The Hatred (2017) Movie Script

News of the world.
News flash, liberated Germany.
After the collapse
of Hitler's Nazi forces,
an army of over
ten million soldiers
has been decimated.
Stories of Nazi deserters
heading for safer shores
are abundant.
They have reportedly
being seeking safe havens
in south America, South Africa,
and even some right here
in the land of the free.
The department of justice
claims the rumors
are exaggerated.
But, does suspect
several thousand Nazi soldiers
and blend into neighborhoods
and cities
across the country.
Did you finish the fence
at the west end?
It would be nice to let
the horses graze, really.
It would be nice for all of us
to get out for once.
We shall see.
I was thinking...
Chew your food
before your speak.
I was thinking maybe
i could go into town
this afternoon.
I'll finish
all my work first,
of course.
You know how you are
at your chores, Alice.
You need your rest.
Papa, you're suffocating me.
When you were young,
didn't you just wanna
go out and be
with your friends?
It was a very difficult time
when I was young, Alice.
I lost everything I owned.
We suffered through a period
the world will never understand.
Your entire generation
cannot possibly comprehend.
It is best you be
protected from...
The ways of this world.
Keep to your own kind.
Your family.
Papa, I just want to
go to town.
Town is no place
for a young girl.
May I be excused?
Excuse me.
My friend,
His wish was that you have
this as a token
of his appreciation
for all the work
you have done.
In securing this highest,
most prized possessions,
this precious artifact
was the fuhrer 's most beloved.
Protect this.
Yours, es.
I need you for a moment.
I'm coming.
This is my secret spot.
No one else knows
about this spot but me.
Wait, how come I never see you
in town, just here.
I don't know.
Lots of work to be done,
i guess...
But, it doesn't really matter.
I mean, everyone knows about
every spot in town.
No one knows about
this spot, but me.
So, I feel like
it balances out.
But, what makes this spot
so special?
I have a theory,
that there is an Indian chief
buried under
this tree somewhere.
And his child used
to march around the woods,
and he told me that he
wants to me
to take care of her.
So, I do.
It's as if I'm this
tree's keeper.
Let's go on home.
What did I say, Alice?
You're not welcome here, boy.
You know
he's always been
very protective.
And that takes time to change.
I'm not asking
for much.
All the other kids do it,
why do I have to be different?
She is confined to this house.
She will not be permitted
to step off this property.
Samuel, she's
already home-schooled.
She needs to be social.
We have enough social activity
in this house,
with you being
a school mistress.
I will have no more
of her rebellion.
You will remain
in this house, young lady.
Samuel, it is a shame
to cut her off
from the outside world.
She's growing up,
she needs to learn.
She needs to be
self reliant.
Degenerate influences, Miriam.
Not my daughter.
I will not have this
of my child.
Your child is
intelligent and kind.
Your child will someday
be out in the world.
Don't you see who she is?
Don't you see
who she's become?
What is this "become"?
She is my daughter.
And that is what she
will always be.
No one enters this house.
There are chores
to be done, young lady.
What do you want from me?
You have work here, Alice.
Am I to become
an old maid
cleaning up after you?
What do you know
of the world?
You're just a child.
How would I know?
I feel like one of the animals
on the shelf in the basement.
Insolent child.
Do you not see how
i provide for you?
I have toiled, and struggled
so that you and your mother
would want of nothing.
It's never about what I want.
I'm not a child.
I'm growing up whether
you like it or not.
Don't argue with me, Alice.
I'll be a wife...
A mother, away from this place.
And away from you.
And there's nothing
you can do to stop me!
Don't touch me!
You know, it's not like her.
Hang on, now, Miriam.
We must not let our
imagination get away with us.
You said earlier that...
She's only been gone
for a few hours.
But, Alice never wanders off
without telling me first.
What do you make
of all of this?
Any reason Alice
just wandered off?
She was upset this morning
at breakfast.
She was upset,
about what?
Was it an argument?
No, these are family matters.
We disagree sometimes,
nothing more.
You know kids.
They don't just take off.
Let's stop this chase now.
My daughter would never
run away from me, tom.
Find her.
Is there something
i should be worried about here?
Now, I know how your people
have your ways about you,
then you'll be welcome
into this community.
But, we have our ways too.
Now everybody deserves
a fresh start.
Within reason.
What is the saying, sheriff?
"Glass houses".
Do you think you have
the moral authority.
We all have dark chapters
in our history.
What makes you think
you are better than me.
I'm just trying to find
a missing girl here.
Judgment will come from others.
Get lost.
Come again.
Have we finished here?
We'll be in touch,
if anything comes up.
Let just hope
that she's okay.
A-ha, lookie here.
I'm so excited.
I can't believe we're here!
I know.
Here we go.
I'm in the mood
for a vanilla scone
and a skinny latte.
I could use a cocktail
after that ride.
I doubt this place
even sells mimosas.
Can I just ask you, Regan,
are you really gonna leave
the city and move here?
I have known Walter and Beth
for as long as I can remember.
My dad and Walter
are fraternity brothers,
and I helped raise that girl.
They are like family to me.
I don't know, I kind of
have to agree with layan,
moving from the city to all this
is quite the culture shock.
You know you'll wanna visit
every weekend.
Right. I prefer farm boys
to frat boys.
Oh, it's Walter.
Give me a moment.
Well, maybe we could
invite a couple of them
over the weekend.
You'll love
this place, Regan.
you'll be
up and running
in no time.
Hey, honey, it's Regan.
Hi, Beth! I'm looking forward
to seeing you and Walter.
We're so pleased that you
and the girls are gonna be
our first guests.
We couldn't have you stay
at a b&b.
And Irene's so excited
to see you,
she's put names
on all the rooms.
Oh, that is so cute.
We hired a housekeeper
to get everything ready for you.
She did get the place in order
with new bedsheets.
You did not have to go through
all that for us.
I'm sorry we can't be here
to greet you.
Oh stop it. The museum
opening is far more important.
We'll see you
when you get back.
You remember Virgil.
Virgil? What are you
doing there?
Oh, you know he
always needs an extra hand.
By the way, congratulations
on the new job.
Thank you. Will I see you?
It's possible, I got to go.
Okay, Virgil,
we'll talk when I get back.
Speaking of Irene,
she's with edna,
the new tutor in town.
I'll forward you her number.
She doesn't text.
But you can call her
when you get in.
She plans on dropping her off.
Oh, got it.
I look forward to seeing
you and Beth.
One last thing.
The weather report calls for
thunderstorms tonight.
I asked Virgil to close
some of the shutters
in case of broken branches.
Other than that,
Beth's left enough food
for you for a week.
Give the girls my best.
I will do. Take care.
See you Monday.
Hm, where did our little
farm girl run off to?
I hope this is not an indication
of how this weekend
is going to go.
Oh, give her her a break.
Come on, layan, chill.
Caffeine is definitely
not your friend.
Well, since they didn't
have vodka, caffeine
will just have to do.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Sorry. Walter wanted to go over
a few last minute details.
Everything's good?
Yeah, we're good.
Great, then let's make
this weekend
into a memory.
I'm all about that, girl.
It is our little getaway.
It's Jules.
Oh, she's a tough cookie.
I 'm gonna be heading there
in about 20 minutes.
No, she's gonna be fine.
If you were here, what could
you possibly do anyways?
Besides, she said that she
didn't want you to give up
that weekend.
Okay, call me
when you get there,
I should be home by then.
Okay, I love you.
I love you too.
God, I love plaid.
Oh, look at the mountains.
- Gorgeous.
- Beautiful.
Go ahead, ladies. Quick.
Let's go.
Oh, my goodness.
Aww, look at this.
Wow, could you imagine
if we lived here?
Yes, we do now!
Look at this place.
- This is nice.
- This is great.
Hey, b! Let's go find some wine.
Vino? Yes.
You feel right at home,
don't you?
Look at all this.
Oh, my god.
This looks like an
11th century viking death mask.
I'm in heaven.
Only you would see
as Halloween mask,
and think it was
some kind of treasure.
Hey, ladies, come on.
Let's toast to this weekend.
Thank you guys
for coming.
And for being like
sisters to me.
We love you
and your grandmother.
There's no keeping
that broad down.
Well, we're really lucky
we've had her
in our lives.
You know we feel
the same.
I will never ever be able
to repay her
for shielding us
from the bitterness
between my parents.
God, I mean,
going away to college,
that was like,
the hardest thing ever.
She's always been
my safety net.
Well, to the old broad.
Wish she be up and atom
in no time.
Thank you.
Oh, my god.
I forgot to call
Irene's tutor.
It must be them.
Please! Clean this up.
I don't want
them thinking we're
boozing this early.
Good afternoon.
I believe that Walter
informed you
that I would be
delivering Irene.
Um, yes, hello,
you must be edna.
I'm Regan.
Irene, oh my gosh!
I cannot believe it.
You have grown
into a little woman.
Oh, sorry!
This is betaine, and Samantha,
and layan.
My friends from college.
Won't you come in?
We're due for a storm
this evening.
Yes, Walter informed us of that.
Thank you.
This house is...
We are so excited
for this weekend.
I hope you are too.
Why don't you
show us the rooms?
That was my plan.
I put names on the doors.
That's where you girls sleep.
Come on, Regan, follow me.
Yep, this is my room.
You sleep down the hall.
I saved that one for you.
This is a lovely room.
Thank you.
What is this?
It is a monitor
in case I need you.
One in the den,
and one in the kitchen.
You can hear
if I call you.
Irene? Hello?
No, you silly.
You just hear downstairs.
Come on.
Hey! How do you like
your room, layan?
I love it.
Hey, I gotta go call Jules.
Gotta check on my grandma.
Okay, I gotta
get my bag.
I can help you unpack.
But first,
let's see my room.
Whose room is that?
The room
with the dirty door?
No one's.
Please, let's look
at my room.
Hey, Jules.
How's she doing?
Ah, she just finished eating.
They're gonna be doing
some more tests later
Do me a favor,
put the phone next to her,
so I can speak to her.
Yeah, hold on.
Gram, it's Regan.
Hi, honey.
Grandma, how are you?
Oh, I am fine.
A little fall can't take me
away from you.
I wish I was there.
No, no, you stop that.
You go get that job.
I know how much
that means to you.
I'll come visit
when I get out of here.
Mm, I can't wait.
Oh, the doctor's here again.
At least he's a cute one.
Bye, honey.
Bye, gram.
Keep me informed.
I love you.
What are you doing here?
You shouldn't be in here.
It was open.
I just walked in.
This is...
Alice's room.
Who is Alice?
Did your father tell you
not to come in here?
Then who?
Alice told me.
Layan, did you leave
the water running
in the shower?
Well, it was still running
when I went in there.
Well, it's a good thing
you caught it then.
This is going
to be lovely.
My favorite people
in the world
and now I get to add
a new name
to that list.
What can I do to help?
The napkins are
in the cabinet on the left.
And there are paper plates
in there as well.
Let's see...
Oh, Irene!
What did your mother do?
She told me not to tell.
Chocolate covered strawberries.
And wine...
Your mother sure knows us.
She's a keeper.
Okay, let's get this packed.
Wait until
you see the horses.
My dad says,
when I grow up,
I can ride them
by myself.
Oh my god,
did you say horses?
I love horses!
This is perfect!
Yeah, except
the storm coming.
Let's enjoy.
It won't be here till tonight.
Yes, please.
Oh, my gosh!
It has not been that long.
The way you act around him,
it sure looks like it has.
I'm molding him
and he's coming along
quite nicely.
Don't be too sure,
a tiger doesn't lose
its stripes that easily.
I'm sure it did.
Okay, I figure two years,
we move to lake George
we have twins,
runs in his family,
and then I take real estate
and a good house.
How does Paul
feel about that?
What about this
all-girls weekend,
is he all about that?
I know what's best
for Paul.
I'm sure you do.
Stay here, Irene! Stay here!
You okay?
What happened?
You still think
I'm making this up?
Not all of it, honey,
but some of it
sounds a little...
You don't think
i did this to myself?
We're just glad
that you're okay.
I'm going to go
take a warm shower.
Try to calm my nerves.
Sounds like
a good idea.
What do you think
about your new place?
It's a great house.
I miss my old school.
You'll make new friends.
I don't want new friends.
When I went away to college,
I was really scared to leave
grandmother and Jules, 'cause,
I thought
i might not every make
any new friends. But,
then I found the girls,
and I didn't feel
so alone anymore.
Are you scared
of being alone?
It's something
that I am working on.
What do you think happened
in the barn?
Who's Alice?
Go on, tell me.
Don't worry, sweetheart.
She's doing just fine.
You know I was thinking,
that since our picnic
got cut short,
and the weather's turning,
maybe we could
find a game to play?
Would that be okay with you?
You have any games
in your room?
Why don't you go grab one?
How's Samantha?
Oh, she's a bit on edge.
But, when isn't she?
That was crazy.
I don't know what to do.
Well, cheer up.
I'm good at that.
What happened with Irene?
I don't know.
She mentioned
someone named Alice,
and kept really quiet.
Says here she flatlined
six minutes ago.
No alarm?
I'm going to check the EKG
and get a reading
for the past three hours.
Do not leave her.
Wait, I'm really sure
that was November.
No, it couldn't
have been November,
because foster hole
was closed in October
and I remember this
because Paul and I went
to that costume party.
Hm, November, October,
it's all a blur to me.
Her tuition went to good use?
Hey, as long as I pass,
i get the same diploma
you get.
Will you play with us?
Not right now, sweetie.
I will, what do you wanna play?
Hide and seek.
It sounds like fun.
Let's do it.
Come on.
Go hide with me.
You're it.
Okay, fine.
No peeking.
I'll try.
Come on,
this is gonna be fun.
After this, we can
have a bottle of wine,
and just relax.
what kind of kinky stuff
is Walter into?
Ready or not, here I come!
Okay, that is just wrong.
What was that?
Probably just a rat coming
to visit its dead relatives.
The gang's all here.
What does that say?
"In death, we are free."
Oh come on, that is creepy.
What's all this?
I think I just found
Walter's diary.
I'm not reading that.
Give me a hand with this.
Was that you?
You're hearing things.
Hey, I'm done with this.
65, sears street.
Please hurry.
Irene, what
are you doing?
Is something wrong?
Who were you talking to?
Okay, all right.
Come on, let's go downstairs.
Come on.
You sure you're okay?
No, I can tell that
something's making you...
You know you can
talk to me about it.
This is a bad place.
You mean you don't
like living here?
Oh, you haven't even
given it a chance yet.
Look, I'll be here all weekend.
I know it's gonna
take some time, but,
I think that is
enough fun and games
Hey, did you rattle the door
beneath the stairwell?
It's probably layan.
Where are Samantha
and layan?
Speak of the devils...
No one bothered to come
looking for us.
What is that?
Oh, we found crazy stuff.
There are some fascinating
artifacts in that basement.
I don't think Walter knows
what he has down there.
For instance?
interesting to say the least.
You know what?
This can wait.
Who could that be?
Hey! Don't let anyone in.
Oh my god!
Irene, do not answer that door!
Irene, do not answer that--
We did not order pizza.
I did.
Irene, you could be
the death of me.
Just wait until
you have kids.
Yeah, right.
Thank you.
What a creep!
It scared us out!
Let's have pizza!
I mean, studying things
that happened centuries ago?
I mean there is a reason
they call it ancient history.
What's wrong with history?
I find it fascinating.
Delving into the lives
and stories of
past figures and events
who shaped us
into who we are today.
Leaders and explorers
who weren't afraid
to wander out on their own
and place a new trail.
That excites me.
I'm learning more
about you everyday.
Our little wonder.
And there is
some serious history
to this house.
Where did Walter
find this place?
The sale was up for closure,
he got it for a steal.
So? What did you find?
Well, we found an old crate,
with an inscription
on the outside in German.
It reads, "in death,
we are free."
Ah, no, thank you.
We did not open it,
but, there were all
these books and papers
from world war ii
and the 1950s and 60s.
We even found this book.
Zigfreid zauer?
Maybe the person
who owned the book.
And is this really how
we're gonna spend the night?
I thought we were
getting away from school.
Look at this, this looks
like student tests.
The family could have
been pack rats.
No, but if you look at them,
all the names are different
and they have grades
on them.
Whoever lived here,
could have been a teacher?
I think it is time
for our little Princess
to go to sleep.
What do you think?
I'm tired.
Let's leave this
for a moment, okay?
I think it is only fitting
that we all
tuck you in tonight?
My mom used to tell me
that it's just angels blowing.
Come on,
let's get ready for bed.
Brush your teeth.
You're excited
for your first night
in your big, new house?
What is that smell?
I don't know,
it's not poop.
Well, it's wedged shut.
That is awful.
I have never smelt
anything like that before.
It's this old house.
Let me see
those pearly whites.
Nice. Now off to bed.
Come on, little monkey.
Goodnight, angel.
Goodnight, kiddo.
We'll be downstairs
if you need us.
Go ahead, I'll be right down.
What is it?
Irene, what's bothering you?
Is it that Alice person?
It is, isn't it?
Who is she?
I can't tell you.
I can't help you
if you don't tell me.
Do you like children?
Of course.
I think you'll be
a really good mother.
Only if I have
a daughter like you.
Now, get some sleep,
and in the morning,
we'll have a
pancake breakfast, hm?
Goodnight, Regan.
Sweet dreams.
This is Alice's room.
Who was Alice?
What are you guys
doing in here?
I think Walter wanted us
to avoid this room.
I mean, look at this place.
Lost in time.
We should not be in here.
Shut the hell up.
This man is the same man
that's in the
Nazi pictures downstairs.
You're right,
we shouldn't be in here.
Let me go check on Irene.
I know she's fine.
You know, I'm actually
just gonna call Paul
and then probably
call it a night. So...
I'll keep an eye on her.
Okay, you're the best.
No problem.
I was right.
It's the same guy.
He's a Nazi?
Yeah, a Nazi lived
right in this house.
Put some paper under her
before she has an accident.
Hitler was obsessed
with the occult.
Walter's done
a lot of research
on the subject.
This must be
the daughter.
I'll bet this is Alice.
This letter is addressed
to zigfried.
What's that picture?
I believe this is an amulet.
You see the French lettering
on the bottom?
This was probably confiscated
by the Nazis.
I know this.
And you know this because?
The French people of
oradour-sur-glane village.
and all of their relics
were taken by the Nazis.
I believe it is called
Look at this.
Our boy, zigfreid
just wasn't any Nazi.
So you're saying
there's a connection
between the people
who lived in this house
and Hitler.
Spooky stuff, girls.
I'll see if I can find
any more details online.
Grab that box, Regan.
Can you hold this?
Well, this should be fun.
Hello, babe.
How's it going?
It's good,
we're just relaxing.
The girls are still awake.
Did you feed the cat?
Yes, I fed the cat.
Why do you say it like that?
You got me that cat.
So what are you wearing?
Oh, we're not doing this.
I'm not telling you.
Oh, come on.
You don't deserve it.
You know I'm alone here.
Hm, and you wish
I was there with you,
don't you?
You know it, babe.
I've got on that
little black tank top,
the one that you like,
And I've got these
itty-bitty panties,
they don't leave much
to the imagination.
Oh, but it's not all one-sided,
you've got to tell me
what you've got on.
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
Must be on your end.
No, it's not my connection.
It's your signal.
Someone else is talking.
Okay, here it is.
The amulet was from France.
It was originally possessed
by the templar knights.
It was believed that the amulet
would remove
any fear or hatred.
From whoever is wearing it.
Therefore removing
any hesitation
in battle?
But it is also believed
that the object would retain
all of that hate, fear,
bearing heavy consequences
to anyone who encounters it.
Is this like black magic
or something?
No, think about it.
A physical manifestation
of pure hatred
whether you believe it
or not, it's
a powerful symbol.
Trapped in an amulet.
This is a myth, right?
She may be smoking something?
Did you guys light up
without me?
What is the connection?
The amulet was sent here
to zigfreid via Brazil.
But, all those papers
say Samuel sears.
Look him up.
Look, it's zigfreid.
Originally from Berlin, Germany,
Samuel sears,
of franklovo parish,
died on Thursday
due to exposure to chemicals.
He must have changed
his name to Samuel sears.
He is survived by the sole
remaining family member,
his wife, Miriam sears.
She probably buried him
in the backyard.
Miriam sears.
A grade school teacher
at treemon elementary.
Wife of Samuel sears.
Oh, that explains
the test papers.
Look, this one's from 1968.
Oh, Alice sears.
Daughter of Samuel
and Miriam sears
was reported missing
over the weekend.
Police have released
an all-points bulletin
to include
the neighboring counties.
I mean, who wouldn't
run away from
a dad like that?
Oh, here's another one.
Miriam sears, tremont village,
husband Samuel sears,
born in Berlin,
blah, blah, blah...
Nothing about Alice.
How could that be?
She was their only child.
There's nothing here
about her.
Disappeared without a trace?
There's something wrong
with this computer.
Oh, my god,
that was so weird.
The camera just turned on,
and someone texted me.
It's probably just Walter
checking in on us.
Put up some porno
and make him really wonder.
you're probably right.
God, I need
a glass of wine.
Oh, yes, please.
Yeah, I like that idea.
Let's go.
Samuel sent Alice away.
I don't know,
reform school?
You're becoming obsessed
with this Alice.
You're becoming Samantha.
Hit images.
Oh, that is a
disturbing picture.
An old man in a gas mask?
I'd be more concerned
as to why he's wearing it
than the look of him.
And where are you going
with this?
What does this have to do
with being in this house?
And why would he keep
the room up there
in that condition?
He is an ethno-archaeologist.
There must be something
in that room that
convinced him to.
An ethno what?
Big words.
Hey, at least I speak French.
All right, while you guys
keep making up stories,
but I think
it is time for bed.
Yeah, layan is right.
I'm gonna snuggle up
and read myself to sleep.
Thank goodness, someone else
is on the sanity train.
Yeah, I could use
some sleep too.
Wait, what's that?
That's Irene's room.
Oh, my god!
What is that?
Turn on the light.
How did they get in?
Layan, go get some towels.
This is not good.
You find this creepy?
There's a leak inside,
a storm outside, and
it happens to any old house.
What about the dead bird?
I got this.
You're okay?
I'm fine.
We'll all go to bed.
I have a book
that needs reading.
It's either that
or Xanax.
Now that's the best
idea of the night.
Goodnight, guys.
Still watch TV
while you read?
How do you think
i got through college?
The fuhrer, Adolf Hitler,
is momentarily in Paris,
by the Eiffel Tower...
Cut it out, guys,
I'm trying to sleep.
I'm done with this.
I'm leaving.
Irene, what are you doing?
Are you okay?
Are you
looking for me?
Why did you come
looking for me?
Hold on, Irene!
Hold on, I got to get
a flashlight.
Hold on.
I'm coming!
Irene. Just a second.
Why do you have this open?
You'll freeze to death.
I thought I saw someone.
There's nobody outside.
I want mommy.
Irene, I'm here.
I'm scared.
They won't be back
until Monday.
It's just thunder
and lightning.
You go back to sleep.
I hear noises.
There's nothing
to be afraid of.
You know I won't let anything
happen to you.
What is it?
You see?
It's nothing.
It's just your imagination.
There's nothing under the bed.
You have to look
under the bed.
There's nothing there.
No. Please.
Will it make you feel better
if I look under the bed?
And you'll go
back to sleep?
Okay, promise me.
That's not me.
Come on! Let's go!
Let's go, let's go!
What did you see?
I'm scared.
I don't wanna be here.
I know.
I don't know what's going on.
I do.
Bad things happen
in this house.
I'm scared.
Come on, come on, come on.
Betaine, wake up. Betaine...
That's Alice
my god! The amulet!
Thrives and becomes more
powerful when encountered
with abject fear.
Must be in this house.
Listen to me, Irene.
Whatever that thing is,
it is feeding on your fear.
Becoming your worst nightmare.
Irene, Irene,
you need to face your fear.
You, we, cannot let
the fear and hatred
consume us.
I don't understand.
Alice. She is just a lost girl.
We need to get you
out of here.
Stay by me.
Irene, no!
Irene, come on, come on.
Go, go!
Daddy's car.
Why is daddy's car
still here?
I need you to stand back.
Why, Regan?
Just listen to me.
What is it?
No. No. We need
to leave, Irene, leave!
We have to be brave.
That is the only way
we are going to make
it out of this house.
I will not let anything
happen to you. Okay?
Listen to me,
we're gonna go back
through the house.
We're gonna go
in the kitchen,
and we're gonna
out through the doggy door.
Stay behind me, okay?
And do not look back.
Irene, now!
Come on, go, go, go.
Irene, go around,
just relax!
Come on, Regan! Come on.
Irene, go out the doggy door.
Regan, come on!
Go out the doggy door,
go now!
Regan! Come on!
Irene, run!
I can't run!
Go, baby! No!
No one is allowed in this house.
Papa would be very angry.
He's coming.
Are you looking for me?
Come here.
Look at me.
What are you doing out here?
Come on. Let's get you
to the house. Let's go.
Where are you leading me?
The amulet.
Why didn't anyone come
looking for me?
Nobody came looking for you?
Just stay right here.
I'll be right back, okay?
What the hell?
You just wanted somebody
to find you.
You're not alone anymore.
Regan, what's going on?
I just found Irene
out on the road.
Irene? Where is she?
She's fine,
she's in the truck.
I have to see her.
We need to go.
Regan, who is that upstairs?
Listen to me!
We got to go!
This house
is too kind for me.
What the hell is going on here?
Virgil, no!
Virgil! No!
Oh my god!
What happened in there?
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
You were right.
Bad things happen
in that house.
What about Virgil?
Irene, we got to
get away from here.
And Alice?
She will not
bother you anymore.
It's you and me.