The Homeless Student (2008) Movie Script

Oh! Good, good, good!
It's in. It's in, Tamuchin.
Do you want to enter the Guinness?
That's really awesome. That's a talent.
- Right.
- Right, a talent.
Oh! Let's put one more in.
You don't want your report card?
I'll show it to everyone.
It's okay if you show it,
my grades are good so I'm fine with it.
He is full of self-confidence.
How is it? Acceptable?
It's way worse than acceptable.
Let's put the silly aside, and talk about how to spend your summer.
- It's full A's.
- How many?
It's all A's. That's really bad.
- Ah, this one is good.
- That doesn't comfort me.
He has a bright personality. Makes the class...
You're not going home?
I'm waiting for Yoshiya and Tetsubou.
What are they doing?
They're taking so long to clean.
Do you want to go watch a movie during summer vacation?
A movie.
What do you think?
I'll go.
I'll call you later.
Sorry, I took a long time to waxing the floor.
Yes. I did it.
My life is brilliant.
You don't have much club activity over the summer, right?
Yeah, let's hang out.
How about camping?
That sound good.
Let's go on a trip or something.
- Then I'll call you.
- Okay, see you.
What's this?
What? It's locked.
What's going on?
Wait, What's going on?
It's locked.
The key doesn't fit.
- What's this?
- Wait.
- This is not funny.
- I don't get this.
- It's yours.
- It's mine.
My yogurt.
Our furniture.
What is it?
You're really eating it.
Even if I left it, it'll only spoil.
Eh! What's this?
Older brother!
What's this? When I came back, it was like this.
Come come come here!
Hurry look!
- It's locked.
- You can't open it.
Really, wait, the key doesn't fit.
- You really can't go in?.
- For real.
See... It's sealed.
Older brother, have you heard about it?
Let's calm down.
It's alright.
Alright. What's alright?
- No, maybe it's not alright.
- Which is it?
For now, let's wait for Dad.
Since we don't anything,
we can't do anything.
Oh, all three of you are gathered?
Dad, what's going on?
For now, line up.
As you can see,
though it's truly a shame...
we've lost the ability to enter our home.
I know it's going to be hard, but
from now on, each of you work hard
and live your lives.
Ok, you're dismissed.
With that, take care.
Wha... what?
The Homeless Student
The towels are in there.
Where we'll go?
Probably a relative's house, eh?
Yeah, relatives... thanks to dad,
It'll definitely be awkward
Jeez don't cry, Satsuko
I just... you know, this isn't just for today.
I mean, it's going to be like this forever... You're still in college
Hiroshi, you're only in middle school--you're just a kid!
How are we going to live from now?
Don't worry so much, I'll take care of it.
Let's just worry about where to sleep.
I'll leave.
You don't have to worry about me, I'll be fine on my own
There's no way you'll be fine on your own
I can come back at any time
No. We're going to stay together
It's really okay -- no, you can't
Then what? Where are we going to sleep?
I don't know. Somewhere
What - what are you guys doing?
Let's go
I'm okay, I'll just stay at a friends' house! Don't worry!
If you're okay, you can take my bike.
There's a convenience store--
Are you really okay?
I got it!
Park I found
Called "Swirl poop" park
Because they have a big slide look like a poop
It felt good at summer night
I decided this is my home but
I found some problems
first half day here.
This park didn't have a toilet.
Are you pooping here?
No, I'm not
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
Food is also a problem.
I paid a half off "bento" ( lunch box)
Your change is 2 yen.
Thank you for your purchase.
13 yen is all I have now.
What will happen tomorrow?
Go somewhere else.
Cause this poop is mine, moron.
And you look like a monkey
Monkey?---------Yap! Monkey
Why you calling me a monkey?!-----------You are monkey
You are look like one.----------Ha?
You are the monkey----------Monkey
You are!----------No, you are!
Listen. This poop is mine.
And this is my house.
That's right. My house.
Get out.
He is my enemy.
But he is not only one.
Nice, right?
I found a new discovery, too.
If i keep drinking a water about 5minute, that will filled up my tummy.
Hey! Poop moron.
He is here. I'm sure of it.
I can't believe it! He really here.
I told you so. He is poop moron who lives in poop.
Poop moron
Hey, poop moron. Give us back our poop
That's right!----Yeah!
It's not you guys poop but my poop.
What are you saying? Leave before you make poop stink.
Even I want to leave, I have nowhere to go.
If you won't leave, I will make you leave.
Do it if you can.
That was my worst day.
I lost all my pride.
But I kept pooping a lot.
I wonder why I can keep pooping without eating.
Why you won't answer your phone? I called you so many times.
Freeze! Don't come.
What is it? What?
What? What is it?
What did you do over there?
BTW, when we go to see the movie?
Oh, that.
Well, I can't go.
You told me to go with me. Why? Why not?
Why not?-------I just can't do that anymore.
OK then I don't need to go to the movie with you.
I want to go to your house.
My house?
You already are.
Well, I can't do that, too.
You @ss! F@ck you!
It was killing me.
I also cried.
River of my tears.
If you want start rain, then fall. If you don't then stop!
Welcome! Good evening
Wait a sec, will you?
Want to eat this?
I'm glad you find a place to stay.
I hear your sister is sleeping at Hachiman shinto shrine.
Want this, too?--------Hum.
I guess I need greet your friend.
No need. Everybody seems busy.
Even so, I think I should.
Hiroshi. Hiroshi.
They don't feed you?
I wanted eat with you tonight so I didn't eat there.
I play basketball during a day so I'm just hungry.
Gym teacher likes make us run.
I lied to my brother.
I just couldn't tell him truth.
I spend a whole day at park.
I didn't do anything.
I heard peoples voices
I smelled curry.
I was alone.
I can't.
I can't go there everyday.
I just can't
Hey! Poop moron. Give us back our poop.
Give us back! Give us back!
Give us back!
Give us back!
Hey! Stop it!
Get out!------------Hey!
Hey! Stop it
I'm not poop moron
I'm poop god
If I catch you
You will get diarrhea
I'll get you!
Get you!---------Waaaa
Don't come back!
You moron!
Hey! ---------Moron!
Stupid kids!--------Waaaa
Dear Poop God, My diarrhea won't stop. Please make it stop.
3rd year elementary school. Class2. Yamashita Shinichi
That day become great day
I got a lot of stuff.
How long I have to stay here?
Yum! I love good Tofu.
I know, right? Make you warm, too.
Did you change Tofu bland?------No I didn't.
Taste good.
Because my good cooking skill.
Wait, wait.
Here you go.
Too hot to eat.
Hiro. You are spoiled kid.
Wait a sec.
I'm only bad guy here.
You know that is bullshit
Why didn't you defend me there.?
And you call me my wife?!------Aww
I'm sorry
Mom-----------Don't come.
See. Broken glass
Hiro kun. Do you want to take a walk?
Stop it! You will have a stupid face .
Don't play with your food.
Dad is stupid
Why he always angry?
I wonder why?
Maybe that is who he is.
I wish he is stop being angry.
I think let him be.
Because that is who he is.
Make him pity if we telling him to stop it.
Then he is a kid
You are the little kid.
Mom. Don't go back to home.
I will be with you where ever you go.
Thank you.
If Hiro kun is with me
I will be fine.
Excuse me.----Yes?
Can I have some bird food?
Don't throw hard. Just throw easy, will you?
Here. Here.
Poop god
You really don't have a place to stay?
You really don't have a house?
How sad. How come you don't have a place to stay?
Why?--------Shut up.
Go away
Hurry up.
I thought so.
What's up? I tried to get hold of you many times.
My bad. Shi@t happened so I couldn't contact you .
Really? Then never mind that.
By the way, you still want to go to trip?
Not sure. Because I'm in the basketball team.
I guess basketball practice make you busy.
I know right? Mr. Yajima is...
Well... many thing happened and I lost my house.
No kidding! No house? Why?
I'm not sure why.
But I'm really hungry.
Can you feed me if you can?
Follow me. I will ask my mom to make something.
Really? Sure?
I'm home----------Welcome home.
Take off your shoes.
Mom. Make a supper for Tamochin, too.
Hello. I'm Tamura.
So you are Tamochin.
I heard from my kid. Do you want to join our supper?
Can I join?
Tamochin. This way.
Give to me!--------Hey!
Sakuya, Tatsuya and Fumiya.
Hey. He's Tamochin.
Let me play.
Sit there.----------K. But don't take it away.
Don't worry about it.. They been play all day anyway.
Here.---------Take a bath before meal.
You, too.
I don't need.
You play outside and got dirty, didn't you?
Pants. You can use my son's.
Tamochin. You take first.------No. You take first.
Aaaaa! -----------You go------Yoshiya
Bye Bye
Want to play?------Sure.
Dirty cloth are here.
And here is my pants for you
Thank you
Hello. I'm Tamura.
You are Yoshiya's friend?
Sit down. You don't need keep standing up.
Here you go.
Let's eat.
Pass me the sauce.------Here
It's enough.
Taste good?
Yes, sir.
Take another bowl of rice.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for everything. I will leave now.
Tomochin. Stay here tonight.
Not just today but stay here long as you wish.
Just live here.
No he can't
He can't do that.
Of cause not
It was really taste good your meal.
Thank you very much.
Tell us what happened
If you not tell us what really happened, I can't take care of you.
Sit, kid.
The day before summer vacation is start
Thank you very much for take care of my brother.
Until you can stand up your own, you can stay with us.
I will explain school for you.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
Why you have to do that?
Because I'm the oldest so I should take care of him but I can't
You did something bad?
It is your fault that you lost your house?
No, ma'am
Then just your chin up.
You are Tamochin's precious brother.
Keep your chin up.
Yes, ma'am
How about your sister is doing?
Does she still hung around shrine? I went to there before
She moved to the Banpaku park.
She try to avoid to see the peoples who she know
because shrine is in the suburb.
Does she doing okay?
You know I'm working at night
Meanwhile she is all alone
She can't sleep.
So she walking around town.
What's wrong?
I can take you home with me.
No! Don't touch me.
Aunt! Aunt!
I'm coming!---------Aunt!
Sae chan. What happen to you?
Aunt. Help me!
Come in. Hurry
You give me a heart attack. Just come in.
Are you okay? You are safe now.
This way. This way.
Then, let's eat.
What's wrong?
Hey, eat.
Why are you crying?
I just
so happy that we can eat
together again
I'm glad you are safe.
You dummy. Of cause I'm okay.
OK then
Every week, brother and sister,
will show up here and eat supper with us.
We will do that until all 3 can live together.
Is it OK with you?
Why you ask? Of cause it's OK. Dah.
Then let's eat. Eat.
There is more.
Speaking of the naturally cracker, who was that? (in the ad)
- It was Michida Makoto.
- Of course!
Dad, here, try doing it like this.
What are you saying? Right?
All right! Nice!
Good job.
Hey what are you doing?
Hiroshi. What you did?
I did nothing.
I just told wait here because something they need tell us.
Maybe they want you out.
Or maybe they want to talk about adoption.
Adoption? What are you talking about?
CPS told them
to think about you guys adoption.
Not me! -----------Me ether.
Hello. Thank you for taking care of my brother.
You are brother and sister, right?
She is social worker. Sumiko san
Then, let's go. This way.
Social worker, she said.
I don't want it. ------So do I.
Yamada family, here.
You guys are cute.
Sure is.
I wanna eat you.
Sure is.
Well, let's go inside.--------Come in, Come in.
This way. Come.
Thanks for invite.
Hello. Hello.
Here. Wipe floor.
Hurry. Wipe it.
That's right.
After clean up, we can sit.
We sit.
Since today, this will be you guys house.
I think it is better if you guys live together.
So we rent here.
About money.
You guys can pay us back after you guys start making a money.
If you have nothing to eat, then you can come over my house anytime to eat.
We already put paperwork for welfare check for you.
It is older place but we get discount for rent.
I say that was my power.
Sure is.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Clean the house. Hurry.
Let's clean here, shall we?
Let's clean.
Give me a rug, too.
You don't do that often. Here.
Here, Tamuchin
Mortercycle is for you, Sattchan.---------Thanks, Auntie.
Can I have it?
Sure. Just take it. You can't do restraint while you are kid.
Thank you very much-------Thank you very much
When you ride this, you need pose like this.
Ha ha ha. That's funny Ha ha ha
Oh my hip hurts
Take a good care of them.-------Sure.
Then...I will walk home.
Take care. ------Thanks!--------Bye
I want to say something.
Sachiko will go to college
Hiroshi will go to high school
Study hard
I will try to save money much as I can
It's all right. I can do this.
Food budget is a 300yen a day.
1 per 100yen
I know it's hard. But we have to do it.
Let's sleep now
I wonder why
Why we have to suffer like this?
Here. All peeled and cut.
Sorry about made you guys worry.
It's not bad at all. They just making a big deal about it.
Are you sure?-------Of cause.
Then it's good
I'm back.
What the doctor said?
He said just a fatigue. You need stay here for just a check up.
See? Told you.
No. Katsudon again?
If you don't want it, no need to eat.
Sorry, Daddy.
It's your fault. You shouldn't complain
Dad---------What?-------Where are you going?
You dummy. I'm going to the hospital.
Why do I have to take care of sick person and kids?
What do you want to show me?
Don't making me laugh. My tummy hurts.
Hey! I will call nurse. Can I?
Hey! Enough! Making noise!
It's fine with me. Not bad.
You shout up.
I'm leaving.
Sorry, Hiro kun.
I'm really sorry.
Why you are sorry?
You do nothing wrong.
Not that
I can't do anything for you now
That's why I'm telling you sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
Awww, smell happiness.
We make this much every morning.
This is for breakfast and lunch
And this is for 1person
Got it?
We should do this until dinner.
I will make a same amount of rice in the evening.
No good. It's not enough.
Tamura family meeting.
Sit right.
Sit right.
Think. Think can we do to make us full.
No way------------That's why we need think.
Don't know.
I have no clue.
How about this? We don't need to be really full.
If we can trick our mind.
Do you know full tummy nerve?
I don't know-------No
There is around here---------Here?
Got it? There is.
Full tummy nerve is
more you chew, more effective
So, if we chew x10
x10 we may feel full.
Hey, bro.
Wow. you sure is college student---------Of cause.
Now eat. Make sure chew.
Chew x10
You have much less than I am.
She's not enough yet?
She is strange
Ha ha ha -----She is
I just felt taste a moment.
Like floating.
E? ---E?
I couldn't taste anymore but I kept chewing
Then one moment. Taste came back to me.
I'm telling truth.
Did you had it?-------Yeah--------I know, right?
Sure is.
Sure I felt it.
After taste it, there is no taste for a while
That is feel like a really dark place
But if you keep chewing about10minute, all sudden
Aww, Awww
Beautiful. Sachiko.
Possibility of rice is
only achieve the person who chew long time
giving a another moment of taste.
Now on
we call "beyond taste"
Thanks for waiting. Let's go.
Hey, Hiroshi. Old lady gave to me this and this is really taste good. Eat it.
You already had a bite. I don't want it.
Don't worry about. Really tasty so I wanted eat all
But I thought I will share with you.
So eat it--------------No, No
Why? Eat it.-----You eat it
I told you really yummy. You .will regret if you not taste---------I don't care. You finish it
I can't believe it
Hey, Hiroshi
I think I'm happy now.
Go to the public bath with you
Waiting you at front of public bath and share with food. Everything is new to us.
Things like that
making me happy.
I don't care you don't get it. Let's go
You sure are stupid---------Don't tell me that
Yeah, right.
See ya. Bye Bye
Where are you going?
I just finished basketball practice.
By the way-------------Hum?
Where is our stuff? Do we still have it?
If I rent storage, we need to pay a fee so I sold them all.
Hey. Move. See you.
Your nose hair is showing--------No way
No it's not showing.
Hey, I just find scissors for nose hair
So you bring here for me.
No I just find it
I will cut for you-------Don't
Hey, hold still.
Thank you
What I want to eat?
Nothing I can think of
You should have some.
Cucumber roll
I will make you eat a lot
I will buy for you. No, I will make it for you.
Why you want that time like this.
You should say something expensive.
Are you making fun of me?
No, I'm not
Mom? Mom. Mom!
Mom! Don't go!
Mom! Mom! -----------Say something!
Say something!
I think this TV still can use it.
Yeah, sure. I guarantee it.
Nishimura just collapse
and he has no response. I will contact Midori now.
Say something!
Say something!
Thank you
Kyoko! Kyoko!
Kyoko! -MOM!
Mom, Mom
I'm leave first. Don't be late for school.
Hey, don't forget hold Futon
See you later--------See you later
Hiroshi, Hiroshi
I told yo u so many times to not ride motorcycle.
What a. You really slow.
I'm sorry
For what?
I was looking away and fall , broke this.
As long as you are fine, I'm OK with that. Gimme.
Here.-----All right
Heavy. Wow, I can speed only 10km
What this
Why you don't get mad? I broke this.-------Aa?
I don't feel good. Mad at me.
What a heck are you saying?
Don't be easy on me! Mad at me!
What happen?
I feel
Everything bother some. Even staying alive.
Me too
Feel depressed.
When I'm going to bed, I think I don't need wake up in the morning
Sometimes I think that way.
I'm 28 years old this year.
Even so I already really depressed
You are about half my age. So it's not strange to feel depressed
really like you
You make us laugh all the time
Not big deal.
Maybe you don't realize
but you giving us positive attitude
So you can deal with it
Time is like a travel...
Like a traveler.
Just like the years passing by are travelers.
Living as a boatman,
Pulling the... pulling the horse...
as I welcome my old age.
I'm home
Basketball teammate came
Are you sure you skipping school?
What are you thinking? You need take a school exam next year.
Leave me alone. I didn't ask you anything.
You need to go to the school. You need play basketball. You need study for exam.
You got that?
I got it.
Why you skipped school for a while?
Sh@t happen
I just did
Hey, Tamuchin. Do you know 10km girl?
What that?-------She is riding a motorcycle
She always riding 10km/hr
Yeah, I saw that, too.
If she is behind you, kind a feel scary.
That's right. Feel like a she is hunting something.
Really? Sounds interesting.--------You want to see her, too?
I guess. I want to see her, too.
Here comes! She is 10km/hr girl
Yeah, seems like it. Let me go.
Don't skip school
10km/hr girl is Tamochin's sister.
Really? Why didn't you tell me?
Maybe you also 10km/hr boy?
What's you doing?
Shut up, S@it head.
Do you have a eyes?
You stepping me, A-hole
No, I don't
Yeah, right. Who else walking then?
May be your fault who laying around do nothing.
You @ss!
F-ck you.
Stop it!
I'm laughing at because of you.
What a heck are you saying? You stupid
I will get out here. I can't live people like you.
Feel like I've seen this before?
Are you going to live at the park again?
I was all alone because of you guys.
I didn't ask you to be. @ss hole
Stop right there. Stop right there.
Blanket. Stop right there.
Blanket, stop right there.
Hey! Freeze!
What are you doing?
I just felt chilly!----------Don't move!
I didn't do anything wrong!
What is this? What is this?
I was just cold!
I was cold! Nothing wrong!
Stay still!------What is this!!
Don't do that anymore
Because I'm worry about you
Want to eat Meat rice bowl?
I don't want it. I know you have no money.
I can get a egg for you, too.
I said no need--------Let's go
Excuse me. 2eggs please
120yen, please
Don't tell your sister about this.
I couldn't cry
For what?
When my mom died. I couldn't cry
I didn't get it what that meaning of death
I thought I can see her again.
I thought if I try hard, she will be back.
when I saw Mrs.Nishimura died, I understood
that I will never see my mom again.
You are right.
After that I felt I don't want try hard anymore
For what?
No need to try hard to live
I felt it is enough to live 15years of my life
I know you having a hard time if I keep living
If I die and see my mom that makes me happy
I'm having a hard time, too.
I feel too much for that hardship , too
That's why we are together, aren't we?
It is too hard to face alone
That's why we need to be together, aren't we?!
Why are you always go somewhere alone?
You have to stay with us.
Here you are. Meet rice bowl.
Here is an egg. Enjoy.
Let's eat
Spicy and sweet. Test good.
Just mix all and eat it.
Trust me. It's good.
You can go home alone, can you?
Sachiko said she will leave around noon.
Hiroshi. You need choose.
Going home or not going home. You can pick.
It's your decision
"Welcome home"
Taste good.
To Mom
I decided back home today.
Going home or not. You decide.
I realized after my brother told me.
There is a no place to go back where we were.
Since back then
Hiroshi. You don't need to be strong.
I won't cry. I don't need to cry.
If I try to be a good boy, Mom will come back for sure.
Since after I lost my mom
we all become homeless
May be my dad thought us that.
May be hard
but stay strong each other
and live.
Now scram!
So where we going is
we need chose where we go.
I was too much count on my mom
If I wasn't spoil kid
I could spend time with her more
I can't help but I think this way
Only I could
make my mom smile
I'm not sure she really did smile from bottom of her heart
But that was only thing I could do for her
So even now, I will try to make her smile
To mom. And my family.
Peoples I didn't see yet.
Hi everyone. I'm Tamura.
I'm 19years old this year.
I choose make peoples laugh as my job.
When after this gig is over
I will become professional.
Yoshiya ,Tetsubou
and all my friends from my childhood
All the peoples I met
Yoshiya's Mom and Dad
Aunty Nishimura
Miss Kudou
Peoples who took care of me
Peoples who blessed me
Thank you
This is only thing
what I can do for you
Brother and sister
and my dad
Thank you all
Mom. I will have a lot of experience
until I see you again.
So I can talk to you endlessly.
If that happen
please listen to me like you did before.
And smile.
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