The Heroin Busters (1977) Movie Script

(Music over dialogue)
(Music over audio)
(Man) '...that depends
on the size of your order.
'I figure on two weeks, generally.
'Four million units
of precipitated penicillin?
'I don't think raises any problem at all.'
We can always put it
through the government some place.
We could send it to, uh...
perhaps India.
Sorry, sir. We seem to have a small
problem with your subsidiary in Italy.
Yes, I know. Would you discuss it him?
Tell him, he'll take care of it.
- I'll take it from here.
- Check your schedule with me again.
Look, why don't we do this?
I gotta go to LA. on Friday.
If you're gonna be there till Sunday,
we can work out the details...
Hello? No, Moran here.
(Woman) 'Mr. Leroy,
Mr. Meade is out of the office.
'But Mr. Moran is on the line.
Will you speak with him?'
- (Leroy) Yes, put him through.
- 'Just a moment.
- 'He's on line two.'
- Thank you.
Hello, Mr. Moran? I've been trying
to call Meade all morning.
But I wasn't able to get through.
We are trying to straighten all this out
as fast as we can.
Yes, I understand.
You see, Mr. Leroy,
our company cannot afford
to have our branch offices
make these mistakes.
Well, this is not to be construed
as a threat,
but you do understand, don't you?
Tell Mr. Meade that our merchandize
will be delivered as we agreed.
He can rely on that.
Of course.
Goodbye, Moran.
Now you listen to me, Colonel.
Either you do it my way,
or I do it on my own. Is that clear?
Mr. Hamilton, don't force me to remind you
that you're a guest in my country,
and that your position
is far from official.
Alright, you were great.
You built me this fabulous cover
so you could write in your report
how Interpol was more than happy
to cooperate on an international basis.
Well, if you've done all this
just to put behind bars
a couple of zombies
with arms like colanders,
you've been wasting your time.
- Mr. Hamilton...
- ...and mine.
Our job is to make the selling of drugs
in this country as difficult as possible.
But we can't do more
than what we've been doing
with the means at our disposal.
Look, how many goddamn times
do I have to...
I can't get it through your heads
that Italy is just a stopover
on the drug routes!
Cartagena, Hong Kong,
Amsterdam, Rome,
and then it is shipped
to the United States.
Now, if we can break the circuit,
then we can clear up your country, too.
That's my job, that's why I'm here.
But you remember, the people we are
dealing with are not only organized,
they're probably intelligent enough
to come up with a better cover
than this shack.
(Leroy) Remember, the flight arrives
from Hong Kong at 12:05.
The second one from Cartagena
is due to land at twenty past.
So you be sure to get there in time.
Don't worry.
It's time to get ready.
(Tannoy announcements
in Italian)
(J' Music over dialogue)
Now it's just a pain in the stomach.
A stomach cold.
Hurts, too.
(Snarling and barking)
(Officer) Would you open
that bag, please?
(Shouting in Italian)
Jesus Christ, don't stop him,
you bastards.
See where's he's going to.
Where do you think
you're going?
I have to pee, sir.
Is it forbidden?
(Speaks Italian)
How long do I have to wait?
If you don't mind, I wanna go.
- You have anything to declare?
- Nothing.
- Go.
- Thank you.
(Speaks Italian)
You tell your boss, I wanna see
that man in my office right away.
Okay, sir.
Everything ready at the hotel?
(Man) 'Si. We are keeping an eye
on this Martinez.
'At least that's what he calls himself,
the one from Venezuela.'
- They made any other contacts yet?
- 'Not yet, sir.'
Nah, well, they're probably waiting
for this other joker.
Okay, let's go.
There's a reservation
made for me, Ross. R-O-S-S.
- Shall I take that, sir?
- Hmm... yes, alright.
- Mr. Saint-Just? A call from Paris.
- Ah, good. Thank you...
- Any joy?
- Nothing.
- Ah...
- (Phone rings)
Ross is going out.
(Sighs heavily)
- Sorry.
- It's alright.
Come on.
(Overlapping conversation)
Sir, there's a telephone call
at the desk.
They always seem to find me.
(Woman) I know, it's terrible.
(Mouths words)
Quick, tell 302 to tune in.
He just left.
He's not yet in his room.
(Speaking Italian)
Maybe a contact, eh?
Now, who were you supposed
to be seeing here, you bastard?
(Speaks Spanish)
(Hamilton) And this is how
they screwed us!
He waltzed into the Holiday Inn with
the stuff on him, but left without it.
The coke was in the coat, goddamn it!
And the rest of the stuff,
this bastard flushed down the toilet.
And he doesn't "habla da lingo",
so now we're fucked!
Two months' work
down the drain, hmm...?
We wanted to get one of the contacts,
and what we come up with...
is this asshole
and this other son of a bitch!
(Speaks Spanish)
You and your friend
are out of circulation.
And the way I see it,
you're safer here with us.
In the meantime,
we'll start all over again.
What the hell's that?
It's a receipt to say
you got him from us.
Oh, great.
I should've known it was hard
to screw you guys over at Customs.
By the way, before you leave
these hallowed walls,
you can take that joker
over to Regina Coeli for me.
What's the charge? What did he do?
He clogged up a fucking toilet,
now get him outta here!
Come on.
I'm sorry, guys,
I think this belongs to you.
Just don't take my watch.
It belonged to my baby sister.
Thank you very much.
Is that chair for me?
There's no dust on it, is there?
You're cute. Did you know that?
You're really cute.
- Sit down!
- Yes, sir.
Alright, so who do you work for,
and who are you bringing the stuff to?
Why did you guys choose
a place like this?
It's so depressing here.
I don't have any time to waste,
so I'm gonna ask you the question again.
Who do you work for,
and who were you bringing the stuff to?
"Whom" do you work for?
Nobody. I work for me.
- Three kilos?
- I thought I'd stock up.
They told me this stuff was
kinda hard to find in Rome.
You know... the police,
they're so smart.
They're also good-natured,
and they're all-enduring,
so we'll start again.
Now, who...
Whom do you work for?
And whom were you bringing
the stuff to?
I told you,
it was for my personal use.
Right, you defiant little bastard!
Now, listen to me, I'm quite sure you
don't want to end up in one of our jails,
any more than the next man, and I can
tell you it's absolute hell in there.
Now you're officially free.
You saw me sign that paper.
As a matter of fact, you don't even exist,
you never have!
But you believe me,
if you don't decide to talk,
I will make it my personal business
to see that you don't leave here alive.
You understand me?
Eight... nine...
You bring me 300,000 lira.
Where's mine?
And don't try to stretch it out.
you'll spoil our clientele, stronzo.
He's the one who's got the stuff.
I'd just talk to him.
Listen, I don't wanna do this.
It's not gonna hook you, you know.
You just try one.
I'm not so sure about that.
Anyway, I don't have any money.
Ah, don't worry. I've got enough
to get us both something.
Come on.
Are you coming or not?
(J' Music over dialogue)
That one there, on the right.
- Rotten drug peddler!
- Swine!
Come on, you! Out, you punk!
- What are they doing?
- How do I know?
- (Overlapping voices)
- It's not fair! Call the police!
Hang onto him! Watch it!
(Guard) You can keep
each other company.
What happened to you?
They really like to kick the shit
out of you, don't they?
Know why the pigs are mean?
Because they're underpaid.
You know, they have to get
their kicks some way.
No, they didn't do it.
I was pushing in front of the school,
and they grabbed me.
Ah... you junkies and hookers
are all the same.
You're all just dying to tell your life story.
Can't stand 'em.
I wasn't trying to louse my friends up.
I used to go to that school.
That's where I got my first joint.
They used to give them out free,
like I do now.
Then they say, "Come on,
shoot some of this.
"It's beautiful.
"Jesus, feel so free.
You can get so high.
"And nobody can get to you."
But then, when you come down...
Jesus, when you come down...'s worse than death.
Bastards! I need a fix!
I need a fix!
Do you hear me? I need a fix!
Guy's a little bunk-breaker.
Oh, listen to him...
Let's go get coffee till he calms down.
Don't take all day.
Let me out of here!
Damn it! Let me out!
Cut it out, will you? Stop it!
They don't give it to you,
they take it from you. Understand?
Give me a fix!
Help me, please...
Help me, please.
Help me, in the name of god.
In the name of whatever the hell
you believe in.
Help me.
Wait! Stop, stop, stop!
I'll give you something, babe.
You just relax, huh? Don't move.
I was saving this for my birthday.
Looks like you need it more than I do.
Here, kid.
It'll set you up for tonight.
- (Girl) 'Mama, quick! Hurry up!'
- (Woman) 'I'm coming!'
Don't shake so much. Lie still.
I don't wanna hurt you.
It's better now, isn't it?
- Oh...
- You will be fine...
...if you just lie still like that,
Your mother is close to you.
Your mother will take care of everything.
Just don't go with those guys!
Never! Ever!
- (Banging)
- Who can that be?
- I'll be right back.
- (Banging)
Who is it?
Who is it?
Oh, no, don't.
Don't be mad!
I'll bring it to you tomorrow!
- Just get over there and shut up.
- Please! Please!
- Do what I tell you!
- I've got to borrow the money...
Well, don't we look lovely there?
No, don't! Don't touch her!
You two are scum!
The sight of you sickens me!
You'll not get any more
of that stuff from me.
The money before tomorrow
or I put her out of circulation for free!
Trust me, don't worry.
You must trust your mother.
I will fix everything.
- You seen Vitae?
- He's m the can.
Yeah, go in and hold his hand,
he likes your type.
Now, what did you say?
Tomorrow. I give my word.
I'll go to my brother...
he has a bank account.
I promise!
You better do that.
But if you can't get it...
...I'm gonna put a bullet
in your asshole.
And that might be very messy.
Yes... yes...
I'd hate to lose a good customer.
(Junkie) I'll get it from my brother.
Hey! Somebody! Come here, quick!
- What is it?
- I don't know, but I think...
I think the guy's a little bit sick.
Look at this.
(Officer) Get back.
I'm not a doctor,
but something must be wrong.
Get inside!
What do you think I am, stupid?
- What happened?
- Look at him, I don't know.
Hey, come on, let's go.
(Phone rings)
(Hamilton) 'Eh? What?
'What were you guys doing, sleeping?
Alright, alright, alright... forget it.
'If anybody tells anybody at headquarters
what happened, I'll tear them apart.'
No, of course I don't want him arrested!
I wanna know who his contacts are.
Yeah, right. Right!
Wait here. I'll get Vera.
Give it to me, please.
I brought the money.
- Are you gonna give her any?
- Please, I beg you.
Nah, you send her down here.
I wanna give it to her personally.
- No, you don't touch my Anna!
- Let her go.
Thank you.
You're new here. You see them?
If you need some strong stuff,
those are the ones to see.
But be very careful,
if you can't pay cash,
they can be very, very vulgar.
You see, personally, I deal in grass.
Uh, don't go.
Are you interested in grass?
Uh, you're not? You're not,
nobody's interested in grass.
Ah, there he is. What do you say?
Hey, it's an easy job.
No kidding, it's an easy job.
The easiest job you've ever had...
For god's sake, how many times
do I have to tell you? No! No! And no!
- You'd make a lot of dough, Gilo.
- Gilo don't want no dough.
- Bunch of freaks around here, notice?
- It's a sign of our troubled times.
No, Silvano, you move like a zombie!
What's the matter with you?
I told you before,
you're supposed to move fast! Fast!
Gini, you're too far over, move right.
No, stay back! I didn't tell you
to move forward!
He moves in, you cross and go out.
Go on! Go, go, go!
Pick up your feet! Go on!
- Hi.
- Hey. What part are you playing?
Hey, what happened to you?
Nothing. I'm okay.
- Locked me up. I just now got out.
- In prison?
Jail. Been busted out.
Listen, I've got to hide.
I need your keys.
I got a friend with me. They caught him
at the airport with three kilos of H.
If it wasn't for him, I'd still be inside.
(Gilo) Here we are.
Let me get the light.
Uh... it's nothing special,
but it's cheap.
At least we're out of sight.
No, wait a minute!
He's the guy who helped me escape.
(Thug) The one that helped you
bust out of the Hilton?
Ah, yeah.
But he's gotta be one of the pigs.
Otherwise how could they bust out?
Yeah, but if he's in on it,
what did they bust him for? Sugar?
- He's the one they got at the airport.
- Three kilos.
- Ah, then, this guy must be a fat cat.
- He's got a hotline.
Maybe he's got more.
Why don't you pass it onto us?
We'll give you a cut.
Let's make a deal.
How big a percentage do you want, eh?
We fence for you. You got no risk.
What do you say?
Here's what I say!
Get outta here!
I don't deal with punks like you.
Go on! And don't come back
without your daddy!
Maybe I'll deal with him.
It's a big mistake.
It's better with us, you know.
- With that one, it isn't easy.
- Oh? We'll see.
(Door closes)
Daddy's waiting.
Well, look who's here.
Come down, let me have a look at you.
Well, well, well.
Here we are.
You're on time.
I like people who are on time.
It's a good way to start
a new business relationship.
What can you offer?
Hey, you're going pretty fast for a guy
who lets the others do the walking.
The trouble is...
newcomers bust our balls.
It's only fair to warn you that
placing the stuff is harder than you think.
You'd still be dealing with us.
At our prices.
If we let you, that is.
You see, the marketplace
is very restricted.
You know... there's a guy in New York
talked like you. Nice guy.
Yeah? What happened to him?
- He ended up working for me.
- Oh, did he?
But first, he had to beg me.
I see. Big time.
And that's why you're here.
Big time doesn't last very long
in New York.
They got a way of squeezing you out.
So, since I like cannelloni,
I decided to put up shop here.
And you know, the weather is better.
- And now you intend to work with us?
- Well, with you...
Or against you, I don't know.
Sounds biblical.
But you're no prophet.
As a matter of fact, I have a feeling
that all this talk about New York... bullshit.
But let's see what you can do.
- We didn't come for you. Get outta here.
- Take a walk. Go on.
They're always snooping around.
What is this?
I wanna see if they get him.
See you tonight, eh?
What's going on?
We can't keep meeting like this.
You're damn right, we can't.
Listen, why... why didn't you call me
at headquarters?
I told you to call the residence.
What happened?
Just hurry it up, damn it.
Man, I really hate this act. You're
starting to give me the creeps, Mike.
I knew it. Listen, have you got
anybody we can use yet?
No. At least not yet.
I'm not in contact
with the boss yet, but...
I feel I'm onto the big one.
They're sending me to Genoa
to straighten out the situation there.
At least that's something.
Listen, it's getting very hard
for me to cover you, you know that?
Huh... I know.
It's alright. But don't worry about it.
It's part of the game.
- (Footsteps)
- Uh-oh... here we go again.
Give my regards to your dentist!
Hi, Gilo.
What's the matter?
The door's locked.
- Do... do you feel like chatting a bit?
- Yeah, sure.
You know, this morning,
when I was in the theater,
there were two pigs
that tried to pick me up.
(Door opens)
See you soon, baby.
Take care of yourself.
Ciao, love.
Come on, let's go.
That guy won't be there forever.
Out of my way!
I gotta take a shower.
Well, listen to this number.
This is my house, remember?
I know. I know.
But sometimes, I have to work, too.
- Please?
- Let's go.
(Man) Fifty thou.
(Footsteps approaching)
- Now get outta here, will you?
- Hey, man, give me two fat ones.
- Hurry up, I'm dying.
- No credit.
Vera, give him the money.
Are you forgetting
you owe us 300,000 already?
- What are you talking about?
- Don't be an ass! It's my money!
Take your hands off her!
Hey, that's no way
to treat your friends, huh?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Ah, Gilo!
What good does it do to be nice to you
if you're gonna be like that?
Get your ass out the door!
You understand, huh?
Did you understand, idiot?
(Vera) Gilo!
Driver's license, registration...
15 million lira.
You wanna count it?
No, no, no, I trust you.
Trust me, huh?
You know what happens if you don't
take it where you're supposed to?
I don't get the stuff.
Don't worry.
Listen, if I wanted
to rip off small change,
I'd be a pickpocket.
Tell me, what are these guys
in Genoa like?
So far, they're clean.
Except they're starting to worry
about the Tunisians.
You know, it's like having fleas.
Except these fleas bite.
'We need their stuff, though.
'The appointment's supposed to be
in a warehouse by the port.
'But check with my contact in Genoa first.
He'll give you the details.'
(J' Music over dialogue)
Give me some money, please.
Give me some money.
It's the last time I'll ever ask you.
I need it bad.
I'm dying, I can't...
(Man) 'You don't get nothing from me!
Capito? Nothing!'
You filthy bastard!
- This what you want?
- Yeah.
- If you do us a little favor, it's yours.
- Need a third guy, you know.
Gilo! Gilo...
They sent me here to make a deal,
not to play at target practice!
Okay. Ca va.
Okay, okay!
Put away your guns
and throw me the stuff.
Nice and slow, huh?
Let's go.
Come on, you've been paid.
NOW, that didn't hurt a bit, did it?
You're good boys.
You don't want any problems, do you?
Don't move!
I told you before...
put the gun away.
You tell the organization,
starting now, that I'm the boss.
No one trades anymore
without my okay.
- You understand?
- Yeah.
Go on, then. Go.
(Woman) I wouldn't dare decide on my own,
since my husband spent some time in
South Africa and he knows the fine points.
I prefer the emerald cut, generally,
but he's such a traditionalist,
I'd have to do some persuading.
(Man) Of course.
(Woman) I think it's very nice,
but we always decide things together.
Signora, I'm always here
at your service.
- (Wife) Thank you for your help.
- Not at all.
- Bye.
- Thank you again.
(Man) Inside!
And get behind that counter
and open the safe!
And keep your hands
where we can see them!
Come on! Come on!
Now calm down. I'll give you
all the cash I have here.
Think you can afford it? Come on,
get over to that safe and open it!
What are you doing?
- (Tires screeching)
- No...
You rotten, filthy, stinking scum!
You killed him!
What did you put in that fix?
Brotherly love?
Goodness of heart? Good.
Now she won't be able to call you
sons of bitches anymore.
But do you mind if I call you that?
(Speaks Italian)
Believe me, you must believe me.
Believe me because I am one of them.
You must believe me.
We are all sons of bitches.
Why did that freak die in here?
We'll be up to our tits
if the police close the theater down.
Forget it and find another place.
Are you afraid you'll run out of horse?
Horse? What's that?
I haven't seen any in a long time.
Or we can stick them with is this sugar
you brought back from Genoa.
But they'll take anything. Kids will shoot
anything from H to Mennen.
Listen, I know of a place
where I can find you the good stuff.
Where? We need all the smack
we can get our hands on.
The whole town is clean.
The police have cutoff our supply.
You don't use your head.
I told you... there's only one place
where you can find the good stuff.
The cops!
Just give me two good men.
- You're kidding. You only want two men?
- That's all.
You know, I'm breaking my ass for you
on this one, so get it right.
I know. Once I have the stuff, I have
to give it to them out at Tor di Quinto.
You know it?
There's a shooting range there.
- You got it?
- Yes, I've got it.
I'll make sure
everything's ready for you.
Take care, will you?
(Metallic filing)
(Man) 'You want us to walk into
the courthouse dressed like cops?
- 'You must be crazy!'
- (Fabio) 'Not to worry.
'They won't recognize you
without handcuffs.'
(Man 2) 'Since the last time I was there,
I gained 40lbs and grew a beard!
'They'll think I'm Fidel Castro!'
I don't like the looks of this place.
Shut up, damn it, and follow me.
It's all he agreed to do right now.
We'll just have to wait.
There isn't anything I can do right now.
(Overlapping voices)
Just relax. It's gonna be real easy.
Another raid?
- What?
- Heroin. How much did you find?
Quite a lot. Let us in, will you?
Go ahead.
After you.
- Bronco, here's a present for you.
- Not again?
- It's coming out of the walls.
- That's life.
- We're full up here.
- Yeah, I can see that.
You guys got a little problem.
Put your hands up there. Go on! Go on!
- (Fabio) Put on the irons.
- Give me your hands, come on!
Shh! Nothing's gonna happen to you.
Calm down, calm down.
You wanna be a hero, eh?
- (Gun clicks)
- Oh, Jesus!
Don't try it.
You want them to hear the noise?
Come on, put that down.
Come on.
Let's get the stuff
and get outta here.
(Officer) Hey, Carlo!
Where is he?
- (Officer 2) I don't know. Carlo!
- (Officer) How come there's no one here?
(Officer 2) What about those three
that just left? Hey!
Hey, wait a minute!
Where are you going?
I'm talking to you! Wait!
- I said, where are you going?
- Don't turn around. Just keep...
- Wait a moment, you!
- (Gun clicks)
No! Get down!
(Screaming and shouting)
What's going on?
- That answer your question?
- (Gunshot)
- You...
- (Gunshot)
(Engine sputters)
(Engine stalling)
Get over there and lie down.
Down there!
Come on. Come on!
Don't scratch it!
This just came in:
"Three men shot at the courthouse."
(Radio signal in Italian)
(Sirens blaring)
The guy's nuts. He's giving it away.
Come on!
So you want 30,000 at your place?
It's a bit much, don't you think?
(Woman) Make up your mind, sweetie pie.
We don't have to get married.
Half an hour?
(Horn blares)
Everybody's a faggot!
Let's go!
Look what I found here.
You know what it is?
A homing device!
Get it?
That way, they can find us!
That son of a bitch! He brought us
all the way out here to set us up...
- Shut up, you idiot!
- (Man) What do we do?
Hey, you!
(Tires screech)
(Gun clicks)
- (Gunshot)
- Aargh!
(Fabio) Did you come out here
just to be a hero? Let me see that.
Ah, you can play the doctor later,
for christ sake. Listen... Aargh!
My inside pocket... Aargh!
...there's a new contact number.
He knows the score,
you can call him anytime.
- Where are those bastards?
- At the chemical plant.
'If the van hasn't been stolen
or fixed.'
Goddamn it!
(Man) Hello? Is this Urbe Airport?
I'd like to speak with Mr. Guidi, please.
(Inaudible dialogue)
Hello, Mr. Guidi? This is Leroy.
I will need a plane in about an hour.
Get it ready, please, for me.
Medicines for Milan, as usual.
Thank you.
Listen, I'm a police officer.
I want you to catch
a red chemical van that's up ahead.
Sure, just what I always wanted,
a cop! Okay.
- (Engine revving)
- Oh! I'm sorry...
That's okay.
Hit the floor!
Hit the floor, I said! Everybody!
You get down with your boys,
or I shoot.
Now start crawling outta here
on your hands!
Go on!
Get out!
Hurry up! On your hands!
I realize you're out of practice but try
to make it outside before Christmas!
Come on, come on!
Any tricks, any sudden moves,
and I use this gun again! Understand?
(Running steps)
There he is!
In the car!
Spread out!
Don't forget he's got a gun.
Come on, hurry up!
(Gun clicks)
He got away!
Find him, damn it!
Come on, move your legs!
We gotta get him!
- (Sirens blaring)
- Hello, 31 to Central.
Two men shot to death at the Chemical
Pharmaceutical, via Toscalana.
I don't know good
this is going to be, sir.
You have to get to the hospital.
A hospital in Rome? Are you mad?
- Where the hell's the Colonel?
- Right here...
You are lucky, they didn't have time
to get rid of the drugs.
(Woman) Look, Maria, all I know
is the last time I saw her...
- Is there a telephone in here?
- Right there.
No, I mean to him
I didn't say anything, because I...
- Excuse me, Miss.
- Just give him the idea...
- Hey, listen, do you mind...?
- I'm on the phone here, can't you see?
- No, not you...
- Is there another phone here?
- No, there's no other telephone here.
- Hey, that's my water!
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, this is the number.
- All these hippies got no manners.
- Will you stop it?
You can see I'm on the phone!
He keeps butting in!
What's this, the only phone around here?
Do you mind leaving me alone?
- Kids today...
- It's just this guy in a bar, that's all.
- Take your hands off that!
- The tire's...
Don't worry about it.
Get away from there!
That's him!
You guys after him?
- What is it? What did he do?
- What are you, cops?
(Overlapping voices shouting)
I'm at via Toscalana.
The bar near the subway station.
You better come quick.
What did my office say?
Nothing yet. He hasn't called.
Where the hell is he
for christ sake?
Did you transmit the fact that
he was one of my men?
Of course.
There's no reason for secrecy now.
Secrecy, my ass!
If the other guys kill him,
that's a calculated risk.
If we kill him, that's bullshit.
Hold it.
Check up there.
You, there.
- What's going on?
- I think he's got Luciano.
He was a real tall guy
with a black beard.
And I suppose his face...
well, actually, a good-looking man.
You shoulda seen those crazy eyes,
and the way he pulled from the phone.
Look, you can still see the bruises.
I knew he was a criminal.
I'm a good judge, I can look at a guy
and tell, "This guy means trouble..."
Go ahead, take off.
Alright, you guys know what to do.
Go on.
I've got to get this medicine to a clinic
in Tunis urgently. It's a desperate case.
I have to have clearance
through Customs.
I know, I understand that,
but there's no time.
We cannot let the woman die
for the sake of bureaucracy.
You have got to help me.
It may be too late as it is.
- (Engine revving)
- That's Massimo.
He must've made a score,
the little bastard.
- Ah, let's hope.
- You're a pessimist is what you are.
- That's not Massimo!
- I know!
(Engines revving)
These are medicinal products,
watch out.
(Tour Guide) ...inaugurated in 217 AD
by the Emperor Caracalla...
- (Man) What the hell is going on?
- (Screaming and shouting)
- (Screaming)
- (Man) Watch out! Watch out!
(Fabio) The show's over, Gianni!
But you're lucky.
At least you get a nice finish.
You get to die center-stage.
(Sirens approaching)
(Overlapping panicked voices)
- What happened?
- That girl was shot.
One of them's still over there.
(Man) Hey! He's taking the car!
(Officer) Hey! Hey!
(Colonel) This is one of them.
He got away in the squad car.
- Recognize him?
- Huh! I wanna know where's he's going.
I'm sorry to make you wait,
Signor Leroy,
but first you tell me Milano,
and then you change it to Tunis.
I know you are a good man,
Mr. Guidi.
- I ought to know, I work with the best.
- Thank you, Signor Leroy.
(Sirens blaring)
That man's no cop.
The one in the stolen squad car.
Come on, let's check!
(Radio) Control tower to 8-64.
Control tower to 8-64. Do you read me?
(Guidi) 'This is 8-64. I read you.'
Control tower to 8-64.
You have clearance
to taxi out to take-off position.
B-64 has clearance
to take-off position.
- You ready?
- I still need some gas.
(Sirens blaring)
- Who's in there?
- Hey, wait a minute!
I'll call the tower.
(Radio) 'Albatross-9,
you are not cleared for take-off.'
Albatross-9, you are not cleared
for take-off! Do you hear me?
- (Man) Who's in that plane?
- How the hell do I know?
(Radio) 'Albatross-9,
you are not cleared for take-off.
'Repeat, you are not cleared
for take-off. Turn back!'
What is he doing?
What's that fool got in his head?
You're not following me.
Oh, no...
(Engine revs)
(Engine sputters)
(Engine sputtering)
Getting a call.
Could be your pal.
Yeah, it's him.
- Fabio, what's happening?
- I got the bad guy.
Yeah. Who's to say who
the bad guys are, though, the good guys?
- Usually, when the bad guys die.
- Yes, I hadn't thought of that. Christ!