The Host (2006) Movie Script

What the heck is this?
That's pretty gross.
Is it a mutation?
Is it dead?
No, it moved a second ago.
Yeah? Wait...
My cup!
That was close.
My daughter gave me this cup.
Look, it's swimming away.
How many tails does that thing have?
You got me.
Makes your skin crawl.
Mr. Yoon!
What the hell are you doing?
Don't do it!
No! No!
Did you guys see that?
In the water.
Something dark in the water.
You really didn't see it?
What the hell are you talking about?
Morons, to the very end.
Have a good life.
What would you like?
- How much is this?
- 75 cents.
Not again.
Lift your head.
One, two, three. Here you are.
Wait for me!
Now that you're awake.
Get up!
Three squids for Mat number 4.
Roast them quickly.
Gosh, how much sleep
can a body take?
Here you are.
Oh, that hurts.
Did your uncle do a good job?
He came, at least.
I was worried.
I can't believe this.
I was the only one whose
uncle came to parents' day.
That's why I kept calling,
but you didn't answer.
Why didn't you answer?
You think this phone can
receive signals?
I am too embarrassed
to use it in public. You take it.
What's wrong with it?
Oh, and about uncle.
I could smell alcohol on him...
...when he stood in the back of class.
That punk...
...getting drunk at this hour.
Hasn't it started, Grandpa?
Today's Nam-joo's competition.
- Aren't we gonna watch?
- Oh, Nam-joo!
Why isn't it on?
- You know what this is?
- What?
I'm saving up
to get you a new phone.
There's a lot, huh?
They're all dimes!
That'll never be enough.
There are some quarters, too.
What's this penny doing here?
This is all from the change box, huh?
- I'll tell Grandpa.
- Go ahead.
- Tell the geezer.
- Geezer?
It's a dead body.
- Mr. Yoon's body...
- That's gross.
...without the lower half
was discovered from Han River.
Turn to 505.
The sports channel.
Oh, there it is!
I made that for her. Aunt!
A bull's-eye every time!
- Park Nam-joo!
- Grandpa!
The old man has to run the shop,
let's watch it ourselves.
What do you mean?
We all need to support her.
Let the geezer roast some squid.
A straw.
Let's have a cold one.
This is alcohol!
You're in middle school now.
- What? Are you really my father?
- When your daddy was in middle...
Alright. The semifinals.
She looks tough.
It's bitter!
Go, Park Nam-joo!
Who else could...
...take so long to take a shot?
- Oh, it started.
- Nam-joo is on. You gonna watch?
- Gold medal time!
I can't watch my daughter's matches,
I get too nervous.
- Gold medal this time!
- Gang-du.
- Yeah?
- Come outside.
- I have to watch this.
- Come on out.
I received...
...a complaint from Mat number 4.
Their squid had only nine legs.
Did you eat one?
Don't deny it.
Why touch other people's things?
Think of it from
the customer's perspective.
A squid.
The torso tastes delicious,
but the legs...
...especially the longest one
has something special, right?
From a paying customer's
perspective, it's important.
Take this to Mat number 4.
Tell them it's on the house.
Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, 10...
Mat number 4.
- I've brought your order.
- Oh, put it down there.
What are you looking at?
There's something there.
Come on.
- There, under the bridge.
- See it?
- Do you see it?
- How long has it been there?
- It's been a while.
- I told you.
It's construction equipment.
- Something they hung...?
- No.
Don't think so. It's moving.
- Yeah, it just moved.
- Did it?
She's amazing!
I'm not just saying that
because she's my daughter.
How could she hit
the exact center like that?
- Right!
- I can't believe it!
Let's close the stand today.
It's going in.
It's swimming over!
God, it's huge.
Did you see that?
He ate the can!
All in one gulp.
- Is it a dolphin?
- Yeah, must be.
Have some beer nuts too.
Should we throw something too?
You came from Pakistan?
It swam off.
It's gone now.
It's an Amazonian...
...river dolphin for sure.
This time there are 10 legs, mister.
This time there are 10 legs.
Count them yourself.
Run away!
Everyone run away!
Run away!
Open up!
My son must be in there.
Someone help, please!
Faster! Let's go!
Throw it hard!
This is the last shot
of the semifinals.
Oh, now is not the time to
lower her bow.
Because if she goes over
the clock...
- Shoot!
- Two, one...
Oh, no! The clock!
You could have just let go.
- Park's weakness is...
- Why can't she let go sooner?
...taking too long to release.
And today it cost her the title.
At this point, Park can only
hope for the bronze.
Hey, come back!
You have 10 minutes to
clear the area!
Please take care of your things
and evacuate.
Come on.
It's bronze. Bronze.
Your aunt...
...brought you a bronze medal.
Hyun-seo...'s your aunt.
Hyun-seo, your uncle came.
...thanks to you, we're all together.
Let go of me!
What are you taking pictures of?
What's so goddamn interesting?
Fuck off!
Stop taking pictures!
Calling the owner of a Hyundai car,
plate number 2487!
The plate number 2487!
Hey, lady, how could
you park your car there?
So you screwed up?
I heard everything.
You grabbed some other girl's hand?
You left Hyun-seo on the ground?
Your own daughter!
You call yourself a fucking father?
You son of a bitch!
I thought it was Hyun-seo's hand.
She's so pretty in that photo.
She looks just like...
...her mom in that photo.
Do you think her mom even knows...
...that she died?
Not a chance.
It's been 13 years since
she popped out the baby...
...and ran off.
I'd run away too, damn it.
Are you sleeping?
- Huh?
- Nam-il.
- You can sleep at a time like this?
- What are you doing to your brother?
In a word...
Her birth was an accident...
...and so was her death.
Old people have always said...
...that an animal
which kills a human...
...should be torn limb from limb.
That it's a human's duty to do so.
Until I slit that beast's stomach...
...and at least find Hyun-seo's body...
...I'll never leave this world in peace.
Attention, please!
Ladies and gentlemen...
...those of you
present at the river incident...
There are probably a lot of you here.
- This is an important matter
of life and death.
Those who were at the scene...
...or those who have come
in contact with these people...
...raise your hands!
This isn't something you should hide.
Raise your hands.
If you go home, it might affect
your families.
Raise them high!
Hey, mister.
What the hell is going on here?
Fuck, shouldn't you start by
explaining what's happening?
Yeah, explain!
An explanation should be...
...appearing on the TV news now.
To save time, we'll let the news
serve as explanation.
Okay, the news...
...the news...
...isn't on now.
...from this moment... fall under our control... start moving!
This is for your own safety.
We have...
...transport buses
waiting outside now.
Okay, please
move toward the buses... an orderly fashion.
That's right.
Watch your children.
Oh, did anyone here touch
or come into... contact with the creature?
I didn't touch it.
But some of its blood got
sprayed in my face.
Don't move! Tell him to freeze!
Grab him! Grab that one!
Please remain calm, people.
What are you doing?
- My son didn't touch anything!
- Let's go!
Gang-du! Get out of there!
- Dad!
- Gang-du!
- Don't go!
- Dad!
Gang-du, don't worry.
I'm coming with you.
Stop there!
Hey, number 31! Stop!
This is a news flash.
It now appears that the creature,
which disappeared after its attack...
...on surprised park-goers today... far more dangerous than
previously assumed.
U.S. Army Sergeant Donald White...
...who fought bravely
with the creature...
...and lost an arm in the process... now undergoing treatment
at a U.S. Army hospital.
After a thorough examination...
...U.S. Army medical staff
have identified... unknown virus,
primarily in body parts...
...that came into contact
with the creature.
The U.S. Army has shipped
a sample of the virus... the U.S. Centers
for Disease Control...
...which confirmed that
the creature from the Han River... with the Chinese civet wildcat
and SARS... the host
of this deadly new virus.
All military units sent to pursue
and capture the creature...
...have been recalled
due to the risk of infection.
Only special forces trained
in biological warfare...
...and disinfectant units are allowed
access to the Han River area.
...they made a fuss
dragging us in here.
What is this shit?
Where are all the guys in yellow?
The doctors aren't even
wearing masks.
Hello, sir.
When might we
be allowed to go home?
- You can't go home.
- What? We can't?
Dad, am I dying?
Don't say that!
Just do what the doctors tell you.
But, Dad,
my back feels itchy and weird.
Like something's moving.
It's a squirmy feeling,
like something's there.
It's because you never
take a bath, it's okay.
Attention! Numbers 25-40,
raise your hands.
This group...
...move to Room 904 now.
- Not again!
- That's not us.
Don't tell anyone about
the blood on your face, okay?
Mr. Park Gang-du?
You need to take a lot of tests... don't eat until
tomorrow morning.
- What? Don't eat anything?
- Don't feed him anything. No food.
- Hello?
- Hello?
Can you hear me?
My battery is...
It's me, Hyun-seo!
Dad, can you hear me?
Please answer me!
Is this Hyun-seo?
Dad, listen to me!
I can't get out!
You're alive? Where...?
It's like a big sewer.
Really big and deep.
I'm scared!
- Come quick!
- Is it Hyun-seo?
What is it?
Did you see that?
- What?
- Wait a minute.
- Sweet!
- Hey!
Hey, don't go near the water.
Be careful!
Let's go. I'm starving.
It's okay, get back in.
Try to turn.
Your daughter, Park Hyun-seo...
...a seventh grader
at Dangsan Middle School.
She's on the deceased list.
Yes, she goes to Dangsan School...
...she's deceased...
...but she's not dead.
I mean, she died, but she's still alive.
Now you're talking in circles.
So she's on the list.
Wait, shut up.
- At any rate, there was a call.
- Right.
So shouldn't you be able to...
...trace the call or something?
- Trace the call?
That's not something we do
for just anyone.
Are you even aware
of how complicated that is?
"Just anyone," is that
what you said?
Stop it!
Step back!
Please, officer,
let's talk like reasonable people.
They're just kids, don't...
What are you doing?
Your daughter never called you
in the first place, okay?
Your son had a dream...
...but it was so real that...
You don't believe anything we said?
Now you're obstructing an officer
in the line of duty.
- Step back, Nam-joo.
- Officer, should I explain it again?
- The way it happened was...
- I know.
I know. You yourself saw
your daughter die.
But she called you
in the middle of the night?
Does that make any sense?
That's completely ridiculous.
A servant of the people,
talking back like that?
- Then what's your problem?
- You fucking...
This is...
This is my daughter...
...Park Hyun-seo.
My daughter...
I'm the creature.
I ate her. Okay?
And then...
It happened like this.
This is a sewer.
You don't understand?
He's received
psychological treatment?
He's not a bad man...
...but he's in shock.
We should understand.
My daughter is alive in the sewer!
Cut it out!
Your putting on a damn show
doesn't help!
My friend's niece's husband's... is a cop.
Maybe we should contact him?
Right, I'm sure he'd
bend over backwards for us.
You're a college graduate,
can't you even persuade a cop?
What's college got to do with it?
I put you through school selling
cup ramen, and you...
- Dad.
- Huh?
How long's it been since
she's eaten? Down in the sewer?
What's there to eat down there?
You over there!
Hey, blondie, stop!
Out of the way!
Catch them!
Out of the way! Quick!
This way!
Gang-du, hurry up!
Which floor?
Close the door! Quick!
I'm coming down...
...but I'm in the elevator, so...
- Where is he?
B4 A3!
- What did I just say?
- B4 A3!
A3. Where is A3?
A3. There it is!
Stop! Catch that car.
Stop them!
Hurry! Open the door!
Go! Step on it!
- Hurry up!
- Nam-joo!
Where is Nam-joo?
- Did they catch her? Oh, shit!
- Where?
- There, there!
- Where?
- Over there.
- That idiot!
How could you leave
your only sister?
- We can pick her up!
- Pick her up, then!
She's always been slow.
- Mister, can you stop here?
- Hurry up!
- What a dimwit! Hurry it up, will you?
- Quick! Quick!
Hey, family!
Everyone stop. Stop the van.
Hey, stop!
Did we make it?
- That does it.
- This won't do.
The basic fee for pickup and
the items you ordered is...
...7500 bucks.
Including the Han River sewer map.
...we brushed off a cop
in the parking lot...
...and two police cars on the road.
...including hazard fees...
...the total is $11,400.
Gang-du on TV!
That's my citizen ID photo.
It's from one of those
subway photo booths?
Hey, we should tape this and
show it to Hyun-seo. Daddy on TV.
We don't accept these.
If you're short on cash,
we accept cards.
We'll just take the card.
The blond one,
who made direct contact with it.
He's the stupidest of all.
That bitch!
Listen to the mouth on her.
He pounced on me
and slammed me to the floor.
I think he gave me arthritis.
I'll need treatment, I'm sure.
- That's what he's like.
- I know who she is.
Like we can't recognize her
through that voice-disguiser?
But they keep reporting on us.
In addition, the daughter among
the escaped family members... confirmed to be Park Nam-joo,
national bronze medalist in archery.
What the hell?
How come there's nothing about me?
There's nothing special about you.
Plenty of unemployed
university grads these days.
I sacrificed my youth for
the democratization of our country...
...and those fuckers
won't even give me a job.
The passwords are all 1234?
There's a white van outside.
It's a disinfection truck.
You can take it.
- Expressed concern that Korea is...
...not adequately quarantining
the infected. The U.S. Also...
Come on, let's go.
That's the truck?
Does it really work?
This is what you got
after spending all your assets?
This gun is...
Fuck, we're not boy scouts.
And why only two disinfectant suits?
So two of us should just
creep around hiding?
Dad, shouldn't this be yellow?
If it's not yellow,
they're bound to catch us.
Well, let's think of it
as a different team.
Wow, this map is
the topping on the cake.
The red circles indicate sewers?
- You spent $500 on this?
- Really?
...I got it from a civil servant
who knows the sewer system.
It's photocopied
on the back of used paper.
Hey, a guard post. Get down!
Cover up, quickly!
Your blond hair is showing.
Get down quickly!
Whatever, you two handle it.
If that's their attitude,
why even bother?
Bunch of lazy bums.
Quiet! Stop.
Mr. Park?
Mr. Bacteria?
Lower your mask.
This is definitely
a Daesung disinfectant truck.
But are you Daesung people?
Yes, but we're...
...a different team.
Oh, really?
I'm Manager Cho
from the district office.
Don't you know who I am?
You know that
14 different companies...
...are doing the fumigation on shifts?
But Daesung just
barged in at the end.
To the other companies,
it seems odd.
So I spoke with
President Kwak yesterday.
Not this! No!
Let go.
Manager Cho, this is all I have
with me right now.
I'll see you later.
Hey, Gang-du.
Hyun-seo. It's your dad.
Park Hyun-seo!
Why does he have to do that?
He's not a kid.
Let him be.
He wants to disinfect himself.
He's worried he'll
pass the virus on to Hyun-seo.
All of us are fine. Why do they
keep going on about a fucking virus?
If the government says so,
we have to accept it.
What can we do?
Is it the virus
that's making me so sleepy?
- Hyun-seo!
- Look on the ground for footprints.
Hey, did Hyun-seo describe any
special traits of the sewer?
Special traits?
We need some kind of hint here.
Hyun-seo said it was a big sewer.
Look how big this is.
Yes, it seems we'll find something.
Yeah, sure!
Wandering blindly
through the sewers.
- We need to think of a better way.
- Stop complaining!
Put your time into
searching another sewer instead.
Hey, tortoise, just try to keep up.
Slow-ass bronze medalist.
- You wanna die?
- Wait!
- Hyun-seo!
- Turn it off!
Something moved there.
It's this way!
Get down!
What is this?
It's just water.
Goddamn it.
How typical of you.
Sorry, Dad.
Did you pee?
Because of the bangs, a little.
Why are they
going around shooting?
This cave really does lead
to the Han River.
It's not a cave, it's a sewer.
They're all connected like this.
Gosh, it's hard to make a living.
Do we really have to go?
So you're not hungry?
No, I'm hungry.
If we do this once...
...we'll eat well for a whole month.
- Don't you know that?
- I do.
There's money too.
Don't touch it.
Why not? I'm taking it.
If we take that too, it's theft.
Put it back now, okay?
We're stealing
from this place anyway.
...this is not theft.
We're now doing seo-ri.
Like melon seo-ri at a farm.
Hey, do you even know
what seo-ri means?
No? The generation gap
is pretty big.
It's an old borrowing game kids play.
So seo-ri is a right of the hungry.
What should I do?
Are you okay?
Look at that.
Isn't that amazing?
In this situation?
Wake him up, there's no time.
Let him sleep a minute.
He needs to sleep every so often.
Should we leave him here?
He's no help anyway.
Kids, wait a minute.
Sit down.
In your view... Gang-du...
...really so pathetic?
- Yup.
- Yes.
You wouldn't know it...
...but he was a really smart kid.
For example, when he was 2...
...he'd sit
in front of the village store...
...and everyone walking by
would ask him directions.
That's how smart he looked.
As you know,
when he was young...
...I was out of my mind...
...hardly ever coming home,
staying out all night.
And this poor boy with no mother...
...he must have been so hungry.
Going around,
doing seo-ri all the time.
Raising himself on organic farms.
Whenever he got caught,
he'd get beaten up.
In this way...
...he lacked protein...
...when he needed it most.
So that's why, every now and then...
...he dozes off like a sick rooster.
I think something up there...
...must have gone wrong too.
Have any of you heard it?
The heartbreak of a parent
who's lost a child.
When a parent's heart breaks...
...the sound can travel for miles.
So I really need to say this to you.
Be as nice to Gang-du as you can.
Don't scold him, okay?
Like last time, "Why'd you
grab another girl's hand, moron?"
You should never say
things like that to him, okay?
You know?
I spend most of the day
in the small food stand with him.
So whenever I hear him fart...
...I can tell right away if he's in
B-minus or A-plus condition.
What do you two know?
But even still...
...our Hyun-seo...
Hey, you're...
It's watching.
It's watching us.
My head!
Do you see it?
What's going on?
Hyun... Hyun-seo!
It's moving.
- What you doing? Make sure it's dead.
- No, wait!
Goddamn it!
That thing's still alive?
Don't get too close!
Shoot it in the legs!
Just shoot!
There it is!
Shoot it in the tail!
- The bullets...
- No bullets!
My ears! Stop it!
Are you trying to kill us?
Let's go to the truck.
Bring it on!
You all go on!
I'm gonna finish that thing off!
- Just run!
- Anyone got any bullets?
- I've got one left.
- Good.
Give it to me,
and get to the truck.
Dad! Come on!
Don't worry about me,
go to the truck!
Dad! Just come here!
I'll take you down
with one shot this time.
Get up here!
What's that?
What are you doing?
- Nam-joo!
- When did she get there?
- Go back!
- Nam-joo!
Oh, no.
Somebody come get Nam-joo!
Stop playing around!
Hurry back! Quick!
No! Dad! No!
Fuck! No!
Dad, wake up!
- Dad, the soldiers are coming.
- Dad!
- You two, get out of here! Quick!
- Fuck!
We should never have...
Dad, what about Hyun-seo?
Hyun-seo. We can't get caught.
Hurry, hurry.
- Run! Run!
- Dad!
What about Hyun-seo? Dad...
Infected family located.
One captured, one dead.
Let's begin.
Cover him!
We have tragic news.
Sergeant Donald
of the 8th U.S. Army...
...who through
his act of courage revealed... the world the existence of
the virus, died today at 4:20 p.m.
As condolences flood in
from all over the world...
...8th U.S. Army
Commander Greenfield...
...held a rare press conference... express his condolences.
Meanwhile the U.S. And WHO...
...citing the failure
of the Korean government... secure the remaining two
infected family members...
...or to capture the creature in
question, have announced...
...a policy of direct intervention.
Yes, in this context,
the unprecedented use of...
..."Agent Yellow," is that correct?
Yes, that's correct.
Agent Yellow, which has been
chosen for use here in Korea... a state-of-the-art chemical
and deployment system...
...recently developed
by the U.S. To fight virus outbreaks...
...or biological terror.
This extremely powerful and
effective system, once activated...
...completely annihilates
all biological agents...
...within a radius of
dozens of kilometers.
Indeed, we are trying to provide
Mr. Park the most pleasant...
that a patient could want.
We are doing our best
to accommodate Mr. Park Gang-du...
- When did you get here?
- Just a minute ago.
Nobody followed you, right?
It's okay, I checked carefully.
And Nam-joo?
Where's Nam-joo?
Nam-joo? Why?
You travel separately, you two?
So if you just type
into the office's computer... shows up? Really?
Hyun-seo called late at night, right?
Then the transmitter will
be listed in the call records.
That means she's within
200 meters of a transmitter.
That's simple.
It's that easy to get her location?
That's right, you should have
come to me earlier.
Is all of your family
so dumb all the time?
Right, all those sewers, fuck.
It's okay, finding her
is just a matter of time.
All thanks to you.
You were always busy protesting...
...when did you ever study?
It must be really hard
getting work at a telecom firm.
Still, I'm just a salaryman.
But you must make 60,
70 grand a year?
My credit card debt is 60, 70 grand.
- Look.
- Wait...
The time, the number...
Here. This is it!
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Just a minute.
This is definitely her call.
Type this in.
- It doesn't work.
- Really?
The password...
It must be in the manager's room.
Hey, Nam-il...
...where is Nam-joo anyway?
Why do you keep asking?
She's your sister. Aren't you worried?
When we left the Han River...
...we just separated in the sewer.
I'm sure she's fine.
I see.
Now what?
It'll be hard to get Nam-joo.
Seems like he really doesn't know.
Then let's take care of Nam-il first.
He's a real escape artist, though.
You should be careful.
By the way, how much is the tax
on the reward money?
Well, there's an exemption,
and there's no tax on extra earnings.
I see.
Huh? This...
Hey, it worked!
Mr. Park Nam-il,
are you feeling sick?
Greetings, Mr. Park!
Just stay right there.
What are you doing?
Just come with us.
You should go to the hospital.
Fuck off.
- What the...
- Where is he?
You rat! Stop right there!
Hey! Come on!
Open this door!
Get him!
- Where is he?
- Over there!
I don't see anything!
Hey, Yong-bae, did you see him?
Let's search the area.
There is no signal...
...please leave your message
after the beep.
One new text message received.
It's me, Nam-joo.
I found it! A huge sewer.
Right under the
north side of Wonhyo Bridge!
I can't reach Nam-il!
North side of Wonhyo Bridge?
Hello? Nam-joo! Nam-joo!
Are you okay?
Nam-joo... Park Nam-joo...
Please calm down.
Wonhyo Bridge. Is it...? Where is...?
It's near Yeouido, right?
- Yes, yes.
- I need to go out for a minute.
Sit down. You need to get a shot.
What kind of shot
did you say this was?
An anesthetic.
Oh, right, right.
I'll get the shot before going.
Okay, let your arm relax.
But Wonhyo Bridge.
Hyun-seo is still...
Grab him!
Let me go!
She's near the
north side of Wonhyo Bridge.
Is Wonhyo Bridge named after
the monk Wonhyo?
He wasn't a monk. He was a priest.
Did you really inject
the proper amount?
- Yes.
- For sure?
We did for sure.
And it's been an hour.
- And he's still like that?
- Yes.
Then what should we do?
We should start
the tissue sampling now.
Why's he like that?
If we've anaesthetized him,
he should be sleeping.
Why's he causing such a scene?
Excuse me, sir.
Because nobody...
Please don't cut me off.
My words are words too.
Why don't you listen to my words?
Let me go.
You mean there's no virus?
Right? There's no virus.
You're talking about
a virus that doesn't exist.
Mister, they said there's no virus.
So you should let me go now.
My daughter Hyun-seo
is under Wonhyo Bridge.
I need to go quickly.
Please let me go.
Okay, mister, huh?
You shitheads! You bastards!
Please, mister, I beg you. Let me go.
I'll give you my food stand, okay?
I'll give the rights to you.
What are you doing?
Please, mister! Wait!
Fuck! This is driving me crazy!
I really need to get to Hyun-seo!
Mister, please save me!
What is this, please?
Hyun-seo, I'm sorry. Daddy...
Hyun-seo, you know what I want?
Banana milk.
Tell me what you want, then.
Make a list of the top 10 things
you want to eat...
...when we get out.
We have a food stand,
so I'll get you whatever you want.
A stand? I want to live there!
What about your home?
I don't have a home.
No home,
but a lot of homes.
And your mom and dad?
I have a brother, but no brother.
- Muscleman Sausage!
- We got it!
- Hard-boiled eggs.
- We got it.
Hot dogs! Quail's eggs!
Fried chicken!
Instant noodles!
Of course we do.
Then you must eat them every day?
Kids from Chinese restaurants
don't eat dumplings.
What do you want
to eat most of all?
Beer. A cold beer.
- One, two, three!
- One, two, three!
Se-joo, you've
ridden piggyback before?
Another man's coming out.
Please, this time,
a guy with a working cell phone.
Everyone look here.
See this? Get on the floor! Move!
Hey, fat ass! Get on the floor!
- Get down...
- You like viruses?
I'll stick it right in your body.
You're not lying down?
You want a virus bath?
- You at the end! Open the door, fast!
- Open it!
You want to do it?
- That's right! Open it!
- Open it.
- That one!
- Open it.
Open them all!
Everybody get down!
You bastards!
Get down!
Where's the car?
You feasting out here?
Out of the way!
I'm going to kill everyone!
Hey, start the engine!
If anyone follows, I'll stick her
full of virus! Start the engine!
What are you doing?
What? Who are you?
You punk. After letting you
sleep in my bed?
Mister, where's Wonhyo Bridge?
Where do I have to go?
Don't have a cow.
Do you even know where you are?
I'm in a real hurry!
How can I get to a main road?
Figure it out yourself.
Mister, I need some soju bottles.
Wow, this is a nice bag.
Here, I'll give you money.
Think money can buy you anything?
Well, I'm bored anyway.
Wonhyo Bridge?
Okay, Wonhyo bridge.
Jesus Christ.
What the hell?
What are you two doing back there?
Who uses those at demonstrations
these days, you blockhead?
I told you,
it's not for a demonstration.
Get out! I'll pull over, so get out!
Just keep driving.
I'm paying quadruple fare.
Look at his hands work.
He's a master!
You said the north side of Wonhyo?
That won't be easy.
You see everyone
heading in that direction?
- Demonstrators are now gathering...
- It's a total mess today. the Agent Yellow release point.
The police have virtually
given up controlling...
...the Han River restricted area... demonstrators have broken
past all barricades.
Are you okay, Se-joo?
I'm hungry.
And blood keeps coming out.
- It's okay.
- I'm hot...
I'm hot...
...just stay right here.
Don't come out, whatever happens.
I'll be right back.
I'll bring...
...the police...
...the military...
...I'll bring them all.
Take me with you.
Go in...
Come on!
It's Daddy!
What are you doing?
It's here!
Everyone run!
No, don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Isn't that Gang-du?
What the hell?
Don't shoot!
I said don't shoot!
Were you with Hyun-seo?
Did you know Hyun-seo?
Who are you?
Were you with Hyun-seo?
Let's eat.
A moment ago, at 11:30 p. M...
...the U.S. Senate
Investigating Committee...
...announced its findings regarding
the Korean virus incident.
Let's go to the announcement.
There's nothing good on.
Should we watch something else?
Let's turn it off.
Concentrate on eating.