The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki (2016) Movie Script

Use the choke.
It's the knob between the seats.
Give it a little gas.
Can you reach?
Let's try something different.
Maybe this will work.
Everything's all right.
Let me take you out.
Thank you.
Don't get upset now.
Where are your parents?
You must be Olli.
- Yes.
Where's Raija?
- She's inside.
- Oh hello.
Oh hello.
- Hi.
Going somewhere?
- To the wedding.
What wedding?
What wedding?
Are you going dressed like that?
- I don't know.
Are they big?
- Yeah, a little in the front.
Let me put newspaper in them.
I heard your manager
is so full of himself -
that he put you
in the featherweight class -
because he didn't want you
in the same class -
he used to box in.
- Elis is a good guy.
Are you riding with us?
- No, in Olli's car. - Yes.
Use the choke.
It won't start.
- Try again.
Can you manage?
"If I speak in the tongues of men
or of angels, -
but do not have love..."
I heard they put you
in the bantam weight class.
No, I'm in the featherweight class.
Featherweight? Are they
lighter than bantam weight?
No, they're heavier. 57 kilos.
How much do you weigh now?
- What?
How much do you weigh now?
- A little over 60.
Isn't there a class between them?
- Bantam would be.
No, lightweight is between them.
How much do the bantams weigh?
- 53.5. They're very light.
Feathers are heavier than bantams?
Makes no sense.
Why aren't you competing in
the lightweight class? - Well...
Be quiet, kids.
Good luck.
", hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love."
Youth is the happiest time,
a truly blessed thing
Filled with joy and longing
in a seemingly endless spring
What are you doing?
- Trying to catch the fly.
Drink the milk up so we can
catch the fly with the glass.
Good job. Can I please have it?
Thank you.
What are we going to do with it?
- Let's kill it.
Let's release it.
- Let's eat it.
Shall we release it?
- Yes.
Let's eat it.
- It's gone.
Here you are.
Yes. Dear guests
and the bride and groom.
I remember when you, Tuula,
were born.
It was a beautiful spring morning.
Love seems to be a serious thing.
The sun was shining,
and it was a bit cloudy.
It wasn't raining.
Olli. Olli, look.
All right.
The world champion has arrived.
Put your bags in here. Hi.
This is Raija.
- Hello. I'm Elis.
Did the trip go well?
- Yes.
Good. Please step in the car.
There's a boxing boom now.
Some people have been
asking me about the match.
That's good.
They'll come to the match.
I've been sparring
in the outdoor dance pavilion.
Outside? - Yeah, because
the match will be outside.
Damn good, as we'll be practicing
at the outdoor swimming pool.
Who are these people in the photos?
- That's Rocky Marciano.
Sure you know him?
One of the greatest.
He's got his own restaurant now.
Excellent food. We ate there.
You know who that is?
- No.
You have to know.
Sure you know. It's Frankie.
Frankie boy. Frank Sinatra.
We're friends. I took the photo.
- Right. That's something.
Who made this?
- Olli, you know what it is?
That's you when you won
the European Championship? - Yes.
I won the gold in 1951.
I fought Pierre Montan and won.
I knocked him out
in the last round.
That was the best day of my life.
Oh, it's Laila and the kids.
The guests have arrived already.
- This is Raija.
Take the sweater off.
Hi, I'm Raija.
- Hi.
Could you make the beds for them?
Will you be staying here or
somewhere else? - I'll stay here.
All right. Please make the beds
for them in the kids' room.
Why there?
I wasn't expecting
him to bring anyone.
Make the beds in the kids' room,
all right?
I'll show you the way.
Not that there's much to show.
- Hi. Is this your room?
- Now you have to be evacuated.
That's okay.
Which one of you will sleep here?
- Me.
Wow. - Okay, let's let
our guests settle in here.
C'mon, kids. Go on.
Come see us later.
Is it sturdy enough
for your weight? - C'mon!
Who's the fatso here?
Welcome, everyone.
- Thank you.
Please be seated.
If you run out of seats, you can
stand by the door or back wall.
I'm sure there's room for everyone.
Why don't we get started
little by little.
Thank you for coming.
Can you make room for me?
Could you move a little?
All right.
On August 17th, we'll make
Finnish sports history.
That's when Olli Maki,
"The Baker of Kokkola," -
will meet Davey Moore,
the current world champion.
The night is organized
by Askin Talli.
We promise you
it'll be a spectacle -
like none other
you've ever seen in Finland.
No one has even dared
to dream about something like this.
You don't have to go all the way
to America to see a great show.
We're bringing America here.
This is your first time competing
in the featherweight class.
How do you think
it'll affect your performance?
Well... I'll be a little lighter...
But so will my opponent.
I don't know.
I guess it won't be that different.
I'm Reijo Pahkamaki from
Keskipohjanmaa newspaper.
Is Olli under 57 kilos
at the moment? - Of course not.
We have over two weeks
until the match.
Losing weight is
a normal thing for boxers.
Unlike for some.
This will be
the most important match -
in Olli's professional career.
We'll do our best to bring
the title home to Finland.
The other competitors will be...
That's it. Move your feet.
Keep your hands up.
Harder. Harder.
That's it. Good job.
Use your lead hand. Harder! Good!
Keep your hands up.
Move your feet.
Hands up. Good!
Break! Elis!
- Olli, stop.
I can't do this anymore.
Really good job.
Let's continue.
Good job, Olli!
Good. That's it.
Good. Hit.
Good. All right.
Don't hit an old man.
Excellent job. Excellent.
Holy shit, Olli.
It's looking great.
This is going to be something.
You get it?
Good job. Keep up the good work.
Good job, Olli.
Hey, guys!
Guys, listen. Oh my God.
I'd like to introduce you
to two gentlemen.
These guys are going to make
a documentary about our event.
They'll film you intensely.
Everybody will be in the film.
Me too?
- Everybody.
First and foremost we'll
concentrate on Olli's journey -
to becoming the world champion
and a national hero.
No stress.
We'll try to stay out of your way
and just film you training.
- Hello.
We're in a bit of a hurry,
so why don't we continue later.
- See you.
Good. Thank you.
Does this have a name?
- What?
Does your buddy have a name?
Elis, can you help me
with the tie?
Can someone tie his tie?
Put the tie on him.
We're ready. Please step
in front of the camera.
Let's go, GUYS-
All right then.
Tighten it a bit. Good.
Okay. Then just a hint of a smile.
Look in the camera.
Okay, try to concentrate now.
- All right.
Smile a little and...
Everybody focus now.
Here we go. Look in the camera.
And another one.
Good. Thank you.
Then we'll take
a photo of Olli and Sirpa together.
You don't need me anymore?
- No.
Okay. Good.
Saara, do we have a stool?
Which one?
- Take the red one.
I should get on this?
- Yes.
Will it hold?
- Oh yes.
Looking good.
Olli, don't be shy.
Put your arms around her.
Olli, I'll wait for you outside.
Good. Look into the camera.
Perfect. Good job, guys.
Olli and I have an important dinner
with a sponsor.
You can walk back to my place.
- Yeah.
Will you be all right?
We won't be long.
I'll probably get lost
in the first park. - Right.
Don't take the suit off.
I'll see you later, guys!
This one?
- Yeah.
That's a lot of silverware.
- A bit too much.
C'mon. We have a good deal
with this place.
We can eat here
as often as we like.
Of course
you can't eat that much, -
but we can bring sponsors here.
We only have to take a couple
of photos with them. - Right.
Here he comes.
Stay calm and cool.
- Hello.
Hello. Olli Maki.
- Hello.
You like the food?
- Very much.
I mean,
we haven't eaten anything yet, -
but the food we've seen looks good.
I'll get the menu for you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Let's get out of here.
- Take it easy now.
She'll help you.
I'll get back to work. - Okay.
We can take the photos
after you've eaten. - Sure.
All right then.
Here you are, gentlemen.
The menu.
Okay. Thank you.
How's your weight?
60 some odd kilos.
What does "60 some odd" mean?
- A little over 60.
Is everything okay?
- Yes.
You realize this is damn important
for you? - Of course.
Focus on what's important.
We'll make sure
that when all this is over, -
you can say
that August 17th, 1962, -
was the happiest clay of your life.
- Yeah.
The bread is really good.
- Goodnight.
Can I take this bouquet?
- Sure.
Hold this, please.
- Sure.
Come here. Quick.
- I thought I'd scare him.
Throw them away.
Throw them away.
I'll say they're from all of us.
- No.
I'll say you chose them.
Give him the flowers.
Something's wrong with my camera.
Can you give one more kiss?
Something's wrong.
One more kiss, please.
How have Olli's preparations gone?
Sorry, what was the question?
- How have your preparations gone?
They've gone very well.
Nothing special.
Maki has only fought ten matches
as a professional.
Moore has fought 64 matches, -
more than half of which
he's won by knockout.
Are you scared?
- No. Why should I be?
I'm happy to be able to fight
such a good boxer.
At least I won't be losing
to a bad one.
I'll fight,
and we'll see what happens.
"I'll fight, and...
- Why don't you write:
Olli Maki isn't scared
of anyone or anything.
Olli has almost 300 amateur
matches under his belt.
He won the European title in 1959.
Of his ten professional matches,
he's won eight.
He's in incredible shape, -
focused 100 percent on bringing
the championship to Finland.
This will be
a great national sports event.
We promise the audience
we won't let them down.
Olli, you have to get
your act together.- What?
You have to tell people you'll go
through a wall if you have to, -
not "I'll fight,
and we'll see what happens."
Is everything okay?
- Yes.
Bye. Bye-
Is something wrong?
- I'm not sure.
Can I be honest? - Of course.
You have to be honest with me.
You know, I think...
I think I'm in love.
- Bye.
I see.
This is a very bad moment
to discuss things like that.
I had to tell you. I realized it
at the press conference.
Can you deal with this... thing?
- Sure.
We can't let anything come
between you and the match.
It's obvious that the match is
my main goal at the moment.
Goddammit, Olli.
What is this nonsense?
This is the shittiest moment
to fall in love. - Yeah, yeah.
Get your act together.
Thanks, bye.
I just said that I'm in love.
- Everything's okay, right?
What's so terrible about it?
I just said...
This is what I meant.
Olli, are you already
under 57 kilos?
Not yet.
- He doesn't even need to be yet.
I'm on schedule.
- But you will be under it?
Of course.
That went well.
- Yes, it did. It was perfect.
Speed! Way to go, Olli!
Hey! My ankle's still bothering me.
I'll buy us frankfurters.
- Oh.
I don't know if I can eat any.
Sim Sala Bim.
- I love this.
I can tell. - This is so much fun.
Let's go to the corner.
This is the best spot.
Excuse me.
Don't throw before he whistles.
Fatima isn't here today.
But they're nice as well.
Now you can throw.
Now they're swimming.
- Hi.
A long run?
- Yeah.
You ran all the way?
- Yeah, that's what happened.
You rode your bike beside him?
I see. I see.
Why did you lie to him? - He's
under enough pressure as it is.
I can focus better when he's
not on my back the whole time.
I'll go take a shower.
I'll go take a shower.
- Uh-huh.
A little harder.
Good job, guys!
- Olli!
You can't give up!
Move your feet. Good.
Hi. C'mon in.
We'll warm up a bit.
I think this would be
a good spot for filming.
Olli, that's enough.
Come here. Come.
Could you box for the camera?
- How?
Pretend that the camera
is your opponent. Like this.
- Lights.
Go ahead, box.
I'll check how it looks.
Box. Box.
That's good. Roll it.
Go ahead, box.
Look cruel.
Knock him out.
Come closer. That's it.
Thanks. That's enough.
- Yep. Thanks.
Damn good. This is what we need.
Thank you. Are we going
to shoot the home scene today?
- Hello.
Go ahead, go in.
- Where do you want the plant?
Bring it in.
Eevi and Snadi and Anneli.
Everybody in. Come.
Eevi, don't push the buttons.
Go to Mom. Go.
Look into the camera.
- Look into the camera.
We're ready.
- We're not.
We don't need you yet.
Let's start
with Olli entering the house.
Shall I enter alone or with Raija?
- Alone.
Yeah, maybe it's better.
- Yeah.
Why don't you go there.
Why couldn't Raija enter with me?
You're preparing for
a world championship match.
It doesn't look good if you have
a chick on your arm all the time.
Shall we go out?
- Olli, please go outside.
You'll greet him inside.
- Right.
You'll go outside,
and I'll greet you inside.
Shut the door.
- Hello.
I see.
- Good. Thank you.
Was it okay?
- I think it was really nice.
Pour the coffee, please.
Pour coffee for Olli, please.
Please go back to your place.
Nice house.
- Yeah.
This belongs to an acquaintance
of Elis. He doesn't use it.
I wonder what there is to do here.
- Here? There's nothing to do here.
Look inside.
All right.
What do you think?
Is it finished?
- Yes.
Okay. Thank you.
- Hello.
When does the next train
to Kokkola leave? - In an hour.
Is it the last one today?
- Yes, it is.
One ticket, please.
Good. Keep your hands up.
Harder, Olli. Harder.
Move your feet. That's it.
Keep your hands up all the time.
Very good. Hit him.
- Hello. Am I interrupting?
A little. What is it?
- I thought I'd go visit home.
I just bought a ticket,
and the train is leaving.
Can you tell Olli?
- Sure.
Take care.
- Have a good trip.
Olli, now it's starting to look...
Where did Raija go?
- She went home. But now...
Did you tell her to leave?
- Of course not.
She came here and said her train
is leaving. But this is...
Oh, she said, "Take care."
But this is starting to look good.
I'll listen to your lungs.
Take a deep breath.
Olli, come. You can do that later.
He has no business fighting
in the adult weight class.
How much is it?
It's a little over...
It's a little over... 60.
- Over 60?
What the hell?
It's too damn much.
Are you a clown? Are you a clown?
- No, I'm not.
The weight is what it is.
57 is too low.
We agreed on this weeks ago.
We can't change it now.
Your class would've been
right for me.
What? - 61 kilos
would've been just right.
How the hell can it be over 60?
How many weeks
have I been telling you -
you have to lose weight?
How many weeks?
I've never failed
to make the weight.
I'll go get some fresh air.
Sit on the bench. That's good.
Are you going to be okay?
- Yeah, I'll be okay.
If you feel dizzy, put your head
between your knees. Sit here.
You want water?
No, I'll be fine.
You look pretty serious
in the picture.
I thought this was Olli's match,
but it's Elis's.
"Elis Ask's world championship
match." - Look at the poster.
Come take a photo with us.
- All right.
I see, high society is calling.
- Step in the middle.
Show your fists.
- Well... Sure.
Thank you.
- Olli!
Come here, will you?
Gentlemen, this is Olli Maki.
The match has been made possible
by these gentlemen.
Hello. Olli.
So this is what our new
national hero looks like?
Well, let's fight first.
It's nice that you're modest, -
but we want a world champion.
- Absolutely.
It's important
that we have a home match.
That way the Finnish people
can support him. - That's right.
It might be easier
to fight in the home ring, -
but public support
is really important.
How many tickets have you sold?
- We still have about 4,000 left.
You hear that, Olli?
- Yeah?
Could I use the phone?
I need to take care of something.
It's in the back.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
Hi, this is Olli.
At the theater?
No, that's okay.
I can try again later.
Tell her I said hi.
Okay. Bye.
What the hell?
- She wasn't home.
Haven't I mingled enough?
- What are you doing?
Did I do something wrong?
You need something?
You have problems?
- No.
Those people are ready to give
you money and support you.
And what do you do?
You sneak away to call
the goddamn backwater town.
What's wrong with you, Olli?
Boys, how about a group photo?
- Of course.
World champion.
Oh, you want to be in it too.
- Is it okay?
Olli, you're next.
All right.
Don't feel sorry for him!
Don't feel sorry for him!
Punch him!
Come on!
Punch him harder!
Good. Punch him!
Don't feel sorry for him! - Time!
Good job!
All right. Now it's starting
to look the way it should.
Listen! How did
you spend all our money?
We can't live like this!
Get us money. I don't care how.
Take your coats.
We'll put them on downstairs.
Daddy's going inside
to say hi to a friend.
I'll be back soon. Wait in the car.
What? You need to poop? Okay.
Just a moment.
Wait in the car.
Are you soaked?
Eevi needs to use the bathroom.
- Come on in.
That's why we needed to come in.
Eevi needs to use the bathroom.
- Okay.
May she use the bathroom? - Sure.
It's on the left. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
I'll come wipe soon.
Go ahead, sit on the toilet.
I have my daughter with me.
She needed to use the bathroom.
The others are waiting in the car.
The weather is pretty horrible.
How much do you need?
-just enough for daily expenses.
For tomorrow
and the clay after tomorrow.
300,000? 250,000?
200,000 is okay.
Whatever you think is appropriate.
I'll write you
a check for 300,000 -
so that you can concentrate
on your work.
Here you go.
- Thank you. This really helps.
Your support is important.
I hear Maki is a communist.
As far as I know, he's a baker.
Olli is an excellent boxer.
I don't follow politics,
so I don't know what he is.
I promise
you won't be disappointed.
Olli is in incredible shape.
We're making
a world champion here, so...
Nice to hear.
See you on Saturday then.
- Yes. Sorry for the disturbance.
We'll leave now.
See you on Saturday.
Let's get out quick.
Thank you. Bye.
Where's Eevi?
- Is she still in the bathroom?
Fucking hell.
Wait here.
Hello again. We... - We forgot
his daughter in the bathroom.
Yes, we left the kid there.
Would it be possible...
Come on in.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Eevi. Are you ready?
There he is. - Thank you.
Sorry for the disturbance.
You have everything now?
- Now we do. Thank you.
Hi, this is Olli.
Is Raija home?
Right. Do you know
when she'll be home?
Yeah. Okay.
Well, bye then. Yes. Bye.
IN AN AJANMIES SUI It arrives at 6:58 in Kokkola.
- Okay. I'll wait here.
Thank you. Welcome.
- Thanks.
Let's break it!
Don't break it!
- All right. Good.
Now you get to go home.
BYE- See you!
' See you!
What are you thinking?
- Nothing.
You're thinking about something.
It's impossible to stop thinking.
I ran away.
- Why?
I couldn't focus there.
- Can you focus here?
Come help me put these away.
The band is rehearsing
here tomorrow.
They get mad
if I leave stuff lying around.
Goddammit, Olli.
What's wrong with you? - fight.
The arena is full of people
who want to see you train.
But you run to some
goddamn backwoods! - Err, well...
I'm training here.
You understand?
Get back here immediately!
- You understand?
Yes. Good. fight. Bye.
- You have to train...
How are things in Helsinki?
- They're good.
Don't you want to eat with us?
- I still have to lose weight.
That's terrible.
You're so skinny as it is.
At least have coffee.
- Sure. I'll have a cup.
I have to pedal fast here.
The road is a bit soft.
Hold on.
Here's a curve.
You have to come to Helsinki
with me. - Again?
I can't focus if you're not there.
What do you think I am?
You can't come here
just because you're scared -
to be somewhere else.
- It's not that.
That's how you behave.
- I just...
What if I lose?
What if people are
disappointed in me -
and realize I'm not
the guy they advertised?
What if you're disappointed?
How could I be disappointed when
I haven't asked anything of you?
If anyone's disappointed, -
it's because
of his own stupid fantasies.
You're not responsible for them.
Is that so?
- Yes, it is.
Will you marry me?
Will you become the world champion?
Of course I will.
Okay, I'll marry you.
Okay, let's get going.
Imagine a sold-out crowd shouting,
"Olli! Olli! Olli!"
A terrible thought.
- A terrible thought?
You might think you're modest, -
but do you realize
how your modesty sounds?
I'm doing all this for you.
Dozens of people
are here working for you.
Maybe that's not exactly
what I want.
What is it that you want?
- I want to be left in peace.
When 30,000 people are watching
you getting beat up? - No, I...
I want peace before the match.
Now people are shoving
microphones in my face, asking, -
"How are you feeling?"
The film crew and this damn circus.
You have to understand -
that this damn circus pays
for everything.
This isn't an amateur match -
where your mom's selling tickets
and your dad's selling pretzels.
Welcome to professional sports.
The scale is totally different.
Of course I want
to fight the match. I just...
...wish I didn't have to deal
with all the people and the fuss.
We can't have the match at the
Workers' Hall in your small town.
Raffle tickets. 20 marks each!
Pretzels, 30 marks a piece!
Davey Moore alone cost 12 million.
I understand, but I'd just
like to focus alone in peace.
If you want peace,
I'll arrange it for you.
Are you going to be okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
Davey Moore.
56.5 kilos.
Then Olli Maki.
- Olli.
Can you hold this?
Take your shorts off.
Take them off.
Olli Maki.
56.98 kilos.
Thank you.
Good job. Great.
You did it. Olli, you did it.
Oh, we're taking pictures.
Let's go.
Olli, come take pictures with us.
Yes, we'll take these.
- Okay.
What do you want engraved on them?
- What do people usually have?
The date and the names.
Why don't you write:
Raija and Olli,
August 17th, 1962.
Is that okay?
- Yeah.
Okay. You can pick these up
on Monday. - Yes.
Just a moment.
- Thank you.
Remember that you've worked
a hell of a lot for this.
You've practiced
in the best possible way.
You'll go out there and enjoy.
Show them what you know.
Don't be afraid of anything,
not even losing.
You know you're safe.
If it starts going bad,
we'll always be there for you.
Is there anything else
I can do for you?
No. I'm ready.
Dear friends of boxing.
Ladies and gentlemen,
for the first time in Finland, -
a world championship match.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Placing second in the 7957
European Amateur Championships, -
winner of the 1959
European lightweight title.
Ladies and gentlemen, -
"The Baker of Kokkola, "
Olli Maki.
Keep your hands up. That's good.
Keep your feet moving.
You're doing great!
All right, go.
Move your feet.
That's the way.
Good. Good.
Get up. Get up.
Get Up!
Hands up.
Go, go, go!
Get up. UP!
Put your hands up.
What happened?
What happened?
- It's over.
I couldn't see anything.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The winner and still champion...
Davey Moore.
All right. Where are the flowers?
I couldn't see him coming.
I think I had my chin too high.
Olli, how are you feeling?
I don't have much to say;
it happened so quickly.
How would you describe the match?
I think it was the easiest match
of my professional career -
in the sense
that it was over so quickly.
I've had full matches before,
15 rounds.
This was over after two rounds.
- Make some room, will you?
Put the camera down.
Elis, could you stand in the middle
and pose for the camera with Olli?
We're going to take the final shot.
Let's go take the shot.
- Oh. Sure.
Should we leave?
- What?
Do you want to leave?
Let's stay another moment.
Or should we just leave now?
Olli. Come here.
Raija and I are leaving.
- No. Come here.
You think we'll be like them?
You mean old?
- Yes, and happy.
Of course we will.
One, two...