The Honor Farm (2017) Movie Script

[Music playing]
[Whispering voices] - Make a choice.
- Make a choice.
[Crickets chirping]
[Man] I've been across.
- [Girl mumbles]
- [Man] Oh, did you doze off there?
Well, when you see how white they are,
you are going to be so glad you came in.
So, big plans for prom?
- Mm-hmm.
- Give her suction.
Are you excited?
Yeah. [Chuckles]
- Totally, thanks.
- Good.
Well, you're gonna look great.
- [Lucy] How do you know if something is...
- Thank you.
[Lucy] Real?
When you wake up...
- [Girl] Annie.
- Hi, yeah. do you know for sure
that you're not still dreaming?
Have a good time at the prom.
Thank you.
[Girl] Hurry up, Luce.
They're gonna be here soon.
[Lucy] When I was a little girl,
my big sister used to make me get married
to the little boy down
the street over and over.
- [Car horn beeps]
- [Lucy] She put me in my cousin's old prom dress.
Annie, the limo's here!
- [Girl giggling]
- [Lucy] And then...
[Lucy] I had imagined my real wedding day.
When we were 14, me and my
best friend had a picnic,
and vowed we'd never have sex with anyone
until we were married.
- [Boy] Hey, hey, hey.
- [Girl] How are you?
[Man] You guys have fun tonight.
[Lucy] Kind of funny how things can change.
- [Girl] Bye.
- [Woman] Bye.
[Man] Be safe.
[Girl] Whoo!
[Lucy] Tonight was the
night I was finally free
to do whatever I wanted...
...and everyone was expecting me to.
[Boy] You gotta check this
view out! Are you seeing this?
[Lucy] So, why did I feel so...
- So.
- So.
God, you look so beautiful tonight.
Think so?
So, um, are you cool with going back
to The Radisson later?
In fact, we rented out the whole floor.
Rick put down his dad's credit card.
It's gonna be pretty cool
and Annie said there's like
a hot tub in the room, so...
- Yeah?
- Sure.
Hey, look what we found! Look at that.
- What?
- [Boy growls]
[Lucy] Oh! Sheldon, stop it!
- [Sheldon growling]
- Stop! Get off!
[Annie] Uh!
[Sheldon grunting]
[Annie] What is this
whole "not sure" thing?
I mean, he's done everything right,
hasn't he?
At least you get to go to
prom with your boyfriend.
- [Sheldon] Hi-yah!
- If I'm gonna get laid tonight
I'm gonna have to sleep
with the limo driver.
Hey, fuck Tom.
- Fuck Tom.
- I know.
We're gonna have fun.
We're gonna have fun.
We're already having fun.
- Yeah.
- Everything worked out really well.
Yeah, you're right.
[Boys doing karate yells]
Thank God for being so frightening
Thank God hold my hand
I ain't salt for no one
Going down with a gun in my hand
Oh, you going down
with one of yours, too
Yeah, you going down
with one of your...
[Loud indistinct chatter]
You keep me hanging on
It's hard to give her the love
You give her the life
You give her the heart
She always needs
Guy in the red.
- No.
- No?
No, no, no.
The girl in the red.
Why are you trying to
hook me up with people?
[Music playing]
I'll tell you that
I'm lost inside you
Once we're alone together
So why don't we see you promise
That this love will last forever
It's true we're still
in love some ways...
[Lucy giggling]
[Both murmuring]
- Mmm.
- Gosh.
Dude, she wants a man over her.
It ain't even Lucy talking, dude.
They're all, like, giggling and shit.
I don't know, dude.
- I know.
- I know.
She looks so fucking good tonight.
Gosh, she's just like...
She's like... sometimes
it's just like, shit.
- Shit.
- I'm going to get it.
- Senior prom.
- Senior prom.
- I know, dude, I know.
- Senior prom.
[Door creaks]
[Lucy sighs]
Hey, no. Are you okay?
Do you ever feel like you're
just going through the motions?
What do you mean?
I don't know, like, this
doesn't actually mean anything.
I don't know. You know
what... Never mind, never mind
[Annie] No, no, no.
- [Lucy] No, I don't know what I'm talking about.
- [Annie] Tell me.
[Lucy] I don't know,
Annie, I just feel like I...
- [Annie] What?
- I just want something real to happen to me for once.
[Annie] Well?
[Lucy] Just stop.
Why do I think so much?
Thank you. Thank you.
Why? Why do you think so much?
Well, you know there is another reason
why I've been waiting with Jake.
- Because of his penis.
- [Annie laughs]
Is there something that we need to discuss?
You know that I don't have
a lot to compare it to.
I'm concerned about his size.
Very concerning.
Might it be more like this?
Or perhaps more like this?
Or maybe like that?
Stop! It's huge.
Fuck, yeah. Fuck, yeah.
[Lucy] He's a football player.
He's a football player
downstairs, and it's scary.
[Toilet flushes]
Oh, my God.
- Hi.
- Hi.
[Music playing]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Girls squeal]
[Indistinct chatter]
- Right here. Do you want a hit?
- I'm gonna stay.
Uh, hit me, please.
[Crowd groans]
[Jake] One more. One
more. One more. One more.
One more. One more. One.
All right! I won, again!
Again! It's my game.
Okay, look up.
I just won. I'm hot right now.
Do me... like, kiss it. I'm gonna do great.
Come on. All right.
Stay with me. Come on.
Don't give me that
look. Don't give me that.
Look, I'm going to go
get in line for pictures.
And then, you'll meet me there, yeah?
Oh, yes, all right, that sounds good.
That sounds good. Yeah. 20! Whoo!
Yeah, it sounds good.
[Music playing, indistinct chatter]
Whoo! Yeah.
- Hi.
- What's up?
- Jacob is not feeling good.
- What?
- As long as I see smiles.
- Look, can you squeeze a little toy
and make us laugh?
Best friend.
- [Man] Congratulate them.
- [Crowd cheering]
Good for you! You get it. You go.
[Man] Enjoy the rest of prom.
[Applause, cheers]
[Annie] He's probably, like...
I mean, it's been a while,
so I highly doubt he's horrible.
- We can go soon.
- [Lucy] I don't want to get drunk.
- I wanted tonight to be special.
- Oh, wait.
- What?
- Oh, sorry.
It still is special.
Oh, not in the right way.
[Annie] Come on. Come on, trooper.
[Lucy] God, you're gonna
be fucked up so bad.
[Annie] I know.
[Lucy] Do you think you're gonna maybe...
Do you think, maybe, he just be better now?
[Annie] Yeah, I mean... probably.
[Lucy] Jake? Jacob?
You guys picked real
winners for prom dates.
[Lucy] He's passed out. You okay?
[Jake] Oh, fuck, I blacked out, babe.
[Annie] Yeah, we know, Jacob.
- [Lucy] Oh, hey, whoa.
- [Jake] Hi.
- Jacob.
- You're, like, the hottest girl in the school.
Um, so, how was it?
I don't know.
[Jake] This is our night.
Whoa, Jacob. Whoa, shit.
- Stop, what are you...
- I'm ready. We're ready.
- We're ready.
- Jacob, stop! Stop!
- Stop!
- [Jacob] Right there.
Hold up! Jacob, stop!
- [Jacob coughing]
- [Annie] Eww.
You fucking asshole!
[Jacob] I love you, baby.
You fucking ruined everything.
- [Jacob vomits]
- [Lucy] Oh, God.
Annie, come on, please.
I'm sorry, Lu. I'm sorry, Luce.
[Crying] That was so awful!
Why did we go there?
I know, I know, it's not okay.
- He's an idiot.
- Oh, whatever!
- Whatever!
- Yeah.
- I'm done.
- I know. I know.
- [Lucy coughing]
- Oh, baby.
- [Lucy] What's wrong with me?
- [Annie] Nothing?
- I'm messed up.
- Nothing. It's nothing. You're not messed up.
Atta girl.
Hey, where's your quarterback?
There's been a little change in plans, huh?
Jake nearly threw up on Lucy's dress,
and my date is somewhere
cause we're not even friends.
And, uh, well, my boyfriend of
two years just broke up with me.
- Stop.
- So, ta-da!
You guys are funny.
[Annie] Yeah, um...
But, hey, made it out puke free, right?
- Let's go.
- [Annie] And we're gonna have a good time.
[Girl] I want to listen to this.
Yeah, well, we're going to The Honor Farm.
Hey, what's The Honor Farm?
It's this old abandoned prison,
and we've got shrooms.
You can come with us, if you want,
or you can just stand
there pretending to smoke.
[Car starts]
Let's just do it. Let's just do it.
- [Lucy] What about the limo?
- [Annie] Fuck the limo.
- God.
- Come on.
- Oh, this is so insane.
- Hey, hey, hey.
So, you've never been in The Honor Farm?
Here you are. Everclear, babies.
- [Girls laughing]
- Oh, my God.
Quick, drink her dress! Drink her dress!
Two people died out there freshman year.
- What?
- You guys never heard about that?
- No.
- You'll believe it when you see it for yourself.
No, dude, dude, dude,
it's seriously freaky.
I have some stuff left over
from satanic rituals and shit.
Dead chickens.
Blood trails.
[Lucy] That's totally weird.
Don't worry, you'll be
fine. I brought a knife.
[Girl howling]
Help! Save me!
[Wicked laughter]
- [Lucy] Oh, my God!
- [Annie] Fuck my dress!
- [Lucy] Oh, no.
- Wanna borrow some clothes?
[Annie] Yeah.
I've got these, too. Whoever wants them.
[Annie] Thank you.
[Girl] I don't have any
more of those, sorry.
[Annie] Thanks.
[Annie] Whoo!
[Annie giggling]
[Lucy] Annie?
Ooh, people!
[Girl] Oh, shit, that's my jam.
Give me that right there,
gimme, gimme, gimme.
Oh, my God. I don't
know any of these people.
I know. One of them is in my English class.
And then the other one,
well, Jesse's like...
He's like the biggest
drug dealer in school.
- What?
- Yes.
- [Boy] Hey.
- Oh, hey.
[Lucy] Hi.
How much do y'all want?
[Annie] Um, I don't know.
I... like, okay, like this much, maybe?
I'm not trying to babysit you all night.
[Boy clears throat]
Have you guys tripped much before?
- Not really.
- No.
No, we haven't ever
taken much, we're just...
Okay, okay. Well, we're gonna have fun,
but, you know, according to Jesse,
these are really strong ones, so...
- Really?
- Yeah.
[Laughing] How much do we take?
Looks perfect.
I'm JD, by the way.
- I'm Annie.
- I'm Lucy.
Nice to meet you.
[Sighs] The things I do for you.
- This was your idea.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
'Cause I'm trying to make you feel better.
Well, good job.
Are we really eating these?
- Bon aptit.
- Thank you.
Hmm. Cow shit flavor, my favorite.
Hey, don't rag on the merchandise.
[Boy] Uch.
[Girl] All right, babies,
no turning back now.
Oh, my God.
Is The Honor Farm far from here?
It will be after this.
Well, you know what they say,
it's the journey, not the destination.
Ralph Emerson.
Wow, someone paid attention
in English last week.
So, have you all been
to The Honor Farm before?
I heard they found some
mutilated babies out there.
- What?
- [Boy] Seriously.
Yeah, I saw a severed
goat leg out there once.
Blood written all over the walls.
[Imitates horror movie music]
The Honor Farm was a work farm,
for the federal penitentiary,
Bastrop... During the 1920s and '30s.
Despite the scenic
setting, it had a reputation
for being a brutal, cruel facility.
Many of the inmates were killed,
tortured, or just disappeared.
Once the state found out about it all,
they closed the farm down,
but two decades of brutality
left the place haunted
by the angry spirits of the dead convicts.
- [Laughing]
- So now,
Devil worshipers and
satanists do dark magic rituals
and human sacrifice.
- [Screams]
- [All scream]
Saved the beer. Sorry, man,
I was just taking a piss.
[Girl] Now our light's all fucked.
- [Girl] Wanna know a secret?
- [Girl 2] Mm-hmm.
[Girl] So I was at the bookstore today,
and I was talking to this old guy
and he, like, knew all about
the dark arts, for real.
He said if I burn this
tonight at The Honor Farm,
it'll pull a spirit
back from the other side.
It's like a ouija board,
but it's not bullshit,
it should actually work.
- Freaky.
- I know, I'm so excited.
Are you sure you want to
do that at The Honor Farm?
Yeah, dude. It's like the
most powerful spiritual vortex
- within like a thousand miles.
- You want to talk to ghosts.
No, I wanna talk to Sam.
Are you feeling anything?
[Annie] I don't know.
[Giggling] Yeah, I think I am.
Oh, wow.
[Phone ringing]
[Slurred speech] Mom? Hi, Mom.
I love you.
I love your mom.
Me, too.
Look at that old tree.
You okay?
Yeah, it's a weird feeling.
Don't worry.
I need fire.
[Girl] Of course you do.
I have fire.
Thank you.
- She's cold.
- Yeah.
[Crickets chirping]
[Owls hooting]
[Boy imitates owls]
We are all everyone and
no one at the same time.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Humanity is expanding... every direction across the globe.
Soon no culture will have
the elbow room it once had,
its function, and its old ways.
This puts personal freedom
at risk of being erased.
Social media brings issues to people,
but it is also in new venue
for an elevated sense of self.
The higher the self,
the less connected it is
to the people around it.
It can't actually disconnect.
That's an illusion.
You wanna come see my rocks?
Yeah, totally.
[Lucy] Wow.
Look at the moon.
Oh, incredible.
Did we lose the rest of everyone?
We're all winners.
It's okay. It's perfect.
I can feel every one of
those stars right now.
I can touch them.
[Lucy giggling]
Look, the air is a web.
The air is a web right there.
Don't break it.
We need to find JD.
[Girl] JD?
It's too hot.
[Girl] JD?
[JD] Do you ever feel like
there's a part of you missing?
[Cooing like a bird]
I feel like a part of
me was never made yet.
Like I never managed it.
I lost mine.
Whoa, I'm crying.
Sometimes when I think back
and try to remember stuff
that happened a long time ago,
like when me and my brother,
Sam, went to swimming camp,
it doesn't even seem real anymore.
It feels kind of like it never happened.
Almost the same thing as
having a really vivid dream,
and waking up,
and trying to remember the details.
It's like we are what we
are for this one moment,
and then the different versions of us
just fade into the past.
Just like our dreams.
[Water running]
It's like everything but now is a dream.
Cause you can never know what will happen,
and what has happened
is always fading away.
So it's all about now.
I can see it.
Let's go. Let's go to The Honor Farm.
You all right?
Laila. Laila.
- Hey, Laila.
- [Annie] You fucking lost me.
This is supposed to be
for you and me, Luce.
- I thought that I lost you.
- I know, you didn't.
[Laila crying] I couldn't find you.
I'm right here.
- Okay.
- Okay? Yeah, but I was just really worried.
We're going!
The whole point is that
we go to Honor Farm.
- [JD] Okay, okay.
- [Laila] That's the whole fucking point,
and they're ruining it.
[JD] It sucks. Everyone
sucks. Let me tell you.
- [Laila crying]
- Having said that, you have to...
- You have to tell them.
- No, it's not as easy for me when I go up there
as it is for you, apparently.
- [JD] I'll think it over.
- [Laila sobbing]
Come on.
- All right, things look good.
- Are you sure we're going the right way?
[Laila] Mm-hmm. JD, slow down!
- [Boy] It was the wrong way...
- [Annie] Ow! Ow! Ow!
- [Boy] I'm so sorry.
- [Lucy] Oh, Annie, are you okay?
[Annie] It's okay.
- You don't know where...
- No, I don't know.
Check over here.
[JD] We're here.
[Laila giggles, kisses]
[JD] Look.
Laila, you okay?
[Laila] Yeah, I'm fine.
[JD] We're all up for this?
[Boy cooing]
Race me! [Giggling]
[Laila] Last one in The Honor Farm
goes to Hell!
[Lucy] Did girls really
die down here freshman year?
I just heard about that.
[Boy] No, no, that's just a bullshit rumor.
[Rapid footsteps]
[Boy] Is that a person?
- [Screeching]
- [Girls] Oh!
[Girl] This place is pure evil.
[Laila] It's alive. It's a vortex.
It can be used for good or evil.
- I wanna build a fire.
- We should explore first.
There's some really weird
shit in the basement.
It's totally fucked. I
can show you if you want.
That's where the murders happened?
Yeah, like there was a... A
corrupt warden, or whatever,
who would tie up the prisoners
and beat and torture them.
A few of them died, apparently.
That's why they shut down
the place back in the day.
Maybe we should go.
You all wanna break up and search it out?
[Laila] Well, yeah, right on.
- [Laila] Fuck.
- [Girl] God.
Do you wanna see the shadows?
Can we go upstairs first?
Don't leave. Wait.
[Boy cooing]
- Check this room out.
- Oh, okay.
JD, uh, I'll be right back.
- You want?
- Thanks.
So, JD seems pretty into you.
I don't know. I just met him.
He's probably the hottest guy I know.
How long have you known him?
My whole life.
Since we were babies.
He's my best friend in the whole world.
God, he's my only friend.
You know he's like a
certified genius, right?
He's brilliant.
And he's been through a fuck lot.
That's why I wanted us to come here,
to this place.
This place.
[Laila stomps]
With JD, like, honestly, to me,
it seems like he likes you.
I'm sorry. I thought you knew.
He's my cousin.
- Yeah.
- [Lucy laughs]
Oh, my God.
This whole time I thought that you...
So if you hurt him, I'm gonna fuck you up.
Where's Laila?
Whoa. This place is fucked.
Super bad vibes.
What is that?
- [Animal screeching]
- [Annie gasps]
[Boy] Why would someone do this?
- [Annie screams]
- Oh, fuck.
Where's Laila?
Are you crying?
Sam died in a fire.
And you think fire's bad.
It's not fire's fault.
She just can't help herself.
Who's Sam?
JD's brother.
[Lucy] What is that?
That's why JD moved back here.
Because we lost Sam.
- [Door opens]
- [Girls gasp]
Oh, hey.
Hey, Lail, I've got the candle.
Lucy, come on.
Come on!
[Laila] We're doing a ceremony.
[JD] I know, I'll bring her
right back, Laila, I promise.
- Bye, Laila.
- Bye.
[Boy] Hello.
There they are.
[Lucy] Oh, my God.
Can you even imagine?
There are actually tunnels
that go between the buildings.
Yup, just right through that door there.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Let's get out of here.
I wanna see the tunnel.
It's cool. We can wait here.
[JD] This tunnel leads
to the next building.
[Birds fluttering]
Huh? You okay?
Are you still feeling it?
Yeah. [Chuckles]
You're shining right now.
Even down here...
You're so beautiful.
[Chuckles] We should go
find Annie and Sinclair.
Let's go in the tunnel.
You wanna go in there?
[Lucy exhales]
[Laila] We bring this water.
Nous venons avec de l'eau.
They wash with water.
Ils se lavent l'eau.
We wash with fire.
Nous nous lavons avec le feu.
Fire... help us talk to the dead.
- Laila, that's not funny.
- It's not a joke.
Fire, help us talk to the dead.
[Clanging, creaking]
[Rapid footsteps]
[Boy groaning]
[Woman laughing]
[Boy cooing]
What was that?
[Laila] Fire, help us talk to the dead.
[Voices whispering]
Help us.
[Boy cooing]
- [Laila] Sam?
- [Boy cooing]
Sam, is that you?
Can we go?
- JD?
- I can't stay down here anymore.
- I know.
- [Annie panting]
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- [Clanging]
- [Boy] What was that?
Let's not freak out. Let's not freak out.
I'm sure it was just Laila.
- [Door thumps]
- [Woman groaning]
[Woman laughing]
[Annie] Oh, my God.
[Man coughing]
[Goat bleats]
[Woman] Is this the spot?
[Man] This is the spot.
I thought you were gonna give me pills.
She'd like two, Jim.
She'd love two.
[Music playing]
Doc says you can have two.
- Ready to go?
- Yeah, let's go.
[Screaming] Oh, my God!
Shh, shh, shh.
I'm serious. There are people here.
- No, I'm serious.
- There's people with a goat.
I don't know what's going on.
[Indistinct chatter]
[Music playing]
[Woman] Okay, you know what you're doing?
What did you give me?
I need to lay down.
[Woman groans]
[Woman moaning]
[Man] Hey, do you guys believe
in an alternate universe?
[Goat bleats]
What is all that stuff?
It's fucking Dr. Meyer.
[Man] Ready for flight, Doc.
[Scissors snipping]
Sammy, is that you?
[Chimes clinking]
[Laila giggling]
Laila, please stop.
Shut up! Shut the fuck up.
It's working, you're fucking it up.
- Sam, I need to ask you...
- [Whisper] Ask me what?
Chicken butt.
Oh, Jesse?
No! No! No! No!
[Laila screaming] You fucking ruined it!
Holy shit!
[Woman] Oh.
[Yelling] Hey!
Come on.
- [Woman] Take this off.
- [Goat bleats]
[Man] Just leave her like this, yeah, JD.
[Annie panting]
[Girls exclaiming]
- Shh.
- [Annie] Oh, my Lord.
One of them went upstairs.
[Annie] Oh.
I think we can get out that way.
[Lucy] Okay.
[Laila crying]
- [Clattering]
- What was that?
Come on, come on. Come on. Come on.
- Aw, fuck.
- Shh.
That's the only way out?
- [Whimpering] Oh, my.
- Fuck!
[Man] Do you like to... You wanna play fun?
Are you better?
There's no one upstairs or outside.
I didn't see anyone down here.
- I think they're here.
- Let's just...
Do it quickly, okay? Quickly.
[Woman] What's that knife for?
We're ready, man, please.
Hey, look.
[Goat bleating]
[Goat bleating]
- Fuck.
- She is wasted.
Who the fuck are you?
Better get back, I'll fuck her.
You assholes should try for another time
when she's not wasted.
We'll take her with us.
We can take her home.
- That's right.
- No.
[Girls screaming]
Lucy. Everybody, no, let's
just... let's just relax.
This is not what it looks like.
Everybody just... Just chill out.
Just chill out, and
let's talk this through.
Okay, then give us the knife.
Put down the knife!
- Okay.
- Give it to me.
- Okay.
- Give it... Just give it...
- [Girls gasping]
- Wait... close enough.
- [Man grunting]
- Okay, pick her up.
No, no, no, you can't take her.
Once... once it's started, you
can't stop until it's finished.
No, don't... You... Roosevelt!
- [Grunts]
- [Hard slap]
Roosevelt! Roosevelt!
Hey, hey! Okay, okay.
[Dr. Meyer] Please don't do
that. You'll bring it on yourself.
[Lucy] Oh!
Oh! [Sobbing]
- [Lucy] Miss?
- [Annie] Is she alive?
[Dr. Meyer] Her feet go down to death.
The steps lead right to the grave.
[JD] Can you sit up?
- Here, let's...
- [Lucy] What?
Oh, my God.
Oh, oh, oh.
[Dr. Meyer] Her feet go down to death.
Her steps lead straight to the grave.
Her feet go down to death.
Her steps lead straight to the grave.
Come on!
Whoa, whoa.
It's okay, I can walk,
are you sure?
Come on!
[Girls whimpering]
- Are you okay?
- I think so.
What's your name?
Oh, it is not as bad as
I thought it was gonna be.
- Thank God.
- We need to get you home.
- [Lucy] We need you to...
- [Laura] I don't understand.
The last thing I remember
is at the dentist.
Hey, are you okay?
Fuck! Okay, come on!
Jess, they're looking for us!
This way.
Where are we going?
- Come on, get down!
- Oh, where are you?
- Watch out!
- Hey, are you okay?
Where's Laura?
- [Man moans]
- [Woman screams]
[Whispered voice] This way.
Guys, I don't even know
what's going on right now.
Laura, are you still doing okay?
My dress is getting dirty and I'm cold.
- We need to get you home.
- Okay.
Was that, like, a black magic ritual
or something we interrupted?
I was having a sance for Sam.
I just wanted to talk to him.
I didn't really think that
people did rituals anymore.
[Sinclair] What about prom?
You don't think prom is a ritual?
Yeah, with king, and queens,
and crowns, and tiaras.
[Whispered voice] Go this way.
What is this place?
[Laila] I wanna start a fire.
[Lucy] I'm sorry about Sam, Laila.
Hey, where's Laura?
Who's Laura?
[Girl] Whoo!
- Laila, get in here!
- Coming.
Whoo! Laila!
- Ah!
- [Boy] Come on!
- Whoo hoo!
- Whoo!
[JD] So Laila told you... About Sam?
He joined the military to pay for school.
And for what?
It's pointless.
All of it. It's so pointless.
Come here.
[Girl] Whoo!
Speaking of prom...
You went stag?
No, I didn't.
- Oh.
- No, no, no.
My date... my date totally blew it and, um,
he kind of broke my heart, actually.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
I'm really glad I met you.
Me too.
[Girl] Come on! Whoo!
[Girls] Whoo! Whoo!
[Indistinct chatter]
- Laila!
- I'm sorry. Did I ruin a moment?
Get your asses in here!
[Laila] Get in here!
- [Screams, laughs]
- You coming in?
[Girl howling]
[Goat bleats]
[Lucy chuckles]
[Whispered voice] Lucy.
Make a choice.
[Lucy screams]
- Who are you?
- So you want to get out?
- Answer my riddle.
- [Lucy] A riddle?
Answer it and you'll get back.
What has no beginning, end, or middle?
What has no be...
I have a...
Hey, baby, I totally blacked out.
You're sexy.
[Lucy] Stop. Stop!
What has no beginning, end, or middle?
- Time?
- No!
- The universe.
- No.
I forgot.
I made a wish at prom.
A wish?
That something real would
happen to me for once.
What has no beginning, end, or middle?
I don't know. I don't know.
A donut?
[Lucy, whispering] I can see it.
[Lucy] What if, when you
die, you realize that life
is just one big dream?
How would you do things differently?
[Whispered voice] Luce...
I lost you.
Do you wanna come back up?
[Lucy] I feel really free with you.
This has been the
craziest night of my life.
I know. Doesn't even seem real.
It's cause it isn't real.
Um, right in this moment,
- right now...
- [Both laughing]
I have a really strong
feeling about something.
Yeah? What is that?
I want my first time to be with you.
- Are you really sure?
- Yeah.
You know we don't have to rush anything.
I know. I want to.
- I really like you.
- I really like you, too.
[Lucy giggling]
I think I just had a vision.
We'll have to compare notes.
[Goat bleats]
[Lucy] All my life I think I've
wanted to live a happy ending... walk off into the sunset.
Funny thing is, there's
a sunrise in every minute.
This whole time I thought we
were way deep in the woods.
Well, we were in a way, I guess.
[Lucy] And there are no endings,
because time does not stand still.
Can I get your number?
[Music playing]
Walking through the
streets after dark
And all I see are demons
These neon scenes seem alive
And all the creeps are reaching
If the streets could
talk well, they would say
We hustle all the dreamers
I'm living like a
shadow every night
Hunting down a secret
Walking through the
streets after dark
And all I see are demons
I'm feeling like
I'm running out of time
Gritting my teeth, yeah
Yeah, I'm walking
Night walking
Yeah, I'm walking
Are you?
The city cries
It's fading soon, too
It's getting dark
Ten seconds before it eats the moon
Yeah, I'm walking
Night walking
Yeah, I'm walking
[Music playing]