The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1984) Movie Script

Kill him, Bobby!
Kill him!
Kill him!
(Dog Barking)
(Dog Growling)
(Baby Crying)
Why are you doing this?
(Dog Growling)
Bobby please don't leave me!
(Dog Barking)
Why are you doing this?
What do you want?
I'll eat the brains of your kids' kids!
I'll eat the brains of your kids' kids!
I'll eat the brains of your kids' kids!
Why are you doing this?
Bobby don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
- Bobby don't leave me!
- Why are you doing this?
Don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
Then what happened?
Bobby come on. Don't hang on it.
Just get it out.
You can't sit on this
for the rest of your life.
It was the last chance we had.
They already killed my mother,
my older sister,
and kidnapped the baby.
And now the father,
he's coming after us.
My sister and I knew that
we would die just like the others.
Unless we used
our mothers body as bait.
To trap him.
Do it!
(Papa Jupe Yelling)
He's alive!
Hold your nose! Hold your nose!
Get back there
like I told you!
I'll get you!
Go on.
I'll get you!
Come on! Open the door.
Bobby don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
Bobby, don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
Bobby, wait!
Kill him!
Kill him Bobby!
Bobby, don't go in there!
So he's dead, right?
I guess.
We just left him there.
You know he's dead.
You killed him.
You blew him to shit.
Your sister axed him, you shot him.
Now, what does it take
to convince you?
You didn't see that guy.
How tough he was.
He was a stupid psychopath.
You were able to trick him
and kill him.
They all were. They were all beatable
and you did it. You know it.
Look, it's alright for you to go
to these races Bobby,
and it makes perfectly good
business sense too.
Good. This new formula gas
of yours, is gonna be a
big push to your career.
If you let the
professionals see it, right?
I just keep having this urge
to call up my team
and tell them
the desert is too dangerous.
We shouldn't go out there.
Bobby, go thumb your nose
at the desert. Alright?
The boogeyman's dead.
And as for your racing team,
I think those kids
can take care of themselves.
Don't worry about it.
It's now 6:12 AM.
You gotta be kidding.
This early?
(Engine Shut Off)
(Heavy Breathing)
(Water Running)
- Got cha! (Laughing)
- Cass, what are you doing?
Shh. You wake my father you better
say your prayers hot shot.
What is this?
I was gonna scare you,
since you always feel my face first.
- Didn't work.
- No?
- You're early.
- Yeah I know.
I knew you wouldn't be ready,
unless I dug you out.
And I brought you something.
- Thanks, Roy.
- Uh-hmm
- So Roy?
- Hmm?
Why are you wearing so many clothes?
It's cold out on the bike this early.
I said, why are you
wearing so many clothes?
Listen we're gonna be late.
We gotta be there in half an hour.
- Then we better hurry.
- Yeah?
Hey! There ain't no foreign bikes allowed here.
- Just Yamaha's right?
- Just Yamaha's.
Give me some room Cass.
Excuse me just a second.
- We're gonna take care of this.
- Come on.
Right now!
Hulk put me down, damn it!
- You're in there?
- Yeah! I'm getting dizzy!
- I can't hear you.
- Now, now!
(Hulk Laughs)
Can I have a sip
of your soda, Hulk?
Hey. How did she know
I had a cola?
She probably heard bubbles.
Keep your finger over
the hole next time. Huh?
Ho, ho!
- My man Roy!
- Foster!
- How you doin' Cass?
- Pretty good.
Been to the beach this weekend?
You got a great tan.
Yuck, yuck.
I love his white bred sense of humor.
Hey, she looks great!
- Is she ready to race?
- Oh yeah.
How 'bout you?
Hey, I'm always ready.
I'll vouch for that.
Hey, you got the gas tanks split.
What the hell?
One sides for the best fuel
the competitions got,
and the other's for Bobby's
formula 2 super racing fuel.
Oh, in the middle of the race,
you kick in Bobby's formula 2. Right?
You pull away so fast,
the other guys get off their bikes,
to see why they're
suddenly standing still.
(Laughs) I like it.
I like it!
- Nothing like having an ace in the hole.
- Right.
We got 50 gallons here.
We're gonna pass them out as samples.
Bobby's gonna make a million dollars.
And then,
we're gonna sell this formula
to one of the big gas companies.
Am I right?
Alright. And we can kick back
and race the rest of our lives.
Now that's bad!
Bad, for sure!
Anybody seen Harry?
think I hear him.
(Bike Engine Getting Louder)
You called it.
- Primo entrance.
- Is he dead?
- Could be arranged.
- Did you see that?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I bet the girls
I could beat 'em here.
- I did too!
- Woo!
You cheated Harry!
You cut through
that other guys yard.
Yeah, so what?
I feel like I just fallen off
three flights of stairs in a trash can.
Hey Sue. How are you?
Hi, Rachel.
How are you?
- Hi, Rachel.
- Hi kids.
- Bobby is ready to hit the desert?
- Roy, can I see you a second, please?
What's up?
Bobby's not feeling so hot today.
I've never seen him this bad.
I come back for you later girly.
It's okay baby doll.
Hey Bobby, you okay?
Look, I can't make it today.
I can not go out
in the desert.
Maybe none of you
should go today.
No wait.
That's just not gonna do.
Not after all your work.
Not after Rachel and Foster's
problems on the new gas.
Hey, we'll do it ourselves then.
No sweat.
I'll go Bobby.
I know the way and I can
take care of the business for both of us.
- Sure?
- I'm sure.
If I could make it today.
God damn.
If it wasn't so close
to that other place.
It's gonna be alright.
It's gonna be alright.
- This is it.
- This is where?
This is where we're gonna
get our entrance fee.
Hi Mrs. Wilson.
How'd it go?
Extremely well, extremely well.
Oh he's quite a specimen.
Quite a specimen!
- He has a mind of his own too.
- (Chuckles) Yeah.
Well, here you go.
Thank you. Fantastic.
Where is that old gigolo?
Oh please. Don't you call him.
I'll get him.
(Dogs Barking)
400 smackers boys and girl!
- For what?
- The Beast!
- Way to go Beast!
- Hey Beast!
Don't call him!
Don't whistle!
- Beast!
- (Whistle)
(Kids Calling For Beast)
- C'mon Beast!
- Yea!
- (Chatter Continues)
- (Various Dogs Barking)
See you next time
Mrs. Wilson!
HARRY: (Monstrous)
There's a legend around these here parts.
It ain't no pretty tale.
But it's supposed to be true.
FOSTER: (Childish)
Oh no Uncle Harry,
- don't scare me with your stories!
- Sorry children.
But we approaching the part of the desert
where the family of Jupiter had slayed.
Where the sand ran
with fire and blood,
and the hills had eyes!
Watch the road Harry.
(Normal) Why Cass?
Do you see something I don't?
Ha ha.
You mean that story about that
wild family nobody knew about?
Oh yeah, the ones who lived in the bomb range
and ate anyone who came through.
- I'd eat any girl that came through.
- You dork.
(Monstrous) They had some weird names.
Tell 'em to ya.
You see, the father was Jupiter
and the two killer brothers named
Pluto and Mars, I think.
- Wasn't there a daughter too?
- Yes.
Yeah there was a daughter.
She killed her brother
to save the tourists.
I forgot about her.
(Baby Crying)
Who are you?!
- Why don't you give me my kid?!
- Your baby!
Get out of here!
Take the baby and hide.
She was some maniac too.
Think her name was Ruby. Right?
Ruby, right. Good.
Wonder where she is today.
Maybe she opened a boutique in Tarzana.
(Kids Laughing)
Oh God. Can you believe that?
- Wait a second.
- What's wrong?
Am I crazy or are you breathing
like you're scared or something?
I'm fine.
- Do you want one?
- What?
A cigarette, Cass. Sorry,
for a moment I forgot you were--
A Non-smoker?
You're not feeling physic today, are you?
You like sometimes you do?
If I was, I wouldn't have come.
Not after the way Bobby was...
Well, you know.
HARRY: (Monstrous)
Slowly, the dying prospector
crawled across the desert floor.
Tongue black and swollen.
Fingers all ripped to pieces,
from the cactus.
You know, our late start
might have done us in.
If we don't make registration by 11:00,
we just might as well forget it.
Hey we'll make it.
No sweat boss.
With a half hour to spare.
- Oh, shit!
- What, Foster?
"Don't forget to set your
clocks ahead one hour
and don't be among those
who are late for work Monday".
Because today ends Daylight Savings Time.
I can't believe it.
None of us remembered that.
Alright. This is where we are,
and this is where the races are.
He's right over here, Cass.
We'll never make it.
It's like this great big circle
we have to make.
We're gonna lose by default.
Unless we use Harry's maneuver.
- Harry's maneuver?
- Shortcut!
We're not getting off this road!
Shortcut, shortcut, shortcut!
Look Rachel. There's a road right here.
Cut's straight across.
It'll save us more than an hour.
C'mon Rachel. We came this far.
Please. Don't dump our chances now.
Okay. We'll put it to a vote..
- I say we turn back.
- Cass!
Look, I didn't build this damn bike
to watch it collect dust.
I say let's get across here however.
- Me too.
- Me three.
- Me four.
- I'm with 'em.
What's the big deal about taking
a little shortcut anyway?
You afraid of the desert too?
(Kids) Take one down,
pass it around
98 Bottles of beer on the wall
98 Bottles of beer on the wall
98 bottles of beer
Take one down,
pass it around
- Are you sure this is it?
- I'm sure it is.
It's Furnace Canyon Road.
It's right on the map.
On the map.
Is it solid or dotted?
Sort of.
Roy, did you just see
something flash, over there?
No. Me neither.
Uh-oh what?
This map says we're heading
for a bomb range.
Holy shit!
- We're out of beer.
- (Laughing)
We're all gonna die!
We're all gonna be fried!
Alright, pipe down!
We are not on a bomb range
and we're not gonna be
human french fries or something.
- You got the map upside down, Hulk.
- I know that Rachel.
Keeps you on your toes.
Hey! Sign-e-ho!
Why don't I feel welcome?
Why would anybody put a welcome sign
way out here anyway?
Who'd put a welcome out here?
I tell ya, I have seen better roads
on a motor cross course admiral.
Yeah, we'd be late
if we went all the way back now.
I think I smell gas.
I don't.
- Oh crud!
- What?
Just, that we started
in here with a half a tank
and now we're running on fumes.
Okay. Foster, I did it good.
Okay, temporarily. Pull it out.
What'd you fix it with?
Foster's special patching compound.
- Gum.
- Chewing gum?
It'll hold temporarily.
We're not going far folks.
How 'bout just using the Super Fuel?
That stuff in this bus?
Blow up like a bomb.
Might as well use jet fuel.
There's a fence over there.
Maybe there's a ranch
where we can buy some gas.
Yeah, might as well.
Let's just be careful.
People who live this far out,
usually have a reason.
Well it can't hurt to look.
(Beast Whining)
This is definitely not the races.
This place is pretty weird.
(Wood Creaking)
Ah. God!
- Careful around this place. Okay Cass?
- Sure.
(Rock Hitting Sounds)
Oh, wow!
You hear that?
Hey, you guys?
There's an open mine shaft here.
So why don't we all be careful.
- Anybody find gas?
- Are you kidding?
Maybe there's something inside.
A storage tank.
One of the sheds.
This place has had people
in it recently. I can tell.
Me! Number one explorer!
You there!
Get the loaders up in the Barrels!
Hey! Elephant gun!
Simba... compass!
On Guard!
We'll take this other building. Okay?
(Beast Barking)
HULK: With uh...
couple of coats of paint,
this place can look, uh...
pretty good.
Hold it right there.
(Beast Barks)
(Beast Whines)
You know
no body's lived here
in a million years, I bet.
(Heavy Breathing)
(Heavy Breathing)
I'm not going in an old building.
The trouble with the desert.
It's too hot and it's too green
and full of things that wanna bite
your ass just for the hell of it.
Typical paranoia of a person
alienated from his primitary roots
by too much urbanization
In other words,
typical paranoia of a black man.
Now, you first.
They're pythons in there.
Pythons arent even found
in the United States! Dummy!
That's what bothers me.
We know they're there,
but we can't find the fuckers.
Oh, please.
(Chanting Softly)
Snakey, snakey, snakey.
Nice boy.
You believe this shit?
She don't talk to me
that nice.
Harry, where'd you go?
Jane, shh.
Did you hear anything weird?
Weird? Like what?
Like someone had you by the finger...
Roy! Roy!
(Heavy Breathing)
What's that?
I'll cut you freaking kids!
(Maniacal Laughter)
I really got you good.
Didn't I?
You like this on me?
There's nothing but clothes back there.
We could open up a shop.
You two guys,
should be committed.
- (Tongue Noises)
- (Evil Laughter)
Beast! Wait up!
Think somethings up in that loft.
(Beast Growling)
(Rachel Sniffing)
It's a raccoon.
You smell it?
No. I just know how Beast acts
when he finds one.
(Raccoon Squealing)
(Beast Barking)
She really does know that dog.
Heads up, Cass.
I gotta put Beast inside.
There you go.
- What'd he do?
- Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
He just went ape shit because
he smelled some stupid raccoon.
(Wood Creaking)
Couldn't be.
(Creaking Continues)
(Wood Creaking)
Come on!
(Pluto Yelling)
(Barking Continues)
(Door Rattling, Kicked In)
- Rachel, what happened?
- Oh my God!
RACHEL: Beast settled down?
FOSTER: Yeah. Sort of.
But that dude is weird.
All he does, is growl at rocks.
His mama must have been attacked,
by a cement mixer or something.
Rachel, you say it was your brother,
who gave you that?
- She fell.
- It was my brother!
It was my dead brother.
He's come back, to get me.
you and Bobby werent taking
controlled substances
or something, this morning?
I mean. You're both
acting very strange today.
I mean, what are you talking about?
What brother?
(Bird Cawing)
(Beast Growling, Barking)
(Pluto Yelling)
Sittin' ducks.
Yeah, yeah.
We were sure Pluto was dead.
Shit, they all were dead.
Fact is Rachel, nobody saw you
go in or out of there.
The fact is...
That crazy wild girl, you guys
were joking about back on the bus.
That was me eight years ago.
- You mean the family that killed people?
- I didn't kill anybody.
If that's who you are...
I mean were...
Then you turned against your family..
You helped the other family.
Bobby's family.
That brother, I saw in there,
he killed Beasts mate the first day.
He stole Bobby's niece,
and helped kill his mother and sister.
Hold on.
Rachel, no offense
but you fell and you whacked your bean
and now you're staring
a little crooked this afternoon.
Wait a minute.
Maybe it makes sense.
Why is Bobby so afraid of the desert?
Yeah, fine. Fine, okay. Suppose it
happened just exactly like she said.
She didn't see the guy, just now.
She, uh... a memory.
She had a little delayed stress syndrome
come down on her. That's all.
There ain't no boogeyman.
Somebody's out by the bus.
- (Growling)
- Beast! Cass.
(Beast Barking)
Motorbikes is gone!
Beast, shut up!
No one started the motorcycle,
I can guarantee that.
Look at this.
Hey wait a minute.
I bet he's trying to roll it
out of earshot, before he starts it up.
That means, he's close.
- 30 seconds to launch and coshing.
- You got it.
Roy? You doing,
what I think you're doing?
Don't be be crazy,
don't go out there.
Must be Pluto, who took it.
Well just get that bike from Pluto
and we'll be right back ma'am.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- C'mon, go, go, go!
PLUTO: Ah! Hoo!
Okay, you mother!
You just moved in to our game! Woo!
Hey Foster. This thing
has the Super Fuel, right?
The half tank switch is right here.
Save it, for the payoff.
Alright, thank you gentlemen,
and I'm off! Woo!
C'mon! Woo!
C'mon Harry!
Woo! Ha, ha!
C'mon boys!
Woo! Ha, ha!
Get that fucker!
- Ha, ha!
- Woo!
C'mon, c'mon!
C'mon suckers!
C'mon! You punk ass!
Hey, that's not fair!
That's Harry's maneuver!
Yeah! C'mon!
Harry, you alright?
Get that fucker!
I got him!
You're mine, fucker!
You better run!
You better!
(Engine Whirls)
Yee Ha!
Come on!
Come on, buddy! Come on!
(Pluto Grunting)
You better run!
- You're dead, fucker!
(Pluto Yells)
- Hey!
(Pluto Laughs)
Come back here, you bastard!
Damn it!
- C'mon, Goddammit!
- Ah! Ah!
C'mon! C'mon!
C'mon baldy!
You get him?
You need help?
I'm right here!
Ol' Harry'll kick his ass for ya!
MAN: Harry,
help me. I'm hurt.
You don't fool ol' Harry twice,
my friend, nah.
Oh yeah.
I've seen this one before,
in the movies.
Very clever.
Ha, ha!
You missed me,
you missed me!
Na na-na,
na na-na
Holy sh--
Move it!
Go. Go!
Come on! Go!
Whoa. Whoa!
Maybe he got up
and went home.
Yeah, maybe.
You better hope so.
Now, who set that trap?
- You never should of got off the road.
- Oh yeah?
I ain't the only
crazy out here.
Yeah, you're right.
'Cause you just picked a fight
with a whole bus load of them!
You think they heard that?
RACHEL: If they had their engines
off, for some reason. Otherwise...
SUE: Yeah well, they should
be able to see the smoke.
HULK: They could be on the
other side of the hills by now.
We got some firecrackers in the bus.
They gotta hear one of those.
HULK: Good idea.
CASS: What do you thinks
up with those guys?
What are you looking at cue ball?
I ain't the one
you gotta look out for.
Oh yeah?
Who else is out here? Huh!
The Reaper.
The Reaper?
Who the hell's
The Reaper?
HULK: Hold your ears.
- Ah!
They gotta hear that sucker.
FOSTER: Hellooo!
Anything Cass?
What are you slowing down for?
Come on.
We should all just get out.
Right now.
What on? A magic carpet?
We got about 2 cups
of gas in the tank.
Besides, this isn't panic city.
Oh, Harry.
MAN: Grab my rope, Pluto!
What was that?
Hey! What's going on?
Let me out of here!
I think, I heard Roy scream.
You guys are pitiful!
And you Cass, of all people.
You should know,
we are dealing with the worlds
two biggest practical jokers.
Look at me,
when I'm talking to you.
Did you really,
unmistakably hear a scream?
Not an actual scream. It was a...
It was more like a feeling
of Roy screaming.
C'mon. What's everybody
getting so paranoid about?
I mean, just lighten up.
You know?
Okay. Meanwhile...
The best defense, is a good offense.
Let's just make a surprise,
for these jokers.
Oh, like what?
I do not know. Foster?
- Okay.
So when they show,
we all hide
wait for 'em to hit this
then we'll jump 'em.
Screamin' like mad
and scare the shit out 'em.
(All Laughing)
- Brilliant!
You see 'em?
What are you looking for?
Candle, radio, blankets.
Weapons. Whatever we can use,
to get us through the night.
You don't have to be
afraid of anything.
I'll smash anything
that comes near ya, like a bug.
What's that?
Some kind of machinery?
Looks like an old generator.
Ruby, hold this. Here.
It's diesel.
Can't use the fuel for the bus,
but we might be able
to get some lights out of it.
Hey. You believe that
Rachel's that Ruby character?
Do you believe
your Daddy's Santa Claus?
- She's Ruby.
- How do you know?
I don't know.
I can tell when someones lying.
Okay Cass, uh...
I've got my hands
in the air, over my head.
Tell me if I'm lying,
or telling the truth.
From the sound of Sue's breathing
I'd say, you had both
your hands on her.
(Laughing) Okay.
Okay, so...
So, you can see so accurate.
What do you see now?
Man, you're a barrel of laughs.
I'm sorry.
Okay Foster.
How do the French, eat frog?
- With a fork or something?
- No.
First they take one little leg
and put it over one ear,
take the other little leg
and put ot over the other ear.
(Generator Engine)
SUE: Oh, yea!
FOSTER: Oh man!
Ain't that pretty?
- What?
- The lights just came on.
How's that for magic?
Oh, don't use the door!
RACHEL: Why not?
- Come in through the window.
Uh, we...
The door is booby trapped.
We got light.
I want you to stay together,
and stay alert.
This place might look deserted,
but it's been used for something.
Around the time we got here.
And that generator's
definitely been in use.
You guys going somewhere?
Hulk and I,
are gonna go look for the guys.
You still think
that there's something wrong.
They've been gone
too long, to be funny.
Either they're playing a joke too hard,
or they got themselves lost
and need someone with a light.
Oh those jerks.
There's no reason to get upset.
Jest keep your heads together
and we'll find them.
Yeah, but you'll just get lost too.
Sue, Ruby knows this desert
like the back of her hand.
I'm telling you,
don't worry.
Now, c'mon.
- Cass.
- Yeah.
- Keep your ears open.
- I will.
Hey, you guys stay here.
Sue and I will go look
for some tools or something.
Enough of this stuff.
It's party time.
Be careful. It squeaks.
Beast, shh!
It's just us. Shh!
- Shh. Shh.
(Beast Growling)
(Growling Stops)
- Good.
- C'mon.
Oh boy, I hate the desert.
I despise it.
- Sue?
- Hmm?
It ain't natural
to be in a place without a disco.
Hmm, I know.
No thanks, sugar.
I think Beast wants out.
Anyway, I don't want him watching us.
- Alright. Be back in a second.
- Okay.
Here boy. C'mon.
Let's get out of here.
Foster, are you coming?
(Beast Whining)
Oh, shit!
Look at this. I mean...
What do you got?
A whole box of candles, Cass.
Enough for a week.
Sure hope,
we don't need to use all of them.
Oh, really.
I swear Cass.
Sometimes you remind me
of a hound dog I used to have.
- Thanks a lot!
- No.
I mean hearing and smelling things
about ten minutes before the humans.
I mean...
(Wiseguy Accent)
Now look, sweetheart.
You don't have to pussyfoot around me.
Know what I mean?
I may be blind, but I'm not handicapped.
Okay kid?
So, what do you smell?
There's a draft in here.
Smell's like cleaning fluid
or something.
Don't you smell it?
This whole place
smells weird to me.
Yeah it does.
Let's just take those candles
and get out of here.
MAN: Beast.
Whoa, Beastie.
So what do you think?
Maybe we should
take that bucket down now.
Suppose it's getting kinda stupid
having everyone crawling in and out
of the window all the time.
Oh no. Let's leave it a while.
You won't believe what I can see.
A new bus,
gassed up and ready to roll?
Next best thing.
- What?
- Come on.
C'mon. Back here.
What is it?
It's a shower.
Oh, listen. This is too good to pass up.
I'm gonna get out of todays dirt
before Harry gets back.
You don't mind, do you?
Nah. I won't look.
Anyway, I think I'll go
poke around a little bit.
- Okay. Be careful.
- I'll watch my step.
(Bird Screeching)
Deserts can be full of ghosts.
Yeah well, you know
it doesn't have to be like that.
I mean, I don't give a damn
what you did in your past Ruby.
It may sound a little bit crazy
What I'm trying to say is--
Some of you best friends, are maniacs.
Yeah, something like that.
So Bobby's niece
was the baby that you saved, huh?
Yeah. Katy. She's great!
She'll probably grow up to be
what her mother wanted to be.
If she lived.
She had a fantasy about
becoming a movie star
and being discovered by
some big time director.
- Really?
- Yeah.
(Distant Explosion)
Who's is it?
It's Roy's.
It's blood.
Oh God.
Come on, let's get us out of here.
- C'mon!
- Hulk!
I know you're out there!
You wanna fight?
Get us out of here!
- Come on!
- Okay.
Get on the back.
Come on!
Hulk, I fell off!
Oh, don't leave me!
- Hulk!
- I'm not gonna leave you!
Look out!
R-- Ra--
Rachel, just...
MAN: Ruby.
Gonna rip you up, girl.
Jane? Is everything okay?
What are you doing?
I thought I saw a burglar.
So, I came out, to investigate.
But I can see that everythings in order.
Very, very much in order.
What would you do, if Sue caught you
staring at me like that?
I'd tell her to go mind his own business,
because this thing is bigger than the both of us.
Oh, is it?
Oh gee Sue, we was just talking.
Would you like me to give you
something to talk about, Foster?
- No, Sue!
- No problem.
Ew! Ew! Ew!
- I was only joking.
- You are the joke.
Come back, I love you!
Fuck off!
MAN: Susie.
I think I better get some wheels.
(Beast Whining)
Got to be some gasoline.
(Engine Starts)
(Beast Whining)
(Man Laughing)
Fuck off, you bastard, you!
I hate you, Foster!
Let me alone!
You ain't so hot anyway!
Lady can run!
I better cut her off
at the pass.
(Engine Stops)
(Beast Whining)
- Wait here Beast. Calm down.
Piece of shit!
MAN: Sue!
MAN: Sue?
What you do that for?
- What's going on?
- What's going on?
I tell you what's going on.
I just got mugged by an ex-bush monkey,
that's gonna get her clock cleaned,
if she don't get off me.
I'm sorry.
So you don't want
your clock cleaned.
Any trouble with the mine?
Nothing that a girlfriend won't cure.
Why you worried?
What's wrong?
- Hulk's dead.
- Say what?
You sure, that you're not suffering
from a sudden onset of one of those
weird mental diseases
that white folks get, from time to time?
You go back to the bus.
And you get the others
ready to leave.
I'll find Sue.
- Go.
- Alright.
Might as well stick out my thumbs.
This bus is out of service!
- Beast, come on!
(Beast Barks)
Hey, come back here!
You're supposed to be my bodyguard!
(Growling, Barking)
- (Thump)
- Hmm.
(High Pitched)
Hey, Cass.
Find anything?
Yeah, lots of weird stuff.
A butcher,
something must have lived here once.
So, what's going on?
I was just looking for Foster and Sue.
You haven't seen 'em, have you?
Havent heard 'em either..
Have you checked the other buildings?
I'm afraid to go in any, by myself.
Don't be silly.
There's no reason to be afraid of.
- Oh, great!
- What?
- The lights just went off.
- They did?
Yes. Dammit!
I'm sorry, Cass.
It's okay.
I know the darks scary at first.
I found a big switch here
of some kind, a minute ago.
Maybe there's separate lights in here.
Yeah! I'm right here.
Did the lights come on?
But I did hear something
in this other room.
- Yeah. It sounds like water or something.
- M-hm.
Just the sound of the trap going off.
This is a real weird place.
Did little Harry get all wet?
I know you're in here.
(Jane Sobbing)
(Bones Cracking)
(Bone Crack)
SUE: Cass!
(Heavy Breathing)
MAN: Ruby.
MAN: Ruby.
Where are you?
Come on, come on!
Get up, get up!
It's over now, Ruby.
I gotta kill you and
get in good with The Reaper.
The Reaper?
Papa Jupe's big brother's here?
Ever since Papa Jupe died
Reaper took over.
He patched me up.
That's how much he thinks of me.
- What? He need a dog?
- Watch it!
We got this whole desert
to ourselves him and me.
We kill everybody
and we throw them down mine shafts.
That's where you're going Ruby.
Right through The Reaper's
special mine shaft.
You better not kill me, Pluto.
You hurt me
you're gonna make Beast real mad.
Beast? Who's Beast?
You know who Beast is.
That's the dog,
almost killed you 8 years ago.
You hurt me,
and he's gonna get you.
You're trying to trick ol' Pluto, Ruby.
Besides, ain't no dog gonna
sneak up on me no more.
I got hearful ears.
Stupid piss licker.
Puke eater!
You got the brains of a beer can!
Flea bag.
Fish bait!
Garbage hog!
MAN: Ruuuubyyyy.
I want you.
I can race.
I can race!
Oh God!
What are you doing here boy?
Oh! What happened to my head?
Time to say your prayers,
dog breath!
Pee ass kid!
Puke eater.
Way to go Beast.
Way to go boy.
Let's go get Cass now.
Come on boy.
Let's go get Cass now.
Either you guys in there?
(Generator Engine)
Sure was enough water
in that bucket.
The power's back on.
Somebody's in here.
MAN: Cass.
Back to the bus.
Come here boy.
Beast, where is the bus?
You up here?
(Heavy Breathing)
(Heavy Breathing)
(The Reaper Groaning)
Cass, where are ya?
Cass, where are ya?
Oh, God!
Gimme your hand.
Come here! Gimme your hand.
Alright. Come on, you got it.
Relax. Everythings alright.
(The Reaper Groaning)
- Did he fall?
- Uh-huh.
- Cass, is there another way out of there?
- Yes.
Hold on.
Roy, I think I hear him.
- What are you doing?
- You'll find out.
Stand clear, Cass.
Alright, come here.
Come here. Hold on.
Alright, jump.
Alright, hold on.
- He might be coming out, another way.
- Alright!
- Okay.
- Alright.
Alright. Help me push this thing, Cass.
(Both Grunting)
C'mon! C'mon.
Alright. Hold up, I got it.
- He's coming!
- I know, okay.
- Roy, we have to get out of here!
- No! Cass, not yet.
Reaper don't get fooled, like Papa Jupe!
Oh no!
The Reaper sucks!
I'm gonna beat you to shit, Ape Man.
I'm gonna wipe up
the desert floor with you, real good!
Now Cass, go.
- Roy?
- Go!
Come on, Roy!
Now, Cass!
Jump, Cass!
(Roy Cheering)
(Roy Laughing)
It worked!
CASS: Oh my God.
ROY: Whoa!
CASS: Oh, God.
(Roy Laughs)
Look out!
Come on!
- Where'd he go?
- He's gone.
He's gone.
You did it.
He's gone!
You really seen to that.