The Honour of the House (1999) Movie Script

Every time I think about your
cherished sermon
about the meek and the
humble and those who are
faithful over a few things,
then I realise that the word of
God means nothing to me.
I often wondered how you
could be such a hypocrite.
Your Lord has forsaken my
Don't always be the main
attraction, my child.
He is here for your
sister not you.
He is about to become
part of the family.
Doesn't she know that
everybody is waiting.
We have no idea what has
happened to my sister.
But anyway we have a most
prestigious guest,
who is also the most handsome
man in the country.
Please stand up.
Have someone find Rannveig. Yes.
I'll take him.
He's fine here with me..
You should go home now.
Thank you for your help.
I am in no hurry.
Rannveig you here! They
are looking for you.
The whole clan is
waiting for you.
Well my dear, I will soon come again.
Yes. Goodbye.
Where have you been? -I was
helping with Andres's baby.
One more brat to roam
the village beaches!
The woman flushes one out
and is pregnant of the next.
She has three children.
You have two.
Are you comparing me
to this riffraff?
No, I only said. -I heard
what you said.
It was very insulting. I
don't understand you.
Why must you mix with these
people. Why disgrace us?
Don't you have any sense?
That fine man fancies you.
He is without doubt an
excellent man, but
I do not intend to marry,
but to seek employment.
Employment? What do you mean?
I have no longing to become
an idle lady of the house.
I am going to master
my handicraft.
I detest feeling useless..
With a cup of coffee abbering
about nothing.
You are a member of a
prestigious family!
One might think you are
some sort of beggar.
Work for a living? What do
you think people will say?
I doubt they will say anything.
This is not a day off. They
are strictly on Sundays!
In you case everyday
is a day off.
Except when you are
counting your money.
Must you go back to
Reykjavik so soon?
Please stay, at least for
a week more.
I'm sorry, your sister
shows no interest in me.
For her I am nothing just like
this dog. I just don't exist.
Thank you for your time spent..
Watch the loops, they
are too big.
- This is going fine.
- Thank you.
He has left! Do you
think you were polite?
This was the fourth suitor
who has come in vain.
No mother. The fifth one!
Why not go to Reykjavik and
have a look around?
There are men of great
esteem on every corner.
No father, I do not want to.
I am very content.
Here I know everything
and everyone.
Now I'm so tired that I
shall retire. Good night.
Good night and may God
be with you, my child.
This is the third summer
we've invited highly
educated men of esteem for
boating and horserides.
We have opened our hearts
and entertained them.
God knows we have tried.
What else can we do?
They're just not the
right men for her.
The right men? What about
that doctor Gudmundsson?
Or that intelligent theologian
He was here last year and
was infatuated with her.
If those are not the right
men, then who are?
They were nothing but
worthless scoundrels.
If she will not consider
a future priest,
then who on earth is it
that she wants?
Telling me she is going
to work for a living!
I doubt there are many young
ladies in the country,
who are as gifted as she is.
In what way? -She weaves,
knits all sorts of things.
Then she can do all this
needlework, such as,
the button stitch, running
stitch, feather stitch,
petal stitch, petite point, the
Venetian stitch...
Over thirty years old and
still no husband!
We have no alternatives. She
must seek education abroad.
It is the only thing fitting
for a girl in her position.
Consider the demands
made nowadays.
Of course!
I can write to my friend
Sren in Copenhagen...
No, the Kristensens will
take care of her.
Then Viggo and his wife can
show her around the city.
Viggo is a famous actor and
has no time for her!
I shall write the
Kristensen's a letter.
They will provide her with
room and board.
They are our best friends and
you were happy there.
Of course, I was, I learned
a great deal.
Times have changed.
I would never send her.
My decision is final. She sails
with the autumn ship.
Well I did it. I stayed up
most of the night.
Just look at it! -What a gifted
girl you are.
I know the Danes will
appreciate it.
Let me see.
What a perfect piece of
It's a gift for Mrs.
Kristensen, for her kindness.
Are you looking
forward to going?
I don't know.
Father says the handicrafts
school is the best.
What is ready should be
brought Mamma's house.
Put your initials on them.
Come and see what we
have packet for you.
Here are all Icelandic poems
in an ornamented edition.
This is " Lad and Lass" a play
which will interest Viggo.
And here are all the
Icelandic sagas...
Here are several novels by
famous Nordic authors.
I'll put them here.
Yes, and the Psalm book. Please.
These pictures, you can hang
them up in your room.
Look at that one, you should
hang it above your bed.
It is a beauty which will
brighten up your room.
I brought a cloth for you.
Thank you very much.
How nice!
Take these gloves as a
good-bye present.
My dear. Thank you.
How sweet of you.
Hans! How could I forget
to say good-bye to you.
How thoughtless of me!
It doesn't matter.
I want to ask you to buy me
some sabadilla sid abroad.
Sabadilla ...what?
Sabadilla seed.
Sabadilla seed, yes, the
delousing medicine.
No, I will pay...
I don't want no charity, I'm
not that kind of man.
No, here, take the money.
We will have to settle up
when I come home again.
Good-bye Hans, and
God bless you.
As I told you, their son Viggo
is a very nice man.
Give him this book from me.
I never met his wife
since he bachelor when
I was there.
Write me in detail about the
young couple.
Tell him also we are fine here.
Send me a picture of his wife...
but just between two of us.
Have a good trip!
Give my regards to the King!
I'll write.
If you meet aunt Valborg,
give her my regards.
Take care of yourself.
Well, then she has left.
She should never have gone.
Thurd was once right.
She knew her sister would
meet her fate in Copenhagen.
When I settled down here as a
young woman this country.
I had no idea what adversity
was, nor did Rannveig,
when she left her home.
Good day Miss Rannveig and
welcome to Copenhagen.
My parents send their regards.
Come in.
I am Aliette Kristensen and
this is Adolf Kristensen.
Grandmother told us to drop
in on you.
We're Viggo and Klara
Kristensen's children.
Where are your parents?
Mother is away, but father
is downstairs.
They are always quarrelling
and my father is drunk.
You have a lot of fine dresses,
why do you have...
Here now, come children,
stop disturbing Rannveig.
Mrs. Kristensen, I have a
present for you.
For me?
This I embroidered myself.
Well. Thank you very much.
Grandmother. Come downstairs.
Mrs. Kristensen is so
motherly, but strict.
I know you would like to hear
about her actor son.
I know nothing about him,
because I hardly know him.
I gave him your present.
I'm not sure he is exactly
happy in his marriage.
Do we have to order something
I am tired.
Please, mother, only
one nightcap.
Then just a cup of
coffee for me.
One coffee, sherry for our
Icelandic lace maker and...
And the usual for you
Mr. Kristensen.
People play solo back home,
not in groups like here.
So you dislike the music?
This music is unbelievable.
It turns you on somehow.
My Danish is a bit poor, but
when we got home
Viggo spoke to me. He talked
very friendly about you.
She was the queen of the ball
with a superb figure..
Pure Heaven!
Now I am married to a woman
who doesn't understand me.
Doesn't understand
this acting...
I wish I could become her
friend and help you out.
You smell so nice, maybe
you dance so nice too.
It is quite easy. First one
to the right then left.
Will you please go to sleep!
You keep the whole
household awake.
And you should rather visit
museums and palaces.
Instead of flirting with
married men.
If you are going to stay at my
house you have to behave.
He even told me that he had
been fond of you.
I had to come. I was constantly
thinking about
the paintings you showed me.
I could not sleep.
Take this directly to the shed
and unload the cart.
And try to straighten your back.
Letter from Rannveig?
Yes, eleven letters from her
and one for the children.
Let me see. -First me. They
are addressed to me.
This an entire book. She
must write one a day.
As promised. Take these
first ten to mother.
But, what does she have so
much to write about?
Whatever happens to her.
Everything seems so distant.
As I'm awaiting something.
But never comes. I don't
understand myself.
I've grown so restless -
inside myself...
Is something wrong?
Since I came here I don't
understand myself.
Why does Viggo keep his
wife away for so long?
I think he is unhappy.
I try to cheer him up and
talk about his wife.
He is very nice as you
said, but I pity him.
I will post this tomorrow.
Take care..
Bastard. Don't you touch her.
Is something going on
with your sister?
No, I just got this headache..
Now I'll ask the young lady
for another dance.
In the middle of the night?
Night? I just came home.
Everyone is out dancing.
No, Viggo, heavens no,
I can not.
Your sister was easier.
What do you think your
wife would say?
My loving wife is away,
but we dance, come on...
Now there must be fourteen
letters, if not more.
No, nothing for you madam.
I'm sorry.
But for me?
A thin one from your daughter.
Thank you.
I shall read it, mamma, I shall.
No, it is addressed to me.
Dearest mother and father.
Have started school.
Doing fine. Have little time
for anything
but my handicrafts. No time
to write. Regards...
What nerve! This is
not a letter!
Yes, it is strange.
She promised to write
all about his wife.
His wife? I wouldn't
worry about her.
I think she should
come home now.
Home? Why?
Forgive me for having my
own ideas about things.
I trust Rannveig, my daughter.
Then why doesn't she write?
I always wrote.
I never believed what you
wrote in your letters.
Good-bye Miss. Rannveig.
Good-bye and thank you.
Can I have more raisins?
On Sundays we always
speak Danish.
Do you care for more raisins?
Yes, please.
Now Christmas is coming and
we have to start preparation.
Rannveig is not home. Who
will help us make candles?
Yes, mamma you don't know
how to make candles.
Any news from Rannveig?
I'm sorry. Not a word.
Nothing at all.
- I have to lie down.
- Me too.
Copenhagen is a
disgraceful sewer.
Filled with unexpected
for a single, foreign girl.
Why didn't you tell us
before she left?
Please, it is not so bad.
Often when I was out, men
would offer to escort me.
Men who snare innocent girls
into prostitution.
My God!
Once I accepted a ride because
the weather was bad.
It was a miracle that I
managed to escape.
Why didn't you write
us about that?
Out of consideration
for you two.
I did not want to frighten you.
If we don't hear a word
by Christmas.
Then we just will not
celebrate any Christmas.
Mamma and I will just be
bedridden till spring.
Shall we not, mamma?
With your silence you have
caused your mother
such sorrow, comma, will
put her in her grave, dot.
Tell us the truth or you
will kill our mother.
No just write what I'm saying.
God forgive you child, comma,
dash, for keeping us
in this uncertainty, dot.
Do you want to come home
or are you sick, dot, no,
question mark?
I'm not sick I feel fine,
busy with schoolwork.
Have moved from the
Kristensens to a better room.
You're so absentminded.
What's the matter with you?
I hope you all have a fine
new year.
No description of the
new lodgings.
No mention of anything,
either good or bad.
In other words: Nothing
There is a rumor that she
doesn't write.
What are we to tell people?
We have to spread it around
that she is ill.
We did that after the new year.
Just say that she had a relapse
and is in hospital.
I hope she is not in trouble.
I just hope...
You can't just lie in bed.
You have to go and find
out what is happening.
What do you mean?
It is the middle of winter!
And very dangerous weather
for travelling.
So, what. You still have to go.
Be faithful over a few things.
And behold the lord exults them.
At last I'll ask the parish to
pray for Rannveig,
whom you all know and is
ill now on foreign soil,
or in The Royal Copenhagen.
Our father who art in...
And with God's help, when
I return in spring.
Then I'll bring you a toy
train and jewellery-box.
What is train?
A train is a very safe
vehicle for people,
used abroad for safe travel.
Yes. Well my darlings, good bye.
Rannveig is back!
I saw her! I saw her!
Rannveig is back!
Is Rannveig back? Rannveig
is back.
What a relief. Thank God.
Thank God, is that all you
can say. Typical.
You seem not to worry about
the honour of the house.
This is a woeful disgrace for
the entire family.
There, there, just as you will,
just as you say.
But as being a disgrace for
the family is too..
What is disgrace if not this?
Arriving without notice.
What do you think
people will say?
Go into your study and
think about something else.
I and mother shall take care
of everything.
All right then. Open the door!
Here is the coffee.
Come in.
Good evening. I know it is
late, but I was curious
to hear some news about
What time is it? It is nearly
five in the morning.
Perhaps you would like to
have a sip of cognac.
No thank you. Please go
and don't disturb the women.
I'm sorry. Very sorry.
Be quick. Good-bye, good-bye.
What kind of noise is it?
It sounds like Rannveig.
Has the poor child travelled
over the ocean, just to cry?
Yes, and in this weather!
It is horrible.
Get to bed, Bjrn!
Can't you see that I am trying
to take my shoes off.
But it's not so easy when
the laces are all in knots.
It reeks of booze here,
as usual.
It would have served you
right to be out at sea.
Just like you. Just thinking
of nothing but yourself.
All you do is thank God that
you are on dry land.
Yes my darling and you
are also on dry land.
You are apparently not
interested in our affairs.
No my darling, I wouldn't dare.
You know yourself Thurd.
As God is my witness.
I am ready to cross any ocean
and sacrifice my life
a thousand times over in any
damned storm,
all for the Honour of the House.
I had expected my own death,
before I thought my sister
would be engaged.
And who is the fortunate
husband to be?
Yes, who is it? Who's
the lucky one?
Well, it's a long story.
And judging by her expression
she is secretive.
But surely I may reveal
his name, may I?
Yes, you know you can say
whatever you want to.
Mother, you tell his name.
His name is Professor Bgelund.
Professor Bgelund?
May I offer my congratulations.
He plans to defend his
thesis at the University.
My, that's quite
something isn't it?
He is determined to come
here immediately afterwards.
Because he is so fond
of Iceland.
Yes. Bless his soul.
Yes. He wants to have
the wedding here.
So Rannveig had to come
home right away to prepare.
Of course.
There is little more than two
months to the event.
The whole episode is
Rannveig hasn't visited
us since she came.
Maybe she's still sick.
Not any more sick than you
are, she is just pregnant.
She's never been sick.
It was a joke, the praying...
Shame on you, someone might
over hear your gibberish.
Stop that nonsense. You
know nothing!
You should learn to keep
your blabbermouth shut.
We have to start sending
out the invitations.
We'll need two messengers,
one will take the boat
and the other will go by
horse around the district.
Nothing less than a
400 pound bull will do.
And plenty of eggs.
Yes my dear, nothing less
than a thousand eggs.
Yes, there will be
plenty of eggs.
Make sure to reserve all the
cream in the whole district.
Here are the bagels.
Thank you. -This is for
the nut cookies,
the poppy seed go in this
one and the sponge cake is
best kept in here.
Mind the lamp.
I found two hymnbooks
printed in 1620,
and here is an embossed
edition of Ivanhoe.
Are you trying to
kill my father?
I beg your pardon.
By Walter Scott.
Hans, stop. Someone will
take charge of these things.
What is going on!
Please take care!
Don't paint the back.
The front side is enough.
It doesn't matter, its
only for show.
Message for Bjrn. The
wine has arrived.
The wine's is here, get Bjrn!
The wine has arrived!
Has the wine arrived? Bjrn!
Well, three casks of French
red wine,
six cases of genuine Cognac.
What do you think
about that one?
And another six of
Danish aquavit.
This is superb. You bring
it inside, boys.
Please pretend to
show some interest.
This is all being done for you.
All the women are
waiting for us.
The wedding wine has arrived.
We are going down to
look it over. All of us.
Did you bring the
sabadilla seed?
I completely forgot about
you. How could I?
I'm so terribly sorry.
What's wrong, dear?
Did he upset you?
Why are you so sad?
She's out of her mind.
It is not me which is out
of mind. It is you.
Tomorrow we will have a
clean slate. Remember that.
Do you see Mr. Bgelund?
Yes he is there!
No this is Jon.
She's moving into her
sister's house
as soon as they're wed.
I've seen the room. It
sure is lovely.
Really, is it that fine?
I think the Dane will
appreciate a room like that.
I can't see a new face.
That's true, me don't either.
I told you, pay up.
Wait! -You owe me a bottle?
He is dead. The groom died
just before the ship sailed.
No, no.
He is dead, mother.
Bring a bottle of port so that
we can toast the day.
You have had a busy day.
But it was worth while.
And you did well.
Salute. For the honour of the
House and the family.
Mamma! Vigga! Is
somebody downstairs?
I'm here dear.
Something is happening.
Let me feel. The child
is merely turning.
I was so afraid!
Hello. Is he there.
How sweet he is.
Yes he is lovely.
Doesn't he sleep well?
Yes he does.
Has he begun to cut teeth?
Not yet.
Well I'm going to talk to
Bjrn in his office.
Hello Andres. How are you?
How and how not. I have
four kids now.
I can't find enough work
here to support my family.
So where do you plan to go?
To America.
Could you arrange a loan
from your father.
I am not sure.
Or through Bjrn?
I've broke my back for them,
since I was a child.
And I will repay every cent.
I can mention it.
Thank you. Good-bye.
Mamma, come with us to Rannveig.
We are going to teach
him to play.
He is so small and his hands
are so tiny - come with us!
Girls, please close the door. I
don't want a draft.
Do you think he is ugly?
Do what I say!
So here you are. I met your
sister on the way.
She was out stolling
with her son.
Must she drag her little
brat all over town.
Come on. She may be
proud of her boy.
Good news. My sister is
to be married next month.
They want your father to
perform the service.
Look, we are all invited.
Is something wrong?
Not at all.
I would not dream of
leaving him for three days.
No please, come with us.
Do it for me.
I can not let him out of
my sight for a second.
I know what it is to be a
mother. It will do you good.
A couple of days of rest will
revive your spirits.
Do you honestly think so?
May God be with you.
What's wrong my dear?
I have such a headache.
My head is about to split.
You should go on. Please. I
can't go. My God the pain.
I think am about to faint.
It is the monthly.
Well, did you ask them? Not yet.
All aboard! You too Rannveig!
He says that he can repay
the fare to America.
Carpenters get better
wages there...
I am not going to gamble a
fortune for his emigration.
Charity has its own limits.
Andres is fine where he is...
how Thurd completely
dominated her sisters life.
Fighting for her reputation!
This day, when everybody
was so happy...
I have got to hurry home
and breast-feed him.
Yes, do hurry..
It was a smashing wedding
and your speech was sincere.
Thank you very much.
Where is he? Thurd!
Mamma went to Copenhagen,
with your son.
His grandmother in
Copenhagen longed for him.
Yes she asked for him.
What are you trying to
say children?
We received a message from
the late groom's mother.
She was in deep sorrow over
the loss of her only son.
Her wish was to have her
grandson at her side.
And Thurd asked me
to tell you...
What nonsense is this?
His father is Danish, but
he doesn't want him.
The mother is my sister and
she can't have him either.
I have no time. I will pay
a thousand crowns.
Then I never want to hear
from this institute.
Please. If only for your father.
Rannveig you must eat. If
not you will die..
She's hasn't spoken for days.
This dose will help you sleep.
Don't, please don't Rannveig!
Don't, don't do it!
Hans, did you hurt yourself?
How a day of joy could turn
into a gloomy day.
I'm not surprised she hid
herself from her sister.
She let time heal her
wounds, as ruins grow over.
One has to have a unique
temperament to forgive.
Enjoy your meal. You might
like these magazines.
I was only trying to be nice
and bring her something.
You both know that what
I did was for her own good.
Jesus, the burdens that
I have to carry!
Please stop weeping. It is
so boring to listen to it.
You should've gotten me
that loan back then.
Now I have six of them.
Six little buggers.
It would've been easier to
repay six passages,
but now it's going to eight!
We are all going to die here,
thanks to God, your father,
and your brother-in-law.
I feel sorry for you.
I really do.
I wish I could start
from scratch.
Yes. The same idea has
crossed my mind.
We only live once.
How are you and what
brings you up and about?
For how long are you going
to keep this up?
You refuse to greet me in
the middle of the street.
Is that you?
Should we?
Come with me.
You are right,
we only live once.
Horrible. How can he feed
all those mouths?
You have had enough to drink.
Go home!
Isn't there anyone to help
these people out?
Andres? Well he is skilled
with his hands and has...
I want go move to Reykjavk.
Dear Rannveig...
And do what?
What are you going to do
in Reykjavik?
I want to set up a
handicrafts school.
After all, that is what I do
best and have to offer.
Oh no, Rannveig dear,
don't leave us again...
You are asked to come to
a family meeting.
Have a nice trip!
You will hear from master
builder Andersen in Winnipeg.
Good-bye everybody and may
God be with you.
All gossip about Andreas and
Rannveig will stop.
We have asked Gsli Gslason
to help us out.
He will assume responsibility
of the child.
You are so big-bellied. We
have no other choice.
This is not ideal, but he is a
promising young man and
more civilised than other
fishermen in the village.
Ask Gsli to come downstairs.
You move into Bjrn's
office to begin with.
He is going to move out
his things.
Gsli, please come in. Bjrn
you've got the rings.
Come in.
What can I do for you, my child?
We need to talk.
You will have to come later.
I am busy.
I have to speak to you.
Since you control this God
forsaken place.
Both the church and
our livelihood.
My daughter's getting
married on Saturday.
I'm in the middle of the
wedding speech.
As the deacon can see
I'm nearly due.
Yes, what can I do about that?
I assume someone else
is more responsible?
Responsible? I'll be damned
if someone isn't.
Who's the father then?
Who else than that Gsli?
What Gsli?
That damn Gsli who
sometimes works for you.
And now I've been kicked
out my shack.
Where am I supposed
to have the kid?
Out in the field with the
sheep? Shall I start grazing?
You daughter is pregnant,
But not by Gsli!
You taught me Christianity.
It's not Christian to steal
that damned bum from me?
I don't even have a bed nor
anyone I can turn to.
But the Deacon's daughter
has got the Deacon's house.
And the People on top of that.
Stop that whining, and
listen to me.
I'll give you one
thousand crowns.
More money than you have
ever seen in your live.
Then I'll find you a place
to stay in Reykjavik.
I don't want your bloody
money. I want my Gsli.
I can prove that Andres
is the father.
I'm going to
tell it to everyone.
On the authority of Almighty God
I hereby declare you man
and wife. Amen.
You may kiss the bride.
What is more scandalous to
have a child out of wedlock
or to marry and idiot.
And it was done with
your blessing.
But has it helped her?
She is to be named Katrn.
Katrn Hans-daughter.
She's so sickly looking.
No she is so beautiful.
- I can't sleep.
- Please..
Nothing can erase the shame
Rannveig's brought upon us.
What do you mean?
To disgrace us by becoming
pregnant again.
It is not the end of the world.
And marry this idiot on
top of everything.
We are the laughing-stocks
of the village.
She chose him herself.
I am forty years old and my
sister is destroying me.
And what do you intend to do?
I want a fence put up
between the houses.
A high enough fence.
It is such a disgrace,
That I shall never
speak to her again.
Everyone thinks it's
Hans'child. Go to sleep.
Why all this anxiety
all the time?
This whole matter is taking
a dear toll on my health.
I have to go to Copenhagen
and recuperate!
Copenhagen! You are a
married woman and mother.
Are you going to leave us to
bed down in Copenhagen!
With whom, by the way?
Good-buy darlings, and behave!
And have a good trip.
Mamma will return soon.
My little cuddly delicacy.
And why could Rannveig
not have her baby in peace.
All children are welcome
in Iceland,
and most of them are born
outside of wedlock.
God only knows what Thurd
is doing now in Copenhagen.
Thank you for tonight. Goodbye.
Congratulation with the
Thurd, what a surprise!
You were outstanding.
No the performance was so so.
You were so outstanding
on the scene!
Now what is new in Iceland?
How's your little sister?
What if I were to invite you
to dinner in my hotel?
Right now?
Yes, it's all been arranged...
Good-day. What are you
doing in this storm?
Is father not with you?
No, he was feeble this
morning and is in bed.
I'll join you home.
Bjrn must be ill. The
children had not been fed.
I gave them our leftovers.
Where are you coming from?
From old Gunna's. She has
I put a hot poultice on her.
A letter came from your
sister today.
And? Is everything all right?
She's gradually improving.
She went to the Kristensen's
for a visit and met Viggo.
Thurd is of course under
constant medical attention.
Are you leaving?
My wife and children are
probably worried.
You told me last night your
wife doesn't understand you.
There were too many
drinks last night.
We are still married. Good-
bye and thank you.
You told me something
else last night.
I haven't told you all.
My sister Rannveig...
Thurd! I'm sorry!
My Goodness.
Hans, you must fetch the
doctor for Katrn.
What... now?
Go away.
Get the hell away!
Who is it?
What do you want?
The doctor.
What is wrong?
Katrin is sick.
He is not here.
Where is he?
He is on housecall to
the Deacons House.
The deacon is weak. Get
Rannveig. She can help you.
When Thurd arrives she has
been away for eleven months.
I don't believe her sickness.
And her House is like a
ship without a keel.
I can no longer deal with
these things.
Was it Viggo all the time?
Katrn is sick! Where is
the doctor?
He has gone.
Is he dead?
Find the doctor for Katrn.
Welcome home mother.
At last you are at home.
My Darlings.
Good-day Bjrn.
My dear mother.
Did he die peacefully?
My condolence, Thurd.
Welcome home.
Gudny! Helga! Girls!
Where is everybody?
Does nobody hear me?
Yes you called.
Where is everybody?
Has everyone deserted?
I don't know.
Send for the doctor and
for Bjrn as well.
The doctor is with Katrn,
who is very sick.
Shall I send for the midwife?
How ill is she?
Seriously ill. The whole
village is praying for her.
I didn't know the baby
was so sick.
You have to find a proper
doctor for her.
We have to go to Reykjavik
and find a decent doctor.
Get out, Thurid.
There are two of them!
Yes. A boy and a girl.
His name is going to be
Adolf and hers Edit.
Edit? Why that?
Whose children are they?
You are my husband, aren't you?
I have sent the children
to my sister in the north.
To your sister? Why?
I am also leaving?
I'm not going to live
on a knife's edge
maintaining the honour of
this house. It's all yours.
I have had my gear
brought to the store.
I will stay in the room above,
until I have concluded
my businesses here.
Fine weather! Would you
like a cup of coffee?
No thank you, - we do
not think so.
Good-bye, Thurid.
I am on my way to Reykjavk.
Please Bjrn don't go.
Why is everybody so rude.
You have to find that
out yourself.
You would be nothing without us.
Look at your business
and this house...
And yourself, who is phrasing
the Honour of the House.
How is little Katrn
She's dead.
Hello, you there!
Pull down this wall.
Are you talking to us?
Demolish this fence!
My dear Rannveig.
Forgive me.