The Hate U Give (2018) Movie Script

I love you, ha-ha
Ah, yeah, yo
Cash coming rapidly,
chicks coming after me
MAN: What'd you do
with my stuff, man?
You the one I wanna be
with ma, actually
I knew you were special
'Cause we hit it off
Had your guards up
at first...
You could take your time gil
we gonna move carefully
A hot bath water...
MAV: Now, when it happens,
don't act mad.
You gotta look calm.
Answer their questions,
but don't tell 'em
nothin' extra.
Keep your hands
out your pockets.
You drop somethin',
leave that shit where it's at.
Leave that stuff where it's at.
My bad.
Now, one day,
y'all gonna be with me,
and you best bet
we gonna get pulled over.
That don't mean
I did somethin' wrong.
Maybe I made a mistake driving
or maybe I ain't do
nothin' at all.
You gonna see me
with my hands like this.
On the dashboard.
Come on.
Now, you keep your hands posted
'cause moving makes
the police get all nervous.
If I ain't with you,
you ask for me.
It can get real dangerous,
so don't argue with them...
but keep your hands
where they can see 'em.
This how you gonna act.
We straight?
STARR: I was nine years old
when I first got the talk.
Seven, my half-brother, was ten.
Sekani was one.
Now, just because we gotta
deal with this mess...
don't you ever forget
that being black is a honor
'cause you come from greatness.
Now, this the Black Panther.
Ten-Point Program.
This our own Bill of Rights.
I want you to learn it.
'Cause Imma ask you about it.
Imma quiz you.
Really, Maverick?
Know your rights.
Know your worth.
You understand?
I got, I got, I got, I got
Loyalty, got royalty
inside my DNA
STARR: Starr. Two R's.
Daddy named me that.
And don't ask me
what the extra "R" is for.
Flow inside my DNA
I was born like this,
since one like this
Immaculate conception
I transform like this,
perform like this
Was Yeshua new weapon
I don't contemplate,
I meditate
Then off your off your head
This that
This that I got, I got,
I got, I got
Realness, I just kill shit
'cause it's in my DNA
Sekani! Learn how to aim! Dang!
Mama! Sekani peed
everywhere again!
And, boy, wipe that seat.
STARR: Mama and Daddy had me
when they were 17.
My nana even threw Mama
out the house.
Said Daddy was no good...
just a pusher
for the King Lords gang.
- Hey, baby.
- You seen my wallet?
- Yeah, I put it on the dresser.
- I can't find it.
Well, I know it's there, baby.
I put it there.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
STARR: She swore raising
the dead was more likely
than Mama and Daddy making it.
They stay proving her
and everybody else wrong.
And in large part,
that means making sure
that we don't make
the same mistakes.
You know what?
Why don't you just sit
your cute butt down
- and let me do what I do. Okay?
Oh, really?
You gonna let me do what I do?
Ain't they too old for that?
- Good morning, y'all.
- Good morning.
STARR: Their cuteness
can be extra,
but they're adorable.
I love you.
I love you.
STARR: I can't even lie.
They're my OTP.
One true pairing.
Mama and Daddy were born
in Garden Heights.
Their first kiss was
in the Haven Acres Projects.
Daddy says our life is here.
'Cause our people are here.
We got Mr. Reuben's barbecue...
Mr. Lewis's barbershop...
a Walmart 32 minutes away...
and Daddy's store.
Carter's Grocery is
where you get your milk,
Newport shorts, Hot Cheetos,
hot gossip,
and anything else that
you might need in a hurry.
Mama thinks
Daddy is scared of change.
She left the Garden
when she was a little girl.
And she wants us to get out too.
Either way,
you gotta stay ready.
'Cause Garden Heights is
always gonna be ready for you.
Seven? Now, are you staying
at your mama's house
or with us tonight?
At Mama's.
As long as King ain't there.
STARR: And then there's King.
He runs the King Lords.
My dad used to be
his right-hand man.
- The high school is where you go...
to get jumped, high,
pregnant, or killed.
We don't go there.
Not since what happened
to my friend Natasha.
So Mama sent us
to another school
where everyone's college-bound.
- Sekani?
- Yeah?
Baby, remind me
what your name means again.
Yes! So that means I want you
to be just as big
a joy at school
as you are at home, okay?
(SHOUTS) Okay!
But less loud!
(LAUGHING) Why you yelling?
LISA: You guys have a good day.
- SEKANI: Love you, Mommy!
- I love you too, Sekani.
STARR: Garden Heights
is one world.
Williamson is another.
And I gotta keep it separate.
So when I'm here,
I'm Starr Version Two.
- See you later, bro.
- Peace out.
STARR: That means flipping
a switch in my brain.
Williamson Starr
doesn't use slang.
If a rapper would say it,
she doesn't.
Even if her white friends do.
Hey, boo.
- Hey, how are you?
- I'm good, girl.
STARR: Slang makes them cool.
Slang makes me "hood."
Yo! Those kicks are lit!
Thanks. Space Jams.
STARR: Williamson Starr
is approachable.
No stank eyes or yelling because.
Williamson Starr
is non-confrontational.
Basically, Williamson Starr
doesn't give anyone a reason
to call her ghetto.
And I hate myself for doing it.
Let me at him.
I'll kick his ass.
Hailey, you're violent.
Uh, okay. If someone tries to do
some shit to my girl,
I have to get him.
I'm serious, Starr.
I will go after him.
I will kick his ass.
I do not care.
You just say the word.
STARR: Hailey must've watched
Straight Outta Compton
again last night.
You just say the word,
and I'm gonna do it.
- What did you say to him?
We're not really talking
right now, so...
Who's not really talking
to whom?
Well, Chris lured Starr
over to his house
and sprung a condom on her.
What did you say?
No, no, no. What did you do?
What size was it?
- Maya! Oh, my God!
You're on a "need to know."
Okay! And I need to know.
Look, Chris is great,
but I'm just not ready.
And eventually, I'll get there,
but he just assumed.
Assuming. Punishable by death.
So, you're gonna
Taylor Swift this?
She doesn't even rank
on the angry girlfriend
scale anymore.
Nah. I'm gonna Beyonce his ass.
STARR: I really wanna
"Elevator Solange" his ass.
I've been watching you
for some time
Can't stop staring
at those ocean eyes
Burning cities
and napalm skies
STARR: Damn. He's wearing
the same Space Jam Elevens
as mine.
He knows
Jordans are my weakness.
He smells like Old Spice.
His lips are soft.
No fair
You really know
how to make me cry
When you gimme
those ocean eyes...
He swear he's DJ Khaled.
I can't lie.
It still gets me every time.
Nuh-uh. Nope.
I don't like
what you did the other day.
Starr, I'm sorry.
- I messed up. Bad.
- Mm-hmm.
But I keep thinking
that we're getting closer...
and ask to take you out
on Saturday,
and you don't say yes.
- I'm busy.
- Right.
Every time?
So I figure maybe you want me
to meet your parents first.
But whenever I ask to
come over, you never say yes.
They're busy too.
Well, it seems like
everyone's busy, Starr.
So then I think, "How do I get
closer to my own girlfriend?"
Maybe she wants to skip
the whole flowers
"and chocolate part
and just get right to it."
Chris, you are acting
a damn fool,
if you think I'm one
of these little thirsty girls
running around here
that you can hit.
Starr, you're not.
You're way more important
than that to me, okay.
We've been dating
for almost six months.
And if you can't tell that
by now,
then I don't know what else
you want me to say.
Other than I miss you.
A lot.
I made that beat for you.
Come on.
You gotta tell me that's fire.
(SUCKS TEETH) It's a'ight.
I wanna hear you say it.
It's okay.
Wow. Okay.
I guess that means
I gotta test it.
STARR: I'm fully aware
that some people
would accuse him
of acting black,
but this is just Chris.
And he makes me laugh.
Hey! Get it, man!
Oh, my God.
Don't spin. Come on.
Do you forgive me now?
STARR: We get the questions.
Why is he dating her?
On the real, I sometimes
wonder the same thing.
Now, the stares usually come
from the rich white girls.
But they're way too scared
to actually
say anything to our faces.
Let me take you somewhere
on Saturday.
To do what?
We can eat burgers.
I let you beat me in foosball...
- Let me beat you?
- Mm-hmm.
- And then we can kiss
on a Ferris wheel.
That is so cheesy.
That's what I got.
Okay. But can we do
Sunday instead?
I'll pick you up?
I'll meet you.
Mm-hmm. Three o'clock?
- So romantic.
You are a fool.
I'm your fool.
That is true.
STARR: Chris is the best thing
about being Starr Version Two.
And sometimes I think
that's all I want to be.
I don't trust you 'cause
you dap with the left hand
Until the weekend comes around.
That's my right hand
All my dogs come first
all lost in the purp
I'm not sure I belong
at this party either though.
Neither version of me.
Left hand, right hand
Left hand, right hand
Left hand, right hand
Right hand, right hand
Left be working
then the right
Coming right back
Yeah I left to get it right
Now I'm right back
I show love and affection
to all my fans...
STARR: Kenya's about
the only person
I hang out with
in Garden Heights.
Even if she gets on my nerves
sometimes. I swear.
I mean,
every girl in here
all laid and slayed
but you wanna come up in here
looking basic as hell.
What? Girl, these are
the Retro Threes.
Classic and comfortable,
and watch.
You're gonna be wishing that
you was wearing them tonight
when you limpin' out of here
like a broke-down gazelle. Bam.
Man, ain't that
my brother hoodie?
Our brother's hoodie,
Kenya, yeah.
Yeah, dressed like that,
got folks thinking
you're my girlfriend.
Kenya, if I had known
following you to this party
meant that I would be
on some Extreme Makeover
Starr Edition mess,
I would've stayed home
and watched
my Fresh Prince reruns.
Oh, girl, you got to let
the 90s perish.
What now?
There go that trick, Denasia.
Ooh, I can't stand her ass.
Always talking smack
about how I'm trying
to steal her ugly-ass man.
Oh, for real?
Man, you so lucky you go
to that private school.
You don't gotta deal
with hoes like that.
(CHUCKLES) No. There's hoes
at my school, too.
Trust me, hoedom is universal.
Feel my stink eye, bitch.
Feel my stink eye.
Oh, we about
to handle her tonight.
Hold up. We?
What? What, you too good now
to have my back?
- Don't even!
- Don't even what?
You only brought me here
to tag team a bitch?
Ain't like you had
shit else to do.
I'm doing your black ass
a favor.
Oh, my God! You do know
I have friends, right?
Them bougie girls
from your school do not count.
Yo, Kenya!
What up?
- Hey.
- How you doing?
- I'm good.
- Hey, boo.
Now, you know
you ain't have to bring
your sister out
dressed like that.
We ain't sisters.
Yeah, just 'cause my mama
and her daddy made Seven,
don't make us related.
I mean, she my girl,
but Seven don't make us kin.
Anyway, leave Starr
alone, Bianca.
She's used to partying
amongst the whites.
Yo, I bet
they be poppin' Mollies
and all kind of pills,
don't they?
Listening to Taylor Swift ass
trying to sing.
Y'all are just reaching...
Wait, that's true.
- Exactly. We know.
- CHANCE: Yeah.
Anyway, I was talking about
rollin' up on Denasia ass.
- Old trick.
- KENYA: Yep.
BIANCA: You know she be running
her mouth about you, right?
- Word.
- Bitch need her ass beat.
- Well, let's go.
- BIANCA: Come on.
- You comin'?
- No.
Well, I'm not babysitting you
all night,
so, like, take care of yourself.
7:30, you lying
I get those goosebumps
every time, yeah
You come around, yeah
You ease my mind
You make everything
feel fine
Worry about those condoms
STARR: Khalil.
Look at the sea of people
parting for you
like you a brown-skinned Moses.
I get those goosebumps
every time
Those dimples.
What am I supposed
to do with that?
And I used to take
baths with you
in your grandmama's tub
when she used
to babysit me and Seven.
Weird what the sight
of Khalil's brown eyes
do to me now.
- Damn.
It's been a minute.
What's up? Where you been at?
School. Basketball.
Keeps me busy.
But I'm always up
at Daddy's store.
You the one no one sees anymore.
Yeah, I've been
a little busy myself.
KHALIL: What's up? What?
How's your grandmama
and Cameron doing?
He just turned ten, right?
Yeah. They all right.
Grandma's sick though.
The doctor say
she got cancer or some shit.
Damn. I'm sorry, okay.
Yeah, she's taking chemo.
But really the only thing
she's worried about
is putting the wig
on top of her head.
Shit, I'm thinking about
taking hers. Look.
- She turnt up. (LAUGHS)
- (CHUCKLES) She's going in.
Come on, let me see you
turn up like she turn up.
Yeah. Yeah.
You know this.
See, I would've thought
you was into
the indie rock
or maybe country or...
Everyone knows this song.
I mean, I know you be hanging
with all the white kids.
- I'm just saying.
- Shut up. You better stop.
Oh, damn! Did I scuff you?
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no.
Stop. Stop. Don't scrub.
Gotta be gentle.
Every time a sneaker
is cleaned improperly,
a kitten dies.
- Sneakerhead!
STARR: Okay, well, I see you.
You obviously making big money
if you rockin' those.
BOY 1: What up, bro?
What's up, man?
BOY 2: You know what is, bro.
This is my area.
Ain't no business
doing over here, bro?
Cut it out!
Move, man! What's up, man?
- Come on.
It's always some shit.
You see that?
We can't even have a party
without somebody
getting shot at.
Only God can judge me,
that right?
Only God baby,
nobody else, nobody else
All you other motherfuckers
get out my business, really
Perhaps I was blind
to the facts
Stabbed in the back
I couldn't trust
my own homies
Just a bunch of dirty rats
Will I succeed
paranoid from the weed...
Man, so you gonna come
at me for my music
while you listening
to this old stuff?
Oh, old stuff?
You better get up
out my car with that.
Tupac is the truth.
Yeah, 20 years ago.
No, even still, right now.
Listen, let me
tell you something.
Pac said, THUG LIFE means.
"The Hate U Give Little Infants
Fucks Everybody."
Meaning what?
Meaning what society gives
to us when we little
comes back to bite them
in the ass
when we grow up,
and we wild out.
You get that?
Damn. Yeah.
Pac's gonna always be relevant.
So you gonna tell me why
you really been busy, Khalil?
Because that McJob that I had
didn't make nothin' happen.
And plus grandma got fired
from the hospital
when they found out
she was sick.
Damn, that's messed up, K,
for real.
You know, we got needs.
If you selling that stuff...
Hey, come on now.
Mind your business, Starr-Starr.
Don't worry about me.
I'm doing what I gotta do.
Man, you piss me off sometimes.
Oh, yeah?
So you pissed off right now?
You don't really look
too pissed off.
So, you know, I couldn't tell
if you was pissed off.
I'm really mad at you.
...talking to the dirt
I'd rather die like a man
than live like a coward
There's a ghetto
up in Heaven
And it's ours, Black Power
Is what we scream
as we dream
In a paranoid state
And our fate
is a lifetime of hate
Oh, I just heard from Kenya.
She's good.
So, why are we stopped?
Because I wanna look
at you in your eyes
when I'm talking to you.
- Somethin' wrong with that?
- Hmm.
Not inherently, no.
(LAUGHS) Not inherently.
- Not inherently.
- What?
That school got you messed up.
I saw you out there
one time, too.
Y'all was headed there.
You had your little skirt on.
Your knee-highs. Your backpack.
(LAUGHS) You was ready.
What do you mean
you saw me one time?
So you stalking me now?
Whoa, now.
- No.
I just like seeing you.
That's all.
We used to see each other
damn near every day
- when we was kids.
- Yeah.
Do you remember when
we used to play Harry Potter?
What did we call ourselves?
- The Hood Trio.
- The Hood Trio.
We were some badass
10-year-old wizards.
You still have your wand?
Hell, no. I ain't got that wand.
I don't have the wand.
I know you still have it.
I don't have it. I threw it away
because you would never
let me be Harry.
- Because you were Ron!
- But I was really Harry.
No. I was Harry.
You were Ron.
Natasha was Hermione.
So that first kiss we had?
In the church basement. Mm-hmm.
- Yep.
Man, we were some heathens.
So you telling me that
I was kissing Harry Potter?
Yeah, you were.
- All right.
So who am I kissing right now?
Khalil, I...
I got a boyfriend.
Yeah, I heard.
I didn't wanna hear. (SCOFFS)
But it's all good.
We've been together
our whole lives, Starr.
We got time.
All right?
All eyes on me
All eyes on me
I bet you got it twisted
You don't know who to trust
So many playa hatin'...
Damn. What I do?
I don't know.
Eight-Charlie, Fourteenth and Third.
(SOFTLY) Damn.
Khalil, put your hands
on the dash
where he can see them.
Khalil, put your hands
on the dash! I'm not playing.
Starr, we ain't done nothing.
What'd we drive, like 50 feet?
STARR: Please.
Please. Just do it.
OFFICER: Sir, can you roll
your window down for me?
Here we go.
I need to see your driver's
license and registration.
For what? What'd I do?
Sir, license and registration.
Khalil, keep your hands
on the dash.
Starr, how am I supposed
to get him my license
and registration
if I have to stay still?
I wanna know
why you pulling me over.
You failed to signal
a lane change.
- Come on.
- Turn the music off.
Why? I can hear you.
- Please, Khalil!
- Turn it off.
This is my car.
So how can you tell me...
Step out of the car.
You ain't got no right
to do this to me.
OFFICER: Listen, I'm giving
you a lawful order.
Khalil, listen to him.
Is it for failing to signal
my lane change
or for failing to turn down
my music? Which one?
Sir, out of the car, now!
Either you get out
of the car yourself,
or I'm gonna do it for you.
Drop the phone!
KHALIL: Yo, why don't you
just give me my ticket?
OFFICER: Hands on the car.
Anything on you?
No, there's nothing on me.
- OFFICER: Any drugs?
- Nah, man.
OFFICER: Can you remove
your driver's license, please?
- Where'd you find her?
- I know her.
That's my friend.
OFFICER: You looking
for a score tonight?
KHALIL: What? A score?
Yo, come on, man.
OFFICER: Keep your hands
on the car. Do not move.
Can I get a license run on...
- Shit.
Where's my phone?
Starr, you okay?
- You all right?
- Go back where he told you.
(TUTS) He gonna take his time
doing whatever he gotta do.
I'm not playing. Go back.
Yo, but come on!
Why you messing up my car?
- Just listen to him, Khalil!
- Okay! All right, chill.
- Stop right there! Stop!
- Do not move.
- (SOBS) No. No.
- No.
No, Khalil.
OFFICER: Be quiet, ma'am.
You sit down.
- No.
Officer needs help. Shots fired.
OFFICER: One suspect down.
The other in custody.
Requesting an ambulance.
- STARR: What did you do?
What did you do?
Be quiet, ma'am.
Help him!
I want you to stay where
you are! Do not move, okay?
He's bleeding!
Help him! Come on!
He's bleeding!
Where is it? Where's the weapon?
- Okay? The gun! Where is it?
What gun?
- Khalil!
- OFFICER: Shit! Shit!
Khalil, look at me!
Come on, look at me, Khalil.
Come on, look at me!
Look at me, come on!
- Khalil, come on, look at me!
I'm right here.
You're okay, all right?
There's a ambulance coming.
Can you hear it?
It's coming.
It's gonna take care of you.
You're gonna be fine, all right?
You're gonna be okay.
Don't be scared.
Come on, look at me!
Look at me, Khalil. Come on!
LISA: Breathe, Starr.
(SOFTLY): Starr, breathe.
MAV: Who did that, man?
- The officer who did it...
I understand that. I know.
I'm Detective Gomez.
And this is my partner,
Detective Wilkes.
LISA: Uh, Lisa Carter.
I'm her mother.
Starr Carter.
Can you tell us
what happened tonight, Starr?
I went to this party.
And Khalil was there, too.
Why was Khalil there?
Same as everybody else, I guess.
Just recreational purposes.
Witnesses at the party stated
that there was
an altercation and gunshots.
Did Khalil have
anything to do with it?
I mean... no.
We were, uh, just talking...
when the fight broke out.
He offered to take me home
because he wanted to make sure
that I got home safely.
And that's when 115
pulled us over for no reason.
STARR: The officer.
That's his badge number.
I remember it.
WILKES: Starr, do you know why
Khalil reached into the car?
I think he was checking
to see that I was okay.
You think?
You don't know?
No, I don't know.
Because that's when it happened.
- Did you and Khalil...
- LISA: Uh...
Would you please
just give her a second?
Whenever you're ready.
Okay, baby?
WILKES: We understand
that this is hard right now.
LISA: Do you?
WILKES: Yes, Mrs. Carter, we do.
Take your time.
Did you drink alcohol
at the party?
No, I don't drink.
Did Khalil?
Not that I saw.
Did you ever see Khalil
sell narcotics?
No, I never personally saw
Khalil sell drugs or do drugs.
But you knew that he did?
You have not asked my daughter
one question about the cop.
We just want the whole picture,
miss. That's all.
Well, you ask questions
about what happened.
115 killed Khalil.
And he didn't do anything wrong.
So I don't know what more
of a bigger picture you need!
She's done here.
Come on, Lisa. Come on, Starr.
GOMEZ: You know her?
Yeah, she's my niece.
- All right. All right.
I'm here.
I'm here.
- Let it out. Let it out.
Easy. Let it out.
Yeah, let it out.
Here. Here.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay, baby. It's okay.
It's okay.
Here. Drink this now.
It's okay, baby.
Nightmares are always
the worst right after.
Sekani, no.
Starr first. Let her eat.
You know, not everybody got
superpowers like you.
Shine your light.
I ain't name you Starr
by accident.
Thank you.
You the only real friend
that boy ever had.
He was mine, too, Miss Rosalie.
Police came by.
Was you with him, Starr?
Yes, ma'am.
Thank God he didn't leave
this world alone.
You been by his side
from day one,
and you stayed all the way
to the end.
He was selling that stuff,
you know.
Can't be for nobody but King.
WOMAN: You got some nerve
coming in here.
MAN: What's he doing here?
Hey, Carlos.
Hi, Lisa.
MAV: Excuse me.
Miss Rosalie,
I came by to tell you
I'm sorry for your loss.
And Pam and I
have been praying for you.
MISS ROSALIE: Thank you so much.
CARLOS: There's anything
I can do for you...
know we are here for you.
Love you.
WOMAN: Look out.
MAV: So what's the deal?
His ass in jail?
They're gonna place him
on paid administrative leave.
That's it?
After he killed Khalil?
Starr, there will be
a full investigation.
Cops investigating cops, huh?
You know they should've charged
his racist ass with murder.
But that ain't gonna happen,
is it, Uncle Carlos?
Nothing like this
has ever happened
with this officer before.
Oh, first-timer.
Let's cut him a break.
Carlos, you're gonna help
with the investigation, right?
I can't. We hand situations
like this over to the DA.
We headed for a grand jury?
Most likely.
And let me guess,
they gonna ask Starr to testify.
LISA: No, no, no, no, no.
I don't want everyone
knowing that Starr
is the witness.
She doesn't need
that kind of attention.
No! Should we get a lawyer?
Witnesses don't need attorneys.
Starr ain't just
a witness, 'Los.
CARLOS: Look, if you
don't trust the system,
can you at least trust me?
- Starr is like my daughter.
- But she ain't.
It didn't seem that way
when you was locked up.
Stop it! Both of you!
What does a grand jury mean?
STARR: Grand jury.
Stuff like this
ends up on the news.
People get death threats.
Cops target them.
What will it mean at school?
Will I suddenly be
the poor girl from the hood
who saw her friend get killed?
I just gotta be quiet.
MAYA: Can you just
give me more chicken?
- PLAYER 1: Starr, open!
- HAILEY: Starr!
- PLAYER 2: Starr, pass it!
(GROANS) Damn!
Starr, just pretend the ball
is a piece of fried chicken!
- What was that?
- What? It's game talk.
Fried chicken is game talk?
I've never heard
that one before.
Holy shit. Starr, we had
fried chicken for lunch?
I-It was a joke.
Wait. What's going on, girl?
I mean, you know me,
I know you, better than anyone.
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just tired.
All right. Imma put Mav's
hot links on the grill.
Little burnt on top
and crusty on the side.
Y'all go ahead and take some
pound cake while y'all wait.
- Thanks, Mr. Reuben.
- Thank you, Mr. Reuben.
17-year-old black teenager
by a white police officer
Saturday night.
New information
is being released
regarding the shooting death
of Khalil Harris.
Dashcam footage,
where the officer thought
he was going for a weapon
shows it was not a gun
but a hairbrush.
BRENDA: My son ain't
never done nothing wrong!
- Khalil was a good boy!
- WOMAN: Mm-hmm.
Why'd they have
to do that to hi?
What this hae to happen fo?
What, he can't even
walk down the stret
and brush his damn hai?
I mean, why would they put
Miss Brenda on TV like that?
There's a witness
to the shooting
who'll be called to testify
in front of the grand jury.
Community leaders
are up in arms...
So you famous now.
I saw you leave with Khalil.
Now you all jittery
and jumpy and shit.
It's you, Starr.
Don't even lie.
You ready to stir some shit up?
What you mean?
Well, you was there,
so you gotta tell everybody
what happened.
You're gonna stand up
for Khalil, right?
Listen, Brenda can't be
the only one talking.
You know Khalil would've
stood tall and spoke for you.
Hey, queens.
Hi, Daddy!
Get in the car.
Nah, I'm good.
I'll take you up to Big Mav's.
Get in the car.
Ghostface killers, Wu-Tang
21 news gang
Drug dealers in the Mulsanne
At the top of the food chain
Trappin' the cocaine no gang
Shooter with no name...
Make up for what you spent.
No, thanks.
Heard you was with that boy
when he got himself killed.
Some hard shit to see.
Believe me,
it's hard to forget, too.
I been in the Heights forever.
So trust.
I been where you at.
Hurt like that
don't never leave you.
But you gotta keep pushing.
You feel me?
Mama at the house?
I don't know.
Iesha be where she at.
- What about Seven?
Why your daddy and lesha
name that boy Seven?
What's his middle name? Eight?
Hey, Uncle Mav.
Hey, Kenya.
How's that domestic life
treatin' you?
You go ahead,
put a ring on lesha.
You gonna find out.
KING: Look like
business is going well.
Guess I should've bought
this store for me
instead of you.
But you didn't.
I heard about Starr's homeboy.
Man, you know how they do.
Shoot first,
ask questions later.
You really should try
and keep her out of trouble.
I'm just saying,
I think it's best
if she don't talk to Five-O.
You feel me?
You ain't got to worry
about Starr.
You take care of your girl,
and I'll handle mine.
- It's like that?
- It's exactly like that.
KING: Hey, Starr.
Remember what I told you,
all right?
You keep that shit
in your rearview.
LISA: Mnh-mnh. I'm telling you.
He was threatening her!
He ain't gonna hurt her.
He will.
If he thinks that Starr
is gonna tell the police
that Khalil worked
for him, he will.
And then what? Hmm?
He's gonna rope you
right back in.
Once a King Lord,
always a King Lord.
When you spend
three years in lockup
doing somebody else's time,
ain't no roping back in.
He let me out.
That was our deal.
we're moving.
Baby, we could do
some good stuff around here.
Where you live does not define
who you are, Maverick.
- Baby, listen to me...
- No!
You listen!
It's okay to make sacrifices
for your family.
God! Do you think
that my mother moved
me and Carlos
out of Garden Heights
and into that Catholic school
so we could learn
how to pray? No.
I'm gonna make sure
that my kids have it
at least as good as I did.
If not, what's the point?
That's why we have them
up there in that school!
And what do you think
that school will do
when they find out
that Starr was with Khalil?
Those white folks,
they love to boast
about how diverse
that school is,
but you know what?
This is too much diversity
for them.
I don't feel good,
so I'm not going.
None of us feel good, Starr,
but we're pressing on anyway.
So you go get dressed.
- I...
- Go get dressed.
- Can I come in?
- Yeah.
Maybe when we get back...
we can watch that.
Harry Potter and the Goblet
of Half-Blood Gumble Ghosts.
I think I'm good, Daddy.
You the worst person
to watch Harry Potter with.
The whole time you're like,
"Harry Potter is about
the gang theory."
- It is.
- Mm-hmm.
Hogwarts houses have
they own colors,
they own hideouts,
and they always ridin'
for each other.
How that ain't about gangs?
- You know I'm right.
- Mm-hmm.
Y'all had y'all's own
little Harry Potter gang.
Now Natasha and Khalil
both gone, and you still here.
Trying to make
some sense out of it.
"The Hate U Give
Little Infants..."
"F's Everybody."
I know what it stands for.
What do you think it means?
I think it's about
more than just the youth.
I think it's about us.
Us who?
Black people.
Poor people.
Everybody at the bottom.
Right, you on it.
Pac was trying to school us
on how the system's
designed against us.
Why else you think
so many people
in our neighborhood deal?
- They need the money.
- Yeah.
And there ain't no
real jobs around here,
so they fall into the trap.
What trap?
Drugs a multi-billion-dollar
Brothers like me
and Khalil get caught up
'cause it look like a way out.
But that shit is flown
into our communities...
and I don't know nobody
with a private jet.
- Do you?
- Mnh-mnh.
Me neither.
And then they trap us.
And we end up in prison,
another billion-dollar hustle.
And they got us
riding through there
like we on a conveyor belt.
That's how I end up
in prison with my daddy.
You went to jail
with your own daddy?
But when I caught up with him,
wasn't nothin' he can do
to help me.
He was just a weak,
old man with regrets.
And his light was gone.
And I swore
that would never be me.
Because Imma break
the cycle for my kids.
STARR: I'm not ready
to see Khalil
as a soulless mannequin.
His lips are too pink.
And he doesn't have his dimples.
LISA: Come on, baby.
(SOBBING): It ain't him, Mama.
I know.
KHALIL: We got time.
Hey, you all right?
'Cause it healed me
I know it works
'Cause it healed me
it will never
Lose its power
The blood still works
I know...
Your mama's here with King.
Oh, yeah,
the blood still works
I know the blood still works
Yeah, the blood still works
Come on back here with us!
I know the blood still works
Baby, go back there
with your mother.
The blood still works
The blood still works
The blood still works...
You know he don't want
to sit with her.
I know, but she's yellin'
in the church, baby.
Lose its power
It will never
Lose its power
The blood still works!
Amen! Hallelujah!
Amen! Thank you, choir,
for blessing us
with such wonderful...
praise and worship.
Amen! Brothers and sisters.
We have a speaker here
with us today.
The Harris family
have asked us all
to listen
to what she has to say.
Come on up, Sister April Ofrah.
I'm April Ofrah, a lawyr
with Just Us For Justic.
Just before the service,
I was informed
that the police
have no intentions
of arresting the officer
who murdered this young man.
Despite having
a credible eyewitness.
WOMAN: Oh, my God!
APRIL: This is the last place
I wanted to be today.
And I know I'm not alone.
But here we are agai.
Violence, brutalit.
It's the same story,
just a different name.
MAN: Yes. You're right.
Today's name is Khalil Harri.
Another unarmed,
young, black man.
What does that tell us?
Shamell Bell said it best.
"It is impossible to be unarmed
when our blackness is
the weapon that they fear."
And I refuse
to let our blackness be seen
as a weapon or as a weakness.
- MAN: Yeah!
- WOMAN: Yeah! That's right!
That is why the Harris family
and I ask you
to join us after the service...
for a peaceful march
past the police station.
Division is how they win.
- Unity is how they crumble.
- WOMAN: Yeah!
See you outside
after the service. Thank you.
- Thank you!
- Whoo!
Thank you, Sister Ofrah,
for such powerful
and encouraging words.
Did you see that?
How does she even know?
Gotta be Miss Rosalie.
To join our sister
in her peaceful march
for justice!
Not only for Brother Khalil,
but for all of us!
Khalil's life
will not be in vain!
MAN: That's right!
Yeah! Hallelujah!
What do we want?
PROTESTERS: Justice for Khalil!
- APRIL: When do we want it?
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
Remember, this is
a peaceful protest!
I ain't too sure about that.
WOMAN: Boy, don't put
your hands on me!
This is a peaceful protest!
WOMAN 2: You pushed her!
- No justice, no peace!
- No racist police!
ALL (CHANTING): No justice,
no peace! No racist police!
All right, we gotta leave.
No justice, no peace!
Let's go!
PROTESTERS: No racist police!
No justice, no peace...
Hey, Seven!
Come on.
MAN: What the hell
you talkin' about?
(CHANTING): No justice,
no peace! No racist police!
No justice, no peace!
No racist police!
No justice, no peace!
No racist police!
No justice, no peace!
No racist police!
No justice, no peace!
No racist police!
No justice, no peace!
A protest took place
in the neighborhood
of Garden Heights
following the funeral
of Khalil Harris,
a young black man who was
killed by a police officer.
And though the protest
started peacefully,
it quickly turned violent
as protesters
and police clashed.
This comes after no charges
were brought forward
against the police officer
who has been placed
on administrative leave
until all the evidence
can be evaluated.
We now take you to coverage
from earlier this evening.
REPORTER: I'm here
with the protesters
on the way
to the police station.
That cop shot that boy
in cold blood
for no damn reason!
Innocent black men
keep getting killed
by the police
time and time again,
and it ain't right!
The whole damn system
is corrupt as hell.
REPORTER: As you can see,
emotions are high here
in Garden Heights.
The community is outraged
with what has been happening,
and they are seeking justice.
Bullets don't know
where they supposed to go.
SEKANI: Hey, Mama,
are they mad 'cause Khalil died?
Yeah, baby. We all are.
WOMAN: That's what's up!
They're afraid of us, y'all!
Are you and your family safe?
I'm watching the news.
Yeah. Yeah, we're fine.
We're completely safe.
You sure?
Maverick, don't answer it.
I gotta go.
Hold on, Starr.
Who is it?
- Hi.
- Hello.
APRIL: Can I come in?
As police are investigating
the routine traffic stop
that turned...
APRIL: Khalil can't speak
for himself.
He needs a voice. Starr is it.
I don't like this already.
Lisa, just hear her on out.
Starr, do you understand
what a grand jury is?
Yeah. It's where they decide
if somebody should go to trial.
Right. It's when they decide
if charges should be brought
against Officer Macintosh.
Will they indict him?
99 percent of the time,
the grand jury indicts.
What about that
one percent they don't?
Those cases
almost always involve a cop.
But that won't happen this time,
because I saw everything.
When Khalil was shot,
where were you exactly?
In the passenger seat.
Do you have any proof
of what you saw?
Like, did you record it
on a phone?
Nah, the officer told me
to drop it.
So Khalil will never have
his day in court?
All 'cause a cop shot him?
That's why our trial begins now.
On the streets, in the media.
Starr is Khalil's only witness.
MAV: All right.
Where do we start?
With a TV interview.
I know what you're fighting for,
but I fight for Starr.
And I won't put her at risk.
Thank you.
My other best friend
was murdered
when we were both ten.
We were playing basketball
on the sidewalk.
When this car rolled by...
and this tatted hand
pulled out a gun.
We must have been in the way.
It was three shots.
And she was on the ground.
And I remember...
I remember
she looked really scared...
because she was about to see
what happens after you die.
And I know who did it.
Starr, you never told us that.
It was a King Lord.
He missed me once...
and I didn't want to give him
another chance,
so I didn't snitch.
And then I heard a few months
later that he got killed.
So I didn't say anything.
Now tell me, Miss Ofrah...
what kind of friend is that?
You can't blame yourself
for that, Starr.
You were young.
You are young.
I wanna be a better friend
for Khalil.
But goin' on TV...
I don't know about all that.
Well, if you ever need
legal advice or...
you change your mind...
I'm here.
Thank you.
GIRL: Yeah!
BOY: No, school, guys! Come on!
GIRL 2: Let's go! Yo, let's go!
Let's go!
TEACHER: Don't run in the halls!
Jackson, slow it down!
STARR: Hey, what is going on?
School's out. Protesting's in.
And I was so ready for that
history test this morning.
Where have you been?
Everyone's ditching, girl.
Come on, let's go.
Really? I thought
you'd love this
considering what you've been
putting up on Tumblr lately.
- Love it?
- Well...
Not love it obviously,
but, I mean, you care, right?
It's your neighborhood.
I thought you might
even know the guy.
I just don't think it's,
you know, cool
to use the situation
as an excuse to skip class.
What the hell, Starr?
It's not just an excuse
to skip class.
It's a good cause.
It also happens to be
a really good excuse
to cut school.
I really don't want to see
our math teacher's face today.
Do you?
Everybody people
Everybody bleed,
everybody need something
Everybody love
Everybody know...
...where you been?
Bitch I been in
This is merely
the beginning again
What you been living in?
(CHANTING): Justice for Khalil!
What? What's wrong?
This isn't right.
Who else is gonna speak up
for our people, girl?
Our people?
Where are you going?
I've been looking
for you everywhere.
I don't feel well.
I'm going home.
What's wrong?
You knew him, didn't you?
The kid who got killed.
Nah. Just give me
some space, okay?
Why won't you tell me
what's going on?
Hey. Can you come get me?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Cramps, huh?
Yeah. People cramps.
- CARLOS: Be well.
- Thanks, Unc.
So, just 'cause some dumb,
privileged white kids
skip class,
you think it's okay for you
to leave school too?
Well, guess what, Starr.
- BOTH: It is what it is.
- I know, Mama.
But they're acting
like Khalil was murdered
just so that they can skip
a chem test.
And I didn't do anything
about it.
I need to speak for him.
JOHN: Let me guess.
You're Starr.
STARR: Yeah.
Starr, thank you so much for
having the courage to do this.
You're welcome.
Diane's very excited
to have you.
We even bumped a segment
to make sure yours airs tonight.
And you're sure the thing
we talked about is happening?
It's arranged.
They've agreed to blur
Starr's face.
JOHN: No one watching
will ever know it's her.
You are the only witness
to the shooting death
of a young, unarmed black man
by a police officer.
Now, millions of people
across the country
have heard the name
Khalil Harris.
Who was he to you?
We knew each other
since we were babies
but if he was here,
he would probably say...
that he was actually
five months, two weeks,
and one day older than me.
He was a kid.
What do you think
about the people
that are only focusing on the
not-so-good aspects of Khalil?
That he sold drugs.
Well, if they knew why,
then they wouldn't talk
about him like that.
Why did he sell them?
Khalil's mom loved him,
but she was an addict
so there was no one
to bring in money
to help his little brother...
and his grandma who has cancer.
So he had to take
the only available jb
in the neighborhod
that would pay him enouh
to help them.
Available job?
Dealing for the biggest
drug dealers in Garden Heights.
The King Lords.
So there's one gang
that controls
your entire neighborhood?
Tell me about that.
Why are you only asking me
about that?
I mean, next week,
I'll be called to testify
in a grand jury investigation,
but no one wants to know
what actually happened.
Everyone wants to know
what Khalil did.
What he said, what he didn't do.
Like it's his fault.
I didn't know that a dead person
could be charged
with his own murder.
If Officer Macintosh
were sitting here now...
what would you say to him?
I'd ask him if he wished
that he shot me too.
- Here we go!
- Checkin' in, bro?
Yeah. I might.
Yeah, it makes sense.
I know.
WAITRESS: Y'all need
anything else?
Nah, I think we got everything
we need right here.
- STARR: Ugh.
Y'all really gotta be
booed up like that?
How else you think I pulled her?
(SOFTLY): I know how.
- STARR: Mama!
See, we did not need
all of that.
I'm scarred for life.
All right, y'all, circle up.
LISA: All right.
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you
for blessing this food
- and this family.
- LISA: Hmm.
And thank you for allowing
Starr to shine today.
Yes, Lord, and please help her
stay focused on her studies.
Thank you for my family.
That's what I was gonna say.
Me too.
BOTH: Amen.
- Amen.
- SEVEN: Amen.
- SEKANI: Amen.
- Eat the greens first, man.
- Hey.
- Need that hot sauce.
- MAV: Vegetables.
- LISA: Think about it...
- MAV: Vegetables.
- LISA: At least.
- And compare it to the hot sauce?
- MAV: Yeah...
LISA: No. Mnh-mnh.
I like the Tabasco.
SEKANI: Are you gonna ask
for more sugar, like always?
SEVEN: It's really good.
LISA: Why are you worried
about my sugar?
Let me taste that.
See, you put hot sauce.
That's why I said
it needs Tabasco.
SEVEN: Yeah.
LISA: This ain't
hot enough right here.
I'll try it though.
What, you don't want to, baby?
Put a little bit of the yam.
- Lisa.
Stay here.
Hey, Starr did some real
stupid shit today.
Keep my kids
out your mouth, King.
Your hard head makes
for a soft ass whoopin'.
You comin' close
to gettin' your own.
Well, why don't you try it?
- Hey, why don't you...
Hey, come on!
You got a problem here?
No, sir, Officer.
What was that?
I'm just having dinner
with my family.
Until you came out to score?
All right, come on. Let's go.
Lean against the wall.
It's okay, Sekani.
Starr, you breathe.
Just breathe, okay, baby?
- All right, he's clean.
- Take out your ID.
- My wife has my wallet.
- Where is she?
- Get my wallet!
- (TAPS)
- OFFICER: Stop.
- Daddy?
It's okay! (GRUNTS)
All right, I got it
right here, Officer.
Maverick Carter. Sound familiar?
Go back inside now.
No, thank you, Officer.
I will wait right here
until you release my husband.
I said go back inside.
No, sir. My father didn't do
anything wrong.
- Show me your ID.
- LISA: He is a child!
Do you want to see his school ID
or his learner's permit?
Ma'am, go back inside...
- He didn't do anything!
- All right, that's it.
I know you saw
that car drive away.
I know you saw
that car drive off.
You saw that guy drive off!
Why don't you talk to him, huh?
No! No! Sekani, go inside!
Put that down, now!
I have a right to record this.
She's the witness.
WOMAN: Yeah, we see y'all.
And all these cameras do, too!
Go on and show everybody
how y'all really treat us.
Let's go.
Consider this a warning.
You okay? You okay?
Y'all get y'all stuff
and let's go.
You okay?
You okay? All right, come on.
Come on. Let's get Sekani.
Oh, baby.
I'm so sorry, Daddy.
This is my fault.
I never should have gone on TV.
I should've stayed quiet.
Everybody, get up out the car.
Get out the car
and line up on the grass.
Point seven of
the Ten-Point Program. Say it.
Stop crying and say it!
"We want an immediate end
to police brutality."
Finish it.
"And the murder of Black people
and people of color
and oppressed people."
- By what means?
- By any means necessary.
- By what means?
- By any means necessary.
- By what means?
- By any means necessary.
So why you gonna be quiet?
What does that say?
"Reasons to live.
Give reasons to die."
You, your brothers...
and your mother...
are my reasons to live and die.
I gave each of you power
in your names.
Seven: Perfection.
Starr: Light.
Sekani: Joy.
Use it!
So when you ready to talk...
you talk.
Don't ever let nobody
make you be quiet.
Are you kidding me?
HAILEY: No, no, no!
Wait, wait, wait!
Three-pointer! (LAUGHS)
MAYA: Oh, my gosh.
You suck. Whatever.
Are you kidding me?
I'm going to get you. (LAUGHS)
What's up with you?
What, so I'm trippin'?
You haven't said more than
five words since we got here.
I'm talking right now.
What more do you want me to say?
Why don't we just
go back to the TV?
eligible must be 18 or older.
After the shooting...
Wait, can you go back?
Officer Brian Macintosh Junior
has been on the force
for five years.
A majority of those years
serving in Garden Heights,
known for its high crime rate,
with murders up 15 percent
this year alone.
Officers have struggled for
years to rein in the violence.
Changes in policies,
gangs, and drugs
have remained an issue
for this predominantly
African American community.
MAN: Brian is a good boy.
People, they're making him
out to be a monster.
He's afraid to go out in public,
even for a gallon of milk.
There's been threats
against his life.
Our family's lives.
Wow. That sucks.
That poor family.
His son was only trying to do
his job and protect himself.
His life matters too, you know.
Okay, um...
- I need to...
Whoa. You guys haven't
figured this out yet?
Wait. Starr. Starr!
Maya, I cannot talk
to her right now.
HAILEY: That cop's life
matters also.
Are you gonna be mad
because I said that, too?
Because you think that
his life matters more
than the person that you said
you were protesting for.
That's a problem.
Please, guys, come on.
You unfollowed my Tumblr
after the protest.
Was it the picture
of Emmett Till that did it?
Did you sympathize
with his poor family
before you looked away?
Okay. Maya,
now she's calling me a racist.
STARR: Nah, I didn't.
I just asked you a question.
You know what?
I don't know who the hell
you are anymore, Starr.
That's the real reason
I unfollowed you.
LISA: You can never
go wrong with black.
It is always so elegant.
I swear.
You are gonna look
so beautiful for prom.
What's wrong, munch? Talk to me.
It's just me and Hailey
got into it.
- What?
- You never liked her.
(CHUCKLES) No. That's not true.
I never liked
how you followed her around
like you can't think
for yourself.
There's a difference.
Like the time that you begged me
to dye your hair purple. Yeah.
I wanted to have purple hair.
No, no, no.
No! Why?
The real why.
Because Hailey wanted me,
her, and Maya
to have matching hair at school.
That's what I'm talking about.
Thank you. Right there.
All right, so what happened
between y'all now?
It's just some of the stuff
she says. It's like...
It makes me wonder how
we're even friends
in the first place.
Now that's something,
you know what,
you need to ask yourself.
If this friendship
is even worth it.
I'm just so mad
that I don't know.
No, no, no. Wait a minute.
You don't have time to be mad.
You're behind
in your schoolwork.
You... You ain't ready
for your SATs.
You need to just forgive
and you move on.
Is that what you did with Daddy?
After he got lesha pregnant
with Seven?
You just forgave
and you moved on?
Yeah, I did.
It wasn't easy.
And even though your dad
and I had been broken up
when he got tangled up
with lesha, it still hurt.
But you know what?
I had to decide. Me.
If my love for your dad
was bigger than his mistakes.
The love that I share
with your dad?
That is bigger than everything.
Even with crazy lesha?
Yeah. Even with crazy lesha.
Listen, baby,
if the good outweighs the bad,
then you keep Hailey
in your life.
But if it doesn't...
you let her go.
It's you, right?
You told me
you didn't know Khalil.
Yeah, I knew him.
Did you not think
that I was gonna find out?
Were you just gonna hide
everything from me?
It's not like that.
Starr, I'm your boyfriend.
That's what I'm here for.
It's not like I don't trust you.
Then what's it like?
Tell me. Please.
Chris, I don't live
at Williamson.
If I had told everybody...
I would've been "poor Starr"
who saw her friend get killed.
Or "Starr the charity case"
who lives in the ghetto.
Do you think people really care
about where you live?
Yeah, I do.
- Geez.
Have you ever seen somebody die?
Well, I have twice now.
That's why my parents put me
and my brothers in Williamson.
To protect us.
And now...
it's like I have to hide
who I am every single day.
When I'm at home,
I can't be too Williamson.
When I'm here, I can't act
too Garden Heights.
Khalil was my first crush.
My first kiss.
And he was going through
so much shit...
and I didn't even know...
because I turned my back on him.
I turned my back
on all of my people.
Do you even know
what that's like?
And I'm sorry, Starr.
I really am.
But black, white...
nobody gives a shit.
We're all the same.
But we're not.
Y'all wanna act black,
but you get to keep
your white privilege.
You think playing ball
and jumping
in some lame-ass
Williamson cypher
makes you understand
what it is to be black?
It doesn't.
Starr, I just told you
I don't see color.
I see people for who they are.
The exact same way I see you.
If you don't see my blackness,
you don't see me.
I see you.
Hey, y'all better
not be doin' nothin'.
- STARR: Oh, my God.
- SEVEN: I ain't playing.
STARR: Seven!
I'm sorry prom got ruined.
You kidding me? I don't give
a shit about prom.
What I do give a shit about
are the burgers
we're gonna eat after prom.
(CHUCKLES) And the milkshake.
And the next part.
What next part?
I'm gonna take you home...
and I'm gonna meet your father.
I suggest you get
some color real quick.
I've got color on the inside,
where it counts.
All right, man.
Well, uh, I think it's time
we test your black card.
What you want for Thanksgiving?
Sweet potato pie...
or pumpkin?
Sweet potato pie. All day.
- Ding! Ding! Ding!
- Okay.
- That's my baby right there.
- Okay. Hold up.
- He knows what's up.
- We're not done.
Mac and cheese.
Full meal or side dish?
- Full meal.
- Whomp, whomp, whomp!
- What?
Mac and cheese
ain't no full meal, man.
- Mnh-mnh.
- It's a meal out of a box.
Oh, no, baby. No.
It comes out the oven, bubbly,
- cheesy, crispy on top.
- Yeah. Preach.
Macaroni and cheese
is a protein.
You sprinkle breadcrumbs
on top of it.
- Breadcrumbs? (CHUCKLES)
- You have to what?
Oh, hell no. No.
That ain't gonna cut it.
Y'all both dead. Excuse me.
- Hey, Pops.
- What's up, man?
Hey. Thanks for
bringing 'em home.
Here you go.
Oh, Daddy,
he doesn't need a tip.
What? You gotta tip
the chauffeur.
Hey, man.
You better get out of here
before someone steal your ride.
Hey! Come in! Come in!
- Hey, baby. (KISSES)
- Hi.
Chris! It's so nice
to finally meet you!
How was prom?
It was good. Yeah.
We came back a little early.
Who's this?
Daddy, this is Chris.
Who's Chris?
Chris is my boyfriend.
You got a boyfriend?
Well, who do you think
she went to prom with?
It's nice to meet you,
Mr. Carter.
You got a white boyfriend?
Uh, Daddy,
he's not my white boyfriend.
He's just my boyfriend.
That boy is white.
Well, um,
I'm sure everybody's tired.
Thank you so much, Chris,
for getting 'em home safe.
And you know what?
I really look forward
to seeing more of you soon.
- No problem, Mrs. Carter.
- Yeah.
Good night, Mr. Carter.
- Good night, Starr.
- Good night.
Yeah. Good night.
You knew about this boy?
You knew about this?
Who the hell else
knew about this?
Hold up.
Does Sekani know about this?
What the hell, Starr?
You got a white boyfriend,
everybody know but me?
I wonder why that is.
What's this boy's name?
What kinda plain-ass name
is that?
Girls usually go with boys
who look like their daddy.
Guess I ain't set a good example
of a black man for you.
No, you didn't.
You set a good example
of what a man should be.
If this li'l boy
got you saying "duh"...
he might have to go.
MAV: Get down!
Wait! No, no, no! Maverick!
MAN: Tell Starr to keep
her mouth shut! Damn bitch!
MAV: Damn it!
LISA: Hey.
Come on inside.
What are you doing? Come in.
I'm goin' back.
Nobody messes with my family.
Especially not King's boys.
Your family is here!
And this family is moving.
I don't wanna hear
another word about it.
We're moving!
I'm going with Daddy.
- Seven, get back in the house!
Maverick, I am begging you.
Don't go back.
What if King comes back?
I hope he does.
Maverick, you promised!
NEWSREADER: The eyewitness to
the shooting of Khalil Harris
is set to testify tomorrow
before the grand jury.
Local community leaders
fear that the testimony
of the witness
will not only increase
gang violence
but also amplify tension
between local police
and the Garden Heights
Someone's trying to scare you
about the grand jury tomorrow.
Did it work?
Why do we need a grand jury
to decide
if this should go to trial?
Some people don't see
what happened
to Khalil as a crime.
They see it as
a traffic stop gone wrong.
A lot goes through a cop's mind
when they pull someone over.
Especially if they have
to get into
a pissing contest
with the driver
about why they stopped him.
It sets off an alarm.
The officer thinks...
"Are they hiding somethin'?
Is the car stolen?"
Now, if there's a girl in
the passenger seat like you...
"Does she look all right?
Has she been beaten or raped?"
If they start talking
to each other
and not the officer,
we figure they might be
trying to distract.
What are they hiding in the car?
Drugs? A weapon?
Now, if the driver starts
to insult the officer,
we try to verbally get control
of the situation.
But if they still don't comply,
then we... we have to use force.
But you still don't know
if they did anything wrong.
That's why we search them.
To make sure that
they don't have a weapon.
We run their license
and instruct them not to move.
But if they open the door...
or reach through
an open window...
they're probably goin'
for a weapon.
So if I think I see a gun...
I don't hesitate. I shoot.
You shoot?
Because you think you see a gun?
You don't say something first?
Like, "Put your hands up"?
It depends.
Is it night? Can I see?
Am I on duty alone?
What if you were
in a white neighborhood?
And it was a white man
wearing a suit,
driving a Mercedes?
He could be
a drug dealer, right?
He could.
So if you saw him...
reach into the window...
and you thought
that you saw a gun...
would you shoot him?
Or would you say,
"Put your hands up"?
I'd say, "Put your hands up."
Do you hear what you just said?
We live in
a complicated world, Starr.
No. No, it doesn't seem
that complicated to me.
I'll be out here the whole time.
And if you need to ask me
anything, that's your right.
And your parents
will be here waiting.
Mm-hmm. Okay.
LISA: I love you so much.
I love you.
DA MONROE: Now state your name
for the grand jurors.
STARR: My name
is Starr Amara Carter,
and I'm 16 years old.
I'm going to be asking you
for a factual account
of what you saw the night
Khalil Harris was killed.
I will tell you everything.
I will tell you everything
and more.
Khalil lost his mother to crack.
Khalil loved to sing
even though he couldn't.
Khalil ate at our house
for five years.
Khalil never cried.
Khalil wanted to go to Egypt.
Khalil kissed me twice.
Once on that night.
Khalil didn't own a gun.
Khalil owned a hairbrush.
Khalil died
holding his hairbrush.
And if Khalil was still alive...
he would be graduating
high school.
So, I guess you're not gonna
get over it anytime soon?
Get over it?
Yes. Get over it.
You can't even see that
you're acting racist, huh?
'Cause I'm not.
It's all "our," and "us,"
and "black lives matter, girl"
until you clutch your purse
when you're in the elevator
with a black person.
You don't need to use the N-word
and use a firehose
on black people
to be racist, Hailey.
You're different, Starr.
I'm different?
What, I'm
the nonthreatening black girl?
Yeah. You are.
Your friend wasn't.
He was a drug dealer.
Someone was probably
gonna kill him eventually.
Are you serious, Hailey?
Yes. The officer did see
a weapon.
- He saw a hairbrush.
- That looked like a weapon.
What's this in my hand
right now?
You're gonna tell me that
this looks like a weapon?
In his hand, yes.
What about in my hand?
Huh? Does it look like a weapon?
Does it look like a weapon now?
- Get on the ground! Now!
Down on the ground
before I shoot you!
Don't move!
Don't move
before I shoot you with it!
What the hell did I just say?
Don't move! Hailey.
Look at me and stop crying.
That's what it's like.
Hey. Starr, wait.
- Starr, wait!
- What do you want?
Hold on!
- Stop.
Starr. Starr, stop.
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Come here. Come here.
- I got you.
I got you.
Hey, Lyric. Where's Seven?
- SEVEN: Starr!
- Shit!
- What are you doing here?
- Where is it hurting?
Y'all leave
before King comes back.
He's looking for you.
Nah, Seven. We're leaving.
- Come on, help me out.
- Come on. Let's go.
Iesha, what happened?
What happened?
You snitched
and earned an ass whoopin'.
My baby took it for you.
Bleedin' all on my floor
and shit. Get him outta here.
Take Kenya and Lyric
with you, too.
Lyric? What?
Y'all bothering me.
Trying to get
my drink on and shit.
IESHA: Shit. King back.
Y'all, come on.
Go out the back door!
- Iesha?
- Huh?
Thank you.
Hey, baby.
We gotta get him to a hospital.
Make a left up here.
- MAN: What?
- ALL: Justice for Khalil!
- What?
- Justice for Khalil!
- What?
- Justice for Khalil!
- What?
- Justice for Khalil!
- What?
- Justice for Khalil!
- What?
- Justice for Khalil!
What's goin' on?
- What?
- Justice for Khalil!
Excuse me.
What happened?
There's a protest at City Hall.
MAN: People
always getting murdered.
I'm sorry, Starr.
Let's go.
I wanna go. Now.
(CHANTING): Justice for Khalil!
Justice for Khalil!
Justice for Khalil!
Justice for Khalil!
Justice for Khalil!
Justice for Khalil!
Starr. Starr!
Hey, is it true?
Cop goes free.
No trial, nothing.
The grand jury didn't indict.
CHRIS: Starr?
MAN: They killed Khalil
for nothing!
- MAN 2: Burn it down!
- We want justice for Khalil!
- They keep killing us!
- Gonna arrest me? Then do it!
No, Lyric shouldn't be here.
Yeah, come on, Lyric.
Let's get outta here.
Seven, you need
to get outta here, too.
No, I'm staying right here.
- But you're hurt.
- I'm fine.
what democracy looks like!
This is what democracy
looks like!
This is what democracy
looks like!
This is what democracy
looks like!
What do you need me to do?
I wanna help.
Take Lyric and Kenya,
get them outta here.
Make sure they're safe, okay?
Starr, I'm not leaving you here.
I'm not going anywhere.
I need to be here.
I'm good.
Thank you.
APRIL: What do we want?
PROTESTERS: Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- APRIL: What do we want?
- PROTESTERS: Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice for Khalil!
MAN: We ain't goin' nowhere!
MAN 2: We're takin' it back.
- Black power!
- MAN 3: That's right!
And they killed Khalil
over nothin'!
That's some bullshit!
Yeah, light him up, Bulldog!
Justice for Khalil!
Justice for Khalil!
Justice for Khalil!
Justice for Khalil!
OFFICER: I hereby command
those on the street
to immediately exit the roadway.
You are in violation
of code 150266.
You think it's a game?
Think it's a joke?
OFFICER: You have
three minutes to disperse,
or you will be detained
or arrested.
- One solid line!
Come on, y'all! De-escalate!
Calm down, y'all! De-escalate!
They're just doing their job.
Come on, hold back!
Relax! Relax!
You on the wrong side, brother.
You're supposed to be
one of us. Huh?
We will not leave City Hal
because we have the rigt
to fight for our freedo.
MAN: That's right!
It is our duty
to fight for our freedom!
PROTESTERS: It is our duty
to fight for our freedom!
It is our duty to wi!
It is our duty to win!
We must love and support
one another!
We must love and support
one another!
We have nothing to lose
but our chains!
We have nothing to lose
but our chains!
- Hands up!
- Don't shoot!
- Hands up!
- Don't shoot!
- Hands up!
- Don't shoot!
- Hands up!
- Don't shoot!
- Hands up!
- Don't shoot.
- Hands up!
- Don't shoot.
- Hands up!
- Don't shoot.
- Hands up!
- Don't shoot.
- Hands up!
- Miss Ofrah?
PROTESTERS: Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
You ready to use your weapon?
STARR: It's as heavy as a gun.
PROTESTERS: Don't shoot.
STARR: If 115 had traded
his weapon for this one...
Khalil would still be alive.
PROTESTERS: Don't shoot.
PROTESTERS: Don't shoot.
My name is Starr!
And I'm the one who saw
what happened to Khalil!
I am the witness!
But so are y'all!
MEN: Yeah!
We are all witnesses
to this injustice!
STARR: We see it all!
And we will not stop
until the world sees it too!
CROWD: Yeah!
We will not stop protesting!
Everyone wants to talk abot
how Khalil died.
This ain't about
how Khalil died.
- It's about how he lived.
Khalil lived!
His life mattered!
You have till the count
of three to disperse.
What y'all talkin' about, man?
Khalil lived!
We need justice!
Khalil lived!
Khalil lived!
- Khalil lived!
- Yeah!
- Khalil lived!
- Yeah!
Go back!
STARR: No matter what we say...
no matter how loud we shout...
MAN: Let's go!
STARR: They refuse to hear us.
OFFICER: Disperse!
OFFICER: You need
to disperse immediately.
If you are in the middle
of the street,
you are unlawfully assembled
and you will be subject
to arrest.
Do it now!
You are in violation
of code 150266!
If you do not disperse...
you will be arrested.
You are commanded
to immediately disperse.
MAN: This is what
I'm talkin' about!
OFFICER: This gathering
has been declared
an unlawful assembly.
OFFICER 2: Move! Move! Move!
Move! Move!
MAN: Can't touch me!
MAN: That's right!
OFFICER: You're under arrest!
SEVEN: I can't breathe!
MAN: Hey! Hey! Hey!
Ain't y'all Mav's kids?
Get in the back!
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Hey, can we get in?
Yeah, come on. Let's go. Get in.
My eyes are on fire!
We need milk.
Go to my dad's store.
All right, gotcha.
OFFICER: You need
to disperse immediately!
You will be...
Let's get in here.
Get in. Come on.
Hey, let's go. Come on.
Yo, come help me get this milk!
Here, hurry up! Hurry up!
Pour it on his face.
Pour it on his face!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Thanks, little homie.
If I see your pops again,
I'll tell him where y'all at.
- Wait, you saw our daddy?
- MAN: Yeah.
Yeah, he was looking for y'all.
Yo, let's roll.
Seven, how you feeling?
Nah, it still hurts.
Okay, we gonna get you
some help, all right?
Mama called.
What'd she say?
Starr, baby, call me
as soon as you get this, okay?
Starr Amara, I knw
you are getting
these message. Call me!
Oh, so you can't retun my calls,
but you can lead protests
and throw tear gas on TV?
I swear, I am going to snath
the life out of you
if you don't call m!
We're in some deep shit, Starr.
About time we moved to Mexico.
You know damn well.
Mexico ain't far enough
for our mama.
- STARR: Shit!
- Whoa.
Come on! Back door, let's go!
- Shit! It's locked!
- SEVEN: Shit!
I don't have a key! It's locked!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on, Starr!
- Shit! Shit! Shit!
Shit! Shit!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
MR. REUBEN: Lewis!
The store's on fire!
It's hot!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Look!
MR. LEWIS: Oh, Lord!
The kids are stuck in there!
I wonder if
there's another way in.
Back there!
It's around the back!
Over here!
(GRUNTS) It's locked!
These kids stuck up in there!
- Help, over here!
- Over here!
Hey, come on, y'all.
Watch out! Watch out!
MR. REUBEN: Got a key?
Got a key?
- Breathe!
Turn around. It's okay.
It's okay, breathe.
Breathe, come on. It's okay.
- Starr! Seven!
- MAV: All right, come on.
Let's get out of here.
LISA: Are you okay?
Are you okay?
KING: I warned you, Mav.
MAV: King!
You son of a bitch!
KING: What you gonna do,
Big Mav?
Imma kill your punk ass.
Shit, you knew
she had it coming!
- MAV: This ends tonight!
- Come get some, Mav!
Come on!
Leave my daddy alone!
- Sekani!
Sekani, drop the gun.
Sekani! Just put the gun down.
Hey! Drop the gun!
Sekani, no! No! No! Don't shoot!
Stand down! I'm a cop!
This is it.
The Hate U Give Little Infants
F's Everybody.
Look at Sekani.
He's the little infant.
The result of hate.
STARR: And he's about
to fuck everybody.
It's not the hate you give.
It's the hate we give.
But we can break the cycle.
How many of us have to die
before y'all get it?
No more.
I'm real proud of you.
- Okay, it's okay.
I'm real proud of you. Yeah.
It's over. It's all right.
Come on.
Let's go. Get in the car.
Let's go home.
STARR: "Rebuild."
The riots weren't more than
two hours behind us
before Daddy said those words.
And I knew we would.
Especially with King going
down for setting the fire.
Everybody spoke up
about what happened.
Mr. Reuben, Mr. Lewis,
even Daddy said something.
Snitch rules no longer apply.
Cops took down King,
thanks to the whole community.
The family's all good again.
Even Daddy and Uncle Carlos
stopped beefin'.
Mama and Daddy said
we're stayin'
in Garden Heights for now.
This is our neighborhood.
Our home.
- LISA: Baby?
- What?
Space it out a little bit more.
You have 'em too close.
No, it's fine.
Honestly, really, it's fine.
You doin' all the work.
Hey! Hey, man, what you...
- Sekani, all right, stop!
- MAV: Stop sprayin'!
- Hey, come on!
- MAV: Hey!
SEVEN: I'm gonna get you, boy!
STARR: Sekani's no doubt
gonna live up to his name.
Joy. He's still got it...
- somehow.
- Seven Carter.
STARR: Seven's still perfect.
- SEKANI: Yeah!
That's right, baby! Go on!
STARR: Next fall,
he's off to college.
Mama said forgive and move on.
But I don't need
a one-sided friendship.
Not when I have real friends.
And Chris?
We finally see each other.
I'm cleanin' out Khalil's room.
You go on in there
and get what you like.
Sweep it all beneath the rug
Doesn't make
the dirt come up
There's a fire burning up
Only thing stronger
than hate is love
We need a change
Oh yeah
The song "Amazing Grace"
Won't be quiet anymore
Not unless they hear us
loud and clear
Damage can't be undone
Let's not pretend
it disappears
We need a change
Or the song "Amazing Grace"
Let's go step by step
And brick by brick
I'll carry the weight
For you
STARR: Khalil.
I found out that name
means something, too.
I'll never forget.
I'll never be quiet.
I can't change where I come from
or what I've been through...
so why be ashamed
of what makes me me?
And I'm gonna
keep on being Starr.
No Version Two.
Just Starr.
Daddy says my name gives me
my own superpower.
To use it.
And that's what I'm gonna do.
Light up the darkness.
Let's go step by step
Step by step
And brick by brick
Brick by brick
I'll carry the weight
For you
When I'm gone, don't stop
We can stand here all day
We won't move
We won't move
No, no
We won't - Move
We won't move
We won't move
We won't move
Let's go step by step
And brick by brick
I'll carry the weight
For you
We won't move
We won't move
We won't move - No
We won't move
Oh yeah
- Oh yeah
- I'm not gonna stop
We won't move
I can stand here all day
We won't move
We won't move
Oh, we won't
all the power in your grief
Can't hold us
And all the hate you give
Won't stop us
We will rise up
through the falls
We will make 'em hear it all
We won't stop
until they know
About us
All the power in your grief
Can't hold us
And all the hate you give
Won't stop us
We will do it
trouble will do it
Can anybody hold us?
We gonna break through
every wall
Go step by step
Step by step
And brick by brick
Brick by brick
I'll carry the weight
For you
For you
when I'm gone, don't stop
- No, no, no
- We can stand here all day
We won't move
No, we won't move
No, no
We won't
We won't move
We won't move
We won't move
We won't move
Woo-hoo - Oh yeah
Woo-hoo - Oh yeah
- I'm not gonna stop
- We won't move
- I can stand here all day
- We won't move
We won't move
We won't move
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, talkin' is cheap,
marchin' the street
All my people been starving
for something to eat
Martin, we honor your speec, we bar
kings and my skin is dark as can be
Black lives matter,
use respect when talking to me
I want to live in a world
Safe environment
for boys and ours girls
Let's inspire them
to get what they earn
We expirin', we dyin',
you can manifest on my urn
Gunners and we,
scream flooding the streets
Had enough defeat
from another police
Officer, they off'n us
with no punishment
The government
will turn against you
Speak the truth
before the coffin get you
I started coughing,
I forgot the tissue
I'm growing sick
of the madness
And I'm sick of the badges
Over watch me,
prepare to stop me
The hate you give
little infants... everybody
You got a hold on me
Why are you holding me back?
Let me go, let me go,
you got a hold on me
Why are you holding me back?
Let me go, let me go,
let me go
Why are you holding me back?
Let me go, let me go,
you got a hold on me
Why are you holding me back?
Let me go, let me go,
let me go
I want freedom, community
with leadership we need it
I ain't really seen
too much change
I guess with faith
you believe without seeing
This problem need more than
a deacon or tour of a regions
Museum downtown, white
supremacy, I bow down never
They offending me with how
they tell us we ain't shit
Got some money
but we ain't rich
Never settling rich
and mellin' Negus
Bad to the skeleton, never
been more focused with sharing
Formation, line up information,
look how they heckle us
But they used to shackle us,
success is immaculate
We proud to black again,
liberation, imagine it
Wealth establishment,
idea patented
Food for thought in cabinet,
cherish everybody
The hate you give
little infant... everybody
You got a hold on me,
why are you holding me back?
Let me go, let me go,
you got a hold on me
Why are you holding me back?
Let me go, let me go,
you got a hold on me
Why are you holding me back?
Let me go, let me go,
let me go
Why are you holding me?
Let me go, let me go
You got a hold on me,
why, why, why, why, why, why?
Let me go, let me go,
let me go
Let me go
Let me go, let me go
Let me go, let me go