The Holiday Proposal Plan (2023) Movie Script

Sonny, my star writer-editor.
Here, a triple-shot espresso
with a splash of peppermint
for my world traveler.
Morning, Genevieve.
What is it you want
that I'm going to say no to?
Aw! What makes you say
it's a no?
Because you never bring me
coffee unless you're gonna ask
me to do something
I really don't want to do.
That's not true.
Costa Rica
during hurricane season.
You promised me no tropical
storms and I got stuck in one.
Or how about the Alaskan cruise
you made me go on
when I told you
I get seasick easily
and you claimed Alaskan cruises
are so much smoother?
They usually are.
Listen, I just want to reward
you, all you've done this year
with your bestie's
Gals Gone Global Travel show
has tripled female subscribers.
And the Christmas in Cabo trip
you two took
last year, it's still a hit.
Sonny, they're all in a rush
to offer
all the ladies activities
that you inspired.
Wow! That's amazing!
You know, I honestly,
I never thought so many women
would wanna be traveling
together over the holidays.
A-are you kidding? Daughters
and moms are booking like crazy.
Oh, and we're even
helping sponsor
a widows' group retreat.
Plus, they're all
using the hashtag
that you used on that trip, ha!
Really? I mean,
that was such a silly hashtag.
Who cares? It stuck!
And now the resorts are calling,
asking how they can partner
for other
seasonal-themed stays, too.
Not to mention, the Gals Gone
Global network exec called
and they wanna know
how they can team up again ASAP.
Between our magazine
and their network,
we have something here.
And we wanna keep it going.
So here's a little something
to aid in that.
- A bonus?
- An incentive to stay.
Partially paid for
by our new subscribers.
This is so amazing. Thank you.
- I know. You're welcome.
- But wait.
Is there an ulterior need here?
Look, I know that you said
you wanted to go home
for the holidays this year.
And you said I wouldn't
have to work. You swore.
You have
all these new subscribers,
and they are your new fans,
and I'm sure
they would love to know what
you're doing over the holidays.
I'm playing Gin Rummy
Over Spiced Rum with my dad,
and I'm watching Christmas
movies with my stepmom.
Nobody wants to read about that.
Look, I'm just saying we have
to give them something.
But wouldn't that defeat
the entire purpose
of you promising me
that I wouldn't have to work
over the holidays
this year again?
Well, maybe just consider that
check a no-strings-attached
thank-you bribe for keeping
your fan following then.
A no-strings-attached bribe?
You are literally
contradicting yourself.
See? I knew you'd understand.
And I know
that whatever you come up with,
it's gonna be spectacular.
Looking forward to it!
- Merry Christmas indeed!
- Merry Christmas, Genevieve!
- Sonny, you home yet?
- Yup! In here!
Open this, immediately.
To celebrate our spot
being a huge hit?
Oh, yes! Our travel spot.
Isn't it amazing?
Our ratings are through the roof
and because of you!
And I even got a promotion.
Bree, that's amazing! Oh.
They're giving me the show. They
are actually giving it to me.
As in, no other hosts, just me.
Gals Gone Global
With Bree Ferris.
Congrats. Congrats.
Cheers to you,
and to my big fat bonus.
What? Ah! Ah...
Why have we never teamed up
before now?
I mean, seriously.
I had no idea how much people
would love how silly we are.
Oh, wait. No.
This is not a celebration.
No, I brought this wine
because I'm losing my mind.
I think Jarod wants to break up
with me. I'm freaking out.
Okay, break up with you? Why?
He cancelled
our entire overseas trip.
My boss wants the proposal
on her desk by New Year's Eve.
- Why can't you work overseas?
- You know Jarod.
He wants to tour all day,
every day.
I won't get anything done,
so then I had to try to cut
the trip in half
and come home Christmas Day.
And instead,
he canceled the entire trip
and said he needed time
to think about us.
Oh, time for what?
I thought you said
you thought he got a...
A ring. I know he did because
I saw it on the statement.
By accident.
Okay, fine, I looked.
But because he said
he was going to Chicago,
he was gonna go home
and think about us
and he has too much time,
he may end it all!
Jarod loves you.
You're gonna be fine.
He's not gonna dump you.
Help me! What are you saying?
What am I gonna do?
I don't know. Um,
maybe you show some compromise.
All right? Maybe you could
propose to him.
How am I gonna do that?
He has the ring.
Or maybe you could
present an environment
where he wants
to propose to you.
Have you thought about
what you're gonna propose?
- For your travel show?
- Yes, actually.
SoCal Ladies' Excursions.
Spas, retreats and SoCal hikes,
so I could be close to home
to plan a wedding.
Well, that's great!
Travel closer to home.
That's a good idea.
Hey, wait.
That's it.
Travel from home.
That's my story.
Hello, you're supposed
to be helping me.
Maybe we can help each other,
I think I have the perfect idea
for you to get back
in Jarod's good graces
in time for
the perfect holiday engagement.
A World-Class
Christmas from home?
Look, before I was born, my
parents took a trip to Ireland
for their honeymoon,
right after Christmas.
And my mom always used to talk
about how magical that trip was.
That's where she first learned
about their "Women's Christmas."
Women's Christmas?
A day in Ireland,
right after the holidays,
where the men
take over all the chores,
all of the cooking,
and they fulfill
all of the woman's needs.
All right,
you have my attention.
Why don't we feature an article
with a bunch of
different Christmas traditions
from all over the world,
and bring them
to homes across America?
It's a fun-filled way
to feel like you're traveling
without traveling.
Okay. I'm starting to feel
something here.
But how do we sell this
without coming across as cheap?
What if this was all a lead-up
to a beautiful holiday proposal
in a sweet, snowy chalet?
Wait, is this
part of your article?
Maybe. I'm doing all of this
in part for Bree.
We're hoping to set the stage
for her boyfriend
to propose to her
on Christmas Eve.
Travel show hostess
with the mostest,
Bree Ferris, getting engaged?
I mean, I don't know
if it's going to happen.
- So I can't promise that part.
- Okay, fine.
But I still like this
world-class Christmas from home.
We can make it as part
of our traveling-on-a-budget
holiday special or something.
It's gonna be fantastic,
I promise.
I'm excited.
Well, go, get to it.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Sonny!
- Paulette, hi.
Hi, sweetheart. It's Sonny.
Hey, sweetie!
When are you coming home?
Hi, dad, I am going to be
heading out sometime tomorrow.
But also, how would you guys
feel about me bringing
some of the old gang home?
- For the holidays?
- Sure, sweetie!
What better place
for you kids to reunite
than where you first met?
I don't suppose Mr. Bravo will
be making an appearance, too?
No, dad. Kip's not coming.
It's just us.
So strange, there's a car
parked right outside of my house
that looks just like Kip's car.
It's so great
to see you, too, Sonny.
I'm sorry, Sonny, I should have
told you that I invited Kip.
To my house.
- And on our trip.
- On our trip?
Oh, I haven't agreed
to anything yet,
but I'm here and I'm present,
and I'm willing
to hear y'all out.
Come here, please,
and talk to me.
I am sorry, Sonny.
We need all hands on deck!
Jarod refused the invite
to your parents'
and Kip may be the only chance
we have to get him there.
So you invited my ex
to my parents' house
for Christmas? Seriously?
You met him there
at your parents'
bed and breakfast two years ago.
It's not like
it's some novel idea.
Spending Christmas with my ex
is most certainly a novel idea.
Not if it's a cute little
Christmas movie.
Wouldn't it be?
Why would you let
your relationship issues
get in between my relationship?
But I'm going to need
an exclusive on your engagement
for the magazine.
Magazine and my travel show.
- Deal?
- Deal.
Don't sit on my pillows.
I bought you
these holiday pillows.
Then stop flattening them
See, there it is,
this is exactly
what I do not wanna be doing
during the holiday season.
I have a very busy farm to get
back to, and I should really...
Kip, you promised
to hear us out.
I think we can assist Jarod
in doing
what he originally planned to do
this Christmas.
- Which is?
- Propose to Bree.
How did you know that?
Because he asked me
her ring size.
- He did? Ah!
- Shh!
I am willing to play nice
and get along
to get them back together, okay?
Okay, all right, I'm listening.
- Okay.
- Go for it.
Okay, I have an idea to create
a Christmas-traditions
since they're not going
on their trip.
Fun traditions
we can participate in together
to get them back together
come Christmas.
Hm. Not bad. Not bad at all.
What are you getting
out of this?
And do not tell me
that this is another one
of your writing schemes,
because I am not aiding
and abetting the self-delusion
that everything in your life
does not revolve around work.
The only thing I care about
right now
is getting them
back together, okay?
I will try and convince
Jarod to come, but only
if your stepmom
makes holiday beignets.
- When do we leave?
- Gosh, yes!
Huh! Look who's here!
There's my little girl.
Looking as young as she did
the day she flew the coop.
Please just tell me you don't
still have my old retainer
in a shadow box in my bedroom.
You know,
when we used to run the B&B,
we had some guests who really
thought retaining your retainer
was a great memory
to hold on to.
Bree, look at you.
We just love watching your show.
I mean, you are the Katie Couric
of women's travel.
Aw, Paulette. That's
a huge compliment, thank you.
I will gladly accept it
my Outstanding Travel Host
Daytime Emmy.
Oh, okay! What's on the agenda,
then? Oh, wait, wait!
I mean, I thought you said
that Jarod was coming with.
Yeah, uh, yeah, it's a long
story and we'll share more
over dinner, but, yes, yes,
he is coming,
supposedly tomorrow,
and with Kip.
- With...
- Oh, but, no.
We are not getting back
together, he's still the same
pain in the rear he was
a year ago when we broke up.
- Okay.
- But we needed his help.
And we promised him
your beignets, so...
All right, then, an assortment
of holiday beignets
for the old gang.
And I can definitely do that.
All right, let's grab your bags,
'cause it's cold out here.
You sound flustered. What's up?
It's just
this new season-one proposal.
I keep coming up with names,
but nothing sticks.
I got it.
of the Wild Wild West Coast.
It's perfect.
- They're here!
- He actually came.
- Ha-ha! This is very slippery.
- Yup!
- But you can handle.
- All right.
Where are we headed?
- And land.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay!
- Where are we, bro?
- Um...
Really? You blindfolded him?
Is, is-is that Sonny?
I thought you said we were gonna
kick it, eat junk food
and sit in a hot tub
surrounded by snow, huh?
Yup, and that's exactly
why we're here.
Kip, you weren't supposed
to blindfold him.
- Babe, I'm so sorry.
- Well...
He wouldn't have come up
any other way.
It is really good
to see you, though.
good to see you, too, babe.
Here we go. Ah. What's all this?
"Welcome to Christmas
Around the World?"
Well, since we couldn't take our
trip, we brought our vacay here.
I'm sorry, you did what?
it was all Sonny's idea.
At least it is good to see
one of you.
And look,
my parents are super stoked
to have us back again for the
holidays. We hope you'll stay.
Well, I still don't know
what all this is about.
Twelve Christmas traditions
from around the globe.
- Oh? My, God, a whole week?
- We have a whole week planned.
Yeah, it'll be just like when
we first met here two years ago.
We met right here
on this very spot
when it was still open
for business.
Well, it was a good
ski weekend, admittedly.
But it's gonna be impossible
to recreate,
especially under the current
circumstances, you know?
I-I'm really just asking for
a chance to make it up to you.
I know you really wanted to take
that trip, and I promise you,
we will, and soon, okay?
All right.
But, hey, for now, at least
give this one a chance?
All right.
Last time I let you
blindfold me.
Get in there.
Hey. We got this in the bag.
You think? We'll see.
We'll see.
This is just as
delicious as I remember it.
I'm glad you still like it.
Thank you.
You know what?
I think we were literally
sitting in these chairs
when we first had dinner
two years ago.
I think you're right.
The only thing we're missing
is that crazy couple
from Seattle
who came to snowboard.
- You remember them? Yes.
- Jeff and Gina.
I actually keep in touch
with them on social.
They love to go to the places
I write about.
They call them
their Sonny Escapes.
Oh, wow!
- What an idea, a Sonny Escape.
- What's that supposed to mean?
What it means is we're gonna
have a lot of little
Sonny Escapes from home
all week long,
starting tomorrow morning
in the kitchen at 10 a.m.,
where we'll be making holiday
rice pudding from Sweden.
Sweden? That was supposed to be
our first stop.
And when we go for real, it'll
be even better rice pudding.
That is a cute idea,
but you, miss,
you're not
off the hook just yet.
Morning! Who's ready to take
Stockholm by storm?
And put the puddin'
in the rice pudding?
This will be cuter after coffee.
Did Kip get up already or what?
Um, yeah,
he, uh, got up earlier.
He, I think, he went
for a dip in the Jacuzzi.
- Morning.
- Excuse me, sir.
Everybody's waiting inside.
It's Rice Pudding day, remember?
Oh, right, right, yeah. You, uh,
could've started without me.
Start without you? Hello, Kip.
You agreed to help
with Bree and Jarod.
And I will,
but I am also on vacation.
So conversely, you're gonna
have to work around
my morning meditations
in the old hot tub here.
Is this gonna be a thing
every day?
Morning meditations usually are.
Okay, fine. Enjoy your vacation.
Look, look. I'm-I'm out.
I'm getting ready.
I'll be inside.
Kip, can we at least agree
on working together
to keep Bree and Jarod together?
Of course. All right?
I'm all about that.
Right. Thank you.
As Swedish tradition
would have it,
whomever receives this lucky
almond in their pudding
is next to marry.
So now what?
We wait for it to cool.
- Hey, man.
- So nice you decided to join us.
That coffee was yours,
but it's cold now.
Great. You know
I love cold brew.
Ooh! These look ready to eat.
Did you take out
all the toothpicks?
Yes, I did.
It's rice pudding. Not pie.
Ah, mm... Um...
Could I talk with you
for a moment?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Why are you pulling me?
I put a red toothpick
where the lucky almond was
in the pudding.
Because we are trying to
make an engagement happen.
What good is the lucky almond if
the couple we wanna get engaged
doesn't get the almond?
You would have known if
you'd been here on time
for the intel like I asked you.
You saw me take the rice pudding
out of the fridge
and you didn't stop me.
What was it
that you were so busy doing?
Was it work?
You said no work,
no schemes, remember?
Okay, fine.
If you'll be on time, I promise
I will refrain from working.
- Do we have a deal?
- Fine.
Can we go
have some rice pudding now?
Time to see
who gets that almond!
- I cannot wait for that almond!
- Oh, great!
Now there's two.
Smaklig maltid!
I-it means bon appetit
in Swedish.
Oh. Cute! Smaklig maltid!
There you go.
Wait. Did you just get the...
Mm, just, um, undercooked rice.
Yay, babe! You got it!
That's really good luck for us.
So, what's next on our
globetrotting holiday agenda?
Well, tonight
we're doing Wigilia,
which is a traditional
Polish dinner.
I do love Polish sausages.
In another fun Polish tradition,
we are going to put fruit
on the tree.
As fun as that sounds, I've
to go into town to get some
last-minute gifts before that
next dump of snow comes in.
Why don't you come with me?
I don't remember all
the good places, and it might be
a good time to give these two
a chance to be alone.
- Right?
- Yeah, right, right, right.
- Right. Okay.
- Great.
Oh, wow, my mom will love this.
- Nope.
- What?
She likes, uh, rustic,
earthy scents.
You know, like pine needles and
log cabins and sage splendor.
Pumpkin cheesecake,
that's too sweet.
Good memory. I thought
she liked pumpkin spice.
Well, pumpkin cheesecake
and spice are different scents.
Oh, try this one.
Holiday sage.
She will love that.
Thank you.
How are your parents, anyway?
They're good. They're skiing
in Mammoth until the 26th.
So they'll come visit the farm
after that.
- And you didn't wanna go skiing?
- Oh, no.
My parents are
way too competitive. No way.
Oh, please,
you are so competitive,
you literally race your dogs.
Yeah, exactly, because
sometimes I actually win.
So my parents are much better
skiers. Why even compete?
How are Duke and Hazzard?
I miss their furry little faces.
They're in need
of a winter grooming,
so if you need
any more gifting ideas...
I have no idea
what to get my parents.
I mean, uh, they have
everything, including candles.
What about a trip to the winery
down in Temecula
that they're always talking
about, where they first met?
That's a really good idea.
Well, how's life
on the farm lately?
Oh, it's going great.
Just built those beehives.
We're pretty excited about that.
Oh. I remember how much
you wanted to do that.
- Yeah.
- How fun.
That must keep you quite busy.
Well, not as busy as you,
traveling and gallivanting
the entire planet.
- Here we go again.
- What?
Well, how my travel job was
the reason for our break-up.
Well, it wasn't
the traveling, Sonny.
It was the fact that you and
Bree stayed in Cabo last year
longer than you promised and we
missed Christmas with my family.
It was one extra day!
Which resulted in you getting
stuck in that tropical storm.
If you left
when you should have...
I have said
I am sorry a 1000 times!
I mean, how was I supposed to
know that the trip would go
viral and that it would be huge
for Bree's show
and-and my column?
Yeah, I'm very sorry
if you were threatened by it.
I-I wasn't threatened, Sonny.
I was just competing
with your job
to spend time with you is all.
That is rich.
You own your own business.
I mean, you make your own hours.
You work around the clock.
You literally never stop.
Yes, and I get to walk home
every night
and sleep in my own bed.
A freezing one, because your,
your fiery insides
can't handle warm blankets.
Oh, well, you never
seemed to complain.
And as I recall,
you used to take, no, no,
steal the bedspread and double
it over so that you can give
that icy-cold-winter heart of
yours an extra layer of warmth.
Yeah, uh-huh.
Oh, you, you're the worst! Hm!
But that was good.
I've been working on that one
for a while.
Why the apples and oranges?
Oh, the Polish used to only use
apples to decorate their tree
because it reminded them
of the Garden of Eden.
But now they use all sorts of
stuff, like candies and nuts.
So after this, we're gonna make
some string ornaments
out of all that.
- Garden of Eden, huh?
- Yup.
You know, Eve really made a mess
of things with the apple.
She deserved
a bit of redemption, no?
You know,
I am glad you did this,
but I'm still upset, you know?
Like, I know it was impossible
for you to take
a three-week vacation with your
boss' demands for the proposal,
but... we were planning that
for a long time.
I know.
What was I supposed to do? Quit?
No, no, no, no, no.
Of course not.
I mean, I know
how much you love your job,
and-and you're great at it.
I just, like...
I just wanna make sure
we're on the same page if we're
considering the next chapter.
You and me both.
Okay. All right.
So you're telling me
whichever single lady
pulls the green straw
from underneath the tablecloth
will be the next to get married?
What if it's different
than who got the almond earlier?
Well, then we'll have
a double wedding.
- Hoo!
- That's good.
- Whoa! And they're off!
- Ho-ho!
Wait, let-let me take a photo
real quick.
So cute!
- Hold that thought.
- Oh, he's not convinced.
- Oh, come on!
- Oh, my goodness!
What do you think
is still there, Jarod?
- Hey, I'm innocent, okay?
- He thinks we cheated.
- All right, I can see it.
- About time.
Well, cheers!
Is it just me
or is there still a little
something-something brewing
between you and Kip?
- It's definitely just you, dad.
- Ooh.
Definitely not just dad.
- You two are terrible together.
- What?
I mean, you're great,
but you are
terrible together
when it comes to me.
Okay, so now I'm the bad guy,
of course.
Not the bad guy.
Just the nosy one.
What do you expect?
Uh, you never told us
what happened between you two.
- Yeah.
- I mean, you guys were great.
And then, after last Christmas,
it was suddenly over.
I told you
I was going to Santa Barbara
to see his family last
Christmas, and I missed it.
Well, he was very upset,
and he said he needed
a little break from us.
And I had just come back
from that three-day storm.
You know, I-I was
very emotional and upset.
And so I told him
to take forever, and he did.
It's my fault.
I don't blame him.
Honey, you know I love you.
But you kinda screwed
that one up.
- Yeah.
- No, i-it's for the best.
He was always giving me grief
about how much I had to travel.
You didn't ever
try to travel less?
Why should I change
my whole life
and travel less
just to appease him?
I'm just saying.
All relationships
are a compromise.
And maybe you could have
traveled a bit less.
And maybe he could have
gone with her a bit more.
Exactly. Thank you, Paulette.
But did you ever ask?
Is this really a Czech
Republic Christmas tradition,
or are you just playing with us
at this point?
Of course it is!
Come on, let's take a selfie
with our lucky boots.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
So we took our boot off,
and the idea is now,
we turn our backs to the door,
we throw it over one shoulder
and whichever one
lands closest to and
pointing towards the door...
And lemme guess,
whichever one lands best
is next in line to get married.
- Exactly!
- Wow.
You're really knocking us
on our heads
with that whole marriage thing,
aren't ya?
Would you rather us
choose a different target?
- For the boot to land?
- No! The door, please!
Um, by all means, go ahead.
Okay, okay. Ready?
One, two...
- You guys want your eggs scra...
- Three!
I'm sorry, dad.
Uh, I'll take mine
scrambled, Cliff. Thanks.
Sorry, Cliff.
Should we do
the cherry twigs now?
- Yeah, yeah. Great idea.
- Cool.
This is another tradition
from the Czech Republic.
But it's just a bunch of twigs.
They're not just twigs.
These are cherry blossom twigs.
The idea is that you pick one,
you put it in a mason jar
with some water, and if it
blooms by Christmas Eve...
You're next to get married.
Well, within a year, but, yes.
Go on. You guys go ahead
and pick one.
Let me..
What? Aren't we
pulling one, too?
Individually, of course.
All yours.
Okay. What's next?
Well, our next stop
was Thessaly,
and in their grand tradition,
we must burn cedar branches
to see which one burns fastest.
Only, I couldn't find
cedar branches in the city,
so it looks like
we're gonna have to scour out
and try to find some out here.
Kinda like
our first time up here.
We ran out of firewood.
We had to go foraging for some.
It was guys versus gals.
And we will beat you
this time, too.
Is that so, Bravo?
Fine. You're on.
Y'all are going down.
Whoa, hey, slow down.
And where are we going?
We already passed
two cedar trees already.
I know
where the perfect cedar sits.
This time we are gonna chop
those boys down to size.
Hey, keep your eye
on the prize here.
I am trying to get a proposal
from Jarod,
and you have a story to write,
about all this.
I know, I just...
He bugs me.
Does he, though?
Because it seems like you two
still have a little something.
We do not.
My dad said the same thing.
I don't know why everybody
keeps saying that.
I don't know, maybe because
it's obvious that you do.
And how do you know what it is
if you don't try?
We did try, and it didn't work.
I'm just saying, he's here now,
why not just take the time
to talk?
It's not too late.
That's it. Come on!
- Oh, yeah.
- Right?
These dry hidden ones
are gonna fizzle down nice.
You just can't stand
to lose, can you?
This is a challenge we get
to actually play, is it not?
Seems like
everything between you and her
is a little challenge.
What, me and Sonny?
- W-What do you mean?
- Oh, come on.
You didn't just come up here
for me and Bree and you know it.
You came up here to find out if
she still has feelings for you.
Now that you know she does,
you're back to playing
the same games that got you
broken up in the first place.
What are you talking about here?
You're still making her pay
for what she did.
But wasn't
you walking away enough?
Me, walking away?
Coming from the guy
who's considering
not proposing
to the girl he loves.
Hey, but I came, didn't I?
I stayed.
And I'm giving this a shot.
Now, Sonny may have messed up,
but you're the one
that keeps running away.
Duly noted, by the way,
on the off chance
that you do decide to pop
the big question...
Snuck this with me
outta your house the other day
when I picked you up.
Where did you even find this?
It was literally on your desk.
You are terrible at hiding.
You taking a fireside boomerang?
Look, it's not work if I mantle
a phone and hit a button.
I'm still enjoying myself,
am I not?
Okay. But is it work?
Fine. No phone. And what's with
the inquisition, anyway?
May I remind you, I was very
present when we were together.
I never worked
when you and I traveled.
But you did everywhere else.
Plus, I only felt like
you did that for me.
You ever think about
doing that for you?
You have a point, I admit.
It was nice to just,
just travel for once,
and not make it work.
And I'll admit, traveling with
a travel editor had its perks.
You always knew the best places,
best sites, greatest food.
Plus, I really did enjoy
knowing that you knew
just enough
of a foreign language to get by.
I really did love those accents.
Merci beaucoup.
I just wanted
to thank you for all this.
It's been so much fun
being back here.
And I think Jarod is really
having a wonderful time.
You're welcome.
I honestly wish
this story wasn't even a thing
and I could just enjoy
all of us being together again
with no pressures.
I have barely had a second
to work on this, and Kip,
he's starting to think I'm doing
something sus back out here.
Um, because you are.
I understand Kip's issues
with me working too much, okay?
A-a-and I want to be
more present.
I just wish that I could
find a way to write
and to organize all of this
and enjoy myself, too.
Oh. Well, honey,
that looks great!
- Mm! Something smells amazing.
- Well, it should.
Cliff has been in the kitchen
since sun-up
preparing the perfect
holiday breakfast feast
for Women's Christmas.
We're at the mercy of the ladies
today, fellas.
Anything they want, we must do.
So one of you can go right over
here and start chopping
that fruit and the other
can make a fresh pot of coffee
because I need another.
In Ireland, Women's Christmas
is traditionally
on January 6th,
but today, it's here.
That'll be more holiday helpers!
Well, well,
speaking of holiday helpers,
here you are, sir.
- Oh, great!
- And for you.
Of course.
Jonathan, Victor?
Oh, my gosh! Hi!
What's the saying?
"The more the merrier?"
Or is it
"The mostest the merriest?"
I can never remember. Hi.
- It's so good to see you.
- I know.
I miss our Sunday brunches ever
since you guys moved to Venice.
And you know I see you way too
much on FaceTime and TV, but hi.
I-I can't believe you're here!
Well, my sister called
late last night and said
you were in some dire need
of professional help, so...
And we couldn't find anyone
like that on such short notice.
- So instead you get us.
- Well, thank you.
But I-I don't know how much
there is to help with.
Well, you said it last night.
You need some help
with your top secret story.
Jonathan, you are
the best party-thrower I know,
so you're gonna help
with the festivities.
And, Victor, you're gonna start
documenting everything right now
starting with this
beautiful collection of berries
that's going
right in this wreath,
just like they do in Ireland.
- All right.
- Pictures, please.
- Oh, oh, right.
- Oh, we're really doing this.
Say, Hashtag Cabo's
Lit Ladies Christmas!
Ooh. Uh, no. Even it out
a little on the left.
It's, uh, clumpy,
like your baking.
- All right, got it.
- Okay, let's get a pic.
Uh, so why the Irish tradition
Oh, it's Women's Christmas,
and we call all the shots.
We have lots to do, boys. So get
your stuff and let's come in.
- Oh, boy.
- Oh, my gosh.
What did you get us into?
Would you rather be going
to bingo night
in Pomona with your parents?
Oh, I am so happy to be here.
That's the spirit.
- Hello!
- Hi!
You're just in time.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo!
- Okay.
- God bless Ireland.
I love Women's Christmas!
Who wants a mimosa?
- Oh. Yes, please.
- I do.
Hey, I found the candles.
Oh, perfect.
Do you think there's enough?
I think we can get by
with these.
Okay, so let's see
what we have left here.
I see you have a list of... 12.
- Five down, seven to go.
- Okay.
And the rest need to be supreme,
which is why you two are here.
Tonight we're
gonna do a Down Under tradition
of caroling by the candlelight
Tomorrow we're gonna transform
the backyard
into the Philippines.
Uh, says we're also doing
Italy's tradition
of wearing colorful underwear.
Bellissimo! I've got tons and I
know exactly which ones to wear.
And I come bearing hot cocoa for
the ladies and our new arrivals.
Why, thank you, Kip.
I'm good, thanks.
Mm! These are yummy.
Is that Irish cream in there?
Okay, I'll have some.
I put a little peppermint in
yours, just the way you like it.
Thanks, Kip. That's very sweet.
You guys enjoy.
Mm, it is good.
It's cute.
Oh, wow, they've got you guys
making ornaments now, huh?
Mm-hmm. And mine's gonna be
the best one on the tree.
That's right, babe.
You're killing it.
Yeah, like,
you're literally killing it.
All right,
I'll be back in a while.
Wait. Where are you going?
Uh, into town, to find
some place for caroling.
- I should drive you then.
- Why?
Well, you had a mimosa
for breakfast
and an Irish cream cocoa,
what, an hour ago.
Responsibility first, sweetie.
- Let's go.
- Great. I'll get my coat.
Um, I need to take this.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll just pop up ahead.
Uh, Genevieve. Hi.
- Merry, merry! How's our story?
- I'm, uh, working on it.
I haven't had a lot of time
to write much yet.
If you can write a four-page
column about an African safari
while on safari,
I don't see the problem.
Well, um, Kip is up here
and he doesn't know I'm working.
And, uh, to be honest,
the whole thing is just
starting to feel icky now.
Uh, Kip, your ex,
is up there with you?
Um, now I'm confused.
Bree's soon-to-be-fiance
is Kip's best friend,
and we met when
they were skiing up here.
Oh, I get it, so you're up there
romancing instead of writing.
That's what I hear?
Look, Kip agreed to come if
I promised not to work up here.
Then just tell him you finished
it after he left, if he
ever asks. No harm, no foul.
You want me to just lie to him?
I think you've
already been lying to him.
And if you don't have
any feelings, then
what does it really matter,
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm-I'm fine.
This is the place, right?
Yeah. Yeah, this is perfect.
Hey, let's turn that frown
upside down.
I'll get you a lemon scone,
all warmed up,
just the way you like it.
Together. Say alcohol.
Cute. Okay. Love.
You know,
I thought we were gonna
sing the carols
in an Aussie accent.
Oh you did, did you? Well, they
don't sing it that way, either.
You have
a strangely good accent, Bravo.
Were you an Aussie
in a former life?
Would that make me sexier, mate?
Ooh. Say crikey!
Absolutely not. No.
Crikey, it's almost Christmas.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
What's up?
Where are we going now?
Into town to help
Cliff and Paulette shop
for the feast tomorrow.
Oh, thanks for the great idea.
Why does it feel like you guys
tryna get me out of the house?
- No.
- Trust me.
It's better not to ask.
- Come on.
- Wow.
- Are they gone now?
- They're gone.
And the stage is ours.
Oh! Yeah, and check this out.
I took some amazing photos
of the caroling by candlelight
from last night.
- Oh, let's see.
- Look at that.
- Oh, that's so sweet.
- These are really nice.
Oh, that is cute. Wait.
Favorite this one for sure.
- Oh, that's so cute.
- Oh, those are, uh, super nice.
- Yeah.
- What's, uh...
What's all these in the boxes?
We are creating the perfect date
night for Bree and Jarod.
So if he is gonna ask her
to marry him,
tonight would be the night.
- Okay.
- Hear that, Kip?
Feel free to put the bug
in your bestie's ear.
Now, now, Jarod is a big boy.
Let's not force anything.
All we have to do is
set the tone, create some magic
and give them the vacation
they never got.
The rest, it's up to them.
- All right.
- Fair enough.
This is gonna be nice,
I think, and much more
ecofriendly than most
flying lanterns turn out to be.
Speaking of, I started using
those, um, dissolvable
laundry detergent sheets
you recommended. They're great.
They work just the same.
Wait, wait, wait.
That was recent.
You saw that where? In my post.
You stopped following me. Spill.
Fine. I may have looked
at your stories once or twice.
- From Bree's phone.
- Oh, Bree's phone.
That's only because,
you know, I had wine
and went against
my better judgment.
All right. No harm, no foul.
I'm flattered you think of me
when you have wine, though.
And, admittedly,
I still read your column.
It's turned out to be
quite a hit.
Thank you. I'd hope so.
I definitely put in the time
and I travel more than I'd like.
You have invited me
on several work trips
that I could've tried to go on.
I didn't have to go
on all of them, I...
I could've gone to some.
I appreciate that.
Um, I must admit
that I could, uh,
learn to say no a little more.
But didn't you say you wanted
to take some time off
once you checked off Europe,
a travel-companion guidebook?
Yeah, you're right.
I guess I did check that off
my list this summer.
Yeah, yeah, not that I knew.
Counting or anything.
Oh, I think we're done here,
you know?
Yeah, the only thing we need
is a little music.
Right this way.
- Mabuhay!
- Hey.
How did you guys like
our traditional lantern festival
from the Philippines?
This is beautiful, babe.
Thank you.
Oh, don't thank me.
Thank the dream team.
Thank you, guys. Thank you.
Got you, man.
Well, tonight was a success.
If we don't get a proposal
after this,
Jarod doesn't even deserve her.
We both know how perfect
they are for each other.
What do you think went wrong
between us?
Why is it so difficult for us
to communicate?
I think we both have
big personalities.
But we also wanted to please
each other so badly
that we often left
a lot of feelings unsaid.
You know, when we first met,
I wasn't even looking
for a relationship.
And I didn't expect
to fall so crazy for you.
I think I was tough on you
than you needed.
But maybe I did need it,
you know?
But I just didn't wanna hear it
until it was too late.
I wasn't ready to meet you,
either. I...
I mean, not when my career
was finally taking off and...
I just,
I didn't wanna jeopardize that.
Well, maybe that's what
you needed at the time.
Everything happens
for a reason, right?
I never apologized
for missing Christmas
with your parents last year.
I, I used every excuse
in the book.
I lied to myself that it wasn't
my fault. And it was.
I'm really sorry, Kip.
Thanks for that.
You know,
if it's any consolation,
my parents
still really love you.
Oh. You don't need one of these.
I was just coming
to look for you.
I need to talk to you,
but not here.
I'll meet you downstairs
in five.
I think I'm just gonna propose
to Jarod first.
What do you think?
- You bought him a ring, too?
- Shh!
Of course I got him a ring.
I got it ages ago
when I found out he got me one.
The accident. Right.
Focus, please. What should I do?
Do you want to ask him?
Or are you just being
impatient now
because you want him to ask you?
I'm ready. And I don't care
who asks who first.
Bree, that's sweet.
Look, if last night
is any indication,
the candy is in the stocking.
You can't go wrong.
- Follow your heart.
- Okay. Right.
Uh, I don't wanna
steal the moment
if he already
has something planned.
So maybe I'll just wait
till tomorrow night then.
That's a wonderful idea.
Okay, right.
Well, how is the story coming?
Did you make any headway
No. No.
And honestly, I-I don't think
it's gonna happen.
- What?
- I cannot keep lying to Kip.
There's just this...
Something between you.
Finally she admits it.
Well, I mean, it's not like
everybody didn't notice anyways.
Well, so what are you
gonna do then?
I don't know.
I hope that my boss
doesn't fire me
for not delivering.
Hey, you'll figure it out.
I mean, look, maybe since
you're making such sacrifices,
you guys will really have
a shot at it this time. Right?
Let me see.
- It's cute.
- Bree...
Okay, so I spoke to Jarod
this morning, and between us,
I think an eagle is gonna be
landing tomorrow night.
A shiny gold eagle?
- Oh, yeah.
- Okay, then.
Well, I hope he beats
our snow bunny to the punch.
Is that like a thing?
I'm way ahead of you.
I believe she's waiting
for the gold eagle
to fly down and swoop her up.
Where did you come from?
You hear all that?
I heard it all.
Understood none.
Your secret language
is safe with me.
Is it just me or does he
kind of remind you of...
Elf On A Shelf?
I heard and understood that.
- Smells good.
- Like? Good?
Do I really look like
an Elf On A Shelf?
- You're my elf on the shelf.
- Oh, look!
Thank you, everyone,
for helping us celebrate
colorful under-attire in honor
of Italy's holiday traditions.
And to further underscore
the tradition,
I have made sweet, sugar-glazed
Italian Christmas cookies.
Oh, Paulette,
these look delicious.
Let's not get too full, guys.
We have a French holiday feast
later today.
Oh, yeah, and did I hear that
a King's Cake is also involved
in this feast?
That's right.
In one of our final
worldly traditions,
we will finish our feast
with a King's cake,
normally served six days
after the New Year,
but which we will celebrate
early this year, and in which
this tiny charm will hide.
Oh! Ooh!
Whomever finds
this tiny lucky charm,
also called a feve in French,
will be able to choose
his or her holiday prince.
Oh! Oh.
We're so gonna get it.
Or princess?
Your choice.
I'm gonna get that, baby.
Hey, I have an idea.
Why don't we take turns
going around the table
and sharing
our favorite Christmas memory?
Aw... Well,
that's an easy one for us.
- Christmas in Colorado.
- Christmas in Costa Rica!
Wait, what?
Breckenridge was way better.
We skied, had hot toddies,
fell asleep by the fireplace
every night.
- No. You skied, I fell.
- Wow.
You had toddies,
but I don't like whiskey.
Costa Rica
was the perfect holiday.
- We swam, we hiked.
- Oh, yeah.
Where I woke up with a spider
the size of my face on my face.
- Thanks a lot, Santa.
- Oh, that's called karma.
Jonathan, for leaving me
with mom and grams
two years in a row.
What? We were honeymooning.
Okay, then, Bree, your turn.
Well, I think my fave Christmas
would be two years ago, right
here, when we met these two.
You know what? I concur.
- How about you, dear?
- Um...
Um, my favorite Christmas
was the last one
I spent with my mom,
'cause we knew, you know,
it was gonna be the last
and so we really
made the most of it.
How about you, honey?
For me it would
have to have been
the first Christmas I spent
with this one here.
Sonn was born in early February,
so she must have been
about ten months or so,
and we could not get her to look
away from the Christmas tree.
O-or any lights for that matter.
She just wanted to grab 'em
so bad.
And once, when your mom
was taking you down the stairs,
she got a hold of a strand
and ripped the entire strand,
garland and all,
right off of the banister.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, wow.
I mean, that was the best.
Watching you
waddle around that house,
chasing after
those little lights...
You know, it's funny,
my, uh, my parents said
I love the lights, too.
Except, I would try to eat them.
Well, what was
your favorite holiday?
Oh, there were, uh,
so many growing up,
um, it's kind of a blur really.
Maybe the best
is still yet to come.
But I will say,
two years ago when we came here,
it's a hard one to beat.
I agree.
Although, this one
it's giving it
stiff competition.
I will cheer to that
and to Jonathan's hit
holiday Sangria.
- Salut!
- Salut!
Hear, hear.
What do we do if we
chew the charm by accident?
- Chew carefully, dear.
- Yeah.
It's not exactly an almond.
This is rigged. I want a redo.
There is no rigging.
I placed the charm.
- No one knew where it was.
- Well...
Looks like someone needs to pick
her Prince Charming.
Who will it be?
Merry Christmas,
Prince Charming.
Ay maldito, bravo.
You cursed, homeboy.
I'm so sorry, Nutcracker Prince.
This Charming Prince
stole my cold little heart
quite some time ago.
This is awesome. Thanks, guys.
Excuse me,
I-I need to take this.
- I got it.
- Yeah? Thanks.
Hm, you wanna ring my bell?
Merry almost Christmas. I think
you know why I'm calling.
Yeah, and unfortunately,
I cannot in good conscience do
this story you're asking for.
Why? What happened?
You know how important
my career is to me
and how hard I worked to keep
you and our subscribers happy.
Well, you know, at some point
I have to think about
my happiness as well.
I just hope you forgive me
and, uh, not fire me.
Fire you? Sonny...
You are the best
writer I have on the staff.
I'm so proud of the work
that we've done.
I would, I would never fire you
for putting your needs first.
Just maybe give me something
great for New Year's, then?
- Okay?
- Okay.
Now, that I can promise.
And you might even have
a travel-book proposition
on your desk by New Year's.
A book proposal?
All right, now I'm listening.
Thank you for understanding,
Of course.
All right, all right, um,
get back to that spiked cider
and have a very Merry Christmas,
all right?
Bye, Genevieve. Merry Christmas.
You must be freezing.
Thank you.
Everything all right?
- Everything's perfect.
- Okay.
We, uh, gonna stay out here
all night?
- Inside.
- Get warm.
Guys, what are we wrapping?
Oh, these are gifts
for mom and grams.
Jonathan is gonna
stop by there tomorrow
after they go by
Victor's parents'.
Jonathan and Victor,
it is sad to see you go,
but thank you so much
for being here
for some
of our worldly traditions.
Yeah, this has been
a total treat.
So thanks for having us, guys.
Yes. Oh, uh...
Let me airdrop you the photos
from this week before I forget,
for your little article.
- Little article?
- Um...
- I need to use the bathroom.
- Me, too.
- Wow!
- Kip, look.
I was going to tell you.
But, um, I thought about it
and I decided it was better
to not do the article at all.
So I'm not doing it. That's what
I was talking to my boss about.
She said fine,
and so all I have to do
is a piece for New Year's Eve,
Oh, isn't that wonderful,
Not really.
And you decided this now?
Two weeks after you told me that
you wouldn't be working up here?
- You promised.
- Things are different now.
When I said that...
I didn't think you needed
to know about the article.
We were broken up, I...
Honestly, it wasn't even
any of your business,
and I-I would have done anything
to have you bring Jarod up here.
Bree is my best friend.
And I'm assuming
you knew about this?
I didn't know it was
a touchy subject. I mean..
- Is it that big of a deal?
- Actually, it is.
Because she promised me.
And this is exactly the type
of stuff that you used to pull
that broke us up
in the first place, Sonny.
Kip, I'm sorry.
But I just put my column
and my job on the line for you
because I still love you!
I mean,
what do you want from me?
I-I cannot change this now.
But that's just it.
You haven't changed, Sonny.
And it's not the fact that
you lied to me two weeks ago.
It's that you brought me
up here, pulled me in
and made me fall for you
all over again.
All the while,
you were doing what you do best,
prioritizing your work
over the person you love.
And it feels
just like last Christmas.
And I feel like a fool, again.
Oh, God.
Merry Christmas.
We'll see you New Year's.
Party at your place, I can't
wait. We will be there.
And you'll be early
to help set up.
Hey, everything will work
itself out, all right?
And if not,
we'll have plenty of champs
waiting for you at Bree's.
Thank you, Jonathan,
for everything.
And you, too, Victor.
Hey, I'm sorry about
being that guy
that spilled the beans
about your article.
That kind of behavior is usually
reserved for Jonathan.
Okay, come on. Let's go already.
- Bye, guys. Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas!
We're gonna head into downtown,
get a couple of things
for tomorrow.
Well, didn't my dad say
he got everything?
We are almost out of butter.
And most of the recipes
require it, so...
- Yeah.
- All right. No.
I don't need anything. Thanks.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You forgot something
at the house.
You guys.
It's your cherry twigs
in a mason jar.
Oh, and a gift from us.
It's actually
a grooming gift card
for your dogs,
'cause they need it badly.
Much appreciated. Thanks, guys.
Well, it's a bummer
you're not sticking around
for the rest of the traditions,
'cause tonight
we're lighting up the Yule log.
it's a British tradition
and I was very much looking
forward to having you
come in hot with your accent.
Yeah, um, I-I don't think
it's a good idea.
Maybe we shouldn't meddle
in your business with Sonny,
but, but I know she's had a hard
time finishing that article
this week, and I know
it's because of you.
I don't see
how that changes anything.
Oh, but it does.
You remember that time
she got stuck in Cabo?
That was my idea
to stay an extra day.
I pushed her to do it,
just like her boss pushed her
to make this article happen.
You can't blame her
for being a good friend.
Yeah, you see,
that's the problem, though.
She always put
work and friendship
ahead of the relationship.
Oh, but you're not together now.
She doesn't owe you anything.
Okay, maybe she lied. But what
choice did you give her?
I know you think
Sonny hasn't changed,
but you came between her
and her job again.
All I'm saying is that maybe
there's more than one person
If all you wanna do
is punish her
and make her pay
for what she did,
wasn't giving up last time
enough for you?
Hey, how you doing?
Good. Just soaking in
this mountain morning sun.
- It's afternoon.
- Is it?
It kind of feels nice not to
have some deadline for once.
Yeah. I'd imagine so.
We didn't need butter, did we?
Did you talk to him?
We did. And I don't think
it did any good.
And he's already headed down
the road, I think, but I tried.
Thank you, Bree.
You're a good friend,
when we're not
getting in trouble.
Yeah. Thank you.
Jarod and I are a lot better
because of you.
I don't know why your parents
still have this swing set.
I mean, since they retired, it's
not like families and guests
are coming by all the time.
Yeah, you know, I asked them
about it a couple of years ago
when they retired.
My dad said he's keeping it up
just in case
grandchildren pop up.
Oh, that sounds
just like your dad.
You still think about
having kids?
Not much lately.
I mean, of course,
I've thought about it.
I thought about it a lot more
when I met Kip.
But you-you can't have kids
As we know,
there's a lot we can't do.
But we figure it out.
We're women.
We endure childbirth.
There's not a lot we can't do.
Plus, you'd be home a lot more
if you started working
on that book you've been
talking about doing.
You know, I talked to Genevieve
about it. She was into it.
Yeah, it's something
to start thinking about.
But we just struck gold
with all of these new fans.
How are Girls Gone Global
if I'm stuck at home?
Yeah, but the fans are into us,
not so much the places we go to.
Why don't we travel together?
I can propose this
to the network.
Gals Gone Global,
The Wild Wild West Coast
- Ah. Oh, that's not bad.
- Mn-mn.
Genevieve said that the network
wanted to partner with us again.
Oh, and we could do a podcast.
And then you could work
on your book from the road.
Oh... That sounds so perfect.
They used to start
with an entire tree
and then the remains
of the previous year's tree
they would save to burn
during the 12 days of Christmas.
Bit by bit.
So maybe we need to make sure
we save some for next year.
Maybe I'm gonna get us
a whole tree now.
- And start doing it right.
- I like that. Now...
Speaking of doing it
right, I must confess that
I did not enhance, my Yule log
sponge cake is really
more of a Yule log
sponge pudding at this moment,
but it's delicious.
So, you know, there is that.
I just wanna say,
no complaints, whatsoever.
To Cliff and Paulette.
Thank you so very much
for hosting us again.
I concur. Cheers.
Any time.
Every year if you like.
- Absolutely.
- We're always here.
This is tradition
number ten, right?
So what are
other two traditions?
- Should we then...
- Yeah.
Let's, uh, open up
our stockings.
- Okay, you go first.
- No.
I think you should go first.
You know, Sonny told me
about this Germanic legend,
that on Christmas Eve,
the pure of heart
will see the rivers
flow with wine
and the trees
will bear down fruit.
The animals will speak
and the mountains would open up
to show their gems.
And bells can be heard ringing
underneath the sea.
Bree Ferris,
no matter where we are,
at home or over the ocean,
that is how I feel
every time I'm with you.
Every day is like Christmas Eve.
And all I know
is that I never wanna spend
another one without you.
will you please... marry me?
Yes, of course.
All right.
- You did it.
- Okay, you open yours.
- Now get it.
- Well...
Since you already know
the Germanic legends,
you probably also know the one
about the gold ring
in a stocking.
- Yay! Oh, yay!
- All right.
Congratulations, you two.
Oh. Thanks, man.
Thanks, Kip.
You came back.
Of course.
What kind of a best man
misses best friend's engagement?
Now, could he?
You telling Jarod
to put the ring in the stocking
as part of the event,
smooth move, Kravitz.
Well, I must admit
I had a little help.
Thank you for being
a great informant, bravo.
You know, you and I, we make
not such a bad team
when we're on the same side.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You know, I, uh,
I didn't come back
just to witness the engagement.
You didn't?
I came back because
I think you should turn in that
piece about the 12 traditions.
- Why is that?
- Well...
I can't have you skipping that
and then doing a New Year's
piece when we're really supposed
to be enjoying
Bree and Jarod's crazy party.
Wait, are you now telling me
that you and I
are going to Bree's
New Year's party together?
you'll have me.
Sonny, I am so, so, sorry.
You made a tiny mistake again
and I reacted poorly again.
It was the same silly
action-reaction as before.
And all I really want
is for you and I to start over.
The new me and the new you
who are honest and open and...
Prioritize each other's needs.
- Yeah.
- I 100 percent agree.
So... what now?
Well, um, I hope
you spend the rest
of Christmas Eve with us.
Um, apparently, there is some
really yummy
Yuletide sponge pudding.
- I hear.
- Can't wait.
Plus, I really don't wanna miss
another Christmas with you, Kip.
That makes two of us, then.
Did I miss the last tradition?
There were 12. Right?
Uh, no, you didn't.
the, the last tradition
is actually an American one
and it is right above our head
right now as we speak.
You are so good.
You totally knew that was there.