to you.
You're enticed aren't you.
This adorable thing.
If someone finds out about this, I will be fired.
Don't worry about that.
Come and live with me.
The maid Count sent over is very suitable.
She seems so foolish and naive.
If possible, let Sook-Hee look at the artifacts or some clothes.
She goes crazy over these things.
Its ok if Sook-Hee reads this letter
She's illiterate and cannot read.
Can you help me read this?
This is your name.
You don't even know your own name?
What happened to your foot?
Who was it?
Who took Tamako's shoe.
Apologize to her in front of all the maids later.
If she leaves because of you people,
you will be stripped naked and thrown out.
Its done.
Is the fragrance ok?
Why don't you join me in here.
You don't need to be embarrassed Miss.
Even a professional jeweler could hardly tell the difference
Is that so?
I'm returning the earrings I borrowed from you.
Women love to play with fate.
She always takes the earrings and tries them on as she looks in the mirror.
I feel that Sook-Hee will do her best.
She won't be suspicious about us.
Until the day comes, don't let Sook-Hee find out.
Let her do her best to help you fall in love with me.
She do any and everything to persuade you.
For me?
Now you look like a Miss.
Why did your mom pass away?
"I'm so lucky to have given birth to you before I died"
"I don't feel burdened at all"
Is it like that in the books?
Men are disgusting.
Why do you always think of those things.
You're asking me about how I think?
You think all I'm interested in is your body?
Is that so?
You definitely have been reading too many of those erotic writings.
If there's anything I do want from you...
Its not your eyes, hands, or ass.
But your money.
You having the first is money.
Talking and teasing an aristocrat like you is so fun.
Why she like this?
Why is she so angry?
When she sleeps sighs so heavily.
Every time I meet with the Count, Sook-Hee always looks so angry.
I don't like it.
Please endure when Sook-Hee comes back.
When she sees this scene,
Only then will she believe in the engagement.
Then treat me as a doll.
I'll also think of another woman.
And who will you think of?
Duchess Juliet.
Her feelings were locked, deep away.
Kim Lan couldn't explain.
When the Lady found out about this,
she brought 4 silver bells to Kim Lan.
Calling them "distant bells"
Something used to expand...
Two to put inside of the Lady.
Two to put into her.
The two spread their legs.
Just like two scissors.
and intertwine.
And touch each other.
Their labias' rubbing together.
Combined with the sound of the bells ringing
There's a power outage, go get the lights.
Yes. Understood.
Kim Lan asked,
When will this be put in?
the Lady asked, why?
It went in deep.
And the saliva
Why are you telling me these sweet things.
To kiss.
Why caress my breasts?
Why is my pussy wet?
And lightly bite the shoulder.
At that time the bells were put in...
and- -Outstanding!
So cute.
If the Count were to see this...
Would he be as gentle as you?
Of course.
After that, the Count will...
Keep going Tamako.
Like the Count would.
The Count..
The Count...
Will like this very much.
After that,
He would...
So soft, so warm...
Ah so wet.
Your beauty takes peoples' breath away.
Mistress, do you want me to continue?
Yes, continue.
Teach me everything.
I could die happily know that I got to eat you out.
Am I good?
Am I good?
Will you promise to never leave me?
I will not...
At the beginning didn't know anything.
Looks like she's a natural.
Wait a minute...
Stop it...
It's because of you I didn't succeed.
She knows nothing.
If you continue like this, she will be afraid and back out.
Do you see?
If she is doubting the marriage,
then maybe she will quit.
You have to convince her to fall in love with me.
I can't do it.
I want to quit.
What's with everyone today?
You're doing this because you pity her, am I right?
Why are women like this?
But the one Sook-Hee is pitying,
do you know what she says about you?
She says you're too naive, if someone were to pull your nipple you wouldn't even know what it means.
She says you're so pitiful, so easy to blush.
So easy to manipulate.
With that innocent and naive face....
Yes, Miss you will definitely fall in love with the Count
Even though I don't love him, but someone else
you still want me to...
a nobody,
get married with someone like him?
That's right.
It would've been better if I was never born.
To have never taken a breath and live.
Let go.
Miss, I was wrong.
You won't let go?
Miss, I was wrong.
Don't kill yourself, it was my fault.
And where were you wrong?
It was me who dragged you into this mess, convincing you to marry that bastard.
He even wanted to throw you into an insane asylum.
Don't die!
Don't marry him Miss.
Sook-Hee, you care about me?
I care about you a lot too.
How do you know my name?
You thought you tricked me?
You're the one who got tricked.
You're the one who's going to be thrown in the asylum.
You will be sent there under my name.
After that, I will assume your identity and go with that bastard.
So I won't have anything against you.
Because you wanted to do the same to me...
That fucking son of a bitch!
I'm sorry miss!
Hello, it is I Sook-Hee.
I'm writing this letter this letter explaining the change of plans.
Miss Hideko has decided to work with me
But I need to send you something.
Always remember things that happen in the cellar.
Come with me somewhere.
You've already taught me Japanese alphabet.
That son of a bitch painted this didn't he.
This is what he's been doing the entire time?
For those dirty old men?
When a nobleman's daughter is back from being in public, she uses straw to make a coat
her child is also a thief, a conman,
the one that saves me.
My Tamako.
My Sook-Hee
Son of a bitch.
Damn you all, bastards!
Let go of me.
I'm hungry.
I'm wearing a well-fitted suit,
Can't I wear it to a fancy French restaurant?
Those colonist soldiers...
some recognize me.
That's why they're jeering at me.
I thought they would call the manager to kick me out.
They're waiting for me to devour my food.
How funny.
And they began calling me Count.
And I began getting fame.
To be honest I'm not all that interested in money.
What exatly do I want?
Is not needing to see the price when I drink wine.
Something like that.
It's a 14 hour train ride to Vladivostok
This is a castle in Russia.
How about we get married there?
In a few days, the asylum will contact us.
Saying my wife has passed.
Looks like she wasn't only getting locked up?
Say that to Sook-Hee's face.
what's the point of living in there?
I've prepared the passports.
Stick your photo over hers.
Tomorrow, Sook-Hee will be reborn.
To be married to me.
This time, using Sook-Hee's identity.
Want to commit another crime?
I had a feeling the Miss would like it.
Sook-Hee at a place like that...
so pitiful.
Do you ever think about her?
No. I do not pity her.
We're doing illegal things anyways.
Is it stupid to love someone being someone like you?
Of course.
That's why even if I did love you and did things,
I don't have a drop of pity.
A conman like you knows what love is?
What happened?
It's on fire!
Over here!
Because you were thoughtful
You have overcome so many obstacles for me.
Just so I can be reborn
I am so grateful.
I agree to kiss you.
I don't want that.
Because I don't like to start out with kissing.
Because you won't learn anything.
I want to start from here.
Travel down from your stomach and kiss down there first.
A hard kiss.
Then do it.
But I am not in the mood right now.
Don't you know?
You can't trick me.
Wait 10 minutes.
If I become your woman,
what will you give me?
Whatever you want.
The sky is the limit.
I have lots to teach you.
You will become a perfect woman.
I too read a book a few days ago,
in there it said when women are forcefully taken, they have more pleasure.
So now just lie down.
Can you help me get that?
Send this to Uncle
Every time I watched Uncle and the Count speak Japanese so fluently,
he concentrated on instigating fear on the aristocrats.
In my heart, I think the who should be pitied is Uncle.
I am very happy to tell you,
that you don't have to do anything.
That person.
Is a peasant from Jeju.
That's right, did you receive my gift Uncle?
Can I use Korean to explain my gift?
Sorry, force of habit,
i am not in a pressured relationship, I like women.
I am thankful for him, out of all the maids,
He gave me Sook-Hee
You said you wanted to see my collection right?
Don't just see it, but feel it.
I chose five items I like the most.
Look. First...
Whip To Talk.
Aristocrat Lizard.
Sinful Undergarments.
Pull A Little Bit.
Doctor Chan's office.
Doctor Jang bedroom.
How did you get tricked by that brat?
But don't worry, I will catch them.
I have prepared...
things that will never let those two escape.
Please change these tickets to Shanghai.
Two ticket changes from Vladivostok to Shanghai?
Yes. That's right.
Please show passport.
Lady Nam Sook Hee.
Mister Gao Phan Shou.
That will be 3 more dollars.
I am a dirty old man who likes erotica.
Everyone absorbs every story differently.
That is my passion.
But now, it's all over. What do I do?
Now only you can tell me.
How's Hideko? Is she hot?
Tell me
Give me a cigarette, it will help me remember.
You love smoking right?
How is Hideko?
This place doesn't have windows?
Sook Hee will eavesdrop, just endure.
Yeah. That's right.
What? Don't just stop half way!
You have to describe where you started, face, chest, nipples.
Or did you touch her pussy?
Softly or hard?
Were there many folds? Was she wet?
Give me one more cigarette.
I dare say, the most amazing parts have never been written down in any book
It feels like I'm listening to the singing of a child
Then there were drops of crimson blood dripping down.
From that, she became a blossomed woman.
She once was a naive little girl, but now she has guts.
What is this, naive, guts eh?
Tell me, the essence, the process,
You understand right? Did she resist?
Did you squeeze her ass? Or swear at her?
If you didn't then you should have.
Now she is a widow.
Hideko is my wife.
There's no one else who can tell about the sexual experience with her.
But at this damp and somber place,
you've become an obscure lunatic.
The toxicity in the smoke is very strong, only 1 cigarette is enough.
Even like this, dying is a luxury.