The Hanoi Hilton (1987) Movie Script

Clear deck.
Patrick Michael Williamson
interview, take one.
Commander Williamson,
there's a small
but growing concern
in Congress
that we might be getting in over
our heads in Southeast Asia.
How does this strike you?
Well, I think
we ought to be here.
South Vietnamese want
to establish a country
with values similar
to our own.
I think we ought to help.
And what values are those?
Freedom, the right to think
for yourself,
to follow your own faith.
You know,
individual freedom.
Is that why
you're here?
I think I've told you
why I'm here.
But if you want
the official reason,
you'll have to ask
the civilian authorities.
They lawfully
ordered me here.
On that level,
I'm serving my country.
I'm here to serve
my government.
They held down the eject?
I hit the tree
on the way down.
You'll be all right.MASON: Ahh.
Medivac will be here.Okay, thank God.
There it is.
Get us outta here, Pat.
I gotta get out
in the open.
I gotta make
official contact.
Hey, he's got a broken leg.
Get him off me.
Get him off me.
Mason! Mason!
The legacy
of colonialism.
Replacement parts
from France
are very difficult to obtain,
to say nothing of the expense.
That you stand when I enter
is good, is proper.
Shows correctness
of attitude.
Welcome to Hanoi
and Hoa Lo prison.
I am Major Ngo Doc.
And you are?
2210771, Lieutenant
Commander Williamson,
Patrick Michael,
16th October 1930.
And where was your
aircraft destroyed?
2210771, Lieutenant Commander
Williamson, Patrick Michael--
Heh. Yes, yes, all well
and good, commander.
You are, no doubt,
trying to hide
behind the Geneva convention,
n'est-ce pas?
Well, commander,
when the United States declare
war upon my country,
then we will fulfill our
international commitments.
But for the moment,
there is no declaration of war.
And since you cannot be
a prisoner of war,
you are a criminal.
I suggest you should ask
for a pardon.
President Ho Chi Minh
is a great man.
He will personally protect
you while you are here
in Hoa Lo prison.
2210771, Lieutenant
Commander Williamson,
Patrick Michael,
16th October 1930.
Our war with the French
lasted for a decade.
You might be here
for several years.
Think carefully,
Now, where was your aircraft
shot down?
Lieutenant Commander Patrick
Michael Williamson,
16th October 1930.
Recently pictured
in LIFEmagazine.
Married to Sheila Powers,
June 15, 1954.
Two sons,
age 7 and 9.
Home is Philadelphia.
No point continuing,
eh, commander?
Let us try again.
Are you married?
I know what
you're trying to do.
If I start telling
you this,
I'll be on board
your program.
Are you married,
It might be two
or three years
before I give you another
chance to cooperate.
To show correctness
of attitude.
You bow!
You bow!
You can handle this.
Won't be more
than a couple of months.
We can handle this.
No eat?
You bad.
I said down.
Hey, driver! Navy?
Oh, God, if there's another
Yank here, we can make it.
We can make it,
we can make it, God.
We can make it.
Well, commander.
How have you been
these past few months?
Heh, yes, indeed,
you have.
And I think you should deserve
some reward for that.
Some of your compatriots
may be joining us.
Perhaps we should allow
you some contact.
Move you around
from time to time.
In spite of my threat
to leave you in isolation
for three years,
I offer some change
after merely one.
You can therefore see,
I am a very lenient man.
Lenient, hell.
I just outlasted you.
All clear.
Welcome to the bridal suite
of the Hanoi Hilton.
Lieutenant Commander
of the Hancock.
Yeah, well--
The Hancock?
How long have you been--A year. I think.
The only one
in the cellblock.
Hi, I'm Paul Kennedy.
Lieutenant JG off
the Enterprise.
Earl Hubman,
captain, Air Force.
Bill Oldham,
Marine major.
I'd get up,
but the leg's gone.
Busted in two places.
Believe it or not,
I've been here the longest,
over six months,
over in the Annex.
Besides you.Four for me.
And the cripple here
is the new boy.
Three weeks.
A year's a long time.
Who also have you seen?No one.
I saw a message
on the bath house walls.
It was signed a Navy driver.
That message
and that's all.
So it's been...
It's been a very long time.
I began to think that
I wouldn't see anyone, and so...
Seeing you guys is...
What's your name again?
Paul Kennedy, sir.Paul Kennedy.
How are you?
And you're...?Captain Hubman.
And you're...?Bill.
Bill, how are you,
Welcome, sir.
How long you in, Bill?
Twenty-one years
in the corps.
Twenty-one years,
semper fi.
Where you from?Philly.
And you?St. Louis.
Tell me about
what's going on at home.
What have I been missing?
I'll tell you,
For openers, they've got
this 16-year-old daughter.
Brings home this kid,
a boyfriend.
Now, this kid has got hair
almost across his ears,
so my wife asked him,
in a decent,
courteous way,
she says,
"Don't you find your hair
a little feminine?"
That little son of a bitch
looks at her straight
in the eye and says,
"Compared to you, maybe."
So I killed him.
Heh, don't believe him.
Something wrong, commander?
I mean, I don't know
who you guys really are.
Why you're allowed company.
It's okay sir, relax.
There's no conspiracy here,
Our war is over.
Once we're in here,
we're as good as discharged.
And as far as being together,
look, Oldham's hurt.
It's hot in here.
Give me a hand, will you?
I'm here
as an afterthought.
Until three weeks ago
I was in a jungle camp.
I'm not supposed to be
a fighting man anymore.
I did my war in Korea,
I'm a recall.
Right about now
I should be taking a 503
from Grand Central
to Scarsdale.
Nice place you got here.
Did a real A-1,
spit and polish job.
I'm going to need
an 8:00 wake-up call.
You bow.You bow.
You bow!
Never bow to you,
you lousy son--
God damn it!
Get your skinny little
ass back here!
Voice to deep to be a V.
Must be a choir.
Choir! Hey, driver!
No do! No do!
You quiet!
Hey, don't put him back
in solitary.
Fuck you!
Well, whoever just told me
to go screw myself
had sure better outrank me.
Uh, who said that?CATHCART: I'm Cathcart.
Cameron Cathcart.
Air Force, colonel,
full colonel.
Where are you?
Uh, sir.
Where are you, sir?
Keep talking.
I'm Miles,
captain, Air Force.
Captain, huh?
You just keep talking.MILES: Yes, sir.
A little discipline around
here would be good, sir.
I know I could use
some structure.
Uh, I'm alone.That's enough.
I found it.
It's a hole.
Back of that pipe.
About 9 o'clock.
Get up on your bunk.
I'm sorry, sir.
I can't, I'm in stocks.
I got contact with a man
on the other side.
He says he just got himself
60 days in irons
for trying to contact you.
Tell him congratulations on
joining the ankle biters' club.
And sir,
could you do me a favor?
Uh, ask him how he works
the bucket in the stocks.
I'll find out.
In the meantime,
hear this.
And pass it on.
The code of conduct
will apply to all American
serviceman in here.
Nobody handed you a discharge
when you got captured.
We will keep the faith in God
and country and in one another.
We will honor military ranks
and obey the senior ranking
officer at all times.
For the time being,
until I hear different,
I am that SRO.
My orders are simple.
Firstly, save everything.
Collect every piece
of scrap you can find.
It'll all come in handy.
Secondly, stay in contact
at all times.
You must contact every arrival.
You must memorize every name.
And we will manipulate
the enemy,
but we will not
antagonize him needlessly.
You catch more flies with
honey than with vinegar.
No matter what they do to us,
we are Americans.
If we help
and support one another,
we will prevail.
No thanks,
I'm growing a beard.
Beat it!
Well, maybe just a trim.No. You no good.
You tough guy.
You go away.
Hey, Einstein.
What are you doing?
Gassing up the gook H-bomb?
Great disguise.
No, really,
you had me fooled.
I like it.
You got here just in time,
We needed an SRO.
Carry on, commander.
All clear.Report out.
Kennedy, cell eight,
a-okay, sir.
Williamson, cell six,
first-class shape, sir.
Me and Oldham in cell seven
are okay, sir.
We're fantastic over here.
Never better.
Ashby in cell five.
Coming along fine, sir.
How's the arm, son?
Can you use it?
It's getting there, sir.
Before we get down to business,
two things to remember.
you must resist any attempt
to make you act contrite.
do not act contrite.
Secondly, Williamson?
You keep working on that
transom with that nail
you found, you hear?
All right, carry on, gentlemen.
Okay, Ashby?
This time
I want a straight answer.
Understand?Yes, sir.
All right.
Now explain.
If Rod Steiger
was on the czarist side,
why would he want
to help Omar Sharif?
Because he really wants
Julie Christie.
She was in love with
Tom Courtenay, right?
Uh, no, sir.
Courtenay was on the train,
was all.
I think it was meant
to be Trotsky.
Forget that.
Colonel Cathcart,
what did you mean
that Johnson's ordered
a bombing pause?
Did the V respond?
Will they talk?
In Korea
they talked for three years
before the POWs came home.
Three years.
Hubman, you're a delight.
Living with a happy, upbeat guy
like you is a real delight.
You know something,
if this was World War II,
I'd escape.
I get away from you
and the gooks.
Colonel, could it really
be that long?
Ashby, we don't have to tell
you that this is not Korea.
We're not gonna be here
Bombing pause or not, our
people, they know we're here.
They'll never let us down.
I know, sir. It's, uh, just
a little lonely, is all, sir.
I'm not used to being
alone like this.
Big family,
college fraternity,
the Air Force, I--
I hate being alone.
You can always pray, son.
Then you're never alone.
Find yourself a mirror.
Just a mirror.
Hey, hey! What are you doing,
taking your sister to lunch?
Trying to sing here. Jesus.
Everybody's a critic
around here.
"Colonel Cameron Cathcart.
United States Air Force."
twice decorated Korean ace.
"Twenty kills."
Twenty kills.
You like flying, eh?
You like the war?
Perhaps I should read
a little bit more.
I've seen it.
There's no relevance here.
But this is a highly
respected publication.
Innocent enough, I suppose.
But here in Hoa Lo prison,
it is your indictment.
I have no need
to keep you alive.
You have not been confirmed
as a prisoner.
Heh, only last Sunday,
The New York Times
listed you as an MIA.
The other men know I'm here.
Who knows what they
will remember in 10 or 15 years?
We had Frenchman here
for longer than that.
So, American Colonel,
I am fully aware that
you are attempting to maintain
American ranks
and military discipline here.
You will stop immediately.
things might get much worse.
The ranks do exist.
Heh.We are American servicemen.
I am an American colonel.
"There are those
in my government
"who dislike educated men..."
Oh, such as myself,
who were schooled
by the Jesuits.
They consider me, uh,
ideologically unsound,
too prone to compassion
for people like you.
They must see
that I have helped you
to cooperate, to put your
white man's arrogance aside.
Stop the silly Army games.
I will consider it
an act of contrition.
The ranks do exist.
We are American servicemen.
I am an American colonel.
No, Cathcart.
American criminals.
Yes, criminals.
You wish
to maintain discipline here?
You wish to challenge me?
Good. Acceptable.
I will pick, at random,
one of your men,
and I will exert on him
the same physical pain
you and your country inflict
on my people with your war.
Yes, Cathcart.
You will only have yourself
to blame
for his pain
and his anguish.
I want you
to think about that.
What the hell
kind of haircut was that?
Jeez, what I wouldn't give
for that suit though, heh.
Welcome to the pigsty.
Pigsty population doubles.
Young kid,
Air Force flight suit,
lieutenant bars.
Welcome, Lieutenant X.
Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
You might as well be dead
as here.
Get away! Jesus! Aah!
Get out!
Oh, thank God, thank God.
And you too, heh. Hey, you too.
Okay, okay, guys.
All right.
Oh, Jesus Christ, oh.
No noise!
No! Stop!
No noise!
Jesus! Bastard!
lieutenant, USAF, sir.
Who right now wishes
he'd gone to law school.
God bless you, son.
God bless you.
I am told
you still insist
that you have some, uh,
special status here.
So speak.
Speak for him.
Will you not speak
to save him?
It is time for you
to experience another part
of our prison system,
but not until you, yourself,
have visited Room 18,
and then
you will disappear.
Maybe three
or four years.
Soldier on, colonel!
Soldier on!You too, flyer. You too!
Williamson's the new SRO.
Me? Oh, shit.CATHCART: Good luck.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Hey, it's gonna be all right.
Hey, it's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine, all right?
Stay awake on me.
You stay awake,
you stay alive.
There's no way I'm gonna let you
die, all right? You got that?
There's no way I'm gonna
let you die. Stay awake!
All right.
SRO Williamson wants to know
what you did that
antagonized them the most.
Nothing, ahem.
Negative. Nothing.
Come on,
you stay awake on me.
He wants to know
what you said.
After Room 18? Heh.
Whatever they wanted.
What's your name, soldier?
What's your name, flyer?
Gregory, first lieutenant.
Air Force.
I know, I know.
Now listen to me.
Listen to me.
Now this is an SRO order.
And you can never
let them think
that you can be beaten
into anything.
You lie to them,
mislead them, anything,
but you never let them
break you, you got that?
None of you guys broke?
Why don't you get some sleep?No, I've gotta know.
You didn't break? None of the
rest of those guys broke?
Oh, man. Oh, man.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
I couldn't... I didn't.
I'm a short-termer.
I'm not like you guys.
But I love, heh, home.
I want to go home.I know. I know.
Please! You've got--Shh!
Shut up!
Just be shut up, Gregory.
He's hurt. He's hurt bad,
he's hurt bad. He's hurt.
Can't you see this man?
He's hurt.
You'll be all right, man.
You'll be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay, Gregory!
You're gonna be okay!
They must've been looking
for a fight.
It stinks, he stinks.
They've just never
been brutal like that.
Who cares about that?
The man broke.
He told the V
what they wanted.
Fischer? Fischer?
You. Go.
I'm... I'm Cathcart.
Cathcart, Colonel Cathcart,
Air Force.
What happened?CATHCART: They broke me.
The others, the boys,
they won't be able
to help it either.
Tell them.
Take care of them, huh?
Your turn will come.
All clear.
Hey, new boy, cell three.
Work the transom.
I loosened that one myself.
Work the motor chips
in the corner, it'll slip out.
Hi. Welcome to the Hanoi Hilton.
Pretty nice, huh?
The food here's pretty lousy
but it's all room service,
so it's, uh...
I suggest
the continental cuisine.
This visual intercom
is courtesy of the SRO.
The rest of us chippers.It's our version of escape.
I'm Williamson,
I was a lieutenant commander,
but Oliviera, here,
who just joined us,
has said I got boosted a rank
the day the V got me.
Yeah, it's true, man.Really?
That means
I'm senior ranking officer,
unless you outrank me.
What about Colonel Cathcart?
You saw him?You saw the colonel?
Are there no guards here?
It's siesta.
Three whacks, the gong,
pause, then one.
They live by the gong here,
it tells you what to do
and when to do it.
These two empty?
The one on my left
has a youngster who talked
and he's been in solitary
ever since.
Now how about you?
Who are you?
All right.
Name's Fischer,
major, 82nd Airborne.
Now attached to the Pentagon.
How did you get here?
I was here
for one helicopter trip.
It malfunctioned.
We crash landed
north of the DMZ.
Shh! Tell us
about Cathcart.
As far as Cathcart's concerned,
let me say that I saw him.
What was left of him.
What do you mean?
What's left?
How was he,
how were his arms?
Swollen. Very swollen.
Blue with rope burns.
Look, major, I've been
in here almost 2 years.
The punishment
has been brutal
but it's never been
Until Gregory?
He must've brought it
on himself.
He must have.
He's just a kid.
It doesn't--Doesn't what?
Make sense.
This is the voice of the
Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
The peace loving people
of Vietnam wish to forgive
all American criminals.
The people of Vietnam want you
to know the truth.
Have you been wondered
why there are so little number
of new American criminals?
Did you think
it is because your cohorts
are winning the war? Heh.
How you are wrong.
Your own president
has ordered slow down,
no more do your bombers
strike at us.
You are being deserted by your
own confederates in crime.
Things will get worse,
Because as we suffer your war,
so will you.
They won't
slow down the bombing!
We'll be here forever.
We'll never get out of here.
Yes we will. We stick together.
We follow orders. We'll make it.
Who cares
what happens in here?
Why should I take
orders from somebody
because he used to have
He still does outrank you.
I'm Lieutenant Donald
Allen Gregory, U.S. Air Force.
I wish to admit my crimes
against the peace-loving
peoples of Vietnam.
I have, many times,
flown my aircraft
at the Vietnamese people,
even enjoying the death...
I have used cluster bombs.
I have used napalm.
I am ashamed of myself
and of America
and of Americans.
I plead forgiveness.
I beg President Ho
to forgive my crimes.
SRO order.
If taken,
resist as long as poss.
Then do the best you can.
I am Cameron Cathcart.
We are all together.
God bless us all.
I was a colonel
in the criminal
Armed Forces...
Yeah, I hope he does.
I hope he does.
You can bet
Lyndon Johnson won't.
Shut your
son of a bitch mouth.
As a senior officer
I personally ordered
the execution...
...hundreds of innocent
Vietnamese women...
This is a psalm, I think.
I don't know which one.
I shall lift up mine eyes
unto the hills
from whence
cometh my strength.
My strength
cometh from the Lord
who made the heavens
and the earth.
I thank Senator Fulbright for
demanding the bombing pause.
I don't know the rest.
I pray
for the victory of Vietnam.
I am glad to again,
to be a civilian.
Kiss my rosy red
American ass!
Goddamn it!
...of the compassionate
Vietnamese captors.
And now, good night,
with the reminder that
despite your crimes,
Ho Chi Minh,
the president, loves you.
Now, there's one guy
that doesn't outrank me anymore.
Ah, I am also
very tired, Williamson.
It is late.
I can't do it.
I ask so very little.
I'll only lie. What good
is a biography full of lies?
you are an intelligent man.
You're a family man,
like myself.
Why will you not do
what I ask?
My name is
Patrick Michael Williamson.
I'm from Philadelphia.
I was a professional athlete,
a university professor
and part-time
bank president.
My brother was a professional
football player...
...who was killed in a game.
My sister was a concubine
for a United States senator.
I understand...Is that me?
Ah, no, it's me.
The V blanket,
can't even
hang yourself with them.
Hurts. Worse is
when they untie them.
I know how to help.
You know, I thought
we'd never lose a battle.
Any battle.
And I'm so ashamed.
But that means that
we've gotta stick together,
you and me,
and everyone who broke,
we've gotta hang in.
We've gotta survive.
Because we've got to
see home.
We've got to see home. Damn.
Tsk. Ahh.
The Vietnamese people is
in whose hands lie your fate,
have no wish
to keep you here.
Glad to hear that.
Delighted to hear that.
However, our intelligence
is not without limits.
There must be an entente.
You mean, uh,
like a bargain?
I'm sorry but,
uh, I can't do that.
Now, I have no wish
to antagonize you.
But I can't.
Hubman, you have no idea
what we want
to ask of you yet.
Now, Major Ngiap is a pilot.
He understands
your language. Come.
Sit, Hubman.
Now, we know you were
in an A-6 aircraft.
And we know
this aircraft has two men.
Pilot in front
and there is a backseat man.
And we have deduced that the
backseat man controls the radar.
Now, Hubman,
all we need to know is,
how does the radar
pick targets?
You know, I can't answer,
I'm sorry.
You must never
gesture like that!
It is impolite to show
the palms of your hands!
Now, remember that!
Such arrogance does not speak
well of your sorrow.
Now, about the radar?
Oh, the, uh, A-6 radar
well, uh, you know, that's, uh,
exactly the same as the B-17.
You know, uh, the old bomber
from World War II,
the flying fortress,
they call it?
It's exactly the same.
Does he know that system?
Major Ngiap,
uh, he say your statement
confirms the assessment
of our intelligence.
Heh, a smart bunch of guys.
Hubman, this is
a small beginning.
You are closer to your home
now than ever before.
How you been, Bob?Hanging tough.
I've been praying
for a bonus like this.
You're the first American
I've touched in 19 months.
It's so lonely,
I've gotta get out of here.
I gotta. I don't care
if it's in a fucking box.
You've got to survive.
We didn't spend two years
getting every captive name
to you for nothing.
You're the recording secretary
of this operation.
My old man, you know,
he was always preaching
that hang tough sermon.
His heroes
were the Grenadier Guards.
Whole regiment.
He said when the Germans
had the British pinned down
on the beaches of Dunkirk,
it was a madhouse.
So when
the Grenadier Guards arrived,
they lined up in parade order,
band and everything.
German planes were
strafing the beach.
The truth of color.
Diving planes killing men.
Men dying at attention.
The only order they heard
was close ranks.
Close ranks.
They swallowed their fear
and like the whole British army
lived to fight another day.
He's a tough son of a bitch,
my old man.
We're always with you, Bob.
Every man here.
We say your name.
God bless you.GBU.
They greet everyone
like this?
No. Where you from?New Jersey.
Oh, yeah, the gooks don't see
many people from New Jersey.
A Baptist from New Jersey,
that's, uh, quite an oddity
around here.
Got any advice?
You hang tough
as long as you can.
Every time they don't beat you,
they lose.
Every time they don't break us,
we win.
When they torture you,
try to concentrate on the places
that don't hurt.
This better look good
on my record.
Hi, you pilots.
It's late summer.
And in Iowa, the corn
is as high as elephant's eye.
In Vermont,
the trees are red and gold.
And you all may be here
for another 10 years.
But Lyndon Johnson promises
to pull out American troops
if President Ho will surrender
the south to fascists.
Hey, criminals,
you don't want to die here.
Our relationship
is now entering a new phase.
You will be given
the opportunity to atone,
to make restitution,
to show the world the
righteousness of our cause.
Yes, yes. If you refuse,
it will be on your head.
You push us too far
and they'll bomb you.
They're guys
that would bomb you
back to the Stone Age
if they got the chance.
The real war
is not in the Delta.
It is in the United Nations.
The Champs Elysees,
at the Berkeley, California,
on the Washington Mall,
the cities of America,
and what we will not win
on the battlefield,
your journalists will win for
us on your very own doorstep.
And you will help
by cooperating with them
and other friendly Americans
and you will do this
on film.
Wendell Burke, program 21.
Vietnam resists,
American bomber pilot, take one.
And who have we here?
What is this?
It's a television interview
for syndication.
Will they see this at home?
Possibly. Why?
Is it that important to you?
It's important, yeah.BURKE: Why?
It's very important.
We gotta get the names home.
People at home
remember us, right?
Yeah, but not with any pride.
You've gotta tell them,
you see.
There's lots of us here they
don't know about, you see?
They're hiding us. There's
more here than you know about.
According to the Vietnamese,
it's, heh,
certainly true to say
that the number of American
prisoners increases daily.
Are you aware that,
uh, Lord Bertrand Russell
has convened a war tribunal?
A war crimes tribunal?
You and your cohorts
will be the defendants.
No. You've gotta tell them,
you see.
You gotta tell the people
at home, you see?
They can kill an MIA but they
can't kill a confirmed POW--
Such is the guilt--Tell them!
Just one American,
just one very lonely man,
being educated by the humane
and lenient treatment
of his captors.
It'll edit but don't
bring me anymore like this.
What's wrong with you,
Major Doc?
Have you no control
over these men?
Hey, guess what, boys.
Senator Fulbright told press
that you're only
here killing people
because gooks are yellow.
Well, us gooks are people too.
Humane and lenient people
and the world
is going to see to that.
We have a surprise for you,
black pirates.
What are they gonna do?
Hey, I can't take much more
of this. Let's go home.
She's right.
Let them kill each other.
As long as I'm free,
fuck them!
Listen to me!
Listen to me!
The minute
you play their game,
they have control
and you're nothing.
You're not one of us,
you're not one of them.
And all you have is us.
One goes, we all go.
No early release.
Get out of here!
I wanna be alone!
Let me out of here.
I want out right now!
Right now! Right now!
Hey, pilots,
don't you get sleepy.
There is big happening tonight
for each and every criminal.
We will keep you up all night.
This happen often?
Sir? You okay?
Yeah, heh,
just thinking.
I'm older than you are.
Well, heh,
quite a bit older,
point of fact.
And you know
I've got three daughters.
And the middle one,
Lily, she's, uh, 18 now.
And she's really beautiful.
Oh, yeah?She's a bit wild, I suppose,
she's fond of loud music
but she's not exactly
out of range for you
by the time
you get out of here.
Look her up, will you?
Well, I'm sure you'll be the one
that introduces us, sir.
No. I doubt it.
You've only been here a few
weeks but listen to Hannah.
Something's up,
I don't know what...
Kennedy, I don't think I can
take much more of this.
this is a proclamation
of the People's Tribunal.
"Here in Hoa Lo Prison
and in our other facilities
"throughout North Vietnam,
"we, the government of the
People's Republic of Vietnam
"have been your protectors
and we have ensured your safety
"but you have refused
to cooperate with visitors
"and journalists and you
have shown no contrition.
"So tonight,
we shall show the world
"how our people truly feel.
"Even now, the other blackest
of criminals
"are being assembled
here in the center of Hanoi.
"Tonight, criminals,
you will be reunited
"so that you might confront
your innocent victims.
"And all of this will occur
before representatives
of the other friendly
peace-loving nations."
Keep your heads up!
We're Americans!
Watch it!
Ugh! God damn it!
Break away!
Come on. Lean on me.
Get up, buddy.
Thanks for helping
me out back there.
I thought it was
you helping me.
We're gonna let
the gooks have it.
I fear our only common
language is English,
perhaps a small saving grace
of colonialism.
To the peace-loving people
of the world
and to their eternal
struggle for freedom.
I cannot tell you how
thrilled I am to be here.
In fact, I would say
this realignment
will change the progress
of the war for you.
Perhaps. But we have been
known for our patience.
There were the Japanese,
the French,
now the Americans.
We are
not without experience.
Of course not.
Of course not.
SRO on deck.
As you were,
Dong chi.Comrades.
Finally we have news
in which we all can rejoice.
Rumors that release would be
preceded by a change in diet
are indeed true.
Are you saying the war
is over, major?
World opinion guarantees
our victory
and the press predicts it.
Yes, comrades.
Since the valuable footage
of the parade,
you are of no longer use to us.
At least, not as a group.
Then we must meet,
you and I.
To discuss the method
of our release.
There can be
no special cases.
We are all one here.
So if one goes,
we all must go.
It behooves you to cooperate.
Particularly if you wish
for letters from home.
Major Fischer will offer a
homily with a scriptural basis.
When I was young... religious school,
I remember a great deal was
made of Abraham and Isaac.
How God ordered Abraham
to sacrifice Isaac,
his only son,
his beloved child.
Abraham stood
with a knife in his hand
and wrestled within himself
to decide whether to believe,
to trust God.
Or to deny him.
And I suppose that most
of us identified with Abraham.
Wondering how we would use
free choice if that was us.
Well, since I've been in here,
I've had time
to think about Isaac.
Tied up on an altar
and audience to what
might become his own death.
And he couldn't trust in God.
He had to trust in Abraham
and hope that God
would act through him.
in the end, it all worked out
for Isaac and Abraham.
Just as it will for us.
Captain Turner?
Well, all my life...
I've tried to seek light
in the midst of darkness.
And I've learned that
the greater the darkness,
the greater the possibility
for light.
I know that all people
are not kind and just.
But I am reminded by you all,
every day,
that the voice of God speaks
through the conscious
and decent people.
Closing prayer from
Commander Williamson.
Dear Lord,
we can all grow strength
from the words
of a 14-year-old boy
who wrote them
on a wall in Auschwitz.
"How can I believe in God
when I see what is around me?
"I believe in God in the same
way I believe in the sun.
"Even when it doesn't shine
and in love,
even when I don't feel it."
Dear Lord, we offer
you praise and thanks.
We are grateful
to be together,
we are thankful that
we are sound of mind,
we ask you to bestow blessings
upon our loved ones,
upon our countrymen,
upon America,
upon our families...
There is one more formality
before you may make contact
with your home.
As you can see,
the envelopes are empty.
When you cooperate, the letters
will be given to you.
That is the subject
of my sermon.
It concerns early release.
We have no more patience.
Those of you who are willing
to cooperate,
there will be freedom
and a trip home.
Disassociate yourself from
the blackest of criminals.
Merry Christmas, sir.
G.B. you all.
Merry Christmas, sir.
Merry Christmas.
God go with you, Bob.Merry Christmas, Pat.
God don't know you're alive,
He don't fucking
care about you.
Who wants a make
on the Cuban?
No go. Too dark.
Steady, man. We're gonna
get out of here,
without kissing the V's ass.
Hang tough, just like you
showed me, remember? Hang tough.
I think
I used up all my tough.
Cuban. Who the hell
is the Cuban?
I told you, he's nobody,
he's nothing.
He's Cat playing games,
trying to break us.
Someone to act tough
so Cat can go back
and try pumping sunshine
up our asses.
Pump what up where?
Where'd you get that, Miles?
No, he got it from me.
I got it from a guy who played
hockey with in college.
Ugh, I knew it. I knew it, man.
I knew you was part barbarian.
Hockey? Barbaric?
Never. Hockey
is pure heart and grace.
A great hockey player
has courage and strength
and endurance,
just like a boxer.
That he moves
at 50 miles an hour,
like a ballet dancer.
Ballet dancer?
Sounds very honky
to me, Williamson.
That's because you've
never seen a game, Turner.
I'll take you to one.
And we'll go to New York,
see the Rangers.
I used to see the Rangers
play all the time.
Before my old man died.
He'd take me whenever
Boston came to town.
We'd grab something to eat near
his office at 57th, you know?
And grab a cab.
Heh, he'd always make us wait
for a checkered cab.
Never liked the little ones.
I have a friend who has
great seats for the Rangers.
So we'll go, okay?
Heh, sounds great.
I'll check my diary.
So who do you think
the Cuban is?
Desi Arnaz?
All right, gentlemen,
must be my attorney.
It's Murphy,
oh, my God, it's Murphy.
We were friend,
we were together on the Hancock.
You're here too?
No, I'm a veteran, man.
Oliviera. Lieutenant, Navy.
How the hell did you get here?
Ahem, uh, no, sir.
I went up on deck
to watch them shell Haiphong.
I fell off the ship.
I got picked up by V fishermen.
Look, this joint's no fun.
You gotta get yourself a story,
you stick with it. You got it?
Don't let them fool you.
Stick with a story.
We're saying no
to early release.
They'd only do it
for propaganda.
A lot of pressure lately,
trying to break up the group.
We figure that's because our
guys are whipping their butts.
Even the food's getting
better. Fresh fruit.
Might as well give it to you,
as let it rot on the docks.
We've pasted Haiphong.
No shipment in or out.
We gotta set this.
But things are
getting better, Murph?
I hope so because the folks back
home have just about had it.
Don't look for any help
before the election.
Election, that's 11 months.
There's no problem, Ashby,
Murph brought us
our absentee ballots, right?
Tropical heat.
Too humid.
You know something?
Frank Sinatra
himself uses this.
Great artist.
Wonderful artist.
Hey, Latino,
I wouldn't lie to you.
Back home, they say
you guys are criminals.
But you got an excuse.
You're downtrodden.
You, you're
a Spanish-speaking nigger.
You know what I'm saying?
So you take a nice,
early release.
Your black ass's gonna
to be back on the streets
of Harlem in a week.
Go screw yourself.Heh, go screw myself?
Hey, man, I know your
neighborhood. I lived up there.
110th street.
Yeah. Yeah.
Heh, so there ain't nothing you
can tell me about honkies.
So why is a blood like you
sticking with white scum?
What difference does
it make to you, man?
This ain't no Cuban war.
Hey, this here is my
internationalist duty.
You understand?
Wherever we can kick Yankee
ass, you'll find my people.
We're all at war
with you, baby,
and my internationalist duty
gives me the right
to go anywhere
to hassle your ass.
Then go try Chicago.
You stupid Puerto Rican
son of a bitch.
I'm offering you freedom, man.
I'm already free, man.
And scum ain't always white.
One way or the other,
you're gonna do
as I tell you.
Just think of me
as another white man.
You look like you got
lots of experience
looking up white man's ass.
I'm telling you,
you should have listened
to the chink
and stop all this one go,
we all go, bullshit.
You are gonna do like
I tell you, huh?
You're gonna go home
like I tell you.
You're gonna
separate yourself
from those white men,
like I tell you.
And you're gonna stop
pretending a spic
is an American,
like I tell you.
You're gonna show the whole
world that's a lie.
Adios, Latino.
I heard it.
Just like the jungle camps.
Hi. Sure would
like to meet you.
Oh. So, uh,
what can I do to help?
Name's Rasmussen,
sir, from Iowa.
Am I happy to be here?
Yes, sir.
I joined the Navy
five months ago, sir.
I just fell off my ship.
I fell off my ship.
They told me I was stupid
but I can't be
because I'm here.
No more seasick
for me, boy. No, sir.
By the way, sir,
where is here?
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Hey, hey, L.B.J., how many kids
did you kill today?
Hey, hey, L.B.J., how many
kids did you kill today?
Hey, hey, L.B.J., how many kids
did you kill today?
You know, heh, I'd like--
I'd love to strangle
of those bastards in his own
long hair, you know?
Hell no, you don't know!
Long-haired hippie bastards!
You're doing exactly
what the gooks want, Gregory.
It doesn't matter
what they yell,
no one is making
them demonstrate.
You don't understand.
If I wasn't stuck in here,
I probably be
one of them.
Hey, tough guy.
They tell me you're SRO.
So I say to myself,
I say, what is SRO?
And then man, like a beauty,
it hits me,
it means, sings right out.
That's it.
Hey, you gotta learn, I'm
your senior ranking officer.
Am I hurting you?
No, but it's the thought
that counts, isn't it?
It most certainly is,
you smartass motherfucker.
I'm gonna break you.
It'll make those other
assholes wise up. Yeah.
You have a good day.
Soles. This truck behind me.
Come here.
Comes once every two weeks.
We're getting out
of here, buddy.
Hey, Soles.
How you're doing?
Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.
Uh, my commanding officer
Clark Kent told me to help
as much as possible, sir.
And so did his girlfriend,
Lois Lane.
No laughing!Yeah. No laughing.
You were mean to me.
I was the best one
on my ship, I was.
And we had a good ship.
The USS Lollipop.
Williams has been
in irons for four days.
It's going to
the bricks tonight.
Want to take an early release?What else? Who's next?
I don't know but the Cuban's
looking for somebody.
In the third row
is Billy Zucker.
Now, in back, oh, no,
Ms. Bogart was the teacher,
and in the first row
there was Robert Adams
and there was,
um, Mary Flora.
And next to her was,
uh, Frank Young.
If we can just get someone,
Miles, to cause a commotion,
we can cover the missing
hole for three shifts of gongs
until you leave
for the latrine.
Then we're safe
till bed check.
It's four hours.
Have you considered what--
Have you considered what might
happen once you go out?
She got busted
in demonstration,
busted in head by fascist cop.
Oh, Mr. Fish, I would
think of early release...
Hey, man, that's all
a line of bullshit.
She just talks a good line
of bullshit.
It's Hanoi Hannah,
don't listen to her.
Lily is okay.
You understand me?
Lily is okay.It's all right.
She told me, she can take care
of herself, sir.
Gregory wants your okay
for escape.
What do you say, SRO?Temporary SRO.
That decision will be made
when Williamson is better.
Send this out, we're gonna
beat these sons of bitches.
Gregory and Soles will go over
wall if all else fails.
First, we try
to get Rasmussen early release.
Must get complete
roster to him.
Memorize every name,
must get complete roster to him.
This guy's as crazy as Miles,
he's gonna get us all killed.
One go, all go.
He's talking about escape.
Cuban will go ape.
Hey, heh, that rhymes,
you hear that?
Semper Fi. Semper Fi.
Semper Fi.
Semper Fi.
And in the third
row there, there was...
Was Sally Snyder.
Sally Snyder sat...You. You.
Ah? Ah?
You wanna rap
with them, Miles?
Fuck you, faggot.Fuck me, faggot?
Hey, a tough guy.
You want him, tough guy?
He ain't no good to me.
Now the world's seen me and you,
we've gotta keep him alive.
But just barely. Just barely.
Oh, very touching.
Touching. You're a whole
different story. On your knees.
On your knees.
You can't kill Murphy.
He's confirmed POW.
You're not going to be able
to keep Williamson alive.
I don't give a fuck
what you do to me.
Oh you don't, huh?
You're doing me a favor.
You're right, Miles.
You're right.
Dying is too good,
too easy for you.
Look after your buddy
You'll get him back
on his feet,
I can count on you.
Then it's back to pigsty,
where you belong, tough guy.
We showed him, huh?
Hey, air pilots.
Do you know some of you guys
have been here long enough
to become citizens?
We're winning the war.
Don't you miss a McDonald's
fries and a Coca-Cola?
Got reports of a new guy
at Dogpatch, sir.
What do I do with the name?Keep it with you.
Anytime an MIA is confirmed POW,
it's harder for V to kill them.
Sir, this is getting mighty
tough. It's been 14 months.
Hey, stop your bitching,
Let me hear that song again.
Yes, sir, captain.
Sir, there's 249 names,
I'm starting to go nuts
with this song.
Yeah? 250. Ueyama, Terry.
Lieutenant. U.S.A.F.
Ueyama? Ueyama, pajama.
Hey, Hubman,
I feel great.
Just great.
Yeah. Great.
What on earth are you
guys doing here?
We're here to try
and end the war.
What can I do to help?
We want you to try
and set the record straight.
To whom?
To the women and children
you bombed.
Uh, listen, the only thing that
I hit was the Ho Chi Minh trail.
Now I know that there were a lot
of innocent North Vietnamese,
but they sure as hell
aren't carrying weapons
to the south in
the middle of the night.
You believe that?
Then you believe in the war
that cost you your freedom?
Don't you know that?
Are you trying
to tell us something?
I'm telling you,
the food stinks.
And don't swallow
that crap about us
getting the same as them,
not true.
They don't get the cabbage
with the maggots in it
or with the human--
But who cares about food
when you're being tortured?
I'm telling you, guys are
getting killed down here.
You tell everyone.
We were told that you asked
for an early release
of your own free will.
Yes, that's more
or less true.
More or less?
Uh, I'm sorry.
There is no equivocation.
I asked to go on.
Were you tortured
for this request?
Uh, no.
What are your
views on the war?
I hate it. I hate war.
All war.
Captain, do you think our
country should be in this war?
No. No, I don't.
Nope. I don't.
It's all right.
You're famous now,
aren't you?
I don't think that
that's important.
Heh, why do you think these
bastards let you in here?
They're movie fans,
I can tell you that.
The fact is,
they just wanted a way to get
the press all hot and bothered.
They are using you.
I think we can handle
the politics of the situation.
I think we know
what we're doing.
Are you hungry,
Like you couldn't
believe it.
I suppose you're
no stranger to hunger.
Not after three years
in this joint.
How do you feel about
the Democratic Republic?
Democratic Republic?
Oh, heh,
you mean the gooks.
Heh, you're safe with us,
there's no need to use
that word.
You call me captain, lady.
I worked hard for that rank.
And I use the word gook
because I can't think
of anything worse
I'd use in front of you.
I'm just trying
to help you, Eric.
Why don't you shove it?
I don't need help.
Never from you.
You don't even know
when you're being used.
So I'm sorry,
but you got the wrong nigger.
This has been
an amazing two days.
Obviously, you are doing
everything you can.
Although some of the amended
complaint about the food.
I can sympathize,
none of us like to eat
when we're forced to.
However, it is war.
I presume only a few of the men
complained about the food?
Only Ashby, really,
but he can't help it.
He's a product of
his environment.
He's used to having
his own way.
I don't think this is
his idea of a country club.
Yes, yes.
And, as a sign of
our enduring friendship
for the American people,
I will parole
three prisoners to you.
That is wonderful.
Thank you, merci.
Hey, black criminals,
things are changing.
Your people did not have
will to fight no more.
President Nixon
is withdrawing 25,000 troops.
Be smart,
take early release.
At this moment,
insider at Hanoi,
three of your countrymen,
three of your fellow prisoners,
you too can be watching
Baltimore beat Cincinnati,
in World Series.
Say goodbye to
the wise ones amongst you.
And you two are to be
I'm sure Major Doc
will miss you.
No doubt.
But we shall do our best.
What?Take it easy, all right?
I would have ended up
like all of them.
Is that what you want,
I'm supposed to die here?
Is that it? Is that right?
Was I supposed to die,
Am I supposed to die?!
For what? For what?
No, I have to wait
for my gong.
Come on, Miles, move.
Move it!
What, what, what?
You move!Let's go.
Now look, you got him upset?My fault, I suppose.
I told you move!Okay.
Okay, 10 feet to a buttress,
it's under the ground.
You think you can handle it?
Okay, here we go.
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
You should have
known better!
It was our duty to escape.
As prisoners of war.
War criminals!
Criminals! Criminals!
War Criminals! Criminals.Major, please--
And you,
since Murphy was moved,
you pretend to be senior
ranking officer, huh?
Major, please, be reasonable,
they're just kids.
They didn't have a chance!
You got them.
We stood out in the crowd,
There's nothing to
be accomplished
by doing anything rash, major.GREGORY: It was my fault!
There's nothing to be gained
by doing any of this.
It was my idea.
So you're the leader.
You useful to us
if controlled.
He's a follower.
He's of no use to us!
Soles! No! Soles!
Don't. No, you're going
to kill him. No!
No, you're gonna kill him!
Oh, no!
You killed him!
You shit!
I will take you
from your cell,
to your execution.
You will...
...not see me after tomorrow.
Important message
to wife and family.
I'm sorry
I did this to you.
I love you as life itself.
But I would have to do it
again, if necessary.
Soles' last words were,
"we stood out in the crowd."
That is the apology of a man
who wants only to be ordinary.
But none of the men here,
and especially not Soles,
are ordinary.
They are the bravest
of the brave.
People who go on,
even when deserted
by friends and countrymen.
What they carry
inside of them
is something
very extraordinary.
It is the spirit that makes
all human beings unique.
It makes them heroic.
I do not believe my death
will help end the war.
It seems that people at home
no longer care, anyway.
I die, not so much
for love of country,
as for love of countrymen.
God bless you all.
To me, you all stand out
in the crowd.
For the time being, your fate is
being decided by other events.
Yes, Fischer, circumstances and
things have changed matters.
Your execution is
to be delayed.
I do this personally,
because I do not wish
for you to think
I have relented
on my anger with you.
In time,
you will be informed.
The light from our lives
has gone.
President Ho Chi Minh
has died.
Thank you.
From all us Isaacs.
You look like hell.The Asian flu!
Hey, some break.
How about that?
Let's wait and see.
What? You don't know?What?
Man, you Hilton guys
are really in the dark.
Special forces raided
the camp at Son Tay.
The guys were gone,
but they made the point.
And, with old President Ho dead,
they're gonna ease up on us.
They're putting us
all together, here in Hanoi.
He's saving his bargaining
chips for Paris.
Paris?What's up, Doc?
Do not assume your good
fortune, Miles.
Show me respect or you will
deeply regret your folly.
Easy, easy, we just want
to know what's going on.
Simply, we are showing
our humane and lenient
You will all be
put in one cell,
you will be forbidden to do
anything until ordered.
And you?
I am being reassigned.
Your failure to
take early release
was considered a significant
propaganda defeat.
And you, commander,
you did what you had
to do to survive, eh?
No, to win.
We won.
One knows,
we all know it, remember?
Tell him to fuck himself, Pat.
Right face!
Forward march.
Two, one, two,
one, two, three, four,
one, two, three, four,
hut, hut, hut, hut,
hut, hut, hut,
hut, hut...
Where were you?
It seems kind of indecent,
sleeping in the same room
as other people.
How's Fischer?
He made it through
God, that was some speech about
standing out in the crowd, huh?
Wasn't it?Heh.
You think this means
real change,
like maybe we'll get mail
or Red Cross?
I hope so.
No, you know,
I think I quit.
What the hell's the matter
with you guys?
You're so goddamn uptight.MILES: You son of a bitch.
Don't tell me Hubman's
doing okay.
You gonna fight
this war forever?
You'd go to war with
your goddamn zip code.
You're damn right I would!
What's a zip code?
Okay, look, I apologize,
I'm sorry.
I know it's been
hard on you old men.
Old men?
Watch who you say that to.
I haven't seen
a mirror for nine years.
I'm not an old man.
Do I look like an old man
to you?
No. Do I look like
an old man?
Huh, I don't know.
My teeth as bad as yours are?
Are my teeth bad?He's an old man.
Excuse me,
are you Barry Ashby?
I'm Charlie Cummings.
I went to Greenwich High School.
You're a hero there.
An alum, heh.
Hey, come over here.
Pretty crummy high school
if Ashby's a hero.
Of course some students
call you fascist.
Is that true?
The hippies.
Not just the hippies.
Most people, I guess.
Most people?Yep. By now.
People are tired of a war
you're not trying to win.
Especially when things
at home are so good, you know?
No, I don't know.
Are they going to put us on
trial like the VC say?
Nah, I doubt it.
People are kind of into
themselves now, you know,
sensitivity training,
you know?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Well, heh,
you'll have to see it.
Maybe to live through it
to understand it.
Right.Cummings, come on.
We need a fourth
for hearts.
It was a real honor
to meet you, sir.
A real honor.Thank you.
I gotta apologize for
my hockey team,
they don't play
the national anthem.
They sing
"God bless America."
Why do you think they do that?Because it's hockey.
All this time, what
finds its way here?
A past due notice for
my Playboysubscription.
Just my luck,
my Little League team
goes to the state Finals
without me.
Damn, my little sister
got into Harvard.
Goddamn, son-of-a-bitching--
Fucking perfect!
She waits until now! Now!
From his daughter,
his wife divorced him.
Move out!You heard the man.
It's not your problem.
These guys are my ticket
to law school.
At your age?What if they bomb us?
No sweat, we've improved
bomb sites
since they got you, major.
They don't come near this place.
You never heard of
a wild shot?
No way.
Matter of fact,
I'll bet the Vietnamese are
sleeping in our courtyard.
What do you think?I don't know.
If we were going home, them
planes should've been here.
Just hope I'm home in time for
opening day at Dodger Stadium.
Just wait until you see
the pilot, lieutenant.
If he's an American,
I'll buy you a ticket
to the World Series.
You guys are paranoid.
They wouldn't go through
all this for nothing.
It wouldn't be
the first time, pal.
Lieutenant Commander
Patrick Williamson reporting
to return to
the United States, sir.
Where in the world
have you guys been?
We've been here all along.
Where the hell have you been?