The Haunting at Saint Joseph's (2023) Movie Script

[bell dinging]
[logo liquid reverberating]
[logo droning]
[sombre music]
[ominous music]
[banging on door]
[door creaking]
[crows squawking]
- Who are you?
- Please help me.
My village, they all died.
[ominous music continues]
[crows squawking]
- She doesn't have the pox.
- I swear, I am not infected.
[moves to tense music]
[suspenseful music]
[moves to ominous music]
[blow thuds]
[rope creaking]
[crows squawking]
[Mary groaning]
[ominous music]
[eerie melodic chanting]
[nun speaking in
foreign language]
[rope creaking]
[Mary whimpering]
- Cut me down.
[rope creaking]
[ominous music continues]
[eerie melodic chanting]
[people chattering]
- We should be able to get
you and Max outta here today.
Any reaction to the medication?
- I don't know.
- Well, you would.
[monitor beeping]
Any nausea this morning?
- Uh, no, not today.
- Great to hear.
[Vicky coughing]
[Vicky breathing heavily]
- Vicky, Vicky?
Mum, something's
wrong with Vicky.
- Vicky.
Doctor, help. Help!
- Doctor Levine!
Doctor Lipani.
[tense music]
- Code Blue.
W6 B4. Code Blue.
- Please.
Severe respiratory failure,
no response to
corticosteroid treatment.
- This is Vicky.
Came in 2 days ago
with a rib fracture,
been on corticosteroids
and Ventolin.
- Hey, Vicky, my name is Lily.
You just keep on
fighting for us, okay,
we'll get you back on
your feet in no time.
- I don't know you!
Get away from my daughter.
What's she doing?
- [Lipani] We've have
a large hemothorax,
it's decompressed
with thoracentesis.
- Jess.
- Drainage kit. On it.
[monitor beeping rapidly]
- What's she...
What's she doing? No!
- Myra! Myra, no!
[tense music continues]
- [Lipani] That's
good. Thank you.
- Yes, sir, but it clearly
says on the bottle,
"Do not inhale."
[soft music]
Tough day at the office?
- I completely fucked up.
- [William] Look, these
people are the experts.
Let the doctors do
their goddamn job!
- They're not doing their job!
You keep that fucking rag
head away from my daughter.
- Myra, this is not the time.
- It never is with you.
You be glad I don't sue.
- For God sake, think
of our daughter!
- Deep breaths.
The kid's gonna be fine.
- Yeah, no thanks to me.
But you did great in there.
- Thanks, Lil.
- Um...
- I froze up.
I should be able to do a
thoracentesis in my sleep.
Every time I try,
I just, I can't.
I could have killed her.
Her mum was right,
she should sue me.
- No, she's just
scared and angry.
- Today I confirmed that
everything she feels
about me is right.
- Hey, no.
All right?
Everybody here knows that
you're a good doctor.
You are going to England
to one of the best paediatric
hospitals in the world.
- Dr. Lily.
- Yes, sweetie.
- Chris gave this to me, but
I think you need it more.
[soft music continues]
- How's work experience going?
- Eye-opening.
I think I wanna
be an accountant.
Let's get you in bed, hey?
- See, you even have a fan club.
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
- I wonder when their
parents will turn their kids
against anybody not like them.
Does she even know
what that song means?
Was lost
But now I'm found
- Maybe there's hope.
I think there's something
else bothering you.
- Yeah. Rachael.
But I see
[people chattering]
[gentle music]
[Kit whistles]
- You look amazing.
- I want her to like me.
- Relax, okay? You'll be fine.
Just think, in a week's
time, we'll be married,
and two weeks after that,
we'll be in England.
- You sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
I'll follow you anywhere.
- That's a little creepy.
- I was going for a romantic.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
- Creepy will...
- Yeah?
- Will do.
[both laughing]
[upbeat rock music]
- [Rachael] So, you're the
girl who's stealing my brother?
- You must be Rachael?
- I must be.
You love him?
- Mm-hmm.
- What a gorgeous ring.
- It's such a
pleasure to meet you.
- Okay then.
Hurt my brother and
I will kill you.
I'm joking.
[laughing] Badly.
I do that a lot.
- Lily, did you pack
Johnson's neurosurgery?
- Excuse me, Jess and her books.
- [Lily] How can I help?
- Literally, I put it in here.
[Rachael chuckles]
- Hey, smelly Chelley.
- Yeah.
- The blue looks good.
- Hm.
- I'm glad you like her.
- You didn't gimme
much of a choice.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Well, I know you're
sure about her,
you got engaged without
telling me, for fuck sake.
You gave her mum's ring.
- Yeah.
No, I was...
I was gonna tell you-
- So why didn't you?
- Because I was nervous
about how you'd react.
- You looked after me
for years, it's my turn.
For some reason, I feel
like I met her before.
- Doubt it.
Let's just say, our
childhoods are a world apart.
- No second hand
clothes for that girl.
- Hmm.
But, hey, look at us now.
Mum would be proud.
[soft music]
- Do they always run this late?
- Yeah.
Save lives by night,
late for their own lives
every other day.
- Aah.
My favourite doctor. [chuckles]
Um, uh, you know, not my only
favourite doctor, by the way.
I also like my actual doctor.
- Seriously, Aaron,
we're going on holidays.
- Miss Evil
Bridesmaid reminded me
I need to keep on top of my
studies or I'm gonna fail.
- I am not evil.
Do I look evil?
- Looks can be deceptive.
- Aaron, good to see you again.
- Mr. Smith.
- No, it's doctor.
- Dr. Smith. I should
have known that.
I'm so, so sorry.
I, I won't do that-
- I'm joking,
you call me Kit.
- Okay, Kit. Right.
- What the fuck, guys?
We've gotta get on the road.
Won her in bet 10 years ago,
keep her going no matter what.
Drives like a tank.
- Kit did call you
the car doctor.
- Keep 'em coming, idiots.
- Huh?
- She calls everyone an idiot.
- Given I'm the only
non-doctor here, I'm the idiot.
- Hey, don't say that.
- Okay, we gotta bail.
Get in, idiots.
- All right, so, bridesmaid
dresses we must discuss.
- It's a gorgeous colour on you.
- I know, but hear me out.
Could it be slightly lighter?
- No. No pastels for you.
Enough with this pastel pain.
- But I like pastels.
[soft adventurous music]
On our way.
Only a few hours late.
- You guys should check out
the website for Saint Joseph's.
It says here that it's haunted.
- Aw, wanna run home?
You're scared of a little ghost?
[Aaron scoffs]
- Any plans for this trip?
- I'm gonna do some fishing
and smoke me some weed.
- You can fish without weed.
- I honestly don't
think I could.
- How you ever managed to
pass med school is a mystery.
- Ah, he passed
because he's brilliant.
- That he is.
- Best big brother I know.
- Only one, as far as we know.
- She's almost as
big of a fan as me.
- Oh! Get a room.
- Ignore her. I do.
- Why am I even here?
- As my maid of honour,
had you refused,
I would've had some
words with your lecturer
about your lack of commitment.
- Okay, I just gotta
call Jia real quick.
[obscure music]
[crows squawking]
- This place is really creepy.
There's something in there.
- Oh. [sighs]
[phone ringing]
[obscure music continues]
Jia, hello. Saint
Joseph's guest house.
How can I help?
- Hey, it's Jess Samuel's here.
Just checking we're still
on for 8:00 PM tonight?
- Yes, Ms. Samuels, we're all-
[wood creaking and knocking]
- [obscure music]
- [Jess] Hello?
Are you there?
- Sorry.
Yes, we're all good for 8:00 PM.
See you in a few hours.
[bright music]
[people chattering]
[bright music continues]
[Lily shrieks]
- Give me a few days.
Cash only.
Yeah, all right.
- Hitchhiker.
- Seriously?
- We don't really
have the space.
- Isn't this supposed to be
our farewell for Liliana?
- Not cool, Chelley.
- Come on, guys, the
weather report said rain.
- [Jess] Lily, your call.
- It's not a tutorial
session, Jess.
- It's her gig, her call.
- Lily?
[obscure music]
- Why not?
- Hey there.
- Hey. Back.
- Righty-ho.
[bright music]
So I get that you two
are getting married,
but what do the rest of you do
when you're not celebrating?
- Paediatrics.
Aiming at surgery.
- Final year of pharmacy.
- Like her, second year student,
if I don't fail. [chuckles]
- Um, second year nursing.
- Psychiatrist.
- Barely a real doctor.
- I've got the perfect drugs
for your charming personality
disorder, Jessica.
- Just a mechanic.
- Ah, there's nothing
wrong with a good mechanic.
I knew this guy, worked
miracles on cars, all right?
Restore them, fix 'em.
Get you about bloody anything.
[dramatic music]
I see you guys
going to Saint Jo's.
Dunno if you've heard,
some say it's haunted
by a human sacrifice.
- Bullshit.
How can people believe in ghost?
There's literally no
real science backing it.
- Science can't
explain everything.
Some things are beyond
our pea-sized brains,
like believing in a God.
- That's different.
Faith is from the heart.
- [scoffs] And you doubt ghosts?
[obscure music]
[eerie melodic chanting]
- Miss Samuels!
- Hello!
- [Jia] Pleasure to meet you.
Welcome to Saint Joseph's.
- [Jess] It's lovely to be here.
- [Marc] Yeah, this place
is definitely haunted.
- Well now, no sign of
human sacrifice here.
- Patience, little one.
If you believe the local legend,
there was many more
sacrifices after
the first one, so, have faith.
- All right then, let's
get everyone settled.
The moon is rising early
over the water tonight,
which is a sight to see.
Or you can just
visit the local pub,
it's got really good
food and local brews.
- What do you say, little one?
You wanna have a
moonlight stroll?
- [chuckles] Sounds lovely.
[obscure music]
[animals chirping]
Perfect night for
a midnight stroll.
So much for being right back.
[obscure music continues]
Kit, where the fuck are you?
[woman screaming]
[tense music]
[obscure music]
[Lily breathing heavily]
[wood creaking]
[tense music]
[Lily gasps]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful ominous music]
[Lily breathing heavily]
[suspenseful ominous
music continues]
[Lily sobbing]
[Lily gasps]
[eerie melodic chanting]
[ominous music]
[Lily breathing heavily]
[Lily whimpering]
[monks chanting in
foreign language]
- The blood of the
innocent defied the plague.
It's been this
way for 200 years.
- All right, stop,
stop, stop, stop.
Hey, hey, it's just me.
It's all right.
Okay. You're okay.
[Lily whimpering]
You're okay. Here.
[inhaler puffs]
Again. Again.
You okay?
- I'm fine now.
Who the fuck is that?
- Just a local actor
that Jia recommended.
- Fred works with me, and
he set this whole thing up.
It was actually Kit's
idea to play a bit
of a practical joke
on you and pretend
to sacrifice you like
that girl from the 1800s.
- Sure you're okay?
- I am horrified that a group
of medical professionals
could savage Latin
pronunciation that badly.
- We actually have cosplay
sacrifices here every month,
but this is way better.
- Yeah, well, next time
my loving fiancee asks
to go for a moonlight
stroll, I'm saying no.
But I'll get you back for this.
- This is for that male
stripper prank you pulled
at my stag do.
- And the fake
emergency call-out.
- And the cadaver leg
in my locker prank.
- Okay, I get it.
I had it coming, I deserved it.
But I know anatomy,
and the night is young-
- Ah, let's finish this.
[obscure music]
- The blood of the innocent
will protect us from disease.
It will grant us
peace and prosperity,
past, present, future.
[nun chanting in
foreign language]
[soft music]
[lips smacking]
- [grunts] This is a story
to tell our kids, huh?
- Oh, yeah, what?
Once upon a time their
dad tied their mum up
to a pole and made out with her.
- I was going for more of a
human sacrifice type thing, yes.
[people chattering]
[obscure music]
- Little wifey won't approve.
What's up?
- Ah, just a patient I
thought I made progress with
is back in hospital.
- Shit, bro. I'm sorry.
- No, it's all good.
[wings flapping]
[birds squawking]
Let's go back inside.
- Okay.
[obscure music]
- [Barmaid] Hope you
got a designated driver?
- That would be me.
Drinking and I don't mix.
Do you really believe that
Saint Joseph's is haunted?
- Some say that all the
businesses around here
are so old and successful,
is because we're protected
by an ancient spirit.
Or a sacrifice.
Take this place.
No downturn in profits, even
though there's been a pandemic,
and it's been in the
family for over 150 years.
And we've even had paranormal
investigators go through,
and they all say there's
something out there,
but they can never tell what.
- The blood of the
innocent defied the plague.
- Human sacrifices
and getting drunk
with a bunch of doctors.
It's not how I planned
my evening, you know?
- Yeah, no, it was, um,
it was hard to tell her,
'cause like, we're pretty close.
But, no, I'm, I'm really
happy for her, you know?
Kit's, a good man,
and a scholarship
to Guys Hospital,
paediatric intern.
Like, um, I'm really
happy for her.
- I'm sure you've
done the best you can.
- He always does.
- Did you know that
Kit worked two jobs
just to get me through school?
- Yeah, I couldn't
imagine how hard
it must have been with,
um, your parents passing.
I'm so sorry.
- Can I ask what happened?
- Drunk driver.
- Bastard.
- It was Dad who was drunk.
[tense music]
- He, uh, lied
about his drinking.
- I left school at 16 to
work as a apprentice mechanic
so Kit could live
his doctor dreams.
They were the only
family we had.
- Now we're starting
a new family.
- You're pregnant?
- No, I, we haven't.
I, I, I couldn't.
- Oh.
You're not allowed?
- Rach, come on.
[sombre music]
- So, what about
you, Marc? [chuckles]
What has you wondering
on the side of the road?
- Oh, well, I drift
along, you know?
- Sounds like a great
way to go nowhere.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
- But that's only if you
think everywhere is nowhere.
You see, if you have a plan,
then you can't be surprised.
It's like you guys.
You didn't see me
coming now, did you?
[obscure music]
- [Jess] No, 'cause
I felt so bad.
[Hayley laughing]
[glass clinking]
The years, I guess.
- So Muslims don't drink?
- I wasn't raised devout.
My mum doesn't cover
up and thank Allah.
All this, my choice.
And, uh, drinking
and I don't mix.
- I hope I don't
offend you here,
but why do it if
you don't have to?
- A friend of mine covered
up and suggested I try it.
So I did, and I really liked it.
It felt empowering.
Like I'm saving something
special for somebody special.
- This guy.
- My friends barely
recognised me,
but my mum is happy
as long as I am,
and my dad kinda
just shrugged it off.
- You see, that's where my
parents must have failed.
I was long gone and the road
by the time they split up.
- Yeah, where are
you staying tonight?
- I don't know.
But I'm not crashing your party.
You guys have done enough.
- No, don't be silly, we,
I'm sure we have a spare room
at Saint Joseph's for you.
- I don't know, it's...
- Rachael's truck then?
- Sure.
You can use my truck.
- At least I'll know you
have a roof over your head.
- To the human sacrifice.
- To the heathen gods.
[obscure music]
[animals chirping]
[truck engine roaring]
[group chattering]
- Hey, Marc, do you
want the keys now?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, gimme me.
- There.
- Oh.
- I am so sorry we took so long.
- Not a problem.
It gave me more time
to set things up.
- Should I be worried,
given your last set up?
[tense music]
- No. No.
Come on.
- [Marc] I'm good.
I'm fine.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Don't worry about Marc.
I'll find you, keys.
[Marc groaning]
[accomplished music]
- [Jia] Here it's!
- [Lily] Wow!
- So you use five syllable words
in lectures barely
any of us understand.
- And the only word
you've got is, "Wow."
- Less booze, they might be
able to understand bigger words.
- Okay.
- Ugh.
- Hello, Lily.
I think I'm quite sober enough
to tell you how
amazing you look.
It looks...
You in it.
God, you're hot.
- [Aaron] Race you to
the bed real quick.
- [Hayley] Hey, get back
here. Where you goin'?
Shoes off, you grub.
- This was all Kit's idea.
- Yeah, he always puts
other people first.
- I think these should
stay with you tonight.
- I suppose so.
- Um, are you saying
that I'm not trustworthy?
- Just a little bit tipsy.
- Hmm.
Maybe you're a little bit sexy.
[soft music]
- Hey.
- Yeah, it was the ghost.
- Come here. [chuckles]
[soft playful music]
- Where the fuck are you?
Come here, keys.
Where are you?
- [yawning] I think
it's time for bed.
I have to get up in a
couple of hours for dawn.
And you've probably
had enough to drink.
- Come on, bro.
Are you here to
party or to sleep?
This is a brew of my
own unique creation.
Tastes great, am I right, Kit?
- H-how much is there?
- We won't run out.
- Don't bet on it.
Do you remember that time we-
- Uh, the, the, that chicken!
Yes, I do.
- Want some?
[pensive music]
[Kit groans]
Drink up, idiots.
[group chuckling]
[thudding and creaking]
- [Kit] Hmm?
- The barmaid said
this place is haunted.
Is there anybody there?
[creaking continues]
- Argh!
[Lily sighs and chuckles]
I found 'em.
Yes, I did.
- Cheers to that.
[mysterious music]
- Although never substantiated,
the myth of the hanged girl
has attracted ghost hunters
and tourists alike
to the church.
- All throughout
history, human sacrifices
have been offerings to
the gods for protection.
The hanged girl at Saint
Joseph's is no different.
- We're dealing with an
entity that's, that's afraid,
most likely angry, yes.
Not necessarily evil, but angry.
And that's two very
different things.
- I'll give you further
instructions tomorrow.
I dunno what I'm gonna do
yet, but it'll be epic.
You can count on that.
- Can't wait.
[obscure music]
[thunder rumbling]
[wind howling]
[thunder crashing and rumbling]
[rain pattering]
[Lily moaning]
[obscure music]
- Who are you?
- She doesn't have the pox.
[obscure music continues]
[blow thuds]
[thunder crashing]
[tense ominous music]
[heavy breathing]
[obscure music]
[thunder crashing]
- Lily.
[tense music]
[obscure music]
[thunder rumbling]
[rope creaking]
[wind howling]
[obscure music continues]
[moves to tense music]
[thunder rumbling]
[Lily gasps]
[tense music rising]
[Mary screaming]
[Lily gasping]
[soft music]
[birds chirping]
- [Kit] Ow, my head.
Why did you let
me drink so much?
[soft music]
[Kit groaning]
- Aren't you supposed
to be hungover?
- Yes.
How did I end up with a
girl as beautiful as you?
- A lady.
And I blame the 20-hour
shifts and extreme exhaustion
for me not realising how
much trouble you are.
- Still am.
[Kit chuckles]
Oh! [groaning]
Oh, sorry.
[soft music continues]
Ah, God help me.
- Two more weeks, and
then we'll be married.
- You know it's gonna be the
best five seconds of your life.
[both chuckling]
Aw, two weeks feels
like a very long time.
- Self-inflicted. No sympathy.
- Oh.
[Lily giggles]
[Kit grunts]
[Lips smacking]
[birds chirping]
[gentle music]
I totally hate you.
- Oh, yeah, totally.
I noticed that.
You know, I think this
trip is going really well.
- I guess.
- Not just the last half
hour, but everything.
You know, fun is being
had, you and Rachael seem
to be getting along well.
- She doesn't like me.
- Yes she does...
In her own acerbic way.
- And in a I'm
gonna kill you way.
She keeps sniping at
me, antagonising me.
- Come on, I haven't
seen her having a go.
She can just be a
little protective.
- You mean possessive?
She doesn't own you.
She doesn't wanna
get to know me.
- Give her time, all right?
[soft music]
I was all she had for a few
years after Mum and Dad.
I don't know if I should
tell you this, but-
- You can tell me anything.
- When Rachael was in her teens,
she had some problems with
anxiety and depression,
so she spent some time
in psychiatric care.
- Wow, that's horrible.
Those places can be tough.
- Underneath it all, she's
a really good person.
She'll see that we're
right for each other.
I know it.
- Luckily, I left
time for delays.
The sun is coming up,
so I've gotta go pray.
You're welcome to join.
- Hey look, I love you,
but I love sleep, too.
[soft music continues]
[Kit groans]
[soft music]
[moves to bright music]
[Lily praying in
foreign language]
[Lily breathing deeply]
- Morning, gorgeous.
What's up?
- This place.
[obscure music]
You know about the
hauntings, right?
- Yeah.
Story goes that she came
to that very door
begging for sanctuary.
- And somehow that
made her a witch.
- I guess being
different sometimes
is enough for people
to be afraid of you.
And they said it
was a devil's work,
so they grabbed her and
hanged her in the graveyard.
- It was the woods, actually.
[tense ominous music]
- Years later, locals
came out and decided
that it wasn't an execution,
but actually noble
sacrifice, said the village.
- This place.
- Lily, look,
you're a smart girl.
Do you really believe
this place is haunted?
- Yes, you're right.
[obscure music]
- Although, you know I said the
hanged her in the graveyard?
- The woods.
- Sure.
Some say they drowned
her in the river.
And strangled her with
their rosary beads.
They smothered her
with her own pillow.
Fed her to the orphans.
Cooked rare, I believe.
- Thanks.
I really needed that.
- Anytime.
[soft playful music]
[obscure music]
[moves sombre music]
[obscure music]
- [Lily] It's you.
- Help me. My village,
they all died.
[obscure music continues]
- "Your sacrifice gave us life."
[eerie melodic chanting]
[moves to tense music]
[Lily whimpering]
[plants rustling]
[rope creaking]
[nun chanting in
foreign language]
Come on, guys this isn't funny.
[obscure music]
[rope creaking]
[birds chirping]
[Jess laughing]
- Oh, shit, the light hurts.
- It's not a pain
that you forget.
- I know, but that was,
that was 10 years ago, okay?
Look at you now.
- Let's just keep
that between us, okay?
- As in, you haven't told him?
- I can't.
- What?
He's not gonna get angry.
I mean, he's no saint
with his weed and booze.
- It was a different time.
A different me.
Part of why I turned to Islam
was to help me get through that.
He doesn't have to know.
- I just think that you're
gonna spend the rest
of your life with him.
- Yeah, the rest of
my life in the future.
Rebellious Lily is in the
past, long gone and forgotten.
I barely even remember being 16.
My parents, what they
had to deal with,
what I put them through...
I really hurt them.
I did stuff, things that
I haven't even told you.
- If you don't want me to
know, I'm not gonna ask.
[soft music]
But who cares, okay?
'Cause now you are
going to London,
to one of the best
hospitals in the world.
And I'm gonna miss you.
[both chuckle]
- You know you can
call me, right?
- No, but that's not
the same as trying
to find you in your ward
or in your office, where I-
- You mean my broom closet?
- No, in your office,
where I'd shift some
of the books over and I'd
have somewhere to sit.
You have been the best tutor
a med student could have.
[gentle music]
Yeah, I'm, I'm really
gonna miss you.
[both chuckling]
Are you kidding?
- [Marc] Come on, get in.
- [Jess] You have to be joking.
- [Marc] It's not that cold.
- Oh no.
No, no, no.
Oh God, no.
- [Marc] It is not that
cold, just jump in.
- Still no, not
getting any warmer.
Perfect day for a swim.
- If you wanna break the ice.
- Oh, crap!
[Hayley yelps]
- Cannonball!
- Aah, that looks good.
[Marc and Jess laughing]
- [Aaron] Aah, come
on, it's not that bad.
- Oh, it's invigorating.
- Just get in, it's
oddly refreshing.
- It's a damn fine
Margarita, Rach.
- You know it, idiot.
Don't mind if I do.
[gentle music]
How many times a day does
that girl have to pray?
Maybe she's got some
dark secrets in her past.
- Easy, Rach.
Muslims pray, like,
five times a day.
She always does Fajr at
sunrise and Isha at night.
She's taking some time to
do more while she's here.
- You know the names?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's new.
I mean, who knows
what kinky shit
she's hiding under
all those clothes.
- Rachael.
- She may look all innocent,
but for all you know,
she could be a Jihad.
- Are you actually hearing this?
- That's not funny!
- I'm joking!
Seriously, did she take
your sense of humour too?
[gentle music]
- Hey. Good prayers?
- Peaceful.
Always welcome the join.
- Maybe one day.
- You gonna go for a swim?
You must be getting a bit
hot under all that get up?
- Thank you for your concern.
- We won't tell.
I said I'm good.
- The water is
really nice and cool.
[Lily gasps]
[Rachael laughing]
- [Kit] Are you kidding me?
- Excuse me a moment.
Excuse me.
- What? She looked hot.
It's all right with us if
she shows a better flesh.
- It's not all right with us,
if it's not all right with her.
- Angry much?
It was a joke.
- What the fuck is your problem?
- Jess, it's okay.
- No, it's fucking not!
- Yes it is, I'll sort it.
- It's not, really.
- It's okay.
[tense music]
Inside, now. Come on.
- Hey, what the hell?
Since when do you
grab me like that?
Since when do you disrespect
my wife and I like that?
- Your wife?
She ain't that yet, and
you sound like one of them.
- One of them?
- Yeah, a Muslim man,
ordering a woman around.
Jesus, she's really got her
claws into you, hasn't she?
You're gonna
convert, aren't you?
- Stop.
You're being paranoid.
- Don't you dare call me that.
- What happened?
Well, you've been better
than you have been in years-
- Now I know why you didn't
tell me you were engaged to her.
- I didn't tell you
because of this.
Every girl I've bought
home, you fucking scared.
- 'Cause every girl you
bring home is the same!
More interested in
your bank account
and your apartment than you!
You're a pushover!
A softie.
A easy target.
- Well, Lily's not like that.
- Are you sure?
Did you see how angry she
got when I splashed her?
Do you know
everything about her?
- What does being splashed
have to do with who she is?
She hasn't asked me to convert.
Nor would I.
- Do you know everything
about her before she was
the pure, innocent
little Muslim?
- Okay, you're gonna lose
me if you don't accept
that she's the most
important woman in my life.
[tense music]
[Lily sobbing]
[tense music continues]
[twigs snapping]
[wings flapping]
[bird squawking]
- Fuck off!
Fuck off and leave me alone!
It's not funny
anymore. [sobbing]
Fuck off, you.
[rope creaking]
[birds squawking]
[tense music continues]
- [Mary] Please help, my
village, they all died.
[indistinct voices]
[suspenseful music]
[nun chanting in
foreign language]
[Lily sobbing]
[rope creaking]
[nun chanting in foreign
language continues]
[rope creaking]
[tense music rising]
- Hey, you're okay, I'm here.
Hey, come on.
Up, up, up, up, your
all right, yeah.
You're all right,
you're all right.
You're all right.
- I'm not.
This is all wrong.
- It's okay.
- Why can't I control my asthma?
- It's all right,
just breathe, okay?
[Lily breathing heavily]
- This never happens
to me in the ER.
- Yeah, you're in your
element in the ER.
You're in control.
Heart attack, easy, no problem.
My sister is not a
normal stressor for you.
Look, Lily, you just,
you have to remember
who you are.
You're the most fearless
person that I know, okay?
When you find your centre,
you'll be okay with this too.
- You make a great psychiatrist.
- Yeah, well, nine years
of training so far,
I bloody hope so.
- But seriously, kit,
I'm not gonna get
between you and your sister.
- I'm not asking you to.
- Then you could have at
least said something to her.
- I did.
- What?
- Well, you're trying so
hard to be nice to her,
you're letting her
push you around.
- Yeah, well, if, if she
sees that I'm not a threat.
- Just push back, all right?
She will respect the
power if she sees it.
It's all she knows.
- I don't know.
- Just think about it,
all right, will you?
Now, this'll dry nicely.
- Does Rach do this to
all your girlfriends?
- Yes.
It's the anxiety.
She's testing you.
- Well, how many
have failed her test?
- None were you.
[sombre music]
And you gonna tell me
what's really bothering you?
'Cause normally you're
so calm and rational.
- Well, am, am I not allowed
to have feelings now?
- No, of course you are.
But, look, I know you want
Rachael to like you, I just
didn't think it was gonna-
- It's not just her, okay?
That prank you pulled last
night, it fucking scared me!
It really fucking scared me.
It was so realistic.
I have never pulled a prank
like that to you before, ever.
Look, I know that you're sorry,
I can see that from
the look on your face,
but how could you,
especially you,
think that gagging an asthmatic
is a smart fucking thing to do?
- I thought...
I, I got it wrong, I'm sorry.
- I felt trapped.
I couldn't move, I
couldn't breathe,
I just don't feel safe here.
- I'm so sorry, Lil, okay?
I really am.
- This place, it's, it's weird.
It's like I can't
control myself.
- Well, what do you wanna do?
Do you wanna leave?
- It's fine.
Just please, please,
please, just promise
to be there for me next time.
- Always.
I promise.
[bright music]
- If only [indistinct] in there
can afford new
fucking equipment.
- Fuck yeah.
- Yeah.
- Jesus Christ.
[Rachael chattering]
[group chattering and laughing]
[bright music continues]
[rope creaking]
- Distracted much?
- Just doing a little
bit of research.
I gotta take this.
[phone humming]
No fucking way.
The same one?
All of 'em,
I want all of 'em.
- Good news, apparently.
- Oh yes, there's
definitely progress.
- Why are you so
horrible to that girl?
- Because I am 99%
sure that I know-
- 1% wrong is 100% wrong, Rach.
- Then I'm 100% sure I
know her from somewhere.
And I'm not gonna let
her hurt my brother.
- Yeah, he's not gonna
see it the way you do.
- Then I have to
make him see it.
She's not who she says she is.
[bright music]
[girls laughing]
- Fold.
She's got a killer hand.
- I do not.
How do you know that?
- Lily can't hide anything?
She's deliberately
looking like she's got
the winning hand, hoping
that we think she's bluffing.
- Uh.
- Mm-hm, yeah.
- The old, double bluff.
- Mm-hm.
- But what if it's
the triple bluff?
- Mm-mm, trust me,
I know that face.
- You know that face?
- Well, I never have any
luck anyway, so I fold.
- Well?
- How could that face lie to me?
- Exactly.
- Come on,
you gotta be kidding.
Are you lying to me?
- No.
- She blinked.
- Ah, see!
- [Jess] I could
tell. [laughing]
[bright music continues]
- Caught anything?
- No.
- Look, I'm sorry about
the bad jokes earlier,
but this London thing...
- You mean, this Lily thing.
- Don't go.
It's been you and me against
the world for two decades.
- Look, we're not
alone anymore, Rach.
I found the person I want to
spend the rest of my life with.
And I want you to
find yours too.
Lily is sh-she's honest.
What you see is what you get,
she's always been like that.
It's the foundation
of our relationship.
It might not be instant,
but it's honest.
- Don't hate me.
- I could never hate you, I
just want you to accept her.
- Promise me you won't hate me.
- I promise.
- There's one more photo.
- What the fuck is this?
- Fuck sake, dude,
just go in there
and do what I paid you to do.
You know what's gonna
happen if you don't.
- Fuck!
- Can I help you?
- Aren't you the perfect
little wifey in training?
- Don't you have
somewhere better to be?
- No, I'm quite happy
here, thank you.
Keeping an eye on you.
- Yeah, well you
can take your eyes-
- Oh! Snappy, snappy.
What would my brother
say if he could see
what a little bitch you can be?
You're innocent smiles,
you're kitten eyes,
your fucking holier
than thou bullshit.
I bet you saw the perfect
escape from your past
when my brother
walked into your life,
with these good looks,
his bank account,
his apartment, his Mercedes.
But you don't fool me?
- Yeah, 'cause that
would be impossible,
since you already are one.
Wait, what's that word
that I'm looking for?
What is it that
you call everybody?
You know, I couldn't imagine
what it would be like
to be surrounded by so
many brilliant minds,
yet to be so insecure
of your very own.
If you think you can
come between Kit and I,
you've severely
underestimated me.
I've held lives in my hands.
You what?
[chuckles] You make sure
that screws fit into holes.
I've saved more lives
than you've changed tyres.
You've lost.
And if you can't see that,
you'll lose your brother too.
Now get the fuck
out of my kitchen!
- You can hide behind
all the layers,
but I know what you really are.
We're more similar
than you think.
You don't recognise me, do you?
Johnson's psych ward.
You liked your drink, I
was depressed and violent.
Maybe you were too
smashed to remember.
I doubt that you even
realise I'm the reason Kit
went into psychiatry,
because he didn't
wanna see anyone
suffer like I did.
So listen carefully,
you little fuck!
I've already won this fight,
you just don't know it yet.
You see, I meet a lot of
interesting people working
in a garage.
I do 'em favours on cars
they may have obtained,
and then they owe me.
One of them found another
Lily Khan on Facebook.
[tense music]
The internet never forgets.
- Please don't, I've changed.
Oh God, all the
clothes in the world
couldn't hide the real you.
The addict, the liar.
Our father used to lie
about his drinking.
Maybe we would still have a
mother if he'd been honest!
But it is too late for you,
you've been lying for years,
and when my brother finds out...
- Please, stop!
- Or maybe just one
little push and-
- [Marc] Hey!
- Lucky timing, sweetie.
Bitch goin' down,
one way or another.
[Lily breathing heavily]
- What do you need me to do?
What do you need?
- My inhaler.
Kitchen bench.
- Okay.
- She's up there.
- Fuck. Stay here.
[Lily breathing
heavily and sobbing]
Here you go. Take that,
take that, take that.
Breathe. Breathe.
[Lily breathing deeply]
Honestly, I wish I could
stand up to her like that.
That was impressive.
What the hell is
going on with you two?
- She wants me gone.
- I got that. Yeah.
Are you all right?
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay, Lily.
- I try so hard.
I make her brother so happy.
- You're, you're a
lovely girl, Lily.
- But why can't
she just see that?
- You're special.
I'll never leave you.
[soft music]
- What the fuck
is wrong with you?
- You're beautiful, you're
amazing, you're sweet-
- Yeah, and engaged!
I would never.
- Shit, Lily.
I'm so sorry.
I, I didn't realise.
That was so stupid of me.
I didn't...
I am so sorry.
Please, just-
- stay away from me.
- Listen to me.
I didn't mean to, okay?
That won't happen
again, I got it wrong.
- Seriously, I don't
know what the fuck
is wrong with everybody here.
It's like nobody can
control themselves.
Even me.
I've never said anything
like that to anybody before.
- Well, she deserved it.
- She nearly threw
me down the stairs.
That is not normal.
- Okay, she might
just be a bitch.
- I haven't had a panic
attack in over a decade,
and I just managed to have
two in the last four hours.
Dinner. I, I have to
go, it will be spoiled.
- Wait. Wait for me.
- I tried to make it nice.
- It smells good to me.
How do you do that?
Just switch it all off?
I guess how you survive
work in a hospital
with people dying around
you everyday, right?
- Put my feelings in the box
and deal with them later.
Kit would always tell me
how unhealthy that was,
but it's, it's all I've
known since I was 17.
You can't save lives
if you're panicking.
- Look, Lily, you've
gotta be careful, okay?
Rachael, she is dangerous.
- Yeah, I can see that.
- I mean it. She is.
- I know.
- Just watch yourself.
- I said I will.
Can, can you please
keep stirring this?
I've, I've gotta go clean
up, this is not how I am.
- Yeah, sure.
Fuck, that's hot!
[soft determined music]
- Put you back into it.
- I'm doing it.
I'm pushing hard.
- Push harder.
- [chuckles] all right,
I'm, I'm carrying you here.
- [chuckles] All right.
[soft determined music]
- I wouldn't eat that, Kit.
You'll get Dehli belly.
- Did something happen?
- We're just getting some space.
I did what you told me to
and stood up for myself.
- Surprises all around.
- Are you okay?
- Like you said,
this place is weird.
Brings out things
we kept hidden.
- Hmm, this is incredible.
Look, if being a doctor
doesn't work out,
I'll gladly hire you
as my personal chef.
Hmm, you can come
cook for Hayley and I.
- Us?
- Yeah.
- To good food, good
company, good life.
[group laughing]
[soft determined music rising]
- [Aaron] Hey, watch here,
watch here, watch here.
- [Lily] Oh no. [laughing]
[tense music]
[moves to bright music]
- [Hayley] Oh, man.
- Not easily.
No, you wouldn't catch
me dead, I promise.
[group chattering and laughing]
If I eat any more I'll die.
[Hayley yawning]
I think I'm gonna
lie down. [chuckles]
Hopefully, the room
will stop spinning.
Don't laugh at me.
- I'll, uh, I'll go
check if he's okay.
[ominous music]
[obscure music]
- Hey!
- Is everything okay?
- No.
What the hell are you doing?
- Checking on Aaron.
He's normally fine
with his booze.
- Yeah, no, I know that.
- But, hey, all yours.
- That is not what
I'm talking about.
- Okay, what?
- You know.
You're engaged for fuck
sake, stay away from him.
- What? I have no
interest in Aaron.
- Yeah, well, he does in you.
- Hayley, you're scaring me.
- Good.
Stay away from Aaron. [giggling]
- What the hell is
wrong with everybody?
[obscure music]
[Lily sighs]
- When you're confronted with
something unfamiliar to you,
fear is good, being
scared is good.
- I can't control my emotions.
I just lost control.
- A shift in the mood
of the investigators
was noticed, the
cause still a mystery.
[phone pings]
[obscure music continues]
[phone pings]
- Oh, fuck.
[Kit sighs]
- Tell me it's not true.
Lie to me.
[foreboding music]
Go on, lie to me.
What? Two years, you
have nothing to say.
Tell me the truth.
Are you fucking deaf!?
Answer me!
Answer me!
What? You think I
wouldn't understand?
You think so little of me that
I'm such a fucking idiot!?
Well, I must be, since
you're able to lie
to me every time you
open your fucking mouth!
- Please, I'm sorry.
- We swore we'd be honest
with each other, we swore we
wouldn't lie to each other.
You know that my
dad would lie to me.
He lies fucking killed my mum.
- I was ashamed.
It's the past, I've changed.
[soft music]
- Rachael was right about you.
- You promised that she
wouldn't come between us.
- She didn't.
Don't, fuck...
Don't touch me.
- Kit.
- Maybe you never stop drinking?
Sure as shit you
never stop lying.
Tell me why you
got arrested, Lily.
You know, you told me that
you wanted to become a doctor
because you saw one
save a woman's life
after a car accident.
Your car.
You were fucking drunk.
- Kit, please.
- Don't fucking touch me.
- This place, it's
driving me insane.
- You're just like my dad.
[obscure music]
[Lily sobbing]
- No, I know that I'm
not good enough for you,
but aren't I enough
when you can't have her?
- I like you...
More than her.
- Then be what's me.
- Well, I, I, I want to.
Uh, c-can we do this later?
No, look, I just wanna
spend the time I have left
with my friend
before she leaves.
You know, I don't think
I'd have got through
first year without her,
and, and she always-
[obscure music continues]
She is important to
me, but I want you.
I just need time.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay?
- Okay.
[obscure music continues]
- Never had a dal do this
to me before. [chuckling]
Kit will like this. [chuckles]
If I was 12.
[obscure music continues]
I could be a cheerleader.
[ominous music]
[Lily chuckles]
[tense music]
[nun chanting in
foreign language]
[stygian music]
What the fuck?
[nun chanting in
foreign language]
[obscure music]
- Ow, Hayley!
- I was your mentor
twice a week, every week,
and still that girl
is who you think
got you through your first year!
- What has gotten you?
She's just my friend!
- She'll be gone soon,
but I'm still here,
I'm right for you.
- Why are you behaving
insane right now?
- When she leaves,
when she abandons you,
you'll come running back to me
like the fucking loser you are,
and I will be the
idiot who lets you!
[ominous music]
[Hayley sobbing]
- Right.
- Aaron, I'm so sorry.
[obscure music]
- Um, t-this isn't like you.
- It's not, it's like I
couldn't control myself.
- There's nothing
between Lily and I.
Nothing. I like you.
You know?
- Okay.
[ominous music]
Let's make it official.
- What do you, what do you...
Okay, um, no, look, I-
- Just let me drive.
- No, Hayley, I, I do like you,
but I don't know
if I'm ready for...
[Hayley speaking faintly]
Look, no, no.
Hayley, Hayley.
[Aaron speaking faintly]
Hayley, are you
listening to me!?
Hayley, what are you doing!?
- Jesus!
- What the hell
just happened!?
- I'm sorry, but I-
- Jesus, this is
still about her!
I'm still not good enough!
- It's not about her, it's me!
- You are a liar!
You, you know, it's
not even about you!
- Liar!
- I've never had-
- Liar!
[sobbing] I thought
you loved me!
What am I to know!?
I love you, why
can't you see that?
- None of my business.
- [Hayley] Why
won't you see me!?
- Hey.
- You have such beautiful hair.
It's a shame to hide it.
- No, I don't,
Not that it matters anymore.
All this is just another
lie to hide the real me.
- What's wrong?
- Kit's gonna leave me.
Rachael knows...
The drugs, the drinking, rehab.
She's got photos, my mugshots,
and she showed Kit everything.
Jess, he knows I've been lying.
- He's going to forgive you.
- No, he won't.
And you know what?
He should either, because
the sooner I'm gone
the sooner he can find
somebody worthy of him.
[obscure music]
- Lily, you don't
need to hide anymore.
- What the fuck!?
- Lily, I love you.
And I always have.
- Don't.
- And now you are going
to London and I can't-
- No. No, no, no, no!
This is against Allah!
This is all wrong!
- But it feels so right, Lily!
Kit doesn't even love you.
- What the fuck has
gotten into you!?
- Oh my God.
I, I am so sorry, Lily.
- I don't know what,
- Get out.
I don't know what came over me,
it just-
- I said get out!
- Please, Lily.
- Get the fuck out.
[tense music]
[Jess sobbing]
[soft music]
[Jess sobbing]
[soft music continues]
[Jess sobbing]
[Hayley sobbing]
[Jess sobbing]
[soft music continues]
[Hayley sobbing]
- What!?
[tense ominous music]
- Why do you reject me!?
[Hayley screaming]
[mirror shattering]
- Are you okay?
[obscure music]
[Hayley breathing heavily]
[blood squelching]
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Lily. Lily!
Lily, hurry! Somebody help!
- What the hell is going on?
[suspenseful music]
Stay here.
- Somebody! Aaron!
Help! Lily! [sobbing]
- Oh, shit!
- Just get, just
get Lily or Aaron,
and call a damned ambulance.
Oh no. Oh my God.
Hayley, please.
[suspenseful music continues]
- What the fuck do you want?
- Hayley's fucking hurt herself.
[obscure music]
[Hayley gagging]
- Hayley, please. [sobbing]
- What happens?
- Um, I, I was, um,
I smelled blood.
And I'm, I think she just
did it when I found her.
I tried to stop to
bleeding, but it's too long
and too jagged.
- Tie on the tourniquet.
[Hayley gagging]
- [Lily] Aaron!
Where is he?
[obscure music]
- Oh, shit
- Aaron!
We don't have enough space
here to keep her stable.
We can move her
if we're careful,
and let's just hope that
we can stabilise her
for long enough.
Aaron. Where the is he?
- I'm not joking, my
friend is really hurt.
Yes, Saint Joseph's Guest House.
No, I'm telling the truth.
They hung up on me.
Said they always get
prank calls from drunk-
- Can you just call
them again, please!?
- Rachael, get down here.
Keep pressure on the wound.
We have a Grade 1
medical emergency
at Saint Joseph Guest House.
- Hayley, keep your eyes open.
- My medical ID
is LIL 239 478.
The patient is
losing blood rapidly
from major arterial
bleed in her wrist.
We're trying to stabilise
and we've put
pressure on the wound.
Half an hour. Okay.
Rach, get outta my way.
- [Jess] Oh my God.
- Aaron!
Where the fuck is he?
- He's dead.
I found him suffocated
with his pillow.
I think Hayley...
- Oh my God.
- Okay.
- I heard her screaming at him.
- [Hayley] I love you,
why can't you see that?
- None of my business.
- Why won't you see me?
Why don't you love me!?
- [Jess] Oh, fuck!
- We will deal with that later.
Rachael, go get the first aid
kit from your car right now.
[obscure music]
[footsteps clacking]
[Kit breathing heavily]
- You little fucker.
[phone ringing]
- What?
- What the fuck?
You stole my truck.
- I'm a car thief,
what did you expect?
- I expected you to seduce
Lily and show my brother
what she was really like.
- She's a good girl, Rachael.
I'm out.
- You owe me for all those
cars I fenced for you.
- You got paid
well for those too.
And you stole all
my fucking drugs.
I mean, just tell me you
didn't use all of them.
Okay, the liquid LSD,
that shit is vicious.
- I wouldn't eat that, Kit,
you'll get Dehli belly.
I wouldn't eat that.
- There was enough in there to
blow their tiny little minds.
- Why do you reject me!?
- It was meant to show
what Lily was really like.
The little drug addict
she was, but it's all-
- You are fucked in the
head, you know that, Rach?
- We need the truck.
Shit, dude, people are dying.
We need the first aid kit.
[obscure music]
[Jess speaking indistinctly]
- [Lily] Okay, lie her down.
Lie her down, lie her down.
We have to try
and stabilise her.
Where's Marc? Is the
truck ready to go?
- He stole it. It's gone.
- Keep pressure on the wound,
tighten the tourniquet.
Kit, grab some sheets!
We can use those as
compression bandages.
Kit, come on!
- You're next.
- There you go.
Hayley, you got this.
- An innocent had to die.
- [Lily] Kit, what is going on?
- Aaron had to die.
- No!
- Shit, guys, I
doing this on my own!
Lily, what do I do!?
- Don't, he made both his
back, do not move him.
- Don't let my brother die.
- Guys, I mean, come on.
Come on, Hayley. [sobbing]
Guys, I can't stop
the bleed on my own!
Hayley. [sobbing]
- [Rachael] You're killing him!
- He's broken a rib,
maybe punctured a lung.
I have to release pressure.
- I won't let you kill him.
- If you stop me he's dead.
He's drowning in his own blood.
- If he dies, you die.
- Go and get me a pen,
or a knife, or a straw.
- What the fuck?
- Just do it!
[Kit gagging]
[suspenseful music]
- No, no, no.
N- no one.
Somebody help!
Lily! Lily, I'm losing her!
I can't find a pulse! [sobbing]
I need someone, can't
handle this on my own.
- Go help Jess.
- I'm not leaving him!
- Hayley will die without you!
- If he dies...
- I need someone to
hold the would, please.
Please, Come on, come on.
Can you just, just
hold on to it.
Please, Hayley.
Please wake up. [sobbing]
[tense obscure music]
There's still no pulse.
- I'm so sorry.
[Kit gurgling]
[flesh squelching]
[Kit moaning]
- [Jess] Come on, I
can't lose you. [sobbing]
Hayley, please. [sobbing]
Hayley, don't die.
[Kit breathing heavily]
[blood plodding]
- No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, what the fuck.
What the fuck have I done?
Fuck, no, no, no, no.
- Don't die.
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Hold on!
- Please don't eve us.
- No, fuck,
- What are you doing?
[sobbing] Oh, please.
God sakes, Hayley. [sobbing]
- Get away from him!
What did you do?
Kit. [sobbing]
[Jess sobbing]
- I'm so sorry.
I know [indistinct]
I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Hayley. [sobbing]
- Kit! [sobbing]
You stole my brother.
You took him from me
and then you killed him!
- Get away from her!
- She killed him!
- No, she didn't!
Why would she!?
- What happened!?
- I don't know!
- Bullshit!
- I drained the
wound, but he spasmed,
like some sort of drug overdose.
- I don't believe you.
I don't believe
you! She killed him!
[Jess screaming]
[tense music]
I told you, if
Kit dies, you die.
[knife thuds]
[Jess groans]
[Jess breathing heavily]
[sombre music]
[knee thuds]
[obscure music]
Just like the girl
in the ghost story...
They'll find you hanged.
- You're insane.
- Possessed,
actually. Possessed.
By the ghost of the hanged girl.
Her fear infected everyone
and they killed each other,
and it's made me go insane.
She's lonely.
She wants you dead to keep
her company in the afterlife.
Or maybe your idiotic
head scarf confused her
and she thought you were one
of the nuns that killed her.
Either way, as far as
the cops are concerned,
I'm temporarily insane.
Maybe insane with grief.
When they look into my history,
they'll see I have
mental issues.
- You're not insane,
you're an idiot.
- What did you call me?
What did you call me!?
- You heard.
- I'm not the one with a noose-
[Rachael groans]
[suspenseful music]
- Idiot!
[Rachael coughing]
[truck engine roaring]
It's been so long
And I wonder how
you're getting on
Although it's true
I don't miss you
- [Operator] What
is your emergency?
- I need an ambulance.
- [Operator] What is the nature
of the medical emergency?
- My friend is bleeding
and I can't stop the blood.
- [Operator] What address, sir?
- Saint Joseph's Guest House.
1029, along McDonald Road.
- We have already
dispatched an ambulance.
ETA 20 minutes.
[gentle rock music]
Oh, honey, I always
thought you were good
You turned out to
be good to be true
Oh, I can never
be holy like you
- I told you what would happen
if you killed my brother.
My first memory is of
him holding my hand,
crossing the street,
protecting me.
The last thing he saw
was you letting him die.
You're a dead woman.
[tense music]
- Oh, for fuck sake.
[tense suspenseful music]
- Please help! Stop!
She's trying to kill me!
[Lily gasps]
[Lily gags]
[tense music]
- For my brother.
[knife thuds]
[Lily gasps]
You're so hi and mighty.
So fucking pious.
But the real Lily is a drunk,
a drug addict, a murderer!
[tense music]
I'm no doctor, but that
wound looks like the one
that took 10 minutes
to kill Jess.
The medical training,
all those people's lives
in your hands, and
you let everybody die!
You're so fucking pathetic
you can't even save yourself.
Who's the fucking idiot!?
[truck thuds]
[tyres screeching]
- Oh, fuck.
[suspenseful music]
Oh, crap.
Oh, crap.
Holy fuck!
Oh, shit.
Holy fuck.
Oh my God!
- [Lily] Marc, help me.
- Lily!
- Please help.
Please help.
[birds chirping]
[rope creaking]
- This seems like
an idyllic getaway
when you come to Australia,
but looks could be deceiving.
A year ago, five medical
students died horribly
in a blood-soaked massacre.
And the final victim,
struck dead by a van.
[people chattering]
- Oh, we're staying there.
There's some lovely bush
tracks and fishing spots.
- Is it really haunted?
Bell keeps going on about
stuff that she read,
but the internet,
you never know.
- Well, no one really knows.
We've had paranormal
investigators come through,
and they all say that
there's something there,
but they're never
quite sure what.
Maybe a year ago.
- I read about this.
By the end of the night,
only two for seven
people walked away alive.
- Bell?
- They claim that one
of the group went insane
and tried to kill them all.
But the rumours say
something totally different.
[tense music]
[nun chanting in
foreign language]
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you ready to
meet your maker
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you ready to be a man
Baby I shake and
you gotta get a grip
Can't help feelin' like
this is someone else's trip
You can feed your ego
You can hide your shame
Chase your own jam and
you're blazing again
Make up your own
wrong from right
I just can't
get away from it
So you can sleep at night
I just can't
get away from it
Maybe you think
you'll survive
I just can't
get away from it
I know they'll eat you alive
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you ready to
meet your maker
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you ready to
be the saviour
Have you
Have you
Have you
Have you found
your [indistinct]
Have you
Have you
Have you read
the master plan
Make up your own
wrong from right
I just can't
get away from it
So you can sleep at night
I just can't
get away from it
Maybe you think
you'll survive
I just can't
get away from it
I know they'll eat you alive
Say I was feelin'
ill, send my apologies
Leave me my bitter pill
I've got social allergies
I know we can fill our
highs without the lows
I almost started singing
praise, and nobody knows
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you ready to
meet your maker
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you
Are you ready to be a man
Have you
Have you
Have you
Have you found
your [indistinct]
Have you
Have you
Have you read
the master plan
Make up your own
wrong from right
I just can't
get away from it
So you can sleep at night
I just can't
get away from it
Scratch out my [indistinct]
I just can't
get away from it
I've been asleep all on Mars
I just can't
get away from it
Maybe you think
you'll survive
I just can't
get away from it
I know they'll eat you alive
Ha-ha ah-ah-uh