The Heroes of Evil (2015) Movie Script

Hello... Wanna talk to me?
What kind of question is that?
You could just say you're not interested.
I'm only calling things by their name.
I'm just not good-looking enough
to talk to you, right?
Actually, kid, no,
you're not that good-looking.
More like really ugly!
That wasn't an insult, OK?
I'm not good-looking,
but I'm very interesting.
Christ, what a freak!
you've got yourself a boyfriend!
Look, kid, all you are
is a pain in the ass, get it?
Fuckin' bitch.
What did you say?
I'm asking what you said!
Fucking asshole...
Good morning.
First of all, I want to welcome
all newcomers to the center.
And to those who aren't new:
be careful, I've got my eye on you.
I'll be your tutor, and I'm here
to help you, if you let me.
Cos I'm warning you, if you don't
make the effort, I'll be your enemy.
And you don't want that, trust me.
But I know this year,
you're all going to be very good.
Aren't you?
What are you doing
looking at her like that?
You're gonna cut that out, right?
You, I'm talking to you!
And don't look at me
like you're mad either! Hear me?
Didn't you hear me?
Stop laughing!
Stop laughing!
Stop laughing!
Stop fuckin' laughing!
Don't laugh, alright?
-Cut it out, you retard!
-Cut what out?
Why are you gettin' involved,
-You've spilled my milk, man!
-What milk have I spilled?
-This milk here...
-This milk here?
Be careful:
your milk's all spilled...
Milk! Milk!
Your milk's getting spilled!
-You want some too?
-Yeah, I do! Go on, hit me!
Hit me too! Hey! Look!
He's gonna hit me!
I'm not gonna touch you.
I don't know who's crazier...
your pal, or you.
Go on, get lost!
What are you, a vigilante?
No, but they spilled my milk!
Didn't you see that?
Yeah, they fuckin' spilled it
over me!
You shouldn't have gotten involved.
You fucked everything up.
What did I fuck up? You getting
the shit kicked out of you?
I was laughing at him.
I don't mind pain.
I was trying to see
who could hold out longest,
but you got in the way,
came out as the hero,
and now I'm the fuckin'
outcast that-
Look, at least they stopped
hitting you, you could thank me.
I'm gonna be the fuckin' outcast.
You're not gonna be an outcast
cos you got hit once.
That's just bad luck.
Today the reputations get
handed out, and I'm fucked, alright?
-What's that about reputations?
-It's the first day, right?
Today's the day reputations are
handed out, these are reputations.
You don't arrive as the outcast,
the bully, or the babe.
All that lot give you your reputation.
There's always gonna be an outcast, right?
And as we're missing a fat,
spotty ginger, it's gonna be us.
You and me.
Have you seen any fat gingers?
Over there.
Over there, there's a girl
that might fit the bill.
She's not fat or ginger.
I know, but she's alone,
and she looks like a dude.
-Check it.
-Stop pointing!
All we fucking need is for her to join us!
Listen, thanks for sticking up for me,
even if you suck at it.
I'm Aritz.
I'm Esteban.
So, then.
Wanna go to class?
Why did you have
a milk carton in your bag?
-That's weird right there.
-I like milk.
Plus, I'm still growing.
Sure you are.
And do you only drink milk?
No. Watch it, watch it!
Let's go!
Come on.
Now where the hell do we go?
Sons of bitches! How hard can it be
to drink a fuckin' beer?
-OK, but where are we going?
What's that over there?
This is some fuckin' mess!
Dude, there's someone here.
Yeah, but they died a year ago.
Check it out! Porno mags!
Gimme the beer.
Fuck, man,
why didn't you hand me it?
I did, man,
why didn't you catch it?
This has alcohol, right?
No fuckin' way,
we're not drinking cologne!
Fuck, man, that's disgusting!
Look at this chick, man.
What? She's disgusting!
Don't you like any of them?
All you like is getting beat up, man!
That's why you were laughing at recess.
I told you I was laughing at him.
And if I punch you,
you'll laugh at me too, right?
Go on, then, try it. Hit me.
Are you serious?
Sure, I won't get mad, hit me.
You're a fuckin' piece
of shit masochist!
I am gonna hit you, though.
How do you do that, man?
I wouldn't be able to laugh.
You want some?
Want me to hit you?
OK, but not too hard.
Listen, do you mind if I hit you again?
Let's continue.
The privileged testaments
in the 13th Century.
What are they?
Does anyone know?
Isn't this great?
Look at what my student was doing
during my class.
Isn't it pretty?
This kind of thing,
you can do at home,
or, if you're desperate, the restroom.
Cos I'm guessing you're desperate
if you're doing this kind
of thing in my class.
You see, the thing is,
I always say it's better to do
something in class than do nothing,
cos you get no one
was listening to you, right?
At least I was doing that.
Well, I was listening.
OK, sorry. Doughface was listening.
At least I care! Not like you,
sitting there doing nothing!
Leave it, leave it.
If you're bored, you needn't stay.
Get out, and stop wasting time.
-Thanks very much.
-And don't come back.
Great! Now you can play
with yourself at home!
Anyone else bored?
Hey, Teach?
Look, I've got a nice drawing too.
Should I go home too?
Yes, get out.
OK, cool.
And when you see your boyfriend,
tell him neither
of you need come to the exam.
The tutor, the bullies...
how did we do it in so little time?
They all hate us.
They'll get over it.
Look, at least they won't hit us anymore.
You just stood up to the Sarge.
That'll give you props, right?
They're gonna keep fucking with us.
I know the score.
They've fucked with me my whole life,
and they're gonna keep on doing it.
Let's just wait until they get tired
and find some other loser
to have a go at.
Why don't we find one?
Chill out, alright?
What are you doing, man?
What the fuck's wrong with you?
What the fuck are you doing?
You stupid or what?
Look, I'm sorry about him,
but I needed to humiliate someone.
Why? To be as big an asshole
as these guys?
That's right, you got it.
Fuckin' stop, you assholes!
Macho Man!
Hey, where are you going?
-To class.
-She didn't come.
We're free til next class.
Fucking A.
we're sorry about the fat guy.
The fat guy?
Fuck the fuckin' fat guy!
I try and help the fucking fag
and he runs away and knocks me over.
He knocked you over?
Holy shit! How come?
I just told you,
he's a fucking fag!
Anyway, we're sorry.
Listen, wanna join us?
Join you where?
What are you gonna do?
We're gonna drink, get drunk-
Look, we've no money
for booze or anything.
Why do you need money?
Don't be losers, man.
You don't need money.
Watch out,
there's a camera behind you.
I'll keep lookout.
If I cough, you stop.
-What's up?
Let's get the fuck outta here.
How many have you caught?
What is wrong with you two?
I don't know,
whatever we've been able to catch.
-Give me money for the donuts.
-I don't have money...
I dont want to.
Don't be assholes! I need 50 cents.
Put them back.
No way!
Run! Fuckin' run!
Stop! Stop!
Aritz, the bag! The bag!
Son of a bitch!
You're the son of a bitch!
What a couple of retards!
You fucked up real good!
It was this asshole,
hasnt closed my bag!
-Who dropped it, eh?
-I don't give a shit why!
I can't steal there ever again!
-Wait, wait, don't get mad at us!
Take this, take it!
We'll take you somewhere, OK?
Somewhere, trust me.
Fuckin' trust me, alright?
Shit! This place reminds me of a dream
I had when I was really little.
It was like the end of civilization.
No one left.
And suddenly,
all my old toys appeared.
The ones my Mom threw out
when I was little.
But it was nice.
Let me see.
Is this me?
It doesn't look anything like me.
Yes, it does. It looks like a boy.
Fuck it.
I'll do it later at home, OK?
And who's this?
Give me that, please.
She's very pretty.
Prettier than you, that's for sure.
Maybe, but you're a fuckin' fag
that laughs when they hit him.
We can't all be as macho as you.
Right, Macho Man?
Fuckin' drop it, man.
Why the fuck do they call me that?
Maybe if you stopped wearing
your big brother's clothes...
Fuck you both! Assholes.
Don't get mad!
What's wrong with guys' clothes?
The girls' clothes I like are
expensive and I can't afford them.
What is it you're after?
Why do you ask?
You gonna buy me it?
Who knows?
You ask for it, I'll get it.
-Anything I want?
-Yeah, whatever you want.
I want that dress.
-He'll get caught.
-Let him.
If he does, it'll be your fault.
Are you jealous
he's not getting a dress for you?
Why the hell would I want a dress?
-OK, I've got it.
-What? You've got it?
-How did you get it?
Here, no questions.
Don't take it out here!
Holy shit!
Put it away, put it away,
don't take it out here-
This dress is fucking awesome!
Let's go.
People are fucking stupid.
We can get whatever we want.
Look at your face!
OK, kids,
so we've got the cytoskeleton,
the microtubules,
centrioles and flagella.
Then we've got the lysosomes,
endosomes, vacuoles and peroxisomes.
And the cytoplasm,
which has alioplasm,
the endoplasmatic reticule,
Golgi apparatus...
Sir! Please can I go
to the restroom for a minute?
We're nearly finished, can't you wait?
So, again, we've got the lysosomes,
endosomes, vacuoles and peroxisomes.
And the cytoplasm, alioplasm,
Golgi apparatus, secretory vesicles...
Ral! Get up here right now!
I didn't know it was gonna break!
That was too much, man!
There's your glass,
you fucking dicks!
-Don't shout!
-I don't think they saw us.
Don't shout what?
Do you want a rock in your face?
What are you on about?
We didn't do anything!
No, I didn't do anything,
and I'm not getting it
for something you did.
Listen, we...
-I'm not talking to you.
-I'm not shutting up, retard!
Shut up!
See that rock there?
You're getting
that right through your face!
-Fuck you, you fucki-
-Easy! Don't you move!
Go on! Go on!
Tell me! Tell me!
Tell me it wasn't you!
What the fuck are you doing, asshole?
Why would they do a thing like that?
So why did they run, eh?
They're retarded, don't you get it?
It was that fucking gang.
I saw them through the window.
How do you know so much, Macho Man?
Because I almost got the rock
in my fucking face!
They're fucking nerds, can't you see?
Watch it, Macho Man. You're full of shit.
Sure, kid, I threw the rock myself,
and the Sarge helped me,
if you can believe that.
Get the fuck out of here,
are you retarded?
-Watch it, right?
-I've got your number, both of you!
-Get lost!
This is what you get
for being fucking stupid!
You could've hit me!
I don't give a shit!
We're gonna kill him.
He's a fucking fag,
we're gonna destroy him.
We're gonna kill him.
You know what happened to the rock?
It got Doughface right in the head.
What the hell are you doing? Aritz!
Letting the pain out.
Are you fucking stupid?
Haven't you had enough for one day?
I don't know.
OK, that's it.
Let's go shopping.
Let's go, now!
-Aritz, be careful.
-We shouldn't have come back here.
I'm being careful.
Don't grab so many things,
they'll catch us.
They're not gonna catch us.
The guard from the other day.
OK, here's the deal.
We're gonna leave everything we've taken
and we're gonna walk out the door.
I think he's seen us.
-I'm fine as I am.
-Whaddya mean, "as you are"?
I'll see you guys later.
This guy is idiot, or what?
Let go of me, you're hurting me!
Yeah, yeah.
You strip, you're going to drop it.
Get over here!
I'm taking you all to the police!
Go on, then!
Get over here, you're gonna get it!
Aritz, enough!
Do you think he was really
gonna hand us over to the cops?
Look, Sarita. Fuck him.
He's just an asshole
who was gonna hand us in
for stealing
a couple of pieces of shit.
OK, but you took it too far.
I don't know who the asshole was.
Him or us.
Him or us? Neither, Sara.
Look, we were the bad guys to him,
and he was the bad guy to us.
Who's bad depends
on your point of view, that's all.
People suck
when they start talking about morals.
Lots of people deserve a beating.
Or getting killed.
And everyone feels that way.
But they don't mention it. Then what?
No one has the balls.
-No one has the balls.
-It's not just about balls.
Look, Sara, all we did was
use his weapons against him.
We should do that with a lot of people.
Sure we should. So we can be
like them or worse, right?
Let's be the baddest of the bunch!
The great heroes,
the evil motherfuckers!
We're gonna be The Heroes of Evil.
The Heroes of Evil!
I love it!
What, are you gonna wear
some dumb outfit?
Are you gonna shave your heads?
Well, I think the outfit's
a fucking great idea!
Let me get some paper.
What for?
I'm making a list.
There's a huge list of motherfuckers...
Yolanda the cocktease?
Cigarette put out in her face.
Violent rape.
Getting a couple of punches
in outside school would be alright.
That's fucking lame, Aritz!
Ok, so we'll punch her teeth out!
-What about Ral?
-We'll put fire up her-
What about Ral?
-Motherfucker, what's up with you?
-Get lost.
-Get lost, asshole! Get lost!
-Leave it!
Go on!
Get lost!
You're just a bunch of fucking fags!
What are you gonna do?
He just got in a fight.
He'll think it was them.
-Aritz, it's not that easy.
-What are you gonna do?
How do we make sure
he doesn't see us?
We attack from behind.
-We did it, we did it!
-You've done it now.
If we've killed him,
we're in big trouble.
I don't give a shit.
Holy shit!
What if you've killed him?
Pain in the ass! We didn't.
What if he saw us?
Who cares, eh?
What are you doing?
Don't be fucking stupid!
-You're gonna get hurt-
-You don't get it, Sara!
We're The Heroes of Evil!
We fucking wrecked him!
We're The Heroes of Evil!
Ral, you motherfucker!
Pass me the bottle.
-Aritz, Aritz! Shit!
-Aritz, let go of it! Fuck!
What about me?
-And again?
-What about you two?
I wanna see you too.
Go on, kiss each other.
If you don't kiss, that's it.
Go on!
Now what?
Go on! Take your clothes off!
What are you waiting for? Get hard!
I'm not gonna do everything!
Sara, you don't get hard just like that.
Ok, but I'm gonna let you try me, right?
Stop complaining.
Shit! I can't get hard.
-You could suck me off.
-No, Aritz, I won't.
Why not?
I dunno.
It's embarrassing in front of Esteban.
Why exactly?
Just because.
Would it embarrass you
to suck me off in front of him?
But I'm not gonna suck him off!
-So you will suck him, but not me?
-That's it, Aritz! Yes, Jesus!
You could at least suck him off too...
You know what?
Why don't you suck each other off?
Hey... don't get mad...
Can I touch you?
Just a little?
-Down here?
-Take it easy!
I'd rather have taken the picture
if I'd gotten hard, to be honest.
That doesn't matter, man,
it was nice...
It was the first time.
Didn't you say you'd done it before?
Yeah, cos I nearly did once.
Who with?
A girl.
We were going out, but this other piece
of shit got in the way,
she fucked him and stayed with him.
Who is she?
-The girl from the drawing?
-Yeah, the girl in the drawing.
And that's why I wear black.
I nearly killed myself once.
I thought about doing that too.
I don't know how I'll do it:
jumping off a building, drugs,
but I'll take the trip.
-The trip... Why trip?
-Because it's like a trip.
Like a break, from everything.
Seriously, Aritz,
what the fuck are you talking about?
A break from what?
What the hell happened to you that's so
horrible that you have to kill yourself?
I've got this stepfather, right?
And he's been beating my Mom and me
up since I was a kid, constantly.
He'd come home from
the construction site drunk and kick off.
He's fucked my life up.
My Mom's too.
Shit... I'm sorry, man.
So your Dad's a drunk worker
that beats you up.
And that's why you wanna die.
You know what?
You both think you're
a couple of miserable Goths,
but you have no fucking clue
what life's all about.
Fucking kids!
You're just a walking fucking clich!
What are you getting mad for, Sara?
It's fucking ridiculous, Esteban!
I've never thought
of killing myself! Preppy shits!
Fair enough,
but don't take it out on us!
You can forget us fucking.
She'll be over it by tomorrow.
Any news?
Good or bad?
No one saw a thing.
They think it's those other guys.
His parents have taken him to Zaragoza.
-Ral is over.
-Fuck him.
-So what's the bad news?
-We have an exam tomorrow.
You idiot...
Why don't we forget about the exam
and get to fucking?
Because I'm not horny.
So think of something.
What turns you on?
Nothing right now, Aritz.
What about getting raped?
Does that do it for you?
You'll have some sort of fantasy, right?
Passing history.
So studying history turns you on.
Hey, chill out, alright?
I was just gonna stroke you.
It's a twitch, alright?
I don't like people touching my face.
Like this?
Aritz! Why don't you shove
your hand up your ass, fuck!
Look, if you don't wanna study,
don't study, but leave us alone.
Leave you alone?
Look, none of us is gonna pass,
but you wanna keep fucking about,
that's your problem.
-I'm outta here, see you later.
What's up?
How was your exam?
The exam? It was OK.
It actually...
went OK.
There's another one tomorrow.
Why don't you come
by the house to study?
No, I'm going home, OK?
I'll study there.
-I'll see you both tomorrow.
What's with your face? What's wrong?
Look, Aritz,
we got rid of that asshole Ral.
No one's gonna laugh
at you or hurt you.
I love you.
You get it?
Go on, what do you wanna do?
-I don't care.
-You don't care?
Wanna come with me
while I buy something?
-How's it going?
You don't come round anymore, man.
What's up, flunker?
What are you up to now?
I'll be back in a minute, alright?
One minute.
It's been a long time! How are you?
Do you always wear black now?
No, just sometimes.
How are you?
You're still with Jorge?
Yeah. Why do you ask?
Because I wanna buy
something from him.
Why didn't you say that before?
Let's go.
No, actually, stay here. I'll get him.
You've fallen for it twice!
Don't be like that, man!
-Don't be like that, man!
-Come on.
-How's it going?
-Is that her from the drawing?
Yeah, let's get out of here.
-Good luck, Esteban.
-Take care of your freak!
I got some magic mushrooms
for the three of us.
I don't think
we should share anything.
Sarita doesn't wanna sleep with me.
And I would sleep
with anyone who asked.
Do you want a chick?
That's fifteen.
You can't get anything with fifteen.
What do you expect?
I bought mushrooms!
Maybe one of them
will suck you off or something.
What about them?
Let's go.
What do you want?
Wanna fuck for fifteen euros?
Leave them,
they're just some fucking kids.
Piss off, kids,
you're scaring off my customers!
Ask her...
What if you suck me off?
I told you to fuck off, kid!
-Are you stupid or what?
I didn't insult you, alright?
I just said you're a whore!
Your whore mother's a fucking whore!
My mother is not a whore like you!
Fuck off
before I smash your head open!
-Shut up, you fucking bitch!
-Fuck off!
Go home and jerk off!
Fucking slut!
-Shit whore!
Stop, they're gonna fucking kill us!
I swear, the next person
that fucks with me...
I'll kill them.
OK. Let's go.
Those of you who passed
with a plus sign will have to do an essay.
You know:
Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece...
and Rome.
Then you'll come back after Christmas
and say you didn't get it.
Miss, this exam is correct.
Is it? Where does it say that?
The answers are right. I studied for this.
And who are you to tell me
what's right and what's wrong?
Miss, are my grades right?
You should thank your lucky stars
you passed.
And how could I? I copied him.
Say that again
if you're stupid enough, sweetheart.
Esteban failed and I got a 6.
That's not fair.
At least he should pass.
No problem.
You both have the same grade now.
And stop bothering me
with this nonsense.
We won't bother you again.
We'll talk to the principal.
Yeah? Do whatever you want.
With your results you'll have
to come back next year.
You've thrown this one away.
Stay right there! Don't move!
-Get off me!
-Come on, man!
Admit you're a fucking bitch!
Tell us all you're a fucking bitch!
Let go of me!
You're gonna pass them both
or I'll kill you, hear me?
-I don't care if you throw me out.
I'll come back, and I'll kill you! Bitch!
Bitch! Bitch!
How'd it go?
You went too far, Aritz. We're gonna
get kicked out because of you.
Nothing's gonna happen to you guys.
You've both passed.
I love your keychain, can I have it?
This isn't working, man.
Why don't we eat more?
No, they said no more.
Why are you laughing?
-We're not.
-I don't think it's funny.
Me neither.
What's up?
Where you going?
It's my PlayStation!
What the hell is she doing?
My robot!
What is it?
What's all this?
I found them!
I found them!
What's wrong?
My toys!
It's all I ever wanted, Esteban.
I swear.
Isn't it pretty?
I love you so much.
I love you too.
Aritz, come here.
I love you both,
and I'm always gonna love you.
Me too.
I love you both too.
You love me?
You promise?
I promise.
I promise.
I promise.
-Where are you going?
-I have to leave the toys.
I'm going with you.
Hey! Esteban!
Sara! Wait up!
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
-What are you doing?
-You don't love me at all!
What, don't I love you?
Don't laugh, you son of a bitch!
You don't love me!
I do...
Don't lie, Esteban, you don't!
Of course I love you, you dick!
How could I not love you?
Don't lie, Esteban, for fuck's sake!
You don't love me!
You son of a bitch!
You bitch!
Aritz? What's going on?
Aritz, please, stop!
What did you do, you bitch?
What did you do?
Stop... please... stop...
Give me that.
I just...
What the hell are you doing?
I didn't...
-Esteban... I didn't...
-You didn't what?
What are you doing?
Shit! Any idea where this guy
could be at this time?
I don't give a shit where he's gone!
He nearly slashed my throat
in front of you!
He was wasted, Sara! Don't you remember?
Didn't you see him?
I don't care, Esteban!
All that "I love you",
and now all you care about is Aritz?
All that what?
Sara, I'm sorry!
I know Aritz went too far
but he was drugged up!
What the hell
are you doing here, Aritz?
I came to say sorry.
I lost my mind. I'm still paranoid.
Did you follow me?
I don't wanna see you again
for the rest of my life, alright?
Leave me alone!
You promised that you loved me.
-You promised!
-Let go of me, Aritz.
Was it a lie?
-Fucking answer me!
-Get the fuck off me!
-You don't love me.
-Yes, I do love you.
-I love you a lot, OK?
-Then give me a kiss.
I kissed you cos I felt sorry for you,
but now you make me sick.
You make everyone sick, asshole!
What's wrong?
Get up.
I just wanted to confirm something.
That I don't like her.
You don't like her?
Is that why you tried to rape her,
cos you don't like her?
What are you talking about?
I only kissed her.
Well, and I got angry with her,
but I didn't do anything to her.
Aritz, you know I should be beating
the shit out of you, right?
Esteban, I just tried
to get close to you two.
And you both want to get away from me.
And I love you both.
Look, man, I love you too,
but you do a lot of stupid shit.
The Heroes of Evil
is just another stupid game.
You can't really go about doing
whatever you want to people.
You know that.
You've just joined
the legions of the mediocre.
Yes, I've joined them.
Now I'm a dickhead.
Here's my dickhead medal.
It's yours.
Take care.
You too.
-Did you hit him?
What do you mean "no"?
What did you do, then?
I gave him my keychain. Fuck him,
Sara, we're not gonna see him again.
Esteban, tell me,
are you a fucking coward,
or do you just not give
a shit about me?
He's just a loser, alright?
But he didn't mean to hurt you, honest!
-You don't give a shit about me.
-Of course I care!
How could I not?
But he's my friend.
Ok. Fair enough. Fucking great.
Have an amazing time together
this Christmas.
-Esteban, don't you hear me?
-Im coming, Mom!
How the hell did you find our house?
It's a small village. It wasn't difficult.
How did you get here?
By bus. I spent all of my money
on the ticket.
Damn! Have you eaten?
Here's the photos
from my prehistoric camera.
I did it again.
Did what?
But this time I did it for real.
What do you mean "for real"?
The Heroes.
What the hell have you done?
After you left,
I took the rest of the mushrooms
and some other shit
and I got fucked up, OK?
I tried to go on the trip.
But, instead of killing myself
I got hysterical.
I left the house
and walked round and round.
Until I reached the whore's patch.
And who was there?
-The whore.
-The bitch who humiliated us.
She couldn't remember me.
She came with me into the bushes.
I took off my belt,
and grabbed her neck.
She started to scream,
and I grabbed tighter
until she collapsed on the floor.
I got a stick from the ground
and started to smash her head in.
The bitch scared the shit out of me:
she started spasming.
Then, I realised her eyes were dry.
Like they were plastic.
And she was dead.
Dude, you were right.
The Heroes thing is bullshit.
Revenge is what matters, fair or not.
Or do you think it's a bad thing?
Not bad. I don't think it's bad or good.
I think...
it's something you've done.
I knew you'd understand.
Some people deserve to get killed, right?
That's what you said.
There's something else I have to tell you.
I left your keychain there.
The Batman one.
The one you gave me.
But don't worry:
they can't trace it back to us.
What do you mean "back to us"?
I had your keychain with my keys.
When I left, I didn't have it.
But don't worry, they can't catch
us with that because-
And even if they did,
I would hide the fact that it's yours.
Because you're my friend, right?
Sure. I'm your friend.
It's so beautiful.
You want one like it?
You're late.
What are you doing round here?
Jorge's passing pills
on to some preppy kids.
How are you?
Shit, Esteban!
OK, OK, I'll talk to my aunt, but I don't
know if she'll know what to do.
Though she does know other lawyers.
Listen, I've got to go.
Should we?
Thanks for listening to me.
I needed to see you.
Don't thank me, but please,
don't tell anyone else, OK?
Until I speak to my aunt.
Don't worry, I don't have anyone
I can talk about this to.
Apart from you.
-I liked seeing you again.
-Me too.
But look after yourself, OK?
And stay away from him.
Do that for me.
Why are you saying that?
Because he's dangerous.
I know that, but why are you asking me
to look after myself?
For you?
Because I care about you, Esteban.
OK, I'll wait for you to call.
What the hell are you doing here?
I like being here.
I've waited for you for two days.
I'm sorry.
You still thinking about suicide?
Not really,
I don't think about that anymore.
Well, I do.
I wanna go on the trip,
but I'm scared to go alone.
So you have to promise that
if you decide to do it,
you have to let me know,
so we can do it together.
OK, I promise.
-I shouldn't have come.
-It's been really tough.
I've been having nightmares
since we took the mushrooms.
How could you not have nightmares
after killing someone?
That's not it, Esteban.
It's not?
It's not.
I feel very lonely. I want to die.
Don't tell me you feel lonely!
Don't do that, you dick!
What you did is wrong!
You killed someone! You're unhinged!
You've fucked everything up!
Get it, or not?
I'm sorry, Esteban.
I'm sorry, you're right.
Forgive me, forgive me,
but don't leave me on my own.
Look, you can't stay here.
Are you gonna stay with me tonight?
I can't, Aritz, I have to go home.
Any ID?
Shit! I've left it at home!
Are you meeting someone?
Who are they?
Some guys.
Look... Speed.
Have you tried it?
No. I don't want any, thanks.
So you take drugs with Sara
but not with me, is that it?
Don't you trust me?
You haven't told anyone, have you?
Take this.
Go on, then.
What you doing?
Aritz! Wait up!
I'm sorry,
but I don't like you that way, OK?
I love you because you're my friend,
but not like that!
You're a fucking guy, man!
I'm sorry, OK?
It was a friendly kiss, get it?
A kiss among friends!
Who the fuck do you think you are?
When Sara asked you,
you had no problem kissing me!
What the hell
does that have to do with anything?
Fuck off!
You're my friend,
you're my fucking friend,
but you only kiss me
if that slut asks you to!
-Calm down!
Calm the hell down!
Go ahead and kiss your boyfriend,
but let me fucking sleep!
Shut up, you son of a bitch!
Piss off and ass-fuck
each other, Jesus...
-Shut up!
-I'll kill you, motherfucker!
Aritz! Calm down!
Shut up, fucking dog!
-Calm down, calm down!
-Fucking dog!
Lola, stop fucking moving!
Calm down!
I didn't wanna kill the dog.
I didn't want to kill it.
It was the fucking bum that deserved
to die. He tried to fuck with us.
the bum wasn't fucking with us!
People aren't fucking with you!
People have much better things
to do than fuck with you!
Yeah, and if they can't do them,
they fuck with you!
They fuck with you to feel superior.
The bum should be dead!
And Ral too,
and Sarge, and Sarita as well.
What the fuck
did Sarita do to you? Eh?
She's the worst of all!
The fucking worst!
She used me to get in the way.
She promised she loved me.
She fucking promised!
She promised, and you know why?
To take my friend away from right
under my nose! That slut!
She's a fucking slut!
And I swear, if she fucks with me again,
I'll fucking kill her!
I don't care if she's your friend,
I'll kill her!
And what if I fuck with you?
Gonna kill me too? Eh?
Open your eyes! She's a bitch!
Don't you see that?
Maybe she's a bitch,
maybe you're right, but calm down!
Don't tell me to calm down,
don't play along, I'm serious!
Ok, I'm sorry, Aritz, forgive me.
Don't say you're sorry!
Don't say you're sorry,
and don't treat me like an idiot!
Get out of his life,
don't answer the phone,
don't talk to him,
get the hell away from him.
What if they find evidence?
If they find it, they'll do something.
They'll put him in a detention center,
but he's underage.
He won't go to prison.
There's all that time off
for good behavior and shit like that.
Why don't you talk to my aunt?
She'll just say the same as you, right?
Yeah, to ignore all of this
and to get away, that's what she'll say.
And what if he kills again?
Not your fucking problem!
It's not mine, either.
So, if you want to talk to my aunt, fine,
but leave me out of it.
You told me I could count on you.
You have already.
You told me you cared.
You're right, you're always right.
I'll stay away, that's it.
Do you know where Sara is?
No idea, why do you wanna know?
Nothing, no problem,
but if you see her,
can you tell her
I'm looking for her, please?
If it's for nothing,
then I'll say nothing, yeah?
Who did that to you?
What's it to you?
-You were looking for me, right?
I just wanted to say that...
you were right about Aritz.
He's bad news.
Great! You wanted to meet me
to talk about Aritz!
No, I wanted to meet to tell you
to stay away from him, no matter what.
If you see him in the street,
no matter what he says, stay away.
I'll stay away from both of you.
Because I'm sick of you, of Aritz,
and of all this shit.
-What the hell do you want, Esteban?
-I'm worried about you, and-
-And me. No, not Aritz.
Look, Aritz... has killed someone, OK?
He killed a hooker because...
Because he felt like it, I don't know.
Did you see it?
No, he told me.
He told you...
How do you know he didn't lie?
Because he didn't, and even if he did,
what does it matter?
Don't you think he's capable of doing it?
How close was he to killing Ral?
A brick in the head,
a kick, what's the difference?
He almost slashed
my throat in front of you!
Listen to me,
he's always been dangerous!
Ok! Press charges then!
I can't press charges, he's underage.
There's no evidence,
and even if there was,
he knows where I live!
Either you press charges or I do.
-You can't do that.
-Why not?
Because I'm not a fucking coward?
Not, not because of that,
because he left a keychain
next to the dead girl.
The one I gave him.
It says "Esteban". Right there.
I think he left it on purpose.
He says he dropped it,
but no fucking way,
he left it there to incriminate me.
Look, the thing is,
we have to be together in this, OK?
He can't know we've spoken.
I'm spending
as much time as I can with him,
so he thinks we're friends like before.
It's the only way
I can keep tabs on him.
Just great! And how long
does this go on? Til he kills us?
I'm talking to you, Esteban!
I'm talking to you! Answer me.
Look, either you go to the cops
or you get rid of him for good.
-How do I do that?
-Figure it out.
What do you mean?
You're saying I should kill him?
-I can't fucking kill him!
You get him drunk,
and you throw him off the balcony,
the roof, or wherever
the hell you want! Problem solved.
Do you really think
I could do something like that?
Are you stupid?
Sara, I can't do something like that.
Why do you want so many?
A friend's going-away party.
How many of you are there?
Dunno... 15 or 20, maybe.
You've got like 3 bags too many!
I know, but maybe more will show up.
Take care with that, won't you?
Don't worry.
I won't call or bother you again.
Take care, Esteban.
You've stopped seeing him, right?
Your friend?
My friend, yeah. I've stopped.
Sara, what is it?
-What's wrong?
-He's sending me messages. Bad ones.
"I hate you. I hate you".
Thousands of times over.
Has he said anything else?
Yeah. "I'll do it again".
What the fuck
is he gonna do again, Esteban?
Does he know I know?
I didn't tell him a thing, I swear.
-Don't lie to me!
-OK, calm down. Let's end this now.
You said he might get two years, right?
There you go!
-Let's go to the fucking cops!
We're not gonna go to the cops!
-Let me do something first.
-I'm gonna go look for him.
-What the hell are you gonna do?
I don't know what, I don't know,
but I know nothing's
gonna happen to you or me, OK?
Don't mess with me.
Sara, just trust me for fucking once!
Sara, what's up?
Thank God. Have you found him?
He's not here.
OK, I just wanted
to make sure you were alive.
Listen, before I didn't tell you that I-
Sorry I've been so harsh
these last few days.
I don't know, Esteban, I'm afraid
that something could happen to you.
Sara, we'll talk tomorrow, OK?
You've been there long?
What are you doing here?
I had a fight with my Dad too.
I've left home.
-How did your night go, Aritz?
-Very well.
I haven't slept since I saw you.
But I've sorted my thoughts out
about a lot of things.
What do you mean?
I've chosen someone.
Who is it?
I'm your friend.
You can tell me.
Not for that.
Wanna have breakfast?
Do you want to do something with me?
Are you high?
I'm not yet.
On you go, then.
Another one?
Why do you wanna kill yourself now?
I feel bad, I told you.
I don't believe you.
You don't?
I saw Laura again,
and she ignored me again.
That messed me up again.
Yeah, but you don't wanna die.
Let's see how far I go.
Let's go then.
I don't want speed.
I'd rather keep going with the pills.
You giving up already?
Who was gonna be next?
I'm your friend, you can tell me.
You're not my friend,
you run away from me.
Sometimes you scare me, man.
You shouldn't be on Sarita's side.
I won't be.
I don't want you killing me too.
Because you would, wouldn't you?
Would you kill us both?
You know I wouldn't.
How many have we taken?
About 10 or 20, I don't know.
Plus the speed.
Yeah, but you're cheating.
I'd already taken speed
and a bag of ketamine.
You have to take more than me.
OK, I'll take 3, you take 2.
Who is it?
What? Nobody.
I never asked you:
how did you steal
the dress for Sarita?
I bought it.
You bought it?
What else did you lie about?
Cos you don't have
a drunken stepfather
in construction
who beats you up, do you?
I had to give some explanation
so you'd understand how I feel.
What's Aritz's problem?
What's his fucking problem?
His upbringing with his parents?
His social circle?
Bullshit, Esteban.
I'm just like this.
You don't know
who you are anymore.
Esteban, I know fine well who I am.
I got landed with being the bad guy.
You didn't get landed with anything.
You chose to do whatever you wanted.
What are you going to do to me, Esteban?
Aritz, stop! Let's stop, OK?
You wanna stop? Well, I don't.
Aritz, spit that out.
Aritz, spit it out!
Tell me the truth.
Did you kill the hooker or not?
I need you to be honest with me now.
For me to be honest?
You spat half the pills out.
You let me take them.
This trip's only for me.
But don't worry.
I took them because I wanted to.
Aritz, tell me the truth!
Aritz, listen, please!
Tell me.
We were gonna go together, Esteban.
But if you just want to get rid of me,
why would I want to stay?
You're the only person I love.
I love you, Esteban,
but you don't love me.
I do love you.
No, Esteban, you don't love me.
Of course I love you, you're my friend,
but I need you to tell me the truth.
Did you kill her or not?
Esteban, you don't know what love is.
I do.
I love you.
When I'm with you, I feel great.
Aritz, tell me the truth!
Tell me the truth! Tell me the truth!
Did you kill her or not?
All I know is you didn't.
You can go now.