The Hawaiians (1970) Movie Script

Avast you heathens.
Here it comes.
Mr Morris, the Chinese
are killing each other.
Come along, Mr. Morris.
Break out the guns.
Stand clear.
They told us we shouldn't mix
Punti and Hakka together.
Mountain and valley people
have hated each other for years.
Punti and Hakka,
they're all Chinese.
They all bring the same price
in the dock in Honolulu.
They won't bring us a dime
dead at sea.
Who brought her aboard?
What name you?
I said no women
aboard this ship.
She looks none the worse for it.
Would you like her topside, captain?
Who belong you?
She belongs to me!
She's my wife.
Well, damn your eyes.
Did you pay her passage?
Passage all paid. The name
is the same, Son of Ti Chong.
Look at the contract,
you'll see.
I'll do that. And, i'll teach you
not to try any more tricks...
you smart bastard.
Nail up the hatch cover.
No food and water for 24 hours.
Give them something to think about.
Aye, sir.
- Watch out for him.
- What for? He's dead.
More shark meat.
You'd think they'd know better.
How many does that make?
Seven all together.
I'd hate to lose money on
my last voyage on the Carthaginian.
You're sure is your last?
Your grandfather is not
going to like it.
Unless you're taking command
of a newer ship.
From now on,
i'm shorebound.
I've got a scheme bigger than
the old man ever dreamed.
He'll love it.
We'll miss you, sir.
The Carthaginian is a good ship.
Maybe i can talk the old man
into letting you have her.
If we can keep enough Chinamen
alive to turn a profit.
I learn you Pidgin,
you savvy?
I learn you Pidgin,
you savvy?
Ship, you say.
You say.
Bed, you say.
Pakes, this side...
Move along.
I'll miss things about the sea,
but not that stink.
Can you spy my wife,
Mr Morris?
No. Is hard to see anything with
that crowd seeing the lepers off.
You there, stand clear.
Come along, now.
Come along.
I see why you mean
to quit the sea.
He says her name
is Char Nyuk Tsin.
You, Tsin.
You belong Island of Mauie.
You are Prohilde.
Next Pake.
You, boy.
He says his name
is Kee Mun Ki.
Too long.
We call you Kee.
You belong Janders and Whipple,
Island of Kiwai.
Next Pake.
You, boy.
This the girl from the brothel
of Spring Nights in Macao?
She's Hakka! I want half
my money back.
She healthy?
No mark up?
She's not for sale.
What the hell's going on here?
Me buy woman.
You told me
she was your wife.
Sure, she's my wife.
See? Me buy.
Me want woman.
Whip, if she's his wife,
you can't let them be separated.
Is none of my business.
I don't know who's cheating who.
He cheat me.
Me want woman.
Whip, couldn't they work for us?
You bet. Me cook,
in whorehouse in Macao.
Plenty fine house.
All right.
We'll give it a try.
You just bought
yourself a wife.
Maybe you're lying to him,
but you better not be lying to me.
Come on.
Aloha, Pakes. Aloha!
This your house.
Hey sister,
how about one drink?
Ship? No ship, house.
No ship, house.
By damn, some Pidgin,
you learn pretty good.
Whip, please don't go back
to sea.
I couldn't stand it.
I won't.
You know...
we should have a Hoxworth
shipping line with schedules...
instead of just tramps
sailing here and there.
If i can just
convince the old man.
We can make Honolulu
the crossroads of the Pacific.
Your grandfather died
six weeks ago.
I didn't want to tell you until...
Was that too selfish of me?
I'm glad you didn't.
Is like a main mast breaking.
You don't believe it
can happen until it does.
I didn't expect such a
gathering of the clans.
I thought the will
had already been read.
Hello, Malama.
Why so glum?
Must be the company you keep.
Is good to have you back.
I wish you'd seen grandfather
once more.
Cousin, Micah.
The will has been read, Whip.
Some time ago.
Perhaps you'll want
to look it over privately.
No, I'm only interested
in the ships.
I imagine he left all the other
businesses to Malama and you.
If you read it, you'll see
that he left the shipping business...
all the businesses to us.
What the hell do you mean?
You get Hanakai Plantation,
free and clear.
85,000 acres of nothing.
He always said is
the only mistake he ever...
Did you put him up to this?
I had nothing to do with it. If you
think my wife did, you're wrong.
I don't. The only thing I've ever
held against her is marrying you.
I loved that old son of a bitch.
And he loved you.
At the end, he was obsessed
with the old missionary families.
He said they left
all their sons rich...
but he didn't have
to do that for you...
because you could make it
on your own.
He provided you with an option
to buy the Carthaginian...
out of earnings if you chose
to stick to the sea...
which he advised.
He wasn't married
to Purity.
Granted, but he knew you better
than you know yourself.
Now, we're prepared
to make an offer.
For Hanakai?
You name it.
No, we agree
that Hanakai has no value.
Assuming you don't want
any favours from your sister...
we'll give you, not lend,
but give you...
funds enough to buy
the Carthaginian outright.
I don't want a gift and I don't
want one stinking ship...
I want a shipping line,
a scheduled line.
I want it enough
to eat crow for it.
All right, Micah,
you've got the ships.
Let me organise it,
run it.
Micah, thas a wonderful
But impractical.
You have no business experience.
You've been a hell raiser for
too long to turn respectable now.
You're prepared to give me
a ship just to get me out of here?
If this offer isn't enough,
name your price.
There's not enough money
here to pay my price.
I envy the pious...
they can be bastards
and never know it.
Captain, the name's Overpeck.
I'm opportunity knocking
at your door.
I'm a well driller and I can make
Hanakai bloom for you.
Like hell you can.
My grandfather tried to find
water there for 20 years.
I know all about it.
He dug six wells.
All down to caprock,
all dry.
That right.
But caprock ain't deep enough.
The way I see it, id be...
Excuse me. You wouldn't have
a drink in the house, captain?
Come on in.
You've got a lovely place here.
Is that your grandfather?
That him.
A fine figure of a man.
Will you be going back to sea?
The whole island knows
about the will.
Coconut telegraph.
You're a queer bird
to be in the water business.
That a fact.
these two volcanoes
built this island.
The lava flowed from both,
overlapping, building up in layers.
You've got to be able
to read them layers.
You can?
Yes, sir.
Like a chart at sea.
I've been reading Hanakai.
I've got the only drill...
that can bust through the caprock
to milk them layers.
If is so easy, why hasn't
anybody tried it before?
these pious fool believe that if
God intended them to have water...
he'd have installed fountains.
Where's this drilling rig?
In hock,
for 900 dollars.
If you're broke, make me a deal,
and I'll steal it back.
I can get the money,
whas the deal?
Whiskey and grub money
for every day it takes.
Too cheap.
I was hoping
you weren't all hot air.
Nice to have met you,
Mr Overpeck.
Don't make a mistake,
that was the price of a dry well.
If i find water, and i will.
I want 3,000 acres of your land.
Have a drink.
Foo Sen is a very wise man.
We do what he says, savvy?
You're going to have a boy,
his name is Kee Ah Chow.
You, girl.
You understand me?
The wife of Kee Mun Ki lives
in China, in the Low Village.
She's naturally the mother
of all his sons.
You'll care for all
of his sons...
until he returns with them
to his wife in China.
You understand?
When baby comes,
I take care, yes?
When you're delivered
of Mun Ki's son...
his wife in China will change
her name to "Mother of Wu Chow."
The mother of five continents.
How am i called?
Your name will become
"Aunt of Wu Chow."
The Aunt of five continents.
When baby comes,
I'm the auntie?
In China, man, he bring baby.
I bring very good.
His name Kee Ah Chow,
all same Asia.
Asia? That little Pake?
He'd better have broad shoulders.
Pakes very strong.
Pretty soon come,
I forget other name.
for luck.
Whip, there's something...
What wrong with me?
There's nothing wrong
with you.
Just hurry up and have
that baby so we...
Wu Chow's Auntie.
I'd be deeply grateful
if you could manage to...
that is if you still have enough?
Missy doesn't have any milk.
Missy's sick?
No, she'll be all right. The milk
will probably come in a day or two.
Thank you,
more than I can...
Who told you,
you could start a garden here?
Making money,
I sell in town.
Don't you have enough work?
I give you half,
all right?
Why do you need money for?
I'll see your family's fed.
Take money, buy land,
buy this land, maybe.
You can't buy this land,
is practically in my parlour.
Anyway, Chinese don't buy land.
They take money back to China.
I'm never going back!
All right.
Grow what you can,
and keep the money.
I may need to borrow
from you someday.
Damn your scabby,
rummy soul.
Hello, love.
Get out to that rig.
You can take that food
right back down the hill.
He traded the last batch for booze,
he can work hungry for a while.
Food from garden,
doesn't cost anything.
Then take it in town
and sell it.
Pretty soon, water.
Pretty soon, dry hole.
Dry hole number four.
Come on, get in here.
Garden food belongs to me,
you said.
Any whiskey in there?
What makes you so sure
he'll find water?
Not sure. No sure in China,
I come here.
I have baby, garden...
alongside great man Hoxworth.
I think pretty soon water.
What the matter, honey?
I don't know.
Maybe is too soon.
You're fine,
the baby's fine.
Hell, it seems like
a year to me.
I don't want to stop you.
Good night.
what are you doing?
Thinking back
a thousand years or so.
Thinking of the first canoes
that came up from Bora Bora.
Why did our people
come here?
Our people?
A little Hawaiian blood
doesn't make us natives.
It does if we want it to.
There was no one here
and they came thousands of miles.
Who knows how many lives
were lost in those canoes.
The missionaries,
the whalers...
the Chinese,
it was easy for them.
But, not for our people.
They were magnificent, Whip.
Is coming,
I promise you.
You've been saying that
for two years.
Is coming, i can feel it,
thas why I've got you here.
I can hear it.
I've got the land and now,
I've got the water.
The only difference between
a sugar planter and me is money.
Don't you want to see me
turn respectable?
You're not just asking for a loan?
You're trying to blackmail us.
That right. I'll disgrace you a lot
less as a planter than a beachcomber.
- No.
- You'd be broke again next year.
There's not money enough
in sugar to pay for irrigation.
The water is free.
But, not the labour to dig ditches
and keep them open.
You know very well,
we'd have to foreclose.
You're not a farmer
and certainly not a businessman.
I don't know if sugar
will pay or not.
But, i've got something nobody
else does, artesian water...
and miles of land.
Sooner or later,
is got to be worth money.
We can't see the sooner and
we're not interested in the later.
Take my advice,
and go back to the sea.
I'll see you in hell first.
And be damn glad of the trip.
What the matter, Micah,
cat got your tongue?
Pious bastards.
Don't you care?
Of course I do,
but they're all pirates.
They came here, took everything,
and now, they won't part with it.
I sure thought they'd fall
off a few points in my direction.
What will we do now?
I don't know. I'll have to
go back to sea, I guess.
Whip, i don't want you to go.
All right, I'll stay.
By God, i'll stay.
We'll lick them yet.
I've got enough cash to plant
a few acres of sugar. I can...
We can mortgage
the house...
We could sell the house.
We could sell the house
and just live.
We can live the way
our ancestors lived.
In a grass hut?
On fish and poi?
Yes! Listen...
You didn't marry some kanaka,
you married me...
remember? You love me?
I love you.
That how it all began.
I can't understand you.
How could i? We haven't
shared a bed for 6 months.
No, Whip.
Whip, please.
What is it?
What wrong?
I don't know.
I know this.
If i ever needed you,
is now.
And all you can do is tell me
to go to some beach and play dead.
Nothing to worry about.
Most babies get cranky sometimes.
Noel was just an excuse.
Is Purity i want you to see.
Did you notice
the way she is?
Why all this Hawaiian culture?
She's filled the house
with this stuff.
I can't get near her.
Thank you.
Was it having the baby?
Is that what did it?
It may be a post-natal depression
but then again...
it may not.
Purity isn't just
one quarter Hawaiian...
she's one quarter royal Hawaiian.
You know how those families
have been intermarrying for years.
She's losing her mind?
Is possible.
Here chick, chick.
Come here, chicken.
Here's my big fella.
Wu Chow's Auntie...
You did a good job nursing Noel.
I've got another baby for you.
What kind of baby?
Pineapple, from halfway around
the world, French Guiana.
The French won't export any.
I had a sailor friend steal this
seed plant, and smuggle it out.
It looks dead.
Just about. Ill take
a green thumb like yours.
Plant them among the vegetables,
and don't say a word.
If you can make them grow
and taste sweet...
I'll smuggle out some more
to plan at Hanakai.
We grow.
We grow.
You, come with me.
Maybe Captain Hoxworth
will loan us money.
Money? For what?
Buy littee bittee land.
You'll like. I know.
No good buying land
in this country.
I want a field.
Buy field in China.
I want a field here.
No savvy Punti!
You savvy Punti yesterday.
A little bit, one word.
You learn savvy Punti!
Too old!
Not smart.
Soon my sons will begin
to think they're not Chinese.
In one year, we'll go back
to China. One year.
Where will we live
in China?
I'll take my sons, and live
with my wife in Low Village.
Where am i going to live?
You'll live in your village.
I want to buy a field here.
Not buy a field.
Asia! Africa!
This you'll honour all your life.
Your mother.
Your true mother, in China.
She's my wife.
She looks pretty, no?
Wu Chow's Auntie...
I can't wait any longer on this.
Les see what we've got.
A little prayer
to Confucius wouldn't hurt.
You brought off a miracle.
You grew a good pineapple.
Wait. Now, you've got
something coming.
Shall we go look
at that littee bittee land?
What land?
Small land up the road.
The man says is 100 dollars.
Captain says, i pay 20
and maybe he'll lend 80.
80, hell, this is on me.
Make up your mind,
do you want it?
I got to get to French Guiana
before I go broke in that sugar cane.
Yes, i want it.
Jesus shall reign...
wherever the sun...
does his successive...
journeys run.
His kingdom stretched...
from shore to shore...
till moons shall wax...
and wane no more.
People and realms...
of every tongue...
dwell on his love...
What brings you here for
the first time in your life?
You know, we don't
discuss business here.
Why not? You've all
got rich in the name of the Lord.
I want the Carthaginian
for a year.
That impossible.
You're as penniless
as we said you'd be.
The will states I can sail the
Carthaginian with an option to buy.
I'll give up the option
for the use of her.
Well, brother Micah...
what saith the Lord?
10.07 and twelve seconds,
Mr Stein.
42 degrees, 8 minutes
and 22 seconds.
Right, sir.
Too many dishes.
Ah! You burnt!
No, no.
I look this hand.
It no hurt?
Do you have medicine
for Mai Pake?
Did you get the medicine?
But, no like Chinese doctor.
I like to see Dr Whipple.
No, he'll send me to Molokai.
Never, you savvy?
I hear about lots of bad Chinese men.
They tell police about Mai Pake.
Police pay money.
I think Chinese doctor
and bad men are the same.
What will we do
when the money runs out?
Kee Mun Ki.
You know, i no like
go back to China...
but maybe is better.
My Chinese wife see me
as a leper? Never, never.
In China ill be the same.
Wu Chow's Auntie...
you're a good woman.
You're a good woman.
Why don't we get the mosquitoes
to carry the pineapples?
Quiet, there may be
patrol boats along here.
Got him.
Damn your eyes, Conroy.
I said no shooting!
Morris pick him up.
Glendar take his place.
Stand by to give way together.
Oars out.
All right. Work as fast
as you can, but quiet.
Any man comes out of there
without a full sack gets left behind.
Good morning. Now, is time
for my preparation number 41.
How much this time?
Very special formula.
15 dollars.
15 dollars!
I don't have 15 dollars.
You have a vegetable patch.
You could sell.
No! I've got five sons.
Patch for sons.
Then, i'm afraid your friend
can't be cured.
No cure anyway. Medicine no good.
Better i go see Dr Whipple.
A white doctor?
He'll sell your friend to the police.
Pig! Liar! You sell
to the police already.
Go after her.
- You know where he's staying?
- No, they go, didn't say where.
- Where are the kids?
- Not home from school yet.
- Where's Mrs Hoxworth?
- She's gone.
if those two Pakes come back,
you tell us.
Better sleep now.
No, you sleep.
I'm not sleepy.
Funny thing. I'm sick,
but I don't feel sick.
Everybody's afraid of me...
but, i feel the same
as the day we came here.
Maybe, you should
be afraid too.
Better we go.
No chance unloading tonight.
Don't worry about that.
We'll unload the cargo ourselves.
Captain, you're home.
Where's Missy?
Gone. I don't think
she'll come back.
Captain, little Pakes are in bad
trouble. Come and help, please.
What do we do?
Help me get him
in the buggy.
Poor little Pakes.
Kee Mun Ki.
Aloha, Mun Ki.
Aloha, little Pake.
All kokuas aboard!
All kokuas aboard!
What are Kokuas?
They've not got Mai Pake.
Husband takes care of wife,
wife takes care of husband.
They stay there
and don't come back.
I'm a kokua. I go.
I'll help Mun Ki.
You got babies, Pake wahine.
You take care of these babies.
I take care of Mun Ki.
Wu Chow's Auntie,
you can't go there.
Last call for kokuas!
I go, i help Mun Ki.
I go, please.
Ready to make sail.
Stand by to cast off.
Kee Mun Ki.
You take me with you?
One more time?
This time...
I'll learn Punti.
All right. Everybody out.
Come on, lively now.
Over you go.
Look, i came here
to see you.
Purity, i want you
to come home with me.
But this is my home.
I belong here.
You belong with me.
If you really mean that,
stay here.
By God, if i thought...
whatever has been wrong
between us...
is it over?
do you want me?
I don't know.
By God, there's one way
to find out.
Whip, please put me down.
Please, put me down.
Please, put me down!
Put me down!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're trying to trick me!
All right.
But, i'm taking Noel
back with me.
Noel belongs here
with his people.
These aren't his people.
He's my son.
Here, you take him.
Captain Hoxworth!
Captain Hoxworth,
you got Mai Pake?
No, by God.
If i did they'd have to kill me
to get me out here.
What about you?
She doesn't have Mai Pake
yet, she's a strong woman.
Mun Ki.
I got your message.
Better you take baby,
go quick.
Sorry, the baby's a girl.
There's a place for girls
in the world too.
Is she weened?
She has no name.
You ask Foo Sen
for a good name, please.
I'd better go.
Good luck.
Is it true you killed a man when you
got the pineapples? In cold blood?
Where did you hear that?
School. Is it true?
Yes, is true.
What else do they
teach you at that school?
Did they tell you I found water here
so they could raise the pineapples?
No. They're saying the pineapples
have blood on them.
You don't know whether your old man
is a son of a bitch, or not.
Still want to go to sea?
Yes, sir.
All right.
You'll go to sea.
See what you learn there.
Maybe you can figure out whether
those pineapples are worth the
It has been long since
we heard anything from them.
And your sister, did you name her
Mei Li as i instructed?
Yes, will you tell our mother?
Also tell her we're going to build
a house by the vegetable patch.
A house?
You are ambitious.
A pity your Punti is so poor.
Go, go.
Those aren't Chinese.
They're a lot tamer
than the Chinese.
Work cheaper too.
Is time for you
to get along.
Do you need anything?
I don't know, Dad.
If you get in trouble just...
you just get yourself out.
Bye, father.
What the hell's going on here?
They finished it last week.
A good job.
On whose time, mine?
No, sir. And they paid for every
penny's worth of materials used.
If i was you,
I wouldn't put up a stink.
Bathing is a kind of religion
with these Japanese.
Is hotter than Port Said
in the summer today.
Give me a hand with these.
Am i supposed to give him money?
He makes the soap, or his wife does.
I reckon you'll be on the house.
You speakie pidgin?
No fellow speakie pidgin?
My name's Fumiko.
I speak.
Fumiko, you don't
need to speak.
In Japan,
I worked in a custom house.
I can speak many languages.
Why are you working
here as a field hand?
He wrote me a marriage proposal
and i came.
He's not a respectable man.
He's very bad.
You see...
Hawaii's not what i thought.
No work for a respectable
Japanese girl, except field hand.
I think maybe you can help.
Help you do what?
Find someone to marry you?
I don't think thas much
of an idea.
You've got a wife already?
My wife doesn't live with me.
Men like you have plenty
of women.
That not true.
Men like you don't need Fumiko.
You don't know anything
about a man like me.
Wu Chow's Auntie.
But, they said you weren't
allowed to leave Molokai.
Captain Hoxworth,
got me out.
You, Asia?
No, Africa.
That right.
America, Australia.
Where's Asia?
Asia is at his restaurant.
That good.
What her name?
Mei Li. The name
given her by Foo Sen.
Are you a leper?
No, no.
Do you think you can climb
the ladder to your house?
My house?
I'll help you.
Have you got Mai Pake?
No. But every night i look.
Now, you and me got secret,
Africa is smart. Much study.
Better he be lawyer.
But he can't be.
They don't want any Chinese lawyers.
Five sons. Why did
Kee Mun Ki have five sons?
So, the house of Kee
would be big and strong.
In China, big, strong family
always has a lawyer.
But they won't teach me here.
I'd have to go to America.
You go to America.
But having to send money to mother
in China, we could never afford it.
So, we'll make more money.
Restaurant too little,
make it bigger.
Garden too little,
make it bigger.
But, we haven't any more land.
We get more land.
I'm sorry, is impossible.
Impossible come back
from Molokai.
Micah, what do you think
of our new Queen?
She's a proud, strong woman.
Some think she's got herself confused
with the Queen of England.
Can you handle her? Or should we push
someone else for Secretary of State?
I doubt you'll succeed. She knows
I've served three monarchs loyally.
My loyalty is to my pocketbook.
I hope you can protect it.
Maybe this monarchy is becoming
a luxury the islands can't afford.
Can i give you a lift?
No, thank you.
I prefer to walk.
To the Kee farm.
I don't care if you buy it.
I'll even lend you the money.
The Queen won't stand for it.
It belongs to a Hawaiian family.
She won't let them sell their land.
To white man?
To anyone,
except Hawaiians.
Do you know
this Hawaiian family?
It won't do you a bit of good.
I still would like to meet
this Hawaiian family.
Frankly, as Prime Minister
you aren't worth spit in a
What were you doing when the Queen
tore up our Constitution?
She's given herself the power
to confiscate all the land and
I couldn't stop her. I believe is
a gesture to prove her independence.
Gesture! She wants every
white man out of Hawaii.
She's trying to drive the islands
back to the 16th Century.
She's trying to protect
herself and her people.
Can you deny that for years
you've financed...
a campaign to promote
the American annexation of Hawaii?
Why should i deny it?
I'll tell you something else...
for the past six months
a group of us, in the family...
have been buying up
every firearm in Hawaii.
Including some from
the Queen's arsenal.
For amateur revolutionaries
we've done pretty well.
you must wait.
What for? Until we
lose everything.
I'll not participate
in this ungodly scheme.
Do you want your relatives
shot for treason?
No, you've got to be
our white knight.
I tell you, i'll not be paety
to a revolution.
I'll supply the revolution,
you be the father of your country.
Never! And i don't intend to let you
drag the family down either.
There's only one thing worse
than a successful revolution...
that an unsuccessful one.
Sit tight, Brother Micah...
and await your call
to greatness.
Is coming, believe me.
Tired? Hell, no.
I never know if you do that
because you love me...
because is the custom, or just
to keep the furniture clean.
No one ever comes here.
You better see who it is.
I'm Lieutenant Keholo.
I know Mr Hoxworth is here.
You're under arrest, sir.
Am I?
Whas the charge?
Violation of the Defence
of the Realm Act. Treason.
You're taking me to jail?
Yes, sir.
you go to the American Minister...
give him this.
He'll know what to do.
Anytime you're ready, Lieutenant.
After you, sir.
Hey, hold it...
what are you doing here?
Captain Hoxworth,
you're in trouble.
You'd better go
or you'll be in trouble.
You need money,
No, thanks.
I don't need money, maybe.
Captain Hoxworth is
an American citizen.
For too long the whites have claimed
any citizenship that suited them.
Is particularly convenient
when there happens to be...
two American warships
in the harbour.
Apparently, you suspect
some sort of conspiracy.
Let me ask
a hypothetical question.
Suppose an uprising
did occur and failed?
The rebels would be beheaded.
What? I'm sorry, i put it poorly.
I meant a bloodless uprising.
Is a custom of the islands...
he who acts against
the throne is beheaded.
But if Americans are involved,
prominent Americans.
You've travelled all over, you are
familiar with civilised custom.
Mr Houghton, what you call
civilised custom...
has been more cruel to these islands
than beheading greedy men.
If you have any influence over them,
I suggest you use it.
This is all hypothetical,
of course.
I'm sure you intend to release
Hoxworth, soon.
I intend to execute him.
You can't be serious!
I'm sure Hoxworth is serious.
Why shouldn't I be?
He must have a trial. This is
a government founded upon law.
This is a government
fighting for its life.
Are you with it
or against it, Mr Hale?
Good evening, ma'am.
We're dealing with men
who hope to buy a revolution.
Will they be so eager when they see
it will cost them their lives?
This uprising must stop.
You must call it off.
I'm sorry, there's nothing i can do.
They've started the ball rolling.
I still think is all talk.
Let me speak to them!
You have great influence
with many people, so much so...
they speak of you as Hawaii's
first President after my fall.
Without my consent.
Your influence could be decisive.
If is crystal clear...
you stand shoulder to shoulder
with me, no matter whom it hurts.
This man is guilty
by his own admission.
Are you prepared
to concur in the sentence?
- Is barberous.
- Not if it saves other lives.
Yes or no?
Time is short.
Yes or no, Mr Hale?
No, your Majesty.
Ma'am, sailors and marines
are in the city...
and already in
the palace grounds.
As God is my witness,
it was none of my doing.
This is a sad day
for both of us...
for only God
will believe you.
Congratulations, Mr President.
How does it feel
to be the father of your country?
Now, we're finally annexed and Micah
is a 10,000 dollar chunk of art.
The Hawaiians think
he was a hell of a fellow.
How many Hawaiians
have forgiven you, father?
Whose side are you on?
Let say i think i understand
your viewpoint.
What was that Hoxworth and Hale
sign i saw coming up from the dock?
Since Micah died,
your Aunt Malama and i...
have gone into things together.
Ignition, spark.
Sounds like i've come back
to a little empire.
Does that scare you?
It might, if i were
committed to it.
You've got a nice touch
with that razor.
Why don't you ask what a
girl like me is doing here?
All right. Whas a girl
like you doing here?
Shaving you.
Is that supposed to stop me?
Then how about lunch?
If i can choose the restaurant.
Why not?
Good Lord, Mei Li.
Does the whole family live here?
Of course. All my brothers
are married now.
Why should it surprise you?
I've got to agree
with the Chinese...
white people live
and die alone.
Don't forget...
we're having lunch tomorrow.
I won't.
Pistol, we're going to be seeing
a lot of each other...
let go for a drink.
Why not?
Forgive me, but you forget
how fortunate you've been...
in having five sons.
A daughter is a far different matter.
Matter, no matter. Wong family
wanted too much dowry last year...
and want too much
this year.
Mei Li's not getting any younger.
Time is on the side of the Wongs.
Wongs got only two sons
and one is not smart.
With Mei Li they get five
more sons, all smart.
I say, good bargain.
They're rich. They know the alliance
can be of benefit to you.
Together, you'll be as powerful
as all the old white families.
No family is rich with only
two sons, and one thas not smart.
They ask for ten city lots,
I think they take six.
They refused that last year.
I will try it.
Quick, he's very sick. Take him away
before the police come.
All right. I'll put out a couple
of cases of rat poison, if you want.
Captain Hoxworth.
Put them on my desk.
I'll check them later.
Three cases of bubonic
plague reported in Chinatown.
I'm not surprised. I never saw
a worse pesthole in China...
and your shacks
are no better than the rest.
You've been seeing the pigsty
the Kee family lives in...
they could afford a palace.
They'd have it if it weren't
for the old lady.
Watch what you say
about that old lady.
While we're on the subject,
stay away from her daughter.
I've seen Mei Li 12 times and
I haven't been alone with her yet.
What are you getting out of it?
I enjoy being with her,
she's whas keeping me here.
What do you mean by that?
I suppose I love her.
All right. Live with her,
but keep quiet about it.
You carried her back from Molokai
when she was six months old.
I plan to marry her.
Have a drink.
No, thanks.
I've never been easy on you...
but there's no point making life
tougher than is got to be.
Have a drink.
There isn't a club
in this town that will let me in.
I can't remember the last time
I was invited into a private house.
I don't give a damn,
I never have.
But, maybe you would.
I like Mei Li, but I don't
like the idea of this marriage.
If they were to marry, they'll be
sorry. You know all the reasons.
I know reasons.
I'm against it too.
I can't stop it,
but maybe you can.
Captain Hoxworth,
doesn't like the marriage either.
But it was Noel
who did the proposing.
No Hoxworth has broken
his word to us yet.
He isn't even asking
for a dowry.
Marry Wong boy,
marry whole family...
Marry Hoxworth,
marry one sailor.
At least he speaks our language.
He speaks Hakka?
Only Punti.
If this plague gets worse,
whall happen to our business?
The city lots the Wongs want
are worth money...
and we may need it.
Now, you hear me...
Captain Hoxworth is my friend,
so his son is my friend...
but they're white.
They don't think like Chinese.
They don't have 5 sons, 1 daughter,
14 grandsons, 10 granddaughters.
They don't think about when they'd
be married to families...
that are the same one family
and they spread and spread forever.
That what Mun Ki and i
talked about on Molokai.
That what makes Mun Ki
live forever.
Hawaiian families understand,
but white families don't.
Wongs want ten lots,
we pay ten lots.
All of your clothes
have to be burned.
They're burning
the house down.
They found a dead man in it,
they say is the plague.
This place belongs
to Hoxworth and Hale.
Go and see Dr Whipple,
he's over there.
You speak their language?
Tell her we need to burn everything.
First, you tell me.
Have you got a permit?
No, but i know plague
when I see it.
Sue me if is your propeety
but talk to her first.
Don't talk to me about poison,
the rats laugh at it.
Our only chance
is to burn the blocks down.
You talk freely about burning
down other people's propeety.
I'm sorry, but he's right.
Do you want a plague thall cover
the island or to save lives?
Very noble, Doctor Whipple...
but not very practical.
Chase the people out of here,
hold them in quarantine and clean up.
And in a little time,
we'll get rid of the rats too.
Is too late for that.
By the time we cleaned up, we'd have
lots more of those on our hands.
Simmons, can you get
fire engines in here?
Some places yes,
most places no.
Then you risk setting
the city on fire.
You start anything like that,
I'll get an injunction to stop you...
and don't think I won't.
Let me have your attention.
Anyone who wishes
to enter the area...
must pass medical inspection.
Anyone wishing to enter
must pass inspection.
First tent, please.
To the second tent, please.
You know the quarantine
hasn't worked.
There are hundreds
hiding in those shacks...
if we wait any longer
they'll all be infected.
You want to burn them up?
We won't burn anybody.
I'm asking you to get
that injunction called off.
Either you get rid of it,
or we'll go to the governor.
What does he know about it?
He's from Chicago.
He never even saw Hawaii
until six months ago.
These islands
have stayed afloat...
long before your great
granddaddy got here.
I guess we can them from
sinking under the Americans.
They've provided a good way
of life for you.
Yes, sir.
First at the expense of
the Hawaiians and now the Chinese.
I'm talking about the plague!
What do you expect
the governor to do?
I'll show you.
you're getting a kick out of this,
aren't you?
Oh, yeah. I'm having
the time of my life.
Is a life's work to make
this island of yours fit to live in.
Damn right.
Left. Left. Left.
Platoon, halt.
Open up.
- Yes?
- Get your stuff out.
We've to dynamite this place
to clear a firebreak.
- I don't understand.
- The governor declared Marshall Law.
You've ten minutes.
Keep moving!
Africa, quickly!
Look out for those
burning beams!
Go this way.
Make way for the fire wagons!
We can't save it.
That the end of that.
Everybody move back.
I can't hold it anymore.
The whole place is about to go.
Doctor, i suppose
you're happy now.
Where's Wu Chow's Auntie?
- The Chinese won't leave.
- They're hiding everywhere.
Make way for
the fire wagon.
I've been over half Honolulu
looking for you.
You've got to come
to Chinatown with me.
The old people won't leave,
they don't know English.
I only speak Hakka.
At least is Chinese.
She's with me.
Mei Li, come with me.
There's still people
on the next street.
Get some water, quick!
She said the government
will pay them. It won't.
Quiet. Is no time for details.
Where have you been?
Looking for you.
Take him, he's heavy.
You stay with me.
There should be 458 dollars here.
And we owe 96,000.
It looks like we're more than broke.
Don't sell vegetable patch.
I guess we were squeezing
too many people in here.
I have to admit it...
Is better off gone.
You're not broke.
I'm better off
than i was before.
I've got cash to buy this land
for what ill bring now.
Dirt cheap.
I guess the Chinese will
hate me for that.
What about you?
I'll never hate you, Captain.
You know, if Mei Li were
to marry Noel...
it may heal a lot of wounds.
No good. Hoxworth up here,
Kee down there.
I know what you really think.
Hoxworth down there, Kee up there.
You know, Mei Li is supposed
to marry the smart Wong boy.
You never cared much for being
Auntie to your own children?
But, at least you had
the man you wanted.
Never mind, i guess you can't
let her marry a white boy.
I'll still let you borrow
any cash you need.
96,000 dollars.
96,000 dollars?
And a bit more to buy bit
of land while is cheap.
And Mei Li marry Noel.
You know,
I'm a damn lucky man.
At my age i still
have a goal in life...
to keep you from getting my shirt.
Wu Chow's father...
I know you're bothered that
Mei Li's marrying a white man...
but remember that
all the sons...
have married as well
as you could hope.
Asia has six children.
Africa, seven.
Australia has five
and another will come soon.
Europe, remember
we worried about him...
he has two.