The Hard Hit (2023) Movie Script

(logo whooshing)
(gentle music)
(reel clicking)
(horns honking in distance)
- Yeah.
(upbeat funky music)
Good morning, Mr. Bentley.
I don't mind if I do.
(upbeat funky music continues)
Oh, shit.
(upbeat funky music continues)
That's A1 Perico.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Staying ready.
That's my guy right
there, ain't got no soul.
I know you ready.
Hey, don't shoot.
Hey, who put this
white bitch up here?
Oh shit.
If it ain't the two Chinamen
and they tall, dark,
and handsome handler.
I thought we were crystal clear
in our message when we said,
I will remain the head
of my organization.
Or did your boss
not get that memo?
Obviously not,
'cause you wouldn't be here.
So do I need to send a reply
back with you gentlemen?
(funky music continues)
- Ah.
I'm gonna look you in
your eyes like a man.
Now we all want the
same thing, right?
So you know how
this going to go?
Things need to be
restructured, alright?
Now you can keep the autonomy,
head nigga in charge.
Chief of the organization.
- That's me.
- That's you.
And we respect our partners.
But your company's been
the last organization
that has not complied.
Can't have that.
But you know, let's
forget the titles,
our little metaphoric phrases.
Just think of us as your
silent insurance policy.
- I'm already in good hands.
(guns clicking)
- You see,
you are a good
earner, it's, its,
it behooves me is how you
could be so smart when
I was hoping
you wouldn't be as dumb
as you look right now.
- What the fuck is
you talking about?
See, I don't hope for shit.
I make shit happen.
I run shit.
But that's the difference
between me and you.
I'm a boss.
I built this shit.
I sacrificed for this
and I'll be damned if I give
up what I've sacrificed for
and worked hard for,
for you or anybody else.
So you run and tell
your boss that.
- Well,
one day you're gonna have
to bow down to somebody.
Take that knee.
- Ain't gonna be today.
- Well, let me help you.
(Tash screaming)
- Oh shit.
(gun shots firing)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
(gun shots firing)
Yous are dead motherfuckers.
(dramatic music continues)
(gun shots firing)
(men grunting)
(dramatic music continues)
(neck snapping)
(dramatic music continues)
(men grunting)
(gun shot fires)
(dramatic music continues)
Fuck you!
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
When my brother finds you,
he's gonna fucking kill you.
You dead.
(tense music)
- [Haze] Yonel, your brother.
We already took care of him.
- Fuck!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you.
- [Rico] "I make it happen,"
that's what you said.
Come on out there.
- No.
Fuck you.
- You wish
you had some hope right now.
- Don't shoot me.
(intense music)
(gentle music)
- That's a good throw.
(gentle music continues)
- Thanks for doing
this, by the way.
- Doing what?
- You know.
Sacrificing your career.
Moving again for my work.
- [Linda] We're family.
Family sticks together, right?
- Who would've guessed
from that pub all those
years ago to here?
Never forget that perfume
on your sash you let behind
and the shoes you had on.
Tracked those prints right
through the mud to the jacks.
(gentle music continues)
- There's a fine line
between creepy and useful.
I'm glad that ended up
being your actual career.
Ha ha.
- That's the only
thing I'm good at.
- Well, Sarah and I
would've been bored to death
in Dublin without you.
Plus we get our dose
of bad humor from you
instead of an iPad screen.
- Bad humor, huh?
- Well, you know, you're
not the best at telling.
- I'm the best at telling what?
- Not the best telling jokes.
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
Quick, throw before he gets it.
- Hey, to daddy.
(gentle music continues)
- Outrun me.
- Oh, where's that?
(gentle music continues)
(juice pouring)
- Honey, have you seen the sash?
- [Linda] Yeah,
I'll get it for you.
It was packed in the wrong box.
(gentle music continues)
- Hey, that's my girl.
- Flattered that you keep
this old thing on you,
but it almost made you late.
- It reminds me of you.
Helps me focus.
(gentle music continues)
Hey Sarah, story time
tonight, I promise.
I know, I've been bugged
down with work and the move,
but tonight's the night
we start that book, okay?
- Uh huh.
- Okay.
(gentle music continues)
(phone vibrating)
Hi mom.
Yeah, everything's great.
Yeah, just settling
in after the move.
Is that Riley and the
girls I hear in the back?
Hey sis.
Yeah, tell Finley
happy birthday for me.
I know, I wish we could
make the big party too,
but listen, I do have to go.
So I just wanna say love
you all and talk again soon.
Bye, Mom.
(soft tense music)
- Director Ross and the others
started a few minutes ago.
Here are your subject
briefing materials.
Some information
has been redacted
due to confidential
informant wiretaps.
- Wiretaps?
I'm familiar.
- Yes sir.
I will keep you informed
on what we find out.
- Okay, thank you.
(soft tense music continues)
- Alright, so we gotta
do better in that area.
Alright, next thing I'm
gonna say is very important.
So listen closely.
We've been chasing a phantom.
So multiple agencies
have had their best agent
in place infiltrating
different criminal enterprises
around the world
to take down
the individual
organization's top guy.
But we've been off.
We've had our eyes on puppets.
Every agent has corroborated
that these so-called top guys
aren't at the top at all.
We've been deceived.
There's a Jim Henson out there
controlling these muppets
and we have no ID,
no country of origin.
All we have
is chatter
from INTERPOL assets' wiretaps,
indicating that this,
this ghost has been in
Dublin a few months ago,
restructuring all the
highest criminal syndicates.
So much so that they now
seem to be working in tandem.
The good news is from that
we have tracked them here.
And the only reason
I say we is because
the man who figured all this out
is now on our team,
Alan O'Connor.
And now listen, he's the
best tracker in the world.
So whatever shred he
gives us is a meal.
Now moving on,
we also have
a politician in the cross-hairs.
Matthew Winford.
He's been very outspoken
on cracking down on
trade regulations,
import laws,
and busting up big business,
legal and illegal.
- We need to stop
these assholes.
- We have no leads
from any agents inside.
No POI's background missing?
- Nothing.
And we've went
through everything.
There's nothing there.
I mean there is
some chatter about
a possible name, Haze,
but we were unable to
connect it to any ID.
Now Haze has never been seen.
He supposedly only communicates
through the higher ups
via a right hand man.
It is something
that neither agency
has ever seen before,
but it is keeping us finally
to play nice with each other.
But from the agents,
they have indicated
that they have taken over
most of the drug trade routes,
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
human trafficking.
(tense music continues)
They even got their hooks in
world leaders and politicians.
- They can own almost anybody,
leave behind almost no trace.
Whether or not they want us
to find out what shreds
of intel we have or not,
we're going down the foxhole.
- So we're relying
on European intel
from some potentially
corrupt asset
who's given us a wiretap
of a mystery person
who they say could be
the boss of all bosses?
Come on.
- That's what
we're going off of.
That's all we got.
And if it wasn't
for O'Connor here,
we wouldn't even have
that little nugget.
- Vetted the asset myself
as well as INTERPOL,
ad they're a highly
decorated and loyal agent.
All past and current
transmissions fit
the same pattern
with no deviation or
reason of suspicion.
Best trackers rely on
instinct and observation.
You trust those over
everything else.
- O'Connor will be
running this operation.
Play nice.
Alright, dismissed.
(soft tense music)
O'Connor, hang back.
(soft tense music continues)
So most of your
team has arrived.
Black Ops agents.
Some of them have been
in the field a long time,
some too long.
Their identities can't be
compromised, understood?
Trust is hard to come by,
especially with all
these circumstances.
So go meet them.
Bond a little.
- Understood, sir.
- Wait a minute.
(uneasy music)
4480 Maryland Parkway.
Your contact is Jacqueline.
And Alan,
wear something loose.
(uneasy music continues)
(knocking on door)
- Come in.
- Sorry if I'm
interrupting, sir,
but here are the
wiretap transcripts.
- [Alan] Oh.
- We didn't find anything more,
but intelligence is still
working on deciphering them all.
- Right, thank you.
- No problem, sir.
- Oh, Kelly, before you go,
can I ask you something?
- [Kelly] Yes, of course.
- How long has Agent Rivers
been with the agency?
- Jason Rivers?
I think he's been here about
three and a half years.
- Hmm.
- Would you like me to schedule
him an appointment with you?
- No, no, thank you.
I'm just trying to get to
know the fellas around here,
seeing as though I'm the
new kid on the block.
- Sorry about that, sir.
- It's okay.
You can do away with
all the sir business.
You can just call me Alan.
And yeah, I got it.
New Kids on the
Block, you laugh,
but they were big in Ireland.
- I know.
My sister loved them.
Sorry, sir.
Sorry Alan.
- No problem.
Listen, Kelly, I'm gonna
be out of the office
for a couple of hours.
Call my cell if
you need me, okay.
(soft tense music)
(people shouting)
(tense music)
(fighters grunting)
Hey, what's going on here?
- Oh, Seals versus
whoever they are.
- Yeah.
- Winners in under two minutes
gets too months worth of wages.
- That's not smart,
who would do that?
- That's the Jackal for ya.
(tense music continues)
(fighters grunting)
(tense music continues)
- We accept cash,
PayPal, Venmo, cash app,
all of the above.
Your account better not be dry
or I'll beat your ass again.
- Sorry gentlemen,
and lady.
Better luck next time, eh?
- [Seal] Go to hell, Doug.
- Don't be Petty Officer.
My champions,
accept this humble
offering of alcohol
I snagged from the
owner's office.
Stupid fitness joints
only have the lame 90
calorie drinks though.
- Oh, whiskeys on me.
- Just drinks
after that big win?
I'm not getting a piece?
I'll take that as a maybe.
- [Marc] I wouldn't.
- Excuse me, are you?
- [Jacqueline] Waiting
for my Venmo notification?
Hell yeah.
- Got a message
from Director Ross.
- Oh shit.
I'm guessing you're O'Connor.
- INTERPOL's Dublin Division?
Number one tracking
analyst agent in the field?
Glad to have you
on the team, but
this is unlike anything you
or anyone else has
ever dealt with before.
- They got their hands
in every honeypot
all over the globe
and they'll kill anyone
that gets in their way.
Like Pooh-bear,
if he was a soulless killer.
I hope he wears pants though.
- I've been tracking
their patterns
and activities in
Dublin for months now.
And through informants and taps,
I see the same patterns emerging
in the enterprises out here.
After consorting with Ross,
we're onto someone significant.
Might be close to Haze.
- Oh yeah, I heard
of this Haze guy.
I don't think anyone's ever
seen him in person though.
Least I don't think so.
But he has been
starting to control
a lot of successful
Oh, we might know of a guy
that might be under his radar.
- Gio Bugatti,
old school generation mob boss.
Nothing gets in or out of out
of Vegas without him knowing
or without his approval.
One of the last real
gangsters out there.
I highly doubt he
would've joined Haze.
- Well, if Geo's the
last true gangster,
then he is probably been
probed by Haze already.
Let's go pay him a visit.
- Yeah, I think he still runs
an invite only poker game
off in the back room of Cigar
Lounge close to the strip
over by the Naked City District.
- Oh, the Naked City District
is my specialty.
- Lead the way.
(cigar crackling)
- I call.
- [Football Player] Straight.
- Full house.
You should see the look on
your fucking face right now.
Look, I understand you've
been swimming in a small pond,
but this is the great white
fucking shark territory.
Pink slip and keys.
- Not the whip, G.
- Well, let's see.
You put 'em up,
winner take all.
And I got the
winning hand, right?
So I'm fucking taking it all.
- Gotta be fucking kidding me.
- Do I look like I'm
fucking joking to you?
Look man, I know you're upset.
No, but you're the new big
professional football player.
You know what I'm saying?
You probably spend all
your money on new toys,
but you're killing
it on the field.
You are the new big stars.
That shitty sports car out there
don't mean a fucking thing.
It's a drop in the
bucket for guys like you.
Don't be so fucking glib.
I want us to be friends.
I want us all to be happy,
but I'm out 200 fucking Gs
and that's no way to
start a friendship.
It's just not right.
But we're in Vegas now,
so I believe there's a way
that we can take our friendship
and make it work both
ways for both of us.
I can't wait for
the upcoming season.
We'll talk soon.
(tense music)
- All right, since
we're maintaining cover,
I'm going in fronting as one
of Haze's associates now.
I've been tracking more than
I've been in the MMA gyms
for the last three years.
So if I'm compromised.
- Hey, don't worry about it.
We got you covered.
Luck of the Irish you
got us as backup, huh?
- Yeah.
Heart stars and horseshoes.
Clovers, huh?
- Wouldn't mind a
bullet in the face
instead of listening
to that shite.
(tense music continues)
(knocking on door)
- [Henchman] State
your business.
- Here for Bugatti's game.
I'm with Haze.
- Any weapons on you?
(soft tense music)
Turn around.
Come with me.
(soft tense music continues)
- What a fucking night.
Have a seat.
And who are you?
- Alan.
- Do you have a last name, Alan?
- We'll just keep it at
Alan if you don't mind.
- Okay, so what
can I do for you,
just Alan?
- As I'm sure you're aware,
I'm from the Ireland
subsidiary of the organization.
Haze has given me instructions
to connect with you
regarding working together.
Figured I'd start out with a
nice game of poker, you know,
to get to know each other.
- Oh yeah?
- Across the pond, my reach
is extensive, but here
Haze is interested
in acquiring weapons,
lots of them,
as well as assisting
me in finding someone
that can launder revenue
so it's legally transferable
and accessible to myself and
associates here in the states,
namely to Haze.
- Haze.
Yeah, I can help out with that.
In fact, I talked to
Haze's guy already.
I'm a little cautious
about mixing it together,
but I like to help out
from now, time to time.
But what are we talking?
How much and what's my cut?
- How high can you count?
Whatever you think is fair.
Name it.
- I could count
pretty fucking high.
- Haze said you need to
contact his stateside man.
He'll head up all the details.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah, give him a ring.
Have him set it all up.
- It was kind of funny,
you coming into my fucking
joint giving me orders.
I need my cell
phone, got a minute.
(tense music)
So, who are you
and who you with?
And save me a cleaning bill
and just spill the beans.
- Well, if you're
not in with him,
I'm exactly the one
you'd want to be.
Have you seen him?
- His name is fucking Haze.
What do you think?
I know these two
Oriental assholes.
They're real stealth killers.
They like the party Vegas style.
From what I understand,
they do all the inside jobs,
sometimes even with
the right hand man.
What the fucks up with you guys?
- I think you're
making a bad choice,
not taking the deal, boss.
You're putting us in danger.
Now this?
Sorry boss.
- Not so fast, gentlemen.
(tense music continues)
- Slipping in your old age?
You didn't think even they
could be turned by Haze?
- Well the times,
they're fucking changing,
that's for sure.
Just Alan's with the suits?
- Yes.
- Just let him know that I
don't owe you shit anymore.
- I'd say stopping
your closest men
from touching up the
paint with your brains
is a favor worth repaying.
Now what else do you know?
- We've been running things
here for fucking decades.
This is an institution.
It's a fucking family business.
Oh really?
We play nice with you
guys when we need to.
We had our ways.
What the you got
in this modern era?
This fucking Haze
syndicate shit.
- Oh, so Haze's men
have been in Vegas?
You've seen them?
- [Gio] Yeah, the Oriental guys,
sometimes the right hand man.
They'll hit the
Cork and Thorn club.
It's down in the art district
and they're usually
there on flight nights.
- Thanks.
We'll get going.
(uneasy music)
- Family's gonna have questions,
if Haze hasn't gotten
to 'em already,
now do what you gotta do.
- Where do you want it?
- Face,
(Gio groaning)
Fucking motherfucker.
- We owe you now, old-timer.
- Fuck you.
(soft tense music)
- Jason,
come on, how long we
gonna do this, huh?
Just answer is a
simple question.
Who else is there?
Who else?
- I don't, I don't know.
They don't tell us those things.
(Jason groaning)
(tense music)
I don't even know
who this Haze is.
They don't know shit.
- They don't know shit?
Here's the problem, J,
they probably know about me.
- No.
- Right?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
And being that that
I'm the closest thing
they will ever get to Haze.
You see that
I care about.
(Jason groaning)
- Psycho.
I did everything you asked.
I planted the fucking bug.
I got you your target.
He's closest thing that
he could come close to
based on his reputation.
You kill him,
you're free.
(soft tense music continues)
- Jason,
You know who I am?
When I talk to you,
you look at me.
I know you.
I know everything about you.
I'm the one that gave
you everything you got.
Come from a Podunk
town, Wyoming,
with a menial career
with the government.
But you know what?
You just, it's just
not enough, you know.
With us,
we give you
everything you actually desire.
I make your dreams come true.
The hot women,
the fast cars.
The power.
(tense music continues)
Do you want your prosperous
life to continue?
- Yeah.
- With us?
I have a favor to ask of you.
Call Ross.
(tense music continues)
- Is she?
- Asleep already.
Don't beat yourself up.
You had a long day,
but tomorrow,
FaceTime with your sister
for Riley's birthday.
You can't miss that.
- I know.
I really missed you today.
(gentle music)
Had you with me the
whole time though.
- It smells like cigars.
- You know, I really
appreciate your support.
I never wanted to
be like my father,
but once this job is done,
I promise I'm gonna
give you and Sarah
what you deserve, some roots.
(gentle music continues)
- Morning.
- Sorry I was home
late last night,
but tonight's all you
and I, I promise, okay.
- Okay.
- Hug for daddy?
(gentle music continues)
- So good morning.
Jason was able to provide
us with valuable intel.
Now he might be in trouble since
he was supposed to be here.
Apparently Jason has found
one of Haze's warehouses.
The intel states that Haze
himself will be there.
- Sir, but what about Gio's tip?
- The right hand
man and the others,
they're gonna have to wait.
We got a chance at
the head of the snake.
We cut it off, the
rest will fall.
- But if we spook 'em,
we lose the whole herd,
main component of--
- Of tracking, I know.
We track to capture.
We have those elements here.
So we're going to
see this through,
especially with Jason missing.
It tells me that he
was onto something.
- Something is
definitely going on.
Did everyone else get calls?
- Yeah.
Word is to keep all
mercs on standby.
- The target?
- Never said.
But I believe it's gonna
be Matthew Winford.
Price goes up every hour.
- It's not a drug deal.
So it could be they're
going after Winford hard.
I think they want a few
more parts of the machine
being aware of each other and
working in tandem on this job.
So I'm meeting with
the weapons runner
to go over terms
and trade routes.
They said not to bring
up Haze in the deal.
- Alright, for better or
for worse, we're mobilizing.
Let's get to it.
- Hey hon.
Yeah, I'm actually
not gonna be available
for the rest of the day,
but I will be home
later tonight though.
We may actually have a
big break in the case.
Listen tonight reading
time with Sarah
and tomorrow's
his birthday call.
I promise.
Love you too.
(gentle music)
- What's that say?
- [Ryan] That fish cost
five bucks plus tax.
- Alright, what about that one?
- [Ryan] It came to our pet
shop last Friday the 13th.
- What's, what's two plus two?
- Four.
- What's the three plus five?
- Eight.
- I love you.
I, I'll, I'll be right back.
(gentle music continues)
When did we get this one?
I like him.
(gentle music continues)
(tense music)
Is that the Irish tracker?
Let's see.
(tense music continues)
Invite him to the warehouse
and get rid of him.
(tense music continues)
- All right, be careful.
Report anything you see
and stay on high alert.
All right?
(uneasy music)
- We got bodies everywhere.
Looks like evidence of them
manufacturing a
new compound, MX1,
perfect for assassinations.
- Why is that?
- Almost untraceable.
We'll have you go
into cardiac arrest
15 minutes after dispensing.
(uneasy music continues)
- Jason!
(uneasy music continues)
- Yeah, we found
a beta solution.
I grabbed a little bit
so we can test it later.
- Okay.
All right, we're getting close.
Oh my God, get down!
(tense music)
(gun shots firing)
Go, go, go.
(tense music continues)
Subject fired us from top of
the warehouse on Windmill Lane.
Put a tracker on her now.
(soft tense music)
(tense music)
(guns cocking)
(tense music continues)
(gun shots firing)
(tense music continues)
(gun shots firing)
- Yo.
Now that's some right
hand man type shit
if I've ever seen it.
- You really saved our
asses back there, O'Connor.
- Hey, even if you can't fight,
you're the man O'Connor.
(hopeful music)
(uneasy music)
- What the fuck happened?
- They were onto us.
He knew we were coming.
- So Jason was right?
Hm, poor kid.
- Yeah, Alan O'Connor,
saw him face to face myself.
He's still out there
with some muscles, so.
- You saw him face to face?
- Yes.
- What happened to my
best man and driver?
Jesus Christ.
He got close to us in Dublin
and now he's plaguing us
with my family.
- We have to do something now.
We have to show him
and those fuckers the full
power of this organization
and what we can do to them.
- I want his guts on my floor.
- Why do I always have to
tell you to think bigger?
Your standard operations are
what got us into this mess.
We don't just take him out.
We take out his will to live.
He wants to track
us, our family,
then we track him.
Unroot his entire family tree,
his wife,
his children,
his goddamn dog.
- We don't take hits
on women and children.
- That man is close to
unraveling everything
that we have built.
This is what's necessary
for operations like ours to
become global enterprises.
No mercy.
- Hmm.
- Children of your enemies
grow up to be your enemy.
- Think about that tonight
when you're talking
Ryan into bed.
- I have thought about it
and I will kiss him
sweetly on the forehead
and sleep peacefully tonight.
Get it done.
(uneasy music continues)
- No worries.
I just wanted to say I
love you and be safe.
(knocking on door)
(uneasy music)
- Ma'am.
May we come in?
- Sure.
(uneasy music continues)
Are you with Alan?
Is he okay?
(uneasy music continues)
- Ma'am, is your daughter home?
- What's going on here?
- Hey there.
Sarah, right?
What you got there?
Hey, you wanna be
polite enough to
maybe give me a tour around
while my friend
talks to your mom?
- Tell me, what's going on.
(uneasy music)
- Linda?
Oh my god, Linda.
(somber music)
Oh no.
Linda, no.
(somber music continues)
Oh my god, Sarah.
Oh my god, Sarah.
(somber music continues)
(Alan sobbing)
- [Ross] O'Connor,
so look, I'm,
I'm sorry to hear
about your family.
At my request, the
agency has agreed
to have you on full paid
administrative leave
until further notice.
So take as long as you need.
(somber music continues)
(knocking on door)
- What the fuck are
you lot doing here?
(somber music continues)
- I guess you're
not taking them up on that
administrative leave, I see.
- O'Connor, we can't imagine
what you're going through.
We just wanted to
come and check on you.
Ross said he went dark.
- Any updates you
have in the case?
Fuck off, I can handle it.
I can handle it.
- Well, we all assumed
after what happened
that we've been made.
You were obviously
right above Jason.
He spilled to
Haze's organization.
- So the money and
flash turned him?
I guess honor doesn't
mean shit anymore.
So bring me up to speed.
What else?
- Well, after what
happened to your family,
they're still investigating.
And after every rock
they overturned,
we find out just how
widespread this is.
- Right now, operations
have been suspended.
- What?
- [Jacqueline] They've
been suspended.
- So that's just
it, they've won.
They reached a point
where they're just
too big to go after.
(Alan scoffing)
- Well, that's why we're here.
Full leave too.
- It'd be black ops.
- Not many resources,
just our wits about us.
And a whole lot of rage.
- But if we've all been made,
it's going to be tough
to get close to them.
- If we've been made.
I mean, right now
we're in the dark,
so it'll take a lot
of risk and craftiness
and a whole lot
of good tracking.
- I'll teach you how it's done.
We track every movement,
every step,
digital and physical.
Be in tandem with the target,
start to understand
their decisions
and start to predict them.
But overall instinct
and observation.
That's how it's done.
And when we find them,
we're gonna cut them open.
- We got the ID on Rico,
the right hand man,
and Carla, the driver.
Just have no clue
where they could be.
- I got a lead on some
mercs that'll be in town
for the big MMA fight tonight.
- Good.
We can intercept him and find
out where Rico and his men
will be at the club
Geo tip us about.
(soft tense music)
Hey, there's the car.
- Should we move in?
- We observe, follow,
and this here will kill their
battery when we need to.
(soft tense music continues)
- They gutted it.
Yeah dude, the engine's not--
- I told you
not to trust those guys.
- I.
This is not mine.
This is you.
- No, it was you.
You told me to trust them.
- Hey, where would you guys
choose to have your last lunch?
- Wouldn't be any of
this is greasy shit.
- Now, I think if
I had to fight,
I'd choose something
light like a,
like a chicken Caesar
wrap or something.
But from a nice restaurant.
You know the black
ground pepper?
- Doug.
We get it.
All right, just
go up close to
personal and ask them
all right after
you plant the bug.
(soft tense music continue)
- [Fighter 1] This afternoon,
plus I fricking knew
something was up.
- Fuck, our battery's dead.
- [Fighter 1] What the
hell happened to it?
- [Fighter 2] Middle of nowhere.
- Hey,
you boys need a jump?
- That would actually help out--
- Hey man.
- What the fuck?
(uneasy music)
- Don't tell him shit.
- Well, you'll have to
answer some questions.
You see wrong answers are fatal.
- Fuck you--
(gun shot fires)
(tense music)
- Cheers.
- Hey, look at me.
You wanna end up like
your friend here?
- That was my fucking brother.
- It was my family too.
Real smart, wasn't it?
- [Marc] Hey.
- O'Connor, get the intel.
Save it for Haze.
- Hey, hey.
We'll get it, brother.
Okay, just breathe.
Just breathe.
- It was just a hit, man.
We got a rapid fire on you.
We carried it out.
That's it.
- Cork and Thorn Club.
After the MMA fight tonight,
some of the men that hit
Linda and Sarah are
gonna be present.
Rico and Carla are
gonna be there too.
(gun shot fires)
(tense music)
- Man.
Well, not turning back now.
(Doug chuckling)
(gentle music)
- Remember the time you had
together, even if it was short.
I joined the
trafficking division
because my sister was
trafficked and murdered
when we were kids.
There's never enough time.
(gentle music continues)
(soft tense music)
- Hey, what are you doing?
- We got it.
We'll let you know if
there's anything worthwhile.
(soft tense music)
Guys, we found something.
Hold this.
Grab that table.
Put it right there.
Plug that in.
(soft tense music)
- Wait a minute,
I've seen these guys.
We crossed paths before
when, when I was under cover.
- They'll probably be
at the club tonight too.
Looks like Linda clocked
this fucker pretty good.
- She was a fighter, O'Connor.
(uneasy music)
(upbeat music)
Smack the ground
Don't drop that
I got the key to the city
I can lock that
And don't be
standing on the wall
You better pop that
I tell her go on, pick it up
We're gonna drop that
Oh lord
I been the man
since a little man
A 100 beef in the club
with a hundred man
Make it rain
Make it rain
You gonna drown if you
don't like quicksand
- So it's gonna be tough
to get to that VIP area.
So maybe we should
figure out the way to drug
them and lead them out.
- If we've already been made,
this will be the
shortest op in existence.
So I'm ordering Clase
Azul with tequila.
Your tab.
- Whoa.
If our cover's not blown,
you gonna pay me
back for that shit?
- Whoa.
This is not business as usual.
- What?
I can clean up nice.
- Very, very nice.
- Let's pair up, okay?
- I'll go with Jacqueline.
- Of course you will.
He has no idea, does he?
- Nope.
No idea about most things.
Make it rain
Make it rain
Break the ceiling fan
You look around if you
don't like quicksand
- You got Carla, Haze's driver.
Tell me who you came with
I'm all over your
like a light switch
(people laughing)
- [Assassin 1] It's funny.
You laughed.
It's all right, come on.
- Yeah man.
- Cheers.
- No work.
- No work.
- How we doing?
How are you doing?
You don't go nowhere.
Stay here, all right?
- Get the fuck outta here, man.
- Come on, Hercules.
You gonna keep all the
hottest girls roped up?
Hook a brother up.
Pop some Azul baby, I got you.
- Goodbye, white boy.
It's not enough bitches
even for me tonight.
- That's quite a scar
you got there, huh.
The right eye.
You hit the octagon tonight too?
- I used to train.
Make it rain
- I got a better gig now.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I see that, I see that.
Hey, I got some honeys
rolling through.
All right.
I'll hook you up.
Even you.
(upbeat music)
- I'll believe it when I see it.
Bye white boy.
(upbeat music continues)
- I'm gonna keep a
look out for Carla.
- Hey, don't get too close.
She knows our faces.
(upbeat music continues)
- Ladies, ladies.
The finest tequila in the VIP.
Let's go.
(upbeat music continues)
After you.
Hello, hello.
- Okay.
I'm into girls.
- Wait, no, but,
(upbeat music continues)
(people laughing)
- Told you.
I told you.
- Gentlemen.
What'd I tell you, huh?
(upbeat music continues)
Thank you, thank you.
One drink, huh?
Just one.
- My God, do you not understand
what I'm telling you?
- I'm just trying
to be a nice guy.
- Read the room, bro.
I'm sure you're a
really nice guy,
but you're just
not the guy, okay?
- [Doug] I brush my teeth.
I take baths regularly.
- [Girl At Bar] Yeah, doubtful.
- [Doug] Do you know,
come on, go ahead.
- [Girl At Bar] Literally,
look at your shirt.
- [Doug] Take a whiff,
take a whiff.
- Throw up.
- Take a whiff.
- You're gonna
make me throw up.
Oh my God, you're so not that.
- [Doug] It's good.
I think if you--
- Oh my God,
this is the girl.
- Better than she could.
- Fucking doubtful.
- Whoo.
- Smooth.
- [Assassin 1] Nice work.
- You could do better?
- To the worst
loss of the night.
- [Assassin 1]
I'll toast to that.
- [Assassin 2] Worst loss.
Right there.
- Here.
- Shots, all right.
- [Doug] Thanks.
- To the loser.
- Cheers.
- To the loser.
(upbeat synth music)
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
- That's a pretty big
scar you got there.
- I'm bad, babe.
Bad in a good way.
- There's nothing good
about the bad you are.
- Fuck you bitch.
(dramatic music)
- No!
(gun shot fires)
(dramatic music continues)
- Doug.
- What?
- Oh Jesus.
(dramatic music continues)
Guys, I'll get Doug to the van.
You get the other guy.
(dramatic music continues)
(soft music)
- Hey, what happened to you?
- The fucking agent.
He was at the club tonight
when I was picking up taxes.
- What agent?
Stand right there.
- Fucking tracker.
- But you kidding me?
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
The government gave up, right?
So I mean, these
motherfuckers done went rogue.
- Apparently.
- Sorry, sorry.
(tense music)
- Tell me how you got
stuck with the job
of killing my daughter.
- It was a job.
Just like yours now.
(soft tense music)
- You know, if you had
any shred of honor at all,
you'd never carry out that
type of hit if you were human.
All of you,
Carla, Rico, Haze,
amateurs wanting so badly
to rise above your stations.
- It was a promotion,
direct order from Haze himself.
Chance to change my station.
Look, I don't have the privilege
of choosing my career path
or like you, where I'm from.
- Well, your job
now is to tell me
where his family is and I'll
promote you to a swift death.
You see, you may not have had
the choices you had before.
Right now of the time
you've left, you do.
(soft tense music continues)
- Macdonald's Highlands.
Looks like a regular house.
The compounds expanded
underneath the foundation.
(gun shot fires)
(uneasy music)
- Ryan, sweetie, I need
you to go upstairs, okay?
I'll get you back in
school with your friends
as soon as I can.
- I wanna see my friends.
- I know, honey, but it's not
safe to be outside right now.
Mommy and daddy have some
things to take care of.
(gentle music)
- Hey, kiddo.
Watch what you say to him.
Let him be a kid.
- Our family doesn't
have secrets.
I've never wanted to hide
any of this from him.
It's a necessary evil.
We play in the dirt
so our people all over
the world can rise up.
We don't have a choice.
- You're creating
fear around our son.
I want to do this with honor.
- We don't have the
privilege of your principles.
Besides our latest intel says
the government's backing down.
Tell him, Rico.
- Yes ma'am.
That is correct.
And because of that pressure,
you keep the
pressure right there,
that is why the
government is folding
and people being laid off.
See now they're seeing how
extensive our network really is.
And because of that,
the government is pulling
those agents for intel.
So now we're losing those
rats day by day that we had.
- It's just a pitiful
rouge group of cunts left
ready to die.
- You gonna live?
- Of course.
- All right.
(soft music)
Come here.
(soft music continues)
- Hey, any word on Doug?
- He's still there, guarded,
safest out of any of us.
(soft music continues)
- Listen, I really wanna thank
both of you for everything
being there for me,
putting your lives on the line.
I want to finish this.
(soft music continues)
(upbeat suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
This has gotta be it.
Macdonald Highlands,
only plot of land
the foundation's
structurally sound enough
to have a compound
under as well.
- All right, so what's the plan?
How are we going in?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
What are you doing?
- No entrance for a while yet.
We set up a perimeter,
map out all the streets,
cut off any routes for backup
if they can be called
while we're inside.
But most importantly,
- It's about to be a long,
boring fucking night.
(uneasy music)
(insects thrumming)
- Perfect.
I think we're all set.
Tomorrow's the night.
(uneasy music)
- Alan.
We can hit them now.
- Not in front of the kid.
- Alan, I think we're made.
They'll have time to prepare.
He's on to us.
- We have to move now.
- No, not in front of the kid.
Wait until he's inside.
(uneasy music continues)
(suspenseful music)
- Come on.
Get to the stables.
Wait for me or Rico.
- Come with us.
- I'll be there, I'll
be right behind you.
Alright, go, go, go.
(uneasy music continues)
- Go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
- Good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Go, go, get him.
(dramatic music continues)
- Hey!
You can't run through this.
- I'll take you down just
like we did your sister.
That's right.
I read your file.
- Fuck you bitch.
(dramatic music continues)
(gun shots firing)
(dramatic music continues)
(tense music)
(gun shot fires)
(tense music continues)
- Dad.
- No.
- I am not like him.
I don't want you to see this.
Unlike you,
I don't put out hits
on women and children.
- [Haze] Neither do I.
You just let them get away.
(suspenseful music)
(Alan groaning)
(gun shots firing)
(Alan groaning)
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
- Wish we could have
had more time together.
I really wish I could have
been more open with you.
And Sarah,
just imagine her growing up,
going to college,
walking her,
(somber music)
walking her down the aisle
when she gets married.
(somber music continues)
It still reminds me of you.
(somber music continues)
- Hey O'Connor,
I've been looking for you.
- I was just leaving.
- O'Connor, I need
to talk to you.
Alan, I found her.
(upbeat tense music)
They've changed their
looks multiple times,
but we tracked them down.
(upbeat tense music continues)
We need you on board O'Connor.
(upbeat tense music continues)