The Hessen Conspiracy (2009) Movie Script

Look at that poor sap.
How the hell did a smart guy like me
wind up throwing diamonds
into the Hudson River?
Truth to tell, I've no idea.
It just sort of turned out this way.
The ring is worth more than
you'll see in a lifetime, Mike,
but you knew that, didn't you?
I guess we were nuts to think
we could get this past you.
If it hadn't been for the girl...
the girl...
be honest, Mikey...
you wanted her, too.
Wouldn't you have tried
this on for size, for her?
Maybe not you, Mike.
You were so squeaky clean.
Hell, we all started out squeaky clean,
didn't we?
Truth to tell.
We were the good guys and we won,
and you know what they say, Mike,
winner takes all.
Highness, we must go.
Quickly, Helmuth,
so I need not speak with them.
- Welcome to Kronberg, sir.
- Thank you, Sergeant.
How was your trip, sir?
Well, the coldest winter
I spent is the summer in Germany.
Where are we headed?
- The C.O.'s office, right this way, sir.
- Thanks.
- Private!
- Yes, sir!
Good trip, sir?
I want all of this shit squared away by 1900!
And what about those tennis courts?
We're going to need rackets and fresh balls.
None of this crap!
Like my car will play tennis with it?
That regulation footwear, Lieutenant?
As a matter of fact, it isn't, sir.
Is that what the colonel would prefer?
I don't know.
Let me think about that.
At ease, Sergeant.
Need an ything, Ma'am?
Dismissed, Sergeant.
All right, let's dispense with the formalities.
I'm Jack Durant.
So you're the top dog that runs
this country club.
I can give you a lifetime membership
if you like.
Got a first name?
Lieutenant Nash?
Where are you from, Kathy?
So, you got a job Kathy?
Around here, I mean.
I'm a glorified cruise director.
I keep the boys happy.
Who keeps you happy?
Is that your own line.
I've heard better from the Germans.
The Germans lost.
Does that smile mean an ything?
Or is it just something that
you put on in the morning like a tie?
Take it easy. I'm not the enemy.
Didn't answer my question.
Generals only need apply.
Are you lost, Colonel?
Could be.
Who's that?
The former owner, Princess Sophie of Hess.
Royal family of Germany.
She pulled out when you came in.
Tough times for the Royal Family.
Still doesn't look like she'll starve.
Not in this lifetime.
Officers' quarters on the third floor.
Get 'em while they're hot.
That was the first time I saw her.
Should of been the last.
It wasn't bad living at the castle.
Every other night
we had our own senior prom.
I kept an eye on Lieutenant Nash.
And she kept an eye on me.
A little medicine, Charlie.
I feel a chill coming on.
Right you are, sir.
It will be a pleasure to have you.
Gee, thanks.
Now that is what I call a united front.
Have we met?
- Michael Savern. Just got here.
- Hiya, Jack Durant.
Welcome to our little home away from home.
Pretty fair home.
I bet half the guys in this room
were CPA's in Delaware.
They probably think they're dreaming.
Or having a nightmare.
They're gonna be shipped out
to invade Japan.
What's your story?
Definitely dreaming.
I'm just a grunt
with the Judge Advocate Corps.
A lawyer? No kidding.
What for?
Pushing legal paper
for the war crimes tribunal in Nuremberg.
Sounds cheery.
She'll break your heart, Major.
If only.
Happy hunting.
- May I?
- Absolutely.
Friend of yours?
Only one here.
You could do better.
Ooh, I'm trying.
Excuse me.
Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou, 1923. Wow!
What's going on?
I believe Sergeant Tarlton has found
something of historical interest, sir.
Oh yeah?
Shades of Edgar Allan Poe.
She must have walled this place up
before she skedaddled.
Major, you're our resident legal authority.
What's army policy about this?
Volume 2, Chapter 6 of Category 1b
of the occupation code:
'All alcoholic beverages are exempt.'
To the victors go the spoils.
You just made that up.
Would you be surprised if I told you
there was no such thing as a tooth fairy?
Come on, Lieutenant.
A penny for you thoughts.
My thoughts don't go for a penny.
I didn't need her life story
to tell me what she was thinking
because I already knew.
We were both wondering
what else Princess Sophie
had stashed away in the castle
before she got the hell out.
Once an idea like that
explodes in your brain,
it takes root there, like ivy.
Poison ivy. It itches.
Have I told you that you've got
the most beautiful brown eyes
- I've ever seen?
- Oh, really?
They're like limpid pools.
I don't know what limpids are, but...
Have you ever been...
Huh... what?
That guy is going to get me
in a lot of trouble.
- I think this ring is far too expensive...
- Okay.
Guten Abend.
No, please. We're just...
- we're just getting warmed up. Please.
- General, stop it right now.
I think it's time to call it a night.
I'll call... call it a night.
Call it a night. Call it a night.
I wasn't the only one
drinking alone that night.
You should have seen the schloss
in the old days.
I used to work there.
Such big rooms.
The paintings, the china.
The best parties,
with the most beautiful people.
The vultures
are going to pick this place clean.
Maybe, not all.
What do you mean?
Maybe, they don't know where to look.
Four months ago, before the surrender,
there was a man from Frankfurt.
He was drunk, like you.
But, he said he had come to the build walls
and holes for hiding things, big things.
The paintings,
the china and maybe even...
What? Maybe even what?
You have seen the painting
of the Princess?
Well, Mike, I'm sure gonna miss you
on my doubles team.
Could've made it to Forest Hills,
I'm telling you.
Gonna miss the smell of that
damn pipe of yours Major.
You give 'em hell up there
in Nuremberg, you hear?
Now, I got you your own suite with bath
at the Adlon.
Say, thanks.
If it's getting around army red tape,
Dave Pallard's your man.
Well, so long.
Take care.
What's all this?
Oh, that's just a little token
of our appreciation
from the good people here in Dodge City.
Y'all take now, Sheriff.
Later that week,
we learned the Japs had surrendered.
That called for another party.
Only some folks weren't attending.
Roy, we've been here way too long.
Are you sure this guy knows
what he's doing?
It is nearby, Fraulein Nash.
I'm sure it is in the east wing.
That's what he told me.
Well, now...
What can we learn from this?
What are you doing here, sir?
I could ask you the same thing Lieutenant.
Well, I can see that
brilliant minds think alike.
And who is this?
That's my Kraut friend.
Your what?
Are you out of your mind?
See? The cement is fresh.
Here. It's here, I know it.
- Are you sure?
- Ja.
Don't you think they're going to hear you?
Did you hear the night he found the wine?
Get going, Roy.
Help me now.
Mein Gott!
Holy shit!
Princess Sophie's jewels!
Not just hers. The Kaisarin regalia.
The what?
The crown jewels of Germany.
Those emeralds were a gift from the Kaiser.
And this, this necklace
was a birthday present from the tsar.
And this... the White Star of Africa.
The biggest diamond the world
has ever seen.
Jesus Christ.
Alright, listen to me.
You two are in deep shit
unless you do exactly as I say.
Well, what about you, sir?
I came down here
and I discovered you looting with a Kraut.
How do think that's gonna play?
Well, I'll give 'em my side of the story.
You do that and none of us
will see this stuff ever again.
Play it my way and you'll be rich.
Now, get this trunk up
to the lieutenant's room.
Don't let an yone see you.
You. Help him.
You breathe so much as a word of this,
I'll have you before a firing squad,
goddamn Nazi.
I never was a Nazi.
Shut up! Now, get going.
Come on.
Clear up when you've finished.
Maybe I underestimated you.
Maybe you did.
Oh, you should have seen them, Mike.
Like pirate treasure I read about as a kid,
only this time it was real,
right there in front of me, In front of us.
Come on.
A penny for your thoughts.
I figure this time
I can afford the going rate now.
You married?
No. You?
He died at Guam,
a week after the ceremony.
You're lying. I read your file.
You moved from Belgium to Dayton
when you were eighteen,
with your mother.
- She had a job...
- You got some nerve...
I didn't get this far
without doing my homework.
The war changed everything, didn't it?
It sure broke the monotony.
What's this?
That's a piece of shrapnel I stole
from the Germans at Omaha Beach.
What'd he do, walk out on you?
Nobody fucking walks out on me.
You gotta hell of a mouth on you,
you know that?
Try it sometime.
Sir, we have a situation.
Dave, did you ever find out about that thing
I asked you to check on for me,
about Eva Braun's jewels?
Hitler's girlfriend.
You mean who her jewels would belong to.
Yeah. If somebody found them.
Well, from what I can gather,
the army is confiscating an ything
that has to do with the Nazi war machine
and leaving the rest.
- We do have a situation.
- What... what do you man?
What does that mean?
The jewels belong to her.
Eva Braun could wear them
to her execution.
Have you found something sir?
Me? No.
What about Lieutenant Snatch, huh?
What about her?
Has she found something?
Like what? What are you talking about?
You know how they say she can
suck a bowling ball through a straw.
You're the one that rolled that strike,
You wanted to ask me something Lieutenant.
What was it?
A German civvy
drowned in the moat last night.
Jesus, what happened?
Drunk, fell in, I guess.
What with the band playing, no one heard.
They identify him?
Funny name. Weiss?
Imagine that Colonel, a name like 'vice'.
Where is he?
MPs fished him out and sent him
to the Army coroner in Frankfurt.
Nothing was disturbed if he fell,
he fell clean.
What do you mean, 'if'?
Figure of speech.
How do they know he was drunk?
More alcohol than blood in his veins.
Just another dead Kraut.
Who's gonna care, right?
- Right...
- Right.
- One thing though, sir.
- Yeah.
They found a rock in his pocket.
A rock?
A diamond. Big as walnut.
Someone sure as hell found something,
didn't they?
We were at Omaha together sir,
we've been together a long time.
I don't mind telling you
I do not have a problem with this.
All right.
Guess I better go see the coroner
about this, huh?
- Colonel.
- I'm going go and deal with this thing.
And after we're going to
have a little talk, alright?
We'll talk about everything, Dave.
What in God's name were you...
Get her out of here!
No need.
She don't speak English.
You say sir when you address me.
This is still the goddamn army.
Are you out of your mind?
How do you know no one saw you?
You know I'm going to say
I don't know what you mean, sir.
What's next?
You going to throw her off a cliff?
You don't get it, do you?
I did you a favour.
All of us.
You said it yourself
the man was a goddamn Nazi.
Were you gonna share with a Nazi?
We are going to be sharing,
aren't we... sir?
You are going to get what's coming to you
when I say so
and not one fucking second before.
I am a goddamn colonel.
You are a piece of shit.
All right, now...
Listen, Sergeant.
I need you to just hold on a little bit,
and I guarantee
you will get what is coming to you.
Yeah, says who, sir? You?
Roy, isten to me.
We are in this thing together.
Like it or not,
for better for worse, for richer for poorer.
You think I'm gonna cheat you?
How the hell am I gonna cheat you?
I finger you, you finger me.
What we got here is a Mexican standoff.
She thinks you're cute.
Says she'll do you for free... sir.
Suddenly it wasn't a game.
Nash, Pallard, Tarlton,
everyone wanted their slice of the pie
and I had to slice it for them.
Spoils of war.
The first thing I had to figure
was how to get rid of Tarlton.
I couldn't push him off a cliff, God knows,
but there had to be some way
I could level the playing field.
...that someone was with him at the moat.
- Does the name Tarlton ring any bells?
- What's the matter with you?
The carp were eating him.
let me ask you another question, doc,
completely unrelated alright?
Have you ever been to Paris?
Ever been stationed in Paris?
You ever been laid in Paris?
Who do they belong to?
We're confiscating
the Nazi war machine, Dave.
You're not confiscating an ything.
You're crazy.
The pair of you, you are crazy.
'Don't cut me out, Colonel.
I was with you at Omaha Beach.'
Your words, Dave.
But the goddamn crown jewels
of an entire country?
I mean you probably can't even add up
what this is worth. They're...
How're you gonna move a million dollars?
It's tens of millions, right doll?
'If you wanna cut through Army red tape
Dave Pallard's your man.'
Also your words.
Listen, we need you.
We can't hold onto this stuff any longer.
We're likely to get caught.
You got that right.
We're gonna have to get rid of them
in the States.
And how do you propose
that we are going
to get rid of them stateside?
Yeah, that's risky too.
Well, we're boosting
the crown jewels of Germany.
We're gonna wind up risking something.
And if we get caught with so much
as a Cracker Jack,
we're all gonna end up in Alcatraz.
Let me get working on it.
And what are we going to do
about Sergeant Tarlton?
I think we've found out
what to do about Tarlton.
Colonel, you pushed this through.
I wouldn't harp on that word 'push' Roy.
what's it been about twenty years,
you've been in the service?
Through the whole war, Christ!
Don't you think it was time
you took a vacation,
go home,
show some of those decorations?
I told you. You've gotta be patient, Roy.
Like hell.
You better let me in
on more than that, Colonel,
or I'm gonna start misbehaving,
right here, right now.
All right.
There's a guy in New York
I used to work with, he's gonna help us.
Ruben Markel.
Well, Mr. Markel better help all of us.
'Cause in my family we got a saying.
Outta sight is not outta mind.
You gotta take a look at the coroner's report
before you say an ything else, Roy.
Last words?
Where's this goddamn coroner?
- I ought to kill him or something.
- Paris.
Maybe you heard of it?
Your name on a dying man's lips.
Death bed confession.
Any court in this land
that's as good as gold.
You do not threaten me Sergeant.
With Tarlton on ice,
it was time to figure out
the next part of the puzzle.
To the commanding Officer, Third Army...
Schloss Kronberg.
In as much
as I shortly intend to re-marry...
Listen to this
'In as much as I shortly intend to re-marry,
I should like to return
to my former residence
to retrieve certain items
I was unable to take with me
at the time of my departure.'
Signed: Sophie Von Hessen.
She wants her jewelry back.
It was addressed to General Staff,
just crossed my desk.
What do we do?
Got lost.
Well, at least
we bought ourselves some time.
Not any more.
- Sir?
- Yeah?
I've done it, sir.
It's pure genius, I'm telling you.
Maybe just a little bit of luck too.
You are never going to guess
who is coming to stay
at our castle in two weeks,
for two nights
on his way back to Washington.
None other than old Blood
and Guts himself.
Patton? Patton's coming here?
So what?
Don't you get it?
No one's gonna inspect
Patton's goddam luggage.
I piggyback our crates onto his
with a 10-77, splits 'em off,
sends 'em care
of General Delivery to New York.
We are home free.
Let me get this straight:
you wanna send the jewels care
of General Delivery?
Who would have thought of that?
Even if it works, they're there, we're here.
My discharge isn't until next year.
Yeah, but I'm C.O.
I'll have you out of uniform
by the end of December.
Sooner if you play your cards right.
Whatever you say, sir.
We have some packing to do.
There was still time.
I could have called the whole thing off.
- Good work, Lieutenant.
- Thank you, Colonel.
At the end of the day,
nothing had really happened.
It wasn't real.
We could simply hand over the jewels.
But truth to tell, the hook was in too deep.
They say love is blind, but not in my case.
I got her number right from the beginning.
And she got mine.
Maybe that's what did it for me.
She was the woman
I'd longed for all my life,
the one at the other end of the bar
and two rows down the aisle,
the one you can't take your eyes of f.
That white-hot beauty that sneaks
into a million dreams.
The kind men die for.
I never knew it could be like this, Jack.
Truth to tell?
This is different.
I always get the losers. Don't ask me why.
Well, thanks.
No, I mean it.
Even if they have three stars,
they're always bums.
I'm the girl everybody looks at
but nobody sees.
They think they're going to bed
with Rita Hayworth and then
they're disappointed
when they wake up next to me.
Not one of them ever looks at me.
They only see the package.
Colonel Rossman.
Sophie Von Hessen.
Where the hell have you been?
I've been looking for you all day.
Wh y, what's wrong?
Patton's had an accident,
that's what's wrong.
You're kidding.
A jeep crash. After all of World War II.
No one knows what the hell
they're gonna do with his luggage.
God, why did you get us
into this predicament?
Stop it.
And then there is Princess Sophie
knocking on the door.
We gotta move fast.
We gotta move fast, we gotta think fast,
- because we are dead.
- Stop it, I tell you.
We are dead. All right? We're gonna...
Don't panic.
Be creative.
- We need to lose the jewels.
- Not an option.
- The treasure's worth more...
- Nothing if we get caught with them.
There is no way we can send
a couple of crates with royal regalia.
We cut 'em out.
We cut the stones out.
There's still no way to send them back.
On the other hand,
nobody's going to think twice
about a lovely WAC bringing some fine furs
she got for cheap in wartime Europe...
Sorry, kid.
This is like desecrating a grave.
Your sister has had a heart attack.
You're flying home urgently.
Carry a special permit.
The next flight out of here...
What if they check?
They got better things to do,
believe me.
It all fits, honey.
Once you're out of the army,
they can't touch you.
- I can't do this.
- Yes, you can.
- Not without you.
- You don't have to.
Listen I'm going discharge
within two weeks
and I'm going to meet you
in New York City.
Pallard will stay on till spring.
Listen, it's all under control.
No one'll even look at you.
Hey, now...
We're so good, you and me.
Truth to tell.
Truth to tell, baby.
Now go.
Hope we don't hate ourselves
in the morning.
We're putting an awful lot of eggs
in one basket.
You don't trust the basket?
Do you?
I love her.
No, really.
Well, that and a dime.
she can't fence the stuff without me.
Oh, baby.
Did you miss me?
Your Highness.
Please, sit.
Well, what can I do for you?
Jesus, Jack,
Last time I saw you,
you were running to catch the bus.
Now, look at you.
A goddam General
with Ava Gardner on your arm.
So, you got something to sell, huh, Jack?
It must be pretty nifty
calling me all the way from Europe.
You're not going to tell me
that thing's real?
Holy shit!
There's more.
How much more?
Call it a King's ransom.
A King's ransom, huh?
Which King is that, Jack?
You know better than to
ask me that question, Reuben.
So, how much you looking to clear?
Two million.
Two million?
Reuben, do me a favour,
keep your voice down, will you?
Jesus Christ.
It's only a fraction of what they're worth.
Truly. Only a fraction.
It's this business at Castle Kronberg.
What business?
The princess left a lot of jewellery
behind when she fled.
Now she wants it back.
What princess?
It's here.
Sir, there's something you ought to know
about her brother.
He's about to marry
the future queen of England.
You handle this, Colonel. ASAP.
I know a guy. Tommy Maloney.
Sounds like a paper boy.
A real operator, this guy?
He works for someone.
This someone, is the only character I know
who can handle something this big.
Alright, so who's the someone?
Oh, you know better than
to ask me that, Jack.
Let's just say the man
likes the gentlemen's sport of boxing.
That doesn't matter,
because you never meet him.
Okay. Never.
Are you sure this is where you left it?
Of course.
What's my cut?
Five per cent.
Oh, that's very generous.
Make it ten.
You know, for old time's sake.
Alright, ten.
Oh, boychick,
I always knew you'd bring me luck.
Was he ever out of his mind.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Jesus, God!
Who knew we were here?
No one.
Oh, come on!
Well, your goddam friend knew.
'I trust Reuben like I trust you'.
There's no way he'd beat us back here.
We walked 20 blocks.
All he had to do was grab a cab
or make a goddam phone call.
What are you doing?
What the hell does it look like I'm...?
Come on.
Oh, Jack.
Get the door.
Lock it.
Is he?
Like the Charleston.
- There you are, sir.
- Gee, thanks.
Hey, bartender.
Tarlton? There's no lettering.
He put it on the railroad tracks.
Like we used to do with pennies
when we were kids.
He knew that the tag
would be enough to send a message
without tipping off the cops.
Crazy son of a bitch.
I still don't get it.
How did he know about Reuben?
- About New York?
- I told him.
My mistake. I had no idea.
Well, the jewels are long gone by now.
Look at the odds.
He kept Reuben's appointment
with Maloney.
He's probably rolling in the dough
all the way down to the Bahamas.
Jesus, Jack.
What are we gonna do now?
Go to college on the G. I. Bill?
I don't even have two nickels
to rub together.
All those jewels were in the closet, right?
I told you.
You didn't split 'em?
You didn't put half in a locker someplace?
What, you think I'm holding out on you?
You're not in cahoots with Tarlton,
are you?
Playing me for a sap?
Just come clean, honey, just tell me.
All right.
Well, one thing's for certain.
We can't stay at The Edison.
I don't have to tell you,
this case could become a source of serious
embarrassment for the US Army.
See that file over there?
Those are the dossiers from the castle.
You have until 1,700 hours tomorrow
to get to the bottom of it.
All right, get to work.
Jack, I don't have a clue what were doing.
Just want to know
who this Maloney works for.
Don't you?
The one who likes boxing?
I couldn't care less.
Man had two million dollars
that Tarlton walked away with.
Instead of us.
Call me crazy,
I wanna know who that man was.
What difference does it make?
Well, the difference is
that Tarlton didn't know how many jewels
there were once
we popped them out their setting.
So what? He's got them.
So if Tarlton didn't know
how many jewels there were,
then neither does this Maloney character
and neither does his boss.
You're losing me, Jack.
You know they say he owns a big,
fat piece of the Garden?
A Las Vegas wheeler-dealer,
name of Ben Cassidy.
You ever hear of him?
What if...
What if Maloney worked for him?
Penny for your thoughts...
Bottom sure dropped out of that market.
Didn't turn out the way we thought,
did it, lover?
Truth to tell.
No, it didn't.
We're so good, you and me.
Any fresh coffee?
Coming right up, sir.
Where's that coffee?
Jack, Jack, Jack.
Get out of here.
I thought you were at Nuremberg, Major.
Yeah, well, now they got me
working on something else.
You know the army.
And I remembered something.
I remembered,
'If it's getting around army red tape,
Dave Pallard's your man.'
Now, hang on...
Now, simmer down.
You don't have to take the fall.
Just, point me in the right direction.
For old times' sake.
Ladies and gentlemen,
By the rules of the New York
Fighting Commission
and in ten rounds by unanimous decision,
the winner is Johnny Dun well!
Ladies and gentlemen
welcome to the Madison Square Garden's
feature attraction.
- A middle weight bout of ten rounds...
- Excuse me.
Excuse me, Tommy.
Goodness. Am I in the wrong seat?
A friend of mine gave me a ticket,
said he would meet me here, but...
These seats are the personal
property of the owner.
Then that would make you...
Ben Cassidy.
This friend,
the one who gave you the tickets...
Well, he's really a friend of a friend.
Are you going to ask me to leave,
Mr. Cassidy?
I'm thinking about it.
Well, can I have your autograph
while you make up your mind?
Wouldn't you rather have the champ's?
If I wanted a boy,
I'd be in the dressing room now, wouldn't I?
Tommy, get us a couple of beers,
would you?
Okay, best wishes...
I got Vegas on the line.
Excuse me.
Tell him I said shoot off both his kneecaps.
Best wishes...
Kathy Nash.
Okay, Kathy.
Kathy Nash.
Now, it's your turn.
What do you want my autograph for?
Well, maybe you'll be famous
and I can tell everyone how I taught you
all there is to know about the fight.
I already know how to fight.
You know sparring, not fighting.
let's see you rumble.
The hell with that. I only go for the kill.
Let's go! Come on!
Let's go! Jake!
It was the castle all over again.
Only this time I was popping glass.
Good evening, Mr Cassidy.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
- Evening Sophie.
- Evening Ben.
Long time no see.
- Another?
- Make it two.
Well, howdy, Sheriff.
Jesus, hell. What are you doing here?
About to ask you the same thing.
I'm on my way to Washington.
Then back to Nuremberg,
draw up the indictments.
The trials getting under way
in a couple of months.
How about you?
Just trying to get my job back.
You know how it is. Some guy fills it.
He's not about ready to walk away
just 'cause I waltz in
with a couple of combat medals.
Yeah, a lot of guys are running into that.
Not like the hooch at the castle, eh?
- Now that was a party.
- Yeah.
By the way, you ever hear
from that swell Lieutenant?
What was her name?
So there you were, Mikey.
What a coincidence.
Even so, I kept hoping again st hope.
Enjoying yourself?
Tell me why are you so good to me?
Because I want something. Obviously.
So do I.
Play your cards right,
and maybe you'll get it.
I wouldn't want to violate
any religious scruples.
Tell me something.
What do you do for work...
and play?
I'm headquartered in Vegas.
Been out there a couple of years now.
You should come out and see it sometime.
It's going to be a hell of a town
when we get through with it.
I can't wait.
Tell me something else.
What are you gonna do with the jewels?
- Alright, cut the crap Mike.
- What?
You're not on your way to Washington,
not yet, anyway,
and you didn't walk into this bar.
What's going on?
You're so smart, you tell me.
Gonna need a bottle.
My boyfriend, Colonel Jack Durant.
We found the jewels stashed
in the basement.
The crown jewels of Germany.
Go on.
That's it.
We were all set to sell them to you,
excuse me, to your friend Mr. Maloney,
when we got knocked over.
Cleaned out, Jack thinks.
Only the guy who robbed us,
got half of the stuff.
I got the rest.
Well, that's an interesting story.
Except the part about selling me the jewels.
That's where you lost me.
I'm a legitimate businessman.
I don't care what you are.
As long as you don't pretend
that you don't know what I'm talking about.
How many stones are we discussing here?
Figure the same as you already got.
Give or take.
Your colonel doesn't know that.
He thinks were shit out of luck.
And how do I know
you won't sell me down
the river the same way
you're selling out poor old Jack, huh?
I'm an old fashioned girl, Mr. Cassidy.
As long as you got the dough,
you won't have to watch your back with me.
Shall we dance?
Look, truth to tell, Mike, I don't know.
She played me like a violin.
Come on.
No, she took off. Ran out on me.
Mike you're looking at
the biggest jerk in the world.
And the jewels?
Tarlton's supposed to have them.
For all I know she's got them.
I don't know,
maybe the two of them together.
Don't ask me. I'm too dumb to know.
She set me up, Sheriff.
Sounds like she did one hell of a job.
I hate to be the one who says this,
but it looks like you got taken for one...
I know, but Mike,
suppose, right just suppose
I get you the jewels and the dame.
I gotta be sure I end up with the jewels
and someone to nail for 'em.
Tarlton would be alright.
Nash'd be better.
Don't you worry, you'll nail Nash.
I'll see to that.
You didn't answer my question.
What question?
What are you gonna do with the stones?
I'll keep 'em.
In five years they'll double in value.
Keep 'em someplace safe...
They're safe alright.
Don't kid yourself, lover;
an yone can break into a vault.
Not this one.
Now you see it, now you don't...
No more talking.
Hey, Tommy?
Do me a favour
and pick up her things, will you?
She's at the Amsterdam Park.
Morning, Mr. Maloney.
You know there's plenty of things right here...
I prefer my own lipstick and underwear,
thank you very much.
Get going, Tommy.
Thank you, buddy.
After that night? You bet lover.
So, what's the plan?
The plan is let's get down to business.
Where's the rest of the stuff?
With my sister, in Albany.
She'll bring it down when I tell her.
There's a phone.
You want me to call her now?
No time like the present, sugar.
Hello, operator?
I'd like to place a call to Albany.
Klamath 5, 0122.
That's right.
Hey. My name is Roy Tarlton.
I'm here to see Tommy Maloney.
Mr. Tarlton.
Sergeant, what the hell are you doing here?
I'm here to see Tommy Maloney,
and don't call me Sergeant.
I ain't wearing a uniform, am I?
Ben Cassidy.
I seen your picture in the papers.
I understood your business
with Mr. Maloney was concluded.
I'm a busy man, Mr. Tarlton.
Yeah. Too fucking busy to
buy another case of diamonds
big as your mama's titties?
What I hear, you're sitting on a pile of cash
that you don't know what to do with.
Another case?
Here's a little preview of coming attractions.
Are you interested?
Why didn't you sell this case
to Mr. Maloney at the same time
as you sold him the first one?
'Cause I ain't dumb.
I wanted to see if I lived
through the first deal.
I ain't putting all my eggs in one basket.
See my mama, she didn't raise no fool.
How much?
Two mil.
Jesus Christ. I just paid you two yesterday.
I only paid 2.8 for half of Vegas.
Yeah, well maybe
I wanna buy the other half.
You ever think of that?
If you want to stones,
you get the cash, pal.
And if you can get it, make it snappy.
What's your hurry?
I've got a flight to Rio
leaves Idlewild at midnight.
That gives you till 8 pm to make the payoff
otherwise the stones leave with me.
And make it someplace public.
I don't want nothing happening
to my life expectancy.
How do I reach you, Mr. Tarlton?
Reach me! Now that's rich.
What's the number here?
Klondike 50180.
Okay, 50180.
I will call you at five pm.
That oughta give you enough time
to raise the scratch.
Just a sec, Roy.
Mind if I call you Roy?
You wouldn't be a friend of Kathy Nash's,
would you?
That lying skirt come to see you?
What's she peddling, Niagara Falls?
Listen up. 8pm.
Two mil.
That was your friend, Sergeant Tarlton.
I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.
Take it easy. He's gone.
That bastard stole half of my stash.
Well, now he's claiming
he's got the other half.
Yeah, he wants to sell me a lot more.
And he showed me a pretty fair sample.
You just wait until my sister gets here
and then make up your mind Ben.
He's a complete lunatic.
Take my word for it.
I was with him at the castle.
Everything he says is a lie.
It's for sure one of you is lying.
Honey I sure hope it isn't you.
I hate being made a fool of.
I hate it like hell.
Here's the stuff.
That redneck stopped by,
Asking for you.
He says he's got more stones to sell.
That's interesting.
It's very interesting.
The dame was telling me the same thing.
Hey, honey.
Here's your things.
I'll just be a minute.
Take your time,
you're not going an ywhere.
I'm inviting you to stay.
Mr. Maloney here will keep you company.
I'm off to collect a great deal of cash.
'Cause one way or the other,
I get the feeling I'm going to need it.
Now, if Tarlton calls before I get back,
you tell him I said
the Vanderbilt Foundation at 8pm,
in the cellar.
8 pm, in the cellar.
What the hell's the Vanderbilt?
Honey, you're gonna love the Vanderbilt.
It's the kind of place
where you do your best work.
There's more rich men assembled there
than an ywhere you've ever been.
Tommy, give the lady some privacy, huh?
Don't let her leave.
...the Rams are moving to LA, huh?
It's terrible.
'Now you see it, now you don't'.
I've got the bag, but I can't find his stuff
and they won't let me leave.
Listen, everything is set for tonight,
eight o'clock.
Some place called The Vanderbilt.
I got it.
Okay, just look for the men's room and...
Now you see it.
Everything okay?
I had to deck her.
You had to deck her?
What are you...
Tommy, what are you nuts?
She was trying to use the phone.
Where is she? Is she in there?
Put that in the closet.
She is a piece of work, that dame.
You don't know the half of it.
Hey doll.
You bastard!
Do you see what
that son of a bitch did to me?
Now, look he shouldn't have.
Hey, I told you she was on the phone.
With my cousin in Queens,
telling her
I was going to some swanky castle.
Pipe down. Jesus!
- Pipe down!
- Yeah.
I went through the whole goddamn war
without a scratch.
If the Nazis couldn't touch me,
I'm sure in hell not going to
let your brass knuckles do the job.
You guys didn't even join.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Tommy, tell her you're sorry.
Hey, no hard feelings.
Go to hell.
I'm gonna meet my sister
and find myself another bu yer.
What are you doing?
Calling your bluff.
you're not gonna find another bu yer.
Not at these prices.
I'm the only game in town
and we both know it.
- Well...
- Shut up for a second.
Just shut your fucking mouth.
Now, either you're on the level
and you've got jewels to sell
or you're pulling some kind of con
and you ran out of string
when Tarlton showed up.
You leave now
and I'm gonna know which it was,
and I've already told you
I don't like looking foolish.
And I don't like getting hit.
This face is all I got right now.
I wouldn't say all.
Honey, we gotta get you dressed
for the party.
We'll be late.
My sister is expecting me to pick her up.
Tommy'll meet your sister
and bring the stuff to the Vanderbilt.
Won't you, Tommy?
Yeah, sure thing.
Sure thing.
Well, then, can I get my suitcase
so I can get ready?
Wear something nice.
Something pretty.
Once we're done, I'm off.
Could you have my suitcase put in the car.
Once we're done you can do
whatever the hell you want.
You walk away with a couple of million.
I'll even drop you off
wherever you want to go.
That won't be necessary.
He comes when I call him.
Imagine that.
Do me a favour and
take the lady's suitcase down
and put it in the trunk of the limo.
She doesn't care for our hospitality here.
That's a nice looking dress.
Why don't you tie my tie for me.
Sorry about Tommy.
He gets carried away.
He does what you tell him.
let's hope he finds your sister.
She looks like me. He can't miss her.
Now arriving at track 8
is the Pennsylvania railroad service
from Philadelphia.
I repeat.
Now arriving at track 18
is the Philadelphia train.
You're attention, please.
The Empire State Service from Alban y
scheduled to arrive at 8. 15 pm
is now subject to delay.
I repeat,
the Albany train is subject to delay.
Step on it, Felix.
Good evening, madam.
Hang on.
I'm not letting you out of my sight.
Felix, you know
what to do with the suitcase?
Good evening Mr. Cassidy.
Thank you.
How do you like this place for a change?
An ything like your castle?
Evening, gentlemen.
How are you?
Champagne, doll?
Thank you.
This is Bill Scannon with US steel.
Good evening, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen,
My name is Randolph Jamison.
And I want to welcome you
to our benefit for the orphaned children
of the war.
The eight forty pm
New York Central service to Boston
will shortly depart from track 19.
I repeat, track 19
for the New York Central service to Boston.
It's so good to see you.
Hold up a second.
You nervous?
Couldn't be you're worried
about little sis, could it?
Come here.
Jesus You look like one of my boxers,
for Christ's sake.
Go fix it.
You want everybody to think I cracked you?
Down there in the little girls' room.
And make it snappy.
I need the keys, sir.
I'll only be a minute. Thanks, kid.
Mr Cassidy.
Hey Manny.
That a rented monkey suit?
I'm here and I'm ready.
- No more booze tonight, Manny.
- I know.
- Where's the...
- Be patient.
Go get yourself a ginger ale or something.
Hurry up.
Hey, what the hell's that for, man?
What's the big idea?
What the hell took you so long?
There was a line-up. You're hurting me.
Yeah, the clock just struck midnight,
Let's go, Manny.
Hey! Get a fucking move on!
This is not good.
Benn y's not going to like this.
Well, come in, Sergeant.
This must all seem very familiar to you.
Yeah, sounds like one hell of a party.
Maybe I ought to stay a while.
You'll miss your plane, Roy.
- Manny you remember Roy?
- Yeah, sure.
Hey, Manny.
Why do we always have to do this
in the dark?
It's gonna wreck my eyesight.
And I believe you know Lieutenant Nash?
Hello, Roy.
I see great minds think alike.
Now, what the hell are you doing here?
I might ask you the same question.
Easy, let's not have a scene.
You got my jack?
First things first, Roy.
Could you hold that please, Mr Cassidy?
The light stinks.
Closer, please.
Thank you.
Come on, Manny. You're shaking.
Round cut.
180, maybe 190 carats.
Some of the best I've ever seen.
As good as the first batch.
All right, where's my dough?
I'm all through here, Mr. Cassidy.
Can I go?
Hang on a second, Manny.
You know, folks,
something doesn't add up here.
One of us is real smart.
One of us is real stupid.
One of us is a goddamn liar.
I brought the jewels,
I guess that makes me the smart one.
And I'm getting dry hustled by the lady
who said she had the jewels.
That makes me the stupid one.
Only thing left is the liar...
Well, the only liar I know is this redneck.
He split the stones from me and Jack
and then sold them in two batches is all.
But, I got more than this put together.
And if you don't take my word for it,
you'll see for yourself
when Maloney and Janey get here.
What the hell are you trying to pull?
He's picking up her sister at Grand Central.
Jesus Christ,
you don't you get an ything, do you?
She's gonna lead 'em right here to us.
Don't listen to him.
She set us up, all of us.
The only reason she told you
she had the jewels
was so she could find out
where the swap was.
When Maloney gets here
you see how fast the cops turn up.
I told you he's a psycho, Ben.
Didn't I say that?
I got dogs don't stink as much as you.
- Bastard!
- Come on, come on.
Hey, hey.
- Hold on.
- What do you want me to do Mr Cassidy?
He don't want you to do nothing.
Me, I got a plane to catch.
What? You wanna shoot me down here.
You go ahead.
That's going to make one hell of a bang.
I tell you what, I shoot back.
It's gonna sound like World War III.
Excuse me.
Nice doing business with both of you.
You picked the wrong man
to mess with lady.
Sit down!
Sit down a second.
Relax a minute.
Open up that case,
I want to look at my jewels.
Can I have a drink?
Women, huh?
Didn't I tell you not to forget about me?
First you and then the bitch.
- Felix, Car.
- Yes Mr. Cassidy.
Mr Cassidy?
Who are you?
Criminal Investigation Division, US Army.
You're under arrest, Mr Cassidy.
What the hell for?
Where are they?
I haven't the least notion
what you're talking about.
Hang onto him.
All right, up against the car and spread 'em.
- Relax.
- You too, bud.
Jesus, you're going to pat me down now?
- Don't grab my ass.
- Punk.
Yeah, good job. You're doing a good job.
Yeah, talk to the chief of police.
I know him.
Bunch of boy scouts, all of you.
- Oh, you think so, do you?
- Yeah.
- Do you know this gentleman?
- No.
We were going to our car
and you stopped us.
That's him!
That's Tarlton, right there.
Tarlton, hold it!
Get your hands off me, I'm not moving.
Over there. He's going that way!
Well, I guess this is where you came in.
Squeaky clean, remember, Mike?
Well, it sure felt crazy.
What a song and dance.
What the hell took so long?
I was trying to figure out
which car was yours.
And I had to get out of the damn parking lot.
What the hell happened?
Are you alright?
I forgot about Tarlton.
I was on Omaha beach too,
you son of a bitch.
How come you showed up as Tarlton?
I about died.
I had to do something.
Savern found me,
courtesy of the US Army
and I had to turn State's evidence.
You're kidding.
I can get him myself, Jack. I got you.
Suppose I get you someone bigger.
Who's bigger?
Owner of The Garden.
What the hell has he got to do with this?
He's the one who bought the jewels.
What do you get, Jack?
I walk. With a real discharge.
If you'd stayed on the phone,
I would have told you.
What happened to your eye?
That was me hanging up.
Do an ything I'll regret?
Hell no.
I just did what I had to do.
And all the time I'm replacing the stones,
I'm thinking,
maybe he double crossed me.
I just hoped to God
I was in the right damn men's room.
I'm sorry, lover.
Don't be. It worked.
And now what?
Now we disappear.
By now Cassidy's telling Savern
that he never saw jewels
from an yone but Tarlton,
and that you were the dame
that set him up.
Unless my guess is wrong,
Savern's swearing that he'll catch Tarlton
if it's the last thing he does.
Which it will be,
considering he's chasing a dead man.
What were you doing back there,
at the river?
Throwing away your engagement ring.
My, my engagement?
Couldn't risk getting caught
with an ything on me.
Don't worry we're still getting married.
To be sure.
Sure of what?
You don't testify against me.
Or you against me.
Tell me something.
When did you know, really know,
that it was gonna be me for keeps?
Just now, when you showed up.
We are good.