The Haunting Lodge (2023) Movie Script

[eerie violin music playing]
[haunting orchestral
music playing]
[hunter] So I can look?
[crickets chirping]
[hunter whistling]
[hunter whispering]
All right, one, two, three.
[animal squealing]
[distant gunshots]
[solemn orchestral
music playing]
[Dan] I farm for a living.
Always wanted
a sort of hunting lodge.
My name is Dan Giles,
I'm the owner
of Pine Ridge Hunting Plantation
in Fort Gaines, Georgia.
The history of the property is
it was built in 1913,
by Mr. Sam Engram,
and it's been
in the Engram family
up until the time that we--
my dad bought it in 1990.
And he bought the land
for farmland,
the house was abandoned,
and he just kind of
boarded it up,
so it had been
only about 12 years.
One of the first weird
experiences I was told about
had two different groups
of deer hunters,
and when they come in,
they spend the night.
I get up in--
around 4:30 in the morning,
cook breakfast,
put it on the table.
So when I went in,
they asked me, you know,
"Did you come down here
last night, walking around?"
And I was like,
"No, when I leave, I'm gone.
I don't-- I don't stay."
I said, "Why?" And they said,
"Well, somebody was walking
around last night."
And, uh, they had already
talked amongst themselves,
and maybe one of them
gotten out of the room,
but they-- but all,
everybody in there had heard it.
And it happened again
and again and again
with different groups
over the next several years,
and it was the exact same story.
[music peaks]
It says two minutes.
-It is, yeah.
-This is it, yes.
[Kendall] Wow!
Hey! How's it going?
- Good, how y'all?
-[Kendall] I'm doing well.
-Nice to meet you, finally.
-Nice to meet you.
[Dan] Come on.
[Kendall] Wow. Nice.
The lodge wasn't always
a lodge, was it?
No, it was a private residence,
uh, that Sam Engram had,
and he-- I said
there's a store across the road.
Let's see here.
Well, actually, that is an old
photograph that Dale gave me.
That is Mr. Sam,
and in the background,
that's the house,
and I said that's the store
that he ran.
-I have a question for you.
-[Dan] Okay.
[Vera] Have you ever
stayed here overnight?
Ah, I spent one night here
with my wife,
but that was before
all the stories had come out,
so no, I'm--
I would never spend
another night in here,
I'll tell you that.

[Dan] We got one light.
It was about a year ago,
and same deal,
one of my hunters and, you know,
and these-- you know, grown men,
and Mike's from New York State,
you know?
He actually looks like
a hockey player.
He's got a missing tooth,
you know,
he's just-- this big bird,
he's not scared
of anything-type person.
So I get up here one morning,
and he's standing on the porch.
He's, "Man," he says, "I'm gonna
tell you something," he said.
He said, "I believe in God and
Jesus and all that," he said,
"but something happened
in that house last night."
I said, "What was it?"
He said,
"Well, Mike hears somebody
come down the hallway
and go out the front door."
So he wakes up, says, like,
you know, just got up and says,
"Scott," you know,
"did you get up and go outside?"
And I was,
"No, I didn't get up," you know?
He said, "Well, you'd better
go check on your dad,"
so he walked down the porch,
didn't see anybody,
came back in here,
and Mr. Jim's in his room.
So Mike goes back to sleep,
and he said he could hear
the bathroom door open,
and saw a light
come on in there,
and he said he just this feeling
somebody was standing
behind him watching him.
And I said myself, "Well,
did you turn around and look?"
And he was like, "Heck no,
I didn't turn around and look!
You know, I ain't crazy."
He was convinced that something,
he said something went on.
There may be skeptics, but
Mike Walls ain't one of them,
so I can promise you that.
[eerie music playing]
[Kendall] Is there anything
that you would like us
to try to get to
the bottom of, if--
No, I'm just--
just kind of curious to see
if y'all get a reaction out of--
-[Kendall] Okay.
-You know. Yes.
See if it's just a drunk of--
bunch of drunk hunters,
or if there's actually
something here.
Uh, y'all got time
to do a little sightseeing,
-or are you all gonna--
-Yeah, I mean,
um, a little bit of time.
I mean, we're gonna spend
most of our time here.
That's right.
[Kendall] Let's follow you out.
[eerie orchestral music playing]
[mellow dramatic music playing]
Ah, this is the, uh...
the little old store
we got here, at, uh...
I'm gonna carry, y'all, so...
Just in case.
[Vera] What's going on?
Let's see.
Hold on.
[Dave] You never know what
you might find in the woods.
[Vera] Don't like snakes.
[tense piano music playing]
[Dave] Okay,
so you ask about it,
knew anybody
that was buried on the land,
and I'm not positive.
[Vera] Oh.
[Dave] But I'm pretty sure
that that's a grave.
That's why
I brought you here for.
[Vera] Yeah.
And completely unmarked.
[Dave] It is
completely unmarked.
I've heard some of the men
talking about seeing a woman
in a white dress,
crosses a dirt road,
goes around crossing through
the bottom there, just--
And even there was a--
one guy said
his aunt before
that live back here
said that she used to see her
all the time.
I've never seen her.
The reason I brought a pistol
was I was down in, they just--
a lot of hog signs down there
where the hogs been rooting, so.
-[Vera] Okay.
-[Dave] They can--
they can get
kind of aggressive sometimes.
Has the lady in the white dress
always been seen at night,
-or during the day?
-No, it's at night.
-Oh, it's at night.
-No, it's at night. Yeah.
We're here to tell your story,
if you have one.
[creepy violin music playing]
I feel really sad for
whoever is buried here,
because they've been
forgotten about.
But at least there's a tree
growing out of-- You see it?
Right there,
there's life being--
being born again.
Thank you for, uh,
having us to your site.
Hopefully you can tell us
who you are.
[Vera] You can stop by, then
knock on Kendall's door tonight.
You are welcome to come.
[cicadas chirping]
[static noise]
[Kendall] Oh.
Oh, dude, Jon's here.
[Kendall] There he is!
-What's up, bud?
-[Kendall] What's up, man?
-Great to see you.
-Good to see ya.
My name is Jon Dougherty.
I'm a paranormal investigator.
I've traveled
all over the United States
going to some of the most
haunted locations
in search of the truth,
in search of the unknown.
I was actually exploring one
of the owner's other properties,
which just happens to be
an old, run-down house.
And I have another abandoned
house right across the road,
and my wife says,
"Somebody's in the house."
So we pulled up there...
...and he rolls up, and he goes,
"Well, hey,
what are you doing here?"
"Can I help you?"
And I said, "Well, uh, I am
a paranormal investigator
and a urban explorer."
I'm like...
and how do these people
find me, you know?
Um, we talked for a minute,
and he tells me he's actually
what he's doing,
and I say "Well,"
I says,
"You're at the wrong house,
'cause the haunted house
is right down the road."
[eerie music playing]
And just coming in here,
I'm like, wow.
This place is incredible.
Tonight we are fueled by coffee,
and hopes to find ghosts.
[Vera and Jon laughing]
[serious orchestral
music playing]
...this to a power source,
so that we could keep running.
-[Kendall] Tell me when.
-[Jon] Keep going.
All right,
back it out a little bit.
Should be good right there.
[Kendall] By the way,
these cameras don't take any IR.
Uh, it's just super sensitive.
The sensor's, like--
completely sees in the dark.
Super sensitive.
Aw, yeah.
[Jon] Cool.
That's awesome.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What was that?
[Jon] The EDI,
another pressure, uh,
temperature sensor
going off in that room.
This would be the blue room.
Oh, and right as I said that,
the EDI goes off.
[Kendall] I'm gonna stand
at the doorway.
So, apparently, this is going
off right now, this EDI.
Sometimes, you're able
to show yourself in mirrors.
Are you able
to do that right now?
[electric whirring]
[Jon] That was me
and the dog whistle.
[Kendall] I was like,
what the hell was that?
[Kendall] Can you do me a favor?
Can you touch that orange
device on the mantle?
Oh, there it goes,
there it goes, it's touching it.
Can you do it again for me,
so I just know I-- it's you?
[intensifying music]
[Kendall] Okay, thank you.
I know you're here with me.
Keep touching the device
when you want to talk to me.
We're-- we're here
to get your story.
Oh, oh, oh, okay.
[whispering] So right now,
I'm getting intelligent
interactions with this EDI.
Um, it seems to have
some temperature,
uh, fluctuations,
and/or pressure spikes.
I really appreciate
you doing this.
Vera's here, and she's my wife.
Uh-- Yep, yep.
And Jon's our friend,
and I'm Kendall.
And I'm here to tell your story.
Well, that was really cool.
-[Vera] That was remarkable.
-[Kendall] Did you see it
-going off when I was...
-...asking those questions?
-[Jon] Oh, yeah.
[Vera] And it's not doing
anything right now anymore.
-[Kendall] It's not?
-[Vera] It-- No.
It was responding to you.
I'm not kidding you,
I really, truly feel like
I was interacting
with something.
[Jon] Oh, yeah.
[Kendall] Dan actually
took us to a site,
here on the property.
It's an unmarked grave.
100 percent unmarked grave.
[Jon] Wow.
[Vera] Looked very old.
[Kendall] It looked old, yeah.
I don't know
if that's a connection here.
So there's a unmarked grave,
not too far from here.
Is that spirit here
in the house with us tonight?
[faint creaking sounds]
-You hear something?
-[Kendall] I did.
-Yeah, what-- what was that?
-It sounded like a footstep?
[Kendall] It sounded like a--
like a sh-- very light shuffle.
Like a slide of a foot.
-So you heard that too?
[Kendall] 'Cause I definitely
heard that.
Well, where--
was it coming from the back?
From that room over there.
The white room.
Oh, there he goes.
[faint footsteps]
[Kendall] Is that you?
-[faint footsteps]
-[Kendall sighs]
-What the hell?
-[Kendall] Whoa.
Did it just sound like
somebody's walking
-out on the deck?
-[Kendall] Yeah.
Oh, yeah,
somebody's walking out back.
[Kendall] We hear you out there!
[Vera] Oh, my God.
It's on the deck.
[Kendall] Yeah,
it's out on the porch.
Do we want to go out
towards the deck,
me and you,
and see what it is?
No, no, no,
because we want to wait
-for that door.
[Kendall] That mid-side mic
would have gotten that.
Oh, yeah, it did. It was loud.
[Kendall] That shuffle.
And then-- this.
-I, and I have my...
-Those, that was weird.
in that room right now.
Yeah, you do, I'm sweating.
[Kendall] Did-- I can go check.
Wait, wait,
I'm trying to see if the,
that will come true,
to look through the door.
It's one o'clock
in the morning, so,
I don't want to, like, scare it?
-[Kendall] Okay.
-I-- I really--
-[Vera] I think we stay.
I think I should go
and at least see...
-...if there's a person
out there,
because that was that loud.
-[Jon] Yeah.
-[Kendall] So...
-...I'll go out and look,
-[Kendall] Okay.
-[Jon gasps]
-[faint footsteps]]
That's towards
the front deck now.
There's something out there.
[eerie music playing]
[Kendall] Guys,
there's nothing out here.
[Vera] Of course not.
[Kendall] I'm
literally looking...
[gentle piano music playing]
Dude, that--
those woods were pretty creepy.
-I mean, like--
-Those footsteps were...
[Kendall] That was--
that was boots.
Yeah, that was heavy boots.
[Kendall] That was heavy boots,
and it sounded like
it went all the way around.
[Vera] I thought
it was, like, back there.
-It was strictly back there,
and right here in front.
-The two doors...
-It was on these two doors.
...the two doors,
exactly the same cling.
It sounded
like military boots.
I think my favorite thing
that happened here
at this hunting lodge,
which was probably the footsteps
walking across the porch.
Okay, ghosts don't have
that heavy of boots.
Like, this is something--
somebody's here.
That was, uh,
that was pretty spooky.
Gonna miss you guys,
and hopefully see you guys
-very, very soon.
-[Vera] I know.
-Great job.
All right,
y'all have a good day.
-[Vera] You too.
-[Kendall] We'll see ya.
[Jon] All right.
[intriguing electronic
music playing]
[Kendall] So, we hear
you have a ghost story.
-All right, you ready?
Well, I was coming
down the road,
coming for a game,
and uh, I broke-- I was riding,
and all of a sudden,
my car door opened.
And I know they were closed.
It opened, and then
I looked over to Ashley,
and I pulled up
with a cigarette, smoking.
I got home, I leaved it
right up there, I got home.
I pulled in the yard,
got out, went in the house.
Uh, my wife wasn't doing
anything in the house,
and then
when I got in the house,
I held my keys
over the nail on the mat.
The light came and went on the
side of the bed where I sleep.
Can he be there?
Holding that thing up there?
Put the best with my key,
get it off that nail,
laid 'em on the mat.
And then he stayed right
over there the drops,
sort of like
someone standing over you,
breathing all over you.
We turned it back home,
you guys scared me?
Now, you might as well go
ahead on and leave me alone.
A few minutes, all of a sudden,
the poking wind came back
through the house there,
I ain't seen the light no more.
You kidding? Mother's gonna
show 'em right there.
And he was right on the other
side of the road from there.
So right there,
tried to open your door,
on your car.
It didn't try to open.
He opened.
-It opened.
-It opened,
and I'm going down
the road, it opened.
It didn't try to open it,
it opened and closed back.
But what do you think
your experience was?
Now, I don't know what to say,
now that, uh,
all that free time,
with free time,
is that even happening to me,
like, that's why I couldn't...
I don't know.
[dramatic thudding sound]
[vintage piano music playing]
I'm Dale Cox,
and I'm a historian and writer.
The modern community
of Fort Gaines
was founded
as a frontier military post
on a high bluff overlooking
the Chattahoochee River.
And slowly, it grew into a very
prosperous, uh, community.
Especially as river traffic
began to develop on the river,
and paddlewheel steamboats came.
And then later,
the railroad came.
The community emerged.
It was, uh, the queen city
of the Chattahoochee,
they called it.

-[Kendall] Wow.
-[Vera] I like the smell.
[Kendall] My dad would love
-this hardware store.
-[Vera] Amazing.
This is the Coleman Opera House,
right now it's a hardware store.
[Kendall] Wow, look at that.
[Cynthia] SD and JD Coleman,
came right after the Civil War.
This old building
has been worked in
by Colemans ever since.
My grandmother
actually played the piano
and the organ
for the silent movies.
[Kendall] It was packed,
look at this.
[Cynthia] Totally packed.
There were a lot of people
in Fort Gaines in those days.
[Kendall] Yeah, tell--
tell us about Fort Gaines.
Well, it was, um...
Fort Gaines came about
because of the War of 1812.
The War of 1812,
in this region of the country,
began as a civil war
in the Muscogee Creek Nation.
The Redstick Creek forces
wanted to give up the ways
of European culture,
because they saw it as a scheme
to force them to give up
their vast hunting lands.
They sent an appeal
to Great Britain,
and requested arms
and ammunition and troops
to assist them in their war.
And Great Britain responded.
The British, uh, during
the War of 1812,
had built a very sizable fort
on Prospect Bluff, and--
and the Apalachicola River.
But when they abandoned it,
they left guns,
several large pieces
of the cannon.
When the United States
came in to eradicate the fort,
they fired
one musket ball into it.
The musket ball, lucky shot,
ran right
into the powder cannon,
and the whole thing went up.
While Jackson was at it,
he took Florida from the Spanish
during this time, so it became
the United States' territory
at this point, too.
Andrew Jackson won both
the Creek War of 1813-1814,
and he won
the Battle of New Orleans.
The end results of this
was that the Creeks were forced
to surrender over,
uh, 10 million acres of land
to the United States.
Fort Gaines was built
as a result
of this land cession.
This little town
was one of the forts
where settlers
could come for safety
if the Indians did rise.
The saying, you know,
"I'll see you if--" um,
[Linda] "The Lord is--"
[both] "The Lord is willing
and the Creeks don't rise."
That doesn't mean
a flooded body of water,
it means the Creek Indians.
Um, a second war erupted
all around Fort Gaines.
Uh, blood was spilled
all through the region.
Creek warriors
attacked isolated homesteads
all around the fort,
and the settlers
who lived in this region
where Fort Gaines is today,
all, uh, rushed
into the fort
for their own protections.
In the midst of all this,
in many ways,
a brother-against-brother
type war, uh,
some of those on the side
of the United States
captured warriors who were
fighting against the US.
They brought them here
to Fort Gaines.
The soldiers
in the fort here said
we don't want anything
to do with them,
do with them whatever you want,
so they brought them here,
right outside the fort,
and executed them
on this ground.
Basically tomahawked
them to death
because they didn't consider
them worthy of bullets.
With all the battles,
you immediately needed
to bury people,
so we have a pioneer cemetery
that's right down this way.
The Historical Society
just had it GPRed--
ra-- radar--
And we found close
to 300 unmarked graves.
Uh, there was another war
with the Creeks in 1836.
Again, more bloodshed.
It was fought in the area.
Uh, as the Creeks
tried to resist,
the United States forcing them
west on the Trail of Tears.
They fought
as hard as they could,
but they were just outnumbered.
And they just had no chance.
In some of these battles
in the Second Creek War,
local volunteers captured
children on the battlefield,
after they'd killed
their parents,
and they took them
home as slaves,
uh, and they lived on these
plantations in this area.
And they are a lost tribe,
so to speak,
even though
the government knew about them,
never did anything
to secure their freedom.
And it's a tragic story.
To me, they're kind of like
lost spirits
in this area as well,
and how many of them died
on these farms,
and in these plantations,
and in these pine woods?
We will never know.
[dramatic music playing]
[intense electronic
music playing]
There are stories of ghosts
at Kolomoki Mounds.
Uh, I've had people
tell me that they see
Native Americans
standing out, you know,
around those mounds,
uh, in the mists
of the morning.
There are ghost stories
on the river.
[Cynthia] When Linda and I
were children,
we were not allowed
to go into the river.
[Linda] It would actually
reach up and grab you.
During the American Revolution,
a British officer, uh,
came to the Chattahoochee River,
and he was trying to locate
a woman from Mississippi
who had been captured
by a group of Creek Indians,
then the head warriors
there refused to let him go
any farther south.
And they told him that there
was a great spirit in the river,
that if he went
any further south,
that the spirit
would disturb the waters
and cause a whirlpool
to swallow him up.
And that's the earliest
story that, um,
I've encountered of--
of a haunting of a, uh,
some kind of
paranormal activity,
you know,
set in this region.
[Jeffrey] Well, we have
two big steamboat wrecks
that happened here in the area.
The one with the largest loss of
life was the George W. Wiley,
was the name of a steamboat.
It was dangerous means
of transportation.
There was a riverboat crew
that swore that a creek
downriver from here
was so haunted,
that when the captain tried
to go up the creek
to pick up a load of timber,
the crew refused
to take the boat up the creek,
because they were so afraid
of a ghost
that was up that creek.
[Cynthia] Lots of people
were drowned in that river.
-[Linda] Whirlpool.
-[Cynthia] A lot of, yeah.
[Cynthia] And because of that,
a lot of times,
they could never
recover the bodies.
And that's probably
why we were so afraid,
is because it was during
our parents' lifetime.
-That a lot of their classmates
were drowned in the river.
And they didn't want us
anywhere close to it,
'cause we'd both
played on the bank.
I remember picnicking
on the sandbar, too,
but you didn't put
your toe in the river.
There's a good story
from, uh, Dawson,
which is a town near Albany,
of a ghost that was a light.
And that story's from the 1800s.
And that's one that comes
immediately to mind.
And you do hear
these stories of them.
You know, they would
follow along people,
or people would see them
behind their horse and buggy
as they--
as they rode along at night.
So they do go way back.
[echoing thud]
[eerie orchestral music playing]
[floor creaking]
-[faint clattering]
-[faint voice, indistinct]
[creaking sound]
[static crackles]
[faint whispering]
[eerie orchestral music playing]
[Vera] Well,
you heard the noises.
I was sleeping.
-I was out--
-We heard the steps coming.
-Then you go, like this, like.
And I was like,
"Oh, I'm listening,"
and then he's coming in--
it went into our bedroom!
In the middle,
it went into our bedroom,
-and it stopped.
-Shut up!
I felt like
something was right there.
Right next to me.
[static sounds]
I told you that I was hearing
all kinds of noises last night.
'Cause I locked
the door last night,
and we had those door alarms.
I gotta see something.
[intriguing electronic
music playing]
[knocking sound]
You gotta be kidding me.
[Kendall] That's what
I wanted to show you.
It's literally right here.
[Vera] Okay, so this is--
Okay, do that.
I-- the bed moved
like that last night.
That's some weight to it, Vera.
Like, somebody big
inside this room.
[solemn piano music playing]
[strange staticky sounds]
Dresser drawer.
Yeah, that's pretty weird, uh,
it's doing that.
[Vera] This house is over
-a hundred years old.
So we don't know at this point.
It's too soon to really tell
exactly what it is.
[eerie music playing]
So now it's, like,
the slowdown time.
And it just happens
to be 2:00 a.m.,
when things start to ramp up.
for the kids' bedrooms!
So don't let contaminated air
take over your life.
Call the police.
[rattling sounds]
[distorted crackling]
[soft thump, hissing]
[faint footsteps]
[faint hissing]
[faint hissing]
[frightening string
music playing]
My name is Art Giles.
I am Dan Giles' cousin.
So, that evening,
I needed a place to stay,
so I called Dan,
and he said absolutely,
so after the party,
I-- I came down,
and I was stayed here
by myself that night,
and uh, I slept really good,
I was sound asleep,
probably 1:30,
two o'clock in the morning,
when I heard the back door
open and slam pretty well.
This is about how the door--
to me, the door sounded...
about like that.
It had jarred me,
alarmed me, and all of a sudden,
I st-- started hearing
really heavy footprints
coming down the hallway.
I mean, they were--
they were very aggressive,
as-- as if this person
was in a hurry
and almost had
forgotten something.
It was a boot sound,
but I mean, it was very--
very heavy steps,
that ended probably within--
around this area here.
Uh, the person made it to
at least this far down the hall,
'cause I--
here I am in the next bedroom,
thinking, "Oh goodness,
somebody's coming
straight after me."
You know, so,
very, very spooky.
At that point,
I-- I hollered for Dan,
and of course,
he-- he didn't answer.
I went to check the door,
it was still locked,
so I went outside and--
and looked around,
and nothing was there.
So the next day,
Dan, as soon as I saw him,
I said,
"Hey, did you happen to come
to the house last night?"
-And he said...
-"No," I said,
"but you heard somebody
come in
and walk down the hallway,
didn't you?"
He was like,
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
I said,
"'Cause it's happened before."
What freaked me out
the most is how he--
the next day, he interrupted,
and took-- it just took
the sentence over,
exactly what I was telling him,
and that was, to me,
just so amazing.
[Kendall] So you won't--
you won't come back?
No, no, it's--
definitely not alone.
-That's for sure.
-[Kendall] Got it.
[haunting orchestral
music playing]
I'm Staci Giles.
My husband is Dan.
We live across the street,
down the road,
about a quarter of a mile,
in an old ranch-style house,
that was built in 1959.
[Vera] You were telling
me that sometimes
you experience strange things.
I do, I-- I'm-- like,
when the kids are in bed,
and Dan may be in bed,
he may be in the living room
with me asleep
and just all of a sudden,
you know, I don't know if
it's just the house creaking,
but-- but it-- it sounds
like something is moving,
like, rocking or walking.
But that time, I--
I know I was not dreaming.
I mean, it was--
I really, really thought
that one of my children were
standing at the foot of the bed.
I-- I thought maybe
he was having a nightmare
and shaking the bed,
because my-- I mean,
we have a king-size bed.
The bed was like this.
And was he in the bed with you
when it happened?
-I was, yeah.
-[Vera] He didn't wake up.
I didn't
I didn't wake up Dan up
when it happened.
He-- he rolled over.
[Vera] Yeah.
He-- he rolled over,
and, um-- but he never--
he never knew anything about it.
I mean,
I told him about it, I said,
"The weirdest thing
happened to me last night."
[birds chirping]
Look at those earrings!
We're gonna be
your best friend.
[Vera] Oh, yum, here you go.
[Kendall] There she is.
[Vera squealing with delight]
-[Jill] How are you?
-[Vera] Good, good.
-Good to see you.
-Good to see you, Jill.
[Kendall] So,
we are going to take you
on a little field trip
right now.
[Jill] Are we gonna be
in Alabama or Georgia?
-[Kendall] Uh...
-Or you can't say?
Never mind, don't tell me.
I don't want to know.
We're just going by cows.
So, there's something new.
Do you know
if there's any gun-- guns?
I'm hearing
something about discussion
about guns and gunshots.
-[Kendall] Really?
-Yeah, and gunfire.
But what about it?
[Kendall] Yeah.
I can actually
smell gun cleaning oil.
Like, there's discussion
over the map,
so that's why
I want to say hunting.
You've gotta
pay attention to your ears,
there's something
about your ears.
You definitely
need to pay attention.
[Kendall] I think a lot of this
is gonna make sense,
once you get to the property.
Because it seems empty to me.
If this is where I'm going,
it's empty.
Except for other energies.
Entities, things.
There's something weird
that looks like, um, legs.
Let's look at this real quick.
-[Vera] Okay.
I don't even know what to say.
I can hear it.
It's a sadness,
that's what I think it is.
It's-- this energy is sad.
Shall we go?
Does the name Samuel
mean anything, that name?
-[Kendall] Samuel?
-[Vera] Uh...
-[Kendall] Yeah?
[Kendall] Yeah? Refresh.
This is-- it's, it's there.
It's-- Samuel comes up
in the mix,
but this is, like,
not Native American.
Who's scared to stay there?
There's-- because
that male spirit is saying
he's scared to stay.
We can let you know that.
-It's the owner.
-He's really scared to st--
[Vera] Yeah.
[Kendall] Yeah,
he won't stay there.
-This is the one, here it is.
-Oh, yeah, here you go.
This is really freaking me out.
-[Vera] Uh-oh.
-[Kendall] There you go.
That's the sketch.
This is what the house
looks like.
At least, how I see it.
-That's how I see it.
And they come into this house
into the hallway.
That is fascinating.
That's fascinating.
Oh, and I also--
telepathically, this was--
really freaked me out,
when this happened,
because they said more--
more are going to come.
-More are coming.
-More are coming.
-More are coming.
-Somebody called them.
-Should I shut the door?
-[Kendall] Yeah, let's do this.
Has anybody
mentioned pig hunting?
[laughs] Running
through the woods, pig hunting?
[Kendall and Jill laughing]
Boars. Black boar pigs.
[Kendall] Oh, my-- wow.
[Jill] Like, as clear as a--
like I said, I could sketch it.
-[Kendall] Oh, yeah.
Well, that's so weird,
it's such a random impression.
[Kendall] Yeah, yeah.
There's a Native American saying
that you always give thanks
to the animal that you kill,
and as if you don't give thanks,
that animal
will come back at you.
So, if I see a boar there,
I'm gonna like, faint,
and that means
that they probably
did not give thanks to the boar.
[Vera gasping]
[intensifying orchestral
music playing]
You recognize that place?
Welcome to the hunting lodge.
There's a lot of residual
imprint here.
Intelligent-wise. [grunts]
That hallway pulls me,
I-- I can feel it.
Yeah, that's insane,
with the wraparound porch
with the pillars.
And the dormers.
-[door creaks]
-[Jill chuckling] That's...
Oh, wow!
orchestral music plays]
Oh, God.
The boar. The black boar.
Right about...
So, this is long.
So, this--
this white light always comes
and picks me up here,
as I'm looking down.
Not so much the house.
It's this space, the land.
-I definitely have to sit down.
-[Vera] Okay.
-I'm gonna sit down.
-[Vera] Want to sit down here?
[Jill] What-- what--
Where should I--
-I'm just gonna sit here.
-[Kendall] Yeah.
If you'd like to make yourself
comfy in this room,
this will be the room
that you're staying tonight.
[Jill] Oh, good. That's fine.
So, it's interesting that
you stopped here in this room
because the hunters claimed
to hear footsteps at night,
and this is the room
where I have experience.
[Jill] That's interesting.
So, what I see
is an old family residual.
And it looks like
there were five people,
and they're very good people,
but like I said,
there's a tie
to a church somehow.
The family looks to me
like they're at peace.
There is a residual of a male
that I got
when I first walked in,
but he's-- he's kind.
He'd-- I wouldn't see him
doing anything
to hurt anybody,
other than keep an eye
-on things.
-[Vera] Uh-huh.
Separate that.
The energy that's giving you
a hard time here
is definitely the alien energy.
See, it even says "not family,"
so this is taken
-in the middle of the hall...
-[Vera] Yeah.
...where they all start--
more come through.
That's the back door.
They're coming
from that direction.
And they're not human.
They're-- they're not human.
And the Native Americans
knew it.
Going back to that,
that the same energy
that's also
disturbing the hunters
-every season?
-Yes, yes.
They don't want 'em here.
They don't want them here.
'Cause they're scared.
I mean, they--
They should be scared.
They should be scared.
The hunters should be scared
because they are doing exactly
what that alien energy
doesn't want done.
[Kendall] The EMCCD camera
-we'll bring.
-[Jill] Oh.
I've always wanted
to point it at the sky,
-and outside.
-[Vera] Yes.
Maybe out in the field,
and the sky.
-This is your chance!
[Kendall] All right.
I think this is a good place
to set up here.
-All right, here we go.
-[Jill] Oh, that is so cool.
Okay, aliens, whatever you are,
if you can get the energy
to communicate with us,
that would be really nice.
Help us do our work, please.
-[light pops]
-Oh, they're responding.
-[Kendall] You got it?
-[Vera] Yep.
-[Kendall] Locked in?
-[Vera] Yep.
-[light pops]
-[Kendall] I saw the two.
-[light pops]
[Vera] Ah, don't scare
me like that.
-[Kendall] Right there!
-[Vera] What's wrong with you?
[Kendall] Well, it showed.
Did it show up on the camera?
-That's all.
-[Kendall] We got it!
[Jill] It's coming
out of the tree line,
but it's moving just cautiously,
a little towards us.
-[light pops]
-Oh! There's a red one.
-[Kendall] Yeah. You got it?
-[Vera] Yep.
So, this one
is kind of like a scout.
[Kendall] This is the most
bizarre thing I've ever done.
Like, in paranormal
investigation, this is just...
this is so far out.
-[Vera] That's why I'm like--
-[Jill] So, this is it.
-It's super woo-woo. [laughs]
-Super woo-woo right now.
[Jill] Okay, so--
Okay, not to alarm you,
they're spreading out
in the field,
-coming towards us.
-[Kendall] Okay. Oh.
-[light pops]
-[Vera] Oh, my goodness.
[Jill] Did you catch it?
[Vera] Yes, and it's closer,
on the ground.
[Jill] Oh.
They're getting a little closer.
[Kendall] Oh!
[eerie music plays]
[Vera] I'm hearing noises
to my right.
[Jill] Wow.
Um, they're calling in,
like, the upper echelon.
I would say you have elder,
young scouts,
and then really super ancient,
like, royalty on the right.
They're getting closer,
oh, shit.
[Kendall] We'll put up a little
bit-- well, yeah, it's--
-it's in front of us.
-[Jill] Oh, shit.
-More power.
-[indistinct whispering]
Okay, so it's okay.
Dude, straight in front of me.
-[Kendall] Oh, dude!
Did you see that?
-[Vera] Yes.
-[Jill exclaims]
[Jill] Okay, we're good,
we're good.
We don't want to hurt you.
We want peace.
[Kendall] Get me on the EMCCD,
maybe you can see
if there's lights around me.
-[camera beeping]
-[Kendall] There we go.
[Jill] Okay, so,
I want you to move slow.
[Vera sighing]
[Jill] To your right.
-Stop, and go straight.
-[Kendall] Okay.
[Jill] Now a little
to your left.
Good. Bingo.
[Kendall] You guys,
you're gonna see me disappear,
-so get ready.
-[Vera] Yes.
All right, we're going in.
We are going in. [chuckles]
[Jill] Good. Right there.
They are pretty much--
You are right in front of them.
[Kendall] Okay.
[Jill] They want us to know
that they hear us.
They want to communicate.
They want to communicate.
It-- it's the same
as last night,
but there's
this intense caution.
-[light pops]
-Big flash.
[Kendall] Shit.
Freaking A, dude.
-I saw it, too.
-[Jill] You still see?
'Cause more
have come around you.
-[light pops]
-[Kendall] Oh!
Watch your pants pocket!
-[Kendall] Oh, shush. Seriously?
-[Jill] For real.
[Kendall] Why do you say
my pants pocket?
[Jill] Because,
somebody's trying to touch
your back left cheek!
[Kendall] That's what I--
You can't be telling me
-this stuff, Jill!
-[Jill laughs]
That's funny you say that
'cause it was freaking weird!
-[Jill laughing]
-It's like--
[Jill] I'm so sorry,
but it's true!
I ca-- I just,
like, they're touching you!
-They're trying to touch you.
-[Kendall] Okay.
Well, I don't see anything,
but I did kind of--
-[light pops]
-[Jill] Oh, shoot!
[Kendall] What, what?
Oh, my chin!
-[Jill] Right, right.
Coming behind you,
and there's one, like--
Okay, let me go,
'cause I feel comfortable,
I can go here.
-[Kendall sniffs]
[Kendall] Hello?
[Jill] Oh,
they're right next to him.
They are, like,
right next to him.
-[light pops]
-Wow. Okay.
So, we have one
that's coming towards me.
[Kendall] Are you kidding me
right now?
[Jill] Okay, so, um, we have
some elder energy coming out.
I'm gonna back up a little bit.
Okay, we have to look up
something about Orion.
-[Kendall] Okay.
-[Jill] It's light of heaven.
-[Vera] Really?
-That's beautiful.
-[Vera] What is it, Orion?
It's one of the most conspicuous
and recognizable constellations
in the night sky, and named
after Orion the hunter,
so they're saying
they're hunting.
-[Vera] Are they gone?
-[Jill] No.
-[Vera gasping]
-You see that?
-[Vera laughs]
-Did you catch it?
[Vera] Stay closer
to us, Jill.
[Jill] They're gonna
put on a show.
[Kendall] Dude,
this is it, this is it.
[Jill] They're gonna
put on a show.
[Kendall] We are here
to communicate with you.
-[Kendall] Oh, oh, oh!
I saw it! Thank you! Thank you!
This is just bizarre. Oh!
-[light pops]
-[Vera] Oh! Oh, my goodness.
-Three big lights.
-[Jill] Yep.
There's a large group.
[Kendall] Guys,
they're in front of me.
[Jill] Yup.
[Eric] I,
out of the corner of my eye,
without my glasses,
saw that streak
-across the ECC camera.
-You saw it?
-[Jill] That's crazy, I--
-[Eric] Across the line.
That means we got it.
It was, like, a ball of light,
about this big,
and it just went, like,
the speed was like...
-[imitates speed]
-[Jill] Yeah, fast.
-They're fast.
-[Kendall] Like that, foom!
This is awesome.
This is just--
[Kendall] Pretty good night
of research, I'd say.
This is the best.
This is, like,
-really something.
-[Kendall] Aww.
You both
worked together for them,
but each one has a job.
-[Vera] Yeah.
-Each one of you has a job.
[Vera] This is--
That's like, you start again.
-[Kendall] Let's do it.
-[all laugh]
Jill says,
"They're coming to your right.
Oh, there it is,
it's on the right of you!"
And then bam!
The EMCCD camera
registers a photon event.
That makes no sense.
The-- the lights in the trees
are just an old Southern,
uh, well,
really national phenomenon.
There i-- it's a common thing.
It's almost like
you're looking at a--
at a low LED blue light,
off in the distance
a little bit.
But they're bigger
than you would think, they--
you know, a--
and you feel like
you're seeing something,
a-- and it's a peaceful,
calm feel to it.
When you think about it later,
you're thinking,
are y-- you can't explain
what it was you saw.
And without a photograph of it,
you can't convince anyone
that you saw it.
[ominous music plays]
-[static plays]
-[door creaks]
-[Kendall] Hey.
-[Jill] Ouch.
-I was sleeping on the couch.
-[Kendall] Oh, you are?
[Jill] I think I've--
I'm really creeped out
-in that room.
-[Kendall] You're freaked out--
[Jill] I started Monday night,
like, but I'll be okay.
[Kendall] Oh, you're--
[Jill] I thought this might
have a light event.
[Kendall] I can check.
[Jill over tape]
When I hear it.
[device beeping]
[Vera] Was that you?
Was that you guys?
[Jill] Yeah, we were...
[Vera] Like, loud?
[Jill] We have
a little bit back there--
[Vera] Oh, no,
that wasn't you guys.
-[Vera sighs]
-[Jill] Where were you?
-I was out back.
Oh, my gosh, I'm nervous.
[Jill] Okay,
so you have me here now.
I've literally felt
pressure change,
right here.
-They have-- don't freak out.
-Oh, my God.
Right now,
they have the house surrounded.
That's what we felt like
last night.
[Jill] That's the-- it--
They're surrounding the house.
Okay, why?
It's like they want--
they want us to help.
-Can I please have...
-They're looking for help.
...some sort of physical proof?
[Jill] Okay,
this is what I'm gonna do.
[ominous music plays]
I don't know what this is
that's trying to come through.
It's-- it's--
it's gotta be alien energy.
I'm just gonna say something
because the communication
is so different.
Does "goat" mean anything?
-Wandering goat?
-[Vera] Hmm-mm.
It's weird.
It's, like,
part of like a throwback.
So, this would be
coming from the back
towards here.
But it's being led here.
I just saw something.
I just saw it again.
How would I--
how would I equate this?
So, they're popping up here,
but they're going
to other hills, other mountains.
They're going
to other locations.
And this chain continues
going up into North Carolina.
I have a sneaking suspicion
that there is something really
in a bigger-picture way,
like, to be seen
at Brown Mountain
in North Carolina because
that's where the energy seems...
really powerful.
[Vera and Kendall hushing]
I heard that.
[Eric] Sounds like
it's over there.
[Kendall] It came
from over there.
-[Vera] Yeah.
-[Kendall] Right behind you.
-Eric, you heard that?
-[Vera] Yeah, steps.
-[Kendall] So-- so that's...
-[Vera] That's the claim.
-...that's the claim.
-That you hear footsteps.
-[Jill] Yup.
[Vera] Coming on the deck.
Oh, oh.
[eerie music plays]
-[Jill] Mm-hmm.
-[Kendall] It's here.
-[Jill] Yup, it's here.
-[Kendall] It's here.
It's the powerful--
-It's very powerful.
-[Kendall] It's here.
-It's powerful.
-[Vera] I feel it.
[Jill] I have goose--
I have really bad goosebumps.
That was really loud.
Listen, we-- we know
-that you...
-[Vera] Okay, we're aware.
...we know that you--
[Jill] There's no need
to be afraid.
And we are here
to tell your story.
You are safe.
I know you're here.
Are you here?
[Jill] No, no, no,
it's-- it's okay.
Okay, so this is what--
what I was saying
about Brown Mountain
seems to be a-- a--
let's call it,
like, a headquarter.
The Native Americans
have always picked up on them.
You know, now that I can see it,
the legs-- I can see it now.
[Vera] Is it showing
-itself to you?
-What do you mean by--
[Jill] I can see it.
Should I draw that?
This is possibly
what we're communicating with,
-what you're about to draw.
-[Jill] Yes, yes.
I love it, let's draw it.
[piano music plays]
[Jill] I don't like their eyes,
but they're yellow.
They don't communicate by mouth.
They're gonna communicate
by symbols and telepathically.
They're very--
energy, electronically...
Like, the dream that I had
and the drawing that I did--
I hear something.
Is that you over here?
-[Jill] That was in the hall.
-[Kendall] What the--
-Dude, that was so loud.
-[Jill] That was in the hall.
-That was in the hall.
-[Kendall] Okay, I hear you.
I'm coming for you.
I hear you!
You made that noise,
I know you did.
It's okay.
[eerie orchestral music plays]
[door creaks]
[faint shouting in the distance]
Vera's-- this is the second time
Vera's heard noises
out on the deck.
So I'm gonna see
if there anybody's out here.
What the--
Oh, dude.
This cat. All right.
Yeah, that's okay. Hey!
[quiet cracking]
It seriously feels super creepy
out here, really heavy.
Super creepy.
Thick. Super, super thick.
[electronic buzzing]
What happens at one o'clock?
Is it the stars,
the clarity of the sky?
Is that how you travel?
[door creaking]
[ominous music plays]
[loud footstep from Kendall]
That just scared
the hell out of me.
[Jill laughing] Sorry.
[Vera] Wait,
but that door just opened.
Out back,
and Kendall is out here.
[Jill] Kendall's out front.
Yeah, the back door did open
'cause he could--
there's no way possible
he could've just gone
that far.
[Vera] Uh, oh.
Okay, I'm freaking out.
[Jill] That--
I don't think he could have--
[Vera] How is this working
if it's off?
[Jill] I don't know.
You see? It's off.
You see?
How is this working if it's off?
-[Jill] Ah! The door's open.
[Vera] Kendall is--
[Jill] There's no way
he could have gone.
-[Jill] Kendall!
The back door opened up
by itself
-while you're out front.
[Jill] That's what we want
-[Vera] Camera, camera, camera.
-It's okay. Sorry.
What happened?
So, uh, we heard the door open,
but then I'm like...
[Vera] I--
we thought it was you! scared me,
and we thought it was you.
-I went along the side.
-[Vera] I saw--
[Jill] And we saw you
come in the front.
[Kendall] And I came up on--
I ca-- went into the front
'cause you said you heard
stuff out back,
-so I went out back...
-[Vera] I heard steps.
[Jill] Yeah, the door literally
went... [imitates creaking].
Maybe-- how-- a minute?
While you were standing out
in the front.
That radio was sounding
like white noise.
-[Kendall] What do mean?
-I'm a little shaky right now.
The radio sounded like
white noise was coming out it,
and it's off.
[Kendall] The-- wait,
there was white noise
coming out of it,
and it was off?
[Jill] It was going...
[imitates static].
-[Kendall] No.
-I promise you.
[Jill] Honest, I heard it.
-I did hear it.
-[Kendall] What?
-How is that even possible?
-I don't know
-Oh, dude.
-[Jill] That's-- that's weird.
-[Vera] It's weird.
-That is weird.
-[Kendall] That was creepy.
[Vera] Oh,
that was really creepy.
[Kendall] Let's close this door.
-[Jill] What was that?
-[Kendall] That's-- I'm walking.
-[Jill] No.
-[Kendall] Where?
-[Jill] In here.
-Did you hear that knock?
-[Vera] Yeah.
-You-- Eric heard it?
-[Vera] Yeah.
It was a l-- Oh, oh, oh, oh!
-We got movement.
-[Vera] Kendall!
-[Kendall] What, what, what?
- [Jill] We've got movement.
-It's knocking. It knocked.
-[Kendall] Where?
-What do we got?
-[Jill] On-- on the EMF.
-[Vera] The paralight.
-The paralight went off?
-That thing never goes off.
-Are you sure?
-Kendall, the radio.
[Jill] Get it?
Eric, did you see it?
[Eric] I-- I saw it flashing.
-I saw it, at least the light...
-[Jill] Several--
...the light above the pink
-or purple there--
-[Jill] The blue.
I think he's here,
whatever it is.
[Kendall] Okay. Okay.
You're here, you're here.
[Jill] Okay, okay, so--
now we're going green.
[Kendall] We got ya.
Oh, that's the first time
I've seen this work.
-[Jill] It went green.
-[Kendall] Thank you.
[Jill] So, you're--
it's communicating.
-[Kendall] You figured it out.
-Okay, so you learn.
It came through the door.
It came through the door.
It must have come
through the door.
[Kendall] There we go.
-They're here.
-[Jill] We hear you, thank you.
-[Kendall] You figured it out.
-[Jill] That's great.
[Kendall] You are amazing.
Okay, here we go, let's--
thank you.
[Jill] Thank you so much.
[Kendall] Thank you,
yes, we are so happy.
[Jill] Thank you,
thank you, thank you.
-[Kendall] You are here.
Do you know...
who we are?
[Jill] Yes.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, oh, yes, I know.
-[Jill] Green. Green.
-Okay. Here is the thing.
You know us, and you know
that we can help you.
[Jill] Yeah,
we're not gonna hurt you.
[Kendall] But you just stay
in here with us
-because we hear you.
-[Jill] Yeah.
You don't have to leave.
[Jill] Oh, yeah,
he's communicating.
You can stay here with us.
We came back here
to talk to you.
And I just want you to know
that we are so excited
to meet you.
[eerie orchestral music plays]
I just saw something,
but I don't know
if the camera caught it.
It went into this room.
Okay, did you just come in here?
this is much smaller.
But it's the same,
but it's smaller.
It was about this high.
And it went-- it was more like
something was trying
to manifest,
and it went like this,
very slowly, into here.
[eerie orchestral music plays]
It looked like something
was trying to manifest.
[piano music plays]
In past history,
I-- I believe people...
came to know more
than what we know today,
and, um, that knowledge
has not carried over in history
for a reason.
I think we will know when
or if it's time for us to know.
This house wakes up at night.
There's definitely
intelligent communication.
Don't discount
the bigger picture
because not everything
is human spirit.
[Vera] I never expected
anything like this.
The strange lights that were
responding to our questions.
We were communicating
with something.
That is not normal.
And there, that is paranormal.
Until you stay there,
sleep there, eat there,
and live
in the homeowner's shoes,
you are not gonna see
what they're dealing with,
and that's not easy.
That is not easy to do.
[Vera] I'll never forget
this experience.
When you were here before
Couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry
You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You're so very special
But I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell
am I doing here?
Oh, I don't belong here
I don't care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
And I want you to notice
When I'm not around