The Holiday Calendar (2018) Movie Script

Thank you, guys.
Merry Christmas!
Feel free to take a seat
in front of the backdrop.
I will be with you in a moment.
We're also running a deal where you can
get your pictures printed
on a mug and a T-shirt.
We also do passport photos.
Lots of them.
How's this for a passport photo?
You're home! Ah!
What's up?
When did you get back?
- Why didn't you text me
- Just got back just now.
I missed you, punk!
I missed you, too!
You really nailed
this whole backpacking-American,
crashing-in-a-New-Zealand-hostel look.
My hostel was in Amsterdam.
New Zealand was last month.
You're supposed to follow
every single word of my travel blog.
- What happened?
- It's 18 months of words, okay?
I'm looking at the photos, though.
Still working in this place, I see.
Pays the bills.
- Does it feed your soul?
- Nope.
Feeds my belly.
Don't let me interrupt you
not doing your job, Abby.
I need you to take this
to Santa's Village,
on your way home tonight.
Don't tell me.
You didn't forget that Santa's Village
starts tomorrow,did you?
How could I forget?
It's my favorite timeof year.
And my outfit.
Are you here to buy something?
No... Boss, Singh.
This is my oldest friend, Josh.
He's the one that got me into photography.
Speaking of...
Remember that film camera,
long agothat we were learning on?
I forgot about that.
- Where is it?
- No idea.
I think it's in a box.
So you're not buying anything?
Oh, no. I'm just here to see Abby.
Then I have a box for you
to take downto my car.
Don't drop anything.
Hey, I'm here.
Aunt Abby!
Miss Corinne.
That's quite an outfit.
I dressed myself.
I wanted to look like you.
And she nailed it.
Just for the family Christmas photo.
- Mom is freaking out.
- I bet.
I put a little something special in there.
I thought you'd need it.
You know me so well, big sis.
Come on!
- Yay, hi honey.
- Hey!
What do you think of the tree?
The theme this year is
"ornament splendor."
It's festive.
- Hey, Dad.
- Come on, Abby.
You can help me finish
decorating the mantle.
Looks good.
- So...
- Hm?
How's the car holding up?
It's still chugging along.
And the job?
Need money?
I start holiday hours tomorrow,
so I should be good, but thanks, Dad.
He still asks me the same thing,
and I work with him.
I'm just saying you're welcome
to join usat the law firm.
Sarah and I have a great time
working together,
- isn't that right, Sarah-bear?
- Yes, we do.
My darling!
Hey, Mom.
You do know that photography
is a great hobby.
It's just not the safest career choice.
You realize you tell me the same thing
every time I come home, right?
Mm-hm, and that's because we're hoping
that one day you'll actually hear us.
Anyone else want some eggnog?
Nope? Just me?
Okay. I'm gonna top it off.
You are going to change
your clothesfor the photograph?
Gramps, I was wondering
where you were hiding.
Hey, sweetheart.
Come and giveyour grampops a hug.
Ah, I see you're making your famous chili.
I made a vegetarian one
for you and me. Shh!
A partner in crime.
You have no idea.
- How's it going with your new roommates?
- Ah, they are so boring.
They go to bed by nine o'clock.
Then they complain my music's too loud.
I'm losing my hair and I'm getting old.
How else am I supposed to play it?
- Oh, who's that?
- I'll get it.
You made it!
The Sutton decorating parties
are likeChristmas cards coming to life,
not the little flimsy dollar-store ones.
- What's going on, son?
- Gramps! Look at you!
- Good to see you, man! Welcome back!
- Good to see you, too.
- Looking good!
- You, too. Back in town, huh?
- I am.
- All right.
Everybody's gonna be so excited
you're here, it'll get them off my back.
Look who I found!
Sutton family, merry Christmas!
It has been so long!
- When did you get back?
- Mmm.
This morning.
- All right, son.
- Good to see you.
What up, man?
- Has he gotten cuter since hes been away?
- I know what yall are tryin to do.
- Its not gonna work. Were just friends.
- Okay.
So Josh, where are you off to next?
I'm here to stay.
What? You didn't tell me that!
Well, I'm staying with Fernando
up untilI find my own place,
but one thing I do know is that
it's timefor our
Sutton holiday photo!
Let's do it!
Oh, yeah!
All right, yeah, you do.
Oh, y'all look so beautiful.
- Can I get an "ornaments" on three?
- Yes.
One, two...
Beautiful. Now can I get some smiles?
Smiles is what I need.
I love a smile.
I think we should go
with the silly one. You have to.
Okay, smile.
All right, you bunch of hams.
I didn't want to give you this
in front of everyone.
So secretive.
I found it when I was packing
my old house.
It was your grandmother's.
She wanted youto have it.
I miss her.
First Christmas without her is tough.
- How you doing?
- She's with me everyday.
I must admit it was hard to move, but,
she wouldn't want me to live
in that big house by myself.
Anyway, enough about me.
- Check it out.
- What is it?
It's an antique advent calendar.
The kind the Europeans used to make
before those flimsy, cardboard-paper kind.
- It's beautiful.
- Mm-hm.
Are you sure she wanted me to have it
and not Sarah?
- Seems more her style.
- Sure Im sure.
Im ready.
Ive got mine.
Yours, too.
Mom thinks Im literally
- a starving artist.
- Mm-hm.
Son, after all the years Ive known you,
Ive never seen you
without a mouthful of cookies.
How am I gonna say "no"
to Miss Judys baking?
So, you going to stick around
for a while, right?
- I'm here.
- Josh, I love it when youre here.
Your appetite distracts Mom
from hounding me about my life choices.
Y'know, she actually asked me
what I thoughtabout your life choices.
So, technically...
you aint off the hook yet.
- I love you, Gramps.
- I love you more, sweetheart.
Thank you.
I'll see you in a few.
So, youre done traveling.
I'm not retired.
I just want to settle down.
Like, find a home base.
Oh, youre broke.
Im not broke.
Traveling just gave me a voice
as a photographer.
I know what I want to do.
Im taking pictures.
Just not the ones I want.
Why not?
Burnt out from being at the studio
all day.
Think Ive just... lost my spark.
I wanna show you something.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. It's right up there.
If I could have one thing
it would be this.
An empty, dark building.
No! A studio space.
Not just for my work.
To showcase other artists.
A place where we could create and...
help support one another and be like...
the center for new talent in the area.
What? Why are you smiling?
Oh, no, I... I like that.
That sounds amazing.
Too bad its all talk.
The owner wants a year's rent,
which I don't have.
- So why dont you just...
- Dont say Ask my parents."
I think theyre growing tired
of my starving-artist life.
I might be, too.
You know what? I hate to admit it,
but working at my dads law firm
doesnt sound as terrible as it used to.
You would suffocate over there.
Im suffocating now, picturing you...
Its easy for you to say.
Youve been traveling the world,
taking photos, inspiring people,
dating interesting people,
while I've been just...
too scared to leave my crappy day job
that I use as an excuse to not take
my kind of photos.
And lets be honest...
avoid dating people.
I just blurted all that out.
Blame Sarahs eggnog.
Will you help me drop off my bags
before heading to Nandos?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
As long as you promise
not to turn into an office zombie.
Watch out.
You watch out.
This is like a whole new place.
It's cool, right?
- Look. My picture.
- Oh, you mean my picture.
Its my picture. I took it. I made this.
Yeah, but you gave it to me. Its mine.
You know whats funny?
I got the same thing on my computer.
Ah, look at us. Best friends forever.
Where did all this come from?
This wasn't hanging here before.
You know what I want?
I want to be fearless enough
to go after my dreams, like you.
Look at this photo.
People need to see this.
Yeah, I dont... I ca... Im not ready.
And what d'you think
will happen if...
you just let go and went for it?
I don't know.
I dont know. Id probably worry less.
Id have more fun.
Get some of these questions
about my future answered.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Is that your Christmas wish?
Thats my regular wish.
What was that?
Hey, what is this thing?
Its like a Christmas doll house
thing. Wha...
It's an antique advent calendar.
- Nice.
- Yep.
Try and open one of the doors.
I don't know. Maybe it just doesnt open.
I dont know. Maybe its broke.
Maybe Gramps just gave me
a defective calendar.
Gramps trying to get you
- in the Christmas spirit, too?
- You got somewhere to be?
Youre s'posed to take me to Fernandos.
Not when you keep talkin about
Christmas stuff all the time.
You forgot.
- I didnt forget.
- You forgot.
Christmas spirit.
Thanks, Gramps.
Let the 24 days of holiday hell begin.
Guess you decided to work after all.
Look over here.
please be patient. Okay?
Everyone will have their time
with Santa. Okay?
So hold this down.
One at a time.
- Take the picture, Abby.
- I did!
- There you go, sweetheart.
- Very nice.
Thats very nice.
You keep your list. Okay.
Okay. Whos the next kid?
Whos the next in line?
I thought we had extra help this year.
All the college students I hired
got poached by the Christmas train.
That's it.
I'm calling in the cavalry.
Josh! Fernando!
You made it!
It's such a pleasure to see you.
Okay! Welcome new elves.
You, Elf...?
Elf Josh.
Josh, yes. I know you.
You can help me wrangle the kids.
- Hey, what about me?
- Elf Fernan... do! What can I do?
That kind of enthusiasm gets you
on crowd control.
I also work as a Uber driver,
a dog walker, and a Christmas caroler.
Im not sure why you told me
about the first two, but...
you can sing to the children
as they impatiently wait in line.
Im not going to disappoint you, Santa.
Great! Okay, lets see
some Christmas cheer.
Have fun.
Wanna go see that guy?
You know who that guy is.
Santa Claus. Tell him anything.
Anything you want.
I want candy.
Josh, thanks for this.
I promise overtime and holiday pay.
Stop. Ive always wanted to be
in an elf costume, so thank you.
- Thats weird.
- A little bit.
That was a good one.
I can feel it.
Lets go. This job is awesome.
Lets go.
Anything you want.
Hello, darling.
All done. Next.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where did you go?
- We were supposed to meet for lunch.
- I know.
- You okay?
- Im sorry.
Urgent matter. Okay?
Had to go to my apartment
to grab something.
This is for you!
I didnt know we were doing presents.
I didnt get you anything.
You dont have to.
Plus, I know youre on this
anti-commercial holiday kick.
Look, its not even a Christmas present.
Its just a gift Im getting you
around this time of year.Coincidence.
- If you dont want it...
- I don't want to be rude.
- Can I open it now?
- What you waitin on?
I got them in Italy.
You shouldnt have.
- Really. They're like...
- Actually, I should have.
- You know why?
- Why?
- all this duct tape on your shoes...
- Thats what makes em cool.
- Okay.
- These are cooler.
- I really love em.
- Yeah!
Thank you! I love them!
- I love them so much!
- Ahhh!
Im glad you like em.
They're pretty cool.
Put em on now.
Italy, so fancy.
I thought they looked like you.
You know me so well.
Just a little bit.
Little bit.
Christmas tree.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.
It opened.
- What opened?
- The calendar.
Yesterday I woke up, and the door
for December 1st was open.
And today, the 2nd.
- Must be on a timer or something, right?
- Was there something cool inside?
Just little toys. But get this.
On the first day,
a pair of boots.
- Boots!
- Boots! Its crazy, right?
Clearly the calendar is magic.
Guess what I have?
- Oh, yeah.
- What you thought?
You better mark your...
non-magical calendar...
But, wait. I want to tell her.
Get ready, because
the greatest Christmas movie of all time
is playing at The Roxy
in a couple of weeks!
Silent Night, Deadly Night!
A Christmas Story.
And the three of us are going together!
Maybe four of us, if I find a girlfriend,
but thats probably not gonna happen.
Three of us.
Three of us.
Its amazing becauseeveryonedresses up
as their favorite character.
Oh. I got dibs on the leg lamp.
Thats my costume.
- The leg lamp is my costume. Okay?
- Back off! My idea!
That... is a Christmas tradition
I can get behind.
That tree came out of nowhere!
I'm so sorry.
I guess I didn't tie it down properly.
Who doesnt tie down a tree
thats on top of their car?
That would be me.
Are you okay?Hows your car?
- Were both fine.
- It's my fault.
The guy at the tree farm recommended
bungees, not twine, I didn't listen.
Yeah, well theres a reason why
twine jumping never caught on.
That's funny.
It's a good sign if you can make bad jokes
at a time like this.
It wasnt that bad.
I think I killed it.
Im pretty sure it died
when I chopped it down.
That would make you an ax murderer.
Im wanted at three different
Christmas tree farms.
Im gonna have to make a citizens arrest.
You got me.
Got any twine?
Okay, you win. I cant keep up.
Hang on a sec.
Here. Take these.
Oh, I couldnt.
Its from myemergency roadside
assistance kit,and technically,
this is a roadside emergency.
Merry Christmas.
Yeah. No problem.
I should probably do this
with a bigger car.
Or get a smaller tree.
Enjoy the holidays.
Yeah, you too.
I will.
A nutcracker?
I'm glad you called.
- You look tired.
- Huh!
I didnt sleep very much last night.
So, this advent calendar
What d'you think of it?
Uh, it's interesting.
Can you tell me...
the story behind it?
It was your grandmother's.
She found it in a shop in France
just before we met.
I was on leave from the Air Force.
We passed each other in the entrance
to the Louvre.
She dropped a book in the snow and...
I picked it up.
The rest is history.
So romantic!
I cant believe I never knew any of this.
This is the time of the year
I miss her the most.
Its funny,
'cause she wasso much like you.
Never bought into all this holiday hoopla.
- Oh, hello.
- Hello.
Well, it looks like you have
plenty of company, if you want it.
Thats the problem
with having a great love.
The pretty good ones
dont stand a chance.
- Mmm.
- Look...
Im heading to meet the guysover
at the hobby shop.You want to join?
Just a bunch of old cats
playing with toy trains.
It sounds tempting, but...
I have to work.
All right.
Ill see you
at Corinnes Christmas pageant later.
Is that today? Ah, I totally forgot.
Dont tell Sarah.
- No.
- Ill be there.
Okay, sweetheart.
That calendars just a calendar, right?
What else would it be?
Ah, look at you.
There she is!
Come here! You were so fantastic, Corinne.
So good.
I think I was the only one without
a camera phonein front of my face.
That's true.
You were the best Sugar Plum Fairy
up there.
but its not a competition.
Everyone is the best
just for participating.
But she was the best by far.
Oops. Watch out, baby.
I'll be right back.
You look familiar.
By any chance, did you murder my tree
with your car?
First of all, that tree
was already a goner.
Any chance I could get the name
of my accomplice in tree crimes?
Abby, first-time offender.
I'm Ty.
- You have a kid that goes here?
- No way. I dont have a kid.
I mean yet, anyway.
Dont get me wrong.
I want kids maybe... one day.
I just havent made one yet.
Or anything.
But I do have a niece, Corinne.
Over there,
with the rest of the other staring people.
I don't know who she's talking to.
Already made one.
She's in second grade.
She's around here somewhere.
There she is! Hey, come over here, Jess!
Dont judge her outfit too harshly.
Im a single dad with no sewing skills.
How about that?
- I should probably get her home.
- Yeah. No, its getting late.
- It was great running into you again.
- So great seeing you.
See you around.
- Bye, Jess.
- Bye.
Do you know who that was?
Ty hit me with a tree.
Ty Walker is the school's
most eligible bachelor.
Amicable divorce, great job,
and thats all his hair.
Some of the single moms
actually wear their nice yoga pants
to drop off their kids,
all in hopes to get a piece of him.
And here he is,
flirting with my little sister.
God, youre gonna use this
to lord over them with, arent you?
Oh, you have no idea how cutthroat
elementary school is.
Speaking of, I need you to come through
with some awesome
photos for the schools
charity auction. Its the 22nd.
- Dont forget, Abbs.
- No, I would never.
I am gonna crush this auction.
For... the kids, of course.
Of course.
- Are you heading out?
- Yeah. See you guys later.
See ya, honey.
- Bye, sweetheart.
- Bye.
Yeah. Shh!
What's going on with you?
Youre scaring me
with your panicked text messages.
I have to tell you something,
but I need you to not think
that Im, like, totally nuts.
That ship has sailed.
Can you just tell me?
My calendars haunted.
Its haunted.
Okay, you've been drinking tonight.
- Oh, the... three little toys.
- Right.
Those are predicting the future.
How much wine have you had tonight?
I want some.
Hey. Okay. Day one.
I got boots.
Then you gave me boots.
Yeah, I gave you boots. But...
I got those when I was away,
not because of a freaky calendar
telling me to do so.
And maybe because I'm a wonderful friend
who may expect
- an equally as dope gift in return.
- Josh!
Im having a breakdown. Focus.
Continue your breakdown.
Day two.
Day two.
Day two, I got a Christmas tree toy
and then the car
ran over a Christmas tree.
How often does that happen?
Right, that is a little weird, but...
that just seems like a coincidence.
d'you kick somebody in the nutcracker?
Not yet.
So, tonight at Corinne's pageant,
I met the daughter of the guy
whose Christmas tree I ran over,
and his daughter was dressed
as a nutcracker.
And the strangest part about that is,
I actually hit it off with her dad.
He's really good-looking.
He's divorced.
- His name is Ty...
- Okay.
Enough about dream dad. You...
Are we talking about him
or the calendar?
What else do you think is inside?
I dont know. The door doesnt open
until midnight.
Well, Ill wait up with you.
Thank you.
Morning, sleepyhead.
Was thinking about
going to get some water.
You want some water?
I want some water.
Water sounds good.
Ha, ha, ha, you're so funny.
- You did that!
- No, I didnt.
Whats in it?
Candy cane.
It looks like
the wind's picking up.
Thank you all for coming
to Santas village.
Heres the card, Abby.
D'you feel like youre waiting
for something to happen? Cause I do.
You know it doesnt help
that were in candy cane central.
Hey, kid,
you ready to go see Santa Claus?
- Please. Do it for Mama, Mason.
- Its Santa Claus.
Come on.
- Come on, kid.
- I don't wanna go.
Come on. Go up there.
Come up here, my friend.
Get your picture taken with old Santa.
Now look right there in the camera.
I dont wanna take pictures.
- Ow! Hey!
- Where are your paren... Hey!
Look out!
I've got you, okay?
- Abby! You okay?
- Come help me.
I'm fine.
No, you mightve sprained that.
I think you should get that checked out.
Its no big deal. Im good.
Stop playing the tough guy.
- Go to the clinic, please.
- Theres a line of people waiting
to get their picture with Santa.
I can't just leave.
Who else do you know
thats a photographer? Hmm.
I got it. Go. Please.
You sure?
You should go. I cant haverunaway
candy cane injuries on my conscience.
Says here we have a potential sprain
by candy cane.
A lot of that going around lately.
It's you.
In an elf costume.
Yeah, thats me.
Abby the mortified elf.
Oh, first the tree. Now this.
Christmas is not your holiday.
So whats the prognosis?
Am I gonna live, doc?
Nothing an ibuprofen and a drink
wont fix.
A drink?
Are you allowed to prescribe that?
That was actually my lame doctor way
of asking you out.
Heres your prescription.
My cell number.
Wow. And its legible.
You sure youre a doctor?
Ill see you around 6:00
at Santas village?
- Bye now.
- Bye.
- Elf.
- Doctor Ty.
- What up?
- Hey.
You look happy.
Mustve got some good meds, huh?
I have a date with Ty tonight.
- Dream dad?
- Mm-hmm!
Youre kidding. How?
He was the clinic doctor.
The calendar called it.
I was thinking of sneaking out
around 5:00 to go home and change.
- Do you think you could cover for me?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Of course.
- You're the best.
- I got you.
Have fun.
Oh, yeah.
Whats up with Abby?
Yeah, um,
theres a guy.
Theres a guy?
I thought you were the guy.
Me, too, but...
Im the friend.
Tough break, buddy.
Im here for you.
I'm here for you, okay?
- Thank you.
- That sucks.
Ooh. Friend zone sucks.
how do I look?
Just beautiful.
Thanks, Bob.
You look perfect.
You always do.
That's him.
Thats him?
Hes not what I expected.
Wish me luck.
All right.
Thing we do.
Its cute.
You got here just in time.
I didnt know drinks were time-sensitive.
No, but getting there is.
So, I got us this ride.
Are you serious? This trolley?
The nearest caf is literally hundreds
of steps away, andit could take us
almost three minutes to walk there.
Plus, I already got us tickets, so
So, all aboard.
Toot, toot!
peppermint swirl,
hot chocolates.
This is not the drink I had imagined
when you asked me out
on a date, but
glad you did.
So am I.
So, what else do you do when youre not
I want to be a photographer.
I mean, I am a photographer.
I work at this...
photography studio.
We take all the holiday photos that are
probably hanging up on your fridge.
But I dont know how long Im gonna work
there. I mean, I...
I want to have my own space.
- To do holiday photos?
- No.
Do my own work.
But thats...
thats a long way off,I mean,
if it happens at all...
What got you into medicine?
Uh, both my parents are surgeons,
and so is my brother.
So you just got into the family business?
But Im the rebel for opening a clinic
instead of becoming a surgeon.
You know, my family wishes
I would rebel in that way.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
This is fun.
We should do it again sometime.
Id like that.
Let me see your hand.
This wrap...
can come off tomorrow.
- Doctors orders?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, this is me.
Ive been wanting to kiss you all night.
I was hoping you would.
I'll call you.
- You dont have my number.
- What are you waiting for?
Just text my cell.
Your prescription.
- Ill talk to you soon.
- Okay.
Say "day off"!
- Whats up? How are you?
- What up?
Looks like you got your photo mojo back.
Meh. Thats debatable.
Whats creepy calendar? Come on.
What did it predict today?
I dont know. I decided to risk it
and not check.
So youre tempting your fate.
Interesting strategy.
- Yeah.
- You're so stupid!
Why are you so stupid?
Well, tell me about this ride
with the doc.
You gotta give him points for creativity.
It was cute.
I mean, did the date go well?
Im seeing him again tonight.
A caroler.
Havent seen much of you lately.
Is it work or that new fella's
got you so preoccupied?
Now, you know Sarahs been updating us.
Youre her reality television.
Ty is very exciting...
and very...
- polished.
- Mm.
He keeps...
planning these elaborate dates
and showering me with gifts...
Its all very...
I was gonna say flattering, but yeah,
its a lot.
Were spending all this
time together, but...
its not like were really
getting to know each other.
If you feel like hes worth
getting to know, you should
do something about it.
You can decide your next step
based on what you learn.
Youre a wise man, Gramps.
- Age equals wisdom.
- Oh, youre so wise.
- Gluten-free?
- Breakfast of champions
I figured you and him would havegotten
together by now.
Youre kidding.
Josh has girlfriends all over the world.
Yeah, but he came back here, didn't he?
Hey! How about
one of those cookies, son?
I got one with your name on it.
See that? Good man.
Arrrh. Yeah.
- Have some.
- Thank you, son. Of course.
Look at this.
- Ready?
- Look at that. Yeah.
- You got us.
- Caught in the act.
All right, Bob. Thats lunch.
Oh, great. Im starving.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
Ready for lunch?
Um, well, we actually took a little vote
and decided
that you can be the leg lamp.
For the movie,
A Christmas Story.
Tonight at five oclock.
You forgot.
I have a date, with Ty.
Fine. I will be the leg lamp.
Okay. I just need to find the leg, but...
I can still be the leg lamp.
Im seeing him at three o'clock, so
I can meet you at the theater after.
I promise.
Does this look like a face
that would break a promise?
I'll be there.
Im stumped. I have no idea
what this date is.
It is the season of giving.
And were gonna do a little giving back.
I try to come once a month.
Sometimes I bring Jess.
I think it's important for her to know
how fortunate we are.
And you think I need that, too?
We all do. The real reward is
knowing we make life
a little better for these folks.
Are saints like you allowed to date
mere humans like me?
Do you think
shes gonna make it?
Of course.
She said she's gonna come, shes...
shes gonna come.
Its starting soon though.
Come on.
- We have time, man.
- What are you doing with that cell phone?
No one used cell phones
in A Christmas Story.
- Its 1983.
- Can you get out of character for...
ten minutes?
I dont know what youre talking about
because I am Ralphie.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, excuse me. Do you guys mind
if I take some pictures of you?
Oh, you can take mine, but, uh,
dont take his ugly mug.
It might break the camera.
- Hm-hm.
- Dont listen to him.
- I was pretty handsome in my younger days.
- Oh...
too bad cameras werent invented then.
You guys are old friends, huh?
Ive been putting up with him for
I don't know how long.
I have a best friend like that.
Well, what brings you here?
Judge gave you community service?
Good guess, but no.
The guy that Im dating brought me here.
The Boy Scout.
Yeah, weve seen him here a few times.
Yeah, he likes to bring people by
and, uh, show em how good he is.
He said he brought his daughter here
a few times.
- Ahem.
- Err. Yeah.
I'm going to let you in
on a little secret,
and it's not because you're enamored
by my beauty.
People can show you whatever they want.
But it's how they make you feel...
that counts.
And how
you make them feel, too.
Can't forget that.
Can't forget that.
Aint that right?
Oh yeah, lets do one of these.
You have 30 seconds to answer.
- Josh?
- Which holiday movie has been remade
- the most times?...
- Josh?
...The Night Before Christmas...
- Shh!
- or A Christmas Carol?
- Sorry.
- You have 30 seconds to answer.
- Get... Okay.
Take it!
- You serious?
- God. Sorry.
That's Abby's seat.
Shut up.
That's Abby's seat.
Shes not coming, is she?
Get some good shots?
I think I got some great shots.
So great to meet you.
You too. Have a great Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you.
- You guys take care, okay?
- Bye.
- Bye.
Looks like you made new friends.
Yeah, theyre really great.
- Have you ever talked to them?
- So many people go through the food line,
its hard to remember.
Well, they have a
really interesting history.
Theyve been friends forever.
I try not to get too attached.
Its the doctor in me.
You hungry?
- Um...
- Everything all right?
Yeah. No. Can we go to the Roxy?
A Christmas Story is playing, and...
- Yeah, of course.
- I should be there.
Yeah, lets go.
I missed it.
Whats the big deal? It plays nonstop
- all through the holidays.
- My friends are in there.
I said that I would see it with them.
You were doing something
way more important than a movie.
Im sure they will understand.
It's not the point.
This is a great place.
Make yourself at home.
Thank you.
- These are great. Are all these yours?
- Mm-hm.
Youre always taking pictures, arent you?
Uh, my friend Josh took that one.
- Its cute.
- Yeah.
Reminds me of one of Jesss selfies.
Oh, we have one of these at our house.
- Except ours is made of cardboard.
- Oh, yeah?
Jess loves getting the candy.
Oh, wait. Uh, no, no, no. Its really...
Its an antique, so its, like...
a little fragile.
What kind of candy is in yours?
no candy. Its just toys.
Uh, like today,
I got the...
Three wise men.
Um, I just...
I just realized something and it shouldn't
surprise me anymore,
but just gets me...
every time.
I'm not following.
Okay... So...
the day that I met you,
I got a Christmas tree toy
from the calendar, and then...
your tree fell on my car.
It's been like thatall month long.
Each day a door opens,
the toy inside matches
something that happens.
- Oh, all right.
- Yeah.
Like today, the men at the shelter
were obviously the three wise men.
But there were only two.
It sounds like the Christmas equivalent
of having your horoscope read.
Oh, Im a Virgo. My horoscope says
Im gonna meet someone new today.
Well, of course, if you leave your house,
the chance of you meetingsomeone new
increases exponentially.
Did you just mock me?
You mocked me a little. No?
- Come on. Its kinda funny.
- Its not funny.
Ah, youre too smart to believe that
a toy-filled calendar is controlling
your life.
- Im just being a realist here.
- Youre kinda being a jerk
about it though.
Why are you so sensitive all of a sudden?
Hey, Ty, I have a question.
Just be honest.
How many girls have you taken
to see you do good work at the shelter?
Excuse me?
Well, the two wise men seem to think
thats a common date spot for you.
Youre taking dating advice from two guys
that live on the street?
I thought you cared about the people
at the shelter.
- Or is that just all for show?
- Thats not what Im saying.
Ty, what do you...
What do you know about me?
That you're gorgeous and talented...
Thats what you know?
What do you know about me?
I mean, what do I even know
about you, right?
We've had these...
perfect dates.
We havent even had a real conversation
up until now.
- I thought you were having a good time.
- I am.
But I... You know, I need more than someone
that just looks good on paper.
You know, I need someone real.
You can feel them.
Someone whos not gonna judge me.
So, what are you saying?
I don't know.
You want to take some space...
a break?
Youre breaking up with me
over a calendar?
Im just saying
So, this is good-bye?
My gramps.
I was with my gramps
this morning, okay?
Hes the third wise man.
Merry Christmas, Abby.
You can open up that door
wide as you want.
I'm not looking inside. Hm.
Im mad at you.
Im in a fight with a calendar.
Lost my mind.
Whats up? Got the message.
Whats everyone doing here?
The mayors doing
a tree-lighting ceremony.
Why you so late?
I, err...
had a rough day.
I might have, sort of,
broken up with Ty.
You might have? Sort of? You did?
I made the mistake of showing him
my calendar.
It all went downhill from there.
You want me to go beat him up, or what?
No, hes probably, like, a black belt
in karate or something.
I feel like a jerk for missing the movie.
You should.
That wasnt cool, standing me up. Thats...
That's not even like you.
I know.
I suck.
I'm sorry.
I can't stay mad at that.
So, you forgive me?
- Maybe.
- Yes?
You get a hug.
Bring it in.
What are you two standing around for?
The mayor is here,
and her official photographer has the flu.
Grab your camera, Abby.
Theyre going to need pictures.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hello, merry Christmas. Oh!
Okay. Three.
Two. One.
- Merry Christmas, everyone!
- Merry Christmas.
Did you see this one?
Oh, wow.
Look at you.
Come. The mayor wants to meet you.
Here. Ill load it. Go meet the mayor.
- Meet the mayor.
- Go!
- Oh, thank you for coming.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- What a beautiful night.
Mayor Martinez.
I would like you to meet photographer,
Abby Sutton.
- Oh.
- Hi.
She's a mentee of mine,
and I'm sure you're going
to be pleased with her work.
Thank you so much
for stepping up today, Abby.
I can't wait to see your photographs.
- What else do you shoot?
- Um...
Well, I've been working on a new series.
It's been focusing on capturing the town
in unexpected ways.
Send me a link to your stuff.
I need some fresh images for my office.
- I'd love to see what you have. Okay.Bye.
- Merry Christmas.
Thank... Bye.
Get me the best shots,
and Ill send them to the mayor
and to the newspaper
before anybody else can.
Of course.
Thank you.
The mayor wants to see my photography.
- For real?
- Yeah!
Its the break Ive been looking for.
I dont like that face.
Whats going on?
Wh... Why...
When I was trying
to load the card in the computer
...this family came by,
was talking to me,
asking about when Santa Claus
was coming back.
I don't know. I think...
when they was talking to me,I
may have accidentally
cleared the card.
Theyre not there.
You erased the card?
It was an accident, okay?
I'm working on recovering the photos, but
there's no guarantee that it will work.
You should pack your things and go.
Josh can take over
as full-time photographer.
Youre sending me home?
I'm firing you.
Hey! Slowdown!
I just heard you talking to Singh.
What did he say?
Are you going to re-shoot the mayor?
I would if I didnt just get fired.
- Seriously?
- Yep! I'm giving my job to you. Congrats.
How? It-
It was my fault.
Look. I can go tell Singh right now.
It's my card. It's my responsibility.
I'm the one who let it outta my sight.
But you gave it to me.
It's done.
There's no reason for both of us to lose
our jobs.
Wait! Please.
Youre really mad at me.
You knew how much I needed this break,
and now it's ruined.
So yeah, I'm mad at you.
I don't think that's fair.
I would never do anything
to hurt you ever,
- and you know that.
- I know that
but I cant help the fact
that Im still angry, at you.
You did this!
Between this and...
you standing me up
for Mr. Dream Doctor Dude-
I said I was sorry!
So am I!
But you know what?
I dont need you, and I dont need
this job, and I dont need any of this.
Thats not how friends
treat each other, Abby.
According to the Weather Center,
scattered flurries will be continuing...
Not here!
You just answered
so I know you are.
Abby, it's Sarah.
Abby, open up!
Sarah, I really dont feel like
having any
Yeah, I know.
Ew, Abs.
It reeks like a pity party in here.
Best kinda party.
- I heard what happened.
- How?
Gramps. He ran into Josh
while hoofing it down Main Street.
Great. My personal drama is trending.
I get it.
Break-ups sucks.
And losing a job, even a crappy one,
sucks even more.
But pushing away the people
that care about you is just selfish, Abs.
If you came here to try to make me
feel better, it's not working.
Look at this.
You wanna try it?
- Okay.
- Okay, go ahead.
My baby girl...
worships you, and no matter how bad
you may...
think your life is,
shes still going to worship you.
All shes been talking about is
how her cool Aunt Abby
is bringing her pictures
to the auction tomorrow.
Can I please just send the photos
with you?
I really...
I really dont want to see anyone,
especially Ty.I do not want to see him.
I figured youd say that.
Which is why Im here to tell you
to get it together.
Because I will not let you
disappoint Corinne,
and I definitely
wont let you give up on yourself.
You know youre my favorite sister,
- I think Im your only sister.
- Okay. Go take a shower.
Take a shower, Abby.
You smell like Cheetos and sadness.
Love you.
Love you, too.
Excuse me?
Sir? Excuse me.
Is this place no longer for rent?
If the deal goes through.
Hey, Kevin. Where's Sarah?
Hey, sis.
Your tough love worked. I decided to stop
feeling sorry for myself and...
join the living.
Now, this is my sister.
I have a surprise for you.
For the auction.
I think youre gonna like it.
Where is it?
Its in the car.
Watch this.
Hey, Laurie.
My sisters donations are in her car.
- They're in the trunk.
- Okay.
In the trunk.
Can you get someone
to unload them, please?
- Yeah. For sure.
- Thanks.
Youre having way too much fun
throwing your PTA president power around.
Santas right there. Im so excited.
Take it.
If you're looking for Josh,
he's not here.
He's not?
He quit. After I fired you,
he came around talking about solidarity,
how you took the fall for him.
I cant believe Josh quit for me.
Take it.
I wanted to give this to you.
It's the pictures
from the tree-lighting ceremony.
I wasn't able to salvage all of them,
but there might be...
ones on there that you can use.
I mean, its probably too late,but...
Ill send them to the mayors office.
Im sorry about what happened.
You know,
its going to be
a Christmas massacre here,
if these people dont get their
Santa photos.
Uh, Mrs. Singh, the lens cap.
You don't have to tell my wife
what to do, Bob.
Take off the lens cap.
And if you want your old job back,
it is yours.
I, uh...
I appreciate every opportunity
that youve given me, Mr. Singh, but I...
I think it's time for a change.
Aunt Abby! You made it!
Hi, Corinne!
Your pictures are wonderful.
We are so proud of you.
You are?
Honey, I know weve been hard on you,
but its only because your father and I
want whats best.
And seeing your works on display
and the effects that they're
having on everybody,
it's obvious to us now that you're doing
exactly what you're meant to do.
Were just sorry we didnt
recognize it sooner.
Okay, Im sorry.
I need you just for one second.
Sorry, guys.
I hope it's okay,
but I included a photo session with you
as part of the auction.
That photo? You used that photo?
Its beautiful. Stop it.
People have been bidding on it like crazy.
Ive even been giving out your info,
so you are gonna have a lotta work
coming your way in the new year.
Thank you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
You did amazing.
Have you seen Gramps?
Oh yeah, he's in the auditorium
bidding on more of your art.
Theres my photography superstar.
- Sweetheart, these are very impressive.
- Thanks.
I am so proud of you.
So proud.
That's a lot of feelings.
You doing okay?
Yeah. Im just in shock over all this.
Thats all.
That answer might work for some people,
but not me.
The first person I want to tell is Josh.
I think I messed up.
Its too late to fix it.
But you already knew that, didnt you?
It wouldnt be much of a friendship
if you gave up now,
would it?
All right.
I need to go do the mature thing.
Girl is growing up.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I wondered if I'd see you here.
Here I am.
- Um, about the other...
- I want to say...
- You first.
- Go.
You're a good guy.
Sorry, it didn't work out,
but I had fun,
a lot of fun.
Ive been dumped before.
You dont have to try to make me
feel better.
Okay. Fair enough.
For what its worth,
you did warm me upa little to...
all this Christmas stuff, so
Yeah, good on you.
I was outta line...
making fun of you.
I guess I didn't understand how much
that whole calendar thing meant.
I appreciate you saying that.
Merry Christmas, Ty.
Merry Christmas.
and love.
Those are the most important things...
- This is beautiful!
- that we could ever give each other.
Hey Fernando. Its Abby.
Hey, Abby. How are you?
Are you crying?
It's allergies. I have allergies.
Okay. Um...
I hate to be this person.
Is Josh with you?
I think hes on a date.
Hes on a date.
With who?
I dont know. I saw him
wearing his date shirt.
Date shirt?
Yeah, you know, the shirt a guy wears
when he wants to make a good impression?
A clean shirt?
Not one thats off the floor?
Or he's in Florida visiting his parents.
I mean, it's a versatile shirt, really?
Well, which is it, Nando? Is it Florida?
Is he on a date?
Okay, hold on one sec.
Okay, his backpack is gone,
so he's definitely in Florida.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here?
I just checked the trunk of my car.
And it's empty.
I think some things in my trunk that I
didn't plan on donating
may have gotten donated.
Like what?
Like my... A box of gifts from Ty.
My calendar.
I've been looking everywhere.
I can't find it.
I think Laurie might have grabbed it.
Okay, Laurie wouldn't do that.
Hey, I just... Thats not even
what I care about.
Yeah, obviously.
I just...
Grampss calendar was in there.
I mean, is there any chance
its still here?
Yeah, well, we cleaned out. I mean,
this was our biggest auction yet.
Don't joke. Can you check?
Maybe theres a receipt or something.
The Christmas calendar was sold...
to an anonymous buyer.
Don't worry, Abby.
I'll keep looking for it.
This is Josh. Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
I totally deserve the silent treatment.
Youre right. Ive just been
too wrapped up in myself
to be a good friend, but I, uh...
Will you call me?
Come back.
I really want to make things right.
I can't imagine
not having you in my life.
So, what have we got here?
All right.
- See you later.
- Bye-bye.
- Hello.
- Please hold for the mayor.
Abby. Nice to talk to you again.
Uh, h-hi. Mayor Martinez,
its so nice to-What a surprise!
Before you say anything,
I just want to say I feel so terrible
about the tree-lighting photos, and, um,
hopefully, the recovered photos worked.
Tree photos?
Oh, those. We had to go
with another submission,
but thats not why Im calling.
I was at my son's school auction
and saw your inspired photos.
You did? But I was there. I didnt...
I guess I must have missed you.
I bid on the photo session with you
and won.
I know its last minute,
but is there any chance
you could do the session later today?
It's the last time I have free
before heading out of town.
Yes, of course!
But I... Im sorry.
I dont have a studio.
That's okay. We can do it at my home.
I'll have my assistant send you
all the information.
- I look forward to seeing you again.
- You, too.
Bye, Mayor.
Thank you.
Abby. Welcome.
Thank you, Mrs. Martinez.
I hope you're ready.
I have a house full of family
and they all love the camera.
Lindo. Nice. Good.
Just lean in.
- Everyone say, Feliz Navidad!
- Feliz Navidad!
Yeah, thats perfect.
D'you wanna get in there, too?
You have a really wonderful family,
Mayor Martinez.
Well, we're all fans of yours.
I have a feeling well be working together
more in the future.
I hope so.
Thank you so much for coming.
Merry Christmas.
I love fixing these old cameras.
- All right, now its as good as new.
- Woo! Merry Christmas.
Corinne, honey. You have one gift left.
Oh, another gift? Well.
Oh! Its a camera!
So, I, uh...
I have a confession.
That calendar that you gave me.
There was a little mix-up,
and it got sold at the school's auction.
That's it?
You're not...
angry? I mean, it was Grandmas,
and I lost it.
It'll find its way back.
Your grandmother was convinced
it hadmagical powers.
She said it brought her to me.
What do you think about that?
I believe it.
That's exactly why she wanted it
to go to you.
Just like her, you pick the hardest path,
whether its in your career choice
or in your personal life.
She knew the time would come
where you would need
just a littleextra help
getting all your wishes.
Everything youre working so hard for.
She didn't want you
to give up on your dream.
It didn't work for me.
Are you sure about that?
You came back to me.
I came back for you.
- The three little toys.
- Those are predicting the future.
Day two, I got a Christmas tree toy,
and then my car ran over a Christmas tree.
Says here we have a potential sprain
by candy cane.
- Hey.
- It's you.
And his daughter
was dressed as a nutcracker.
You can help me wrangle the kids.
You look perfect,
like you always do.
- Hey!
- Hi, honey.
Hey. Wheres uh...
Wheres Gramps?
Hes in the kitchen making a cup of tea.
Do you want to help me set the table?
Where did that come from?
Josh. He dropped it by earlier
this morning.
He also dropped off
a whole tin of Christmas cookies
all the way from Florida.
the calendar came back.
And Josh is back in town.
- You were in on it?
- In on what?
You know what.
Did you help Josh buy back that calendar?
Nah, that was all me.
I came in early to help Sarah set up,
and I saw it sitting in a pile.
But Josh gave it back to me, right?
Ah. Now, that questions not for me
to answer.
But what I can tell you is
the holiday calendar watches over you.
is the calendar magic or not?
some might call it magic,
some might call it fate.
Either way you define it,
it ends upin the same place.
Speaking of which,now you need
to get going or youre gonna be late.
Youre a sneaky one, Gramps.
Ah, I prefer to call it romantic.
Now get.
I thought I lost you.
I came back for you.
Both times.
And I will every time.
I cant believe how long its taken me
to realize that its you.
Its always been you.
what was in the calendar today?
I got something for you.
For me?
You took all my hints and got me a gift.
Open it.
You wanna get out of the cold first?
- What?
- Come here.
Wait. In here?
Oh, we cant break and enter.
What are we doing here?
I mean with a little bit of work...
Welcome to your studio.
Thats funny.
Okay. Welcome to our studio.
We're partners.
if you want.
This is ours?
This is ours?
How? You cant afford this?
I cant afford this.
Why are you under the impression
that Im this broke artist?
Because you wore an elf costume
and you were living at Fernandos.
You still havent read my travel blog.
Ill get to it.
After afew months being away,
I started freelancing.
If you didnt know, Im a big deal
in the travel blog world.
So you used that money to rent this place?
I bought it.
I mean, with the help...
of my parents and your Gramps.
He put a good word in for you.
Thank you.
These are happy tears.
I swear.
You found it?
I found it.
Andyou put film in?
Im kind of a big deal.
I love you.
I love you, too.
All right. One. Two. Three.
Everyone, we just have an announcement.
- Just wanna wish you a...
- ...merry Christmas!