The Healer (2017) Movie Script

- Honey.
- You back?
Yes, a long story.
Coming! Just give me a minute.
Don't come in here, I have a surprise.
Oh, surprise...
- Hai.
- Hai.
Two flights cancels and
sent me home early for the weekend...
after a ten hours wait.
So what with the surprise?
I forgot your birthday last month.
- Alright. - And.
All done.
It should just take a couple of hours connect.
- If you got any problem, you give a call me ya.
- Connect what?
R34 chip , second generation on your plasma T.V.
She not tell you?
It show the Premier League matches...
..and five Champions League first round games.
Oh and i threw a couple more thing on me
but just not tell anyone I did that yeah?
See ya.
Oh my God.
How great are you!
My shoe...
Damn about your business,
it's not my damn problem!
You tell him if the money
is not here by Friday,
I'm closing your stupid store.
Healer, my shit...
- What did he want this time?
- Damn it, Alec.
- His going to close the store.
- No, his not. Relax.
And what the hell happened yesterday?
You left and never came back!
Yes, sorry, I.. I got caught up ...
You are the one who fixes the stuff .
If you're not here,
- How do we make money?
- 40 quid. Is that all we got?
- You're not betting that money.
- Lend me 10 more.
- No, Alec.
- Please!
Its one horse, one race, okay?
I got a winner,
I've done it before.
And you lost everything before!
It's like a 7 to 1.
No one knows you got the win race...
... since last time.
- That's it, I quit.
- Come on, Amir, don't do this.
Look, I don't know what happened to you, Alec.
You changed.
You're a good guy,
but you need some help.
I'm fine! I can fix...
Where is your other shoe?
I'm Alec Bailey.
- I got phone call from you.
- Yes, right this way.
I imagine you must be...
...quite surprised to get our called
about meeting today.
- Yeah, I ...
- Seeing as you bounds...
five checks when you had your account here.
Not to mention your Visa,
Which had to be canceled twice because
you manage somehow to keep ramping up charges.
Bollocks, I paid all that off.
So, why am I here?
There is someone who is willing
to eradicate all your debts.
Is this a joke?
It should be. It's not.
Alright, who is this person?
A family member.
Ahh, family member, right.
Well, both my parent are long dead,
as is my only brother,
and the last I heard
of a relative...
It was in my First Communion.
So, how do you gonna explain that?
- Well this is an uncle, you've never met.
- That convenient.
Mr. Raymond Heacock.
Yeah, That's my mother's maiden name.
He will be at his private club...
table under his name,
today at one P.M. ...
Thank you, Svetlana.
Sit down.
- A little, yeah.
- Good.
I have ordered you the escargot and sole,
they do it well here.
He won't be having any,
thank you.
You must be curious.
Ask away.
You're my uncle?
Your dear mother was my sister.
Then how come I
never heard of you?
Sadly, we rarely spoked.
There were a couple of things
we couldn't agree on.
Such as?
Well, that one I'm not
prepared to answer.
Bank said that you
gonna give me all this money.
Well, that not exactly right.
Can I be open with you?
Frankly, you are a
disgrace to the family.
Your gambling habbits that rely
to get you killed or ...
the very least maimed.
You never married and
you sleeping around...
As if you just
discovered your willy.
As for your Engineering degree,
your business is a disaster.
What am I doing here?
I'm prepared to pay off
all debts.
Every single one of them.
Which at this moment in time...
amount to exactly...
88,950 pounds.
So, you see.
It's not all bad.
Of course, I want something in exchange.
- What?
I want you to move
abroad, leave England.
Leave England?
- Where?
- You will be living in Nova Scotia.
- That's Canada, if you don't know where it is.
- Why?
Well, we had family living there
for the past 200 years...
and, frankly, where we getting abit
thin on the ground
It's a tradition I want to maintain...
Thank you.
365 days.
Not a day less.
And then, if you're not happy,
Well, you can always return to England
and pick up...
your debauch life
where you left off...
And, by the way, you'll be leaving on Monday.
That's on two days!
Yes. Hopefully, your friends won't
kill you by then.
Now, Here is your tickets to Halifax.
You'll be meated on the airport by
a man name Frederick.
He's worked for
me for a number of years,
He looks after my house where
you'll be staying.
Now, there is work papers
and a Visa that last a year.
- What am I supposed to do there?
- Could always try working?
Doing what?
Not my problem, dear boy.
So, Monday, 13:05,
your plane leave.
Be on it or the deal is off.
Now, I really must go.
Enjoy your meal, it's all paid for.
I'm really sorry about your
brother, such a shame.
By the way Alec, ever notice anything
strange about yourself?
Good luck.
So I say, you get the plane ticket,
get it refunded.
Should be closer what you owe
to those Russians.
- And you tell your uncle to bugger off.
- What is wrong with you? I'm not gonna rob my uncle.
And I just him.
Beside, he's like the only family got.
You've checked, right?
Can it get refunded.
Yeah, I checked.
But that beside the point.
I'm not gonna go to Canada.
This is ridiculous.
I reckon if Charlie was here,
He tell you to go.
- You don't talk about my brother!
- Alright mate.
I'm serious.
You don't talk about Charlie!
Okay, I'm sorry...
So, Alec...
If you are drinking
beers with friends,
It means, you have the
money for Mr. Masic?
Leave him alone!Alright.
He's gonna get your bloody money!
Alec, playing games...
Oh, shit!
- Tell me your sins, my son.
- Jesus Christ!
We'll have to adore to what ever
else you confess.
I'm just hiding here.
This is a sacred
sacrament, get out!
No, please, they gonna kill me.
- Who wants to harm you?
- Nobody, just slow your voice.
Now tell me what you've done.
I owe them money.
- What you stole?
- No!
I gamble it
Wait, wait...
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have to close now.
This is the house of the Lord.
I don't believe either one
of you is praying.
So, will you brought your businesses
elsewhere, Please.
Stay for a while, those men aren't
gonna go away just like that.
Come here and tell me what's
going on with you.
Maybe I can give you some advise.
Look, Father, I just...
Sit down!
You owe me this atleast.
Sit and talk.
It seems your life is not going well, is it?
I think you should move to Canada.
I think it's God ways of give you a second chance.
Trust me, my uncle doesn't work for God.
- Let me tell you a story.
- No, please, Father. I'm gonna go.
There was is this parish
priest in a church.
And the rain was so bad for a month,
that the town was flooded.
And people were force to leave,
but the priest said:
"God will save me!",
so he stayed behind...
Now, when the water was up to his waist,
they sent the police to evacuate him,
and then they sent him the fireman,
and the army with a boat,
and always he refused, believing the God
would be the one to save him.
and so he drowned.
And when he come face to face with
God, he complained, he said:
"God, why did you abandon me?"
And God said: "I sent the
Police, and the firemen,
and even the army with a boat
but still you would not listen. "
I think God sent your uncle.
Go to Canada.
That's me...
I'm Frederick.
Welcome to Nova Scotia.
So, are you from Nova Scotia?
And how long have you known my uncle?
43 years.
Wow,I only just met him.
So, there is a few things
about this house you should know.
Sometimes the fenner breaks down,
let me know if it does but don't kick it.
Fridge is not great,
but your food won't spoil
You got one phone,
washer on the back.
Don't over loaded it will flood.
The bed is made, it abit squeaky,
you'll get used to that.
Fresh linen and towels is on the closet.
Got any questions?
Yeah. Is there any Internet?
Where is the nearest town?
Lunenburg, about four kilometers east.
How I supposed to get there?
Well your uncle asked me
to find you a car.
An old fishing buddy of mine
sold me his truck.
Should be delivered in the morning.
- Oh, great, thank you.
- Yeah, thank me when you see it.
Wait wait.
How am I supposed to reach you?
I'll be around.
Numbers on the wall.
Oh, I guess this is me... For a year.
You got to be kidding me?
Nice car!
I hope you like fishing.
Oh, I don't fish.
This...This things should
not be on the road.
- This actually not mine...
- Fred bought it, I know.
You must be Alec.
Hey. I'm Cecilia, I know your uncle, he
told me that you might be coming.
- Oh, Hey.
- Oh. you jet lag?
Yeah, abit...
Buy you a coffee?
- It is just around the corner.
- Is that gonna be alright?
Yeah, I don't think anyone be stealing that.
It's ridiculous...
What brought you all the way out here?
I just wanted a change, really.
It was a now or never kind of things,
What do you do?
- I am a vet.
- Oh yeah?
Yeah, mostly farm animals.
I moved here after college.
And your profession is?
I fix things.
I'm a mechanical engineer.
So, I have kinda ability
to fix anything in electrical.
You know what?
You should put an ad
in the local weekly
newspaper, it's like...
the Bible here.
Everyone reads it.
Yeah. that would really help me out.
I kinda need the money.
They are closed today because
they publish tomorrow.
But I can maybe get your
ad squis in there.
The editor is my neighbor.
- Yeah?
- Yeah
- Yeah...That would be great, thank you.
Hang on.
Okay, what do you want to say?
"The Healer, Alec Bailey,
arrives in Lunenburg."
"I fix anything electrical that's broken".
I'm gonna put your
uncle's house as the address.
"The Healer", I like that.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
Well I had a shop with the
same name back home.
Hai cecilia.
Father Malloy.
This is Alec, Raymond's nephew,
he just got here.
Welcome to our community.
Your uncle is a very generous man.
Is he?
Will I be seeing you at Sundays Mass?
No, I'm actually a Buddhist.
And how that come about?
Well, just like you found
Jesus, I found Buddha.
And where is that exactly?
I mean, that you find him?
- I found ...
- Father, give the man a break, he just got here.
I'm just kidding. Good luck with that!
- l will you, Cecilia.
- Bye.
Are you really a Buddhist?
No, I been to Thailand.
So, are you married?
- No, thank you.
- No?
No, I actually happend to like...
What you like.
- Really?
- Yeah!
Wow, that's great!
- Maybe I could take you to a dinner or something...
- No, I like women.
Oh, you are a lesbian?
Yes. That's what they call it.
Sorry. I didn't...
Batty, what's up?
Batman, what is it? What's going on?
That is so bizarre.
Are you good with animals?
I don't know.
Well, if fixing things doesn't work out,
You can always come work with me.
I can use the help.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, no, no, no...
Oh shit.
I don't mean to...
just stopped here...
I wanna need your license and registration.
I only just moved here.
I been lend this truck.
I know who you are.
You are a Heacock.
Raymond's nephew.
Yeah! You must know my uncle.
You have papers on the vehicle,
yes or no?
I'm give you a citation...
for parking on the side of the road with
emergency lights...
and for drinking and driving.
Wait, I was choking on a chips.
and I do not give a royal crab.
Welcome to Nova Scotia.
And when you speak with your uncle,
tell him Tom sends him regards.
Oh my God, that cold!
Excuse me.
Sorry, the front door was open.
I hope you do not mind.
We'll just be waiting in the sitting room.
What do you all doing here?
The Ad you place?
The healer?
- Oh, Give me a minute.
- Alright.
Right, whos first?
We are.
Great. How can I help?
Well, I have arthritis
and it's getting worse each day.
And my husband, well his hearing is practically shut.
So annoying.
So, can you help us?
Sorry, It seem to be abit a mistake here.
But you a healer?
Said in the ad.
No no no...
It's... It's my commercial phase.
It's... It's my slogan.
- I fix electrical things.
- Ad says you heal.
"The Healer, Alec Bailey,
Arrives in Lunenburg."
"I fix anyone."
Wait... I did not say that.
Well, it's printed right there.
Frankly, we were abit surprised...
that you would bring it up this way,
being that it supposed to be a secret.
What do you mean a secret?
So my blood sugar is off the chart.
Doctors say I'm gonna need insulin at this point.
I'm so sick of dieting.
It does nothing.
Yeah, I'm like a factory kidney stone.
One a month, sometimes two...
I can feel one coming as of yesterday.
The ad is wrong.
I can't... I'm not a healer.
I don't cure people.
He doesnt want to help us.
- What?
- He doesnt want to help us!
- Why not?
- Because I'm not a doctor.
- What?
- So, you're not the chosen one?
What are you talking about?
Why would you lied
like that then?
Look, It's a mistake, okay, a misprint.
If you have anything
electrical, anything at all.
I'll be happy to look at it.
That's what I do.
My truck broken down.
If someone could drive me to Cecilia's,
I could clear all this up.
Didnt you say you fix
electrical things?
- Yeah
- Fix your car.
So unfair.
I really thought my
prayers had been answer.
I can take you to Cecilia's,
if you do something for me.
My boyfriend has been procrastinating
about asking to marry me.
Just need a little push.
So, if I say something that
does not make much sense...
when his around,
you just follow my lead?
Yeah, I can do that.
When you want me to do that?
He's the one who brought me here.
So, Philip, this is Alec.
We know way back.
How long it has been, Alec?
- A While.
- Gosh, does not feel that way.
It's amazing how for a woman,
first impression with
a man a just so important.
I was lucky,
you were so sweet, Alec.
So gentle,
How long are you staying?
- A year.
- A whole year?
That is so great.
One day we should go swimming,
at the lake, like we used to.
Remember that time my
mom nearly caught us butt naked?
- we hide for whole hour behind a rock?
- No, I don't remember that.
It's fine, Alec, Philip understands.
We all have a past,
Right, honey?
See you soon, Alec.
So happy you're here.
Call me anytime.
- Hey.
- Hey.
They misprinted the ad!
Hey, this isnt funny.
I already had four
potential clients in my house:
One with arthritis, one
deaf, some nachos waitress...
and some dude running on kidney stone...
I am sorry. I'll have
them to re-print it,
but it won't out
until next week.
I've been here only two days...
I got ticket yesterday for 250
dollar by this policemen.
Wait, Tom?
Tom pulled you over?
Tom's ex-wife had a crush on Raymond...
and rumors said that they had a things...
So, Tom tries to make your uncle's
life impossible when he's here.
Well then now I'm the target, aren't I?
What is it with you and the animals?
My dog love you,
the sheep follow us...
I think you got some
strange animals.
I wanted to ask you.
I know it's cheeky,
but the other day...
Were you serious about
the job offer?
- Yeah! Of course!
- Great! When do I start?
Right now! I can't believe it.
- What was that?
- Just follow me!
Oh my God!
This cow has been difficulties since
yesterday, in constant pain.
What's wrong her?
She's pregnant
Do you think she's gonna lose... The baby?
I think it's about to happen right now.
- Are you going to giving birth?
- Yes
I think I should probably just
give it some privacy.
Alec, grab the gloves.
Do you want a job or not?
Grab the gloves!
Alec, come on!
Easy bro.
Oh my God! What are those sticks
coming out of her tunnel?
The legs!
Okay, we gonna pull, ready?
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on.
Hey, little one
You know, it's not usually
like that, it's actually...
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Okay.
I still hate that she was staring at me.
I am so sorry.
- seriously?
- I am so sorry.
- You have some visitor.
- No, I have more clients.
Mr. Bailey, can you see us now?
Frank, Leslie, what is this about?
My little Rebecca, Cecilia,
you know what wrong.
She's nearly five.
and she hasnt spoken for the past year.
I'm so sorry, the ad was misprinted.
He isnt some kind of a healer.
You not the healer?
No, I fix electrical things,
not people.
Can you atleast try?
I gonna try and fix this.
I am so sorry.
I'll see you tomorrow at 10.
I'm so sorry,
It's my fault.
I'm never gonna the year.
Alec Bailey!
What's going on?
Alec Bailey!
I want a word with you.
How dare you come to
this peaceful community?
and try to scams this people?
- What the hell you talking about?
- A healer?
Is that the best ploy you
can come up with?
Look... It was a mistake, alright,
they misprinted the ad.
Ah! baloney!
I know how this scams work.
Now you got the whole town
talking about it.
Of course you says it is a mistake.
What the hell you talking about,
I'm telling you that the ad is bullshit.
Hey, don't use
foul language with me.
Well then, listen to me and
help me tell this people...
that I'm not a healer.
Paula, come on...
Okay, go.
As we can see, the oaks and the
forest a thick with mosses,
So moist of the spring...
Sounds like a bad argument.
And propagate your publicity?
No sir,
I'm gonna report you
to the authorities!
You know what? Get off my property!
You give me a headache
Your uncle would be ashamed of you.
Don't you walk away from me! I'm talking to you!
Do not touch me!
Help me...
Laura, check it out...
- Oh my God!
- Is that Father Malloy?
Don't you die on me!
Oh my God, he murdered Father Malloy.
- What's he doing?
- He probably gonna bury him.
- Let's get out of here.
- No, wait, wait.
Oh my Gosh!
- That guy is an animal.
- Oh my God!
I've got it all on camera.
Let's go see Tom!
Oh, shit!
Help! Help!
Hey, Alec, I didnt know you were the
Healer. I just saw the ad.
Where is the newspaper office?
I need to talk to them!
And would you like the spacial juice of today?
- It's Blackberry Apple.
- Oh, Sure.
Larry! Would you like to try the juice
of the day? It's Blackberry Apple..
Why are you screaming at me?
Will be grand, Mary.
- Larry, can you hear me?
- Yeah, what is it?
- Larry, you got your hearing back!
- I think I have.
And I didnt have any
pain this morning.
- I thought it was just a lucky break.
- Dear Jesus!
They say Leslie daughter
is like a chatterbox
after they saw Alec.
I'm going to take my blood tested,
Maybe I'm better too.
Yeah, you should.
- You'll really think that he's the one?
- He must be the one.
Would you like some coffee, honey?
No, no thanks.
Hey, guys! Look, that's him!
Lets go.
- Yeah, he's there.
- Where is he?
We printed what we were told.
Bullshit! Now I need put clear
messages for tomorrow...
saying you made a mistake.
We don't print again until next Tuesday.
I do not care!
Just make an exception!
This, this whole thing...
Oh my dear man, thank you
so very much!
I can hear!
I never should've doubted you.
I hadnt have any pain since yesterday.
And Rebecca doing so well,
you are a blessing to this town!
Has my blood sugar corrected it self?
I don't buy this crap!
There are no Healers and
this guy has no powers.
- This is ridiculous, Mary.
- Thank you! Thank you.
Finally someone with common sense here!
Oh, my God, Phillip!
Your stutter, it's gone!
My stutter...
My stuttering is gone!
You not doing so bad.
How much are you charging?
How much do we owe you?
Do you know why?
Because real Healers don't exist!
Next week his going to
print that I'm Superman!
but I still not be able figure fly!
Now I just want to be left alone!
But he heals people.
There you are.
You're almost two hours late!
I got a great excuse, okay?
Do you still want me to
work with you or not?
- Yeah, sure!
- Great!
Who's giving birth today? Anyone?
I know that you had some bad luck
since you got here.
Bad luck?
This place is a living nightmare,
the people here are crazy and I
got this constant blistering headache and...
It's my birthday.
Happy birthday, Alec.
Do you like Pinot Noir?
Its really beautiful here .
Ohh, you finally notice.
See, it's not all bad.
Thank you for this.
Happy birthday, Alec.
So, do you have a girlfriend?
-No, not at the moment.
What if you were wrong about all of this?
I was thinking, I bet if we
did an experiment...
you and I...
I like kiss you...
Maybe you might changed your mind.
You don't think?
Interesting, I think we should do...
- an experiment before...
- Okay.
Where maybe you kiss Fred and
see if you change your mind.
I'm really that bad?
-You know what is weird?
Rebecca, that couple child,
She started talking
after after she met you.
From what I've heard, you're having...
- some sort effect to people.
- No...
It just people in this town,
they just looking for an excuse to wake up...
from there boring existence and find
miracles where there are none.
That little girl was about to
speak, I know it.
Alec Bailey, we have you surrounded.
get down on your knees with your hands
behind your head...
Tom? Is that you?
Cecilia! Cecilia, get away from him!
he's dangerous!
Alec, Alec! Get down on your knees with your hands
behind your head!
I won't tell you again!
Get on your knees!
Look, it's ticket! I'm gonna pay it...
- Are you insane?
- Oh my God...
I thought the safety on.
Are you out of your mind?
What are you doing?
Alec Bailey, you're under arrest
for the murder of Father Malloy.
- What?
- Anything that you say...
will be held against you
in a court of law.
- What?
- I didnt killed anybody.
He have heart attack and
I left him in the church.
You are one cynical bastard.
We have the whole thing
on video tape, Cecilia.
He killed him and now he probably
buried him somewhere.
He walked on his own two feet
in to the church!
His gotta be somewhere, Tom!
We have an eye witnesses,
we have video footage...
of him pounding on the poor man.
- Where is the body?
- There is no body!
He's out there, just go and find him!
Father Malloy is nowhere to be found.
Are you that stupid.
Even his car is still
at your property!
Cecilia, I didnt do anything!
Find Father Malloy, Cecilia!
I'm innocent!
Now, what do we got here?
What is that?
- It's shovel...
- What's he doing?
Listen up.
He's probably gonna bury him.
And you tell me at the end of it if you
think that Father Malloy is still alive.
I've got it on camera
Let's go see Tom!
- Wow.
- Thanks.
No, not...
There has to be some
sort of logical explanation.
- The man is not an assassins...
- Then where is the priest?
He took the body, put it in
the back of his truck...
and he took it somewhere.
I mean, this man is a sick, cruel bastard
and you are just lucky
that he didnt hurt you too.
What gonna happen to him?
NSPD is coming down to picking
him up in the morning.
- This is major.
- Let me talk to him.
Please, Tom.
Please, let me talk to him.
Five minutes and don't you dare get close.
- Did you find him?
- No. I look for him everywhere.
Fred's looking too.
What's gonna happen to me?
They're taking you to a Halifax prison.
- Did you speak to a lawyer?
- No! I don't want a lawyer.
- This is serious, Alec.
- I didnt anything.
He had a heart
attack at my house,
I managed to get him in truck,
I drove him to the town
and then he woke up,
and he walk into the church.
I just watched the video
Father Malloy looks very dead.
Yeah, tell me about it,
he freak me out. I thought...
You don't believe me, do you?
I do, it's just so implausible,
what he would just get up...
- and walked away after all...
- Yes, he did.
I believe you, Alec. I'm just trying...
Just get out.
I will find Father Malloy.
You want a shovel?
So, you want to use the bathroom,
before I lockup for tonight.
Father Malloy was my
very good friend.
They're here!
Hey, Pete!
- How you doin?
- Good, good, you?
Good, good, good.
Who would've thought you have any of this
going on like this in Lunenburg, huh?
The guy is from Britain, isnt he?
Yeah. He's just arrived, he's only
here for less than a week.
We havent yet found out
where he has buried the body.
We'll find the body.
We have Alcapone here.
He is the best dog, I've got.
Let me tell you this boy will
sniff of things only dog dream of...
- Hey, am I free to go?
- Freeze!
Hands on your head now!
- Or I'll spray out of the shit you boy.
- Okay!
How did you get free and
get out of here ?
The door was open and my
cuffs were loose...
- Bullshit!
- Henry, let Alcapone go, get'em boy.
Get'em boy.
Get'em boy.
Lunenburg police.
Henry, Grab the dog.
- Tom...
- Damn it, not now, Jim.
I need you to get down on the ground slowly!
Or I will put a bullet through your head!
Tom, I'm sorry, but it's Father
Malloy on the phone for you!
I told you!
Shut up and don't move!
Who is this?
But we saw video where you...
- Right...
- What the hell have you done, Tom?
Thank you.
He is innocent.
Oh my God!
That was Father Malloy calling
to confirm it, and he's fine.
What the hell is wrong with all of you?
I told you I was innocent!
What the hell have you done now, Tom?
You saw the video..
I mean there was no way
he was still alive...
We all saw the video, Tom.
What are you? Steven Spielberg now?
There is more footage. Look!
- Watch this!
- Let's go, Henry.
Don't waste my time again, Tom.
You... what a coffee with those
little cookie you like?
Shut up.
Father Malloy!
Where the hell were you?
They put me in jail
thinking you were dead!
I know I'm sorry.
I came as soon as I heard.
Well you come soon enough, did you?
I'm sorry for not believing in you.
- Wait!
- What?
I have a confession to make.
I lost my faith about two years ago.
I actually stopped believing
that God could existed.
you accuse me of lying to these people?
I didnt have a heart
to tell the community,
so I just kept playing my role,
which is... what I was, the priest.
That's pathetic.
But I died yesterday.
I'm sure of it.
And nothing should've brought me back, and yet...
Look, when moved to Lunenberg,
I heard stories, rumors, Healers.
I just dismissed it as,
non-sensual myths.
-Wait, wait..
-I believe, you have a gift.
A God given gift,
which brought me back...
and gave me a second chance.
Are you serious...
I got my faith back.
I want to thank you for that.
Alec, son, there is no
deny it, you're a healer.
And I'm done.
I am done.
You are...
Your all clinically insane here.
"There's a room you haven't
seen yet: The basement."
"This is the key to the house."
"One is sorrow, two is joy,
three for a girl, four for a boy,
five for silver, six for gold,
seven for a secret, never to be told.
Is this the key to the house?
It's your destiny.
Hello, Alec.
It's you.
We need to talk.
- There's a lot to take in.
- What the hell is going on here?
- Why you have my name on wall?
- Calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
What is this place?
Who is this people?
These are your ancestors.
That one, behind you, was the last
one chosen, it was my father.
Is this some kind of religious sect?
You have the family gift,
the gift of healing.
- It skip a generation.
- Oh my God, you all insane!
Alec, since you been here,
you've helped a young girl...
find her speech,
an old man his hearing...
- It wasnt me.
- Father Malloy died and his back.
- I've seen the video.
- I didnt do anything.
- I don't even touched those people.
- You don't have to touch them.
If you're nearby and someone is
meant to be cured, then they will be.
- Like it or not, you've been chosen.
- Who chose me?
Whatever you want to call it.
The Big Chief, Mr. Creator,
the Supreme Being...
- Well, that's the more popular name.
- I don't believe in God.
Pick another name.
The headaches are part of it,
they will go away.
Why do not we go outside
to get some air?
- Alec!
- No, no, stay away from me.
Welcome to the family, Alec.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah...
I had a nightmare.
- What's going on?
- It was not a dream.
Everything Raymond told you is true.
You knew about all this?
Throughout all the Healers,
Cecilia's family has always been among
the few, who knew.
Our two families are connected.
- Why me?
- I thought it was worth a shot,
and if it wasnt you, atleast
I would've helped you.
Helped me?
You gave me two days!
The gift can only be activated...
when the chosen one is here.
And on his 30th birthday.
I just turned 30.
Alec, have you recently noticed...
that animals are
fascinated with you?
This morning, when you were detent,
how did you get out?
The handcuffs were loose...
The door just opened...
It's written:
"The Healer will not be...
bound by any man, he will be free. "
But we made-up the name...
for the shop in
London, "The Healer".
Yes. That was a bit strange,
but possibly more then a coincidence.
Oh, and then the ad in the paper?
Was that also a coincidence?
- No. I misprinted that on purpose.
- Why would you do that?
I did what I had to do, Alec.
Do I have a choice in any of this?
Yes. Yes, you do.
Tonight, the day after your
birthday, you must decide.
unless you reject the gift before midnight...
it's a bounty of your life.
Well, I don't want it.
Alec, you could help so many people...
I don't want anything to do with this!
Alec, listen, this is what
we are gonna do.
We'll leave you to think about it.
You got about six hours.
We'll be back before midnight.
And then what?
Sacrifice a goat and bathe me in his blood,
is that right?
That's always an option.
No, Alec.
Midnight will come and,
if you decide to accept,
We'll open a good bottle
of wine to celebrate.
What do you think?
I think it went quite well.
It's nearly midnight.
I don't want it.
I don't chose any of this.
Alec, I think you're making a mistake.
Well that's my final answer.
You know what?
Charlie, would wanted it.
- Don't you dare talk about my brother.
- Why not?
It's a truth, he should've been the next Healer.
He had a sense of responsibility.
He don't even know you existed!
And where were you when
my mother died? Huh?
I love my sister.
- I just couldn't show myself...
- That's bullshit!
We keep it secret until
a time is right.
- That the way it's work.
- Well, this is the way it's work in my own.
I'm not gonna play Harry Potter for you both.
So what happens now?
I go back to London and you
don't pay my debts, right?
No, I'm a man of my word,
but you do have to remain here
for a full year.
You do realize that you can't
take this back.
Please, I don't want it.
I need you to go in to town.
Yes, everyone is gathered in the church.
- They're waiting for you.
- It's tradition.
- They think I will accepted the gift?
- They wanted you to.
This never ends, doesn't?
It will, after you told them your decision.
Fine, I'll go.
I go with you.
It'll be easier.
Wait wait.
Is this really necessary?
They all waiting, everyone, children too.
They gonna hate me.
Why can't you just tell them?
It's a least that you could do,
don't you think?
Hello everyone.
I know that it's late,
but Alec has been kind enough...
to come and talk to us.
Look, I'm sorry to say that...
I won't be your healer.
This whole thing has been so...
so strange and unexpected.
I just couldn't handle it, so...
I hope you'll understand and...
I'll be gone by next spring, so...
We must respect Alec's decision.
This wasn't for him.
Also we must be grateful for the gifts...
he did give us for the
past couple of days.
I know, I am.
Thank you, Alec, for our Rebecca.
She talks so much,
I want shut her up.
And I forgotten how annoying...
my wife's voices when
she's yelling at me.
Just got my test back...
sugar back to normal.
Thank you, Alec.
First time peeing without
praying the Rosary.
Thanks man.
I lost stutter.
I can't thank you enough.
Would like to show it off by,
sharing with you'll...
loud and clear, that
Mary and I are engaged.
Okay, okay, settle down.
Settle down.
Alec, you're part of this community,
and we cherish you stay here
regardless of your decision.
Thank you.
- This is from all of us.
- Sorry we got you in trouble.
Sort of late,
but happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Alec!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mr. Bailey?
We came because our
daughter is very sick.
Look, I cleared all this up
yesterday at the meeting.
We are not from here.
We driven from far away to see you.
I can't help your daughter.
She has cancer.
Doctors said there is no cure.
I'm sorry that your daughter so sick.
Please, could you just come out
and take a look?
I'm gonna ask you politely
to please leave my property.
I've been harassed enough as it is.
It been a seven hour drive.
She's waiting outside.
Please, please, just leave.
Abigail, come on, sweetheart.
We gotta go.
It wasn't the perfume,
it wasn't my great cooking...
it was jealousy that woke the idiot.
Well, congratulations.
I love him so damn much,
I missed his stutter.
I'm going to the bathroom.
Hi. I'm Abigail.
You talk to my parents.
I can't help you.
Of course you can't,
I'm dying.
You need that piece of bacon?
I used to eggs and ate bacon.
After being zap with the
electrocuted to me...
I hate eggs and I love bacon.
You'll figured.
- I'm sorry you're so sick.
- Yeah, it's sucks.
Oh, don't worry, it's not contagious.
Look, Abigail, I'm not the healer.
Healers don't exist, Alec.
But this is what we're gonna do.
You and me.
We gonna hangout for the weekend.
That's how long we here on Lunenburg.
Look. My parents drove
me here, seven hours.
I don't wanna come.
You know why I said yes?
Because... They really believe
that you've a good shot to curing me.
Abigail, I...
Don't call me by my name,
if you gonna patronize.
Listen, they just realized
that I'm talking to you.
My parents has gone to so
much shit because of me.
Three hospitals, four years
living in the suitcases.
So... This is my gift to them.
- I can't...
- Yes you can.
Because you don'even have to do anything.
I'm not this nasty all the time.
It's two days.
Then i'm gone, and when I die,
they won't complain.
Darling, don't bother this man...
Guess what? Alec reconsidered.
He will try to cure me.
Oh my God!
Thank you, thank you.
Now, mom, dad, Alec can't
promises this gonna work.
No, we don't. It's okay.
So me and him, we gonna spend
most of the weekend together.
That's how it works.
Right, Alec?
Yeah, Yup.
That's a... That's how it works.
So, where we gonna go?
To work, I work for a vet.
- Cool! I love animals!
- Yeah?
Yeah, doctors never allow me
to get a dog.
Now I'm allow, but,
I don't want to do that now.
If you feel sorry for me, I will
kick you where it hurts.
It's not mine.
Just get in.
Cecilia, this is Abigail.
We're gonna hangout
together for the weekend.
Nice to meet you, Abigail.
Sorry for just showed up like this.
Alec will explain, but basically, my parents thinks...
he has a shot curing me,
so, we faking it.
I thought that she can help up
around the farm.
- Yes. I want to be a vet too.
- Awesome!
Is that a Border Collie?
Yep, his name is "Batman."
I love them!
I am sorry. Should've...
- She begged me.
- Of course, it's fine.
She says it's some kind of
gift to her parents,
so they don't lose there hope.
She seems nice.
She has cancer.
She's not gonna make it.
But she's wisely.
Are you okay?
So... when were you first diagnosed?
Third of April, four years ago.
You must be in shock.
Not really. I mean...
I was lucky, because my doctor at
the time was very cool.
He refused to call it cancer,
He said there were too many
bad connotations with the word.
My diagnosis was "bad cases of marshmallow."
I like that.
So... You two have a thing going?
- No.
- No.
- Please...
- No, really, we don't, we just friends.
That's not what Batman told me.
Are you okay?
No, I have terminal marshmallow.
- How about I take you back?
- That will be good.
I may need some oxygen.
Alright, I'll be seeing you both tomorrow?
I love it here.
Follow me!
You like her, don't you?
She's beautiful...
Yes, she is.
But, it's not possible.
Why, because you work for her?
Can you keep a secret?
Cecilia likes women.
Oh bullcrap from Mars!
No, she doesn't!
She does.
Look, I know lesbians,
and Cecilia is not.
Oh, so you are an expert? Are you?
My sister is a lesbian and yes, I am.
Oh, you have a sister?
Yes, she's 25,
and she's a megalesbian,
Which makes me an expert.
She's lying.
Why? She's lying to you?
Is a whole other matter.
Wait wait. What do you mean?
Just get in!
Open the door!
Open the door, Charlie!
Abigail, open the door!
I need to ask you a question.
- Are you drunk?
- Just one question.
Could I saved her?
Abigail, Could I cured her?
I do not know, Alec.
Please don't say that.
Could I cured Charlie?
- Charlie?
- Charlie, he's my brother, Charlie.
He died to marshmallow!
I can't watch her die.
- Why don't you come inside?
- He was the smart one.
He came up with the "the healer" idea.
It wasn't the stupid things...
We have 20 stores ready...
I'm so sorry, Alec.
When he died, everything died.
He was my everything.
Can I get the gift back?
- You heard Raymond, it's not possible.
- Please...
I think I'm gonna be sick.
- Okay, why don't you come inside?
- I don't...
Come on.
- You all packed?
- Yes, I have everything.
- You do?
- Don't worry, I'll be fine.
- Sunscreen?
- Yes.
She will be alright.
Hey there!
- Hi!
- Where's Alec?
- He asked me to picked up Abigail.
- Its fine mom. She's the vet.
- Okay, we'll see you at six.
- Okay. Bye.
Have a good time, sweetheart.
All good?
Bye baby.
So, did you get some good
sleep last night?
Alec told me you onto chicks.
I promised him not to tell you.
I said, I didn't buy it.
Yeah, I kinda told him that,
so that he wouldn't hit on me.
I knew it.
He's cute...
Yeah, he is cute.
So, why don't you want him to hit on you?
Well, he has quite the reputation...
- He's a hothead.
- Oh yeah?
Yeah, his uncle actually warned me.
So, last night Alec actually fell
asleep at my place.
Alright, now we talking!
No, he was drunk and
he fell asleep.
Seriously, I'm not kidding.
You'll see for yourself.
I hope heaven just like this.
Me too.
What about you, Alec?
I'm not sure.
That's one shity answer.
Well, if there is a heaven, then...
What do you think happens when you die?
Has anybody in your family died?
All of them.
My twin brother...
He had what you have.
What his name?
Two years ago.
Charlie must be so pissed
off with you.
- Why?
- Why?
For thinking that he just went
poof and he stil exist!
You're an idiot, Alec Bailey.
Is that the reason you lost your smile?
Come here.
I promise when I get to heaven
I'll send you a message.
Oh yeah?
Probably scared the crap off you.
Yes, that's for sure.
So sucks the weekend is over.
I wish I had told my parents it's
took a month for this to work.
A month? No thanks.
Now we gonna go to "Give me
some loving", a classic...
Stop the truck!
Alec, stop the truck!
I need to get out!
- Are you okay?
- Just stop the truck!
Stop it! Stop it!
- Alright, alright, alright.
- Stop it! Stop it!
Stop the truck!
I love this song.
This is our war song
at the hospital.
When this song come on,
we all danced.
Now the three of us gonna dance.
Come on!
- I don't dance.
- Are you kidding?
How can you not dance to this?
- Alright, then play the guitar.
- What?
Play the air guitar, like this!
Come on, come on, come on.
You gonna give me another ticket?
- Hi, Uncle Tom.
- Hi there sweetie.
Everything okay here?
The best.
- Would you come here a second?
- Why?
Just come here.
Just wanted to thank you for this...
Her father is my brother.
I haven't seen him this happy for...
A long time.
- It getting cold.
Shut up, Alec.
I'm gonna die, not from the weather.
Wait. I don't want to say goodbye
in front of my parents.
I hate goodbyes, so, rule number one,
no one gets emotional.
- Deal.
- Deal.
I wrote you guys a poem.
Don't worry, it's really short.
It's called "Just Breathe."
We all at some point,
stopped breathing.
What if we lived one
breath at the time?
We still be thinking that breathing is
easy because it is a nate.
- Is that a cool word or what?
- Yes...
Half the time we don't
even notice our breath.
When did breathing
become the uncool kids?
That all the other body part is ignore?
Think about the phrase
"catch your breath".
You have to catch it, because
you've lost control of it.
Alec and Cecilia, find
control of your breath,
and, please, live for me like
tomorrow was your last day.
Cecilia, we made a deal.
Thanks, Alec.
I thought that this would
be good for my parents,
but... It been incredible for me also.
Well, it's was...
It was special for me too.
Dear Jesus, he shown his feelings!
Trust me on this, Alec.
Charlie is in a better place and
he just wants you to be happy.
I take you back.
I can see my parents from here.
Oh! One more thing... She's lied,
She's not in to girls.
And... I lied.
I don't have a sister
Hold on a minute, why did you lie?
Your uncle said that you were a loose wire,
and that you were trying to get in my pants.
You're pretty sure of your self, aren't you?
You asked me out,
three minutes into meeting me.
This is unbelievable.
I'm gonna have a word with him.
Well, you might want to talk him today,
since he's leaving tomorrow.
Wait, he still here?
Yes, he's at your house, or him house.
I need to talk to him, come on.
I'm down.
One or two thing I had to do
then I'll gone.
I want my gift back.
Its a bit late for that.
Why the sudden change of heart.
It doesn't matter why. I made
a mistake, now I want it back.
Alec, I made it very clear.
I know what you said about my
birthday and midnight, but...
There is gonna be some other way.
- I don't make the rules.
- Who does?
Who do I have to commit?
Well, Alec, that would be the one that
you dont believe in.
I am just an ant on this planet.
There must be some kind of clue,
like a time span or something.
- I'm afraid not.
- There isn't, Alec.
I was... I was freaking out, okay?
I didn't know what I was doing...
I have sheep following me!
- You made your choice.
- Choice?
I'm Sorry, how I was suppose to suddenly
just accept that I had a weird superpower?
I didn't have any time to
understand and reflect.
And now, I know I can
help, so I want it back.
- Too late.
- You told me I was the healer...
Where is my frame?
I took it down.
We didn't need it anymore.
You were played me, like a puppet.
I should know this from the start.
- That's not the way it's works.
- Bullshit about how it works...
or we know how its works.
A little honesty and maybe...
I would've made the right decision.
- Wait...
- Don't touch me!
You could stop this.
Maybe I can saved Abigail.
It not up to us anymore.
Better leave him be.
Father Malloy!
What are you doing?
This place is closed at this hour.
Well, open it. I need to go in there.
What's going on?
How do I talk to him?
Him, him, your boss, him.
You just talk, he listens.
Okay. Can you just do it for me?
- No, I can't do that.
- Look, you owe me!
You're right. I do.
But this... You gotta do alone.
Just close the door when you're done.
Thank you.
This is ridiculous.
Actually, do you know what?
What kind of thing are you? Huh?
I mean, if good like you say you are,
then why let young people get sick and die?
Why don't you start by answering me that?
I mean, Abigail?
Are you serious?
Are you that perverse?
She's 14 years old!
Now you give me back my gift!
I swear...
If you let Abigail die,
I curse that you never existing.
Charlie, if you're up there,
punch this idiot in the face for me.
I want it back!
Cause maybe it's old, Josh.
I know. My wife had convinced
me to buy another.
- Here let grab something?
- No, no please.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Beers on me, anytime.
-See you.
How are you?
Yeah, I'm good.
I... I bought you a gift.
They're "Forget-Me-Not."
I figure that they can be a symbol of...
for new friendship or something,
now it feels really cheesy to bought that up.
I'm really sorry... About how all played out.
There is no need to lie all the time.
Your uncle asked me to.
That you said you are a lesbian...
About Abigail...
I blamed you for Abigail and...
I am sorry.
I'm an idiot, alright, I was always
gonna made the wrong choice.
Alec, She wrote us a letter.
It's... One of the reasons that I cut
the courage to come and see today.
What's it say?
I don't know.
I wanted to read it with you.
Where is your phone?
- Yes?
- Abigail...
- It's Alec and Cecilia.
- Hi!
What took you guys so damn long!
You supposed to call me
I'm so sorry.
We just opened your letter.
So, how are you both?
- Fine...
- Yeah, we fine. How are you?
I'm good.
So I have some news, guys.
turns out about a year ago I was
put on Palliative Care.
Bottom line, it's like a death sentence,
because Chemotherapy was no longer working.
But what?
When got back, I bump into the
marshmello doctor I told you about.
He was surprised that I look so healthy,
so he want to try a few test.
You won't believe this,
some kind of weird remission.
- What is that mean?
- Wait.
What is that,
what "some kind of weird remission"?
I know, I don't understand either.
Well. A: somehow the cancers is going away.
B: They gonna give me a treatment
to get rid what still there.
And C: I'm not gonna die.
And I'll be there for Christmas.
Guys, I'm still on the phone here!
Sorry, sorry!
Hey, Alec.
You should tell everyone that you
cured me. Take the credit.
My parents are convinced
that it was you.
And get ready because they're sending
over three baskets of fruit.
Spoiler alert!
Don't touch the apples.
It's sucks.
Listen. I gotta go. Call me
Yes, and say hi to your
sister for us.
Cecilia, if you haven't kissed
this idiot by now, should hurry up and do it.
Love you guys!
This is unbelievable.
- Wait wait! Stop, stop!
- What?
I just landed on this.
What are you...?
I'm just gonna get some water.
Go back to sleep.
You scared the crap out me!
What are you doing here?
It's my home.
I had something to do in the basement.
Can I ask you a question?
When your father found out
that he was a healer,
I he...
Did he accepted the gift immediately?
No. No, he didn't.
He didn't want the gift.
But something happened
to made him change his mind.
What happened?
Frankly, Alec,
that's now none of your business .
She not gonna die, you know?
Abigail, the little girl.
She... She remission.
Well, that is good news.
Bye, Alec.
Oh, Alec.
Ever notice anything odd about yourself?
Oh my God!