The Hero: Love Story of a Spy (2003) Movie Script

Dear friends, today we are gathered here
to honor this great Indian hero!
A man who devoted his entire life
to save the lives of thousands of others.
This brave man to face many dangers
targets for two years and became a winner!
Now, please privestvayte hero Arun Kumar,
I would like to call the prime minister, presented the award to Mr Kumar for his brave and amazing job.
It is my pleasure to invite Mr Arun Kumar, to say a few words.
Thanks to all. I'm really flattered!
Indeed nimam words to express my gratitude for the love and support they lent me!
Thank you!
How did you feel after the whole world loves you?
Awesome! Happy will be those who find true love.
My heart thump of love for you.
On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
Swear to God and tell me the truth, my love.
My heart thump of love for you.
On my lips - song.
Dorje, what cruel fate plays games?
Today the whole world loves me
but my favorite?
I know that the spy has no personal life, no right to feel emotions.
For two years, while struggled for his life in hospital
whenever he comes to mind memories of Shain and Reshma chased.
My heart still hurts when I remember Reshma.
Dorje, what happened to Reshma? Where is she?
Does the government help? Soon I will be in Kashmir. respond to e-mail me.
Reshma is alive, Arun ...? What is this?
Mission began on the day on which Ishaq Khan,
head of Pakistan's ISl realize its plot.
Mulan, this is our new plan.
Plan, plan, plan!
Ishaq Khan, what do I have with your plans?
Do I respect them? Or execute them?
Protection which the Government propose to Kashmir
will turn against us.
If the general was not sold Pakistani Americans
Today the Taliban would not revolt.
Try to understand, Mulan.
As worship the amerikatsite, General tried to
save Pakistan from poverty and unemployment.
well, Ishaq. But we forgot to live
to start a battle for freedom of Kashmir.
And nothing in the world not to let things settle down.
Nobody wants that.
If no separate Kashmir from India
we - the Pakistanis really to have the opportunity to revenge.
Just words - not revenge begins. You and I are different.
Just give us the nuclear bomb and see
and see the end of the Indian government.
A Kashmir will be ours.
The government can not do it, even if it wants.
Lord, why do not you understand?
All Parties Kashmir crackdown.
but no one pressed against you.
You can do whatever you want.
- What does this mean?
If Pakistan does not officially give you bomb
can at least let her steal.
That is my plan. Operation niche.
Through this plan, ISl will find a way to steal the bomb.
And those who will be otkrdnat your group suicide.
Under the supervision of two of us.
Manage your excitement, Mulan.
Recently, with operation heart.
Stop worrying about me.
Longevity of Pakistan!
Longevity of Kashmir!
You see, the intentions of Pakistan are dangerous.
Many of our agents risked their lives,
to have this record.
Did not let their sacrifice be in vain.
Must denounce Pakistan at any cost.
One that arouses teririzam in India
and another to prove to the world.
Pakistan spreading terrorism.
But we really afford to let that happen.
So we sent a copy of this film UNO
and files containing evidence of criminal acts in Pakistan
under the auspices of the Assistant Secretary Ajay Chakravarti.
What is it, Mr. Ishaq Khan?
Second, please.
Mr Ajay Chakravarti ... your mother on the phone.
Yes, Mom?
There are several men with passports, visas and tickets for New York.
They said they sent them to me.
They say that in the future will live in New York.
Is it true?
-Wait, Mom.
Are you surprised, Mr. Ajay Chakravarti?
Once you give us a clue files
for you and your family will be difficult to live in India.
So arrange everything.
We are generous to our people.
Excellent. But those dollars will go a few days.
If you live here with their smeystvoto
will have to deal with business, right?
And in New York is so expensive!
We have several Pakistani-Indian restaurant here in New York.
Will transfer two of them with your name.
Now I understand why poverty in the country you never really end.
Whatever money you took from America, blown them in such efforts.
Excellent! I do not want the poor in your country to curse me.
In dobree consider how this money to feed them. Okay?
One moment ... consider their own hunger.
After several years will unite.
Let's shake hands.
This is the hand of the head of Pakistan's ISl
Those who shake my hand podobreyava life.
And this is the hand of an ordinary Indian citizen.
once you touch someone and breaks his fate. Okay?
Mr Ajay Chakravarti, it would be better to consider the fate of his mother.
Oh, yes. But this is not my mother and yours.
Talk to her.
Mr. Kahn, things deteriorated.
This woman is the mother of Chakravarti.
It turned out that she was head of intelligence department.
People you are arrested. Now I worry about myself.
I know that if the proof reach UN
this will be the end of our mission-niche.
If they kill you right here, this would mean death for me.
But I want to kill you before I die.
But how will kill me?
You with bullets in me.
What nonsense ...?
Who is the head of ISl? You do not even deserve to be the tail of ISl.
First: You're an asshole.
Second: This is not your country, this is the USA.
And the streets are not U.S. walking ass.
What nonsense are you talking about?
After being arrested the head of ISl - Ishaq Khan has expressed its opinion
Intelligence wing of the India-RAW
skalapilo evidence is false to think conspiracy against him.
He said that when he was deported from the U.S. in Pakistan.
We have no hand in it. This is a conspiracy
Indian government against us. While not prove it
will not get a place.
These chains can not stop our holy war.
You did great as a spy Ajay Chakravarti.
This should be expected from RAW.
Arun, now they send a new mission.
This time will igresh Atrani role of Mayor.
Will receive a file with all the details of Major Atrani.
You not only shpioin but brave officer in the army.
The place where you go the weather will be beautiful, has beautiful valleys ...
and snowy mountains.
Yes, I'm Sending in Kashmir?
Dorje and Irdis Malik will accompany this mission.
They were both on the border of Kashmir ever since Major Tiago went.
Sir, before you go on this mission
I would like to finish the old mission.
-What does this mean?
I want to go to Kashmir and extract files
to gather evidence so this news to reach the enemy.
Sir, the information for clues that Ishaq Khan realized it was very secret.
Well Arun, you know you must ask.
Really need this, sir. I know who the information transmitted.
This guy is one of us.
Therefore, the decision must be taken without the knowledge of others.
You're the man.
You know what you doing?
This information is cursed.
Marof If I was not given false information
Ajay Chakravarti is that razuznavatel
and if I knew not razuznavatel,
and Indian agent in prikiritie, I can deal with it otherwise.
Even if we succeed.
Anyway, I am not of those who surrendered.
I sent a letter to the General with a request
give me one more chance. I swear to God,
I am sure we will succeed.
Congratulations, Mr. Khan. The government has approved your request.
Will give you another chance.
Here, a letter from the general.
There are pictures of Ajay Chakravarti in a different disguise.
We took them by the Chinese secret agency.
You see Mulan? My doubts were unfounded.
Ajay Chakravarti really Indian spy.
Send copies of these images of our agencies in India. Ask them
give us information about the place where he now this Indian hero
and what to do.
What is the name of the city where you live?
Paradise, paradise.
What do people here?
Love, love.
Then I want to congratulate you?
You have my permission.
In heaven there are many beautiful fairies.
Yes, it is
joy reigns everywhere.
Yes, it is
Everything here speaks ...
Yes, it is
Every dream come true.
If it was written.
What do people here?
Love, love.
Then I want to congratulate you?
Yes, you have my permission.
Sir, please join us.
Must live and die with you. So come on!
Can I live here?
Can I say what I want?
Can I leave to be taken away by the waves of late?
Do it, please.
With your hands in mine.
This gives courage.
What do people here?
Love, love.
Then I want to congratulate you?
Yes, you have permission.
What's the city where you live?
Paradise, paradise.
Paradise, paradise.
Love, love.
Be careful around may be terrorists.
May be hiding among the sheep.
Lord, they are soldiers!
Let's run.
-How will you escape?
What about sheep?
Do not want to donate the soldiers?
I can not stop. We are here to ask for donations.
But they are bad! No matter, I want them.
They are girls from the village, sir.
I wonder why they are here. Ask them.
Hiding behind the sheep.
Sir, we are of Rishika. Please donate.
I will eat pasta and chupim sticks ...
I mean will chupim noodles and eat sticks ...
We only collect ...
Forgive us!
Wait a minute.
Give me your wallet.
Have too little?
Get the sheep from the road.
What is your name?
Nice name.
You were 10 times bodyguard.
You spent three years in Assam and two in Rajasthan.
You were at the command center.
And you won a medal for bravery. Dobree lot!
Major Atrani for the second time you post in Kashmir.
Sopore area will be under your command.
Why soldiers had to beg to make a donation?
Mom, pick!
Without doubt the soldier, but a man with a good heart.
I see how much money you donate?
How will you handle it?
-How do you know?
It is the innocent child.
-Dad, I'm not a kid!
Then what are you? Somebody hold dear to you and you back him.
You know that this new soldier came to replace Major Tiyagi
How badly behaved with us!
And this will be even worse, you'll see.
Indian soldiers are the same.
All are the same!
The food arrived.
Take things. Quick!
Sweets and fruit arrived there from India?
Do not think you are in Paris or London?
Kashmir is not there in India?
Your job is to protect us, do not ask us!
Take things.
Must distribute fresh fruit and soldiers.
Give them the peasants.
What are you saying, sir?
At the time of Mr. Tiyagi was very unpleasant incidents.
Villagers eat sweet and spray poison.
Live on our back and are loyal to others.
"And they will help us shoot.
I told them to keep their feet.
Not in the legs, and beneath them! Tread down them!
Love them and be loved.
He hates them and will give you only hate.
3 years ago, the Indian army arrested Kader Gani our friend ...
.. from the market in broad daylight!
Still no trace of him!
Ashir Ahmed hatt, Muhammad Sultan Khan, Fayyaz Ahmed ....
and Gulam Ali Wali, and many others were victims of
atrocities by the Indian Government. We want freedom!
Major Atrani here to see you.
Should expel such infidels!
Do not listen! He is a traitor.
Death to the Indian Army!
Kashmir will liberalizing!
We want freedom! Freedom!
Death to the Indian Army! We want freedom!
We will fight until you win!
We want freedom for Kashmir! We want freedom!
We want ...
freedom to curse the Indian Army ...
If the army was cursed beyond these limits
would you tongue ripped about it.
I also can do it, but do not want.
I am here to share love, not hatred.
Welcome! Be sweet.
Mufti true f. Major new distributed sweets to the villagers ...
books to children in schools
and even send medicines in hospitals.
I saw it with my own eyes in Rawatpura.
I am sure that is the number of Indian government.
You are right. Donor f. To Make Your friendship ....
Your sympathy and humanity. I pray to God to bestow
Kashmir in peace and quiet.
Peace because I want to ask you something.
Tell me if you notice that among us there razuznavateli.
And because they do not want any innocent peasant
to suffer, even by mistake.
What happened?
-Nothing, sir.
Why your pulse speed up?
-No, sir.
Do you have fever?
Or wear a gun?
What religion professes that guy? Your .... or mine?
Not Mufti. This man denigrate religion.
To bring the weapon as a holy place
to hurt God.
Notify me if someone like him to appear.
Come on!
Not offered me sweets. Sweet? Well ... I ...
Subedar ...
Call herdswoman here.
Irdis this same place is it? Look.
Tiger Point is right in front, sir.
-I wonder why we called.
I hope it is nothing bad.
You did something right?
No, Dad.
Hello, sir ...
I walk across the border to feed the cattle?
Sometimes we go on the other side.
Animals do not understand that people and countries are divided.
Army there anything you did not you say?
No, sir. We do it for years so I know.
This is your daughter?
-Yes, Reshma.
Say "Hello" to officers.
-Good day
Good afternoon.
-You must apologize, sir.
It bother you that day on the road for no reason.
Everything is fine.
Apart from caring for livestock, it teaches you?
Who would not say something nice for my child, sir?
My Reshma, thanks to the Lord is very takantliva.
Nobody can sew and embroider like her.
And she learns to grade 11, so he knows a little English.
But then I had to leave teaching.
Why? From across the border
Our village has always been subject to attacks.
So many houses were burned, the crop is inishtozhena.
Our harvest was also burned. Our house was also demolished.
We were homeless.
For poor people like us is very difficult to build a new house.
But we went ahead with courage and your new house built.
But I am fed up bogged down in debt.
For it to learn, to be paid 1000 rupees. And how to get them?
Give me your wallet.
No, sir ...
These villagers will extort major and it will make you care for their cattle!
Welcome to six months. Later I will give you more.
But, sir ....
-You have a beautiful daughter ...
If you get dobreo entity will find a good candidate.
God bless you, sir.
Go, now.
Come on, Reshma.
I wonder where these were taken.
Sir, please tell me to pay Major of the semester and my grandchildren.
It will be very kind of him.
-Are you crazy?
He is not your charity drazhestvo? Do not look for mercy from America ...
to donate your money ... you and everyone else? Go!
Even trains have become obsolete, but his mouth has not stopped.
And Reshma robbing major.
You have a beautiful daughter ...
If you get a good education, you will find a good candidate.
We must provide safety for Kaluchak.
We will.
-Sir ...
You?'ll Break your head if you want more money.
There is a letter from my village. I wish I read it.
I see. Would you read it and then write and reply.
I served the army, not you. Get out of here.
Why is he doing?
Rush! Burden! Where do you think you going?
For Major ....
"What Major?
You think a bank from which you make money?
No, sir .... I ....
-Listen ...
I know the crafty girls like you.
Enough money out of Major.
But, sir ....
-Stop this nonsense!
Your beauty will enchant major.
Go! Get out! Not you gone yet?
Reshma Why leave it? Look sir ....
display and respect, and she went mad.
Came again to ask for money. We not only opened our eyes and,
but her shot down on the ground. I'll remember for a lifetime.
You two .....
Reshma What happened?
Why are you crying, my daughter? Tell me.
Welcome, sir!
MAJOR is here .... see.
Welcome, sir!
Reshma, fir.
This is my wife.
Reshma was crying since vrarnala.
I do not know what Irdis told Reshma in. ..
Reshma is a very sentimental girl. It makes you porridge.
I told him not to, did not know if you like ...
Why must you say such a thing? Happens ...
But do not stopped because Reshma is Indian.
The real name is Rashmi. Her father was a teacher at the Madrassa.
It is true sir. They were our neighbors.
We were like brothers.
But one day there were terrorists, they killed their parents in.
Who would care for her?
Since then adopt it for our daughter.
Faith in humanity is greater than any other religion.
And you prove it.
You know this means?
Reshma, come quick!
Thanks to you, I can continue to learn.
So I made this oatmeal for you.
To thank you.
very tasty ....
also created a connection with Reshma and family in.
Once dezhurih his men in. ..
Reshma appear. I was brought corn.
Had hidden a note, news about terrorists hiding in the village.
Captured terrorists and prevent it
many misfortunes that would have occurred in the village.
Therefore, received praise from military headquarters.
Reshma to do part of his success
and wore new clothes and earrings.
She wore them and came to me.
Looking for excuses to show them to me.
I knew I was attracted to me.
One day while I drove to the platoon
Reshma met on his way.
Sir, you looked. What?
In the chapel I heard that some spies come
of the way up there. Come with me, I'll show you.
Sir! Sir!
I was going to die under the snow if
Reshma escaped me and was brought to a house nearby.
I was famished.
I could stop breathing at any time.
Reshma but would not allow that to happen.
She stood with me day and night.
How do you feel now? All night I was here?
How could I leave you in this state and go?
Your parents are probably worried.
Now the village can they consider to be disgraced.
My honor is more important than your life, sir.
Words and made my heart beat wildly.
I knew I was in love with me.
But now, even if I had feelings for her.
But the shackles of debt holding me back. ... I was a spy
for me it was just part of my job.
One day, a man of the people of Major Tiyagi
Mohajir Karimuddin came to me.
What? Will not receive more information from the headquarters of Colonel Hidayuttullah?
Kasim, employee of Colonel, who gave us information ...
has been moved. So?
Someone should replace him. It can inform us.
No, sir. Kasim told me anything about money.
Like me, he also hates Pakistan.
Because like me, it is also called the Mohajir.
(Mohajir: people who have migrated from a previous nazivisma-India)
After separation, we, the Muslims moved to Pakistan ....
hoping to have our own nation.
We did not know that the Pakistanis will not accept us.
That would not given us a few yards of land to bury the dead!
Karimudin, I sympathize.
One more thing, sir.
Colonel Hidayuttullah needs a maid.
My niece would be coming from Peshawar. But my brother suddenly fell ill.
Tack that Ruksar really come. If we can find here a girl ....
would want to do the job, we can easily get their hands on the plans of Colonel ..
I agreed with Karimudin to send a maid in the house of Colonel.
with the intention to send Reshma beyond.
But this time, I could not find a place.
Because I've also fallen in love with Reshma.
All night thinking how I can present the so Reshma mortal danger.
I was helpless, not only because he knew only Reshma way beyond ...
but how and learning and behavior and were the same as the people there.
And it was part of my job. Love must yield to the debt.
Lord, Sir! How can you say such a thing?
How can we send Reshma across the border?
You know what the situation.
We need insider.
And at this moment, there is none better than Reshma help us.
There is no reason to worry.'ll First train and then send it.
No, sir. I can present such a risk Reshma.
Anyway, it's not my daughter. She is a child of someone else.
A teriristite across the border are more evil and monsters.
If God allowed something to happen in life and she is disgraced or ....
who will marry her?
A right to worry. But nothing like that will happen.
We will watch over her.
-You do not understand, sir.
Reshma is the innocent child. How many people will baby-sit?
Your job will be done .. The work of the country will be done ...
but we will be humiliated if Someone disgraced.
Do not worry. If something happens, I will marry her.
You are a very good man, sir. I did a lot for us.
But we can not throw in the fire Reshma.
To fill its debt to the people is not
Having someone to throw into the fire, Dad.
Reshma, you .... what are you talking about?
You know what it is to go across the border?
Dad, Major has done so much for us ....
at least we know it can do for him?
But, my daughter ....
So ... I'm ready to go.
Please, let's start with education.
I will not admit it.
Nor do I'll do it.
But you know ...
As I ...
you love ...
I'm in love
feel it
Ruksar ...
Reshma, your name is Ruksar.
Your eyes say what the heart can not.
Silence all your issues.
Is close to me or walk away
there is something that connects us Kotto.
Your touch
says it all without even saying a word.
Wheeze, attacks of my heart
hide some mystery.
You're in love ...
I'm in love ....
This chuvtsvam at any time.
You're one of the few lucky ...
receiving the opportunity to serve his people.
Debt of a soldier is to protect and safeguard the nation and its pride.
Second are your own safety and protection.
Feelings that I could not express
reverberate in the region.
Air ....
Road ....
talking about it.
You're in love ...
I'm in love ....
This chuvtsvam at any time.
I do not understand, sir.
How come you suddenly released from prison.
Any thoughts that you have been in prison in Aislambad.
These are strange political game, Colonel Hidayuttullah.
truth is never obvious. And what is seen is not true.
My arrest was a sign of helplessness in general.
A relief - that Kashmir needs me.
I admire your loyalty to your nation and religion.
So I trusted you
blagordni two tasks in the name of Allah.
Sir, with that gave me happiness. I swear to Almighty that
really object to. I will give my life if necessary.
But these tasks are more important than your life.
Look at these pictures.
For this tricks because we could not put his hands on nuclear bomb.
Otherwise the world would be in our hands.
In fact, he was an Indian agent. Known as Yakub Ali, Tarneja, Roshanlal ...
Even had preoblyakal by Chakravarti,
to spy on Pakistan.
Make our lives unbearable.
Our military base in India sent us information
it is now in the post under the name of Kashmir .... Atrani.
Do not worry sir, we have people within Kashmir.
Very soon we will know exactly where is Major Atrani.
What happens there?
Brought to you water, sir.
-We do not want any water.
Bring us tea and breakfast, Ruksar.
We'll give you a sign when we have breakfast.
It is important to find Major Atrani.
While not eliminate this obstacle, our mission will be successful.
Colonel, the next important task that is ....
to escape from the national field of vision is to make a secret bunker ...
to locate in our laboratory.
In these circumstances, ...
and international pressure, Pakistan can not use
bomb against India, even to ask. Nor can they give us.
All other roads to get the bomb are stalled.
So we decided that to achieve the independence of Kashmir
will have to make our bomb.
We need a lot of money and modern technology to succeed.
And after working together on this mission
must share all we know. Zahir Miyan ....
he will explain how you will make nuclear bomb?
It is important to find Major Atrani.
While not eliminate this obstacle, our mission will be successful.
Above all we need material to build a bomb.
A material is Uranus.
Will enrich it to 100%.
Far as I know there are several countries in the world
have these enriching elements. It will take us years to make the bomb.
Right. So we found another way to solve the problem.
We took fuel from a nuclear reactor.
We can take him in any pharmaceutical company ....
where it may dissolve and thus to obtain materials
as plutonium and SR90.
The most important is plutonium.
We mix it with a special type of chemical
to make radioactive cells
secret that can be exported.
Kandar ....?
This will solve our receipt of the material.
Today there are many wolves in the jungle. Everybody wants blood.
Preminavat.Znayat hunter in each of his image.
Be careful. Send their photos.
Then we need a detonator, a device for ensuring safety, implosion device ...
and regulator.
To do these four things we need heliograph copy of any one of them.
How are you?
What are you doing here?
- Wash dishes.
Why so hurry? Why leave the oven tea?
Need dishes for breakfast.
Why are you so frightened?
I'm not scared.
Where is the transmitter?
Who are you talking?
Believe me, with never spoken.
It will not get away so easily. Search the January
check carefully!
Almighty God! What effrontery is this?
Mother ....
-Shut up! Shut up!
Perhaps forgetting that Islam gives women
very high status, which is kept under the veil.
And you browse this innocent girl!
You should be ashamed! Mullah ....
trvardite that you instinski Muslim, right?
Only a beard makes you not a Muslim!
Mother ....
- Silence!
Muslims who do not respect a woman ....
deserves to be executed! Spit on it!
Come, daughter.
It is true that we can not respect a woman.
But we suspect that it is spy. Betrayer!
No ma'am .... I traitor.
I read through ..... Come on!
-It 's okay.
Get out.
Rashmi their rights.
But Major concerns are justified.
Quite suddenly broke contact.
Today twice talked to him. Many were worried.
He mentioned and some photos.
Did not you send them?
The situation was very risky, it was impossible to send them.
In speed transmitter broke even.
But I brought this camera. There are all pictures.
Took a big risk when you come here, Rashmi.
I came because it is important to send photos of Major.
Otherwise ...
Sayra, go across the border. Keep an eye on children.
At this late hour?
- A.
Take care of yourself.
Reshma, get back in the house of colonel.
And Be careful. No one should doubt.
Right? Come.
Suckers! Make me a fool!
But I already know.
Ishaq Khan's eyes are not eyes, but X-rays!
I wanted to catch the "CSI"! Give me that.
Beware! This is dynamite!
Reshma Go ... Go!
Do not worry about me. Take your camera with you. Run!
Hold it right there .... or I will kill him!
Stop there!
Traitor! Bastard!
Karimudin, whatever we do we do for our Muslim brothers.
Bastard! Incite Muslims speak with your venomous.
Call them your brothers!
You never asked a Muslim from India came to sit beside you and talk to him.
Do not hug him!
Kkavo have the right to speak on behalf of all Muslims?
Track girl. It carries a camera!
Mufti .... okay?
Here is Charlie, sir.
Reshma fled colonel.
Worn camera.
And life is in danger.
Why can not trace?
The signal-crumbled.
Through the camera can also be traced.
Trying to establish connection via satellite, sir
I found it. What?
Oh no! What the hell ....
- Now what?
What was the last location?
Vasim! Qasim! Get her! Not allow to escape.
Let's see who will come to save her!
Is there someone else? Are you?
Our secret services otrkiha that the man who sent
Reshma here and then it is spaisl Major Atrani.
I welcome you to welcome the Christmas party!
Especially Reshma, which is our special guest.
Encouragingly, it had good response to the enemy
and showed great courage.
There's another good news. Today my nephew
will marry the girl he chose.
And it is another beautiful and Reshma.
What is it?
-Sir ....
I have not been subjected to rude behavior,
to ask you to marry me.
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
Swear to God and tell me the truth, my love.
Let that which lies be damned.
Nightingale and chuchligata ....
Listen to Dad ...
He who loves me here.
All birds fly ...
These positetli leave.
You'll see what happens ....
Valentine's Day when hearts come together.
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
Swear to God and tell me the truth, my love.
Not so fast. Trudge ....
heart block my way.
Why anyone would go on the market
If you are worried about price?
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
Swear to God and tell me the truth, my love.
Let us be damned if you lie.
He who loves me here.
Hope you happy?
Call for you.
Hello, Mr Ajay Chakravarty. Alias Taneja. Alias atra
Counting what you started today ..... I finish it now.
Number 3: Congratulations on your engagement.
Number 4: Congratulations on your death.
What happened then?
jumped into the water to save Reshma.
But the tide was so strong that I could not do it.
I did everything but wave me out on the beach.
I do not know how, but I found one of the bracelets Reshma.
But there was no trace of her.
More than a thousand people were killed. Many bodies were found.
Reshma was the name of the sheet of those who were not found.
But I chuvtstvoto that Reshma was alive.
I wanted to find her.
But my debt would not let me.
Camera, because that would risk his life Reshma
proved, and Mufti Ishaq
were behind bars .. but only to deceive the people.
While they were involved in deadly conspiracy against our country ....
within Kashmir.
It was necessary to understand what was their plan.
So put together a plan and he said
My funeral was broadcast on every TV
Ishaq Khan because they wanted me dead.
I had only one mission, and the whole unit.
To avenge the death of all who died
and to expose plans hellish Ishaq Khan.
This is a Pakistani flag. Take him to the ground, sir!
And whose country belongs to this flag
he has the honor of these people. And our battle is not against people.
And against hell.
Bastard! Live it!?
Where is Ishaq Khan?
Collecting funds for the death of India.
Will live until we live.
Day that we lose our minds here will only graves.
Sir, we found that disk. Sadurzha very important information for ISl.
Refer disk. Have nothing in it.
I wanted to sacrifice in the name of the Lord.
And what better death could I find it?
Never really find Ishaq Khan! Never!
In this mission, God is on our side.
Chip? This surely has to informatsia Ishaq!
God is with those who have faith.
Unbelievable! Seeking information about Ishaq ...
and now we have a whole group.
There Ishaq message.
Sir, I will take some time.
Bravo, Arun. Proved that man can do, despite the circumstances.
Despite the storm ...
you sound like a rock.
Even after they left Reshma forever.
Reshma has left me, sir. It is always close to me.
With me.
That day I had gone canoeing, when I saw the body lying among the rocks.
I thought it was discarded by the waves here.
I found that girl.
They brought her in hospital and after three days came to mind.
When I spoke to her, I knew it was Indian.
The borders of Kashmir.
Her name is Reshma. Saddest part is that ...
that day was engaged to an Indian officer.
On the night of Dec. 31 when the explosion occurred
She knew it, it is in Pakistan?
No, but very scared when she found out.
Maternal affection and hope.
Nothing you told politsitya, right?
No, Dad. How could I tell them?
This would create problems, both it and us.
In any case, it is Indian.
I could not stand the sadness and
when rabra that her fianc and her parents are dead.
Because of the shock, she loses the small force
which had remaining. paralizrana.
I spoke with Dr. Shahin in Canada. She send a fax.
Let's see what happens.
"Lord have mercy.
Committed a very noble, son.
Blessed from God that has given you the honor ....
to serve him in this world day of Ramzan.
This is the father of Salman. I just returned from Quetta.
Salman has already spoken with doctors in Canada.
This is great. There legs and will be in good hands.
Salman, its task as soon as possible.
Organize all travel to and from Canada.
It is not safe in Pakistan.
Decoding the message, sir.
So, Ishaq will go through London to reach Canada.
Arun must go to Canada to catch Ishaq.
Song of the nightingale ....
reminds me of your beloved.
Awakens a desire in my heart
because my favorite is missing.
Memories are like bullets ....
My favorite ....
Song of the nightingale ....
reminds me of beloved.
Awakens a desire in my heart
because my favorite is missing.
The wind song brings ....
everyone in the world loves.
and loved.
I miss her.
It was where her locked bezpomoyutna ....
Thing that kept my wrist and pain.
Now as I open the box ....
My favorite is missing.
It will bring me to Ishaq.
I have not lost faith
I'm not unfair.
Stood between us ...
Stood between us ...
What I did was very bad ....
What I did was very bad ....
My favorite is missing.
Salman, he is alive!
This scarf! I gave it to him.
Not Reshma. Wrong.
The world has a similar scarf.
I spun him.
Reshma, in Canada we are not in India ....
- Salman, is the same scarf!
Salman, he is alive!
I am so happy that brought me here!
You never really forget what you did for me!
Take me .... I want to look!
Sir! Sir!
If this is just an illusion .... Let her keep Reshma.
Did not that just a week and feet have improved.
So there is a strong love?
Love ...
What is thought?
- Nothing.
How are you today?
- How long should I stay here?
Relax, Reshma. Restore is very fast.
You do not understand, Doctor. Ever since I found out that he is alive ....
I only know how I refrained.
Please Doctor, heal me faster.
Having started to move alone will find it one way or another.
Room monitors is just below you, sir.
Give me a route to the laboratory.
And if there is a nearby dressing room ...
Shaheen! What are you doing here?
Guard a little bit to not allow me to put my friends.
- You do not give you our names
sheet for the meeting?
- Oh, so sorry!
In fact, they want to talk to you about the Centre for Research on Cancer,
which will be built in India.
- Awesome!
India or Pakistan, I always opposite!
I'm Ishaq Khan.
Uncle Imtiaz calling. Will soon join.
Take them in the boardroom.
Mr. Zakaria, the trigger material ....
- One moment, one moment.
Ishaq Well, where are you?
- Work on slusaka closed.
Now looking for a way to make other parts of the nuclear bomb.
But we have a big problem.
The two Iranian nuclear scientists who sent me
proved maolumnitsi. I gave up.
Not able to obtain copies heliograph. Are frightened.
Post 9 / 11, the situation has changed, Ishaq.
Things are no longer so easy.
Easy or not, the work must be done.
And remember one thing. If we do not receive copies heliograph ....
All efforts will go We've put in the wind. Our mission will fail.
Where is the material?
The process continues.'ve Received a new consignment of more fuel.
Very soon we will be able to extract plutonium.
God protect you.
Mr Fahim, I want to talk to you.
Things are complicated.
The two nuclear scientists who appointed me
proved useless.
Now we must find other scientists.
Try to AECL. From there you can send Pakistani nuclear scientists.
It is very necessary to get copies heliograph.
Sir, turn right.
Many would be risky to enter the laboratory.
Just tell me how many hours in closed laboratory.
Damn! Radiation has Who has left this idiot brainless giant lab?
Lit all! Clean!
No, not ready. Without proof you can definitely ask to see someone's contract.
Remember that Zakaria would agree to a transaction if it receives radioactive material.
But this is not just enough to keep him in the eye.
A permit. It produces radioactive plates ....
that help in the treatment of cancer.
We collaborate, but this does not mean that you can take things in your hands.
Strange! Nobody will agree to a contract ....
Should not the other complaints handling contracts without our saglasnie. To do this you must have proof that something is wrong.
Will not be able to keep an eye on, nor would he want to shoot ...
But somehow he will find Ishaq. Many cooperative laws!
I have another way.
Another step.
So much improvement in just one month ...
Love truly heal.
It seems that there is someone you love.
Tell me something. In this city ...
Can you make it alone to find him?
Doctor, some standing well away from your shadow?
Forget about me, sometimes I think
someday he will come here to look for me.
Sometimes I think that will come into hospital
and quick steps to be approached.
As if the door opens and he enters.
Dr. Shaheen, the man is here to see you. Waiting for you.
Vahid And I will see you tomorrow!
What a pleasant surprise! What brings you here?
You without me want you, right?
What pulls me to you ...
how to describe my obsession?
Pacific killer killed me ...
what to say about your favorite?
Seems like it was yesterday. We met a month ago, we became friends ....
and today ....
today you're everything to me.
You know, since I met you .... I just do not know what I feel.
At any time you feel like me.
I want to laugh, I want to kiss you.
And sometimes I just sit and watch it.
This is obsession. Mania, which I saw in the eyes of Reshma.
-Yes, my patient from Pakistan.
Very cute. Come, let us introduce you.
Beautiful Hospital.
Hello, where is Reshma?
- She went out with Mr Salman two minutes ago but will return tonight.
The room is forward.
Fascinating girl gone f..
Since I started using crutches,
constantly looking for a reason to walk.
Think that someone who has lost love and
can not afford to sit and relax.
Sometimes time makes you stand out.
There are people who do not have time to seek your favorites.
Whatever that is ...
I brought you a gift.
Daddy will be very happy to meet with Vahid.
He is so handsome, likes of me, true genius ... intelligent!
Although in Indonesia, speak Urdu so dobree.
Even writes poetry.
How do you call ... shayari (poetry).
And more ...
I understand! What could be wrong with a man in whom my daughter is in love?
What did you say his name?
What does?
- Works in AECL eight years.
He adren scientist.
- In Qubeck?
You mean he was a scientist in the nuclear power plant in Canada?
- Yes, I told you it was genius.
Awesome! Why not ask the party that will organize next weekend?
- This would be perfect!
Why not?! Let's see what magic you did this genius!
Do not be bad, tatako!
- All about my daughter.
This is great! Flabbergasted me so little time.
Certainly charming man. And Shaheen was right.
Although its Indonesian, perfect rule over Urdu.
I want to be the world's Urdu language
and Islam - the religion. then there will be peace.
And people say say ....
- Go.
Where can you find with all the finesse Urdu holding?
Or respect, which is love?
If he can be loyal to their faith,
where else will you find a man more powerful than a Muslim?
Wonderful! Let's toast to that.
I do not drink. Islam does not allow it.
Because of cold weather, sometimes ....
This fall, you see?
- Yes.
As a poet has said ... I would like to note my lips, sir.
Raining outside and I have a drink in his hand.
Give me wine, really what else to do.
Your Registrar has deep observations.
All say they like living in another culture to get used in.
Not true, Dad.
When a person living abroad is more closer to their country.
Vahid is a living example. Salman too.
Dad, can I see Vahid alone?
- Oh, just go.
We had to discuss something important.
Do not worry, we lunch together.
Dad, how did you find?
- Big con is! Great!
Remember my Pakistani patient - Reshma, which I told you?
Oh, yes. How is she?
Was discharged from the hospital ...
and now can not walk alone.
And all because of the magic that made Shaheen.
- Not my magic but the magic of love.
I always thought that love has nothing to do with physical health.
But after I met her I realized that love is divine force.
I wondered whether my life would have such a love ...
But that was before I met you.
- And a miracle happened.
Where is she?
- I wanted to meet with her.
But in speed to find his fiance ....
go somewhere with friends Salman.
Went to look for any azitatsi.
You should try to understand the feelings in. The other day in the driveway ...
Shaheen, look who has come to see you.
Uncle Imtiaz!
Come, let us introduce you to others.
This uncle Imtiaz. He lives in London.
And that is Niyaz-saheb, who lives in Malaysia.
And this is our VIP guest, Mr Vahid Khan.
Talk to you a few days.
So glad to see you.
So glad to see you.
Not as much as I enjoy.
Mr. Vahid, you are very interesting person.
But ... do not we met before? Your face ....
Individuals often mislead, sir. Mirror tells the truth.
Vahid's poetry is great.
Really? Let's hear a small part.
Come on, Vahid, let's hear it.
Let's continue with the party. Then you will hear my thing.
And the things you hear ...
Hi Ishaq Khan.
What is this?
From opianyavashtite eyes
I do not pour wine
of true Muslim does not atheist.
Valentine my eyes
say what the heart does not express.
Talking about one, but think of another.
Join us. Let me clarify
Be their emperor or empress ....
Nobody will privestvam
Be beauty or bottom of the bottle ...
Has to be nobody's slave.
Sir ... say what you have to say.
Say you, say everything. Do not find excuses.
Bow in front of beautiful women.
That to which man worships ...
What will now say no one has told
nor heard.
Please sir, pay me attention.
What will you do with heliograph copies.
He who worships
not grateful.
He who worships vingai,
really proud.
He will tell us who, after this drink.
Those who open their mouths after drinking less smatrni.
I will drink anything
but will not say a word.
Whoever worships not grateful.
The one who always worships, not pride.
From opianyavashtite eyes I do not pour wine
of true Muslim does not atheist.
What happens if you design and schedule for the bomb?
I'm not the enemy. Friend.
Ishaq, you still not convinced? Still digging for information Vahid?
Mr. Zakaria, I always had one principle in life.
Before you meet with someone verify it.
That and I did all night.
Prisadenil to AECL was eight years ago, four months and three days.
His father is Pakistani. Indoneziiyka His mother.
His birth date ....
- Birthday dates could be counterfeit.
I do not know why, but in the face of Vahid see traces of Ajay Chakravarti.
God preserve! What are you talking about, Ishaq?
Months have passed since he died.
His bones must have already bore.
I believe that if you send this gem called Vahid ...
Allah will help us to solve the problem heliograph copies.
Mufti is not so easy. .... f. Question
why he wants to help us? Second question is, ...
How do you know so much about us and our secrets?
And third question: if he knows our secrets .....
it shows us why, instead of hiding the facts?
What does he want from us?
You were right, sir.
- What?
As you said, will be here before the sun shines. Here they come.
Good morning, son.
You ...?
It's nice to see that train.
I also practiced. What about Mulan - Saheb?
Exactly, sir.
I am surprised that our habits and hobbies are the same as Vahid.
If I asked a little man against the wall you fall.
Will make training and will also talk to Vahid.
Yes, definitely.
Be careful, Mulan - Saheb.
Watch out, severe f.
Vahid, it turned out that you are quite honest.
He told us our own history, and we tried to ...
Training is over. It is time for jogging.
But ...
He is very disciplined.
It will not give a minute rest, whatever happens.
Wait for him in the cafeteria, will speak to him after he finished with jogging.
Sorry, sir. You can not talk to him today. The company will give a press conference ....
which will continue until tonight. ... And tonight
he will make a party of nuclear scientists from New York.
Tomorrow will be out of town. You can only meet him on Wednesday.
But listen ....
- If you need to wait, come with me.
You can talk to him while running.
Vahid, son ..... wait. Stop it there.
Out of snow.
Go after him.
- I'm not wearing appropriate clothing.
But at least you have hair on his head to make you warm.
I nimam and hair. If we continue to worry about clothes ....
will remain free and what we carry now.
Listen son .... Vahid! Stop, please.
Listen .... Mulan has heart operation.
Not at all safe to run.
Look at his condition.
- So who asked him to run?
Damn .. to have fun!
Come on, run Mulan.
- One minute.
Need to discuss something very important to him.
Vahid, tell our son. How do you know so much about us?
From holy war for Kashmir, which the waters.
I also fight for independence of Kashmir.
God! You have the same objective as us.
Let us swear to Allah that he would rid the infidels of Kashmir.
We can not liberate Kashmir with vyatarnichevite plans Ishaq.
- What do you think?
Even when two young scientists at the AECL gave you heliograph copies ....
do not worry that your plans will crumble if scientists were discovered ....
nor worried that our dreams could nezvisim Kashmir collapsed.
He's right.
- One moment.
It is very easy to speak.
But can you draw heliograph copies to make a bomb?
This is child's play.
But I do not want to encourage beginners like you?
You should not say such things, son. You can do many plans for the future.
He's right.
Vahid, there is another thing.
Shaheen is in love with you. You also love her.
Why not allow our friendship to grow in the family ties?
Will start to believe us.
A trust is important for such an important mission.
What? Will marry the daughter of Zachary?
Nimam choice.
How to take the material for the bomb ....
what connections they have in other countries ....
what are their plans ...?
It is to marry Shaheen, distraught to this story.
Really I can outwit them much longer.
I know that this marriage will break your heart.
Sir, my heart is dead since lost Reshma
Nothing can hurt him anymore.
Please come here immediately. I need things that looked so long ....
by the Canadian government.
Nightingale and chuchligata ....
Listen to Dad ...
Nightingale and chuchligata ....
Listen to Dad ...
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
Swear to God and tell me the truth, my love.
Let that which lies be damned.
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Nightingale and chuchligata ....
Listen to Dad ...
He who loves me here.
All birds fly ...
These positetli leave.
You'll see what happens ....
Valentine's Day when hearts come together.
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
Nightingale and chuchligata ....
Listen to Dad ...
Let the marriage is your blessing
and that this holiday splendor.
Bride and Groom will live together until the end of his life.
I'm just a guest.
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
Nightingale and chuchligata ....
Listen to Dad ...
He who loves me here.
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
And I still think it should stop.
After night dawn every night.
Do not know if you think I am suitable for you
but I'd like to spend my life with you.
Salman, each girl would be happy to have them,
but I nimam other issues.
Love only comes once in a lifetime, and I had her and lose it.
I'll be back shortly.
I never imagined that our lives will face such a test.
I did not have to wait. I had to find somebody.
They hurt a lot, right?
But you only hurt those he loves.
My heart thump of love for you. On my lips - song.
Let us be damned if you lie.
Not uttering a word. You betrayed me.
Nuclear bomb could kill millions of people.
Shaheen, must support me.
It is not brave, making dogs to dance.
It is not a prophet, as people lie.
No, my father can not have one.
After 24 hours you will understand what is the truth.
I do not need 24 hours.'ll Ask Dad.
Did you talk to anyone the next day.
Vahid, son, is everything okay?
At that time, should their home.
Your wife probably waiting for you.
Shaheen can wait but not our mission.
Fanstastichno. True to Z Zakaria!
Do not I tell you, Zachary?
- Son, our only Extract heliograph copies.
You're the head of ISl. Sometimes you have to use their heads.
Even heliograph retrieve copies to make parts of the bomb ...
talk about the nuclear bomb, not a squib.
It will take at least 10 years.
The way the world is changing ..
you can not understand what happens to the independence of Kashmir.
What will happen? And you, Mulan?
Right. But we have no other way.
We have, sir. If you find parts for the bomb ready ...
bomb will be ready when they get together.
Smehorii talking, Vahid.
Ready for the bomb parts are not sold on the streets, right?
Those who are steadfast, not talking about streets,
and reach heaven.
What does this mean?
Finished his work of Jesus Christ, what you say, Ishaq?
Smile a little, Ishaq. It's no less.
But these parts are only half.
Funny man Sui, Ishaq. If I had the other half ...
Kashmir would have ever won their nezvisimostta.
True f.
- Whatever is ..
few months will have the other half.
Why not bring to these areas where residual material for a bomb?
Yes, why not?
However, we are united. Can you send them there?
That's what I want.
Is this place Zakaria?
- Yes, son.
This is the place for skiers on the highest part of the summit.
There is also an underground railroad.
Because it is turisticheko place does not make us suspicious.
Our property is bezpopastnost.
Ishaq, a few days will give you all the parts for the bomb.
But tell me something. How do you get them?
May we make fun!
We have friends in other countries can do.
Will collect the parts and send them to Pakistan.
This will not be at all difficult.
Do you understand what is the engine of KVA?
How can carry the load and how much fuel collected?
We need to know it. ... What if the configuration
the things you give does not match that of the engine?
Vahid's right. This is a very smart advice.
Well, tell him Ishaq.
Abdullah spoke.
Mr. Ishaq, we have an emergency.
Police found the body of Vasim the airport.
It found the phone, which was release.
Mr. Vahid is not a nuclear physicist by AECL.
He is Indian spy - Ajay Chakravarti.
Repeat! Mr. Vahid is not a nuclear physicist by AECL.
He is Indian spy - Ajay Chakravarti.
Mr Abdullah, Mr Vahid would like to know more about the payload.
Cursed Indian spy!
Go to hell!
Exported materials for nuclear bombs.
Take it to the helicopter.
Soldiers? From where took these?
Let us take the train.
- Move!
Faster. Bring all the boxes.
As - near the platform!
Put me in, Dad. We need to talk!
If someone moves, I will kill everyone!
Separate whites from the Indians.
Shaheen, how come here?
What the hell is going on here? What?
Everything is the fault of Vahid. He is a traitor.
Indian spy. He is our enemy!
It is not an enemy. You are enemies of .... chovechstvoto!
What are you talking about, Shaheen?
- Do us wrong, dear.
This is our holy war for the freedom of Kashmir.
Against deceptive and unfair management of the Indian government.
Nonsense! All this is bullshit! You should be ashamed of the fact that call themselves Muslims
For over a handful of people like you
Muslims all over the world living with the shame and humiliation.
People insult them, watching them with suspicion.
I ask you, what jihad is, after killing innocent people?
When will you realize the true meaning of Jihad (holy war).
Dzhihat mean to kill the devil.
Stop this nonsense!
Zakaria, asked his daughter to shut up. Otherwise it will rip and language.
are you, sir?
- Yes, Dorje. Report.
Otvklyakoha train, sir.
- Took all the passengers hostage.
What .....? Coming.
Dad, giving up while there is still time.
Zakaria, asked his daughter to shut up.
- It's just an innocent child ....
'll Make you saw.
Hold! Do not shoot! Stay in position!
Do not miss!
- The terrorists used the hostages as a shield.
- Pretselete and shoot them!
No, sir. It is impossible!
Hiding behind hostages.
Ishaq Khan, look out!
Surrounded her.
Do you think you can escape? Never!
You'll be crushed like a rat.
Do not shoot! Not kill innocent people!
Only one of your dead and anger.
We could kill everyone.
We carry isotopic wafers. We can provoke radiation.
Ishaq Khan, what do you want?
We want to let us go!
- Impossible!
Listen. I'm Zakaria. We do not want to hurt your people.
Everything we do is against the Indian government and pressure, we have k oyto.
If you want to save people, we follow the instructions.
Shaheen, trying to keep things under control.
We want the next station to wait for our bus to take us to the nearest airport.
And then the aircraft for safe exit from the country.
Accept the conditions.
- No, impossible!
- We must do something to make them run it?
- This is my country, my people, I can not let them die!
God help us!
Again, this Indian! We'll create our problems!
- Do you have another plan?
Close doors. Do not allow anyone to go.
Indents, Shaheen.
- What do Ishaq?
Shaheen, my child!
Is there someone who can save the life of my daughter?
Dad, tell Vahid,
that did it right.
Do not stay here, daughter!
Shaheen, forgive me!
Fucking cop! Lied to us! You can not tricked me!
I will kill all remaining hostages one by one!
So why not kill them?
Kill white only.
But you can not touch them with your finger, because your country
belongs to white. They are cowards!
We did not even realize that whoever you killed was Indian.
It's also my Indian!
Kill him!
Exit the train, quick!
Where is Mulan?
- To forgive, fucking bastard?
A man who once sin is a human being.
A man who is wrong the second time Satan!
A man who is wrong for the third time is Pakistani!
And one that forgives every mistake is Indian.
But now the Indians stopped to forgive your mistakes.
Long live India!
This time we really get away!
No doubt you will die, but will also take you to the grave!
I will sacrifice my life? No, do it!
You can only kill people in the name of religion!
Drive them to sacrifice their promise as a place in heaven.
But you never sacrifice his own life.
Because you know that this is not the way to reach heaven.
In which religion is said to have to kill someone in the name of your own happiness?
Stop this nonsense! I've already saved your shroud!
I will not let even they can shroud wrapped.
Will it break Do not know ...
Wont to play with the storms.
You can play with them, but they are subject to me.
Those who are scared - die.
Even in death you will find life.
Since Shaq Khan was buried in the snow ...
radiation does not spread into the atmosphere.
But I could not avoid the effects in.
Lived because it gave me an antidote in time.
But it took me two whole years to recover.
Zakaria is not only forward,
but give us information about the whereabouts of several other terrorists.
So I won the battle for their country and their lives.
But I lost so much.
I still have a feeling that Reshma was not married.
She could still live with memories of you.
Stop the car.
Why not answer my e-mail?
When I realized that I took flight to Kashmir
I realized that going to see Reshma.
I thought it would be - dobree to tell stories on the road.
What news?
Well, Reshma was in Pakistan with Salman.
When I came to Pakistan to respond to your e-mail ....
she gave me a letter for you.
I admire and I am glad that we won so many international fame.
God is good to me.
You succeeded in his mission, and I found happiness. Reshma.
So how was it?
Showed a spy, I'm a genius!
Take this.
Pretty fun.