The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine (2023) Movie Script

There's a fire
coursing through my bloodstream
my future beckons deep from underground.
I'm a madman
digging my own grave
and freeing what's anxious to be found
struggle by day
die every evening
driven toward some fortune I won't find
but voices
echo around me
a phantom has slipped inside my mind.
I'll find your gaze in my reflection.
I'll bear the suffering you bring
and when they lay me down
in the cold cold ground.
I may be gone
but you live on.
I can't stop now
though I am weary
my back may break but fate is driving me
this is my hell
The cross that I carry
Now I gotcha!
The curse of this evil I set free.
Hey Martin, take it easy.
Hey, Solly.
Them bastards are sneaking around.
They think, they think I don't see them.
Hey they - them guys you fired?
Hey, they sneaking in, hiding,
whispering to each other.
Martin, Martin! You're hearing things.
Ain't nobody here but me, you and Eddie.
No, we gotta keep going.
We close Solly, I feel it.
We about to hit it gold.
What if we don't hit it?
What do we do, when do we quit?
Bessie can't die for nothing.
We... we gotta make this right.
We gotta lay her down in a cemetery.
Not no little two bit boot hill.
I'll find your gaze in my reflection.
I'll bear the suffering you bring
and when they lay me down
in the cold cold ground
I may be gone
but you live on.
Eddy stop!
It's that Indian curse.
That ain't no Indian curse.
That's a trick.
That's them clever bastards.
But they not gonna drive me out of my own mine.
Eddy, run.
Run fast.
And when they lay me down
in the cold cold ground
you will live on.
Who'd you kill now?
Hey homie.
You uh, finish your algebra?
I'll get to it, okay, if you play one with me.
You just want me to play
because you can beat me at this one.
Um yeah, duh.
Algebra is stupid anyways.
It's not stupid. I happen to have a BS in math.
BS, that's right.
I don't need algebra, I'm going to be a graphic designer.
Well you still need it for troubleshooting.
It's solving the mystery of the mysterious madam X
and her relationship with Mr. Y.
Mysterious mystery?
Well I'm a math nerd not a novelist.
You need to do your taxes
I'll get you to do my taxes
I'm not doing your taxes.
So what, you're just going to let your little niece.
Oh, niece.
Rot in jail.
Yeah, well if it'll teach you the value of Algebra
it's worth 20 years in federal prison, I think.
You know what? I'll do your laundry.
Lord knows you don't know the
difference between colors and darks.
How are browns and blacks not colors?
I don't understand that
and bleach.
Don't get me started.
Like I have to scrub my hands
like I'm some sort of surgeon
and white spots all over the shirt.
So naive.
So helpless.
But it's okay, I got your back
like you got mine, right?
Wow, maybe you ought to be a lawyer instead.
Oh yeah, does it mean you don't have to do algebra?
No, you'd still have to do algebra.
Tell you what, you finish algebra
I'll give you strawberry ice cream.
What am I, nine?
Okay, fine. No ice cream. Forget it.
No, yes to ice cream.
Always yes to ice cream.
Beat ya'
In your face math nerd.
Wow, what is that, like, twice?
Um, four times actually
but I'm not counting.
I finally found a game that I can beat you at, huh?
Wait, you didn't let me win, did you?
Oh God, come on
did I actually win any of those?
What are you talking about?
You won fair and square.
Oh my God, I hate you.
Oh hey Dawn.
We're making spaghetti, do you want some?
No thanks. I ate.
Roscoe is working late.
Oh, um, you remember uncle Saul?
He used to.
Take us all out for Italian food.
Oh yeah.
He used to play dolls with me when I was little.
He... he passed away last night.
The funeral's Friday.
You don't have to go.
Funerals remind me of...
I know.
Did he have schizophrenia like dad?
It must be a family curse.
It's not a family curse, okay.
Even if we inherited some predisposition to it
there's still environmental factors.
Don't listen to Claire, she's a gossip
I read this Indian story.
It says mental illness is caused by dark spirits.
Well, we've got a dream
catcher so that'll block them out.
I still miss them.
I know.
Me too.
I had a dream that dad finally came home
and mom was so happy
we even played Monopoly on the kitchen table.
Ah, come on, no, stop it!
All right we'll play another one.
Okay, I'm gonna whip you this time.
Oh yeah? We'll see about that.
Oh I'm... I'm whipping you so bad
you'll be wailing.
Dawn he's got no right to say it's your fault.
I mean, he was the one beating her
I ought to go beat his ass, see how he likes it.
No, no, just leave it be... leave it be.
Stop crying then, shut off the water works then, okay?
Forget about him.
You got me now.
All right.
All right, I'm gonna see you tonight, okay?
Okay, all right, bye.
Oh, hey.
Are you okay?
Yeah, fine, just... just life, ya' know.
Your darkest fear, Poni.
Hey homie.
Uncle Saul was generous, he left us
a bumper sticker, some old diaries
an Indian poem
and the deed to a mine.
Oh hey, this is the rain dance
that grandma used to make me do
every time I went over to her house.
Your darkest fear.
I am coming for you.
What happened?
Nothing, I just got something in my eyes.
Oh hey.
Did you get my text?
Rosco, he's taking us out.
Yeah, it's Friday, I thought we'd, yeah, go paint the town.
Sounds good.
Okay, cool, we'll get ready.
Trapped... trapped.
Trapped... trapped.
You okay?
Yeah... yeah, it's just a headache, um.
Maybe we should go.
No, no, no, I'll just go wash my face.
No, it's fine
Hey Luke.
You know what your problem is?
You just need to get laid.
No, really.
How about that chick over there?
She's looking at you, I could tell.
Hey honey melons, over here.
That's a compliment.
Hey, don't be sore sweet cheeks
I just want you to meet my friend.
You see that nerdy guy over there?
Or maybe you're looking for
something a little more ferocious.
Hey buddy.
Why don't you leave the lady alone.
Really man?
Oh really man.
Hey, I think I just saw someone
drive off with Samantha.
What? Really?
Thank you.
It's fine, you're tripping, you're seeing things.
Trapped... in your mind, your mind...
I am coming, Poni, to take over your mind.
You seem to know how to handle him.
You're kind of a surprise.
You're quiet, but you step up.
Most men would just turn away.
Poni's lucky to have you.
Niece, right?
I moved in with her parents a few years ago
now Poni's the only family I have left.
It's a cute name, Poni.
It was her grandmother's idea.
She was half Native American.
Wow, that's cool.
So, you're a computer guy, right?
Do you make video games?
I wish.
No, I'm more of a database custodian.
Why, do you play?
I kind of have this unhealthy
need to kill zombies on a daily basis.
Have you ever played Zombie Empire?
Oh I play it all the time
I hate those spider zombies though
I know, right, they get me even that Hazmat suit.
Oh yeah.
And the tunnel of skulls.
Mmm, no, I can't go in there
my light always goes out and
it's just way too intense for me.
Did you play Rogue Assassin?
Or Merlin's Quest?
All the time.
I never would have pegged you as a gamer.
Roscoe doesn't approve though
so just keep it on the down low.
Your secret's safe with me.
I actually have been developing this game of my own
called Afflicted.
The idea is you go into this zombie zone
and you need to collect rare plants and herbs
and a specialist, you know, doctors and stuff
try to create a cure to the disease.
And you have 72 hours to do it.
But you don't want to get killed
you don't want your crew to get eaten and stuff
so you have to fight that off
while you're... while you're trying to make a cure.
Why 72 hours?
Because in the beginning of the game you get bitten
and you only have 72 hours
before you turn into a zombie.
So you're skills start changing
your vision is blurred
you have trouble hearing
you start quaking, and so.
That's so cool.
Yeah, yeah.
When does it come out?
I don't know.
Um, I pitched it some of
these funding places and stuff
but they always want like a
track record of successful games
or completed products, so.
I finally started saving up money to fund it myself
and Poni's dad got sick
so I have hospital bills
and the funeral costs
and Poni's tuition, so.
Oh hey, it's, you know, it's family
that's the priority, right?
I should just be... happy to have a job.
You shouldn't give up on
something you're passionate about.
Help yourself.
Want some milk?
This is artwork for the game.
This looks amazing.
Luke, you have to get this made.
Poni said you guys inherited a mine?
Oh yeah. But...
It's been abandoned for 100 years.
Grandpa used to call it the Hell Hole.
You should take a look.
Maybe you can make the money
you need to finish your game.
I'm a computer nerd, I wouldn't
know the first thing to do.
Besides, if it was worth anything, someone
would have cashed in on it by now.
You have to stop.
If it goes any deeper,
it's really going to hurt me.
There's no barrier.
You said it would be there.
Why would it be there?
Oh no!
Oh... oh, it's not what it seems like.
Please don't look at me.
I'm sorry.
She said she was in there.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry, I didn't want to do it.
It's okay, it's all right.
She wouldn't leave until...
She wouldn't leave until I do it.
I'm taking you to the hospital.
Oh we can't go.
You need a doctor.
She said if we go she will hurt you.
She will make you crash your car.
Listen to me, Poni,
She can't hurt me.
She can't hurt you if you don't let her.
You control your mind.
She killed dad.
Stay away from her, you hear me?
You want to get to her, you have to go through me.
Are you kidding?
She'd have killed you if I hadn't jumped in.
You can't see it, but
I mean, she's psycho.
No, it's... it's just an episode.
It'll pass.
I don't want her back here, Luke
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I don't know what to say
I mean, she's a nice kid and all
but you just can't trust her, okay?
It's not safe for Dawn.
I'm sorry.
How could you not see this coming?
It happened all of a sudden.
She... she just had a headache.
This is schizophrenia.
It doesn't come on suddenly.
Not even your father went down this fast.
You must not have been paying attention.
She's in bad shape.
This treatment you've requested
is still considered experimental.
Well her father's doctor said
that if he had gotten this early on
he might have gotten better
I highly doubt it.
She's only going to get worse without it.
If you want this treatment so badly
then transfer her to a private facility.
I don't have that kind of money.
Then be content with what the
government has provided you.
You two have ten minutes.
Oh my God, I'm sorry
I'm so sorry.
It's okay, it's fine.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I remember the outside.
It's where dad went the first time, isn't it?
How are you feeling?
I don't know.
The meds just make me tired.
But when I'm alone.
I know she's there.
Especially at night.
I'm tired but I can't sleep
I'll have them give you something to help you sleep.
That would drive her into my dreams
and I won't have any place to escape to.
I'm gonna get you out of this, Poni
I just need you to hang on for a little while, okay?
Can you promise me one thing?
Absolutely. Anything.
Separate your darks from your lights
I can't have you coming in faded clothes.
What would the other inmates think?
Well you know I'm hopeless at that
so you're just going to have to get better soon.
White bear.
Damn it!
Then you could use that money
to get Poni into a better place.
But we don't know if there's anything in there.
You don't know if there ain't.
You said they found gold, right?
They didn't leave because the mine's dried up, right?
I mean, there could be gold
just laying around in there.
We just gotta go in there and roll it out in mine carts.
There could be deposits of zinc and copper
that weren't valuable then but are now.
People are finding gold in
these old mines all the time.
I saw this reality show
where some guy made ten grand
in these mines, in one day.
But nobody's been there for a hundred years.
What if the thing falls down?
Come on, if it was going to fall,
it would have by now, you know?
I'll tell you what, if you see
a tunnel that looks dangerous
we'll block it off, okay?
Isn't it at least worth a try?
For Poni?
Yeah, for Poni.
Tell Luke death is near.
There's no Indian curse.
So that's the plan right now.
You should forget about me, Luke
and move on with your life.
You're my family, Poni.
I will do whatever it takes
to get you well.
You rat bastard!
I'm a musician.
You can't be a musician, Rod, if you never practice!
I saved every penny
for seven years
and you go and blow it
on a new guitar?
Excuse me.
Take it easy.
Everything okay Annie Oakley?
Everything is just peachy.
We're not open.
Do you know the road to Graveyard Valley?
No, but if you hum a few bars
I can give it a try.
Old piano player joke.
Why would you want to go to that God awful place?
Oh, Um, research.
About two miles down
look for a dead tree
and then a fence with a hole in it
and then it's the second dirt road on the right.
Okay, thanks.
Is this it?
I hope not.
No cell phone service out here.
We'll rent a sat phone for emergencies.
No mine carts, no track
I'll go to town to get supplies.
I don't have much cash on me.
Don't worry about it, I got it.
It's all right.
So what would happen if our light went out.
That would be a problem.
It would get pretty dark in here.
Oh yeah.
Minors have been stuck in blacked
out mines for days sometimes
and gotten lost.
Some even died of thirst
before they found their way out.
Others went crazy.
One guy wrote his last words on a wall with a rock.
But that won't happen to us.
That's why we're stringing this rope.
That way we can feel our way out if it gets dark.
And we're using different colors for them.
That way... that way we'll know what tunnel we're in.
So this is red.
We have a green.
Blue, orange.
And each post we put in will have a letter
that way we'll know how far down the tunnel we are.
Side tunnels will have numbers.
So, you're part Native American, are you?
Oh yeah, Shanowah.
But the tribe is scattered now.
There's no reservation or anything.
Do you know the language?
"kay-yo" means "come."
"Tay-do" means "Don't do that."
She used to make me do this crazy rain dance.
She taught me about this
princess who sacrificed herself.
Do you have an Indian name?
Come on, you can tell me.
Little White Cub.
That's cute.
Yeah, cute.
Like, you know, my brothers were wolves and eagles
and I was a white cub.
Like I needed reminding that I
was the whitest kid in the family.
The dyslexic runt of the litter.
It's still a bear.
She used to tell me that I was
going to grow up to be a great warrior.
Don't tell Roscoe that, I'll never hear the end of it.
Don't tell me what?
Oh, um, you know, I think the green tunnel
will be the best place for us to start.
I'll show you where it is.
What were you two doing down here?
Nothing, just laying rope so we don't get lost.
You keeping secrets from me now?
No, it's just some nickname his grandmother gave him.
It's nothing.
Huh, a ventilation shaft.
They don't hear what I hear.
They won't see the evil.
They... They won't see no evil, man!
What are you looking at?
I don't understand why they don't see.
They don't see anything.
She's mine.
What's the matter?
This... this guy with... with a rifle.
What, where?
He's gone.
What did he want?
I don't know.
So you're telling me he saw a guy with a gun
in the middle of the night
and then just "poof"
he disappeared.
Well, come on, if they were gonna
kill us, they'd have just done it.
Spooky place.
It's a man's duty
to protect his family.
I was thinking about that guy you saw last night.
I was thinking maybe it could have been a ghost.
The sheriff, maybe.
See, his whole family died in an epidemic.
He went crazy.
He walked into the desert
and no one ever saw him again.
I was probably still asleep at the time
There's something really wrong with this place.
Can't you feel it?
Roscoe's more irritable.
There's something wrong with your arm.
I feel like someone's watching me all the time.
None of us can sleep well.
I really feel like we should leave.
Leave? We just got here.
This was your idea.
I know, but maybe there's another way.
There has to be another way
I don't have another way
I'm out of options.
Poni's getting worse.
And I can't.
I can't let that happen.
Roscoe's so stupid. He thinks...
Damn coyotes.
What am I doing here?
I'm OK.
All right.
All right.
Stop talking to yourself.
Come on, let's go
$1,900 for a rock!
Hey, you worry too much.
Don't shush me.
I don't want anyone to hear.
Hey, you know what I'm gonna do with my first million?
Oh wait.
I'm gonna open my own place, my own club.
I'm gonna call it "It's about
god damn time I won something'".
Oh, Hey, once you get Poni out
you can start your game company.
Yeah, and hire a match maker
and find the love of your life
I already found the love of my life.
You have her.
To Samantha.
I bought... I bought her from him.
The Mustang.
Hello, I'm covering for... oh great.
Oh, hey, angry girl.
I prefer Jessie.
Oh, I'm Roscoe, and I'm gonna be rich
I'm a rich... I'm gonna be... I'm a Richard.
Yeah? You dig up something in Graveyard Valley?
Uh, no, we just, you know, we're doing research
and we'll... we'll write a novel about
Gravy Gulch and make a billion copies.
I'm so happy for you, whoa, huge.
Graveyard Valley
is a dangerous place.
It's no place for tourists.
Don't mind him, his girlfriend died out there ages ago
and it really messed him up.
He says a ghost killed her.
It's not a ghost, it's real
And apparently his hearing is better than I thought.
He saw something out there?
Sagebrush sees a lot of things.
Well, was it someone from the epidemic?
Oh no, no there wasn't an epidemic.
That's just what the locals tell the tourists.
It's the curse.
The curse is real.
What curse?
The Indians called place "Tay-do"
which means cursed.
So white people thought
meant as an Indian burial ground
and named the place Graveyard Valley.
No one wanted to live there.
But then they found gold and
everyone wanted to live there.
They didn't listen to me, that's why they're dead.
That's why it's a graveyard.
Nobody wants to listen.
It's just... I don't understand.
Really brightens up the place, right?
He's our local artist.
They tend to be a little eccentric.
They found a lot of gold?
It was a boom town.
Thousands moved here.
And then in one night that all changed.
See those brothers?
They owned a mine on the hill.
The Dixons.
They worked for months with no luck.
Pushed themselves hard working day and night.
Barely stopping to eat or sleep.
They became paranoid.
Thought people were sneaking into their mine
and stealing their gold.
They started hearing things
and seeing things
things that weren't there.
Gradually going mad.
So one fateful night
they snuck into town and
slaughtered 42 people in their beds.
The sheriff heard his wife scream and he ran home
but by the time he got there
his whole family was slaughtered
and the Dixons were gone.
The sheriff and his deputies went into the mine
but they never came out.
What happened to the miners?
Rumor has it, they hid out in the desert
preparing to attack again.
That freaked people out.
And in two weeks it was a ghost town.
You ever been out there?
We all have.
On dares.
I dare you to walk through Graveyard Valley.
I dare you to walk up to Hell Hole mine
and say the miner's names.
Wait, Hell Hole mine?
People have said they hear screams
walking through Graveyard Valley
digging in the mine.
Some people have even seen ghosts.
Of... of the sheriff?
Sometimes, but mostly of the miners
and a blonde woman.
Pandora, they call her.
Don't worry about it, they're just ghost stories.
It's the living that haunt me.
I have to get back to work
but, um, if there's anything you need
anything at all.
I'm your huckleberry.
You can't stop me.
She's here, Poni.
She's in our heads.
We can't stop her.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Mr. Townsend.
This is Dr. Parker.
Is everything okay?
No. There was an incident tonight.
But she's stable.
She's resting.
Well what happened?
She claims that her roommate
has been telling her that death is coming to her
and that tonight, her roommate
smashed her head against the wall.
So change her room or get her another roommate.
Mr. Townsend, she never had a roommate.
If you really want to go to another facility
please do it soon.
Okay, thanks.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
You sure?
I'm fine.
Go back to sleep.
You awake?
Roscoe, Roscoe wake up.
Something's wrong with Luke.
Oh he's fine, go back to sleep.
He's not fine, he's mumbling.
He talks in his sleep.
He's not asleep, he has a knife.
Oh, the psycho miners and the ghost story.
You're so gullible.
It wasn't a dream.
Then hit him in the head with a shovel.
Leave me alone.
Go back to sleep.
Whoa, take it easy.
Are you okay?
What were you doing?
A minute ago, over there.
What, you think that was funny?
I just went into the desert and just got back.
You don't remember?
Remember what?
So your great grandfather was a psychopath?
That's not the story we were told.
I can see why.
You've gotta understand,
the Dixon brothers were like family.
He came out west with them.
When they died it was...
A stagecoach driver found him
wandering in the desert about a week later.
So he had psychological problems.
He was eventually put into a sanitarium, yes.
Kind of like Poni is now?
So you could snap at any minute.
I would never hurt you.
You know Luke,
men have been saying that to me all my life.
And then they do.
Wait, what-what are you doing?
Come on!
Oh my God, amazing.
Babe, what are you.
What are you, whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's gold in there, I can feel it.
What are you doing?
Let's go, let's get in, let's.
No, we can't do it, we can't go in there.
Please, please, please, please.
Like are you serious?
All right, all right, you're so crazy.
Let's go to town baby.
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
You think I don't know?
You think I can't hear the two of you?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I have seen her, Victor,
that blonde bitch you're screwing in here at night.
There's nobody else, it's just me and you.
You're the only woman.
What are you doing?
When are you going to let her go, man?
Let's get a bottle.
It's barely noon.
What is it to you?
Dawn, I got something for you.
It's gonna help us get the coyotes
that's caused all the problems.
It wasn't a coyote.
Yeah, it catches people too.
You want to do that to someone's leg?
He's a claim jumper.
This isn't the wild west, Roscoe.
It's not going to cut his foot off,
it's just going to scare him, you know?
It's gonna scare him, he wears boots.
What if he's not wearing boots?
Well it's going to teach him to wear boots.
What if one of us steps in it?
Why are you giving me so much flack, Dawn? Why?
This is for you, for your protection.
Because it's too dangerous, Roscoe.
Can't you see that?
Oh I don't know what dangerous is
I'm stupid or something
I'm just a moron who shovels dirt for you, right?
That what you're saying behind my back?
What are you talking about? I would never said that.
I'll show you what dangerous is.
Wait! No!
This is dangerous. Huh? Is this dangerous?
Stop it! Stop!
Are you out of your mind?
We were playing a game, man.
Dawn likes it rough, okay Luke?
Come on! Come on!
Where's the God damned gold!
Son of a...
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Here's your water.
I'll take the wheelbarrow back.
Are you sure? It's pretty heavy.
I got it.
Dawn, if I said something last
night that I shouldn't have.
I'm sorry.
I know you're not like other men, Luke.
But I have to be careful.
Dawn, everything's gonna be okay.
No, it's not.
Yeah, now were talking.
This is gonna get interesting now.
What have you done?
What are you doing?
Come on.
What happened?
Coyotes attacked him.
It doesn't matter... I got it.
Let's go.
Let's get him on his back.
It'll take him longer to bleed out.
We got to get him to a hospital.
We can't.
Why not?
I might have shot him.
What were you thinking?
Help me get him in.
I was saving his life.
Put pressure on it.
I am, just go already.
Keep it up sassy bitch.
I have got to get out of this hell hole.
We should have gone to the hospital.
Not with that gunshot wound.
Besides, we found him a vet
patched up Luke good.
Yeah, he also said we shouldn't leave him alone.
What are you, his mother?
He's fine.
We'll check him when we get back to the motel.
Get a good night's sleep
back to work bright and early.
You can't be serious about going back there.
You saw that coyote attack him, right?
I didn't see it exactly.
And to tell you the truth
I'm thinking he done it to himself.
You woke me up last night, right?
Said he was acting weird, right?
I'm thinking Luke might be getting, you know
getting sick in the head, like Poni.
Don't go there.
Hey look, I'm not faulting' the guy.
I'm not.
If you're born that way, what are you gonna do, right?
But we can't trust him.
I gotta take over.
I gotta take over.
He's in no shape.
Let's dance, come on.
Let's dance, Dawn, come on!
Come on Dawn, let's dance.
You know, baby, we'll finally be alone tonight.
No Luke to hear us.
You must finally be getting to
be pretty horny by now, right?
Roscoe... I want out.
Out of what?
Out of us.
You'll get out when I say you're out.
What's wrong, Dawn, huh?
Why, you wish it was his hand between your legs?
What are you talking about?
Like I don't have eyes.
I see the way you look at him.
I see it!
I hear you talking behind my back, the two of you.
Now look, bitch, he may own that mine.
But I own that ass!
Got it!?
Where's that artist guy?
You should be resting.
Where's that artist guy, Sagebrush?
What happened to you?
I need to talk to you.
Make an appointment with my secretary.
I need to know.
Back off!
I need to know the truth.
You can't handle the truth, do you understand that?
I've seen it.
Hmm, yeah.
The curse.
A lot of people know her by Pandora.
She was the daughter of the great chief.
Sister of many great warriors.
A niece to a shaman.
A neighboring war tribe attacked the village.
They raped her
and began slaughtering our people.
They were hopelessly outmatched.
The chief still believed he could drive them back
but Satinka knew it was impossible.
Facing total annihilation,
she made a terrible choice.
A forbidden ceremony.
She killed her father, the chief
became a skin-walker.
A creature that is not only fast and strong
but able to transform.
She single-handedly wiped out the whole other tribe.
But her thirst for blood, it was blinding.
She became crazy, and she
was attacking her own people.
She killed her own people?
A skin-walker forgets... They forget a family.
They forget love.
They lose sight of who they are.
They can transform into anyone?
It's a perfect imitation.
Well, how can you tell if it's a skin-walker?
It's weak if you flash a light in it's eyes.
It's like coyote eyes.
The light hurts it.
It's power goes beyond the physical aspect.
It whispers in your ear.
It can cause things in your mind.
It can cause hallucinations?
You know, it's not physical harm.
It's mental.
- A couple young warriors,
they, they trapped her in a cave.
You can't seriously be saying that she's still alive.
You said that you wanted to know the truth.
You can't kill a skin-walker without destroying it.
So why is it in the mine?
They were mining on the back side of the hill.
And they dug into her lair.
And let it loose.
It killed Solomon
It massacred the Graveyard Valley
posing as Martin.
Why did it go back into the mine then?
It has to return to it's lair to heal itself.
What about a knife or a gun?
You can wound it, but you can't kill it.
It's a skin-walker
it always heals.
How do you know all this?
There's this personal experience.
Are you Shanowah.
I'm half Shanowah.
There's really no pure Shanowah no more.
You're a Townsend.
You have the mark.
You have the curse
don't you?
I can feel it.
Curse, what curse?
You'd have to ask Edward Townsend.
All I know is all your descendants tend to go crazy.
His niece is...
But she's younger, does that mean it skipped him?
Satinka has more power over
women because she's a woman.
There must be some way to save her.
I searched for months.
For months I searched for her.
How could they think that I killed her?
Sometimes at night I fool myself
into thinking she's still out there.
Somewhere in the desert.
I go out there and I search for her, but...
You can't stop it.
You can't hide from it.
Just get out.
What about my niece?
She's dead, don't you understand?
It's your family, you're all gonna die in a nut house.
Get me out! Get me out!
Get me out! Get me out!
No! No! No!
No! No!
And when they lay me down
in the cold, cold ground
you will live on.
On the stagecoach I caught that night.
I met the woman I'd marry.
With her
it was easy to focus on our life together.
Forget about any nonsense curse.
Right up to the day I saw my newborn son
and the bite marks on his shoulder.
Then I knew it was real.
Oh, thank God.
He can do it on his own.
What about that thing?
I killed it, remember?
What if you didn't kill it?
It doesn't like the light, right?
We've got lights.
You're in no condition to do this.
Hey, get to work Dawn.
That pile of dirt might have
enough gold in it to save Poni.
Have you forgotten we're here for her?
Hey, I know you've been through a lot
but we're almost there, right?
You just stay focused.
Anything happens, just holler
and I'll come save you just like last time.
You can't help Poni if you're dead.
If you're not here when we come out for lunch
I'll understand.
Stupid bitch.
Defying me.
I'm the man.
I'm the man
And I give the orders.
It's not exactly water but
it'll do.
Better than water.
It hurts. Not like water.
You and your new boyfriend.
We'll see.
We'll see, Luke.
My, my.
So much gold for one man to spend.
Couldn't you just share a tiny bit
with little old me?
He's coming.
The white bear is coming.
And he's going to defeat you.
The doctor said to stay off that leg.
I haven't got time.
We're all gonna die if you don't stop this.
This could take months.
We don't have months.
We won't survive months.
Look at you.
Look at... look at you, you're ready to collapse.
If you do, I don't.
I don't know what Roscoe will do.
I never thought he could
turn into something like this.
I knew he wasn't mister right, or whatever, but
a girl has to take what she can get.
Don't sell yourself short.
You just need to find a good man.
I did.
No, you need someone who's...
Who's courageous and kind and
doesn't drag you into his crazy schemes.
Maybe I like being a part of his crazy schemes.
Roscoe, we were just...
You're my bitch.
My bitch.
Leave her alone.
All right.
You ever come near me again I'll kill you.
Keep her.
I told them not to go back in.
I told them it was too dangerous.
There were no bodies, gosh.
No bodies officer
ghost miners must have gotten them.
I told them not to go back in.
Get your stuff into the truck,
I need to get my backpack.
No, leave it.
It's got the keys in there.
It's okay.
I think he's all fought out for today.
Be careful.
Uh uh, I told them it was too
dangerous, you stupid bitch.
You don't listen.
It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna get you to a hospital, okay?
Dawn, we gotta go!
Dawn, where are you!
Blue! I though you were in blue!
No, no!
It's me, it's Luke.
Its okay.
It's me.
Come on.
Oh no, no, no, I can't, I can't.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I couldn't see.
The town's too far.
I know.
Well you're not going back.
I have to.
The sat phone's there.
What? No, that thing will kill you
I'm not going in the mine, okay?
I'm just gonna make a phone call.
Call for help
and come right back.
You can leave the headlights on.
No, I'm going with you.
It's too dangerous.
I'll take my chances.
We're in this together.
He's coming.
The white bear is coming.
We better hurry.
We fought with Roscoe.
We have cuts and bruises everywhere.
They'll think we killed him.
You went back, didn't you?
I had to.
Look, that thing is loose
Roscoe is dead.
And our car ran out of gas.
So call a cop.
You know they're not going to believe me.
You can't kill it.
I have to try.
It's killing Poni.
You don't understand, man.
It's a Shanowah thing.
My grandmother was half Shanowah.
Is that enough?
White Bear.
You're a Townsend.
She didn't get to you.
Is there something wrong with your brain?
What makes you different from your siblings?
I don't know, I'm... I'm shorter, I'm dyslexic.
You're dyslexic.
You think differently.
You can block her out.
You're the white bear, bro.
You're the White Bear.
What do I need to do?
There's a spell.
There's a sacred dagger.
I have everything.
No, no, no, no
Luke, Luke, Luke!
No, no, no!
I know who you are.
I know what happened.
You became someone else.
You gave up who you were to save them.
And became the curse.
The fire.
It wasn't a rain dance.
Mystu yakienimi tsipisisiwa ai apipottaw.
Taistsipisii apipotook ki.
At last.
Okay, wait, wait.
Try again, fire.
Down this way?
Yeah, just pretend you're being a zombie.
Shoot, shoot, shoot.
Don't kill him.
Okay, okay.
Oh... oh my God.
Over there.
Now you want to get that.
Oh my God, what was that?
What was that?
What's that?
What is that?
I don't know.
Go in, go in through the fire, through the fire.
I'm going as fast as I can.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, oh... oh the fire, it's very big.
Great, other side, that door.
There was a time when I gave sway
to ugly voices in my head.
To stubborn darkness, a churning raging sea.
No one would blame you for giving up on me.
Yet here you are, as you always were.
Helping guide me to the light.
And now I see - I finally understand.
All that I needed was for me to take your hand.
And I'm free.
I thought I knew what love was all about.
A source of sweet and bitter pain.
And now I know
that all I ever need to be
is what you're seeing when
you're smiling next to me.
And I'm free.
I'm free.
Yes I'm free!
I'm free
I've walked for miles
down those long and dusty roads
trying to find where I belong.
However far I roamed
no matter what I do.
Every winding path led right back to you.
And I'm free
And I'm free
Yes I'm free!
I'm free
And I'm free.
I'm free. I'm free!
I'm free
Oh-oh free.
Yes I'm free
I'm free.
I'm free
Oh yeah I'm free!
Oh free
Oh yeah I'm free