The Haunting of the Tower of London (2022) Movie Script

(gentle music)
(tense music)
- [Guard] In the water.
(chest thudding)
(anxious music)
- Break is open.
(dramatic music)
(anxious music)
(chest lid creaking)
(dramatic music)
(thunder rumbling)
(thunder rumbling)
(bell tolling)
(door creaking)
- Our queen has not taken
the news well, My Lord.
- As we'd expected.
That withered flesh.
As maggot-eaten sockets
where they'd once had eyes
it's enough to drive her mad.
- She'll recover,
Richard, I'll see to it.
Elizabeth had to be
told the grim details.
They are her blood.
- We cannot be
certain it's them.
- How many weeks have the
Princes been unaccounted for?
And now these putrid remains
appear in the castle grounds.
The devil's made very clear
what fate met those boys.
Just unclear who's to blame.
- You suspect something?
- They didn't lock
themselves in that trunk
as I'm sure you know.
I'll tend to our Queen.
- Poison her delicate mind
with any of your
twisted suspicions
and it would be something
you'd soon regret.
- Let go of me, Richard.
You're not yet our King.
(door creaking)
(Queen Elizabeth crying)
(Richard groaning)
(Queen Elizabeth crying)
- You have to rest, My Queen.
Don't let madness take grip.
You've done well to overcome
much anguish until now.
- Tell me they weren't my sons.
My babies (sobs).
- Edward's entitlement to
the throne was much coveted.
He was so young, My Lady.
I feel your enemies
have taken advantage
whilst the King is unwell.
Geoffrey, you stay and
watch over her tonight.
- Yes, Mistress Blythe.
- My allegiance will always
be to you, Elizabeth.
(Queen Elizabeth crying)
You still have friends here.
(thunder cracking)
- All mighty everlasting God.
Have mercy on my
servants, our friends.
Keep them continually
under Thy protection
and direct them in accordance
to Thy gracious favor
in the way of
everlasting salvation.
Keep their souls safe...
(metal clanging)
(uneasy music)
(door creaking)
(suspenseful music)
(Isaac sighing)
How is she?
- Richard has called a meeting.
You're expected.
Careful, Isaac.
I have an awful feeling.
- Wait for me here.
I won't be long.
- I will be the one to inform
the King of this discovery.
The news will not
be received well.
Somebody must know
what happened.
- The Queen demands a
formal burial tomorrow.
- Priest.
- I'll see to it, My Lord.
- For now, we must spread news
of this throughout the land.
Find out who is responsible.
- We may not need to look far.
The boys rarely left the castle.
- Then we begin with a
merciless questioning
of our own staff.
(thunder creaking)
Prepare the torture chamber.
- Certainly, Sire.
(chains rattling)
- We will not rest until
the perpetrator is found.
(bell tolling)
- Damn you all.
Damn yous all to hell (laughs).
All loathsome devils will
lay vengeful eyes upon me
shall have their
very eyes plucked
from their sockets by my teeth.
Until the tongue can lick the
tender matter of yer brains.
(Bartholomew laughing)
(Bartholomew grunting)
- Bartholomew Graystok.
I hereby condemn you
to a most brutal death
in the dankest bowels
of our dungeon.
- (scoffs) And so the
dankest face in all the land
have come to sentence me.
(hand slapping)
(Bartholomew groaning)
Where's the King?
- If the King were well enough,
he would bind you
to the rack himself.
- (scoffs) So what
does that make you?
Some sad and pathetic
throne snatcher
come to tend to his business.
- I am Richard,
Duke of Gloucester.
Most feared man in England.
- (laughs) Wrong again, Sire.
Wrong again.
That title most
assuredly belongs to me.
(Bartholomew grunting)
Ah, let me go.
(bell tolling)
Lock up your children 'less
you find them mutilated.
(Bartholomew laughing)
I'll cook their
skins for me dinner.
I'll boil their
bones for me broth.
(Bartholomew laughing)
- This capture lays
your theory to rest,
does it not, My Lady?
- Almighty God, whom hast
made all things for man
and man for Thy glory,
sanctify our body and soul,
our thoughts and our intentions,
so that whatsoever
we shall think,
or speak or do-
- Fuck your God,
you repugnant pig.
Let the devil take me.
Let hell consume my soul
and take ye with it.
(Bartholomew laughing)
- Once you cross that threshold
you're in the devil's
dominion, Sir.
A place of pain and-
(Bartholomew spitting)
- A thousand curses
on ye, Holy Man.
A thousand curses on ye all.
(gate creaking)
- Get up off your arse, Priest.
Your ramblings only
serve to madden him
as they madden us all.
Now wash your face.
- Yes, My Lord.
(anxious music)
- Get in.
(Bartholomew groaning)
(gate thudding)
(chains rattling)
(Bartholomew groaning)
Now stay in there
and rot, you dog.
(children laughing)
(eerie music)
- Is somebody there?
Answer me.
Answer me.
(dramatic music)
(Bartholomew stuttering)
- Master Graystok.
I work here at the
Tower of London.
One of my many duties is
to take care of our Queen.
Those boys whom you confessed
to murdering were her sons
but I believe it was someone
here in the castle responsible
for their murder, not you, Sir.
- Then why, putrid hag, would
I confess to the murders
and condemn myself to oblivion?
- Oblivion is some way off
for you, Master Graystok.
It's the torture chamber
that's most lively.
Screams can be heard
through the castle all day
and all night until our
prisoners have no voice left
to scream with.
It's worse than death.
Death is merciful compared
with what they'll do.
Perhaps someone paid you
for a false confession.
Perhaps you have a
family to care for.
It's quite noble of you.
But this is information
someone like me
can easily acquire,
Master Graystok.
And what good you think you've
done can be swiftly undone.
- Threaten me, you cunt.
I'll cut your fucking eyes out.
- I propose a counter-offer.
Save yourself from the suffering
you're condemned to face,
in return for the truth.
Did the Princes die
by your hand or not?
- I keep my end of a bargain.
- As will they, tenfold.
In a day or less, you'll
beg me for this mercy,
but I won't return
to offer it again.
Who told you to confess?
That's all I needed.
- Pleasure doin'
business with you.
(anxious music)
- My Father and I thank
you for coming, Sir.
- Henry is fine.
- Henry.
The village whispers of you.
They say it's true, your talent.
- I wish it were
untrue, Miss Farepoynt.
But it makes me an
honest living, at least,
which a man needs.
- You've a family?
- A son.
- And what of his mother?
- Dead, Sir.
- I'm sorry.
Must be difficult with her gone.
- I didn't say
gone, I said dead.
To see your loved
ones after death
is a curse, Miss Farepoynt.
It makes my gift hard to bear.
For a time I wished
to join them.
Some of the things I
see, can't be unseen.
But William is worth
every nightmare.
- Of course he is.
And we have the
payment you asked for.
- All I ask, in the
time I have left,
is to speak to my
dear Mary once more.
- Do you have something of hers?
- As you asked.
I gave it her, she
wore it some 30 years.
- It's perfect.
You have until the
hourglass runs out
for her to make contact.
That's as long as I dare to stay
in the realm of the undead.
Let's begin.
(tense music)
Mary Farepoynt?
I know you hear me.
The dead are never far
from their beloved.
Your Husband and Daughter wish
to bid you one final farewell.
In death, you can
grant them that.
(bones cracking)
(anxious music)
There you are.
(dramatic music)
She's here.
- Where, Sir?
- She won't appear to you.
But she stands behind
me, in the corner.
- Does she look well, Henry?
(foot thudding)
- Stay back in the dark.
You come here
rotting and stinking
of all the days
you've been dead.
I'd rather not see
your state of decay.
(Mary chuckling)
She's like an angel,
Mr. Farepoynt.
- Oh.
So she's not in pain,
she does not suffer?
- Your family ask if
you're in pain, ghost?
- Pain.
I feel it.
Now I'm gripped by
the agony of death.
It's a pain you
can't know in life,
but in death it's unimaginable.
If you could feel it now,
you'd die in discomfort,
Henry Pedrick.
- You know me?
- I knew you'd come.
- No, I summoned
you, that is my gift.
- No, Pedrick, I'm here for you.
- How do we know
it's true, Joan?
- Ask my mother how
she died, Henry.
That, he cannot know.
- She drowned.
I can see how the water
made her body swollen.
- Oh, she's here, Father.
She's with us.
- What business do you
have with me then, spirit?
Convince me you did not
come of my beckoning.
- My heart.
Useless old heart, seized up.
(chest squelching)
That's much better.
- Put that stinking thing back.
- What good can it do me now?
(feet thudding)
(suspenseful music)
- I said don't come near.
- You'll see worse
than me, soon.
(Mary chuckling)
(chair rattling)
- Was that her?
- It's her.
- In death, we know
what awaits the living.
I come with a warning,
for you, Pedrick.
(menacing music)
(Mary groaning)
It tastes like honey.
- Let's get this over with.
Do you have a message
for your family or not?
- Tell them it was
my sickly heart.
Couldn't breathe, Pedrick.
As I tumbled from the
bridge I saw the rocks.
My jaw felt the sting
of a thousand fires.
They let the river carry
me away, made a grave
but left my body to
drift and putrefy.
- She says she's sorry.
Sorry you couldn't
find her body.
But she knows you made a
grave, and she's thankful.
Are we done here?
- [Mary] I've seen
your wife on this side.
- Are we finished, phantom?
- That's an unpleasant sight.
- Enough.
- You'll heed my
warning, Pedrick.
- I said stop this.
- Don't go to the
Tower of London.
The Tower of London
is marked for death.
- I have no plans to visit.
Be gone.
- You will be drawn
there, Pedrick.
Resist its call.
- What waits for me there?
- [Mary] Same what waits
for us all, Pedrick.
(dramatic music)
(Henry panting)
- I'm sorry.
It doesn't normally
end like that.
She said, "Farewell."
She said, "Farewell."
- Let me get you to
bed, you're shaking.
(soft music)
You'll have my room.
- Oh, necklace.
- I want you to keep it.
As part of the payment.
We've little coin, Sir,
this is better than money.
- But it was your mothers.
- It's all we have, Henry.
- You keep it.
Take it.
Precious things
must be held onto.
- It must be lonely, Henry.
Being without her.
- Goodnight, Miss Farepoynt.
(door thudding)
(gentle music)
(tense music)
(man screaming)
(thunder rumbling)
(chains rattling)
(man screaming)
(whip cracking)
(man yelling)
(thunder rumbling)
(lightning crashing)
- Father Crawgyll?
We give you a
distraction earlier.
- You got in undetected?
- I did.
(lightning cracking)
- Whatever business you
have with that prisoner,
I'd rather not know.
- Very well.
- Is that all?
Or does something
else trouble you?
- If there were some
dark conspiracy here,
and it was said one could help,
but through ungodly means.
Supernatural means,
would God forgive it?
- If it is ungodly then
you have your answer.
- But if it were
with good intentions,
and we prayed forgiveness?
- Beatrice, what is going on?
- I have heard whisperings,
from a village in
the North of a man.
They say he sees
the dead, Isaac.
He asks them final questions,
and gives their
answers to the living.
- You speak of witchcraft.
- Or, a miracle, Isaac.
- Only God has such power.
- And some has been
gifted to this man.
We must know what
happened to our Princes,
and he can tell us the truth.
- I can't give you my blessing
but your secret will be safe.
- Can I ask that while I'm gone,
you ensure no harm
comes to our Queen
as it did our Princes.
I leave her under the protection
of you and her chamber boy,
Geoffrey, whom you know well.
- What does that mean?
- Only that you know him well.
And that the pair of you can
be trusted with my secrets,
as I am with yours.
Should you have any.
- She will be looked after.
(anxious music)
The worms crawl in
The worms crawl out
The worms play
pinochle on your snout
They'll eat your eyes
They'll eat your nose
They'll eat the jelly
from between your toes
(Bartholomew laughing)
(children laughing)
Who goes there?
(dramatic music)
Someone's out of their cell.
(air whistling)
(Bartholomew gasping)
Who are ya?
These dungeons ain't
no place for children.
Oh God, Graystok,
ye gone mad already.
There ain't no children here.
Not 'ere.
(Bartholomew screaming)
(tense music)
Who are ya?
What do ya want?
Be gone, ya hear me?
Be gone.
(Bartholomew panting)
(Bartholomew whimpering)
(air whistling)
(ghostly whispering)
(thunder rumbling)
(dramatic music)
(Bartholomew yelling)
(tense music)
(thunder rumbling)
(baby crying)
(chair creaking)
- Let me be.
(thunder rumbling)
Why follow me everywhere I go?
(menacing music)
- Beware, Henry.
(children laughing)
(footsteps thumping)
- Hello?
Miss Farepoynt?
(bell tolling)
(thunder rumbling)
William, tell me that isn't you.
(anxious music)
What do you want of me, spirits?
(dagger thudding)
(blood splattering)
(Bartholomew splattering)
(thunder rumbling)
(Henry gasping)
(door knocking)
- [Joan] Henry,
somebody's here for you.
- What is it?
- We have a visitor,
they're asking for you.
- Me?
But nobody knows I'm here.
- They won't take
no for an answer.
- Please, sit, Master Pedrick.
- You know me?
- I've traveled far to find you.
I'm a servant of Her
Majesty the Queen.
She requires your services.
- And what services do
you think I have to offer?
- Tales of your remarkable
skill have reached as far
as the Tower of London, Sir.
Miss Farepoynt
tells me it's true.
She says you spoke with
the perished but hours ago.
Knew things no charlatan
could've known.
- So you've come from
the Tower of London?
- I have.
And you, Master Pedrick,
shall return with me.
- No, I won't.
- The Queen's sons
have been murdered,
and their killer roams free.
You are the key to solving
this dreadful puzzle.
- I said no, woman.
- You cannot decline someone
of my high position, Sir.
Dissidence is
punishable by death.
- Lady, I know what
truly awaits us.
I see, and speak, and hear
death in all my living moments.
- Then spare yourself,
or I'll have you
imprisoned for witchcraft.
- Henry, if you don't go now,
she'll have you taken by force.
Don't invite trouble.
- Pack your things, we must
arrive before dawn, unseen.
Miss Farepoynt.
(coins jingling)
My end of the bargain.
It is real what he can do?
- It is, My Lady.
- If I discover you've
played me for a fool,
I'll be back for this,
and for what little else
you have in this world.
- We're poor people, Henry.
- My, my.
What a pity.
- He was mutilated
when I found him, Sire.
- How did he come to
possess this blade?
- I can't say, My Lord.
- Never mind.
This is not your doing or the
doing of anything unnatural.
Priest, a quick prayer.
Then, be rid of him.
- In Your hands, O Lord,
we deliver our
brothers and sisters.
In this life, You blessed
them with Your gentle love
now in death, deliver
them now from every evil
and grant them eternal rest.
(anxious music)
- My poor brother.
You grow more unwell each day.
It's very difficult for me
to see you suffering so.
- It is England that will
suffer when I'm gone.
And you are set
loose upon this land.
An unfair man makes for
an unfair King, brother.
(King Edward coughing)
- Don't excite yourself, Edward.
This illness makes
you irrational.
- My son will take
my crown, Richard.
Why can't I trust you to
watch over him when I'm gone?
- Young Edward is dead.
It's a great tragedy, brother.
Both Princes were regrettably
found in the river.
And they have both been
laid to rest this morning.
- I want to see Elizabeth.
- Oh, the Queen is in
as bad a way as you are.
Driven unwell by the news.
- I want to see my sons.
- Now, brother, please.
- You seek to
poison my thoughts.
It cannot be.
- If you don't believe me,
how about I bring
you their heads?
- The only head I'd accept
would be yours, Richard.
(King Edward coughing)
- I'm sorry for
your loss, my King.
- Trickster.
Send me Elizabeth.
Send me Eliz...
(King Edward coughing)
- Lock it.
He might try to leave.
(King Edward coughing)
(anxious music)
- My Lady, Lord Richard
requests that you speak
with him immediately.
- Not now, Perkin, the
night has been long
and I've a visitor
for the Queen.
- That will have
to wait, My Lady.
The Queen is not
allowing visitors.
- (chuckles) Under
who's command?
- Lord Richard's, My Lady.
- Richard is not your King.
- Beatrice.
There's been a murder,
in the dungeons.
You won't be gettin' through
until you've met with him.
Graystok is dead.
- Let me deal with this matter.
And I'll return.
- [Perkin] This way, Sir.
(uneasy music)
- Ah, Beatrice.
Come, sit.
You've always been so
loyal to my brother.
I've known you since
I was a little boy.
Even watched you suckle
at your mother's tit.
What I would give to
have someone as trusted
as you defending my
corner, standing beside me.
And yet, I fear
you are against me.
Bartholomew Graystok is dead.
He will no longer confess
at a public execution.
The people will not have closure
on the unfortunate matter
of the dead Princes.
So, how did he come
by this dagger,
which I know to be yours?
- You're no fool, Richard.
- My Lord.
- You're no fool, My Lord.
Don't ask me questions you
already have answers to.
I've not the time
for this exhibition.
- Why did you invite my
prisoner to take his own life?
- He was falsely
accused, and told me so.
I too do not like being taken
for a fool, my humble lord.
You think you can spread lies?
And all will blindly
follow your every word,
just because it
spews from your lips
like shit from a
horse's backside?
They will not, Richard,
not as long as I live.
I too am respected here,
by the Queen most of all.
- The Queen is a lost cause.
- I have the means to
disprove your lies, Richard.
- What means?
- People will know
what you have done.
- Here.
Take your dagger.
I suggest you keep it with you
for protection in
the coming days.
- I do not fear these threats.
- I said take it.
Take it.
(dramatic music)
Take it, take it.
Take it, take it.
Take it, take it.
Take it, take it.
(dagger swooshing)
(disturbing music)
(anxious music)
(door thudding)
(suspenseful music)
(Henry groaning)
Answer me.
What business have you
at the Tower of London?
- The Lady, Blythe,
forced me here.
- For what purpose?
- She had me confused
with the wrong man.
- Who?
- I don't know, Sir.
(water splashing)
(Henry yelling)
She believes there to be a man
who can speak with the dead.
She spoke of murdered Princes
and wished to make contact.
But truly, Sir, I'm
not the man she seeks.
You have the wrong man, Sir.
- Solomon, the girl.
- [Solomon] Bring
in the villager.
(woman groaning)
(woman groaning)
(chains rattling)
(woman panting)
- Peasant girl, tell
your friend Henry here,
what you told my men.
- I'm sorry, Henry.
They came for me.
They had that Lady followed.
(menacing music)
(Ralph yelling)
(Joan screaming)
- Tell them.
Or I'll have Solomon
draw it out of you.
He has a way of
making people talk.
(anxious music)
(thunder crashing)
Tell us the truth, girl.
Who is this man?
- No, no.
No (sobs).
- You don't have to do this.
(Joan crying)
- Talk, damn you.
- He is the one they speak of.
- Joan.
- He came to us, made
contact with my Mother.
Knew all the details
of her death.
- So you are the man Mistress
Blythe sought to bring here?
You did come with purpose.
- She's lying.
No man possesses these powers.
- Henry.
(thunder rumbling)
- He claims you lie, girl.
Would you lie to me?
- Just let Henry
go for God's sake.
- Burn her.
(tense music)
- No.
No, Henry.
Henry, Henry, don't
let them harm me.
- Stop this.
I lied.
I do possess these powers.
I speak to the dead.
- Impossible.
- It is dark sorcery, Sire.
A most punishable offense.
- So, the girl tells
the truth after all?
- I can see things
no other man can see.
- And if I were to pluck
the eyes from your head,
what would you see then?
- Nothing, Sir.
But they could still
whisper me their secrets.
- [Richard] Take
him to the dungeon.
- Wait, what will you
do with Miss Farepoynt?
- Sire, I'd prefer you
leave the girl with me,
see what more information
I can acquire.
- Very well.
You're a dedicated
servant, Solomon.
Just ensure she's
dead by morning.
- No.
(dramatic music)
- Thank you, Sire.
- Henry.
Henry, please.
- [Henry] I'm sorry.
(poker sizzling)
(Joan screaming)
- Let go of me, prisoner.
- Father Endsworth
sends his regards.
(Joan screaming)
(anxious music)
- Thank you, John.
You are to be executed, the
King's chief has decided.
A public burning
in just three days.
I'll pray you find
rest with God.
- (scoffs) With God?
- You're not a Christian then?
- I've seen what
awaits us, Priest.
In the end, we're just devils
dressed in our own decay.
God does not await us.
If God led me to this then
what fucking use is He?
- Something you said to
me in the torture chamber.
- [Henry] Aye.
- Father Endsworth
sends his regards.
- He did, Priest.
- Isaac.
Where did you hear his name?
- He told me to
pass on the message.
- Father Endsworth
was my mentor.
He practically raised me.
He's been dead two years.
- And smelt of it too.
Must've met a messy end
in that torture chamber.
- That's not how he
went, he was old-
- I'm telling you,
that man was tortured.
He had cuts to the
bone, all over his body.
Satanic symbols carved
deep into his flesh.
- All right, all right.
I don't know if it's witchcraft,
a miracle, or a trick.
- It's no trick, Isaac.
- It goes against my
beliefs to accept the things
that you are telling me.
- You need to
accept what is real.
The lady who brought
me here is also dead.
I watched her killed.
- Mistress Blythe?
She is not dead.
- No?
(menacing music)
Whatever became of her,
she wanted me to know.
- That is something that
I refuse to believe.
Beatrice cannot be dead.
You are a heretic, Henry.
May God have mercy on your soul.
(bell tolling)
- They found Beatrice, dead.
She's taken her own life, Isaac.
- No.
No, why would she
do such a thing?
- They won't let anyone see her.
They've taken her body
to the undercroft.
Isaac (sobs).
- Calm down.
I'll find her.
Perhaps we are being deceived,
and she's away on another
of her secret outings.
- I don't think so, Isaac.
She's dead (sobs).
The Queen is inconsolable.
(thunder rumbling)
(anxious music)
(ghostly whispering)
(man screaming)
- [Henry] I watched.
Cuts to the bone
all over his body.
Satanic symbols cut
deep into his flesh.
(whip cracking)
(man screaming)
(Isaac groaning)
(whip cracking)
(Isaac gasping)
(Isaac panting)
(thunder rumbling)
(creepy music)
(woman groaning)
(air whooshing)
(ghostly whispering)
- Hello?
(Isaac gasping)
(fearful music)
(Mistress Blythe laughing)
What do you want from me?
- Father Crawgyll.
Help them.
Or die.
(dramatic music)
(anxious music)
(candlestick clattering)
(Mistress Blythe laughing)
(gentle music)
(flames crackling)
- I brought food.
You have to eat.
(plate clanging)
You were right.
Mistress Blythe was
cremated this morning.
I saw her remains, she could
not have done that to herself.
- I can't say I care
what wicked fate she met.
- Beatrice was a good lady.
There's very few
good people here.
I suspect, she was
murdered for bringing you.
All this death has invited
some terrible evil
into this place.
Last night, I saw things.
A specter that took the
form of Lady Beatrice,
dead and mutilated.
I am failing in keeping
this a Holy place.
I am not Father Endsworth,
I have not his strength.
But the gift that you possess,
Henry, that is strong.
Perhaps she was right
in bringing you here.
Perhaps you are the answer
to all of my prayers.
- You know little
about what I can do,
and the problems
that come with it.
- You asked me to open my mind
to your otherworldly beliefs.
I am open and I am
begging for your help.
Show me.
- I require an object.
Something that belongs to
whoever I'm to speak with.
The object allows me to focus
on the single
spirit that I seek.
They sense what was once theirs.
(anxious music)
Time is different
in their world.
(thunder crashing)
All the time taken
from them in life
is granted to them there.
The hourglass tells
me how long I've been
within their realm.
When the sand runs out,
the dead are too near,
it's time to escape.
The Tower of London
is a dangerous place
to use these powers.
The dead are everywhere.
- But you can contact
the young Princes?
You can find out
who killed them.
That was the aim in
bringing you here.
- If you have
something of theirs,
I can ask them how
they met their end.
- That is all I would need,
I could inform the King.
- I stand accused of sorcery,
what good is my word?
- It is enough for me.
You find the answers, Henry,
and I will find some evidence
to legitimize your claims.
If the Princes were killed
here, some trace must remain.
- And for doing you this
favor, what is given in return?
- The castle will
be free of evil.
Of ghosts and murderers.
- I want my freedom, Isaac.
I have a son.
I can't die in here.
- I'm sorry.
That is something I cannot give.
I'm just a Priest.
- Then we have no deal.
(anxious music)
- You need a friend
on the outside
if you've any hope of
surviving this dungeon.
I can be that friend, Henry,
if we can prove Richard guilty
of murder, even if I have to
beg the King to understand it.
Then perhaps there would
be some way to reward you.
And Richard would be
in no position of power
to oversee your execution.
- Very well.
As for my son, once a month
I visit my Mother and William
and I give them all the
money that I've earned.
(coins jingling)
Can I trust you to
give this to them?
And to pass on a
message to William
that his father loves him
and thinks about him
every waking minute.
- I can do that.
- They live in a small village
called Grittleton Marsh.
10 miles north of here.
(coins jingling)
- It will be done.
- Then we have a deal.
(anxious music)
(children laughing)
(door clicking)
(air whistling)
(tense music)
- Who's in here?
(cup clanging)
(King Edward panting)
(sinister music)
(children laughing)
(air whistling)
(dramatic music)
(King Edward gasping)
(tense music)
My sons.
Is that you, my sons?
(haunting music)
(disturbing music)
(King Edward groaning)
(children laughing)
(King Edward panting)
(thunder crashing)
(gentle music)
- He's not dead is he, Father?
- Henry is being held
in the Tower of London,
he is charged with sorcery.
His execution just
two days away.
- Oh Henry, I knew something
like this would happen.
He sent you to tell us?
- I am doing all I can
to have him released,
in exchange for his help.
- Henry's not like
he once was, Father.
He was a kind man, a happy man.
After William, his wife
bared a second child,
she had it sooner than expected.
Henry should've been with her
but he weren't to know
it'd be born so early.
He found her in a pool of
blood when he came home,
and the baby.
Neither one lived.
Henry was never the
same after that.
William seems to
harbor some resentment,
without his mother he seems
not to relate well to Henry.
That was when Henry first
spoke of seeing things.
Unnatural things.
Thought he'd lost
it, we all did.
I think, in his mind,
he was so desperate
to speak to her
again, so desperate,
that something in the
afterlife heard him calling,
granted him his wish.
Grittleton Marsh has always
bred strange things like this.
We've an abnormal
history, weird traditions.
Henry would wake
screaming, crying,
and eventually, they drew blood.
Nothing to stop them
doing the same to William
if Henry loses control,
I think that's his worry.
The dead aren't always kind.
So 'till now, he's
mostly traveled.
At least until
William's old enough
to understand the dangers.
'Till then, I watch
over the little lad.
- Henry asked me
to deliver this.
(coins jingling)
I suggest you take the
money and leave here.
- Leave?
- Henry is making
enemies with men
who will stop at nothing
to get what they desire.
His powers let
him know too much,
I fear they will come
to claim his home
now that he is a prisoner.
If they find you here
when they arrive,
you will not be safe.
- I'm old, Father.
What I have here I've spent
my whole life working for.
If the King's men
seek to remove me
from the one place I
call home, then so be it.
(floor creaking)
William, I said stay out.
- It's fine.
Your father told me to tell you
that he loves you very much
and that he'll be
home soon as he can.
God bless you, my child.
(Henry groaning)
(coins jingling)
(gate thudding)
(keys jingling)
(sorrowful music)
(anxious music)
- Isaac.
(Isaac grunting)
(flame crackling)
- Help me dig, Geoffrey.
God will forgive us
this desecration.
(Isaac grunting)
If there were time, I
could give you my reasons
but you might not
believe me even then.
What must be done, must be done.
(Isaac grunting)
(thunder rumbling)
(flame crackling)
(Isaac panting)
(tense music)
(Isaac groaning)
(Isaac gasping)
(Isaac groaning)
(Isaac groaning)
(Isaac panting)
(dogs barking)
- Someone's coming.
What if they see us?
- Put that flame out.
Put it out.
(dogs barking)
(water splashing)
- So the prisoner has you
believing he sees the dead.
That's your explanation
for this folly?
- Trust me, at first
I did not believe.
But just as Beatrice was
convinced, now I am too.
He can contact the
young Princes, Geoffrey.
He can shed light
on their murder.
- So that's where you've been
spending your dark hours?
Chasing ghosts?
- I must lay this to rest.
- You've barely
shared a word with me
since Lady Beatrice died.
Am I now to watch the Queen
descend into delirium on my own?
Not a prayer for me?
- Always there is
a prayer for you.
- Liar.
I've barely crossed
your thoughts for days.
You're preoccupied.
And for some odd
reason, it's with him.
- There are things
happening here
that I would've explained
to you if it were safe.
But you're better
off not knowing.
It's safer not knowing.
- When Father Endsworth
passed and you were alone
and desperate and
we became close,
I was always there for you.
Now, Beatrice, who
raised and mothered me
when I arrived here, barely
old enough to work, is gone,
and where are you?
- I am trying to fight
the darkness here.
I have gone against
everything I stand for.
Everything I believe in.
I am a Priest,
Geoffrey, partaking in
unnatural practices.
Supernatural practices,
that I can't help
but believe to be authentic.
I must.
We have to or else we
will all suffer for it.
We cannot underestimate
the power that Henry has.
- Over you, it would seem.
- Geoffrey.
- You know, I don't
find it hard to believe
that you'd abandon
your so-called beliefs.
For a Priest, Isaac, you don't
hold much ground, do you?
- I must follow my heart to
do what I believe to be right.
- Well follow it
elsewhere from now on.
- Search the castle.
Find out who did this.
Muddy footprints, anything.
(anxious music)
Identify the owner of this.
- I might recognize it, Sir.
- Good.
(thunder crashing)
- How was William?
- They are well, Henry.
(chains rattling)
And they know you are here.
- Thank you, Isaac.
- And now, your
side of the bargain.
This belonged to Prince Edward,
the rightful heir to the throne.
- All day I've
dreaded this task.
- If it were your son who met
a fate as cruel as theirs,
you'd want to know the truth.
You can bring closure
to this family, Henry,
the most powerful
family in England.
- I don't want to know
how two boys were killed.
I don't want to watch
their mutilation.
- We must be strong, Henry,
God will protect you.
(anxious music)
(thunder rumbling)
(tense music)
You know what to
ask the Princes?
- I'm ready.
(fearful music)
- Henry?
- I'm here.
(tense music)
(gate creaking)
(spirits whispering)
(anxious music)
(children laughing)
(spirits whispering)
- Henry?
Hurry, your time is running out.
- I've found them.
(door creaking)
- Help us, Sir.
(metal thudding)
(dramatic music)
(fearful music)
(sword whooshing)
- Boys, hide.
Don't let them find you.
(metal clanging)
(floorboards creaking)
(tense music)
- [Prince Edward] Help.
(Prince Edward screaming)
(battle ax whooshing)
(Prince Richard whimpering)
(blood splattering)
(footsteps thudding)
(Prince Richard yelling)
(dramatic music)
- No.
(battle ax whooshing)
(thunder crashing)
She killed them.
- What?
Who, who?
- The Queen.
Those were your children.
(battle ax thudding)
(Queen Elizabeth grunting)
(blood splattering)
(dramatic music)
(Queen Elizabeth laughing)
(Queen Elizabeth yelling)
(battle ax whooshing)
- Henry, wake up.
(anxious music)
(door thudding)
- [Richard] Elizabeth.
What have you done?
You've murdered my nephews.
Have you gone mad?
- [Queen Elizabeth] (shushing)
King Edward is weak, Richard.
But you, you are so very strong.
- You are possessed
by some devil.
- [Queen Elizabeth]
For you Richard.
Don't you see, with my sons
dead, the throne is yours.
I could be your
Queen instead of his.
- They will suspect corruption.
They will blame
me for your sins.
I cannot hide this
act of insanity.
- [Queen Elizabeth] I
am with child, Richard.
Your child.
A new Prince, for a new King.
- With Child?
- [Queen Elizabeth] We'll
declare the boys missing,
they'll search for months
but won't recover a trace.
They won't prove it
was murder, Richard.
They will never
suspect their Queen.
- My brother is not yet dead.
We must plot carefully.
You must not be found out.
- She bares Richard's child.
They plotted to rule
the Kingdom together.
They await the King's death.
(tense music)
(Queen Elizabeth groaning)
- You are sure of this?
- I saw it all.
(Henry gasping)
(Henry panting)
(anxious music)
- King Edward, My Lord.
My Lord, please.
- What?
What is it?
- Pardon my visit, Sire,
I know you must rest.
- Edward.
My poor boy.
Come close so I can see you.
- No, no, it is not
your son, My Lord.
I am Isaac Crawgyll,
we have met.
- You've grown, child.
How long has it been?
- Listen to my words, Lord.
The one who murdered your
sons is our Queen Elizabeth.
She and Richard, they share
some lust for your throne.
For power over the Kingdom
and many more have been slain
for them to have it.
I have the means to prove this.
- Is this some nightmare?
- No, my lord.
If you've any life left in you,
any wellness to make
some final command
then you must order them gone.
Banish them far, far away.
To leave Richard in control
of your great Kingdom
would send our people
into a time of misery.
Ghosts infest our castle,
they torment us daily.
- Ghosts?
Then you've seen them too?
- Yes, My Lord.
We are haunted until we
can make things right.
(hands clapping)
(sinister music)
- Very clever, young Priest.
Who gave you permission
to speak to my brother?
- There are things
that he has to know.
- By the time this
sniveling sack of bones
has gasped his last breath,
all who have stood against me
will have fallen.
- Soon everyone will suspect
what is so plain to see.
- And all will die.
- Enough have died.
(Richard laughing)
- So, the Priest
makes pitiful threats.
Do you wish to dual
with me, weakling?
Do you wish to end it all here?
- For Beatrice and
the young Princes,
I will never see
you crowned King.
- I am your King.
And you, Priest, will soon see
what a merciless King I can be.
(tense music)
(items clattering)
(foot stomping)
(Isaac groaning)
(foot thudding)
(Isaac groaning)
(fist thudding)
(Isaac coughing)
- I'll carve out
your tongue, Priest.
- Don't.
Don't kill him, Richard.
- (chuckles) Oh, so there's
life left in the old King yet.
- The boy speaks the
truth, doesn't he?
You plotted with my Elizabeth?
You can manipulate minds,
and conjure lies, this I know
but you cannot hide the
truth from my people.
- I want what is yours, brother.
- You're no brother of mine.
- And you are no longer my King.
(sinister music)
(dagger clanging)
(men groaning)
(King Edward groaning)
(tense music)
(head thudding)
(dramatic music)
(anxious music)
- My lord?
(Isaac groaning)
My King?
(thunder crashing)
Please don't let it be so.
(door creaking)
- Arrest this murderer.
See what he has done.
He's killed the King.
The Priest is possessed by evil.
- No, no.
He killed our King.
He is the murderer.
- Put him in the torture
chamber with him.
(tense music)
(Isaac groaning)
- Geoffrey?
Geoffrey, Geoffrey, Geoffrey.
- Isaac.
- No, no.
What are you doing to him?
- Strip him.
Tie him down.
(Geoffrey groaning)
(Geoffrey whimpering)
(door creaking)
- Where is your God
now, Father Crawgyll.
What use is your
meaningless faith?
- Let Geoffrey go.
He played no part in this.
- I didn't tell them
anything, Isaac.
I swear.
I swear.
(whip cracking)
- Silence, rat.
(Geoffrey yelling)
- Fond of Geoffrey are we?
- Everything was my idea.
Do what you will,
but do it to me.
- Oh, I will, Priest.
And worse.
Body-snatching is an
offense punishable by death.
- Geoffrey was only
obeying my commands.
- What business,
Priest, did you have
with the two Princes
just days after they
were put to rest?
What was so important that
you, a fucking priest,
felt compelled to
disturb their remains?
- I spoke with them.
In the afterlife.
The Queen...
(foot thudding)
She slaughtered them.
That's what they told me,
that's what they showed me.
- They are dead, Priest.
- It was by a miracle of God.
- You've befriended
that sorcerer.
Where tempted by his dark magic,
allowed it to poison
your ungodly mind.
- Damn you.
(fist thudding)
(Isaac groaning)
- Are you quite finished?
Oh, the Queen may well have
shed the blood of her children,
but she can't be the one
to go down for the crime.
So, Elizabeth will attest
that you, Isaac Crawgyll
were the one who
murdered the two Princes.
And desecrated their grave
in the worship of Satan.
And that you and
your young lover
indulged in unnatural pleasures
in the black of night.
And you will confess
to all of that.
- I'd rather bite off my tongue.
- Are you certain, Father?
(whip slashing)
(Geoffrey screaming)
- No.
If I die, I die an honest man.
That is something that you
cannot take away from me.
- Do you see this?
This is an instrument
I invented myself,
with an expanding capacity for
inflicting unimaginable pain.
You'll see that it's
quite ingenious.
You turn the screw, and
it opens up like a flower.
Some of the prisoners
have come to call it
the Pear of Anguish.
(devise clicking)
Now, open your mouth.
I said, open your mouth.
- I will not go to the
grave with half a face.
- Fine.
We'll find an
alternative entrance.
(anxious music)
- [Geoffrey] Just do as
they as of you, Isaac
or they kill us both.
- I'm sorry, Geoffrey.
- Tell them what they want.
- We are in the
hands of God now.
- Isaac (sobs).
(whip snapping)
(Geoffrey screaming)
- No.
(whip lashing)
(Geoffrey screaming)
(menacing music)
- Confess and save
yourself this suffering.
- No.
- Confess and go to
the grave a sinner.
- No.
- Confess and say
you were compelled
to do the devil's misdeeds.
- No.
- Admit that I have beaten you.
Tell me I have won.
- You have no power over me.
- We did it.
We killed the Princes.
We committed satanic acts.
We confess it all, Sire.
We are guilty.
We are guilty.
(Geoffrey crying)
(tense music)
- No.
(blood splattering)
(Isaac screaming)
- The battle is won, Priest.
Admit it.
- Never.
- Insert the instrument.
(gadget clicking)
(Isaac screaming)
(instrument clicking)
(Isaac screaming)
(instrument clicking)
(Isaac screaming)
(instrument clicking)
(Isaac screaming)
(thunder rumbling)
(gate creaking)
(flame crackling)
- Isaac?
What have they done to you?
- [Isaac] I've failed, Henry.
Everyone around me is
died, and here you remain,
awaiting your execution.
I can't even save myself.
- One man cannot take on
all the evil of this world.
(thunder rumbling)
- What sort of world is
that to leave behind?
While we rot in this
prison, the kingdom succumbs
to a fate just as dark as ours.
That is what you leave
behind for William.
- What else could we do?
We did everything we could.
- You told me when
you contact the dead
that you send out a beacon.
A beacon into the afterlife
that draws all demons to it.
That they manifest.
That eventually all evil
things will answer the call.
- That is not
something that we want.
- Why not?
- There are things here
worse than ghosts, Isaac.
Things I've never
encountered before.
Things born of darkness.
Things that never lived.
- We have no help
from the living,
so I say let the dead
take their vengeance.
I'll soon join them, Henry.
I feel cold.
I am numb.
Cast your beacon.
Let loose hell on
this bloody tower.
Send Richard a message
from beyond the grave
that he will never forget.
Call them.
- See you on the other side.
(tense music)
(air whooshing)
(tense music)
(Mistress Blythe laughing)
(heartbeat thudding)
- Now, Henry.
(tense music)
- I call upon all dead things.
(Henry yelling)
- Henry.
(spirits screaming)
(Henry laughing)
(terror-stricken panting)
(tense music)
- Almighty demon, I am
ready, to abandon this life.
- Guards.
(Isaac screaming)
- (laughs) Oh, brother,
a pleasure to see you.
(King Edward laughing)
(hands knocking)
(flames crackling)
(King Edward cackling)
(battle ax thudding)
(anxious music)
(King Edward cackling)
(tense music)
(building rumbling)
(anxious music)
- Isaac?
Wake up, wake up.
(tense music)
(Isaac screaming)
(Queen Elizabeth groaning)
(chains rattling)
(sinister music)
(footsteps thumping)
- Have faith, my King.
(sinister music)
(Richard grunting)
(Henry panting)
(Richard gasping)
- God save me.
(dramatic music)
(Richard groaning)
(Richard gurgling)
(gentle music)
(water splashing)
(birds singing)
(uplifting music)
(thunder crashing)
(sorrowful music)
(gentle music)
(anxious music)