The Hotel (2022) Movie Script

Top hospital experts in Germany believe
a second wave of COVID-19 is likely.
Deaths in Germany
have reached nearly 5,000,
while confirmed cases are over 145,000.
German Chancellor Merkel has lifted
the stay-at-home order for now,
but at the same time
called on people
to continue focusing on prevention.
What did you say?
You're Chinese!
-So what?
You're sitting in my spot.
-This is yours? I've been here for ages.
Never mind.
Hey, old man,
can I borrow your goggles?
Here you are.
I'm not that old, am I?
Well, you can't keep up with me.
You've really aged.
-How could you tell?
You don't care about
the colour of my underwear anymore.
Have you changed it recently?
I even put make-up on.
I have indeed aged.
My eyesight is bad as well.
They said that catching COVID-19
reduces your libido.
You might have caught it.
Well, okay then.
I must have caught it.
Turn the air conditioner on.
It's too hot.
What? I don't feel hot at all.
The doctor said that
we should use natural ventilation
to prevent COVID-19.
Hot wind is blowing in.
The heat will make you sick.
I don't think it's hot.
It's really pleasant.
Just right.
Hey, are you eating?
-Yes. Do you want to eat anything?
Will you pay the bill?
-I don't see why not.
Then I'll order for two.
-If that's what you want.
I thought you were alone.
Who else is coming?
I want to get some take-away
for my sister.
Is she also staying here?
How come I never saw her?
She thinks the virus is everywhere
and won't go out.
It's not that dangerous.
I agree.
Are you also taking away your food?
-Is there anything you don't know?
Aren't you afraid
your wife will see us eating together?
What's to see?
We're in a public space.
I'm treating a kid to a meal.
Nothing could be less scandalous.
Where were you?
A friend told me this morning
there was a flight going back.
But I got to the airport
and it was cancelled again.
How come you knew there was a flight
and I didn't?
That friend is also trapped here!
We need to help each other out right now!
tell me next time that happens
and I'll do the same.
We should help each other like this.
-Sure, I can tell you.
But the flight
might be cancelled anyway.
I don't have your WeChat.
Adding you now.
Old man.
What are you up to?
Am I in your spot again?
Not this time.
Huangdi Neijing? You believe
in Chinese traditional medicine?
It's like a religious belief.
It works if you believe in it.
Can I sit here?
-Be my guest.
Any other beliefs
apart from Chinese traditional medicine?
I believe that
there's always a god up there.
That's not a religion, is it?
Let me introduce myself. I'm Sova.
From Beijing. What about you?
What's your name?
-My surname is Yu.
You can call me Professor Yu.
Professor Yu...
And where are you from?
Be careful what you wish for.
It's at the centre
of the current global crisis.
You are not from Wuhan!
What now?
Are you brave enough to sit here?
Why not?
Not everyone from Wuhan has the virus.
You got out before they locked down?
We only came here for Chinese New Year.
What about you?
I got in the day before they stopped
issuing landing visas. Lucky me.
How come I didn't see you earlier?
I was busy having fun in Bangkok!
It's safer here in Chiang Mai.
But it bores me to tears here.
Is there any place
that's interesting right now?
You have a point.
Ouch, ouch, ouch!
The other side hurts too.
Ouch, ouch!
I've got a headache too.
Where do you hurt exactly?
From my head to my toes.
Did you the door hit your head?
Why can't you be gentle with me?
The world's ending soon.
I'm so flustered.
So many people are dying every day.
China doesn't seem half so bad now.
We should find a way to go back.
It's safer in Chiang Mai.
Let's not get infected on the road.
Infected with what?
You feel Chiang Mai is safe.
But you don't make me feel safe.
It's the times we're living in.
It might not be long
before everyone is doomed here too.
Why would the U.S. do this to us?
Where did you get
these conspiracy theories?
From the Foreign Ministry spokesperson!
Don't you watch the news?
Okay, tell me then.
Where did the virus come from?
What good would that do?
Scientists are trying to figure that out.
Aren't you Mr Walking-Encyclopedia?
What's your theory?
Where does the virus come from?
I stole it from the laboratory.
That's not impossible.
Only people like you would buy that.
Nonsense! I believe everything you say.
I wouldn't have fallen for you otherwise.
Be gentle!
Do you want to squeeze me to death?
Do you need a massage or not?
Are you angry again?
-I'm tired.
You have such a bad temper.
Don't listen to hearsay so much.
I'll beat you.
Old man!
No, Professor Yu.
Are you jumping?
It's not like you could stop me if I was.
Why are you up here?
-I discovered the rooftop first, okay?
Am I in your way again?
But I don't mind sharing now.
-Do you want to come up here?
Be careful.
It's so quiet out here.
I can see the appeal of Chiang Mai now.
What's that mountain over there?
That's Doi Suthep, the most famous
Buddhist monastery in Thailand.
Have you taken your kids there?
I don't have any.
Well, I don't have a dad either.
You don't have a father?
Then where do you come from?
I'm serious, I don't have a father.
I didn't expect...
you to smell good.
Since when
do cigarettes and alcohol smell good?
Prato has the largest and oldest
Chinese community in Italy.
When the virus broke out,
local media and residents worried
about the impact of the pandemic.
Italy and other countries
are now vigilant and hold on tight to...
...2020 Spring Festival...
...the pandemic is our challenge,
prevention is our responsibility...
...the cumulative cases
from overseas..."
Enough exercise for the day?
It's too crowded.
There might be some virus in there.
With two people in there?
Do you know how to swim?
Of course.
-You sit here instead of swimming.
The elderly don't like moving around.
You don't look old.
I already have a retirement visa here.
I could spend the rest of my life here.
-Why here?
It's so good here.
When I first came here 20 years ago,
I fell in love with the place.
20 years ago?
What a coincidence.
I turn 20 in a few days.
You're turning 20?
I wouldn't have thought it!
How smooth!
Why didn't you stay in Bangkok?
Why come to Chiang Mai?
I came here because of a massive secret.
I've been waiting years
to get to the bottom of it.
I'll have the answer on my 20th birthday.
That look on your face.
You look exactly like...
Like what?
Are you going to say
like your first love?
This is so old school!
You need upgrading.
Are you going to tell me next...
you're still in love with her?
Take it as a joke if you want.
How many times a day will you shave?
What's the occasion?
The world is being turned upside down.
You're still in the mood for flirting.
You're still a Casanova,
messing around, philandering,
lusting after and playing around
with any woman you can get.
She's just a kid stranded here,
away from home.
What's so wrong with keeping her company?
I can't go home either.
I'm also bored.
Why aren't you chatting to me?
Let's talk.
There was a guy out there.
You were flirting with each other
in broad daylight.
What were you two playing at?
I didn't realise
you paid me this much attention.
I was flirting?
He's a famous painter.
We were talking about flights.
Tommy said...
he'd quarantine for 14 days,
or even for 40 days.
He'd take the first flight,
not like you.
Always moaning about this and that,
and the quarantine. It's all about you!
You two are so like-minded.
Is that all you have to say?
Get out!
I won't.
I need to pee.
Close the door yourself then.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I got bored in my room.
What, am I in your way?
I'm not as territorial as you.
Did you have a fight with your mum?
What did you say?
-Did you have a fight with your mother?
How did you guess it was my mum?
So I was right?
Don't gloat! You're in the same boat.
So you had the card key with you!
-Of course I did.
I didn't want to wake you up this late.
Then why the heck didn't you tell me?
You could have texted or phoned me.
Is it worth losing your temper over this?
Then why didn't you text or phone me?
You said you were going for a smoke.
Hell, it took longer than snorting coke.
Stop being so paranoid!
Have you started menopause already?
Yes, I have!
But only because I spend every night
lying next to a living corpse!
If you talk like that,
I'm leaving you!
As if you can decide!
I will haunt you!
I will haunt you every day!
Where are you going?
Come back!
Where are you going?
Look at your vixen-like face!
Not an intellectual bone in your body!
Do you look like an intellectual?
You look so intellectual!
Female students following you around.
Are you proud of that?
Know what people say behind your back?
That you're a traitor!
Do you love Thailand this much?
You love its "clean air and food safety"?
What a load of bullshit!
It's just because
the prostitutes are legal here!
Is there somebody swimming?
Guests staying at the hotel?
It's really hot today.
You should have a swim.
I'll finish massaging you first.
The massage can wait.
Go ahead and swim.
-How do you know I'm Chinese?
The people staying here are all Chinese.
-Are you Chinese?
No, I'm from Chiang Mai.
Then how come you speak Chinese?
I learned from my grandpa
when I was little.
Oh, so your grandpa is Chinese.
What's your name?
How do you spell it?
P-O-P... Pop.
How old are you?
-26 years old.
You look so young.
Guess how old am I.
Similar to me.
Guess again.
Do I look that old?
Is he your friend?
He injured his eyes.
He came to Chiang Mai for medication.
He's your boss?
Hey! Are you Pop's boss?
I thought you two were a couple.
Why did you think that?
Two handsome guys,
hanging out together all the time.
My instincts are always right.
A Dong, please turn off the TV.
Please talk to me.
I want to hear your story.
I don't have any stories to tell.
What part of Chiang Rai are you from?
Mae Salong.
Mae Salong?
You're the offspring
of the Kuomintang army.
My grandpa fled here with General Duan.
How many were there in the army?
It was a full division
of the Kuomintang army.
They were sent here during the war.
What happened then?
at the end of the war
they could neither go home
nor go to Taiwan,
so they were stuck in Northern Thailand.
the Thai king offered them citizenship
and they could make it their home.
What is happening here?
Good morning, Ding Ge.
You two are up early.
So are you.
A Dong, Ding Ge looks so cool
in the sunglasses, right?
A Dong says I look good in them.
Why aren't you drinking juice?
Ding Ge doesn't drink juice.
But you can have some.
I'll join you.
Is it nice?
A Dong.
Do you want to visit
your grandpa's hometown?
Yes, I do.
When the pandemic is over,
would you like me to take you there?
It's really far away.
Actually, it's not far at all.
It's really close to Thailand.
A Dong.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Don't you like women?
A Dong!
A Dong!
Do you have WeChat?
Do you have WeChat?
-I do.
Then can I add you on WeChat?
I'll scan your code then.
My name is Sova.
Let's hang out sometime.
There you are.
I'll go then.
A Dong,
are your parents in Mae Salong still?
My father passed away.
My mother still lives there.
You're too young
to have lost your father.
My father was very poor
when he was young.
He couldn't find a wife.
He was almost 50
when he married my mother.
When the pandemic is over,
I'd like to visit your home.
Mae Salong is beautiful.
But it's a pity that my younger sisters
can't speak Chinese anymore.
Where was your grandpa's hometown?
Midu, Yunnan.
You're from an ethnic clan?
When my grandpa was still alive,
he was always homesick.
When he missed home,
he would sit on a stool
in front of the house,
singing to the north.
What were the songs?
The folk song from his hometown.
Can you sing one for me, please?
The moon shining through the night
Through the night
Thinking of my lover
When he is in the mountains
My lover is like the moon
Walking in the sky
The river is so clear
Running through the mountain
Your grandparents' generation
had it tough.
They could never go back home.
What are you doing?
Don't catch me.
Do you like it here?
It's okay.
I like it.
This is my personal space.
Guess what?
You're the first Thai boy I've met.
And you're the first Chinese girl
I've met.
Does Ding Ge know
you're meeting me here?
He's asleep.
Is he gay?
Is he homosexual?
I don't really know.
Are you?
I... I don't know either.
May I kiss you?
Is this appropriate?
-Just one kiss.
Lips or... cheek?
The cheek then.
I'm here!
How did you manage to get here?
Our balconies are connected.
They don't have a suite here,
so I opted for second best.
It's good that
we both have our own space.
I bought it in the supermarket.
Drink the coconut water, then eat it.
I'll leave this one
in the fridge for you.
Why are you dressed like that?
Do you know how serious COVID-19 is?
I have to dress like this to go out.
Don't touch me!
Wash your hands later.
I'm going to have a look in your room.
You managed to get on the flight today.
They'll lock down the city in a few days.
Why make me come to Chiang Mai
rather than stay in Bangkok?
It's just hot here, nothing else!
It's rainy season in Bangkok soon,
so it'll be cooler.
It has been hot,
but the mornings and evenings aren't bad.
But I have nobody here.
Who can keep me company?
I can keep you company.
You look pretty in that dress.
Where are you coming from again?
As your mum,
I can come in wherever I want.
No! Come in through the doors. And knock.
Go out and come in again.
I get it.
There's no need to do that now.
Go out now and come in again!
Promise me!
Okay, okay, I promise.
Are you happy now?
Your words don't mean anything anyway.
What are you referring to?
Today is 22 April.
It's my 20th birthday in 5 days.
Remember what you promised me?
A new designer handbag?
-I knew it!
Where are you going?
-Out for a walk.
Where to? The virus is everywhere!
-Just to the courtyard!
You can't go.
-No one's there. Stop being so paranoid.
Put your mask on then.
-Why should I when nobody's there?
Wear your mask if you're going out!
Otherwise you can't go.
You're going out dressed like that?
It's none of your business!
Since when do you smoke?
So what if I smoke?
I'd drink too if I could get alcohol.
So you drink and smoke.
Let's see what other vices you have.
I have many,
but I don't have to tell you about them.
do you still love me?
What do you mean?
Do you love me?
How a mother loves her daughter.
We're mother and daughter.
How could I not?
So why are you so stern and bitter
with me all the time?
You wouldn't understand.
You're not a mother yet.
have you ever been happy in your life?
If you ever listened to me,
I'd be the happiest person in the world.
Can we please have a fair conversation?
-All right.
So, have you ever been happy?
There was this time
when you were little.
For Chinese New Year
I took you back to my parents' home.
I fought with them,
but I forget what about.
I got so furious and wanted to leave.
They tried to keep you there.
But you came to me and took my hand.
You said,
"Mum, please let me go with you!"
So we went back to our home
and spent New Year's Eve by ourselves.
I was happy.
What are you doing?
Don't catch me.
Who is it?
Open the door.
I've bought you some food.
-Just put it over there.
I'll put it here.
Are you still sleeping?
Do you have nothing better to do?
-What exactly?
There's no one around in the day
and a curfew at night.
Make a plan, any plan.
Work on your vocabulary.
If not, when this is over
your English will be rusty.
You think I'm going back to the U.S.?
-Get your undergraduate degree at least.
How? There's no guarantee
they'll allow me back in.
That's no excuse
to waste your life away. Get up!
What's the point of life now anyway?
Who knows what'll happen tomorrow?
Where did you get all these ideas from?
From those people in the hotel?
-What's it to you?
You dragged me to this hell hole!
Hell hole?
Don't say that.
Do you know what Chiang Mai
means to you?
No! I don't want to know either.
Please leave now! Let me sleep.
Don't raise your voice with me!
-What do you want from me?
Do you know what I need the most?
-What do you need?
You to make good on your promise!
My promise?
-You promised me when I was 15.
When you were 15?
-I remember.
You promised me when I was 15!
You may have forgotten, but I haven't!
Can you leave now?
I remember.
I promised I would tell you
when you turned 20.
Either you tell me now or never!
Hey, old man.
Why are you hiding in here?
-It's cooler here.
Isn't your room air conditioned?
-She won't turn it on.
You spend a lot of time hiding.
And you know that how exactly?
What are you looking at?
What is she doing?
-Holding her breath.
Let's see how long she can keep it up.
Did you guys have a fight?
You idiot! What are you doing?
-What are you doing?
I just like being in the water!
-What are you doing? Come here!
Let me go!
-Come here!
Come here!
What the hell?
No fever.
Are you feeling under the weather?
It feels like there's stuff on my chest
and my throat hurts.
But I can't cough it up.
Chances are
you caught a cold in the pool.
It wouldn't be COVID-19, would it?
There hasn't been a case here for ages.
Imagine if you were patient zero.
Maybe you brought it back
on one of your cigarette runs.
What nonsense!
How about I take you to hospital
to check?
There's no way
I'm going to the red zone now.
Well, why don't
you get a good rest today?
Drink plenty of water.
Don't go out to the pool.
Perhaps you should get your own room.
I don't want you coming down with it.
Forget it.
You'd kill me
if I didn't come down with it too.
That wouldn't be the worst of it.
If you let me die in Thailand,
I'll haunt you for life.
I'll get you that ginger tea.
Sit, please.
Professor Yu.
Laugh properly.
Why do you laugh so bitterly?
What's going on?
It's been years
since I last called you that.
I must have too much time on my hands.
I've been thinking back
to when you were my advisor.
Sometimes I wonder:
If I were still only your student,
would we have ended up this way?
I've always been grateful to you.
If you hadn't encouraged me,
I'd never have had the confidence
to apply for graduate school
or dream of working at a university.
As a graduate student,
I was good
at understanding others, right?
I don't know what happened.
Since you quit your job,
we've been growing apart.
I thought we'd see things eye to eye
for the rest of our lives.
I've always wanted to...
worship you,
adore you.
I don't know what happened.
It's probably because we're getting old
and becoming more self-absorbed.
You won't listen to me
and I don't listen to you.
But there's one thing
that I can't figure out.
You're retiring this year anyway.
Why did you quit your job?
When a professor like you retires,
he gets full social welfare.
Why don't you think that's good?
Is freedom of speech
so important to you?
Over the past few years,
I've been part of the system.
You are outside.
I can see it better than you:
it's a great miracle
that China has become what it is today.
What do you say?
I don't know what's wrong with you.
Somehow you've become
a brainless old dissident.
What are you dissatisfied with?
What do you not understand?
I don't really know what you want.
You need to tell me.
I'm so tired of being with you.
And I don't know how I can improve.
I don't know what I've done wrong.
I just need you to talk to me.
But you don't even want to look at me.
Do you hate me that much?
It is quite hot after all.
Let me take you to hospital.
I won't go.
Don't be so childish.
You need medical care.
We have to go.
The U.S. Secretary of Health
and Human Services, Alex Azar,
classified the outbreak of COVID-19
as a public health emergency,
announcing a temporary entry ban
on foreigners who entered China
in the past 14 days.
U.S. citizens
returning from mainland China
will receive physical examinations
and must quarantine for 14 days.
The ban will come into effect
on Sunday at 5 p.m. EST.
On Friday, the U.S.
issued the quarantine order
for 195 people
who'd been evacuated from Wuhan,
the centre of the coronavirus outbreak
and declared it an unprecedented
public health threat.
They are being held
at an air force base in California.
Nearly 10,000 people have been diagnosed
with the rapidly spreading virus,
more than 200 people have died,
with all deaths occurring in China.
The State Department advises Americans
already there to consider leaving.
Professor Yu. Are you going out?
Why are you there?
You came back by yourself, old man?
The hospital took her in for observation.
They wouldn't let me stay.
What happened?
Did she have a fever?
It can't be COVID-19, can it?
-No, knock on wood!
Ding Ge, are you awake?
A Dong, where were you?
I was out.
Do you like her?
It makes sense.
Youngsters should get together.
A Dong?
Do I treat you nicely?
Yes, Ding Ge is very kind to me.
It's late.
Get some sleep.
A Dong!
A Dong!
What's wrong, Ding Ge?
Did you hurt yourself?
I'll help you up.
Come on.
A Dong.
What are you doing?
-A Dong!
A Dong!
Let me go!
A Dong.
Sorry for leaving
without saying goodbye.
Thanks for taking care of me.
Please accept the money.
I can't go to your hometown with you.
Don't try to find me.
If we are lucky enough,
see you in the next life.
Your wife will be kept in quarantine
for 14 days?
The hospital said
they would run a test first.
She'll stay in hospital
until they get the result.
Are you scared?
Of what?
If she has it,
you won't be too far down the line.
If I have it,
it won't be long till it gets to you.
Everyone in this hotel
would be doomed.
So you are scared after all.
How can you tell?
-You're drinking.
What does that have to do with anything?
I read online
that alcohol helps to prevent COVID-19.
Do you seriously believe that?
What is that for?
-I'm taking precautions.
What are you doing?
You are such a young girl.
Why did you drink that much?
Come on, have some water.
-It's okay.
Here I am.
Come and get me.
Liang Sova
born in 2000
die in 2020,
age 20.
Watch out!
What is this place?
What are you doing?
What are you scared of?
Well, I'll talk to you later.
Thank you.
Thank you.
-See you again.
Ah, no!
No see you, no see you, please.
Hey, Tommy. You found a flight?
-Sister Hong, where were you last night?
I was WeChatting you all night.
Where have you been?
My phone was out of battery.
Which flight did you get?
The consulate called: there's a flight
today from Chiang Rai to Chengdu.
I'm leaving now.
Chiang Rai is a few hours away.
Now? Is the information correct?
What if the flight's cancelled again?
Sister Hong, you can't know
if the embassy's words are true or not.
You just have to go.
Wait for me, we'll come too!
I'll ask my husband.
I already ordered a taxi.
I'm coming!
I'm calling you.
Did you hear me, Feng?
Hey, sister!
The car will drive away
if you don't come now.
Where's your husband?
-I don't know.
-Go, go, go. Let's just go.
Feng, I came back.
The hospital said I was fine,
not infected.
Just a fever caused by the cold.
I called you,
but you'd turned your phone off.
I don't want to ask where you went.
You won't tell me anyway.
I'm on my way to Chiang Rai with Tommy.
There's a flight today,
from there to Chengdu.
Hurry up if you want to come.
I'll wait for you at the airport.
If you don't want to come...
I've brought all my stuff
with me anyway.
I've also tidied up your stuff.
Your sunglasses, gloves,
masks and all that
are in the wardrobe.
Remember to take
your blood pressure pills.
About that health code...
do you know how to register for it?
You need to sign in every day
or you'll be in trouble
when you get back.
When you're in Chiang Mai alone,
be careful.
Don't be silly.
This pandemic is not over yet.
As for us...
when the pandemic is over,
let's figure it out in person.
That's it.
Take care.
Where were you last night?
I stayed up all night for you.
Have you been drinking?
Look at you, you're wasted.
Not only am I drunk...
I also got laid.
Got laid?
Who was it?
The old Casanova or the homosexual?
-None of your business.
I will sleep with whoever I want.
I will do everything I like
and love whoever I want.
Before the virus
kills everyone on this planet.
I will make the world mine.
Did you kiss?
You could get the virus that way!
-I want to get the virus.
I want to go out
and kiss everyone
and sleep with them all.
What's wrong with you?
Does it even matter?
I have no idea who I am,
where I'm from.
I know nothing.
I was wrong.
I am the virus.
What's the matter?
don't blame me.
I always felt you were too young
and didn't know how to tell you.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
I won't forget what I promised you.
Now that my baby has grown up.
I will tell you today.
I brought you to Chiang Mai
for your 20th birthday
you were born here.
I spent my summer holiday in Chiang Mai
when I was in my second year at college
and I met a middle-aged man.
I became infatuated with him.
We were together for a while.
It was also the happiest
time of my life.
He was married back then.
But we were so in love.
He promised to leave his wife
as soon as he went back to China.
By the time I went back to China
I realized I was pregnant.
I waited for him
to keep his promise
of getting a divorce.
But then...
he cut me off.
Didn't you call his number?
That number stopped working.
What about his address?
I didn't ask for it.
What did he do?
He said he was a poet back then.
Did he know about me?
He didn't.
I couldn't give birth to you at home.
My family was ashamed of me.
So I came to Chiang Mai
and gave birth to you here.
I even thought about
not bringing you into this world.
Do you regret giving birth to me?
Is this SOVA's birthday celebration?
Please take a seat.
I assume you are her mother?
I am her friend.
Do you mind if I take my mask off?
You are...
Yu Feng?
Do we know each other?
Liang Dan?
Just the two of you?
Let me introduce you.
This is Professor Yu.