The Hazing Secret (2014) Movie Script

MAN: Okay, it's recording.
What do you want
to say to Nancy?
To Nancy!
Our new ASB President
and Goddess Divine...
Who infuses the scent of
perfume where ever she goes...
She's the strongest
woman I know...
And has the best
rack on the row.
(Laughing) Okay.
So, this begins day one of
my psychology case study:
social exchange theory and
bonding in a sorority.
I expect a lot of tears.
Oh my god, you're
still studying!
We know you are going to
write a brilliant psych report
but Nancy will flip if
she sees books out.
Your commander-in-chief wouldn't
allow it on a night like this.
Pour, please.
Gwen, you have got
to stop slumming.
You think that guy was bad?
I caught this one
making out with Mike.
He was just scared
because things between
us were getting too real.
Looks like Mike's
been reading Cosmo.
He hardly has the initiative.
But if you're happy,
baby, I'm happy.
A toast!
To my sisters!
I never would have been
elected student body president
if it wasn't for my chicas.
ALL: Sisters for life!
Prince Charming awaits...
Sorry I'm late.
I was drowning in depositions,
and being a good intern,
I couldn't say no.
That's okay.
I know you hate these things.
Hate 'em.
Shouldn't you be studying?
I am!
Field research for
my psych report.
Now, I'm going to
need you to answer
a brief psychological survey.
Academic purposes only.
Question # 1: Where do
you see us in five years?
Five years? Five years.
We will be living in a
very elite gated community.
I'm going to be a full
member in the firm.
I like where this is going.
You're going to be pregnant
with our first kid,
we're gonna have three.
- Three?
- Or more. Do you want more?
I'm going to have to
think about that one.
Oh, Porsche Boxster, I'm
gonna have one of those too.
Best car in the world.
Uh, what else?
I see your BFF is here.
- Dude.
- Dude.
What's up, dude?
Hey, Megan.
Hey, Trent!
You're looking good.
Oh, yeah, you think so?
He has a thing for
you, and for her...
...and for her and for her!
Playing the numbers, huh?
Nah, I'm more of a hopeless...
None of that hopeless
romantic stuff here.
Okay? None of that.
I'm trying to help the guy out.
You know, being top
in a psych class
you think he'd know a
little bit about the ladies.
I don't think he needs any help.
You know how to get the
ladies don't you, Trent?
Get us some drinks.
I'm going to find your sister.
I'll see you, Megan.
Split a cheesie?
I thought Kim loved me.
But maybe it's time to
give up on true love.
No! You can't give up.
Why not?
Don't you want that kiss in
the rain-stand in the surf-
run to the end of the
earth kind of love?
You're drunk.
I'm eighteen.
That's legally impossible.
When did that ever stop a
sister of Delta Zeta Alpha?
But you can't give up on Kim.
Give me one good
reason why I shouldn't?
Because, Mike, you
have so much to offer.
You really believe that?
It's like you know me.
Turn that off!
Let's go, let's go.
Meeting. Now.
Kim, that dirtbag
isn't worth it, okay?
I love Mike!
You're filled with love and
maybe a little too much trust.
You know, if anyone should be
crying rignt now, it's Melissa.
She's just a drunk
freshman, let it go.
The only reason we
went easy on her is
because she's your boyfriend's
precious little sister.
Okay, Nancy, maybe we
should go back to hazing.
See how long it takes for
us to lose our charter.
This is what happens
when girls don't get hazed.
They don't learn loyalty.
I don't want to
get anyone hazed.
If she wants to be a part of
this family, she's gotta learn.
That's right.
It's time for her final exam.
I'm sorry, Nancy, so sorry.
I'm such a mess...
I don't want to embarrass you.
Jesus, she can barely walk.
Why is that here?
It's a Delta Zeta
Alpha tradition.
It traces back to our
founder, Doris Yelton.
Legend has it, the school was
going to shut Delta down.
Our radical mother
wheeled this coffin
to the middle of
Ainsworth Union,
she tied her hands
and feet with our colours,
symbolizing the unbreakable
bond of sisterhood.
She stayed in there
for three days
until the school
reversed their decision.
Three days without food,
water or sunlight.
She lived on the
ideas of friendship,
faith, and fortitude.
When she stepped
out of this coffin,
she was no longer a woman.
She was a legend.
So now, any time we take
new pledges into the fold,
they have to lie in this
coffin for ten minutes.
But I thought the
hazing rituals were banned?
You wanna be one
of us, don't you?
Yeah, I do, but I can't...
Pledge, stop speaking.
It symbolizes the death of their
old life, and their rebirth...
As a Delta.
Am I gonna be locked in?
Yeah, but just for a sec.
Don't worry, I'll have the key.
No, Nancy, please;
please don't do this.
I didn't mean to kiss him.
That's enough.
Back off, Megan.
It's not funny!
Come with me.
No, I don't think I can do this!
No, please. Please,
Nancy. Please, don't do this.
I'm sorry. Please...
Just forgive me! Nancy!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Nancy!
Nancy, please forg...
Oh mother dear
we sing tonight
Of love
Please, let me out! Let
me out, I'm feeling sick!
Old and new
MELISSA: What's happening?
And though we leave
we never part
(screaming and singing)
Stop it!
Red and white, red and white
Red and white
Colours that bond us so tight
Say until then, but not goodbye
Delta Zeta Alpha
Okay, you guys have had
your fun, now let her out.
I don't think it's been
10 minutes yet.
She's scared-
mission accomplished.
Give me the key!
You're going to have to
have a drink with us first!
Nancy, it's not funny, alright?
Just give me the key.
Okay, fine.
Oh, come on, Megan.
Don't be mad.
We're just messing around.
Hey, it's over.
Oh my god.
Something's wrong.
Don't be so dramatic.
Melissa, Melissa?
Melissa, wake up!
Wake up!
Oh my god. Melissa, wake up.
What did you do?
(Alarm clock beeping)
Oh my god.
Where am I?
(Shaking door)
Good morning, it's me, Megan.
Or should I say it's you...
or us...
I know, weird right?
I'm going to throw a lot of
crazy stuff at you right now.
Don't panic, you're okay.
You're healthy,
well, physically.
Okay, here it goes.
You had an accident
five years ago
and you've lost your ability to
retain short term memory.
We can remember everything
up until the accident.
Everything after that is gone.
So it's very important that we
make these wake up videos
for ourselves at the
end of every day.
These videos are our memories,
they tell us what we need to
know about the previous day.
We've been recording
them for five years,
they're all on here.
I can't believe I live
my life this way.
Now, before I go on, you
have a doctor's appointment
with Dr. Rothman at
11:30 this morning.
He's trying to help us get to
the bottom of this nightmare
we keep having.
Yeah, you know the one.
Okay, I think that's it.
You are now ready
to start your day.
The key to the door
is under the bed.
Remember to record
before you go to bed tonight.
Have a good day.
Hey Megan!
Wow - you remember me
- You're sharp today!
I take it I have better
days than others.
Do we see each other often?
At least once a week.
And the others?
Not nearly enough.
But that's something
we're hoping to change.
There's a reunion next week
for all of the sororities
and fraternities.
It's going to be epic.
Everything's paid for by
the Panhellenic association.
Tickets are in the envelope.
Please come.
Delta Zeta Alpha just
wouldn't be the same
if you weren't there.
Oh wow.
Um, okay. Maybe. Sorry.
I'm just a little
confused right now.
Do you think this is
something I can handle?
Maybe it's just what you need.
Just think about it, okay?
TRENT: It seems your nightmare
continues to be the same
in almost every detail.
I wouldn't know, so I'll have to
take your word on that one.
Does it still seem like what
happens in your dream
is actually reality?
It has to be.
How long have we
been doing this?
Five years.
With no change?
No improvement al all?
It's not the same
as an open wound, Megan.
Time doesn't heal everything.
Maybe it is time to
see someone else.
Someone who can maybe fix this.
No offense.
There are other methods, but
they are extremely dangerous.
I took your case pro bono
when I was a grad student.
I fought for you, Megan.
I believe a familiar face
will help you recover faster.
I remember... you
were in my dream.
That means your
memory is improving.
That's good progress.
Every day I line up these
cards in the same order.
You may not
consciously recall it,
but as you see, the
memories are still there.
Deep down in your subconscious.
Your case is quite unique.
Most cases of
Anterograde Amnesia
cannot retain
declarative memories
for longer than a few hours.
In one case, the patient
experiences a "wake up"
every thirty seconds.
I'm not following you.
It is the interval
between memory loss.
Yours, well you are able to
retain your declarative
and episodic memories until
you go to sleep each night.
Then why do I keep remembering
something that never happened?
I believe you have memories that
are trying to work their way
through from the
subconscious to the conscious,
but on their journey
they are becoming jumbled.
The dream is a
manifestation of your guilt.
Your inability to
protect Melissa
has had a profound
effect on your psyche.
I know it feels real,
but it never happened.
Melissa's death was ruled
a tragic accident -
just another example of
an inexperienced youth
succumbing to alcohol abuse.
Melissa was looking
for a place to rest,
she got trapped in the coffin,
there was no one near to help.
None of your other friends
were ever there.
I can show you the
police report if you like.
What about my accident?
It happened shortly
after Melissa's death.
You jumped from
your sorority house.
You were in a coma
for three months.
I'm sorry?
You mean...
You're saying I
tried to commit suicide?
Every session I have
to break this to you,
it just never gets any easier.
I'm sorry.
I just saw Kim
before you got here.
She invited you to the reunion.
Be with our friends who
share the same memories.
Yeah, right.
Memories of the girl who
tried to kill herself.
I'm sure they'll be thrilled
to have me around.
Don't say that.
Are you gonna be there?
Would you like me to be there?
Unfortunately I can't
get there until Saturday
since I have a few regular
patients I can't reschedule,
but if you need me
in the mean time,
I'm just a phone call away.
You need to do this Megan.
If Dr. Rothman is right, maybe
this little reunion will help
trigger our memory
and we won't have to record
these videos anymore.
Wow, that would be
nice - one can hope...
You made it.
I'm so happy.
This is going to be
the best weekend ever!
I'm glad I came.
It's beautiful here.
Isn't it amazing?
Come on.
Let's go find everyone.
I hear Trent's coming.
Yeah, but not until tomorrow.
Bryan is already here.
You remember him, right?
Yeah, but nothing recently.
Trent said he was a bit of
a you-know-what to me
the last time we saw each other.
I've got your back, girl.
Nothing we can't handle.
Well, well, the Prodigal
Sister returns.
We have a lot of
catching up to do.
KIM: And right when Nancy
got Mike out the window,
House Mom Betsy comes
banging on the door.
Starts screaming about
Nancy keeping a harem of men.
That woman was a nightmare.
Do you remember after we
fired her she came back?
Because she wanted to sue us
because I wouldn't give
her the garden hose.
It would have only
cost you a few extra dollars
if you just gave her the hose.
A good leader
doesn't cave so easily.
I like this one!
I might keep her around
when I run for mayor.
Nancy is a staffer
for a senator in D.C.
And I'll be her trusty campaign
manager when she's ready.
If her mom can spare
her the D.A.'s office.
Wow, you've done so well
for yourself Nancy.
All of you-really.
I wish I had more
to share about myself.
Oh come on, you're
just being modest.
You were always so smart.
Are you still making
those little movies?
I'm making different
ones these days.
Like podcasts for my memory.
We really wanted
to be there more,
we just thought seeing us
would maybe make it worse.
It is my biggest regret that I
didn't see the warning signs.
I really should have noticed.
But we're here now.
Whatever bug you've
got in your brain -
we're going to kick its ass.
Okay, how about we open
the orientation packages?
I'll save you the trouble.
These are the best
things in the packet.
Pass those down.
We will have to keep these
close for the toga relay.
Or get a head start.
There's something in them.
Maybe they go together.
Who did this?
Gwen spent a lot of time
organizing this weekend for us.
Let's not let some stupid prank
ruin it for everybody.
Yeah, come on.
Drunk frat boys and girls
dumb enough to think it's cute.
Look at them.
They have no respect for all the
work I've done for this weekend.
We need to get the
events back on schedule.
Guys, don't you think we need to
do something about these notes?
Well, if you can't beat
'em, join 'em, right?
People will listen to you.
Get them over to our
events sign-in station.
Megan, you can help me with
the team-building exercise.
Seriously, guys?
No one is even a little
concerned about the message?
More than a prank,
don't you think?
Honey, that's
what people do here.
You're over thinking it.
Just... we're on vacation!
Just try to forget...
I mean...
Please, just try
to enjoy yourself.
We're going to play a game.
The three-legged toga relay!
My lovely assistant is
passing out laurel crowns.
Whoever has a crown that matches
your colour is your partner.
Partners line up over here!
So, looks like we're...
Let's just get this over with.
On your marks, get set...
Step, step!
Come on, keep up! Keep up!
I'm trying!
What are you laughing about?
We're going to lose.
Over the shoulder.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We have a winner!
Way to go, Megs!
You two - shameless photo-op.
Let's go.
Get together.
A little closer.
Okay, cute.
Be sure to pick up your prizes
at the administrative booth!
I've got to go.
Can we just talk, please?
You didn't want to talk
when Melissa died,
I don't want to talk now.
It's okay, Megs.
What a jerk.
I say good riddance.
What happened between us?
Bryan was really messed up
after Melissa's death,
and then there
was your accident.
He couldn't deal with it.
And you, you were
so depressed, Megan.
You just kind of checked out.
We should have known
something was wrong.
We weren't there for you.
But from now on we will be.
(Phones ringing)
Guys, what's this video?
Oh, is it recording?
Oh my god, it's Melissa.
Hi, I'm Melissa and
I am so excited
because today is the first
day of the rest of my life!
I'm a Delta Zeta Alpha, yay!
Is this some kind of joke?
Still think it was a prank?
All right.
Who's doing this?
You think it's one of us?
It has to be.
Which one of you sent the text?
Is someone trying
to break our pact?
No one would benefit
from that, Nancy?
What pact?
We were all together. We all
got the text at the same time.
It couldn't have been one of us.
Except maybe those of us
with a guilty conscience.
Let's not blow this
out of proportion.
Can somebody tell me what
we're talking about?
She doesn't remember, Nancy.
That video was something
that Megan would have recorded.
She was videotaping
everything back then!
What did you do with
the videos, Megan?
She already told you she doesn't
know what happened to them.
- Kim, shut up!
- We need to just tell her!
Shut up!
Megan, I don't know what
you are trying to do here,
but I don't like games.
I don't like being played.
I really don't know what
you're talking about.
Oh, right.
Because you forgot, isn't
that so damn convenient.
She's one of us, can you stop?
Kim, shut up!
Why don't you go
have another drink,
or are you on the wagon today?
Oh, right, you fell off.
(Phone ringing)
MEGAN: Hi, where are you?
I don't think I can do this.
Are you all right?
Nancy is accusing me of
doing something I didn't do,
or at least don't think I did.
I don't know, did I?
You have to work
through this yourself.
You cannot take what other
people tell you as fact.
You need to
remember it yourself.
You're getting close, Megan.
Someone sent us a
video today of Melissa.
The girls said I was
the one who took it...
Megan, you're an easy
target for these women.
Just be mindful of
everything you do.
Sisters for life.
Oh mother dear,
we sing tonight
Of love forever true
(Branch snapping)
...we part
Our eternal guide
Red and white, red and white
Colours that bond us so tight
Say until then, but not...
Oh my god, Kim?
Megan, help me!
Where did he go?
Where did he go?
Who did this to you?
I don't know.
He was wearing
some kind of mask.
It's locked.
Megan, get it off!
I don't... I can't reach it.
Just hang on.
Oh my god, is that gas?
Is that gas?! Is that gas?!
I think so.
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
I'm trying!
(Gasping and sobbing)
Let's get this off you.
Come on, come on.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Get this off me,
get this off me!
You're okay.
It's over!
It's over, it's over.
Oh my god.
What's going on?
What are you
doing out here alone?
It's over.
This is ridiculous, okay?
It was probably those Phi
Delta boys messing around.
Those idiots are pretty sick.
It isn't a joke.
Someone slipped a note
under the bathroom door
asking specifically
to meet me here.
Like this one?
You got one too?
This was Kim's handywork.
It's a sick joke.
No, are you kidding me?
Someone tied a rope
around her neck
and hung her from the ceiling!
Nancy, someone wants to hurt us.
I heard voices in the
woods before I found her.
If you don't believe me then
come see for yourself!
Take her back to the
room, get some rest.
No, Megan.
Let's go, Megan.
Don't go. Don't...
I swear to God, this
better not be a waste of time.
I'm telling you I heard
the voices, our voices,
from out here.
From right here.
"Secrets, secrets are no fun.
Secrets, secrets hurt someone."
You know what, Megan, I'm
getting real sick of this!
Where did you find that?
The note?
The box.
Where did you find this?
This is the key box,
it's never supposed
to leave the sorority house.
What are you talking about?
Do you expect me to believe that
someone just planted this here
for us to magically find?
Someone wanted me to find this.
I'm telling you there
was someone out here.
I heard our voices,
I'm sure of it.
Megan, where's the key?
I don't know!
But our coffin was in the shed.
Show me.
I don't understand.
I swear it was
right here before.
Honey, maybe it's time you
called Trent and went home.
I'm not making this up.
We have to find
who's doing this.
Calm down.
We have to call the police.
We are not calling the police.
Look, she was bound with
our colors, our robes,
they obviously knew the
Doris Yelton history
and they are messing with us.
Let's go back to the resort,
we'll talk to Kim,
I want to hear her side
of the story anyway.
If you can't handle all of this
maybe you should
call your shrink.
TRENT: Megan, is
everything all right?
I just got your message.
Oh, thank god.
I think - I think I may
be hearing things.
What did you hear?
Nancy's voice, but
she wasn't there.
It was like coming
from a tree or something.
I'm sure that
sounds totally crazy.
Megan, take a deep breath.
Kim almost died, and then
I found this cryptic note.
I don't know what's going on.
Calm down.
Is Kim okay?
I don't know, she's freaked out.
Do you think that there's anyway
I could've done something
while I was awake
and not remember it?
I suppose it's possible,
but highly unlikely.
This trip is putting
you under mental duress,
and you may experience
some form of hallucination
or memory lapse.
I'll be there soon.
Just try and stay calm
'til I get there,
you may just be reacting
to the new medication.
Just try and stay calm, and keep
taking notes in your tablet
until I get there.
Please hurry.
GWEN: Her brain is scrambled,
she can't be held
responsible for anything.
Would you like to take
responsibility for this?
You should know more than
anyone that Megan is dangerous.
Megan only has power over us if
we decide to give it to her.
KIM: Megan didn't do this.
She couldn't have.
How do you know?
Because she's not even
going to remember
how she got here in the morning.
How the hell could she
orchestrate something like this?
NANCY: Megan doesn't even
know herself anymore,
She's capable of anything.
Someone went through the
trouble of providing us gowns,
let's not waste them.
Look Megan, they even
wrote a little note.
"Athena - goddess of
logic and reasoning."
"Persephone - goddess
of the underworld."
When did you have time to
put all of this together?
You're starting to
sound like Nancy.
I didn't do this.
Oh, I saw you put those
in the suitcase.
When did you go
through my suitcase?
You put it on my bed.
I was just moving
it out of my room.
It was over there.
In the closet.
Whatever, I, for one, am
happy to play Queen Hera.
Thanks for the dress, Megan.
You're a doll.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Guys, cut her some slack.
I heard you in the woods.
I heard all of you
singing the bid song.
Oh, honey.
I know what I heard.
I have dreams of that
night, every night.
That song, that was a message.
Someone needs to tell
me what's going on.
Can you please cut
her some slack?
I think Kim was attacked because
she wanted to tell me something
that someone didn't
want me to know.
What are you talking about?
NANCY: I'll throw
out a wild guess.
She thinks I did it.
Look at Kim.
She looks like she's
about to jump out her skin.
But Nancy would want
us to just sit back
and take that
intimidation, right?
If I were trying
to intimidate you,
you wouldn't be guessing.
You would know it.
I'm tired of everyone
blaming each other.
I'm outta here.
Let her go.
She just needs to
blow off some steam.
Hey, come on.
Let's get out of here.
You don't get to touch me.
Let's go before...
Before what?
Why don't you make yourself
useful and get me another drink.
Glad to see you're
enjoying yourself.
Don't you dare.
Kim, how many of
those have you had?
Not nearly enough.
Kim, please, you're
smarter than this.
You know what, I almost
died today, okay?
I think I deserve a few.
Did we not come here to party?
Who wants shots?
You guys need some shots.
Lighten up.
Are you proud of yourself?
Can I sit here?
If you want.
This is... I thought it would
be different coming here.
I don't know what
I'm doing here.
Me either.
That's not true.
I came here to see you.
You're going to think
I'm crazy...
But when I saw you, it's
like this wave knocked me over.
And just like it
was five years ago,
all the anger and
sadness came back.
I'm so sorry.
I needed you, Megan.
I needed you so much.
And you just cut me off.
You were the one that
didn't want to talk to me.
What are you talking about?
You were the only thing
keeping me together.
That's not what Gwen told me.
Why would she say that?
I don't know,
but you kind of went off the
radar for a while, Megan.
I don't think anyone knows what
was really going on with you.
Nancy says she doesn't
know what I'm capable of.
Maybe she's right.
It's scary, knowing you're
the exact same person
you were 5 years ago but still
not knowing who you are.
I'm glad you haven't changed.
You were a beautiful
person to begin with.
You know for the first
two weeks we were dating,
I totally thought
you had a stutter.
When you took me home
to meet your family,
Melissa said she had
never seen you so nervous
in front of a girl.
Mr. Cool couldn't even
get a sentence straight.
She told me that
right then and there
she knew you would
marry me someday.
I think what hurts the most
about losing my memory
is finding out that I lose you.
Every single day.
What's it like?
Oh, you know.
Kind of like Groundhog Day,
except I don't remember it.
I keep notes on what
my friends are doing.
Most days I don't see them.
It's like reading stats
about someone else's life.
It sounds like you're
as confused as me.
I even dropped
out of law school.
You what?
I was so convinced the
police missed something -
that it wasn't an accident.
I became a cop so I
could look for myself.
Sounds insane, but...
Bryan, there's something
going on I feel so confused...
NANCY: Megan, we
need to talk to you.
Can it wait? I'm in the
middle of something.
No, it can't.
Excuse us, Bryan.
Nice to see you.
What do you think you're doing?
He's a cop.
I know.
Then explain to me why
you're talking to him.
I don't need to
explain myself to you.
Actually you do.
GIRL: Please, get her!
Come on.
You, call 911. Get back!
Get back, get back,
get back, go!
Come on! Everyone, get back!
Get back.
It's going to be okay.
What happened out there?
You tell me, Nancy.
What are you talking about?
You said that if you wanted to
intimidate me I would know.
That's ridiculous.
Look, I was with Gwen
the entire time.
And where were you? With Bryan?
Where were you two?
You know damn
well where we were.
You guys interuppted us while we
were sitting on lounge chairs.
That's not how I remember it.
Are you sure that's
where you were?
Listen to me.
She can't be sure of anything.
She doesn't even know who
she is when she wakes up.
Where are you going?
To Bryan.
You don't even know him anymore.
A lot has changed, Megan,
it's been five years.
You yourself said
this wasn't a joke.
Kim is dead.
She was a really good swimmer.
There's no way that
this was an accident.
I don't know what
to believe anymore.
She was drunk!
Do you know how many people go
swimming when they're drunk
and drown?
It was an accident.
Was it?
Megan, we were there for
you when Bryan wasn't.
Where's my tablet, Nancy?
What? What are you
talking about?
Get out of my stuff.
I don't know how that got there.
I'm out of here!
We have to stick together.
I hope you remember
that, at least.
Dr. Rothman will
be here soon,
and then I'll
remember everything.
You can count on that.
Be careful what
you wish for, Megan.
You may want to keep some
of those memories buried.
Why don't you just
go get some sleep?
You know, wipe the slate clean.
That was unfair, even for you.
You know the police are coming.
We have to tell her.
Tell me what?
She wanted to betray us.
If she doesn't remember, good.
We were all there that night...
NANCY: Gwen!
GWEN: No, the
night in your dream...
the night Melissa died...
We made up the story.
Gwen, stop it!
My dream is real?
It's a memory?
How could you keep this from me?
What is wrong with you guys?
I have to tell Bryan.
No, you don't.
Because Bryan is a cop.
And if you tell him then we're
all going to go to jail.
And for what?
Because somebody wrote us
a letter about something
that happened five years ago?
Because Kim is dead and because
it's the right thing to do.
I know I have
problems, but guys,
how are you living
with yourselves?
Melissa was our
friend, our sister.
This is ridiculous.
We have to tell him.
He lost his sister.
You're delusional.
Someone out there
already knows what you did.
He's going to find
out one way or another.
What we did, Megan.
All of us.
GWEN: Nancy?
Shut up, Gwen.
We all locked Melissa
in that coffin.
Every single one of us did it.
That's not what
happened in my dream.
Don't do this, Nancy.
It's true.
I couldn't have.
Don't you think it's
a bit convenient
that you don't remember
anything from that night?
If you tell anyone, we
will all be locked up.
So go ahead, run to the police.
But you killed her too, Megan.
You killed her too!
So many lies, I think
you're starting to believe them.
Oh, come on.
She was the only one.
The only one who
tried to save her.
TRENT: It's very important you
don't sleep until I get there.
You'll lose all your progress,
and we're so close
to a breakthrough.
I understand.
I'm on my way.
I'll see you in the morning.
That long?
It will be very early.
Hey Megan.
Remember, you're the
strongest person I know.
Good morning, it's me Megan;
or should I say you?
(Video audio overlapping)
(Sobbing, videos playing
in background)
We didn't do anything.
(Video audio overlapping)
You must remember this.
Your dreams misled you.
We killed her.
As soon as Trent gets here
you must take responsibility
for Melissa's death.
What are you doing?
"Our never ending
quest for right."
We sure did stray from the path.
Gwen, you were there.
Why would I have done
anything to Melissa?
I have dreams of that
night, of what happened,
but it's different.
Maybe it's just what
I want to believe.
Megan, you didn't do it.
You didn't lock
Melissa into the coffin.
Nancy did.
And we all played along.
Not all of us, not you.
I don't understand.
You fought us.
You tried to prevent
it from happening.
Just like my dream.
She lied to me.
We all lied to you.
We all lied to you to
protect ourselves.
There isn't a day that goes by
that I don't regret what we did.
But Kim's dead,
you're on the brink of whatever
is going on with you and...
and I just want all
of this to be over.
This is all Nancy.
She did all of this!
She has manipulated
and deluded us
into turning our backs
on what is right.
Do you think she killed Kim?
Absolutely not, no.
Then who?
I don't know. Bryan? Mike?
I don't know but if there
was a flight leaving now,
I'd be on it.
I'll just have to
wait till the morning.
Are you staying awake?
I can't close my eyes.
You know what
happens when I sleep.
Well, if it makes
you feel any better,
I probably won't
get any sleep either.
Be careful.
You've got to be kidding me.
Get over here, huh?
What are you doing?
You okay?
Yeah, I think so.
What are you doing, man?
She attacked me.
He had roofies in his closet!
What? Are you gonna believe her?
This crazy chick, she
broke into my room.
You attacked me in the house!
What are you talking about?
Okay, calm down. Calm down!
Bryan, get off me,
man, before I...
Before you what?
Assault a police officer?
Before I lawyer up.
How does that sound?
I will sue you for
everything you got, man.
Okay, get up, get up.
Come on, get up.
What is wrong with you?
Let's go, Mike, I'm handing
you over to the police.
It's so quiet here.
I was expecting to feel calm,
but this place is kind
of eerie right now.
What's going to happen to Mike?
They'll try to hold him
until the toxicology
report comes back.
But if they find any trace
of roofies in Kim's body,
he's going down.
I never said thank you before.
I don't know what I would
have been done without you.
You're lucky Gwen asked
me to keep an eye on you.
She's worried about you.
I'll be fine.
I just need to get out of here.
You're not allowed to go
anywhere unfortunately, Megan.
This is a crime scene
under investigation.
Are you investigating me?
Well, we're going to be keeping
your friends behind too.
They're going to want to
ask them about Kim
and, uh, your mental state.
Mental state?
He was trying to kill me.
There's a lot more to
this than date rape.
I wish I could tell you
but I'm still trying to
figure it out myself.
Listen, we have him now.
I know this has been
stressful for you.
But you're safe now.
You need to try and
pull yourself together.
I'm so glad you're here.
I should have been here sooner.
How are you feeling?
I'm alive.
We have a lot to sort through.
You're so close, Megan.
I suspect you only need a push.
What is that?
I would like to try
something new.
Tap into your
unconscious memories
using an experimental
hypnosis procedure.
Is it dangerous?
Not at all.
In fact, when we're done
you'll feel like you've
had a full night's rest.
I will be guiding you
to make sure that
we get all the
information that we need.
I'm exhausted.
Okay, I'm ready.
Sorry, I'm...
I'm kind of scared.
It's just...
So much has happened.
I'm not sure if...
Everything that happened
will be wiped clean.
It's okay.
We will be able to
get you to hypnosis
without you completely
falling asleep
and thereby wiping your memory.
Focus on the pendulum, Megan.
Appreciate that you can
let your body relax deeply.
Let the calm seep
into your muscles
and allow all of the weight
of your body to drift away.
Farther and farther.
Deeper and deeper.
Feel reassured that this
deepest part of your mind
can be relaxed and soothed.
You have no worries.
You are falling into an
infinite pool of calm.
When you wake up, you
will be in a safe place.
Now let's take you
back to that night.
In the sorority basement.
Oh mother dear we sing tonight
Of love forever true
Stop it, let her out!
What is wrong with you?!
Delta Zeta Alpha
I finally got the key,
but it's too late.
I'm so sorry, Melissa.
I was supposed to protect you.
I'm so sorry.
NANCY: We had a pact, Megan.
We all swore until death.
Okay? So if you talk now
we're all gonna go to jail.
Do you understand that?
This is our future.
What about Melissa's future?
You never thought of that.
I have to tell the police.
I can't do this anymore.
Megan, don't be stupid.
Okay? Nothing you do now
will bring her back.
Look at Gwen.
She just got a job at the
District Attorney's office.
Kim is taking over her
family's business.
And I just got into law school!
I can't let this ruin our lives.
I won't let that happen.
I can't live with this
secret anymore.
You don't have a choice,
Megan! Okay?
If you tell then you'll have to
deal with the consequences.
What are you doing?
The pact is only supposed
to be broken by death, Megan!
If you don't want to die
I suggest you keep
your mouth shut!
I'm going to count
to three, Megan.
On three you are
going to wake up.
Talk to me, w-w-what
did you see?
Where are you going?
I need to find Gwen.
I am so sorry.
About everything.
I should have known it was Mike.
Where's Gwen?
You're crazy!
Where is she?!
I'm not telling you.
I won't let you ruin everything.
It's too late for that.
I'm sorry.
Okay? I'm so sorry.
Megan, wait.
GWEN: Help!
GWEN: Someone help me!
GWEN: Megan!
GWEN: Megan!
GWEN: Megan!
Megan, help me!
Help me!
Hold on!
You can't fall asleep, okay?
Don't fall asleep.
Gwen, Gwen, please wake up.
(Relieved laughter)
Gwen, did Nancy do this to you?
It's okay.
Come on, let's get help.
Let's get up.
Just rest against this.
Just rest here.
You okay?
Gwen. Gwen, you're safe now,
I'm just going to go get help.
Okay? I'll be right back.
I'll be right back, I promise.
I promise, stay here.
Stay here.
Bryan, oh my god. Nancy
is trying to kill me.
I know it sounds...
We killed her.
As soon as Trent gets here
you must take responsibility
for Melissa's death.
It was you.
You were chasing me.
You... you...
All this time you've
looked me in the face,
all of you...
You're a liar, Megan.
I'm going to make sure
you get what you deserve.
Megan, Megan, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Talk to me, what happened?
It was Bryan.
He's the one who
did all of this.
I'm such an idiot.
My friends tried to
stop me from telling him.
But I didn't.
We have to call the police
because they're coming
for me right now.
They need to know
what's going on.
The line's dead, and there's
no cell reception here.
Why is this happening to me?!
You're not meant to live
in this confusion, Megan.
You were made for
greater things.
You have such
talent, such intelligence.
The only way to
reclaim your life
is to come to terms with
your memories and move on.
I'm here to help you
with this, Megan.
But maybe... maybe...
maybe I'm just crazy.
I should have told someone
about Melissa when it happened.
Now Kim is dead,
Gwen almost died
and Bryan is trying to kill me.
I never should have
kept that stupid pact!
Maybe then Kim would still
be alive if I didn't.
No, Megan, evil is
not in your nature
and this is not your fault.
You girls took
something from Bryan.
He lost his sister and now he
feels entitled for revenge.
He is the crazy one.
He's trying to kill all of you
and he won't let you
leave here alive.
We need to get out of here.
It's him.
Run, Megan.
Don't stop for anyone.
BRYAN: Open up!
BRYAN: Open up!
Where is she?
Where is she?
You can't protect her.
You are always trying to
keep her away from me
but not this time.
Not this time.
What she did was wrong.
I will find her!
No, no, no, no, not! Not now.
Her therapy is almost complete.
All that remains to be seen
is whether she remembers
once she wakes up.
Do you think I care about that?
Get out of my way.
You have no idea who you
are protecting, do you?
The police are on their way.
I'm so sorry, Bryan.
Calm down.
You have to come
with me, all right?
You're not well.
I won't let you kill me.
Calm down.
I thought you loved me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm here now.
Everything's going to be okay.
(sobbing) Hello?
(Panicked sobbing)
Help! Please let me out,
please let me out!
MEGAN: Please let me out.
Stop it! What is wrong
with you guys?!
Melissa? Melissa, wake up!
TRENT: Does it still seem like
what happens in your dream
is actually a reality?
(Echoing) Reality... reality...
(Trent's disembodied voice)
You're awake.
Please, please let me out!
But is your subconscious?
This may seem
somewhat of a severe method,
but I realized that I was
getting nowhere in my therapy.
I had to try something
new, something...
Showing you your old
videos didn't work.
What you needed was an
extreme form of trauma
to trigger your memory.
I couldn't break
it's hold on you
unless I could recreate
it and shatter it.
Please, please let me out.
In order to unlock your mind,
I needed to establish the same
atmosphere of distrust
from the time of your accident.
And this reunion presented
me with the opportunity
I'd never had before;
all of you together
in one place.
Kim was the biggest obstacle.
I had to get to her quickly
before she could
tell you everything
and spoil the whole thing.
You're the worst one of all.
You were supposed
to be the leader!
And yet at every
crucial crossroad
you chose to dig your
friends a deeper hole.
(Muffled whimpering and begging)
Yeah, I don't think
that will happen.
(Sobbing) Please!
Shhhh shhhh shhh shh.
I need absolute
silence for this.
For years I had to
live with the truth
that I was a stranger to
the woman I loved.
Come on.
I knew I was your memory but
I wanted to be your heart.
I tried every day to make
you fall in love with me.
Do you know how hard it is
to make someone fall
for you in one day?
I did all of this for
you, because I love you.
It's a shame Bryan won't be
here to take his revenge,
but at least he will
get credit for it.
Every good crime needs a patsy.
Trent, Trent, remember.
I remember everything now.
You do?
Every minute that
we spent together.
Every look, every touch.
I remember it all.
I fell in love with you over
and over again every day.
And then like
nothing, you'd forget.
Yes, but I know you understand
that it wasn't you.
You were the only one
who cared about me.
You're the only one
who ever truly loved me.
You never let go of me.
I would never let you go, Megan.
I know.
I know because...
Because you and I,
we're soulmates.
We are meant to be together.
I remember it all now.
I love you, Trent.
You know...
I'm still the only one
who's ever been inside here.
It's like a true
marriage of the minds.
(Relieved laughter)
I knew my treatment would work.
You were right.
You are going to make
history with this breakthrough.
We always were a good team.
I can't wait to start
our future together.
Megan, Megan!
NANCY: Wait.
I am so sorry.
About everything that happened.
But... but I hope you can find it
in your heart to forgive me.
I mean we're... we're
in this together, right?
Sisters are for life.
You are not my sister.
Am I under arrest too?
Gwen told me everything.
I remember now.
I tried.
I really did.
Melissa was my sister
too, you know?
And I wanted to protect her.
I know you did.
I never stopped loving you.
To me, it feels like it was just
yesterday that we were together.
Well, it's been five years.
A lot can happen in five years.
Yeah, I know.
I understand.
Are you sure?
I never stopped loving you.
I kind of owe you my life.
Ah, forget about it.
I'm going to have to
find a way to repay you.
We have our whole life for that.
And I'm going to make
sure it's a long one.