The Himalayas (2015) Movie Script

"This film is based on actual events."
"Certain characters and details were created
for purposes of dramatization."
Avalanche! Avalanche!
Are you okay?
The realm of the gods,
where humans are denied entry.
Finally the grand, sharpest canine
rising up from the jaw
of the gods, can be seen.
Mankind calls it Everest.
"1992, NEPAL"
Is dinner ready?
Hey, is this even edible?
Get the table ready, everyone's hungry.
Is this even edible?
What's with you two?
Hurry up and set the table!
Sometimes you need the magic powder.
Bhaat kanna au!
Come on, let's eat!
Hey, bring your brother.
Bhaat kanna au! Hurry!
I can't believe it.
Tastes good!
Looked awful before.
See, look at them eat!
That's odd, why does it taste so familiar?
Mr. Chairman, this way.
Captain UM, Mr. Chairman is here.
Was it a hard climb?
This is Chairman KIM Jeong-gyu
of Dongseo Sports.
And Captain UM Hong-gil, who I told you about.
Mr. Chairman, sit here.
Thank you.
Captain may not look like much,
but he conquered Everest in a single try!
No, he didn't.
- Wasn't it three tries?
- Yeah.
All he needs is a proper sponsor.
His nickname is Tank,
charging forward with no reverse!
Tanks go in reverse.
Request for help!
Somebody please respond!
Hey Captain, what are you doing?
You know how hard it was to arrange this?
What can I do? People's lives come first.
You work things out. Sorry!
Captain, Captain!
Korea Daemyung University
expedition team is in distress
at 6500m high on Kangchenjunga
One is already dead and the rest
are stuck midway.
Captain, the weather is looking bad.
The sun will be down soon, too.
We'll leave the body here,
and take the injured down first.
You're leaving my friend behind?
Don't you know this could lead
to a second accident?
We can secure the body tomorrow.
Untie the ropes. Get ready to descend.
- Get to the helicopter landing.
- Hurry.
What are you doing?
We can't leave him.
Are you insane? Get up!
We need to take him!
If we came together, we go down together.
Leave him here in this cold?
I can't.
Hey, wait!
Mister, how can you decide this on your own?
We lost our friend, and he's quite upset.
How about this.
I'll stay with him, you look after the rest.
I'll take responsibility.
Hey, you all follow him, okay?
Give them the bags.
You guys go down. I'll go back on my own.
Where are you going?
Damn it.
We're coming too!
Daemyung Team!
Daemyung Team!
Answer us!
You crazy assholes!
What a fool.
Hey, get up!
You'll freeze!
Hey, get up!
Are you awake now?
Where am I?
What's your name?
PARK Mootaek.
Idiot, don't even think about
climbing a mountain again.
We appreciate your help,
but it's not like you own that mountain.
You're an idiot too.
Idiots who ignore the leader and go off alone
aren't qualified to climb.
Stop putting others in danger
and get the hell back to Korea, okay?
If I see you losers around here again,
you're in for it.
I understand.
Crazy fools.
Have a nice day.
- That jerk...
- Jamba!
Hey kids, namaste!
What's with that guy?
Does he think he's captain of our team?
Still, he stayed up two nights
watching over you.
Be grateful for that.
"1999, SEOUL"
For this expedition,
a TV crew has agreed to come.
Just imagine!
9:00 News, a Dongseo Sports logo
on Captain's chest - bam!
And logos on the tents-bam! bam!
On Kangchenjunga's peak, a flag with your logo
Barn! barn! barn!
It'll be a literal bonanza.
Sometimes bonanza, but sometimes bust.
What happens if someone dies,
and our logo is printed on the corpse?
You realize we can't take
responsibility for that.
Yes, of course.
If there are no more questions,
we'll wrap up for today.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
God of the Himalayas!
Please give us your blessing!
After Kangchenjunga, it's K2.
After K2, you'll be the first in Asia,
and 8th in the world,
to scale all 14 peaks higher than 8000m!
Be sure to prepare well!
Kangchenjunga is no local hill.
Too early to think about K2.
Which junior members are we taking?
We should choose them quickly.
Mu-young, you said you found some smart kids?
They should be here by now.
Speak of the devil.
- Hey, over here!
- Coming!
Look at them, they're soaked.
Nice to meet you!
This is base camp leader, LEE Dong-gyu.
We just call him The Legend.
I'm PARK Mootaek.
I'm PARK Jung-bok.
Hey, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
And this is expedition leader UM Hong-gil.
- These are the kids.
- Hello.
Wow, such a small world.
Show me your faces.
Hurry UP!
What did I tell you back then?
We're so sorry for
not recognizing you last time.
It's taken us years to get over
the death of our friend.
Please accept us, Bro!
You call our great Captain "Bro"?
Isn't that right? If he's older, "Bro".
If he's younger, "Kid".
Is that funny?
- Jokers!
- Where'd you find them?
I see you guys have met.
They're from my university.
I can vouch for their skills.
Punks, you can do this, right?
I can do it!
I'll conquer Kangchenjunga!
What will you conquer?
Trudging up a mountain and scurrying back down,
is that conquering?
Do alpinists use the word "conquer"?
We don't.
You guys don't even know the basics.
Captain, can't you accept them for my sake?
No way!
Send these punks home.
Go on, now!
More booze?
- You heard the man.
- Seriously?
Want some radish kimchi? Here, give it a try.
Good girl, how is it?
Welcome back.
What are you doing here?
Captain, did you drink a lot?
Have some ramen broth.
It's great for preventing hangovers!
Honey! Sunho!
Here you are.
Who said to let these jerks in?
I thought you told them to come home.
Ah, dammit!
You're eating ramen?
I said I'd cook you dinner!
We're fine, auntie! All part of our training.
What, "auntie"?
Uncle, more kimchi!
Rewriting my family tree? Get out!
Then you should have left us to die.
Why'd you save us?
You saved us!
Now you're responsible for us.
That's right! You can't take it back.
Do you assholes want a piece of me?
Daddy, you swore!
You swore!
We walked five days from Daegu to get here.
I even quit my job.
I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years.
I don't have time for amateurs,
so pack up and go climb
some hills back at home.
Shouldn't you at least find out what we can do?
If our skills aren't sufficient,
we'll pack up at once.
We'll pack up and go.
Honey, they don't know anyone in Seoul,
where would they go?
Captain, please give us a chance!
Captain, please give us a chance!
Hurry UP!
Oh my. Out of breath?
Then how will it be at 8000 meters?
Up there, you're practically in space.
The sky's black. So you expect oxygen?
He said to climb up by 1pm?
Hong-gil is testing you. Do your best.
Hurry UP-
Let's go!
We made it!
Almost there!
Let's go!
Yeah, let's go!
We made it!
What time is it?
5 minutes early!
Okay, shut up already. Come here.
Stand straight.
What's all this racket?
You know that most accidents
happen on the descent?
Yes, we know.
Still, we made it up here with this heavy load.
Going down with no weight should be easy.
Piece of cake!
Who said no weight?
Need to carry down this garbage!
By 5pm.
5pm? With those?
Get ready to go down.
I don't want to be the junior member.
You'd better make it.
Hey, aren't you being too hard on them?
No kidding. It's so hard finding new members.
Overloading them from the start. This is awful.
They're not the types to give up so easily.
They're coming!
Look at that guy!
His legs are like rubber.
This mountain...trash...
...bastards, I'll...
What is he saying?
He says bastards who litter
should all be thrown in jail.
Hey. you two!
You good at scrubbing?
Say yes!
We're masters of scrubbing.
Oh, nice!
That feels great.
Not too hard.
Take it easy!
We'll rest a week at base camp.
- Mu-young -
- Bae-su.
- Yes!
- Chul-go.
- Yes!
This team will construct Camp 1.
- PARK Jung-bok.
- Yes!
PARK Mootaek.
You taking a goddamn nap?
Hands in the air.
Raise your hands, punk!
You, too.
I wasn't sleeping.
Hands up, now!
Wow, it's the peak of Kangchenjunga!
- Kangchenjunga!
- Tell us how you feel.
Ah, I never knew I could make it.
How does it feel to conquer the mountain?
Just thinking of the trip down
makes my head spin.
Have you jokers gone crazy?
You think you're at home? Hands in the air!
God this is cold! Let's go.
Where are you going?
Stop. Stick out your butt.
Stick out your butt!
Like this?
Where's the root liquor?
It's inside.
Come and eat, you punks.
Thank you!
Captain, open wide!
Get that away from me.
That's hot!
All done!
Wow, look at that!
This feels great, wish I had
a roast chicken to eat!
Hey, PARK Mootaek!
Get the hell over here!
Hey, what are you doing here?
Have you gone bat crazy?
How'd you find me here?
Where else would you be but a mountain?
Hey girl, stop kicking up a fuss!
Not in front of my team.
Introduce yourself.
Hello, everyone!
I'm CHOI Su-young
from Daemyung Univ. Alpine Club.
Hey, don't be a coward,
just tell it to me straight.
Why do you wanna break up?
Will you stop talking down to me?
Why did you request a break-up, PARK Mootaek?
I went to Daegu yesterday.
Where did you go with your phone off
on a Sunday?
- What about it?
- Dressed up all fine,
in a hotel coffee shop
What'd you do in the coffee shop?
I couldn't avoid it because of my Mom...
- Aw, so cute.
- Stop it!
You're jealous?
Are you worried because I'm so pretty?
No, did fine.
Soon you're gonna be 30,
so you should marry some loser
before you turn worthless.
Don't you trust me?
It's not you. It's myself that I can't trust.
I'm going to Kangchenjunga.
And then K2, Nanga Parbat, and Lhotse.
Each time, I won't be sure
I'll come back to you.
So let's just end it now.
Then don't climb,
live an ordinary life with me!
I'm not someone who can do that!
So meet a good guy, and live happily.
I, PARK Mootaek...
am climbing down the mountain
called CHOI Su-young.
Got it?
Hey, you're climbing those other mountains,
why not me?
- Be a man and tell me
- It's like a TV drama.
To wait for you, that you'll make me happy!
Still, it's been 5 years,
shouldn't you hold onto her?
I'm okay, I'll just find someone else.
That's right!
You made the right choice.
Plenty of women in the world.
You'll find someone, don't worry.
- That's right.
- Don't worry.
Sure. But you know what, Bae-su?
- You're an unknown climber.
- Right.
But later if you get really famous
like our Captain...
You still won't have a girlfriend.
Surely in this wide world
there's one woman who'll love me!
Give me a break.
- Oh, there is one!
- Who?
Your mother.
Hey, don't joke in front of a guy
who just broke up.
Where's your sympathy?
Oh, no.
I'm totally fine. No problem, really!
Quiet down, will you?
I'm sorry! Su-young...
How can I live without you?
Are you happy? How long have you dated?
Tell me! How long is it?
Huh? Are you married?
It hurts!
Don't hit me!
It hurts, it hurts...
Look at that dumb climber.
A woman is a mountain.
Console her, not conquer her.
You're trying to conquer...
...your 13th Himalayan peak of 8000m.
Tell us how you feel.
Alpinists don't use the word 'conquer'.
We just spend time on the peak
with the mountain's permission.
Then what is your favorite moment
while climbing?
After descending with the team safely,
drinking tea in the base camp
is my happiest moment.
Why do you climb the mountain?
Because it's there.
Hey, it's plagiarism!
What the hell?
Sorry about that.
Stop laughing-
It's like smoking.
Once you get hooked, even if you quit,
it's not quitting, it's resisting.
We'll interview all the team,
and shoot source footage.
Just a minute.
Why did you become a Sherpa?
I'm Korean.
Why do you climb the mountain?
Cause the food tastes good.
Bon appetit.
You eat food with your hands?
We've got all these spoons here!
It tastes better this way.
No wonder they think he's a Sherpa.
- He really is a Sherpa!
- Try it!
Why do you climb the mountain?
Climbing the mountain...
of course it's difficult,
but if you overcome that challenge,
you feel so happy.
If you think about it too much,
you'll never climb.
When you descend from the peak,
do you feel disappointed?
The reason I climb,
is first, the energy of the mountain.
It's referred to as the Great Spirit.
All men should experience it once.
We finished with that question already.
When? You finished?
My question is if you feel sad
descending from the peak.
I never thought about that.
You need to go down,
you're not going to live there.
Cut, cut! I'll do it again. One more time...
Your dialect is a bit...
- My dialect?
- Yes.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking with a perfectly
standard dialect now.
Why are you laughing?
I can't believe it.
Must be about 50m, huh?
Who's going to cross first?
Mootaek says he'll do it.
Great, Mootaek first. Give him a hand!
Go Mootaek!
Hey Mootaek!
Don't look down, lift your head
and take long steps.
That's easy to say, dammit.
Nothing, I'm going. I'll walk with a strut.
I'm going.
With a strut!
Hey, you okay?
Yes, I'm okay!
Hey don't worry, we'll rescue you in a second.
- Wait a second.
- Okay.
Myung-ae, what is that? Is it an avalanche?
Avalanche! Run!
Jung-bok! Save me!
That's why I didn't want to do this!
Wait a second Captain, I'll save you.
What...what is this?
What do you think?
Toying with a guy's life...
"Save me! Save me!"
Stop crying, you'll get frostbite.
You're the worst.
- He's the worst.
- He's not even a friend.
Bae-su, loosen the rope.
Just look ahead, walk with a strut...
piece of cake.
You see? It's easy.
I feel awful!
However much you try to breathe,
you can't because there's
a huge booger in your nose.
That's right.
And the more you try to pick it out,
the further it gets pushed in.
That's right, what is it?
It's altitude sickness.
- That's it?
- Yeah.
Damn, I'm going crazy. Do something!
There,'s hard being sick
away from home?
Ah, Myung-ae.
Put your gloves on. You'll get frostbite.
What, do you feel weird because I'm a woman?
It's not that, your hands smell.
Put your gloves on.
You want to sleep outside?
Rub me with your gloves on.
Seeing him, I guess this really is my calling.
I've never once got altitude sickness.
Lucky you.
Our brains are 2% of our weight,
but they use 15% of our oxygen.
But you don't need oxygen.
Why not?
You never use your brain.
Gimme a break!
Will you two stop it? I'm sick!
Stop fussing.
Now, just concentrate on my body.
It's okay to fantasize.
Marilyn Monroe is here,
Marilyn Monroe is here...
But I can still smell something.
It's not a fart smell, what is it?
It's a fart smell.
Man, did you shit yourself?
"CAMP 4, 7650m"
The weather is too bad.
We'll have to stay here another night,
and try to reach the peak tomorrow.
I'll contact you again tomorrow.
All right.
What are you doing?
Writing your will?
Don't jinx me.
Do I look so weak?
"Help me! Is anyone there?"
Oh, Captain!
Hey, you were the first one to cry,
but also the first one to pull himself back up.
- I give you credit for that.
- Really?
Trying to make me feel better?
But Captain.
Watching you, it seems you're
always just running ahead.
It's great to be the first in Asia
to climb 14 peaks,
but don't just look ahead, try to enjoy it.
You shouldn't lose the passion of an amateur.
Humans are naturally cunning,
so when everyone praises you,
you start mistaking your own shit
for chocolate, and...
You wanna die?
I must have altitude sickness.
Hurry up and sleep.
Need to sleep to move forward.
- Put the jacket on my feet.
- Yes!
Captain, I should have said this sooner.
I'm so thankful you took me on this expedition.
Actually, I was going to give up
if I didn't make it this time.
I'm freezing and hungry,
but I'm so happy right now.
Awesome weather.
Seriously, is there anyone
who can sleep in this weather?
There is.
The weather's just too bad.
Don't be stubborn, pull back to Camp 3 for now.
All right.
Damn weather.
Jung-bok, how's your condition?
I'm fine!
I'll lead you up to the peak.
Get him out of here.
- Myung-ae!
Take this punk back to Camp 3.
- Bae-su, Mootaek.
- Y es'?
You two are on emergency standby at Camp 4.
What about the peak?
I'll take two Sherpas and try a lone climb.
- Dorze!
- Yes?
Dawa okay?
Captain, it's too dangerous alone.
I'll come with you.
You see his condition? Take him down, quick.
That's an order.
Be careful!
Hey, stop!
What the hell are you doing?
Mootaek, go down!
Damn, are you crazy?
I just felt too worried sending you off alone.
Cut the crap and go back down.
That's an order!
I worked like a dog to make it up here.
I don't know the way down.
What if I have an accident,
will you be responsible?
You damned punk!
Chew me out later, for now let's go up.
Let's go!
I'll go first.
Couldn't you rest a bit?
Never should've brought that fool.
God, I'm tired.
Let's go!
Falling ice!
Falling ice!
PARK Mootaek!
Wake up!
PARK Mootaek, wake up!
Secure yourself!
Everything's okay!
Nice work, Mootaek!
Dawa, Dawa!
Okay.. I'm okay..
His responses are sluggish.
Base camp! Base camp!
Two injured Sherpaare on their way down.
And Mootaek and I will attempt the summit.
Hey, no way! Go down now!
A 30km/hr snowstorm will blow all night.
How can you go up with no Sherpa
in this weather?
Mootaek, you convince him to descend!
Like he'd listen to me.
We're almost there now. It's not far.
Hey. Captain!
I need to conserve the battery!
I'm shutting it off.
Hey. Captain!
Shut yours off too.
I've got plenty of battery left.
Still, I'd better conserve it.
But Captain.
I'm not saying I won't do it,
but shouldn't you at least ask me,
if I'll go up or not?
- You don't know the way down.
- Right.
Then you better go up, punk.
Right, Mootaek has no reverse gear.
Look out for falling rocks and ice.
They should have reached it by now.
Are they stuck somewhere, too tired to move?
The sun will be down soon.
- Mootaek!
- Yes?
Prepare to bivouac.
Prepare to bivouac!
Hong-gil, where are you?
Answer me, please!
Shouldn't we send a rescue team?
I'll go myself!
You want to die in that storm?
Oh, it's cold...
Don't fall asleep.
If you do, you'll die. Concentrate!
- You too, Captain.
- Okay.
To stay awake, think of some food you crave.
What do you want to eat most?
You jerk!
More than anything,
I want a chicken stew,
with rice cakes and giblets.
I ate it in Seoul for the first time.
I want that so much!
Damn, it's cold.
It's me. Listen...
Captain UM has gone missing.
Huh? What should we do?
Cancel the broadcast?
Don't be stupid, this is a big scoop!
Look, I'll dictate the headline for you.
"Captain UM takes an eternal sleep
in the Himalayas."
"Eternal sleep," that's right.
You bastard!
Who's sleeping!
I'm...wishing my mother good night.
I'll make you sleep for eternity, asshole!
Help me!
Don't sleep.
Ah, right.
Can I call you brother, just once?
Of course.
What is it?
Will we be able to see the 2002 World Cup?
Of course. Hey Mootaek.
If we make it back, promise me one thing.
What's that?
Don't let that girl go.
Who? Su-young?
Who do you miss most at this moment?
Her, of course.
Then it's settled.
That's the next mountain you should climb.
Yes, Brother.
- Promise me one thing, too.
- What?
Take me with you to K2.
I want to leave a footnote on
one page of climbing history.
Mootaek, I haven't told anybody yet.
But I'm not stopping at K2.
Then what?
Yalung Khan, Lhotse Shar. Those, too.
The top 16 peaks...
Would that be a world first?
A bad son and a bad father.
That's what I've been.
Before dying, I'll do something
my kids can be proud of.
So we need to live.
We need to make it down.
Of course we will.
We made it!
We made it...we did!
God of the Himalayas, thank you...
Thank you.
Hey, Mootaek! Mootaek!
Captain...are we really still alive?
That's right, punk!
So, do we go up, or go down?
We're 100m from the peak. What is it?
Captain, don't ask me that.
Just give the order! Like a Captain.
Good. PARK Mootaek!
Yes, Captain?
Let's ascend!
Yes, Captain!
Damn, I'm gonna die.
- Hey, Mootaek!
- Yes?
This doesn't look right.
We climbed the wrong peak.
And I wanted to just go down!
There are only a few peaks,
and you mixed them up?
What are we gonna do now?
I can't believe you!
I don't think we can retrieve the bodies.
Base Camp, Base Camp!
This is the summit team.
There's nowhere left to climb.
The summit!
Thank God!
Great job, Mootaek.
I love you, brother!
Smile for the camera.
One, two, three!
Hold onto it tight!
Grab it this time, you jerk!
"2000, K2 8611m First Asian to climb 14 peaks"
Wave to us!
Here we're
8021m above sea level!
Shishapangma Summit!
"2001, SHISHAPANGMA 8021 m"
Can you see, Su-young?
"2002, EVEREST 8848M"
"2004, DAEGU"
Let's go...
Stay together.
The Himalayan peaks have
1/3 as much oxygen as usual.
So this is how it'll be up there.
- Are you exhausted?
- No!
I'm going to conquer the Himalayan peaks!
Scurrying up then rushing back down.
- Is that conquering?
- No way...
We just spend time on the peak
with the mountain's permission.
- Got it?
- Understood!
Use your legs, Jae-hun.
I said use your legs!
Yes, sir!
Hey, you're starting to resemble someone.
Who could it be?
Well, um...
Use your legs!
People compare life
to the climbing of a mountain.
After climbing so many,
if you've gained any insight,
can you share it with us?
- Insight?
- Yes.
While climbing, you think
you'll discover something great.
From 7000 meters,
it seems like you'll learn
how to live your life.
If you go up to 8000m,
it seems like you'll discover
the meaning of life.
But up there, you'll never
discover such things.
The only thing you can feel
up there is yourself.
When you're so exhausted and desperate,
the real you emerges.
All the masks you've been using fall away.
Most people never get to know
their own unmasked face.
Good bye.
The leg we screwed together
after that fall six years ago
is 5 cm shorter.
From now on,
you'll have to walk
on the front part of your foot.
You'll need to wear special shoes.
Captain, you'll have to give up the mountains.
At least eat something.
If you keep pushing it,
you could hurt your spine
and end up in a wheelchair.
Does that happen so easily?
They don't know for sure.
What more do you have to do?
It's time to let go.
You've climbed to your heart's content.
A mountaineer belongs on a mountain!
Your role as father and husband.
Think of that as a mountain to climb.
How long must we wait?
Look at the kids growing!
Before this precious time passes,
let's go to the zoo.
Let's go to the amusement park.
That should take care of the documents.
You can start lecturing next month.
- You'll give Captain an office?
- Of course.
You're an adjunct for now,
but a full professor next year.
An endowed professorship.
That smells good.
Why does everyone look so depressed?
We're here to send a successful mountaineer
on a new journey!
Hey, it's your time now.
If I were you, I'd be dancing.
Come have a drink.
Mootaek, Jung-bok, come here.
Let's drink.
Tastes good. Nice wind, too.
So you're going to Everest
with your schoolmates?
They want me to be Captain. I'm nervous.
How many peaks did you climb,
dealing with my temper?
Who in Korea is more qualified than you?
It's heaven and earth.
Brother, don't you regret
giving up the 16 peaks?
I've done enough, and with my leg...
I'll be your leg.
Push from behind, pull from the front.
Or I'll carry you, if necessary.
You promised me. First in the world, together!
I know, I'm really sorry
for not keeping my promise.
But I'm exhausted. It's time for me
to come down.
I really loved following behind you.
The thought of going alone...
He came with me up those 14 peaks.
Think of him as me.
Why are you giving this to me?
You need to take this up the 16 peaks.
It's your time now.
Okay, all right.
Then I'll borrow it this once.
In return,
give it some more thought.
Have a good trip. Let's talk when you get back.
Oh, my.
PARK Moo-taek!
Your head, shoulders, knees,
and feet, whose are they?
Right, mine.
How can you take them all?
I'll use them well, and return them.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Excuse me, what movie are you shooting?
Cut, out!
See ya.
I'll be back soon!
Mootaek, that wind is really strong.
Go to sleep.
Need to sleep to move forward.
- Hello.
- Can I take a photo?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hello, this is such an honor. Can I?
Three members of the expedition are missing.
A trip for Daemyung University's
50th anniversary,
team leader PARK Mootaek,
PARK Jung-bok and JEONG Jae-hun
were hit by a sudden storm
during their descent from Everest's peak.
It's been 25 hours
since their last communication.
Captain, there's no body at the funeral.
I wish you hadn't retired.
If so, then Mootaek...
wouldn't have been Captain of another team.
Who's he to be Captain?
I'm the only one who survived.
I can't call myself a mountaineer.
I'm not shit...Dammit!
I'm sorry, Mootaek!
You bastard!
Hey. Mu-young!
How could you?
I was scared.
Who would go out in that weather?
You bastard!
Hey, let go. Let's talk this out.
Captain, this is Mootaek.
A few days later I climbed towards them.
I could see him there...
From far off...
Hey, Jae-hun! Stay alert, and follow me!
Got it.
Jae-hun, are you okay?
Is there a hold near you? Can you reach it?
I don't think so.
We'll both die this way.
Mootaek, cut the rope.
Punk, getting all scared.
Why's that bag so heavy?
Jae-hun, I'll swing you, so try to grab on.
That's it!
Climb up!
Mootaek, do you hear me? Where are you?
Near the Second Step.
The thing is, I can't see very well.
My goggles fell off.
I've got snow blindness.
Snow blindness?
Can you grab on to Jae-hun and come down?
He's almost exhausted...
I'll think of something.
Hey, Jae-hun.
You go down first.
What are you talking about?
I won't leave you here.
This cliff is hard even for a rested person.
You can barely move your body,
how will you support someone who can't see?
I'll carry you if I have to.
That's an order.
Jerk, are you gonna disobey your Captain?
Hey, Jae-hun.
That's an order.
You must live.
Yes, Captain.
Please wait until the rescue team arrives.
Where's the rescue team?
It's been 4 hours, it's dark now!
I'll go myself, find Jae-hun,
and bring Mootaek back.
Don't think of it!
If you act rashly, we'll have another accident!
Then what do I do?
Send the rescue team, quick!
Mootaek's going to die!
I've evacuated the crew from from Camp 3.
Sending a rescue squad in this weather is
like committing suicide.
What kind of rescue team
would go out in this weather?
You know that he'll die spending
the night out there.
I'm not on my own here.
What about my team? I'm their captain.
Do I leave them here and risk my life?
Or do I order them to risk their lives?
You bastard!
Saving someone comes first!
Honestly, it was hard getting this chance.
If I fail this time, I might never come back.
I'm really sorry.
Without people,
the mountain has no meaning.
The rescue team can't come.
Don't be stubborn. Why don't you come down?
No, I'm going up-
It's night, and you're going
to Second Step alone?
Think of it the other way around.
If we were up there instead,
Mootaek would definitely come up for us.
It's minus 30 degrees out there.
Even if you find him,
there's nothing you can do!
If you think about it too much,
you can't climb.
I'll come right back.
Hey, there's still hope, why are you crying?
Sing a song instead.
I'm sorry.
Don't do it!
Don't go up, Jung-bok!
Listen to what I tell you!
This is the Korean team!
We have a member stuck in Second Step.
And another member is missing.
If there is anybody nearby,
please send a rescue team!
Please help us! Please!
No, not at this hour.
With this wind, impossible.
It's too dangerous now.
We have a member stuck in Second Step.
He's still alive.
He's still alive! He's still alive...
Please help...Please help us...
You assholes! I know you can hear me!
A man's about to die! Do something!
This is the Korean team.
We have a member stuck in Second Step.
And another member is missing. Please help us..
Wow, that's amazing.
Korea has such a long history of climbing.
Who do you think was the greatest climber?
Was it yourself, perhaps?
Not long ago,
while descending from the peak of Everest,
climbers PARK Mootaek and JEONG Jae-hun
had an accident.
It was in the Death Zone, at 8750m.
The sun had already fallen,
and scared of the thin air and hostile weather,
nobody else went out to save them.
Because it would've been suicide.
But at that time,
one person set out after them.
That was climber PARK Jung-bok.
In the minus 40 degree pitch black night,
he climbed with unbelievable strength
through the night
past Everest's most difficult stretch at 8600m.
At 6 AM the next day, he...
...he finally met PARK Mootaek.
And to keep him from dying alone,
he stayed with him until the end.
Then he too met the same fate as Mootaek.
Even if no one remembers it,
I believe PARK Jung-bok's climb that night
was the loneliest,
but greatest climb in
Korea's history of mountaineering.
I never thought about that.
Am I sad to come down, after trudging up?
You need to go down,
you're not going to live there!
Why are you asking me such hard questions?
Cut, out!
You need to come down.
I have a family and a home.
- Can I say something?
- Sure.
If you have a message for someone...
Yes, time to come down.
You need to come home.
See your parents, and Su-young...
That's impossible.
It's dangerous enough going up on your own.
But to carry a body?
Throughout the Himalayas
you can see lost climbers.
Some hanging, some buried,
some splayed out in the open.
- Dong-gyu!
- Hear me out!
That is our fate!
What fate?
You know that, a climber's fate!
That's our destiny.
PARK Mootaek, JEONG Jae-hun, PARK Jung-bok.
They became a part of the mountain.
That's the end!
It ends at 8750m.
Leave them there.
Why send someone up
where you can't even breathe?
Then I'll go myself.
I need to get him. He needs to come down.
What's gotten into you?
He needs to come down,
is he going to live there?
When I think of those two,
I want to set off at once.
But I just got a job,
Hey, Bae-su...
So you're engaged?
Yes, I am.
Hey, congratulations.
Just focus on the wedding.
It's okay, have a drink.
I'm sorry.
You throw them the food, and they eat it.
Actually it's not easy here.
But I can handle it. And the air is nice.
Lots of time to think.
To be honest, I'm scared.
Since that day.
Once climbers lose their nerve, it's over.
I haven't climbed for ages.
What help would I be?
I'd just slow you down, Captain.
I know how hard you tried that day.
So don't ever feel guilty about it, okay?
See you.
Bye. Go ahead, driver!
It's okay, I understand.
I thought I should ask you for courtesy's sake.
I just came to let you know.
I'm really sorry.
If there's any way I can help, call me.
Take care of yourself.
There were times when I hated Mootaek.
I wanted to go to the summit too.
But you always chose Mootaek.
Each time I reproached myself.
Is it because I'm a woman?
Am I not good enough?
Myung-ae, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you felt that way.
I always appreciated your dedication...
Mootaek did too.
Myung-ae, to me you're always the best.
If you felt that way, it's my fault.
Forgive me.
Climbers always come in groups,
why are you alone?
I know...why so quiet on a rainy day?
Young people won't come to a place like this.
You can't escape from me.
I'll raise the funding somehow.
You assemble a team.
Thank you.
Ma'am, another shot glass please!
And three more!
Where are you off to without us?
Captain, a woman never says yes
the first time, okay?
A woman? Who, you?
You've got a death wish, I see!
Wow, all the original members are here.
Except Mootaek and Jung-bok...
That asshole?
What the hell are you doing here?
Chul-go, come here.
It's okay, sit down.
I called him.
Chul-go was the first to agree to go.
Have a seat.
I'd have done the same thing in his situation.
If we can't understand
a fellow mountaineer, who will?
Thank you so much.
Let's go. We'll find Mootaek,
Jung-bok, and Jae-hun
and bring them home!
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
On this expedition, our goal is not the summit.
So we won't receive any glory or reward.
The search area is at 8700m, higher than K2.
In the thin air and bitter cold,
food and oxygen tanks must be
hauled up repeatedly
to a camp located at 8300m.
The time we spend will be more difficult
and painful than ever.
But we can't afford to rest.
Because the monsoon will be starting soon.
If we can't find Mootaek, Jung-bok
and Jae-hun by then,
blizzards will erase any trace of them.
We need to summon our utmost determination.
We are attempting something that
has never been done before.
Let's not be afraid.
In climbing, we begin at our endpoint.
Where we go, a new path appears,
and a different route.
We ascend together, and descend together.
From today, we are united
as the Human Expedition.
Captain! Captain!
Captain! Captain!
Over here.
Dig quickly! Dig!
two, three...
One, two, three...
Captain, are you okay?
I'm okay...I'm okay.
"CAMP 3, DAY 31"
Base Camp! Base Camp!
We arrived at Camp 3,
but the weather is terrible.
We'll pitch the tents and call you back.
Min-gang, get UP!
Stand up, get a grip on yourself!
Min-gang, drink hot water
and you'll feel better.
Is your leg okay?
Yeah, it's fine. What is it?
A few members have altitude sickness.
And the weather won't be improving soon.
How about retreating
to the base camp and resting?
You jerk!
It's almost the anniversary of their death!
We need to find them before then!
none of us have enough experience at 8000m.
Something awful could happen.
Send away the ones who can't handle it!
Do you only care about Mootaek?
God damn you!
These people all left their jobs
and families for no reward!
I'm sorry. Get some rest.
Yes, Captain?
Let's go down. Break camp.
Thanks, Hong-gil.
Bae-su, who's that?
Down there.
What are you doing here?
I guess his life wasn't a total waste.
So many people came all this way to get him.
Look, you!
Strong men pass out here
from altitude sickness.
I know.
But with everyone making such an effort,
how can I just stand by?
You want to get hurt too?
Go back now.
You know how hard it was to get here?
And I don't know the way back.
That's enough, it's hard speaking in this air.
- Come on.
- Oh my.
They say spouses resemble each other.
What do we do about her?
I know about today and tomorrow!
But what's the forecast for the days after?
Oh, really? What's with this weather?
Okay, I understand. Yes, thank you.
It's supposed to snow for the next week.
Let's go UP-
If we wait any longer, we won't make it.
Captain, the routes we made are buried.
Clearing the snow will take
several times as much effort.
Plus, another avalanche can happen
at any moment.
But we already figured there
would be some risk.
Why don't you wait down here?
I'll take the team and go up.
Hey, I can make it!
Just listen to me!
There's a limit to what your leg can do.
And you keep using that painkiller.
You could end up crippled!
Mootaek will be my leg.
I really believe it. They will watch over us.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. No, no...
We arrived at Camp 2.
But the tents have fallen,
so we're fixing them, OK?
Yes, I understand.
Captain, the monsoon started early.
It's not going to end in a couple days.
This could put everyone in danger,
so let's try another time, okay?
"CAMP 4, DAY 57"
how long have we been here?
It's been four days.
How are we on food?
We ran out yesterday.
Listen, everyone.
The monsoon is coming.
We only have 2 or 3 days.
Those who want to go down can go.
You've done more than enough.
I'm so grateful to you just for coming here.
Then what about you, Captain?
He's going up on his own. We all know that.
Then I'm going up too.
I abandoned the colt I raised.
I quit a decent job.
I've nowhere to go!
I've got a debt to Mootaek, too.
Need to pay it back.
You go, we go. Let's go together.
Why all this chatter?
We start climbing early, let's sleep!
It's a late night for
the Human Expedition, who came
far from home to work day and night.
Let's all get a good night sleep
and be good climbers.
Our final song tonight is
a request from Mr. UM Hong-gil.
"Don't look at me"
"with such sad eyes."
"Those days have passed"
"but we won't forget."
"When it snows like today"
"we'll think of our colleagues beyond the tent."
"Don't look at me"
"with such sad eyes."
"Those days have passed"
"but we won't forget."
"But we won't forget..."
"FIRST STEP, 8500m"
I'll take two Sherpa and look for Mootaek
on the Second Step.
Hong-gil, I know Mootaek's location
better than anyone.
Let me go up.
You look for Jung-bok and Jae-hun here.
Okay, then. Be careful.
Jung-bok is dressed in red,
and Jae-hun in yellow.
No trace of them yet.
We'll keep searching, over.
Mootaek! Mootaek!
PARK Mootaek!
That's right.
Too late for me.
Look for Jae-hun.
Quiet, you. Come on, get up.
Base. ..Mu-young.
I found Mootaek.
But he's got frostbite pretty bad.
Don't think we can save him.
Jung-bok, go down yourself.
Wow, the view here is incredible.
Go ahead.
Tell Hong-gil...
Sorry for not returning his ice pick.
Hong-gil...what about those 16 peaks?
Hong-gil...l miss you.
Tell Su-young that I...
...loved her to death.
Tell her.
Please live!
Mootaek! Mootaek!
PARK Moo-taek! Come on!
Hong-gill Hong-gill
Get up. Get UP!
Mootaek...I'm so tired. I'll rest a bit.
What are you doing?
I'm so exhausted...
You'll die if you sleep. You'll die!
Get up.
Captain! Captain!
Hong-gil, are you okay?
Captain, I found Mootaek!
I found him!
What's he doing here?
Why is he lying here?
Why is he...why?
Why are you lying here?
He's frozen solid...he's frozen solid!
Mootaek. ..Mootaek...
I'm sorry, Mootaek.
Sorry I'm so late.
We met Mootaek.
He's doing well.
I couldn't find Jung-bok and Jae-hun.
I'm sorry.
Go, go. Keep the line taut.
Keep the line taut.
Secure yourselves first.
Secure yourselves!
Grab on!
They're falling!
Grab the rope!
Hold onto the rope.
What's it like up there?
We can't see ahead of's a whiteout.
It's taking us too long to descend.
Mootaek is much heavier than we estimated,
so people keep getting injured.
I think Mootaek wants to stay on the mountain.
You should see his face.
He was looking at your photo when he died.
I think he'd want to stay
with Jung-bok and Jae-hun.
So don't put yourselves in more danger.
Just leave him there.
I beg you.
We can't take him any farther.
I'm sorry, Su-young.
I was too selfish.
Of course I love Mootaek, Jung-bok and Jae-hun.
But you...
who have come so far with me,
I love you so much.
I'm so grateful and proud of you.
We'll find a place with lots of sunlight,
build a stone grave,
and bury Mootaek there.
Thank you.
Be careful coming down. Thank you.
Thank you.
"Memorial site, 5500m"
"PARK Jung-bok, PARK Mootaek, JEONG Jae-hun"
Su-young, here...
Right now, I really miss your warm embrace.
But if you're reading this,
I'll never experience it again.
I was never good at saying it, but I love you.
Some might say my life was insignificant,
but having you made me complete.
My best moments were not
on the mountain, but with you.
And you were the only reason I came down.
many years later, let's meet again.
I love you.
"April 13, 2007, LHOTSE SHAR
First to climb 16 highest peaks"
I finally climbed the 16th peak.
Not for glory or the world record,
but to keep my promise to Mootaek.
Jung-bok and Jae-hun became my heart and lungs,
and Mootaek became my legs.