The Horror of Frankenstein (1970) Movie Script

Yes, sir?
- Have you finished the problem?
- Yes, sir.
- A-ha!
- Something wrong, sir?
Certainly there's something wrong.
A careless mistake.
The result, no doubt, of going too fast.
Perhaps you'd be good enough
to show me, sir.
Here. The ratio ab-ac is constant
for that angle.
- That's perfectly correct, sir.
- Thank you.
But surely the ratios ob-ao, ab-ob tangent
and ob-ab cotangent are also constant, sir.
Silence, get on with your work.
Since you seem to find the work
that I set you so dull,
perhaps you will be kind enough to show me
what it is that you have in your desk
that fascinates you to such an extent.
Certainly, sir.
- What's this?
- Amateur anatomy.
Amateur smut. Come to the front.
- Hold out your hand, boy.
- No, sir.
- I beg your pardon?
- If I allow you to beat me,
it'll be an admission on my part
that you are superior to me.
Since this is patently not the case,
i cannot allow it.
- You're asking for trouble, young man.
- On the contrary, sir.
- I wish only to be left in peace.
- Will you hold out your hand?
- Are you feeling all right, sir?
- Perfectly well.
Your blood pressure's risen alarmingly.
Is there not a feeling of tightness
around the heart?
Now that you mention it,
there's a certain constriction.
Take my advice, sir, dismiss the class
and return home immediately.
Call the doctor.
I pray that you will be in time.
Yes. Yes, I will do that.
Class dismissed.
- How on earth did you manage it, Vic?
-L'll explain the whole thing to you.
It's the simplest thing in the world. You see,
everyone has some sort of weakness.
Find out what it is and it can be exploited.
I simply played on the fact that
buckmaster's weakness is hypochondria.
- What's that?
- He thinks he's sick.
- Well, he certainly looked sick.
- I thought you were marvellous, Victor.
- So did I.
- I was rather good, wasn't I?
I mean, he caught you with that rude picture,
didn't he?
Not rude, Elizabeth,
a picture of the human body.
-L'm interested in anatomy.
- Oh, come off it, Victor.
It's true. I was wondering, Maggie,
would you like to help me with my studies?
- Victor, I'd love to!
- Come on, then.
You see, Maggie, anatomy
is the study of the human body.
I'd like to have helped him.
I don't think he'd have
appreciated the offer, Stephan.
Oh, well, come on, you two. Let's go fishing.
We owe it to ourselves to know
as much about each other as possible.
Shall I take my clothes off now,
Later, Maggie, later.
- Will that be all, sir?
- Thank you, alys, that will be all.
For the time being.
Please, master Victor.
Like father, like son, alys.
You've a long way to go
before you're like your father.
Not too long, my girl.
Not too long.
- I need some money, father.
- You can't have any.
You're two years ahead
on your allowance already.
- What do you need it for?
- I need some more scientific equipment.
You what?
Listen, son.
If you came and told me you needed money
because you'd got one of the village girls
into trouble, I'd give it to you.
That would be normal.
But it's not natural for a boy of your age
to be so interested
in all this scientific twaddle.
It's just as natural as a man of your age
being interested in a 16-year-old housemaid.
How dare you insinuate such a thing!
- Oh, come off it, father.
- You get supercilious with me, boy,
and I'll take a whip to you.
That's your answer to everything, isn't it?
- If you can't bed 'em, beat 'em.
- Why you little...
How about letting me go to university, then?
I've told you, your place is here, at the castle.
You'll see me in my grave before I let you
gallivant off to Vienna for the next few years.
For as much as it hath pleased
almighty god of his great mercy,
to take unto himself the soul
of our dear brother here departed,
we therefore commit his body to the ground.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes...
Doesn't he look handsome?
You mustn't say things like that
at a time like this.
Well, he does!
Poor Victor. He looks so sad.
I wonder if he'll come back to school
now he's the baron.
No. I heard my father tell my mother that
he's going to university to Vienna.
- He's leaving straight after the funeral.
- Oh, no!
How long will he be away?
- Five years, at least.
- Oh, no!
Thou most worthyjudge eternal. ensure
that the temperature remains constant
during the time necessary
for complete absorption.
And so you see, ladies and gentlemen,
that if the experiment
is carried out under these conditions,
we are left with only one possible result.
Are you paying attention?
No, sir.
No doubt you feel
your time is wasted in this class.
I sincerely hope not, sir.
Very well, class dismissed.
What are you doing this evening, Victor?
Hey, steady on.
She's the Dean's daughter.
I'd hardly be interested
if she were the Dean's son.
But you know what he's like.
If he catches you with her, you'll be expelled.
You are a worrier, Wilhelm.
First, he isn't going to catch me with her.
And second, even if he did,
he wouldn't expel me.
Pregnant, sir. My daughter is pregnant.
Ls that all you can find to say?
At the moment, sir.
What I would like to know
is what you intend to do about it.
I do have all my medical degrees.
Couldn't I give her a quick operation?
Or better still, couldn't you?
We will forget you made
that remark, young man.
Now, I am quite broad-minded.
I understand how it is for young people,
I don't approve, of course, but I understand.
I've been looking through your records.
You have a brilliant mind, my boy,
you'll go a long way.
You have a title and a considerable fortune,
i believe.
- Considerable.
- Then all is not as black as it first seemed.
The term ends in three weeks.
The wedding can take place
as soon as the holidays start.
How does that sound?
Pompous old windbag.
He can't wait to have a baron as a son-in-law.
He doesn't give a damn
about his daughter's chastity.
That makes two of you.
Well, what are you going to do?
Start my holidays early, I suppose.
In other words,
run away from your responsibilities.
Certainly. Take my advice, wil,
when responsibilities weigh too heavy,
that's the best thing you can do with 'em.
- Is your invitation still open?
- Of course it is.
We'll have a marvellous time.
The whole of the summer with nothing to do
but mess around in my laboratory.
I've ordered tons of new equipment
to be sent to the castle.
I've always wanted
to spend summer in a laboratory.
No, seriously. You know those experiments
I've been working on?
- Yes.
- Well, I've got some really incredible ideas.
Look, I want to show you something.
Hell, Victor.
Where did you get that?
I stole it from the anatomy class.
I think I'll send it to the Dean
as a going-away present.
- Stop, or you're dead!
- Whoa, whoa!
What's happened? Why have we stopped?
Outside, both of you.
- This is preposterous.
- If you're not outside in five seconds,
I'll shoot you.
We'd better do as he says, my dear.
- Highwaymen.
- Probably.
We've always had that trouble around here.
- Well, aren't you going to help?
- Good heavens, no.
It's none of our business.
Besides, a man could get hurt down there.
Well, you might be content to let them
get away with it, but I'm not.
Come on.
I hope you've got more to offer
than this, old fool.
- Let's get him.
- Please drop your guns, gentlemen.
And now I suggest
you make yourselves scarce.
And to make sure you do...
Well, you didn't have to shoot him.
Actions speak louder than words, Wilhelm.
Delighted to have been of service, frulein...
Victor, don't you recognise me?
I'm sorry, I...
Wait a moment. Elizabeth?
My dear Elizabeth, how you've grown.
People do in six years.
Father, this is Victor Frankenstein,
you may have heard me speak of him.
Oh, we owe you an enormous debt
of gratitude, young man.
- You and your friend.
- Oh, may I introduce Wilhelm kassner?
Professor heiss and his daughter, Elizabeth.
A pleasure, herr professor, frulein.
Now, you must allow us to speed you
on yourjourney.
Are you going to stay
now that you're home, Victor?
Yes, I am.
Perhaps you and herr kassner
could come to dinner one evening. Soon.
Indeed, I insist!
- Of course we shall come.
- Thank you, young man.
- Drive on.
- Go on, get on.
Another of your conquests?
Believe it or not, Wilhelm, no.
I'm delighted to hear it.
Come on, let's be on our way.
You fetch the horses.
There's something I must do here.
I said a man could get hurt down here.
Welcome home, herr baron.
Thank you, alys.
You're looking remarkably well.
Thank you, sir.
And you've put on weight
in a couple of places.
- Not too much, I hope, sir.
- Not at all.
Oh, this is herr kassner.
Herr kassner will be staying with us
as a houseguest for a while.
- Did you dismiss the servants?
- Oh, they went yesterday, sir.
- Has my equipment arrived?
-Lt's been arriving all week, sir.
I've had it put in your old rooms.
And I've taken the Liberty
of moving your personal things
to your father's old bedroom.
Good. I trust nothing has been changed.
The same furnishings,
bed warmer, things like that.
Exactly as your father always liked it, sir.
Admirable. We'll have dinner in one hour.
Come, Wilhelm.
Who was that?
Awe. She's my housekeeper.
You're joking.
Not at all. She gave satisfaction
to my father, she can do the same for me.
I hope she can cook.
Many more meals like that
and we can forget work.
- We'll both be dead.
- It wasn't as bad as all that.
- It was revolting, I've never tasted anything...
- Shh!
- Hope you enjoyed your meal, gentlemen.
- Very nice, thank you.
Are you sure you'll be able
to handle everything on your own, alys?
Oh, I think so, sir.
I can always have help sent up
from the village for the heavy work.
Good idea. You're my housekeeper,
I don't want you slaving away
in the kitchen all the time.
Tomorrow, you will engage a cook.
Oh, you didn't enjoy the meal.
No, I assure you, we did.
But get a cook, just the same.
But no living-in help.
- If you say so, sir.
- Good.
- That's settled then. Come on, Wilhelm.
- Where?
Upstairs. We've got to unpack the equipment.
- What time will you be retiring, sir?
- Uh, two hours.
Very well, sir, I'll prepare your bed.
Like father, like son, alys.
Of course, sir.
You know, I have the strangest feeling
that I'm missing something.
You probably are, Wilhelm.
But don't worry about it, old friend.
I'll have you working so hard that you
won't even know what it is you're missing.
Thanks a lot.
- I think I'll go to bed.
- Rubbish.
- We've got to unpack this lot first.
- But it'll take a week.
The sooner we start, the better.
You start over there.
- Mmm?
- Victor, I'm going to bed.
- Mmm.
- Victor, it's 3:00.
- What?
-Lt's 3:00 in the morning and I'm tired.
3:00 already.
3:00? Well, good heavens,
why didn't you tell me how late it was?
I did. Five times.
Come on. We'll finish in the morning.
- Until tomorrow, then. Sleep well.
- You, too. Goodnight.
- What time is it?
-Lt's bed time.
- What on earth is this?
- What?
-It's a blood purifier.
- A what?
A sort of artificial kidney. I saw it advertised
in last month's medical journal.
What on earth do you want
with a blood purifier?
You never know
when we'll find it useful in our work.
Victor, what exactly is our work?
- Research.
- I know that, but research into what?
Life, Wilhelm. Life.
Now let's get on with it.
- Yes, alys, what is it?
- You have visitors.
- Well, tell them I'm busy.
- Well, they say they're friends of yours.
- The gentleman asked me to bring this card.
- Well, what does it say?
"Lieutenant Henry Becker."
Lieutenant? I don't know any lieutenants.
Wait a minute. Of course, Henry Becker!
We went to school together.
- Henry! How are you?
- Welcome home, Victor.
Elizabeth told us you were back.
- And Maggie.
- Hello, Victor.
You've grown up
just as beautiful as I knew you would.
Wilhelm, I'd like you to meet
two very dear friends of mine.
Margaret keil and Henry Becker.
- Wilhelm kassner.
-Lt's a pleasure.
- How do you do?
- Henry and I are engaged, Victor.
My congratulations.
What's the uniform, Henry?
- Are you in the army?
- Police.
So mind you behave yourself, Victor.
I always did.
And now, let me offer you a drink. Alys!
Champagne for my guests.
- This is a semi-official visit, Victor.
- Yes?
Elizabeth told me how you saved her
and the professor from those highwaymen.
- It was nothing.
- It was very brave.
Nonsense, my dear,
anyone would have done the same thing.
You shot the leader
of the group, I understand.
- Was that all you did?
- What else?
Well, it's very strange.
When I arrived on the scene,
the body had been mutilated.
His head had been cut off.
How frightful!
I don't see why.
He obviously had no further use for it.
I suppose you know nothing about it.
Good heavens, no.
I imagine his companions probably returned
and removed the head
to prevent identification.
Possibly. I hope you don't mind my asking.
Of course not.
We all have ourjobs to do, don't we?
Ah. Now, we will drink a toast.
To the reunion of old friends.
Why, Victor, why?
- Ugly brute, wasn't he?
- You didn't answer my question.
Admittedly, he doesn't look at his best now.
Even so, he was a pretty revolting specimen.
- Victor.
- W hat?
Why did you do it?
Do what? Oh.
Well, you remember the trouble
we used to have at the university
-during the anatomy classes?
- What trouble?
There were never enough bodies
to go around.
That was at the university.
What do you want with that here?
Just because we're on vacation,
it doesn't mean that we've stopped working.
A head like this would have been shared
among 200 students.
Now we've got it all to ourselves.
You mean you're going to continue
your work on anatomy, is that it?
Of course. What else?
I don't know.
Let's leave our friend until later.
We have a lot more unpacking to do.
That was marvellous, alys.
How did you manage it?
I did as you said, sir,
and engaged a cook from the village.
My compliments to her.
- Oh, it's a man, sir.
- Oh, one of your impecunious relations?
I don't have any relations, sir.
Poor alys. All alone in the world.
- Not completely alone, sir.
- Quite.
Send him in, anyway,
I'd like to congratulate him.
I was hoping you would say that, sir.
He says he knows you.
Stephan. Good lord, it is Stephan!
- How are you, Victor? Herr baron.
-Lt's still Victor.
It's good to see you again, old friend.
But cooking? And doing it all so well?
- At last, I found something I could do well.
- Well, I'm delighted.
Wilhelm, this is another old friend of mine.
We had an arrangement at school.
He would keep the bullies off my back
and in exchange, I would do
his schoolwork for him.
- It was a good arrangement, eh, Stephan?
- Without it, I'd still be at school.
Have you everything you need?
Did alys arrange to pay you sufficiently?
- I am content.
- That's good. Very good.
Perhaps later, when we settle in,
there'll be other work for you
to do around the place.
- How will that be?
-L'd like that very much.
That's settled then.
It's good to have you with me, Stephan.
- You're a strange one, Victor.
- How so?
Well, one moment you can be
kind and charming.
The next, you can be as cold as the grave.
I sometimes wonder
which is the real Victor Frankenstein.
Let me know when you find out.
Back to work, then.
- Goodnight, Wilhelm.
- Goodnight, Victor.
A success, wouldn't you say?
Well, what's the next stage?
A live experiment.
But it'll have to wait until tomorrow.
We're dining with Elizabeth and that
pompous old fool of a father of hers tonight.
But keep your eyes open.
We'll need a recently dead animal
for the first thing tomorrow morning.
You probably think it eccentric of me
to keep a tortoise for a pet.
Most people do.
But he's clean. He makes no noise.
He doesn't bite,
and he hibernates for most of the winter.
What could be better?
Yes, we're great friends, aren't we, Gustav?
But enough of me.
Tell me, gentlemen, what is this work
you're doing up at the castle
that seems to occupy all your time?
Just some minor experiments, professor.
Don't you get enough of that
at the university?
We've finished with the university.
We have?
I feel we can progress further
working on our own.
Don't you agree, Wilhelm?
To a certain extent.
But unlike Victor, I am returning
to the university after the holidays.
I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
- There's nothing to talk about.
- I disagree.
But here is neither the time, nor the place.
Tell me, Elizabeth, how is it that
someone as beautiful as yourself
has managed to remain unmarried?
I would have expected suitors
to be beating a path to your door.
They do, young man, you take my word for it.
And you turn them all down?
Even a police lieutenant.
I thought he was engaged to Maggie.
He is, but only after Elizabeth
had turned him down 17 times.
- Please, father.
- Well, it's true, isn't it?
I don't want to talk about it now.
Victor, would you like some more coffee?
No, thank you, we must be going.
- So soon?
- It wouldn't do to leave it too late.
The roads around here are swarming
with headless highwaymen.
- Oh, don't. I can't.
- No, really, we must go.
Off you go, Gustav.
You must both come to dinner again.
- We'd love to.
- And you must come to the castle.
Oh, thank you, my boy.
- Have you lost something?
- My gloves. I must have left them in there.
- Oh, I could...
- No, don't bother.
Thank you
for a very pleasant evening, professor.
Pleasure, great pleasure.
- And you, too, Elizabeth.
- It was nice seeing you again.
-It's been a wonderful evening.
- Goodnight, Victor.
Very agreeable young men.
Gustav! Gustav!
-L'm going to bed now, father.
- Goodnight, my dear.
- Goodnight.
- Gustav, where are you?
- Leave him, I'm sure he'll be all right.
- Hmm?
Oh, yes, yes, you're quite right, my dear.
He does hate it so to be left alone.
It was a terrible thing to do, Victor.
Don't be such an old woman, Wilhelm.
The professor will never know.
But how can he help but know?
Look, either the tortoise lives, or he dies.
If he lives, we sneak him back.
If he dies, we buy another exactly the same.
The professor will never know the difference.
No one will. Except another tortoise.
What about Elizabeth?
What about Elizabeth?
She's in love with you, you know.
- Where on earth did you get that idea?
- The way she looks at you.
The way she hangs on to your every word.
My dear fellow, I happen to be
a particularly entertaining person.
Modest, too.
The fact that she hangs on to every word
is a credit to her good taste.
Hardly evidence of eternal devotion.
No, Victor, I'm afraid it's more than that.
- Afraid?
- Well, I didn't mean...
You're in love with her, yourself.
Admit it.
But I hardly know the girl.
I wish you the very best of luck. Now...
Where the hell do you inject a tortoise?
Inject him with what?
A nice painless death.
- And afterwards?
- Afterwards...
Who knows?
Ls he dead?
As dead as he'll ever be, poor little thing.
Poor little nothing.
Gustav will go down in history.
Oh, that must be a great comfort to him.
Same as it'll be to the professor
when he finds out.
Stop griping and get
those electrodes fastened.
Well, how can I?
He died with his head inside the shell.
Well, stuff one in the front end
and one in the back.
They're bound to make contact somewhere.
- Ready?
- Hang on a minute.
Right. Ready.
Anything happening?
He's hot.
Any more current
and he'll fry.
Let's have a drink.
What now?
Start again, I suppose.
Poor old Gustav.
- Never did anyone any harm...
- Ouch!
Well, I told you he was hot.
He isn't hot, Wilhelm. He bit me.
Oh, come off it, Victor!
He did, I tell you. Hey!
Drink up, Gustav.
This is a celebration.
I want to make another toast.
Then you just go ahead.
To the successful culmination of our work.
Can't drink to that.
Why not? It's a good toast.
Because we haven't culminated.
We've just started.
Don't tell me we're going to murder
poor old Gustav all over again.
On to bigger and better things.
- A dog?
- No.
- A horse?
- No.
- Well, what then?
- A people, er, person.
- Oh, steady on, Victor.
- We're going to make a person.
Stop joking.
Who's joking?
We'll need a bigger generator of course.
Much more power.
Stop it. You don't know what you're saying.
Of course, I do.
I always know what I am saying.
One of the first things we're going
to need is the raw material.
I understand, sir.
You're only interested in undamaged goods.
But you've got to realise
they're all damaged in a little way.
Or they wouldn't be dead,
now would they?
I understand that.
Would you be more interested
in male or female?
- Male, of course.
- Oh, no offence, mind.
You get to meet some real strange people
in my line of business.
Had this gentleman once who wanted me...
Spare me the autobiographical details.
Just tell me what you have available.
Oh, a poor selection, very poor.
Times are hard.
People just don't die off so quick.
Yes. It's the welfare state.
That's what it is.
You'll do your best though?
Indeed I will, sir. Indeed I will.
But fresh, mind you.
Nothing more than three days old.
Oh, don't worry yourself.
Anything I bring you will be so fresh
it would get past
the government meat inspector.
- Anything else?
- No.
Then I'll get on my way.
The church bell was tolling this afternoon.
Yes, means they've laid somebody
down six feet today.
Like to get to them before the soil's settled.
Digging's easier that way, you know.
How much further have I got to go?
Oh, not too far, lovey.
Getting tired, are we?
It's not that.
I've got to get home to feed the baby.
Yes. We've got a regular customer
of this one, lovey.
Keep him happy and we may be
able to afford another baby.
- Really?
- I don't see why not.
He said he'd take anything I could supply
provided it was prime merchandise.
Well, he certainly came to the right person.
In all the time we've been together
I've never known you deliver shoddy goods.
- Ah!
There already, are we?
Right. Now, my tools.
Now, let's have a go,
and see what's going on.
There's been an avalanche
over karlstadt way.
Reports say about 15 dead.
I think I'll pay them a visit tomorrow.
So, don't worry if you don't see me
for a few days.
I shan't. Goodnight.
Goodnight, your lordship.
Good evening, Stephan,
another magnificent meal.
Thank you, Victor.
- Can I help you carry those upstairs?
- I can manage, thank you.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, Victor.
First consignment has arrived.
- First consignment of what?
- Raw materials.
Let's see what we've got.
My god, Victor, this is terrible.
Not too good, I Grant you.
Still we can use part of this piece here.
I'll wager this lot is more than three days old.
- Victor, please.
- W hat?
You must stop all this.
- Stop what?
- This.
The whole idea, it's...
-Lt's sickening.
- Nonsense.
You've probably eaten something
that disagrees with you.
Here, I'll mix you a draught.
I foresee a small problem here, Wilhelm.
Obviously, our friend is going to bring us
a great deal more stuff than we can use.
We'll have to find a means of disposing
of what we don't need.
What do you suggest?
Makes you sick, it really does.
- What does dear?
- Those people over at karlstadt.
Fifteen dead in an avalanche,
all laid out neatly in the town hall.
Couldn't get near the place
because all those people had come to stare.
- How annoying.
- Yes, downright morbid, I call it.
Ah, got there, have we?
Yes. Now, let's see what we've got this time.
Here, Wilhelm. Give me a hand, will you?
Read me that bit again, lovey.
"Within 15 minutes of the collision
"the ferry boat plunged
to the bottom of the lake.
"Small boats put out from the shore
in a desperate attempt to pick up survivors.
- Not that bit.
- There, where I've marked.
- Oh, sorry, dear.
"Bodies of the dead are being washed up
"all along the north bank of the lake.
"More and more coming to light
with each passing hour."
I love that phrase.
"More and more with each passing hour."
The good lord has been kind to us, lovey.
- There's someone at the door.
- Hmm?
Victor, there's someone banging
at the front door.
They'll go away-
oh, good. It's probably that nasty man
that keeps bringing you
those strange bundles at all hours.
Ah, evening, your lordship.
You'd better have something pretty good
to get me out of bed at this hour.
Wait until I show you what I've for you.
I'm not sure about the quality
but you won't have any complaints
about the quantity and that's for sure.
Have you got anybody
who can give me a hand?
-L'll help you.
- Good enough.
I'm afraid we'll have to make
half a dozen trips.
Cold outside it is.
You wouldn't have something
to keep a man warm, I suppose?
Wrap yourself around this.
- That should keep you warm enough.
- Thank you, your lordship.
Don't forget.
Nothing more until you hear from me.
Very good, your grace.
Morning, Wilhelm. Sleep well?
- Victor, I'm leaving.
- What on earth for?
You know why.
I've had enough of this revolting work.
A natural reaction, my dear fellow.
You've been cooped up too long.
You should go out more.
Enjoy yourself.
It's not that and you know it.
How would it be if I lent you
the fair alys for a while?
Victor, listen to me.
This work you're doing,
it's not only nauseating, it's dangerous.
You're tampering with forces
we don't fully understand.
Come on, Wilhelm,
you're acting like a frightened child.
At least fear is a healthy emotion.
It prevents us from venturing too far
into the unknown.
It's the business of science
to venture into the unknown.
But there are still limits
and you've reached them.
We should have stopped
a long time ago.
- But it's still not too late.
- It is for me.
You refuse to do as I ask?
Of course I do.
Now, if you must leave, please do so,
but spare me any more of your
sanctimonious claptrap.
Very well.
But I must warn you, Victor,
i shall expose you.
The world will know of the terrible things
you're doing in the name of science.
The authorities will confiscate my equipment.
No doubt.
- They'll stop my work!
- Exactly.
Nothing I say will change your mind?
Then so be it.
You agree to do as I ask?
You give me no choice.
I knew you'd see reason, Victor.
- And I'm glad.
- Well, my dear fellow, we're civilised men.
We should be able to settle
our differences amicably.
Of course. I'm sorry I spoke so harshly.
No. You were right to do so.
I see that now.
Well, I suggest we dismantle the apparatus.
Nothing would give me greater pleasure.
Then if you will start with the terminals,
I'll begin over there.
- Right.
- Here.
Thank you.
Tomorrow we shall initiate a new series
of experiments.
Something harmless
like splitting the atom perhaps.
Oh, I'm sorry, frulein.
The baron gave strict instructions
that he was on no account to be disturbed.
Alys, I'm going to have guests for dinner.
I too was like Victor when I was his age.
Work was the only thing that mattered to me.
I was the despair of my parents,
the scourge of my teachers.
I remember on one occasion
one of my instructors told me
that I worked too fast.
Now, he admitted
that my work was accurate
but told me that I ought to take longer over it.
...asked what you thought, Victor.
- I agree.
- You didn't hear a word I said.
I'm sorry, sir. You're quite right.
My mind has the unfortunate habit
of wandering off at times.
Oh, it was the same
when I was engaged on a project.
Nothing mattered except the work in hand.
What exactly is the project
you're working on, Victor?
It's complicated, my dear.
Too complicated to try to explain.
Well, maybe we could come
and see it sometime?
I'm afraid you'd find it terribly dull
and ordinary.
Oh, I'm terribly sorry, sir.
It's all right, alys.
I'll finish pouring.
Er, not for me, thanks.
It plays hell with my gout.
How about a cognac?
I'd like that.
Tell me, when do you think your work
will be in a condition to publish?
Not for some time yet, I'm afraid.
- Will you publish preliminary notes?
- No, I don't think so.
Hmm. Quite right.
That kind of thing is only for men
who don't think they'll ever finish their work.
Not for men like you and me, Victor.
Fit and healthy men
with years ahead of us, eh?
And now, what shall we drink to?
Let's drink to the success
of your work, Victor.
And may it bring you everything you deserve.
- To you, Victor.
- Thank you, both.
And if my work is eventually crowned
with success,
you, my friends, will have had
no little part in it.
- Thank you, Victor. Splendid evening.
- My pleasure, professor.
Goodnight my boy.
Is anything the matter?
Oh, indigestion.
I've suffered from it for more years
than I care to remember.
- I trust it was nothing you ate?
- No, no. Excellent meal.
Excellent. Oh, it'll be all right in the morning.
- Goodnight, Victor.
- Goodnight, sir. Sleep well.
Don't you ever get lonely here, Victor?
It's a big place.
You need someone to run it for you.
You don't approve of the way alys runs it?
That's not what I meant.
Someone to look after you.
- Someone who cares.
- You think alys doesn't?
Don't tease me, Victor.
I'm not in the habit of proposing to men.
- Proposing?
- Think about it.
I'm considered quite a catch
in some quarters.
Goodnight, Victor.
"L'm considered quite a catch
in some quarters."
It's true.
It may be true for everyone else in lngstadt.
Ls it for you?
is a very unpleasant habit, alys.
One day it might get you into serious trouble.
Meanwhile, let's consider it
as a kind of insurance.
- Against what?
- My dismissal.
I have no intention
of dismissing you.
At the moment.
But my position here
can hardly be described as secure.
Secure or not, you've hardly been
the loser by it.
Oh, I don't deny you've been generous.
So generous that I'm beginning
to develop expensive tastes.
Suppose I consider them too expensive?
Suppose you tell me what happened
to herr kassner.
He went back to Vienna.
In the middle of the night?
Leaving all his things?
He's eccentric.
Don't worry. It's none of my business.
Any more than what you're doing
upstairs is my business. Yet.
But if I do decide
to take an interest in these things
then people may start making enquiries.
You're becoming obtuse, alys.
It doesn't suit you.
Oh, I just wanted
you to understand the position
before you entered into any arrangement
with fraulein heiss.
I'm not going to enter
into any arrangement with her.
She means nothing to me.
Besides, she has her father to look after.
For as much as it hath pleased
almighty god of his great mercy
to take unto himself the soul
of our dear brother here departed,
we therefore commit his body to the ground.
Earth to earth. Ashes to ashes.
Try not to grieve too much, my dear.
His work will live after him.
What will you do now, Elizabeth?
I've plenty to do.
My poor father left his affairs
in a terrible state.
It will take weeks for me to sort them out.
Then, after that, I...
I don't know.
Can we give you a lift home, Elizabeth?
Thank you, Maggie.
Goodbye, Victor.
Goodbye, my dear.
- Frulein heiss?
- Yes, but how...
- Your maid let us in.
- Why?
We represent your father's creditors.
The Franz Josef publishing company.
The baden house of finance.
Manufacturers at eckdorf.
Various local businesses and individuals.
Total amount
is quite considerable.
How much?
In all, just over 12,000 marks.
But that's impossible.
I have all the accounts here, frulein.
I had no idea!
I knew my father's affairs were in a mess,
but 12,000 marks...
Are you able to meet these accounts?
If what you say is true then...
I haven't a penny.
Then it is my painful duty to inform you
that all your late father's goods and chattels
are hereby forfeit.
You will please collect
your personal belongings
and leave this house by this evening.
Leave the house?
Believe me, frulein, I regret this very much.
But my instructions are quite clear.
No one is allowed to stay here. Even you.
Frulein heiss.
- Is the baron at home, please?
- Yes, frulein, he is, but...
- Victor.
- Well, come in.
Whatever's the matter? Are you ill?
It's my father's house.
They've taken everything, Victor.
And how long's she staying?
- A few days.
- You'll be lucky.
You don't imagine that now
she's got herself past the front door
she's going to leave, do you?
Not unless she's forced to.
She's welcome to stay here
until she's found somewhere to live.
And when do you suppose that will be?
Next year? The year after?
No, I tell you. It'll take a crowbar
to prise her loose now that she's here.
You're beginning to bore me, alys.
Please, Victor.
What do we want her here for?
For no other reason
than common hospitality and good manners.
Perhaps the latter are
beyond your comprehension, alys.
Now go to bed before I get angry.
Evening, your lordship.
- Have you got it?
- Right here.
Bit of a Barney getting it out, it was.
Tricky thing, a brain.
Bring it upstairs, would you?
Right. Can't hang about too long though.
My dear wife, bless her,
well, she's pregnant again.
- Congratulations.
- Nothing like creating a new life, I always say.
In here.
My goodness me.
Set it down on that bench over there,
will you?
Oh, my god!
I'm sorry, he gave me a bit of a shock.
Where on earth did you dig him up?
Fetch me that jar over there.
Oh, cut yourself, have you?
It was the broken glass.
Yes, I can see. Sticking out there in the front.
- Where?
- Well, right there.
It won't make any difference though, will it?
I hope not.
I shall have to take it out though.
Er, no harm done then.
Now, if you'd like to settle up,
i think I'll be on my way.
Before you go...
There's something here
that you might be interested in.
Oh, I doubt it. What is it?
Over there, in that tank.
Up there.
I can't see anything.
Hell and damnation!
How do you do?
I'm Victor Frankenstein.
Victor, is that you?
- Victor.
- Stephan.
What on earth have
you been up to?
It wasn't me Victor. It was a...
A monster.
Come, Stephan,
what sort of nonsense is this?
It's true!
It was huge, covered with scars.
He had no clothes on.
Just bandages.
Just remember all that
when the police come.
Tell them exactly the way
you've just told me.
- The police?
- Of course, I must fetch them immediately.
Be sure to stay here
until I get back.
- Yes, Victor.
- Don't go away.
- I won't, Victor.
- Walk on.
Yes, all right, Stephan.
Now tell it to me all over again.
As I told Victor,
i came round the bend...
- Excuse me, Henry.
- What is it?
If you don't need me any more,
I'd like to get home.
Oh, yes, yes, of course.
Thank you, Victor.
It will be all right, won't it, Victor?
Of course it will, Stephan.
You just stick to what you saw
and everything will be all right.
Get up, there.
Right, Stephan.
Start from the beginning.
That should keep even you quiet.
And now, I'll get you some clothes.
You said he'd come
from the direction of the castle?
That's right, Henry.
All right, Stephan,
let's go and take a look up there.
My god, you're an ugly looking devil.
Can't you talk?
It'll be that piece of glass.
I'm sorry about that.
I can't have you wandering the countryside
chopping up the population.
You're wasting your time.
I'll get you something to eat.
Save your strength.
Hello, Henry.
Elizabeth, what are you doing here?
I hardly think that's any of your business.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't mean to sound rude.
It's all right.
It's my father's house.
- They've taken everything.
- What? Who?
The bailiffs.
To repay all my father's debts.
I had nowhere to stay last night.
My dear Elizabeth, I'm so sorry.
But why here? Why Victor, of all people?
Why not?
What is it now, Henry?
I've told you all I can.
Stephan says that he saw the killer
appearing from the direction of the castle.
- Some sort of monster.
- You're joking of course.
This is no time to joke.
A man's life is at stake.
I don't understand.
What are you talking about?
A man has been murdered
on the village road, my dear.
I found Stephan standing near the body.
Stephan wouldn't kill anybody.
That's what I thought up until this morning.
Then I take it that neither of you
have seen any sign of this monster.
- Not I.
- No.
Then we'll be on our way.
But what happens if you don't find this...
This man?
Then I'm afraid, Stephan is in trouble.
Come on.
But I saw him. I tell you, I saw him!
Come on, Stephan.
Victor, we must do something.
- What do you suggest?
- I don't know.
But he might hang
for something he didn't do.
Now, how do we know he didn't do it?
We were at school together.
That's hardly an automatic
guarantee of his innocence.
I don't believe that he's capable
of killing anybody.
It isn't a question of belief,
it's a question of evidence.
And there seems to be enough of that
to hang him three times over.
Well, then we must find this man.
This monster that he said he saw.
Don't you understand, my dear?
There wasn't one.
And now I have some work to do.
I'll see you at lunch, no doubt.
Now, my friend...
The first thing you must learn
is some manners.
When I say something,
you listen and you obey.
Sit down and you can have it.
Come on, sit.
You heard me. Sit!
I said sit!
Good boy.
Good boy.
This food is revolting, alys.
They're hanging your cook
tomorrow, remember?
Surely, we could have found
another cook by now.
I offered to help
when Stephan was convicted.
I can manage.
Not if you continue to dish out muck
like this. Now take it away.
She'll have to go.
How would you like to take her place?
As your housekeeper?
After all, you need a job.
You told me so yourself.
You're very kind.
Not at all. I need...
I'll go.
- Good evening.
- I would like to see his lordship, please.
- You mean the baron?
- If that's what he is.
Come in.
- You have a visitor.
- Yes?
I'll leave you alone.
It's about my husband.
- Your husband?
- He's disappeared.
- Do I know him?
- Oh, yes, sir.
He's the one that dug up
all those fresh corpses for you.
Oh, yes.
You haven't seen him then?
Not for some time.
Our business was concluded.
We settled up and that was
the last I saw of him.
I was afraid of that.
It means I have to go to the police,
and I do so dislike the police.
I just hope they won't be
an embarrassment to you.
To me?
Well, I'll have to tell them what he did.
And how the last time I saw him
he was on his way up here
with a delivery for you.
I mean, they'll want to know
that sort of thing, won't they?
Yes. Yes, I suppose they will.
Well, you do just that.
In fact, do it straight away.
Take the short cut to the village.
- Thank you, sir.
- Think nothing of it.
Don't forget,
the shortcut through the woods.
Yes, sir. Thank you. Goodnight.
And good night to you, dear lady.
Wake up, old fellow.
I've got a little job for you.
You did exactly as I commanded?
No one saw you?
Good boy.
- You didn't touch anything?
- No, sir.
Ride to karlstadt, wake up the judge
and tell him to postpone the execution.
- Is the baron at home?
- Yes, sir.
Henry! What a pleasant surprise.
This is not a social visit, Victor.
Pity. What is it then?
Another body has been found
on the village road.
What perilous times we do live in.
You realise what that means?
It means there are a lot
of rogues and vagabonds
wandering about the countryside.
You're not doing your job, Henry.
It means that Stephan probably told the truth.
Poor Stephan.
It's all right.
I've managed to hold the execution.
Good for you, Henry.
So now you believe there's a monster
on the rampage?
"Monster," that was the word
that Stephan used, wasn't it?
A monster who's left a foot print.
How marvellous for you, Henry, a clue.
You seem to be treating
the whole affair very lightly.
I really can't find it in myself
to feel sorry for everyone
who gets waylaid by the roadside.
Even when it happens
so close to the castle?
What difference does that make?
Well, I would have thought
the idea of some maniac
of enormous size and strength
wandering around
would give you cause for concern.
So long as he doesn't wander around here.
- Perhaps he does.
- What's that supposed to imply?
Nothing yet.
- Good day, Victor.
- Henry.
- Interesting.
- What?
What the police lieutenant
was talking about.
On the contrary,
i found it exceptionally dull.
Now if you'll excuse me,
i have some work to do.
- Victor.
- Hmm?
I think it's time we had a little talk.
- About?
- Money.
- Don't I pay you enough?
- For my work, yes.
What else should I pay you for?
Your bedroom accomplishments?
No. For withholding information.
About what?
About why you employed a man
to steal dead bodies.
And why you keep going down
to the cellar at all hours.
I believe it's in the interest of public safety
that they should have this information.
That's very public-spirited of you.
So you must see it's worth
something to keep quiet. Agreed?
But don't you think your information
would carry a little more weight
if you knew why I wanted
those dead bodies?
And why I keep visiting the cellars?
- Perhaps.
- Then I shall satisfy your curiosity.
Come with me.
Come on.
In here, my dear.
Step inside.
You can't see anything from there.
Victor, please let me out!
I'll do anything, Victor!
Victor, I heard a scream.
Didn't you hear anything?
No, my dear, I didn't hear a thing.
Incidentally, have you decided
whether to take the position I offered you?
- Alys has left us.
- So suddenly?
You know how unreliable
staff are these days.
- Well?
- Well, I have nowhere else to go.
It's agreed then.
A glass of champagne to celebrate?
It's hardly cause for celebration.
I can think of no better cause to celebrate
than your taking up
permanent residence in my house.
As my housekeeper.
You excelled yourself.
That was a marvellous dinner.
Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Will there be anything else you require?
No, I don't think so.
I'll see you at breakfast.
- Victor?
- Hmm. Yes?
Nevermind. Goodnight.
He... he hurt me.
Nasty monster.
There, there. It's all right.
Everything's going to be all right.
Thank god, sir.
I've never been so glad
to see anyone in my life.
- What's the matter?
- A monster in the woods.
- In which direction did he go?
- Oh, that way.
Towards the castle.
Can you take me and my...
What on earth do you think
you're doing?
Give her to me.
I said, give her to me.
Stay there.
Well, you've really got yourself
into trouble this time.
What we've got to do now is to make sure
you don't get me into trouble too.
Now we've got to hide you and quickly.
This should keep you quiet
for a while.
Don't be such a baby.
It's only to make you sleep.
- Henry! Thank god you're here.
- Have you seen it?
I was attacked by this huge man.
- Where did this happen?
- Upstairs, in the laboratory.
But I was in my bedroom
when I came round.
- Where's Victor?
- I don't know.
- I haven't seen him.
- Upstairs.
- Victor.
- Henry? And minions.
A little late to come calling, isn't it?
My dear, I thought you were in bed.
- Where is it, Victor?
- What?
- You know what.
- I assure you, I don't.
My god, company at this hour.
- Is this where it happened, Elizabeth?
- Yes.
- Victor, didn't you hear anything?
- Hear what?
Where what happened?
I was attacked!
You've been having
nightmares again, my dear.
Victor, I have reason to believe
that you have been harbouring
a criminal maniac, or worse.
Stay away from there, little girl.
Oh, really, Henry.
You're beginning to annoy me.
- You deny it?
- Of course I do.
Sir, kindly keep
your child under control.
Then you wouldn't mind
if I searched the castle?
I most certainly would.
I could get a warrant.
Then I suggest you do just that.
And now perhaps...
Little girl, don't do that.
Very well, Victor, I shall leave a guard here
and I shall return within the hour.
Remain on guard downstairs.
Nobody is to leave the castle.
- Very good, sir.
- You, come into town with me.
Victor, I'm sorry I caused so much trouble.
But I was attacked.
Perhaps he's gone now.
He was quite a nice monster, really.