The Heist Before Christmas (2023) Movie Script

# Joy to the world!
The Lord is come
# Let Earth receive her King
# Let every heart prepare him room
# And heaven and nature sing
# And heaven and nature sing
# And heaven and heaven
And nature sing...
Stop laughing.
This is a disaster!
I mean, for the love of God,
would you look at it?!
- You'll all be in detention!
- The lot of you!
It's not funny, Quinn!
Were you responsible?
No! It was Mikey Collins, sir!
Mikey, you're gonna get expelled!
You clown, Collins. You're dead.
# Rocks, hills and plains
# Repeat the sounding joy
# Repeat the sounding joy #
You did that, didn't you?
I know you did it, Collins.
I know it was you.
That's criminal damage, so it is!
that's a Christmas tree!
How's things at home, Mikey?
How's things at YOUR home, Harold?
How about your mother?
What do you think she would say...
What about YOUR mother?
My mother is dead.
What she die of?
The next time you're going
to be in this school
is when you're in front
of the Board of Governors.
Sweet! Excuse me.
Merry Christmas, one and all!
# Oh you better watch out
# You better not cry
# You better not pout...
# Santa Claus is coming to town
# Santa Claus is coming... #
Sure, I've been training
all week.
Watch that Achilles' tendon.
That'll really pull
if you're not careful.
# Santa Claus is coming to town... #
Choices, choices.
I recommend you get out of here
before I put my toe up your jacksie.
Nice shoes.
You little..
Come on,
we'll head round there now.
Get down, this is a robbery!
He's got a gun!
I said get down!
Put that phone down!
Don't shoot!
# Simply having
A wonderful Christmas time...
# The feeling's here.. #
Come on now.
It's for charity.
- Stop that Santa!
- Stop him!
He's got a gun!
He's got a gun!
'All units,
bank robbery in progress.
Man dressed as Santa
robbing Ballycopse Bank.'
# The boys of the NYPD Choir
# Were singing Galway Bay
# And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas Day...
Argh, you gotta be kiddin'.
Not for this!
# The boys of the NYPD Choir..#
Get after him!
It's the other Santa!
Come back!
You've got the wrong...
You all right, mate?
Up you get, buddy.
Get off me!
What the..?
That's not the real Santa,
sure it isn't, Dad?
I hate this costume!
# Jingle bells jingle bells
# Jingle all the way
# Oh, what fun it is to ride
# In one-horse open sleigh, hey! #
What's he doin'?
Don't look, girls.
We're going back. Don't look.
Drop the sack, scumbag!
I've done nothing!
Wind your neck in.
You're booked!
Yep, that's real good
police work there, Wesley
Real good.
Listen, folks, I'm really sorry
about all this. We're gonna...
Did you see the look
on those wee girls' faces?
What, when you pulled the gun
on Santa Claus?
It's Mikey, isn't it?
# It's beginning to look
A lot like Christmas
# Everywhere you go
# Take a look at the five and ten
# It's glistening once again...
Mind your car for you, missus.
Give us a fiver.
Come on, son.
# Silver lanes that glow
# It's beginning to look
A lot like Christmas
You all right, lads?
# Toys in every store
# But the prettiest sight to see
# Is the holly that will be
On your own front door #
I gotta go, Sean.
Where's your brother?
Mrs Collins, can I have a word?
Hello, wee man.
What's your name?
Erm, Sean.
Hi, Sean.
Always wear your coat in the house?
He's just in.
He was playing outside.
I wasn't...
Up to your room, Sean.
My goodness.
Hey, Mikey.
Thanks, Mikey.
It's out of my hands.
I have to contact Social Services.
They'll be in touch
in a few days' time.
I'm sorry.
Is the fuzz away, Mam?
Just give me a minute, love.
Just a minute.
That's better.
Spam alert.
# Where you can see
Every couple tries to stop
# Rockin' around... #
Could I trouble you for the time,
Mrs Cheblek?
Almost ten to, Mr Brady.
Oh, oh, my watch is right then.
I thought it was slow.
Since it is considered
one of the most accurate
time-pieces on the market,
I was going to write
to the manufacturers
and express my dissatisfaction.
But, no, it is as advertised,
"The Watch the World
has Learned to Trust".
Which means you were late again,
Mrs Collins.
I'm sorry. I'll make it up.
And how do we intend to do that,
Mrs Collins?
We don't know.
I need someone to work
Christmas Day.
You're opening Christmas Day?
What do people want
on Christmas Day?
I'm opening two hours
to catch the rush.
I can't do Christmas Day.
You said you wanted make it up,
Mrs Collins.
This is how WE make it up.
Don't I get a ticket
for the raffle?
You what?
Oh, yes, sorry.
# Voices singing "Let's be jolly"
# Deck the halls
With boughs of holly
# Rockin' around
The Christmas tree
# Have a happy holiday
# Everyone dancin' merrily
# In the new old-fashioned way #
# You share every Christmas
With me my darling...
What's wrong?
I need a drink of water.
Thanks for this, Mikey. We can
decorate the windows tomorrow.
Wish we had some of those...
what do you call them?
Stencils. We can make some.
Really? What out of?
I'll think of something.
Now go to bed.
That'll be good. We can make...
Would you go to bed?
Do you think I'll get a bike
this year, Mikey?
Just go to bed, Sean.
Well, I mean,
what did you ask for?
A little brother who doesn't
keep asking me daft questions.
And they're not daft!
Yes, they are.
Mrs Collins, you left your till.
I just got my pay through
and it's four hours short.
Your timekeeping, Mrs Collins.
Now, you have a customer waiting.
But I agreed to work
Christmas Day.
And that will be calculated
in your next month's wages.
Mr Brady, it's Christmas
and I'm four hours short in my wages
and you're in charge
of timekeeping...
Why do you call me Spam?
It's, erm... I...
I don't know.
I see.
I have to tell you, Mrs Collins,
that as "Stuff For A Pound"
area manager,
I must report this conversation
to the regional manager,
because the implication
of what you're suggesting
regarding your timekeeping is...
Now, if you would return
to your till...
Mrs Collins?
About time!
I've been standing here...
And a ticket for the raffle?
My son'll love it
if I win that bike.
Excuse me.
# From everywhere
Filling the air
# Oh how they pound
Raising the sound
# O'er hill and dale
Telling their tale
# Gaily they ring
While people sing
# Songs of good cheer
Christmas is here
# Gaily they ring
While people sing... #
Just in case someone calls you, sis,
and you don't know
- what they're talking about.
- 'Why can't you do it?'
I'm not allowed to enter the raffle
but if I put your
name and number down, Sharon.
'Hang on. What if we get caught?'
It's a million to one.
It's just one ticket..
'Oh, I don't know.'
You're Sharon McEvoy,
and you've never heard of me, right?
Well, as you know...
So half pound of beef sausages,
did you say, love?
How many's in half a pound?
I only need four.
Oh, I nearly forgot,
a bone for the dog.
But we don't have a dog.
He's a wee bit simple.
God help him.
But we don't!
He scares me.
There's nothing to be scared of.
He's a good man.
He stands there day and night
all through the holidays,
Christmas Day even,
right up to New Year,
collecting for people.
Like children in Africa?
It's not just children in Africa.
There's children here
need some help as well.
Poor children?
Why's he dressed like that?
I suppose he's saying Christmas
isn't all goodness and light.
It can be difficult for some people.
It's gonna be difficult for Mikey
if he doesn't make
his Christmas list.
Sean, just cos it's on a list,
doesn't mean you're gonna get it.
I know, Mum. It's up to Santa.
The police found his getaway car
near my house.
I've never seen as many Santas
in my life.
There must've been hundreds.
But one of them was the real Santa.
The real Santa?
He's a rich man now.
The robber's armed
and still at large.
Does that worry you?
We appreciate your time.
Thank you.
Thanks for your time.
That's a cracker! Ahhh...
Why did Santa rob the bank?
What?It's like
a Christmas cracker joke, isn't it?
Why did Santa rob the bank?
Because "snow-one"
would give him a loan.
Get it?Yep.
"Snow-one" would give him a loan!
Or "snow-one" would give him
a mortgage!
Did you fill up with fuel
before we left?
Where's the bag?
Your sack.
Listen, I can help you.
You can't tell anybody I'm here.
You've no worries on that score,
but where's your bag?
I want half, right?
Half's fair,
if I get you outta here.
Half of what?
It's all over the news.
The news?
You stole 80 grand.
What do you think?
That happens every...
Is it up there?
I must have fallen.
Yeah, you fell over a fence.
I just thought you were drunk.
Out of my sleigh.
Huh?I can only presume
I nodded off at the reins.
I've been working very hard,
you see?
The trees and all this
must have broken my fall.
What do you think I am?!
Ooh! My... my head.
Your head? You're...
What do you call it? Concussed?
You come to.
You're in that suit,
so you think...
You think you're Santa?
And you don't remember the bag!
Toy sack?
I must have left it on the sleigh.
Yeah, maybe you dropped it
or hid it somewhere
and you can't remember.
What did you use, a gun?
You still got it?
Oh-ho-ho, no.
I don't make guns anymore.
Not since the '60s.
OK. We're gonna wait
till your head's better.
But we're gonna have
to warm you up first, I think.
Rudolph will be back for me soon.
Well, just in case he's held up,
I'll get some blankets, food.
That is kind.
Bring you some soup in a flask, eh?
Any cloudberries?
I'll see if my ma has
any in the fridge.
But I wouldn't hold my breath.
Oh, no, you... No.
You can't put them
in the refrigerator.
They're much sweeter
if you leave them sitting out.
Heading out to Forest Road,
the Armstrongs' house.
Suspect may be in hiding.
Sierra-Six-Four out.
What do elves learn at school?
The elf-abet!
Where are you going for Christmas?
Oh, God, you're good!
You're good, Georgina!
He's gotta be hiding
somewhere close by.
If he's hiding here,
he's got good taste.
Ugh! I hate cats.
Are you more of a dog man, Wes?
I like rabbits.
And guinea pigs.
According to the station,
the Armstrongs are in Andorra.
Where's that, then?
Now, what does a cat in a house
tell you, Wesley?
Is that like a bird in the hand
or two in the bush or what?
Pound to the penny says that
they didn't set the alarm.
# Snow is falling
# All around me,
Children playing... #
What's wrong?
I'm home, aren't I?
Go on to work.
Where were you?
Anyone I know in this "Nowhere"?
Are you going to work or not?
Why are you so anxious
to get me off to work?I'm not.
Sean, love,
go up to your room, please.
Er, what have I done?
Please, love.
Just need a wee word with Mikey.
Wanna talk about yesterday?
We haven't had the chance.
But your headmaster wanted to talk
about it.
Made me feel about this big.
Ah, he's a dose!
He blames everything on me.
This can't go on.
We have to have a proper talk
about this when I get home, right?
Mikey, you wouldn't
ever leave Sean on his own?
You're supposed to be minding him.
You're his ma.
Wrong answer.
Look, I don't like
leaving yous every night.
I hate it but somebody
has to put food on the table.
Food on the table?!
This made with another dog bone,
You think I like this?
If you can't get him a bike,
I'll get him a bike.
I'll get him ten bikes,
a hundred bikes.
What does that mean?
Mikey...Sean, Sean, Sean,
that's all I hear,
Sean this and Sean that!
What about me?
What am I getting for Christmas?
You get all these free holidays
from school, Mikey,
and a ride in a police car -
your stocking's full.
Y'know, if you'd asked them cops if
it was OK for you to go off to work
and leave me minding Sean
every night,
maybe you could've got
a ride in a police car too!
Maybe you'd like to report me?
Do the social workers' job.
Maybe you'd like to spend
your Christmas in care, Mikey?
In care?!
I might have more to unwrap.
I don't believe you!
Do you call these
Christmas presents?
At least it's got wheels, Mother.
Ah, dammit.
What's happening?
What are you doing?
Go and watch TV!
I don't like pickled onion.
Hard lines.
Right, don't answer the door
to anybody, you hear me?
Where are you going, Mikey?
What were you and Mum
shouting about?
Why are you taking your schoolbag?
It's Christmas thing.
What kind of Christmas thing?
you haven't even made
your Christmas list yet.
And why is that?
What did you put at the top
of your Christmas list last year?
A bike.
And what happened?
I didn't get one.
That tell you anything?
What are you trying to say?
Oh, it's like talking
to a bunny rabbit!
Tonight I'm gonna sort
my Christmas list
once and for all, little bro.
Thank you very much.
Patricia, I take my break now?
It's not so busy.
Where's Spam?
I think the storeroom,
playing with his wee batteries.
What are you doing in here,
Mrs Collins?
I had to make a phone call.
I used your phone, and...
my own was dead. I'm sorry.
Why did you close the blinds?
Cos I'm not allowed in here.
No, you're not, Mrs Collins.
So you are aware
of at least one rule.
What was the phone call about?
I'd prefer not to say.
You don't have that luxury.
You were late again today,
Mrs Collins.
Now you've left the counter area
to sneak about in my office.
I could sack you here,
on the spot.
I had an argument with my son
before I came out.
Well, why couldn't it wait...
I slapped him.
Spare the rod...
spoil the child, Mrs Collins.
Get back to your till.
Ahhh, that's better.
Oh! Gah!
Run! Run!
Run, Sean, run!
Why are we running?
Are you running away, Mikey?
You can't run away.
It's Christmas!
I just have to see somebody.
What's it to do with
your Christmas list?
you know when you were saying
earlier about Christmas last year?
Were you saying there's no...
What are you doing?
Didn't I tell you not to move?
Ooh... thank you.
You sit down there.
Thank you. That is kind.
Your head any better?
You remember anything?
Did you get the cloudberries?
Oh, my God! Santa, it's really you!
It's really you!
Yes, it is.
It's really me.
Oh, my God!
I'm Sean.
Sean Collins.
Sean Collins.
Sean Collins...
That name rings a bell.
Do you write me lots of letters,
Yes, Santa. Loads of them.
I write them all the time!
It doesn't matter when it is
in the year,
I just write you letters.
Do you know, Sean,
I think you just might be
my number one fan!
Do you mean that?
Do you really, really mean that?
Of course I do, Sean.
Oh, my God!
Do you hear that, Mikey?
Oh, loud and clear.
Oh, thank you.
So how come Santa's number one fan
didn't get a bike last Christmas?
Well, I don't...
exactly remember.
Perhaps I didn't think you were
ready for a bicycle last Christmas.
What about this Christmas?
This soup,
it's a bit thin, Mikey.
Woof, woof.
Are you all right, Santa?
I mean, where's Rudolph?
Oh, he flew on.
He flew on?
After I fell out of my sleigh.
And Rudolph, isn't he coming back?
Oh, he'll be back.
But it takes a long time
for a reindeer
to turn a sleigh in mid-air.
But he will be back?
Oh, he'll be back.
Good old Rudy!
Right, I've had about
enough of all this...
What... is...
Which one of you fluffy snowmen
are gonna be lucky today, eh?
Drumroll, please.
Oh, please, madam,
would you draw out
the lucky winner
of this marvellous prize?
Hey, love, Christmas is coming.
Er, would you read it for us,
I'm sorry.
I haven't got my glasses.
No. No.
Shannon O'Casey.
I'll phone Miss O'Casey right away
and tell her the good news.
Thank you. Thank you, everyone.
Miss Cheblek, give me a bin bag.
Those tickets need recycling.
Er, hang on a minute.
Pour me a cup, you.
What is this, eh?
What's the word, fat man?
Are you referring to me?
This is hot water.
He thinks he's Santa Claus.
I don't know.
He's banged his head, escaped from
an old folks' home, maybe.
I thought he was you.
I brought him some blankets...
You thought he was me?
Tell him, Santa.
How you fell out of your sleigh,
and Rudolph could be back any...
So you thought he was me?
You're the man on the news!
What man, Sean?
He robbed the bank!
Oh. And you thought that I was...
I can get you transport.
There's a house nearby.
The family's on holiday.
They've got a car.
I can bring you there...
..for some of the money.
What do you think of that,
Daddy Christmas, eh?
Doesn't that warm the cockles
of your old heart?
You, sir, are a disgrace
to that uniform.
Talking of uniforms... might come in useful,
Let's go, Einstein.
Come, come. Come.
Come on.
How old are you, Santa?
357, Sean.
Oh... Oh, no, is it eight?
In the name of...
Do you get Christmas dinner?
You must be tired on Christmas Day.
Exhausted, Sean.
In fact, so exhausted,
I usually don't get out of bed
until the New Year.
Another thing I've always
wondered about...
Yes, what is it?Stop it!
Where the hell are we, Einstein?!
Are we going to the big house,
Mikey?Big house?
My mum used to help clean it.
She used to take us out there
all the time.
We used to feed the birds.
That's what they used to call jail.
In the old movies, isn't it?
The big house.
How old are you, kid?
I'll be eight next month
if it's any of your business.
Eight next month
if it's any of my business,
but you don't know about Santy?
Have you not told him yet,
I'm talking to you, Einstein...
I thought you wanted out of here.
Tell him.
Ignore them, Sean.
Go on.
There is no bike, Sean.
All your lists and your letters,
there will be no bike.
Not unless we help this man here.
And he paid us.
That's the only way
you're gonna get a bike.
No, Mikey. You're a liar.
Damn right he's a liar!
What a thing to say!
That you told me to say...
If I was you, little man,
I'd be keeping an eye on him.
I know I am.
I think he'd do or say anything.
It's Sean. Isn't that right?
Do you know the way
to the big house, Sean?
Mrs Collins, are you in there?
What exactly do you mean, "yes"?
You've been off your till...
I'll be there in a minute!
Well, make sure you are.
Mrs Collins.
What happened to your getaway car,
mister bank robber?
It didn't get away.
Bad luck.
No luck, kid. Story of my life.
My mum says you make your own luck.
I didn't escape from
an old folks' home, you know?
I am Father Christmas.
Why don't you believe me?
I don't know.
Maybe it's the whole
flying reindeer stuff.
What are you doing out here anyway?
Where is your ma? Your da?
I don't know where my dad is.
Never seen him.
My mum, she works at night.
Mikey minds me.
Huh. He's doing a good job
We need a plan here.
You need to distract him
or something.
So you don't know who your da is?
I know who he is.
But I don't remember him.
He left when I was small.
Mum says...
Tell the whole world,
why don't ya?!
Our family's our business,
not yours!
You're mighty sensitive, Einstein.
He never said anything, Mikey.
And you shut up, too!
No, why don't you shut up, too,
No, Santa, he's always like this.
Any time you say something to him,
he blows his lid.
And he's always mean to Mum,
all the time!
You tell him, kid.
I knew from the moment
I first laid eyes on him.
Let him have it, wee man.
You know, sometimes...
..I wish you would run away.
You don't mean that, Sean.
Ya think?
You wee...
Christmas and family!
Don't you just love it!
Run, Sean, run!
No, Mikey, no.
Get out of my way.
No, no...
Look, Rudolph!
Why are we running?
Run, Sean, run...
Are you all right? Mikey?
Wake up.
Mikey? Mikey?
We've gotta go.
Playtime's over.
Merry Xmas Everybody
# So here it is...
You got a minute?
It's not a question whether
I have a minute, Mrs Collins,
it's whether YOU have.
And, er, regarding earlier
in the bathroom...
Hello. Is this Mrs O'Casey?
Who is she, your cousin?
Your auntie?
What was it you said about
a sackable offence earlier
when I told you I phoned my son?
Well, I didn't phone him.
I couldn't phone him,
he doesn't have a phone.
I suppose that's what he should
be getting for Christmas,
but it wouldn't have mattered,
cos I wouldn't have phoned him.
All I could think of was stuffing
that bucket with dodgy tickets,
just like you did.
That's right -
we're two of a kind, you and me.
No, I'm worse, I slapped my son.
Mrs Collins...
we can be reasonable here.
You can have the bike, and...
I can reinstate those hours...
No, I want the rest
of the day off
to go home and beg forgiveness
from my son.
And I want Christmas Day
with my children.
Maybe it's not gonna be
much of a Christmas Day,
and maybe
it might even be the last.
No, I don't want you opening up
at all on Christmas Day.
I don't want you forcing Dominika
to work that shift.
I want her to have her Christmas
with her husband and her baby.
Well, give me the bag then.
Happy Christmas, Spam.
Mr Brady.
Merry Christmas, Seb.
There now.
Here we are.
Now, just take... take a minute.
There. That's a pretty nasty bruise
you have there.
Where... Where's...
What are you looking for, Mikey?
or the money? Hmm?
Mikey, wait, wait, wait.
Mikey. Oh...
Don't worry.
We'll get him back.
If only Rudolph would come back,
then we could... I could...
I don't wanna hear any more
of that crap, d'you hear me?
Tapelig gutt!
"Tapelig gutt",
it means "foolish boy" in Norwegian.
Oh, yeah?
And what's "stupid old git"?
"Spro gammel tosk".
Good... good doggy.
Good doggy.
How'd you do that?
How do you think?
still no movement at the house.
'Keep it locked down.
We've got dogs sweeping the woods.'
Why did Santa rob the bank?
I thought you said
no-one was at home?
They'll be automatic,
won't they?
And sure, there's no alarm.
Mrs Armstrong's nuts about cats.
They're given a free run
of the house.
If he's hurt our Sean...
We should call the police.
What with?
Don't you have a telephone?
No. You never brought me one.
Sorry about that.
It's just such a pity.
I don't have my magic dust,
otherwise I could've
slipped down the chimney.
But I left it on the sleigh.
Hey, Santa. Hi, Mikey.
Look, remember Cosmo?
Are you OK?
Look how fat he's...
He tied me up.
Oh, what kind of man...
We need a knife.
What? A knife?
Did... did he hurt you, Sean?
I was thinking.
What were you thinking, Sean?
The Armstrongs are on holiday,
What do you do when that happens?
Where do you deliver the presents?
Who would want to go on holiday
at Christmas time, anyway?
Well, that's a very good question,
If they didn't write me a letter,
then I have secret elf spies.
They tell me.
How many elves are there, Santa?
Erm... Oh...
over 12,000.
Where do they live?
Erm... Oh, er...
Elf Town.
Let's go. Come on.
Your ma not teach you
anything about
running with a pair of scissors
in your hand?
Get in here.
Close the door.
You're not gonna use that gun.
The cops are parked
near the end of the lane.
And you owe me and Sean
for getting you here.
I'm taking what you owe us.
You're real smart, Einstein.
Mikey, stop this.
But you're real dumb, too.
Now, you just stay away!
There now. All Christmassy.
Those are Mrs Armstrong's clothes.
I had to get dressed in the dark,
is that all right?
Open sesame. What?!
This lot won't be buying chicken
and pretending it's turkey
on the big day.
No, they'll be off in Florida
or skiing in Italy...
Did you need to do that?
Fancy a spin, Santy?
I can't drive one of those.
Why, sure you can, Santy!
Tell me, those cops parked
near the end of the road,
who are they looking for?
No, YOU, Santy Claus.
Now, what I want you to do
is drive past them,
make it to the main road,
take the road towards town.
They'll catch you
inside of a minute,
but a minute's all I'll need.
Here, gimme a sec.
You're gonna do what he says?!
I am going to do what he says.
And we'll just go on home
and crawl into bed, will we?
Forget any of this ever happened,
will we?
I wish I could.
Let's get this show on the road.
It's the little touches
that matter.
Okey-dokey, push the button.
# If you're ready for me boy
# You better push the button
# And let me know before I... #
Merry Christmas, fat man!
I've never hit anyone in my life.
Good time to start!
Right, the plan stays the same.
Except instead of the right,
you take the left.
Lead them the other way.
You can take the car.
No, madness, madness!
No, this is madness!
No, Mikey. Listen, listen.
We go down to those policemen
and we tell them now what happened.
Mikey, Mikey, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Don't let your heart turn sour, son.
You've grown up too fast.
I see it all the time.
But growing up is about holding on
to what's important.
Those things that a child
takes for granted -
wonder, goodness, love.
If you forget those things,
Mikey... are lost.
And goodness and love?
This is all of that I need.
Take a look around you.
Sean wants a bike for Christmas,
and these'uns have five or six
hanging up around these walls.
Probably two or three each.
Where's all your wonder
and goodness and love there?
GET lost, old man.
If you're not gonna help,
we'll go the back way.
Cut through the woods.
In this weather? And in the dark?
Oh, no, no.
No, you want to break your own neck,
you go right ahead,
but your little brother is not
getting into this deathtrap.
You really want that bike,
don't you, Sean?
Sure, Santa's bringing me one
for Christmas. Aren't you, Santa?
I sure am, Sean.
You still want me to run away?
I don't want you to run away.
I was going to. But I won't now.
Not if you get on here.
You promise, Mikey?
I promise, Sean.
But you gotta stop fighting
with Mum, too.I promise.
Thank you, Santa.
What for, Sean?
You know.
That was the top of
my Christmas list.
That Mikey and Mum made up.
I put it top.
Thank you.
That's way better than a bike.
Isn't it?
What, Santa?
That's either very bad word
in Norwegian, little bro,
or he's clearing his throat.
I've got it.
Why did Santa rob the bank?
Where you going?
Where do you think, Wesley?
For a stroll?
I'm going to check on the house.
You want me to come with you?
You just sit tight there, Wesley.
Twenty years a cop
and I've never shot anyone.
I have never so much as taken
my gun out of my holster,
but you see if you get out
of this car, that will all...
I thought you said this lot
were in Italy?
Be Faithful
# You got a 100-dollar bill
Get your hands up!
# You got a 50-dollar bill
Get your hands up!
# You got a 20-dollar bill
Get your hands up!
# You got a ten-dollar bill
Get your hands up!
# Single ladies!
I can't hear ya!
# Single ladies!
Make noise!
# Single ladies!
I can't hear ya!
# Single ladies!
Make noise!
# If you got long hair
Get your hands up
# If you got short hair... #
Left I told him!
What I tell him?
Hang on, Sean!
Hang on!
We have to go past them, Sean.
Don't wave, whatever you do.
Be Faithful
It's all right, officers.
It's all right.
Drop the gun! Don't move.
What? Oh! Oh, no, it's...
It's not mine. What, this?
Drop it!
Oh. Agh!
They shot Santa!
Heather, Charlie Heather.
He's one of ours.
He used to be a dog handler,
but then he... Oh, Jesus, no.
What's he doing wearing
a Santa suit? With a gun?
He's sick. He dresses like this
all year round.
He must have...
For God's sake, man,
call an ambulance!
Stay with me, Charlie, love.
He's Santa!
Six-Seven to Control.
Send an ambulance.
Back-up needed...
It's all my fault.
Come on!
Come on.
Give me my money,
you little weasel!
It's mine! All mine!
Wait till I get hold of you!
Give me back my 80 grand!
Pull over, Einstein!
Pull over!
Give me my money.
Ah-ah. Not this time.
Give it me!
My money!
Come here, Einstein!
Go on!
Not so fast.
My money!
Leave him alone!
Get back!
Get off!
Oh, my God!
Is big bad boy Mikey going to cry?
End of the road, Einstein.
Not again.
Oh, thank God.
I'm so sorry, love.
I'm so sorry.
Have you ever tried cloudberries,
You leave them sitting out.
You don't put them in the fridge.
That's what he called it.
Who did? Who's this?
No, you leave them sitting out.
Sweeter that way.
Tapelig gutt.
Mikey, what?
Tapelig gutt...
Merry Christmas, everyone!
'Dr O'Leary, ring extension 395.
Dr O'Leary, extension 395...'
I have to work.
What am I supposed to do?
I have no answer to that,
Mrs Collins.
More and more in this job,
I see good people with
their backs against the wall.
Charlie was...
Santa was saying
what great boys you have.
No. "Remarkable".
That was the word he used.
When I left him, he was deciding
what he'll bring you for Christmas.
Or what his elves will bring you,
seeing as how he's laid up.
The thing is, Patricia...
none of this looks good.
Especially a police officer
discharging his weapon
at an old man with dementia.
I mean, can you imagine what
the papers would do with that?
And then, of course,
there's the fact
that our guy got clean away.
With all that money.
I don't care about the money.
All I care about
is those two wee boys.
That's all I care about.
'You stole 80 grand. I want half.'
'Don't let your heart
turn sour, son.'
'End of the road, Einstein.'
'Do you think I'll get a bike
this year?'
'I don't like leaving yous.'
'You've grown up too fast.'
'Any time I say something to him...'
'Tapelig gutt.'
'They shot Santa!'
'Tonight I'm gonna sort
my Christmas list
once and for all, little bro.'
Oh, thank God.
How are you feeling?
It's OK. It's fine.
Mr Heather's fine.
He is?
He's not Mr Heather.
If he had his magic dust,
you'd see.
I'll tell him you've woken up,
He'll be glad to hear that.
He's just down the corridor.
He's not exactly
singing and dancing but...
he's OK.
And Sean's OK.
And you're OK.
What about the police?
Are they OK?
The money... was inside my coat.
I know.
All of it?
You didn't keep just a little bit?
Not a penny.
We're better than that.
We're a family, Mikey.
We're a family.
And we'll make it through this,
if we stick together.
Rest up, love.
It's Christmas Eve.
Back home,
I would be getting up about now.
Loading up the sleigh,
all the little elves...
So what were you doing last night,
if tonight's Christmas Eve?
Dry run.
Testing the wind currents.
Tricky things, wind currents.
Why, one year,
we ended up in Slough
when we should have been
in Stockholm.
Rudolph was distraught.
We don't talk about it.
Rudolph will be back for me soon.
Did I ever tell you that...
that it takes a... a long time
for a reindeer to turn
the sleigh in mid-air? Did...
You just think I'm crazy.
Making all those toys?
And giving them away for nothing?
Craziest thing I ever heard.
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
# Yeah you better watch out,
You better not cry
# You better not pout,
I'm telling you why
# Santa Claus is comin' to town
# Santa Claus is comin' to town
# Santa Claus is comin' to town... #
Happy Christmas, everybody!