The Hive (2023) Movie Script

My family doesn't need me.
We can run away together,
you and I.
My family doesn't need me.
We can run away together,
you and I.
I can give you the moon
and all the stars, baby.
Sounds like a promise
he won't keep.
Hey, Pen.
I can see that you're ready.
I am.
And what?
Do you like how I look?
You look great.
You look great.
I'm almost finished
with the second act.
I'm really close.
Can we just be a little late?
No, we cant just
be a little late.
You know what?
Just do what you want.
I don't even care.
Can you at least turn
that music down?
I told you I was almost ready.
And, we're still in
time for the show.
You see?
There's no need to get
your panties all in a bunch.
Albie, were supposed to
actually get out and do
something fun tonight.
That's what you promised
Doing this is fun, isnt it?
I didn't drop the
kids off for this.
Can we get going?
I know you don't
want to be late.
Dont worry,
There's more where
that came from later.
Can't wait.
Let's go.
Cant we change that light
out with a more dim light?
Its so ugly.
I don't know.
Arent men supposed
to do these things?
Are you a man, Albie?
You know I'm a man.
Im the man.
How long you think hes had
those paint swatches up
on his house?
I don't know.
Does it really matter?
Just wondering if
he's ever going to
paint the damn thing.
Well, I don't know if you
realize, but we actually
have a lot of paintwork to
do on our own house, so.
Well, we just moved in.
You'd think he'd try to
do a little bit better.
Well, we can't all write
award winning films
like you Al.
It's a shame.
Hey, you two.
Hey, Mark.
How are you enjoying
your new home?
-Yeah, its,
-Oh, yeah,
We, We love it.
It's great.
We were just discussing
how pleasant it is to
have you as our neighbor.
So nice to have you
as my new neighbors.
Oh, well, we just love
being your neighbors.
Ever since Mary passed.
Well, it's just nice to
have life next door.
It's just nice
to be alive.
Well, we don't want to
be late for the opera
We'll see you soon.
Bye, bye.
Do you think he heard
what you said?
I don't know.
Hes such a freaking weirdo.
He's still waving
Longest party line ever,
or what?
I was on the phone with my
mom for your information.
Oh, yeah?
And what makes you
so happy about that?
She said we can just pick
the kids up in the morning,
if we want.
Slap me.
I must be dreaming.
You are not.
That means...
no little brats
climbing into our bed in
the middle of the night?
Little brats that you love.
What can we possibly do
with the house all alone
to ourselves for the rest
of the night?
Well, I was thinking
maybe we could have
a couple drinks and
then you could finish
what you started in
the dining room earlier.
Who are you and what have
you done with my wife?
I can just call my mom
and tell her--
No, no, no, no, no.
I like the other idea better.
Well, let's go.
Giddy up, cowboy.
I'm gettin.
I'm gettin.
And you better make it good.
You know I will.
Good old Hollywood...
I love spending my days
staring at brake lights.
Livin the dream.
Well hey...
At least youre looking
at the bright side.
Oh, really?
Couldnt detect the hint
of sarcasm there?
No, like you're actually
looking at the bright side.
Brake lights,
bright side...
Thank you.
Ill be here all week.
It was three years ago.
Are you writing out loud again?
The award you were
talking about earlier.
There hasn't really been
anything successful since.
Who knows what's gonna
happen with the agency
if this one doesn't land...
We might as well just
pack up and move
back to Idaho now.
And what?
Take over your dad's
garage when he retires?
Yeah, with all of my
mechanic skills.
Youre gonna be just fine.
Besides, you can't give up.
We still have to fulfill
our dream of you
writing and me starring in an
Oscar winning film together.
Thats still the dream, huh?
Why not?
I'm not gonna be a stay-
at-home mom forever.
Don't worry.
I know you.
Some weird little thing is
gonna happen to you tonight,
and then you're gonna
to get this big idea
and its gonna be like
the best thing ever
in your script.
Well, Im waiting with
open arms for that
weird little thing.
What are you thinking about?
Do you think we should just--
Holy shit!
Oh my God!
Pull over!
Okay, I am.
I don't think you have
it on all the way again.
I got it, okay?
Here, just let me help.
I said I got it, okay?
Why are you always
hovering over me?
Because I've been standing
here for an hour watching
you try to do something
that anyone can do
in 20 minutes.
You know everything?
You do it, then.
You gotta be kidding me.
We were here earlier.
I know.
I feel like weve been
here for the past year.
That's what tonight was
supposed to fix though,
No, I mean, me and the kids.
We came here earlier.
They wanted to play
after Emmas recital.
Her ballet recital was tonight.
It was.
I don't know how I keep
letting this happen.
If youd answered the
phone after the three
times I called you,
I could have reminded you.
I wanna do better
for us.
You should have seen her.
She was so...
I should have.
I'm sorry.
We can't catch a break, can we?
What were you
gonna say earlier?
Right before the tire popped,
you were gonna say something.
Doesn't matter.
We should get going, though.
Yeah, you're right.
I don't suppose you're
still in the mood?
For a bath and bed...
hell yeah, I am.
Can I...
at least help you
with your bath?
Maybe next time.
Can I help you folks?
You folks sure look like
you could use some help.
Uh no. Can we help you?
You're in our house.
Yeah, what the hell
are you doing?
Get out!
Yes, Hunny?
Uh Hunny, these folks seem
like they could use our help,
and they seem a bit confused.
No, we're not confused.
You're in our house and
we want you out now!
Hold on now.
Hold on now.
I'm sure we can get
all of this settled.
You just need to
calm down a bit.
Now, why don't you come in
-and we can
-Are you okay?
talk about this?
Yeah, come on in.
Just a bit too much to
-drink tonight.
-Can we get
you a glass of water
or something?
No! We don't need your help!
We need you out of
our house right now!
Or else you and I are gonna
have major problems!
Albie, hold on a minute.
Hunny, you think maybe
we should call this in?
Listen, partner.
I'm sure we can settle this.
You just need to help us.
Why don't you come in
and we can talk about it?
I'm not your partner,
I really do think it's
time to call this in.
What is going on out here?
There's people in our house.
That's it.
I'm calling the cops.
Be my guest partner,
if it makes you feel better.
There are people in our house
and they won't leave.
No, not really.
Nothing physical.
2210 Lincoln.
How about you just send
a unit down here?!
Okay! Okay!
Just hurry!
No, everything's under control.
Yes, you will!
We need these people
out of our house and--
What happened?
What did they say?
I don't know what's going on,
but if you think you can just--
Dont move.
Both of you.
I can't have you
assaulting me again.
I don't think
your cops are coming tonight.
So why don't you come in
and we can work this
whole thing out?
Albie, please.
Don't do anything stupid.
Id listen to her.
She's making a lot of sense.
What the hell do
you people want?
We just want to work this out.
You won't get away with this.
what the hell was that?
I don't know.
I've never had a gun
pointed at me before.
You okay?
I am.
What the hell was up with Mark?
That asshole acted like
he'd never seen me before.
That was so weird.
Maybe he heard you
talking about him earlier.
He got that butthurt over that?
I'm just gonna call again.
Maybe I'll get someone else.
I doubt it.
Look what happened earlier.
I'm gonna try.
Earlier, there were people
in our house and I think
they're still there.
We just want to--
2210 East Linc--
I can hear you!
Okay, look,
let's just try to calm down
we can figure something out,
How can I?!
Just try!
Im trying.
Seriously, though,
what are we gonna do?
Okay, look.
There's at least one neighbor
that we know we can rely on.
Oh no.
One neighbor you can rely on.
It's like 11 oclock.
She's not even gonna
want us there anyway.
She said herself.
Come over and hang out
whenever you want,
now that we live in the
same neighborhood.
I'm positive
that invite wasn't for me.
Okay, well,
I think she's gonna
understand, given the
current circumstance.
Albie, come on.
I don't... Its late.
I don't want to be out
here like this right now.
But one stupid comment from
her and I'm out of there.
Just see how it goes.
Thanks so much.
The witch is still accepting
victims at this hour?
Would you stop it?
She's coming to the
door right now.
Don't screw this up.
You cant tell me that
its not weird that
shes up right now,
let alone coming to the door.
Come on.
Okay, maybe just a little.
did you finally remember
that we're neighbors?
Come on in.
We've only been here
two weeks, Kimmy.
Two weeks is too long for
not visiting your sister.
it is very nice to see you.
It's nice to see you, too.
We were just saying how
surprised we are that...
surprised and thankful we
are that you were up
and so gracious to...
let us in.
I suppose I like to stay up
a little later these days.
Well, tell me all about
your problem.
I love a good drama.
I'll get the drinks.
Thanks Kimmy.
You're the best.
Don't mention it.
So, rather than watching
Albie get shot in the head,
I thought it best that we
get out of the situation
as quickly as possible.
And long story short,
I thought
we could come here,
figure it out,
and maybe, uh...
maybe stay the night.
And, what do you intend
to do after that?
Well, I thought we could go
to the city in the morning
and maybe talk to someone
who isnt in on whatever
the hell is going on over there.
Go to the city, you say?
So what do you say?
Can we stay?
I think...
Come on, Kimmy.
It's just for one night.
I don't say it out of meanness.
I say it in order to
help you both.
Well, if you really wanted to
help us, you'd let us stay.
Think about it.
What could these people possibly
want with your house?
They'd have to know that youd
come back with evidence
of owning the property,
and that they'd end up in jail.
It's obvious.
They don't want your house.
They want
something inside of it.
They take it and then,
Theyre gone to Mexico.
Can you think of anything
they might be after?
Something valuable?
I don't know.
Maybe a few pieces of jewelry.
Are you sure?
Yeah, pretty sure.
Well, either way, I think you
should go back and find out.
There's only one way to
beat a crooked cop,
and that's with evidence.
And how are we supposed
to get evidence?
Hideaway somewhere
and video them.
We shouldnt go back
over there tonight.
It'll just result in another
dangerous confrontation.
If they end up finding you,
just play the desperate card.
Tell them that you'll give them
whatever it is that they want.
Just be sure you're
recording the conversation.
Then all the power's yours.
I, I like it.
I dont know.
Youll have to be
very convincing.
Use those amazing
acting skills of yours.
Afterwards, you'll have
everything you need
to press heavy charges.
Im in.
Let's go Penny.
Otherwise, who knows what
they're getting away with
over there.
She's right.
It may already be too late
Pen, come on. Lets go.
No communication
or even coming into
contact with them
until we have evidence
of them stealing.
All right, let's go.
Let me know how it goes.
You know, I dont care
what they say about you.
I've always known you
have a great head on
your shoulders.
play the desperate card.
What do you suppose
has gotten into her?
I don't know.
Maybe shes been lonely
since the divorce.
Maybe you're right.
Good call on going to her house.
I think it was a good chance
to clear our heads and
make a strong decision.
whats the plan?
What's the plan?
Why are you asking me?
Youre so eager, you tell
me what the plan is.
So, you said we should make
sure to stay out of sight
until we get evidence of
them stealing, right?
So, then,
we'll need to sneak up on them.
We're saved.
You're not helping.
Okay, please continue.
So, the solution is simple.
We go through the backyard
and then straight
in the back door.
It'll for sure work.
Well totally be able to sneak
up on those assholes.
It's perfect, right?
I don't like it.
You want us to go inside
the house, while those
weirdos are in there?
Cant we just wait outside,
catch them while they're
walking out with whatever
it is they're gonna take?
No, we can't wait outside.
We need to get close.
Take action.
It's our house, our stuff.
It's impossible to try to
get through to you.
None of that matters
if you're shot dead.
He's a cop.
You really think he'll shoot us?
I don't think so.
You know what happens
to cops in prison?
Excuse me for not
being convinced
that a criminal cop
won't shoot us.
You really don't wanna go back?
Not right now, I dont.
Do you realize what's most
likely happening to our
home and everything
in it right now?
I do, but the f...
The fight isn't worth
what might happen.
You don't even care.
It wasn't you who bought
the house and everything in it.
You know what?
When we get there, just
do whatever you want.
I won't be a part of it.
You can go to jail
for all I care.
This isn't helping at all,
right now.
No, it's not.
Hows this?
We try my plan
and if...
and if for some reason
it doesn't work,
we can play the desperate
card like Kim suggested.
It'll be perfect.
What do you say?
But if at any moment I feel
like we need to leave,
we are leaving.
No questions asked.
It's gonna work.
Lets just get it over with.
You ready?
I guess so.
Dont worry so much.
Well be fine.
If were gonna do this, lets go
Looks clear.
Let's go.
This way.
What are we doing back here?
Well go over the wall.
Theyll never see us
coming this way.
Who goes first?
This is your idea.
Youre going first.
Okay, but...
how can I help you over
if I go over first?
I can get over myself,
Okay, its settled.
I'll go over first.
Stop stalling.
Im not stalling.
What are you doing?
Helping you down.
Okay, Im just gonna
help you down.
You just had to have
these stupid chickens.
Dont blame the chickens.
Those stupid things.
Just gave us away.
Lets just keep going.
Come on.
Come on.
You get your fire pit
and I get my chicken coop.
Don't be mad at me
cause your projects
still just a pile of old bricks.
You try digging out a fire pit
on top of working
ten hour days.
You try building a chicken coop
with two small children
hanging on you all day.
The coast is clear.
Let's move.
Wait here.
Wait here.
Albie, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Why do you have that?
Just in case.
She was right.
Time to catch them
in the middle of it.
Lets go.
Okay, yeah.
But you're not
taking that in there.
But its for--
leave it.
Its a--
Leave it!
Start recording.
It was the woman.
She didnt see me.
I think theyre in the bedroom.
Theyre probably going
for the jewelry.
Im still recording.
Now is as good a
time as any, right?
Whats that?
I dont know.
Maybe theyre breaking
into your safe.
Hey, partner.
You look like
you could use a drink.
Don't struggle.
You won't break free.
Any attempt to do
so will be futile.
You can continue to scream.
No one can hear you down here.
And it's highly unlikely
anyone in close proximity
will be willing to assist you.
Please, let me go.
Well give you
whatever you want.
You can have your freedom
as soon as we find
what we're looking for.
Now, does the male
have the only access
to the collective intelligence?
Just ask for whatever it is you
want and just leave us alone.
Answer the question
and you'll be set free.
The question?
I don't know what
the question is.
The collective intelligence.
I dont know what
youre talking about.
Come now.
You're not the first laborers
we've intercepted.
What is the primary method
for communicating directives
within the Central
Intelligence Network?
You have the wrong people.
Were not spies.
Do not attempt to deceive us.
We will not be easily misled.
I swear you have
the wrong people.
If you do not want to
cooperate, you will
suffer until you are
willing to do so.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Please stop.
When the pain subsides,
we can start again.
Please, stop.
The suffering will end,
if you tell me what
I want to know
I wanna help you.
There, now that's progress.
Is the access point
here in this room?
How is the
connection established?
I dont know.
Please stop.
I dont know what you want.
I cant help you.
We'll see.
You're looking pretty
messy there, partner.
Let me help you.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Youre gonna need to calm down,
before we can get
anywhere productive.
And a...
I'm sorry about the
blunt force earlier.
It's just you
so love to stand in the way
of what's best for you.
And we wanted to
put all that behind
us as fast as we could.
You really need
to calm yourself,
if we're going to proceed
with this inquiry.
Okay, then
Youre starting to calm now.
Let's begin.
Now we can begin.
you son-of-a-bitch.
I'll kill you.
If you're saying
what I think you're saying.
That's an interesting notion,
the position you're in.
Youre not gonna
get away with this.
I bet someone's looking
for you right now.
When they catch you,
I'm gonna be there
to watch you burn.
I don't believe you're going
to be around long enough
to watch much of anything.
And nobody's coming for us.
We don't even exist.
Now, let's begin,
Screw you!
Another interesting notion
and a surprising proposal
coming from you.
No, I don't think I will.
You should just kill me now.
Once I get out of this,
I'm seriously
gonna rip you apart.
Why would I want to kill you?
I haven't gotten any
information from you yet.
Youre not getting shit from me!
I believe I will
with a...
a little persuasion.
I want you to tell me
how you access the
collective intelligence.
This could all be so quick
and simple, and then I could let
you free.
Let's make a deal, you and I.
You tell me what I want to know,
and in return, I will grant you
whatever your heart desires.
I don't want
anything from you, asshole!
you're a failure.
Everything in your life
is a failure.
I could free you
from that failure.
You don't know me.
Your union with your wife
is in its last days.
Maybe I should offer her a deal.
I'm certain
I could please her in ways
that you never could.
And then we wouldn't
need you anymore.
Youd be discarded.
and she could live her life
with all the pleasures
of her heart.
I swear to God.
If you touch her at all,
I will fucking kill you!
I've failed to communicate
that you are in no position to
make demands or threats.
I need to work on my
communication skills.
You resort to aggression
so quickly,
aggression never seems
to go very far with you.
Hello there, friend.
I think you and I are
going to have a
much more productive time
than I had with your man.
very productive indeed.
Please don't.
Calm down.
Calm down.
You want this to be as
pleasurable as it can be,
dont you?
You don't want to go
back to the methods
my colleague was using, do you?
Were not who you think we are.
We just moved in.
You're probably mixing
us up with whoever
it was who lived here before us.
thats definitely not the case.
Well, how could you be sure?
I know
Because we're the ones who
were here before you.
We've been here
a very long time.
Please, just let me go.
We cant help you with
whatever it is you want.
I promise well just leave.
We cant be doing that, can we?
Tell me what you want
me to do to you.
What just?
You gonna try to kill me, too?
That depends.
Are you going to be cooperative?
You should have just
let him finish the job.
I'm aware you can
be very stubborn.
I can be very persuasive.
Good for you.
Are you going to be cooperative?
Are you and your
weird little friend
going to crawl into a hole
somewhere and die?
To answer your question,
I don't think we will.
Tell me, how do we access
the collective intelligence?
We can do whatever you want,
as long as you tell me
what I need to know.
I don't know what you want.
Maybe we can loosen up a bit
and then something
will come to you.
What are you doing?
Get off of me.
Get off of me!
Confirm for me.
Is the access point
here in this house?
The collective has not yet
achieved telepathic ability,
My wife, where's my wife?
Where's Penny?
There's no need to concern
yourself with her right now.
Besides, what she doesn't
know won't hurt her.
That is how the saying goes,
I can make you squeal,
so you might as well just tell
me what I need to know.
Will you just stop!
Just stop!
I haven't had children.
I know that's what you prefer.
No, thats not true.
Then what is true?
Hello down there.
I was hoping we could
have a talk, you and I.
Now, between you and me,
we both know that things
arent going that well for
Mr. Albie.
What do you mean?
he's been a little stressed out
about his status in his current
occupation, you know,
and if that status
were to continue
to drop in his position
the way it has been.
you all could lose your
standard of living.
No more nice things.
Jewelry, nice dresses,
no more.
we can help.
We can see to it that
you don't need
Albie's employment
to maintain your lifestyle.
We can see to it
that you can stand
on your own.
You can go back to that
entertainment work
you're so good at,
and we can see to it
that you are offered
all the most desirable
opportunities your
industry has to offer.
The nice things stay
and more to come.
And all you have
to do is help us.
Tell me,
where is your access point
to the collective intelligence?
Hi, Albie.
After some deliberation,
we've decided we
want to help you.
Help me?
We know that your recent
entertainment endeavors
have been less than successful.
We also know that
it is not your skills
or expertise that are
holding you back.
it is those in power
in your industry.
Thats where me and my
colleagues come in.
We are very well
connected, you see,
and we can make things happen.
We control a great many things,
Mr. Albie Jones.
Where is your access point for
the collective intelligence?
Oh, you're bleeding.
Oh, no, no, no.
Its just...
It's from my head earlier.
-Im fine.
-No, it seems
to be coming
-from your arm
-No, no Im
I'm fine.
Turn and let me see
so I can render aid.
I'm fine.
Oh no, you seem to have cut
yourself on this broken glass.
Think about it.
Your name will be known
around the world.
You can have
fame, fortune,
anything you've ever dreamed of.
You could have anything
or anyone you could ever want.
You could have a woman who
appreciates you and
everything you are.
So all I have to do
is tell you where
the intelligence access is?
And then you'll
make me successful,
and you and I will um...
you know, have some fun?
If that's what you would like?
I knew you'd be reasonable.
You know, normally
when I do this type of thing,
I like to start untied.
You will tell me
how to access
the collective intelligence,
and then we'll continue
with the rest of our deal.
I'll tell you where to
find the access point.
You have to go and
and get the device,
I can tell you how
to operate it.
Where's the device?
Outside by the driveway
next to the house.
Youll see a large
metal enclosure.
Remove the outside
of the enclosure
and look in there.
Youll find what
you're looking for.
In your air control unit?
We've never seen you
access this unit in our
rigorous observation
of your family.
I assure you,
it's there.
I wasnt gonna do anything.
I swear.
It was just an accident, okay.
Im sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no apologies are necessary.
It was entirely my oversight.
I'll just need to make certain
it can never happen again.
Looks like you could
use a drink, partner.
Are you okay?
You okay?
Yeah, are you?
Did he hurt you?
He didn't, but he...
But he what?
It doesnt matter.
Im just glad you're okay.
Where's the woman?
She's probably outside at
the AC unit looking for
whatever the hell it is
they're looking for.
We have to get out of here
right now.
Not before this asshole
gets what's coming to him.
You heard me.
He tried to kill me.
Albie, stop!
Albie, wait.
Dont do this.
For once in your life,
No, you stop!
You just stand back
and do nothing,
like usual.
Can't you see,
we should have just
stayed at Kimmy's?
None of this would have happened
if you had just listened.
They would have taken
whatever it was that
they wanted and left.
But you don't ever
listen, do you?
Let's go.
Someone's got to put an end
to this situation.
You're always holding me back.
Not anymore.
You know what?
Do whatever you want.
I won't be a part of it.
First thing you said in years
that's made me happy.
You should get a lawyer.
Yeah, hardly.
They're the ones who attacked us
in our own home.
No, I don't mean for them,
Weve put this off for too long.
You think that upsets
me or something?
I have bigger concerns
right now.
You are a pathetic human being.
I wasted my life on you.
Wasted your life?
You have no life!
You're just dead weight
leeching off of mine!
I'm going in the bedroom
and locking the door.
Don't try to come in.
I don't give a shit
what you do!
Don't worry.
They don't even exist.
Theres a nice spot next to him,
if that crazy bitch ever
comes back.
Don't waste your breath.
Albie, come here right now.
I said don't waste your breath--
Shes back.
Theyre all back.
Came back to end up
like your friend?
Kimmy, this is the one we
were talking about earlier.
Mark, you were here.
Sit down.
Wait a minute.
We're not doing anything--
If you don't sit down
now, my associate here
will use her interrogation
methods on you again.
Perhaps she can ramp up
the intensity this time.
Your associate?
Yes, my associate.
Now, sit.
Both of you.
You're gonna be sorry.
Kimmy, what is this?
There is no Kimmy
What are you talking about?
Here he comes.
Here who comes?
Shut up.
Im getting so sick of your--
Why do they always act
like they don't know
how much stronger
we are than them?
I swear to God, you're
gonna end up just
like your friend out back bitch.
You mean me, partner?
Oh, Albie, what's the matter?
You look like you've
just seen a ghost.
Your force cant kill me
What the hell, man?
Third one.
The human lights, please?
My filters are destroyed.
Oh, yes.
Much better.
Thank you.
What are you?
We are what you humans
refer to as aliens.
But soon you will
revere us as gods.
And you creatures will be
our humble subordinates
benefiting from our
noble presence.
It's not easy finding
an inhabitable world with
a secondary species like
yours just waiting
to be conquered.
Yeah, believe me.
If you knew of all the
shitty galaxies we
had to pass through
to get here,
even you'd feel sorry for us.
So try not to waste
our time, okay?
say something.
Kimmy, I dont know what the
hell is going on right now.
You're not a part of this.
Just tell them to let us go.
We told you already
Your Kimmy doesn't exist.
I've assumed her
physical appearance.
You're Kimmy,
no more.
Half of your neighborhood,
no more.
Your city's law enforcement.
no more.
What does it take to get
through to you people?
Let me know, okay, so we
can get this all over with.
and take off these ugly masks.
Hey, speak for yourself.
I dont look so bad.
tell us
how to access the
collective intelligence
so we can tap into the hive
mind of your little species.
Take control.
Then we all live
happily ever after
without having to start a war.
Sound like a plan?
What an honor
it must be for you creatures
to aid in rebuilding this
world for beings like us.
So tell us how to tap into the
hive mind and we wont kill you.
How's that for a deal?
Fat chance you're gonna
get them to talk.
The two of you have been
with them all night.
and caused nothing but trouble.
Hey, now, we were doing
all right before you sent
them back to us.
We wanted to find the access
without confrontation.
Watch your tone
with your superior.
I sent these dumb chips
over here to you,
wrapped in a bow,
primed for interrogation.
And what did you
do with my gift?
You were beaten and buried
by a human.
Yeah, laugh it up.
Oh, yes.
Tell us how to
access the hive.
I can't believe this
is happening.
Believe it.
Just wait until our leaders
find out that you're here.
What do you think they're
going to do to you,
if all it took from me was
a little bottle of scotch
Your leaders
coming together
to save your world.
Since when?
There seems to be a
fundamental flaw
in your species
collective brain.
Preservation of the world
is not something
that you do.
Quite the opposite.
Which is interesting
because you lack the
intelligence to go
anywhere else.
Your species should
be grateful to ours.
Come now.
Give us access.
Make it easier on yourselves.
I couldnt write this shit.
You're the more reasonable one.
Tell us what we need to know
for the benefit of all.
You leave me no choice.
Fourth one.
Take the useless one,
assume his flesh,
and discard his bones
with the others.
Yes, first one.
What are you gonna do?
Keep your hands off me!
are you a man?
Where are you?
Im coming for you.
Funny you decided to run here.
Just think.
you're gonna be just like the
rest of your neighbors.
One last chance.
Heed the warnings called out
by the bones of your people.
Tell us how to access the hive.
We can promise you
and your family
the highest level of living.
Your status amongst the humans
will be second to none.
Just tell us how to
access the hive mind.
You need to understand,
I can't help you!
There is no hive mind!
Probe him.
I already have many times.
There's nothing there.
All mush.
Just like the others.
Try again.
You know what to do.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Please, you gotta believe me.
There is no hive.
There is no hive.
There is no hive.
We're not stupid.
We can work something out.
I'm sure there's something
else we can do.
And you were such a
tough guy before.
Fickle, these creatures.
You know, judging by this one,
I'm beginning to think these
humans aren't lying.
All this time, we thought
they were like bees.
I'm starting to think
they're more like flies.
All attracted to the
same smelly shit.
Make it quick.
We still have much work to do.
You're really not
going to like this, partner.
No, no, no!
Wait, wait, wait!
Please, please!
You got away?
Where are they?
They're gone.
Don't worry about them.
We gotta hurry.
I'm sorry
for it all.
Not right now.
Help me out here.
I'm serious this time.
I wanna do better
for you.
For us.
Can you come and untie me?
We have to get out of here.
It's all under control.
I'm gonna take
care of you now.
I promise.
Hey, partner.
Did you guys have fun?
They were little angels,
as always.
Did you guys enjoy your night?
Oh, Mom.
It was out of this world.